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This is only the first two days, I have my ppr this Friday, so after that I am going to plan the rest of the activities. But this is what I have so far …

Day One 1. Fraction Strips (30-35 minutes) a. Have students group tables collaborate on how they would fold the paper to represent fractional parts. Talk about how the strips look like a number line, and give some examples of which fractions would go where. b. DO NOT give groups answers!! Instead pose questions such as, How do you think ½ ‘s and ¼‘s are similar? Let them explore for a good 10-15 minutes with their groups, then come together as a class and discuss, or you could also discuss this in the socratic seminar, and give 10 -15 minutes at the end of class to finish folding their strips. c. This is in the Bits and Pieces I book, your teacher should have a copy of this, but I made a copy just in case you don’t have it. 2. Socratic Seminar (45-60 min) a. Okay so for the Socratic Seminar there are going to be 6 stations but only 3 questions to brainstorm on. So two tables are going to have the same questions. This is just to save time and give students more time to research the question. b. Questions: i. How do these professions use fractions? Why is it important for these professionals to know how to use fractions appropriately and accurately? Put the professions on a different flashcard and have students spread it out on the desk as they explore. 1. Chef, Engineer, musicians, architects, race car drivers, pilots, accountants, science, doctor, artists, construction crew/worker ii. Explain how a number line, fraction, and decimals relate to each other. How are fractions and decimals similar on a number line? iii. What type of models can you use to model fractions? Give students specific websites that they can explore in order to develop ideas for the questions posed. Conceptualizing fractions on a number line Decimals, Fractions, & Number Lines How%2520to%2520Find%2520a%2520Fraction%2520on%2520a%2520Numberline.ppt+powerpoint+number +line +fractions&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgsbUM_L4ixAGgUG3xJ6U2HPrMo9MHH716JkGl_0Dq_vDjmQy 3aDADaltOcp742scOIMDeDbLKLghS80RETmS7OCR56L3f1KXpsoLGqtbI4y0dPZGS8TsHnNKSTnaH9M0eSR0f U&sig=AHIEtbT3VJ2F0OeWcHiFrRJxN97qVPzl-A Professions that use fractions Comparing fractions

Day Two 1. I was going to have students perform the fractions track activity in their envision book. I am not going to be there on Friday, and my CT already has the tracks and cards printed out and laminated. If you need me to copy the textbook for the game instructions and such let me know, but I have to look up the page numbers in the text.

This is an activity that I thought of using the MATH ON THE MENU activity, it looks really fun for kids. (attatched)

fraction lesson