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CAB called to Order by Janice Fulkerson at 6:10 PM A. Janice announced CAB Chair transition to Susan Giannettino; this decision was made at the June meeting. . . B. Janice recommended that Mary Reiman would serve as Vice Chairperson and that Camille Oldenburg would be the executive committee member at large. Motion was made, seconded and approved. The Executive Committee consists of : Susan Giannettino, Chair, Mary Reiman Vice Chair, and Camille Oldenburg Member at Large


Approval of Minutes from June, 2011 Motion to approve minutes was passed. Minutes will now be sent to CAB members within two to three weeks after the meeting and before the next as pre-work (pending approval) Attendees will be included in the minutes (see below for attendees at this meeting)


CAB Nominations A. Slate of Candidates a. Camille, Bob, and Susan worked on finding candidates this summer. Frank was involved with CSI and Boise State for student representatives b. Received candidate names through an article in the BSPR electronic newsletter and personal contacts. Conversations were held with all the candidates, the nominations committee reviewed information about them, then John re-interviewed each person c. Good mixture of ages but not as much geographic, racial and ethnic diversity d. 12-13 people responded to the e-newsletter call for CAB members e. Only a third of the board responded to calls for nomination of new CAB members. f.

Per the bylaws, student members are appointed for one academic year

g. Camille makes a motion that slate of candidates is approved. Dede Ryan seconds and the approval by the board members is unanimous. . B. B. Introduction of Derek Holyoak, new student representative from CSI. Nomination committee feels student perspective is very important to better connect on campus. Frank made contacts with both CSI and BSU Department of Communications. The

CSI candidate is here (Derek) and 5 candidates were identified by the Department of Communication for BSU. However, 3 of the 5 will graduate in December. The remaining student candidates are a junior and senior. Frank will follow up and we will hopefully have a BSU student representative at the December meeting. C. Camille suggests staff and few CAB members help with new member orientation. Date will need to be coordinated with staff and members possibly November 15? Break for dinner after orientation for new members to meet old members-possibly at Cottonwood Grille. Tour of facilities. CAB members are encouraged to send orientation suggestions to Susan and John. Frank proposes back-up orientation for December 13, before the next CAB meeting for those who cannot make it to the November 15 orientation. D. Camille reviews and critiques the nomination process. She believes that recruitment has been more difficult with the economy. The nomination process was more systematic and per the bylaws, brought all the candidates in for consideration by the Board making the search more comprehensive. Candidates are a bit more diverse than previous years. John believed process was orderly and welltimed. Janice liked that each board member was accountable for candidates. The Executive board agrees the process should be kept the same. Susan suggests the enewsletter brought a new group of candidates and wants to incorporate it into the process that had been approved by the Board. VI. Task Force Updates A. Strategic: Sense of Place project i. At the CAB Retreat there was talk about using a survey. Paul Stribling believed the Sense of Place was a good first step for BSPR. It will give us a sense of the core listeners, not involved with the station, and how they would like us to cover their community news. The station has identified 30 people, a crosssection and random sample. George Bailey will moderate the discussion of “What listeners value most in their local programming.� Sessions will be videotaped and will give the station a chance to deepen community engagement. After the survey is over, the moderators will give the station a full-day training session on how to apply the research, to be able to report on events in new ways. The survey interviews will take place on November 10 and results will available and shared with the next CAB at our December meeting. B. Existing Services: State Impact a. Update on 2 projects.

Earth Fix, part of the Local Journalism Center initiative developed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting , focuses on environmental issues and policies. BSPR shares a reporter, Aaron Kunz, with Idaho Public Television. Aaron uses multimedia and photography in his stories that focus on how the environment and our natural world is thriving in the Northwest Region. Using multimedia gives listeners/viewers many different ways to interact with the information as well as the ability to Facebook and Tweet stories to their friends.

State Impact Idaho: 2 year grant from NPR. They will pick up 70% of costs year 1 and 30% year2. We have hired 2 new reporters, Emilie Saunders of Montana Public Radio and Molly Messick from Wyoming Public Radio. Their project launched in mid-September with not much promotion. On the State Impact Idaho website there is a section called “Essential reading� and stock content will continue to grow. This acts as a source for people who want further info. There will be at least one or two new posts a day and one banner post on the BSPR website a day. They are encouraging comments, to help generate audience. Radio is now driving traffic to our website.

News staff has increased from 3 to 7. Sadie notes BSPR is the only station to have both State Impact and the Local Journalism Initiative in the country.

C. Advocacy: Community Engagement Calendar a. Earth Fix- Environmental Conversation b. State Impact Event- possibly early Q1 2012 c. Salon in November- talk about the future of local news

E. Sustainability a. After the sale of KBSU AM and $130,000 raised from individual donors we have raised a total of $275,000 for the Capital Campaign and Broadcast Center. b. John will appear before the state board of education to ask permission to begin the Architectural Study of new the Broadcast Center over at the Yanke Family Research Park, the cost for the study will be up to $125,000.

c. Pledge Drive brought in $190,000 (goal was $180,000) and 1800 new members (goal was 1700). Membership dollars now total $195,418, a 30% increase since last year. d. The Winter Pledge Drive is planned for December 8; goals will be slightly less than in the fall. e. Underwriting has brought in $54000+ new dollars for a total contracted $165000+. Goal for underwriting is $500,000 this year. f.

Goal: To have CAB members linked to task forces in December of at retreat

V. Board Retreat A. First retreat was valuable, educational, created a great staff and board member connection, and the committees really got into action. B. Committee to plan next retreat: Dave Fotsch, Janice Fulkerson, and Camille Oldenburg C. Provide recommendations on the retreat at the December meeting. VI. Review of by-laws A. By-Laws are the rules CAB operates by and have not been reviewed since 2009. B. Janice and John will review and have suggestions for changes, if any, at the retreat VII. Action Items A. Minutes for the meeting will be out, as draft within two to three weeks of the meeting. Minutes will be sent out again in the pre-meeting packet one week before the next scheduled CAB meeting. Susan will send a note out with some meeting highlights and “to dos� following the meeting B. Spring Pledge Drive conflicts with April CAB meeting, so John will send out date change. C. CAB members in attendance include: i. Marshall Brezonick, Darin Eisenbarth, Dave Fotsch, Janice Fulkerson, Susan Giannettino, Camille Oldenburg, Mary Reiman, Dede Ryan, Bob Youde, Frank Zang, and Derek Holyoak D. Adjourn 7:32

October 18th, 2011 CAB  

October 18th, 2011 CAB

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