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Monthly Report for October

Monthly Report for October

Monthly Report No. 10 October, 2016 Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS Website: E-Mail: Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October Dear friends and donors, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs registered in the state of Illinois in United States in Jun 2010 by the group of the Serbian youth. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is a 501(c)(3) notfor-profit charitable organization. Donation is tax-deductible to the extent followed by the law. On 30th September, 2011 we finally got the letter from department of the treasury (IRS) with tax exempt 501(c)3 approval. All donations to our organization donated from June 16, 2010 are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers of gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

About Us The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Americans, Serbs and their friends through planned projects, social and humanitarian activities in order to develop and foster better society for future generations and provide aid for underprivileged families in need. Although there are many humanitarian organizations and associations, help often doesn't reach the most jeopardized. Due to unnecessary administration, missing information and slow decision making, the delivery of aid arrives too late to the final consumers, or not at all. It is a sad and embarrassing, but true fact that more than 18.000 children daily die around the world because of starvation and malnutrition. There, among us, the blind and deaf. We are witnesses of the bad demographic situation of our nation, decreasing natality, increasing number of singles, abortions, accelerated aging of 2016 the population and generally bad economic condition of the households in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and other countries in the Balkan. An average couple has "fallen" on one child. Analysts warn that Serbs will become a minority in its own country in the following century if the nation, individuals and government don't wake up from the nescient in which they've fallen! On the other hand, nobody is talking about the families with many children which grieve by living in bitter poverty. Occupied by their everyday struggle for survival, they are being humbly in their desire for implementing rights which belong to them. Their life stories, fears and problems are identical, but almost invisible and unheard in order to gain the attention of the public, media and even state. That's why the idea of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs arose. The organization was formed by a group of young and trustful people, who are united by the common vision of helping families blessed by many children and who are aware of the fact that even a small help means a lot for those who don't live in a material excess. We are united by the humane idea to help the poorest part of the Serbian nation. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs try to revive the spiritless energy of the Serbian Diaspora which would be able to reinforce people of Serbian heritage as well as all good people throughout the world with minimal, but constant monthly donations. We hope and believe that there is also a grain of doing good and that you will join us in the endless struggle against poverty. God bless and save all Serbian families with many children and our honored donors who participate in the noble effort to return smile on children faces.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October Ambitions

Our mission The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Serbian people through our projects and humanitarian activities, in order to develop better society for future generations. Why Serbs for Serbs? We wanted to alleviate impaired spirit of Serbian people in togetherness and brotherhood help through humanitarian work and social aid. Who do we help? We help Serbian families who live in the Balkans, have five or more children and live in terrible poverty. Under terrible poverty we define absence of one or more basic factors required for living: food, clothes, shoes, and safe space for living. 2016 Who do we need in organization? We need members and donors that will secure financial stability through supporting our programs and activities in the future. Donors may join our daily activities within the organization in order to coordinate our work better. We also need volunteers ready to donate several hours per week for actual work within the organization. Activities of volunteers and their specific tasks would be determined by the required projects and their personal interest. From that group of volunteers we would look for future leaders of organization.

How to donate? 1. PayPal donation: 2. Direct Deposit to Wells Fargo Bank account Please email us at: 3. You can mail personal or business check to: Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 4. Donation boxes: BEOGRAD CAFÉ 2937 West Irving Park Road Chicago, Illinois Owner: Dule Pavlovic

Why do we help? We believe that there is a basic need for one human (or a group) to help others in distress. A help is not only human virtue but also a Christian responsibility. By focusing our help on families with many children, we directly affect on their stirring toward becoming independent from socialdependable government programs.

NADA’S DELI & BAKERY 7316 West Lawrence Avenue Harwood Heights, Illinois

What are our long term goals? • family is ready to support itself daily and manage to pay all required expenses; • their children are encouraged to continue with school and raising their own family; • our donors are satisfied with the activities and they are ready to help other families; • our organization is satisfied with the results; • family is ready in the future to become our donor and if necessary help other families that are in need of help.

COMPASS FUEL STATION 8147 Joliet Road McCook, Illinois Owner: Roy and Maria Dobrasinovic

BALKAN BAKERY 541 South LaGrange Road LaGrange, Illinois Owner: Olja Igic

ST. NIKOLA CHURCH 4301 Prairie Ave. Brookfield, Illinois CITY FRESH MARKET 3201 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Members of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs have recently, while visting new familes in Kosovo and Metohija, visited family Ristic from village Strezovica, whose house is in under reconstruction. This family counts six members. Parents Sreten and Sonja have four children: Snezana (18), Jovana (16), Milos (11) and Ivana (10). We assured that house reconstruction is going well and that Family Ristic will soon live in completely new environment. However, this family is missing furniture: fridge, 6 beds, kitchen elements, closet, table and six chairs. You can see the current state on the photos bellow.

Family Ristic in December 2015, in the time of first visit of SFS representatives

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October HELP FOR PUBLIC KITCHEN IN KOSOVO AND METOHIJA 2016 This project has been financed by the French Charity Organization “Solidarnost za Kosovo” with 110.000 euros. Our organization donated 350.000 dinars for purchase of electrical station. At the same time that day there was celebration of Majka devet Jugovica's slava - Mala Gospojina.

On 20th of September in village Mogila in Kosovo and Metohija Charity Organization Eparchy of Raska and Prizren “Majka Devet Jugovica” officially opened plant for pasteurization of fruit and vegetables, this is one of the projects to help selfsustained Public Kitchen in Kosovo and Metohija.

Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs will continue to support new self- sustained economical projects on Kosovo and Metohija and throughout Balkan and all with a goal of sustained economic existence of Serbian communities in their century old households. All donors, members and friends of Serbs for Serbs Organization we ask for your help in any way possible.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October NEW HELP FOR LIBRARY NEAR KNIN 2016 Organization “Zene Kosovske doline” is leading this project and soon we expect opening of the library, and internet center as well. As part of our last delivery, we menaged to provide them 7 displays and 3 computers that are necessary for the work of internet center. Furthermore, we have provided them 70 new books, which circles our help to this important project for Serbian community in this region.

At the beginning of October Charity Organisation Serbs for Serbs provided a new delivery of aid for future multifunctional library “Dositej Obradovic”, which is going to be in place of former elementary school in Ridjan, in Dalmatian Kosovo, near Knin.

As we consider that this project has a great value for our people, especialy for our youth, we will continue to follow development of this project and provide eventual aid in the future, as much as we can. We owe a big thank to the friend of our organization, Mr Bane Kojic and his assistents, who were of great help in providing this aid.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Bunk beds were built in children’s room, while their father Jovan was painting it

At the end of September, Members of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs have visited Zenar family, from Banatsko Novo Selo, that consists of six members – parents Jovan and Dragana, and their four daughters Andjelina (8), Ana Marija (6), Alisa (4), and Andjela (2). After that, in the beginning of October, this family has received valuable charity help, that consisted of new washing machine, combined refrigerator and freezer, electric stove and bunk beds with mattresses, in total value of 104.488 RSD.

Appearance of the children’s room in the September, during the first visit of the members of our organization

Uros Certic, friend of our organization, helps girls build Lego tower

New washing machine is already working, helping Dragana in her motherly duties With this donation, we provided better life conditions for the whole family, but especially for the children.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 Until few years ago, Jovan was employed at a company whose field of work was scaffolding on a construction site, but frequent economical problems have led to him losing his job. At the same time, Dragana was looking after the children.

New electric stove in Zenar family kitchen

Besides social help, and children’s allowance, this family doesn’t have any other regular source of income.

New combined refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen area of family’s home

Zenar family is typical family from Banat, which, in spite of their poor life, tries to overcome daily issues. In the same time, their main goal is to maintain peaceful and harmonious family life. Unemployment of both parents has affected this family, as well as many others.

Jovan is trying to find as many part-time jobs as he can, so that he can provide some additional income for the family, but his poor health (quite serious spine condition) often stops him at his intentions. Nevertheless, Jovan and Dragana try to pay their bills as regularly as possible, and not to make any serious debts.

Picture of Zenar family members, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, and the organizers of the tournament ''Trojka iz bloka'' which was held in Crepaja, on the 27th of August.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Except from moisture problem which should be solved urgently, there is also a need for another room, which would be a room for the girls and that would help normal family functioning.

The representatives of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs delivered aid for seven-member family Shukunda from Vladimirovci village: 200 broilers chickens and 850 kg of poultry feed in total amount of 61.550 RSD. Nenad and Svetlana Shukunda are raising four children: Andjela (14), Stefania (11), Stevica (7) and Ognjen (5). Also, Nikola grandfather, who is an asthma sufferer, lives with them, helping them as much as he can. He takes care for children while parents are busy with season works.

We believe that this donation will help family to provide necessary funds to complete the expansion of the children's rooms and part of the house very soon, in order to provide their children better and nicer conditions for growing up.

Uros Certic – A friend of our organization

The purpose of procurement of 200 broilers chickens is to enable Shukunda family to expand business and increase household budget in the future, with devoted work in a relatively short period of time on their small farm. The family lives in modesty and without debt, using the child benefit of 11,000 RSD and having certain problems.

Group photo of the family Ĺ ukunda, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and representatives of ''Trojka iz bloka'', sports and humanitarian project of our organization, which was held on July 10 in Banatski Karlovac. Its aim was collecting funds to help Shukunda family.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Representors of Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization in cooperation with friends from organization Majka devet Jugovića (Mother of nine Jugović brothers) of Eparchy of Raška and Prizren have visited 20 families from wide area of central and northern Kosovo in last 20 days. Mission of this visit was getting on with needs of families that have been suggested for help, in order to provide more efficient over needed things for normalizing and upgrading life conditions. We are planning to help a few more families which have not been visited during this visit because of objective reasons, but have been marked as families which need this kind of help.

House in which they currently live is in very bad condition, so their plan is to build new house, with about 70m2 on their property. Needed help that they have marked as necessary is building material for house constructing.

Jovanović family in their home with representatives of the Organization After that in Straža village we visited two families. Siniša Jovanović’s family which is, from two weeks ago, bigger for another member, baby Stefan. In family lives mother Dragana, too. In newly built modest little house settled this family, which, until getting of this house, was moving from one to another abandoned house. Arsić family with representatives of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs Action was started visiting the Arsić family from Izvor. Family is consisted by parents Dragan and Svetlana and their two daughters Tijana (20) and Tamara (17).

Their goal is sheep breeding so priority for them is acquiring of 5-6 sheep, so as baby crib and all other supporting things needed for newborn. Unfortunately, Siniša recently suffered a stroke and is under wide therapy. Basic income are minimum wage and social help.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

Members of Stojanović family in front of their house

Biljana Đorđević from Bostane village in her family’s home

We left further to Stojanović family which we have visited and helped in 2011. (supplied with 4 beds, laundry machine and four chairs). We are reminding that family is consisted by parents Gradimir and Biserka and sons Miloš (27), Igor (26), Stefan (25) and Aleksandar (17). One of the hardest situations that we have ever faced during our perennial work in Kosovo and Metohija. Like five years ago, situations haven’t changed at all, of course. Difficult psychophysical condition both parents and two sons, which still suffer from traumas survived during NATO aggression on our country. Lack of bathroom, bad conditions in which they live and too modest incomes further complicate the whole situation.

Next family, in which we found similar situation, is family of Đorđević Stanoje and Biljana in Bostane village (hamlet Čuljkovci). Except of mother Biljana and granny, we found no one else at home, so we got necessary information from them. Biljana and Stanoje have three children, Sladjana (24), Radovan and Aleksandar. Also, the main problem is the lack of bathroom. They don’t have other incomes except pension, and most important of furniture would be wardrobes and beds.

Grandmother Trajanka and granddaughter Milica Stanković from Bušince Difficult conditions in which live Stojanović family in Kosovo and Metohija Bathroom would be the most significant thing that would facilitate the everyday life of the family, but the problem is the lack of water in the entire village. In addition the proposal is the rehabilitation of existing living space, some of implements (mower or tiller) or to purchase particular furniture as refrigerators, beds and chairs.

In Bušince village we visited family of Dragan and Trajanka Stanković. They have two sons, Bojan (34) and Dušan (25). Dušan is married to Sanja (25) and they have a baby, Milica (1). Needed help should consist of constructing material (or just wall tiles) for finishing floor constructing, so that younger sun could move there with his family.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 Family consists of parents Siniša and Jovanka and adult children Miloš (30), Bojana (28) and the youngest Aleksandar (26), which is married to Nataša (22) and have baby Jovana (5 months). This hardworking family is deling with agriculture and cultivates on five acres. So as Jevtić family, Moskić’s were dealing with stealing of stock from their property two times in last few years.

Dimitrije and Nadica Jevtić in front of stall where they had they cows stolen

To make old house/building on their property capable for living for needs of the youngest son and his family, their wish is to manage building material (entering door, 2 windows, 4 room doors, tiles and bathroom equipment).

After that we went to Jevtić family in Mešina village, which consists of parents Dimitrije and Nadica and sons, Slobodan (27) and Marko (24). Unfortunatly, there we heard another upsetting story. About only ten days ago they had their two cows and calf stolen from their courtyard. They spent many years of hard work and sacrifice for rising and taking care of them. Big damage was made to this family, the only one that has stayed with children in this village. Without any signs that the case will be solved, and a theft caught, a clear message has been sent to Jevtić family with this move. In order to help the Jevtić family to get the damage refunded, deal is to help them with buying a cow or balers for tractor.

Petković family with representatives of Organization in village Parteš In the village Parteš we visited family Petković, parents Srdjan and Danijela and children Stefan (24), Nikola (20), Bogdan (18), Bojana (14) and Pavle (3). Until only 2 weeks ago, father was employed as guard of hospital in Gnjilane, which brought any such incomes to this family with many children. Unfortunatly, again comes to the fore horrible everyday of Serbs in enclaves. Few Albanians beat up Srdjan at his working place, with message that there is no more place for him at the working place, only because he is Serb. Terrible shot, having in a mind that only the happiest in places like this have that luck to have a full time job.

Members of Moskić family from village Vrbovac in their household We continued our trip to household of family Moskić in Vrbovac village.

Biggest need of this family is renovation of bathroom (shower cabin), so as getting of basic home equipment like wood burning stove, laundry machine or kitchen equipment.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

Members of organization Serbs for Serbs with Marinković family in Paralovo village The last family that was visited on the first day was the family of Srdjan i Gordana Marinković from the village Paralovo. Three daughters live with them, Kristina (19), Milena (17) and Lidija (15). Srdjan works in public kitchen, and, besides that, only income is the minimum wage. Through talking with them, we have been indicated that beside basic furniture, fridge, three beds and stove, some help in the renovation of the basement would be nice. The basement would be made capable for living. For this purpose are needed windows, door, connecting electricity, concreting, and water pump.

Josifović family with representors of the Organization in Gračanica Not far from them we visited the Josifović family, Slavoljub and Jelena, which have a baby, Viktor (4). Next to them in the household live Slavoljub’s brother Ljubiša, sister Sonja and mother Marija. They need their floors fixed, because under them is only ground. Estimated is that they need 50m2 of smoothing layer and laminate, and about 15m2 of tiles. They also need one laundry machine.

Slaviša and Jelena Stakić from Donja Gušterica with members of the Organization

Photo with the Velić family We started the second day by visiting families in Gračanica. First we visited family of Slaviša and Sladjana Velić, which has three children, Milica (20), Andjela (16) and Aleksa (12). The most needed thing for them are household items like cooker, fridge and 32m2 of laminate.

Next family we visited was the Stakić family from Donja Gušterica, which is displaced from Štimlje and is now living as subtenant. The family consists of parents Slaviša and Jelena and children Tijana (22), Tamara (20) and Miljana (19). They managed to make a garden, which they till, in their courtyard, so they would use one smaller thrower. Because they are subtenants, only option is buying of basic household items, three beds, laundry machine and wood burning stove.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 The third Stojković family which we visited is consisted of parents, Žarko and Marica, and children Igor (28) and Ivana (26). So as their siblings, the proposal is to provide electric cooker.

Father Živorad and son Oliver Stojković in Kuzmin with Serbs for Serbs In the Kuzmin village we visited three sibling houses, which are situated one next to another. First family is Stojković Živorad and Djemilja (Albanian woman) and children Nikola (18), Andrijana (15), Bojan (13), Oliver (11) and Strahinja (6). Since we already helped them a few years ago, this time suggestion is to provide them electric cooker.

The Simijonović family in front of their old, dilapidated house in the Batuse We also visited the Batuse village, more precisely, single mother Sonja Simijonović, which in really dilapidated house lives with sons Milan (14) and Marko (13) and with her deaf-dumb father Krsta. In conversation with Sonja, we found that here to they need basic furniture, more precisely a lack of laundry machine and electric cooker. Besides that, useful would be help in purchasing 2 beds for sons.

The Stojković family with organization Serbs for Serbs in front of their home Next family was also Stojković, Siniša and Vesna, with their children Stefan (20) and Kristina (14). Plan is to purchase some basic household items, electric cooker or freezer.

The Stolić family from the Ugljare village in front of their home

Žarko and Marica Stojković in front of their house in Kuzmin

We used the chance to visit the Stolić family from Ugljare. The Stolić family counts five minors, Andjela (14), Ivana (12), Nikola (8), Andrija and Jovan (5), and aid for them we delivered two times during 2011. (table, fridge, kitchen water heater, sink, water heater for bathroom, 2 beds, bunk bed, laundry machine, closet and chairs).

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

We made sure that the most of the things which were purchased five years ago are still in a good shape. This time the Stolić’s need serious construction works (changing and recovery of floors and installation of smaller entrance door). Also, it’s necessary to purchase water pump so to enable ordinarily water supply, so as new toilet accessories.

Family business is breeding of goats and their plan is to create a stable for 30 goats. Needed aid would be material for creating of a stable worth about 1.000 € and one milking machine for goats.

With Jovanović family in front of their family home under construction The Šobota family in the Plemetina village with members of the organization Near place Obilić, in the Plemetina village, we visited the Šobota family, which consists of parents Vladimir and Marija and children Živorad (17), Žarko (15) and Teodora (13). House in which they live is really poor, more precisely, roof and attic are totally non-settled. As the most urgent help, they marked material for reconstruction of the roof (beams and lattice), in order for roof not to collapse. Besides that, electric cooker would mean a lot to this family.

Serbs for Serbs in front of the Antonović family’s house in Korilje village We visited last two families in area northern from Kosovska Mitrovica. In the village of Korilje near Zvečan we visited family Antonović, Nikola and Janica, with children Radmila (10) and Ružica (7).

Our visit to Kosovo and Metohija we are finishing at Janković family from Gornje Jarinje. Father Miloš and mather Dragica live in unfinished house with three children, daughters Jovana (24) and Andjelina (22) and a son Gojko (16). This hardworking family is also internally displaced from Obilić. Most useful aid for them would be material for the construction of the roof, so the house would no longer get wet during rains. House size is about 60 m2. We used the time to make a short visit to the sufferers from Staro Gacko, which sent words of support and thanks, as one of just few organizations which haven’t forgot that there still survives isolated Serbian community. As we are assured for the umpteenth time and during this new visit, life of our compatriots at Kosovo and Metohija is everything except life. Big majority is still scraping on poor minimum wage, in lack of the serious job, their life conditions are unworthy of the time in which we live, and the concept of law and justice doesn’t exist for a while. All this most affects young people, who certainly does not deserve to grow up without a childhood, isolated and marked only because they are Serbs. Goal to which we strive as an organization is to fix as much as we can and to persevere despite all the problems we face in order to enable Serbian people to stay and survive at their ancestral homes in the hearth of Serbia. Call for participation in this unfair battle which we battle for more than a decade is open for all wellintentioned people.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


That’s how they’ve arrived to the Vrdila village near Kraljevo where they have established a farm, where their children help them with the maintenance. Real little village idyll has been completed with turkeys, sheep and chicken, which they keep, so as plum, raspberries, onion, etc.

Representatives of the Charity Oganisation Serbs for Serbs have visited seven-members family Vasić from the Vrdila village near Kraljevo on Saturday, October the 15th. They have been visited for the first time in the middle of of July this year, and in the meantime they’ve been given an aid including a greenhouse (30x8m), irrigation system for greenhouse and raspberry plantation, and also a water pump and expansive container for the house water supply have been purchased. It’s estimated that the Vasić’s will grow fruits, vegetables and flowers for personals use and for selling in their greenhouse. The total value of this aid is 563,753 RSD and resources have been secured by Church and school municipality “Gračanica” from Windsor, Canada and from people of Kraljevo, thanks to “Trojka iz bloka” tournament held in this city in May this year.

This hard-working family filled us with positive energy and will for a future fight in mission of helping families with many children all over the Balkan, We are especially happy because of their wish that, after they completely recover, they would like to help others through our organization, which is surely ideal to which we aspire! Greenhouse for the Vasić family is one of the projects that have been achived thanks to 60.000 Canadian dollars that we’ve received from Church and school municipality Gračanica in Windsor, Canada. In the next few days expect new reports, and we are already preparing incoming projects for which we need your support!

The Vasić family in front of their new greenhouse in village Vrdile near Kraljevo We remind that family is consisted of parents Bogdan and Ana Marija and children Ognjen (20), Vasilisa (16), Petar (12), Stojan (9) and Momčilo (2). Bogdan is a sculptor, and Ana Marija is a painter. They have been born in Belgrade, but have together decided to leave the city and move to the village.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


We managed to solve that problem and now they are waiting for the winter prepare, but mother Zorica joked that she is happiest because of the washing machine, because she doesn’t need to wash by hands anymore. We are reminding that, beside her, family members are father Branko and children Kristina (21), Stefan (18), Andrea (17), Sara (15), Uroš (13) and Kristijan (6). See work on the reconstruction of the roof through stages:

Representatives of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs have visited family Pavlović from Ljubić in Čačak in Sunday, on 16th of October. Pavlović’s have six children, and our organization has managed new roof, PVC windows and a washing machine for them. The total value of aid is 698.054 RSD, which has been secured by united Church and school municipality Gračanica from Windsor, Canada and the citizens of Čačak at theTrojka iz bloka tournament, held in that city in June this year.

State of the family house’s roof during our first visit to Pavlović family We have first visited this family at this spring when day have expressed a wish for new roof construction because the old one was terrible and caused them really big problem with leaking and humidity.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

New PVC windows have been installed on the home of Pavlović’s

CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! SERBS FOR SERBS Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS


Charity Organization "Serbs for Serbs" supported the project of making an educational playground for Serbian children in Zegar, Dalmacija. As we had been providing information during previous months, the works on the playground such as preparing the ground in the yard, fencing and placing playground equipment are already finished and only the interior and exterior of the house were to be done. Our organization deposited 3.500 € for that cause for providing complete construction material (material for facade, ceramic tiles for the floor, laminate, tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, materials for whitewashing and painting the woodwork). The mentioned material was delivered last week and as it can be seen in the photos, installation of facade insulation is in progress.

The whole project was initiated and carried out by the Parish Obrenovac and a leading priest of Dalmatinska eparchy. Organization "Zegar u srcu" which also actively contributed to the project provided the material for arranging the backyard, fence and outside playground equipment whose value was 2.000 €. 2016 It is also important to mention that a lot of local people also joined and helped building this playground and some of them were members of the families we previously helped.

After exterior and interior tasks have been finished, it is necessary to provide equipment for working and playing which means we need about 1.500 € more. It is planned that the playground is opened until Christmas 2017.

Although this kind of project is not typical for our organization, we think it is of great importance for life and education of children in that area who live in a kind of isolation and who need a place where they could gather, spend time together and at the same time learn something about their nation, language, culture and religion. This educational playground will always need more and various materials for playing (toys for different ages, board games, puzzles, picture books...) and education (different books, DVD movies, CDs, balls...) in order to function properly. We invite all the people who are interested and who have some of the above mentioned things to address us so we could make the playground more equipped and interesting for children of all ages together.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Members of the Charity organization " Serbs for Serbs" from Montenegro visited a six-member family Milacic from Podgorica on September, 29. This family temporarily lives in a refugee part of the city, Konik. Single mother Mirjana (39) has five daughters: Sara (10), Ena (8), Jana (6), Mia (5), Darija (3). The family survives by receiving social help of 180 EUR per month from the country. They get food from the Red Cross and they have one meal in a day. Among the help this family needs we emphasize: wood burning stove, wood, beds and shoes for children and fixing plumbing in the bathroom. The rooms in which Milacic family lives:

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

We invite all the people who are interested to join and help Milacic family as well as other projects of the Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs" whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged multi children Serbian families across the Balkans.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Charity organization "Serbs for Serbs" has helped family Dundzic from Podgorica one more time. A new washing machine and wardrobe were provided in the previous action. In the new action, a single mother Dragana and children Aleksandar (21), Aleksa (16), Andjela (15), Jovana (14) and Ivana (13) have got a new sofa for their home (259 EUR) which is the final step in helping this hardworking family.

Single mother Dragana with her daughters Andjela, Jovana and Ivana We invite all the people who are interested to join and help the projects of the Charity organization Srbi za Srbe whose aim is to help socially disadvantaged multi children Serbian families across the Balkans.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


At the beginning of October 2016 Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs placed donation box in Obrenovac, in the lobby of Sports and Culture Centre Obrenovac. Total amount we collect from this box will be used for helping socialy imperiled Serbian children and their families. We extend deep gratitude to the management of Sport and Culture Centre Obrenovac because they gave support to our biggest project “Children are our future�. Sports and Culture Centre Obrenovac is located at Kralja Aleksandra 63 Street.

SERBS FOR SERBS Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 Mladen Matijasevic officially handed certificate of appreciation to Mr. Dragan Ivanovic-Keni and then invited Skabo, Triki ,local artist Reno and DJ Kobazz to open the tournament. Proud supporters , this year, also were good people from Life charity organization and media support and live stream was provided by Internet portal Mladenovac live.


Our biggest project, "Trojka iz bloka", the caravan of sport, entertainment and humanitarian aid which for 5 long years has been fighting poverty through basketball, arrived in Mladenovac. Saturday October the first, on the Keni’s basketball playground on 25th May Hill. 55 competitors fought for this trophy and all collected 17.450 dinars. Two proud sponsors also supported the event with 31 950 dinars.

Shooter award of the best 3-point went to Aleksandar Milicevic (20 points). Silver medal went to Uros Lazarevic (18 points) and bronze medal went to Mateja Tosakovic(13points).

Mr Keni and Mladen Matijasevic At the beginning of the tournament Milos Simovic greeted and introduced the public with Humanitarian Organization Serbs for Serbs and tournament. This was the best season for our project and It’s a big inspiration for time that is coming. Goran Spasojevic, member of City Council for Sport, said that they will continue to support this sport-charity project.


In the following days we expect that some of sponsors are going to give us support: Brale brza hrana, Apoteka Sana, Koteks Promet, Restoran Dascara, Restoran Jezero, Makovica AD, TCM Mladenovac, Stublina, Grand BT, Sigma Komerc, Kafe Park, Kafe Istorija, Kafana Tri Lepe, Kafe Skaska, Elmet Sistem i Jaksic. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 Humanity, sport and entertainment! Magic of Trojka iz Bloka

Proud sponsors who also supported tournament are Restoran Radovanje Sopot with 7500 dinars and Apoteka Heba with 7000 dinars.

Dj Paja Kobazz

Skabo was preforming couple of his greatest hits. Paja Kobazz entertained all visitors with famous rap and traditional songs.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October CHARITY GATHERING IN CALGARY, CANADA 2016 During the evening, members of Serbosi took the opportunity to present the work of charity Serbs for Serbs and what it has achieved in the last 11 years. From the funds raised that evening, 1,000 CAD was donated to the Canadian branch of Serbs for Serbs, while the remainder was directed to the Calgary church building fund. During the evening, Serbos members took opportunity to present a short speech about work, achievements and goals of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs which they weight daily for last ten years.

In the hall of the Serbian church of St. Simeon, Serbian community in Calgary held a charity party called “A few years for us”. Party was organized by members of Serbos, a group of long-term donators to Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Calgary and the members of Calgary’s St. Simeon parish CSO. Party was conducted in the spirit of rock and pop scene of 80’s, with the release of the hits of that time and showing video clips. Party was helped by selflessly volunteers of the Circle of the Serbian Sisters, which prepared cakes, pancakes and coffee, and by volunteers at the grill, at the entrance, at the bar, and, of course, a DJ.

Serbosi is grateful for the church’s support in providing food, drinks and use of the church hall for the evening.

We hope that such fundraising endeavours, dedicated to helping impoverished Serbian children and their families, will become an annual tradition for Calgary Serbs. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 We refer gratitude to all donors and friends of organization who are involved in charity campaign of SERBS FOR SERBS organization.


…………………………………………………………... The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in Switzerland were guests of folk dance ensemble "Vez", which has organized a cultural event for the first time since it was founded in Lausanne, Poliez-Pittet. The host used this opportunity to introduce our organization in front of around 400 guests, inviting them to participate in our charity projects. A new donation method has been presented - text SZS 10 and send to 339. This was a great opportunity for SFS to arrange next charity night in Lausanne, which was proposed by Lausanne Serbian Orthodox Church Organisation. On that evening all attendees had opportunity to spend some time with members of the Association of Serbian writers in Switzerland and members of folk ensemble Alexander the Great which presented songs and dances of FYR Macedonia. Attendees donated 170 CHF, and this is the first time for many of them that they have heard of the organization Serbs for Serbs and the reactions were very positive. ……………………………………………………….......

IN SEPTEMBER 2.026 SMS’S SENT TO 7763 Charity organization Serbs for Serbs started at the beginning of March 2015, a national campaign to help vulnerable families throughout Serbia in cooperation with mobile operators Telekom, Telenor and Vip. Through charity SMS number 7763, during September came 2.026 messages in total, and 45.528 messages from the beginning of the campaign. Charity campaign SMS to 7763 continues. It’s enough to send a blank message or SMS with text if desired. Message

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October Donors in October : 1. Compass Fuel donation box (IL) - $ 10 2. Beograd Café donation box (IL) - $ 10 3. Nada's Deli & Bakery d. box (IL) - $ 21 4. St. Nikola, Brookfield (IL) - $ 10 5. Milica Kostic (CAN) - $ 200 CAD 6. Serbosi Calgary (CAN) - $ 230 CAD 7. St. Simeon Calgary (CAN) - $ 220 CAD 8. Party at Calgary (CAN) - $ 780 CAD 9. - $ 10 10. Nenad Milasinovic (Australia) - $ 25 11. Srdjan Gavrilovic (GA) - $ 15 12. Radomans Framing (CA) - $ 15 13. Zoran Zdravkovic (MI) - $ 15 14. - $ 25 15. Jelena Laban - $ 20 16. Vozi Inc. - $ 50 17. Zeljka Bucalo (NV) - $ 25 18. Tihomir Bajic (CA) - $ 100 19. Dusan Stojkovic (IL) - $ 15 20. Slav Karach - $ 25 21. Tanja Josipovic (AZ) - $ 25 22. Делије - $ 24 23. Nick Jurkovic (IL) - $ 25 24. Violet Vukotich (AZ) - $ 25 25. Milorad Bozickovic (OH) - $ 30 26. Abbvie - $ 25 27. Ivan Aksentijevic (MD) - $ 25 28. - $ 25 29. Breza (ME) - $ 15 30. Dragana Beara (CAN) - $ 50 31. Ivan Radulovic (NY) - $ 25 32. Nina & Maksim Krsmanovic (VA) - $ 50 33. Milan Zdrnja - $ 25 34. Aleksandar Micic (MO) - $ 25 35. Ranko Milanovic - $ 50 36. Marko Saric - $ 20 37. Angelina Racic (CAN) - $ 100 CAD (in memory of Draginja Jovic) 38. Vesna Kozomora (IL) - $ 25 39. Dejan Beljic (CAN) - $ 20 CAD 40. Donation Box at Bloor Optical (CAN) – $ 104.15 CAD 41. Srdjan Samoukovic - $ 20 42. Milos Kuburovic (FL) - $ 15 43. Helena Urukalo (CAN) - $ 15 44. Milos Arsenijevic - $ 15 45. Jela Nonkovic (PA) - $ 15 46. Nikola Mrdakovic (IL) - $ 40 47. Milan Dobras (AZ) - $ 25 2016 48. Danijel Plavsic (WA) - $ 25 49. Natasa Rajcevic (CAN) - $ 50 CAD 50. Srdjan Prodanovic (NY) - $ 50 51. Ivan Aksenijevic (MD) - $ 25 52. Dragomir Stanojevic (CAN) - $ 50 53. Vladimir Milosavljevic - $ 25 54. Tomislav Pekovic (NY) - $ 10 55. Protecta Electronic Systems (AUS) - $ 15 56. Boban Vranic - $ 30 57. David Gavric (IN) - $ 50 58. Dragisa Djordjevic (MD) - $ 15 59. Slavica Petrovic (IL) - $ 25 60. Ranko Maksimovic - $ 10 61. Blagoje Grabovac (IL) - $ 100 62. Svetlana Brzica - $ 14.87 (for family Jevtic from Kosovo and Metohija) 63. Vujica Zivkovic - $ 200 (for family Jevtic from Kosovo and Metohija) 64. Milica Andjelkovic - $ 50 (for family Jevtic from Kosovo and Metohija) 65. Neven Cvetkovic (SWE) - $ 50 66. Srdjan Markovic (CA) - $ 25 67. Bojan Jovanovic (IL) - $ 25 68. Stuart Murray (NOR) - $ 25 69. Biljana Bursac (CO) - $ 15 70. Marta Stojanovic (CAN) - $ 25 71. Sanja Terzic (AZ) - $ 25 72. Benevity - $ 140 73. Anonymous - $ 200 (for family Jevtic from Kosovo and Metohija) 74. Ankica D. (NJ) - $ 25 75. Humble 2K Bundle 2 - $ 4.50 76. Humble Indie Bundle 17 - $ 0.25 77. Humble Store - $ 1.72 78. Humble Survive This Bundle - $ 6.38 79. Sasa Savic (TX) - $ 30 80. Vedran Samardzic - $ 50 (for family Stojanovic from Kosovo and Metohija) 81. Stuart Murray (NOR) - $ 100 82. Anonymous - $ 5 83. Sinisa & Mirjana Peric (MD) - $ 50 84. Brankica Paunovic - $ 25 85. Milorad Rasovic - $ 5 (for family Stojanovic from Kosovo and Metohija) 86. Zoran Mladenovic (MD) - $ 100 87. Svetlana Brzica - $ 14.77 (for family Stojanovic from Kosovo and Metohija) 88. Zoran Zdravkovic - $ 6 89. Aleksandar Divljak - $ 130 90. Aleksandar Tanasic (CAN) - $ 25 91. Aleksandar Mihajlovic (CAN) - $ 60 CAD 92. Milica Kostic (CAN) - $ 200 CAD

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016

93. Serbosi Calgary (CAN) - $ 640 CAD 94. Vesna Vasic (CAN) - $ 25 CAD 95. Biljana Zdrale (CAN) - $ 50 CAD _________________________

TOTAL IN OCTOBER: $ 2.817 USD $ 2.679 CAD

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016



Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016



Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for October 2016 www.facebook/serbsforserbs

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Serbs for Serbs Report October 2016  

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