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Norley News November 2017

Celebrating at our Village Hall

NEWTS BACK IN NORLEY The Village Hall was busy on 14 October, as more than seventy people sampled a range of excellent and interesting wines, with the expert guidance of the Kingsley based Non Expert Wine Tasting Society or NEWTS. The Club, whom the Village Hall has welcomed before, gave their services for free to support the hall, and shared their knowledge and wine choices with people from the village and beyond. NEWTS began over 30 years ago, as friends meeting to enjoy and learn more about wine. Most of the original members are still in the club, meeting monthly at a member’s home to discuss a wine related topic – hearing about wines, grapes, viniculture, region and so on, sampling and rating the wines. The Club has visited wine producing areas in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, continued on page 11

Norley News | November 2017 |

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Let the evening beGIN

popular in Britain, unfortunately not always in a good way. Think of mother’s ruin, Gin Lane, gin dens, etc. But over time customers have come to appreciate the more complex tastes gin can offer. John’s Second Son gin is gin of the month at The Hollies but can be bought at The Tigers for £28 a bottle. Before I leave I have to ask what type of tonic John recommends. Not wanting to name names, all I can say is; stay away from anything too carbonated because that kills the taste completely. In this spirit I happily walk home.

John Whitlow is a familiar face behind the bar at The Tigers Head’s, where he is a licensee and most importantly of all, the Second Son to the landlady, Tracey Whitlow. I am meeting John on a busy weekday evening at The Tigers Head to talk to him about the launch of his home-made gin “Second Son”. The smart and classy looking bottle is on the table in front of us and a good measure of it is in my glass. John is keen to point out that Mary McCrae, who works shifts behind the bar, created the design. John has always fancied the idea of creating his own gin but really started looking into it after watching a programme about Moonshining – the illegal distilling of whisky that took place in America in the twenties and thirties. Keen on the distilling but not too keen on the illegal side of the process he started to look into the licensing requirements. That completed, he bought a 20 litre distillery and started researching the type of botanics (ingredients to you and me) that he would need. His gin is a London Dry Gin, which has to have natural ingredients and can’t have any flavourings or colourings added (except for a minuscule amount of sugar) after the distillation process. The London Dry style is really a showcase for the botanicals. The botanicals are really where John’s enthusiasm kicks in; his gin has a spicy, warm note but, since this is a truly home-made and not blended product, this can change with each batch; the flavour depending on the quality of botanicals used, on the season and the ripening process.

I ask John why he thinks Gin has suddenly become so popular. He points out that gin was always Norley News | November 2017 |




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Norley News | November 2017 |

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Edward, Victoria’s purported father, was a dissolute 50-year-old whose own mistress of 27 years bore him no children. He married Victoria’s mother – who was 19 years his junior - with the explicit mission to produce an heir to the throne. At the time, Duke Edward wrote to a friend: “I hope I shall have the energy to do my duty.” Did he? Maybe not, and perhaps Victoria’s mother found a more energetic man. The implications of the Duchess’s colossally unlucky choice of a haemophiliac lover could be potentially breath taking. Think of the Bolshevik revolution. Czar Nicholas II’s wife, Alexandra, was Victoria’s granddaughter, and she transmitted haemophilia to their heir. The little boy’s constant pain drove Alexandra to Rasputin, the diabolical monk who could calm the boy--but whose dark power at court weakened the family at the worst possible time. No haemophilia, no Rasputin. So no Rasputin, no revolution?  Very simple connection but interesting nonetheless.

A Royal Mystery At their October meeting Norley WI was treated to an intriguing and fascinating talk “Victoria – who do you think she was?” by Simon la Frenais. Because Queen Victoria was a descendant from the Georgians, Simon kicked off with a brief history of the House of Hanover (The Georgians) and their marital and more importantly their extramarital affairs.   Simon explained that the death of Princess Charlotte of Wales, who was the only daughter and heir of the Prince Regent (later King George IV), in 1817 set off a race between the Prince Regent’s brothers, the seven surviving sons of King George III, to see who could father a legitimate heir. The key word here is legitimate because they were a proliferate bunch to say the least.  The Duke of Clarence fathered ten illegitimate children with his mistress. However, none of his children by his wife survived childhood.  Unfortunately, the story of early death of either mother or legitimate child runs like a red thread throughout the Georgian’s history. This is why Princess Alexandrina Victoria, who was the niece to William IV took the throne as Queen Victoria in 1837. And what a formidable woman she turned out to be. She reigned for 63 years, and had nine children and 35 grandchildren. Her children and grandchildren occupied the thrones of the major royal houses in Europe – Russia, Germany, Spain, and Greece to name just a few. This is the point when Simon introduces a mind-bending possibility; that Victoria could have been either a changeling, or the product of an illicit liaison. The key to this possibility lies in her DNA. Victoria was a carrier of haemophilia and how come, Simon asks, that the genetically connected European ruling families’ history of haemophilia begins with Victoria?   Haemophilia is a genetic disease where blood does not clot. Haemophilia is passed on by the X chromosome. If a boy gets the X chromosome that carries the haemophilia gene he will become a haemophiliac. If a girl gets the gene she will become a carrier.   Haemophilia has often been called  The Royal Disease because Victoria was a carrier. Her eighth child Leopold had haemophilia and two of her daughters, Alice and Beatrice were carriers and carried the disease on into the Spanish, German and Russian royal families. Her husband, Albert, did not have it, so the gene had to come from Victoria. Where did she get it? There is no history of haemophilia in any of Victoria’s forerunners. That leaves only a spontaneous mutation- a one-in-50,000 chanceor the possibility that Victoria is a changeling, or the daughter of someone other than the Duke of Kent.   Circumstances tend to argue for an unknown lover. Duke


Simon pointed out that a gene mutation would have been more likely had Prince Albert been Victoria’s direct cousin. But strangely enough, there are interesting medical details his side too. Both Albert’s supposed father, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg, and his brother Ernst had hereditary syphilis, but there is no trace of this in the life of Albert, and his mother had been dismissed from the court of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for having an affair with the Jewish chamberlain, the Baron von Mayern - a cultivated, musical, intelligent man. Prince Albert was also an intelligent, musical and cultivated man…Simon left us with these thoughts. New members are always welcome at Norley WI - we meet on the second Thursday of each month.

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Norley News | November 2017 |


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What’s he trying to tell you?

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41 Club

The Club met at the Oaklands Hotel this month. Our speaker, Tom Jones, had been a professional Tour Guide in Chester for the last 16 years. Tom had latterly taken up a role as “Ghost Tour Guide” around Chester and his entertaining talk was about the ghosts of Chester, describing hauntings in the old buildings of the city, including the “Little Ease” in Chester’s old prison, and meetings with monks and smoke ghosts, in its ancient streets. It gave our members something to think about, and the odd scare along the way. One or two of us may have been looking over our shoulders on our way home! The next meeting – at the time of writing - will be at The Tigers Head on November 1st where the speaker will be David Pearson from United Utilities, who will talk about “Water Leaks”. The Annual Ladies Evening will be at Delamere Golf Club on December 6th where entertainment will be provided by a table magician. I’m afraid it’s getting closer to Christmas and the Committee are starting to organise the arrangements for the float. See elsewhere for the float plans for Norley. Please do look out for us and support our charitable causes of St Lukes Hospice and the Joshua Tree. As always, anyone wishing to come to one of our meetings should contact Jon Wild at the Norley News:

Norley News | November 2017 |


BROWN MOSS EQUINE CLINIC Brown Moss Farm, Norley Road, Norley WA6 6LJ Tel: 01928 787500 Email:


Long established 100% equine veterinary clinic based in Norley

Practice covers most of Cheshire, extending to Southern Lancashire, SouthWest Greater Manchester, Merseyside and The Wirral

Excellent purpose built facilities

24 hour Emergency Cover

Portable WiFi digital X-ray equipment

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, ECG and In-house laboratory facilities

All our vets and staff are experienced riders and horse owners themselves

No call out charge for Norley patients!

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Tel: 01928 788971 or Mobile: 07711 258677 E-mail: MEMBER OF THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS

Kingsley Electrical is full member of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme


The Village Hall has continued to benefit from performances from top flight performers under its partnership with the Cheshire Rural Touring programme, and was delighted in October to welcome from Vancouver Canada, acoustic musicians the Fugitives.

known and loved, from their respective mothers to Leonard Cohen, and a Canadian imprisoned wrongfully for a long period. Several things set the band apart: the harmony singing was complemented by some excellent instrumental performances – from violin and banjo mainly. And they are keen to experiment with the arrangements of their songs – there was some great a ccapella singing, their final song being accompanied only by a floor drum and handclaps.

Excellent musicians, and marvellous harmony singers, the band played a selection of their own material from the range of albums they have released. The music falls somewhere in the folkrock/ Americana category, with thoughtful lyrics, and strong melodies. Though much of their music is The concert was a sell-out (again!) and thanks to folk flavoured, the subjects of their songs are those all the villagers and their friends who made this a of modern life. Their latest album is essentially a successful evening. Watch this space for future sequence of songs dedicated to people they have events! 7 Norley News | November 2017 |

IT’s definitely MAGIC! – But is it enough?

others first objected to the dictionary’s cull of the likes of kingfisher and newt, lexicographers gave a teacherly retort that it isn’t a dictionary’s job to be didactic (true) and these words are no longer common currency, among children, curriculums or literature (false).”

Phil Gifford- Chair of Norley Wildlife Group (NWG) 01928 78721 Email; A CHARM OF GOLDFINCHES Amongst all the doom and gloom fortunately this autumn there have been times when the magic of the living world bursts upon you. Quarrelling goldfinches feeding on sunflower hearts, ivy flowers covered in honeybees and exquisite red admirals ,the weird Fly Agaric, bright red with white spots ,though no caterpillar smoking a hookah! And The Lost words, a glorious attempt to re-wild the language of children. I wrote last month about the culling of nature words and thus the natural world they describe. The Lost Words stands against this disappearance. It celebrates and invokes the natural world using spell-poems and beautiful hand-painted illustrations. It is a truly enchanting book capturing the irreplaceable magic of language and nature for all ages. Its author, Robert Macfarlane wrote:

“The bird which became the guiding, gilding spirit of The Lost Words is the goldfinch. Goldfinches flit across its cover and gleam from its pages. They are present in part as a sign of hope, for those bright birds represent a rare conservation success story in Britain, their numbers having surged by almost 50% over the past 10 years. They are there, too, because the collective noun for goldfinch is a “charm” – a word which also means “the chanting or recitation of a verse supposed to possess magic power” and “the blended singing of many birds, or children”. It would make a marvelous present and as a rest from the 24/7 of Festive telly it can be read with children, making nature something “alive, powerful and sentient”, rather than something “watched, consumed, and ignored”. The anthropomorphism in Beatrix Potter converts the more-than-human world into an image of ourselves; The Lost Words, in an animistic sense enters into nature’s complexity and mystery. The writer Patrick Barkham wrote “When Macfarlane and

I can definitely report that amongst Norley Scouts, nature words such as sparrow hawk and especially bats are indeed common currency. At a recent talk on helping wildlife in Norley, their knowledge and enthusiasm was heartening. The questions were pretty difficult too, note largest bat in UK is the Noctule (40cm wingspan) further afield, flying foxes have wingspans of nearly 2 metres! Horrifically the hunting of flying foxes may soon make them become extinct but bats in this country are also under threat: loss of habitat and destruction of both

Norley News | November 2017 |

summer and winter roosts still occur. So it was brilliant to hear that Norley scouts are to make Bat boxes to put up around the village, Ged Ryan of Cheshire Bats has agreed to advise where. This is marvelous, but Ged reminded me that a major reason for the decline in bats is simply not enough food ie fewer flying insects. Now some people might say “Good, I hate bugs, those horrible Daddy long legs!” But they would be wrong the Bats are acting as a barometer for something profoundly disturbing. The reports that there seems to have been a massive decline in flying insects especially in areas which are intensively farmed is very worrying with profound impacts on human society. Talk of an unprecedented ecological disaster is not some wild fanciful tale. Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, and part of the team behind the new study said “Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth but there has been some kind of horrific decline. We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life, and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.” I went to see Bladerunner 2049 a few weeks ago and joked that perhaps it was a horrific future which predicted such an ecological collapse but at least the human race had survived and “spoiler alert” so have honey bees ! Its Director said “There are a lot of problems with bees in the world right now. They are disappearing, so the fact that here you can see those creatures still alive and still present, was for me like a little spark of hope in this dystopian universe.”

and Cheshire Badger Group (WCBG) ( uk/) I had a most useful conversation with Dave Wright who confirmed that Norley was once known as being a haven for “That most ancient Briton of English beasts.” The good news is that the cull will not include Norley (for the present) and that also goes for those in the area set aside for the vaccine trials. As for bad news, the illegal killing of badgers, still goes on, there are many former setts where “they killed the badger there, Dug him out and gave him to the hounds” (quotes from The Combe by Edward Thomas.) His good advice: Support the WCBG, donations are vital, identify where the setts are and keep a record. If anyone sees something suspicious phone the police, not the WCBG or me. That goes particularly for the people who told me anonymously that they “knew” Norley badgers were being unlawfully and deliberately killed. I have no magic wand to stop this happening. Only fines, jail terms and the confiscation of digger’s equipment, including vehicles and dogs can do that. Other news; all 5000 snowdrops were planted around the wildflower memorial walk; come February you’ll have to try and find them. Plans for making footpaths through the “Tanglewood” in the Memorial garden and the “Wildwood” next to St John’s are being made and meeting a favourable response. We just need to find the money! I’ll report back about our Flaxmere workday last month and how much we collected on our remembrance day walk 11th November 2pm St Johns On Breech Moss, Katie Piercy CWT and I treated all the Japanese Knotweed. Hope fully the meeting to explain what is happening on the Moss and to build on the programme as set out in the Neighbourhood plan will take place this month.  

If only it were that simple no magic wand can conjure up the massive changes needed to reverse the damage that we have already inflicted upon the planet, and ourselves, climate change, deaths from air pollution, plastic engulfing the oceans …..I could go on! But “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”. We at least can do our best to make Norley as much a haven as possible and work with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust to join up all the dots viz wildlife corridors. As for the persecution of badgers I contacted the Wirral

Our work day 25th November is cutting rhododendron on Breech moss. Major Job - so volunteers please! Meet Village hall car park 10 am. Next meeting of NWG is our AGM on Wednesday 22nd November in the Snug at 7:00 pm Tigers Head, all are welcome - come along and have your say! Remember see our website for updates and revisions.

Norley News | November 2017 |

Norley News | November 2017 |

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England and Portugal. Some members have travelled as far as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Canada. The Hall was loud and buzzing, as you might expect, and those who attended were treated to an excellent buffet provided by the Village Hall Committee, as well as a range of games, a quiz and raffle. Many went home with prizes, including wine glasses and other donations. Many thanks to those who provided them.

As well as sampling the range of 12 varied wines on offer, many of those who attended purchased some to take home. The author was particularly fond of the Spanish Toro he bought. Cheers!

Hollow Lane, Kingsley (Next to the Horseshoe Inn)

Party Season Offers Choose 1 from Group A and 2 from Group B for £35*

Group A Mii Makeup St Tropez Spray Tan ¾ Leg Wax Group B Jessica File & Polish – fingers or toes Lip & Chin or Eyebrow Wax Eyebrow or eyelash tint

Telephone 01928 787870 to book *. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Norley Book Club

Our Author of the Month: ALAN BENNETT

If you haven’t read any of Alan Bennett’s work, then you must as he is one of our greatest contemporary writers: a man of intellect and dry wit, acute observational skills and a deeply sensitive understanding of the human condition. You may have seen film or stage productions of “The Madness of King George”, “The History Boys” or “The Lady in the Van”, or heard Bennett’s audio books of “The Wind in the Willows” and “Winnie the Pooh”, perfectly suited to his distinctive Yorkshire voice, but you need to give time to reading his work to absorb fully this man’s genius. You could start with one of his autobiographical works, many showing his deep fondness for his parents and his Leeds background, such as “Untold Stories” or the more recently published “Keeping On Keeping ON”. ( Some of his anecdotes involving his prim, naïve mother are hilarious!) However, I would recommend beginning with his series of six monologues, “Talking Heads”, written in 1987 and brilliantly produced for television with

excellent actors such as Julie Walters, Thora Hird, Maggie Smith, Patricia Routledge and the only male role played by Bennett himself. Another series of six appeared a decade later, but these are rather bleaker with more damaged characters. Television is definitely the best medium for the monologue, as the characters, in close-up, speak directly into camera, forming a close bond with the viewer, drawing him into their private world and gradually, but inadvertently, revealing their characters and problems, which usually stem from some form of loneliness or isolation. Nevertheless, Bennett finds comedy in their grim predicaments whilst constantly demanding the viewer’s sympathy for them. You really should read the texts to appreciate Bennett’s skills of character portrayal and his ability to analyse the mundane in such a thought-provoking manner, but you could just sit back and be moved to tears by the masterful performances on DVD. Reviewed by Hilary Duncan.









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Norley News | November 2017 |

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Goodnight Mr Tom As is customary, the standard of the production was high for this community based amateur group.

They exceeded my expectations and were hugely successful in producing a piece of theatre full of the pathos that is demanded by the wonderful writing of Michelle Magorian. Their skilful craft was successful in drawing not only a laugh but also at times a tear from many an eye in the audience. Reviewed by Kelly White

Theatre Events ...Coming Soon Harlequin Players “Amy’s View” Reading Wed 22nd Nov Audition Wed 29th Nov 7:30pm at Theatre Queen St,Northwich. for more info.

Kevin Duncalf

Harlequin Youth theatre To join contact: or go to FB page for more info

Property repairs and Gardening services (Formerly Mike Kay)

Davenham Players Stagecraft masterclass 4th Nov 10:30am-4:30pm Production = “midnight Train” 11th Nov 7:40pm Jazz night. Phil Meadows 23rd Nov 8:00pm


Mid Cheshire Musical Theatre Company 1st to 4th November 2017 @ 7:30pm Saturday Matinee 2pm The Grange Theatre, Hartford, CW8 1LU For Tickets and Info: Box Office: 01606 539040 14

Norley News | November 2017 |

Norley News | November 2017 |

Telephone: 01928 789217 Mill Lane, Kingsley, Cheshire Post Code: WA6 8HY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 7 DAYS A WEEK

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Christmas Turkey!

Boneless Turkey Crown : £8.50 /kg (Approx £3.85 /lb) Whole Turkey: £6.20 /kg (Approx £2.82 /lb) The Caldecott Family are the producers of Forresters Christmas Turkeys .


Robert Caldecott continues to raise Turkeys using the skills passed on to him by his Father, Les.

They raise all of the Turkeys from day old and ensure that the birds are treated with the kindness, dignity and respect that they deserve. The Turkeys have clean bedding, fresh water and access to food at all times. No growth promoters or additives are used and there is full traceability from farm to fork. The family uses age old traditional methods which are complimented by exceedingly high welfare and hygiene procedures to ensure that they meet the very highest standards.

Christmas Gifts & Hampers Now In Stock!

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Sunday November 26th 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd December Christmas Tree Festival Friday 1st 6.00pm Lighting Up Ceremony to start the festival Saturday 2nd December 11am – 5pm Festival open 4pm – 5pm A Big Christmas Sing Sunday 3rd December 10.45am Morning Worship Noon – 4pm Festival Open 4.00pm Festival Closing Worship Wednesday 6th December 9.45am Wednesday Walk – contact Garry (01928 890490)

Sunday December 17th 9.00am Norley@9 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion Sunday December 24th – Christmas Eve 10.45am Morning Worship 4.00pm Candlelit Carol Service Monday December 25th - Christmas Day 10.00am Celebration Service

Sunday December 10th 10.45am Holy Communion

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Thursday December 14th Noon Open Door Christmas Lunch – contact Ruth (01928 788071)

Every Tuesday from 10.00am to noon Craft Club contact Alison Twinn (01829 741658)etafit

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Sunday 5th November 10am Family service with communion Sunday 12th November 10.45am Remembrance Service 6.30pm Evening Prayer Sunday 19th November 10am Holy Communion (common worship) Thursday 23rd November 10am Midweek Communion

Sunday 10th December 10am Family Service No Communion 6.30pm Evening Prayer Thursday 14th December 10am Midweek Communion Sunday 17th December 6.30pm Carol Service

See and Know Toddler group, every Friday during term time 10am 11.30am at the NCK Centre next to St John’s Church Norley. Contact

Sunday 24th December 11.30 Midnight Communion Monday 25th December 10am Family Christmas Communion.

Norley News | November 2017 |


What’s on in Norley? Village Hall Diary For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries contact: Barbara Lupton: 0759 354 5528 Monday’s Delemere Forest Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Cycle contact Mary 07710 987076 or Emma 07860 564076 Monday evenings: 6th Nov, 4th Dec

Tuesday’s at 9.15am Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome Contact Emma on 07971 596529 Tuesday’s 10:00-12:00 Ladies badminton Contact: Shirley Craven 01928 787251 Tuesday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776 Wednesday’s at 2pm Wednesday Club Contact Joan Barclay: 01928 788394

Wednesday’s 7-7:50pm Zumba Contact Izzy on 07951 152172 Wednesday’s at 8-9pm Pilates Contact Colette on 07708 411076 or email WI Contact Helen on 01928 787092 Friday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776 Next Parish Council Meeting: 29th November

School diary: For more details on booking the School Hall call Julie White on 01928 788471. Wednesday’s: 6.15pm- PureStretch- 45min class combining yoga & pilates. All ages & abilities. 7.15pm Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome

November Winners


173 Mrs J Hanratty

Due to retirement, Kingsley Travel will close on 31st October 2017. May I take this opportunity to thank all my customers who have supported me over the past 7 years and I am now looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends.  If any one wishes to express an interest in the business, please email me - Best Regards Peter Littlemore Kingsley Travel Mob.07803 125 338

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182 M Simpson 60 M Holmes

St John’s Norley 200 Club

MOBILE LIBARY Thursdays: 9th November & 30th November 21st December 11th January 11.40am - 12.10pm,

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