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FEBRUARY 4, 2017


Board of Directors

Kevin Jermyn Executive Director

Anne Baker, President Joseph Tota, President Elect Efriam Juarez, Treasurer Gordon Kane, Past President Betsey Madden, Secretary Rob Chenoweth Chris Hennessey Jennifer Kelly Tom Klimmeck Gina Magsombol William McKeever Mike Winters Sue Valene

Johnpaul Higgins Director of Membership & Community Development Greg Hipp Director of Events & Marketing Leah Bohr Director of Training Alona Banai Director of Partnerships Astrid Grimes Organizational & Membership Coordinator Greg Itahara Graphic Designer Janice Brink Accounting Sintayhu Regassa Intern

CARA History CARA is the voice of the every-runner; whether you run a few miles a week, are training for your first marathon or competing for an age group win. Since 1978 the Chicago Area Runners Association -- CARA, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to running advocacy in the Chicago area…city and suburbs. Starting as the local running club, CARA has grown into the organization that championed the running movement across Chicagoland. We help runners by offering paths to a wealth of training, social, outreach and advocacy programs, while promoting friendships and personal fulfillment. CARA has a tradition of successful engagement and actions on issues important to runners and the community. Stretching back nearly four decades, CARA has been firmly rooted in giving a voice to runners’ concerns and improving the running experience in Chicagoland. We are dedicated to bridging the diverse concerns of everyone interested in running – running groups and clubs, and municipal, businesses and community leaders – to make this a great place to run. Our advocacy and social outreach efforts have expanded to include ‘Go Run, a community based running program designed to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. ‘Go Run, in cooperation with the Chicago Park District, will host 72 free timed 5K and 1-Mile events in local parks in 2017. In its first year the program served over 3,000 finishers of all ages and abilities. Striving to be the best and most active source for running information, CARA shares its expertise, enthusiasm and passion for excellence with runners in a helpful and approachable way. We do this by bringing together the interests and enjoyment of an active and diverse running community across the Chicago area. In support of our year round training programs, racing competitions, advocacy and social outreach initiatives, we welcome new members, new sponsors, and new charity partners. CARA is devoted to expanding, motivating, supporting and celebrating the running community of Chicagoland, connecting runners to resources that enable them to run—farther, faster, better, for life. | @CARAruns | 312-666-9836

Announcing the 2017 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Schedule Chicago, IL – The Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA), announces the selections for the 2017 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit. The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit is a series of running events intended to create a competitive structure for local runners, and has long been a source of camaraderie for participants with each other and between local running clubs. "The Circuit brings the best of local running together, both races and runners alike. More than just a collection of races, the Circuit is a community of runners who love to challenge themselves through competition and personal improvement.” Greg Hipp, CARA’s Director of Road Race Services and Events, said. “While Circuit competition often draws the most attention, it’s the amazing camaraderie the Circuit promotes among local runners and clubs that makes it so special to CARA." Circuit races are chosen annually by CARA’s Race Committee through input of CARA’s membership, race participants, CARA staff and CARA’s Board of Directors. This circuit includes many of Chicagoland’s most well organized and well-appreciated races. Circuit races are found in both the city and suburbs and include both major worldclass events and local club races alike. “We at the Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th are honored once again to be chosen to be on the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit. It's something we take seriously, working hard to put on the best race possible. Elmhurst is a community known not just for running, but for high quality running, and we do the best we can each year to uphold the high standards, not only of CARA, but our own local community.” Bob Richards, Race Director of the Elmhurst Running Club 4 on the 4th, said. “It is great to have the locals mix with some of the top runners in the Chicago area on a festive Fourth of July morning every year, and we are thrilled that this great tradition will continue in 2017.” Runners of all levels participate annually in CARA Circuit Races to chase personal and competitive goals, to complement their year-long training programs, and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community. "The essence of a race is the community connections it fosters. Local races provide the best means for Chicagoland runners to strengthen these bonds while sharing a great race experience amongst friends.” Keith Strom, Race Director of The Good Life Race, said. The Good Life Race received the 2016 CARA Race of the Year award, which will be presented at the annual CARA Awards Banquet in February. Runners do not need to register to be included in circuit scoring, except in Clydesdale/Athena categories. Runners are tracked and scored automatically, and at the end of the season runners are also eligible to receive awards during CARA’s annual Awards Banquet. CARA membership is required for award eligibility. The 2017 Circuit kicks-off with the longtime Circuit Race favorite, the Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler on March 18, at Montrose Beach. This year’s slate features several new additions, including the Ridge Run 10K, on May 29 in Beverley, Roselle Run for the Roses, on June 4 in Roselle, the Proud to Run 10K, on June 24 in Chicago, Buffalo Grove Stampede 5K, on September 4 in Buffalo Grove, and the Lycee Chicago Oui Run, on September 24, in Chicago. In addition to the Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler, other returning favorites include the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K, on April 2 in Chicago, The Good Life Race 5K, on April 23 in Oak Park, Quarryman Challenge 10 Miler on May 13, in Lemont, Elmhurst Running Club, 4 on the 4th, on July 4, in Elmhurst, NU Run for Walk 4.1 Mile, date TBD in Evanston, Windrunner 10K on August 20, in Wheaton, Alpine Races Half Marathon, on September 10, in Lake Zurich, Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 8, in Chicago, and the Lake Bluff PTO Pumpkin Chase 5K, on October 28, in Lake Bluff. To see the complete schedule and for more information visit:

New Year, New CARA Director By Holly Petrovich (Chicago Athlete / Published Jan. 3, 2017) As Kevin Jermyn sits behind his desk at the Chicago Area Runners Association office in downtown Chicago, he realizes he hasn’t been there too much during his first months as Executive Director. Replacing former director Ed Zlyka at the beginning of November, Jermyn has been very busy. Between meeting new people and formulating a plan of action, he’s ready for the 2017 season to begin to put his ideas into play. In the short term, Jermyn really wants to capitalize on the already great coaching staff at CARA, to provide better training resources, support and coaching. He also wants to reach a greater audience in terms of the training opportunities. “I love the Chicago Marathon, but I don’t want running to be a bucket list item where they’re one and done,” Jermyn says. “I want us to have a nice long-term gradual progression into running and promote more beginner and intermediate running options by having an enhanced beginning level running program.” Another aspect of CARA he’s excited to get his hands on is the ‘Go Run program. ‘Go Run offers free 5K runs on Saturdays in the summer and fall in various parks around Chicago. As much as Jermyn already loves the program, he wants to expand it to the suburbs, and really utilize the different parks that don’t get as much attention. “Running has become an expensive support, so we certainly want to have an inexpensive gateway for people to get involved and hooked on how magical it is, and still support the higher level events, but have easier access opportunities,” he adds. Jermyn’s big long-term plan is to expand indoor running throughout the city of Chicago, especially because it is one of the colder cities in the United States. With a big background in track and field, he knows how much power the sport has to uplift different groups of people. He also wants to focus on reaching younger groups of runners. Although this position is new for Jermyn, his running experience is not lacking. After trailing the wrong crowd in middle school, he followed his sister’s footsteps and joined cross country in high school. He says to this day, that was the best decision he ever made. “Running introduced me to a whole new culture; everyone on my cross country team was getting all A’s, applying

to great colleges, going to bed early, studying hard and training hard, and it suited with me,” Jermyn reflects. “I developed a great work ethic, which made me the first person in my family to go to college.” As a student at Georgetown University in Washington DC, Jermyn kept running, and ended up becoming All-American. Upon graduation, he stayed in DC where he was able to run professionally for Reebok for a few years. At this point in his life, running was not something he was able to let go of, and ended up becoming an accounting and finance person for a startup company in the running industry. He always loved the business side of things, and enjoyed doing this for a few years, but the competitiveness in him kept calling his name. He then began his 14-year coaching career at Duke University in 2000, where he was the head women’s cross country and track coach. After his last season as a coach, he went back into the business world of running, until he met Zylka, who recruited him for the position. Even though his acceptance of the job forced him to uproot his entire life from North Carolina, Chicago feels familiar to Jermyn, as he grew up in New York City. The big-community feel may be the biggest challenge for Jermyn and his staff, as he wants to make every runner happy. However, Jermyn has confidence that if they proceed sustainably, they can reach every goal and need out there. Plus, he sees his lack of connections in the city as an advantage to provide new perspectives. “The biggest reason why I am here is because running was a tremendous change agent on my life, so my goal is to make sure we find ways of conveying that message of how running can be that vehicle,” Jermyn says. “My whole thing is that running is incredibly magical, and I feel an obligation and a sense of fulfillment when I can give that to other people.”

FROM ANNE BAKER, PRESIDENT Greetings Runners! Every year we come together and celebrate our most dedicated racers who have completed the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Races. Your dedication to racing and to your clubs is remarkable. Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic racing season! Last year we talked about the “Power of the Group” and that has been a lasting theme at CARA. Today we are presenting the CARA Lifetime Achievement Award to a man who embodies those characteristics for CARA. Chuck Aron has not only trained hundreds of our marathon trainees over the years, he’s raised over $100,000 for the Alzheimer's Association. In 2016, Chuck took on a very personal goal of completing 73 races in honor of his brother and raised $25,000 for Alzheimer's. We look forward to sharing his story. Congrats Chuck! Last year we told you to be on the lookout for new advocacy programs. Last summer we partnered with the Chicago Park District to launch ‘Go Runs - free timed 5k and 1 mile races across 3 Chicago parks: Humboldt, Warren, and Washington over 8 weekends. We were able to repeat the program in the fall and I'm proud to say they'll start again this spring in April. The ‘Go Runs initiative was the brainchild of our former Executive Director, Ed Zylka who modeled them after similar programs in the UK and in New York. As you may know, Ed left us in October for snowier running trails in Vermont. We thank him for bringing this initiative to Chicago! While we were saddened to see Ed leave, we welcomed Kevin Jermyn as our new Executive Director in October. Kevin brings running industry experience to CARA as a former elite runner and collegiate Track coach for the Duke University. We are excited about Kevin’s leadership and his passion for bringing health and wellness through running to the Chicago-land Area. Finally to the CARA Staff, I thank you for the work you do to make running better for all of us! See you on the path, Anne CARA Board of Directors, President

FROM KEVIN JERMYN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Fellow Runners, I was attracted to the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) for the opportunity to uplift Chicagoland through running. Over 68 percent of Americans are over-weight or obese and nearly 50 percent are diabetic or prediabetic. Further, just 31 percent of Americans rate themselves as very happy. I believe running has a magical capacity to uplift people and communities and there is considerable research to support my belief. I want to congratulate you on your commitment to running and participation in the CARA Runner’s Choice Circuit. In addition to improving your physical health, you developed a unique community of runners. I believe that the wellness benefits of community may outweigh the physiological gains from running. Personally, I am excited about our potential, as a running community, to uplift people and communities throughout Chicagoland. Congratulations to each of our circuit award winners and a special congratulations to Chuck Aron on his remarkable running achievements in 2016! While our society is passionate about providing competitive athletic opportunities for our youth, there is a dearth of opportunities for adults to challenge themselves with a health enhancing activity. I know it isn’t easy to find the time and energy to train and race, so I commend you on your commitment and diligence. I look forward to joining you on the 2017 circuit. Last summer, CARA trained over 150 students from 9 Chicago high schools for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon through our Road Scholars program. Through the support of over 65 volunteers and sponsors such as Fleet Feet, we were able to guide our Road Scholars through the finish line with a transformational life experience. I encourage you take another step forward in spreading the gift of running to new runners and communities. CARA launched ‘Go Run in 2016 with the objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. ‘Go Run are organized, FREE timed 5k and 1-mile runs in Chicago parks and served more than 3,000 finishers over 48 runs in 2016. We are planning for 72 runs in three parks in 2017 and plan to in time expand to 12 parks throughout Chicagoland. With your financial support and volunteer hours, we can bring all of the wonderful benefits of group running to underserved areas throughout Chicagoland. Happy Running, Kevin Jermyn CARA Executive Director

FROM ROB CHENOWETH, RACE COMMITTEE CHAIR Congratulations, Runners! It’s that time of year again where we get together and celebrate our racing accomplishments from last season. I hope that each of you were able to reach your goals while also having fun while doing it. The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit exists to allow each of us to come together throughout the year and participate in some really high quality races together in a social setting. One of my favorite aspects of the circuit is that we get to compete against many of the same people consistently throughout the year. It’s a great way to measure our individual progress while also creating a special bond with racers of our own pace. I know there are countless friendships that have formed as a result of these races, which is just another great benefit for all of us. So please, spread the word and encourage your family and friends to give the circuit a try. There are race distances and paces for everybody from the beginning runner to the more experienced athletes. I also hope that each of you is looking forward to the 2017 season. These early months we typically start planning for our races. It’s an exciting time whether you are thinking about attempting a new distance, set a PR, or simply just want to participate in a group setting. The race committee truly hopes that you will be motivated by this year’s Runner’s Choice Circuit. We have added a number of new races that we think everybody will really enjoy. These are races that have already been CARA certified and were rated very highly by the participants. Please take the opportunity today to share your goals with your competitors. Challenge each other to reach greater heights. Let’s make this the best racing season ever! Sincerely, Rob Chenoweth CARA Racing Committee, Chair Race Committee Members Rob Chenoweth, Chair Nick Bensen Stephanie Finn Beth Onines

Ed Packel Doug Pearson Kimberley Stedman

Danielle Steimel Will Van Dyke Robert Wiegand

CARA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Presented by Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K Since its inception, recipients of the CARA Lifetime Achievement Award have been those who have made significant and impactful contributions to the Chicagoland running community. Award recipients are chosen through nominations and feedback from CARA membership, CARA staff, the CARA Board of Directors and the Chicago running community at-large; including staff at the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K. Chuck Aron, our 2016 CARA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, has long contributed to the success of CARA and countless Chicago area runners. As a long time CARA training group leader, supporter of local racing and an incredible charity marathon fundraiser, Chuck’s running has always been centered around how he could give back to others. Chuck Aron

A 17 time marathon finisher, Chuck’s influence in local running has long been felt through his service as a CARA training group leader. Through his leadership and service to others Chuck has been a fixture in CARA’s training family. He has not only contributed to the marathon finishes of hundreds of CARA runners, he has been a catalyst for the unique culture that makes CARA so special. Lakefront Path runners know “Uncle Chuck” as the guy always being followed by a group of mostly female runners. Chuck and his training groups are a family. Known as “Chuck’s Chicks”, the group depends on Chuck to overcome struggles, both in running and in life. Many will recognize Chuck from the local racing scene from his trademark purple ALZ uniform. A dedicated fundraiser, Chuck capped off an incredible 2016 by successfully completing his 73 for 70 fundraising campaign for the Alzheimer’s Association. In honor of Chuck’s brother in-law Paul, who would have been 73 this year but passed away after a fight with Alzheimer’s at the age of 58, Chuck, who turned 70 this year, completed 73 races between Paul’s birthdate March 24th and ending with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October. Chuck raised nearly $25,000 this year, and over the years has raised well over $100,000 for ALZ.

Q & A with Chuck Aron, CARA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Hometown: Chicago Education: Lane Tech HS, UIC (1968), DePaul (1972) Current Residence: Chicago Occupation: Attorney Family: Sara (wife) Started Running: 1978 Joined CARA: 2000 Most Influential People to Chuck: Sara Aron (wife), Bill Leach (CARA coach), Joel Feinburg & Will Bridge (Universal Sole), Dave Zimmer (Fleet Feet), Mark Colpoys (RAM Racing), Mel Diab (Running for Kicks), Carey Pinkowski & Mike Nishi (Bank of America Chicago Marathon), Scott Hutmacher & Dan Lakin (Lifetime Events), Dave Kappas (Announcer), Noreen Karadshed (Novacare) and countless training partners, too many to name. How has living in Chicago and being part of CARA affected you? “When I returned to running, joining CARA was one of the first things I did. First of all, I thought it important to support the Chicago running community.” How did you become involved with CARA training? “In 2004, I self trained for the Chicago Marathon and often complained about the CARA training groups spread all over the path, often in very strong language. Beth Onines, who was then in charge of the training program said “If you think you can keep a group running in twos, why don’t you become a group leader. So I did.” Who are the “Chuck’s Chicks”? “In 2013, the following the F^3 Half Marathon, I was sitting with Brooke Lehman and Jamie Jacobson point out I had been a group leader for a number of years and should have a Facebook page with all of my alumni. I said sure, set it up, but what should we call it? The first suggestion was Charlies Angels, which I shot down. The next suggestion was Chuck’s Chicks. I said that’s politically incorrect… that’s perfect!


Long Distance Award

Kirby Anderson

Penny Jensen

Hans Wenzel

Chuck Aron

Sherri Anderson

Gerard Kenny

Robert Wiegand

Carrie Blaine

Derick Anhalt

Marsha Komosa

Doris Schertz

Lynn Crim

Chuck Aron

Lawrence Kravets

Erin Ding

Fred Arriaga

Bill Leiner

Francisco Guerrero

Nick Bensen

Kaori Maeshima

Tina Helm

Carrie Blaine

Eileen Malec

John Hester

Tony Bleull

Susan Malnati

Maureen Ingold

Julie Bruns

Rachel Meiner

Penny Jensen

Sarah Buerger

John Murillo

Gerard Kenny

Lance Caldwell

Richard Osborne

Marsha Komosa

Jonathan Cohen

Kristin Otto

Lawrence Kravets

Lynn Crim

Ed Packel

Susan Malnati

Sophia Galiano-Sanchez

Doug Pearson

John Murillo

Fritz Gareis

Roberto Sarli

Richard Osborne

Angelica Guerrero

Greg Smith

Edward Straka

Francisco Guerrero

Kimberley Stedman

Elizabeth Streit

Tina Helm

Edward Straka

Lovie Twine

David Hensley

Elizabeth Streit

Hans Wenzel

John Hester

Lovie Twine

Robert Wiegand

Maureen Ingold

Carlos Viramontes

Jennifer Jendras

Doug Walder

Chicago’s premier social fun run program: Tuesday evenings, three times a year for six consecutive weeks. Group run at your pace, cold Lagunitas beer, appetizers, and our famous raffle. All series participants receive a premium shirt.


3. Rob Warner (83 pts)

Female 25-29

8 & Under Girls

Clydesdale “B”

1. Sophia Galiano-Sanchez (52 pts) 2. Amy Urbano (42 pts) 3. Alejadra Hernandez (13 pts)

1. Steve Sarowitz (119 pts) 2. Lynn Crim (118 pts) 3. John Murillo (92 pts)

1. Kristen Heckert (90 pts) 2. Stephanie Finn (54 pts)

9 & 10 Boys

Clydesdale “C”

1. Nicolas McGee (28 pts)

1. Chris Stephenitch (120 pts) 2. Richard Osborne (116 pts) 3. Jeff West (94 pts)

9 & 10 Girls 1. Kenya Perez (59 pts) 2. Lizeth Montes (58 pts) 3. Olivia VanKooten (47 pts) 11 & 12 Boys 1. Aryan Krishna (70 pts) 11 & 12 Girls 1. Hannah McGee (56 pts) 2. Ellie Grammas (30 pts) 15 & 16 Girls 1. Sarah Cardona (19 pts) Clydesdale / Athena Clydesdale “A” 1. Greg Smith (117 pts) 2. Daniel Pintar (117 pts)

Athena “A” 1. Sarah Bueger (120 pts) 2. Nicole Jendres (113 pts) 3. Lisa Verdon (110 pts) Athena “B” 1. Rachel Meiner (120 pts) 2. Lovie Twine (115 pts) 3. Kimberley Stedman (101 pts) Age Group Male 25-29 1. Kyle Coats (84 pts) 2. Kyle Larson (48 pts) 3. Bradley Dalrymple (31 pts)

Male 30-34 1. Joel Bendtsen (115 pts) 2. Derick Anhalt (95 pts) 3. John Craig (80 pts) Female 30-34 1. Annabelle Winters (113 pts) 2. Veronika Tylova (93 pts) 3. Veronica Laureao (61 pts) Male 35-39 1. Jeremy Ruston (117 pts) 2. Robert Wiegand (112 pts) 3. Steve Breese (95 pts) Female 35-39 1. Columba Montes (99 pts) 2. Stacia Klasen (96 pts) 3. Karrie Hamstra-Wright (83 pts) Male 40-44 1. Scott Mangum (111 pts) 2. James Robertson (106 pts) 3. Jeff Hojnacki (79 pts)


Female 55-59

Female 70-74

1. Meshelle Rich (89 pts) 2. Wendy Jaehn (72 pts) 3. Sherri Anderson (68 pts)

1. Laura Kennedy (120 pts) 2. Kayoko Hamamura (114 pts) 3. Eileen Dolan (99 pts)

1. Stacia Taylor (120 pts) 2. Muriel Odeen (110 pts) 3. Eileen Malec (98 pts)

Male 45-49

Male 60-64

Male 75-79

1. Steven Clark (118 pts) 2. Lance Caldwell (116 pts) 3. Doug Pearson (91 pts)

1. Keith Holzmueller (119 pts) 2. John Gates (117 pts) 3. Bill Leiner (98 pts)

1. Ron Thomas (120 pts) 2. Nick Koplos (113 pts) 3. Clark Maxfield (106 pts)

Female 45-49

Female 60-64

Female 75-79

1. Julie Bruns (120 pts) 2. Laura Jortberg (110 pts) 3. Susan Malnati (100 pts)

1. Grace Wasielewski (119 pts) 2. Kaori Maeshima (109 pts) 3. Beth Onines (99 pts)

1. Doris Shertz (120 pts) 2. Janet Draheim (95 pts)

Male 50-54

Male 65-69

1. Tony Bluell (120 pts) 2. Robert Klawans (100 pts) 3. Leo Kular (92 pts)

1. Bob Sievert (117 pts) 2. Bob Richards (114 pts) 3. Doug Walder (112 pts)

1. Russell Scott (120 pts) 2. Kirby Anderson (112 pts) 3. Bob Hakes (109 pts)

Female 50-54

Female 65-69

1. Gene Van Camp (75 pts)

1. Angelica Guerrero (120 pts) 2. Heather Price (86 pts) 3. Connie Hesslau (85 pts)

1. Nancy Rollins (120 pts) 2. Isola Metz (113 pts) 3. Linda Lynch (101 pts)

Male 85 & Over

Male 55-59

Male 70-74

1. Mark Pryzbyla (115 pts) 2. Craig Gunby (109 pts) 3. Michael Brosilow (102 pts)

1. Jack Zordan (119 pts) 2. Ed Packel (114 pts) 3. Adrian Malec (112 pts)

Male 80-84

Female 80-84

1. Robert Taylor (115 pts) 2. Robert McKeague (74 pts)

Award Winners Age Graded

Male Overall

Female Overall

1. Nancy Rollins (199 pts) 2. Laura Kennedy (193 pts) 3. Doris Schertz (192 pts) 4. Angelica Guerrero (183 pts) 5. Tony Bluell (163 pts) 6. Grace Wasielewski (160 pts) 7. Keith Holzmueller (132 pts) 8. Kristen Heckert (131 pts) 9. Mark Pryzbyla (104 pts) 10. Steven Clark (102 pts)

1. Joel Bendtsen (179 pts) 2. Jeremy Ruston (161 pts) 3. Robert Wiegand (150 pts) 4. Lance Caldwell (121 pts) 5. Steven Clark (103 pts) 6. James Robertson (102 pts) 7. John Craig (99 pts) 8. Derick Anhalt (86 pts) 9. James Akita (86 pts) 10. Scott Mangum (85 pts)

1. Annabelle Winters (161 pts) 2. Kristen Heckert (150 pts) 3. Staci Klasen (131 pts) 4. Columba Montes (126 pts) 5. Laura Kennedy (123 pts) 6. Julie Bruns (119 pts) 7. Angelica Guerrero (116 pts) 8. Meshelle Rich (101 pts) 9. Veronika Tylova (97 pts) 10. Karrie Hamstra-Wright (95 pts)

AWARD WINNERS CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Runners of the Year Joel Bendtsen | Annabelle Winters CARA Junior Runners of the Year Aryan Krishna | Kenya Perez CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Masters Runners of the Year Scott Mangum | Meshelle Rich CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Veteran Runners of the Year Tony Bluell | Angelica Guerrero CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Senior Runners of the Year Keith Holzmueller | Grace Wasielewski CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Super Senior Runners of the Year Jack Zordan | Doris Schertz CARA Comeback Runner of the Year Jessica Sokolowski CARA Race of the Year The Good Life Race 5K - Oak Park Runners Club

1-Mile & 5K Community Runs | Saturday’s at 9:00am | Returning In April | 72 Runs In 2017

Joe Bendtsen 2016 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Male Runner of The Year Hometown: Chillicothe, OH Education: Chillicothe HS, Denison University Current Residence: Chicago Running Club: Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team Family: Naveya (daughter) Started Running: Age 9 What inspired you to begin running? “I think the unique mix of individual and team competition inspired me to take it seriously, and it's those same challenges the keep me coming back.” How many Circuits have you participated in? “This is my second year running on the CARA Circuit.” How did you first become involved with CARA? “I joined as a member of the Fleet Feet Racing Team.” What other running clubs have you been involved in? “A brief stint with the Columbus Running Company in Ohio, The Tacoma Runners in Washiginton state, and now Fleet Fleet Racing here in Chicago.” How has living in Chicagoland and being part of CARA affected you? “Being in Chicago and a part of CARA provides tremendous opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the sport, and constantly meet new individuals excited about running and fitness in general.” What inspires you to do the Circuit? “The team competition, individual challenge, and opportunity to experience different parts of the city that I would not likely see otherwise.” Who are some people who have influenced you most as a as a runner? “Definitely my dad - he and I still talk running a lot. My high school and college coaches were great people who were dedicated to their athletes' develop as runners and as individuals. Watching my Fleet Feet teammates achieve their goals (and working with them to set team goals) is probably my biggest source of inspiration at the moment.”

Annabelle Winters 2016 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Female Runner of The Year Hometown: New Hampshire Education: Pinkerton Academy HS, Plymouth State University Current Residence: Chicago Running Club: Bootleg Runners Started Running: Third Grade

How did you get started in running? “I started casually running as cross training for swimming when I was in my early teens. I didn’t start training very diligently at all until 2010 and since then I have completed the Boston Marathon five times, 13 total marathons total and a bunch of other races. According to Athlinks I’ve completed 1,264 miles of races! I’ve signed up for my first ultra this fall.” How did you first get involved with CARA? I learned about CARA in 2010 when I finally trained for my first marathon and read Hal Higdons’ book, wherein he talks about Chicago running history. I love the CARA Runners Choice Circuit Races and its individual competition program, and have worked a few CARA events which have been a great experience.” You also work with CARA as a ‘Go Run coordinator, tell us about it? “The reason I am compelled to work with CARA and the 'Go Run series is because I truly believe that running is a powerful platform for growing, healing, supporting, and meeting people from all backgrounds and any aspirations. The world I want to live in is a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience the amazing community of supportive, friendly, and inspirational people that running brings together.” How has living in Chicagoland and being part of CARA affected you? “Just about every Chicago friend I have I met through running.” What inspires you to do the Circuit? “It lends to consistency in both training and racing, I like that I see familiar faces at each race. Makes is way more enjoyable.”

Summer Marathon Training Program

It's the Power of the Group that brings us back together every summer to chase our common goal. CARA's unmatched support and resources have helped ten's of thousands of new and experienced marathoners alike cross the finish line time after time. Whether you are chasing your 50th or your first marathon, CARA cannot wait to be part of your journey.

18 Week Program | 10 Training Site Options | June 5—October 8

Club Standings Combined Club

Female Open Club

1. Fast Track Racing Team (116 pts) 2. Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (115 pts) 3. Oak Park Runners Club (111 pts) 4. Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (107 pts) 5. Evanston Running Club (102 pts) 6. New Balance Chicago (101 pts) 7. Elmhurst Running Club (94 pts) 8. Track and Trough Athletic Union (84 pts) 9. Bootleg Runners Coalition (66 pts) 10. Front Runners (51 pts)

1. Fast Track Racing Team (117 pts) 2. Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (113 pts) 3. Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (107 pts) 4. Oak Park Runners Club (107 pts) 5. Elmhurst Running Club (104 pts) 6. Evanston Running Club (98 pts) 7. New Balance Chicago (96 pts) 8. Bootleg Runners Coalition (82 pts) 9. Track and Trough Athletic Union (75 pts) 10. Front Runners (25 pts)

Male Open Club

Male Masters Club

1. Fast Track Racing Team (119 pts) 2. Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (115 pts) 3. Elmhurst Running Club (103 pts) 4. Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (102 pts) 5. Oak Park Runners Club (102 pts) 6. Track and Trough Athletic Union (98 pts) 7. Evanston Running Club (96 pts) 8. New Balance Chicago (73 pts) 9. Bootleg Runners Coalition (71 pts) 10. Front Runners (48 pts)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Fast Track Racing Team (119 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (119 pts) Oak Park Runners Club (104 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (104 pts) Track and Trough Athletic Union (104 pts) Evanston Running Club (98 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (80 pts) Front Runners (56 pts) Bootleg Runners Coalition (43 pts)

Female Masters Club

Female Senior Club

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fast Track Racing Team (118 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (114 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (114 pts) Oak Park Runners Club (109 pts) Evanston Running Club (99 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (98 pts) Bootleg Runners Coalition (72 pts) Track and Trough Athletic Union (45 pts) Front Runners (34 pts)

Male Veteran Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Evanston Running Club (120 pts) Fast Track Racing Team (117 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (108 pts) Oak Park Runners Club (104 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (98 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (87 pts)

Corporate Circuit 1. Molex (105 pts) 2. Sargent & Lundy (100 pts) 3. Deloitte (15 pts)

Oak Park Runners Club (120 pts) Fast Track Racing Team (119 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (106 pts) Evanston Running Club (101 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (97 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (85 pts) Track and Trough Athletic Union (77 pts) Front Runners (64 pts)

Female Veteran Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Fast Track Racing Team (118 pts) Oak Park Runners Club (116 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (114 pts) Evanston Running Club (109 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (99 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (87 pts) Bootleg Runners Coalition (66 pts) Front Runners (8 pts)

Male Senior Club 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Evanston Running Club (120 pts) Elmhurst Running Club (115 pts) Oak Park Runners Club (111 pts) Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Running Club (104 pts) Fast Track Racing Team (92 pts) Fleet Feet / Nike Racing Team (85 pts) Track and Trough Athletic Union (78 pts)

Special thanks to our volunteer circuit scorers! Jeff West Individual, Age-Graded, Clydesdale / Athena Competitions Doug Pearson Club Competition Jeffrey Vorreyer Corporate Competition Adam Lotito Youth Circuit

CORPORATE CIRCUIT Form a team of four co-workers (immediate family are also eligible) and compete against other corporate teams this year during the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit! Individuals may score for a corporate team and a running club at the same race.

CARA Hall of Fame Inductees Hall of Fame status is earned through participation in the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit. Runners must accumulate 30 points to be inducted. Points are earned by placing in the top three in one’s age category. Five points are awarded for a first place standing, three for second and one for third.

Julie Bruns

Craig Gunby

Julie’s Hall of Fame Points History 2007 2nd F35-39 (3pts)

Craig’s Hall of Fame Points History 2006 3rd M45-49 (1pt)

2008 1st F35-39 (5pts)

2007 3rd M45-49 (1pt)

2009 2nd F35-39 (3pts)

2008 2nd M45-49 (3pts)

2011 2nd F40-44 (3pts)

2009 3rd M45-49 (1pt)

2013 2nd F40-44 (3pts)

2010 1st M49-49 (5pts)

2014 1st F40-44 (5pts)

2012 2nd M50-54 (3pts)

2015 1st F45-49 (5pts)

2013 1st M50-54 (5pts)

2016 1st F45-49 (5pts)

2014 1st M50-54 (5pts)

Stephanie (Hughes) Finn Stephanie’s Hall of Fame Points History 2002 1st 14 and Under (5pts) 2003 1st 14 and Under (5pts)

2015 1st M50-54 (5pts) 2016 2nd M55-59 (3pts)

Angelica Guerrero

2004 2nd F15-19 (3pts)

Angelica’s Hall of Fame Points History 2011 1st F45-49 (5pts)

2005 2nd F15-19 (3pts)

2012 1st F50-54 (5pts)

2012 1st F20-24 (5pts)

2013 1st F50-54 (5pts)

2013 1st F20-24 (5pts)

2014 1st F50-54 (5pts)

2015 2nd F25-29 (3pts)

2015 1st F50-54 (5pts)

2016 2nd F25-29 (3pts)

2016 1st F50-54 (5pts)

Julie Bruns 2016 CARA Hall of Fame Inductee Hometown: Orland Park Education: Victor J Andrew HS, Lewis University Current Residence: Elmhurst Running Club: Elmhurst Running Club Family: Mike (husband), Alec (son), Owen (son) Started Running: Seventh Grade When did you begin running? “I started running in 7th grade competing in the 100 and 200 meters. I learned that I had to step up the distance just a bit when I got the HS.” What inspired you to begin running? “Truthfully, I sucked at every other sport? I tried to be a gymnast for a long while, even joining the team as a freshman in HS, but I couldn't even do a back handspring! My coordination at any other sport was lacking so running it was.” How has living in Chicagoland and being part of CARA affected you? “After college, I was pretty burnt out from running and competing. While I remained active, I took a 12 year hiatus from racing (my only big regret!). I then moved to Elmhurst, home of York HS, Joe Newton and all things running. In 2003, I began running again and was hooked. CARA has introduced me to so many talented runners. It's wonderful to go to a race and be guaranteed to know someone there. “ What inspires you to do the Circuit? “I'd have to say the competition. I'm not a rock star. But being around other talented runners inspires me to push harder and further. And as I always say, you have to be there to be considered.” Who are some people who have influenced you most as a as a runner? “My husband has always been supportive of my running. We've balanced the responsibilities of our two sons so that I can get morning workouts in at 5 am, or attend a race on Saturday or Sunday morning that always creeps into the afternoon. He's the first to text to see how a race has gone and always encourages me to seek out new racing adventures.”

Stephanie (Hughes) Finn 2016 CARA Hall of Fame Inductee Hometown: Chicago (Edison Park) Education: Lane Tech HS, DePaul University Current Residence: Naperville Running Club: DW Running Family: Dan (husband) Started Running: Sixth Grade What inspired you to begin running? “I really owe it all to my mom. She's the one that recognized my gift early on and pushed me to pursue it. Back when running wasn't quite the cool sport that it is now, she encouraged me to do it and helped me to see how important it was in my life. She's also the one who signed me up for my first CARA Circuit when I was 11.” What other running clubs have you been involved in? “I am currently on the DWRunning Team coached by Dan Walters. I was a member of the Fleet Feet/Nike Racing Team from 2012-2016. Before college I was a member of the Niles West/Oakton Runners Club for about eight years coached by Pat and Melissa Savage.” What inspires you to do the Circuit? “The Circuit has always provided a nice structure to my racing season and I enjoy the friendly competition it brings. It has also been an honor to be a part of the planning of the Circuit for the last few years as a member of the race committee.” Who are some people who have influenced you most as a runner? “Aside from my mom who has always influenced my running the most, my sister Jen has also had a huge impact since the beginning. She has always been one of my biggest supporters and source of encouragement. Also seeing her transform in the last few years from spectator to finishing her first marathon has been incredibly inspiring to me. My biggest influence recently has been from my husband, Dan. In the last year or so he watched me go through a phase where running has taken a back seat to major life events. Dan has recently encouraged me to make running a priority again. To help me regain my focus and take my training to the next level I joined the DWRunning team.”

Craig Gunby 2016 CARA Hall of Fame Inductee Hometown: Evanston Education: Evanston Township HS, University of Illinois Current Residence: Palatine Running Club: Fast Track Family: Kristin (wife), Carson (son), Michaela (daughter) Started Running: Just prior to turning 40 What inspired you to begin running? “I loved the training and loved the running community. After that one marathon I decided to keep going and eventually loved the competition and challenging myself to get better.” How did you first become involved with CARA? “Around 2002, used to run in the city a lot so got familiar with some of the organized runs and worked the water stops for Fleet Feet on Sunday mornings” What other running clubs have you been involved in? “Team in Training for that first Marathon, Alpine Runners, Lake Forest/Lake Bluff, Fleet Feet and Fast Track” How has living in Chicagoland and being part of CARA affected you? “The Chicago area is a great running community which CARA helps bring together. I have experienced great races and training runs all over the Chicago area while creating countless friendships.” What inspires you to do the Circuit? “The camaraderie and friendly competition brings out the best in my running.” Who are some people (who have influenced you most as a as a runner? That's a long list so to keep it short, I would have to say the Beth and Pat Onines who welcomed me into Alpine Runners in 2001 when I decided to keep running after that first marathon. And the Schaefers, Dave, Steve and Ann who saw me doing track workouts at the same time as them and eventually asked me to join them in the early days of putting together the Fast Track team.”

Angelica Guerrero 2016 CARA Hall of Fame Inductee Hometown: Mexico City Education: In Mexico Current Residence: Chicago Running Club: Fleet Feet Racing Team Family: John Q. Morris (husband), Lola (cat) Started Running: In 2006, at age 44 How did you first become involved with CARA? “Being a member of the Fleet Feet Racing team I participated in several races and my favorite races where often times those that are part of the CARA circuit. I enjoy the camaraderie and top competition I have found while attending CARA races, I choose to participate to help me achieve my goals and perform at my best while at a circuit race.” How has living in Chicagoland and being part of CARA affected you? “I love running in Chicago, and being part of CARA has encourage me to become a better runner and a promoter of running in my community.” What inspires you to do the Circuit? “Camaraderie, competition, a desire to be a part of and support well organized, well run, competitive running events.” Who are some people (family, friends, training partners, coaches, etc…) who have influenced you most as a runner? “At the beginning of my running career the people who influence me the most were Leah Kinney Schapiro who invited me to my first Fleet Feet run. Lisa Johnson was an early teammate who I measure myself although she was younger and faster than I, she helped me with my early training. Dave Zimmer for believing in me and helping me believe that running really does change everything. Anne Shaeffers Coles and Dave Shaeffers for always wishing me well and being a running inspiration. My racing team and teammates who are some of the fastest people I have ever competed with and my husband, John Morris who supports my running passion by attending most of my races. He encourages me at the start and takes my photo at the finish line.

CARA Certified Races promise to adhere to CARA’s Best Practices Guidelines. These Guidelines embody the highest standards for the execution of a road race and insure that it is focused on being a runner’s first event. Annually over 500 races submit their race to the CARA race calendar. Only one in five meet the standards and requirements to be CARA Certified. CARA encourages the running community to support these races who have kept high quality and the running community at the forefront of their event’s mission.

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2016 CARA Awards Banquet Digital Program  

2016 CARA Awards Banquet Digital Program - Holiday Inn Mart-Plaza River North - Feb. 4, 2017

2016 CARA Awards Banquet Digital Program  

2016 CARA Awards Banquet Digital Program - Holiday Inn Mart-Plaza River North - Feb. 4, 2017