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BOLDLYU Issue No. 22: Homelessness Issue

December/January 2020/2021

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e m o c l We to the Homelessness issue of BoldlyU Magazine!

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March 2017

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Letter from the Editor

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, on any given night, approximately 41,000 youth ages 13-25 experience homelessness in our country. In many cases, youth become homeless suddenly. Different than homeless adults, homeless youth haven't learned life skills to live on their own. These youth are at a higher risk of harm in comparison to other youth in their age group. Homeless youth are more likely to experience mental illness, drop out of school, and become involved in or become victims of crime. Living on the streets is unsafe and uncertain, which puts homeless youth in danger of being exploited or abused. If you are a teen or young adult that is homeless, you don't need to feel guilty or ashamed. Whatever happened to put you in this situation was out of your control. Don't blame yourself. Share your situation with an adult you trust, such as a teacher, pastor, or counselor. Letting authority figures know your circumstances will allow people to help you and get you the support you need. There is a path out of homelessness, don't be afraid to ask for help because you are so worth it!

DMJ OUR MISSION: BoldlyU Magazine is specifically designed for tweens, to encourage them to be brave, to be bold and to be themselves by providing a place for them to share their stories, struggles and passions. It is a positive resource to empower them to build confidence within themselves while also helping others!

Most of this content is written by tweens for tweens!


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Dear Future Me Homeless Struggles How To Create a Vision Board Overcomer What's It Like To Celebrate the Holiday's Without Loved Ones 44 My "Colored" Perspective

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Mind & Meditiation The Election 2021 Goals Gift Ideas For Teen Boys GSI: Infectious Disease Counselor Corner Health & Wellness Upcoming Fall Events Get Involved!

December/January 20/21





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Show Us Your Selfies! Joy and How to Achieve it Sweet Apples Recipe Spell Your Name Workout Corona Activities What's Your Super Power

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8 Mood Boosters Fun National Holidays Christmas Treat Recipe What's Your Word Bryce's Christmas Movies

March 2017



Show us your selfies! #BoldlyUSelfie


March 2017

Joy and how to ahiee it Have you ever felt down and sad? I know I have. Sadly, it's something that every human has to experience. Today I'm going to share some tips and tricks to bring back some happiness in your life, and how to stay happy. 1. Write. This is a simple thing that anybody can do. Grab a notebook or download an app and start writing! I recommend the app Reflectly. At the end of the day, I can settle down in between the chaos and center myself. It even gives me some "Morning Motivation" with a daily challenge and a quote.  2.  Listen to music. Listening to your favorite songs can bring your energy levels up and help you feel confident and help you feel like the amazing person you are. 3. Meditate. Meditation helps you clear your mind and find your center. Meditation can be just taking a breath, or it could be listening to an audiobook. Meditation has no true meaning. What one person does to meditate might be different than the way that another person meditates.   4. Watch a movie or show. This can also help you center yourself and get ready. Sometimes watching other people solve their problems can help you realize what you need to do in your own life.

Meredith, 12




December/January 20/21

Lynnette, 14


SPELL YOUR NAME WORKOUT SPELL YOUR NAME & DO THE WORKOUT! READY,SET,GO! REPEAT! A: 20 Lunges B: 25 Jumping Jacks C: 30 Second Plank D: 20 High Knees E: 20 Crunches F: 10 Push Ups G: 20 Bicycle Crunches H: 1 Minute Wall Sit I: 20 Arm Circles J: 20 Squats K: 30 Jumping Jacks L: 15 Squats M: 40 Jumping Jacks

N: Hop 20X O: 25 Burpees P: Jog In Place 2 Minutes Q: 25 Jumping Jacks R: 15 Push Ups S: 20 Burpees T: 15 Squats U: Hop 30X on each Leg V: 2 Minute Wall Sit W: 25 Jumping Jacks X: Jog in Place 1 Minute Y: 30 Arm Circles Z: 20 Push Ups


September/October 2019




December/January 20/21

Elizabet h, 11


What's your SuperPower?

You are SPECIAL! You are UNIQUE! You are TALENTED! It is so important that YOU realize just how AMAZING you are! And that you harness all of the gifts (quirks, flaws &all) that God blessed you with to make you a one-of-a-kind MASTERPIECE! The activities below will help you to harness your inner Superhero! Let's go...... WHO's YOUR FAVE SUPERHERO? WHY? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SPECIAL POWERS-WHAT WOULD THEY BE? WHY? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Letters of your Name Exercise: List something uniquely special about yourself for each letter of your name AND SHARE WHY YOU CHOSE THAT WORD. (EX: K is for KIND because I TRY MY BEST TO BE KIND TO EVERYONE EVERY SINGLE DAY.) _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOUR SUPERPOWERS ARE. HOW YOU CAN USE THEM TO HELP OTHERS? _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ August/September





SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY! Being with family and friends always brightens my day. I always feel great seeing their faces and feeling their love and support.





PLAY BOARD GAMES! Unplug & go old school by playing board games! A few of my faves are UNO, SCRABBLE and of course CONNECT FOUR!




GIVE BACK-BE KIND! Doing something for others is a great way to boost your mood and HELP others! Volunteer, help your parents around the house, clean out your closets & donate your clothes & toys.

Reading helps me learn new things and it's entertaining. It's a great way to escape and go on fun adventures.


December/January 20/21

GET YOUR DOODLE ON! Grab a sketch book, or piece of paper and draw. Or use a coloring book! Coloring and drawing are great mood boosters!

Put on headphones & jam out to your favorite tunes! Or, better yet-blast your music and have. family (or solo) dance party!

Write the names of your family & friends and list 5 things that you LOVE about them. Then share it with them!




Before going to bed, I write my praises & prayers in my journal. It's a great way to thank God and express myself.

Kolton, 10

Sock Day Pearl Harbor Remembrance

Nobel Prize Day Cupcake Day

National Maple Syrup Day

Humbug Day

Gingerbread House Day

National Pumpkin Pie Day New Year's Eve

New Year's Day Trivia Day National Hot Tea Day Winnie the Pooh Day Compliment Day

Hat Day National Hugginh Day


Christmas Treat Recipes By Leala Smith

cakes” p u C ! it Snow t e L “ : ite


or l Fav a n o Pers


Chocolate Cupcakes ●

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

3/4 teaspoon teaspoon salt

2 large eggs

3/4 cup buttermilk

3/4 cup cups warm water

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

16 December/January 20/21

The “Cake”

ENTERTAINMENT es. 24 cupcak pe makes s. This reci er lin w e lo a ak g ith cupc er usin stand mix uffin tin w d salt in a s. Line a m an ee r, gr de de w 5 po , baking t oven to 32 king soda 1. Prehea r, cocoa, ba should flour, suga ooth. This er th ge to eed until sm 2. Mix medium sp ything a d. er on ev ne at bi re m Be co ake su nilla. speed until g bowl to m , oil, and va in er ix at w m e m th ilk, war ttom of gs, butterm des and bo rape the si 3. Add eg minutes. Sc of le up co take just a out d it comes in. hpick in an got mixed (stick a toot st te k ll. ic fu hp e 2/3 the toot ch cupcak akes meet 4. Fill ea til the cupc Add in minutes un 2 nd mixer. -2 20 y. r el fo using a ha mplet 5. Bake r until fluffy and cool co s tte beating tin bu e, at om ove fr e bowl, be cup at a tim clean). Rem d sugar, 1 by In a larg e frosting in powdere th at e Be ak d. (M combine nal Icing: t. Beat until 6. Optio nilla extrac der and va w po a co co pcakes. y cooled cu completel n.) to on pe frosting. pi in betwee bag and rinkles or fill with sp to a piping pcake and er frosting cu sf e an th Tr of 7. dle in the mid small hole nal)- Dig a 8. (Optio


he Icing (other option)


Butter Cream Icing: 3 cups of powdered sugar ⅓ cup of softened butter 1 ½ teaspoons of vanilla 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk

1. In medium bowl, mix powdered sugar and butter with spoon or electric mixer on low speed. Stir in vanilla and 1 tablespoon of the milk. 2. Gradually beat in just enough remaining milk to make frosting smooth and spreadable. If frosting is too thick, beat in more milk, a few drops at a time. If frosting becomes too thin, beat in a small amount of powdered sugar.


Leala, 12

December/January 20/21



What's your


Get your year off to a great start by choosing ONE WORD to become your GOAL for the year. A ONE WORLD GOAL is a word that helps you stay focused on an area of your life that you want to improve & grow!


1) Challenge yourself! Don't choose a word for a strength you already have-look for areas that you need to improve in. 2) Brainstorm-make a list of potential WORDS before choosing one. 3) Be creative & make it personal. Choose a word that you can focus on throughout the year and that e will help you to be the best  a list of possible a you that you can be!

Brainstorm t word goals for yourself: A Few Ideas : M is Assertiveness Balance


Discipline Confidence Kindness Focus Wellness Leader Patience Think about each word that you chose and circle the one that you want to become your WORD GOAL.

18 December/January August/September 2020 20/21 18



op 6 Bryc e's T s Movie s Chris t ma

lo n e 1. Home A

e are b e for 2. Night m t ma s Chris

Alo n e 2 3. Home ol t ma s Car 4. A Chris xpre s s 5. Polar E

hris t ma 6. T his C


Rylan's Top 5 Chris t mas Movies 1. T he Polar Express 2. A Charlie Brown Chris t mas

3. Almos t Chris t mas

4. How T he Grinch

Stole Chris t mas

5. T he Bes t Man Holiday


FEAT URED 21 22 24 25 26

28 STEM Self Care A Home For Homeless Youth 30 Sending Smiles Path School Art Showcase 32 On the Cover Path School Art Showcase 34 Meet Eba'Nesha Athlete of the Month

Self Care


To me, self care is important and not only to me to other people because they have to smell you and if you smell bad you are most likely to get talked about/bullied. If you're smelling bad everyday that's bad for the body because you can get skin infection do to all the dirt on you. Then germs, let me say not a big fan of germs, when someone say germs I automatically say "eww" because germs to me means dirty nasty bacteria and they don’t clean they self good! Another thing for self care is your teeth you don’t want to be walking around with stank breath, "ew typing it makes be gag!" but you can get a lot of diseases for not brushing your teeth, like endocarditis. It’s a infection that cause your gums to bleed and if you don’t get your tooth taken care of, it can go to your heart and damage your valves. Let's talk about this last thing hair, you're growing up, you are going to have hairy legs you don’t have to shave it everyday but don’t let it grow to the point your hair on you leg is longer than the hair on your head. Also, don’t let your toenails grow to long, you CAN’T BE A WOLF, cut your toenails. No one would ever want to sit by you if you don’t take baths or brush your teeth. Think about it, you are in people faces everyday they go smell that and when someone thinks of you they go think about your smell and how much your not keeping up with yourself, you are getting older it’s time to take care of yourself.


December/January 20/21



A Home for Homeless Yout h 91 Place exists to be a safe place for homeless youth to be, grow, and transform. We are a transitional housing program that gives youth experiencing homelessness a place to call home. Our program consists of a life skills curriculum, a mentorship program, community, and goal setting. We truly believe in the potential of every youth who walks through our doors and always want them to leave as an independent and self-sufficient young adult. We believe in the power of relationships and the transformative notion of being seen, known, and loved. We celebrate our youth in their accomplishments, like high school graduation, getting their permit, or getting re-enrolled into high school, but also celebrate the "smaller" accomplishments, like cooking dinner and being vulnerable with their housemates. Both are equally worth celebrating! We're so proud of every step the residents take to better themselves and work towards their future.

Welcome Home 22

December/January 20/21


Art Gallery For more information, you can visit our website at

http://91place.org 91placeindy @91placeindy 91placeindy

December/January 20/21


Ms. Ambroise's



Dai sy, 14 Yulia n a, 11

Erick, 8 24

December/January 20/21

Angel, 14

Javi er, 7

Alber t ina, 6

Quier ra, 13

Francesca, 9

Viviana, 5

Carlos, 9 653 N. Somerset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46222 info@thepathschool.org

December/January 20/21




Age: 13


Middle School: New Augus ta Nor t h Favorite class: Advanced P.E.

Favorite TV Show: Vampire Diaries Lily runs both Cross Country and Track for New Augusta North since 6th grade - currently in 8th grade. Lily loves running, creating art, being outdoors and binge watching reality tv shows while eating her favorite food Fetuccini Alfredo.

26 December/January 20/21

! ou Y e B



573.881.0218 learn more about us...

www.darlaharmonphotography.com August/September



STEM Girls STEM Institute (GSI) began its inception approximately 8 years ago, and I was blessed to be a part of this awesome organization. GSI’s mission is to create and transform communities by empowering girls of color to become leaders, innovators, and educators who use STEM as a tool for personal and social change. GSI, deliberately created spaces for these young ladies to learn to the best of their abilities. This included surrounding them with administrators, teachers, and staff who first and foremost believed the mission. Next, we created an atmosphere that allowed students to utilize their critical thinking skills and challenge teachers teach with vigor as well as to teach with one or two teaching strategy for a particular subject matter. We also teach STEM in ways that are non-traditional that allows scholars to invoke positive movements through-out the day with dance and music. GSI, understands that a good foundation and support for a student is beneficial for their educational process, we also understand that life-skills play a huge part as well. We expanded our vision, and coupled mathematical processes with students on how to function in a kitchen, how to read a recipe, how to set a simple place setting, how to make a grocery list and shop according to your household. GSI attempts to help our students in other non-traditional ways, such as teaching, coaching and training in the science of hair care as well as personal hygiene. We understand that a student will eventually leave the classroom and begin to take their training from home, community, and school and make their way into the “real world.� We know from our life experiences that teaching a well-rounded student will make for a stronger individual in the workforce, whether as an employer or employee. 28

December/January 20/21


GSI, was no different from any other educational institution this summer, due to COVID-19, we were unable to have a face-to-face camp. Initially we were saddened, we thought we were not going to have the opportunity to engage with our scholars this summer. However, with beginning early thinking outside of the box, shifting our curriculum, and contacting parents and scholars, we were able to have our first virtual camp. Our virtual camp was very successful as we embraced our first young men to GSI and students from different cities and states. GSI, deliberately makes sure that we not only work with, encourage, and inspire our scholars, but their families as well. We recognize that with continued family engagement with a scholar’s education it encourages, reassures, and comforts that scholar into education success. I look forward to many more years with GSI empowering and transforming students, communities and the world.

Sincerely, Renee Barlow/GSI Assistant Director Director of Family Engagement.

December/January 20/21



Sending Smiles Hi, I’m Sammie and I love kindness! With everything going on in the world with corona virus I have been able to find new ways to spread kindness along with smiles. Schools officially canceled and I’m sad because I love school. I miss my teacher and friends. We still have to do e-learning which I’m fine with but I found a way to make it better. Reading and writing is very important and writing letters fit into that category. I created something called Sending Smiles. Sending Smiles is where you write a letter to someone with something encouraging in it. Something kind that will inspire them to keep doing what they are doing and remind them special they are. I created a smile logo that I laminate and put in every envelope. I send one out everyday. I love addressing the envelopes and putting the red flag up on the mailbox. I am hoping to send one to every state in the US! I have had a few send me pictures of them and their smiles when they get them. That in turn makes me smile. I would like to send a bunch of smiles to our local hospitals for the staff to carry in their pockets to remind them of how much they are appreciated and when they are tired they can take it out and look at it and smile. I hope that others will start doing it too. The more people that show kindness results in more people being kind. Other things I am learning about while staying safe at home: teaching myself Spanish, lots of zoom meetings with other groups and friends, drawing, piano, writing a book and getting outdoors. Remember: You don’t have to be an adult to make a difference, You can be a kid too!


Sammie, 11 December/January 20/21


If you want to find out more about Sammie or connect with her: www.sammiesbuddybenchproject.com Sammie’s Buddy Bench Project (Group) sammiesbuddybenchproject @sammiesbenches December/January 20/21




a h s e N ' a Eb


For Eba’ Nesha, life has been challenging. Hearing other kids talk about family vacations, gatherings, or even simple shopping trips to the mall triggers a bit of envy. Yes, Eba’ Nesha admits all those things sound like so much fun, but that has not been her reality. Her main concern is always figuring out her next move. When she says the next move, that is what she means literally. Born in Madisonville, Kentucky, Eba’ Nesha lived primarily with her grandmother. At the same time, her mother, who was caring for an infant, worked to create a stable living environment. Although going back and forth between the two houses, Eb Nesha reunited full time with her mother, who had moved to Evansville, Indiana, by the start of her second-grade year. Over the next six years, despite a few discipline problems in school and at home, Eba’ Nesha would make lots of friends and learn to play basketball, which she loves. Everything appeared to be going well and Eba’ Nesha had plans to try out for her middle school basketball team. However, during this time, her mother had problems finding work in Evansville, so she moved to Indianapolis to improve the family situation. It was Fall Break, Eba’ Nesha's 8th grade school year, that she, her little brother, and mother settled in south Indianapolis. She was the new kid at Decatur middle school. Academics were a challenge because things were a bit different than her school in Evansville. It was also challenging to make new friends, but all that would change when she made the basketball team and became one of the best players. Life was good, her grades were good, and the new friendships were great. Becoming a player on the high school basketball team was one of her goals going into high school. For her mother, finding opportunities in Indianapolis was difficult. After seven months and one day left in the school year, her mother moved the family to Owensboro, Kentucky, renting a room in a friend's house. Eba’ Nesha's mother found work, but the living situation would only last a few months before the friend asked her mother to leave. It was Freshman year for Eba’ Nesha at Owensboro High School. A new environment and establishing new friendships was nothing new. What was new was the living arrangement; the family was now living at the Daniel Pitino homeless shelter just as the school year started. Eba’ Nesha was unhappy and confused while her mother was under a lot of stress, trying to adjust to the strict shelter rules. There was a pickup and drop off stop at the shelter for students. However, if the parents were not present when the bus returned after school, there would be trouble. It wasn't easy to be at the evening bus stop for her mother who was working at a hotel. This violation and not keeping up with the daily chores got them kicked out of the shelter.

Needing an immediate place to stay, a co-worker at the hotel that Eba’ Nesha's mother befriended provided a guest room in her apartment, which she and her boyfriend shared. It was during this time that Eba’ Nesha discovered Girls Inc., a national youth development organization dedicated to inspiring girls to be STRONG, SMART, and BOLD. With the programs, counselors, and a place to go after school, Eba’ Nesha finally had a bit of structure and a routine. She made lots of friends and also returned to the basketball floor to compete. For a while, under the circumstances, things were as every day as they could be. All this would change when the co-worker and her boyfriend moved back home to North Carolina to be closer to family. Since there was nowhere else to go, Eba’ Nesha, her little brother, and mother remained in the apartment even after Owensboro Municipal Utilities turned off the electricity. The landlord would eventually remove and trash all their belongings, including personal items and a sofa, one day, while everyone was away from the apartment. Arriving home after attending Girls, Inc., Eba’ Nesha learned from her mother after she verified with the police that everything was gone. Scared, sad, disappointed, and alone that night, the police escorted them to CrossRoads, a shelter that combats poverty and homelessness in Daviess County, Kentucky. This shelter was different because it was one big room, each person got an air mattress, and there were no showers. Everyone had their little area with totes for belongings and had to be out during the day and could not return until six in the evening. In the morning, Eba Neaha and her mother would take a cab to the YMCA to shower. They would then split up for the day with her mother going to work and Eba’ Nesha walking to school. Her little brother was staying with his father. In the afternoons, the school-provided bus service, which dropped Eba’ Nesha off at Girls, Inc. By the time the program was over in the evening, the shelter would reopen. Making the best of the situation, Eba’ Nesha joined the Girls Freshman basketball team and played point guard while maintaining good grades. Her mother received assistance during the shelter stay as well. She enrolled in a program and, over the months, received help in finding a house. Eba’ Nesha celebrated her 16th birthday the day before the family moved into their new home. She also got her first job as a server at Olive Garden, began paying for braces to straighten her teeth, and was nominated for the Strong, Smart, and Boldyoung women award in the 15-16 age division through Girls Inc. Life was good, and everything was finally falling into place. However, with the possibility of making more money and perhaps even better opportunities, her mother moved back to Indianapolis, hoping things would work this time around. After a week-long stay at Motel 6 in Southport, they moved to Holy Family Shelter of St. Clair Street in Haughville. It would be a while before Eba’ Nesha enrolled at George Washington High School to resume her sophomore year. The constant moving took a toll on her to the point that she was behind in just about every critical subject area. Her attendance began to dwindle to the point where she stopped attending school.

Although stillURED enrolled, it would be three months before she would return. During FEAT this time, her mother had a job and found an apartment. However, it was located on the westside of Indianapolis outside of the boundary for Washington High School. It was midway through the second semester of the 2016-2017 school year when Eba’ Nesha's mother contacted Pike High School to enroll her. Due to it being so late in the semester, Pike's e-learning was the only option available, which she completed by the end of the year. That summer Eba' Nesha went back to Owensboro to visit family and friends. What was supposed to be a two-week stay turned into the entire summer. She was still in Kentucky when the school year started. A friend who Eba’ Nesha babysat mentioned that she knew a lady from Owensboro, living in Indianapolis, looking for a nanny to care for her son. With the possibility of work, Eba’ Nesha went back to Indianapolis to start her junior year at Pike High School eight days after the fall semester started. Although Eba’ Nesha had lots of experience dealing with change in her life, walking the school hallways with over 3,200 students and not knowing any of them was a considerable change. Feeling overwhelmed, she didn't like Pike and didn't think the school was for her. Soon she began meeting lots of friends. Still having trouble with her core subject areas, Eba’ Nesha developed relationships with her teachers to get extra assistance. RDTV broadcasting was a class she enjoyed most for many reasons, but perhaps her teacher was the biggest reason. A no-nonsense motherly woman who believed in tough love. Eba’ Nesha trusted her and often went to her seeking advice about school work and life. At home, Eba’ Nesha and her mother met the lady with the young son from Owensboro. The meeting went well, and Eba’Neshabecame her nanny. Eba’ Nesha also found a job as a server at a Chili's restaurant in Speedway. By early 2019, her mother had a plan to move to the eastside of Indianapolis. However, the government assistance she was receiving for housing ran out. Faced with moving back to Kentucky with her mother, Eba’ Nesha decided to stay in Indianapolis to finish school. The lady who she was working for as a nanny let her move in. The apartment was small and only allowed for Eba’ Nesha to have a couch to sleep. But she made the best of her new living situation. For the remainder of her junior and senior year, Eba’ Nesha worked at the Chili's restaurant, worked as a nanny, and worked hard to become a member of the 2020 graduating class of Pike High School. Eba’ Nesha now resides in a transitional housing program for homeless youth and is enrolled at IVY Tech State College.

BoldlyU Staff Writer


December/January 20/21

Be Yo u!



T WEENS 39 40 41


Dear Future Me Homeless Struggles How To Create a Vision Board

March 2017

42 43 44

Overcomer What's It Like To Celebrate The Holiday's.. My "Colored" Perspective

March 2017




I'm having another bad day. It is hard living in so many homeless shelters and not having my own space. I'm sick of having to go to the YCMA to shower every morning before going to school. My school work is hard because some things I just don't understand and I'm not sure if my teachers really care if I learn. When I think everything is going okay, we move and I have to leave my friends. In the new schools, it's hard to make new friends. Every new school that I go to is different and I have to try and catch up of stuff I missed. I don't think-Past it really Youmatters if I finish school or not. I am unhappy!!! -Past You

DEAR PAST ME Wow, I am so proud of what you have accomplished. Class of 2020 high school graduate!!! You didn't let all the moving around and missed school stop you. You've made friends and developed relationships with counselors and mentors. I like the way you have matured as a person. The path that you are choosing seems really awesome! You have learned to use your resources to make you an even better person. Stay encouraged, never give up, keep moving forward and never stop dreaming!!!! -Future You

Submit your questions and concerns to darla@boldlyu.com to get helpful advice from our experienced columnists. Your questions will be kept anonymous. December/January 20/21



Homeless St ruggles All I want for Christmas this year is a forever Home. I don't want any new games or clothes that I have to share with all my Mom's friends kids. I want my own room even if I have to sleep on the floor. Somewhere I can go and feel safe, cry or dance with joy. I'm tired of not knowing where we are going to stay that night or what address to give the school this time. I know my Mom is trying and she did the right thing to get away from the abusive realtionship she was in but it has been over a year now. It feels like it has been forever since we just laughed, or sang like we used to and just snuggle together. You are the best Mom in the world! I love you, MOM!!


December/January 20/21

Anonymous, 13


How to


SUPPLIES: Poster Board, agazines, cissors & lue ticks.

Now that you've got your ne Word-it's time to work on your Vision oard. Here are a few tips to get your started. 1) BRAINSTORM-Write down your N W , goals for the

year, places you'd like to go, things you'd like to do, what you hope to accomplish, etc. 2) CUT, CUT, CUT-Here's the fun part o through old

magazines and cut out things that align with your rainstorm list & one word goal. 3) GET CREATIVE-Arrange your clippings on your oard and

glue them down. ecorate your oard with letters and whatever you fancy.

4) DISPLAY YOUR BOARD-Be sure to hang your oard

somewhere that you'll see it often to keep you reminded of your goals. December/January 20/21


R E M O C R O VE I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Harvest Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. This volunteering project was initiated through Campus Outreach at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As a volunteer I had the job of removing waste from a facility that hosted families that were low income. Harvest Center also provided services for the children of these families, but the goal of the organization was to get parents back on their feet and into a job that would pay them livable wages. My favorite part of volunteering was being able to meet new people and work alongside them. I was truly able to learn from that experience that we all have to be willing to look out for one another in order to progress as a society, because if we are selfish then it hurts everyone. If you consider volunteering, then make sure you do it for the right reasons and have a good heart behind the service you provide.

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What it's like to Celebrate the Holiday's without a Family Member

Ok, so last year on Christmas my older sister wasn’t there. It was so hard not to cry because it’s kinda like that family member died. I say that because when my sister was gone I was really sad because I had never had a holiday with one of my siblings gone, and it was really hard. But I waa still happy because she came over and gave us Christmas presents. Anyway, now we are past Christmas. That was last year, now it is this year. And what comes around every year? Yep, your birthday, and on my birthday this year she didn’t call me to say Happy Birthday, like she did on Christmas. I was so so so upset. I only saw her one more time after Christmas. It was before my birthday. It was like in March when I went to my friends house and we went to Break Time. And when I walked in and I cried because I saw her. It was the best day of my life. I love her so much but I was always mean to her. So, if you have a sibling and they are about to move out, do whatever you can to spend time with them because after they leave and a holiday comes, it feels so sad.

Anonymous, 14


Counselor’s Corner

My "Colored'' Perspective Self-Esteem, is how you see yourself in society. You evaluate yourself either positively or negatively based on your perceptions. The way you Through paternal grandmother's eyes see yourselfmy plays an important role on how you interact with others. It When helps my determine how was you astrive and aadapt toher theschool environment and grandmother little girl, part of was burned has a major rolecounty on whether or fix notit.you will be successful in the future. down, and the wouldn’t Why didn’t the county fix it, you may ask?has Because was aifschool for the Colored. I was happy to hear Research shownit that you have higher self-esteem you tend to thisgrounded experienceand washappy. a motivating factor my grandmother’s bethat more You are also for healthy mentally andparphysticipation in the Civil Rights Movement. My grandmother marched for ically unlike those that suffer from low self-esteem and tend to be her Civil Rights and the Civil Rights of her people. depressed and unhappy.

Through the eyes of my maternal great-grandmother

Self-esteem is very important when it comes to academics. If you lacks self-esteem, times may notice that you struggle Colorisms is many prejudice or you discrimination against people with aacademicaldarker skin tone. From what my mother told me, my great grandmother wasa poor ly too. Think about a time you or maybe one of your friends got a colorist. Sheand would always say, or “marry or white.” phrase is grade in math told yourself yourlight friend stated “IThis suck, or I’m an example of colorism. Once I learned about my great grandmother’s just not good at this”. This is unhealthy and is how you develop poor perspective, I would always wonder if she would have liked me. As a self-esteem. don’texperienced even realize that they doing what young Black Most man, Ipeople have never colorism, butare I have experiwe call “negative self- talk”. There is a positive relationship between enced racism. high self-esteem and being academically successful. When you are academically successful, you take pride in your work. You tend to enThrough my eyes - My wonderings courage yourself, work hard and set goals. There are many ways that During childhood, in fear. I One had to have “talk” whenpositive I was you can my create healthyI lived self-esteem. way is the by remaining four due to hatred towards my community. I would often why am I and speaking positive to yourself. It may seem weird orask, sound hated because of my skin color? strange, but encouraging yourself- and telling yourself good things, keeps you healthy.why Black communities and Black schools lacked the I often wondered resources found in White communities at an early age. I wondered why some people would ask,time “whyyou do Blacks live indown, “bad” neighborhoods?” For example: The next are feeling look in the mirror Here are some reasons, we have to live in “bad” areas because we have and tell yourself “I love you”. fewer or no all. watch how great you start to feel. Do this options every day foroptions a weekatand

I will admit at first it might feel strange, but the more you do it, the better you feel.


What I have learned about Black communities is that we are overpoliced. Since Black communities are overpoliced, there will be a higher statistical crime rate compared to White communities. The under policing in White communities leads to a less statistical crime rate. The over-policing of Black communities leads to more Black people in jail or prison, which leaves kids struggling to survive. Then as the kids of those incarcerated grow older, some have to go to extreme measures to survive. Some will go to college, but not all of them can pay or get accepted and may end up in jail or prison, and the cycle made for people of color continues.

Jamie, 12


My Life in Covid-19... How I feel is indescribable, it is different in the world. Starting off with a new generation and this is how it starts, not how you expected it, right? Yeah, probably to you this world right now is hard for everyone, I mean we can't see our families, we are separated and can't go anywhere that we used to. Stuck at home all day it's different, unusual it's hard, scary, sad and it's just not how it used to be. We always have to keep our distance, wipe off everything after going to the store, we can't see as many people as we used to, lots of families are dying, the world is at risk. Not keeping their selves safe, know one has every experienced anything like this before. I think they should do a full lockdown like other country's because there numbers have went down a lot and there really fighting the covid- 19. Many countries have banned any one who is coming from America because how are numbers are climbing. Honestly I'm not sure if I have feelings about this covid at all, I'm clueless. If there is any hope that there will be a chance that they can find a quck cure for the millions of peopple that are dying. Plus, I'm not sure how I feel about being separated from my family it is very hard on me, and to even think about it's not fun and it's sad. It is something I would never want to experience again and whenever I want to see my family I cry. It brings me feel a lot of pain when I only get to call family and friends on the phone. It's hard not to be in person with the people you love very much. Well all I have to say now is fight back for our peoples lives, fight back this covid, stay safe, bless you and all be blessed.

Aali 46

December/January 20/21


Shower Thoughts........... What are your Shower thoughts? The first 18 years of life are like a free trial, after that its pay to play

* Everything in the universe is either a potato or not a potato * Does anyone remember the last seconds before sleeping? put clocks in cell phones so we don't have to check our * People watch. Now the watches have phones so we don't have to check our phone.

your house is on fire, there's probably some perfectly * Ifcooked food before its over * We cook bacon and bake cookies there's a crazy animal in a movie, the trainers train that * When animal to act untrained is always spelled incorrectly unless it is spelled * Incorrectly incorrectly used to think limos were for millionaires. Now when I see * Ione I assume its Prom night. * Bathtubs are opposite boats * Out of everyone on earth, someone is the worst human alive. * You think you're unique until you have to pick a username is round, so someone right in front of you is the farthest * Earth behind you. Tyson, 15

December/January 20/21




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Mind and Meditation

Meditation is something that is used for the mind. This can be used when you are stressed, frustrated, angry, or if you just want to. Meditation has always been important to me. Part of the reason is because I instructed it at my school. I always try and put aside some time to meditate. TIme is something that not a lot of people have. Meditation is something you should make time for. Doing this can help with self-improvement. This could be discipline, karma, mindset, and inner-reflection. Here are some ways to set up. Setting up for meditation is easy. The first thing you should do is find a good place at home. Next, you should get a mat, rug, or pillow to sit on. You should play calming sounds, or light some candles. Finally, put on something comfortable and meditate. Here are a few tips to get started. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now think of something you want to work on. Enter your oasis where you are sane and calm. Position yourself with your fingertips, not touching, almost making a circle. Great now do this for however long you need. Mayanna, 13

December/January 20/21



The Election On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, millions nation and worldwide

watched television screens anxiously awaiting state by state results wondering which candidate would reach 270 first. Some were scared, some were happy, and some weren’t interested at all. After several days, the election resulted in former Vice President Joe Biden becoming President-elect and former California Attorney General Kamala Harris becoming the Vice President-elect. A lot of other major election celebrations happened. The United States has the first transgender senator in Sarah McBride, the youngest person in congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was re-elected. llhan Omar, was the first Somali Muslim woman to get re-elected into congress. For many, this election brought relief and joy.

Many other countries also celebrated the presidential election results. In France, they were ringing bells to celebrate Biden’s win. In India, the village VP-elect Kamala Harris’ mom is from, had a mass prayer. Even in my small town, people celebrated, they posted pictures on Instagram and were even yelling out of their cars.

In the end, your voice matters! When you get old enough

to vote, get registered!! Your vote determines a lot in America. I am so happy for America as our Senate and Congress is the most diverse it has ever been. This election was crucial, the lives of many people were on the line. In the end, not everyone got what they wanted. Some wanted Trump; some wanted Biden. In the end Biden and Harris are the new President-elect and Vice President-elect of the United States of America.

Jamie, 12


My WORD GOAL for 2021 is: I chose this word because? Here are the action steps I will take to reach my goal...

Here's an example of a Vision board. Their WORD GOAL was DREAM. Share your board by tagging #Catchthestars December/January 20/21



Gift Gift Ideas Ideas for for Teen Teen Boys Boys By toybuzz.org


ls r i G n e e T r Gi ft Id ea s fo


Girls Stem Institute:

Learning about Infectious Disease By Demetrice Smith-Mutegi

“The summer of 2020 was like none other!” You can say that again! This summer, we had an unpredictable, but amazing opportunity to learn scientific concepts in a virtual setting. Each week, GSI scholars logged on to engage together at the Virtual GSI Infectious Disease Headquarters. We started off with a brief introduction to epidemiology and the epidemiologic triangle, then we discussed and modeled ways to reduce the spread of infectious agents, which includes adhering to the 20-second hand-washing rule. For two weeks, we engaged in design thinking to create tools that could keep us safe during the season of COVID-19, while enjoying the things we love, such as takeout food and birthday parties. To wrap up our infectious disease training, we conducted a bread mold experiment and simulated the distance a sneeze travels! All in all, we had an educational and fun experience during our virtual sessions. These GSI scholars are now ready to keep themselves and their families safe. Watch out, future epidemiologists and virologists are making their way! Here is a detailed look at one of our experiments this summer, Sneezy Plots. During this experiment, scholars obtained the following materials: a small dropper, washable tempera paint, six sheets of white paper, tape, and a sneeze stool (something to rest the dropper on like a bottomed-up trash can, or a step stool). Most of us completed this experiment outside, so we were sure to find a nice place that would not interfere with others. To set up the sneeze station, we taped all six sheets of paper together lengthwise and placed them in front of our sneeze stool. After setting up our sneeze station, we add a small bit of water to the tempera paint to dilute it, and then we filled the dropper with the paint. Once the dropper was filled, we placed it on the sneeze stool, and then (Ahhh-choo), we sneezed (we pressed the bulb of the dropper). Our sneeze (paint) landed on all six sheets of paper. But where did most of the sneeze droplets land? We predicted that the sneeze would land closest to the sneezer, and that’s what happened! We also found that the sneeze droplets were heavily concentrated on the second, third, and fourth sheets and began to trail off around the sixth sheet (66 inches). Could this be the reason why we should stand 6 feet away?!? 54

December/January 20/21


Reya, 14

Naomi, 12

December/January 20/21



Counselor Corner When we hear the word "homelessness" many thoughts come to mind. This word can provoke many meanings within us. So, what is homelessness, and why is it important? When we speak of homelessness, we may think about those without a place to live. They do not have a house, apartment, or a stable place to call home. We picture people sleeping in cars, park benches, and under bridges. However, the homeless can also be those people that do not have a job and have lost their homes. Even refugees can be considered homeless. Homelessness is a serious situation here in the United States of America. It has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. When we think about homelessness, we might not realize how it is affecting the mental health of those that are displaced. We can support homelessness through educating others about what it is and how it happens. We can also make sure that we are always showing empathy to our friends, classmates, and others. We never know who might be in this situation. It is important that we reflect and give gratitude to what we have because anyone can become homeless. Especially, during these times of uncertainty in our country. 56

December/January 20/21


We can start to help by supporting others in need. Through working together, we can help eradicate homelessness. We can collect money, can goods, and even start initiatives to go out and feed the homeless. Check out the local shelters and what is happening in your community and start the fight to help eliminate homelessness now! You can always reach out to partners in the community such as United Way of Central Indiana, or call 211 to see how you can help. Remember to be kind and always show empathy towards others because we never know what they are going through. Tiffany L.T hompson, M.Ed., MS., LMH C-A, NCC Elementary School Cou nselor

Be Kind


Heal t h & W e ll n e s s

What is Depression?

Depression is a very real medical issue. It does not mean there is something wrong with you or that you are not strong enough to feel better. It is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. This is common in teenagers and pre teen years because the hormones are cycling wildly due to puberty. This hormonal imbalance mixed, with the high levels of stress and expectation during these years, makes it easy to become overwhelmed. If you are depressed, you cannot just decide to feel happy and fix the issues. Yes, this is part of the process. You do have to try to find positive things in your day. Mostly though, it requires help to overcome. Talking with a counselor or psychologist is the most important part. It helps you identify the emotions you are experiencing that are making you feel this way. Sometimes too, medication is needed in addition to therapy. This will help balance the chemical irregularity happening in the brain. Taking a medication will not make you feel 100% back to normal, but it will help the hormone balance enough so you can use other tools to help you get back to yourself. Needing to take an antidepressant medication does not mean you are crazy or not trying hard enough. Some people who are depressed harm themselves in an effort to feel things. One common example is people who cut themselves. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it is scary and overwhelming. You may feel alone like you cant’ talk to anyone about it, especially not an adult because what if you get in trouble? This is absolutely NOT the case. The world today is much more overwhelming and has way more stress than in the past. Finding ways to deal with all the stress is difficult. You can ABSOLUTELY and ALWAYS tell an adult about the situation. You will not get in trouble. It is ok to ask for help. Find an adult you trust- a parent, a guidance counselor, a teacher, a doctor, and tell them what is going on. Odds are, they will know resources to help.


December/January 20/21


Signs of depression can be subtle and can get worse slowly over time. The most common signs are: Sleep changes: not being able to sleep at night or sleeping a lot more during the day Not wanting to hang out with friends or do activities you used to like to do Feeling worthless or hopeless Feeling like you don’t have any energy It is harder to concentrate than usual Change in appetite: Not wanting to eat or wanting to eat a lot more Feeling on edge or anxious Thinking about hurting or killing yourself Please get help and reach out

Dr. Brittani M. Corbisiero, DO

Sui ci d e Ho t li n e: 1-800-273T A LK (8255)

December/January 20/21



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