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WE ARE VEROT...A LOOK INSIDE When you think back to your days at Verot, what are some of your favorite memories? It is a question I ask often and the answers always amaze me. For some, it is a specific event – winning an important game, opening night of a special play, or the impact of a retreat they attended. For others, it is the relationships formed with teachers and mentors and lifelong friendships that started in the halls of Verot. In this edition, Deanna (Custer) Breen talks about her time here as both a student and a counselor (page 10). Deanna is celebrating 20 years as a staff member, having started here as an intern right out of college. On page 12, check out the mark students in the classes of 1986-1989 have left on Verot, literally. Take a walk down memory lane and see if you or someone you know has left a lasting mark by way of a sidewalk signature. Mrs. O’Grady talks about the dedication of the Verot staff, especially in this challenging year, in her letter (page 4). Mr. Ilnitzki was introduced in the last edition of the B&G as one of our newest faculty members, joining the English Department. This winter, he passed away suddenly, leaving a lasting impression on his students. Some of those who knew him best share their favorite memories of Mr. I as they called him, beginning on page 14. The Bishop Verot Athletic Department, along with administration, has worked very hard this school year to be sure our student athletes are able to continue the Viking traditions on the field and on the court. Both the fall and winter seasons have been played as scheduled with safety protocols in place.You can catch most competitions live on the Verot Live Facebook page. The Winter Athletic Guide highlights our teams and athletes beginning on page 20. As always, stay connected with the Bishop Verot Alumni Association on page 37. Beginning on page 38, read about some of your fellow alumni making news in athletics as well as their personal lives. And, be sure to share your own news with us for future publications. Enjoy this edition of the B&G Alumni Magazine!

Picture right: Class of 2021 in senior t-shirts.


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LETTER FROM THELETTER PRINCIPAL FROM THE PRINCIPAL A few weeks ago, we celebrated the Ash Wednesday Mass as a Verot family in Viking Stadium. While certainly different than our pre-Covid all school Masses in St. Cecilia Parish, we are very grateful for the blessing. This has been a challenging year, balancing the necessary safety protocols to insure our faculty and students are able to continue to share in the many traditions that make Bishop Verot special. At the conclusion of Ash Wednesday Mass, Senior Grace Canzano had the honor of announcing the Christ the Teacher winner for the 2020-2021 school. This coveted award dates back to 2005 when Ed Boulton was recognized as the first recipient. This award is to recognize those teachers who demonstrate Christ-like qualities in the pursuit of academic excellence and go the extra mile in and out of the classroom. While this year has been different in many ways, the faculty has gone above and beyond in their willingness to go the extra mile. The response from our students and parents to acknowledge all their teachers have done this year was overwhelming. As a result, the entire Bishop Verot Faculty was named as recipients this year. While the unwavering dedication of our teachers is in the forefront during the time of Covid, the reality is our amazing faculty is always at the heart of what makes Bishop Verot the amazing school it is. The fact we have more than a dozen Bishop Verot alumni on staff sharing our mission is a clear reflection of the impact our faculty has had on the lives of their students. Mrs. Deanna Breen, Class of 1994 graces the cover of this edition of B&G as one of those Vikings who returned home to help carry on the legacy of Bishop Verot. Mrs. Breen is not only a school counselor in the Student Services Department where she meets with students to discuss course selections, college plans, and career goals; she is also a classroom teacher sharing her love of psychology with students who may one day aspire to follow in her footsteps. Her loving and nurturing nature makes her someone on campus students seek out when they are struggling with emotional issues such as the loss of a loved one or a peer conflict. Mrs. Breen epitomizes what it means to be a member of the Bishop Verot family and we are grateful for her 20 years of service to the school community. As we begin to plan for the close of this school year and the celebration of the next class of alumni, it is our hope the impact of our faculty and staff is felt long after the high school years are over. Blessings,

Mrs. Suzie O'Grady

Mrs. Suzie O’Grady Interim Principal

Photo right: Faculty with their personalized hearts made by art students.

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WINTER 2020-21


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On the cover: Deanna Breen '94 Photo Credit: Hoffman Fine Arts Portraits

MISSION STATEMENT Bishop Verot Catholic High School builds relationships centered on faith, learning, and leadership devoted to educating the whole person, utilizing innovative technologies, empowering students through collaborative experiences, and cultivating a spirit of service while grounded in our relationship with Jesus Christ.


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We hope this finds you well in what continues to be a challenging times. As a faculty and staff, we are often asked, “How’s it going at Verot?” We are excited and pleased to have welcomed back 95% of the student body to on-campus learning. The remaining few who have chosen to remain at home are receiving the same quality Catholic education, while participating in class discussions and activities. The Verot family is staying safe with daily temperature checks, constant mask wearing, and a daily schedule supporting and encouraging social distancing. After the first successful quarter of the year (with a less than 1% infection rate), students were both ready and anxious for the return of some fun. We have now celebrated three All School Masses, teachers are offering after school office hours, and clubs have started meetings. Catholics in Action Club recently gathered to assemble PPE kits to distribute throughout the community. Our Athletic Department has worked tirelessly to implement safety protocols allowing for increased fans at competitions. All of these activities, consistent with the Verot mission, help to build relationships centered on faith, learning, and leadership. Our consistent use of technology and supporting professional development through the years has been key to the successful transition to accommodate our students this year. As we look to the future, we are encouraged by the record number of applications received so far for the next school year. Families continue to recognize the value of a Bishop Verot Catholic education despite the hardships so many continue to endure. This is a testament to the great things happening at Verot as we face the challenges of COVID together. Please consider supporting this year’s Annual Appeal by selecting one of the many ways to give on the next page.Your gift supports all areas of the school including need-based tuition assistance, facility improvements, and technological enhancements.Your support of Bishop Verot Catholic High School is greatly appreciated.

DID YOU $1.9 million

approximate need demonstrated by families

$18.2 million

Non Excidet,

scholarships earned by our 2020 graduating class of 175 students

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown ’80 Director of Development


of our students received donor-funded scholarships and other aid in fiscal year 2019-20


go onto post secondary school

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WINTER 2020-21

Bishop Verot’s legacy remains strong because of the generosity of alumni, parents, the Catholic community, and friends who remain dedicated to supporting the school and its mission through commitments of time and resources. Gifts to the Annual Fund go to the school’s most pressing needs and benefit our current students in all aspects of their educational experience in areas such as: Technology Enhancements ■ Academic Innovations Need-Based Tuition Assistance ■ Facility Improvements Your generosity will help sustain Bishop Verot, propelling our students to success. However you choose to help, your participation is critical to our mission. Please reflect on your ability to give and make a tax-deductible investment today. Giving Opportunities Direct Contributions ■ Pledges Over Time ■ Bequests ■ Memorial gifts to remember a deceased loved one ■ A named scholarship, curriculum fund, or restricted fund ■ Scholarships and endowments for long-term support and sustainability ■ A contribution directly from your traditional IRA If you are 70 ½ or older this should not be considered a taxable distribution. Please contact your financial advisor.

St. John XXIII Catholic Church

Fort Myers, FL | 239.561.2245 | www.johnxxiii.net

Showing our continued support of Catholic Education for

Bishop Verot High School The Parishioners at St. John XXIII are always praying for you. May God’s Word be the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path! BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

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Giving Guide T

your guide to investing in the future.

oday’s Bishop Verot Catholic High School student measures among the brightest in the nation, with SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement scores well above the national average. Our students are indeed prepared to meet the challenges of a competitive university environment and have the drive and discipline to become the next generation of leaders in the Southwest Florida community and beyond.

support. There are many ways to support Bishop Verot including direct contributions, pledges over time, and bequests. If you are 70 ½ or older and make a contribution directly from your traditional IRA, amounts up to $100,000 are not considered a taxable distribution. Your gift of a Catholic education impacts students for the rest of their lives.

Annual Fund The Bishop Verot Annual Fund is the foundation of the community The cost of educating our students support for our school, supporting has risen as technology and other factors have dramatically altered the such initiatives as technology enhancements, tuition assistance, and educational landscape. Bishop Verot has strived to limit tuition increases campus improvements. The campaign to ensure financial challenges do not asks for support from our Catholic become an obstacle for our families. community, alumni, current and former parents, and friends.Your gift The single most effective way you can ensure all qualified students are of any amount may be designated able to attend Bishop Verot Catholic to the area you are most passionate High School is through your financial about or where it is needed most,

8 B&G

WINTER 2020-21

the choice is yours. Every dollar donated to Bishop Verot is directly supporting our mission to build a community of faith and learning. Adopt – A – Student Currently, more than 40% of our families request need-based tuition assistance. Assistance is not covered by any outside group and must be attained through Bishop Verot’s fundraising efforts. Unfortunately, we are unable to meet everyone’s request. Contributing to the Adopt – A – Student program will allow you to make the greatest impact in the lives of our students by ensuring a solid education in a faith-filled environment. Tuition for the 2021 -2022 school year is $12,700. Consider your contribution in terms of the school year: Pay for One Week: $318

Pay for the Month: $1,270 Pay for the Quarter: $3,175 Pay for the Semester: $6,350 Pay for the School Year: $12,700 Whatever the amount, your gift has an immediate impact on the life of a student. Endowed Scholarships The purpose of an endowment is to provide ongoing support for the current and future activities of Bishop Verot and its students. It is, therefore, a perpetual, self-sustaining source of permanent funding. Each year, a portion of the endowment’s earnings are paid out, while the principal is retained for future growth. As a result, it is imperative the endowment grow its investment assets sufficient to support an annual spending stream of the endowment in perpetuity. The two key components required for the endowment to grow are new gifts and investment performance. New funds are essential to the future of Verot. Please consider starting a fund in your alumni class.

John and Mimi Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund - Est. 2004 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS. Joseph Grabsch Scholarship Fund - Est. 2005 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS. Dick Stahl Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2008 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified incoming freshman from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. Edward and Esther Kuss Memorial Scholarship Fund Est. 2010 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS. Spirit of 1974 Scholarship Fund - Est. 2011 Income used to provide a scholarship for a well rounded, high performing qualified student.

Bishop Verot currently has 11 endowed scholarship funds valued at over $2.9 million, which provide over $100,000 in scholarships each year.

Judy Springston Scholarship for the Arts - Est. 2014 A partial scholarship for a student wishing to focus on the Arts at BVHS.

Carl Kistel Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Diana D’Olica Scholarship Fund - Est. 2017 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Rob Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2000 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.

Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf Neuroscience Scholarship Fund – Est. 2018 Income used to provide financial assistance for financially-needy students interested in pursuing a career in neuroscience. BV

Jacob Alderman Memorial Scholarship Fund - Est. 2003 Income used to provide financial assistance for a qualified student to attend BVHS.


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eanna (Custer) Breen graduated from Bishop Verot in 1994. While completing her master and specialist degree in School Counseling from the University of Florida in 2001, she was offered an internship with the Bishop Verot Guidance Department. After her 1st semester, she was hired on full-time under the direction of Mr. Bill Stejskal. Although she spent a few years in the Admissions Director role, developing and implementing a solid plan to increase enrollment, helping current students find success is her passion. In addition to being a certified School Counselor, in 2018 Deanna earned a certificate from the American School Counselor Association and is now considered an Anxiety and Stress Management Specialist. In 2020 she also earned a certificate as a Grief and Loss Specialist as well as a Trauma and Crisis Management Specialist. Q: What do you see as your main role as a School Counselor? A: As a School Counselor, I consider my three main job responsibilities are to guide students academically, emotionally, and to prepare them for college/ career. Although I take pride in the work we do as counselors in regards to academic and college counseling, it is the social/emotional counseling and programs I am most passionate about and proud of. This includes individual counseling sessions with students as well as hosting programs to address mental wellness and coping strategies. As an example, I have developed a program where we invite local Licensed Mental Health Counselors from the surrounding Lee County area to do workshops with our students on topics including

10 B&G

stress management, how a healthy diet can help academic performance, study skills, managing anxiety, and mindfulness. I developed this program because I saw a steady increase in the number of students struggling with mental wellness, which inevitably impacts their performance in the classroom if not addressed.

Q: How do you help current students plan for their future success? A: I frequently go into classes to talk about topics such as the importance of maintaining a good GPA, how to make the most of high school, researching colleges, etc. I walk our sophomore class each year through a series of personality and career interest assessments to help them hone in on an area they may want to study more after high school. Q: Teen anxiety has steadily increased in recent years, even more dramatically this year. How do you help students cope? A: During COVID, I continue to provide in-person counseling to students as well as counseling sessions via Zoom for distance learning students. While we were shut down last school year, I provided additional opportunities for students to talk about mental wellness, such as “Wellness Wednesday”, a zoom session where students could get together and talk about what was helping them through the tough time of being socially isolated and having to adjust to distance learning. I also run small groups to target students who

WINTER 2020-21

may be struggling with making friends and dealing with anxiety and the stress of being a teen in today’s world.

Psychology. It allows me to get to know my students really well. I always tell them no matter what you study in college or what direction you take in life, you will use Psychology in anything you do! My goal is to teach them the basic psychological concepts - think classical conditioning - but also have them apply these to their personal lives. I would say their favorite topics in this class are the neurobiology of sleep and dreams as well as Psychological Disorders (depression, anxiety, etc). Q: What is your favorite memory of Verot?

Q: You chose Beattie Square for your cover photo because of the impact Frs. Joe and John Beattie had on your time here as a student. How did they and your other teachers make a difference? A: The Beattie brothers modeled a gentle and humble spirit and to always approach things with patience, Mr. McMurrin encouraged me to keep challenging myself even when I thought I had reached my max ability, and Mrs. Feeney taught me about leadership. These people not only shaped me educationally but also morally. Q: Please share your experience sharing your passion in the classroom teaching Psychology. A: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a classroom teacher teaching the subject I am passionate about -

A: Favorite memory is a hard one. I guess it’s not one single event but just the supportive, family type atmosphere I received from both teachers and fellow students. Fond memories include going to football games, homecoming events, and Spellamania, but mostly just hanging out with friends. The people I met in high school are life-long friends and are there to celebrate achievements and help through the most difficult times in life. When they say “once a Viking always a Viking”, it certainly is true. It’s funny because my closest friends now, 25+ years after graduation, all have a connection with Verot. They either went to BV themselves or their spouses did! “Once a Verot family, always a Verot family.” Many of Deanna’s friends from high school are still strong friendships today. She loves having the opportunity to work with her former classmates' and friends’ children, making an impact on a second generation of Vikings. She has also chosen Bishop Verot for her own four children – Rachel ’14, Kristen ’18, Jake ’23, and soon Jackson ’29. BV


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A Walk Down Memory Lane ... J

ust past the Blessed Mother Prayer Garden in front of school there is a mysterious sidewalk blazoned with the sentiments of longago Vikings. As you walk down the long stretch of sidewalk bordering the parking lot closest to the science wing, it is easy to imagine students excitedly scratching their names into the fresh cement. Seniors from the classes of 1986 – 1989 paid homage to their sport and jersey numbers, confessed their love for classmates, and even gave an occasional shout out to the future with "Go Gators." It makes you wonder, did the nicknames like Pinky and Pooky, Spaz, and Scoop follow them into their adult life or did they end as they crossed the stage at graduation? And the "Best Friends Forever" and "True Love Always" – where are they now? Some chose to share words of wisdom like "Wherever you go, there you are" hoping to inspire all who wander by. And who exactly were the "Bad Boys of '86"?

Looking closely at the names, many of them remain familiar. Many of them can be found supporting Verot events today – at sporting events, the annual Gala, and the Alumni Association events. And many of them have chosen Verot for their own children, a second generation to leave their mark. BV

12 B&G

WINTER 2020-21

The Classes of 1986 – 1989


B&G 13

Remembering Mr. Ilnitzki to learn about all of his students. He once told me “I’m going to pray for you.” I thought a lot about this all the time during midterms week. I’m going to miss him so much and I think about him every day.


oseph Ilnitzki joined the Verot family this past August. Originally from Long Island, New York, after being offered a teaching position in the English Department, he packed up his belongings and moved to Florida. In a recent conversation with Mrs. O’Grady, his family shared, “being offered the opportunity to teach at Bishop Verot Catholic High School was a great blessing to him, and he enjoyed his time there very much.” His impact on the Verot family was great despite his short time here. Mr. Ilnitzki passed away over the Christmas Break. An all school Mass was celebrated in his memory upon our return to campus in January. Members of his House, St. Joan of Arc, shared their heartfelt memories, showing the impact one person can have with some simple acts of kindness. Grace Canzano (12th) – Mr. I was the sweetest man ever. He listened to all of us and really cared about making a difference. He loved

14 B&G

Bella Sullivan (12th) – Mr. I had a smile on his face every day, he always suggested new ideas and activities for the house, which really helped me as the senior captain to feel even more comfortable leading. He always made jokes and was so friendly and open minded. One of my favorite memories of him was during kickball. He got really into the game and really wanted to win. He kicked the ball pretty far and ran as fast as he could to the base. He was such a good sport and encouraged everyone to participate. Thomas Sciarrone (12th) Mr. I was the type of man who was open and friendly to all. As a member of the house of Saint Joan of Arc, he brought a fun and enthusiastic energy to our house. Often times I would get hung up after class chatting with him about the different things going on in my life. One thing that Mr. I and I bonded over was our love for New York and our connections to Long Island. My father grew up just 20 minutes down the road from where Mr. I lived, so I enjoyed all the stories he would share with me. Before Christmas vacation we did a house secret Santa exchange. WINTER 2020-21

Unknown to me, Mr. I had picked me. When it came time to exchange gifts Mr. I handed me an old new balance shoe box that had my name on it. Inside was a letter, a letter that I still have today, that talked about how great of a young man and a leader I am. This really meant a lot to me, especially hearing it from a staff member at school. The greatest part of my gift was the NYPD hat. Me being a person who loves wearing hats and collecting them this meant a whole lot to me. Later I came to find out that Mr. I had actually had someone from New York go out and purchase the hat and ship it down to him. This really stood out to me about the kind of man he was. It brought great sadness and

disappointment to hear the news about Mr. I’s passing. But deep down I know that his memory will not only be carried on in his friend's and family’s hearts but mine as well.

Geri Herrera (10th) – My favorite memory was playing four square and teaching him and him beating me in the game every time. He gave me my nickname G-Money, because I was athletic and was always talking about sports. Lucas Campero (10 ) – During kickball I caught a ball and my new nickname from then was “Jeter”. We talked a lot about baseball. th

Conor Cranfield (12th) – The first time I met Mr. I, I introduced myself to him and from then on, he called me “champ” every time I passed by in the hallway. Kevin Kelly (10th) – The favorite and most fond memory of Mr. I was when we played kickball. He acted more like a friend than a teacher and was always excited to see us in house and participate in every game we played. Shipley Wagamon (12th) – The best memory I have of Mr. I was when we would all come into house, and if we were doing an activity he would always make sure everyone participated and was included.

Jeremy Barrow (11th) – I remember how enthusiastic he was when we played wiffle ball and how he complemented me on my fielding skills. Also, when he dressed as a catcher for Halloween.

will be greatly missed.

Nicholas Richmond (9th) – Mr. I was always full of energy and he participated in the physical activities. It was a lot of fun to get to know Mr. I when he sat down next to me during house.

Rae-Lee Stefanacci (12th) – One of the best memories I had with Mr. I was when we played wiffle ball and he noticed and commented on how he could tell I actually played the sport and complimented me on it. He was a great man who always tried to put a smile on every student’s face and always came into house as happy as he could be and tried to talk to everyone. He was great at getting everyone in our house involved in everything from just talking in our house, playing a game, and even on field day.

Thomas Bravo (10th) – When I sat in my corner in house, he would usually sit next to me and talk to me, always asking what I was doing and listening to what I had to say. Sometimes when I was in a bad or upset mood he would listen to what was going on and give me words of encouragement. Colin Stanley (11th) – He was an extremely kind man and was very into house. He would always talk to everyone and was extremely friendly. One memory that sticks out for me was when he was very excited to dress up for Halloween and he wore a full catcher’s outfit. He was extremely enthusiastic and


Zoe Vadas (9th) – I drew Mr. I for secret Santa and he was super happy when he opened his gift and said how much he loved it. It was so nice to see him happy.

Gracie Mitchell (9th) – One memory is when we played foursquare and kickball, he was very competitive. Andrew Pino (9th) – One nice memory of Mr. I is him beating us all in foursquare and during kickball he kept encouraging us to fight for the win. BV

B&G 15

Catholics M

embers of the Catholics in Action Club meet weekly to discuss the ways they can make an impact on the Verot community and beyond. This past holiday season, they made an impact by sharing their Christmas spirit. Over the Thanksgiving break, students spent a day decorating the campus. In additional to the traditional senior courtyard and main office trees, they also transformed the cafeteria with a large, decorated tree. Students returned to campus finding a large nativity scene in the Plaza as well. Giving back to their community, club members helped to organize a toy drive for Catholic Charities.

16 B&G

WINTER 2020-21

in Action

The school-wide event supplied many families with Christmas gifts. Students have been unable to attend in person many of the events they look forward to each year. The annual Catholic Days at the Capitol in Tallahassee and March for Life in Washington D.C. pilgrimages had to be cancelled. The Diocesan Youth Rally was held

virtually this year, with our students joining teens from throughout the Diocese virtually from the Anderson Theater. Although they did not participate face-to-face they all agree the speakers and message of the event was impactful. BV


B&G 17

18 B&G

WINTER 2020-21

.. . s s e n busi

r u o y lue a v e literally. W We are business brokers helping entrepreneurs sell their established companies. business valuations business sales acquisition searches exit planning growth strategies mergers and acquisitions

Member of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) Member of Business Brokers of Florida (BBF)

239.565.3171 Steve@EdisonBA.com Steven G. Niehaus

Certified Business Intermediary

FL License #SL3338271


B&G 19


2�2�-2Ø21 wINteR


ddI I d d I I I e e e e � � � � � � � �

Awarded Florida Magazine Association’s Design Excellence Bronze Award for Best Department Design

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WINTER 2020-2021



Back Row L to R: John DiGiorgi, Cameron Lynch, Christyan Fevrier-Sildor, Case Vandevelde, Christopher Cooper, Diego Corredor, Head Coach Eddie Villareal. Middle Row L to R: Manuel Declet, Jack Helgemo, Elijah Sander, Alessio Gurdiel, Jacob Farren,Vincent Paluck. Front Row L to R: Dat Truong, Jack Nicolosi, Ryan Dwyer, Ryan Gadson, Cooper Banks, Ryan Cloutier, Deglan Camron. Not pictured: Nathan Larrea, Brady Rose, Maximillian Wallisch.

Coach Eddie is in his second season as Head Coach of the Boys Varsity Soccer team this season. A native of Monterrey, Mexico, Coach Eddie has long been involved in sports throughout his youth and adult life. While living in Mexico, he won two national championships at the ASOMEX association in 1993 and 1995, and played in first and second division teams for the ITESM system. In 2004, he moved to the United States to pursue his bachelor and master degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, while playing and coaching for the University club team. He has been coaching for youth clubs in the SWFL region since 2012, where he has led multiple teams to the final rounds of the Florida Youth Soccer Association State Cup, and was an Assistant Goalkeeper Coach for the FGCU Men’s Head Coach Soccer NCAA Division I team from 2015-2017, where he received the Eddie Villarreal NSCAA Regional Staff of the Year recognition in 2016. He is also an ODP goalkeeper staff member for Florida Youth Soccer Association and an associate staff member for the USC (former NSCAA) Goalkeeping Academy. He and his wife live in Estero with their two daughters Eva and Luna.


B&G 21


2020-21 Boys Varsity Soccer Seniors Ryan Cloutier

Ryan Dwyer

Manuel Declet

Cameron Lynch

Nathan Nathan Larrea Larrea

Maximillian Walisch

Dat Truong

2020-21 Boys Varsity Soccer Roster Cooper Banks Deglan Camron Ryan Cloutier - Senior Christopher Cooper Diego Corredor Manuel Declet - Senior John DiGiorgi Ryan Dwyer - Senior Jacob Farren Christyan Fevrier Sildor Ryan Gadson

22 B&G

Alessio Gurdiel Jack Helgemo Nathan Larrea - Senior Cameron Lynch - Senior Jack Nicolosi Vincent Paluck Brady Rose Elijah Sander Dat Truong - Senior Case Vandevelde Maximillian Wallisch - Senior

WINTER 2020-2021



Back Row L to R: Liam Stanley, Anthony D’Aquino, Jacob Roberts, Abraham Magallanes, David Latell, Brady Rose, Declan DiMarino, Keagan Morrisroe, Coach Eddie Villarreal. Front Row L to R: Dante Gurdiel, Dominic Collins, Alex Perez, Remelo Frontal, Lawson Allen, Gregory Holzhauer, Juan Roa, Alessio Gurdiel. Not pictured: Head Coach Walberth Arias, Ramiro Acosta

JV Asst. Coach Eddie Villarreal


Not pictured: Head Coach Walbreth Arias

B&G 23


2020-21 Boys JV Soccer Roster Ramiro Acosta Lawson Allen Dominic Collins Anthony D’Aquino Declan DiMarino Remelo Frontal Dante Gurdiel Gregory Holzhauer David Latell Abraham Magallanes Keagan Morrisroe Alex Perez Juan Roa Jacob Roberts Brady Rose Liam Stanley



Loovee Briings Peeoplee Toogether - Chariity Briings Chriisttians Toogether "Prayer of Columba oflona"

Be thou a bright flame before me, Be thou a guiding star above me, Be thou a smooth path before me, Be thou a kindly shepherd behind me, Today...tonight...and forever...Amen You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and respected here at St. Columbkille Catholic Parish. 12171 Iona Road, Ft. Myers, Fl- 239-489-3973 - www.stcolumbkille.com

24 B&G

WINTER 2020-2021



Back Row L to R: Head Coach Eric Lamboy, Mackenzie Cerniglia, Isabella Sullivan, Geraldine Herrera, Olivia Howerton, Lucy Baxmann, Assistant Coach Taylor Marinell. Middle Row L to R: Ana Beach, Juliana Taglieri, Gabriella Tuffo, Morgan Troyer, Kendal Garguila,Yesenia Villanueva. Front Row L to R: Lily Bobin, Madeline Harkness, Brianna Terrell, Olivia Regan, Chloe Brown, Brooke Oakley, Olivia Irion.

Eric Lamboy is in his second season as Head Coach of the Girls Varsity Soccer team. Coach Lamboy holds a USSF National C License in coaching and NSCAA diplomas in both Youth and Advanced Regional coaching and State and Regional goalkeeping. His extensive coaching career includes two years at Cape Coral High School, over 15 years with the Cape Coral Soccer Association’s Head Coach Competitive Soccer League, and he Eric Lamboy currently serves on the coaching staff for ODP and FYSA. Eric and his wife Jill have four children, Stephanie ’10, Emily, Dalton, and Mia.


Assistant Coach Taylor Marinell

B&G 25


2020-21 Girls Varsity Soccer Roster Lucy Baxmann Ana Beach - Senior Lily Bobin Chloe Brown Mackenzie Cerniglia Kendal Garguila

Madeline Harkness Geraldine Herrera Olivia Howerton Olivia Irion Brooke Oakley - Senior Olivia Regan - Senior

Isabella Sullivan - Senior Juliana Taglieri - Senior Brianna Terrell Morgan Troyer Gabriella Tuffo - Senior Yesenia Villanueva

2020-21 Girls Varsity Soccer Seniors

26 B&G

Ana Beach

Brooke Oakley

Olivia Regan

Isabella Sullivan

Juliana Taglieri

Gabriella Tuffo

WINTER 2020-2021



Back Row L to R: Lauren Pieretti, Katrina Kiszka, Piper Kelleher, Lillian Murnane, Olivia Marsh, Jaida Schwartz, Head Coach Elena Posey. Front Row L to R: Ava Irion, Kylie Dutton, Jordan Mikolajski, Margaret Smith, Lindsey Walsh, Dominyka Romero, Delayna Jones. Not pictured: Ava Dusold, Megan Graves, Audrianna Larrea.

2020-21 Girls JV Soccer Roster Ava Dusold Kylie Dutton Megan Graves Ava Irion Delayna Jones Piper Kelleher Katrina Kizska Audrianna Larrea

Olivia Marsh Jordan Mikolajski Lillian Murnane Lauren Pieretti Dominyka Romero Jaida Schwartz Margaret Smith Lindsey Walsh

JV Head Coach Elena Posey


B&G 27



Back Row L to R: Head Coach Matt Herting, Coach Jeff Rehm, Jonah Schwartz, Lucas Tejera, Carson Beisner, Marcos Tejera, Assistant Coach Thaddeus Ward, Assistant Coach Quinn Kavanaugh. Front Row L to R: Daniel Carter, Reece Dinkel, Robert Phillips, Colin Stanley, Jacob O’Brien, Andreas Mantz, Ethan Tipton, Jaxson McCardle-Sykes, Blake Jozsa. Not pictured: Landen Bennett, Assistant Coach Ryan Murphy, Assistant Coach Jim Whealan, Assistant Coach Casey Breen.

Head Coach Matt Herting

28 B&G

Coach Herting is in his 22nd year as the Boys Head Varsity Basketball Coach, where he has had over 600 career wins, making him Verot’s winningest coach. Coach Herting has won more play-off games than any boys basketball coach in the history of Southwest Florida (16 play-off wins).Verot has won nine district championships in the last 15 years and have been to six Elite 8’s.Verot has advanced to the state play-offs 12 of the last 14 seasons. Coach Herting has been named SW Florida Coach of the Year five times. He has a BA from the University of Sioux Falls (SD) and a MS from Mississippi State University.

WINTER 2020-2021


Assistant Coach Quinn Kavanaugh

Assistant Coach Ryan Murphy

Assistant Coach Thaddeus Ward

Not pictured: Assistant Coach Jim Whealan, Assistant Coach Casey Breen

2020-21 Boys Varsity Basketball Seniors Carson Beisner

Blake Jozsa

Jonah Schwartz

Andreas Mantz

Lucas Tejera


B&G 29



Back Row L to R: Head Coach Jeff Rehm, James Rose, Ryan Springer, Giancarlo Saracino, Anthony Lee, Grant Juda, Kevin Johns, Assistant Coach Thaddeus Ward. Front Row L to R: Connor Patterson, Michael Cooper, Major Miller, Marc Adams, Justin Layne, Jackson Miller, Eric Avin.

Assistant Coach Ryan Murphy

JV Head Coach Jeff Rehm

30 B&G

WINTER 2020-2021


2020-21 Boys Varsity Basketball Roster Carson Beisner - Senior Landen Bennett Daniel Carter Reece Dinkel Blake Jozsa - Senior Andreas Mantz - Senior Jaxon McCardle-Sykes Jacob O’Brien Robert Phillips Jonah Schwartz - Senior Colin Stanley Marcos Tereja Lucas Tejera - Senior Ethan Tipton

2020-21 Boys JV Basketball Roster Marc Adams Eric Avin Michael Cooper Kevin Johns Grant Juda Justin Layne Anthony Lee Jackson Miller Major Miller Connor Patterson James Rose Gianluca Saracino Ryan Springer


B&G 31



Back Row L to R: Assistant Coach Ashley Underhill, Reese Fry, Sydney Lanier, Abigail Powell, Head Coach John Hobbs. Front Row L to R: Carlyn Kelly, Payton Kramer, Nicoy Jacas, Ashlynn Ulm, Maria Kola, Lauren Broomhead, Mary Cossentino. Not pictured: Assistant Coach Jessey Placher, Natalie Ogden.

Head Coach John Hobbs

32 B&G

John is in his first season as Head Coach of the Girls Basketball team. Coach Hobbs also teaches Economics with Financial Literacy to Seniors at BVHS. He earned his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Florida, and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rollins College in Winter Park. He is excited to share his experiences and create memorable life lessons with our students in the classroom and on the court. WINTER 2020-2021

Assistant Coach Ashley Underhill Not pictured: Assistant Coach Jessey Placher


2020-21 Girls Varsity Basketball Roster Lauren Broomhead Mary Cossentino - Senior Reese Fry Nicoy Jacas - Senior

Carlyn Kelly Maria Kola Payton Kramer - Senior Sydney Lanier - Senior

Natalie Ogden - Senior Abigail Powell - Senior Ashlynn Ulm

2020-21 Girls Varsity Basketball Seniors Mary Cossentino

Payton Kramer

Nicoy Jacas

Sydney Lanier

Abigail Powell

Not pictured: Natalie Ogden


B&G 33



Back Row L to R: Coach Ashley Underhill, Madeline Podgorny, Trissa Babcock, Carissa Repetto, Savannah Chase. Front Row L to R: Analia Perry, Sofia Maitz, Skiela Green, Kalani Dorsey, Jordyn Bain. Not pictured: Emmaline Risley, Kendall Sullivan.

2020-21 Girls JV Basketball Roster Trissa Babcock Jordyn Bain Savannah Chase Kalani Dorsey Skiela Green Sofia Maitz

JV Head Coach Ashley Underhill

34 B&G

WINTER 2020-2021

Analia Perry Madeline Podgorny Carissa Repetto Emmaline Risley Kendall Sullivan



Back Row L to R: Rachelle Hartig, Quinn Greer, Kylie Brophy, Head Coach Brett Barry, Asst Coach Madeline Richie, Kendal Dupre, Ari Kaltsounis, Edviana Dedaj. First Row L to R: Sophia Miller, Grace Smith, Michaela Zingel, Shayla Galindez, Payton Teeter,Vanesa Smielak, Ashley Smallwood, Laura Baumgardner, AnneMarie Swafford. Not pictured: Samantha Jo Ciuni, Emma Hoines, Anna Latell, Sophia Pina, Dominyka Romero.

Head Coach Brett Barry

Brett Barry ’03 is in his first season as Head Coach of the Girls Weightlifting team after serving as an Assistant Coach for the past three seasons. Coach Barry has a bachelor’s degree in sports management from Valparaiso University. Coach Barry is also an assistant coach for the Football program.


Assistant Coach Madeline Richie

B&G 35


2020-21 Girls Weightlifting Roster Laura Baumgardner - Senior Kylie Brophy - Senior Samantha Joanne Ciuni Edviana Dedaj Kendal Dupre - Senior Shayla Galindez Quinn Greer

Rachelle Hartig - Senior Emma Hoines - Senior Ari Kaltsounis - Senior Tatyana LaCourse - Senior Anna Latell Sophia Miller Sophia Pina

Dominyka Romero Ashley Smallwood - Senior Vanesa Smielak - Senior Grace Smith AnneMarie Swafford Payton Teeter Michaela Zingel

2020-21 Girls Weightlifting Seniors Laura Baumgardner

Rachelle Hartig

Kylie Brophy

Ari Kaltsounis

Kendal Dupre

Ashley Smallwood

Not pictured: Emma Hoines, Tatyana LaCourse

36 B&G

WINTER 2020-2021

Vanesa Smielak

Athletic Guide - end


STAYING CONNECTED...BV ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Greetings, Verot Alumni gathered to celebrate the Christmas season at the Third Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party in December at Marlin’s Brewhouse. Congratulations to our winner, Shannon Quinn, Class of 2008. Thanks to all those who joined us for a fun-filled night. Follow us on Facebook to join us at another fun-filled event this spring. We hope you and your family are staying well and we look forward to many more events in the future. If you would like to become involved with the Alumni Association, please email alumniassociation@bvhs.org.


Monica (Gargano) Hartman ’08


Skyler Bauer ’08


B&G 37

ALUMNI SPORTS Catie Reszel '20

Hannah VanDress '19



In her first season of VanDress has been college basketball, Reszel excellent in the distance has played in every game events for the Eagles, for the NAIA Gyrenes. competing in dual meets The guard leads all against North Florida freshmen on the AMU (twice) and Florida roster in scoring, including International. The scoring 13 points sophomore won the 1000 each against Webber yard freestyle against both International and Johnson UNF and FIU, then won University. Reszel also hit the 1650 yard freestyle a clutch three-pointer in in the second meeting Ave Maria’s conference win over Thomas University, with UNF. She also won in the 500 yard freestyle against hitting a three that gave the Gyrenes a five-point lead UNF, defeating one of her FGCU teammates by just with less than a minute to go. over a second.

Christian Vendetti

Charlotte Terry '19



Vendetti made his college Terry appeared in her debut for the Sharks in team’s last four games January, and has competed as of press time, playing in dual events against in contests against Lynn and Tampa. In his Coker, Lincoln Memorial, first meet,Vendetti placed Newberry, and Anderson. second in the 50 yard She played a season-high butterfly, and fourth in 16 minutes against Lincoln the 100 yard butterfly. Memorial, scoring four He added two top three points. She also pulled finishes in his second down a season-best three meet, placing second rebounds in her season in the 200 yard backstroke and third in the 100 yard debut against Coker on January 6. individual medley.

38 B&G

WINTER 2020-21


ALUMNI SPORTS Matt Cedarburg '18

Marissa Nychyk 18



In the first ten games of the 2021 season, Cedarburg proved to be one of the best junior college hitters in Florida. As of press time, the sophomore ranked fourth among all Florida junior colleges in batting average with a .467 mark. He also drove in ten runs and hit home runs in each of the first two games of the season, victories over PascoHernando and Florida Southwestern.

The 2019 NCAA Championship qualifier has been one of Ball State’s leaders as a junior. In her first two meets of the season, Nychyk has competed in the vault, uneven bars, and the balance beam, and also competed on the floor exercise on February 6. She had her best performance in a meet against three MAC rivals, posting a 9.825 on the balance beam, a 9.800 on vault, and a 9.725 on the uneven bars.

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Pavese is committed to the past, present and future success of Bishop Verot. Once a Viking, Always a Viking. Christopher J. Shields, Esq., Chairman, Bishop Verot High School Board, 2011-2012, Bishop Verot School Board, 2007-2012, (Danielle Shields ’07 and Christopher Shields ’11); Frank A. Pavese, Jr., Esq. ‘77; Neale Montgomery, Esq., (Tara Ashley Taylor ’02 - Bishop Verot Athlete Hall of Fame); Mary Vlasak Snell, Esq., Chairman, Bishop Verot High School Board, 2016-2017, Bishop Verot School Board, 2011-2017, (Emily Snell ’13 and Caroline Snell ’17); Katherine R. English, Esq., (Ainsleigh Ellis ’22; Tierney Ellis ’25); Charles Mann, Esq., (Grace Mann ’23; Gavin Mann ’26); Justin B. Mazzara, Esq. ’99; Michael P. Lehnert, Esq. ’08.

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B&G 39

ALUMNI NEWS Ryan Schrotenboer ’08 and Lauren Palmer ’10

John Gargano ’13

Ryan Schrotenboer and Lauren Palmer are happy to announce their engagement. Ryan is a Purchasing Manager for Lennar Homes and Lauren is a Home Health Coordinator for Trilogy Home Health Care. Ryan recently proposed on Captiva Island at sunset and they are planning an October wedding in Fort Myers. Steve Brown ’14 Steve and Talia Barker were married on January 17, 2021, at Baker Ranch in Bradenton. The couple met in college at FGCU. Steve’s father, Jeff ‘80, was the best man, and his cousin, Anthony Brown ‘11, was a groomsman. Steve is the owner of Lighting Moving and Talia is a middle school teacher. The couple resides in St. Petersburg with their dog, Jager.

40 B&G

John married Cecilia Byers in January 9, 2021. John and Cecilia met at Ave Maria University in 2017. John currently owns and operates Rise Landcare, Inc., a landscape design and build firm located in Southwest Florida. Cecilia currently works as an RN at a primary care clinic in North Naples. The couple resides in Ave Maria, Florida. Marty Ebenger ’14 Marty graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in May of 2017, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Crime, Law and Deviance. Following his graduation, Marty attended the University of Florida Levin College of Law. During his time at UF Law, Marty served on the Student Government Judicial Board of Elections, worked as a summer associate with Becker and Poliakoff, and interned with Federal Magistrate Judge Anthony Porcelli. He also received a scholarship from the Lee County Bar Association. Marty graduated from UF Law on May 15, 2020 and passed the Florida Bar on November 20, 2020. Today, Marty practices worker’s compensation defense as an associate attorney at HR Law in Winter Park, Florida.

WINTER 2020-21

ALUMNI NEWS Brooke Palmer ’15 Brooke is engaged to Austin Tollman. Brooke is a Medical Sales Representative for AeroCare Holdings, Inc. providing respiratory therapy services and medical equipment. Austin is a Certified Arborist and the owner of his family business, Word of Mouth Tree Service, Inc., servicing the Orlando and Central Florida area. The couple will be married at St. John XXIII on February 12, 2022.

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ALUMNI CALENDAR Class of 2000 Reunion

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Members of the class of 2000 are planning their 20th reunion. Please contact Lindsay Albrecht at lindsayalbrecht@me.com for more information. Please check the Verot Alumni page of the website for alumni event and reunion updates at bvhs.org/alumni. Please send any upcoming reunion information to patty.holmes@bvhs.org for future B&G publications. Thank you!

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B&G 41

SCHOOL NOTES NHS and the "Get a Goat" Project As a community, Bishop Verot’s National Honor Society seeks to be of service on many levels. As part of their mission, they answer the call for need in a number of areas by reaching out to others both in the local community and in the global community. Past projects have included working with orphans in Ecuador and Guatemala with a paired Art Club project, and in Peru, assisting with the building of a water supply to a school. To continue our global service, this year we turn our focus to helping Ugandan women with our “Get a Goat” Project. This project, based off things learned at our local ECHO farm, also aligns with the National NHS projects. Money was raised to purchase goats and help with their deworming through a t-shirt fundraiser featuring a goat on the front. Box of Joy Project Students in National Honor Society donated and filled over 50 Boxes of Joy to be shared at Christmas. The Box of Joy project distributes shoebox sized boxes filled with toiletries, personal items, and small toys to children in impoverished areas of our world during the Christmas season.

Verot Traditions - Senior Breakast Verot traditions are very important to our students, especially the senior class. In this unprecedented year filled with COVID protocols, keeping the many senior year traditions has been very challenging. This year’s Homecoming celebrations were anything but traditional. Many of the events were post-poned or modified. However, this winter we were able to host the annual senior breakfast on campus in Viking Stadium. Students were able to gather in small groups with their catered breakfast and enjoy an easy morning with this new spin on an old tradition.

42 B&G

WINTER 2020-21


SCHOOL NOTES Athletic Signings

Ten senior athletes committed to further their athletic careers at the collegiate level this winter. The special celebratory signing and recognition was held during Catholic Schools Week activities in Viking Stadium, with the entire student body in attendance. The athletes, along with their respective sport and college or university are listed below (left to right). Jaelin Willis, Keiser University (Football) J. Henry Hobson, Chattahootchee College (Baseball) Brayden Loughren, Lawson State Community College (Baseball) Peter Simmons, University of Michigan (Football) Christian Paraison, Furman University (Football) Robert Flannery, Niagara University (Swimming) Conor Cranfield, United States Naval Academy (Swimming) Ana Beach,York College (Soccer) Sarah Matkowski, Emmanuel College (Golf) Nicole Gulati, Washington University St. Louis (Soccer) Madison Logan, Culver-Stockton College (Volleyball) Malik Curtis, University of Miami (Football)


B&G 43






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