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Community Advisory Board Meeting April 19, 2011 BSPR Broadcast Center Ron and Linda Yanke Research Park 220 Park Center, Blvd. 6:00 p.m.-7:30 pm I.

Welcome & Introductions – Janice Fulkerson


Approval of minutes from December, 2010 meeting & Approval of January 2011 CAB Retreat notes – Janice Fulkerson


Nomination-Approval of Dave Fotch to the board- Janice Fulkerson


Top-line #’s for April one-day drive – Vida Smith


Update on federal funding for CPB-Hess A. CAB members are encouraged to advocate in their communities, possible meeting with Congressman Simpson, and would be nice for CAB members to attend. IPTV and BSPR now together represented by APCS


Task Force-updates A. Nomination-Susan Giannettino a. Nominations committee is attempting to go back and be consistent with by-laws. Nominations committee recommendations: Proposed timeline for October meeting. Proposed process: Everyone on board asked to nominate at least one candidate. Nomination form attached at back of document-hope to have more nominations than seats (4 seats available) CAB asked to consider possibilities of board members coming on now, or in the future. Need a total of at least 20-30 members. Students would be in addition to the CAB member’s total. Broad representation is preferred as well as commitment and advocacy representation of org. Canyon County needs to be considereddiversity. PLEASE SEND MATRICIES. Realize that recruiting new younger members may require orientation, different than seasoned board member. b. June discussions will cater towards the needs of CAB, as we grow hope to have future sub-committees and task forces. Possibility of narrowing down to a specific number of candidates –slate of candidates. Possibility of adding a line to the form for whether members have or have not had a conversation with possible candidates; silence equals consent if not sent by April 29. According

to by laws to recruit students, CAB needs to send a letter to BSU and CSI possibility CWI, College of Idaho, maybe look at Pulse or other student organizations- Frank Zang will be a part of this. B. Strategic-Update on Survey-Hess/Zuzel a. - John’s presentation- What do listeners expect, what do we know about listeners, How can we engage younger generations, How can BSPR stay relevant? Benchmarking survey lead to an overall education campaign. b. Sense of Place Project- scientific survey sent out to community followed up by focus groups. Not an inexpensive endeavor. Only 9 stations in the country have done this. Some information gathered was that public radio’s younger respondents usually grew up listening to PR. Next steps include possibility of repeatable process and find out what other stations have done with the data. The idea of the survey is to find out what we do well and what we can improve on, expand listeners and devotion to BSPR. Is there a possibility of catering the survey to different communities i.e. WRV, Magic Valley. May be useful to bring in personal conversations and experience.

C. Existing Services- News Metrics- Hess/Babits a. Sam generated public file information catered to our tiers- majority coming from tier 5 level. Metrics show improvement in the number of stories ESPECIALLY for a team of 3. b.

Growth in news room. Introduction of Emily Schwing, and shared news reporter. Well poised to make great stories!

D. Advocacy-Fulkerson (Community Engagement Calendar) a. CAB member to start task force Community Engagementspresentation of new billboard and bus campaign management. Craig Morgan’s presentation of future website E. Sustainability-Palmer/Lamson a. Kelly will email her presentation as well as capital campaign case statement for working lunch VII.

Discuss next steps for Task Force teams



April 19, 2011 CAB  

CAB Meeting Minutes, April 149h, 2011