Burbank Art Association Fall Exhibition

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Burbank Art Association Virtual Fall Exhibition November 4 - November 20, 2020

Encouraging creativity in visual arts and serving the community since 1950.

Exhibitors Alison Fritchie Arleen Anderson Beverly Brinker Bryan Mahoney Bryan Tran Carol Tensen Cheryl Goettemoeller Christine Mallouf David Orr Debbie McBride Debra Reynolds Dinora Toj Donna Gooley Ellie Klein Eloisa Hernandez Evelyn Bresee Fred Fuges Gustavo Osorio Helena Julin Jamie Butterworth Jeanice Deeb Jen Snoeyink Jennifer Bentson Jennifer Turnbull Jenny Cirrincione Jeri Grover Jo Robinson Joanna Lewis Johnathon Gallagher Joyce Owens

Karen Sachs Kay Hennix Keryl Kris Reinke Kevin McCants Linda Roletti Lu Rotsen Lucine Saakyan Marcy Dewey Mahoney Maree Cheatham Maria Bonoli Martin Ehrlich Marty Perlmutter Mimi Rossi Mina Ho Ferrante Nicole Pano Nora Koerber Pam McDonald Pam Rank Paula Quasarano Ren Colantoni Rod Serranzana Sharon Dellamarie Stefanie Girard Susan Spohr Teresa Green Thea Ivens Theresa Kubert Vickie Duong Vivianne Bowman Yvonne Jongeling

Alison Fritchie Desert Pool Digital Photography 16” x 20” $450 Photography

3rd Place

Alison Fritchie Composition 4e Watercolor 16” x 20” $500

Arleen Anderson Cool Days Ahead Acrylic 16” x 20” $125

Beverly Brinker Havana Mixed media, watercolor & Ink 20.5” x 28.5” $NFS Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape

Honorable Mention

Bryan Mahoney Fish Dreams Ink on bristol paper 14.25” x 18.25” $300

Bryan Tran Sunlight on Daisies Oil on canvas board 11” x 14” $250 Still life, Floral

Honorable Mention

Carol Tensen Wild Fire Watercolor 12” x 7.5” (Framed 16x20) $225 Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape

2nd Place

Cheryl Goettemoeller Sunflower Still Life Oil 16” x 20” $1,250

“Sunflower Still Life” is my version of a fall flower arrangement. The bold sunflower heads symbolize a late summer harvest. The grapes are plump and ready for picking. I could not find a pumpkin when I was painting this but the orange persimmons were the right hue and shape. The small white flowers remind me of country roads lined with colorful plants naturally growing in big bunches. I sipped warm tea while I painted this piece and each time I view it, I smell cinnamon tea and a crackling fire.

Cheryl Goettemoeller Solace Within Oil 19” x 25” $2000 Life, People

3rd Place

“Solace Within” is my answer to the Pandemic Shutdown. This social experiment of our times requires us to participate and cooperate with our imposing government and medical experts. Right or wrong, no one knows the truth. Our collective lost-ness is felt everywhere and by everyone. There’s no escape! The only peace to be had is within. I look for the solace, and hope for redemption. My hands are tied, there is nothing I can do. I wait for the emptiness to fill. Nothing lasts forever.

Christine Mallouf Hi, I’m Henrietta Collage 10” x 13” $150

David Orr The Orb of Happiness Ceramic 10” x 6” x 5” $300 Ceramic, Sculpture,Glass

3rd Place

Debbie McBride Two Koi Ceramic on Wood 10.5� x 14.5� $225

This piece is a framed ceramic plaque mounted on reclaimed wood. Hand sculpted b-mix clay with various glazes, china paint and glass. I was inspired by the organic and zen movement in the element of water.

Debbie McBride Gator in the Sky Digital Photograph 20” x 26” $225 Photography

2nd Place

I took this photograph at an alligator farm in Florida. Inspired at the right place and right time to capture a moment that made me “snap” some cool and surreal shots.


Debra Reynolds White Rose Watercolor 14� x 10� NFS Still life, Floral

2nd Place

Debra Reynolds Grandson with Wheels Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 30” $620

This is a portrait of my third oldest grandson, who is particularly fond of cars and scooters. He liked the idea of flying (not as much as driving, but he did like the vision of floating in the sky). He also says that the picture looks like him, so that is a win in my book! I’ve completed portraits of the first three grands, with one more to do once he is old enough. (All portraits are at around the age of 4 years).

Dinora Toj Woody Oil 11” x 14” NFS

Donna Gooley Gorilla Pencil 9� x 11� $75

This drawing focuses on our kinship to the species. I was drawn to her expression of intelligence and soulfulness. She seems more human than wild beast. She feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Ellie Klein Hornby Garden Prismacolor Pencil 16� x 20� $450 Honors Division

Honorable Mention

Relaxing at the end of a summer day on the tiny Hornby Island in British Columbia. The quiet serenity broken only by the sounds of nature and the clinking of wine glasses!

Eloisa Hernandez Harmony Carbonello pastel pencil on sand paper 16� x 20� Framed NFS

Eloisa Hernandez Pure Soulmates Prismacolor pencil on pastel paper 22� x 26� Framed NFS Life, People

2nd Place

Evelyn Bresee Self Portrait Cassette tape on paper 12 � x 15� $300

Fred Fuges Emmett Till (July 25, 1941 - August 28, 1955) Acrylic Ink Scratch Off on Mylar Reverse painted with Acrylic 15” x 19” NFS

Gustavo Osorio Chief in Serenity Acrylic 11” x 14” $135

Helena Julin Inkspot Rose Photography 12� x 9� $60

My roses did their best to bloom in the summer, but the heat was just too much. The Inkspot rose dried up as it tried to open up.

Helena Julin The Great Escape Mixed Media 11” x 11” $400

Life, Animals

1st Place

The title is a nod to the movie The Great Escape, 1963, with Steve McQueen and James Garner, among others. Staying inside the house and feeling confined during the spring of 2020 with covid-19 raging outside, I felt the need to escape. Here is my alter ego escaping from the safety of her coral reef to see what’s outside in the world. Helena Julin wants everyone to cherish our planet and take care of it. Her art is always connected to nature and the environment.

Jamie Butterworth Coming Home Oil on Canvas 24” x 12” NFS

Jeanice Deeb Fiore Simplice Fused Glass 8.5� Round $120

Jen Snoeyink COVID Toilet Paper Flower #1 Photo Print on Chiffon 18” x 18” $120

Jen Snoeyink Rising Wood, Mohair & Acrylic 32” x 56” x 16 $750

”The mobile “Rising” was inspired by the fires in Australia, but I believe it is pertinent today and relates to the fires in California.” Jen Snoeyink is a prolific multimedia artist concerned with community engagement and climate change. Her work is compassionate, wide-ranging and spiritually kind, lending an unexpected yet sensitive view of her content. Jen has delved into handmade fiber art, assemblage, painting and drawing. Her varied works reflect the sanctity and hope of life.

Jennifer Bentson Chinatown Watercolor 16” x 20” $800

Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape

Honorable Mention

“Chinatown always invokes happy memories of egg foo young, and fortune cookies. As a child, my folks would take me to dinner and let me toss a coin into the Fountain of Fortune. I painted this on location during Chinese New Year, when Chinatown is quiet.”

Jennifer Turnbull City of Angels Oil on Linen 29.25” x 23.25” $4000

Jenny Cirrincione Colors in the Wind Acrylic on canvas 22� x 28� $3100

I enjoy painting animals in bold colors and what could be better than a Macaw. The already beautiful colors of this bird captivated me and I knew I had to paint it. In these uncertain times, now more than ever I feel that painting what makes you happy can be a welcomed escape.

Jeri Grover Yakety Yak Digital Photography 22.5” x 18.5” $750

Looking back to when Jeri started photographing people, places and things, she became interested in Ansel Adams, Minor White and Edward Weston’s black and white photography. Jeri loves travelling, especially to special places like National Parks, coastal, desert and mountain landscapes. She has an AA Degree in Photography from Santa Monica College and a BS Degree in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA. Jeri also does large format studio photography, weddings, sports events, portraits and school photography.

Jeri Grover The Piedras Blancas Light House 1875 Digital Photography 22.5� x 18.5� $750 Photography

Honorable Mention

San Simon, CA and the surrounding area are full of beautiful places to visit. What I like so much about the area is the rugged coastline and the lighthouse in the distance. It is special because I visited it as a child when the lighthouse lens was still on top. My recent visit this summer was just what the doctor ordered.

Jo Robinson Phoenix Rising Acrylic Pour on Canvas 16” x 16” $125

“Phoenix Rising” for me evokes the feeling of a bird rising into the clear sky. Most of my inspiration comes from Nature. I am passionate about sharing and preserving the environment. I studied Art at Utah State University, LAVC, and as many local classes as I could fit in and have shown at various venues around the L.A. valley.

Jo Robinson Unshuttered Acrylic Pour on Wooden Shutter 13” x 21.25” $125 Ceramic, Sculpture,Glass

1st Place

“Unshuttered” was intended to evoke lightness into a shuttered environment. Most of my inspiration comes from Nature. I am passionate about sharing and preserving the environment. I studied Art at Utah State University, LAVC, and as many local classes as I could fit in and have shown at various venues around the L.A. valley.

Joanna Lewis Menagerie Acrylic on canvas 30” x 24” $980

This is one of my first abstracts. It evolved from my love of alternate perspectives and wound up containing a Menagerie of animals. Each way you turn it, you see more - turtles, snakes, an Egret in flight. These unintentional accidents are what make art. Salvador Dali opened my eyes to the joys of dramatic perspective. The aerial shot, the bug’s point of view, I love them all. This Alaskan landscape depicts one of my favorite places, the shore. There, the setting sun throws deep shadows and splashes golden light everywhere.

Johnathon Gallagher Fire Bird Acrylic 24” x 30” $1500

Karen Sachs Gotta Geckoing Mosaic/Mixed Media 18� x 10� $395

I fell in love with this fun creature when I learned about Geckos and their spiritual meaning three years ago. During the end of a lousy time in my life and at the end of a life cycle for me, they appeared in my life and opened me up to opportunities, created some magic, and new experiences. They helped me learn to appreciate life and believe in myself, no matter how hard it seemed sometimes. Here they are again, during Covid-19 and a Gecko keeps on 'geckoing' creating fun, color, creativity, and rebuilding a new life full of endless possibilities.

Karen Sachs Wherever My Hand Went Pen on Cardboard 15.5� x 18.75� $278 Abstract, Contemporary

2nd Place

Breaking news: Covid19 is here. I created space for my mind to stay flowing in a direction toward peace and calm, no matter what. Art is a fun way for me to do that, to remain optimistic about life. Being creative has always kept me out of my head and in a path of positivity. A little bit every day, I created this doodle to keep myself occupied and keep myself open for possibilities. It was freeing to allow my hand to go with the flow, where it wanted to go.

Kay Hennix My Patio Retreat Acrylic 20” x 16” (No Price)

Keryl Kris Reinke Latin Jazz (Burbank Series #2) Acrylic on Canvas 18” x 24” $425

Keryl Kris Reinke Ochre City Acrylic on Canvas 24� x 30� $620

This is an abstract but actually recognizable view of the downtown area (LA, naturally) viewed from just inside the freeway- but more a reflection of the sky and the smoke and the way that the fire season turns the colors into yellows and browns. Something rather different but... appropriate to the season. :-)

Kevin McCants B.G. Punk “Mohawk” in Window #7 Oil on Panel 24.5” x 49” $2500

Abstract, Contemporary

1st Place

Linda Roletti Valley Vista Fibre/Felt 18.25” x 18.25” $200

“I go on a walk twice a week in Sherman Oaks on Valley Vista Blvd. I took this picture last Fall.” Linda Roletti is a Felting Artist. Her work has been shown locally as well as in Santa Barbara, Morro Bay and Cambria, and has been featured in the online Magazine “Voyage L.A.” and in two online galleries, FusionArt & LightSpaceTime. Her love of nature and fiber brought her to felting. She also teaches and demonstrates felting techniques.

Lu Rotsen Babel 2.0 Oil on Canvas 36” x 48” $2800 Abstract, Contemporary

3rd Place

Lu Rotsen is a multi-faceted artist based in Los Angeles. Through exquisitely textured works with acrylics, oils, and other mediums, Rotsen captures fleeting moments that flow from within. His art is born of the unconscious and as an artist, he organizes his own chaos and then commits this to the canvas attracting the sensibility of the observer. Rotsen’s works are created with the intention that it is the viewer who completes the meaning of each piece, bringing their own experiences and feelings.

Marcy Dewey Mahoney Autumn Light Oil on Canvas Board 16� x 19� $725

A quiet moment of autumn morning light falls in just the right way through the blinds, illuminating a grouping of still life subjects in the studio. Painter and writer Marcy Dewey Mahoney seeks out the little bits of magic in everyday life.

Maree Cheatham Birds of a Feather Ceramic 11.5” diam. $225 Ceramic, Sculpture,Glass

2nd Place

“Birds of a Feather flock together.” We’re all different, but we all live here. I grew up making bowls out of clay dug from river banks in Oklahoma and Texas. I dried them in the sun for my doll’s dishes. I’m doing the same thing now, but I fire them in a kiln. Today, when I hold a vessel I’ve made, I feel the same joyous expression of my love of the earth.

Maria Bonoli Visiting the flowers Acrylic 11” x 14” $100

Maria Bonoli Enjoying the Sunset Oil on Canvas 12” x 16” $150

Martin Ehrlich Sunspot Raku Fired Ceramics 12 3/8” x 4” $186

Martin Ehrlich Texture (Set 1) Black and White Photography 13” x 16” $95


1st Place

Marty Perlmutter “Brain Bunker” in Trees Acrylic and Oil 9” x 12” $900

Mimi Rossi Goblet Still Life Oil on Canvas 12” x 15” (incl. frame) $125

A little about the painting: I bought these two pewter goblets at a thrift store years ago. I just love their shapes and contrast of heavy and delicate, as well as the subtle difference in hues - one yellow, one blue. I chose a monotone palette so that the shape of the goblets would not be lost. A little about me: Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Mimi Rossi’s style is as eclectic as her background. Creating a piece with ‘any means necessary,’ she uses a variety of techniques and mediums to achieve the visual look she envisions.

Mina Ho Ferrante Family Reunion Oil on Canvas 30” x 40” NFS Honors Division

2nd Place

The picture, which I created this painting from, was taken when our family reunited after almost eleven years apart. When my dad and my oldest brother stepped on the boat to cross the ocean, they didn’t know that they would not be able to see mom and the rest of us again until a decade later. My youngest sister was only four years old when they left. Due to circumstances, mom and the rest of us were stuck behind; when we met again, my youngest sister was already a teenager. The palm tree on the left was a symbol for our family’s endurability and victory over decades of unimaginable hardship filled with violent and cruel calamities. At the end, we still stand tall and unbroken.

Nicole Pano The Raven Digital Photography 8” x 10” $95 Photography

Honorable Mention

In a period of confusion in my life, this beautiful Raven landed directly next to where I stood. The experience was profound as he looked in my eyes and spoke to me in his deep rich croaking language. His intense spiritual presence provided clarity that I greatly needed. My creativity also flourished and a magnificent sense of peace came over me. I still remember this moment as a blessing which was meant to give me guidance and comfort. While I often see crows in my neighborhood, it’s unusual to see a raven and have such close interaction with it.

Nicole Pano The Masquerade Charcoal & pastel on newsprint 18� x 16� $95

The inspiration behind this piece is based on a friend. His feelings reflect how many people in society feel. The red masquerade mask represents putting forth an image of confidence, vigor and power. While under the mask, what others may not see is pain, fear and insecurities.

Nora Koerber Misty Hills of Topanga Oil 23.5” x 29.25” $2000 Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape

1st Place

This work I did after photos I took on an “Art Walk” in the hills of Topanga. This particular sight caught my eye, as if I was in another world! Areas of the ground were actually hard, crusty, white... and I imagined I was seeing some ancient ocean floor. Everything was enveloped in a beautiful mist. The day felt magical. Colors were limited, as all were shrouded in that coolness. I was so entranced that I had to paint the scene. There were yuccas in the landscape and a few flowers, but I will admit that I “doctored up” my painting with a few desert yuccas and some flowers from the wash in Tujunga, but don’t tell anyone that!

Nora Koerber Brigantes of Fire & Water Oil 36” x 30” $3000

Pam McDonald The Bridge in Rouen, France Watercolor 16� x 20� $350 Honors Division

3rd Place

This painting is from my trip to Rouen France. It's called "The Bridge in Rouen France" It's a very popular bridge to see but it seems to be always raining there. Many historical events happened in this town. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake there. Not too pleasant but interesting. The town is actually proud of this fact. I enjoyed visiting there and painted this on sight.

Pam Rank Beyond My Backyard #1 Acrylic on Canvas 10” x 8” $135

Paula Quasarano All Alone Am I Acrylic 12” x 24” $300

Paula Quasarano Contemplation Watercolor 11” x 13” $275

Ren Colantoni Sedona 2 Oil on Canvas 28” x 40” $1000

Rod Serranzana (Digo S.) Fall Harvest Oil on Canvas 24� x 24� $1500 Still life, Floral

3rd Place

Sharon Dellamarie Woodland Spirits Acrylic 29” x 23” (incl. frame) $250

Stefanie Girard Don’t Be Racist Acrylic and Glitter 29” x 41” $5000

Susan Spohr Peonies Porcelain or china painting 9”W x 9”H x 4”D $250

This is a porcelain vase on which I have porcelain painted (aka china painted) peonies. It is painted on both sides and it’s up to the viewer which side they prefer to view. I have been painting on porcelain since 1990 and will continue to teach when the pandemic has subsided.

Susan Spohr Rhododendron Watercolor 16.25� x 13.25� $200

Like ceramics, watercolor painting is a magical technique. When the water and pigment meet they do wonderful things making beautiful marks seemingly by itself. I have painted with watercolor most of my life, but only recently have begun to tame it. Rhododendrons are one of my favorite subjects with their beautiful range of color and humorous curly tongues. They seem to dare you to paint them.

Teresa Green Lone Road Digital Photography 22” x 18” $200

Teresa Green Exploring Ladies Digital Photography 26” x 22” $300

I was having a problem with bugs in my butterfly garden on my apartment deck. On someone’s suggestion I went out and purchased ladybugs. This is one of many photos I took of them crawling around my small garden.

Thea Ivens The Niche: Intramuros Series Pen & Ink 11.5” x 11.5” $399

Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape

3rd Place

The Intramuros series were created during the beginning of the pandemic. It was based on photographs taken from my latest travel in the Philippines as a source of inspiration. The Intramuros Series is a body of work that reflects the impression Philippine historical landmarks had on me growing up and studying Architecture in college. I created these artworks to show different facets of Intramuros, especially the openings, a door, a window… inviting you to see what’s beyond the walls of Intramuros. The Niche is a piece that invites you to see that every historical building seems to have surprising elements and even holds stories that you have to unfold yourself.

Theresa Kubert What She Saw Watercolor 26” x 29” (incl. frame) $800 Life, People

1st Place

“A quick glance, a moment in time, an expression not forgotten.”

Vickie Duong Peonies Oil on Canvas 18” x 24” $500 Still life, Floral

1st Place

Vivianne Bowman Romeo & Juliet - Happily Ever After! Oil on Canvas 22” x 18” (incl. frame) $400

Sprite walked into our lives as a hungry little kitten. Our cat Rasmus took an immediate liking towards her. Both of them still snuggle together for long cat naps. I’m a fan of William Shakespeare, so I called them “Romeo & Juliet” with a happy ending, and that naturally became the title for this oils-on-canvas painting. It was nice to finally paint a pet portrait of my own cats, because I’ve been doing a lot of art commissions of other peoples’ cats.

Yvonne Jongeling 60 Days Mixed Media 36” x 48” $3000

Best in Show

Deeply Multi-Media, “60 Days” weaves through the wide span of my thoughts from journal entries and collections spanning the timeframe of when I met my husband. The viewer is encouraged to conjure their own meanings, memories and mental images while viewing the work. Yvonne Jongeling is a Multi-Media Artist who specializes in conceptual abstract paintings. Artworks focus on internal environments, based on moments of time.

Yvonne Jongeling

Her Royal Highness Yvonne Maria Jongeling, Queen of the Netherlands

Depicting herself as Dutch Royalty in a digital self portrait, Jongeling calls attention to the societal ranking of women as objects as well as examining her heritage.

Digital Photo on Canvas 29.5� x 35.5� $2000

Yvonne Jongeling is a Multi-Media Artist who specializes in conceptual abstract paintings. Artworks focus on internal environments, based on moments of time.

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