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Hello everyone


Such is the seriousness of the pine tree catapillar out here in Spain, that two of our regular contributers have choosen to talk about the problem. Well worth a read of both accounts. (pages 60-61). It has been a very quiet winter out here for many businesses, so hopefully a change is around the corner for all of us earning a living here. With Valentines day this month there are several advertisers in the magazine offering special meals for all you romantics out there. As you will see in the mag, last month we were busy with The Easyhorse Care Centre, helping them to find volunteers and a charity shop on GA. Also we had a good evening out at Elche Football stadium watching Elche beat Alicante Hercules 2-0, it looks like Elche could be in the top league next season playing teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Isn´t it lovely to feel the warmth coming back again, summer is just around the corner now. Have a good month Sandra & Barry Our little dog from the front cover has hidden herself away in the magazine, can you find her? Last month she was on the La Marina map.



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(exact location o

(exact location on the GA map at back of this magazine) 3

We at your Gran Alacant Advertiser continue to bring you all of the news, including that from our Gran Alacant Councillor, Loreto Cascales, as we have since May 2005. It is our perogative at the magazine, NOT to update this 2005 picture, as we all looked a great deal younger!!! An evening out at the cinema We start this month letting you know of a lovely evening out, organised by “La Matera” restaurant in Santa Pola. We were picked up by Bailes bus company on Gran Alacant at 6.30pm and taken to the La Matera restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely meal + wine. The bus then took us up the road to the very modern cinema in Santa Pola which every Thursday shows an English speaking film. We watched “Les Miserables”. Again the bus was ready and waiting for us to provide transport back to Gran Alacant. All of this was arranged by Alan at the restaurant. You can book through him and ring to ask what film is showing for that particular week. His phone number is on his advert on page 29. -----------------------------------A Sunday afternoon out Next, a Sunday afternoon out which can be enjoyed at the Easycare Horse Resue Centre at Rojales. We have an article about this centre in this edition. There is a nice tea room there where you can have a bite to eat or drink, before going on a conducted tour of the centre on a Sunday afternoon. Sue, the owner takes you to the fields and shows the horses accompanied by pictures she has of how the horses were when they arrived. Also on a Sunday afternoon there is a pony club where youngsters are taught to ride and given instruction of how to look after the horses. We are at the moment involved with


the centre in starting up a charity shop here on Gran Alacant, to help raise funds to keep the centre going.

Anyone and evryone are asked to volunterer their services any day of any week, to help look after the horses and the stables.

-----------------------------------Press release to us The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Water, through the Directorate General for Water, has published the annual summary of the samples taken on the beaches of Valencia during the bathing season of 2012 and the six sampling points recorded Santa Pola earn the highest rating of excellent. Assessing the quality of bathing water has been taken in the coves of the east, and the beaches of Varadero, Santiago Bernabeu-Lift, Great Sandy, Lisa and Tamarit beach, and in all cases obtained excellent results. Beaches Councillor, Loreto Serrano, said that "santapoleros should be proud of the quality of our beaches, which is demonstrated through the evaluation procedures of the Department, thanks to all city departments that collaborate in the maintenance and in which citizens are becoming more respectful in the use of our natural resources. " -----------------------------------Press release to us Students from 1st to 6th grade school Hispanidad had to be relocated on Monday to the training center Maestro Jose Tovar, who earlier in the afternoon began to adapt the accommodation so that more than one hundred children

Phone top-ups now available for all networks in Spain and many other countries. Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Hits, etc.

ABOVE “RUBY TUESDAYS” BAR see back of this magazine for exact location


will not lose school days following the accident at the center. Two children and a teacher had to be treated in the hospital after the accident,their condition was not serious and have already been discharged. Another child had an

emergency admission with a bruised back, but was expected to return home later. -----------------------------------Eight thousand registered for the XXIV edition of the International Half Marathon Vila de Santa Pola which took place on Sunday January 20th, the next goal of the organization is to put the half Santapolera marathon amongst the fastest in the world. To this end it had a great cast of African athletes who tried to beat the record for Bekele (1h 00 '30 "in 2011). Eight runners from Kenya (including John Nzau Mwangangi, athlete credited a time of 59:45), six of Ethiopia and one of Bahrain will struggle to break the record, they are rewarded with 5,000 euros. In the women also threatened Rosa brand Chelimo (1h 09 '23 "in 2012) with the participation of runners below the hour and eight minutes, as the Kenyan Georgina Rono. Three Kenyans, two Ethiopians and Russian Solovyova are favorites to take the top spot. Santa Pola offers "new technologies that allows them to remain at the forefront: dorsal QR code after the finish line will allow the runner to know their times through a smartphone, webcast through www.liverunning web. net, live runner tracking via mobile Internet


and GPS technology, and so on. " The Councillor for Sports, Francisco Martin, stressed "the great work organizing the Athletic Club, and proof of that was the high number of registrations of over eight thousand. In addition there was over a thousand volunteers and workers of various municipal departments to ensure the smooth conduct of the run" As reported by the Councillor for Public Safety, Antonio Perez Huerta, "Local Police were made available to the half marathon a contingent consisting of over 50 officers, an inspector and chief steward. Almost all police fleet vehicles were in operation both in the race as in the traffic control. There were two hundred effective Civil Protection, both from local and from other locations, traffic police and Civil Guard safety and members of the Regional Police. The priority was to ensure the safety of both the runners and spectators, and for that they had held several meetings prior to establishing the service protocol agreed between all parties involved. It is important to note the large number of visitors throughout the weekend, but especially on Sunday, coincided with the race around the center and the coast so roads were closed to traffic. It was therefore important to address the recommendations of the authorities and the organization, coming well in advance and use alternative ways to access both Santa Pola from the N-332 or from the Elche road -----------------------We mentioned in a previous edition of our magazine, how nice it is to see new building work starting again on GA We have the following information from Joaquín Sánchez Márketing y Comunicación of TM the builders. They have a new project called “Novabeach” for properties from 147,000 euro to 205,000 euro


which should be completed by April 2014. Information from them, tells us that the stunning homes have sea views to Alicante! Next to "Playa del CarabassĂ­" Beach and surrounded by shops & restaurants. NovaBeach is an exclusive project offering amazing sea views which you can enjoy all year round, from the comfort of your own home! Its proximity to the beach, its swimming pools and its gardens makes Nova Beach the ideal place

to relax and enjoy the summer months. It's also a great place to spend the winter months too, as it has both a heated swimming pool and heated jacuzzis located in such a way that from them you can witness impressive views of Alicante Bay. As Nova Beach is also located in Gran Alacant, you are also close to shops, businesses, restaurants, bars and other leisure activities which are open all year round! Finally, Nova Beach also offers residents WIFI internet access in both the communal areas and pool area! A great place for all year living! More info at


-----------------------The new market has to erect new

gates and then our Town Council will place all of the lighting and build new pavements around the whole area. -----------------------The MASA park will eventually be officially opened when the area concerned is officially handed over to the Town Hall. This procedure

has to take place for the Town Hall to take over the responsiblity for the lights, sewage etc which effects the park and the houses in and around that specific area. -----------------------A call to us from David who saw earth works taking place in the Balseras area and they wondered if this was the start of the golf course project!!!! Sadly the answer is no. When the golf projects starts, we at the magazine will be one of the first to be told. -----------------------The Red Cross in Santa Pola have opened up a food distribution area on Gran Alacant. At the moment it is at the Life Resort on Mondays between 10am and 2pm. If you have any food donations or

urant a t s e R Spanish nales e r A s o in L

C/San Bartolomè de Tirajane, no.40 03195 Arenales del Sol. Tel: 96 691 12 13

Menu of the Day (every day of the year) weekday menu ............................................ 9 euros menu Saturday, Sunday and holidays ....... 12 euros.

Evening menu (night only) salad fry (fish) or grill (meat) bread and beverage......(8.50 euros per person minimum two people)....... ......................17 euros. Special menu .. salad especial starter rice with lobster food, drink and dessert ......(minimum two people).......... 17 euros.

Every day of the week, the menus will consist of 5 first courses (inc pasta, rice, and soup) and 5 main courses (meat or fish). Open every day of the year Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, do not open at night. WE ARE HERE




indeed clothing etc, which can be used to help others, please take it there. They are also desperate for volunteers. If you have any spare time to offer them, contact us at the magazine and we can put you in touch. -----------------------The photo below shows the area for all of us on Gran Alacant, to

in the child friendly, no traffic square. One of the owners is

dump our rubbish that is not to go in the official skips. -----------------------An email to us

Here's a good idea. Move the excellent Thursday Market from 'roughly' the centre of the complex, up the hill to the very edge of the entire development! We live on Novamar, it was possible to get to the old location, up cardiac hill. But to move it another 25minutes walk away is insane. Which idiot is responsible, please stand up? Or is it a subtle plot by Santa Pola Market to get us all to go there? After all it's a better and a cheaper Market, and if we are to have to now use a bus it is much more attractive! Neil

From us, where ever you put anything on Gran Alcant it will be a long way from someone. Further from you, but nearer for those near the new site. The Town Hall did choose to move it, because of numerous complaints from house holders on Calle Canerias.

-----------------------We were at the opening of a new restaurant during the month. La Paletta opened in the Sierra Mar square. It is marked on our GA map


Camila, who works with us at the magazine. -----------------------Jessica at the GA farmacy tells us that during February they do not expecting any closing days, so open as usual. -----------------------Hopefully the market will have moved by next month. If you have any news or any questions, please email them to us. Sandra & Barry

ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said , 'Where am I, Cathy?' ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you? WITNESS: My name is Susan!



Empezamos el mes dejandoles saber sobre una agradable velada organizada por el Restaurante “La Matera” en Santa Pola. Nos recogió el bus en Gran Alacant a las 6.30pm y nos llevó al restaurante La Matera donde cenamos. El bus nos pasó a buscar por el restaurante para llevarnos al cine de Santa Pola. Cada Jueves dan una película en Inglés. Nosotros vimos “Les Miserables”. De nuevo el bus nos llevó de vuelta a Gran Alacant. Todo esto lo organizó Alan (el dueño del restaurante). Se pueden hacer reservas para el pack restaurante + cine + transporte, además de solicitar información sobre cuál es la película de la semana. ----------------------------------------Fuimos un domingo por la tarde al Centro de Rescate de Caballos en Rojales. En el centro hay una salita donde se puede tomar un refresco y algo de comer antes de empezar el recorrido por el centro. Sue, la dueña, lleva a la gente a conocer los caballos y enseña fotos del estado de los caballos cuando llegaron al centro. También los Domingos por la tarde hay un club de ponis, donde enseñan a los más pequeños a montar y cuidar de estos animales. Estamos involucrados con este centro en el proceso de montar una tienda de caridad, con el fin de recaudar fondos para la manutención del centro. Cualquier tipo de voluntariado es bien


----------------------------------------Noticias: El departamento de Agricultura, Pesca, Comida y Agua, a través de la Dirección General de Agua, ha publicado un sumario anual de las muestras tomadas en las playas de Valencia durante la temporada de verano 2012. Los seis puntos de extracción de muestras pone a Santa Pola en lo más alto de la clasificación. Han estudiado la calidad de las aguas en las playas de Varadero, Santiago Bernabeu, Gran Arena, Lisa, Tamarit y en todos los casos con excelentes resultados. Loreto Serrano, Concejal de Playas, ha dicho que “los santapoleros tienen que estar orgullosos de la calidad de sus playas, lo cual está demostrado en las evaluaciones del Dpto.” … “Gracias a todos los departamentos que colaboran con el mantenimientos y que cada vez más los ciudadanos están siendo más y más respetuosos con el uso de nuestros recursos naturales.” ----------------------------------------Los estudiantes de 1º a 6º de la escuela Hispanidad, tras el accidente han sido reubicados en el centro de entrenamiento Maestro Jose Tovar, que se adaptó para que más de cien niños no perdieran días de colegio. Dos niños y una profesora fueron tratados en el hospital después del accidente, su condición no era seria y ya les han dado el alta. Otro niño fue ingresado con lesiones en la espalda, pero se espera que vuelva pronto a casa.

----------------------------------------Se registraron más de 8000 participantes en la Media Maratón XXIV Vila de Santa Pola que tomó lugar el 20 de Enero. La meta de la organización es poner en el mapa la media maratón de Santa Pola dentro de las más rápidas del mundo. Varios atletas africanos intentaron batir el récord de Bekele (1h00’30” en 2011). Ocho atletas de Kenia (incluidos John Nzau Mwangangi, atleta acreditado con un tiempo de 59:45), seis de Etiopía y uno de Bahrain intentarán batir el récord con una recompensa de 5000€. Entre las altletas femeninas, amenazando el récord de Rosa Chelimo (1h09’23” en 2012) con la participación de corredoras como la Keniana Georgina Rono. Tres Kenianos, dos Etíopes y Solovyova son los favoritos. Santa Pola ofrece “nuevas tecnologías que permite que los atletas sepan sus tiempos y su posición GPS a través de Smartphones y todo retransmitido en vivo a través de” El Concejal de Deporte, Francisco Martin, comenta que “el gran trabajo realizado por el Club Atletico y prueba de ello son los más de 8000 participantes registrados. Además de los más de 1000 voluntarios y trabajadores de diferentes departamentos municipales para asergurar que todo vaya bien”. Como nos informa el Concejal de Protección Civil, Antonio Perez Huerta, “la Policía Local hizo un despliegue de más de 50 policías y un inspector. Casi todos los vehículos de policía estuvieron operativos durante la carrera. Más de doscientos agentes de Protección Civil, de Santa Pola y de otras zonas, Policía de Tráfico y Guardia

Civil, guardias de seguridad y miembros de la Policía Local estuvieron presentes. La prioridad era mantener la seguridad de ambos corredores y espectadores, estableciendo un s ervicio protocolar acordado por ambas partes. También cabe destacar la gran cantidad de visitantes durante el fin de semana, especialmente el Domingo, coincidiendo con la carrera. Nos alertaron de los cierres de ciertas carreteras y caminos cercanos a Santa Pola y nos recomendaron usar rutas alternativas. ----------------------------------------Mencionamos en la edición anterior de nuestra revista, que la compañía TM está construyendo de nuevo en Gran Alacant. Tenemos información de Joaquín Sanchez (Marketing y Comunicación de la Constructora TM). Tienen un nuevo proyecto llamado “Novabeach” con propiedades desde 147,000€ hasta 205,000€ que serán completadas en Abril de 2014. Con la información que nos proporcionan, al parecer las viviendas tendrán vistas a Alicante. Al lado de la Playa del Carabassi y rodeado de tiendas y restaurantes. Nova Beach en un proyecto exclusivo ofreciendo ideales vistas para disfrutar todo el año desde la comodidad de su propia casa. Su proximidad a la playa y sus piscinas con jardín hace de Nova Beach un sitio ideal para relajarse y disfrutar de los meses de veraneo. También será un sitio para pasar los meses de invierno, ya que dispondrán de piscinas y jacuzzi climatizados dispuestos de una forma que estarán de cara a las estupendas vistas. Como Nova Beach está en Gran Alacant, tendrá a sus alrededores todas las Las noticias en español en la página siguiente.


tiendas, bares, restaurantes y otras actividades de ocio. TM ofrece también conexión WIFI en las areas comunes como las piscinas. Más información en ----------------------------------------Al nuevo mercadillo todavía le faltan las vallas y entonces nuestro Ayto. pondrá farolas y aceras nuevas alrededor de toda la zona. ----------------------------------------El parque de MASA abrirá oficialmente cuando el área se entregue de forma oficial al Ayuntamiento. Este procedimiento tiene que tomar lugar para que el Ayuntamiento tome la responsabilidad de las farolas, alcantarillado, etc. ----------------------------------------Una llamada de David que vio ciertas obras cerca de Balsares y se preguntó si serían las obras del nuevo campo de golf. Desgraciadamente la respuesta es no. En cuanto empiezen las obras nosotros seremos de los primeros en saberlo y lo publicaremos en la revista. ----------------------------------------Hay una foto en las noticias en inglés que muestra el terreno para que todos en Gran Alacant podamos tirar la basura que no entra dentro de los contenedores habituales. ----------------------------------------La Cruz Roja en Santa Pola ha abierto una zona de distribución de comida en Gran Alacant. Por el


momento es en el Life Resort los Lunes de 10am a 2pm. Si quiere donar comida, ropa o algo que pueda servir a los demás, puede llevarlo ahí. También están buscando voluntarios. Contacte con nosotros en la revista si quiere ponerse en contacto con la dirección. ----------------------------------------Estuvimos en la aperture de un Nuevo restaurant. La Paletta ha abierto en la Plaza Sierra Mar. Está marcado en el mapa, es una plaza ideal para los niños, sin tráfico. Una de las dueñas es Camila, que trabaja para nosotros.

Still the best magazine advertising prices in the area. Still the same rates as when we launched 97 months ago.

TS0233 - €72,500 Reduced Top floor apartment in Puerto Marino. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge diner, kitchen. Large solarium with views to Alicante and green conservation area. Property has grills and ceiling fans. Access to communal swimming pool and private covered parking space.

Thansa Property Agency SL Correos de Apartado 1040 Gran Alacant 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante España Telephone: 0034 687419225 Email:

WE NEED MORE 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Villas for July and August 2013 for Holiday Rentals! Contact us for more information!

TS0310 - €85,000 BEAUTIFUL 2 bedroom townhouse very close to all amenities. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge & dining area, separate storage area. Fully fitted kitchen. Outside there is a terrace to the front of the property. The property has ceiling fans and security grills. This property comes fully furnished. There is a large communal swimming pool close to the property. This property must be seen.

TS0308 - €108,000 – MUST BEEN SEEN

APARTMENT TS0264 - €105,000

TS0304 - €169,000 GREAT REDUCTION Beautiful townhouse in Puerto Marino. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 en-suite shower room, lounge/diner with french doors out to the private swimming pool and kitchen with utility room. Outside, there is a private swimming pool, balcony off the main bedroom. Terrace and back garden. The property has communal swimming pools.

House TS150 €189,000 CRAZY PRICE!! This house is in excellent condition. Recently reduced to this fantastic price!! 3 bedrooms (main bedroom has balcony and en-suite bathroom). 2 further bathrooms plus separate toilet, good sized lounge/diner, large kitchen, utility room, lovely gardens, solarium, lovely views, communal swimming pool.

BEAUTIFUL VILLA TS0311 - €329,000 Fantastic detached villa on a large plot of 420sqm with underbuild. This villa must been seen. It is presented beautifully with 3 double bedrooms with 3 bathrooms (2 are ensuites), lovely lounge, dining area and independent kitchen. The underbuild is divided into double garage and one very large room, currently used as a games and hobby room. Outside there are great terraces, solarium, pergola and 8 x 4 swimming pool with seating area.

Lovely 2 bed apartment in gated community. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Lounge/dining area fully fitted kitchen with breakfast bar, aircon in lounge, nice terrace to front of property, security grills, communal swimming pool. Property very well presented.

Wonderful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom terraced house with fantastic underbuild, currently used as 3 bedrooom and lounge. Lounge/dining area, a terrace to the front of the house and a private roof solarium. From the solarium there are views of the mountains. Large communal swimming pool. Short walk to bars and restaurants. this must be seen.


We are easy to find in El Altet. From Gran Alacant turn off the N332 signposted El Altet. Over the roundabout. Over the traffic lights and we are on the right, before the next roundabout.


PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, I advise on the best product according to your type of driving and use.

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SOCIAL COMMITMENT TO USE organic products, tyres, oil etc. Colaboration with NGOs involved in road safety

There are coffee shops next to us when waiting for that short job to be carried out. For longer jobs we will pick your car up and deliver back to you, if in the Gran Alacant area.


ATTORNEY: Doctor , how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people? WITNESS: All of them.. The live ones put up too much of a fight.

Masa Square and Sierra Mar A clutch of adverts on the next seven pages are in two traffic free squares on Gran Alacant. See the map at the back of this magazine for the exact locations At Sierra Mar are Patagonia, La Paletta and Not Just Desserts At Plaza Mayor (Masa Square), you have, Hole in the Wall, Times Square, a second Patagonia, Darbys, Saffron. Monte Mar, and the GA bowls club, are adjacent to the square.







MONTEMAR BOWLS AND SOCIAL CLUB (Sponsored by Super Valu) Wednesday 16th January Winter League against El Cid. A swing on the last two ends prevented us from getting a winning result. The team of Lynne and Colin Armitage and Pauline and BarrieWoodfine did well in coming from 15 - 4 down to draw 17 all. Well done the Berleen team of Rowena Good, Sheila Roberts, Janet Charman and Mike Farrelly who won 26 - 8. Points for 3 Points against 7 Shots for 68 Shots against 75


Friday 18th January Southern League Division A. The Matadors played at home against the top of the league La Mariner Sharks. The result was a resounding win for Monte Mar. The winning rinks were Chris Harding, Wendy Oxley and John Corbet 29 to 10; Rowena Good, Joe Ridley and Diane Ridley 28 to 8; Denise Ashberry, Joan Harding and Alan Ashberry 18 to 14; David Eades, Peter Mathews and David Melville 20 to 15. This is the 6th consecutive win by the Matadors and in these 6 games have picked up 66 points while only conceding 18 points and puts them into second place in this league. Points for 10 Points against 4 Shots for 113 Shots against 90 Friday 18th January Southern League Division C Today the Toreadors were away against La Siesta Silvers and we won on four rinks lost on two and also bettered the overall shots. Well done to the winning teams skippered by Ted Hyman, Gordon Fisher, Gordon Hemming and Ian Gibbons. Points for 10 Points against 4 Shots for 112 Shots against 88 Monday 21st January SABA Discovery League Today the two Montemar teams the Picadors and the Novilleros played against each other. After a hard mornings bowling the Novilleros managed to win 4 games to 1 with the other being drawn. This gave the Novilleros a good win and although the win seems convincing, 3 of the games were very tight. Well done to all the players and good luck to both teams for the rest of the season.

Picadors & Novilleros Squads Picadors Captain John Caiger & Novilleros Captain Dave Melville

Points for 11 Shots for 116

Points against Shots against

Montemar Mixed Rinks Tournament. This event takes place over the weekend of 16th February. A total of 24 teams from the Costa Blanca area will take part with the final played mid-afternoon of Sunday 17th February. Come along to see some exciting bowling. For any information about joining our club or fixture details please contact the club captain Colin Armitage. Tel: 966 619 010 Ext. 01066.

Please visit our web site at for more info about our Bowls and Social Club. New members are always welcome.


3 111

NA Special House Prices



for:- Wines - Beers - Ciders - Alcoholic Drinks from 6pm

Great Rates

to use our venue for:Birthday Parties & Special Events

Special Nights

Monday: Bingo Wednesday: Quiz Weekends: Football



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For Lyneli, go past Eroski to the McDonalds roundabout, straight over to next roundabout, go straight on and SANTA POLA we are on the right.









Important information from ORKE Services



flexible hours working with a reputable British plc. No Investment or Selling Required! Call Rick on 617570068

EARN 50€-250€ weekly,


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"Staff Required"

Person required with experience of domestic cleaning (but not necessary) for busy Gran Alacant Property Management Business. The Work will be seasonal (April - September) with good re-numeration and two days off per week. Applicants must have own transport. Please contact via email,

There is a Mass held at the library on Gran Alacant Every Sunday at 12.30pm DON’T FORGET every 3rd Sunday in the month all of the bargain stalls set up on the car park outside the Council Office in GA


HERE & ON PAGES 34-35-36 Welcome to the area of Gran Alacant that includes the ComMercial Centre. As you leave the N332 to come on to Gran Alacant this area is on your right. Our advertisers in this area are:MARITAOS KITCHEN IV, COCINARTE, EURONICS, HOMEFINDERS, and on page 3 GRANNET

 Open 12.00 till 24.00 everyday.  Phone: 966 699 775.  Our fourth restaurant since 2005 is upstairs on the GA Comercial Centre above Mercadona. (see GA map in this magazine).  Professional chef, Considerate service, Quality healthy food. LUNCH  Take aways available. SPECIALS 3 COURSE from  Asian restaurant that is that MENUS €4.95 “little bit different”. €9.95 to €6.95  Menus and prices on our website


116,000 euro


143,000 euro

Urb. Monte y Mar GA0048A



95,000 euro


Semi detached bungalow with large garden. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. A/C heating. Furnished. Good views. 105,000 Gated complex euro and comunal pool.

92,000 euro



78,000 euro

86,000 euro 320,000 euro

140,000 euro

Call at our office in the GA Centre

For our location, see the GA map at the back of this magazine. Easy to use web page updated daily in Spanish and English.



We would like to thank all our customers for their trust. Have a great year and that the new Astra 2F works perfect and free of Spain

The signals and emissions for the radio and TV channels are the strict and sole responsibility of the satellite provider SES ASTRA and the program providers of BBC and ITV PLC (Freesat) and BskyB, who reserve the right to change, add, remove or adjust the strength of the signal of the channels offered. These modifications are not the responsibility of Diginova, or the sellers, distributers or installers that collaborate with Diginova. The guarantee only covers factory defects for receivers and satellite equipment installed by Diginova is for 24 Months. The installation guarantee for defects is for 12 Months.


3 KINGS Santa Pola pictures from Stefan


Why Grandmas Are Smart I was out walking with my grandson. He picked up something off of the ground and started to put it in his mouth. I took the item away from him and I asked him not to do that. "Why" my grandson asked. "Because it's been on the ground; you don't know where it's been; it's dirty, and probably has germs," I replied. At this point, my grandson looked at me with total admiration and asked, "Grandma, how do you know all this stuff?? You are so smart." I was thinking quickly and said to him. "All grandmas know stuff. It's on the Grandma Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a grandma." We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but he was evidently pondering this new information. "Oh, I get it!� He beamed, “So if you don't pass the test you have to be the grandpa." "Exactly," I replied with a big smile on my face.

CCW electrical services Tel: John or Denise Hutt 966 198 902

Qualified electrician All electrical work undertaken Tel 617872405 contact Clive or Wendy


CARABASI COMPLEX ADVERTISERS Los Belgas, (restaurant/live music) Hispania, (Spanish bar/tapas) Olimpo, (home improvement showroom) Ocean, (bar/live sport) Phoenix, (restaurant) Bar 1 (bar/live sport)




a subsiduary of Olimpo Construction & Reforms. open 10am-1pm and 5.30pm-8.30pm email:


GAS BOILERS different models

in our office/showroom



SOLAR SHOWERS ALSO insulate your home with our internal plastering FREE ESTIMATES ALL BUILDING WORK - PROJECTS - ALL LEGAL LICENSES contact us at our office on Gran Alacant Alex: 669 397 896


Juliรกn: 660 65 18 27 & Javier: 651 518 693

ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.


The in place to be.......... ............Tel: 966698364

BREAKFAST 5€ RoEmA2K.2FAST Bfr - Freshly U Y MEN DA cooked, hING gliEsN FUaLllLEEnV U MdEuNcts pro


TIMETABLE & ROUTE FOR THE GRAN ALACANT TOURIST TRAIN The time table from 16/10/2012 till 31/03/2013 is:


From Tuesday to Saturdays Mornings ... 11:00h - 14:00h Evenings ... 16:00h - 18:00h Sunday and monday no service From 14/01/2013 till 02/02/2013 No service - Maintenance

Why pay good advertising money promoting your business to readers miles away. They will NOT be interested.



The Easy Horse care Rescue Centre

Looking for a nice Sunday afternoon out? Looking for something worthwhile to do with your spare time?

Between 1pm - 4pm every Sunday you can take a conducted tour of the residents, at the Easycare Horse Centre at Rojales. The Centre is always looking for volunteers to give up just a little bit of their free time. Come and help us to look after our horses. Any help and time you can give us, will be very much appreciated.

We also run a pony club on Sundays to teach children and adults to ride and how to look after a horse. With Sandra & Barrys help we are looking at the possibility of opening a Charity shop on Gran Alacant, so hope to keep you up to date with this.


WANTED volunteers

for The Easy Horse care Rescue Centre The Easy Horse care Rescue Centre in Rojales are looking for volunteers and donated goods furniture, brica Brac etc. Or just want to give to this worthwhile charity. It was founded in 2008 with the mission of rescuing mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys in the Alicante region of Spain, Books, clothes, furniture, bikes, bric a brac and large furniture items can be collected If you go to the website at you can see the work these people carry out for the welfare of horses in the area. Please contact Vicky for volunteer work or collection or donation of goods. Tel: 636 062 000


La Marina..La Marina..La Marina..La Marina..La Marina..La Marina

The DENTAL PRACTICE and CUTS R US are on the La Marina Urbanisation and Almarcha are in the La Marina village.


Tel: 966 797 119 659 728 128


Tel: 966 797 119 or 659 728 128


Royal British LegionGran Alacant Branch BR 3606

For the Love of Golf

Four old friends were playing their weekly game of golf. One remarked how nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning, roll out of bed and without an argument go directly to the golf course, meet his pals and play a round.His friends all chimed in and said, "Let's do it! We'll make it a priority; figure out a way and meet here early, Christmas morning." Months later, that special morning arrives, and there they are on the golf course. The first player says, "Boy this game cost me a fortune! I bought my wife such a diamond ring that she can't take her eyes off it." The second guy says, "I spent a ton too. My wife is at home planning the cruise I which drops off and picks up, gave her. She was up to her eyeballs in brochures." all around Gran Alacant :The third man says "Well my wife is at home admiring her new car, reading the Mornings start at 09.30 from manual." shopping centre, and They all turned to the last one of the every 30 minutes until 13.30 group who is staring at them like they have lost their minds. "I can't believe you ending also at shopping centre. all went to such expense for this golf game. I slapped my wife on the bum and Afternoon: Shopping centre said, Well babe, Merry Christmas! It's a from 17.30 to 19.00 great morning for either sex or golf,”


and all she said was, “You'll need a sweater.”


and finish at shopping centre a 19.00

ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined the body? WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 PM ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time? WITNESS: If not, he was by the time I finished.


Hi everybody, In February, apart from the cold weather, there are specials things to do like, once again, going to see the parade of Moors and Christians in Bocairente held on 2nd of February, Also fiestas held in Sax 1st to the 5th . Also on the 3rd will take place a rowing regatta between Santa Pola and Tabarca. Another activity in February are Carnivals, all Towns along the Costa Blanca celebrate Carnivals, one of the best in the area is the one held in Torrevieja, there are several events starting on the 18th January till 9th February. However, if you really want to see something spectacular go to see one held in the village of Aguilas 2nd to 16th February, a bit further down from Cartagena. Lets talk now about the almond blossom the inland becomes certainly pretty, almost everybody knows Jalon valley or Guadalest valley but not too many people know my favourite, which in my opinion is the most beautiful in the all Costa Blanca “El valle de la Seta� little villages of Famorca and Facheca. It could be beginning, middle or end of the month, but it lasts about ten days. Bye bye friends.


Gran Alacants Darts League Tables for 2012/2013 Sponsored by Simple Spanish Mortgages SIMPLE SPANISH MORTGAGES


“Donnay” GOLF CLUBS for sale

7 irons 2 woods 1 putter 1 bag €45 ono phone: 686 204 603 53

FERAL (animals) FRIENDS OF GRAN ALACANT & nearby areas Bank Account 00730100500151055816 - IBAN ES07 & Swift OPENESMM There are many Vet bills/animals in need. You can help by: Sponsor an animal for an amount per month or puntual donations.

Grand Xmas-Three Kings´ Raffle WINNING NUMBERS DRAWN ARE

1st. Prize - yellow ticket, no. 318 2nd. Prize - orange ticket, no. 191 3rd. Prize - orange ticket, no. 376 4th. Prize - yellow ticket, no. 316 5th. prize - yellow ticket, no. 312 6th Prize - orange ticket, no. 381 7th Prize - orange ticket, no. 232 If you are the winner of any of these, please contact us before due date 7th June 2013 Orange color ticket, No. 191 still pending to claim prize. Robert, winner of 3rd & 6th prize, has donated back the €50 of the 6th prize. PICTURES OF SOME OF THOSE DRAWING THE NUMBERS (right) CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!!! (below)

Animals can´t speak. Speak up for them. Abuse of any kind is condemnable & punished by the law.

" Come to our Fund Raising Sale Days" 1. 1st Sunday of the month: Sunset´s - “Carabassi Centre”: Mostly Books & Films & Music CD´s 2. 2nd. hand Market, Pkg. of Health C.& Library: Every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Approx. 2 y. old rescued & treated by Vet for a few months NOW needs a forever loving home. There are hundreds of animals, even with breed, abandoned who would love you and need you, please ADOPT. An animal is not a toy.

Due to lack of funds we are only attending extreme urgencies, please donate!!!!

Foster Homes & Volunteers Needed. Litter, food & material accepted (except Generic Markets brand food. Aldi is OK). For info contact 697 574 199 (except Sundays)



Elche played 22 Almeria 22 Girona 22 Alcorc贸n 22 Barcelona B 22 Las Palmas 22

50 points 39 38 38 36 36

38,000 capacity stadium

BOX OFFICE FOR TICKETS on Gran Alacant opposite Mercadona

We were at the big local derby v Alicante Hercules which Elche won 2-0.


A recipe from

Sandra’s Cookbook

which you can read online at:- compiled by Sandra Bonathan (not Sandra from this magazine)

Sesame Crackers

I wanted to create a cracker that was no fuss, quick and tasty. The basic recipe does not even need weighing, cups will do, so that makes it even quicker. Bake on parchment or very good non stick! You can vary the seeds to taste but if using large seeds, chop first.

If you have one, you can use a pasta machine to roll the dough. These are good to make when you have baked something else and the oven is cooling, or when the oven is warming up. They need to be dried as much as baked, so slower is better and will make them more crisp crackers.


 1 cup plain flour (scooped)  ½ tsp salt  ½ tsp baking powder  2 tbsp sesame seeds  2 tbsp linseeds  1 tbsp poppy seeds  2 tbsp oil of choice  3/8 cup cold water  Extra salt to sprinkle.


Put flour, salt, baking powder and seeds in a bowl and stir well. Add the oil, then some of the water. Add enough water to stir the mix into a firm dough with a fork. Gather into a ball and form a squared off block of dough. Place dough directly onto baking parchment and roll out as neatly as you can, to a very thin rectangle, the thinner the better. Lift onto your baking sheet. Cut into squares with a pizza wheel. Don't bother to separate, they will shrink a bit. Mist with water and sprinkle with extra salt of your choice. Bake at about 160-180c for around 10 min until just turning colour. This will depend on your oven but what you aim to do is dry them out slowly to make them crisp. If you find them soft when cooled, don't panic, you can bake them again, to crisp them up, just adjust baking to suit for the next time.


Take time to log on to these 4 local Forums, to watch everyday discussions about Gran Alacant and the surrounding areas. Join in the general discussions, or just read and learn more about the area. There are direct links from these sites to our magazine website.

Gran Alacant Social Blog And Gossip Site ….. it’s like ‘Facebook’ but a little different. Just register (free), your account is then immediately activated and you will be logged into ‘Gasbags’. Gasbags Social Network provides you with an instant ‘Community’. Members can edit their profile, post events, news and gossip, send and receive private messages, create photo galleries and groups, invite and share with friends and a lot, lot more. LOG ON TO

Visit for information, friendship and lots more - a social club in your home!


Pets In Spain is a website dedicated to the re-homing of abandoned and unwanted animals on the Costa Blanca. Whether you are looking to adopt an animal, advertise an animal or if you simply want to know more about taking care of your pet in Spain, please take a look at our site. To view more animals for adoption go to: If you would like to advertise an animal email: Macho was brought to us with his sisters when they were just week old kittens and had to be bottle fed, he is now 11 weeks old, tabby and white colouring, and desperate for a home.

Jackson is a handsome 1 year old Podenco, he is vaccinated, chipped and has his pet passport. Jackson is very friendly and gentle, walks well on the lead and loves to be with you.

Call: 645 469 253

Call: 659 274 573.

Hop along is a special cat, he has 3 legs and a 1 stumpy leg. He was born this way and has adapted very well and plays with the other cats and dogs. He has a very sweet and kind nature and loves to get attention. Call: 655 027 676.


Penny is a 12 month old Pointer cross, is in lovely condition and she loves to play. She is chipped, vaccinated and is very good with other dogs.

Call: 655 103 082

Hi Happy New Year to all our Supporters.

The MABS Walk for Life will be on Sunday 28th April 'yet to be confirmed' for 2013 9.30a.m. for Registration to Start at 10.15a.m

Starting at the same place El Clot. This year will be slightly different as the route will take in a few more roads and there will be a' Rest' when the Walkers can have a tapas and a drink at Los Belgas. The final Route needs to be agreed with Loreto so there will be more information in the next Issue.

Jan Wright 966 697 754. Charity Reg. No. 7261.

A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived.

"Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we

want her, we just go get her. Then, when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport.


Tel: 966 698 569

Liliana Aldeguer Cerdán 793 English translation by Sergio Reina Esteban col 747


This month we are going to write about pine tree caterpillars. We know it’s not the first time we do, but we have noticed this year, for some reason, cocoons and caterpillars can be seen everywhere in pine trees areas (and a bit earlier than normal this year), so we think it’s important to discuss this matter again, considering there are lots of expats who just were not in Spain yet the previous time we wrote about it. Pine tree caterpillars are the larvae of the moth called Taumatopoea phytiocampa, which parasite and gets its food from the pine trees whilst damages them seriously. Like most insects, its life cycle has different stages (metamorphosis). The dangerous phase of this cycle is the larva (caterpillar), which implies a big danger for both pets and humans. After the moth (adult stage) lays its eggs on the pine tree branches in autumn, some big, white and hairy cocoons appear a few months later. These cocoons (whose hairy surface is also dangerous) are full of larvae. If you don’t touch them, nothing will happen, because they are firmly stuck to the pine tree branches, so they don’t fall down, not even in a windy day. The most dangerous moment if the cycle is when the caterpillars are mature enough, and they leave the cocoon and walk on a line (procession. That explains their other name “Procesionaria”), looking for another pine trees. During those “trips”, nothing can stop them: they can cross roads, climb walls, etc. Caterpillars are not aggressive and don’t bite nor attack. Their defensive strategy against eventual predators (such as some species of birds), is just to have their skin totally covered of special stinging hair. When some of these hairs are touched, they release a powerful toxin called taumatopoeine, which is able to burn the tissues in a similar way to sulfuric acid due to the brutal releasing of histamine the toxin produces. The most common way the problem appears in pets, is when, due to their curiosity, they try to investigate those amazing caterpillars, and the pet’s nose, tongue or lips contact the caterpillar (what children normally get burnt are their hands). This kind of accidents are much more common in cats than in dogs, because dogs


are more inquisitive (and less careful) than cats. The symptoms you can see only a few minutes after contacting the caterpillar are a massive and sudden swelling of lips and tongue (it’s very typical that the tongue gets so big that hasn’t enough room in the mouth and must be hanging out), and foaming incredibly (not to be confused with rabies!!). In some serious cases, the swelling may reach the throat causing suffocation (not very common), and in case of puppies, which sometimes swallow the caterpillar instead of spitting it out immediately, they may die of a haemolytic crisis (massive destruction of red blood cells). In a relatively high number of cases, the animal may loose a piece of tongue, but, fortunately they can have a normal life even after loosing a 30% of the tongue (but the tongue will look quite strange). If you notice the typical symptoms, first aid is not of use in this case. All you can do is to find an emergencies Vet the soonest possible. If the treatment (consisting on steroids, antibiotics, and a dripping, because the dog is normally unable to eat and drink for several days), is put at the earliest stage, the animal can heel with no sequels in most cases. The main problem is that, of course, dogs never learn, so the best prevention for this problem is avoiding pine tree areas from January till March (this is the caterpillar season at this area). If you find some cocoon at your garden pine trees, you’d better don’t try to touch them (imagine what would happen if some of the hair if the surface of the cocoon get in your eyes), and call a professional who will use a suit, mask and gloves and will remove the ill branches and destroy the cocoons (sometimes burning them with petrol is the only solution). Liliana Aldeguer Cerdán col 793. English translation by Sergio Reina Esteban col 747.

This month, I am going to remind you again about something thatʼs not only in the Clot but everywhere in Gran Alacant and many other areas of Spain at this time of the year. Itʼs a subject which everyone should know about. Take a look at my picture. Itʼs an amusing image; seven furry little caterpillars moving along nose to tail, all intent on getting to a place of safety where they can burrow into the ground in order to pupate and change into moths. Itʼs a delightful scene, and one which might well tempt the inquisitive person to get up close and examine them, perhaps with the idea of making them go into a circle and see how long they will go round and round. by This is a very bad idea! These are Processionary Pine Mark Etheridge Caterpillars (Procesionaria del Pino in Spanish). Many of you will know that there are various assorted nasties in our area, from spiders to snakes and other inhabitants of your worst nightmares, but the one thing you should be very wary of is this inoffensive-looking little creepy-crawly. Their defence mechanism is the small hairs which grow on their bodies. These are well-nigh indestructible, and if they get anywhere on you they will cause a highly intense irritation which may last for weeks if untreated. Dogs and other pets are also at high risk



– if they get these hairs on their bodies or paws they will try to lick them off, causing major damage to the tongue and mouth. The hairs remain actively dangerous even after the caterpillar has been swatted, crushed, burned or trodden on. They will stay on your shoes and clothing and be carried into your house, they will float in the air after a fire, and they cannot be washed off clothing or hoovered off furniture easily. The caterpillars have few natural predators – Hoopoes will eat them occasionally, but it takes so long for the birds to strip them of their hairy bits that they donʼt bother that often. Cold weather doesnʼt work either, they can stay alive in temperatures of down to minus 6 degrees. Suggested remedies against these little monsters include spraying the nests as soon as they are discovered with a 50/50 mix of water and bleach, but this doesnʼt work when the caterpillars are about to go on the march. More drastic remedies include shooting holes in the nests so that birds can get at them before the nasty hairs develop. The best advice is to stay well clear, keep children and dogs away from them, and pray that they donʼt march in the direction of your front door, in which case call Seprona for help! See you next month.


WORDSEARCH Valentines in Spanish & English



Difficulty rating: easy

To solve the puzzle each 3 x 3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers 1 to 9.

While the rules of this logic puzzle may be simple, there are numerous strategies to help you solve Sudoku. For hints and information visit Difficulty rating: medium



Difficulty rating: hard


A map to help you find places of interest, and the locaton of all of ALLOTMENTS










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BLUE AREAS SUCH AS “SPORTS CENTRE” & BROWN AREAS SUCH AS THE “SCHOOL” are reserved for Council amenities, and are NOT for housing



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