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ON THE COVER: NATIONAL SQUAD MEMBERS Jenny Thompson, Gill Atkinson, Maggie Holmes and Debbie Colquhoun of Indalo Bowls Club


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Spain in Cardiff Test

By Graham Cathcart

Graham Cathcart, the manager of the squad, was invited to join the tournament at late notice, to replace another Nation who had pulled out of the tournament. Despite the lack of time to properly prepare for the event, the squad readily accepted the invite as it was felt it would be good preparation for the Atlantic Championships in May 2019, which is also being held in Cardiff. It also gave the opportunity of getting players a little more experience of playing against such high level opponents, some of which they will also face in 2019. The event took the form of test match conditions….. team of 5 ladies and 5 gents, who played in round robins of Singles, Pairs, Triples and Rinks – The singles and rinks being played at same time and the pairs and triples played at the same time. The team representing Spain were Gents Terry Morgan (Singles and Triples), Derek Eldon (Triples and Rinks), Julian Pering (Triples and Rinks), Tom Rogers (Pairs and Rinks) and Graham Cathcart (Pairs and Rinks). Substitute – John Pooley. Ladies Maggie Holmes (Singles and Pairs), Lynne Eldon (Triples and Rinks), Jo Pering (Triples and Rinks), Debbie Colquhoun (Pairs and Rinks) and Jenny Thompson (Triples and Rinks). Substitute – Gillian Atkinson. The Gents Triples played really well in their group stage and managed to qualify for the quarter finals where they beat a very good Wales team 19 – 9. Next up they met the Ireland triples team. Unfortunately, it was a bridge too far, on what was a tricky rink. However it was a brilliant achievement. So, congratulations, Terry, Derek and Julian on EARNING your bronze medals. The gents pairs were left gutted in their league. Having finished joined 2nd, on points with Wales and Namibia, in the quarter final qualification place, the calculators were quickly brought out….. but Spain went out on LOWEST shots AGAINST. Graham and Tom were understandably gutted, especially given the fact that they beat the two top teams in their group. But that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. In the ladies Singles, Maggie Holmes, playing in her first ever sin-

gle tournament at this level, found herself in a very strong group, including the Malaysian player who went on to win the tournament. Maggie equipped herself well and fought hard, never giving up. The experience she took away from the experience was phenomenal. The Ladies rinks played well together. They lost narrowly against Ireland, in a game which they could have won and put them into the quarter finals. In the Gents Singles, Terry Morgan, was finding the same problem as Maggie against some very strong opponents, more acquainted in playing singles at International level. That said, Terry fought well and will no doubt have learned an awful lot for the experience. In the Ladies Pairs, it was a case of what could have easily have been. Debbie and Maggie, played very well against very strong pairs’ teams in their section. They beat Ireland and lost out, twice, by a single shots to Malaysia (went on to win silver, getting beat by one shot to the winners Australia) and Canada, games which, with a little bit of lady luck they could have won. If they had one either they would have qualified for the quarter finals. The Ladies Triples also found it very hard going in their league against very strong teams, and again struggled to get into “their rhythm” on the “foreign” grass surface. That said, they again learned an awful lot and fought hard. Gillian Atkinson also got, bloodied, on the last game, in which she played well. Graham, the manager of Spain said about the tournament…… “Overall, I am so very proud of the squad. Yes, we could have, on paper, results wise, done a little better in some disciplines, however, we were playing on a surface that is, on the whole alien to us, (with speeds varying between 8 seconds to 17 seconds) playing against some of the biggest countries in the world, with some of the best players in the world, many of whom were here for a week or two before the tournament started.” “So all in all, the squad have a lot to be proud of. Each of the guys tried their very best to contend with in an alien environment. The effort shown by the players, their attitude, their comradery, their team ethic was brilliant. It is, and has been, with one or two exceptions, our strength since I was lucky enough to take over the management of the Spanish Squad. This baptism of fire will serve us well in that competition moving ahead.”



: McCraw Eleanor oberts : s R r e e n Win dWayn n a m a all Brian H

Winner s of the Bill Lo Reliant vett, Ro Trophy na Hen : dry, Wa yne Ro berts

Almeria Summer Competitions


The Final of Eleanor McCraw was won by Brian Hallam and Wayne Roberts against Ken Richardson and Wayne’s other half, Carol Roberts.

The Final of Reliant Trophy was won by Wayne Roberts, Bill Lovett and Rona Hendry against Ken Richardson, Austin Crilly and Bryan Hallam. Wayne’s team started with 2 shot advantage in line with handicaps.

John Fitzgerald presented the trophy.

irst, a thank you to Tony Leer & John Fitzgerald for organising and successfully running the summers competitions. This year the Reliant Trophy and Eleanor McCraw continued to be played on Monday and Wednesday’s and as agreed earlier on the year, all drawn club competitions would be run on handicaps.

They pressurised from the start and were well ahead on the tenth end at 18-3. Ken’s s team then started scoring, nine shots, over three ends, which included a six on the thirteenth end. Unfortunately for Ken and team they were unable to overcome Wayne’s team losing 22-16

Brian and Wayne were on fire from the start not allowing Ken and Carol any leeway and although all played well the championship went to Brian and Wayne. Well done to all playing in the intense heat and thanks to John Fitzgerald for taking the photographs. John thanked the supporters and Bryan Hughes for maintaining the green throughout the competitions. Vic Parsons -Deputy Chairman/Press Secretary



Línea Directa National success for Costa Blanca Clubs Singles winners Ian Kenyon and Mary Dyer


he 2018 Línea Directa Spanish Nationals came to a close after 9 days of glorious weather and superb bowling.

The Mens Triples final was between Brian Allen, Johnny & Gary Raby of San Miguel against Terry Morgan, Peter Morgan & Paul Parkes of Quesada. On this occasion the San Miguel trio failed to find their form from previous rounds while the Quesada trio maintained their form to take the title. In the Ladies Triples final it was again San Miguel (Gail Willshire, Ann Eagle & Lynn Greenland) against Quesada (Mel Highland, Deidre Leeming & Jacqui Johnston). As in the Mens final the San Miguel trio did not bowl to their usual form and the Quesada trio took the title after 16 ends. At the same time the Mens Pairs final was taking place. This was San Luis (Steve Simmons & Ian Kenyon) against the home pair of Pat Heaney & John Rimmer. This was a really close match and after 13 ends the Emerald Isle pair led 11-10. San Luis picked up 6 shots over the next 3 ends to lead by 5 and despite dropping single shots on the last 2 ends San Luis held on to win. The following day we started with the Ladies Pairs final which was an all San Miguel final. The 3 ladies from the triples were playing. Last years Champions Gail Willshire & Lynn Greenland taking on Val Collier & Ann Eagle. After 9 ends Val & Ann led by just a single shot. After 13 ends it was again just the single shot difference in favour of Val & Ann. They then picked up 9 shots over the next 4 ends to seal their win. Onto the 2 Premier events, the Ladies and Mens Singles.

The Ladies final was again an all San Miguel final. Mary Dyer (this years Champion of Champions Ladies Singles Champion) taking on past winner Ann Allen. Mary got into her stride straight away and never let up the pressure. She took the title after 15 ends to complete the double – will she be able to do the treble with the Valencians in September? The Mens Singles final was an all blue affair with Paul Parkes (Quesada) taking on Ian Kenyon (San Luis). With both players having won a title the day before they were both in fine form and on a high. After 7 ends the score was 5 each. After 14 ends they were 9 all – just 18 shots scored in the 14 ends, showing how close the match was. Ian then took a 3 shot lead only for Paul to come back to take a 2 shot lead after 21 ends. Ian however then won the next 4 ends to take the title. It was a great game to watch and played in the best spirit. Following the finals the Presentation of the medals was held. Bob Donnelly thanked Emerald Isle for giving up their green for the period of the tournament. He thanked the caterers for providing the after competition buffet for all finalists and officials. The 2 coordinators were presented with a gift of the favourite tipple for their sterling work. The umpires, markers and board turners were also thanked. Linea Directa and Avalon were thanked for sponsoring the event, The Leader for producing the programme and finally Bob thanked Competition Secretary Suzi Cooper for her work before and during the event, presenting her with a large box of chocolates. With all the thank you completed the Spanish flag was lowered to close the 24th edition of this prestigious event.

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Exercises for thumb arthritis

opposite hand so that the thumb joint is slightly bent. Pinch your fingertips together lightly and remove the supporting hand while maintaining the circle position. Gradually increase the force of the pinch until it feels as though the circle will collapse and the thumb will lose its bent position, and then relax your fingers. Do this 10 times.

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By Graham Cathcart

Narrow win for National Squad at Indalo


ell, what can I say.... Another cracking, very enjoyable Test Match against Malaga. Spain won 34-30 points, BUT this test match is about so much more than just winning. For the squad, it is about trying different things and trying different people in different positions and in different combinations. It is also about team gelling. As manager of the squad, I am pleased, nay proud, to say that each and every member of the squad passed each test and showed how "tight" the squad is.

Over and above that, we got to play against a very motivated and well organised Malaga Squad who were more than "up for it" to beat the Spanish squad. Congratulations must be given to our opponents for providing us a good test and more importantly for playing it in a competitive but fair manner. They played the game in the correct spirit. Big thanks and congratulations must go to Margaret and Gordon Kane, as they were responsible for pulling the Malaga squad together and making the necessary arrange-

ments and plans. That is more work than most people will appreciate. Both Gordon and Margaret should be proud of what they helped achieve by their hard work. They showed just what hard work, can achieve, along with of course the experience they have accumulated over the years and by knowing what they are talking about. With the rest of the Spanish National Bowls 2018 squad, I look forward to renewing acquaintances and adversaries (in the nicest possible way) in 2019.

Top places for Mojácar riders at the Andalucían Dressage Cup


wo equestrian riders from Mojácar, Ángela Guerrero Guevara and María Eugenia Fau de Casajuana, recently gained top place in their individual categories at the Andalucían Dressage Cup held at Vera’s Hípico Titú Ángela Guerrero Guevara and María Club, thereby qualifying them for the grand final at Eugenia Fau de Casajuana Seville . Thirteen year old Ángela Guerrero, on her horse "Trizago", gained a very high score putting her well ahead of the runner up. María, who last year came first at the national contest held in Lorca, also won her category on "Cantor". 50 riders from Almería took part in the event, organized by the Club Hípico Titú and Juan Francisco Ber, who succeeded in placing most of his own students (including Ángeles and María) in the top positions at what was a perfectly organized day with a great atmosphere for both participants and spectators. Both of these talented riders now qualify for the final of Andalucía’s IV Dressage Cup, representing Almeria province in their respective categories.

Promising result for Mojacar’s youngsters in Levante Cup The junior category in this year´s national football Levante Cup was recently held in Mojácar, which saw 32 teams from all over Spain taking part, including 8 second teams from the first division. For the first time, the young Mojácar team managed to go through to the last 16, showing good form backed with plenty of enthusiasm, with two well deserved victories, but their defeat against first division finalists Deportivo de la Coruña put an end to the Mojaquero team’s prospects. The Mojácar players ended up in ninth place, a measure of their solid work and the great progress they are making, especially up against the best teams at national level. It was also a fantastic experience for all these youngsters, giving them a motivational boost to keep up their training and be a part of the pool of local players that will undoubtedly go on to give hours of sporting pleasure to football fans in the future.


andalusia lawn bowls championships






Greetings from the President


n 2013, we celebrated the first Lawn Bowls Andalusian Championships. The Province of Málaga welcomed the first of this sports speciality, and from that moment, it was alternated with Almería each year. This year it is Almería turn to hold and organize the sixth edition. Little by little, we are bettering the sport. On the 24 and 25 of January this year we celebrated the first Andalusian Championship of Provincial Selections at Indalo Bowls Club in Los Gallardos, the tournament was fought in a very positive and emotional way between Málaga and Almería, with the title going to Málaga in the last game. In those very pleasant and mild winter days of Almería I once again was able to see the impeccable organization undertaken to make the competition a success, thanks to the extraordinary team commanded by Ruth Compton from the host province and Ron Jones from Málaga, as with the impeccable way that the Indalo Bowls Club run things headed by Michael Bray There is no doubt at all at the great work you all do. Last year I received the congratulations from María José Rienda, the General Sports Director of the Junta de Andalucía for the way she was received and she commented on the excellent and impeccable organization that she could see at first hand in the last Andalusian Championships celebrated in Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga. I have had occasions to talk several times both with her and the Tourist and Sports Minister Francisco Javier Fernández about Lawn Bowls, activities which both find interesting for various reasons, but above all because of the tourist element that it entails. The recent appointment of María José Rienda as Secretary of State for sport and President of the Sport Council will no doubt be an opportunity so that Lawn Bowls will be supported at a national level in Spain. The good feelings we have had with her in Andalucía will surely help in the way Madrid treats our particular sport. And in this process we will have to see how the Spanish Bowls Federation progresses as we are still in a grave crisis, but I am sure that in the next few months things will begin to get better.

Lawn bowls continues to grow in Andalusia En 2013 se celebraron los primeros Campeonatos de Andalucía de Bolo Césped. La provincia de Málaga acogió los primeros de esta especialidad deportiva, y a partir de ese momento, alternaría con Almería cada año la sede. Y este año le toca a la provincia de Almería organizar la sexta edición. Poco a poco vamos mejorando la propuesta deportiva. El 24 y 25 de enero, en las instalaciones del Club Indalo de Los Gallardos (Almería) se disputaron los I Campeonatos de Bolo Césped de Selecciones Provinciales, con un balance muy positivo y cuyo título, que se peleó en una emocionante lucha entre las selecciones de Málaga y Almería, viajó a tierras malagueñas en el último juego.

En aquellos agradables días del suave invierno del Levante Almeriense, tuve la oportunidad una vez más de comprobar la impecable organización con la que se desarrollan las competiciones de bolo césped, gracias a la extraordinaria tarea de un gran equipo de trabajo, comandado por Ruth Compton en la provincia anfitriona y por Ron Jones en Málaga, así como el impecable papel desarrollado por el Indalo Bowls Club durante la competición, con Michael Bray al frente. No hay duda del gran trabajo que realizáis. El año pasado recibí la felicitación de María José Rienda, Directora General de Deportes de la Junta de Andalucía por el trato recibido y la impecable organización que pudo observar de primera mano en los últimos Campeonatos de Andalucía, celebrados en Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, a los que asistió. Con ella, y también con el Consejero de Turismo y Deporte Francisco Javier Fernández, he tenido la oportunidad de hablar en distintas ocasiones sobre el bolo césped, actividad deportiva que ambos ven muy interesante por varias razones, pero sobre todo por el componente turístico que conlleva. El reciente nombramiento de María José Rienda como Secretaria de Estado para el Deporte y presidenta del Consejo Superior de Deportes, puede ser una oportunidad para que el bolo césped sea apoyado de nuevo a nivel de todo el Estado Español. La buena sintonía que hemos tenido con ella en Andalucía seguro que favorecerá el trato futuro de Madrid con vuestra modalidad. Y en ese proceso también tendrá mucho que ver la Federación Española de Bolos, entidad que sigue sumergida en una grave crisis, pero que a buen seguro mejorará en los próximos meses.

The majority of assembly members of the FEB has presented as candidate for President Mr. José Luis Díaz de Rojas, we have also made a motion of censure against the actual President Óscar Gómez Morante for serious irregularities in his management.

Posiblemente cuando se publique esta revista ya tengamos un nuevo presidente y, lo que es más importante, un nuevo modelo de gestión en la Española, presentado por nuestra federación al resto de las territoriales y que, con matices, fue asumido por el que, a buen seguro, será el nuevo presidente, el Sr. José Luis Díaz de Rojas, al que una mayoría de asambleístas de la FEB hemos presentado como candidato en una moción de censura presentada al actual presidente Óscar Gómez Morante, por graves irregularidades en su gestión.

Talking about the future is always risky but I am sure that things will get better and that Lawn Bowls will hold its place at a national level, which it deserves.

Hablar del futuro siempre es arriesgado, pero estoy seguro que todo mejorará y que el bolo césped ocupará el lugar que le corresponde a nivel nacional.

Possibly when we publish this magazine we will have a new President and more important a new model of management in Spain.

President’s Greeting continued....... You will all receive the news as it happens, but the important thing is to enjoy your favourite sport and make sure that your names appear in the role of honour of Lawn Bowling in Andalusia. Last year for the first time I had the pleasure of seeing the Spaniard Juan Abeal proclaimed as Champion of Andalusia at the Lauro Golf & Bowls Club, he shared honours at individual level with Janet Dando who was our Regional and European Champion. It would be great if more Andalusian members would incorporate in our ancestral game. The FAB is more and more involved with Lawn Bowls every day. I speak on regular terms with your General Delegate Mario Bixio Foletti whom I nominated Vice President of the Andalusian Federation. With him Communications between the administrations has gained great fluency and content. I would like to congratulate Mr Foletti for the extraordinary work he is developing. With modern technology the language is no longer a problem. Proof of this is that the official FAB website is now in 104 different languages, including of course English. I would also like to thank the extraordinary work done by the treasurers both Julian Thomas in Málaga and Gerard Donck in Almería, a cumbersome job which needs a lot of time and dedication but is totally necessary for the smooth running of this Federation. It only leaves me to wish you all that you enjoy the next few days and that you all have luck in your game. José Miguel Nieto Ojeda President of the Andalusian Bowls Federation.

De todo ello iréis recibiendo noticias, pero lo importante ahora es disfrutar de vuestro deporte favorito e intentar que vuestros nombres aparezcan en el cuadro de honor del bolo césped en Andalucía. El año pasado tuve la oportunidad de ver en el Lauro Golf Bowls Club como por primera vez un español, Juan Abeal, se proclamaba campeón de Andalucía. Compartió honores, a nivel individual con Janet Dando, que fue nuestra primera campeona regional y también de Europa. Tal vez ese sea un paso para que cada vez más andaluces se vayan incorporando a este juego ancestral, sería muy bueno para todos. La FAB está cada día más volcada con el bolo césped. Hablo a menudo con vuestro delegado general Mario Bixio Foletti, al que nombré vicepresidente de la Andaluza y con el que la comunicación con la administración ha ganado en fluidez y contenido. Felicitar desde aquí el extraordinario trabajo que está desarrollando el Sr. Foletti. El idioma ya no es un problema y con las nuevas tecnologías menos. Prueba de ello es que la web oficial de la FAB ya se puede visitar en 104 idiomas distintos, incluido, por supuesto, el inglés. Tampoco quiero olvidarme del extraordinario trabajo que, como tesoreros, realizan los señores Julian Thomas en Málaga y Gerard Donck en Almería, tarea engorrosa que requiere mucho tiempo y dedicación, pero totalmente necesaria para el buen funcionamiento administrativo de esta federación. Sólo me queda desearos que disfrutéis durante estos días y que tengáis mucha suerte en vuestra participación. José Miguel Nieto Ojeda Presidente de la Federación Andaluza de Bolos

Welcome message from the Almeria Delegado TO THE 2018 ANDALUSIA LAWN BOWLS CHAMPIONSHIPS This year it is the turn of Almeria Province to hold the very successful tournament that over the last five years has continued to grow in size and popularity, such that an extra day has been added. I would like to thank the two clubs, Indalo B/C and Almeria LBC who have made their facilities available to the Championship. Our bowlers in Almeria welcome the Malaga bowlers, many old friends will be welcomed back and new friendships formed. Good luck and splendid bowling to all the participants. I wish to express thanks to the Umpires and Markers who have offered their services and to our competition secretary Tony Lear and his team for all the hard work in putting the Championship together. I also need to thank Jill Cooper, wh has been assisted by husband Andy in gathering all the information for this brochure. Finally, thans also to Línea Directa our main sponsor for the 2018 Championship.

Ruth Compton

“Good luck and splendid bowling to all the participants”

BIENVENIDA DEL DELEGADO DE ALMERÍA a los Campeonatos de Andalucía de Bolos Césped 2018 Este año le toca a la provincia de Almería celebrar este exitoso torneo que durante los últimos cinco años ha crecido notablemente tanto en magnitud como en popularidad. El incremento de las inscripciones nos ha obligado añadir un día adicional de competición. Quiero agradecer a los dos clubes, Indalo B/C y Almería LBC, el esfuerzo realizado en poner a disposición sus instalaciones para la celebración de los Campeonatos. Nuestros jugadores almerienses dan la bienvenida a los jugadores malagueños, muchas viejas amistades se reencontrarán y otras nuevas se formarán. Deseo buena suerte a todos los competidores y que disfruten de la competición. Quiero expresar mi gratitud y agradecimiento a los Árbitros y Marcadores por haber ofrecido sus servicios, al Secretario de Competición Tony Lear y su equipo por la magnífica labor realizada para organizar la competición y a Jill Cooper asistida por su marido Andy por haber hecho posible editar este programa. Y finalmente un cálido reconocimiento a Línea Directa, nuestro patrocinador principal.

Ruth Compton “Tal vez ese sea un paso para que cada vez más andaluces se vayan incorporando a este juego ancestral, sería muy bueno para todos”


Andalusian Championship Committee


Tony Lear Comp Secretary Carole and I came to Spain in 2010. As committed sports enthusiasts we knew we needed something else to occupy our time, so we joined Almeria Lawn bowls Club. We have truly found a great and frustrating “Pastime” which we both thoroughly enjoy. I was approached to run Summer Club Competitions which have proved to be both interesting and successful. I have now taken over as Competition Secretary for CAA in 2017.

Gerard Donck

Victor Parsons


Press Secretary

I am a Dutch National, from The Hague,living in Mojacar since 2008. Prior to my move to Spain I served for 32 years with Dutch Customs and excise I am in a civil partnership for 38 years with my British girlfriend Brigitte Joy. I joined Indalo bowling club and I have always been a very competitive sportsman. I was asked to join The FAB (Almeria) as treasurer, which is a big challenge, but the future looks bright and I hope that I can contribute to the success of FAB and to the sport of bowls in our area.

On retiring from the Royal Navy after 25 years I joined Motorola prior to moving to Mojacar in Spain where my wife and I then set up a Property Management Company, ‘Sapphire Management’. We had to cease trading when Joan got Breast Cancer. Fortunately, she recovered well. We then joined the Almeria Bowling Club in 1998. In 2001 I took over as Captain which I retained, together with the Competition Secretary for a further five years. I took over the Almeria Website and Press Secretary for the club in 2006 and was elected the Deputy Chairman in 2007.

Ron Jones

John Sephton CAUMA I have lived in Mojacar with my wife Sue in 2003 where I became involved with Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club in 2005. Bowling is a big part of my life and I have now had the honour of being both Captain and President of the Club. In 2011 I was invited to attend a CAUMA Umpires Course, since which time I have umpired at the Nationals in Torrevieja and at the Andalucians in Malaga. In March 2015 I was appointed as Vice President of CAUMA after the previous Vice President retired.

Andy and Jill Cooper Collation of Results, Sponsorship and Advertising

Malaga Delegado Bowling in Spain’s Costa del Sol since 1993, primarily based in the Costa del Sol but spent most of the first 10 years working as a “bowls professional” which involved me visiting and bowling throughout Spain. Work took me as far afield as New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia, Israel, Canada, and the USA. Nearer to home I spent a lot of time bowling in Portugal and Cyprus. I studied as Coach under the great World Champion Bob Sutherland (Scotland’s first National Director of Coaching) and under the FEB passed my National Umpire’s course. In recent years I joined Lauro Golf Bowls Club, where I am currently Club Chairman and for the last two seasons I have been Malaga Delgado and Chairman of the Malaga Province Lawn Bowls Committee.

We came to Los Gallardos, Almeria, 15 years ago. It was the perfect location from which to run Jack High Bowling Tours in Spain and we had four very enjoyable and successful years. We joined our present club, Indalo, in 2011 having playing on grass at Cabrera for 8 years. Jill spent most of her working life in selling so when asked to sell advertising space for the Andalucian programme 2 years ago took up the challenge and has since been the advertising agent for the Levante Sports magazine into which this year’s programme has been incorporated.

Andy spent 11 years in the Royal Engineers and met Jill after returning from a posting in Australia in 1965. We had a haulage business together and owned a Free House pub/restaurant which was an opening in to commercial catering equipment sales and installations before retiring some 15 years ago. Andy has helped Jill for two years with the Levante Sports magazine and has also assisted Tony Lear with the competition draw for the championships and will be helping to bring the ongoing results to you during the championship.

MOJACAR BOWLS CLUB CELEBRATES ITS 4TH ANNIVERSARY T he Mojácar Bowls Club, which is located at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa recently held a celebration for the fourth anniversary its bowling green.

Rosmarí Cano, along with other provincial officials.

They were joined on the day by members from other clubs in the area for a friendly competition, with the Director of the Cadena Servigroup Hotel Marina Playa, Ricardo Escudero and Mojácar’s Councillors for Tourism and Sport, Emmanuel Agüero and Ana García also in attendance.

Located outdoors and set 100 metres from the hotel, it has a 25 square metre artificial lawn with 6 rinks that can accommodate 48 players. There is also a clubhouse with a bar, terrace and all the necessary facilities along with ball carts, markers and all the essentials to enjoy a day’s bowling.

Altogether, there were 100 players from the host Club and the Cabrera, Zurgena and Almeria Lawns Clubs, with the Cabrera team winning on the day.

The Mojácar Bowls Club was founded in 1994 with around 25 members, who played at "La Mata" until it closed.

Four years ago, on March 7th, 2014, the green was officially inaugurated by Mojácar’s Mayor,

With the collaboration of the local Council and the Servigroup Company, the current rinks

were made and have been in full operation since their inauguration, with a membership that continues to grow without losing any of the sporting camaraderie created by its founders.


Andalusian Championship - Order and Conditions of Play


Andalusian Championship - Conditions of Play All games to be played in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition) which includes Bowls Spain Domestic Regulations 2015.


the controlling body.

Once a team is unable to win, the match is finished and competitors must leave the green immediately.

The Controlling Body: will consist of the Delegada, Competition Secretary, CAUMA Vice President and Malaga manager, this body will handle all disputes and amendments to play, their decisions will be final.

All bowls must be legally and clearly stamped, teams are required to have the same coloured stickers.

After the start of the competition if a player is ill or has a valid reason for not playing that player may be replaced by someone who is not already playing in that discipline but only with the permission of the controlling body.

Arrival Time: Due to tight scheduling particularly for singles, players should be ready to play 30 mins before the start of their match (15 mins for the 9.30 or 10.00 starters)

Warning: Should it be necessary to reschedule due to bad weather these rules will be changed and restrictions imposed. This may result in time-restricted games and in that event, umpires will be instructed to give warnings, and in the extreme, disqualified for slow play.

Any team that is not fully present will be disqualified (Not withstanding exceptional

Markers in Singles: Volunteer markers will be required for the first round, losers are


required to offer themselves to mark a game in the following round. This includes the following day.

Conditions of Play: (Subject to Organisers & Umpires discretion). Two trial ends at the start of each game for all competitions. There are no restrictions to visiting the head or remaining at the head. Dead ends will be

Substitutes & Replacements: A team entered may be altered at any time before the start of a given discipline by informing

If the team wins through to the next round, the replacement may continue to play. If the replacement plays 2 games the original player cannot step back into the team, except if another needs replacing for a valid reason. Scheduling: Singles players may be required to play 3 games in one day, rescheduling may be required and green allocations changed. Dress Code:: Players may wear whites or club colours. Teams are requested to wear the same coloured attire Suggestion: Losers to buy a drink for their opponents & marker, where appropriate.


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To become a champion you need to be a contender first



Mixed Fours



Championship Roll of Honour



ns g i a p m a c y t e f a s h Mojacar’s beac With Mojácar´s beaches now busy and tourist accommodation full, there has been a reinforcement of municipal services to ensure the summer passes peacefully and safely. Mojácar Council has 25 lifeguards watching over the beaches through the day, with two jet skis, a zodiac, an ambulance and a support vehicle at their disposal. Additionally, there are amphibious chairs for those with disabilities and a designated lifeguard who can accompany anyone requesting the service safely in and out of the water. Spread over seven of the town´s beaches, the rescue units, equipped with defibrillators, oxygen, spinal boards and first aid kits, give all the necessary support for them to carry out their work. However, it is vitally important that beach goers pay attention to instructions given by the lifeguards and, respect the green, yellow and red flags flying daily. The company Ebone, which is contracted by Mojácar Council to ensure beach safety, also provides courses for youngsters throughout the summer called ´Socorristas Junior´ providing a fun, educational opportunity for children to see at first hand the lifeguard’s work. As well as instilling the dangers

of not observing beach rules, they learn to how call 112, perform basic resuscitation do and the Heimlich manoeuvre. They also get a chance to see all the life-saving equipment put into action in cases of accident and rescue on the beach and in the water. At El Lance beach, over 70 children and adults turned up for the last course who showed great interest in everything the lifeguards said and demonstrated. Rescue drills are also carried out with willing ´vic

tims´, along with an ambulance and the Local Police, when the effectiveness of the services is reinforced and checked, whilst also showing those on the beach the practices and techniques to be followed in an emergency. One such simulation took place at the Venta del Bancal beach focussing on toxic spills. For the time being however, the season has been calm and, with the exception of a small intervention, the work of the rescue professionals on Mojácar´s beaches has been blessed with a safe and peaceful atmosphere.



MEET F . C . L o s A m i g o s


m a e T l l a b t o o F Walking

hree years ago,while at a 60th birthday party I was handed a piece of paper with containg text and a photo, and asked “Do you fancy having a go at this”. Without my reading glasses I could vaguely see some guys my age playing football.

invite local teams from Lubrin (Leg ENDS) and Alfoquia (Geriatrics).

After some thought I said I would give it a go, but stressed that I hadn’t run around for years. I was promptly told it wasn't “running”, but “Walking Football”which had just started to take off in the UK.

We were also allowed to rent the pitch on a permerant basis therefore it was decided that as were no longer based at Miraflores Camping we should change our name as a result of which F.C. Los Amigos was born.

Little did I know that this was going to change my life in Spain, the result being that I am now Chairman of the ‘Premier Walking Football Team’ in the area with over 50 playing members. The original club was called “The Coffin Dodgers” Miraflores and played on a disused bowling green at the Camp site in Los Gallardos. Apart from only being able to walk the main rule changes from normal football included: no physical contact, no overhead height only being able to score a certain distance from goal. While at Miraflores we were approached by Blackmore a small village in Essex, who were keen to bring a team over and give us, and other teams in the area, a game. It was then we realised that we needed a better playing surface and approached Los Gallardos Council about the possibility of hiring FC Los Gallardos Football Ground which has an artificial pitch, With these facilities it was decided to organise a tournament and

Photos By Rob Mant - Text by Malcolm Armstrong

The day was a great success and was covered by the local radio and press.

We were also delighted when Calida Homes of Arborlas agreed to become the main club sponsor, since when they have kindly funded complete sets of kit, entrance fees to various competitions, and many social evenings for players, wives, partners etc. We train on Monday morning from 9am to 11am and are very fortunate to have our own Personal Fitness Trainer/ Coach and a Fully Qualified Medic. With the help of Calida Homes the club has also managed to purchase its own Defibrillator which is taken to every session. In the past year we have entertained teams from Eastbourne and Wales and have recently taken part in a ten team Tournament at Huercal-Overa CF which included Manchester City, who brought two teams over from the uk. If you would like further information on “Walking Football” please visit our website at: or our Facebook page which you will find by searching ‘FC Los Amigos Walking Football’.

National Squad tested at 35 Indalo Bowling Extravaganza


ndalo Bowling Club recently hosted a 4 day extravaganza competition between the Malaga Squad, made up of the best players from the Malaga area, the recently formed Team Almerencia, made up of the best players from the Almeria area, and the Spanish Squad. The weather was chilly and very windy, but even so the bowling was of the highest quality and it made for an extremely exciting few days. The first day was full and exhilarating with Team Almerencia edging ahead 6 matches to 5 against Malaga, with one drawn. There were also some teams made up of Indalo players who did a good job of challenging Malaga by winning some very close fought matches. The second day was also a very close tussle with Malaga winning 6 games to 4 with 2 drawn matches. Overall Malaga came out on top in the contest 11 matches to 10 with 3 draws. On the third day Spain played Malaga and, with a real wind blowing, the Malaga squad just edged

ahead by winning 9 matches to 7. On the final day the weather faired a little but was still windy and cold. The results from the morning’s play were Spain 5, Malaga 3. This made the scores all square going into the afternoon’s play at 12 – 12. Spain had to dig deep but managed to find that little bit extra to win the afternoon 5 – 3 which made the final score Spain 17, Malaga 15. Everyone agreed it had been a wonderful event and even the spectators, who had to endure cold and windy conditions, enjoyed great bowling from the best in the Andalucian region. Special thanks went to Graham Marlow and his helpers for all their unseen hard work in organising the event. Thanks also went to Indalo Bowling Club for hosting the competition and all the volunteer helpers who ran the very busy bar and put on the food to keep everyone fed and watered.

By Steve Hibberd

Orpington BC tour of the Algarve


n late Spring I made the long drive from Quesada, Costa Blanca to Dom Jose Beach hotel, Quarteira, the Algarve, Portugal. The next day, I was taken by coach to Faro airport to meet and greet 19 members of Orpington bowls club, for their annual bowling holiday. As tour manager for Bowling Abroad, I had previously worked with Orpington BC only 2 years previously, when Mojacar was the groups chosen destination. Obviously, the most frequently asked question by bowling groups is, 'what's the weather going to be like?', therefore I was so pleased when the

weather for the whole week turned out to be glorious.

BC was quickly followed by a morning visit to Tavira BC.

Luz BC was the first venue of the tour, and has the only synthetic surface on the Algarve (the rest are proper grass). Following a trip to the fascinating town of Lagos, we arrived back at the hotel in time for evening meal, then live music in the bar area.

Time was then spent sightseeing in the historic old town of Tavira, where as luck would have it, a festival was in full force (including another market - oh joy!). Everyone on the tour had a fabulous time, and are already planning next year tour to Cyprus, or maybe Benidorm.

A free day saw most of the group visit the local market, and try as they may, not one man managed to come up with an acceptable excuse to not go! This was followed by 3 days of back to back bowling, starting at Alvor BC. An afternoon match at Pedras

Although the drive home was grueling (next time I'll fly, or let the train take the strain), I have the luxury of working with groups in Guardamar and Benidorm come October.

Stay Safe Whilst Bowling Preventing Lawn Bowls Injuries Lawn bowls is a popular form of physical and social activity here in Spain. Many of the bowlers here have come to the sport late in life, with the majority having reached the age of retirement. .Lawn bowls is a great way for people to develop their skills, coordination and fitness. It is a precision sport which involves players trying to roll their bowl closest to the jack. Despite the sport being non-contact,

Walking frames/sticks with enlarged rubber touch points can also assist with balance when delivering a bowl. Wear the right protective equipment, correctly fitted. Seek professional advice when selecting bowls, as the correct size bowl will help to improve player technique and prevent injury. Seek professional advice on footwear. Change footwear to shoes with grip soles once off the green.

injuries can and do occur.

Other safety tips

The causes and types of injuries

Drink water before, during and after play.

Common causes of injuries are falls, over-exertion, incorrect repetitive bowling movements and being struck by a bowl. Fall injuries usually occur when a player either falls backwards over a bowl; steps forward over the ditch, rather than sideways when crossing onto the green; or delivers a bowl whilst incorrectly balanced.

Play within your limits.

The most common types of injuries are to the hip, thigh, knee and lower leg, with sprains strains and even fractures.

Have insect-repellent and salve in your bag.

Safety tips for lawn bowlers Good preparation is important Avoid playing with a pre-existing illness or injury. If in doubt, talk to your doctor.

Be sun-smart. Wear sun protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses and SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Do NOT play in extreme weather conditions.

If an injury occurs Stop playing if you experience any injury or illness.

Warm up and stretch before play to improve joint range of motion, promote elasticity of tendons and ligaments and prevent muscular strain. Cool down after play to prevent stiffness and cardiovascular complications. Undertake simple pre-season fitness testing to ensure you are fit for competition.

Injured players should seek prompt attention from qualified first-aid personnel or a sports medicine professional.

Undertake balance training and exercises to strengthen the lower extremities, back and neck, to help prevent falls.

To prevent falls, introduce handrails around footpaths; keep footpaths free of cracks; have anti-slip treatments on walking surfaces; good lighting at night games; and installation of ramps around the club and across the ditch.

Good technique and practices will help prevent injury Seek instruction on correct techniques from your coach on all these points to develop adequate skills and good game technique. Incorrect technique, such as poor balance and delivery, or incorrect grip of the bowl, can lead to injury.

Use appropriate equipment Use non-slip bowling mats with significant grip on the top surface to allow traction between the shoe and mat. Those with physical restrictions should use a bowls trolley bag to avoid lifting bowls bags. If you are susceptible to back problems, use a bowls-lifter to lift bowls for delivery to ensure you are not continually bending down.

Modified equipment is available Modified equipment is available to ensure participants can enjoy the sport of bowls for a lifetime: A bowler can use his free arm to alleviate hip/knee difficulties. Wheelchairs with the correct specifications can be used on many greens.

Players should be fully rehabilitated before returning to play.

Club responsibilities, make the environment safe

Ensure playing fields and facilities are well maintained and free of hazards. Ideally qualified first-aid personnel, first-aid kits, and ice-packs should be available at all times. Sheltered seating areas at the end of each green should be provided to use between play. Telephone access, to contact emergency services, is essential.



Keeping it in the family he talented Davis family (pictured above) are all members of the Bowling Club de Zurgena. The family only took up bowls just over 2 years ago after the parents decided to ‘give i t a go’ and took an instant liking to the game. Intrigue soon got the better of the younger members of the family and they were encouraged by the club’s senior members to give it a try. It was soon pretty obvious that all the youngsters had a natural talent for the game.


The Bowling Club de Zurgena is the newest club in the C.A.A. bowls league having been founded in 2015, and whilst a large percentage of it’s members are relative novices the club is beginning to make in- roads into the leagues competitions. Proud Parents Adrian & Ruth with Alicia (18) Lydia (15) and Luke (10)

Schooling often reduces the opportunities for the younger members of the Davis family to participate in events away from their home rink, however whenever possible they get to some of the other local venues and it is wonderful that they are made welcome. Each of the other clubs recognises the need to encourage younger members of the community to take up the sport, after all most of us are, how shall we put it “ getting on a bit”. As if proof was needed. The Davis family were recently invited to play in a friendly match for Cabrera BC against the Emerald Isle BC from Torrevieja. Youngest player Luke (aged 10) was paired to play with Cabrera player Arthur Lees a mere slip of a player having just celebrated his 90th birthday. ( see picture) That’s the beauty of bowls it can be played and enjoyed no matter what your age is or what level of skill you have.

The Bowling Club de Zurgena Open triples competition will take place on 6th & 7th October 2018. For full details visit our web site at: or email the club at:

Dad Adrian is quick to recognise the help and support the family receives not only from the members of the Bowling Club de Zurgena, but from members of other clubs as well. He said. “ Where ever we go the children are encouraged to join in, and receiving invites to guest for other clubs is great. I would also like to say a big thank you to the members of Almeria BC who make us welcome at their roll up days and to the players who happily play alongside the children and pass on tips and advice acquired from their experience of the game”. Although the youngsters are relative novices no quarter is asked and no quarter is given. Opposition players are often surprised at just how good they are. It set me wondering if there are any other clubs out there who have junior members and who would like to get in touch and share their experiences on how to develop younger members. If so please contact me at With younger players coming through the future is looking bright at the Bowling club de Zurgena.

Save Lawn Bowls in the Philippines “W

hat does a picture of four ladies rolling a green have to do with saving lawn bowls in the Philippines?” I hear you ask. Well, not only are these four ladies all members of the Philippine National Team, they just happen to be World Championships medaI winners as well. Please allow me to introduce, from left to right, Ainie Abatayo Knight (Pairs Bronze, 2012 World Championships), Sonia Yangyang Bruce, Ronalyn Redima Greenlees and Hazel Jagonoy (all Fours Bronze, 2016 World Championships). In the picture right, the ladies are joined in weeding the green by fellow honour roll teammates, Maila Guyal Witheridge and Rosita Etang Bradborn, from those World Championships Even the club’s World Championship bronze pairs and fours teams respectively medallists take their turn on the roller and Emman Portacio who also won Bronze at the 2009 World Champion of Champions Singles. The Death of Philippine Lawn Bowls You may think it odd that a country’s elite bowlers have to cut, roll and weed the green they train on themselves. The Philippine national squad does so voluntarily, even though none of them are employed or trained as greenkeepers. Why? Because, despite all of the international success they have achieved and medals they have won, lawn bowls in the Philippines finds itself on the verge of extinction. Sadly, very few Filipinos have ever heard of lawn bowls, let alone seen it played. On the very rare occasions the team’s international exploits are featured in the news, the reporters have no idea what the sport is all about. As a result, instead of an expanding membership and growing number of venues, participation has significantly decreased and we find ourselves down to our last competition standard green - which is why the national team is happy to pitch in with the maintenance. Manila’s Nomad Sports Club, who introduced the country’s first bowls green in 1982 and had more than 100 years of sporting tradition behind it, has already been lost to property developers and it looks as though our last remaining green will imminently meet the same fate.

Buy the Space Bowls ebook for just Euros 1.60 and help to save Lawn Bowls in the Phillipines Building houses on the land will obviously be extremely lucrative for the club’s owners, but it will mean the death of lawn bowls in the Philippines. The government’s sports authorities have no intention of investing in bowls and the Philippine Lawn Bowls Association hasn't the funds to build its own green. Project Philippine Lawn Bowls Green So what are Bowls Philippines doing about this sad state of affairs? Well, we are trying to think of creative ways to appeal to the generosity of the international lawn bowls community to help us raise funds to construct a new, public lawn bowls green. One idea has been to write an ebook for sale, with proceeds going towards Project Philippine Lawn Bowls Green. What Is Space Bowls? Space Bowls is an ebook whose fictional story is based around a rather unique lawn bowls match. Humanity’s future is in dire jeopardy and we are powerless to do anything about it. That is except for a small handful of individuals with a very specific skill – the art of lawn bowls. Earth’s squad of lawn bowls champions is about to journey further into space than any astronaut has ever travelled. And their mission is to save humankind from extinction. Their alien opponents are the best lawn bowlers in the Milky Way Galaxy. Can our heroes win and save the human race? How Can I Support Project Philippine Lawn Bowls Green? Please buy the Space Bowls ebook for just Euros 1.60 on the website at or contact Damien Allison, author of Space Bowls and Vice President of the Philippine Lawn Bowls Association, direct at

Levante Sport Summer 2018  

Lawn bowls and other sports from across the Almeria Province. Including the draw, schedules and information for the 2018 Linea Directa Andal...

Levante Sport Summer 2018  

Lawn bowls and other sports from across the Almeria Province. Including the draw, schedules and information for the 2018 Linea Directa Andal...