2020-21 Canuck Place Annual Report

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2020-21 Annual Report

u o y r o f g rateful Canuck Place is:


We don’t remember days, we remember moments

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

“Having children is something that brings joy, love, and excitement in one’s life, however, no one is prepared to lose a child. Any family can be struck with an unknown genetic disease or some unfortunate accident, irrespective of socioeconomic status or background. We are forever grateful for the loving care that Canuck Place provided baby Charles and their incredible support for our family.” - Canuck Place mother, Mireille Larosa

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Officer Board Chair and Chief Executive

Message from our

You give short lives the gift of great days. This past year has been the most challenging environment we have ever faced and the phrase ‘thank you’ does not seem big enough to express our deep appreciation to our community for their support during COVID-19. We heard the heartfelt car horns outside our hospices, saw the hand-written signs and cards, and we gratefully received the gifts of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and critical funds. Because of you, care continued for children and families. In the face of these extraordinary circumstances, our team adeptly embraced new pandemic protocols and innovative and future-forward practices to meet the needs of children and families. • • • •

Our COVID-19 team implemented health measures to reflect a safe environment and in 2020-21, there were 2,042 patient bed days and 1,550 family members for overnight medical respite. Canuck Place increased in-home patient care by 31% and almost doubled recreation therapy sessions for children and families in urban and remote areas across BC & Yukon. Our counsellors increased sessions by 56% in response to the mental health and wellness of children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continued to share our research and knowledge in pediatric palliative care, presenting over 49 sessions to provincial, national, and international audiences.

Caring for children and their families will always be at the heart of the mission of Canuck Place. The needs of patients and families are evolving as they face magnified uncertainty. Canuck Place will be there at the right time, with unique care in the right place. Your support will bring more in-home care, more virtual health supports, and expanded provincial care. At this time of crisis, we thank you. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that our world is both more connected and more fragile than ever before. The opportunity is in how we re-imagine the world we once knew, take stock of what is most important, and focus on the need to support children and families. With gratitude,

Dr. Tarnia Taverner, CEO

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Peter Glowacki, Board Chair

“Canuck Place allowed baby Charles to live the best life he could. They always sought ways to increase his comfort, and improve the effectiveness of his treatments. The day Charles passed away, his brother William had an excursion to a farm with Canuck Place recreation therapists, and brought back a sunflower for him. To this day, sunflowers have a special meaning for our family.” - Canuck Place father, Martin Archambault

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r Medical Director & Clinical Prog ram Directo

Message from our

At Canuck Place, our goal is to optimize living for infants, children, and youth aged 0-19 years and their families. Since 2015 we have seen a 34% increase of children and families requiring Pediatric Palliative Care (PPC) and a 94% increase in outpatient care. Canuck Place engages an inter-disciplinary approach to meet families where they are even as they face unimaginable challenges. Our team is here to support them in discerning what matters most. A child with a life-threatening illness is on our program for an average of seven years. The mission at Canuck Place is that these children receive holistic care that celebrates their values, their lives — whether those lives are measured in hours, days, weeks, or years. We are partners, with you, in making the most of the time that is left for a child. Together, we empower children and families to make important choices: A choice for care focused on comfort, the relief of suffering and symptoms, and quality of life A choice for the place of end-of-life And a choice for emotional, social, and bereavement support When we faced a world crisis – our team expertly shifted; preparing for worst-case scenarios, training staff, communicating with families, and accessing much-needed PPE. Life-threatening illnesses don’t stop during a pandemic, nor do the needs of families. Canuck Place staff continued to provide around-the-clock care, ensuring the care needs of children and their families, who were now often more isolated and alone than ever, were met. Virtual care has been foundational for many years at Canuck Place as it assists us in being able to deliver care to families at home, and no matter where they live in our vast province. Our team members further leveraged that expertise and integrated virtual care across all aspects of our program: recreation and music therapy, online school, counselling and bereavement support, and clinical care. Our team mantra in 2020-21 was ‘Continue Care’. Even with reduced patient beds, children and families received end-of-life care, pain and symptom management, and medical respite when they needed it, where they needed it. At Canuck Place, we are in the service of human beings. We value relationships with our patients and families and we view this relationship as a powerful instrument of healing in the face of suffering and uncertainty. Thank you for your support as we strive to reach every family caring for a child with a life-threatening illness who needs help – so no one walks this journey alone. We are grateful that you are champions for care of children and families and creating lasting memories filled with joy – so no moment is missed.

Dr. Hal Siden, MD, MHSc, FRCP Medical Director

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Kristina Boyer, RN, MScA Director, Clinical Program

Canuck Place Nurse, Karen Lam and Canuck Place child, Arthur

“In the early weeks of COVID-19 when the pandemic was declared, my work ramped up significantly as the leader of the nursing team in Vancouver. The information and directions coming from the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health were ever changing and keeping up with all the recommendations and directives was challenging. We quickly implemented practice changes at both hospices to keep children, families, and staff safe and healthy. As essential workers, I worried about the team coming into work and then going home to their own families. Thanks to the supply of PPE already on hand and generous donations, I am thankful we were well prepared with PPE. It was important to us that the nursing team felt safe coming to work.” - Brenda Dewar, Clinical Nurse Manager 05 / 06

hole family Together, we care for the w Medical Respite Care

Pain & Symptom Management

End-of-Life Care

Grief, Loss, & Bereavement Counselling

Children with life-threatening illnesses and their families need a break from 24-hour care. Canuck Place medical respite care provides rest and renewal for the whole family with a safe, loving environment from two provincial locations in Vancouver and Abbotsford. Canuck Place children receive the complex medical attention they need from nurses and physicians on the clinical floor with their families close by in comfortable family suites. Counselling, care plans, education and art, music, play, and recreation therapy is provided with each stay. Canuck Place is here with compassion when a child requires end-of-life care with a loving environment in-hospice or within the comforts of a child’s home. This experience is supported with the utmost sensitivity including clinical, emotional, as well as spiritual care and guidance. Canuck Place families have the full support of the Canuck Place clinical team during this heart-wrenching experience. This care is complemented with access to Canuck Place counselling before and after a child has passed as the family’s journey continues.

Complex diseases require dynamic, expert clinical care to manage ever-changing symptoms. Children deserve to be free from pain and discomfort, which is why Canuck Place pain and symptom management is integral to the specialized care we provide. Pain and symptom management is offered to Canuck Place children in-hospice and also in-home by the Canuck Place clinical team. This highly complex care focuses on the needs of the child and is critical in improving their quality of life. Grief begins at diagnosis which is why grief, loss, and bereavement counselling are offered to Canuck Place families the moment they join the program. Canuck Place counsellors support families as they navigate through their grief by addressing the emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of parents, siblings, and grandparents. This specialized care is delivered as individual and group counselling sessions, as well as art, play, music, and recreation therapy before and for years after a child has passed.

34% INCREASE IN CHILDREN ON PROGRAM SINCE 2015 Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Canuck Place is:

where no moment is missed 98% increase in recreation therapy sessions this year Virtual platforms provided a positive and fun outlet for children across the province.

94% increase in virtual care since 2015 2,702 outpatient consultations in-home, by phone or video, and in-hospital.

Fin and Vancouver Canucks Alumni, Kirk McLean

79% increase in virtual physician consults COVID-19 enabled us to expand on existing virtual platforms to reach families in far-reaching geographic areas.

Canuck Place Nurse, Karen Lam

520 Music Therapy Sessions were held in-hospice, in-home, and in-hospital. Canuck Place child, Kanissa, and Canuck Place Music Therapist, Karin Roberts

Canuck Place Physician, Dr. Natasha Datoo

Close to 2,000 classroom lessons We launched a program of five Zoom classes a week, with an average of 12 students per class. Canuck Place siblings, Erin, Elan, and Emily

379 Volunteers with full hearts and helpful hands who we remain connected to! Canuck Place volunteer, Carole Dedhar

07 / 08

Canuck Place is:

e made where memories ar “We were home with Colten when his breathing became more laboured and his oxygen saturation started to decline. I called the Canuck Place 24-hour clinical care line and spoke with a nurse. Just one of the many invaluable lifelines that Canuck Place offers to families like ours. She recommended that we go to emergency. We were admitted later that night and less than 24 hours later Colten passed away in my arms. “The amazing team at Canuck Place remembered our wishes and arranged for us to take Colten’s body to the hospice and stay the evening there. “They placed him in a cuddle cot so we could spend the night with him and so that memory making could take place with the Canuck Place recreation therapists. Canuck Place counsellor Deb came to our room late in the evening to help us all navigate the emotions we were feeling and what we would possibly do next. “Our family was able to spend one more precious evening with our baby in that beautiful house, we were so grateful.” - Canuck Place mother, Chelsea Ruf


Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Canuck Place is:

lived to e r a s e v li t r o sh e r whe the fullest

“Canuck Place is palliative care in its purest form, there is space for everyone. The child that lives within the walls for medical respite, the children that pass away after long battles, and the child that is gone only hours after arriving. When you enter the doors of Canuck Place as a parent with a living child, it can feel terrifying. The mere fact that you are there, means the end is coming. That’s a terribly difficult sentence, but it holds a lot of truth. A family receiving care at Canuck Place is there to learn about, and tend to, the letting go of their child. “Could there be anything more important than changing the way a family can let go of their child, or how that child is cared for at their absolute sickest? “When you arrive at Canuck Place, it’s for the worst possible reason in the world. But when you stay, it writes a completely different ending to the story of your child’s last days.” - Canuck Place mother, Katie Jameson


2,604 counselling sessions provided to support families through incredibly challenging circumstances 09 / 10

here and w re ca x le mp co e id ov pr e w u, yo With when families need it the most

Canuck Place Nurse Practitioner, Camara van Breemen, providing in-home care for Canuck Place child, Cameron

er Gang, Kelly Van D ounsellor, C eron, at ce la am P C , ck Canu Place child ck u an C g supportin home

31% INCREASE IN-HOME CLINICAL CARE VISITS provided through our Nancy Chan Enhanced Community Care program

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

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Report from Finance & Audit Committee It is my pleasure to present the 2020-21 report from the Finance & Audit Committee for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. This has been a unique year operating through a global pandemic. There have been many challenges but also opportunities. The CPCH senior leadership and the Board of Directors have remained committed to fiscal responsibility through the pandemic. We revised budgets and modified our operational plans to ensure our operations remained whole. We adapted to new restrictions, safety protocols, and a significant portion of our staff suddenly working from home. Through the incredible dedication of all of the staff of Canuck Place, we have successfully modified our operations to allow us to continue providing care to children and families in-hospice and in the community with a significant increase to virtual care. This fiscal reports very strong financial results with a $3,149,095 surplus. This is due to the very generous support of our donors and government partners. With your support, we were able to surpass our goals for this year. We are extremely grateful to our donors for providing this much-needed funding in a very challenging economic year. This support, along with the annual funding received from the Province of British Columbia, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program, and careful management of our operating budgets, allowed us to continue providing services to children and families. The year ended on a high point with a one-time $3.5 million grant received from the Provincial Health Services Authority. This generous funding will support much-needed equipment, infrastructure and technology upgrades of Canuck Place. Looking ahead, we cannot predict with certainty how the pandemic will continue to affect us. However, Canuck Place remains committed to providing excellent care and services to the growing number of children and families across BC who need them. We will take the learnings from the past year and incorporate them into our strategic planning for the coming years. The strong results of the year and our commitment to continue working with the Province of BC, our donors and welcoming new partners will build a sustainable future for Canuck Place.

Mike Cinnamond, Treasurer and Finance & Audit Committee Chair CPCH Board of Directors Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020- 2 1

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Society STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION

31 MAR 2021 31 MAR 2020

ASSETS Current assets Long term investments Capital assets Total Assets LIABILITIES + NET ASSETS

16,652,948 968,000 12,937,916 $30,558,864

Current liabilities Deferred capital contributions Net assets Total Liabilities + Net Assets STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS

5,929,254 2,407,953 9,698,789 10,182,450 14,930,821 11,781,725 $30,558,864 $24,372,128 31 MAR 2021 31 MAR 2020

9,330,567 1,664,000 13,377,561 $24,372,128

REVENUE Donations & Fundraising Province of BC - Operating funding and temporary pandemic pay Federal Canada Emergency Subsidy Programs Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation Interest & Other Amortization of deferred capital contributions

7,078,446 7,107,837 3,017,399 448,422 286,371 512,742

8,840,613 6,996,126 182,625 290,000 328,273 563,654

Total Revenue EXPENSES



Staffing costs Clinical program Development, communications & marketing Central services Amortization Total Expenses EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENSES

11,405,254 1,329,817 1,061,507 848,352 657,192 $15,302,122 $3,149,095

10,728,593 1,649,650 2,005,117 783,503 702,467 $15,869,330 $1,331,961

Please see our full audited financial statements on our website at canuckplace.org

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Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation was established to receive bequests, legacies, donations, property and to hold and safeguard those funds in support of the activities of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The Foundation makes financial contributions to Canuck Place to support direct clinical program activities, emerging matters and to support the on-going financial stability of Canuck Place. This fiscal reports very strong financial results with a $2,282,282 surplus. This is due to the incredible support of our donors and the launch of our first 50/50 raffle. The investment portfolio had a strong recovery after seeing a decline in market value at last year-end. The strong results for the year have allowed the Foundation to increase support to the Hospice in this challenging year of COVID-19. The net assets of the Foundation continue to be very healthy at year-end and will enable the Foundation to continue to provide support to CPCH annually. The Foundation’s financial statements are unaudited and not consolidated with CPCH.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS Current assets Investments Total Assets LIABILITIES + NET ASSETS Current liabilities Net assets Total Liabilities + Net Assets STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS REVENUE Donations & bequests Gaming - raffle ticket sales Investment income Unrealized gain on investments Total Revenue EXPENSES Operating Gaming Unrealized loss on investments Total Expenses Contribution to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice EXCESS (DEFICIENCY) OF REVENUE OVER EXPENSES Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020- 2 1

31 MAR 2021

31 MAR 2020

1,832,649 10,864,551 $12,697,200

1,602,433 9,166,450 $10,768,883

62,102 12,635,098 $12,697,200 31 MAR 2021

416,068 10,352,815 $10,768,883 31 MAR 2020

$1,789,100 346,465 405,838 1,361,652 $3,903,055

$570,057 27,925 377,840 $975,822

165,407 223,519 $388,926 1,231,847 $2,282,282

176,252 633,250 $809,502 323,021 $(156,701)

Source of Fundin g

Source of Funding


The Province of BC: The Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Health, supports direct patient care at Canuck Place. Canuck Place will continue to raise 60% of the annual operating funds required to provide care. This important partnership is key to the delivery of patient care.

Canucks for Kids Fund: Our key friends and supporters at the Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF) have invested vital funds in Canuck Place for over 25 years. In addition to these annual grants, CFKF provides hope and inspiration through player and mascot Fin visits to the children in care, tickets to events at Rogers Arena for families, Canucks Sports & Entertainment employee volunteers, Canucks players, Alumni, and management. Canuck Place is grateful for this committed partnership.

16% 38%


Donations & fundraising Province of BC Federal COVID-19 emergency subsidy programs CPCH Foundation & other income

15 / 16

Investments in Care for Children & Families


Clinical Care, Nursing, & Physicians • • • • • • •



Clinical, Nursing, and Physician care Medical Respite care Pain & symptom management Medicine, medical supplies, pediatric medical equipment Nancy Chan Enhanced Community Care program 24-hour province-wide clinical care line Virtual Care Technology


• • •


Grief, loss, and bereavement Spiritual care Social work School program Music & play therapy Virtual Care Technology

• •

Recreation Therapy • • • • • •

Full-time recreation therapy Exciting age-appropriate excursions for children on the program Equipped vehicles to transport children in wheelchairs Excellent on-site play and recreational facilities Snoezelen multi-sensory room Virtual Care Technology

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21


Provide nutritional and dietary meals for children and families Ensure the hygienic needs of children and families are met Provide additional comfort and support to family members throughout their stay

Facilities & Garden •

Counselling • • • • • •

Food Services & Housekeeping

Provide a home-like comfortable atmosphere Fully wheelchair accessible Maintenance of gardens

Volunteer Services Training, management, and support of the following volunteer roles: • Bereavement volunteer • Family/peer volunteer • Garden volunteer • Housekeeping volunteer • Kitchen volunteer • Maintenance volunteer • Reception volunteer • Special event volunteer • Volunteer driver

“I have often said that one of the hardest parts of having a terminally ill child is having the knowledge of that diagnosis and then continuing to live day after day, trying not to let it suffocate you. I don’t know what we would do without Canuck Place. They have helped us make some of the most amazing memories over the years as a family, all while helping our 10-year-old son Heston maintain the best quality of life he could possibly have.” - Canuck Place mother, Kerena Letcher

Letcher Family

17 / 18

Referral to Canuck Place


Family Journey

Children’s Hospice

This journey is one of many. Langley family, the Garrisons: Parents Daniel and Miranda, sibling Gavin (5) and child Tiffany (1) diagnosed with life-threatening illness



In-hospital, outpatient family In-hospital, and and outpatient family consult consult by CPCH clinical by CPCH clinical team.team



Tiffany (5)

24-Hour Canuck Place Clinicians, 24-Hour Canuck Place Clinicians Care for Over 190 Diseases and Care for Over 175 Diseases and Conditions Conditions

Urgent Inpatient

When children with life-threatening illnesses and their families come to Canuck Place, the end of the story is already known, but the journey to get there has yet to be written. With your support, we ensure the rest of that story is the very best it can be. Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21


Play Play Therapy, Therapy, Music MusicTherapy, Therapy, and Counselling and Counselling

24-Hour Inpatient Medical Respite Support Plan

Tiffany (4) Gavin (8)

BC’s pediatric palliative care provider to BC’s pediatric palliative care provider to over 800 children and families. over 800 children and families. Two hospice Two hospice locations: Vancouver locations: Vancouver and Abbotsford. and Abbotsford




Family Needs Assessment Assessment Family Needs & Community Support & Community Support Plan



Recreation Therapy, Counselling, Education, and Specialized Medical Care for Tiffany (4)

Canuck Place

Care at Home

Opportunities Family Adventures Adventures Opportunities for Family

Incr eased Symptoms at Home

Tiffany (7)

Gavin (10) (10) plays playswith with Canuck Place Volunteers Canuck Volunteers

Miranda Miranda && Daniel Danielare are Primary Caregivers Caregivers at atHome Home

Spiritual Care

Canuck Place Place Nurse Home Visit Canuck Visit



24-Hour Province-wide Clinical 24-Hour Province-wide Clinical Help Line Care Line

The Journey of Life Continues

Gavin (12) One-one Counselling, Bereavement One-on-one Counselling, Groups for Parents, Siblings, Bereavement Groups for and Parents,Grandparents Siblings, and Camps

CompassionateCommunity, community; Compassionate alwaysapart Always Partof ofthe theCanuck Canuck Place Place family Family

19 / 20

Canuck Place

Signature Gift of Time The 16th annual Gift of Time Gala presented by Nicola Wealth welcomed hundreds of guests virtually from across British Columbia and beyond on Saturday, September 26th and raised over $750,000 to support Canuck Place care. Global BC’s Chris Gailus co-hosted the memorable, hour-long show, alongside Riaz Meghji and Thailey Roberge. Gala co-chairs Emily Lazare and Jill Donaldson embraced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading a passionate and dedicated gala committee to transform the gala into an engaging virtual event where, for the first time, guests were able to attend from 38 communities across North America. Canuck Place mother, Katie Jameson, shared the story of her son, Lochlan, who passed away at Canuck Place at just 22 days old. “The way we remember this house is with a re-birth, a second chance at saying goodbye, one where we saw his hair touch sunlight and move in the breeze. A goodbye far different than the one written for us in the NICU, a goodbye surrounded by family, tears, and laughter. We remember the way we were encouraged to celebrate Lochlan’s life, not just prepare for his death,” said Katie. Because of you, we raised $752,609.69!

Gala committee co-chairs, Jill Donaldson and Emily Lazare

Family speaker Katie Jameson and her husband Andrew

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Co-hosts Thailey Roberge and Riaz Meghji


Events Gift of Love

Hundreds of guests from across British Columbia and beyond gathered virtually for the 7th annual Gift of Love Gala presented by MNP on Saturday, February 27th. Gala co-chairs Aprille Ferrario, Marcie Cyr, and Suzanne Adams led a passionate and dedicated committee to develop an inspiring virtual event that raised over $377,000. Media personality and author Riaz Meghji and young actor Thailey Roberge hosted the show, which featured performances by the MEI Screaming Eagles Marching Band, Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir, and singer/songwriter, Kassandra Clack. Vancouver Canucks alumni Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Brendan Morrison, and Trevor Linden shared messages of gratitude, recalling their own special connections to the children and families at Canuck Place. In a heartfelt speech, Canuck Place mother Chelsea Ruf shared the story of her son, Colten, who passed away at just four months old. “When your child dies, people fear that if they talk about them it will make you sad so they avoid it. The truth is we are already sad, saying his name and the opportunity to talk about our Colten reaffirms that he mattered and won’t be forgotten,” said Chelsea. Because of you, we raised $377,073.45!

Co-hosts Thailey Roberge and Riaz Meghji

Family speaker, Chelsea Ruf

Gala committee co-chairs, Marcie Cyr, Suzanne Adams, and Aprille Ferrario 21 / 22

Thank you for your suppor t!

Fan of hockey and children in need

$500,000 - $999,999

Helen Edwards was introduced to hockey

Canucks For Kids Fund $100,000 - $499,999 Anonymous BlueArck Private Equity Chan Family Foundation The Citrine Foundation of Canada FirstService Residential and Friends Holiday Campaign Global BC The Gotro Family iA Financial Ledcor Group & Employees Nicola Family Foundation Nicola Wealth Quantum Properties Inc. The River Foundation Rogers Sports & Media $50,000 - $99,999 BC Bakery & Deli Foundation BFL CANADA Lloyd and Elsie Campbell Foundation Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Clearview Group Solutions for Health Inc. Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation John and Irene DeLucchi The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada The Globe and Mail Hannah’s Heroes Foundation

Open Bible Chapel Foundation Post Media Howard Trottier, Giannoula Venetsanopoulos, Alexandre Trottier and Rhiannon Lemky $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Andrew Mahon Foundation CIBC Children’s Foundation Coromandel Foundation Eugene and Marolyn Jow Elizabeth King The Fairmont Chateau Whistler Gift Funds Canada Graestone Ready Mix Inc. The Grayross Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation R. Howard Webster Foundation LMS Reinforcing Steel Group MNP LLP John and Dana Montalbano Drew and Eli Nanos PayPal Giving Fund Canada The Rose Family Fund, held at NicolaWealth Private Giving Foundation Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week-Abbotsford Owners Trottier Family Foundation True Directions Charitable Foundation Vitalus Nutrition Inc. YVR for Kids

one fateful day in the 1950s when the Victoria Cougars sold game tickets to kids for five cents, and she’s been a dedicated fan ever since. A historian, Helen even combined her passion for heritage and her encyclopedic knowledge of hockey to publish a comprehensive history of professional hockey in her hometown of Victoria, a love letter to her sport and to her community. And it’s this love for her community that has led Helen to donate to our hospices since 1995, supporting pediatric palliative care in BC months before we opened the doors to care for our first Canuck Place child and family. As a mother of four children, one with severe allergies, Helen gives monthly and has pledged a gift to Canuck Place in her Will to ensure that future families continue to get the care and support they need during unimaginably difficult times. “I know how I felt when my son stopped breathing after ingesting an allergen. I can only imagine how parents feel when they lose a precious child,” said Helen. Thank you, Helen, for years of dedication and support for Canuck Place care.

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (2) The Abbotsford News

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Brendan Morrison, Canuck Place Donor Helen Edwards, Mattias Öhlund

Adera Foundation Society AG Professional Hair Care Products Inc. Andrew Peller Ltd. Aprille and Randy Ferrario Family Foundation Aqueduct Foundation Pierre Archambault Axis Insurance Group Ltd. Balmoral Resources Ltd. William and Linda Barker Mr. Eric S. Bayrd Ken Bolton and Nancy Nixon Deb and Don Breen Vitor Caminha Jim and Laurie Case Cavalier Jewellers Bonnie and Malcolm Christie Charitable Gift Fund Charitable Impact Foundation Columbia Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. The Conconi Family Foundation David and Deborah Cottrell Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Couling Gabriel and Andrea Davis Lions Clubs of District 19-H Dragon Fire Charitable Foundation Stefan and Alison Dunatov Peter and Teresa Edgar Helen Edwards Edith Lando Charitable Foundation Equitable Life of Canada Forecight Cyber Intelligence Inc. Robert and Lucy Greer The Grounds Guys of Abbotsford The Heppell Family Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation

HomeLife Benchmark Realty The Howard Foundation Infor Capital Jerry Ehmann Memorial Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Randle S. Jones Andrew and Lynn Kemper Allan Kiss Myrna Kozier in memory of Dr. Edward L. Kozier Kristian Domingo Foundation Lanka Jewels The Ledcor Group of Companies Major Tom Agency Inc. Eric & Jennifer Martin / Nighthawk Fund Mel and Geri Davis Charitable Trust Stephen and Barbra Mohan Moller Family Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Music Heals Charitable Foundation My City Photos OSI Maritime Systems Pacific Pilotage Authority Pan Pacific Whistler PFG Glass Industries Ltd. Primex Investments Ltd. Mike and BG Burdick on behalf of Progressive Sealing Prospera Credit Union RBC Rich and Linda Kathleen Simons Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Clair Rockel Saint Mary’s Health Foundation Olaf and Phyllis Shellard SoleSavy Inc. Suzanne and Malcolm Steenburgh

Always a winner when you give back

Connie knew that buying a ticket for the inaugural Canuck Place 50/50 was a wonderful way to give back. The former Canuck Place volunteer received half of the $325,660 jackpot, with the other half going to support Canuck Place. “The love, understanding, compassion, and great medical care at Canuck Place is incredible to watch and be part of,” said Connie. “When you’re buying a ticket to support the next Canuck Place 50/50 raffle, remember that even if you don’t win a prize, you’ve still won because you’re supporting a charitable organization, and you’ve done something good for somebody else.” 23 / 24

Thank you for your suppor t! $10,000 - $24,999 cont’d Stong’s Market Sun Glow Food Service Ltd. David and Tassan Sung Sutherland Foundation Teck Resources Limited The Tenaquip Foundation The GED Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation The R K Grant Family Foundation Margaret Tough Trans-Continental Textile Recycling Ltd. Gulzaar and Karmali Valimohamed Vancouver Canucks Alumni Foundation The Victor and Anna Kern Foundation Jane Warner William & Florence Lede Family Foundation Windsor Plywood Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous (3) 0776403 BC Ltd. Air Canada Foundation Al Roadburg Foundation Aldergrove Credit Union Allen & Birnie Legacy Fund Allmar Inc. Allstar Holdings Inc. Aquilla Foundation Artex Barn Solutions Avison Young Bank of America

Lee and Debbie Bass BC Whiskey Wizards Joshua and Andrea Blair CACA Foundation Maribeth Callahan Canterbury Coffee Corporation Cascades Casino Langley Centaur Products Inc. The Children’s Oral Care Centre - Dr. Phoebe Tsang Kai Chen Citifund Capital Corporation Citrus-O-Carpet Cleaning Catherine and Richard Clark Clark Wilson LLP Combined Painting (1985) Ltd. Coquitlam College Inc. Crowe MacKay LLP Ariana D’angelo and Andrew O’Bray Gaganpreet Deol D.M.Z. Lowbed Service Ltd. Derek Wyborn Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Design Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd. Dinyar Marzban Law Corporation The Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation DLC Investments (2007) Ltd. Donate A Car Canada Inc. Douglas Loughran Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc. Robert and Marianne Eng Jay, Kim, Keira, and Kai Evans EYCO Buildling Group Ltd.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Making adventure memories possible The Glassco Foundation has been helping children in need across the globe for 25 years. For the past 10 years, Founder Colin Glassco and his colleague Debbie Norman have provided a generous cumulative investment of $130,000 to the Canuck Place Recreation Therapy program, giving children and families uplifting memories of a lifetime. From their work in Northern Canada to Africa, Colin shared, “Canuck Place has been one of my favourite charities in Canada to support. Knowing the impact you make for children and families with the amazing, fun rec therapy experiences makes the investment so worthwhile.”

Colin Glassco with colleague Debbie Norman

Fire-Pro Protection Ltd. Flagel-Duzita Legacy Endowment Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Fort Langley Lions Club Franctal Studio Tak Wai David Fung The Gudewill Family In memory of Madelyn Hadikin Henderson & Finlayson Family Giving Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Holland America Lines Hylcan Foundation Intact Insurance JD GATZ MEDIA INC Kennedy’s Pub Ltd. Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership Robert and Marilyn Krell Family Foundation Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Raffi Kouyoumdjian John and Amanda Kump Lahoo Leo Club Lahoo Lions Club Le Creuset Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. Michael Low and Vanessa Flockton Stephen and Doris Mallett Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Marquis Wine Cellars Martin Miles and Barbara Miles-Luthy Mike Brankston and Jill Donaldson Mike Cinnamond and Jan Watson

Million Dollar Round Table Foundation USA Miss604 Roger Morgan Murray and Patty Neilson National Air Technologies Neilson Financial Corporation Northbridge Financial Corporation Dr. Reza Nouri and Sara Hamidi NWM Private Giving Foundation On Side Restoration Services Ltd. Otter Farm & Home Co-Op Ross and Caron Penhall Peterina MacKay Michael Peters PGF for Jordan Christianson, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Remembering Otto and Marie Pick Charitable Foundation Point Roberts Volunteer Firefighters Charitable Society Hollie Power Provincial Employees Community Services Fund Pryke Lambert Leathley Russell LLP The Quesnel Foundation Raymond James Canada Foundation Jeff and Barb Regier Resident Experts Roger Richer and Norine Den Otter Sandra J. Gibson Saxbee Insurance Scott and Amanda Regamble Shamir and Sophia Alibhai Dr. Charity Siu, ClearView Orthodontics

Leadership and giving make a great pair

John and Irene DeLucchi

John DeLucchi and his wife Irene are devoted supporters of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. John DeLucci began volunteering as a Canuck Place Board Member in 2018. “Our family has always believed in doing our part in supporting our local community. We are very proud and honoured to be connected to Canuck Place, which does so much to help so many families during difficult times. Their world class expertise, care, and focus on families in a time of need is critical to helping keep our community strong. We feel blessed to be able to make a contribution to an outstanding organization and team of wonderful, dedicated professionals who do their jobs every day with a smile and warm heart,” said John. We are deeply grateful for John and Irene’s generosity and continued partnership.

25 / 26

Thank you for your suppor t! $5,000 - $9,999 cont’d

$1,000 - $4,999

Sony Canada Charitable Foundation Alan and Margaret Souther Southern Glazer’s Wines and Spirits Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller Still Creek Press Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation Summit Sheet Metal Ltd. TELUS Community Ambassadors Barry Thomas Timothy Ferris Jim Kapitza and Margaret Trouter Brad and Jamie Trotman V.B. Symonds Inc. Veronica Franco Vincent and Kerry Thompson Michelle Wallach Thomas and Gail Weddell W J Weaver Foundation W.K. Rutledge Alter Ego Trust Wes and Brenda Koop WoodWorks The Hardwood Floor Company Ltd. Dr. Ann Worth Charitable Foundation Dr. Eric Webber and Dr. Farah Valimohamed James and Claire Wright YES Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery

Anonymous (26) NIKLS “ONE CALL” Property Services 1040663 B.C. Ltd. KNV Chartered Accountants LLP 720Instruments Ltd. Abbotsford Centre Abbotsford Lions Club Alice and Emily’s 1st Birthday TurF Ahmed Abdalla Abundance Canada Academics Prekindergarten Westwood Access Futures Access Law Group Accurate Glass Ltd. Action Glass Inc. AIG Insurance Company of Canada Air-Vac Services Canada Ltd. Irene E. Albinet Lorne Albrecht Fran Alexander Allianz Allied Salvage and Metals (1985) Ltd. Allstar Waterproofing and Restoration Systems AllTight Plumbing And Heating Ltd Amer Sports Amir Malekyazdi Foundation Anchor Point Financial Inc. Anglican Foundation of Canada Dr. K. Warren and Susan Anquist Carol and Wayne Anthony

MNP’s mission to support the community MNP has a long history of philanthropic

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

support built on a culture that truly values giving back to the community. MNP has supported the Gift of Love gala since its inception in 2015 and has been the generous presenting sponsor since 2016. This year they have extended their tremendous partnership through 2024. Canuck Place is also incredibly grateful for the MNP employees who eagerly show up to help whenever a volunteer opportunity becomes available. Whether supporting at Gift of Love, or stringing up holiday lights at Dave Lede House, their culture of philanthropy is always on display. We are exceptionally grateful for MNP’s partnership and steadfast support. “MNP’s unwavering support of Canuck Place is about our collective human desire and passion to support our neighbours in their greatest time of need,” said Lee Bass, MNP Regional Managing Partner, Fraser Valley.

Lee and Debbie Bass

Martin Archambault and Mireille Larosa Chris Archbold Aritzia LP Armstrong Flooring Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans of Canada Unit #100 James and Marie-Claude Arnott Kimberly Arnott Ashton Service Group Asia Standard Americas Paula Askew Dianne Assaly Anthony and Deborah Astles Atlas Pest And Wildlife Control Ltd. Paul and Gurdeesh Aulakh Avenue Restoration Services Ltd. B.S.J.O Williams Family Holdings Ltd. Rene Babin Cavin and Donna Bachert Badesha & Associates Baker Newby LLP Bakerview Financial Solutions Ltd. Sandra Ball Joanne Bamford Thomas Bandiera Victor and Linda Barber Barclay Restorations Stephen Baron Barons of Rugby JD and Tammy Bartel Bartlett Tree Experts Ms. Judith Bates Joseph and Irene Baumeler Bay Hill Contracting Kate Bayne BC Chicken Marketing Board

BC Egg Marketing Board B.C. Line Drivers Pre-1965 BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association Anne Beattie Patrick and Susan Beirnes Bell Canada Jason Bell Bemco Pacific Services Inc. BenefAction Foundation Dan and Sue Bennett Hillary Bergshoeff Dr. Kapil Bhagirath Jessica Biesenthal Big K Brand Clothing Ltd. Christina and Dennis Bigg Black Tie Property Services Carolynn Blair Brian and Rose Blamey Maureen Blink BMO Financial Group National Campaign BMS Plumbing & Mechanical Bob & Sue Mireau Foundation Bocci Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Lindsay Bottomer Darcie Bowie Chantelle Bowles Jonathan Braunstein Brent Johnston Law Corporation Breville Canada Iain and Marni Brinton Michael Brittain and Shana Alexander Barbara Broadbent Beau and Megan Brooks Cameron Brown Ellen M. Brown George Brown AMB Holdings Ltd. William Brownrigg

Avid cyclist rides to honour his son

Jasper and Stephan Mohan

Stephen Mohan had plans to tackle the Tour Divide, a 4,400km bike race from Banff, AB to the USA/Mexico border. The Canuck Place father and cancer survivor intended to do the ride on June 12, 2020, to honour his son Jasper and raise funds for Canuck Place. Jasper spent his final moments in this world at Canuck Place, in a peaceful environment surrounded by love. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, the 2020 Tour Divide was cancelled. However, Stephen was determined to find another way to raise money and celebrate the life of his incredible son. Together we launched the virtual edition of the Tour Divide. We looked to the community to help Stephen complete the 4,400km, collectively, in and around their neighbourhoods. We asked people to jump on their bikes, track their kilometres, and donate a minimum of $1.00 per km biked. In four short weeks this community, inspired by Stephen’s story, rode 5,600km and raised $15,386! 27 / 28

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Andrew Buckley Steven and Teresa Budd Alex Burnell Brian Burton Tyrel Burton Penny Bush Caden Butler Debbie Butt and Pat Brady C.K. Choi Foundation Canadian Online Giving Foundation Canadian Tire Abbotsford Canary Foundation Canstar Restorations Canucks Corner Sports Cards And Memorabilia Cleve Carleton Dave Carter Stuart and Christie Case Sarah Castell and Milad Moezzi Catena Zapata Wines The Cedarhurst Foundation CertaPro Painters of Vancouver Marcus and Lori Chalk Paul and Ellen Challinor Alex and Shirley Chan Anita Chan Winnie Chan Lekie Chand Andrew Chang and Ciara Corcoran Icy Chang Jeff and Bettina Charpentier Wong Chau Choo Ravinder Cheema Chemo RV Derrick and Carolyn Cheyne Yvonne Chien

Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce David Chisholm Karina and Gord Chow Chubb Insurance Company of Canada Geoffrey Chum CIBC National Campaign City Elevator Ltd. City Of Chilliwack John Clague Douglas Clarke Cecil and Marjorie Clarke Mike and Jillian Clasby Peter and Elaine Clayden Richard and Vona Clayton Ray Clow CN Employees’ and Pensioners’ Community Fund Robert and Darcy Coard Coast Capital Savings Credit Union Patricia Coates Judy Cochlan Mathew Collingwood Glenn and Julie Collins Erin Collis Comala Tech Compugen Inc. Conam Charitable Foundation Consumer Protection BC Troy and Jennifer Cooper Natasha Copeland Frances Corney Murphy Costello Florence Courcy Kenneth Cowie Susan Crang Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Virtual hockey tournament gives back

2021 would have marked the third annual BFL Canada Charles Archambault Memorial Hockey Tournament. A tournament that began as a way to honour their BFL colleagues and bereaved parents Martin Archambault and Mireille Larosa whose infant son Charles spent his final days at Canuck Place. COVID-19 made it impossible to continue with the original tournament but the team at BFL Canada was determined to continue to support Canuck Place families. They shifted to an online fundraiser where they encouraged their strategic business partners and BFL Canada employees to donate to Canuck Place. BFL Canada put forward a $20,000 match to encourage generosity among their partners. BFL Canada raised an incredible $57,895—the most they have ever raised as an organization!

Crofton House School Robert and Laura Cruickshank Cultus Lake Golf Course Cummings Rubenstein Family Foundation Lorraine Cunningham Piers Cunnington and Fei Disbrow Ralph Currie Nicholas Curto Aaron and Marcie Cyr D. R. Baxter Legal Services Law Corp. Christopher and Tracy Dabbs Niki Dal Bello Steven Dalziel Dr. Amin and Reena Damji Dr. James and Gail Dantow Brett Davidson Dr. Elizabeth Davies and Dr. Thomas Attig Judith Davis Laurel Dawson Day Family Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Dayhu Investments Ltd. David and Dianna Dean Pedro Delgadillo Solis Greg and Aubrey Delima Markus Delves Dr. Dhar and Harv Dhanda Harv Phandal Dhanda Dr. Jadvinder and Narbi Dhesi Bruno Di Spirito Katherine Dilworth Discover Eyecare, Optometrists Lance and Matraca Dodding Dolden Wallace Folick LLP Emmanuel and Teresa Domingo Dr. Sally Donaldson

David Doroghy Double Deck’d Poultry Ltd. Doug and Karla Juniper Fund Doug Robertson Bill and Denise Downs DP Studios Inc Dr. Andrew Campbell Dr. Heather Finlayson Inc. Dr. Jane A Gardiner Inc. Dr. Kevin Ong Inc. Dr. Peter Louie Dr. Rajiv Reebye and Dr. Stacy Reebye Dr. Salim and Robyn Lalani Dr. Wilbur Chow Inc, Panorama Orthodontics Chris and Juanita Draaistra Steven Dragicevic Nelson and Gilda Drozdowich Dubois Chemicals Canada Inc. Kelvin Dueck John Duffy Justin Duggan Kathryn Dunstan Fernand Duriaux Victor Dyck Frederikus Dykman Charles Easton Eecol Electric Elafon Mechanical Ltd. Elite Platinum Financial Ellie Marie Photography Colin Emslie Scott and Victoria Emslie enCompass Solutions Group Ltd. Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Envision Financial, a Division of First West Credit Union Michael and Wendy Epp Joseph and Cecilia Ergas Essence of Dance School Langley Evans Evergreen Agencies Ltd.

Tim Hortons brings a smile to Canuck Place All 17 Tim Hortons locations in Abbotsford took part in the iconic Smile Cookie Week in September 2020, with restaurant owners donating $1 from every freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie purchased. “All of the Abbotsford Tim Hortons local owners live in the area and all are parents; when the opportunity came up to be able to support Canuck Place care for local families going through difficult times, it was a unanimous decision,” said Abbotsford Tim Hortons owner, Jocelyn Tomlinson. “Our 17 restaurant team members, and owners in Abbotsford were excited to work with Canuck Place to raise as much as possible to support the critical care they provide to children and families.”

29 / 30

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Fairbairn Foundation Robert and Kazue Fairweather Famous Foods Markets Ltd. Kelly Faraday James Farr Farris LLP Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. James and Katherine Fenton David and Linda Ferguson Raymond Fielding Financial Horizon Inc. Galen Finnman Jan Fisher Five Star Building Maintenance Ltd. Michele and Michael Florian Shannon Ford Isabelle Forget FortisBC Sandy Fraser Fraternal Order of Eagles Cranbrook Aerie #3032 Frontier Power Products ULC Priscilla Fuller Jason Fung – Sophia’s Marathon G.V.A. Power Vac G10 Foundation G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd. Raymond Ganderton Joanne Gauthier Gbuild Construction Ltd Lauren and Jamie Gehlen Alex Gens Douglas George GFL Environmental Inc.

Robert Gibney Ross Gibson George and Monica Giesbrecht Dan and Brenda Gilding Ritu and Balger Gill Robert Gill TheGillGroup - Scotia Wealth Management (Sat and Aman Gill) Angela Glazema GLB Holdings Limited Glenform Building Limited Peter and Monina Glowacki Godson Elementary School Golata Canyon Ranch Dr. Gary Nakhuda and Michelle Gontier Jeanne Gordon Diane Grant Martha and David Greig Norma Greig Greygates Foundation Janice Grieve Grime Fighters Service Ltd Groundswell Cloud Solutions Nairn and Bonnie Grundy Gwil Industries Inc. W. Stanley Haidish Barbara Haines Hakemi and Ridgedale LLP Dr. Jessica Halparin and David Zigelman The Hamber Foundation Dennis Hampton Judith and Poul Hansen Peter Harmer Harp’s Landscaping Ibtisam Harris Ben Harrison

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Bringing generations together: Lahoo Leos and Lions The Richmond Lahoo Lions Club have been proud supporters of Canuck Place since 2018. In 2020, they brought in partners from the Chinese community who donated 1,000 items of much needed PPE for Canuck Place frontline clinical staff, at a critical time during the pandemic. Maria Xu the Club’s service chairman and Chris Qu, Leos Advisor, also sponsor the Richmond Lahoo Leos Club, a youth organization of the Lions Club International that encourages youth to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. Inspired by the strength of Canuck Place families, this past year, the Lahoo Leos hosted online art auctions and bake sales, raising $21,700 for Canuck Place care.

Members of the Lahoo Lions and Leos

Elizabeth Harrison Kenneth Harrison Nathan Hawkes Randy Hayashi Janet Hayes Heidelberg Contracting Elspeth Helmcken Paul Henson Richard Hermann Ronald Hiemstra E. E. Hilton Jim and Mary Hinds Choi Hon Hing Hideharu Hirose Dr. Stephen and Sarah Ho Tao Ho Bob Hole Kevin Holloway Holly Elementary Randy and Cathy Holowaychuk Homeworks Etc. Stephenie Hoodikoff Carmen Hou Dr. Daniel Hou The Houssian Foundation Robert Houston Claire and Tom Huang Lisa and Mike Hudson Mary Hungerford Jennifer Hunter Darren and Clarissa Huston IGG Canada Maureen Ilich Eric Ingle Todd and Paris-Ann Ingledew Ken Ingram Insurance Corporation of British Columbia International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 258 Jun Ishii Kenneth Issel

Jack Fu Personal Real Estate Corporation Patti Jackson Sonia Jacoboni David and Tristan Jagger Janicorp Building Maintenance Ltd. Paul G. Janke Kenneth Joe John Edward Bentley Fund John & Gilberte Thompson Foundation Johnny Cheung Wealth Management Group Andrew and Crystal Johns Gail Johnson Robert and Brenda Jones Ryan and Marlo Jongenburger Paul Joseph JR West Ltd. K&H Dispatch Co. Ltd. Kim Kabatoff Salim and Tamee Karim Shafiq and Azmina Karmali Colin and Teresa Karpowich Andrew and Corri Kaweski Ahmed Kayssi Murray Keating Teresa Kelly Ken and Eva Hansom Fund Diane and Wade Ketchum Ken Kiers Killarney Community Centre Society Killarney Secondary School Dr. Andrew and Jenn Kirker Klassen Technologies Dr. Stephen and Karen Kline Knelson Family Foundation Knight Piesold Ltd. Robert Kochendorfer Michael and Larissa Konrad Herbir Singh and Piara Kooner

Giving back is all in the family

Dr. Darren and Emily Lazare

The Lazare family are an inspiring example of how families come together to support Canuck Place. Dr. Darren and Emily Lazare and their children Ava, Lennon, Henry, and Chloe have all supported Canuck Place through fundraising and volunteering. Emily has been on the Gift of Time committee since 2013 and served as co-chair from 2015-2017, then again in 2020. She has introduced Canuck Place to countless connections and supporters and provided strong leadership and support to the committee throughout her tenure. The Lazare children took part in the family-friendly Adventure Race for a number of years, each raising money to support Canuck Place care. We are so grateful to the Lazare family for their generous support and for instilling philanthropic values for future generations! 31 / 32

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d George and Carol-Lynn Kozevnikov Fred and Judy Krahn John Kuch Eugene and Barbara Kwan Shirley Kwan Kwantlen Park Leo Club Lianne Labistour Cornelia and Andre Lacusta Andrew and Karshina Lai Robert and Judy Lamont Linda Lane Stanley Lang Wilbert Lang George Langevin The Langley Concrete Group of Companies Langley Fine Arts Leo Club Langley Lions Club David and Wendy Lanphear James Lanphier Max and Linda Latchford Latham’s Colin and Shalina Lawrence Dr. Darren and Emily Lazare Ledgeview Golf Course Dr. Dennis Lee and Dr. Cristina Bigg Esther Lee Fiona Lee Sheryl Lee Peter and Teresa Leggat Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation Douglas LePard Lesperance Mendes Lawyers Liberty Mutual Canada Dionne Lim

Jeffrey Lim Linea C Skin Care Kathleen Lloyd Loewen Welding Ltd. Jim Loewen Marilio Loewen Jennifer Loh Lohn Foundation Samantha and Derek Lordon Barry Lorenzetti LS Travel Wayne Lutz Dr. Mark Luvisotto M & P Mercury Sales Ltd. Yan Ma and Jian Xiong Lisa and Lyle MacDougall Kristina Sophia Mackay Mackenzie Financial Charitable Foundation Art MacNeil Greg MacRae Dr. Jas and Baksho Madahar Maharani Jewels Mail-O-Matic Services Ltd. Dr. G.B. J. Mancini Jeremy and Alison Mandel Fayaz and Salima Manji Dave Marshall Shirley Marshall Martin-Brower of Canada Co. Graeme and Martha Martindale Margaret Mason Masuch and Mellios LLP Kathryn Mathisen Grant and Jane Maxwell Kerry May McAdams Foundation Trevor and Kailee McBratney Theresa McCarthy Robert McCarvill

Grand ‘Crew’ at Marquis Wine Cellars Marquis Wine Cellars has been a part of the Canuck Place family since 2015 when owner John Clerides joined our Gift of Time Wine Committee. Passionate about both wine and giving back, the team at Marquis has been instrumental in helping us secure high-end wines for our silent auction and helping us build Gift of Time’s Enjoy it Now Wine Program, which has raised over $75,000. During the pandemic, Marquis stood by us and raised over $6,500 through an online Hospitality Partner campaign for both of our galas. Thank you, Marquis!

John Clerides

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

David McDonald Chris McKinnon Barry McLean Nancy McLeod Margaret McNeil MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic Ltd. Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. KJ Kim and Emily Mears Simon Mears Paul and Melissa Meehan Melanie Auld Jewelry Ltd. Melina Alexandra Photography Dylan Merrick Mertin Hyundai MGI Investments Ltd. MHC Gutters Irene Michaluk Trent and Allison Mick Scott Mihalchan Military And Hospitaller Order Of Saint Lazarus Of Jerusalem Gary and Barbara Miller Paul Miller Tanice Miller Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Canada Andrew Mills Mind Over Mat Darrell Mindell Andrew and Golnaz Mindell Barbara Moewes Doria Moodie Corey Moreino-Belina Ken Ecker and Pippa Morgan Chilliwack Mount Cheam Lions Club Mountain Fire Protection Ltd. Mountain Green Homes Ltd. John and Marianne Mulder Karen Mullins Alan Murphy

David and Cherry Murphy Michael and Anne Murphy Mark and Shanee Myles Dr. Gary Nakhuda and Michelle Gontier Ron Nalewajek Russell and Maureen Nash Stephanie Nelson Vladimir and Nina Nesic Newleaf Total Wellness Centre Christine Newsome Nigel Newsome Jason and Courtney Nicola Nomad Royalty Company Ltd. Normac Appraisals Ltd. Roy Norman Northland Mechanical Contracting Northwest Landscape & Stone November Project Vancouver Kevin Obermeyer Ocean Pacific Restoration Ltd. Dennis and Leanne Ohman Okanagan Polo Club Laurence Olson Kevin Omelaniec Mark and Sherry Omelaniec Jack Ong Onyx OPEX Abbotsford William Osaduik Osisko Gold Royalties Hilary and Arthur Oswald Pagoda Ride Golf Course Ashley Pakula Anita Panz Para Space Landscaping Inc. Baljit and Mady Parmar Robert and Heather Pasman Patrick And Elizabeth Hill Charitable Fund Colleen Patrick Ryan Patryluk and Riki Lawson

Case family makes a difference

Jim and Lauire Case

Jim and Laurie Case are innovative in their approach to giving – always looking for ways to bring new connections and opportunities forward to maximize their impact on Canuck Place. Jim joined the Gift of Time Committee in 2010 with a goal of developing a highend wine category for our silent auction, later pulling together an influential wine committee and introducing Canuck Place to Marquis Wine Cellars. Jim and Laurie also were the driving force behind one of Gift of Time’s most successful Live Auction items, an exclusive trip to Napa Valley on a private jet, which raised $175,000 over four years. In 2020, Jim and Laurie recognized the great need to support Canuck Place during the pandemic and became one of five donors who came forward to provide a $160,000 match for Gift of Time’s Fund-a-Need initiative. Thank you Jim and Laurie for your commitment and outstanding support. 33 / 34

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Sean Patterson Mrs. and Mr. Linda M. Payer Robert and Linda Payer PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. Peter and Marion Pearce Vernon and Barbara Pepper Peppermint Toast Publishing Genno Pereira Annabel Perry Stephanie Petrie Phoenix Restorations Ltd. Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd. Platinum Professional Claims Services Ltd. Sheila Plumpton Doris and Chuck Poelman Jennifer Polci and Laura Heslip Pomme Natural Market Port Coquitlam Lions Club Michelle Porter Darren and Sheri Postma Dennis and Ellen Powell Denise and Mark Praill Kim Prins Propane Depot Inc. Prostar Painting & Restoration Ltd. Michael Provencal ProWest Sales Ltd. Punjabi Patrika Media Ltd. Punk Rock Pastries

David and Isobelle Purdy John Purdy Pyrrha Design Inc. Pietro and Sabrina Qualizza Queen of All Saints Elementary School Raimac Industries Ltd. Rainbow Renovations Raine Mountain Hardware Ltd. Kenneth and Christine Ransom Richard Raymond RBC RDM Lawyers LLP Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of British Columbia Redpath Relocations Refresh Carpet Cleaning James and Margaret Reith ReMax Sabre Realty Amy Rempel John and Karley Rice Douglas and Sandra Richardson Richmond Chinatown Lions Club Kirsten Ridd Riversol Skin Care Solutions Robert McGregor Murray Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Colton Roberts Joan Robertson Barbara Roche Iris and Richard Rodrigues Bram and Alissa Rogachevsky Rogers Foods Ltd.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Jim and Penny Rogers Rolfe, Benson LLP Kenneth and Susan Ronalds Luigi Ronchi Gobatto and Michael Keyrouz Roofix Services Inc. Roots and Wings Distillery Rose Meadows Holdings Rotary Club of Abbotsford - Sumas Royal Canadian Legion TVS Branch #44 Royal LePage Sterling Realty Doug and Sharon Ruttan Dr. Ali Sadeghi Safeway Arbutus Sagen Salesforce.org Mary Salvador Daren and Elaine Sanders Sandy Hill Elementary School Kiran Sangha Sasco Contractors Ltd. William Sauder Dr. Nelson S. Savein Vincent Scali Steven Scarlett Brenda Scott Securiguard Services Limited ServiceMaster Clean Property Services Sevenoaks Shopping Centre Sharp’s Egg Sales Inc. Siena’s Slime Fundraiser


Amazing Donors

49,360 Gifts from donors

Canuck Place Nurse, Karen Lam, and Canuck Place child, Arthur

35 / 36

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Douglas Shaw Pollyanna Sher Sheri Warzel Personal Real Estate Corp. Dong Min Shin Richard and Tracey Short Tracey Ledlin-Short Dave and Lisa Sidhu Silver Lining Landscaping Ltd. SinAmen Bun Co. Christopher and Tyra Skibington Bob and Colleen Smart William Smart Smart-Tek Communications Inc. Darlene Smith and Bill Russell Lee Smith Mark and Yvette Smith Richard Smith and Peggy Ng Something Fishy Aquariums Antonio Sousa Lorraine Spady Sparkmouth Spratt Emanuel Engineering Ltd. St. Johns Junior School Stafford Portraits Scott Stewart Dr. Allan and Kristen Stockley Elizabeth Straforelli Alfred Strong Styles Family Foundation Paul and Andrea Sullivan

John Sun Surrey Central Lions Club Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society SurreyCares Community Foundation Tapestry AW Limited Partnership Team X-Tream Sportsgear Ltd. TELUS Foundation TELUS Patricia Tewfik The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Larrikin Fund (Steane Family) The Ollie Lantela Foundation The Redwoods Golf Course The Winnipeg Foundation Betty Therriualt Karen and Rick Thiessen Susanne Thiessen Pascal Thompson Thomas and Lori Burley Family Fund, held at the Victoria Foundation Owen R. Thomas John and Gilberte Thompson Thamara Thompson Tidal Transport & Trading Ltd Tidy Trailers Tim Hortons-Heather Gervais Tim Hortons-Sean Dyck and Tracey Joiner Tim Hortons-Jocleyn and Brent Tomlinson

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Tim Hortons-David Elliot Tim Hortons-Jenn Pyer Tim Hortons-Micheal and Tracey Price Philip and Lee Tippetts-Aylmer Edwin Toole Toptable Group In memory of George Tough and our grandson Andrew Homeniuk Trans Mountain Canada Inc. Trans Mountain Pipe Line Employees Traveland RV Supercentre Gillian Treschow Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company Trotter & Morton Facility Services Inc. Peter and Lisa Tsiandoulas UBC Kappa Alpha Theta UBCO Nursing Capstone Community Project Alvin Unger Ms. Karen Ungerson United Way of Halton & Hamilton Mark Van Aert Elizabeth Van Gameren Vancity Dance Club Vancouver Kiwanis Welfare Foundation Wendy Vander Velde Ken and Anne Woods Philip and Jennefer Vanderpol

Canuck Place Nurses, Karen Lam, and Morgan Spencer


Generous Corporate Donors


Outstanding Monthly Donors 37 / 38

Thank you for your suppor t! $1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Pieter and Fran Vanderpol Vanderpol’s Eggs Ltd. Mary Anne Verrault Niels Vestergaard Suzanne Veuger Vanessa Hynes Victor Insurance Managers Inc. Victoria Foundation VisionPros Online Optical Harry and Barbara Volp VPC Vancouver Polo Club Inc. Wendy Wacko Dale and Gail Waddell Margaret Wall Gordon and Deanna Wallace Waste Control Services Inc. Waste Management Phyllis Watson Tim Watson Dr. Robyn Watts and Michael Posnikoff Hannah Webb Tom and Joanne Webster Dagan Weekes Lydia Weekes Weiler Bowers Well Fed Food Ltd. P. J. and Sharon Welsh Wensley Architecture Ltd.

West Bay Forest Products The Westin Bayshore White Rock Optometry Clinic Deryk Whitehead Whole Foods Market Wickaninnish Inn Nicola Wieler Aaron Wijngaarden Linda Wilder Wilson Beck Insurance Services Leslie Wilson Selma Wingrove Corrinne Wolcoski Valerie Woloshyn Clara Wong Damon Wong Jonathan Wong Richard and Beverly Wood The Woods Foundation Woodtone David and Caitlin Woodward Anna Wright Ruth Wright Jian Xiong and Yan Ma Xtreme Talent Dance Company Chizuko Yamanaka Stephanie Yang Ruth Yelle Eddie Yen Erin Yeo YKLM Artspace Co. Ltd.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Chris Young Zacharias Vickers LLP Jack and Donna Lee Zaleski Hong Ru Zhou ZLC Foundation Zurich Canada LEGACY CIRCLE Anonymous (96) Rene Appelmans David Bendell Ronald and Penny Bush Candy Cheung Kenneth Cowie Muriel and Frank Daly Bequest Judith Davis Martin and Debra Davis Ronald P. Dobson Sheila Dogue Bev and Roger Duke Darlene Edvall Helen Edwards Robert Fairweather Inge Fein and Paul Luke, in memory of Kirwynn Chloe Fein Luke Don Freayh Bruce Gifford Rob Gurr Janet Hayes

A future of exceptional care. With your support, we will provide pediatric palliative care to more children and families across BC & Yukon. Canuck Place is working with families, health care colleagues locally and globally, and our expert clinicians, to design a clinical plan to meet the needs of children next year and into the future.

Our preliminary research is underlining existing and emerging needs in how we care for children. We know that our families need more:

Care in-hospice Care planning and coordination

Support Plan

Care in the community Care in bereavement Sharing of knowledge and research in Pediatric Palliative Care 39 / 40

Thank you for your suppor t! LEGACY CIRCLE cont’d Jim and Mary Hinds Edward Hulford Yola Hurwitz Eugene and Marolyn Jow Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kozier James and Catherine Krock James Lanphier Philip William Lee Angela Lee S. Lou-Hing Kathy MacDougall R and M Eynhallow Foundation, in memory of son Ronald Angus Porteous MacLeod Bruce and Kathy Marfleet Margaret McNeil Margaret Monck Elizabeth Morantz C M Ng Judy Nylander Olivia Panis, in loving memory of baby Vincent Emmanuel Panis Myron Papiranski, in memory of mother Emilia Hilda Pipke, in memory of daughter Ingrid Pipke

Mike and Jackie Podger Douglas and Sandra Richardson Victoria and Herbert Rieger Jim Robson Diana Danica Seeley James and Laura Severn, in memory of niece Layla Luyt Joyce Stuart, in memory of great niece Sarah Whitney Cheyne Nancy Tardioli The Thames Family Fran Thibodeau John and Gilberte Thompson Colleen Trygg Avi and Julie Tutelman Lynn Vail Nellie Van der Heyden Adrian Welsh Reginald Wonnenberg and Gail Brassington Deedee Woodward, in memory of son Brayden ESTATES Denise Albertine Anderson Edith Cecile Bartsch Valerie J. Cooper Helen Helin Dryden

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Roberta Darlene Edvall Sarah Elias Patricia Ada Hartin Irene Headland Raymond Julius Karmazenuk Angela Mary Kitcher Mary Elizabeth Miller Glendon William Morgan Chin Mei Ng Joan Pauline Ramsay Wilbert Reed Harold Angus Roloff Penelope Thomas God’s Loving Kindness Vaughn-Hulbert Henry Peter John Wickert Selena Wong Lillian J. Woodcock

$44,422 raised by young philanthropists

Canuck Place Nurse, Morgan Spencer, and Canuck Place child, Tristan

41 / 42

Canuck Place Hospice Society Board of Directors Peter Glowacki (Chair) Suzanne Steenburgh (Vice Chair) Michael Cinnamond (Treasurer) Dr. Steve Kline (Secretary) Teresa Budd (Director at Large) Fayaz Manji John DeLucchi Markus Delves Dr. Douglas Cochrane Bob Smart Dr. Carolyn Steinberg Tom Webster Robert Coard

Canuck Place Hospice Foundation Peter Glowacki (Chair) Suzanne Steenburgh (Vice Chair) Michael Cinnamond (Treasurer) Dr. Steve Kline (Secretary) Teresa Budd (Director at Large)

Family Advisory Council Angela Uncles Barbra Mohan Alysone Martel Meagan Colenutt Shawna-Marie Phillips Teresa Domingo Deedee Woodward Seeta Prasad Bev Pomeroy Kerena Letcher Riki Lawson From left to right: Top row: 7pm salute at Canuck Place - Dave Lede House, Fin celebrates Canuck Place Nurses, Canuck Place Medical Director, Dr. Hal Siden, Canuck Place teen, Vincent, and Canuck Place volunteer, Amrit Maharaj Middle row: 7pm salute at Canuck Place - Glen Brae Manor, Canuck Place Personal Care Aide, Susan Denness, Canuck Place child, Amir, Canuck Place Nurse, Georgina Bruce, Canuck Place Nurses, Nikki Davies, Melanie Hameluck, and Adrienne Cocroft, Manager, Counselling and Bereveament Services, Linda Wollschaleger-Fischer Bottom row: Vancouver Canucks Elias Pettersson and Michael Bublé, Canuck Place PADS accredited facility dog, Gaia, Lighting of the House at Canuck Place - Glen Brae Manor, Canuck Place Nurse, Doreen Landry with proceeds from Tim Hortons Smile Cookies.

Canuck Place Children’s Hosp i ce / Annual Rep o rt 2020-21

43 / 44

Canuck Place is:

u o y r o f l u f e t a gr

Canuck Place mother, Cherie and Canuck Place child, Charlie-Anne

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice / Annual Report 2020-21

Canuck Place parents live in uncertainty “I have a 10-year-old daughter named Charlie-Anne who was diagnosed with SMA type 1 (like ALS) and given ‘a few months’ to live at 6 months of age. What would the usual cause of death be? The common cold. “For 10 years we have lived in COVID-19 mode. We bought out all the hand santizer and Lysol wipes way before it was cool. “Like a lot of people, I’m reading/hearing about now, sometimes we just HAD to let our guard down, and take ‘risks’. It really sucks when play dates, school and public library outings are considered risks. “We had to weigh the risks - is it worth it? Is it important to her? Is keeping her from the opportunity more detrimental than letting her experience some normalcy? I had to trust my gut and my heart and hope it wasn’t steering me wrong. “So, she went to school sometimes, to the library, sometimes, and had play dates, sometimes. We’ve even taken her to Disneyland twice. “But sometimes she got sick, really sick. Charlie has been hospitalized many times. And she’s almost been taken from us many times. I punished myself for relaxing too much. I prayed to God to not take her. I promised I would be more diligent in her care and to never expose her again. “And then, miraculously, she’d get better. And she’d come home again. And my brain and heart would recover. It buried the hospital stays. It erased details. And then she’d pine for normalcy and I would give it to her in small doses. “Sometimes an hour into my sleep I’d sit up in a panic, “I forgot to wash her hands after she touched that toy the other kid touched!” And then I would wait in fear for 3 days for the symptoms to present themselves. “I still do all of the above, daily. This has been our life for 11 years. I have PTSD from all of the close calls and I’ve learned I’ll never do the right thing 100% of the time and there will always be fear and guilt. “So instead, I look to her to help me make a lot of the difficult decisions. I want to protect her AND give her a great life and see her happy. I’m afraid of what that could mean and will always repent my sins of taking too many risks each and every time she is hospitalized. But I am doing the best I can do, and you will too. And your kiddos love you for it. I’m sorry this is everyone’s new normal, and fortunately/unfortunately, you’ll get great at it.” - Canuck Place mother, Cherie 45 / 46

Canuck Place is:

e r a s e v i l t where shor t s e l l u f e h t o lived t Canuck Place Children’s Hospice acknowledges with gratitude that our work takes place on the traditional and unceded lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the territories of the Stó:l? Nation, x?m??kw?y??m (Musqueam), Skwxwu?7mesh (Squamish), and S?l?i?lw?ta?/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Society #13386 7523 RR0001 For information on our privacy policy, visit canuckplace.org/privacy

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