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Monthly Report for March

Monthly Report No. 4 April, 2012 Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS Website: E-Mail:

Monthly Report for March Dear friends and donors, Charity organization Serbs for Serb Serbs registered in the state of Illinois in United States in Jun 2010 by the group of the Serbian youth. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is a 501(c)(3) notfor-profit charitable organization. Donation is tax-deductible deductible to the extent followed by the law. On 30th September, 2011 we finally got the letter from department of the treasury (IRS) with tax exempt 501(c)3 approval. All donations to our organization donated from June 16, 2010 are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers of gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

About Us The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Americans, Serbs and their friends through planned projects, social and humanitarian activities in order to develop and foster better society for future generations and provide aid for underprivileged families in need. Although there are many humanitarian organizations and associations, help often doesn't reach the most jeopardized. Due too unnecessary administration, missing information and slow decision making, the delivery of aid arrives too late to the final consumers, or not at all. It is a sad and embarrassing, but true fact that more than 18.000 children daily die around the world be because of starvation and malnutrition. ion. There, among us, the blind and deaf. We are witnesses of the bad demographic situation of our nation, decreasing natality, increasing number of singles, abortions, accelerated aging of 2012 the population and generally bad economic condition of the households in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and other countries in the Balkan. An average couple has "fallen" on one child. Analysts warn that Serbs will become a minority in its own country in the following century if the nation, individuals and government don't wake up from the nescient in which they've fallen! On the other hand, nobody is talking about the families with many children which grieve by living in bitter poverty. Occupied by their everyday struggle for survival, they are being humbly in their desire for implementing rights which belong to them. Their life stories, fears and problems are identical, but almost invisible and unheard in order to gain the attention of the public, media and even state. That's why the idea of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs arose. The organization rganization was formed by a group gr of young and trustful people, who are united by the common vision of helping families blessed by many children and who are aware of the fact that even a small help means a lot for those who don't live in a material excess. We are united by the humane idea to help the poorest part of the Serbian nation. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs try to revive the spiritless energy of the Serbian Diaspora which would be able to reinforce people of Serbian heritage as well as all good people throughout the world ld with minimal, but bu constant monthly donations. We hope and believe that there is also a grain of doing good and that you will join us in the endless e struggle against poverty. God bless and save all Serbian families with many children and our honored donors who participate in the noble effort to return smile on children faces.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012 • our donors are satisfied with the activities and they are ready to help other families; • our organization is satisfied with the results; • family is ready in the future to become our donor and if necessary help other families that are in need of help.


Our mission The mission of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is to affect on consciousness of Serbian people through our projects and humanitarian activities, in order to develop better society for future generations. Why Serbs for Serbs? We wanted to alleviate impaired spirit of Serbian people in togetherness and brotherhood help through humanitarian work and social aid.

Who do we need in organization? We need members and donors that will secure financial stability through supporting our programs and activities in the future. Donors may join our daily activities within the organization in order to coordinate our work better. We also need volunteers ready to donate several hours per week for actual work within the organization. Activities of volunteers and their specific tasks would be determined by the required projects and their personal interest. From that group of volunteers we would look for future leaders of organization.

Who do we help? We help Serbian families who live in the Balkans, have five or more children and live in terrible poverty. How do we define “terrible poverty”? Under terrible poverty we define absence of one or more basic factors required for living: food, clothes, shoes, and safe space for living. Why do we help? We believe that there is a basic need for one human (or a group) to help others in distress. A help is not only human virtue but also a Christian responsibility. By focusing our help on families with many children, we directly affect on their stirring toward becoming independent from socialdependable government programs. Indirectly, we want to affect on birth rate of Serbian people that has been in great decline in last 20 years. What are our long term goals? • family is ready to support itself daily and manage to pay all required expenses and bills; • their children are encouraged to continue with school and raising their own family;

How to donate? 1. PayPal email: One time donation to SFS 2. Monthly donation: 3. Donate by Mail Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206 Chicago, IL 60634 Make all checks payable to: Serbs for Serbs

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in the cooperation with the branch in USA, conducted the first part of the great action of helping the 11-member family Ljiljak from the village Neuzine near Zrenjanin. This family was expelled in the action Storm from the Serbian Krajina, and after several difficult years of refugee life on Kosovo and Metohija, it has finally found its home in the small village in Banat. The representatives of our organization from Belgrade and Novi Sad visited family Ljiljak at the end of March. 2012 That was the first part of the help we provided for the Ljiljak family. During the visit, we agreed to get them the appliances every household needs: chairs, closets, beds... We will also try to help them in building the stable and setting the greenhouse in their yard.

Our members from Novi Sad brought the books of Orthodox thematic for the youngest, who were happy to get them.

The help we provided consists of: • refrigerator • wood-burning stove • electric stove • freezer Total value of the help was 80,496 dinars.

We promised the family to come again soon, with additional help.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012


The appeals for help that the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is getting each day are numerous. Although our organization tries to respond to the growing number of requests, unfortunately it is not possible. But, we won't give up! The organization has provided charity help to the six-member family Lazarević from Valjevo, in total amount of 22,000 dinars, for paying the costs around the house. We hope that we have made life for this family a bit easier, and partly helped in resolving urgent problems. The state of the house of family Lazarević is very bad.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012



Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped once more an eight-member family Medić from Vršac. The single mother Snežana tries to provide everything her children need for school and better life, but problems are always present. We decided to donate 30,000 dinars for school to her son Strahinja Medić, who is a good pupil and deserves a chance. We hope that Strahinja will succeed in obtaining the diploma, get a work and thus enable better life for himself and his family. _____________________________________________

In March we conducted another action in a row in the area of Kozara. This time we helped the war veteran Branislav Grahovac and his family, who live in the village Lamovita near Prijedor. The family consists of Branislav, his wife Dragica, a son Njegoš and daughters Adrijana and Stanislava. Both daughters are married, but their financial situation is difficult, because their husbands are not permanently employed. Branislav asked us to help him, because they have sold almost everything they had, and now they are in a difficult position.


Charity organization Serbs for Serbs set aside the first rate in the amount of 2,000 EUR into the special fund for building a house to the Balović family from the village Rajetiće in the Raška area. This six-member family should get a new family home next to the old, ruined house in which they live at the moment. Father of the family is having a brain tumor, while the mother has constant epileptic attacks.

Although our organization is concentrated on helping families with many children, we decided to help Branislav, after having realized what kind of person he is. Branislav was a soldier since 1974 until 1999, when the Army of Yugoslavia dismissed him, and he has been unemployed since. He spent the war in Slovenia, Croatia and B&H. During the war, Branislav's pancir has been hit 17 times. We should mention that family Grahovac has helped several families from Republic Serbian Krajina after the operation Storm. Dragica used to work as a cook, but she had to stop due to health problems. The bigest problem of the family was a debt for the electricity which they couldn't pay, so we decided to pay the debt and also the services of the lawyer, in the total amount of 871,60 KM. Branislav promised he would keep paying the bills. We want to express the thank to all the donors of the organization from family Grahovac!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

With faith in God! Friends from Prijedor

Monthly Report for March RESURRECTION OF THE TEMPLE 2012 Our organization was the first to start cleaning the inner side of the church together with the pupils from elementary school, who are future members of SfS. All the pupils gave their active contribution. Before we started, we prayed to the resurrected God that this Temple is completed and serve its purpose. After that we classified the remaining construction material in order to protect it from further decline.

On Friday, April 6, in the municipality Pale, we conducted the action of removing the construction waste from the location of the Temple (which is being built), in the memory of the victims of Russian nationality in the last homeland war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Building of the Temple commenced 10 years ago, but due to the lack of will and material means, the works were stopped in 2007. Several weeks ago we received an information that the local community wants to collect the money for the continuance of work. We were actively involved in noticing the competent authorities in order to realize this idea.

The inner side of the Temple was in a terrible condition, so we set everything on its place, above all the cross which was down thrown. After that we threw out all the waste, and protected the entrance, to stop the animals. We were thrilled while doing that, because we had the intention of showing how much we appreciate the sacrifice of our Russian brothers, who gave their lives for the defense of Orthodoxy and Serbs. After the action we took children to lunch, and talked about the work of our organization. They showed the will to continue participating in spreading the benevolence, and national and religious values, especially among their peers. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March HELP FOR THE Ĺ ALIPUR FAMILY 2012 In the previous action, we provided the material for equiping the bathroom.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the sevenmember family Ĺ alipur from Priboj. Considering the fact that the family lives in the area of great moisture all year long, they have problems with mold in inner walls of the family house. Our organization has had the opportunity to help this hard working family before, but this time we decided to get them the material for the isolation of the house, in the amount of 110,250 dinars.

We hope that this donation will resolve their problems, and make their life easier.

Report: SFS Belgrade, Serbia Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012


Part of the help, which the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided together with its donors within the great Christmas action, was delivered during March to the Serbian families in Novo Brdo, Vitina and the Gnjilane municipality (Kosovo and Metohija). The help was sucessfully delivered thanks to our friends from the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović, and we express immense thank to them! The action continues!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012


Serbian club New York from USA, in cooperation with the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, has succesfully commenced the realization of the project of building a house for the family Tanasijević from the municipality Štrpce, in the southern Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija. The first phase of the project consists of the building a bathroom within the house, in the amount of 117,500 dinars. Serbian club New York donated 1,105 dollars, and the organization Serbs for Serbs the rest of the money. We also delivered help to the family ðorñević from Štrpce – laminate, for the house which is being built. That was the second part of the help to the family ðorñević from the Christmas action of our organization which was conducted on Kosovo and Metohija.

We use this opportunity to thank the Charity organization Mother of nine Jugović from Gračanica for their help in providing and transporting the charity help. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012


The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade attended the sanctification of the icons of Saint Sava in the Russian church in Belgrade. Our friends from the International public fund of the unity of Orthodox nations donated 30 icons to SfS. We prepared the icons for the families on Kosovo and Metohija and in Krajina, whom we visited in the scope of the traditional Resurrection action.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012


The very first Serbs for Serbs fundraiser on West Coast was held on Saturday, April 21 in Los Angeles, California. Tickets were $25/person and included open bar, silent auction and live entertainment. Each donor also received a bracelet that stated “I made a difference”, implying that each $25 ticket they paid will make a difference in the lives of impoverished families. Raffle tickets were also sold for $10 a piece at the admission. Close to 100 people attended this event and together we raised net $5,000.

Silent auction included items such as celebrity jewelry, IPAD3, Garmin GPS, professional headphones, balloon ride and eclectic painting. Raffle ticket prizes were various gift certificates from hair salons, skin treatments, shopping and professional services. Except for the painting and balloon ride, all items were sold for either full retail value or above. IPAD 3 was the most popular item at the auction and was sold for $650. Thanks to all the sponsors who donated for the silent auction and raffle we were able to raise almost half the money this way.

The fundraiser was funded and organized by Suzana Tizabi, Nenad Djokic and Jasmina Aleksic. There were 16 sponsors who donated funds, their products and services for the silent auction and raffle.Additionally, 12 volunteers worked as bartenders, bar backs, security and cashiers to ensure that all donors have a great time.

Live entertainment was provided by Milan Vidovic, a Serbian entertainer and producer, and music included Serbian pop and rock hits such as “Moji su Drugovi” as well as American rock classics causing quite a quake on a dance floor.

Sponsors for the silent auction: Ivan Mihailovic, Miona Simic, Primadina Jewerly. Sponsors for the raffle: Jelena Kecojevic (BooksLA), Marjan Janjic & Bratislav Simonovic (BRG), Jonathan Tizabi (JT Intimates), Milica Obradovic (Trip Designs), Sasa Stankovic (Metro Café), Dragan Rakonjac (LaSerbsRadio), Mud Honey Salon, Natalija Ulic (Skin by Natalia), Jacques & Suzana

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012

Tizabi (Floyd Associates, Universal Detection Technology), Natalie Saraf (Makeup by Natalie Saraf).

Organizers spoke briefly about the most urgent projects and goal of $10,000 that is needed to fund humanitarian actions for 11 families in the month of May. Then, the video presentation was shown on the projector and many people got teary eyed while watching it. In the end, Jasmina asked all donors to proudly raise their hands and show off their bracelets because they have made a difference by donating to such an important cause and a great charity.

Thank you ALL for support, and see you again soon!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs – LA team Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March SFS FUNDRAISER IN NEW YORK CITY 2012 event, we all made small difference and helped some of those kids. The lounge La Pomme was at full capacity around 8PM with many of new faces that haven’t heard about our organization before, which was our main goal of the night to spread the awareness. Everyone had a great time socializing and dancing throughout the evening. Our special guest of the night was Milos Djordjevic from Chicago who created a great and unforgettable atmosphere.

For the first time in New York City our Charity organization Serbs for Serbs (SfS) held a very successful “Children are our future Fundraiser” event on Friday, April 27th, at La Pomme lounge in Manhattan. Every donor received bracelet “Children are our future” as our way of saying thank you for supporting this event and “Serbs for Serbs” organization. A total of 161 guests attended the event and the guests donated a total of $4,925. All donations will go to our annual Easter 2012 action (which started on April 28th) in Krajina, Kosovo and Raska regions. A minimum donation of $20 was collected at the door from each guest, however, we are happy to report that many guests donated more than the suggested minimum donation. The event started at 6PM after the final decorations of the lounge with SfS flags, flyers, T-shirts and other promo material were done. Representatives from Chicago’s SfS chapter arrived to NYC Friday morning after exhausting 13 hour drive. Without their help, our event would not have been as successful as it was (DJ PETKO played a key role). Also, support from our Polish friends from Brooklyn is becoming a tradition, which makes us very proud of it. For the first time we also had support from our Bulgarian friends from Sofia. Hosts of the event were Milica Savic, Daniel Todorovich and Aleksandar Krsmanovic. We spent a lot of time introducing organization to new donors and answering variety of questions that our guests were asking about SfS and our mission. During the event I gave a short speech about SfS USA and announced our new promo video that was specially made for the events in LA and NY. This very touching and personal video material made each donor realize how lives of so many Serbian children are so difficult and tough. With this

Let’s not forget all the volunteers that supported this event: photo/camera services from Goran Veljic (, La Pomme lounge (, Father Djokan Majstorovic from Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava in NY (, Serbian Consulate in NY (, performer Milos Djordjevic ( and many others. Thank you all! Overall the event was great achievement of all the people that donated money and their time that night. This was the first party in NY and we are sure that many more will come. Please do not forget how many impoverished Serbian kids need our help and support. Funds raised during this event will improve living condition of Serbian kids in need, but we cannot stop here because so many kids live in poverty and without basic living conditions. Please keep donating via our website to improve lives of Serbian children. ALL TOGETHER! FUTURE!



Proud and thankful to all donors, Aleksandar Krsmanovic

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS


Monthly Report for March 2012 34. Aleksandar Zivkovic (Fundraiser in LA) - $120

Donors in April:

35. Ana & Sinisa Strasser (Fundraiser in LA) - $330 36. Bill Cowen- Host Pros (Fundraiser in LA) - $60

1 1. Dan Kovacevic (IL) - $25

37. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $40

2. Dusan Stojkovic (IL) - $30

38. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $100

3. Sasa Savic (TX) - $50

39. Christine Outram (Fundraiser in LA) - $60

4. Anonymous - $20

40. Dalibor Zivic (Fundraiser in LA )- $85

5. Anonymous- $500

41. Danijela Kojic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

6. Milan Dobras (AZ) - $15

42. Dusan Delic (Fundraiser in LA) - $60

7. AT&T - $24.24 8. Folklore Group Avala from St. Stevan Decanski,

44. Ivan Nikolic (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

Chicago - $300

45. Jasmina & Ivan Mihailovic (Fundraiser in LA) -

9. Slav Karach (GA) - $25


10. Dejan Petrovic (IL) - $15

46. Jasna Meskovska (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

11. Milos Mladenovic - $25

47. Jelena Kecojevic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

12. Milos Joncic (NY) - $40

48. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

13. Bojan Mitrovic - $50 14. Ivan Aksentijevic (MD) - $25

16. Zoran Milojevic (NY) - $100

51. Lana Brkic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 52. Lars Steinberg (Fundraiser in LA) - $40

17. Revolver Bar Chicago - $60 18. Mladen and Milica Simic (TX) - $40

53. Leila & Amir Pirnia (Fundraiser in LA) - $50 54. Litz Roll (Fundraiser in LA) - $50

19. Srdjan Ruzic - $30

55. Marija Pavlovic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

20. Zeljka Bucalo (NV) - $50 21. Christopher Petrovic (CAN) - $25

56. Marija Rakic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 57. M. K. (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

22. Sasa Lazarevic (IL) - $20

58. Marjan Janjic (Fundraiser in LA) - $90

23. Zivko Tatalovic - $25

59. Mateja McKenna (Fundraiser in LA) - $85

24. Zeljko Bajic (CAN) - $50

60. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

25. Olja Meyer (NY) - $25

61. Mike Cook (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

26. Alex Ilic (IL) - $15 27. Katarina Arnautovic (IL) - $100

62. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $25 63. Milica Markovic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

28. Marija Rakic - $200 29. Aleksandar Krsmanovic (NY) - $50

64. Milos & Vema Katanic (Fundraiser in LA) - $70 65. Miona Simic (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

30. Goran Lazarevic - $25 31. Srdjan Markovic (CA) - $25

33. Anonymous - $30

49. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $50 50. Jovan Solaja (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

15. Ivan Radulovic (NY) - $25

32. Milos Mladenovic - $25

43. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

66. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $135 67. M. Dj. (Fundraiser in LA) - $105 68. Natalija Ulic (Fundraiser in LA) - $70

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS

Monthly Report for March 2012

69. Nenad Medvidovic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35

104. Kristina Ojdanic (NY) - $50

70. Nenad Jovanovic (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

105. Milan Stosic (NY) - $50

71. Nenad Djokic (Fundraiser in LA) - $525

106. Serbosi Kanada (CAN) - $500

72. Nenad & Ruzica Leskovar (Fundraiser in LA) - $75

107. Veljko Dobrilovic - $100

73. Nima & Perinaz Montazeri (Fundraiser in LA) - $50

108. Fundraising event in NYC - $4,925

74. Nina Zivic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 TOTAL IN APRIL: $14,186..24

75. Olivera Stafford (Fundraiser in LA) - $40 76. Radmila Jovicic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 77. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $25

Number of donors in 2012.

78. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $60 79. Sabina Salihagic (Fundraiser in LA) - $40

120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

80. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 81. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 82. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $40 83. Sasa Jelcic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 84. Sladjana Kraljevic (Fundraiser in LA) - $30 85. S. D. (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 86. Sonja Kolic (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 87. S. M. (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 88. S. M. (Fundraiser in LA) - $35 89. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $285 90. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $25 91. Suzana & Jacques Tizabi (Fundraiser in LA) $1,040

Donations in 2012.

92. Tamara Malisic (Fundraiser in LA) - $55


93. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35


94. Vasko Nadzakov (Fundraiser in LA) - $35


95. Anonymus (Fundraiser in LA) - $35


96. Zoran Obradovic (Fundraiser in LA)- $25


97. Miloje Stanisic (Fundraiser in LA) - $100


98. Ankica D. (NY) - $25


99. Zelimirka Krsmanovic (IL) - $25


100. Nadezda Markovic (NY) - $200


101. Dragana W. - $40 102. Snezana Novakovic - $30 103. Ivan Mihailovic (CA) - $50

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs PO Box 34206, Chicago, IL 60634 Phone: +1-312-85-SERBS


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Serbs for Serbs Report April 2012.  

Monthly report for donors

Serbs for Serbs Report April 2012.  

Monthly report for donors