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Community Advisory Board Meeting October 19, 2010 Simplot/Micron Building-RM 210 Boise State University Campus 6:00 p.m.-7:30 pm* I.

Welcome - CAB Chair – Pat turned meeting over to Janice. Janice called for introductions since we have new people.


Approval of minutes from June, 2010 meeting – Marshal moved we approve the minutes. Susan seconded.


CAB Nominations: A. Dede Ryan (materials will follow in separate email) Michele moved that we accept Dede to CAB. Pat seconded.


Review board matrix (materials enclosed) John passed questionnaire around at June meeting to get ideas of board members strengths lie. John asked if there are any other roles that should be addressed that are not on the list already. Paul suggested that we not discuss until we have discussed what the roles and responsibilities of CAB members are. We will also follow up with a directory so that people can update their contact information.


Review CAB roles and responsibilities – John has had a chance to meet with most all board members over the past couple of months. He feels that most members feel that there is a lack of engagement amongst board members. Four purposes are: In the context of the By-lays: assist in development of strategic plan and help in its implementation. Going forward we will be looking at bigger strategic issues. No bigger strategic issues than News. Second thing is to review existing services…in many ways this is what the local news piece is but also everything else that we do (marketing, membership, etc). Board advises and staff implements. Third, advocate for network through its geographic area. Need to raise more money to support local initiatives. Janice stated that she likes the four categories and thinks they hold true today. It is an “advisory” board and not fiduciary. Camille proposed that we do a new member orientation. John said we used to do this but that he is looking at some old notebooks that Jim Paluzzi used to keep for the board. Camille also stated that maybe having a mentor – someone currently on the board – for new members might be a good idea. John volunteered to help train the mentors. Camille volunteered to be a mentor. Scott stated that he would like to see some time at the retreat dedicated to looking over the coverage

area, budgets, etc. – the big picture. Susan stated that she would like to spend some time talking about what everyone thinks their roles are. John said that one of the things we could do at the retreat is ask everyone in the room what their reason for being on the board is. VI.



CAB retreat planning – John stated that he has a white paper that he has shown to the president on the future of news. Thinks it would be a good background piece for the board to read it before the retreat. John would like to hold retreat sometime over the next few months. Camille asked what it is John would like to see happen at the retreat. He said that he would like to talk about more open and direct lines of communication. Also wants to talk about topics that have been eating at the CAB – get them out on the table. Mary asked where it will be held. John asked when it will be held, where it will be held and for how long? Dede stated that she thinks the pre planning is integral to making a retreat happen. She suggests we settle on one issue/ topic and really digging into it. Frank stated that he thinks having a new location/ setting is advantageous. He also said that going into the business hours a little bit, on either the morning or evening side would be advantageous. Michelle stated that she thinks doing something social would be good. Janice also wants to make sure that topics fit the mission. Scott asked if doing it over multiple evenings within a week. One night we talk about topic. Second night just go to dinner. Third night go over strategic aspects. Paul wanted to know why we are still talking about local news. What has been done? Why is it taking so long? John stated that he thinks it would be beneficial for whole board to go through time line of what we have done over the past 5 years, since John got here. Janice stated that we have talked about local and national news a lot over the last few years. Camille wants to know what precipitated Paul bringing it up this evening. Pat stated that it is a work in progress. Paul is looking for a structure – 10 minute block for when we are going to do local news. Susan said she thinks this discussion is enlightening, but that it would be better discussed at retreat. Local news means different things to different people. Camille asked Paul what he would like to see discussed at the retreat. He said he would like some history, some discussion of why it has taken so long and what everyone’s ideas are for “local news”. John said that it would be good to give CAB members an idea of how much time it takes to put a piece together. Marshall would like to see what other markets of comparable size do. Paul would like to see NPR parameters. Susan asked if we should firm up a target date for the retreat. Camille, Scott and Susan volunteered to be on Retreat committee. Station report-(report enclosed) a. Community engagement calendar b. Introduce new Development Director Adjourn -

October 19, 2010 CAB  

Cab Meeting Minutes 10.19.10

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