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results with the lowest possible consumption and in conformity with the strictest pollution prevention rules. The Refining Division includes all the plants and equipment that constitute the production lines for vegetable oils and animal fat transformation into finished products. The conventional vegetable oils or fat refining process is based on three main stages: neutralizing, bleaching, and deodorizing. For products with particular characteristics the use of additional, or alternative processes is required as, for example, bleaching with acid degumming, winterizing or dewaxing, dry fractionation, physical refining. In the bleaching plants, the removal of bleach-

The extraction plant (Andreotti Impianti).

ing earths from the product is realized in self-cleaning filters, with or without oil recovery from spent filtration cake. The modular deodorizing or physical refining plant, successfully installed and operating at so

SOFT DRINK ANALYSIS The Maselli DR10 Easy-Diet laboratory analyzer is a new, high performance, differential refractometer by Maselli Misure that measures the concentration of any diet or no added sugar beverages, including carbonated soft drinks, flavored waters, and functional drinks. It combines Maselli’s unrivalled experience in quality control equipment with the most advanced technology available, putting it at the forefront of laboratory measurement of diet beverages. The DR10 Easy-Diet is a standalone unit that replaces HPLC,

spectrophotometers, titrators and all other manual testing methods. It displays the results in % diet, total acidity, refractometric degree and other preferred measurement ranges tailored to specific manufacturing environments. The Easy-Diet is fast, just 5 minutes for a complete analysis; it is easy, there is no need for sample preparation or skilled operators; automatic, the operator simply pushes a button and go; and safe, because no chemical reagents are required. The Maselli analyzer can even be used for measuring the con-

many factories the world over, is characterized by the following main advantages: separated vapours suction from each stage, very high efficiency of direct steam injection system, high efficiency vapour scrub-

centration of diet syrups and solids content of process water. Ensuring that all beverage components are kept under strict control. The user-friendly interface, clear touch-screen display and waterproof construction make it easy and safe to operate, even directly on the production line. The Easy-Diet incorporates an embedded PC with familiar Windows operating software and a standard Ethernet interface for simple integration with external networks. (Maselli Misure - Via Baganza 4/3 - 43100 Parma - Italy Tel. +39 0521 257411 - Fax +39 0521 250484 - e-mail:

bing, easy and rational plant layout configuration. The use of modules allows for a very high flexibility in case of future capacity extensions. “Traditional” single column deodorizing plants are also part of the company’s production range and can be seen in operation at very modern factories, where specific production needs (for example the fully automatic semi-continuous deodorizing for very frequent stock changeovers) or other specific requirements helped develop this kind of application. (Andreotti Impianti - Via Petrosa 8 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino - FI - Italy - Tel. +39 055 44870 - Fax +39 055 4491735 - e-mail: info@

The new patented method to measure diet beverages concentration in laboratory (Maselli Misure).

Italian Food & Beverage Technology - LX (2010) march -



Rivista esclusivamente in inglese, sviluppata a supporto di tutte quelle aziende italiane che vogliono puntare sull’export di macchine, prod...


Rivista esclusivamente in inglese, sviluppata a supporto di tutte quelle aziende italiane che vogliono puntare sull’export di macchine, prod...