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Monthly Report 

Monthly Report No 9                        March, 2011 

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs  PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634   Phone: +1‐312‐85‐SERBS  Website:    E‐Mail:     

Monthly Report 2011   

Dear friends and donors, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs have finally registered in the state of Illinois in United States by the group of the Serbian youth. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is currently in the process of applying for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization status. We registered organization in Jun 2010 and we have already started working and began raising donations. Since this is our fresh start in the United States please excuse us for any difficulties and mistakes that we make in the beginning.

About Us The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Americans, Serbs and their friends through planned projects, social and humanitarian activities in order to develop and foster better society for future generations and provide aid for underprivileged families in need. Although there are many humanitarian organizations and associations, help often doesn't reach the most jeopardized. Due to unnecessary administration, missing information and slow decision making, the delivery of aid arrives too late to the final consumers, or not at all. It is a sad and embarrassing, but true fact that more than 18.000 children daily die around the world because of starvation and malnutrition. There, among us, the blind and deaf. We are witnesses of the bad demographic situation of our nation, decreasing natality, increasing number of singles, abortions, accelerated aging of the population and generally bad economic condition of the households in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro and other countries in the Balkan.

An average couple has "fallen" on one child. Analysts warn that Serbs will become a minority in its own country in the following century if the nation, individuals and government don't wake up from the nescient in which they've fallen! On the other hand, nobody is talking about the families with many children which grieve by living in bitter poverty. Occupied by their everyday struggle for survival, they are being humbly in their desire for implementing rights which belong to them. Their life stories, fears and problems are identical, but almost invisible and unheard in order to gain the attention of the public, media and even state. That's why the idea of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs arose. Organization was formed by a group of young and trustful people, who are united by the common vision of helping families blessed by many children and who are aware of the fact that even a small help means a lot for those who don't live in a material excess. We are united by the humane idea to help the poorest part of the Serbian nation. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs try to revive the spiritless energy of the Serbian Diaspora which would be able to reinforce people of Serbian heritage as well as all good people throughout the world with minimal, but constant monthly donations. We hope and believe that there is also a grain of doing good and that you will join us in the endless struggle against poverty. God bless and save all Serbian families with many children and our honored donors who participate in the noble effort to return smile on children faces. CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!

Monthly Report 2011   


and raising their own family - our donors are satisfied with the activities and they are ready to help other families - our organization is satisfied with the results - family is ready in the future to become our donor and if necessary help other families that are in need of help

The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Serbian people through our projects and humanitarian activities, in order to develop better society for future generations.

Why Serbs for Serbs? We wanted to alleviate impaired spirit of Serbian people in togetherness and brotherhood help through humanitarian work and social aid.

Who do we help? We help Serbian families who live in the Balkans, have five or more children and live in terrible poverty.

Who do we need in organization? We need members and donors that will secure financial stability through supporting our programs and activities in the future. Donors may join our daily activities within the organization in order to coordinate our work better. We also need volunteers ready to donate several hours per week for actual work within the organization. Activities of volunteers and their specific tasks would be determined by the required projects and their personal interest. From that group of volunteers we would look for future leaders of organization.

How do we define “terrible poverty”? Under terrible poverty we define absence of one or more basic factors required for living: food, clothes, shoes, and safe space for living.

Why do we help? We believe that there is a basic need for one human (or a group) to help others in distress. A help is not only human virtue but also a Christian responsibility. By focusing our help on families with many children, we directly affect on their stirring toward becoming independent from social-dependable government programs. Indirectly, we want to affect on birth rate of Serbian people that has been in great decline in last 20 years.

What are our long term goals? - family is ready to support itself daily and manage to pay all required expenses and bills - their children are encouraged to continue with school

We want to inform all donors and friends of humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs that live in North America we have new Pay Pal account so you can send your donation via email to: Обавештавамо пријатеље и донаторе хуманитарне организације Срби за Србе који живе на тлу Северне Америке да органак СЗС у Америци има нови Пеј Пал рачун на који можете да уплатите своје донације. Да би ојачали организацију глобално морамо да јачамо регионалне одборе. Хвала вам

Monthly Report 2011   


used deposit slips which can be obtained in the Temple of

SfS held a movie projection in Vienna



We would like to use this opportunity to thank people who answered our invitation and came to the projection, as well as the Church municipality of Saint Sava and the priests who helped us. They allowed us to organize this event and present ourselves







We also use this opportunity to announce that several more projections will be held due to the importance of the subject and great interest of people. The projections will take part in several






We will end this report by quoting the words of Saint Nikolaj Velimirović: “If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself, because by changing yourself, you will Charity organization Serbs for Serbs held on Saturday, March 5th in the church home of the Temple of Saint Sava in Vienna

change the world around you.” From Vienna,

a projection of the documentary film “The Serbs – Nation

Miloš Jovanović

Which is Disappearing”, in the production of The Friends of


God. Prior to the projection, the members of our organization in Austria, Milan Simić and Miloš Jovanović welcomed the

Big SfS party in Zurich

visitors and announced the subject of the film. The visitors were able to find out the disastrous demographic reality of the Serbian state and nation, revealing the sad truth that the Serbs are about to disappear as a nation.

This was the third projection of this documentary, after being held in November last year by the organization of the “Serbian Society Endowment” and “Youth Association SPO(J)I” in Ljubljana



After the projection, the members of our organization referred to the possibility of mitigation of the consequences of the white plague by providing material support to the families with more children in ex-Yugoslavia. At the same time, they announced the forthcoming large-scale actions of our organization in the next two months in Raška, Krajina and Kosovo and Metohija, as well as other activities of our branches





The priest also held a speech, and pointed to the fact that each


of us can give its contribution in solving the above mentioned

On Friday, 4th of March in club „JIL“ in Zurich, SfS from

problems, despite the existential challenges which we face.

Switzerland held a charity party “Dance for Balkan”! “DJ

The guests had the opportunity to get to know the work of our

Mlađa” from Zurich, “DJ Groover” from Novi Sad, and the

organization better. We distributed the informative material

members of the KUD “Nikola Tesla” from Ušter were

about our organization, and they also had the opportunity to


talk to our members and provide financial assistance. They





Monthly Report 2011    Upon entrance, our guests were served Serbian rakija, which

she got the money was in January for December. She appealed

we received from our friends. The music was great, the

to the authorities in the City of Belgrade, but the municipality

mixture of club music and the ethno songs from our region!

and the city are trying to relieve the responsibility. Dragica is fighting as much as she can. Although she has a

According to the previous agreement, the money from the

heart disease, and diabetes, she is cleaning other people's

tickets was donated to our organization, in total 1.710 franks.

houses. She is trying to find any job in order to feed her

After the announcement of this event, Mrs. Lejla donated 200

children. Occasionally, she works as a support worker in the

franks to the club, and that sum was added to the money from

kitchen of a restaurant nearby, when a celebration or a party is

the tickets. We would like to thank Mrs. Lejla for her

taking place.




Although we wanted to gather more people, we think that the party was a success, and we hope that we will arrange more parties in the future, and that it would become one of the regular





We would like to thank the owner of the club, Mr. Uglješa, its staff, Groover, Mlađa, members of KUD “Nikola Tesla” and all the members and friends of the organization who have helped us organize this event, and at the same time set up the next









2011! FUTURE!

Dušan Đaković The electric installations are in an extremely bad condition,

SfS visited Atanasković family

and they can't be repaired. The cables are sparkling. The family lives in a room, divided by walls into two parts, with the total surface of 20m2 without a bathroom. They use the

On Sunday, 27th of February, we visited the Atanasković

toilet in the backyard, and they are bathing in a plastic trough

family from Vinča near Belgrade. Dragica lives in a wooden

in the room. One of the biggest problems is caused by rats,

shack with her four children: Ljeposava (11), Bogdan (12),

which are all over the place at night. The floor of the shack is

Slobodan (13) and Goran (10). Two of these children are very

ruined and crackling.

sick – Slobodan has asthma and he had two concussions, and

They are all sleeping in the same bed, which is falling apart.

Ljeposava has epilepsy. Two older daughters are married, as

Dragica asked us to help her get a new bed, or at least a used

well as one of Dragica's sons. The remaining children, three of


them, live in a rented apartment in Kanarevo brdo, provided to

The stove they used to warm the room was in a poor

them by the state.

condition. The oven was ruined, and the door of the stove

We started our action at the market place in Boleč, where we

couldn't be closed. The washing machine was broken.






This help was more than welcomed, because in 2011 she

We managed to get them a new stove and a washing machine

hasn't received the means for support from the Center for

for our third visit on the 6th of

social work, in the amount of 10.200 dinars.

March. We brought shoes for the children. A local priest

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is providing her

Dragan and many people from churches and monasteries from

with the amount of 2.000 dinars per month, but the last time

Belgrade are helping. Dragan provided them the wood for the

Monthly Report 2011    winter, because they couldn't rely on the state. “Fund of humanity – Večernje Novosti” has helped Dragica.

Have we forgotten our great men?

Many other journalists came, but few of them answered their needs. Unfortunately, the neighbors have been suing Dragica to the Center for social work that she had been working in order to feed her family. Dragica said she didn't expect anything from us, but that she would appreciate if she could have another room and a bathroom. When we asked her if she would live in the countryside, she said she would be more than happy to have such an opportunity, because she wouldn't have to be worried for the food. She is willing to live anywhere where she would be able to grow a garden and produce food. We will continue helping this family, and we call all the people of good will to help us. PHOTOS

Couple of the members of the humanitarian organization Serbs

SFS founded in Switzerland

for Serbs from Chicago started a road trip to New York City on Friday, 12 March 2011. Goals and motives for such a long trip was more than just promotions of the organization and meeting with supporters and members of the Serbs for Serbs of New York City, our main motive was a tribute to a great Serb, Ph.D., professor Michael Idvorsky Pupin, who died March 13, 1935 and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx,







The length of this trip in one direction is about 850 miles(1350km) and passes through several U.S. states: Illinois, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs would like to inform all its friends and donors who live in Switzerland that they have the possibility, as of the beginning of March 2011 to donate on our Swiss account using deposit slips or e-banking. This is the fifth state in which we have registered our organization. Our address is still in Vienna, until we ensure the financial conditions to open the official office in Switzerland. Information



Recipient: Humanitäre







Account no. for donation from Switzerland: 85-419625-6 For donations from the rest of Europe and the world: IBAN:








Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Monthly Report 2011    From Chicago, we went around 3:30pm, after about 12 hours, we arrived at a little place in Pennsylvania and rented a motel to rest. (We came around 4:30am Saturday and stayed until 10am.) After a little rest, we hit the road to Bronx, New York to find the grave of Pupin. After two hours we arrived at a Woodlawn cemetery and we found the grave of Michael Pupin and his wife. Unfortunately ,there was no one else we saw that had come to pay homage to this great man. We cleaned dry leaves from the grave and lit church candles that we bought in a Chicago church for the souls of Michael and Sarah Pupin.

We left the cemetery with mixed feelings, pleased that we managed to find Pupin's grave after 850miles/1350 kilometers and also sad that no one but us has come to pay homage to Micheal Pupin . Serbia has a consulate located in New York, and the embassy in Washington, which is not far but none of the representatives of the Serbian state did not consider that it is necessary that a man like Professor Pupin was a worthy of annual memorial service.

We were glad we were able to find the grave and pay homage to this man who came to America penniless and fast managed to become a professor at Columbia University, wrote a book and received the Pulitzer Prize in 1924, his scientific work fast became known all over the world, best known for his numerous patents, including a means of greatly extending the range of long-distance telephone communication by placing loading coils (of wire) at predetermined intervals along the transmitting wire (known as "pupinization"). He was the founder of several Serbian organizations in the USA. In 1911,

After Bronx we were moving in the direction of Manhattan

Pupin became a consul of the Kingdom of Serbia in New

and we meet with the members and supporters of charity

York. In his speech to Congress on January 8, 1918, known as

organization Serbs for Serbs from New York, after a joint

the Fourteen Points speech, U.S. president Woodrow Wilson,

lunch, we departed on a tour of Times Square, the Church of

inspired by his conversations with Pupin, insisted on the

St. Sava, the Empire State building and one of the Serbian

restoration of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as autonomy for

restaurants in New York called Kafana ...

the peoples of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Monthly Report 2011   

... our journey ended as far as the New York part, we took the

Another contingent of books was donated by our friends from

same route back to Chicago around 3am the new 850

the forum „Serbian elite“, who donated the books in

miles/1350km, except for a few stops to get fuel and a bit to


rest we didn't stop anywhere else. We arrived in Chicago

Friendship“. We thank all of you who contributed to the






around 5:30 on Sunday afternoon, tired from the trip but

beginning of our great project, and hope that we will receive

happy and satisfied with the accomplished and the contacts we

more donations.

made in NYC. Tomorrow is Monday and a new work day,

With Faith in God!

some of us went straight to work (Sunday night)and rest will go Monday morning . We are glad that we could use a little of

Donation from the Russian Orthodox Church

our free time so we can volunteer for a genuine cause in charity






Do not forget your great people and help your children! Children are our future! Serbs for Serbs -USA


First book donations Several days ago we sucessfully commenced the project of gathering books for our organization. The first contingent of 50 books was delivered to us by Mr. Bane Kojić and his friends, to whom we thank very much. In the meantime we managed to send the books to our friends in Old Serbia (Skoplje and Kučevište), who will donate the books to the pupils of Serbian nationality, who will be able to improve their knowledge of Serbian language and create closer connection to Serbia.

The members of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs received a donation of six boxes of children shoes and clothes from the Russian Orthodox Church – the Temple of Saint Nikolaj in Vienna. The donation will be sent to the families with many children in Braničevo County. We use this opportunity to thank the priests and people from their parish, and notify the donors, members, and friends that we will send the donation in the villages Sirakovo and Bare near Požarevac.

Monthly Report 2011   

Serbs for Serbs in Raška

needed it most, which turned out to be quite unexpected to the people in Raška. Our host provided us transport with the help of his friends, who immediately became the friends of our organization. The field vehicle they provided was apsolutely necesarry to get to the families. Despite the incredible bad road, we got to the first family in the village Tušimlje, known by the monastery of the Holy Ascension, near Novi Pazar. We visited family Jajić, consisting of Želimir and Branka and their three children, Jordan (21), Momir (19) and Milanko (17). Their eldest daughter is married, and she left them. Momir is sometimes working for a wage salary with his father, and that is their only income. Milanko goes to school, and it takes 5 kilometres across the mud to get to the bus. Jordan has liver problem, and at the time of our visit, he was at the hospital. The Jajić family


owns 7 sheep, a goat and hens, which they grow for their own

This was the first Serbs for Serbs action completely

needs. The house in which they lived until recently looks like

founded from Serbs for Serbs- North America Chapter.

a barn with straw roof, and they are giving their best to build a

On Friday, 18th March 2011, a two-member team of charity

new house below the old one. The furniture is in poor

organization Serbs for Serbs headed Raška, in order to carry

condition. We concluded that they needed more cattle, so we

out the first major charity action in the teritory of the first

bought 3 lambs, 2 sheep and a ram.

Serbian state. We helped five families, donating them: 1 bag of toys, 3 bags of wardrobe, 2 washing machines and 2 refrigerators – 81.000 dinars, 3 lambs – 23.000 dinars, bathroom material – 25.000 dinars, which will be bought in Belgrade and sent to Raška. We spent 109.020 + 25.000 dinars in total, and the action was financed from SfS USA. Our great friend, Protosyncellus Gerasim welcomed us in Novi Pazar. He is an iguman of the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, and the single most responsible person for the sucess of our charity action. We went to the monastery with him, in which we received accommodation and a blessing for our action. The brotherhood of the monastery helped us throughout the action, as well as their friends. We stayed in the monastery, prepared everything for the action and spoke to Protosyncellus Gerasim about the situation of the Serbs in this part of Serbia.

After Tušimlje, we went to the village Kovačevo, to visit the Poleksić family. Gorica lives with three children, sons Saša

On Saturday, 19th March, after the morning liturgy, we prayed

(18), Stefan (15) and Slađan (5). Her husband died recently in

to God and Saint Simeon and went to help to those who

a tragic accident, while her brother died during the war in

Monthly Report 2011    Kosovo. Saša has become the head of the family, and he takes

His both parents died when he was only five, and since then

care of their household – 2 cows and hens. His eyes were full

he lived with his grandmother. Milanko is doing whatever he

of tears since we got there, because he couldn't believe that

can in order to survive. He couldn't live his grandmother and

someone from Belgrade came to help them, since no one

the family property and go to the city in order to find better

remembered to do something for them. They live in a rented

conditions, so God gave him good neighbors who are helping

house. We insisted in buying them something, but they were

him. An old toilet in the backyard is ruined, so he needs a

so modest, and wouldn't accept anything. However, we saw

bathroom. We promised to help him build a new one, and after

that they needed a washing machine and a refrigerator, so we

that he will be able to find a wife and form his family. We will


buy all the necessary material in Belgrade and deliver it to




Milanko. We planed to spend 25.000 dinars on that. In the suburbs of Novi Pazar, on the Deževo road, we visited the last family in this action, whom we visited several years ago. It is the Miletić family. Milomir and Milanka have seven children: Nataša (21), Nadica (19), Vesna (18), Stanka (14), Dušica (13), Marko (10) and Martina (1). Nataša and Stanka are married, and Stanka has a child, so they all live together in a house which they rent for 60 EUR per month. No one has a permanent job, but they work for wages, in order to survive. The brotherhood of the monastery is giving its best to help them. The state is not helping them, despite their cries for In a village Ljuljac we saw our old friends, family Kostović, whom we helped twice before. Dragi and Radovanka have seven children: Marina (16), Miloš (15), Vesna (12), Radica (11), Miljan (4), Tanja (2) and Ivan (1). Their material situation is significantly improved since we first visited them, so now they have 3 cows, hens, pigs, and they cultivate the land. Since the washing machine broke down, we decided to get them a new one. They didn't ask for more.

help. They needed the refrigerator, so we bought one for them. The first action in Raška left many impressions about the difficult conditions in which our brothers and sisters live, but also about the negligence of the Republic of Serbia for the Serbs from this area. There is also a constant inter-ethnic tension, and that makes the life of our people very difficult. We will keep on helping as much as we can, in the tradition of Saint Sava. We use this opportunity to thank again to father Gerasim, the brotherhood of the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, our friend Ivan from Novi Pazar, and the rest of people who enabled the successful action. With the faith in God! Bojan Ilić Mihailo Makanjić

We went back to Kovačevo, where we visited Milanko Milošević (26), a young man with difficult life.

Monthly Report 2011   

Serbs for Serbs Register at Bone Marrow Drive

Support Video

Click here for VIDEO LINK

Support our organization.

Help Jelena

Yesterday Sanday ,March 27 2011 five members of charity


organization Serbs for Serbs gathered at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago to register as

Grace Bishop LONGIN of New Gracanica- Midwestern

We want to inform all donors and friends of humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs that live in the United States and Canada we have new Pay Pal account so you can send your donation via email to:

America, and has received the wholehearted support of  or 

potential bone marrow donors for our sister in Christ, Jelena Stojakovic, who is battling leukemia.The Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive will continue over the next two Sundays.The urgent effort to find a matching bone marrow donor for Jelena Stojakovic has been blessed by His

Serbian Orthodox Clergy from across the country. Oh Lord, grant us to find a matching bone marrow donor and grant healing to our sister Jelena! Amen.

Обавештавамо пријатеље и донаторе хуманитарне организације Срби за Србе који живе у САД и Канади да органак СЗС у Америци има нови Пеј Пал рачун на који можете да уплатите своје донације. Да би ојачали организацију глобално морамо да јачамо регионалне одборе. Хвала вам

Monthly Report 2011    We want to inform all donors and friends of humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs that live in the United States and Canada we have new Pay Pal account so you can send your donation via email to:



Note: If you wish to have initials, a nickname or to be  an  anonymous  donor  instead  of  having  your  full  name  in  the  donors  list,  with  or  without  stating  the  state  where  you  are,  please  email  us: or  

Number of Donors (21)  March 2011 20 15 10 5 0

Donors in March Anonimus - $100,00 Zelimir Lucic- $50,00

Donations in March  ($1049.32)

Milan Dobras (AZ) - $15,00 Dejan Petrovic (IL) - $15,00 - $20,00


Mateja Stojkovic (IL) - $20,00


Lidija Stojkovic (IL) - $20,00

1000 - $40,00


SZS Krajiska Braca (IN) - $100,00


Aleksandar Krsmanovic(NY)-$50,00


Alma Vujasinovic (PA) - $16,00


Velimir Lalusevic (IL) - $25,00


Lazar Krsmanovic (IL) - $25,00 Milos Joncic (NY) - $30,00 Darko Milasinovic - $20,00 I.S. (IL) - $20,00 Michigan Serbs - $8,32 Christopher Petrovic (CAN)-$25,00 A.D(NJ) - $25.00 Sasa Lazarevic(IL) - $25,00 Serbosi (CAN) - $400.00 Total: $1049,32

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is currently in the process of applying for a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization IRS status. Хуманитарна Организација Срби за Србе је регистрована као непрофитабилна организација у држави Илиноис и тренутно смо у процесу за добијање статуса 501c3 који би омогућио свим донаторима да донације упућене нама могу да се отпишу од пореза. У наредних пар месеци очекујемо позитиван одговор од IRS-а.

Monthly Report 2011   

If you live in USA or Canada please use our new Pay Pal account:



Serbs for Serbs March 2011 Report  

Mesecni Izvestaj za Mart na engleskom

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