Building Bridges: Annual Report FY 2018 - The Bridge Youth and Family Services

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The Bridge Youth & Family Services is a not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) that services the northwest Chicago suburbs. Since our founding in 1965, The Bridge has been helping to support youth through advocacy, intervention, and counseling services. Most children served by The Bridge are overcoming unfortunate circumstances. Nine out of ten have already experienced trauma such as, the death of a parent, parental alcoholism, or incarceration of a family member and some are victims of child abuse or neglect. It has been clearly established that children raised in such circumstances are at greater risk of lifelong mental and physical health problems. Our services can alter that path, as we help children develop healthy coping skills for difficult circumstances and alter bad habits that may have already developed. By assisting in this way, we help our youth become better neighbors, students, and citizens.


All of The Bridge’s services are available to residents of Palatine Township, which includes all or part of the following municipalities: Palatine, Inverness, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Barrington, Arlington Heights, South Barrington and Schaumburg. Crisis Intervention services for runaway, locked-out, or homeless youth is also available to residents of Hanover, Schaumburg, Barrington, Elk Grove Village, and Maine Townships.

Thanks to the overwhelming support from community members like YOU, The Bridge is able to continue providing these services to youth and their families, regardless of income. No one is ever turned away based on their ability to pay. Together, we can help youth in our community reach their full potential!

TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from the Executive Director...................................3

Outreach and Advocacy.......................................................8

Letter from the Chair of the Board of Directors..........3

Giving students back their “SPARC”.................................8

Bridge Administration and Staff.......................................4

Youth Advocacy Program....................................................9


Valued Partnerships.............................................................10

Statement of Activities........................................................6

A Year in Review....................................................................11

What we Support..................................................................6


Everyday Hero: Kevin O’Donnell......................................7

You can Make a Difference...............................................15

Everyday Hero: The Kain Family.......................................7

LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone that supported The Bridge Youth and Family Services during fiscal year 2018. I am grateful, and everyone associated with The Bridge is grateful, for the hundreds of donors and volunteers that chose to support our mission. Our annual gala fundraiser exceeded expectations. Many of you enjoyed the event. We will be at Meadows Club on April 13, 2019. I hope you will join us again. The Bridge served more than 900 people through counseling, mentoring, and crisis intervention in fiscal year 2018. The number of children that have experienced documentable trauma, and access The Bridge for help to cope with it, continues to increase. Our programs evolve to meet changing community need, so trauma support groups increased, and will again in fiscal 2019. In 2019 we also expect to unveil an innovative new approach to combatting adolescent depression. When the whole community is your client, renewing and refreshing your approach is continuous. We’re all proud to be of service. In this annual report for the period of July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 you will find the highlights of our fundraising year. The Bridge is financially healthy and positioned to continue helping kids overcome trauma and challenges so they reach their full potential. Thanks for helping make that happen. Sincerely,

Gregg Stockey Executive Director

LETTER FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS On behalf of the Board of Directors for The Bridge Youth and Family Services, we thank you for your support and dedication to the youth and families we serve. With the backing of donors, volunteers, committee members, and board members, The Bridge is able to maintain quality services to our community. Your generous support enables The Bridge Youth and Family Services to make an impact on the lives of over 900 youth and families each year. If you are interested in becoming involved with The Bridge in any way, please contact The Bridge to learn more about volunteer opportunities including assisting with a fundraising event, committee membership, or as a youth mentor. We appreciate your continued involvement with The Bridge Youth and Family Services. Sincerely, Mary Pat Krones Chair of the Board of Directors

2018 Annual Report 3

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - FISCAL YEAR 2018 Deb Armstrong James D. Brenner Tamara Byrne Gerald Chapman Greg Davis Thomas S. Donohue Pat Driscoll Jim Ekeberg

Jim Esposito John Fedus Brian A. Goebbert Michael P. Kabarec Pete Kain Randy Klingner Mary Pat Krones Raymond Mau


Kevin O’Donnell Joanie Perez Lisa Pollock Melanie Santostefano Mike Seebacher Michael Strauss Stephen Whited



Child & Family Counseling

Prevention/Volunteer Services

Crisis Intervention Services

Gregg Stockey, Executive Director Danielle Miller, Administrative Assistant Alice Lee-Osborne, Development Director Heather Mlynek, Program Manager/Crisis Intervention Supervisor Nancy Kukankos, Supervisor of Prevention and Volunteer Services Katie Henegan, Clinical Supervisor

Liz Dobrzynski, Prevention Specialist/Mentor Program Coordinator

Support Pat Kulma, Secretary/Receptionist

Development Tia Johnson, Development Specialist

4 Bridge Youth & Family Services

Ashley London, Child and Family Therapist Courtney Behrens, Child and Family Therapist Deborah Gaughan, Child and Family Therapist Itzel Gama, Bilingual Child and Family Therapist Judith Legorreta Hernandez, Bilingual Child and Family Therapist Kathy O’Hara, Senior Child and Family Therapist Leah Henningsen, Counseling Intern Jenna Nedbalek, Counseling Intern

Aaron Johnson, Crisis Intervention Counselor Areta Wasinuec, Crisis Intervention Counselor Diana Ballard, Crisis Intervention Counselor Sylvia Kulig, Crisis Intervention Counselor Brooke Maher, Weekend Crisis Intervention Counselor Liz Gamboa-Reynolds, Weekend Crisis Intervention Counselor Bethany Rosney, Weekend Crisis Intervention Counselor Allie Wills, Weekend Crisis Intervention Counselor Michael Baldus, Crisis Intervention Intern Victoria Walschot, Crisis Intervention Intern


Revenue and other support Non-event related contributions United Way Net Special Events Fees and Grants from Government Agencies Program Service Fees Other Income Total

168,795 54,363 181,715 793,171 80,495 1,064 1,279,603

Expenses Crisis Intervention Family and Individual Counseling Volunteer Services Youth Council Mentorship and Prevention Total

549,792 273,429 57,634 3,638 86,878 971,371

Management and Support Services


Total Expenses


Increase in Next Assets


WHAT WE SUPPORT When someone calls The Bridge they don’t just get a counselor. They get a team of people offering an array of services. This includes family and individual counseling, mentoring, trauma recovery groups, parenting skills, and more! Counseling The Bridge offers options to help youth (through age 17) and their families cope with the many challenges they face. Available in English and Spanish, we offer options to help youth and their families cope with depression, anxiety, and other challenges they may face. Treatment options range from family counseling and parent education to substance abuse counseling. Crisis Intervention The Bridge is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for runaway, homeless and locked-out youth in most of northwest Cook County. Our goal is to preserve or reunify families whenever possible. Prevention We offer three prevention strategies: - Youth Advocacy Program - Provides mentoring services for youth aged 7-15. - Youth Council - Aids in developing our future leaders - Community Education - Provides resources and information to the general public to raise awareness about the need for youth services.

2018 Annual Report 5

MEET THE BRIDGE’S EVERYDAY HEROES: As a mentor and Board Chairman, Kevin O’Donnell has been a strong supporter of The Bridge since 2004. With a heartfelt belief in service, Kevin has made a significant impact on the youth in the Youth Advocacy Program. During his mentoring service, he was matched with seven-year-old Zach who in his short life had already experienced trauma and lacked a male role model. While the volunteer mentors make a one year commitment to be matched with their mentees, Kevin and Zach far exceeded that expectation and were matched for seven years and continued their relationship even after Zach moved out of the area. Today, Zach is proudly serving our country as a member of the Navy.

sacrificed one “fun” group activity each month in order to reach out and make a difference in their own community.

Kevin was also instrumental in developing the service project component of the Youth Advocacy Program group activities. This group meets twice per month to engage in fun, social activities to practice skills related to personal goals. With Kevin’s encouragement, the children voluntarily

Thank you, Kevin, for everything you have done for The Bridge!

Along with his involved with the Youth Advocacy Program, Kevin also served as a Board member and Board Chairman. Throughout his time on the Board, he provided advice and legal counsel whenever necessary and played a key role in improving The Bridge’s financial situation. Overall, Kevin has positively impacted The Bridge in many ways and we are very fortunate to have had his support over the years.

For the past nine years, Pete Kain has been a strong supporter and volunteer of The Bridge. Along with being a mentor in the Youth Advocacy Program, he currently serves as Chair of the Human Resources Committee and is the past Vice Chair of the Board. By taking on multiple roles in the organization, Pete has seen it all and is aware of the need for fundraising to make sure programs, like the Youth Advocacy Program, continue to be available.


In addition to donating his time and talent to The Bridge, Pete and his wife, Dianne, have been generous annual benefactors for nine years. Their support has made a direct impact on the community that we serve, as annual gifts like these are what strengthens our ability to help kids and families overcome various challenges.

Pete’s hope is that in the future The Bridge will be able to thrive off of increased donations from the community.

Thank you to Pete and his family for their generous support!

TheKainFamily 6 Bridge Youth & Family Services

OUTREACH AND ADVOCACY: HELPING YOUTH IN OUR COMMUNITY TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES SOS - SIGNS OF SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM Every year, The Bridge’s team of crisis intervention counselors is asked by the schools in District 15 to assist with their “SOS - Signs of Suicide Prevention Program.” Designed for middle and high school students aged 11-17, the goals for this program include decreasing suicide and suicide attempts by increasing knowledge, encouraging personal help-seeking, reducing the stigma around mental illness, and engaging parents and school staff. The SOS Program is provided throughout the month of October. Prior to arriving on-site, The Bridge staff are oriented to the screening and assessment tools used by the Program. At the school, our on-site staff meet with any youth that score high on a pre-screen for suicide risk or with anyone who asks to speak with someone. During the screening process, our staff will assess the youth’s current risk level and provide the appropriate response, which may include a referral to a hospital for treatment, the development of a safety plan, a referral for counseling, etc. The youth’s parents are also informed that an assessment was completed and are involved in developing a follow-up plan.


“The program is beneficial because it opens up a pathway for youth to talk about suicide. It helps to lessen the stigma around mental health and also helps kids to realize that it is alright for them to tell someone if they are concerned about a friend, classmate, or if they themselves are having a hard time.” stated Heather Mlynek, Program Manager/Crisis Intervention Supervisor The Bridge.

PALATINE PEER JURY PROGRAM The Palatine Peer Jury Program is a court diversion process for adolescents in Palatine who are non-violent firsttime youth offenders. The Bridge has been involved with this program for multiple years and has leant expertise to helping the jury determine a verdict. The jury is made up of adult moderators, a coordinator, and trained youth jurors, who are high school students that have volunteered and undergone interviews, a screening process, and are responsible for collaborating on a sentence for the youth offender. During the sentencing process, the peer jury normally consults with one of The Bridge counselors who will recommend how many sessions would be beneficial to the offender. These sessions, which come at no cost to the individual,

must be completed in order to fulfill their sentencing. Once the offender’s required sessions have concluded they may choose to continue their sessions at The Bridge for ninety days. Additional sentencing for the individual involves community service, attending educational workshops, issuing an apology letter, and writing an essay to better understand what outcome their actions have caused. Aaron Johnson, one of the Crisis Intervention Counselors at The Bridge, serves as a consultant for the Peer Jury Program. He stated, “The Palatine Peer Jury program is a great opportunity for young people to learn

Designed for middle and high school students aged 11-17, the goals for this program include: • Decreasing suicide and suicide attempts by increasing knowledge • Encouraging personal help-seeking • Reducing the stigma around mental illness • Engaging parents and school staff.

“The Palatine Peer Jury program is a great opportunity for young people to learn from their mistakes and avoid getting involved with the Juvenile Justice system. “ from their mistakes and avoid getting involved with the Juvenile Justice system. It can be beneficial to the youth involved because they have the opportunity to be exposed to counseling, learn new skills, and develop their decision making skills. Peer Jury is also a way for teens to have a second chance in the community without getting labeled as delinquents.”

2018 Annual Report 7

GIVING STUDENTS BACK THEIR “SPARC” Specifically created for teens who have been traumatized, often repeatedly, the Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress (SPARCS) program offers evidenceinformed therapy for young individuals, ranging from ages 12-17. The program includes a sixteen session treatment guide, where participants will benefit from learning various coping skills as a way to manage stress. Overall, the program aims to help chronically traumatized adolescents rediscover themselves and enhance their resilience. Throughout this program, the SPARCStrained therapists provide participants with the tools to address issues that are relevant and create opportunities for them to change these problems. The participants learn valuable skills, such as coping strategies and how to make conscious choices, which will be beneficial in their everyday life. For example, they will learn how to

recognize stress and develop better communication skills. These skills will be effective in numerous stressful situations such as, an upcoming event or a difficult conversation with a friend or family member.

“They learn that they are not alone and they have peers who also struggle with stress. “

reaches a greater number of students. They learn that they are not alone and they have peers who also struggle with stress. Through this program students will learn valuable coping skills that they will be able to incorporate immediately into their daily life.”

When asked about the effectiveness of SPARCS, Family Counselor from The Bridge, Deborah Gaughan, stated, “I believe providing the SPARCS program in the schools is beneficial because it

YOUTH ADVOCACY PROGRAM: MENTORING TOMORROW’S LEADERS The Bridge’s Youth Advocacy Program is a mentoring program where youth are matched one-on-one with adult mentors who commit to spending a few hours a week with them for a minimum of one year. Intended for youth aged seven to eighteen, the mentees are given the opportunity to work on goals tailored to their needs while building a trusting, nurturing, and safe relationship with their mentor. Two group activities are offered every couple of months, which engages the other mentors and fellow youth in the Program. Group activities include one “fun” activity and one service project, which aims to teach youth how to give back to their own community while building their self-esteem and confidence. In general, mentoring is a proven method of promoting social skill development and healthy decision-making through teaching by example. Research has shown that when matched through a quality mentoring program, mentors can play a powerful role in providing youth with the tools to make responsible decisions, stay focused and engaged in school, improve peer and family relationships, and reduce or avoid risky behavior like skipping school, drug use and other negative activities. For the last couple of years, the Youth Advocacy program has been fortunate to have the support of Zurich North America.

8 Bridge Youth & Family Services

In addition to being a leading provider of insurance products and services for a number of major industries, such as Construction, Auto Dealers, and Technology, they actively lead and participate in Community Investment programs. This past year, they sponsored a trip for the Youth Advocacy Program to attend the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL. The kids and their mentors had a wonderful time at the Fair and are looking forward to their upcoming service project.

VALUED PARTNERSHIPS: COMMUNITIES ARE STRONGER WHEN WE ALL WORK TOGETHER RECOGNIZING PALATINE TOWNSHIP In the mid-sixties, there was a need for youth services in Palatine Township and services were nonexistent. After recognizing this, a group of Palatine Township officials and residents came together to form a Youth Committee, which provided services to youth and their families. Starting in 1965, this Committee served the community for a number of years before recognizing the potential their services could have if it became an independent not-for-profit organization. With this notion, they formally founded what would later become known as The Bridge Youth & Family Services in 1972. Support from Palatine Township has continued to this day. Thanks to their assistance, this organization has been able to continue offering a multitude of services to the community. For example, our Counseling Program, which offers services ranging from individual counseling for youth and families to substance abuse support, receives no state funding and needs local support to stay available. Fortunately, Palatine Township has provided support to allow this Program to continue to be offered to the community.


Northwest Community Hospital

With an objective of providing support and service to the community, Northwest Community Hospital has helped make a direct impact on the youth and families that are served by The Bridge. We have been fortunate enough to have a long and supportive history with NCH. Our

“NCH values its partnership with The Bridge Youth and Family Services to provide the community and schoolbased counseling services that our patients rely upon to prevent hospitalization and to provide support upon discharge from the hospital.”

decades-long collaborative relationship involves a strong referral program, which help clients get the aid they need as quickly as possible. They have also provided direct financial support and joint participation on community advisory groups, such as the United Palatine Coalition, whose aim is to improve services to youth through better coordination and village-wide initiatives.

Without NCH’s support, we would not be where we are today. They have helped to elevate our services by providing support for our multiples programs and fundraisers that occur year round. This year, our SPARCS program desperately needed support to expand our trauma recovery groups. NCH stepped in and has provided funding necessary to make these groups a reality.

Executive Director of Behavioral Health at NCH, Tracy Collander, stated, “As a provider of inpatient and partial hospitalization services to meet the behavioral health needs of adolescents and adults in our community, NCH values its partnership with The Bridge Youth and Family Services to provide the community and school-based counseling services that our patients rely upon to prevent hospitalization and to provide support upon discharge from the hospital. Thank you!”

2018 Annual Report 9

A YEAR IN REVIEW THANK YOU to everyone who attended or contributed to our 2017-2018 fundraising events! We greatly appreciate all that you have done to make a difference in the lives of youth in our community.





2018 GALA

UPCOMING 2019 EVENTS Trivia Night - Saturday, January 26, 2019 Take Flight Fundrasing Gala - Saturday, April 13, 2019 Golf Fore Youth Fundraiser - Monday, August 5, 2019

10 Bridge Youth & Family Services


RECOGNIZING KEY COMPONENTS OF THE BRIDGE Without the dedication and generosity of volunteers, The Bridge Youth & Family Services would not have the extensive reach it does in the community. Volunteers impact the children and families The Bridge serves in a vast array of ways and we are very fortunate to have them carry out our mission on a daily basis. Thank you to everyone who supported us this past year! Sue Abazoris Melinda Aiello Gabrielle Aranza Anna Aretos Susan Argyropoulos Deb Armstrong Diana Ballard Hanna Ban Marisa Ban Bill Bauer Stephanie Beck Patrick Begley Arielle Blanchard Carol Brandt Jim Brenner Kristi Broadbent Tamara Byrne Natalie Cambone Steve Campbell Rita Canning Greg Cano Jericho Carpio Linda Carrasco Dr. Dan Cates Dr. Gerald Chapman Colleen Clay Bonnie Collins Drew Conlee Trevis Crane Kyle Cullinan Greg Davis John Delany Tristan Delay Liz Dobrzynski Tom Donohue Pat Driscoll Dr. Jim Ekeberg Claire Emerson Donna Epton Jim Esposito Tim Fasick Rick Feare John Fedus Evelyn Fennell Justice Franklin Brian Freiman Rebecca Freiman Carol Frenda Cindy Fuchs and friends Itzel Gama Brian Goebbert Pat Hayden Ed Healy

Katie Henegan John Heraty Diane Hill Hilton Chicago O’Hare employees Sara Hudson Ben Jacks Erin Jackson Sean Jackson Palatine Jaycees Aaron Johnson Maegan Jong Fiona Jordan Mike Kabarec Pete Kain Pat Kelly Tom Kennedy Raymond Kim Randy Klingner Jahanara Khan Svetlana Konstant Mary Pat Krones Peggy and John Kukankos Judith Legoretta Hernandez Dave Lehr Emily Libman Judy and Jim Liles Joseph Longhini Linda Maher Shakila Majchrowitz Ray Mau Karen McMahon Selene Mehta Andrew Meyers Jodie Meyers Sarah Miller Heather Mlynek Pat Niesen Mark Nelson Ed Nikowitz Kevin O’Donnell Joe Payne Sandi Payne Lynn Pearson Joanie Perez Diane Pfister Joe Pietrini Jerry Pinderski Bill Pohl Mary Pohl Nupur Pokharkar Gretchen Poland Steve Poland Lisa Pollock

Emily Potts Karen Quill Susan and Jack Raine Cindy Reed Teagen Reid Felicia Remington Cheyenne Roland Gregg Ross Patrick Ross Nancy Sandberg Melanie Santostefano Kathy Schiewe Mike Seebacher Ron Sowadski Christina Spitalli Nancy Staten-Robinson Michael Strauss Jose Suarez John Sullivan Mikie Swier Mary Tomberlin Barb Tomasello Marie Thompson Lisa Thuer Bruce Teresi Arnie Uhlig US Bank employees Bill Vainisi Susana Vargas Zoe Vukelich Ben Wallace Nick Weber Barbara Weiss Steve Wett Gail Wharton Steve Whited Shannon Wright Women’s Club of Inverness David Yang Zurich NA employees

2018 Annual Report 11

WE EXPRESS OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO THE DONORS WHO GAVE IN FISCAL YEAR 2018 From all of us at The Bridge, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all you for providing your time, talent, and support! Your continuing support in our organization has helped make the impossible, possible. FOUNDERS $25,000 + Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dodson BENEFACTORS 10,000 + Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Moeller Norman and Susan Abazoris Foundation Anonymous Donor Foglia Family Foundation BMO Harris Bank Weber-Stephens Products STEWARDS $5,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Dave Broadbent Palatine Rotary Club The David and Teryl Schawk Family Foundation Northrop Grumman Corporation Palatine Bank and Trust Streamwood Behavioral Health Systems VISIONARIES $2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Eric Wasowicz and Ms. Ann Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Michael Strauss Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pohl Fremd High School Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Bolman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Fitzgerald, Jr. Herman & Katherine Peters Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Horn Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mitzen Mr. John O’Sullivan Wells Fargo Foundation Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company PACESETTER SOCIETY $1,000 - $2,499 Women’s Club of Inverness Bassi Family Fund Mr. Carl Busse Ms. Kathleen O’Hara Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Kain Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fry Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stern The Rhoades Foundation O’Donnell & Associates, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Q. Palombo Mr. and Mrs. Trevis Crane Dr. and Mrs. James Ekeberg Mr. and Mrs. Bob Leeper Mr. and Mrs. Pat Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blose Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dunlop Ms. Jeanne Filipp Ms. Diane Hill Mr. Craig Hutson Ms. Betty Z. Kabara Mr. Chris Lang Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Luke

12 Bridge Youth & Family Services

Mr. and Mrs. William Lutz Mr. Mike Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Roland Marquis Ms. Emily Potts St. Thomas of Villanova Parish Mr. Michael T. Swier Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woods Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Young Amita Health Brandt Financial Concepts O’Donnell & Associates Pinderski and Pinderski, Ltd. Superior Nut and Candy Co., Inc. SUSTAINERS $500 - $999 Mr. and Mrs. Rich Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Randall Klingner Mr. and Mrs. Greg Davis Mr. Thomas S. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Henri H. Rubinstein Mr. and Mrs. John Vanderwiel Ms. Sandra Chen Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brenner Mrs. Judith R. Dincher Mr. and Mrs. Brian Goebbert Mr. Tristan Delay Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock Mr. and Mrs. Dan Berg Mr. and Mrs. Frank Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Ric Feare Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Goebbert Mr. and Mrs. William Griffith Mr. Thomas A. Kennedy and Ms. Lynn Ridge Mr. Jason Klein Mr. David Lehr Mr. Tim Martelon Mr. and Mrs. Cole McCombs Nadler Golf Car Sales, Inc. Points of Light Institute Mr. Ray Spear The Trostrud Charitable Fund Vanguard Charitable Mr. and Mrs. William Wukovits Mr. and Mrs. Ross Zimmerman Mueller Certified Public Accountants Management and Technology PATRONS $250 - $499 Mr. Robert Bendfeldt Mr. and Mrs. Doug Landerman Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Perez Ms. Mary Pat Krones Ms. Meredith Strauss Mr. Stephen D. Whited Network For Good Mr. Gregg Stockey and Ms. Bonnie Collins Ms. Nancy Borck Mr. Chuck Allen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Benninger Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dillivan

Ms. Linda J. Evans Soto Mr. and Mrs. William Gunning Mr. Richard C. Herout Mr. Peter Kinsella Mr. and Mrs. Rich Piper Ms. Lisa D. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thuer Mr. and Mrs. Shanan Egger Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kain Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kravitz Mr. Pete Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cannon Mr. John Fedus Mr. Steve Hanna Mr. Kymn Harp Ms. Megan Juskiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lutz Palatine Public Library Ms. Esther Perez and Mr. Jose M. Cabral Mr. and Mrs. J. Steve Pohl Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Sammons Mr. and Mrs. Robert Small Mr. Ben Wallace Mr. Jeff Weglarz Lowry Asset Consulting SUPPORTERS $100 - $249 Mr. Kenneth J. Peplowski and Ms. Beth E. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Gattuso Ms. Laura K. Lee MISUMI USA, Inc. Mr. Paul Budin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Butero Mr. Fred Castillo Mr. John Fell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Herr Mr. and Mrs. John Moy Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nikowitz Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Roberts Ms. Roseann Stenzel Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. Zara Zurich Insurance Group Ms. Melanie Santostefano Anonymous Donor Dr. and Mrs. Dan Cates Ms. Diane Pfister Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rorrie Mr. and Mrs. Mike Seebacher Mr. and Mrs. Don Van Cleave Mr. Gary Braun and Mrs. Lisa Hanson-Braun Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Groot Mr. and Mrs. Andy Anaya Mr. and Mrs. James L. Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vera Mr. Steven Akinfala Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Amos Mr. Tom Aubin Ms. Linda Bara

Mr. Joe Barrera Ms. Mary Jo Benedetti Ms. Sara Bertolino Mrs. Patricia R. Bethel Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Bowers Mr. Hugh Brady and Ms. Renee Gladstone Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bromley Ms. Kathleen Carroll Mr. J. Harley Chapman and Ms. Jean Berglof-Chapman Mrs. Joan Clolery-Dotoli Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Coleman Mr. J.J. Comisky Ms. Wendy Copeland and Mr. Jon Schwartz Ms. Susan Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Crimmins Ms. Tracy K. Del Castillo Mr. Jerry Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeSimone Mr. Mark Doherty Mrs. Louise Escoe Mr. Jim Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ford Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Gienko Ms. Yvette Goodwin Mr. Clive Gouldthorp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Hospodka Mrs. Betty Jane Hunt John Casey Insurance Agency Ms. Emma M. Kalaidjian and Mr. Gary Rhodes Mr. Chris Kontney Mr. and Mrs. Bill Langtim Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levenfeld Ms. Claire Magnuson Mr. Rich Magnuson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Maher Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mendell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Millar Ms. Danielle Miller Mr. Drew Moreton Mr. and Mrs. John J. Moroney Mr. Tom Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Edward Neyman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O’Malley Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Pape Ms. Angela Paras Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pavlis Mr. Lorenz Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rapp Ms. Lynn Ridge Mr. and Mrs. Richard Riehman Ms. Lucille Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rodell Mr. Joseph Serio Mr. Phillip E. Solzan Mr. Ralph Spindler and Ms. Barbara Howard Pat Stack Mr. and Ms. John F. Sullivan Mr. Craig Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tomasello Ms. Kathleen May Voigt Ms. Tammy Wasserman Mrs. Eleanor S. Williams Ms. Karen Williams FRIENDS UP TO $99 Mr. Robert Fleming Ms. Kathy Howe and Mr. Jim Hrach Ms. Kelley Ann Papadopoulos

Mr. and Mrs. James Solberg Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Courtney Dr. and Mrs. Russell P. Fitton, III Illinois Tool Works Foundation Ms. Elizabeth Novello Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Aiello Mr. Joseph Zaczyk Mr. and Mrs. Neal Hannant Mr. and Mrs. Rick Dudek Ms. Randi Frank and Mr. Raymond Benson Mr. and Mrs. Wes Young Ms. Cyndi Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Baker Ms. Martha Bell Ms. Jean Black Chris Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Butzen Ms. Benicia Colon Ms. Sue Corriere Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Craft Mr. Ed DalPonte Mrs. Barbara Dorr Ms. Dotty Dose Mr. Miles Ducore and Ms. Adrienne Segel Ms. Donna L. Felch Ms. Alana Flatley and Mr. Steve Wett Mr. Jeffrey Fujino and Ms. Nancy Grybash Ms. Dorothy Gabbei Mr. and Mrs. James Garbarini Mr. and Mrs. James Gazdic Mrs. Sue Gehring Mr. and Mrs. John M. Godawski Mr. Matt Gorecki Ms. Patricia G. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Hribar Inverness Cleaners and Tailors Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kating Dr. and Mrs. Gary Kazmer Ms. Rebecka Kruk Dr. Bob Longo Mrs. Charlotte E. Mally Manning Silverman & Company Ms. Marija Marks McMaster-Carr Supply Company Mr. and Mrs. John Myers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Donnell N. O’Donnell Ms. Nancy R. Parrish Senator Tom Rooney Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rosewell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Rudolph Ms. Jennifer Seoane Mr. Carl Siemianowski Mr. Michael J. Skinner Mr. E. Matthew Trembley Mrs. Carole Trunnell Mr. and Mrs. Serge Uccetta Mrs. Miki F. Valukas Dr. and Mrs. Loren White Ms. Shirielle Williams Mr. Timothy Witt Ms. Tracey Wrobel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zawacke Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zimmermann Ms. Robyn Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. David Musiala Ms. Jennifer Bolton Mr. Matt Warren Mr. and Mrs. Robert Basofin

Mr. Jerry Hoffman Mr. Wayne Kossel Ms. Lisa Hartkopf Mr. Pat Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Keith Knox Newko Prototype, Inc. Ms. Victoria Pioch Dedi Wright AON Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Auer Mr. and Mrs. Nick Barba Mr. Mark Brown and Mrs. Deanna Lombardo-Brown Mr. Paul Carlson Ms. Patricia Carmody Ms. Ellen Carp Ms. Nancy Clark Ms. Alicia Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Edelheit Ms. Marian Elstad Mr. Jim Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Fehns Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fredrickson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gebhardt Ms. Erika Hansen Mr. Dana Hofer and Mrs. Amy Baur-Hofer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Hommowun Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Ingram Mr. Robert Jacobsen Ms. Cheree Joerger Ms. Barbara Klauke Mr. Joel A. Luellwitz Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mau Ms. Mary Ann Mayworm Mr. Nathan E. Meyerhoff Ms. Leslie K. Michaels Ms. Michelle Mussman Mr. Steve Poland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ross Ms. Robyn Sandys Mr. David Simmons Ms. Diana Slatopolsky Mr. James Vionovich Ms. Donna Zeh Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ellis Ms. Laurie Gonzalez Jahanara Khan Mrs. Lucille Kiszka Ms. Kathy Kolvek Mr. Scott Scafidi Ms. Joanna Shostachuk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skutta Mr. Russ Young Ms. Lisa Hartkopf Ms. Patricia G. Hayden Mr. Edward Horan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koss Mrs. Leslee Rose Ms. Jane Stevenson Ms. Judy Berland Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Caravelli Ms. Cindy Caulfield Ms. Josephine Hurlburt Ms. Jane Johnston

2018 Annual Report 13

MAKE A SIGNIFICANT MARK ON YOUTH AND THEIR FAMILIES As a supporter of the Bridge Youth & Family Services family, you are a part of a community of givers who ensure the Bridge can continue offering our numerous services to youth and their families regardless of their inability to pay for services. Every gift given helps us fulfill our commitment to help youth and their families overcome obstacles created by trauma in order to achieve social and emotional health. How do I make a gift to The Bridge? Gifts to The Bridge can be given in numerous ways. • Make a one-time cash, check or credit card donation or set up automatic payments at monthly or other intervals. • Make your gift online. Visit and click on the donation button. • Double or triple the value of your gift by completing matching gift forms through your employer. • Make gifts of stock to avoid paying capital gains. Please call the Development Office to make arrangements. • Leave a legacy by making a bequest to The Bridge Youth and Family Services in your estate plan. Your legacy will endow and perpetuate the standards of excellence that our community has come to expect from The Bridge and those in the community we serve. For more information, contact the Development office at (847) 485-3087 or email

14 Bridge Youth & Family Services

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you! Your contributions make an impact on youth in our community. Through your support, we are able to provide necessary services to those who need it the most. Supporting the work done at The Bridge Youth & Family Services has never been easier! With the help of your generous donations, we are able to continue transforming the lives of our clients through a wide range of services. With your help, you are making a difference in the lives of those in your community. Together, we can continue to create a brighter future for our neighbors. With your support, we have been able to continue:

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• Offering comprehensive counseling and therapy services. • Delivering crisis intervention 24 hours a day for runaway, homeless, or locked out youth. • Reducing client fees, based on ability to pay, in order to offer our services to everyone in our community. • Providing funds for mentoring program. • Enhancing the leadership skills of youth through service projects. • Increasing community awareness around the issues and needs of youth.

Website: Office: 847-359-7490 After hours: 847-776-3720 : : @TheBridgeYouth : @bridgeyouthservices :

You have the ability to make an impact on the youth and their families in your community. Help them overcome obstacles and achieve social and emotional health by making a gift today!

2018 Annual Report 15

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