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EXPLORE • EXPERIENCE • ENLIGHTEN • EVOLVE – Celebrate the oneness of all life Spring/Summer 2012

Issue 7



Awakening to Our Greater Being


Transcending the Rational Mind

Marcus T. Anthony <

Follow Your Heart, It Is Smarter Than You Think

Rebecca Cherry Your Holistic New Thought & New Consciousness Lifestyle Magazine

Angels Embrace

Charles Virtue



Tina Marie Daly

Angel Certification Program

This class contains all of the teachings, channelings, and practices taught in the ATP class and the ETP class in Europe. After this three-day intensive training and clearing class, you will be designated as a Certified Angel Healer and will be able to give Angel readings and healing to clients, friends, family, and yourself.

May 18-20, 2012 I 10am 5pm

Cost $799.00 I Glenmore Inn - 2720 Glenmore Trail SE

Register online at or contact Angels Embrace at 403.982.3003

‘Self Healing’… The New Health Science™ Discover the 3 Sacred Keys to better Health, more Energy & much happier Relationships Join us for a full evening of fun, deep awareness and live demonstrations of why you are in the shape you are in. Together we will explore face reading, the power of body language and how to release the energetic blockages that manifest as dis-ease. Empower yourself and others by understanding the deep connection between Mind, Body and Soul. Discover how you can be empowered by using simple tools to experience greater self confidence, self love, self respect and peace of mind.

Hermann Müller

Carole Friesen

“The process of reinventing the body and resurrecting the soul is a journey, and the journey never ends.” Deepak Chopra

2012 Spring Tour Introductory Seminar 7 pm

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Lim IGN Y! d S DA en


TO a Fr g

n Bri

Saskatoon, SK Vancouver, BC Calgary, AB Brandon, MB Winnipeg, MB Calgary, AB Edmonton, AB

Monday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Monday Monday

February 13, 2012 February 20, 2012 March 19, 2012 March 26, 2012 March 27, 2012 April 23, 2012 May 7, 2012

Our presenters are internationally acclaimed teachers and speakers with dynamic endless flair. FREE by pre-registering online for this powerful life changing seminar Contact 1-877-846-3948 or 403-262-2560

Think Universally, Act Individually It is my great joy and priviledge to exercise can make oversee the creation of the Spring a subtle Summer issue of the Body, Soul, Spirit difference that Expo Magazine. Brad , Chandler and I starts making have known each other many years, I powerful changes am sure we have been friends through in your life. As you many lifetimes, and I am delighted to practice each day, add a few more be working with them again. There will conscious breaths. Do it while driving, be a lot of new and interesting changes or in stressful moments at work. The coming ahead for the more you practice this “The primary cause of magazine and expo. “micro-meditation”, the Stay tuned to the quicker and deeper its unhappiness is never the web site for updates. impact will be felt. You situation but your don’t need to meditate for thoughts about it.” hours to see improvements. As we move deeper - Eckhart Tolle into the year 2012, it becomes increasingly If you are a bit more important for us all to focus our ambitious, wonderful! The world awareness into the positive changes we needs your leadership. Everyone has a can make in the world. Not everyone is role to play at every level. a Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama or Ghandi, but we can each contribute something with our lives to make our world a better place. Gratefully Yours, The Body Soul & Spirit Ekhart Tolle, author of A New Earth Expo, Magazine believes that the world would change quickly and dramatically if everyone took the time to take one “conscious Brandi Jasmine breath” every day. This simple exercise can have a profound impact on your mood and personal wellness. Just relax and pay close attention to your breath for a time. You will find that this small


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10 ...... Product Review: Tower Gardens by Larry Barnes

12 ...... Transcend Your Mind by Marcus T. Anthony PhD

14 ...... Awakening To Our Greater Being by Meg Blackburn Losey PhD

16 ...... Follow Your Heart

by Rebecca Cherry

17 ...... Belief Repatterning by Suze Casey

18 ...... Plantar Fascia

by Robin Vorauer


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On The Cover

“Persephone” From the “Enchanted Garden Series by Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk of Toronto, Canada, is a Photographer and Visionary Artist who specializes in creating Spiritual Visionary portraits as well as in inspirational fantasy photo-illustrations for holistic, spiritual businesses and a variety of publications. Her background in Cultural Anthropology (Master’s degree), as well as a deep interest in spirituality and mythology, bring valuable insights and a unique style to her art. Her profound sensitivity to beauty, the mysteries and spirits of nature, other ethereal worlds, and her connection with the ancient past is also clearly visible in her work. Besides creating artwork for a variety of clients and selling some of her work as stock art for publications and advertising use, Renata also makes most of her images available as fine art prints, posters, greeting cards and other products sold directly from her website and other Internet Stores. To see more samples of Renata’s artwork please visit her main website at:

Event Calendar Body Soul & Spirit Expo Calgary Stampede Park, Big Four Building April 20-22, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Regina Conexus Arts Centre April 27-29, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Edmonton The Edmonton Expo Centre - Northlands May 4-6, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Toronto International Centre May 25-27, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Prairieland Park, Saskatoon Sept 28-30, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Vancouver Tradex Exhibition Center Oct. 12-14, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Calgary Stampede Park, Big Four Building Oct. 19-21, 2012 Body Soul & Spirit Expo Edmonton Mayfield Convention Centre Nov 2,3,4, 2012

Spring 2012 Resource Directory Post your ad for $25.00 and get a free online ad in Body, Soul, Spirit Expo Magazine. For more details call 1-877-560-6830 ext. 6 and speak to one of our Representatives, or visit Look for our online tool that allows you to submit online and to our magazine at the same time!

Empowerment Starts Here! Venting Creatively Invites YOU to Be Fit, Creative, “Self ” Centered, Inspired, and Stress-Free. Angels Among Us: Angel Rogers, Certified Angel Medium and Past Life Healer with Doreen Virtue See Email: Ph: 403-829-8512 Donna Young, Astrologer Looking for something deeper than your horoscope? Try a professional astrology consultation and discover what they cosmos have written about you! Life, Relationships, Career, and much more! Donna studied Astrology at Kepler College Email: Ph: 778-554-0817 Belief Re-patterning® is a new way to address an age old problem.

It does not require painful rehashing of past traumas or dissecting and discussing difficult experiences. It is a learning technique that focuses on moving forward. The results are profound, effective and immediate. For more information contact Suze Casey, Email: or see Pathways to Spirit Institute – We are Reiki Masters - Teachers, healing practitioners, offering metaphysical classes, meditations and initiations in the ancient lineage of King Solomon www. Ph: 403-266-5442

Psychic Cecilia, over 40 years of experience, Tarot, Playing Cards, Clairvoyant, Past Life Regression Ph: 403-288-0734 Core Potential Training Carole Friesen is North America’s Leading Expert in Psychosomatic Therapy, for information on becoming a practitioner, and our next training classes and workshops, see: or call 1-877-846-3948 Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts offering Reiki Sessions, Classes, Angel Readings & Healing, Past Life Readings and Clearing, Bio –Energetic Release, Ortho Bionomy, Web: Ph: 403-828-7395

Witness Your Light and Truth with Shahana Spirit Readings and Energy Clearing Yuen Method Divine Light Reiki and Health Practitioner and Matrix "The Absolute Best in 21st Century Energetic Practitioner Holistic Health Care" Ph: 403-652-8086 Phone 403-347-0928 Email: Discounts and Mobile. Healing and Health Center: Reiki treatment; teaching Usui and Karuna Reiki--- all levels. Pranic Healing, Healing Mudras, Yoga for ailments, Pranayam, Meditation, East Indian Vegetarian Cooking. 403-201-1514

YOU CAN have more energy and be more focused. Ionic Supreme is packed with nearly 200 powerful nutrients to help you feel your best everyday! 403-675-5570


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Welcome to the Body By VI - 90 Day Challenge! ~ Teresa Hitchman

With so many amazing stories created thanks to Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, it isn't about what you have to lose, but rather what you have to gain. With over $25 million dollars in free product, prizes and vacations awarded each year there is something for everybody on the challenge. The Body By Vi Challenge is helping people lose weight and get fit. The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge works for 3 reasons: Its simple, affordable and FUN! It is easy to

follow and cost effective. Following meal plans, especially those that include healthy and organic foods can be expensive, but a Vi-Shake works out to be less than a couple of dollars per meal. This is what is called "transfer spending"; money that you would normally use on groceries is spent on a Vi-Shake; a much healthier option and even better! Most people can drink one or two shakes a day, eat a healthy third meal with healthy snacks in between. Usually within a week or two, they start to see results.

Free" program, all you have to do is help 3 people join the challenge with a kit of equal or greater value to your own. If you do this, you'll get your next kit for FREE! Studies have shown that people who take on weight loss and fitness goals alongside others are more likely to be successful, and the Body By Vi Challenge is modern proof.

The community aspect is also making it easier; it's a lot more fun to join the challenge with friends. With the "Refer 3 - Get Your Kit for

Let the challenge begin!!

Imagine that you could attend a leadership seminar, a personal growth seminar, an anger management workshop, a couples weekend, a personality-types workshop, a sales & management seminar, and had your own personal success coach ... all for just the price of a book? 4 â&#x20AC;˘ SPRING/SUMMER 2012

Beaded Fine Art

When you complete your challenge, you've accomplished something special, no matter how large or small your goal.

Are you psychic? Do you have unexplained headaches, dizzy spells, sleeping disorders, mood swings? Have you suffered from depression? Do you see flashes of light? Are you anxious in crowded places? Have you had strange visions, or unexplained psychic experiences? Have you suffered from psychic attacks? Would you like to "Just shut it all off" and "Make it go away"?

Take Back Control of Your Life!

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Heart-Body-Mind mind’s logic might lead you to say ‘yes’, but the actual remembrance, buried in the memory of the the body’s cells and structure, could very well be ‘no’. This contradiction keeps the undesirable programs looping through one’s being and is the root cause that is so difficult to realize.

Your Soul hungers to integrate with your Own True Nature -- The Mystery of Existence. All too often we find ourselves getting in our own way. We become enmeshed in a web of non-acceptance, disguised as memories and experiences of survival, some of them traumatic. This perpetuates our day-to-day theater of struggle and anxiety. You can change this condition and live life to the fullest by releasing yourself from this bondage of fear and Self-restriction.

energy and returning us to the alignment that existed prior to our conditioning is the sane harbor that we all seek. Infinite in its nature, the sparkle and space of this energy is accessible and intrinsic to each individual.

The body is a network of communication on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These interpenetrate one another and other energetic realms. Every moment, the entire body is receiving: opening to or constricting to external information, and then sorting and storing this information in the body, based on prior conditioning. This vicious circle of conditioning is how barriers are created, re-enforced during a lifetime and creates the illusion that we are separate from the true source of our being - the light of universal consciousness. These conditioned memories are the net that imprisons us in separateness from our own energy. They present themselves in many forms, such as disease, stress, dissatisfaction and a myriad of other problems.

The externalized search for acceptance, information, or identification is the very source that creates stress and disease in life. The real intelligence of the body abides within the Heart and embraces your own Knowing, your Your heart is the conscious own Wisdom, and your own Health. awareness of the body. The heart is first to respond to a stimulus in Through no fault of anyone’s, many the outside world: with it’s every individuals have been societally beat a wave pattern of energy is conditioned to pay exclusive heed sent throughout the body to which to the analytical mind and banish all cells and systems respond in the rest of the body to numbness turn. The brain’s response is either and disconnection. a call to battle or a laying down of arms, and the rest of the body is Intelligence is found from the summoned into action, accordingly. smallest cell to the largest parts of Every moment is either in harmony the body. Memory is energy and is with the current or in a struggle stored somewhere in the body and with it, of dominance, strife or affects the life-energy flow of entire numbness. body -- not just the mind. When you are making a choice, your The undoing of knots of memory

~ Silvija

Everyone deserves to be grounded and supported by the energy of this planet. Everyone deserves to hold the reins of co-creation of their life. Everyone deserves to live from the heart sustained by wisdom, compassion, acceptance and understanding . It is time to remember your true nature and weave your entire body into integration with it. It is time to be in harmony first with yourself and then the rest of the world; as a unique individual living as an example of heart, knowing and grounded in quiet strength. Silvija is a Master Healer, with a wide background of training in various modalities. She treats every individual and situation as unique. She will help you unblock your Barriers, open channels of Energy, and revitalize and teach your whole Being on all levels. This integration and alignment of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your Self will give you access to wider and wider fields of Energy. Activate the Harmony within you, know the Abundance of your Self and let Shine your own Divine Echo.


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THE YUEN METHOD TM The art of infinite potential … by Colette Stefan

At times it may seem as if the universe is conspiring against us to make life miserable. It is more likely that the universe is mirroring back the negative programming held in our sub-conscious mind.

This is possible because your body functions much like a binary computer in the sense that it is either on or off, strong or weak. The central nervous system acts as the hard drive, the peripheral nervous system as the soft ware. Energetic The majority of humans throughout corrections are aligned on multiple history have failed to rise to their levels of consciousness, existences infinite potential. and dimensions made possible by our connection in the unified field. Some of us live wonderful lives with small problems. Others of us live The correction is a shift in energy, not so powerful lives with seemsimilar to a light switch being ingly larger problems. Most of us flipped on. perceive our lives as falling somewhere in between depending If suddenly something abnormal on what is happening in our world happens we call it a miracle. If we at any given time. no longer call it a miracle and call it a technology it can be achieved The root source and reasons for one hundred percent of the time physical, mental and emotional and become as consistent as the pain are similar for everyone, the computer you use. sequence of causes for each individual are as unique as our When you are told you have a bothfingerprints. er, and the reasons you have it, and it still does not change for the better, Everything we need to eliminate it is not necessarily the wrong pain lies within us. We do not need answer it is just not the answer to rely on miracles to get better. most applicable to the situation at Optimum performance is achieved that specific moment. through the balance of mind, body and spirit. Insisting that a problem or issue in your life is coming from a source The Yuen MethodTM maximizes that is not based in truth makes it intuition and perception to ask the more difficult to resolve and often correct question and observe when makes it worse. a person’s energy goes weak. This allows the practitioner to pinpoint Energetically pinpointing the unthe root cause by identifying derlying cause of complaint is much weaknesses on all levels of influence. like peeling layers of an onion, Awareness of the root cause removing influences that obstruct eliminates it with an energetic the flow of energy, layer by layer. correction at quantum speed. No Every correction has a permanent drugs, meditation, devices, hypno- effect and many problems on the sis, touch, religious beliefs or even physical, mental, emotional, a belief in the method itself are psychological, psychic and spiritual required. levels of influence are relieved or resolved instantly resulting in quick,


often instant resolution of pain and other physical symptoms. Dr. Kam Yuen, founder of the Yuen MethodTM is a thirty-fifth generation Shaolin Grandmaster of Kung Fu. His training mastery of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Praying Mantis, Seven Star Mantis and Qi Gong began in childhood, while living in Hong Kong. His innate ability to detect and use an opponent’s energetic weaknesses to his advantage brought him legendary fame in the Western World of Martial Arts. His Career in martial arts shifted dramatically when he discovered that his ability could be used to strengthen energetic weaknesses and eliminate pain. He developed this innovative technique and began teaching it to others. His mission is for every family to have access to a Yuen MethodTM Practitioner to put healing back into the hands of individuals. Many students of the Yuen Method TM are drawn to its’ simplicity. They often describe their experience as “pieces of the puzzle falling into place” and use the method to support and speed up modalities they are currently using. Colette Stefan Certified Yuen Method TM Practitioner/Instructor

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Pendulums: The Forgotten Tool

Katrina Psychic-Medium As a Psychic-Medium working in the spiritual realm, why would I need any tools?

not matter what it is made of, as long as it can swing freely and it is the right fit for the person using it.

All I really need are three things: a Spirit to give a message, a client to receive a message, and myself to transmit this message between the Spirit and client. However, tools can be used to enhance the reading by giving the reader something to focus on together with the client.

When used correctly, a pendulum is a powerful tool that can answer all your questions. It will give the answer in the form of ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not yet decided or not your concern’. There are even ways for the Pendulum to give you an answer that is even more in-depth than just a ‘Yes” or ‘No”. These answers come from inside of you where you have the clearest connection to Spirit, Universe, and God.

Tools of the trade come in many forms like Tarot and Oracle Cards, Tea Leaves, Crystal Balls, Pendulums, Rune Stones and so many more. Most of us have seen a movie or show where a Gypsy is giving a reading to someone with the aid of cards or leaves or even a crystal ball. Some of us have even had our own experiences with these items. One tool that is often forgotten is the Pendulum. For our purpose, a pendulum is an object that is attached to a chain or string that is able to swing freely. It really does

A good place to start with your pendulum is to hold the chain between your thumb and your index finger, with your elbow supported. You can now ask your pendulum to show you a ‘Yes’, and it will go clockwise, or counter clockwise or back and forth.

yet decided’ and yes, another thank you is in order. Congratulations, now you have begun communicating with your pendulum.

For more information on working with pendulums, how to select one that is just right for you, how to After saying thank you, you can ask cleanse it and how to bond with it, it to show you a ‘No’. Once you have please join me at an upcoming thanked it, you can ask to see a ‘Not Pendulum workshop. Or if you want to learn to work with this ancient tool with your friends, you can book a Pendulum Party. Katrina is a Psychic Medium in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit her at the Body Soul Spirit Expos in Calgary, Regina and Edmonton at Booth 11. For a session, please call Katrina at 780-970-0408. She is available for private sessions, in person or by phone, and group parties along with various workshops and Reiki Courses. For more information please go to or on Facebook at Katrina Psychic-Medium

SPRING/SUMMER 2012 • 7 Spring/Summer Forecast 2012 Gemini Observatory GMOS Image


away until you absolutely, support your wild and crazy new positively have to deal with them. ideas, or that exciting romance you Good news is coming that will As comedian Lewis Black says, if will likely have on the go. brighten your working you worry about being sick, then conditions, enhance your moneyyou are going to make yourself sick, Virgo making potential, or improve your aren’t you? This doesn’t mean you overall health. Your intuition may can afford to neglect yourself, the Don’t listen to family members who lead you to a solution to a middle path is always best. put down your latest self-indulproblem concerning possible congence to improve your wellness or taminants in the workplace that are Cancer physical appearance. You may find leading to problems with everyone’s that weird fountain or an wellness. You might have to fight You shine this season, and your expensive massage treatment turns to get something done about that, smile can charm the birds right out out to be worth its weight in gold. because the “powers that be” are not of the trees, but it is not the birds Self improvement for you, but being terribly realistic right now. you have in your sights. You are home improvement may not. You thinking about telling someone may be tempted to put down a lot Taurus how special they are, and they are of money on a fancy facade for your hinting that they are receptive to home that doesn’t go down well You have strong romantic energies your interest. Just avoid the politics with friends and neighbors. right now. If you are single, a friend you are likely to encounter in the may introduce you to someone, but workplace right now. Pick those Libra they could just as easily suddenly battles wisely. You may find some of confess a romantic interest in you your work and health related ideas You have an opportunity to themselves. There could be a are a bit ahead of the curve. improve a friendship with a healing and positive change in neighbor or sibling. You may share your love life. Just don’t follow the Leo similar interests or ideas, but you dictates of your social crowd, just may both be a bit out of step with because your new love interest is You have an opportunity to make the wider culture around you right unusual or your old one develops a lot of money this Spring and now. Your spiritual interests are some new and unusual quirks. Summer, and you may find that expanding greatly, you may have your energy for creating new things unusual psychic or spiritual Gemini is finally coming back after a long experiences. There may be some drought. You will find that you are challenges - something you learn Try to have some fun with friends, able to learn and absorb new info could be shocking to your companions and associations this quickly and easily right now. The sensibilities at first. Remember to Spring. Don’t think about work all challenge in the early part of 2102 stay grounded and do not get too Spring and Summer long. If you is to not get dragged into family carried away by teachings that are want to enjoy yourself, put all your dramas. Focus on the people you new to you. Not everyone is ready worries in a basket, and hide them can count on to build you up and to share in this new experience



your grand entrance just yet. Family members may be less supportive than you expect when you come out and tell them you are moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in show business, for example. Make sure you are being realistic, but don’t give up on your dream just because of a few negative nay-sayers.

into something special. You may have to watch out for social jealousy though. You will find it as easy to make enemies as friends as your sharp mind comes with an even sharper tongue at the moment. Watch your words, you can apply your legendary ability to make friends by turning a battle around, or you can escalate it into a social battle. It will be your choice.

Friends and associates come back around and most of them are on your team instead of being on your back. You may find that they are anxious to make up for past indiscretions, or have ideas for improving their relationship with you. The challenge for you right now is taking your personal impact into the wider world. You Capricorn may feel that you are fighting an uphill battle to get people to You are going to enter a period of listen to reason, common sense and space and time somewhat good ideas. So what else is new? similar to the Twilight Zone, at least for a Capricorn. You like things Sagittarius grounded, stable, that make a lot of money and good sense. But you You may feel you are the eye of the will be bombarded with ideas and hurricane this Spring and opportunities from other Summer, for better or for worse. dimensions. Take a chance on one You have some dramatic new ideas or two of them. Sure, some of your for personal growth and career friends, siblings and companions development, but not everyone in may think you have lost your mind, your life or career path is ready for but knowing you, you will find some way to turn this for a experience into Introductory, Practitioner and the next big startup in your Master’s Diplomas in Nutrition career or business  The most complete Holistic Nutrition Correspondence Course worldwide destiny.


Pisces You are the apple of everyone’s eye this month. Most everyone sees you as outgoing and generous. You may be afforded personal opportunities that do not come around too often - grab one, make the most of it. You also have to beware of jealous eyes watching from dark corners. Opportunities are flowing from information or education that came to you last year. You will find yourself in a position of authority as a result of knowledge or information you have sought out on your own.


Our curriculum is focused on the science and evidence based principles of nutrition, including Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology The only course that teaches Advanced Nutritional Symptomatology Assessment Accredited by IONC, CANNP & NANP one-on-one support and guidance

Training Nutrition Professionals Worldwide!

Check our website for course details 905-294-5090 800-456-9313

Aquarius Your social presence comes back strongly. You will feel on fire. You will know what to say, to whom, where, when and how. You’ll be a one-person social whirlwind. You can make friends and build existing relationships horoscopes, written by Brandi Jasmine, are available for licensing to web sites and publications. To get your free daily horoscope, book a private astrological coaching session or to buy zodiac-theme gifts and t-shirts, please visit:


Product Review:

Tower Gardens by Larry Barnes

Eat, Absolutely, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Save Money, Time and Resources with a Tower Garden. Make the Tower Garden part of your home! The company that brings the Tower Garden to the Market Place is NSA, whose mission statement is to ‘Inspire Healthy Living around the World’. Jay Martin, the founder of NSA, states that, “We educate people about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables”. To facilitate the mission the company brought Juice Plus (26 vine ripened fruits, vegetables, grapes and berries) in a capsule to the marketplace in 1993. It has been their core product for 19 years. Having a large amount of vine ripened produce in your diet is going to make your body a more comfortable place to live. Juice Plus has helped millions of people, in twenty two countries get their health snowball rolling.

product to grow fresh food, right in the home. The Tower Garden is born! This is a futuristic vertical gardening system that speaks to the issues of the day: Vibrant health, the quality of our foods and the amount of resources used to grow and deliver them to the market. NSA has teamed up with Tim Blank of Future Growing, LLC. Tim Blank, the creator of the Tower Garden, graduated from Valencia College with a degree in Horticulture and Greenhouse Management.

In 1993 Tim took the first step toward what was to become his life’s work when he was hired by Walt Disney World in Florida as an advanced intern at Epcot Center’s ‘Living with the Land Pavilion’. After six months as an Now, after nearly two decades of intern, he spent success and a huge body of science, the next six years proving the efficacy of Juice Plus, conducting research NSA delivers a revolutionary new in every horticultural discipline, imaginable. He also


served as a research liaison for the Department of Energy and NASA (an association that would define his next creation). In 2000 Tim accepted the position of Chief Horticulturist and Greenhouse Manager, of the Land Pavilion, at Epcot Centre, in Orlando Florida. As Chief Horticulturist he managed a team of scientists and advanced interns. For 5 years Tim co-authored academic papers pertaining to collaborative research at ‘The Land’. In 2005, he left Disney to launch a one-of-a-kind company called Future Growing. Tim’s dream, to bring the promise of vertical farming to commercial reality was underway. Future Growing developed a proprietary vertical growing system called, the Tower Garden. It allows people to grow healthy nutritious food with a fraction of the effort, a fraction of the land and water, and in a fraction of the time required by conventional gardening The Tower Garden is the only home growing system

made of food grade, UV resistant plastic. It’s a socially responsible system that speaks to the Locavore Movement. Getting your fruits and veggies locally keeps the carbon footprint small.

environments and produce food that is toxin free.

A Tower Garden system includes everything needed to produce food for one growing season. Even the seeds and a sprouting tray are Having families participate in part of the initial package. All the the production of their food has parts and consumable materials demonstrated a positive effect on are available through NSA Canada their interest, and develops the and shipped to the customer’s taste, for more fresh produce. It’s door from their head office, and no wonder that people enjoy the distribution centre, in Mississauga, food. The taste of fresh garden Ontario. NSA has been shipping grown is like nothing else. You can products for 42 years and their be sure of the quality, because you customer service and support watched it grow. is unparalleled. There’s a web site dedicated to all aspects of It uses a tonic of earthen minerals the Tower Garden and training properly balanced to the needs people to use them. Thousands of universal plant growth. It’s a are already, on the porch or in plug and play/grow system that the home, producing fruits and will provide fresh food for years vegetables abundantly. This system to come. The materials used in is designed for the novice gardener the manufacture of the system are and the green thumb alike. the highest quality. It’s designed to stand up against the harshest Who doesn’t get satisfaction from

seeing vibrant growth so quickly? It will provide for the daily needs of a family of 4, when it’s in full operation. The cost of a system is quickly paid back by the savings at the market. As food prices continue to escalate a family with the Tower Garden will save even more. NSA sells it at an economical price and a convenient installment plan over a 12 month period. Enjoy the convenience and the fresh wholesome bounty of the Tower Garden. Get one today and become part of this new movement. Your Tower Garden will provide you with years of nutritious food, satisfaction and a feeling of independence. For purchase information contact: The Juice Plus Connection Toll free, 1 (888) 678-8881 Email:

Have you always known there was more? Have you always known you were different? What if you are an infinite being far more potent than you can possibly imagine? What if the purpose of life was just to have Fun? Access Consciousness offers practical tools, techniques and processes which, if you use them, offer you a totally different perspective on life or way of BEING. What if being you isn’t about doing something different or being better? What if it is about BEING the energy you truly be, in totality? What if that could change everything? Your life, relationships, money situation, body ... and the planet! What if ... until now ... you just didn’t have the tools required?

CHOICE CREATES AWARENESS ... AWARENESS DOES NOT CREATE CHOICE This is your invitation to discover what else is possible and to join Jill and be part of the live demonstration at the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo in Calgary! Jill Daniels will introduce potent Access tools through verbal clearing processes and demonstrate a gentle body process called “The Bars” that involves touching 32 points on the head that correspond to different areas of your life and takes you into Theta, the deepest stage of sleep. This will effectively erase all the accumulated thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have in relation to that area of your life from thousands of years. Having your Bars run is all about RECEIVING! Others have experienced: more energy, virility, money, peace of mind, exuberant joy, improved health, better relationships, dropped several pant/dress sizes, etc.

What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world? Visit Booth # 106 Calgary Spring Expo Have your Bars Run! ENTER FREE DRAW!

Jill Daniels is a leading Canadian Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness and an Inspirational Speaker on topics related to expanding greater awareness and living a phenomenal life. Her speaking engagements and classes are fun, interactive and truly life changing. She lives in a space of non-judgment and embodies the change we all desire in the world. Jill has a background as a Registered Nurse and Alternative Health Practitioner.

“All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory!”


Transcend Your Rational Mind by Marcus T. Anthony, PhD It is commonly believed in many circles, particularly those dizzying circles one finds oneself in within academic and educational institutions, that the rational mind is the highest mental expression currently available to human beings. The rational mind is higher than the emotional mind, it is assumed, because the emotional and unreflective mind led us into mass superstition during the dark ages. Then science, with its empirically founded scientific method, led us out from the darkness and into Enlightenment. Thereafter came massive progress in science and social science; and the benefits to society are obvious. Just look at all those clean hospitals, computers on office desks and airplanes that can whisk us around the world in a matter of hours.

rationality” has greatly affected our cognitive processing in developed economies. We are increasingly processing the world through the medium of Information Technology. There is a great deal of truth to the claim that these cognitive shifts have been good for us. Science and the critical/rational mind have helped us make massive progress. Yet as Michel Foucault and the poststructuralist philosophers have noted, dominant cultures and societies tend to view history as a linear march towards an inevitable present; in this case, towards the “modern”. Mainstream science and society tends to be self-congratulating, and has great difficulty acknowledging the limits of mainstream discourses.

The problem with the four key ways of knowing of the modern mind is that In the dark ages of prehistory people pretty much believed whatever Mum or they are limited, and what’s more, often the village idiot told them. Most people greatly unbalanced. They do not permit couldn’t read or write for a start. It was access to domains of knowing which are vitally important for us to said that there was only one literate man, a clergyman, in all of Britain after contextualise knowledge and data, and to gain a greater insight into the human the fall of the Roman Empire. Now condition. They delimit the possibility almost everyone in Britain can read of actualising the intuitive mind. and write; and you take your capacity to make sense of the black squiggles on this page for granted. Think about that Modern thinking processes retard intuitive thinking. They do not for progress! acknowledge, let alone utilise, intuitive ways of knowing. Intuition People haven’t always employed the incorporates cognitive processes which critical/rational mind the way we do today. In Europe, around the year 1500 are actually ‘post-rational’. It permits a greater and deeper knowing that moves the scholastic movement took hold, beyond what rationality is capable of and classification became a key way of perceiving. knowing. By 1800, analysis as a key way of knowing had firmly entrenched The tricky thing is that at the critical/ itself, and by the mid-nineteenth cenrational level of mind, it is very tury, experimentation became well difficult to see all this. Critical established. Many of us today barely rationality tends to reinforce the ego, or stop to consider the massive impact these ways of knowing have had on our little self ’s hold on perception. The ego capacity to think. A more obvious shift becomes self-satisfied, and begins to congratulate itself on its cleverness. It has occurred in the last three decades, thinks it doesn’t need to know anything where what I call “computer


else, because it has become oh-sosmart. This generates a self-regulating delusion, where the mind goes about collecting and collating data which confirms its view that it has reached the zenith of knowing, and subtly rejects data which challenges this view. It becomes proud and arrogant. This is a trap, and a typically observed dead-end for mental development. Very few intellectuals, academics and scientists have managed to span the gap between the rational and post-rational for this reason. Further, since modern culture teaches us that rationality is the pinnacle of mind development, ‘clever’ people see no need to challenge that given. The entire lifetime is thus spent living comfortably (but not necessarily peacefully) within the rational realms of mind. The truth is that the mindset enjoyed by most ‘intelligent’ people in today’s society and education systems is extremely limited, and is but a fraction of the mental potential available to us. Not knowing better, we go about business as usual. The jump from the purely rational to the post-rational is a difficult one. In most cases, we will have spent many years existing at this critical juncture of mind, and may see no reason to move beyond it. Even people who ‘believe’ in the post-rational mind or spiritual potentials may never actually leave the comfort of the rational, because it is too destabilising, and the ego’s hold is too strong. I recall hearing about one of my own teachers - mystic Leonard Jacobson – and his visit to a leading ‘alternative’ tertiary institution in California in the late 1990s. Almost nobody—neither teachers nor students—attended his talk/workshop. That is incredible. Here was a man who has actualised the very

spiritual state that these academics and students are researching and studying, but they could not tear themselves away from their books long enough to spend time with the real thing. This should tell you something about just how difficult it is to make the leap from the rational to the post-rational. Selfdeception is normal. In truth, there is more than just one leap required, once the post-rational mind begins to open. There are various stages of cognitive awareness beyond the rational, but the juncture between the rational and the next post-rational stage is difficult to span. In truth, it is not entirely up to the individual. There is something of divine Grace involved.

the mind into presence, as I describe in Discover Your Soul Template, is necessary. Witnessing and presence permit one to see that the world of the mind is but a construct, and is ultimately an illusion. You might prefer to simply think of mind as a dysfunctional model of reality. Integrated Intelligence – my specific term for the mental abilities which spiritual intuition permits - will either directly or indirectly be a part of the process as you move beyond the rational mind. You might not explicitly use all the processes and tools that are available to you, but at the very least you will need to listen to the intuitive prompts of Spirit.

of destroying them (or the perceptual data they bring forth). Basically, all drama is the ego’s attempt to destroy and eliminate. This includes intellectual debate, which is almost impossible to engage in without the ego taking over. Personally, I feel it is usually better just to surrender, and allow the other to have his opinion, no matter how wrong or insane it may appear to be. Your judgment of that opinion is a projection of your ego anyway, and takes you back into the critical/rational mind. If you want to win intellectual arguments, kiss the higher mind goodbye. There is no winning or losing with Spirit.

In the end, it is not for you to say whether the other guy is right or wrong. Be warned. Integrated Intelligence can That is already ‘known’ by God. There What then, can one do to facilitate the are higher states of cognition, but it’s be used to further the agenda of the shift? not possible to understand them at ego to reinforce its control over the less-developed levels of mind. Intuition The first thing is to have the willingness. mind. When this happens the results provides flashes of knowing, and that are likely to be unsatisfactory, and the This means developing an actual deep can draw us closer to the post-rational. perceptions you have will be distorted intention to shift, not just an But a vast number of human beings do to some degree. There is a need to intellectual interest. This willingness surrender to a higher part of the Self, in not even have this basic understanding. usually only follows after one becomes order to activate Integrated Intelligence There is no point in fighting with those dissatisfied with experience at the properly. You can’t learn to fly a plane if who cannot see. They will see, in time. rational level of mind. It is their destiny. you refuse to leave the ground. The second requirement is Finally, the very act of surrender entails Which brings us to the issue of commitment to a discipline. The the reality that you are not fully in surrender itself. One of the real discipline should involve some inner control of what mental state your mind obstacles to moving beyond critical process which permits a non-attached develops. I believe that this is a matter rationality is that the ego is stubborn, witnessing of thought as it emerges of grace. You cannot will yourself to likes to maintain control, and insists from mind. This could be a formal become enlightened. All you can do that it is the architect of life. It likes practice such as prayer, meditation, is come to rest in the places where the to think that it is clever, and that it is yoga or Tai Chi; or something more right. It then judges others as ‘stupid’ or divine might visit. The rest, as they say, informal, such as walking quietly is up to God. ‘wrong’. It often gets into dramas with through nature, or even sitting them, with the unconscious agenda attentively in a chair. The bringing of


Awakening to Our Greater Being By: Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. Painting: Morning Awakening, Eva Gonzalez, PD-US

How is it that we just wake up one day, able to maintain its integrity as our all of a sudden having cognizance of earth shook, climates changed, and extended realities, colors, the paths the environment drastically changed of energy, even our etheric guides over countless time. and angels? How can these new and The ability of the ancients to capture different, barely believable awareness the essence of human nature, affect our lives and even help us to the inner working of creation is heal ourselves? Why now? What’s undeniable. They left roadmaps happening? for future generations so that we Human beings have gone through could not, would not forget our many different stages of evolution. connection within all that is. They left There were times eons ago when us three-dimensional instructions we had developed high technology, in the form of pyramids, the use of had awareness of how to use the spectacular mathematic formulas in earth’s natural resources to create 3D applications. They left us a map to crystalline grids, to fly in crafts that the very essence of us and therefore had the ability to cross the time all other things, all of space continuum, to use dolphins as creation, its cycles and messengers to our loved ones far away, its vulnerabilities. They and to build spectacular monuments also left us information such as the pyramids, Stonehenge about how to heal all and other now sacred sites. Our aspects of our lives, technologies outgrew our abilities to whether it be physical maintain a balance and ultimately we or otherwise. They left destroyed all that was our world and us guidelines about we began to forget who we are and how to leap beyond what we are capable of until it seemed our known aspects to be lost into oblivion forever, but the of reality and into time has come that we have begun to the ethers, and even remember… directions about how to travel out of body History is being taught backwards. If to realities throughout we visit any major sacred site on the creation. planet, what we will find is that the original structures have stood the How did we forget such test of time, and that later additions brilliant skills? Can we access these or repairs are far less skilled. We will again? And if so, what do we do with also find that the original structures our remembered abilities once we do? have withstood the test of time while all extraneous work has crumbled, not There are natural cycles of lightness 14 • SPRING/SUMMER 2012

and darkness that follow a predictable nearly 26,000-year cycle. In the earlier parts of this cycle, there is little awareness beyond the selfish needs and greed of man. Great examples of these times are the inquisition and the crusades, times when human life was snuffed in the name of greed and instability, awareness was limited to specific ideals or intentions to conquer all that did not fit those ideals. As time moved on, the heaviness began to lift, and as a race, we began to calm, taking time to consider other possibilities and then living them. Progressively relaxing into a greater sense of safety, we began to let down our innate need for protection of all kinds. We became less defensive, and as we did, we also became more aware not only of what was around us but also what is within us. And we began to seek our divinity. Is that divine part of us something different than us or an extended aspect that we can’t… quite… grasp? Or, are we part of some greater being, reflections of a greater nature, aspects of our Creator, of God? And if we are, then we are also

capable of far greater than we had imagined, because as we act as aspects of creation, we have the ability to draw from unlimited potential, endless possibilities, and the very essence of life itself. Not only can we create reality, we can manipulate outcomes, plant seeds for a future we direct, and as a collective of consciousness we, the human nature, can work together, each of us bringing our pieces of the puzzle together for common goals and outcomes. We are the consciousness within the living one. Because of that we can direct reality to morph and change exactly as we desire, or we can allow things to create in spite of us. We can also use these same principals and heal our bodies, our spirits and our lives. We can change illness, repair injuries, and yes, program the very particles from which we are created with any kind of reality we want to experience. Join me in Calgary the weekend of April 20th and Regina the weekend of April 27th to find out how you can access and apply the knowledge of the ancients to your life, your needs, desires and your health. I look forward to sharing these skills and the wisdom of the ancients to help you further your greater being! I am really looking forward to my post conference workshops in which I will be teaching you how to Touch the Light to find your sacred being and then how to apply it to healing on all levels of yourselves and even others. Join me as I teach you how to be in the center of the stream of our fast forward evolution of consciousness and therefore our lives and all that can entail! Meet Dr. Meg! Meg Blackburn, Ph.D. , is the host of Cosmic Particles internet radio show. She is the author of the Bestselling books “Touching the Light”, “The Secret History of Consciousness”, the International Bestseller “The Children of Now”, “The Living Light Cards” and other great books. She is also the author of the “Online Messages” and is also a contributor to Bestselling “The Mystery of 2012 Anthology”. Dr Meg is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses. Information is available at Dr. Meg is a national and international Keynote Speaker and also lectures worldwide. She facilitates group journeys to Sacred Sites including Scotland, England, Ireland, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and Mexico. She has also served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20. Dr. Meg can be reached by e-mail at, or on her main website at She is also available via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as DocSpirit.



Follow Your Heart

It Is Smarter Than You Think

by Rebecca Cherry

The Heart is more intelligent than the brain, emitting a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field, and half of it is made up of the same type of neurons found in the brain. So, why are people taught to live by their intellect and not follow their heart’s desire? Recently, Neurophysicists have been astonished to discover that the Heart is more an organ of intelligence, than (merely) the body’s main pumping station. More than half of the Heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those that make up the cerebral system. Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence, calls it “the major biological apparatus within us and the seat of our greatest intelligence.” The Heart is also the source of the body’s strongest electromagnetic field. Each heart cell is unique in that it not only pulsates in synchrony with all the other heart cells, but also produces an electromagnetic signal that radiates out beyond the cell. An EEG that measures brain waves shows that the electro-magnetic signals from the heart are so much stronger than brain waves, that a reading of the heart’s frequency spectrum can be taken from three feet away from the body ... without placing electrodes on it! The Heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the Heart and back in the form of a torus field. The axis of this Heart torus extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull, and the whole field is holographic, meaning that information about it can be read from each and every point in the torus.

The Heart’s torus electromagnetic field is can, if we allow it, guide us through not the only source that emits this type of our lives. electromagnetic field. Every atom emits the same torus field. The Earth is also We must now switch the gears out of the at the center of a torus, so is the solar fear-based mental state that we have been system and even our galaxy ... and all are taught to believe in, and move into Heart holographic. Scientists believe there is Centered living. For this transformation a good possibility that there is only one to take place, one must learn to meditate, universal torus encompassing an infinite “go into your Heart” and access the inner number of interacting, holographic tori wisdom of the Universe. It is the only way, within its spectrum. Because it is THE WAY. As each one of us begins electro-magnetic torus fields are this quiet revolution of living from the holographic, it is more than likely that Heart, we will begin to see it reflected in the sum total of our Universe is present our lives and in our World. This is how within the frequency spectrum of a each one of us will create change in the single torus. world, create Peace, create Harmony and Balance, and in this way, will we all create This means that each one of us is the New World Paradigm of Heaven on connected to the entire Universe and Earth. as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment. When we get quiet and access what we hold in our Hearts, we are literally connecting to the Author’s Bio: limitless supply and Wisdom of the Universe, thereby enabling what we Rebecca Cherry perceive as “miracles” to enter into Master of Integrated Energetics our lives. Author: ‘Isabella’s Earth & The Forces of Doom’ – Release Summer 2011 When we disconnect and shut down the Website: Heart’s innate wisdom of Love-based Blog: thinking, the ego-based intellect takes ‘Notes from the Universe’ – eBook availover and operates independently of the able on Barnes& & Heart, and we revert to a survival mentality based on fear, greed, power, Born highly intuitive, Rebecca began and control. In this way, we come to studying esoteric subjects at the age of believe that we are separate, our fifteen, and by the age of twenty had perception of life shifts into one of studied The Science of the limitation and scarcity, and one in which Subconscious Mind, taught by a we must fight in order to survive. This Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, amazing organ, that we often time ignore, Past Life Regression Therapy, neglect and build walls around, is where Meditation and a variety of Energetic we can find our strength, our faith, our Healing modalities. She lives in courage and our compassion, enabling Lucca, Italy. our higher emotional intelligence that


“I Wish I Had an Off Switch”

My Belief Re-patterning Story Twenty-plus years ago, in a moment of frustrated resignation at the prospect of yet another sleepless night, I yearned aloud: “I wish I could turn off my mind and get the incessant chatter to stop!” I was struggling. I had been on long-term disability and was unable to resume my teaching career because I wasn’t getting better. I wanted an off switch. My mind raced as the clock slowly ticked away the hours. Everyone has inner conversations, more commonly called thoughts. When we are healthy and happy, those inner conversations are supportive, and a peaceful silence prevails. When we are unhealthy or stressed—whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually—calming the ongoing negative inner soundtrack seems impossible. I had read and studied enough about the mind-body connection and the importance of positive thinking to know that this negative inner dialogue was getting in my way: Why don’t you . . . ? What you should do is . . . ! You’ll never . . . ! and You can’t, you can’t, you can’t. I needed sleep to regain my health. My mind was working overtime, and the mean and judgmental barrage wouldn’t stop. I felt that there was no way out, that’s why I wanted an off switch.

fear. I needed a more positive perspective. I decided to step over the line. I shifted my focus from my own reflection to that of the window behind me. Outside, the leafless branches of our backyard tree were clearly silhouetted against a bright, blue winter sky. As I turned to look outside, a declaration formed deep within me, erupting into the empty silence: “Get me well, and I’ll teach others to get well. I am a really good teacher!” This was a new voice emerging: a voice of strength, compassion, and clear intention, a voice that completely silenced the negative chatter. What Is Belief Re-patterning? The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts



My then-husband’s response to my plea was, “You don’t really want to shut your mind off. How will you remember to turn it back on?” I recognized his logic but replied in frustration, “If I could turn it off, I would never want to turn it back on.” He gently countered, “Yes, you would. Your mind is pretty useful!” His calm, caring voice gave me a new perspective. But the next morning, the negative thoughts were stronger than ever. I looked in the mirror and wondered, What is the point? I had a decision to make. I had been a high achiever, full of energy and upbeat. Now I was housebound and barely had the energy to get out of bed. I was at a crossroads: get well and truly live, or stay sick and merely exist. I was physically and emotionally spent—at the bottom of a pit. There are moments in life when you know you are turning a corner, taking a decisive step in a new direction: the switch second. This was one of those pivotal moments. I looked deep into my eyes in the mirror and recognized that I had been living out of

SUZE CASEY You understand the importance of positive thinking, but implementing it when times are tough takes a lot of discipline. What if you could train your mind to shift to positive thoughts automatically, without you having to work at it?

You didn’t come with an owner’s manual for your mind. You learned but you probably didn’t learn how you learned. This technique makes conscious the subconscious learning process we all use every day. Belief Re-patterning works with the way your body, mind, and soul already learn. The process feels natural and easy, because you are actually wired to live this way. Bringing this subconscious ability to your conscious awareness will allow you to make your thoughts work for you. And practicing this powerful technique will integrate the learning into your subconscious, allowing you to use it for the rest of your life. Belief Re-patterning opens the door to inspiring yourself from within. You are a being of energy, and your thoughts, emotions, and actions all transform that energy into the reality of your experiences. Imagine a way to tap into the best of you and create from an authentic place of alignment—body, mind, and soul. While you are learning about the Belief Re-patterning technique, you will also be re-patterning your own beliefs. You’ll gain a great deal by simply reading the book; however, your ability to re-pattern will be considerably enhanced by the experiential learning offered through the activities in Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for Flipping the Switch to Positive Thought. Personalizing your learning with examples from your own life will integrate the re-patterning process into your subconscious. Belief Re-patterning works when you, or those around you, are in crisis or calm, and whether you think it will or not.

This book relates some of the pivotal moments and learning that I experienced while developing the technique, reflections from my clients, and real stories of how Belief Re-patterning has impacted their Solidly based in cognitive learning theory lives. It also provides you with hands-on and educational psychology, Belief activities and practical exercises for Re-patterning works like a reset switch to igniting your inner motivation, realizing direct your thought process. You will learn your potential, and contributing your best how to consciously switch your thoughts to the world. Are you ready to step over the from what hasn’t been working, and open up to new possibilities. You’ll also learn how line into self-acceptance and appreciation of your uniqueness? to create the clarity of mind that allows for a more spiritual way of being in the world through consistent, positive inner dialogue. From Belief Re-patterning: The Amazing Technique for ‘Flipping the Switch’ to I have always been fascinated with how our Positive Thoughts. minds work, and during my 20-year teaching career, I developed ways of supporting all kinds and ages of learners.


Health Roots PLANTAR FASCIITIS & Reflexology Centre OUR SOLUTION TO A GROWING PROBLEM By: Robin Vorauer , Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist What is the Plantar Fascia? The plantar fascia is a band of tissue, much like a tendon, that starts at your heel and goes along the bottom of your foot. It attaches to each one of the bones that form the ball of your foot. The plantar fascia works like a rubber band between the heel and the ball of your foot to form the arch of your foot. If the band is short, you’ll have a high arch, and if it’s long, you’ll have a low arch, what some people call flatfeet. A pad of fat in your heel covers the plantar fascia to help absorb the shock of walking. Damage to the plantar fascia can be a cause of heel pain. What causes the heel pain?

kind of pain you’re having, when it occurs and how long you’ve had it. If you have pain in your heel when you stand up for the first time in the morning, you may have plantar fasciitis. Most people with plantar fasciitis say the pain is like a knife or a pin sticking into the bottom of the foot. After you’ve been standing for a while, the pain becomes more like a dull ache. If you sit down for any length of time, the sharp pain will come back when you stand up again. What advice is currently given to patients who suffer from this condition? If you walk or run a lot, cut back a little. You probably won’t need to stop walking or running altogether.

Other risk factors for plantar fasciitis include:

Overview of the problem: Thousands of people are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis every year right here in the lower mainland. There is very little in the way of hands-on treatment for plantar fasciitis that provides any sort of relief. Once diagnosed with this painful condition it rarely goes away on its own and expensive orthotics although may relieve the symptoms in some patients in the long run actually make the overall health of the foot worse. Exercise and loosing weight is useful yet most often not followed. Patients are missing work, taking pharmaceuticals for pain, and the condition is preventing them form enjoying their life. Health plans are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for orthotics, short and long term disability payouts, pharmaceuticals, and other non-plantar fasciitis specific alternative health care treatments.

As a person gets older, the plantar fascia becomes less Overweight and obesity like a rubber band and more Diabetes like a rope that doesn’t stretch Spending most of the day on your feet very well. The fat pad on the Becoming very active in a short period of time heel becomes thinner and Being flat-footed or having a high arch can’t absorb as much of the shock caused by walking. The extra shock damages The Opportunity: the plantar fascia and may cause If you have either flatfeet or a high it to swell, tear or bruise. You may Design a treatment plan that arch, ask your doctor about using notice a bruise or swelling on your restores the foot to its natural inserts for your shoes called heel. Due to our culture’s lifestyle, healthy condition that can be orthotics. Orthotics are arch younger people are experiencing supports. You will need to be fitted recommended by health care this painful condition every day. professionals and provides an for them. immediate and long term benefit How will my doctor know if the If you are overweight, losing weight to the patient. pain I have is caused by plantar can help lessen your heel pain. If fasciitis? Why are Health Roots Plantar your job involves standing on a Fasciitis & Reflexology Centre hard floor or standing in one spot Your doctor will ask you about the Treatments so successful? for long periods, place padding on the floor where you stand. 18 • SPRING/SUMMER 2012

We deliver a treatment combining reflexology which releases all blockages in the body resulting in proper and healthy function with a fascia Rolfing technique which breaks apart scar tissue and adhesions, brings circulation into an area which has little to begin with and supports new healthy tissue growth. We educate our patients on how to prevent the plantar fasciitis from reoccurring. We teach them arch strengthening and lengthening exercises which will result in arches which are strong and thus no longer collapsing due to our lifestyle which typically weakens the feet.

Medical Plan Coverage Update:

to work on the targeted area for up to 45 minutes per treatment. This is a Plantar Fascia-targeted deep tissue technique which is not performed by other practitioners, unlike the more, broad spectrum treatment of these alternative health care providers. Our team of Professionals experience many successes with the targeted work as we move forward in treating and helping many more people overcome this condition.

Blue Cross in Manitoba is covering the services of Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapists, as well as a hand full of group plans with other companies so far. As more and more people everyday are experiencing the positive and health-supporting effects of a Health Roots Plantar Fasciitis & Reflexology Centre they are demanding through petitions and letters that this life changing treatment be covered.

Professional Reflexology Therapists:

Health Roots Plantar Fasciitis & Reflexology Therapists are all “Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapists” a professional How is this different from other designation for Reflexologist in alternative health care providers like Canada. (This is a relatively new, chiropractors & message therapists? and very professional commitment and designation in Canada). To accurately and effectively treat plantar fasciitis a therapist needs

True Psychics Network is dedicated to promote the most Gifted Psychics in the world. Our carefully screened team offers psychics medium readings, shamanic messages, spiritual healings, spirit art and other metaphysical services at very reasonable rates.TPN also offers advertising for your Holistic or Paranormal Business at a very affordable rate.

      

For further information, please contact Robin Vorauer at (604) 881-1133 or by e-mail at

             

     SPRING/SUMMER 2012 • 19  

We planned for death, so we could get on with the pleasures of living

For family. For finances. For each other. Call Regina Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home to get the facts about planning your own final arrangements. It will feel good to know itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all taken care of. Discover the peace of mind

Call 306-791-6789 for your step-by-step planning kit

REGINA MEMORIAL GARDENS & FUNERAL HOME Hwy #1 East (past Prince of Wales Drive) Regina

FREE planning kit

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 7  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 7  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...