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Norley News September 2017

Norley News | September 2017 |


21 TODAY! –

NORLEY GARDEN SHOW 2017 Norley’s much loved Garden Show received the key of the door on 2nd September when it held its 21st show at the Tiger’s Head. The weather gods smiled on us this year and the place was humming as hundreds of entrants, spectators, stallholders and dog owners milled about, enjoying the sunshine. It is difficult to count the numbers each year, especially when the area in which the show is held changes, but to us this looked like a very well attended year. Entries were at a high level too, both in terms of quantity (496 entries – not quite a record) and quality. You will see elsewhere in this edition a list of the winners and our middle pages contain a photo record of the day. Vanessa Myatt, Norley resident and recent MBE recipient, gave out the prizes. As usual, these were for excellence in the growing of plants, fruit and vegetables and also for a range of crafts, baking and other achievements, with winners in a variety of age ranges. There was the now customary light hearted dog show too and a range of stalls from local organisations such as the Play Area, the Village Hall and WI and some local businesses too.

A beer festival took place during the weekend at the Tiger’s Head and visitors enjoyed live music throughout the afternoon from the quirky and engaging ukelele orchestra, the Motley Ukes. We talked to some of those attending to find out a bit more about what people enjoy about the Show, which has become over the year a staple of Norley Village life. Many of those we spoke to were not from Norley at all, though a number had friends or family here and they often took the opportunity to attend the show with them. It is clear that those who come to the village for the show are left with a very positive view of the village, one describing it as a “delightful place”; there were other similar complements. Everyone we asked said that they were always impressed by the friendliness and openness of the villagers. They are impressed too by the lively village scene and some said that it felt like everyone here was involved in something to benefit the village. Sadly, not yet the case as we know, but still very nice to hear! Several of those we spoke to said they would like the chance to visit Norley more often. Norley Village Hall took the opportunity to let visitors know about the Village Hall’s upcoming concert, wine tasting and walk (see elsewhere in this edition) and some expressed an interest in attending. The WI were also taking the opportunity to encourage new members. So what is that people like so much about the show? The chance to meet people was the main thing, including neighbours who, even in a close knit community like this, aren’t always seen that often. This was seen as a chance to catch up on village news, and, in some cases, to see how much others’ children had grown. Many felt that events like this did a lot to build the community of Norley and that we would be a much poorer village without the opportunity to meet and celebrate our achievements together in this way. At the end of the day, John Lewis of the Norley Horticultural Society gave thanks to all who had volunteered, helped, organised and attended. On behalf of the Village, Norley News would like to thank him and his team for the tremendous amount of hard work that goes in to putting on a great show like this every year. As always, if anyone reading this would like to get involved next year, Norley News is happy to put you in touch. Contact us at Jon Wild

Norley News | September 2017 |




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Norley News | September 2017 |


Fancy a Meercat?

On June 8th members of the Norley WI had the pleasure of welcoming Sam Smith and her rather unusual friends; a bearded dragon, a corn snake and a tortoise.

Sam runs Scales ‘N’ Tails which offers a rescue and re homing service to people who are no longer able or willing to care for their exotic pets. Some animals are brought to her by the RSPCA, others are found and dropped off. Scales ‘N’ Tails offers help with most reptiles, amphibians, insects and invertebrates as long there is room in her house. Yes, that’s right, they all live happily together under one roof.

If you would like more information on exotic animals you can visit Sam’s Facebook page or e-mail her:samscalesntailsexoticrescue@outlook. com.

They are kept at her home until she is sure that the animal is in the best of health and then she starts looking for a good new home. However, some of the animals are often so neglected or too sick to re-home them – so they stay with her.

The next Norley WI meeting will be on Thursday, 14th September at the Village Hall; start 7.30 pm – why not join us? The “Talk” will be Egyptian Belly dancing with Rosie Sedgwick.

Since she was a young girl Sam has been rescuing animals; when she was still at school she broke into a shed to free a locked up dog that was starving to death. In her passionate talk she explained that pet shops do not need a licence and that pet shop staff are rarely trained to give good pet keeping advice. As in most businesses, pet shops are out there to make money and – in Sam’s opinion – rather too often sell unsuitable cages, foods and supplements to the unknowing public. Fashion and advertising often plays a big part in the purchase of animals; corn-snakes are collected for their colouring alone and are more often than not kept in unsuitable environments, overfed and not exercised enough (yes, they do need exercise). Meercats appear now to be another fashionable pet, even though they are vicious animals according to Sam and do not make good pets. Also, they live in large groups and do not like to be on their own. The demand for exotic pets appears to be endless.


Norley News | September 2017 |

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

In the meantime Norley WI dressed it to show what an excellent display place it is. The display will be changed closer to Christmas to ring in the festive season. Norley WI hopes that the Teddy Bear’s picnic display has been enjoyed by Norley’s residents and visitors.

Over a couple of years the Telephone Box has been standing empty whilst discussions are underway to decided how best to use it.  

If you go down to the telephone box today You’re sure of a big surprise If you go down to the telephone box today You’d better go in disguise For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain Because today’s the day Teddy Bears have their picnic

Picnic time for teddy bears The little Teddy Bears are having A lovely time today Watch them, catch them unawares And see them picnic on holiday Norley News | September 2017 |


A something .....September

Phil Gifford- Chair of Norley Wildlife Group (NWG) 01928 78721 Email; “Now summer is in flower and nature’s hum What’s in a name? - FUNGUS THE BOGEY MAN A SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run; To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees, And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core; To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells With a sweet kernel; to set budding more, And still more, later flowers for the bees, Until they think warm days will never cease, For Summer has o’er-brimm’d their clammy cells. From “To Autumn” by John Keats

Well back to this familiar description of autumn but possibly not for much longer. The junior OED has continued its denaturing of the world so that words such as cowslip, bluebell, primrose and otter are no longer there. A chicken and egg situation but if there is no word for it how can anyone find their actual loss of any significance? If the young are to be stewards of things we find precious it is vitally important that we must both name and show them. Otherwise like Hal in 2001- a space odyssey bits of the natural world, the wondrous blooming buzzing confusion of it all will slowly disappear to be replaced by a cold, virtual, artificial landscape. And no one will notice as all the words describing it will be quaint archaisms no longer in common parlance.

Recently, I was given some lovely field mushrooms (agaricus campestris) and later discovered even more on the High Street, but perhaps these were horse mushrooms (agaricus arvensis)? To be sure I could consult the books and websites. So, scientific names help to identify species and ensure that mistakes, sometimes fatal with fungi, do not happen. But my Nan would never eat any, saying they grew on skulls and the very name toadstools basically summed up people’s view of most of them. Fungus the Bogeyman, were indeed natural partners. Words then matter, as would you really want to eat a toadstool? Yet until relatively recently oyster mushrooms, now eaten by the ton in the UK, were just that. Words are so powerful, partly because they have an emotional component. Science often tries to remove this feeling aspect so Flaxmere Moss is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). This implies that, if you are not a scientist, it will not be particularly special and certainly of little interest. Yet if you called it a Place of Wonder and Precious Beauty, which it is, then ordinary folk would take a greater interest and value it more. Readers will recall that wastes were not ”inclosed” because they had no economic value. However, I’m sure the very name practically invited people to make Sandybank Waste into a waste dump which, until rescued by the WI, it sadly became.

I often get corrected when I call it the Memorial Garden but it was called that after the Great War and the seat there is dedicated to the memory of Roger Burgess who died over 25 years ago. The plaque there (No. 8) is for the heroic Roly Pondering such matters also made me think how I Beazley. The precious memory of these men cannot try to use the scientific word for a species though I be subsumed under a tawdry book- keeper’s far prefer old country names like bumbarrel (longdescription, however historically accurate. I hope tailed tit) to aegithalus caudatus. the name will, once better established, inhibit the Norley News | September 2017 |

litter (even an inner tube!) and dog mess which still sully it. As part of NWGs task of “unwasting” the Memorial Garden on 23rd July, we mowed the meadow with Austrian scythes. We used hay rakes and a pikel too (Cheshire word for pitchfork); they were all amazingly easy to use. Unfortunately, it then rained for days so, although we managed to get the wildflower seed including the prized yellow rattle to shed, the hay was unusable, so had to be dumped. Next year we will mow it in stages which will be much easier and less of a shock to pollinators who suddenly found their food supply had gone. We also mowed the grass and brambles at the “Wildwood” next to St John’s. All the bright, shiny, black bluebell seeds were scattered, ready to germinate.

as they were planted. Helena had solved a similar problem with squirrels. Her literally hot solution was to simmer two sliced onions, two teaspoonfuls of cayenne pepper and a couple of Jalapeno chillies in 1.5 litres of water for half an hour. The strained liquor is then sprayed over the ground. It worked too, although rain seems to reduce its potency, no doubt some bunnies needed cooling lettuce (iceberg?) to recover. DANDELION AND BURDOCK BEER Older readers probably still remember this drink, a weird version of Coke though actually it’s probably the other way round. The burdock flower is bit like a small thistle flower but it has hooks that cling onto your clothes like wotnot. A couple of large burdock roots (approx 150g) A handful of dandelion roots (approx 50g) 500g sugar 2 tablespoons of black treacle or malt extract Juice of one lemon Teaspoon of copper finings (carrageen) A beer yeast preferably an ale yeast 4.5 litres of water Scrub and finely slice (food processor is ideal) the roots and boil them with half the water for half an hour - to clarify the beer add the finings towards the end.

On 30th July we planted over 600 cyclamen; most were hederifolium the autumn flowering variety, but at St John’s we planted over 130 coum which flower in the spring. We included Gunner James as we wanted to honour him even if he isn’t on the walk. Many thousands of cyclamen seeds kindly donated free by the grower Helena Wiesner are to be sown there as well as grown on in trays.

Take off the heat, add the remaining cold water, the sugar, treacle/extract and lemon and stir until dissolved. Strain the liquid through muslin into a clean fermenting bucket, adding the yeast at blood heat. Keep covered for up to a week then bottle, preferably in swing top bottles. Another week and it will be ready to drink. To prevent explosions however it is sensible to keep the bottles in the fridge to slow down fermentation and ease the tops off the bottles every now and then. OTHER NEWS Honey should again be available at the Stores and at the Garden Show. Sign up there for the 5000 snowdrop planting sometime in September. Himalayan balsam has been “bashed” at Breech Moss but Japanese knotweed is rife. The fallen trees at the Memorial Garden were dealt with thanks to the Parish Council. The logs left over will make a super log bank. No date yet for the “What’s that Bat?” evening.

Next meeting of NWG will be on either 3rd or 4th October at the Tigers Head at 7.30pm. The next HOT CROSS BUNS! workday is on Saturday 30th September. See Rabbits are a problem at both sites; the cyclamen website for dates and venues including mass were in danger of being dug up almost as soon snowdrop plant. 7 Norley News | September 2017 |

41 Club 41 Club enjoyed a visit (with wives) to the Anderton Boat lift in July. A splendid afternoon - including a trip over the lift - was enjoyed by all who came along, including members’ wives. The visitors centre has come a long way in the last 10 years. The next meeting is at the Hazel Pear on Wednesday 6th September (no meeting in August because of holidays etc.) where the speaker has been confirmed as Bill Johnson “The Laughing Policeman”. If anyone would like to attend please contact me at jon007. One of our members, Tony Lavin, is doing a skydive in mid September in aid of St Luke’s Hospice. If anyone would like to donate to the cause they can by donating on the St Luke’s Just Giving web site. There is also a donations bucket in the Tigers Head.

Norley News | September 2017 |


Tel: 07807 002654 Kelly White - Design Consultant

Theatre Award Winners Cheshire Theatre Guild’s 2017 award for best musical has awarded to Kingsley Players production of ‘A Mouse’s Tale’ written by local composer and writer William Arnold Ashbrook and directed by Lynn Pegler. Kingsley Players also went on to win the ‘Most Promising Young Actor Award’ which went to Catrin Jones for her outstanding role as the Cat in the Mouse’s Tale and also for her role in ‘The Grand Gesture’. There was also a special Adjudicators award for a bold and innovative season of theatre. The judges said they were particularly impressed by the ‘buss’ of all the productions. All in all it was a very successful evening for Kingsley Players. Arnold went on to say he was delighted with the award but thanks must go to the fantastic case and the production team that made the show the success it was! Norley News | September 2017 |

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Norley News | September 2017 |

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Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley | Cheshire tel: 0800 016 9190 | email: |


PARISH COUNCIL MEETING- 31ST JULY 2017 The painting of the yellow lines at Hatchmere was completed. Painting of white triangles in the middle of the road just before the junction had been discussed; this would be followed up again with Highways. Highways had visited the green triangle at the bottom of Maddocks Hill and had confirmed that they would be reluctant to recommend hard permanent measures to replace the plastic cones due to highway safety. The Parish Council were reluctant to accept this advice – not least as there were hard edges to all other road edges around that point! It was agreed that the option of a kerb being installed should be followed up. The PC again expressed its concern about the lack of progress on the highway issues around the village. The precept funds have already been collected for the traffic calming measures, but there had been no CWAC progress. Councillor Oultram mentioned that there was a 3-year highways plan that is being worked through and agreed to follow up the PC’s concerns about the lack of progress with Andy Hamman. A response was awaited from Environmental Health about the responsibility for the clearing of the Japanese Knotweed that is growing on the common land and the Himalayan Balsam. The Scouts had sprayed dog fouling around the village with pink paint, which has now been cleared up by the CW&C Street Cleaning Team. Mark Chamberlain (BT Rep) & Dean Burrows (Connecting Cheshire) have confirmed that they will be attending the next PC meeting in September to discuss broadband in Norley and funding that may be available. Highways had looked at the overhanging mature trees on the road at the entrance to School Bank and confirmed that there were no safety concerns. After discussing the maintenance of overhanging hedges and footpaths around the village, it was agreed that, as in previous years, the walking group should be asked if they could highlight any overhanging hedges on footpaths around the village and bring them to the attention of the Parish Council. Action – Councillor Wild to arrange for a notice to be put in the Norley News. Full minutes will be posted to the Parish Council website at: in due course.

Hollow Lane, Kingsley (Next to the Horseshoe Inn)

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Norley News | September 2017 |

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Norley News | September 2017 |


Norley Methodist Church

Celebration of the Craft Club’s 
 20th Anniversary

Harvest Festival 23rd – 24th September

Look out for more information


Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley News | September 2017 |


Norley Village Hall ACCLAIMED CANADIAN FOLK BAND THE FUGITIVES VISIT NORLEY FOR FIRST TIME Acclaimed Canadian indie-folk music band, The Fugitives, return to play at Norley Village Hall on Sunday 1st October as part of a three-week UK tour. Based in Vancouver, The Fugitives bring brilliant musicianship, top-notch song-writing, complex vocal harmonies and a funny, uplifting vibe to their live performances.

However, apart from the fantastic reception and friendly promoters, the real reason we’ve decided to return is because of the beer. We imbibed some particularly appealing brews last time and made a point of remembering them. In fact, we’re playing some of the same locations again so we can reunite our taste buds with a decent pint!”

Described as ‘the missing link between Leonard Cohen and The Pogues’, they have been nominated for Best Vocal Group at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Best Roots Album at the Western Canadian Music Awards, opened for Canadian folk icon Buffy Sainte-Marie and also played a slot at Glastonbury Festival as part of their UK tour in 2014.

View The Fugitives on YouTube performing a previous single, Bigger Than Luck at https:// and the songs Sturdy at watch?v=S1KFiMKSZQ8 and Ring (with the East Van Choral Collective & St James Music Academy) at

Since their last visit in 2015, the band have recorded a new album entitled The Promise Of Strangers, which will be on sale at their concerts. Also, singer Adrian Glynn, who is also an accomplished actor, recently starred in his first full length feature film: Volition. Commenting on the forthcoming tour Brendan McLeod, spokesperson for The Fugitives, said: “We had a blast the last time we were in the UK and performed to very appreciative audiences.

Supported by Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, tickets are £12.50 for the concert at Norley Village Hall on Sunday 1st October and are available to purchase from Doors open at 6.45pm. Facebook: Twitter: @fugitivesmusic

On Sunday 1st October 2017

TICKETS: £12.50 or from Jon Wild Tel: 07770 70106 or email

Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley Village Hall

All change- Tommy retires!

We have a new site manager - welcome to John Dimlow. We also have new lock and keys which need to be signed for and a deposit paid. Please read the not so small print on the key agreement and don’t have extra keys made without permission. It’s very simple – if the hall is accessed with no sign of a break in then someone must have a key and the insurers will want to know who!

Tommy Munroe, who has been the caretaker at Norley Village Hall for many years, has decided to retire. The picture shows Village Hall Committee Treasurer Dave Robinson handing Tommy his retirement gift. Tommy leaves with the thanks of the Committee and indeed, the Village, for all his years of hard work and dedication in looking after our hall.

The NEWTS return to Norley NEWTS (Nearly Expert Wine Tasting Society.) 8 friends got together 30+ years ago and agreed to form an informal club, to meet regularly to learn more about wine, but more importantly, enjoy the experience. Within a few months the membership had grown to 10, seven of whom are still “The NEWTS”. We meet monthly at a member’s home and the evening is hosted by that member, who presents a wine topic, maybe a wine region, a wine country, supplier and even quirky subjects such as peculiar names, ancient grapes and so on. During the evening we are introduced to each wine, given details of grapes, methods of viniculture, region of origin, year, tasting notes, supplier and so on. Then the important bit, we sample each wine and mark them for colour, aroma and taste and try to guess the price, having being given a total spend.

Penny is signing off as the booking secretary as from October 1st. In her place there are two people: Barbara Lupton who will take the bookings and Linda Green who will do the invoicing. There will now be a new phone number for bookings: 0759 354 5528 and separate email addresses for bookings, enquiries and invoices. These are : to differentiate red from white! NEWTS don’t just sit at home tasting wine, we have made a dozen or so forays to wine regions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and Portugal to visit wineries to learn more and taste more. Some of us have tasted further afield in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada. We’ve had about 290 meetings over the years and we get through about seven bottles each time. Yes, a lot of corks have been drawn by the NEWTS and a few more bottles yet to open. Come and share an evening of wine tasting with us on October 14th at a fund raiser for Norley Village Hall.

A simple format, which has given us some wonderful evenings, we’ve learnt a great deal about wine. What have we learnt? Well, we can tell our Pinot Grigio from our Sauvignon Blanc, at the beginning of the evening at least, at the end we might struggle Norley News | September 2017 |

NEWTS Wine Tasting Norley Village Hall 14 October 2017 @7.30PM £15 (including light buffet) Tickets from Call 07770 701069 17

Telephone: 01928 789217 Mill Lane, Kingsley, Cheshire Post Code: WA6 8HY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 7 DAYS A WEEK

Treat the kids to Forresters Popcorn Chicken, Chunks, Goujons & Fillets.

Made with 100% Chicken Breast Fillet. They have not been reformed like other major supermarket brands! Please ask in store for details.

10% OFF Every Monday & Tuesday throughout September 2017

Norley News | September 2017 |

Please bring this page into the shop to receive the discount

Norley Book Club “WHICH WITCH” by Eva Ibbotson

Published in 1979, over a decade before Harry Potter put in an appearance, this is one of my favourite children’s fantasy stories, packed with witches and wizards, monsters, gruesome spells and highly imaginative magic. Arriman the Awful, Loather of Light and Wizard of the North, has been warned that his more powerful successor is on the way. After much waiting, he decides that he must produce the heir himself, but to achieve that he must take a suitable wife. The decision is taken to hold a contest to find the best black witch in the area, but, unfortunately, the candidates appear to be limited to a bunch of ugly old crones: Mabel Wrack with Doris, her octopus familiar who is transported in a bucket; Ethel Feedbag whose familiar is a cloud of flies released from a Coronation biscuit tin full of maggots; Mother Bloodwort, who has forgotten how to reverse the spell which keeps changing her into a coffee table. There are more! However, there is also the beautiful and innocent Belladonna, but she is a white witch desperately trying to become black because of her love for Arriman. There is much to enjoy in this tale with its range of goodies and baddies, characters with touches of the rude and sinister reminiscent of Roald Dahl, opportunities for evocative description of fantasy images, but mostly for its humour. This ranges from the slapstick and zany to

more subtle satirical swipes to appeal to the more mature reader. The plot would be suitable for any age from 8 upwards, although the lower age range would probably struggle with the vocabulary. Because of this, it would definitely be a good choice for reading with an adult when explanations can be given, the comedy shared and the moral values introduced by Belladonna’s love of nature and humanity may be discussed. Eva Ibbotson, who died in 2010, is an author who has been recognised in the literary world, but has never achieved the widespread, popular fame I feel she deserves. She suffered a troubled childhood as a Jew in 1930’s anti-semitic Austria, eventually arriving in England as a refugee, so look out for Terence Mugg in “Which Witch?” as a demonstration of her sympathy and understanding of the lives of wronged orphans. “The Secret of Platform 13” (published 1994) is another Ibbotson novel which I would recommend, a story which has a magic platform on King’s Cross Station that leads to a different world. Does that remind you of anything you’ve read in another novel that burst onto the scene three years later? Reviewed by Hilary Duncan.

Kevin Duncalf Property repairs and Gardening services (Formerly Mike Kay) 01928788151

Norley News | September 2017 |


Norley is Blooming Marvellous! Sunflower plants were kindly provided by Alice at Delamere Flower Farm and in our last issue we asked readers to let us know how their plants are doing. Here are some replies we have received: Picture left from Elliott (Age 2) “Here is a photo and news of Elliott’s sunflower. It’s 151cm and has brightened up our garden!” Elliott’s Mum also wrote:“As newcomers to the village the Norley News has been a great way to find out what’s going on and for local business information. Thank you!” Picture below from the Goldsmiths: “Our sunflowers are growing beautifully’, the last one has just flowered so our final measurements are 145cm, 161cm and 171cm”.

Picture below from Phil and Vanessa: “Our sunflower reached 6 ft 6” (201cm) then it hung down as the head grew. A close up shows the bamboo cane marked at foot intervals with the 8ft (243cm) tape at top. The stalk of the top leaf on the right crosses the cane at the 6ft mark.”

Picture right: Isla and Laurie Bushell’s sunflowers have reached 5ft (152cm) tall. Not bad for a first attempt!

Sunflower Competition Please share your sunflower photos, height etc with the Norley News by 20th September. There will be a prize for the winning sunflower which will be announced in the October issue. 20

Norley News | September 2017 |

September Winners 150 A Grove-White 199 K Pace 59 N Smallwood

St John’s Norley 200 Club

Wednesday Club

4.10.17 Rev Mal Martin 11.10.17 Tombola 18/10/17 Trip to St Asap & Betws-y-Coed

Norley Ladies Badminton Club We play every Tuesday from 10:00-12:00 Age range is 50 to 80. All the players are experienced & very friendly. Visitor fee £2 New members welcome! Contact Shirley Craven - 01928 787251 Or Dawn Herbert – 01606 888972

Club Class 24-7 Cheshire Taxi

01606 46666 Your number one choice for:

Shopping trips Nights out Wheelchair access vehicles Special events Airport & rail transfers Cruise & coach rendezvous We are always open & always happy to help

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Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley Methodist Church Minister: Rev. Sue Levitt 01829 741022 Sunday September 3rd 10.45am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Worship

10.45am Harvest & Talents Celebration 2 – 4pm Exhibition of Talents 4.00pm Harvest & Talents Celebration

Wednesday September 6th 9.45am Wednesday Walk contact Garry (01928 890490) 7.30pm Café Church

Thursday September 28th Noon Open Door Lunch contact Joan (01606 301198) 1.15pm Thursday Club

Sunday September 10th 10.45am Morning Worship

Sunday October 1st 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Evening Worship

Wednesday September 13th Noon Open Door Lunch contact Joan (01606 301198) Sunday September 17th 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion and Pastoral Visitor Dedication Saturday September 23rd Craft Club 20 Anniversary Celebrations 10.00am – Noon and 2 – 4pm Exhibition of Talents Sunday September 24th Harvest Festival and Craft Club Celebrations

Wednesday October 4th 9.45am Wednesday Walk contact Garry (01928 890490) 7.30pm Café Church Sunday October 8th 10.45am Holy Communion

Sunday October 22nd 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion Thursday October 26th Noon Open Door Lunch contact Joan (01606 301198) 1.15pm Thursday Club Saturday October 28th 10 - noon Shoebox Saturday

Wednesday October 11th Noon Open Door Lunch contact Ruth (01928 788071)

Sunday October 29th Shoebox Sunday 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Evening Worship

Sunday October 15th 9.00am Norley@9 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Evening Worship

Every Tuesday from 10.00am to noon Craft Club contact Alison Twinn (01829 741658)etafit

St John the Evangelist (Norley) Vicar: Rev’d Peter Rugen 01928 787180 Sunday Oct 1st 10am All age service (no communion)

Sunday Sept 3rd 10am Family Service with Communion Sunday Sept 10th 10am Family Service. No communion 6.30pm Evening Prayer Thursday Sept 14th 10am Midweek communion Sunday Sept 17th 10am Holy Communion (CW) Sunday Sept 24th 10am Confirmation (TBC)

Sunday 29th Oct 10am Service of Light in NCK centre

Thursday 5th Oct 10am Midweek communion Sunday 8th Oct 10am All age Harvest 6.30pm Harvest Evening Prayer Sunday 15th Oct 10am Holy communion (CW) Sunday 22nd Oct 10am Worshipping together at Crowton

See and Know Toddler group, every Friday during term time 10am 11.30am at the NCK Centre next to St John’s Church Norley. Contact

Thursday 26th Oct 10am Midweek communion

Norley News | September 2017 |


Garden Show Results Over 496 entries were received. The Winners were as follows:

Ted Dean Cup- Vegetables & Fruit WINNER: Derek Jones John Astbury Cup- Flowers WINNER: Magaret Dean Anne Brindle Cup- Cookery & Handicrafts WINNER:Simon Carwithen Cookery WINNER:Simon Carwithen Handicrafts WINNER:Cathy Oliver Junior Shield- 3 to 5 years WINNER: Elizabeth White Junior Shield- 6 to 9 years WINNER: Jessica Goldsmith Junior Shield- 10 to 14 years WINNER: Scarlet West Jones Norman Orme Cup- Onions, shallots garlic & potatoes WINNER: Derek Jones Jack Brindle Cup for best in Show WINNER: Dave Watson for Flowering Plant- Fuschia Shaun Wilson Photography cup for best in Show WINNER: Lynda Hanney Top Tray WINNER: Derek Jones

Top Vase WINNER: Dave Watson

The Rookery Cup for most points in Show 1st - Dave Watson 44 points 2nd - Derek Jones  34 points 3rd -  Margaret Dean 29 points

Dog Show Results: Judged by Holly Bank Vets- Sandiway Over 70 entries were received. The Winners were as follows:

Most Handsome Dog: ‘Indie’ Most Beautiful Bitch:  ‘Nell’ Most Looks Like Owner:  ‘Winnie’ Happiest Rescue: ‘Buddy’ A big thankyou to all the judges from Hollybank vets in Sandiway and our sponsors Gibsons of Kingsley Mill. Norley News | September 2017 |

Dog Show Antics!

Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley News | September 2017 |

Norley News | September 2017 |

What’s on in Norley? Village Hall Diary Delemere Forest Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Cycle contact Mary 07710 987076 or Emma 07860 564076 Monday evenings: 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries contact: Penny Clarke 01928 787496 or 07710 498717 or email Tuesday’s at 9.15am Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome Contact Emma on 07971 596529

Tuesday’s 10:00-12:00 Ladies badminton Contact: Shirley Craven 01928 787251 Tuesday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776 Wednesday’s at 2pm Wednesday Club Contact Joan Barclay: 01928 788394

Wednesday’s at 8-9pm Pilates Contact Colette on 07708 411076 or email WI Contact Helen on 01928 787092 Friday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776

Wednesday’s 7-7:50pm Zumba Contact Izzy on 07951 152172

School diary: For more details on booking the School Hall call Julie White on 01928 788471. Wednesday’s: 6.15pm- PureStretch- 45min class combining yoga & pilates. All ages & abilities. 7.15pm Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome

Contact: Emma Wilson-Dart Email: Tel: 07971 596529

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Name ..................................................... Donation .............................. Email address ......................................................................................... Address ................................................................................................... I WOULD / WOULD NOT like my name to be included in any lists of sponsors that might be published in the future (circle as appropriate). Norley News | September 2017 |

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