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Monthly Report for January

Monthly Report No. 1 January, 2013 Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS Website: E-Mail:

Monthly Report for January 2013

Dear friends and donors,

the population and generally bad economic condition of the households in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and other countries in the Balkan.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs registered in the state of Illinois in United States in Jun 2010 by the group of the Serbian youth. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is a 501(c)(3) notfor-profit profit charitable organization. Donation is tax-deductible deductible to the extent followed by the law. On 30th September, 2011 we finally nally got the letter from department of the treasury (IRS) with tax exempt 501(c)3 approval. All donations to our organization donated from June 16, 2010 are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers of gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

About Us The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Americans, Serbs and their friends through planned projects, social and humanitarian activities in order to develop and foster better society for future generations and provide aid for underprivileged families in need. Although there are many humanitarian organizations and associations, help often doesn't reach the most jeopardized. Due too unnecessary administration, missing information and slow decision making, the delivery of aid arrives too late to the final consumers, or not at all. It is a sad and embarrassing, but true fact that more than 18.000 children daily die around the world be because of starvation and malnutrition. ion. There, among us, the blind and deaf. We are witnesses of the bad demographic situation of our nation, decreasing natality, increasing number of singles, abortions, accelerated aging of

An average couple has "fallen" on one child. Analysts warn that Serbs will become a minority in its own country in the following century if the nation, individuals and government don't wake up from the nescient in which they've fallen! On the other hand, nobody is talking about the families with many children which grieve by living in bitter poverty. Occupied by their everyday struggle for survival, they ey are being humbly in their desire for implementing rights which belong to them. Their life stories, fears and problems are identical, but almost invisible and unheard in order to gain the attention of the public, media and even state. That's why the idea of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs arose. The organization rganization was formed by a group of young and trustful people, who are united by the common vision of helping families blessed by many children and who are aware of the fact that even a small help means eans a lot for those who don't live in a material excess. We are united by the humane idea to help the poorest part of the Serbian nation. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs try to revive the spiritless energy of the Serbian Diaspora which would be able to reinforce people of Serbian heritage as well as all good people throughout the world with minimal, but bu constant monthly donations. We hope and believe that there is also a grain of doing good and that you will join us in the endless e struggle against poverty. God bless and save all Serbian families with many children and our honored donors who participate in the noble effort to return smile on children faces.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


Our mission The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Serbian people through our projects and humanitarian activities, in order to develop better society for future generations. Why Serbs for Serbs? We wanted to alleviate impaired spirit of Serbian people in togetherness and brotherhood help through humanitarian work and social aid. Who do we help? We help Serbian families who live in the Balkans, have five or more children and live in terrible poverty. Under terrible poverty we define absence of one or more basic factors required for living: food, clothes, shoes, and safe space for living. Why do we help? We believe that there is a basic need for one human (or a group) to help others in distress. A help is not only human virtue but also a Christian responsibility. By focusing our help on families with many children, we directly affect on their stirring toward becoming independent from socialdependable government programs. Indirectly, we want to affect on birth rate of Serbian people that has been in great decline in last 20 years. What are our long term goals? • family is ready to support itself daily and manage to pay all required expenses and bills; • their children are encouraged to continue with school and raising their own family; • our donors are satisfied with the activities and they are ready to help other families; • our organization is satisfied with the results; • family is ready in the future to become our donor and if necessary help other families that are in need of help.

Who do we need in organization? We need members and donors that will secure financial stability through supporting our programs and activities in the future. Donors may join our daily activities within the organization in order to coordinate our work better. We also need volunteers ready to donate several hours per week for actual work within the organization. Activities of volunteers and their specific tasks would be determined by the required projects and their personal interest. From that group of volunteers we would look for future leaders of organization.

How to donate? 1. PayPal donation: 2. Direct Deposit to Wells Fargo Bank account Please email us at: 3. You can mail personal or business check to: Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206 Chicago, IL 60634 4. Donation boxes: BEOGRAD CAFÉ 2937 West Irving Park Road Chicago, Illinois Owner: Dule Pavlovic DANI’S DELI 7316 West Lawrence Avenue Harwood Heights, Illinois SANDY’S BAKERY 5857 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois Owner: Slava and Sretena Damjanovic BALKAN BAKERY 541 South LaGrange Road LaGrange, Illinois Owner: Olja Igic COMPASS FUEL STATION 8147 Joliet Road McCook, Illnois Owner: Roy and Maria Dobrasinovic

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


The first of the three families we visited in the village Kusce was family Nikolic. The family lives with son Pavle (2) and the relatives. Due to the unresolved family problems, father of the family, Aleksandar, has commenced building a new house, near the existing one, in order to start a new life with his family. We plan to provide construction material for family Nikolic, and after the house is ready, the family plans to have more children. The next family we visited was the family Djordjevic. The family was busy preparing their slava at the moment of our visit. The parents live with their son, because all three daughters are married. All of them live on Kosovo and Metohija. Like most of the families, family Djordjevic depends on a minimal income. We planned to get them material for the bathroom, and an electric stove.

New Christmas action of visiting and helping the Serbian families on Kosovo and Metohija was conducted on Epiphany, January 19. The tension in southern Serbia and the threats to Serbs weren’t able to discourage the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs who managed to visit ten families and get to know their problems. The help in the amount of approximately 7,000 EUR is going to be provided in the forthcoming period: • Construction material • Material for equiping the bathroom (bathroom tiles, toilet, sink) • Three electric stoves • Three washing machines • Seven beds • Water pump • Two combined refrigerators • Water heater • Four double-decker beds with mattresses • Three three-winged wardrobes • Storage heater After several months, we seized an opportunity to come back and help our compatriots to survive on Kosovo and Metohija. The support to our people to stay in their homes was the primary motive of our visit, apart from the desire to enable the Serbian families and their children the elementary conditions for life in the XXI century according to our possibilities. We conducted the action with the help of our friends of the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugovic from Gracanica, to whom we thank, and without whom our visit wouldn’t be possible.

The last family in the village Kusce we visited was the family Trajkovic. Instead of the parents Dragoljub and Lozica, their daughter Danijela (24) welcomed us. The family also consists of sons Dalibor (22) and Lazar (19), who are studying in Nis. The family doesn’t have water in the bathroom, so we decided to get them a water pump, washing machine and two beds. After leaving Kusce, we went to the village Zebince and the family of Zika and Ana Kostic. The family has four children: Tijana (8), Mihajlo (6), Aleksandar (4) and Danica (2). They live in dilapidated house, left from the late relative, which they use for the time being. Bearing in mind that the family doesn’t own the house, we decided to provide the thing they can use in the case they need to move. Three beds, wood-burning stove and a refrigerator will make their life easier at least a little bit. We also decided to fulfill the desire of the youngest and get several toys for them when we deliver most of the help.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013 with their three children: Stefan (5), Teodor (3) and Ksenija (1,5). The apartment is partly equipped, so they asked us to provide double-decker bed for the youngest, wardrobe and an electric stove.

On our way to Gracanica, we stopped by at the village Kuzmin, where we visited the family of Zivorad and Violeta Stojkovic and their five sons: Nikola (14), Andrija (12), Bojan (10), Oliver (8) and Strahinja (2). After talking to the parents, we agreed to provide a wood-burning stove for the family. On the floor above we visited family Stojanovic, consisting of parents Nenad and Tatjana and their two children: Dimitrije (4) and Filip (2). Tatjana is about to give birth to another child. This young couple also depends on the social help. They also need furniture, so we decided to get them a double-decker bed and a wardrobe.

The last family we visited on the first day of our visit lives in Gracanica. We have already helped the family Arsic, consisting of the parents Ljubinka and Snezana, and their two children Bojan (27) and Andrijana (23), two years ago. Unfortunately, the family still lives in difficult situation, especially since none of the family members has a job. Due to such difficult conditions, we planned to get them a washing machine, and a water heater. On the second day of our visit, we visited the area north of Kosovska Mitrovica for the first time. We first visited the families of two future priests, who live in the newlybuilt building in Suvi Do. Families Stankovic and Stojanovic, whose fathers are godfathers and future priests, are displaced persons, who have recently been moved to the apartments built by the Republic of Serbia. Darko and Julija Stankovic live

We finished the action by visiting family Sinadinovic from Zubin Potok. The family lives in truly difficult conditions. Grandmother Zivana and mother Blazica are trying to satisfy the needs of Ivana (15), Jovana (12), twins Miljan and Miljana (7) and Blagoje (6). Unfortunately, the father of the family died, and the family is left on its own. Due to the very difficult material condition and the illness of mother Blazica, we planned to provide: two double-decker beds, refrigerator, electric stove, bed and a wardrobe. At the end, we single out the special request of our hosts of the organization Mother of nine Jugovic to help family Radunovic from Zubin Potok. Although the family doesn’t fulfill our criteria for help, giving the circumstances, we decided to get them a storage heater and a bed. The struggle for better tomorrow of the Serbian people continues. As for us, we will try to help our compatriots to stay and survive on Kosovo and Metohija. We wish to point out to the difficult life of the Serbian families in the enclaves. We call upon all the good people and patriots to help us make the life of the Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija easier.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


The five of them live in 70 m2. The family needs help in construction material, to build additional rooms. They also need wardrobe for the youngest child (20 months old). They receive books for the children from a local girl, but Aleksandra's mother told us as we were leaving that she is helping them according to her possibilities, but that any help would mean a lot to them. Until the next visit and the desire to help our nation. Bojan Ekmecic …………………………………………………………...


A new member joined the branch of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska, and he will cover the actions of the organization in Herzegovina. We are all very happy and proud, because the new member is a child from a family whom we helped by donating the tractor and additional mechanization. Bojan Ekmecic has, together with his father Miladin, on Epiphany on January 19, visited the Serbian returnee five-member family Pudar from Bun near Mostar, who is trying to survive, like many other families. Jovan Pudar is known as a good and honest man. His mother welcomed us in front of the house, and we also met Jovan's brother and Jovan's wife Aleksandra. Jovan soon joined us. I explained how I decided to join SfS as a volunteer, as a sign of gratitude for the help my family received, and because I promised to help someone in need. Jovan told us how he managed to take a credit and build a small farm, with goats, which is still not giving the income. They need food for the goats. With the help of the church, they received a cow, but it got ill, so they needed to pay the veterinarian. Aleksandra's family fled to Denmark, where her mother used to work, while her brother is still there. Jovan and Aleksandra decided to follow them, but Jovan couldn't receive Danish citizenship, so they returned to their house which has been reconstructed in 2002. The children – Alesandro, Leonardo and Andjelo, were born in Denmark. Since they are not registered at the Centre for social benefit, they don't have the right to the health insurance.

After less than a year from our first visit to the eightmember family Vuckovic from the village Koprivno near Prijedor, we managed to finish the biggest action so far conducted in the Prijedor region, and to provide a tractor to this family. This is the second action of buying a tractor to the families in the Republic of Srpska and B&H which has been successfully finished. Let us remember, at the begining of 2011, family Ekmecic from the village Prebilovci in Herzegovina also received a tractor and additional mechanization. We visited the Vuckovic family for the first time on Christmas Еve 2012, within the Christmas action, when we donated gift packages to the youngest members of the family – Anastasija, Dajana, Jelena, Dragan, Stefan and Aleksandar. We agreed then with father Drasko about the further help of buying a cow in order to provide milk for the children. However, Drasko couldn't build a barn, we decided to buy him a tractor. Draško told us he managed to provide food and firewood, and that he can now wait for the spring peacefully thanks to tractor. He managed to plant wheat on his farm near Sanski Most, which he was forced to leave in 1995, and

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013

he also plans to plant corn. He provided some additional mechanization, and he is also planning some forms of using the tractor in order to increase his income.

The value of the tractor was 5,500 KM, which has been paid in 4 installments: 1,880 KM – 25.9.2012. 1,772.25 KM – 5.11.2012. 400 KM – 13.12.2012. 1,498 KM – 26.12.2012.


In the scope of the big Christmas action, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped three families from the Republic of Srpska: family Kesar (nine children), family Zdjelar (five children) and family Marjanovic (ten children). We have helped the families several times before, so we decided to provide elementary groceries for them on this occasion: flour, oil, salt and sugar. We spent 204.40 KM in the action, 194.40 KM for the groceries and 10 KM for the fuel.

We owe great thank in the realization of the action to the biscuit factory Mira and Butcher’s Bojic, who joined the action by donating sweets and meat products. Drasko's next plan is to build a barn, and conduct some additional works around the house. We would like to express the gratitude of family Vuckovic to all the donors of our organization. This donation will enable the family to provide a normal life for their children.

With faith in God! Charity organization Serbs for Serbs Republic of Srpska

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


According to the arrangement made during the January visit, we completely equiped the bathroom in the house of the Djordjevic family, who thanked all the donors who still remember the Serbs in Macedonia (Old Serbia).

During the last several months, we managed to finish the action of helping the families from Macedonia (Old Serbia), visited by our activists during January 2012. They planned the action which was distributed with the help of the friends of the organization from Kumanovo, and included the families Nikolic from Staro Nagoricane, Trajkovic and Djordjevic from Tabanovci. After providing the help for family Nikolic from Staro Nagoricane in May, we continued in helping families Trajkovic and Djordjevic. We bought water heater and dining table with chairs for the four-member family Trajkovic. Apart from the help provided by organization, our friends from Kumanovo provided on their own accord, large amount of clothing.

We expect greater engagement in Old Serbia in the forthcoming year, because the circumstances force us to react. Therefore, we use this opportunity to thank all the friends of the organization from Kumanovo, without whom the conduction of the action wouldn’t be possible. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


The youngest members of the family were thrilled when they saw a tractor coming into the yard. The family consists of the parents Ilija and Ibojka, and the children Roksanda (18), Dusan (17), Uros (16), Sava (14), Suzana (12), Pavle (11), Andjelka (10), Vujadin (6), Jovana (5) and the youngest Ivana (2). The family receives a child benefit for four children, and social help in the total amount of 23,000 dinars. They own about 2 hectars of farm, a cow, heifer, two sows and chickens.

On Epiphany Day, on January 19, the youngest members of the twelve-member family Mijatovic were finally able to receive a Christmas present from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs – IMT 539 tractor, whose arrival interrupted the family lunch. In the joint action of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, organization Save Displaced Serbs from California (who donated $2,000), and the friends of our organization from Toronto, who gathered $1,000 Canadian dollars (instead of the traditional presents for slava, they donated the money), under the slogan ONLY UNITY SAVES THE SERBS, an used IMT 539 tractor (2003) was bought in the amount of 4,000 EUR.

We use this opportunity to call upon all the Serbian organizations, Serbs around the world and good people to participate in the further programme of helping this family, which consists in further improvement of the mechanization for the agriculture, in order to provide secure future. Apart from the tractor which has been provided, we propose the following mechanization: - Used trailer (approximately 1,200 EUR) - Mower (app. 1,000 EUR) - Sprinkler (app. 850 EUR) - Gear for baling hay (app. 3,500 EUR) - Tank for slurry (app. 2,100 EUR) - Harrow (app. 600 EUR) - Rake (app. 600 EUR) - Greenhouse 50x5 metres (app. 600 EUR) - Buying 2 hectars of farm (app. 5,000 EUR).

After buying the tractor at the family Konstantinovic from Sabac, who is one of the biggest providers of the fresh milk to the Creamery Sabac, and award winner, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs headed toward the home of family Mijatovic in the village Macvanski Metkovic in Bogatic municipality.

We call upon all the authorized local and state institutions of the Republic of Serbia, businessmen, donors and good people to participate in further actions of our organization and provide at least part of the necesarry mechanization, so that this large Serbian family could work and provide better life.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


The family was cheerful and gathered around the Christmas supper. The oldest daughters Jelena and Marina were helping their mother in preparing the meals. After a long time, the family doesn’t have to worry for the firewood, whether the electrodistribution would cut the electricity, nor that they would have enough to eat, thanks to the donors who donated the money to our organization, or provided direct donations. After we provided firewood during the last visit, we decided to replace the door, and provide a washing machine. Apart from the said help, friends and members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Sad and surrounding bought gift packages for Jelena, Marina, Branislava, Milos and Marko. ...........................................................................................


In the first week of January we visited the well-known and smiled faces of the members of family Jovanovic from Sremska Kamenica. In the scope of the big Christmas action we provided front door (17,400 dinars), washing machine (26,991 dinars) and the gift packages for the youngest thanks to our donors.

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Nis helped a ten-member family Milosevic in the scope of the traditional Christmas action. We provided four sows in the amount of 104,000 dinars, and the material for reconstruction and expanding the barn in the amount of 96,015 dinars.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013

Family Milosevic lives in the village Donji Adrovac near Aleksinac. This family has eight children: Nikola (18), Nenad (16), Jasmina (14), Aleksa (12), Aleksandar (11), Tamara (6), Aleksandra (5) and Anastasija (4). They were forced to leave their home during the war in 1999.

On January 16, the members of the organization visited a seven-member family Markovic from Zemun, by donating a package of groceries and hygiene. Bearing in mind that the family lives in a rented apartment, and has a heating problem, we provided oil radiator for the winter. We also donated a computer (provided by RATEL), and a large amount of wardrobe and school equipment. The value of the donated help was 18,476 dinars.

The parents Ljuba and Danijela, and older children have tried to provide a decent life for the entire family. Therefore, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided four sows and material for the barn, so that the family could grow sows. They already had three sows, so the four they received now should be able to bring them monthly income enough for a decent life. …………………………………………………………...

On January 17, members of the organization visited a seven-member family Radosavljevic from Borca, and donated a mini-stove and two mattresses in the amount of 21,979 dinars, and sweets in the amount of 1,254 dinars. Friends of the organization gathered wardrobe and toys for the youngest, who were thrilled.


During the last week Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in the scope of the big Christmas action, helped two families in Belgrade – Markovic and Radosavljevic.

Both Belgrade families expressed great thanks to the donors and people with great hearts.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013


During 2012, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has received two special donations for helping a two-year old Sergej Milicevic from Belgrade for the operation of brain tumor, and Nikola Radojkovic from the village Banjska on Kosovo and Metohija, who had been hit by geller during the NATO aggression on Serbia 1999, which caused a throat cancer. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs paid 10,000 dinars to Sergej's and Nikola's account, respectively.


During the celebration of the Saint Sava Day in the St. Sava Church in St. Petersburg on Florida, the parishioners collected the donation in the amount of 350 dollars for the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. The action was realized upon the initiative of our members Nedeljko Poljcic and Vuk from Drina, and it was announced by the president of the church-school municipality Saint Sava, Cedo Radovanovic.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for January 2013

Donors in January:

44. Serbian New Year – Chicago (IL) - $400 45. Ivan Mihailovic (CA) - $50 46. Sinisa Peric (MD) - $25 47. Serbosi Kanada (CAN) - $420 48. Brankica Blazanovic ic (AZ) - $15 49. Nema Predaje t-shirt (Serbian Serbian New Year) Year – $90 50. Milos Saric - $25 51. Nives Novkovic (FL) - $20

1. Compass Fuel donation box (IL) - $107 2. Balkan Bakery donation box (IL) - $20 3. Sandy's Bakery donation box (IL) - $25 4. Beograd Café donation box (IL) - $35 5. Dani's Deli donation box (IL) - $77 6. St. Nikola, Brookfield (IL) - $119 7. Dan Kovacevic (IL) - $25 8. - $25 9. A. S. - $200 10. Dragisa Stanimirovic (FL) - $50 11. Milan Dobras (AZ) - $15 12. Raymond Pelletier (CAN) - $100 13. Tihomir Bajic - $100 14. Slav Karach (GA) - $25 15. Dragana W. - $50 16. The Firm 1989 International (CAN) - $21 CAD 17. Ivan Aksentijevich (MD) - $25 18. Danijela Skondric - $30 19. Ivan Radulovic (NY) - $25 20. Milinko Filipovic (CAN) - $500 21. Dusan Kovacevic (UK) - $10 22. Irena Gumbert (CA) - $25 23. Aleksandar Micic (MO) - $15 24. Bojan Mitrovic - $50 25. Radmila Avlijas (CAN) - $15 26. Jelena Kecojevic (CA) - $15 27. Zivko Tatalovic - $40 28. B. Bojanic (CA) - $15 29. Sinisa Straser - $25 30. Tanja Josipovic - $20 31. Jovica Vukadin (CAN) - $25 32. Zeljko Bajic (CAN) - $50 33. Olja Meyer (NY) - $15 34. Делије Њујорк - $16.50 35. Nina & Maksim Krsmanovic (NY) - $50 36. Srdjan Markovic (CA) - $25 37. Ankica D. (NJ) - $25 38. Ljubica Olujic - $50 39. Zivko Tatalovic - $50 40. Mihajlo Veselinovic - $100 41. Zelimirka Krsmanovic (IL) - $60 42. Silvia Nunez (IL) - $45 43. Vujadin Obradovic - $250


Number of donors in 2013. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Donations in 2013. 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS


Serbs for Serbs Report January 2013.  

Monthly report for donors

Serbs for Serbs Report January 2013.  

Monthly report for donors