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w Mike Dooley Thoughts become Things. Visualizing or day dreaming, think good thoughts!



Awakening Through Astrology

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Pamela Shelly is a Transformational Teacher with years of multifaceted training and works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Advanced Tools For Self-Mastery Workshop Pamela shares advanced transformation tools and provides personal assistance that will help you fulfill your Divine life purpose. This is a life changing, Experiential workshop, assisting you in moving through your blocks and creating a Plan of Action.

Mystery of Egypt Spiritual Tour

Awaken The Memories of Ancient Times

January 10–21, 2011

Join me and Egyptologist Elia Takla on the Trip of a Lifetime. See the itinerary on my website.

Sound Healing Workshop Working with the Hathors, Pamela will offer you a variety of tools and hands on experiential exercises. This workshop is for self-healing and learning to assist others to heal. Beneficial also for anyone working in the Holistic field. For dates, locations and testimonials visit:

Phone: (250) 861-9087 or (866) 847-3454 Toll free in North America

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4 Mike Dooley

Thoughts become Things. Visualizing or day dreaming, think good thoughts!

5 Entitlement

Brendon Lumgair The Trap of the

Awakening Generation

7 Ask KJ

Q & A with Kjarlune Rae

9 A Journey to Self-Empowerment

Step into power again

contents 12 Mirror Mirror

Carole Friesen Facing your soul in the mirror


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16 Tarot Cards

Norma Cowie A love story with Tarot cards

23 AstroVolution

A new column! See what’s in the stars for your sign this summer!

On The Cover Syncro by Patrick Yesh, a fine artist, a teacher and master portrait artist. His studio-home is in Cochrane, Alberta. Patrick creates Spiritual Visionary paintings of his clients interwoven with their Angels, Spiritual Guides, Totem figures, and landscapes. His inspirational “Spirit Vision Portraits” capture the essence of a person’s soul and personality, revealing their special connection to the spirit world. See more of Patrick’s artwork at Make an appointment for your Spirit Vision Portrait call 403-519-8268 or email SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 3

Thoughts become things...


my entire adult life, and I could share a e’re amazing lot of amazing stories of it working woncreatures, huders in my life, but perhaps my favorite man beings, is the one that began just two years after amazing. Born college. I was working for Price Waterwith the ability house, and I was finally in a place where to stare truth square in it’s face, and I could “think thoughts” about thriving not see a dang thing. Our presence in the real world, instead of just survivhas graced the earth for at least ing. And one of the things 1 million years, yet just I did back then, to help 500 years ago, people still me think thoughts about thought it was flat. 100 thriving, was create a little years ago, people could still scrapbook. Basically, I took be heard saying, “If God plain sheets of copy machine had wanted us to fly, He’d paper, courtesy, no doubt, have given us wings!” All of Price Waterhouse, and of which begs the question, onto them I pasted pictures what are we still missing? from magazines of “things” What timeless truths and By Mike Dooley I wanted in my life – a nice principles, that have been watch, fancy car, condo, and custom around a lot longer than us, might home. As well as photos of destinations we still be blind to? that I’d one day visit – London, Paris, Well, I know what at least one of Hong Kong and Tokyo. And I used my them is, and actually, I think you know scrapbook to help me visualize; seeing it too. In fact, we’ve all poked fun at it, myself in those pictures, living the life of without ever realizing the magnitude of my dreams. our oversight. Well, I did my little visualization Ever heard the expression, “Be careexercise faithfully, every single day, and ful of what you wish for, because you two weeks later... nothing happened. just might get it?” You have, haven’t Two months later, absolutely nothing. In you? You probably even believe it confact, it was about 10 months later, while tains some element of truth, right? But attending a conference in Washington have you ever spent any time, energy or DC, when I learned for the first time thought trying to figure out just how or that every single year Price Waterhouse why it could be true? sends a few select people overseas on Having a mother who always foreign assignments. inspired me to be a big time dreamer, I You guessed it. Just 6 weeks later, have thought about it, and while lookI was living in the sunny capital... of ing back over the life I’ve led, I’ve come Saudi Arabia! Now to some, Saudi to the conclusion that there is, indeed, Arabia might not sound like a dream a principle at play in the universe that come true, and I have to admit, I hadn’t turns wishes into reality. In fact, it’s spent one moment of my time seeing the exact same principle that powers myself living in the Middle East. But positive thinking, and it’s the very same I had been visualizing my dreamed of principle that explains why creative visulife, and looking back, I don’t think alization is an exercise practiced around anything could have taken me there the world, extolled by sports heroes quicker at that time in my life than and California governors, alike. In three this 18 month tour of duty to Riyadh. simple words, that principle is this: Because while I was there, not only did Thoughts become things. I receive some serious “hardship” pay, Not figuratively, literally. Not sometimes, all the time. And not just our pos- but I accrued 3 months of paid time off, as well as a rather hefty airfare allowitive thoughts, but the other ones, too, ance to either go home every 6 months, because it’s an immutable law, as rigid, or fly anywhere else my heart desired. predictable, and dependable as gravity. And it was during those 3 months, be Now, I’ve known about this principle

4 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

tween Africa, Greece, Australia and the Himalayas, that I visited every country on the planet that I had ever dreamed of visiting. And I’ll never forget the morning, having breakfast in the Regent Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, when I looked up from over my coffee, through the two story plate glass windows that surrounded me, and saw the exact same view of Hong Kong Island that I had cut and pasted into my little scrapbook just two years earlier. Of course, I could share a lot of other stories like that one, as well as a few sad ones, all illustrating how my thoughts have unfailingly become the things and events of my life, but you know who else could do that, right? You. Because it is an immutable law that governs all of our lives, whether we know about it or not. To illustrate: What happens when someone throws a ball into the air? Right! It comes back down. Why? Because it has to, it’s the law! Now, in order for that ball to come back down to earth, does it matter who threw it? How old they think they are, or how young they really are? Where or if they went to college? How popular or good looking they are? No. Nothing matters once they throw that ball, because as it leaves their finger tips, the Universe and its principles take over. And that’s exactly what happens once you choose your thoughts, so choose them wisely. Thoughts become things! Whether you’re visualizing, or just day dreaming; thinking the good thoughts, or worrying on your way to work. Recognize this principle. Understand its existence in your life. Then you can begin using it, deliberately turning your wishes into reality and living the life of your dreams. Because whatever it is that you most want, truly, it lies only a thought away. ◆

Mike Dooley, an international tax accountant turned entrepreneur turned writer for “the Universe,” and now one of the teachers for the bestselling DVD and book The Secret, Mike Dooley has found his calling. Mike lives in Orlando, Florida, where he runs TUT’s Adventurer’s Club™ for the adventure of life. He also travels internationally, speaking to thousands on life, dreams, and happiness.

Entitlement: The Trap Of The Awakening Generation


included). They will be at their he Awakening peak when December 21st, Generation are today’s 2012 comes. This is the date 20 and 30 year olds who choose purpose, meaning that the Mayan astronomerpriests calculated as and expression over the “end of the world security, saving-face as we know it” – a and going along with period of immense the majority. change. Their actions are Scientist Gregg often construed by Braden, author of family and peers as Fractal Time has risky, weird, insensiBy Brendon Lumgair identified 1980-2016 tive and having a as being the window sense of entitlement. of time when Earth passes Entitlement is trap and an through a beam of transformaopportunity to transform. tional energy emitted by the The Awakening Generation are people who grow-up in the center of the Milky-Way galaxy. The early formative years of period of 1980-2016 (cusps ◗ July 16-18, Calgary Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts Learn the ancient art of Reiki Healing • Master Practitioner: July 16-18, $333 403-828-7395 w July 26–27, Saskatoon, Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts. • Level 1 Reiki Healing: July 23-25, $266. • Level 2 Reiki Healing: July 26–27, $288. 403-828-7395 w Sept 17-19 Calgary Body Soul & Spirit Expo. Get ready for an even more exciting and dynamic event this fall, more exhibits, more

the Awakening Generation take place in this window. They have benefited immensely from the freedom and opportunities created by their parent’s financial & career success. This has allowed them to hopscotch up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs into self-exploration and spiritual awakening at a young age. Entitlement is the immature belief that, “I am owed everything” and don’t need to be responsible and respectful of the source of this care. This leads to massive credit card debt, lack of initiative, taking advantage of the source, and taking it for granted.

event calendar workshops, special events, inspirational music, special luncheon guest and more. For more information visit 1-877-560-6830 ◗ Sept 24-26, the Okanagan Body Soul & Spirit Expo. Our first annual expo will take place at the Penticton Convention and will be promoted throughout the Okanogan Valley and beyond as a destination for the entire region this fall. ◗ October 1-3, The Saskatoon Body Soul & Spirit Expo. at Prairieland featuring

Through gratitude and selfexploration the Awakening Generation has shifted their mindset from “I am owed” to “I owe it to the world to be my best”. The awakening process transforms the needy-energy of entitlement into a purposedriven life. With the burden of fear and scarcity lifted off their shoulders, they fly! ◆ Brendon Lumgair, 31, has helped hundreds of people to de-stress, sleep better and find themselves again. He is writing the book “The Awakening Generation” and invites you to participate through his Blog at

For more information visit 1-877-560-6830

Workshop Rooms, Cooking Demo Stage, Yoga Meditation and Healing Garden (presentation), this is the place to be this fall celebrate life, and explore health, new thought, and more. For more information visit 1-877-560-6830

◗ October 15, 2010 Even Strong People Need to DeSTRESS to Retreats and Workshops that prove time and again that Adults LOVE to Play and Color to! 905-371-3818

◗ October 15-17 The Regina Body Soul & Spirit Expo. At EVRAZ Place, Regina Exhibition Park for one last year before our proposed move to the Connexus Art Centre. Community workshops and events, including Yoga, Meditation and Healing Garden, and more.

◗ October 17, 2010. The Body, Mind & Spirit Show: Explore holistic living & spirituality, listen to lectures, experience alternative healing, get an intuitive reading or purchase items to assist you on your journey.

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Chakra’s relate to energy points and the physical being


here are seven main chakras in our body. These energy centers are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakras associated with a certain color, function and distinguishing characteristic. Chakras are analyzed based on the individual shape and vibrancy. Round, circular chakras denote a balanced energy system, while non circular or blurred chakras show an imbalance in your aura centers. The seven chakras aligned in our bodies, provide insight on the following areas of our lives: First Chakra: Root-Red This chakra is the energy of the physical plane and material reality. It is the centre of manifestation and the place from which passion flows: the source of power and ego development Second Chakra: Navel-Orange The colour of this chakra reflects creativity, sociability, emotional life and sexuality. This chakra is the position from which one reaches out, expands and relates to others. SACRED JOURNEY IN

Oct. 14-27, 2010

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus-Yellow This chakra rules mental activity and is the centre of your ego and personal power. It regulates the life force in the body, giving energy to your dreams and goals, allowing you to take action. Fourth Chakra: Heart-Green This is the centre of teaching and healing, the chakra of self respect and love, as well as the meeting place for the mind, body and spirit. Balance and a strong connection to nature is found here. Fifth Chakra: Throat-Blue This chakra governs the ability to express ideas and to speak your truth clearly. The throat is all about clear communication, inspiration and artistic expression. Sixth Chakra: Third Eye-Violet This centre above the eyebrow is the seat

• Oct. 14 to 15... Begin your Healing Journey by visiting the many Sacred Sites near Cusco • Oct. 16 to 22... Experience a Six-Day Retreat in the Rain Forest of MachuPicchu with Shaman Kucho. Practice Shamanism under the direct guidance of Kucho, the Guardian of MachuPicchu •Create your own mesa (portable altar and personal sacred bundle) to carry the energies that allow you to access your new connection to the Incas, the Sacred Sites and the Andes. Learn to use your mesa for deep healing and spiritual guidance. Build and share the energies of Pachamama and the Apus.

Please contact Sher


• Oct. 22 to 27... Your Healing Journey continues at Wiracocha in Raqchi, Sillustani near Puno, Lake Titicaca and Amantani Island

Included: airport transfers, hotels, internal flights, trains and buses, entrance

fees to sacred sites and mystic guide. Most ceremonies and meals are also included. The cost for this journey is $1,550 US for 2 weeks. Deposits of $550 US are due upon registration, by Aug. 2010.

6 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

of intuition, spiritual will, connecting ideas and developing a ‘picture’ of the world. It is the idealistic place representing your imagination and desires. Seventh Chakra: Crown-White Inner knowledge, enlightenment, connection with higher planes of consciousness and spiritual truth are seated in the crown chakra. White is the perfect merging of all colours. ◆ For more information visit or call 403.253.0032 or 403.259.4778

Daunting... Sometimes Life is Just Plain Scary! By Kjarlune Rae


thing, if you have ever reached a goal, or fulfilled a dream than you can again and if you haven’t, well then get excited for a change. Know in your soul that you can make it happen.

t is one thing to work towards a goal but a total other to seeing that goal coming true. It’s time to take things down a notch, simplify the Ask KJ: Send KJ your world you are in and psychic/life question start giving yourself and get it answered some much needed with the BSSE Magacredit. The fear comes zine. more from the pinch, Help is where you ask or time line comfor it. The truth does set ing up than actually Kjarlune Rae us free and life doesn’t fulfilling your purpose need to be complicated. so take a step back. LML Love my Life Ask yourself what you have accomplished in the same sweethearts LML! amount of time before. Put Q: KJ, I am scared I am it into perspective, and have never going to find someone, faith. Make a mental checklist what do I do? of your life. Everything else — Kerry was scary before it happened too, but you did it anyhow. Goals and dreams are the same A: Hun, it is all good. I have



met the crazy old cat lady and you are not her. Think about your energy for a minute. If you don’t believe someone will come they won’t. 5 Months sandy hair and hazel eyes. Cheer up he is on his way love.

in order to get a new job you should start looking right? This isn’t a lottery; you don’t get a winning call. Start looking and you will have a great job in three months. Hugs. Kjarlune Rae has been classed as Canada’s Top Clairvoyant for coming on 19 years working with police and parapsychologists all over the world. With a repertoire of thousands of cases solved to date Kjarlune has had the pleasure of working with a vast clientele.

Q: KJ, I hate my job, see a new one? — Dave A: Love, you do know that

Specializing in jewelry of all kinds: • Rocks • Crystals • Metaphysical • Magickal gifts and many other products.

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F. 403.279.4499 SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 7

Open by appointment only For all your Pagan, Celtic, and Norse (Viking) items. Jewelry, Statuary, Cloaks, Robes, Sporrans & much more Come visit Brigid’s Broom Closet at ✩ Red Deer Highland Games June 26, 2010 Westerner Park Exhibition grounds

✩ Calgary Highland Games Sept. 4, 2010 Springbank Park for all Seasons


Are you walking in Balance and Harmony in your Life? Do you want to deepen your Spiritual Connection and step into your Power? Programs and Services Life Activation Awaken Thyself (Introduction to the Modern Mystery School)

Empower Thyself Workshop (Adept Initiation into the Great Brother and Sisterhood of Light)

Spiritual Intuition Class Sanctuary Meditation Classes Sacred Geometry I Sacred Geometry II - Crystal Magick Crystal Healing Reiki Energy & Chakra Balancing “In these changing times the only investment worth making is in yourself” Presented by: Pathways to Spirit Institute ▪ Calgary, AB. 403●226●5442 8 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

Life Activation & Empower Thyself A Journey to Self Empowerment

By Dietmar Dombkowski


here do I begin? Who I am? That was a point in my life where I was at a standstill, emotionally, mentally and especially spiritually. Until then, life was good in every way, I thought. There was a hunger, a craving for more, but in a different way. For the most part of my life I have studied shamanism, was attracted to the North American Native traditions, mythology and healing arts. I worked and studied with several medicine people and healers throughout the continent. In the meantime the “perfect life” around me crumbled like a card house. Why was this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? And more of these kinds of questions popped up. At the same time the cravings for the unknown intensified. A profound feeling of emptiness surrounded my being. I had no sense of life purpose, just an endless feeling of void. In my search for fulfillment I stumbled upon a phrase: Where do I begin? Within a couple of days I had consumed all information available about the Modern Mystery School which stated this phrase on their compelling website.

Several weeks later after intense research, I contacted the Modern Mystery School (MMS) and two days later I was sitting in a chair having a Life Activation (formerly DNA Activation) facilitated by an certified practitioner of the Modern Mystery School. I never heard about this modality before, but it made sense to have it done after I had been informed by the practitioner and had read the flyer. For me, the Life Activation was transformative. This process provided me with new energy, hope and a new sense of connection I needed. The Life Activation gave me the grounding and provided me with the tools I needed in order to manifest happiness and personal growth in my life. Through this process, I was able to reconnect with my authentic self. I felt I was renewed, energized and instilled with both hope and direction. “What is the next step?” I asked the practitioner. My hunger for more knowledge was still present in my soul. “The next step would be to become an Adept and be initiated into the Great Brother and Sisterhood of Light”, the person replied. I decided to invest into myself and signed up for the Empower Thyself Workshop.

Canada’s Holistic Wellness

Well, as a light worker it “blew my socks off” energetically and it wasn’t because of the information provided in this two-day workshop, it was because of the new and profound connection to my heart and the energy flow out to my fellow man and women. I felt as though I was empowered in my ability to make positive life decisions, I began to move with intention, and the tools soon began to fall into place to ensure success and happiness. The MMS has developed a wonderful curriculum and provides Academies for every kind of seeker. It allows people from all walks of life to come in and learn ancient teachings that can be applied in these modern and changing times. I feel I was given a big shake and it has ignited that spark of life I was looking for. It changed my life and I was able to step into my Power again. ◆ Dietmar Dombkowski is a certified Teacher and Guide with the Modern Mystery School as well as Reiki Master-Teacher offering Reiki, Life Activations and Energy Balancing,etc.. Dietmar and his wife Devi operate Pathways to Spirit Institute in Calgary, Alberta where they teach workshops and programs in the lineage of the Modern Mystery School.

& Spiritual Lifestyle Event

We Are Now Booking Exhibits, Lectures & Workshops for our FALL 2010 Expo! ❖ Calgary Fall

Fall 2010 Show Tour

Sept. 17-19, 2010 ❖ Penticton Sept 24-26, 2010 ❖ Saskatoon Oct. 1-3, 2010 ❖ Regina Oct. 15-17, 2010

JOIN US in creating a truly memorable event that celebrates life, and provides an environment that invites the public to explore the many options to creating a happier, healthier, more conscious and successful life - we enthusiastically invite YOU to participate by showcasing your products, services and organization.

Book Your Exhibit Space NOW!

Call Gail Stamp at 1-877-560-6830 ext. 4 or email

Visit for more information SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 9

Take Control of Your Health

Before You Can Cure the Symptoms, You Have to Identify the Root Causes.

BioEnergetic Santé • 145 Point Computerized Health and Wellness Assessment and Therapy Learn how to correct your organ sensitivities, toxicity, nutritional and emotional imbalances • Lifestyle and Nutrition for Healing • Personalized Detox and Wellness Programs • Learn How to Create a Toxin-Free Home Margaret Nowotarski, Ph.D. NES and Wellness Practitioner

403.228.9940 403.714.0517

10 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

The Rejuvenation Experience: Transforming your LIFE with Sacred Scalar By Bill Little and Susan Collip

T Bill Little

Susan Collip

he first attempt in the world to use Scared Scalar Energy to raise the vibration of the entire show, was a success… Of the 424 entries for the free Protection Cube, 379 said the energy was Uplifting, an amazing success. Congratulations to Deanna of Calgary, the Winner of the Protection Cube in this spring’s trade shows. For those who dropped by our booth, a deep loving heartfelt Thank You for making the introduction of this new technology a success. Transformation in action “At the Calgary Body, Soul, Spirit Expo. I had the privilege and opportunity to be introduced to a New technology on the planet. The Rejuvenation VAHS is far beyond any experience I have had in regards to accessing a deep inner

connection to the truth of mine own being. When the session was completed (all told 45 about min.) I had and have a much deeper connection with my self. Something deep inside settled and softened, allowing me to feel a deep sense of completion and peace. The Heavens opened up and graced me with a new life. I am now optimistic about the future of Man. We just have a knowing that something isn’t quite right, but to figure it all out, ahhh.. Where does one start? And once one does start, when does it end? It seems to me this technology addresses this conundrum in a beautiful fashion. RELEASE THE STRESSES THAT ARE AFFECTING US (Body, Mind and Spirit.) WHEN OUR STRESSES ARE ADDRESSED, WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RELAX, TO BE NATURAL AND TRUE, AND TO SIMPLY BE

OURSELVES. I tell you the Gates of Grace are open for Mankind. The key to accessing this Grace is willingness. May you listen to your Heart and be open to the gentle, easy path. ‘Blessings for One... Blessings for All’. May you be Free to be That which you are in Truth.” — Susan Collip, Olds, Alberta The experience was so deep and profound that Susan volunteered to work the Grande Prairie show 5 days later. (Wow). She is now a strategic alliance partner with Just4Me Energetics and the first practitioner (www.unleashingGrace. com) in Alberta to make this divine transformative technology available for private and group sessions. ◆ Susan Collip - 403.556.3909 Bill Little - 306.781.2319


SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 11

Facing Your Soul… in the Mirror By Carole Friesen

Before and After

The Magic of Body Mind Communication


ive me 5 minutes with anyone and I can tell you more about their character than a 10-page résumé. I have “read” thousands of people who tell me I know more about them in a few minutes than their spouse, family or friends ever have. Anyone can do what I do by simply learning the Art of Face Reading. I have trained hundred’s of people in a oneday workshop, the step-by-step process of learning this wisdom. Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone? Have you ever asked yourself what is this person truly like? Well, we all read people at some level. Unconsciously, we all read faces. How would you like to read faces consciously? The Art of Reading Faces gives you the tangible tools to recognize a person’s true character. Face reading, like body language, gives you a leading edge in unspoken communication. This is one of the most powerful ways of getting to know yourself and others in all your relationships. The first thing I do in Face Reading is ‘cut’ the persons head off and set it on a table. Don’t take me literally!!! Does the head stand square and steadfast or does it roll around like a ball? The first impression you get of a person is the most important. What is the overall structure and the most prominent feature that jumps out at you? For example, the face shape may be square and practical, the oval maybe sensitive and flexible, the rectangular maybe steadfast and ambitious, or the round face maybe easygoing and willing to please. A person’s most prominent feature may be their warm, large brown eyes, a prominent nose that may be a bit ‘nosey’, or thin, tight lips may find life ‘tastes some what bitter’. At this point, start to notice the left and right sides of the face. Are they in balance? How is the left masculine analytical mind working with the right feminine creative mind? Most people have an imbalance which shows me that there is inner conflict that needs to be resolved. The nose ‘knows’! The nose knows it all! It shows how they have learned to

Right side -Yang Left brain function Analytical

Original Picture

Left side - Ying Right brain function Creativity

Right side -Yang Left brain function Analytical

Original Picture

Left side - Ying Right brain function Creativity

project their personal identity. Are they stable and steadfast, sharp and exacting, or prominent and outgoing? The nose points to honesty, dependability, self-confidence or strength. Wow, now the lips! Do they have full ‘Hot Lips’ like Marilyn Monroe or are they pursed and tight showing a holding back of their sensual expression. The degree of creativity, intuition and sexual appeal is shown in the top lip and the vocal expression is shown in the bottom lip. You will be amazed at the accuracy of Face Reading. Face Reading is our original form of communication. As babies, we do it instinctually, as adults we need to get out of our intellectual minds and learn it all over again.


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You probably already can name three to four accurate traits about a person. After learning and practicing the Art of Reading Faces, I guarantee you will be able to name thirty or more accurate things about a person before they have even opened their mouths to speak. The most IMPORTANT question of all!!! “WHAT IS YOUR OWN FACE SAYING?” Call Now for more information on “The Art of Reading Faces” Workshop! Toll Free 1-877-846-3948. ◆ Core Potentials Training Inc. Contact: Speakers Bookings 1-877-846-3948

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• Face Rea ding - July 17 • BodyMin d Anaysis - July 18 a nd 19

Australasian Institute of BodyMind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy A Registered Training Organization ~ National Provider No. 3117

“5 Steps to Releasing the Issues in your Tissues ” Fall Courses 2010 Magic of BodyMind Communication© • The Art of Reading Faces • BodyMind Analysis • Language of the Hands • Emotional Anatomy • Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy Carole Friesen

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Self Healing starts with Self Awareness FREE Evening Seminars 7 to 10 p.m. Pre-register on

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Discovering your Power Animals and having fun learning about them By Richard Sykes


o many people ask what is a power animal and how do you find out which one is yours and is there just one or many? These are very good questions. Answers: A power animal is an animal that you keep seeing like a hawk or a raven, even a as something like a lady bug. We all need to be aware of what we see and what keeps showing up in our lives and dreams on a repetitive basis. You see each animal has a different kind of meaning and if you don’t know what that animal means there are a few books out there to help you to find the meaning of each animal or mammal and insect. There are books by Ted Andrews I would like to recommend to you, these are very informative books to help and guide you along your journey on many different levels from the physical to the spiritual . All animals used to speak just like us,

without the improper use of language, something we all can learn from, and they still speak in what we call the Shamanic world. The animals will come and visit you in a dream and may even talk to you and give you a message or the answer you have been searching for. Please do your best to listen when they do show themselves and talk to you, because it is very important. There is always some kind of message. Do your best to read between the lines of what they are saying to you. When an animal or animals shows themselves repetitively find out represents and means to you. Most certainly there is a power animal for you and will stay with

you for life, connecting with it always, and calling on its energy or to help you in a particular situation. The next excerpt I will talk about how some animals react to things like the weather for example. ◆ Richard Sykes - Native name Buffalo Heart Metis Nation Pipe carrier

SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 15

A love story with Tarot Cards By Norma Cowie


began a journey 45 years ago, November 6 1964. I began my love affair with my Tarot Cards. Little did I know by going to this Tarot Card Reading class how my life would change. How over the years I would come to understand human nature and the spiritual pathway of life and most of all what a great friend my 78 Tarot Cards would become. I did not dream that I was going to be finding a companion to walk the pathway of life. That I would be on radio, a regular on a T.V. show, host my own cable T.V. show, write three books on the subject, create a DVD, and travel speaking at Tarot Conferences. No, I had no idea; I was just going to learn about Tarot Cards. At the time I began studying I had no idea what Tarot Cards were, but I had heard Mr. Wm. Balderstone speaking about them and I decided to go and learn more. I studied for three years. Mr. Balderstone said he had a new way of reading Tarot and he did. Years later when I went to have my first book published, no one would publish it because “it was not like any other book”. Therefore, I self published Tarot for Successful Living and have continued to do so for all my other books. I learned how to read Tarot Cards not by memorizing them, but learning how to ‘read’ them to follow where your eye goes and most importantly how to link one symbol to another to make a story. I also learned two major differences from the traditional way of reading. First was not to use reversals and the second was that court cards were attitudes not people. By not using reversals I learned to listen to what the symbol was telling me I would ‘read’ the card. I have found the card tells me what I need to know. I do not have to remember what a specific card means. No one would think when you first look at a deck of Tarot Cards how one could become attached to these 78 paper cards. As you first look through them, all you see is different pictures, but as you study them and especially when you learn to read them for yourself, a whole world opens up. It is no wonder these 78 Tarot Cards have been called the “unbound book of wisdom”. Tarot breaks the 78 symbols into two sections, the 22 Higher Arcana (Arcana meaning secret) and 56 Lower Arcana. The 22 Higher Arcana symbols are more complex in their symbology and speak to the spiritual steps we make in life. The 56 Lower Arcana 16 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

are more simple pictures and break down into four suits. The Wands represent your thinking, Cups your feelings, Swords the problems and challenges and Pentacles the day to day routine of your life. Each suit goes from number one through ten, with a page, knight, queen and king (the court cards). Sixteen cards per suit. I have great admiration for the creators of the deck I have used since the beginning 45 years ago. Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith created the deck over 100 years ago. They were both members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a mystery school in London. The artist Pamela Coleman Smith has historically been overlooked until recent years. She died penniless, but her artwork has continued on. Today the deck is known as the Rider Waite Deck. The Universal Deck and the Radiant Rider Waite Deck also use the same symbology as the two originals created. But there are now hundreds of different Tarot Card decks out there with all manner of symbology within them. Before Waite/Coleman Smith created their deck you would have to use your memory because the Lower Arcana was represented as one Wand, or three cups or five swords or ten pentacles on a page. They drew the 56 Lower Arcana Cards in picture form. Each card told a story and you did not have to memorize it. Now there were pictures, and pictures tell stories, and it was the stories that these 78 picture cards told, that I fell in love with. Whether reading Tarot Cards for myself or others there were countless stories to be told. The journey of life unfolded before me whenever I put the cards out. When I look back over these last 45 years and think of the journey they and I have done as I learned many other metaphysical topics, they have been my companion. I would learn something new, come back and look and there it was before me. Yes, Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith knew over 100 years ago what made mankind tick, how we as humans respond and what life is made of. I love what I have learned. My love of these 78 Tarot Cards continues and may it continue for another 45 years. ◆ Norma Cowie is a Psychic Life Consultant who has studied metaphysics for 45 years. An author of eight books, three of them on the Tarot, she also has CDs and DVDs. Besides private consultations, she teaches and facilitates workshops internationally. Norma lives in Penticton B.C. and can be reached at 250.490.0654 or

Magdalena’s Message Ascension to Live By Virgina Ellen


scension is the process of living fully. You cannot ascend a dying body. The question is how do you live fully? I say to you, call home life to be lived. Call home all of the moments you denied yourself life. If you had lived each lifetime fully you would not be on the karmic wheel. Ascension comes through the willingness to live. One reason that you are dying off is because you have been shut off from your own life force energies. When you begin to deeply feel you begin to live and ascend. Call home all of the past moments that you did not feel, the moments you denied yourself life. When you begin to feel these moments, you begin to live and the cells awaken to new life. They will awaken to receive life force energies. This is how the body rejuvenates. Calling Home the Past Moments Close your eyes and come within. Speak from your emotions to the Mother Energy.

Beloved Mother I call home my fear of not being able to make it. I call home my fear of not being able to do what I want to do with my life. I call home my fear of never getting to really live and have what I want. I give these fears to you my Beloved Mother to be transformed by your love. Sound the sound mystical sound of transformation. – Amenyn

As you activate each of your Great Sacred Seals, it will send juices of electrical currents of energy to every cell. Each Sacred Seal has many electrical currents and secretions of passion, life energy, sensual energy, divine power, will, desire, security, trust, acceptance, love, joy, sexual energy and many more. These energies will be released from the Sacred Seals and sent throughout the body. The body will be ascending its vibration and it will be illuminated with Sacred Energy and Christ Consciousness. Blessings on your Ascension, Magdalena ◆ Channeled by Virginia Ellen •

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resource directory Join us in our intention of creating comprehensive national holistic directory. This is the start of something that we’ve dreamt of creating for our community for a LONG TIME! Our Vision is to establish an affordable and comprehensive NATIONAL DIRECTORY & EVENT CALENDAR as a resource for our community! By offering listings in this section for a nominal fee to cover the cost of printing and production, we hope to offer an option that is affordable for EVERYONE!

The more comprehensive — or the more categories and regions include the more valuable and useful this publication will become! Get lists, or post your event for our next issue by visiting – it takes less than two minutes to fill in the form! Or call 1-877-560-6830. Want to organize a directory and calendar for your community, contact us about becoming a volunteer co-ordinator for your community.

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◗ Reconnective Healing® i Debra Hadley, Reconnective Healing®/The Reconnection®. Specializing in aiding animals and their people. Comprehensive, hands-off, cellular healing for releasing disease and trauma. Distance or in-person. 403-771-6141 ◗ Reflexology ❉ Would you like to own/operate a natural

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nights, in an open and respectful environment. Got Passion? 780-886-2768

i Harmonic Medicine - supports healing and transformation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Integrating Sound Healing; Vibrational Healing; ChakraPranic Healing and Etheric Surgery. Michele Gervais 780-964-2738

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◗ Hypnotherapy i This very unique Edmonton social work practice utilizes: •hypnosis •clinical hypnotherapy •solution focused coaching •neuro linguistic programming HFL is run by Terri Cooper RSW CCHT, NLP-M, DCH who is a social worker and master neuro linguistic programmer with a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. 780 452-2055

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◗ Hypnotherapy i The absolute best in 21st century Holistic Health care! Offering world-wide certificate courses and powerful healing therapies through long distance and personal classes. A proud member of the famous Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 403-347-0928 ◗ Reflexology i The absolute best in 21st century Holistic Health care! Offering world-wide certificate courses and powerful healing therapies through long distance and personal classes. A proud member of the famous Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 403-347-0928 ◗ Reiki i The absolute best in 21st century Holistic Health care! Offering world-wide certificate courses and powerful healing therapies through long distance and personal classes. A proud member of the famous Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 403-347-0928

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◗ Psychic Coach & Professional Medium ❋ Sharyn Rose provides guidance with relationships, health, wealth, career issues or the loss of a loved one. Whatever it is - Sharyn can help! 403-343-6679 ◗ Thai Yoga Massage i The absolute best in 21st century Holistic Health care! Offering world-wide certificate courses and powerful healing therapies through long distance and personal classes. A proud member of the famous Natural Health Practitioners of Canada 403-347-0928

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◗ Retreats - Women i Women Inspiring Women/Goddess Retreats $300 May, Sept. Victoria, BC oceanfront - Connection, Networking, Creativity, Spirituality, Speakers, Healers, Drumming, Workshops, Beachfire, Chocolate Fondue, Goddess Gift Exchange. Gail Hull 250-479-2801

i Natural Drug and Alcohol Treatment Protocol Agora Regeneration Clinics Ltd. First naturopatic drug and alcohol treatment protocol in Canada, healing damaged neurotransmitters while gently detoxifying body and clearing emotional trauma. 604-688-6848

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◗ Greeting Cards ❉ Send joyous, life-affirming messages to loved ones with a gorgeous Goddess Greeting Card. Or email a virtual, green hug with an e-card from our new, sister website. Live your life with passion and joy! Encourage others to do the same. ◗ Healing Arts Practitioners i Spiritual Healings, Soul Channeled Spiritual Readings, Mentoring Sessions, Shifting underlying self destructive beliefs with brain wave patterning with Nenari “Diamondlady”, 250-483-3937

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◗ Channeling i Source Within: Reconnect to your 'source within’. The collective consciousness SAM (Securely Attached to Mankind), channelled by Maureen Becker offers support to help you reconnect to your own inner wisdom and divinity. 204-275-1704

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◗ Corporate Wellness & Health Retreats ❉ Even Strong People Need to DeSTRESS to MANIFEST. Venting workshops/ books/Ebooks help safely release fear/anger/ grief & look at life from a “different’ more enlightened view. 905-371-3818


◗ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ❉ “If you are in search of Good Health and Great Wealth, then live life the Amega Way!!" This is a pre-launch opportunity and NOW is the time to Connect with Amega! Visit A Selfcare Approach to Total Wellness and Prosperity! Contact Gail at 403-850-4792 ◗ Feng Shui i Harmony Outwest, Authentic Feng Shui is a science using mathematical formulas sight specific to you. Find out just how easy, fun and beneficial Feng Shui can be for you. Rachel 306-842-2276 ◗ Holistic Magazines and Publications i Wholife Journal, The Wholeness & Wellness Journal of Saskatchewan Since 1995 306-653-1283 ◗ Energy Healing i Touch of Sunrise - Wendy Hiltz, MultiCertified Energy and Sound Therapist Quantum Touch, Touch for Health, Body Management, Sacred Sound with Tibetan Bowls. 306-478-2943

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◗ Healing Touch Therapy, Intuitive Arts ❉ 'INTUITIVE RESOURCE' rgd, Mobile Holistic Counselor, Intuitive Practitioner/ Clairvoyance, T.E.M - Therapy Energy Healing Modalities, Personal-Business-Special Events – 416-698-7793 ◗ The Munay-Ki Rites i Cherry Valley Retreat offers Workshops for psychic and soul development, gifting of the Munay-Ki Rites, Certification Classes for Animal Communications, Past Life Regressions, Reflexology, Reiki. Cherry Valley Retreat 905-895-2871

◗ Spiritual Healing ❉ Discover Part IV of The Urantia Book, "The Life and Times Of Jesus". Read about his birth, his childhood, the death of his father Joseph, read about his life and teachings including his arrest, trail, crucifixion and resurrection. Available free at


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◗ Classes and Workshops i RainDrop Technique-Young Living Essential Oils Institute of Energy Wellness Studies Present 3 day Raindrop Technique, Ontario, 2 day Neuro-auricular Technique using Young Living Essential Oils Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita starting March 22,2010 Tisdale Sask. Sask. 1-905-451-4475 Get YOUR event out there with listings starting at $10! Imagine a comprehensive list of events where we can come together as community! Share our vision Get lists, or post your event for our next issue by visiting 1-877-560-6830 ❉ ADVANCED TOOLS FOR SELF-MASTERY workshop. Pamela shares advanced transformation tools and provides personal assistance to help you fulfill your Divine life purpose. 1-866-847-3454 ❉ SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP Pamela offers a variety of tools and hands-on experiential exercises. Learn to self-heal or assist others to heal. 1-866-847-3454

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Building Community – a new way forward in Politics to help!” knowing what an oxymoron that was. Then I came to the big city was born in Calgary, and again. Calgary, the glitzy city when I was six our family of money, opportunity, and moved to an original home- so many streetlights at night stead deep in the bush of rural it hardly got dark. First thing Alberta – just like 18th century I noticed was although there pioneers. I learned a lot from were people everywhere, few growing up without electricity knew their own neighbors. and television, giving me the Hundreds of thousands of unique experience of having lonely and preoccupied people, lived in and able to compare working so hard downtown, life in both worlds. stuck in traffic, only getting From the farm, I learned home in time to sleep. Little hard work, self-reliance and time for a life. Few close being in touch with the spirit friends – acquaintances only of the land. I also grew up not a lot of people you could with people who despite being rely on if you were having far away in the bush were actu- real troubles. They called the ally very close knit. Friendly, suburbs “bedroom communicaring people who would give ties” because in the daytime, you the shirt off their back if there wasn’t anyone there… you were in trouble; A solid people only came home to community that took care of sleep, and then get up and each other. If your barn burned go back to work in the morndown, the neighbors helped ing. I wondered “where are you build a new one – no the living rooms?” in each payment required. You would of those bedroom communido the same for them. There ties? Seemed to me, we had wasn’t any government to rely a much better community out on for anything. That didn’t in the bush from what I saw seem to bother anyone - quite here. So, I set out to help crethe opposite. We all laughed ate better communities, startat the phrase “we are from the ing with the district around government, and we are here my small business (Casablanca “First we build our Cities – and then, they build us.” – Jane Jacobs


22 • sUMMER/FALL 2010

Video). We created a “Business Revitalization Zone” (BRZ) and named the district “The Marda Loop” so that we could create a “small town” atmosphere in the larger city. As founder and Chairman, I set out to attract small business and shops and pubs that I hoped would move in, creating a much more vibrant shopping district. A community “living room” where people could get out of their houses and mix and mingle and meet at night - a community, where people could get to know your name. Few people believed me when I said it was possible at the beginning…but our “guineapig” BRZ, along with others that sprang up later, started making a lot of headway. It soon became clear that the BRZ models we were pioneering were working - revitalizing small communities right across the Province. As “Mayor of Marda Loop”, I was pushed into politics, where I continued promoting what I thought was common sense but turned out to be leading-edge ideas on all kinds of fronts. My track record ( is filled with

initiatives that achieved international awards and successes that I am very proud of. I am running for Mayor of Calgary now. Among other things I want to step up our initiatives to continue to create better, healthier, friendlier, safer, more inclusive and vibrant communities, right across this whole City. I want this whole City to become a CRZ (Community Revitalization Zone). I want to roll out the successful models that I helped pioneer in Marda Loop, Victoria Park and elsewhere, to create the kind of close-kit, caring communities that I know can be created and that I know work much better for the people who live in them. First we build our City’s – and then, they build us, indeed. We have built this City so far, mostly just to make money….based on Albertans fears of financial insecurity. In chasing money all the time though, I wonder if we have forgotten how to build true wealth? When it comes to building Calgary, I say we must always remember who we are building this City for, and why. It’s just good common sense to say…People first. ◆

AstroVolution - Awakening through Astrology by Chandler Armstrong

“It is when astrology permits us to provide a glimpse of who we are beyond the world of form that we began to find its true value as a tool for awakening. The universe is always “perfect”, and both chaos and coincidence are only illusions created out of our limited perspectives! The “label” I given to this use of astrology as a tool of awakening to the one life is “Astrovolution”. In the following column you will find a practical interpretation for each sign, but also a brief hint as to what may be unfolding on your inner journey when you use it as tool for contemplation. I’ve also started posting this column as well as more astrological insight at◆

June 15 to September 1, 2010 ✪ Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries, this is a time of transformation, planning of further activity and re-thinking of your material values. You may also find yourself resuming old relations and striking up new business acquaintances. It may be unwise to take risks and get involved in risky ventures, no matter how tempting and profitable they look, avoid getting ahead of your self. You are correct if you are sensing an impending major new cycle of expansion and growth, but rushing in before you’re ready can diminish the success that will come from waiting for the right time. Going inward and learning to be content and thankful for each moment and trusting that all will unfold as it should, can be a profound spiritual practice right now.

✪ Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, you may find it necessary to restore the relations, reconcile those who had quarreled. Some estrangement in family and strained relations with parents are possible, especially in mid-summer. An opportunity to join new groups or get involved with a cause or work within an organization toward the common good is also a possibility right now. Learning to serve others without needing outer validation can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall. ✪ Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Gemini, you may find yourself in situations where you have to choose between accepting more responsibility and setting new boundaries. It’s also possible that this may involve work or helping those younger or less experienced. Learning to express yourself and your creativity can also get you noticed over the next few months, and you will find that you have more discipline and focus than usual. Learning to trust your inner knowing, and allow your authentic creative self flow and unfold without allowing others expectations or opinions to limit your self-expression can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall. ✪ Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Cancer, this is in a new phase in the unfoldment of your authentic self and you may find yourself beginning to feel restless and dissatisfied with any routine or "status quo" connected to the current expression of self. Your consciousness regarding these parts of yourselves and your lives is accelerated to the point that others might consider your actions (and reactions) hasty or rebellious. This may bring some career changes or aspirations that you have not explored to the surface. Learning to surrender and find balance between your inner purposes with your outer purpose can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall.

✪ Leo (July 23 - August 23) Leo, you may feel a tremendous need for freedom and the expansion of self which may manifest in travel, new areas of study, and cultivating greater awareness. However, you must also temper this with duties, responsibilities and common sense in regards to the financial implications of acting on such impulses. Cultivating a deep inner contentment with who you are and a knowing that your true freedom comes from within can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall.

the past. It's a time of more spontaneous expression. This is a playful, somewhat eccentric, period. Casual relationships that have grown stale may be left behind now as you grow impatient with those who don’t share your sense of adventure. You may also attract unusual new friends, romances or romantic partners into your life during this cycle. Learning to live each moment as if it has never been experienced before allows you to experience new possibilities in all areas of your life and can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall.

✪ Virgo (August 24 - September 22) Virgo, you may find that your heavy workload will cause family arguments, no matter how hard you try to prove that you work to provide for your family, your reasons will likely do little to help the situation. In the second half of the 2010 year some difficulties, connected with education and upbringing of children, may occur. Learning to see the impermanence of your outer situation allows you to see the larger picture and sort out what is truly important and can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall.

✪ Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Capricorn, finding a balance between security and impulse for growth may find the need to look for a new job and search for new sources of income during the summer. You also may have a greater than normal urge to waste money - but do not indulge in it! Reasonable cost saving and thorough planning will guarantee your success. Learning to let go of unrealistic expectations for yourself and focusing on what is truly important can be an important part of your spiritual growth this summer and fall.

✪ Libra (September 23-October 22) Libra, you may notice that close relationships are an area of attention. Some relationships may end, because they demand more than they are worth. Even strong relationships are likely to be redefined. Remembering that you choose every relationship as well as how they affect you is important right now! Cultivating an objective awareness to how you perceive and react to others in your life helps you to understand parts of yourself you may not be willing to own. Often it’s not others, but ourselves that we may not be happy with. Learning to recognize the oneness and divinity of everyone in your life and how we are ultimately all on the same journey can be a profound spiritual practice this summer and fall. ✪ Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Scorpio, you may find yourself in a tug of war between a tremendous desire to move forward, asserting yourself in the quest of what you desire, while at the same time being held back by the past. Learning that there is no such thing as failure, simply people, places and things that are placed in our paths to help us understand our true nature may be the spiritual lesson you learn this summer and fall. ✪ Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Sagittarius, this is a time when you can free yourself of personal inhibitions that may have been part of your life in

✪ Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Aquarius, you may find this a time of changes in your value system and a period where many of your past attitudes are discarded in favor of those that are conducive to growth. Part of this lesson may involve encountering unexpected circumstances that bring about a fluctuating or uncertain income. Learning to be comfortable and event excited about not knowing what the future holds, or what your “meant to do” brings back your love of life as an adventure and can be a part of your spiritual journey this summer and fall. ✪ Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Pisces you can expect monumental changes to your outlook on life and the way in which you project yourself to others. Many may already be see the start of the new you emerging. Freedom of expression is deeply important now. It is a time of making breaks from the past that have limited your freedom or that kept you from expressing your individuality. This is a time when you are willing to take personal risks. Consciousness is awakening in areas of your life that it touches in surprising ways. As such, there may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations or past conditioning patterns. Realizing that you are not your past is a key to awakening your true self and part of your spiritual journey this summer and fall. Chandler is co-founder of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, editor of Body Soul Spirit Magazine, Marketing Director, Publicist and Astrologer. His specialties inlcude Esoteric Aatrology (astrology of the soul), Relationship Analysis, Financial Astrology, and the Astrology of Past Lives. His expertise in astrology has come from the thousands of charts he has done for people from almost every walk of life. SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 23

SUMMER/FALL 2010 • 24

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