2022 Annual Report

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November 1, 2021 - October 31, 2022


A Message From the Board President and CEO

2022 was both a busy and exciting year. We were so thrilled to get to see so many of you in person! We are pleased to announce that we have made progress on some of the goals we established a year ago. An especially meaningful moment this year has been having a CHAI resident attend each board meeting to share their personal stories of how long they’ve lived at the home, their day-to-day activities and what they enjoy about living at CHAI.

At the end of the fiscal year we began the process of developing CHAI’s strategic plan for the next 5 years and that work is continuing throughout 2023. As a recap, CHAI was selected, through our participation in the OnBoard leadership program, to receive a matching grant for capacity building initiatives. We were approved for funding to hire a consultant for creating a strategic plan, hiring an HR Generalist and revamping our policy and procedures documents. We qualified for the maximum matching grant allocation to move forward with these projects and in 2023 and 2024 we will work hard to raise the additional $100,000. We are so honored to be part of the strategic planning process in helping to guide what CHAI will look like over the next several years and beyond.

Another goal for the year was revising the CHAI bylaws in order to make them clearer and more transparent. The governance committee reviewed bylaws from similar organizations and the new bylaws were approved by the board. In addition, the governance committee proposed other important documentation including Board Responsibilities and Code of Conduct, a Code of Ethics and a Document Retention Policy to ensure CHAI is following best practices. CHAI also established a Sabbatical Leave policy, which allows senior staff to take up to 30 days paid leave once they have completed 7 years of employment with CHAI.

Other great news for the CHAI staff came in the form of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. These funds were allocated by the federal government to combat the COVID 19 pandemic, including the public health and economic impacts. These funds were distributed to the direct care staff as unexpected bonuses.

Julie Morlend Lisa Brodsky

We were grateful to be able to provide extra support for our hard-working staff while gas prices and inflation continued to rise.

seniors, preschoolers and campers as well as continuing our learning and exploring in the community.

In September, we got to see many of you put your athletic skills on display at the CHAI Life Top Golf event. The smiles from the residents faces enjoying the event were wonderful. It was truly an exceptional event with CHAI families, staff, board members and friends getting together and supporting our residents. We are grateful for the

In August, there were changes in the federal rules for Day Habilitation Programs. CHAI has operated a Day Hab program for over 10 years. Our residents attend this robust program each weekday for about six hours at Bauer House. The program has a calendar of events, volunteering, crafting, exercise and learning. The new rules will not allow us to operate in a group home any longer. We are excited to announce our partnership with the Jewish Community Center (JCC). We will be renting a room and be able to enjoy all the interaction the JCC brings. This includes working out, interacting with continued generosity of sponsors who made it possible for us to raise over $250,000 to support our operating budget.

In October, we had an in-person board retreat and welcomed Susan Meier from Onboard to facilitate our discussion. We learned about what it takes to build a high performing board and had an interactive conversation about building CHAI’s board of the future.

We truly appreciate our dedicated staff, families, donors and partners. All of you make it possible for CHAI to do such incredible work in our community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve such an amazing organization!

Julie Morlend CHAI Board Lisa J. Brodsky, MSSW CHAI CEO

Mission Statement

Community Homes for Adults, Inc. (CHAI) is a non-sectarian, non-profit corporation under Jewish auspices that provides programs and services to enable adults with intellectual disabilities to live full rich lives in a safe environment and to meaningfully participate in the community.

Continued support from generous donors has given our dedicated staff the opportunity to provide rich and meaningful lives for our residents and clients.

Support and Revenue

Functional Expenses

November 1, 2021 - October 31, 2022
Revenues: CHAEF Distribution from Endowment Funds Special Event CHAI LIFE event at Topgolf Contributions Annual Campaign, Tributes, and Grants Client Services State Reimbursement & Client Payments Expenses: Administration Central Office Expenses Fundraising Printing, Postage, Event Expenses Programs Resident & Client Care (including salaries) Transportation & Activities Programs $3,300,991 87% Fundraising $331,132 9% Administration $158,536 4% Functional Expenses CHAEF $484,608 12% Special Event $270,668 7% Contributions $639,572 16% Other Income $3,197 1% Client Services 2,479,384 64% Support & Revenue

2022 CHAI LIFE Sponsors and Annual Campaign Donors

We are grateful to all the donors who generously donated to the 2022 Annual Campaign and/or were Sponsors of CHAI LIFE at Topgolf. Contributions of $180 or more are listed.

$25,000 - $45,000

Anne and Alan Feld

Leo and Rhea Faye Fruhman Foundation-

Beverly* and Joe Goldman

Staci and Jeff Mankoff

Patricia and Andrew Michael

Jeri Lyn and Jeff Sebert

$10,000 - $16,000

Fran and Mark Berg

Chulew Private Foundation-

Rachel Chulew and Hayden Bernstein

Susan and Allyn Kramer

Roy and Esther Barzune Stein Endowment *

Ari Susman

Wal-Dot Foundation

$5,100 - $9999

Anonymous (2)

Carolee Blumin

Kim and Jeff Chapman

Nicole Herskowitz and John Lamb

Betsy and Mark Kleinman

Raelaine and Paul* Radnitz

Karen Dubrow and David Romick

Beverly and Cary Rossel

Marian and Jack Spitzberg

Linda and Rob Swartz


Lori and Michael Cohen*

Michelle and Marshall Funk *

Lisa and David* Genecov *

Michael Hochman

Carol and Stuart Morse

Ann and Barkley Stuart

$3,600 - $4999

Becca and Allen Bodzy *

Barbara and Clive Miskin

Shirley Morris

Ann and Michael Ochstein *

Rubin Family FoundationJulie and Jay Liberman

Kerri and John Rosenberg

Celia and Larry Schoenbrun*

Ricki and Gabe Shapiro

Sam Utay *

Veritex Community Bank

$2,000 - $3,000

Dawn and Todd Aaron

Cathy and Joel Brook

Barbara and Michael Donsky

Marion and Bennett Glazer *

Lisa and Neil Goldberg

Barbara and Bill Gutow

IMA, Inc.

Sandy and Mark Kaman

Marsha Lev

Sandy Nachman

Lauri and Todd Platt

Barbara and Shelly Stein

Nancy and Jerry Szor

Rosalie Taubman

Ginger and David Wallace



Carol and Steve Aaron

Katherine Albert

Amy Foxman and Amarinder Bindra

Minnie and Keith Blackwell

Bland Garvey

Stacey and Chuck Butler

Elise and Robert Donosky

Angela Horowitz French and Doug French

Janis and Dan Gail

Herbert Goldberg Company

Lauren and Robert Goldberg

Shelli and Marshall Goldberg

Sherry and Ken Goldberg

Lori and Rick Golman

Marcy Helfand and Robert Book

Ynette and Jim Hogue

Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein*

Judy and Harold Kaye

$1,800 cont.

Kimberly Bates Foundation

Susan and Evan Bates

Judy and Jeff Kogutt *

Leslie and Steven Levin

Abigail and Grant Mindle

Neuberger Berman Investment Advisors

Sally and Ira Silverman

Cindy and Stuart Spechler

Lois Wolf *

$1,080 - $1.799

Anonymous (2)

Melissa and Baer Ackerman

Phyllis Alper-Blood

Jill and Alan Bach*

Carla Brandt

Lisa Brodsky and Beth Young

Susie and Joel Carp

Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC

Sharon and David Chortek

Cheryl and Randy Colen

Tammy and Adam Diamond

Nanci and Don* Dubrow

Wyona and Maurice Efune

Eileen and Stanley Franklin

Janice and Tony Gambino

Lisa and Jeff Genecov

Barbara and Larry Glazer

Karen and Craig Goodman

Joyce and Wayne Goodowitz

Danna and James Hayden

Greta and Howard Herskowitz

Janet and Gary Kaner

Eileen and Aaron Kreisler

Sharon and Chuck Levin

Ellen and Jim Liston

2022 CHAI LIFE Sponsors and Annual Campaign Donors

$1,080 - $1,799 cont.

Lisa and Mike Maberry

Marsh & McLennan Agency

Bobbi and Richard Massman

Jana and Bob Milstein

Bette and Gary Morchower

Julie and Rob Morlend

Cindy and Mitch Moskowitz

Elaine and Trevor Pearlman

Rothkopf Greenberg Foundation

Bob and Sally Rosen

Ann Rosenberg

Melissa and Jonathan Rubenstein

Ike and Fannie Sablosky Foundation

Elizabeth Schwartz

Susan Schwartz

Ruthie and Alan Shor *

Lori and Adam Stern

Turner Stone & Company-

Todd Estes

Sandra and David Veeder

Gay Winter

Larry Wolfish

Barney Young

$500 - $1,000

Lisa and Jim Albert

Nicole and Kevin Cooper

Barbara Bell

Kirshner-Bookatz Foundation

Paddy and Barry Epstein*

John Falls

Karen and Yoram Feibel

Cecelia and Stanley Feld

Pam and Ray Garfield

Berta Goetz*

Rebecca and Jacob Goetz

Mark Jacobs

Ann Kahn

Patricia and Howard Kraines

Lori and Robert Krolik

$500 - $1000 cont.

Zelene and Bob Lovitt

Patty and David Miller

Lucy and Ebb Munden

Linda and Chris Najork

Lynda and Gordon Newman

Lauri and Irving Prengler

Myra and Stuart Prescott *

Janine and Charles Pulman

Serena Ritch

Sally and Rick Rosenberg *

Peachy Rudberg

Melanie and Ivan Sacks

Janice Schrimmer

Joan Skibell

Judy and Hal Sommer

Tracey and Shane Stein

Trudy and Benedict Termini

Sol and Estelle Barzune Endowment *

Jean and Bob Weinfeld

Alison and Michael Weinstein

$360 - $400

Adrian Allen

Gilian and Steve Baron

Patrice and Michael Beck

Sheri and Larry Berk

Cindy and Bruce Bernbaum

Brenda and Ron Bliss

Cindy and Bob Cohen

Abby and Benjamin Goodman

Bill Goodman

Debbie and Ron Greene

Lynne and Larry Kohn

Laura Leventhal

Lottye Brodsky Lyle and Bobby Lyle

Mona and Gary Mellon

Cindy and Irv Munn

Sandy Phillips

Jeanette and Mike Pincus

Phillip Prentice

$360 - $400 cont.

Terry and Bert Romberg *

Morris Romick

Ruthie and Steve Rosenberg *

Lisa and Steve Rudner

Liat Sacks

Elaine Sheft

May Sebel

Sandy and Larry Silverman

Alla and Vladamir Tsurkan

Sheri and Allen Udisky

Jackie and Steve Waldman

Anne and Arthur Wechsler

$200 - $359

David Adler *

Isaac Adelman

Lynn and Bob Behrendt

Conor Commercial Real Estate

Marcela Wentzel and Joseph Fogle

Linda and Dave Garner

Rozelle and Richard Gilman*

Rita Sue and Alan Gold *

Roslyn and Gordon Goldstein

Patricia and Bennett Goodman

Lois Gordon Endowment *

Storrow and Murray Gordon

Irma Grossman

Joy and Peter Kosley

Laura Lacritz and Randy Pulitzer *

Milton Leventhal

Carol Ann and Dan Luby

Nancy Marcus

Janet Protas

Debra Robbins and Larry Robins

Ruth Robinson

Carolyn and Wyatt Rousseau

Jacquie and Myron Schwitzer

Phyllis and Ron Steinhart

Rhona Streit

Janice Sweet Weinberg and Arthur Weinberg *

Jolene and Harv Weisblat *

Ilene and Perry Zidow



Emily Ackerman and Eduardo Gildenson

Rusti and Howard Bell

Lynn and Mark Bernstien

Barbara and Barry Brown

Carol and Edward Burger

Liz and Rusty Cooper *

Nina Cortell and Bob Fine

Leah and David Engelberg

Lisa and Gary Epstein

Arlene and Allen Feltman*

June Fulton

Sharon and Eric Goldberg

Julie and Sander Gothard *

Elaina and Gary Gross

Wendy and David Haynes

Karen and Reid Heller

Miriam and Ronald Honig

Linda and Murray Johnson

Joseph Kaner

Dorothy Jane Kassanoff

Merle and Scott Nason*

Shari and Ira Nevelow

Deborah and Terry O’Connor

Skip Parsotam

Karen and Matt Pizette

Ethan Prescott

Cindy and Robert Quint

Rosella Reinthal

Merle Rubin

David Saloman

Linda and Clint Schuhmacher

Meredith and Barry Steinhart

Joseph and Helen Swiff Fund *

Lisa Clark and Gary Udashen

Natalie and Michael Waldman

Krista Weinstein

Cheryl and Lane Weitz

Susan and Brian Wertheim

Carol and Mark Wigder

* Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

* Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

* of Blessed Memory


Unrestricted General Operating Grants:

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas


Feldman Family Foundation TX


The Pollock Foundation


Designated Grants:

Orien Levy Woolf & Dr. Jack Woolf

Charitable Foundation

$40,000 - Day Habilitation Program

$25,000 - Community Relations

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Impact Grants

$80,000 - Nursing Services Department

Anonymous Grant through OnBoard

$10,000 - Board Development

Employee of the Year Award:

Linda Rae Bomash Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation/ Larry and Barbara Glazer $300

Sarah Lipinsky $250

Special Gift-In-Kind:

Cristina & Michael Swartz and Linda & Rob Swartz

All expenses for food, beverage, and entertainment at Topgolf for our 2022 CHAI LIFE event were generously donated.

CHAI residents with some of the nursing services team. Volunteers foster meaningful relationships with CHAI residents through our community relations program. Tina Bright was recognized for 17 years of serice as a CHAI caregiver and awarded the 2021 Employee of the Year. The Swartz Family at CHAI LIFE at Topgolf in the Colony.

You Made Us Smile

Smiles are universal symbols for happiness and belonging. Our 2022 Annual Campaign theme was

Generous support from our community through grants and individual contributions from 280 Annual Campaign donors and 88 CHAI LIFE event Sponsors raised vital funds to support CHAI’s operating budget and made thousands of smiles possible!

2022 Leadership and Awards


Julie Morlend President

Todd Estes

Vice President

Ethan Prescott

Vice President

Linda Swartz

Vice President/Secretary

Executive Committee

Members at Large

Adrian Allen

Janis Gaill

Elizabeth Schwartz

Elise Donosky

Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Jackie Austein

Brian Bertcher

Adam Diamond

Sandy Kaman

Judy Kogutt

Ann Ochstein

Serena Ritch

David Romick

Beverly Rossel

Ricki Shapiro

Honorary Life Member

H.S. (Buddy) Rosenthal


11615 Forest Central Dr., Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75243 (214) 373-8600 chaidallas.org

Sonny Joseph Central Office of CHAI Milton Levy Award winners Ron Dill, Candace Caroll-Johnson, Fredia Jackson, Arrielle Jenkins, and Erica Williams (Not pictured: Michelle Bearden) Cherished Angel Award winner Ricki Shapiro Ron Dill retired after many years of exemplary service as CHAI’s Assisted Living Manager. CHAI’s Management Team, Candace Caroll-Johnson, Director of Programs and Services, Craig Becker, Director of Finance, and Lisa Brodsky, CEO. (Not Pictured: Patsy Goodman, Director of Development)
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