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MAY 2015

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Nutrition Zone

And The American Dream


Reaching the Veteran

Before Transition

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A World of Opportunity

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V eterans in F ranchisin g S upplement M AY 2 0 1 5 Our Veterans in Franchising special supplement has become a regular feature of Franchising USA. To share your story in the next issue, please contact Vikki Bradbury, Publisher Phone: 778 426 2446 Email: vikki@cgbpublishing.com

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

C over S tor y - Nut r i t i o n Zo n e

Nutrition Zone

and the American Dream!

lives. From inception, Nutrition Zone’s commitment to customer service has been at the forefront of its success. This is realized through team oriented Franchisees who share our goal of making a positive and meaningful impact in our communities.

People will tell you the American Dream is about owning your own home. Today that is only a portion of the dream. Let’s add owning your own business and being your own Boss!

the satisfaction that comes with helping humanity and changing lives for the better! You can realize the complete American Dream by owning a Nutrition Zone and helping people become the very best they can be. At the same time provide for your family in a way you never thought possible. Nutrition Zone is “The Force behind a Better You”!!

There is more to the dream however!

Nutrition Zone was founded to serve, educate and empower the community by improving the quality of our client’s

Here at Nutrition Zone we believe the

true essence of the American Dream is

Franchising USA

We are in the business of changing lives

At Nutrition Zone we are looking for highly motivated individuals that are ready to join a team that is in it to win! It is a spirit of partnership that feeds strength and momentum to a team and there is no better team member than a Veteran. A Veteran understands the value of teamwork and the prideful satisfaction a group can experience when accomplishing goals together. At Nutrition Zone we value that experience and look forward to having Veteran’s join our team. United States Marine and Nutrition Zone Manager Shane Weyrauch, “I believe Nutrition Zone is a great opportunity for today’s Veterans. It’s an easy transition from serving our Country to serving our Communities. Nutrition Zone shares a lot of our own core values, such as quality,

“‘Nutrition Zone invests heavily in systems, training and support, as it is the backbone of our success. Any Veteran will tell you it is the backbone of survival.” excellence, and service to our community with proper education in not only nutrition but also proper exercise. Not only do they have a system of success laid out for you, the education you receive going through NZU is second to none and can turn a novice into an expert.”

The Right Opportunity Nutrition Zone, a Premier Sports Nutrition Retailer, currently has 28 stores, and growing, in the U.S. Each store provides premium service and products at extremely competitive prices. There are great Franchising opportunities open in key territories for VETERANS who are passionate about helping people, and grabbing hold of their financial freedom. Nutrition Zone is the fastest growing sports nutrition retailer because we offer incredible value to our franchisees. What is exciting about Nutrition Zone and sets us apart from our competition is what we can offer: 1) Superior products at competitive prices. 2) Proven franchise systems. 3) Passionate and reliable support before and after you open your business. 4) One of the lowest start-up entry investment costs in the industry at $98,000 to $165,000. It’s simple. Nutrition Zone gets it. We understand the importance of value. Nutrition Zone has the right formula for any Veteran interested in owning a business in the sports nutrition, health and wellness industry.

The Right Support It is no secret that some of the finest operated organizations in America today are the branches of the armed forces. Their commitment to detail and the paramount belief in the value of teamwork while striving for perfection through proven systems and relentless training is why they are the best in the world.

Our team at Nutrition Zone is not only proud of our commitment but rely on the same approach throughout our organization. Nutrition Zone invests heavily in systems, training and support, as it is the backbone of our success. Any Veteran will tell you it is the backbone of survival. We could not agree more. Nutrition Zone provides the benchmark for training in the health and wellness industry with NZU: Nutrition Zone University. NZU is a combination of in-classroom and online instruction that is used to teach, train and empower our Franchise Partners. One of the our four core values at Nutrition Zone is SERVICE, and we know that extended knowledge in diet and supplementation will allow you to help serve your customers, driving loyalty and profits. NZU is continually adding courses and classes to keep you up to date on the latest information in the industry. On the marketing front and in the spirit of continued partnership support, Nutrition Zone’s marketing plan provides our franchisees with cutting edge, innovative and relevant industry material. Understanding the value of Social Media Nutrition Zone utilizes the latest technology, strategies, and partners to communicate and influence identified core demographics. Nutrition Zone’s knowledge and experience allows you to target your local markets as well, capturing new customers and driving foot traffic through a comprehensive local store marketing plan. NZ Manager Michael Federis, As a former Marine Veteran, “Excellence” and “Service” defines our culture and solidifies dedication to those we serve. Here at Nutrition Zone we strive for “Excellence” in every aspect of our organization. Furthermore, our constant focus on “Service” and our commitment to our client’s is unmatched

Michael Federis

As a Veteran, we are organized, goaloriented, and strong leaders; all these attributes are a great fit to Nutrition Zone’s Business Model. Veterans would be highly successful Franchisee Owners due to NZ’s solid foundation and systems of success. In addition, you also have a highly skilled Corporate Team that is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.”

The Right Industry The fact is, sports nutrition is growing at an exponential rate, according to Forbes, 2012 revenue equaled $32 Billion USD, and in less than 8 years it is projected to surpass $60 Billion USD! Veterans looking to tap into real financial freedom should have their sights set on entering this industry. Everything around us, from the proliferation of gyms (24hr fitness, LA fitness, Crossfit) to the increasing awareness of health consciousness (Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s, low calorie menus) is boosting this industry boom even faster.

Join the Nutrition Zone Team Contact us today to make your American Dream a reality! We welcome you to take the next step toward Nutrition Zone Franchise ownership. We offer a 50% reduction on our franchise fee for Veterans that have given so much for all of us. Inquire today to learn more. Greg Ferrell gferrell@nutritionzonefranchise.com 844-GONZUSA - 844-466-9872 www.nutritionzonefranchise.com

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Darcella K. Craven, Executive Director, Veterans Business Resource Center


Old Fashioned Power Moves That Work Many people in sales have a saying “The circle of your business relationships can determine the revenue stream for your business.” In simple terms: Who you know can determine how much your business generates. If you think about the direct correlation between your target customer base and the price of your products/services this statement makes perfect sense. A business can only charge a price that fits the income level of their customer. And you get to

Franchising USA

your true customer through relationships with people who know where your customer lives, plays and works. Using this knowledge, let’s look at your current circle of business relationships. Many business owners do not remove themselves outside of their personal comfort zone to meet the “movers and shakers” in their city or industry. For many business owners, there is an invisible divide that prevents them from networking with major players. Take a moment and ask yourself if you fit in that category. Have you reached out to the CEO of any major company in your city? Does the Mayor know you or know that your business exists? Are you interacting with people at networking events prior to, during and after the event? Recently we had the honor of being

awarded the 2015 National Veterans Business Outreach Center of the Year by the U. S. Small Business Administration. We are thrilled to be considered one of the top places in the nation for transitioning military, Veterans and their families to start and grow a small business. We were not even aware we were in the running. Our network nominated us without our knowledge. This is because our entire crew has a mission of building strong relationships with vendors, our community and competitors. From this, we have received many new inquiries, clients and potential donors. Yes, in this article we do make it sound very simple. But the reality is that you must make an effort to continue to place yourself in a position to develop relationships that will help benefit your business. Attending seminars, networking

“Remember you are a small business owner. You are contributing the fabric of America and you are a part of something bigger than just you.” like to meet. Do a bit of research on those people via LinkedIn or the local business journal so you might have a few talking points to engage them. Be prepared to offer your services in the form of an educational event that is no cost to your clients. Every busy has this option. If you are an interior decorate, offer to give a free demonstration on branding an office to the personal style of another small business. If you are a promotional business, offer to give a free class on the proper cost of awards, sustainability and practical uses. Think about the top three things you wish people knew prior to engaging you – and make it a free class, webinar, video or write it in a blog.

events, and conferences that will have the people you need to meet is the first step. Engaging that network with sincere and thought provoking conversations and assistance is the next. Here are a few old fashioned power moves that never go out of style to get you started in tearing down the barriers that might keep you from reaching your customer: First, give yourself a pep talk. Remember you are a small business owner. You are contributing the fabric of America and you are a part of something bigger than just you. It is small business owners like you, who are involved in your communities and hiring people that make the machine run well. Second, prepare yourself for the meeting. • Prior to attending the event, see if you can find the list of attendees and identify 4 – 6 people you would

• During the event, listen for comments that might lead you to mentioning the information you know about them. Be sincere, do not make this a forced. Bide your time. When the right moment presents itself, offer to give one of the classes you have already prepared. You can even make it sound as if you just came up with it or as if you have done them forever. You choose what makes sense for you at the time. But this is a great way to engage people after the fact with your business. Giving away free advice that to others has a true value will build strong relationships and help them become your cheerleaders. • After the event, send a handwritten (no not a LinkedIn request or an email yet). A handwritten note, saying thank you for the discussion, mention a part of it and ask that person out for coffee or invite them to your store. Remind them of your offer of the class. Remember, you are building a relationship with a person that you believe is your customer or might bring your customer to you. Third, celebrate the win. It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone. We rarely have people congratulate us for the simple things. Take a minute to tell

Darcella K. Craven

yourself you did well. No need to selfexamine that will come later. For now, a few “Hooahs” will do just fine. Remove the invisible barriers that prevent you from developing relationships that can bring vital resources to your business. Make a determination that you will reach out to community and industry leaders to increase the awareness of your brand. Decide you will be the authority in your field. This simple power move on your part may help take your business to another level. Darcella K Craven has over 20 years of experience in corporate, government, non profit and military organizations. She is currently the Executive Director of the Veterans Business Resource Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Honorably Discharged Veterans, National Guard and Reservist and Active Duty personnel and their families with transitioning back into civilian life with starting and expanding businesses. An Army Veteran, she holds a Masters of Arts in Management from Webster University and is currently pursuing her Doctors of Management focusing on impact of military experience on small business decision making. Darcella has been featured in numerous articles for her transition from the military and the welfare system to an accomplished business woman and is actively involved in many civic organizations. www.vetbiz.com

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

A lways B est Ca re

Staff Sergeant Jon R. Brandt, Jr., United States Marine Corps (Retired) Always Best Care business owner, Salinas/Monterey, CA

Always Best Care Dedicated to Our Nation’s Heroes By many measures Always Best Care is one of the most successful franchise businesses in the country, increasing annual franchise revenues from $2 million in 2008 to more than $87 million last year.

But for CEO Michael Newman, it’s his company’s steadfast commitment to our nation’s veterans, both as owners and clients that brings him the greatest sense of pride. Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical inhome care, assisted living services and skilled home health care with more than 200 independently owned and operated franchise territories. The company offers a multitude of programs specifically targeted for veterans

“Veterans have the leadership skills and getit-done attitude that makes for outstanding franchisees,.” Franchising USA

Specialist 4th class Bill Mathis, United States Army (Retired)
Always Best Care business owner, San Diego CA

and continues to be recognized for doing so. Recently, for the fourth consecutive year, it was named a Top 50 Franchise

for Veterans by the World Franchising Network.

Approximately 12% of Always Best Care

franchises are owned by military veterans and the company provides its Veterans

Assistance Program and Veterans Loan

Program, both of which provide care and help obtaining funds to pay for care. “Veterans have the leadership skills

and get-it-done attitude that makes for

outstanding franchisees,” said Newman. Always Best Care also launched a special incentive to award a “free” franchise to

a military veteran in 2014, and awarded

a franchise to retired Major Sean Hoggs of New Jersey, who will be opening this spring.

For information on franchise opportunities at Always Best Care, call toll-free 1-855-430-CARE (2273), or email franchisesales@abc-seniors.com. www.alwaysbestcare.com

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Valpa k

SOLDIERFIT, a military inspired fitness franchise headquartered in Maryland, just announced today the launch of “Mission Fit to Own,” a contest that will award one U.S. military veteran with a grand prize of a waived franchise fee and one year with no royalties due. “We’re seeking passionate veterans who have always wanted to start their own business, but have never felt they had the guidance or direction to do it,” said Danny Farrar, co-owner and

Franchising USA

Military Fitness Franchise

institutes franchise Giveaway for Veterans CEO of SOLDIERFIT, an eight year U.S. military veteran who served a combat tour in Iraq. “I want to inspire others who have recently made the sometimes tough transition to civilian life. I was once in their shoes and now I want them to be able to walk in mine.” Franchise applications will be accepted now through July 27, upon which SOLDIERFIT will select 10 semi-finalists to submit a short video, followed by a social voting component to narrow the field down to four finalists. An independent review board will conduct interviews and award the grand prize franchise location to one winner, who will be announced on Veteran’s Day, November 11. SOLDIERFIT initially launched their franchise program in February along the East Coast, with immediate expansion plans for targeted locations in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. A national franchise expansion plan will follow, as SOLDIERFIT actively engages veteran prospective franchisees by offering a 50 percent discount for

qualified military veterans. SOLDIERFIT is a member of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran community, a group dedicated to providing business ownership and job opportunities for veterans. “Everyone involved with SOLDIERFIT is considered family, especially our franchise owners,” said David Posin, co-founder and co-owner of SOLDIERFIT. “We are seeking military veterans to award a franchise opportunity and who share our values and desire to excel in the fitness industry. We pledge to share our expertise with the winner of this contest through our comprehensive franchise training and support system.” SOLDIERFIT offers a truly innovative franchise model for contest applicants and other prospective franchisees. Unlike other fitness centers, SOLDIERFIT’s top priority is character building. Since SOLDIERFIT’s humble beginnings in 2007, Danny and David have grown SOLDIERFIT to include multiple 10,000plus square foot centers across Maryland. The fitness program encompasses boot camp classes, kid’s fitness, personal training and functional fitness.

As SOLDIERFIT continues to grow, Farrar and Posin wanted to promote their franchise opportunity and support U.S. veterans through an innovative, new, approach. Contest giveaways are a fresh take on promotion for businesses, and SOLDIERFIT saw the potential in a veteran franchise giveaway. “As a business owner, I understand that it’s crucial to come up with innovative ideas to promote and expand the business,” said Farrar. “Giveaways like these come in many forms, from social media contests to franchise giveaways.” SOLDIERFIT has expanded across Maryland with locations in Gaithersburg, Frederick and Columbia. SOLDIERFIT is continuing its expansion through a targeted franchise opportunity, initially sweeping the East Coast. For more information on SOLDIERFIT, visit www.soldierfit.com. To inquire about franchise availabilities, visit the website and fill out the franchise application or contact the SOLDIERFIT franchise team at (240) 479-4348 or franchise@soldierfit.com.

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Page 49

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

O ur Tow n A mer ica

Our Town America

aims to connect businesses and newly arrived families For families who have just moved into a new community, finding all new services like salons, pizza joints, doctors, dentists and even hairstylists can be daunting.

“Our organization essentially connects those new families with those businesses who need them,” president Michael Plummer Jr. said during a recent interview from the company’s headquarters in Pinellas Park, just outside Tampa, FL.

That’s where Our Town America steps in, connecting those new arrivals with the businesses that want to extend a warm welcome and gain new customers.

While the company has been around for a number of decades, it actually only started franchising in 2005. Prior to franchising, it issued licenses to people to use the

The company has been in operation since 1972 and is family owned, with Plummer having taken over the operations of the company from his father, who started it.

Late Franchising Bloomer

brand. These were generally people that Plummer’s father knew throughout the decades and all those licensees are now franchisees. “Franchising proved to be practical for Our Town America in 2003 when the company went through a major technological upgrade, switching to variable printing,” Plummer said. After that, they started the process of becoming a franchise business in 2004 and by 2005 were legally able to start franchising. Now, the company boasts 55 franchisees positioned all over the country, but focused mainly in the Mid-West and on the East Coast.

On the Move “Our Town America has locations available across the country,” Plummer said. “This is one franchise that can be successful in smaller markets as its success is largely dependent on the number of movers.” Considering that 17 - 20% of Americans relocate each year, there will always be a lot of potential new customers for businesses to reach out to in their area.

“What we really want is a relationship maker, a networker, a community builder, someone who is able to connect with people.”

Franchising USA

“Considering that 17 - 20% of Americans relocate each year, there is always a lot of potential new customers for businesses to reach out to in their area.” In addition to targeting newly arrived

families, Our Town America also provides their clients the option of targeting by various demographics.

For example, Plummer said that a rentto-own business could use Our Town

America to specifically target new arrivals within a five mile radius who have an

income level of over $50,000 and who

are between the ages of 20-40. Any new arrivals that fit that profile would be

targeted, while those who did not would not be targeted.

Support and Training “Sales people should be out there selling,” Plummer said. “Which is why Our Town America wants to make things as simple For families who are new to a community, it’s a great welcoming gift. Even if people are only moving to the next town, they still have to find all new services in that new town. And Our Town America helps those businesses connect with new potential customers. “We’re the personal invitation for the businesses to stand out from the crowd,” Plummer said. So, a salon could put a gift certificate in the Our Town America package for a free haircut. The new family is then personally welcomed to their new neighborhood by the salon with the free haircut and likely to become a loyal customer.

Looking for Relationship Builders Because the company is all about facilitating relationships —between recently relocated families and businesses,

as well as between those businesses and Our Town America — Plummer is looking for franchisees who are not only sales oriented, but who really understand the importance of these relationships. “What we really want is a relationship maker, a networker, a community builder, someone who is able to connect with people,” he said. Some of his most successful franchisees have a background in retail, marketing or sales. “Those who connect and communicate well with others do great with our franchise model.”

Getting Specific Over the years, Plummer has found that the newly arrived families are more apt to open the welcome packages as it’s not perceived as everyday advertising - but as housewarming gifts.

as possible for new franchisees.” The

company offers assistance in the way of production, creating graphics, creating

invoices and even setting up appointments with business owners. Ideally, Plummer wants them to primarily concentrate on connecting with local businesses.

Veteran-Owned In addition to being family-owned, Our

Town America is also veteran-owned, as Plummer was a combat medic with the United States Army from 1997 - 2001.

For any honorably discharged veterans, he gives a $10,000 discount on the franchising fee.

For anyone looking to invest in a homebased franchise business offering

flexibility and a steady income, Our Town America offers just the thing. www.ourtownamerica.com

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

George G. Eldridge, Manager, VetFran Program

Reaching Before Tr Much has been written about veterans transitioning from the military to the private sector over the last several years. Several sources state that several hundred thousand members will be leaving the ranks of the military as a result of the drawdown from Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to the thousands of expected separations due to the end of an enlistment or contract. The military members that retire often project when they will retire and have a fair amount of lead time before their separation from the military. These members will also have the benefit of a military pension to help ease them into

“There are many sources and programs that military members are bombarded with before they separate from the military. My situation was no different.�

Franchising USA

g the Veteran Transition transitioning from the military to the private sector. Current statistics state that only 17% of military members will stay long enough to earn a full pension from the military. That means that 83% of military members will transition from the military at some point in their life.

States for an interview or for job hunting. The aforementioned challenges, along with many others, make it obvious why it is so important to reach out to the actively serving military members regarding possible job or ownership opportunities within franchising sooner rather than later.

I separated from active duty in the Air Force in 2010. There are many sources and programs that military members are bombarded with before they separate from the military. My situation was no different. I had several months to begin searching for a new career, but the amount of resources was intimidating. Knowing where to start in the hunt for my next job was difficult. My challenge was further compounded by the fact that I was stationed overseas as I was transitioning out of the military. This specific scenario helps demonstrate that there are multiple aspects of life pulling at the member as they begin to transition. There are family and current job requirements that cannot be ignored while the member is attempting to look for a new job and, in most cases, a new place to call home. This challenge is exacerbated if the member lives overseas and cannot afford the travel or the time off from the job to be able to visit the United

VetFran is aiming to help provide military members’ information on employment and ownership opportunities in franchising. Some of these opportunities may be in the short-term while others may be several years down the road as a longterm possibility. VetFran is working in cooperation with several organizations to help provide information on small business ventures such as franchising. VetFran is teaming up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in order to be able to attend several of the Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes events at military bases and the surrounding communities. This is an excellent opportunity for current military members to learn about the prospect of franchising while still serving in the military. VetFran also takes an active role in the Boots to Business program that the Small Business Administration (SBA) offers throughout the country. This twoday program introduces military members

George Eldridge

to aspects of small business and contains specific details about the franchise industry. Lastly, VetFran is beginning to also work with military family resource centers to provide literature and other materials so that military members can research on their own. This effort will also involve working to become more involved with the mandatory transition classes that all services provide to separating personnel. I separated from active duty only five years ago and many of the transition programs have improved and continue to improve. At that time, there was little information aimed at separating military members regarding franchising. Rightfully so, the military can be hesitant to allow the promotion of other career opportunities as the military has a vested interest in keeping such highly qualified men and women. However, since 83% of those members will not retire from the military, the earlier a military member can learn about opportunities outside of the uniform, the more likely they will have a smoother transition into the private sector. For more information please visit: www.VetFran.com or email GEldridge@franchise.org.

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Page 53

V e t er a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Fastsig ns


Dedicated to recruiting Veteran Franchise Owners FASTSIGNS® understands and appreciates the valuable contribution of America’s veterans and is dedicated to recruiting them as franchise owners. The worldwide franchisor of more than 575 sign, graphic and visual communications centers in 9 countries,

FASTSIGNS International Inc., has an award-winning, nationally recognized veteran program that is adding more and more veterans each year. Veterans possess a number of valuable skills and a wealth of experience essential to a franchise system and currently make up 12% of the total number of FASTSIGNS franchisees. They understand the importance of following and executing a plan and using a systematic approach to achieving their goals. “FASTSIGNS is committed to providing

“FASTSIGNS is committed to offering aggressive financial support and resources that will help them every step of the way.”

veterans with the best franchise ownership opportunity available. In addition to offering financial support, we’re there to help them with initial and ongoing training, site selection and marketing,” says Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS. As part of the commitment to veterans, FASTSIGNS is also a proud participant of the VetFran program (Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative) which is a program launched through the International Franchise Association. It assists veterans returning from deployment to access franchise opportunities through training, financial assistance and industry support. Monson continues, “We truly appreciate the sacrifices that our servicemen and women have made for our country. We want to make sure our veterans have every opportunity when it comes to securing a career in franchising.” “Vets are disciplined, driven, self-motivated and possess leadership skills that make them ideal franchisees,” explains Mark Jameson, Executive Vice President of Franchise Support and Development. “They have typically had some degree of responsibility in the military and have acquired numerous skills during their military service which makes them well-suited to our franchise system.” FASTSIGNS is committed to offering aggressive financial support and resources that will help veterans every step of the way. In fact, with a new agreement with Benetrends and an existing partnership with Franchise America Finance™,

Franchising USA

FASTSIGNS now has $21 million in SBA funding available for approved franchisees, including those who purchase existing FASTSIGNS centers. “Robust franchise growth will continue into 2015, with plans calling for an estimated 50 new FASTSIGNS centers to open by year’s end in North America and expansion into five new countries,” says Jameson. Veterans that join the FASTSIGNS® network can take advantage of specific incentives including a reduced franchise fee of $18,750, a savings of 50%, in addition to reduced royalties and advertising fees for the first year. The average total investment range for a new center is between $164,753 - $299,874 and the liquid capital requirement is $80,000. Additionally, new franchisees are provided with a comprehensive training program which consists of four weeks of initial training (one week at a local FASTSIGNS center, two weeks at the Dallas headquarters and one week of onsite training in their new center). Pre-opening marketing and grand opening support is provided to drive customers immediately to the new location. Franchisees can expect ongoing support with dedicated business consultants available to assist with business and finance training, sales and marketing, production and staff management advice. In addition, a unique franchisee mentor program is in place to guide and assist new business owners. Continuous support is also available through 24 - hour web-based learning systems for the ever-changing business environment. “As a franchisor, there is no greater gratification than seeing our franchisees happy, satisfied and receiving the support they need from the corporate team.” Monson says, “Our ultimate goal is to help franchisees thrive in their businesses and achieve their personal dreams, and when that happens, everyone is happy.” Currently, more than 12 percent of the company’s U.S. network is comprised of military veterans, including Eric Schnitzer, who opened his FASTSIGNS location in Brandon, Fla. in August 2013.

“Pre-opening marketing and grand opening support is provided to drive customers immediately to the new location.” “Upon retiring from the Air Force, I decided to start a business and be my own boss. In my time in the military, I learned leadership and management skills, how to put a team together and set objectives to ensure everyone works towards a common goal,” said Schnitzer. “FASTSIGNS offers a great deal of ongoing training, guidance, and support and is providing me with the opportunity to strive in the areas I know best and I couldn’t ask for more.” Doug Graham is one example of a military veteran and franchisee that appreciates the support that FASTSIGNS offers. Graham served in the Colorado Air National Guard and also opened his FASTSIGNS center in 2013. “After retiring from the Air Force, I quickly realized the skill sets that I had developed over the last 12 years were very specialized, and they weren’t what a lot of companies were looking for. I began looking into franchising and found that FASTSIGNS fit perfectly into what my idea of a company should be,” said Graham. “Much like the military in the support and family type atmosphere and attitudes, I found that the “we’re in this together” feeling that is portrayed

throughout the organization appealed to my sense of purpose. FASTSIGNS provided plenty of backup help and training and they remained in contact with me throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure working with them getting things up and running for my business.” As businesses are looking for more innovative solutions to compete in the marketplace, signage has never been more important. Advertisers are expanding into new media such as digital signage and mobile websites and FASTSIGNS is positioned to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment with products and services that expand beyond the traditional printing of the past. As a leader in the visual communications industry, potential franchisees are guaranteed to be part of a growing and successful industry and veterans are an integral part of FASTSIGNS plans for future expansion. For more information contact Mark Jameson at: Phone: 214-346-5679 Email: mark.jameson@fastsigns.com Web: www.fastsigns.com

Franchising USA

V e t er a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Page 55

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Jim Mingey, Founder & Managing Director, VBS’

VBS awarded Certification by the Center for Veterans Enterprise

New SDVOSB Franchise Concepts will now proceed Veterans Business Services (VBS)

over the last two years has deployed many strategies to support Veterans in small business and franchising

including mentoring, business guidance,

Franchising USA

identifying and promoting Veteran incentives, and providing entrepreneurial training to - Veterans. Now VBS, as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), can offer training and franchise feasibility services as an SDVOSB for Veterans developing franchise concepts under VA SelfEmployment Plans (SEP). A SEP allows for the development of a small business or franchise under the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VRE) program. The Center for Veterans Enterprise at the Veterans Administration is responsible to certify all SDVOSB The CVE certification icon below provides VBS a new tool for helping Veterans develop franchise opportunities.

they ask for business support. VBS guides Veterans through the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment track process and directs Veterans to the right resources to find capital to start a small business or franchise. In the end though the VRE is like a bank and even an SDVOSB has to prove to them that it has “skin in the game” and that their SEP is feasible.

Despite the many barriers Veterans face in starting a franchise or small business, VBS supports them with a strong personal effort and never leaves a Veteran behind when

VBS’ Founder and Managing Director, Jim Mingey, is a decorated Vietnam veteran raised from a proud military background. An entrepreneur for more

VBS will count its success stories one Veteran at a time. Whether it is getting a Veteran funded, helping them create a franchise system, or helping a Veteran find the right entrepreneurial training, VBS tries to empower Veterans to make the right choices for the right reasons

“Despite the many barriers Veterans face in starting a franchise or small business, VBS supports them with a strong personal effort and never leaves a Veteran behind.” A CASE POIN T

than 35 years, Jim can relate on a personal level to the needs of the veteran small businessperson, and possesses the practical knowledge to implement his experience in today’s market. Jim participated in the EBV Program at Purdue University, is a mentor at American Corporate Partners, developed the first approved franchise training program for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Program at Veterans Administration, and was instrumental in forming the first equity fund in the United States exclusively for veteran owned small businesses and franchises: The Veterans Opportunity Fund. Jim intends to keep on ‘advocating’ for veterans in franchising. James F. Mingey Managing Member www.VeteransBusinessServices.us

A good example is Donnie Jordon, U.S. Army combat Veteran, who needed VBS crowdfunding support to prove to VRE that he was capable of raising capital. Donnie’s company, Sphere Force Innovation, Inc., will offer a franchise for renewable energy solutions. Donnie needed additional capital to achieve short term goals and then work toward his franchise beta implementation and the filing of his Federal Disclosure Document (FDD). VBS started a

marketing campaign to support his business model that now allows him to continue with his SEP. What VBS immediately found out was that a small crowdfunding campaign is a perfect platform for supporting Veterans going through the VRE Program. Within a few short weeks VBS was able to send out marketing email blasts to our network which in turn helped him fully fund his Loan. Donnie received support on an international level from a crowdfunding loan and can now go on to step two by using the VBS Franchise Accelerator Training ( developed by VBS at VRE) to perfect his own SDVOSB franchise concept. And with the VBS CVE Certification in place and the power of the VBS network, Donnie and others will also use their VRE SEP programs to accelerate the success of their SDVOSB franchise systems and compete in the Federal marketplace. Congratulations to Donnie Jordon and his Sphere Force Innovation, Inc. on meeting his crowdfunding goals and being one of four VBS SDVOSB franchise concepts selected for this year’s VBS Franchise Pilot. Other franchise concepts being developed with VRE SEPs will be focused on small manufacturing and repair systems; services for Veterans/Veteran Families who deal with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; and a local farming and healthy food restaurant concept. All of these new concepts are being developed by combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

B et ter Deal Pr inting

Better Deal Printing

offers better opportunity for franchisees Franchising USA

Better Deal Printing, a disabled veteran owned and operated company has already undergone some drastic changes in its tenure and it’s currently going through more.

Started in 2001 under the name Better Deal Advertising, owner Lawrence Curell changed the name to Better Deal Printing in 2009 to better showcase what the company does. He has added wide format, apparel, signage, brand management and sourcing divisions to the company over the past three years to expand the offering of products and service to the corporate and franchise communities that they serve. In March 2014, Curell decided to franchise the company to continue growth and offer opportunities to others that want to own their own low cost franchise in the printing industry. Headquartered in Prescott, AZ, Better Deal Printing is authorized to sell franchises in 36 states with California pending approval. The company officially launched its franchisee drive April 1 of 2015 and has received excellent responses to date.

Ideal Candidates Curell said he’s looking for highly motivated, results-driven people who are accepting and tolerant of risk. Experience in the printing industry or sales experience would be beneficial, but not necessary, as the company offers a comprehensive 6 day training program at the corporate headquarters with ongoing franchisee

“With a strong foothold in the franchise community and with corporate clients in the U.S., the potential for sustained growth and opportunities for franchisees is excellent.” support to help them succeed. Aside from people who have that specific experience, he will be targeting veterans and disabled veterans. A disabled veteran himself, Curell said the franchise is easy to run from home, which makes it ideal for disabled veterans (although franchisees can opt to open a storefront location). The former Army paratrooper said he has strong incentives for veterans to join the Better Deal Printing franchise system and has made the incentives available through the VetFran program. Eventually, Curell wants to expand internationally, expecting that to happen within the next five years. There is already interest from Canada and Dubai, the company owner said. The company is already serving overseas companies with clients in 16 countries on four continents and all 50 U.S. States. With a strong foothold in the franchise community and with corporate clients in the U.S., the potential for sustained growth and opportunities for franchisees is excellent.

One of the reasons printing, promotional products and branded apparel is such a lucrative franchising opportunity is because virtually all businesses use some form of it, Curell noted. “Look around your home and you can find numerous items that are purchased by companies. Pens, business cards, shirts, vehicle wraps, signs, promotional items, we are a one stop shop for our clients and we make it easy to do business with us. This is an opportunity to continue the proud work that Veterans did while serving in the military, allowing them to thrive in their own Better Deal Printing franchise” stated Curell. “Every business in the world uses our product and/or services,” he said, adding that it’s a $980 billion worldwide industry annually. Making it even more lucrative in the United States is that there are laws in place that will benefit a veteran-owned company. Currently, there are laws in 27 states that give veterans a preference for government purchases. The federal government also has such laws in place, requiring three percent of all federal government money

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

B et ter Deal Pr inting

to be spent with veteran-owned businesses. Several hundred corporate clients have also followed the government’s lead, instituting supplier diversity goals for spending, which veterans and disabled veterans are inclusive of. This is part of the reason he’s targeting veterans and disabled veterans, because Better Deal Printing is currently federally certified and registered as a veteran-owned business. Better Deal Printing is the only company in the U.S. that is offering this opportunity and that is federally certified, something he believes big corporate customers will also be interested in from franchisees.

The Better Deal Difference Aside from being federally certified, something else that makes Better Deal Printing different from its competition is that it does its own in-house production work, whereas other print providers outsource the production work to others. Owning its production facilities and equipment means Better Deal Printing can produce the franchisee’s product the same or next day when others can’t. Franchisees and clients can also get a better product for a better price because they deal directly with the manufacturer. This means his franchisees will have higher margins and

Franchising USA

“Also good for franchisees is that Better Deal Printing charges a lower franchise fee and collects a lower royalty than the competition.” make more money than their competitors. Also good for franchisees is that Better Deal Printing charges a lower franchise fee and collects a lower royalty than the competition. And, owning all of their production equipment means Better Deal Printing can control the consistency, quality and speed of the products going out to franchisees and their clients. “We excel where others are unable to because we have the manufacturing under our own roof,” stated Curell.

Training and Support Franchisees will have six days of training in Arizona with staff that currently sell and produce the products. Franchisees will learn all of the basics of printing, promotional products and apparel programs so they know the entire process of printing and selling their service, including making cold calls, lead generation, marketing plan execution, billing and all of the facets of the business that they need to be successful. After three to four months of franchisees selling in their own area, either Curell or one of his staff will visit the franchisee’s area for another week of training, lead

generation and to answer any questions that the franchisee may have. “I want to ensure that our franchisees have the support they need and are able to succeed in their market. If It takes additional training and support from the corporate office, we are there to help. We treat our franchisees like our customers – with respect, integrity and we offer them solutions to help them succeed. This is part of what differentiates us from our competition,” stated Curell. The franchisees will also benefit from their own website where customers can order online, ongoing lead generation and special pricing from the company owned production facilities to help them grow their Better Deal Printing franchise business. With its dedication to customers and its solid franchising plan in place, the next big change for Better Deal Printing looks to be the transformation into a successful franchise business. For more information on Better Deal Printing franchise opportunities, please contact Larry Curell at 928-445-8363 or info@bdpfranchising.com.

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

Ja ni-K ing

Couple credits leadership skills learned in military with

creating successful franchise From leaders in the military to leaders in their own business, Richard and Cindy Allen have taken what they’ve learned from their military service and applied it to their franchise. The couple purchased their Jani-King franchise in December 2012 and have been growing ever since. They chose Jani-King, Richard said, because they were contacted by a few different franchising brokers when they started doing their initial research and the janitorial company just seemed like it had the most promise. “Jani-King seemed to fit pretty well because of their local structure with a regional office and the fact that you

we’re offered cleaning contracts based on your investment level. None of the other franchises that we looked at offered that,” Richard said during a recent interview from the couple’s franchise office in their home in north New Jersey. Richard, who served in the military from 1980-86 and left as an infantry Captain, worked in sales in the building materials industry for over 20 years after his military career ended. Cindy, who served in the military from 1979-86 and left as a Captain in the Branch Medical Service Corps., worked in hospital administration in her post-military life. The turning point for them wanting to purchase their own franchise came when Richard’s company was purchased by larger one and he was let go in the ensuing merger. He found himself without a job but with a decent severance package. However, he had signed a two-year non-compete agreement so he couldn’t go back into the

industry he knew. This necessitated a fresh start and Cindy decided to join him in their new venture.

Becoming Franchisees After they signed their franchising agreement, Cindy said, they went through a full week of training at the JaniKing regional office. Then, after they secured their first couple of accounts, the operations people with the franchise worked with them as they started their first contract and helped them through the process of getting set up. The franchise representatives stayed with them for about two or three weeks as everything got up and running. Plus, any time they’ve started a new type of building that requires specialty cleaning — such as healthcare facilities — they’ve received specialized training for that. To teach franchisees how to clean hospitals and healthcare centers, Jani-King sends up a dedicated team of instructors from Dallas who train franchisees how to clean these specialty buildings. They’ll teach franchisees how to operate and bill for a hotel and do pretty much everything for any new type of building, she added. As for ongoing support and training, JaniKing has Introduced the couple to all the industry experts they’re associated with, such as janitorial product and equipment supply companies. There is an ongoing training element as they meet all these industry players and learn about their role in the janitorial industry. The franchise also provides marketing support, advertising, billing, collections and business insurance. The business insurance is especially helpful, Cindy

Franchising USA

“The franchise also provides marketing support, advertising, billing, collections and business insurance.” said, because Jani-King offers a business protection plan based on the amount of sales they have rather than being one flat rate.

Balancing Act While the franchise has been active for a while now, the couple is still getting used to the demands of being their own bosses. As with most new franchises, the work life balance has tipped a little more toward work. “When you own your own business, you own your own business 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Cindy said. “So, you really can’t just not answer the phone. If somebody doesn’t show up, or an employee has an issue with one of your sites, you need to be available for that, but we knew that going in.” Rather than Richard traveling two or three nights per week though, he does get to come home every night. Sometimes it’s late, she noted, but he always gets to come home, which is good.

Sound Advice For someone interested in joining the JaniKing franchise system, the couple said, they would tell them to know that it’s a lot different than working for a large company where there are teams of people to take care of IT, human resources, sales and operations. Fortunately with Jani-King, there is a local, regional office support team that assists with many of those tasks. The couple admits that there have been growing pains while adjusting to franchise ownership. For example, they’ve taken on some accounts that they shouldn’t have because they were a little too eager to get as many accounts as they could. However, if a client is located three hours away and you’re only making $200 per month from that client, it may not be worth it. “You just have to be selective in the

“You never lose those leaderships skills that you learn in the military.” accounts you take to make sure you leverage your resources appropriately,” Cindy advised. The couple currently has 35 employees and serve 30 clients.

Leadership Both Richard and Cindy credit their military service with giving them leadership skills that have helped them deal with their 30 employees. When you own a franchise, you have to be a sound

leader, as well as an educator and a motivator and you need to be able to keep your team focused on the end goal and the military gave them those abilities. “You never lose those leaderships skills that you learn in the military,” Cindy said. For the couple, the transition from being employees in large companies to business owners has been challenging at times, but ultimately fulfilling. www.janiking.com/franchise

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

J Dog Ju nk Removal

7 Reasons Why JDo Join the Movement that puts the “military way” to work for you Are you currently deployed in the American Armed Forces, a veteran or a family member? Have you tried to do the “corporate thing” and found it wasn’t a fit? Do you want to be part of a movement that’s founded on military ideals? If so, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling wants YOU because:

franchisees, because they apply this same discipline to everything they do.”

2. Your military skills and discipline give you a competitive advantage Veterans are hard working, decisive, experienced leaders who excel at mission accomplishment. And, once their service to their country has been completed, Veterans are more likely than their civilian counterparts to become self-

employed. Their skill set and experience make Veterans successful entrepreneurs, especially as franchisees operating under an established umbrella organization.

3. The junk removal and hauling business is rapidly growing, underserved and highly profitable We need people like you to join us in tapping into this rapidly growing, underserved, highly profitable market,

1. You’re a member of the extended military family Founded by Army Veteran Jerry Flanagan, JDog’s brand revolves around the American public’s support of current and former military service members and the belief that those who serve know how to get the tough jobs done. “The first thing they teach you in the service is punctuality, respect and work ethic,” Flanagan said. “Those skills were emphasized in my military training and they still guide me. I think that people who served make great

Franchising USA

In 2013, JDog Founder Jerry Flanagan began franchising his successful business model

og Wants YOU “We’re also proud to offer advice and mentoring from our JDog ‘Joint Chiefs,’ an experienced board of advisors that includes successful entrepreneurs and decorated military officers.” only a fraction of which is being serviced. Americans have a lot of stuff—excess stuff that’s piling up and creating anxiety for folks who just don’t know where to begin. So, while junk removal may not be glamorous, it’s needed and profitable. JDog franchisees help people de-clutter their lives and breathe easier. Plus, our customers feel good about where all that junk is going—it’s recycled, repurposed or donated to schools, hospitals or charities like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. JDog works with the U.S.

Department of Veterans Affairs to support the rehabilitation of veterans through its Compensated Work Therapy program. JDog also plans to donate 10% of annual corporate net income to veteran charities designated by their franchisees.

4. The American public wants to support veteran causes When given a choice, Americans will always choose to support a veteran/ military-owned business. By offering

JDog ‘Joint Chiefs’ include decorated military officers

franchises exclusively to members of the military family, JDog is hoping to help put a dent into the unemployment rate among vets. In fact, JDog is the only company attempting to build a national veteran brand. We need talented, committed franchise operators to roll up their sleeves and help us achieve success together.

5. You value your freedom The JDog Movement is a powerful new mission that provides freedom from the uncertainty of what comes next. Freedom to build a business and choose a team. Freedom to call the shots while enjoying the support of a national brand. As one Army Reservist who is now a JDog franchise owner in Tennessee sees it: “Being a business owner gives me more control over my time and, as a result, a better quality of life.”

6. You want to prosper—on your own, but with support JDog franchisees operate distinctive camo vehicles and wear fatigues-style uniforms

JDog makes it easy to succeed. We offer a detailed Operations Plan to help get franchisees up and running quickly

Franchising USA

V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

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V eter a ns i n Fr a nch isi ng

J Dog Ju nk Removal

How do I learn more? JDog has one of the lowest franchising rates around: $25,000. To learn more about the advantages of joining the

JDog Movement, please visit www. jdogjunkremoval.com.

What if I refer someone? If you refer a qualified candidate who buys a JDog franchise, we will reward you with a $2,500 referral fee.

About JDog Junk Removal & Hauling JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is a

national company that sells franchises exclusively to military veterans and JDog franchisees connect at training in Philadelphia

and profitably. We offer new franchise owners one week of intensive training at our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA and a follow up week of training at the franchisee’s location. Qualified franchisees can also tap into federal, state and local programs, benefits and resources that assist Veterans along the way. We’re also proud to offer advice and mentoring from our JDog “Joint Chiefs,” an experienced board of advisors that includes successful entrepreneurs and decorated military officers like retired Marine Major General Douglas O’Dell, and retired Captain Larry Liss, one of the most highly decorated helicopter pilots of the Vietnam War. According to O’Dell, “Since the most recent war, there has been no improvement from the government in helping veterans find meaningful careers as they exit the service…the private sector needs to take on this responsibility, which is why growing companies like JDog is so

important.” Liss adds: “Many veterans do not realize how the skills they’ve acquired in the service allow them to be competitive in the civilian workforce. The superb decision-making and organizational skills position them to be successful business owners if they are given the proper tools and direction.”

7. You want to connect We’re looking for people who value that sense of connection they had while serving and who want to be part of a bigger mission. JDog Junk Removal offers its business owners a sense of community that can’t be found in other franchises. Many franchise operators employ other veterans, helping other military family members transition to civilian life. And, unlike other franchises, JDog franchisees don’t compete with each another, but support fellow franchise owners. In fact, as more veterans join the JDog Movement, all benefit from the company’s growth.

“The first thing they teach you in the service is punctuality, respect and work ethic, those skills were emphasized in my military training and they still guide me.” Franchising USA

veteran family members – people who

understand the notion of service to our

country, hard work, and dedication. The company is committed to offering its

proven operating model to veterans and

military family members, enabling them

to realize the American dream of business ownership. JDog currently has locations

in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee, and is

actively looking for qualified franchisees to join the JDog movement nationwide. For more information on JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, please visit www.jdogjunkremoval.com.

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“North America’s Premier Brokerage Firm” “I truly, truly enjoy making the dreams of others come true. Whether you’re looking for that perfect business or franchise to buy, or selling the business that you’ve built over the years of loving care, we can guide you through the process.” CURT MAIER – YOUR SUPERBROKERTM Buy/Sell a Business or Franchise 425.679.6627 office | 425.505.3649 cell c.maier@murphybusiness.com | www.YourFranchiseAdvisor.com/home/ourfranchise-advisors/curt-maier/

Our Motto: LEAVE



Our professional business brokers all have past experience as business owners and senior managers. We apply that business sense to help match buyers to an appropriate business or franchise opportunity.

s When selling a business or buying a business or franchise, our affiliations with National and International Business Brokers and Merger & Acquisition associations assure sellers the best exposure and buyers the broadest marketplace s Business Valuation Services performed by qualified professionals s Experienced CMEA appraisal professionals perform machinery and equipment appraisals s Skilled intermediaries provide assistance in Mergers & Acquisitions s We uncover the best franchise opportunities for buyers and are members of the IFPG and FBA s We work with franchisors and franchisees on franchise resales A strong presence in the community provides insight into the local market. Murphy Business Northwest deals with local companies and business professionals every day, which helps us gain their respect, and ultimately helps us uncover those gems in the “hidden market” you won’t find on the internet, whether it’s businesses or franchises for sale. Beyond the local market in the greater Puget Sound region, Murphy Business is a national firm with over 165 offices and 275 brokers.

Curt Maier and Ajay Kumar, Area Developer in Seattle of SUPERCUTS


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Veterans in Franchising May 2015  

All the latest News and Information on Franchising for Veterans today.

Veterans in Franchising May 2015  

All the latest News and Information on Franchising for Veterans today.

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