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Saskatoon Sept. 27-29, 2013 Prairieland Vancouver Nov. 1-3, 2013 PNE Forum. Edmonton Nov. 15-17 The Hanger Vancouver Apr. 4-6, 2014 Roundhouse Calgary Apr. 11-13, 2014 Stampede Park Regina Apr. 25-27, 2014 Connexus Arts Centre

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  

       

            

  

403.826.2419 * Angel Card & Tea Leaf Readings * Akashic Records * Mediumship * Aura & Chakra Clearing * Past Life Work * Etheric Cord Cutting * Angel Parties * Workshops

Catherine Lundrigan

Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner™

Life's Journey Consists of Many Paths.

editor’s note From Vision to Reality: the Art of Building Community Our imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have. 18th Centaury essayist Joseph Joubert once said, “Imagination is the Eye of the Soul.” Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Without imagination, we can only see what is, not what is possible. When imagination is gone, we cease to expand our possibilities and get caught up in trying to maintain what is. This often results in the dwindling of the flame of passion that fuels our creativity. The strongest community leaders use their imagination to inspire the people around them with collective visions and fire up their imagination with what is possible. I fondly recall the incredible passion years ago when we first set out to create the Body Soul + Spirit Expos. Since then, that same passion lead us to create even more opportunity for our community of difference makers; on the cutting edge of exploring new and expanded ways of living and being to come together in the creation of our expos, events, magazines, and online community. Over the past four years, we’ve explored, researched, and gather the information needed to fuel an entire new cycle of imagining to create a new expanded vision, which we new plan on launching in 2014. We’ve dreamt up some wonderful possibilities for an expanded concept for the Body Soul + Spirit: Expo, Magazine, and Network. We are confident all will be a tremendous benefit to our community.

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PUBLISHER Brad Simpson

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The most wonderful aspect of this process is that by sharing and creating our vision, we plan to bring you along, allowing you - along with the rest of our community - to work together to share what we have to offer the world. Our new vision is built on providing our community with the tools that will allow everyone to share their visions as well as help imagine, share, and create those visions. Our next challenge is our raising nearly $45,000 for the initial phase of implementing our plans. We intend to kick off with a pre-launch social funding campaign, which will offer event sponsorship opportunities, advertising opportunities, and several others incentives. In addition, those who join us in the pre-launch phase will be offered the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our affiliate program. This program gives participants the option to share in the financial rewards (percentage of ticket sales, ad sales, exhibitor sales, workshops registrations, etc.), after launch. We’ve partnered with a fully-bonded financial institution which will hold all funds in escrow for this project, allowing us to provide all those who join us a risk free opportunity. As always, YOU are what make our expos, events, magazine, and online network possible. Your participation is the fuel that propels our mutual adventure forward. We look forward to sharing something wonderful with you. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are called to be part of our vision. Gratefully Yours, Body Soul + Spirit: Expo, Magazine and Network

Chandler Stephon Armstrong

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8 healing arts

spiritual healing: an energy shift

10 phychic medium you are perfect! yes, you are!

11 trauma

there’s so much more to learn


12 nature’s apocathary herbal pharmacy with dried herbs

14 salt spring island a place to rest + rejuvenate

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homemade zucchini noodles

18 exhibitor profiles 29 directory + events on the cover Divine Femme Jayna Simpson Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Jayna specializes in various form of artwork such as murals and airbrushing. She is available for custom work. For more information, contact Jayna at 780-239-0034 or

+ in review books + movies

Each issue, various books and films related to the wellbeing industry are reviewed and recommended by our editorial staff. Past book and movie reviews can also be found on our website at


hen Fay Thompson tapped into the star wisdom of Azez, little did she know her life would be transformed with healing messages of love and divine guidance as given to her by a group called The Beings of the Light. Azez Medicine describes Fay’s very personal journey from emotional pain and self-criticism to one of emotional well-being and self-acceptance. Both a story of a spiritual journey and a reference book, Azez Medicine contains powerful and practical information regarding how to heal yourself easily, using the guidance of The Beings of the Light. Fay shares what The Beings of the Light taught her about healing the mind, body, spirit, and more – and you’ll see that these loving beings are eager to help you too. In fact, this book will show you how to work with The Beings of the Light and the wisdom of Azez to empower and heal your entire life!

Reviews From Readers “This book is so awesome! I have laughed, cried, and had very cool a-ha moments, and I’m only


body soul + spirit

on page 2.”

those I love won’t come with me. Either I will be alone or they will be left behind. Neither of “Sometimes you get books with great con- which I can bare to allow. The choice seems, like tent and others with great writing, but to no choice at all.” have both in the same book is incredible! Follow Chental as she takes you on a journey of empowering herself while taking her husband Loving it. I can’t put it down.” and family along with her. She learns to be a de“This book has literally saved my life. It is tective in her own life, having the ability to detach, watch herself grow, and along the way exjust what I needed.” plain what’s happening to those she loves, so they “I can’t put this book down. Every paragraph are not afraid or confused by her actions. If you’re holding back on empowering yourresonates deeply with me!” self because you’re afraid of destroying your family, let Chental take you on a journey of transition For more information about Fay and Azez Mediinto empowerment while still keeping those you cine visit love close by. She courageously shares her stories with truth as her mandate, providing tools and concrete help for those wishing to take that step Can I Be Me Without Losing You? into becoming who they truly are. Divorce The Story Marry The Truth Her belief in “it can be done” sent her By Chental Wilson on a five- year journey to “Wanting it all” as she puts it, “It simply wouldn’t Are you worried that to become you, it have been worth the fight to have emmeans leaving those you love behind? powered myself and leave my family One of the reasons becoming ourbehind, I knew there must be a way.” selves takes so long is because we have a “Fear to speak OUR truth.” Chental finds herself standing at a crossroads, For more information visit wanting to go forward, but something is stopping her. Why can’t she take that next step? Her answer is, “Because I’m afraid

photo: ©

Azez Medicine: Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with the help of The Beings of the Light By Fay Thompson

wisdom within + your questions answered

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Why can’t I attract a committed long-term relationship with a suitable partner?

photo: ©

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Jane Jackson is a practitioner of Core + Cellular Transformation · (250) 721-4663

Anne Clarke is a certified Reiki Grand Master and Master Teacher/ Practitioner ·

First you must be open to the answer coming from anywhere in your everyday environment; a billboard message, a song on the radio or a conscious awareness of what we are feeling inside. Be sure to listen to yourself and pay attention! Ask again, at a deeper level, “Am I carrying old mind sets, negative belief systems, trauma, imprinting or patterning from family, ancestry or other sources?” This begins the process of identifying, unraveling and exposing anything that is not coming from a source of pure love. Once identified, these interferences can be released from cellular memory. Core + Cellular Transformation Healing is a very effective process for this.

Wisdom within is a regular feature column that features common questions from both our readers and those who attend our events, answered by the various experts and advisers in our community of exhibitors and contributors.

Sometimes we make vows to people in our past lives. In energy healing, people can release energies of their past and rescinding the vows that may have been made, thus freeing them to have a loving and committed relationship in this lifetime. Sometimes people attract relationships to themselves with people from past lives. Or they attract people who hold similar patterns to those from past lives in order to balance old Karma but these do not always turn out to be long term relationships. After the Karma is balanced, you (and your partner at the time) are now ready to enter a loving, long-term relationship.



Katrina is a psychic-medium, certified life coach + motivational speaker ·

Joseph is a 20-year experienced Numerologist · 604 221 4469

My question to you is, “Why do you want it?” In this adventure of life, there are many gifts. The first gift is free will, which gives us the ability to chose. The next gift is the power of intention. What is your intention for having a long term relationship? Is it to be saved? So you are not lonely? So you can be loved? All of these intentions put out a different vibration or energy, all coming from some form of fear. When we change our intention, we change the vibration thus open up to a new world of possibilities. If you want a long term relationship, simply change your intention of why you want it, let go of fears and expectations and be open. All things happen in divine timing.

It would be hard to attract long term relationships when you are still processing the old relationships that were never closed. The moment you do close them, you move into a state of new energy, which forms a new attraction. Your attraction is simply a reflection in what is in you at this moment. In Numerology, you can determine every facet of every relationship and what types of attracting you keep repeating in order for you to understand yourself until you will get in the one or the suitable partner. It is a process and that is the beauty of life.

fall 2013 / winter 2014


+ healing arts

spiritual healing: an energy shift Evidence of spiritual healing with reports of miraculous cures comes from all corners of the world, making coincidence or wishful-thinking as the explanation hard to justify. Call it mindover-matter but if poor health is being reversed, there is something of value to explore.

GOING BACK to the days of the chemistry classroom, an atom, the building block of all matter, is composed of several sub-atomic particles. Each one of those sub-atomic particles vibrates at a specific frequency providing the atom with a level of energy. It’s that energy that allows the atoms to combine to form various aspects of the world: light, air, plants, and animals. But because those subatoms are continuously vibrating, there is always a small amount of empty space in the atom. The human body is made up of about 100 trillion atoms and the accumulative energy and the empty space of the atoms is what makes up the lighter energy body. This energetic aura is a larger outer body that is invisible to the naked eye. Within our entire energetic self, there are seven main chakras in the body, as well as smaller, less significant ones. Chakras are an important aspect in acupuncture, eastern medicine, and can also be seen in various other cultures. Each one of the seven main chakras is an energy center and is associated with different emotions, physical organs, and spiritual relevancies. It is a normal part of life to develop negative cords and energy blockages from past relationships and experiences. Over time, the collection of negative thoughts and experiences serves as a catalyst

for negative energy building up around us. These energies can be from present day or from predetermined difficult life lessons and physical illnesses set by past lives that are released from their dormancy. These energies brought over from past life karma or by the selection of lessons are manifested into the current life and become a part of normal mental thoughts. The body’s natural state is clear and healthy and the buildup of bad energy can slow or even shutdown our chakras. A weak or shut down chakra may go unnoticed at first but, as negative thoughts continue, the bad energy will eventually manifest into the physical body and lead to poor health or illness. Many spiritualists believe negative thoughts can attract attachments of discarnate earthbound beings. This is sometimes the reason that a person cannot get a clear diagnosis, has mysterious symptoms, or their test results do not match what the symptoms would suggest. Others experience serious depression, cravings, or addictions that cannot be resolved. Fear is the worst of negative energies. In a moment of fear, the body’s energy shuts down and chakras lock up almost immediately. When a doctor delivers a prognosis to a patient suggesting they

Over time, the collection of negative thoughts and experiences serves as a catalyst for negative energy building up around us. have a limited time left, it is in that moment that it is most crucial for the patient to avoid thoughts of giving up. The patient’s energy centers need to keep running in order to continue the healing process. The fearful thoughts will cut off the life force energy and bring the chakras to a screeching halt eliminating any chance of recover. If we are aware of the progression, we can start to work on our issues as we recognize them in our mental thought processes and emotions before they ever come into the physical realm. Spiritual understanding and 8

body soul + spirit

the release of negative energy is critical to permanent and continued healing. A spiritual healer is often called a medium. They act as the connection between the physical world and the spirit world and can heal by shifting the patient’s energy. How the healer can shift the energy is through a variety of beliefs. One belief is that spiritual or life force energy flows through the healer from spirit doctors to the recipient. Others believe healers can assist the person in opening up and connecting the Divine Source, the spirit world, or God to activate

their own healing. Many believe spiritual healing removes the negative energy around a person and dissolves energy blockages, negative cords, attachments, and even karma. Seeking the assistance of a spiritual healer can expedite one’s healing. When the healer is able to quickly remove negative energy that is causing fear, depression, and the spiral of ill health, a person has a much better chance of allowing their energy to flow and to heal their own body. After a person’s energy shifts through

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Reviving 5,000 years of civilization

a spiritual intervention, the person’s energy becomes once again clear. This state of their energy this brings about their good health directly or indirectly. Indirectly bringing good health would mean the person is not healed through the change in energy, rather the shifted energy creates an attraction to healing needs, such as finding the ideal doctor with the perfect treatment. Spiritual healing can also help a person’s energy accept a treatment that it wouldn’t have before. For example, a drug, herb, or homeopathic remedy may not work while a person’s energy is clouded or weak, but after the negative energy is removed and their chakras are working optimally, this same remedy may now work beautifully with their energy. Everyone can benefit from checking their energy and clearing out any negative thoughts and emotions that we may be carrying within the cells of our body or in our outer aura. Each person has their blocks and issues on varying levels; it’s part of life. Whether seeking a spiritual healer or self-meditation sessions, anyone can invoke help from the spirit world to clear their energy. + Gail Thackray is a medium and healer speaking at the Body Soul Spirit Expo in Saskatoon, Canada Sept 26th -30th where she will provide sample healings. She is also the author of several spiritual books and host of the series “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys.”



JAN 23 - 25, 2014



ET SHEN YUN take you on a journey through 5,000 years of divinely inspired culture—a journey where the wisdom of ancient China, the world’s finest classical Chinese dancers, gorgeous hand-crafted costumes, and massive animated backdrops come together in one spectacular performance.

“I’ve seen over 3,000 shows and none can compare to what I saw tonight... Five stars... The top! Go back and see it six times!” — Richard Connema, renowned Broadway critic fall 2013 / winter 2014


+ phychic medium you are perfect! yes, you are!

Why is that statement so hard for you to wrap your brain around? Are you still hearing all the stories of why you are not perfect? Well, let us change those stories to a new truth for you by focusing on some facts as to why you really are perfect.


photo: ©Thinkstock

The ‘Big Guy’ upstairs, known as God, Source, Universe or whatever you choose to call that power, is perfect. We are created in that same energy, therefore we are all perfect. Yup, you got it, which means that you are perfect too!


A little baby is born perfect even though after being feed, it spits up while being burped and later on while learning to walk, it knocks something over and it breaks, and eventually in school, it will lose a mitten. Is that precious child still perfect? Yes, of course. That perfect little child was once you. So when did you decide that you were no longer perfect?

...Enjoy the ride because it is perfect!


Edison invented the light bulb. It took him over 500 tries. Were attempts numbers 87 or 234 failures? No, because it taught him how not to do it, which brought him closer to his goal. So if you don’t succeed at first, understand it is just a stepping stone on your path. So lighten up with yourself and enjoy the ride because it is perfect!


On the first day of school, a student goes to chemistry class and is given the semester’s final exam. Is that student expected to know that material? No, of course not. Why not? That student has not that the opportunity to learn the material they are expected to know. The same goes for us. We are all students in this ‘School of Life’ where we are learning, growing, and experiencing. We are not expected to know everything and there is no graduation.The ‘School of Life is always in session and everyone has something to learn. Realize that you are the perfect student learning, growing and experiencing. And you have access to the playground.


Are there ever two snowflakes identically the same? No. Each flake is unique and perfect unto itself, just like each and every one of us. We are unique and perfect unto ourselves. There is no one else like us. This is really wonderful because if we were all the same, this place would be awfully boring. One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Seuss, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.” So how can you not be the perfect you? + Katrina is a Psychic Medium in Edmonton, Alberta. For a session, please call Katrina at 780-970-0408. She is available for private sessions, in person, by phone, or group parties along with various workshops and Reiki Courses. For more information please go to or on Facebook at Katrina Psychic-Medium. 10

body soul + spirit

trauma + there’s so much more to learn

around on our own, trying to get through each day as best we can, when in fact there is so much more to know.Trauma will never be a “comfortable” place to be, yet there can be so much more ease around those deeply painful experiences if we better knew and understood what was going on inside of us, both in that moment of threat and after the danger has passed. There a r e things t h a t happen in our body in our nervous system and our chemical make-up - that explain so much. There exists a biological, physiological, scientific basis behind what we experience in: • our behaviour, • our memory, • our mindset, • our emotional state, and • our physical symptoms. Education and understanding is

We are never traumatized by the things we think we can handle.

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t’s scary to be the person who knows in their heart how quickly everything can be turned around and upside-down. Trauma is the cyclone that picks you up, pulls your world out from underneath you, and drops you back down… only you aren’t in Kansas anymore and you definitely aren’t the same Dorothy you were before. The kicker is, most of us know that feeling, but yet when it happens, we feel so alone in it. We can be sitting in the same place we were yesterday (or even five minutes ago) seeing the same sights , hearing the same sounds, knowing the whole world is continuing on as if nothing has happened - but our reality is that nothing will ever be the same again. We are never traumatized by the things we think we can handle. Trauma, by definition, is some event, circumstance or situation where we have perceived a threat of death (ie, loss of sense of self, or life as we know it) coupled with the perception of our own inability to overcome that threat. Feeling helplessness in the face of danger is the key element of any trauma. Really, we all experience traumatic events; there are no rules around what will or won’t have a deep impact and cause us great pain. Life will absolutely throw things at us that are beyond our control. The saddest thing is that though this is true, we are all still floundering

healing in and of itself because it allows us to accept so many pieces of our personal experience. It allows us to move out of a space of criticizing and judging ourselves for our inability to “just get over it.” As long as we remain in the dark about what’s really going on, we will continue to try to cope by covering up (and escaping and medicating and avoiding) everything around those experiences.

Fortunately, just as we have built in mechanisms for overcoming threat (such as the Fight or Flight and Freeze responses) we also have built in mechanisms for recovery (known as the Freeze Discharge.) We just have to be willing to approach trauma as a topic of conversation and learning. From there, we can begin to approach our deepest wounds and finally, safely, heal through them. +

Cora Rennie’s passionate message about trauma comes from her own life experiences. Her personal healing journey has taken her the better part of 7 years, but 20/20 hindsight clearly shows the hugest impact on her wellbeing has come through addressing pivotal experiences such as her childhood molestation, her miscarriage, and pieces of her separation/divorce. She now understands that the key to feeling better is really about becoming better at feeling every feeling, and this is accomplished by learning to Feel Safe in any feeling – even the scariest ones. The most important step toward Safety, of course, is in addressing past traumatic events. Learn more by visiting Cora’s Feeling Better Communit, by visiting fall 2013 / winter 2014


+ nature’s apocathary

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herbal pharmacy with dried herbs

Dried herbs are prepared into many different and very effective forms of herbal medicines that are easy to make and use. Here are some guidelines and instructions for some herbal preparations. TEAS ARE the most common way to prepare herbs at home. When we are talking about a tea, in herbal medicine we technically differentiate between an infusion and a decoction. Both forms use water as a medium to extract the medicinal properties of the plant material. The difference is that an infusion is used to prepare the soft parts of a plant such as the flowers, leaves and small stems whereas a decoction is used for the harder parts such as the roots, seeds, stems and bark. With some exceptions this rule applies to most plants. To make an infusion, place one to two teaspoons of desired herbs for every serving cup into a china, glass or stainless steel container. Pour boiling water over the herbs, cover, and allow to steep for approximately 10 minutes. Strain and, if desired, add a natural sweetener or lemon for flavour. An infusion can be enjoyed hot or cold. 12

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Decoctions require a bit more time. Start by adding one to two teaspoons of herbs for every serving size (about one cup) to cold water in a class or stainless steel pot and place on burner on low heat, slowly bringing to a boil. The more time you take bringing the water temperature up allows for better results. After you bring the herbs to a boil, gently simmer for 5-15 minutes. Strain the decoction then flavour with natural sweeteners or lemon and enjoy. Various applications for infusions and decoctions include (but are not limited to): • Tea for pleasure or internal health related concerns. • Skin washes can treat infections, inflammations or skin rashes. • Hand, foot or full-body bathes for external and internal conditions. Also great for everyday enjoyment (more information to follow).

• Eyewashes for simple irritations and other eye-related issues. (Please use caution and strain extremely well to avoid any small particles from entering the eye). • Douche or enema for personal health related issues. • Hair rinses for medicinal purposes. They also have fantastic cosmetic effects. • As a mouth wash or gargle for sore throats and infections of the gums and in the mouth (or just bad breath). BATHS Full body, foot or hand bath; any form of bath is a great way to administer herbs, especially for fussy children. Maurice Mességué, a very successful French herbalist from the early 18th century, administeredhis herbal medicine treatments almost entirely through foot and hand baths.

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When submerged in water, whether it’s a hand, foot, or your whole self, the water has an incredible therapeutic effect on the body supporting the nervous system and boosting the strength of the immune system. When herbs are added to baths, the combined benefits are fantastic. The heat of the water opens the pores of the skin, allowing the herb’s healing properties be absorbed directly through the skin. Baths are a great solution for people who are seeking the benefits of herbs but experience uncomfort while digesting them. The warm water also releases the essential oils of the herbs, which are inhaled into the lungs and distributed to the blood stream, healing the body from within. Herbal baths have a wide range of applications. Some of the more common applications are restlessness, insomnia, muscle injuries, colds and fever. Baths are perfect for individuals dealing with severe sensitivities and are looking for herbal medicine treatments, especially foot and hand baths. Even extremely small dosages can be effective and support a person on their journey to better health. There are several options to chose from when it comes to using herbs in a body, foot


Several herbs can be mixed together to achieve the desired result. If mixing for example leaves and seeds in one herbal blend, prepare as an infusion. Dinner Digestive Tea Mix equal parts of the following herbs and use this combination for making your infusion. Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare) Peppermint leaves (Mentha piperita) Ginger root (Zingiber officinale) Chamomile flowers (Matricaria recutita) Anise seed (Pimpinella anisum)

or hand bath. The first is to use a muslin bag filled with dried or fresh herbs of your choice. The bag can be tied to the faucet while filling the bath, allowing the hot water to run through it, or simply place the bag into the bath after it has been filled. Another easy way of preparing an herbal bath is to sprinkle dried or fresh herbs directly into the bath water. The herbs should soak for atleast 15 minutes to get the greatest effects and more hot water should be added as needed. The third option to a great herb bath is to utilize a strong herbal infusion or decotion to the bath water. A full-tub bath requires about a half of a litre of infusion or decotion. UTILIZING HERBS can be of great benefit and bring amazing results. It is commonly assumed that the easy and gently medicinal treatments are not as effective. However, in herbal medicine, it is within gentleness that we often find the greatest effect and strength. + Marilyn Zink is a chartered herbalist and publisher of the Herbal Collective magazine. Learn more about herbs from the Herbal Collective magazine and website

any ister urice balereenfall 2013 / winter 2014


+ salt spring island a place to rest + rejuvenate

THE DAILY GRIND OF STOP-AND-GO TRAFFIC, MEETING DEADLINES, NOISE, AIR AND LIGHT POLLUTION, LACK OF EXERCISE AND EASY ACCESS TO FAST FOOD; NEGATIVE CUMULATIVE EFFECT ON OUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING is harsh. In a world of unparalleled wealth and convenience, there is a seemingly endless array of entertainment and amusement options available at the touch of a button all while prescription use to cope with sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety climbs higher. All of this takes a massive toll on and individual’s emotional and spiritual heath collectively. However, a growing number of people are starting to take charge of their own health in ways that go beyond trips to the doctor and partaking of the usual pharmaceutic remedies. Diet and lifestyle are now subject to more scrutiny and there is growing evidence that degenerative diseases such as stroke, heart disease, adult onset diabetes, osteoarthritis, as well as cancer, are linked to poor diets and lifestyles. Increasingly people are recognizing that relying solely on Western medicine is not enough to maintain a

healthy, disease-free life. Even the nature of downtime and vacationing is evolving; it’s being reconsidered as an opportunity to do more than escape from stress or seek pleasure and enjoyment. More people are looking for greater meaning in their lives and some find that the place to start is by focusing on a more holistic approach to health. As a result, the wellness economy has exploded.

Nourish Flourish Thrive Carol J. Brown, Certified Life Coach

Are you longing for something? Do you want help managing stress? Are you overwhelmed with too many changes?

Carol can help you regain balance, feel empowered, find a deeper sense of well-being, and feel more confident.



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Conscience Travel Salt Spring Island


SALT SPRING Island is one of

British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and has recently grown into a popular destination for travelers wishing to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate in a natural environment. Local folklore

tells of First Nations’ recognition of the island as a spiritual haven, a place to engage in vision quests, and a place to heal. Similarly, is has recently become a favored location for the healing arts community of Seattle, specifically Salt Spring Island, and has grown into a wellness destination. GETTING THERE Salt Spring Island is perfectly situated in close proximity to Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver with access through its three ferry terminals; Fulford Harbour, Vesuvius, and Long Harbour. It’s also a popular stop for boaters and as well is served by multiple float plane operators. When you arrive on the island, there is a noticeable absence of irritants found in more urbanized places, such as traffic lights and billboards, parking meters, and big box stores. There are no strip malls, major franchises or bright neon signs as you drive along the roads. The Islanders tend to move in a slower pace than most visitors are used to. That is because the people who live on Salt Spring Island lead undistracted lives, especially compared to modern society, searching for a more meaningful life. Their mission to make a positive impact on the community, and ultimately the planet, becomes contagious. Many of the Salt Spring Island residents once arrived on the island as vacationers seeking space to heal only to find themselves staying and become

part of the fabric of the community. They stayed because they found a deeper level of happiness; something they could not find elsewhere. DIVERSE HEALING The island is home to a vast number of various healing therapies. There are several world class yoga studios, massage therapists, acupuncturist, and acupressurist. Herbal health practitioners, cranial- sacral therapy, reiki, and ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, aromatherapy, homeopathic, and nutrition clinics are also available. There are chi gong and tai chi teachers, a wide range of counseling practices, exercise therapists, rolfing, Bowen therapy, and several highend spas. There are local holistic product manufacturers such as organic clothing, organic food products, healthy skin care products. There is one manufacturer that makes orthotics for all types of foot conditions. The list is seemingly endless. Each practitioner of Salt Spring Island has their own interesting story about how they began in their practice and how it lead them to Salt Spring. One common piece of their stories is that they once arrived as visitors and now call the island home. PICTURE THIS In an era of instant communication there is often a sense of loneliness and isolation when real connection is missing. The ten minute, western- medical doctor appointments ten to disappointment most individuals. Spending an hour or more with a health and wellness provider and focusing on real life issues can be an incredibly positive experience. Picture an afternoon with a naturopath doctor discussing the your diet -- but not just being told what to eat, rather having a fulfilling conversation about your daily habits, up’s and down’s, and how you can take steps towards improvement. Afterwards, an hour of deep tissue

massage leaves you feeling more refreshed than ever. You were going to make your way back to your B&B but decided to rent a bike and cycle over to the Farmer’s Market where you sampled local fresh cheese, seasonal berries, and warm bread from a stone oven. Afterwards, you sign up for a restorative yoga class at the Ganges Yoga Studio with a world class yoga instructor. And you make sure to take note of the organic, locally produced salad at the Harbour House Hotel for tomorrow’s lunch. Before dinner, you leave your bike at a convenient bike rack and enjoy a quick stroll through the ar-

tistic sculptures at Hastings House before crossing the road to explore the shops and artist studios of Ganges. After working up an appetite, you sit down to a delicious, healthy dinner at the well-known Tree House Cafe. The dessert menu caught your eye but before you could go there, you couldn’t help but order a local specialty, Salt Spring Lamb, an item that makes its way onto the menu of the Queen Elizabeth II whenever she is in port. At the end of the day, back at your B&B, you wrap up the evening with an book and a glass of wine from one of the several local vineyards before blissfully falling asleep in your room, dreaming of the day ahead. +

To learn more about Salt Spring Island and plan your next wellness retreat, visit There you can find places to stay and a list of Island activities, including health and wellness practitioners and services. fall 2013 / winter 2014


+ eat to live

homemade zucchini noodles

GETTING STARTED For tools, you’ll need a knife, a mandolin or a spirializer (featured in left photo). If you’re a professional chef or skilled cook, julienne the zucchini (smaller the better). If you’re like most of us, leave the knife where it is and look for a mandolin as an inexpensive investment to get started. The only downside to the mandolin is you will not get the same results as a spirializer. Most spirializers come with various types of blades that give you flexibility in the shape of your noodle. For zucchini noodles, pick one of the smaller blades for best results. After you have washed and cut your zucchini, toss them with a bit of salt to remove excess water (be sure to save the liquid if you’re making a sauce). If you have time, air dry the noodles for 4 to 5 hours or put them in a dehydrator for about an hour to improve their texture and ability to soak up a sauce or marinade. From there, you can use the noodles in your favorite raw vegan dish, Asian stir fry, or lowcarb Italian inspiration. The zucchini noodles (and most other veggie noodles) don’t require cooking and when tossed with a warm sauce, they’ll give you a satisfying al-dente bite. +

Zucchini Pasta + Creamy Avocado Cucumber Sauce Quick raw vegan meal that satisfies.


1 large zucchini (1 per person) cherry tomatoes, halved jalapeño, seeds removed + julienned (optional) arugula pea shoots (optional) zest of one meyer lemon



aking noodles out of veggies is a great way to cut carbs, eliminate gluten, increase intake of enzyme-rich foods, and get more vegetables. The best part about making veggie noodles is that it does not require the skills of a master chef. There are hundreds of easy recipes with varying flavor combinations to satisfy your taste buds. There A spirializer is an are hundreds of veggie noodle recipes usamazing tool for making perfect ing different vegetables, sauces, and mariveggie noodles nades. Zucchini is a great vegetable to start with because when raw, it has nearly no taste but capable of soaking in the flavors when combined with spices, oils, and other vegetables. With just a few of the right tools, you will be putting together some spectacular creations.


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1 medium avocado 1 cucumber, peeled and sliced thick handful of large basil leaves (optional) 1 meyer lemon or regular lemon, juice of 2 garlic cloves 1/4 teaspoon white pepper salt and pepper to taste Prepare your zucchini noodles julienne style, mandolin or spiralized. For the purée, place all ingredients except only one garlic clove into a food processor or high-powered blender and process until creamy. Add salt and additional garlic to taste. Toss zucchini pasta with purée and a handful of arugula. Serve with tomatoes, peas shoots, jalapenos, lemon zest, lemon wedges and fresh cracked pepper. For more information on recipes and products, contact Chandler Armstrong

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Contact us today to get started! . .877-560-6930 fall 2013 / winter 2014


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Access Consciousness Cindy Smith, AEP lifestyle product

professional services

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ – Cindy Smith Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium, transformational teacher Cindy Smith has developed her own Angel Empowerment Certification Course™.

What if you were willing to nurture and care for you? What if you would open the doors to being everything you have decided it is not possible to be? What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world? With a background in nursing and counseling, a Masters in Time Line Therapy, NLP and Huna training, Cindy teaches from a wealth The first class in Access is The Bars®. Did you know there are of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to pres32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effort- ent a balanced, skilled approach to ‘Connect to Your Own Power’. lessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to re- Cindy loves to teach and has developed the Angel Empowerment ceive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, Practitioner Certification Course. Cindy states, “One of the most emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any life- powerful experiences for me is when I witness individuals ‘Move time. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! from I can’t too I can.’ LECTURES AND CLASSES Cindy’s goals in her lectures/workshops is to assist individuals to understand how easy it is to trust in their own intuition or guardian angels guidance, and how easy it is to communicate with Divine energy in order to heal and harmonize every aspect of life and ultiHow much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? mately to trust in self. Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have everything you desire (and even greater!) if you WHAT ARE ANGEL READINGS? are willing to receive lots more and maybe do a little less! Receiving Cindy receives messages using 4 main senses (pictures, thoughts, or learning The Bars® will allow this to begin to show up for you. feelings & knowing) which will be shared with client. Angel Oracle Cards can be used to show client pictures words etc. Cindy goes Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many as- beyond what the cards have to say and receives additional messages pects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, to share with client. money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At During a session clients can ask direct questions at any time during worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At the reading. The goal is to have all questions answered before sesbest your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. sion is complete. Most common questions are related to relationships, health, life purpose, career & finances. During Angel ReadIf any of this feels light to you, stop by and say Hi to Lisa or Natalie! ings Cindy may be guided to use Angel Techniques. We are having a special 20 min bars session for $25.00. We will be WHAT ARE ANGEL TECHNIQUES? located at booth 129 and find out what else is possible? Edmonton Alberta Archangels assist with different methods to help with releasement, Booth 129 healing physical & emotional, move thru blocks and fear based energy, stop tiredness or increase energy, remove negative energy, Lisa Dendwick past life healing, belief pattern change and so much more. 780-278-9381 Have a reading with Cindy and other AEP practitioners at Each Access Bars® session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific Bar being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change.

Natalie Krishna 780-916-0592 18

body soul + spirit

BOOTH #24&25 Saskatoon BOOTH # 131 Edmonton Cindy also has 3 different lectures at Expo Cindy is able to do Angel Readings for people all over the world. All she needs is a name and birthdate. Phone or Skype.



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Cloud 9 Float Spa

OBE Guide

lifestyle product

professional services

Cloud 9 Float Spa is a unique new age spa offering a relaxing, holistic experience the second you walk through the front door. We hold a space where customers are allowed to effortlessly let go, unplug from the busy outside world and relax.

Our core service at Cloud 9 is Floatation Therapy. Our float units are filled with eleven inches of water and saturated with approximately 900 pounds of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a healing form of salt and has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and to pull toxins from the body. The high density of Epsom salt causes one to float effortlessly and weightlessly in the water like in the Dead Sea, allowing you to reach a state of complete physical and mental relaxation quite quickly. The temperature of the water is at a constant 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the body’s normal skin temperature, creating a feeling of oneness with the water. Often, individuals will peacefully fall asleep while floating due to the decrease of external stimulus and stress on the body and mind. 90 minutes of floating is the equivalent to four hours of deep rest. Although many individuals choose to float in complete darkness and silence, the option of lighting and relaxing music is also available. Floaters in general remark feeling happier, healthier, more positive, confident, as well as an increase in sensory awareness for several days after floating. While a single float is beneficial, those that float more frequently and as an overall part of their wellness program find increasing health benefits that are sustained over time. It also becomes more common to have experiences of profound well-being and consciousness expansion similar to those associated with the long term results of meditation. After your float you are encouraged to relax in our lounge, enjoy a cup of herbal tea or some spring water before you leave Cloud 9 and return back into the real world. Come see our booth for a chance to win a free float and experience your own blissful Cloud 9! Travis McLaren – 604-308-7412 Booth: 205 City: Coquitlam, BC

Discover The   Phase   with   Out   of   Body   Experience  Guide     For  the  first  time  this  unique  and  highly  effective  training   is  available  in  Canada.  

"...I  was  looking  at  the  blank  wall.  I  remembered  my  plan  of  action,  'to  walk  on  the   Moon'.  I  decided  to  use  'the  door  technique'.  I  thought  about  a  door  and  raised  my   eyes   noticing   how   the   door   appeared   on   the   wall.   I   slowly   turned   the   knob,   thinking  about  dusty,  crater  covered  surface  of  the  moon,  and  I  opened  the  door.   There  it  was!  I  stepped  on  the  moon  surface.  It  was  gray,  dusty...   bright  stars  were   all   around   me   and   the   view   of   the   Earth   shimmering   in   close   proximity   was   simply   astonishing."     Have   you   ever   experienced   a   situation   where   you   have   a   full   awareness   of   yourself   yet   you   recognize   a   genuine   separation   from   the   physical   body?   Or   perhaps   you've   read   or   heard   about   it   and   always   wanted   to   experience   this   yourself?     The  term  'Phase'  encompasses  a   Hi,   I’m   Tatyana   a   creator   of   the   Out   of   Body   Experience   Guide   number  of  widely  known   and   the   Phase   Workshop   phenomena,  such  as  Out-­‐Of-­‐Body   Facilitator.   I’d   like   to   invite   you   to   an   amazing   journey,   a   journey   Experience,  Lucid  Dreaming,  Astral   of   your   personal   discovery   that   Projection,  Sleep  Paralysis,  False   for   me   started   about   4   years   ago.   Unlike   other   teachers   and   Awakening,  etc.   authors   in   the   field   of   Out   of   Body  Experience,  Lucid  Dreaming  or  Astral  Projection,  having  such  experiences  did   not  come  naturally  to  me,  I  have  learned  and  mastered  this  skill  and  I  know  you   can  learn  and  master  it  too!     For  the  first  time  this  unique  and  highly  effective  training  is  available  in  Canada.   Up   to   70%   of   participants   experience   an   out   of   body   state   from   the   first   few   attempts.       Join   me   in   the  introductory  2  hour  workshop  at  the  Vancouver  Body  Soul  &  Spirit   Expo,   to   open   a   new   chapter   in   your   life.   You   will   learn   the   easiest   method   to   experience  an  out  of  body  state  using  effective  and  simple  techniques  developed   by  world  renowned  author  and  researcher  of  the  phenomenon  Michael  Raduga.   You  will  also  learn  how  to  manage  and  control  the  OBE  state  and  how  to  use  it  for   applied  purposes  such  as  travelling  world,  space  and  time,  finding  information,   meeting   deceased   relatives   or   friends,   effecting   personal   physiology   and   so   much  more!   Register  for  the  workshop  at  http://obeguide-­‐     For   free   book   download   and   more   information   visit   our   website   at     Find  us  on  Facebook  at  

fall 2013 / winter 2014


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Phit and Phabulicious St. Brigid’s weight loss expert

spiritual mediums

Extreme Weight Loss Expert, Deb Rondeau

Our goal is to educate people about spiritualism and promote spiritualism as a science, philosophy and as an important way of life. St. Brigid’s Spiritual Centre is a non-denominational centre and all are welcome.

Deb knows what it’s like to struggle with weight; she did it for decades! Yo-yo dieting, bizarre fad diets, binge eating, the negative self-image, the torturous self-deprivation… Living this way drove her to a staggering 430 lbs.! So you could say she’s “been there, done that”. And then one day Deb decided to make a change; a BIG change. That decision was the catalyst for a personal odyssey that not only changed her body by allowing her to release 250 lbs. and counting, but also changed her entire outlook on life. Deb rediscovered her “sexy” and has been keeping her new Phit and Phabulicious!™ lifestyle since 2011! Visit Deb at booth #306 and attend her lectures on Saturday @ 2:30pm and Sunday @ 1:30pm to enjoy a “visioning” experience you will never forget! Deb Rondeau is the host and executive producer of the Phit and Phabulicious!™ radio show on Contact Talk Radio Network (named in the top 5 weight loss shows on iTunes). She is also a motivational speaker, author, extreme weight loss coach, a graduate and award winner of the Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership and a graduate of Erickson College’s The Art & Science of Coaching program. Website: Email:

See us at the Edmonton Body Soul + Spirit Expo, booth #201. On the last Saturday of the month we hold Evening with Spirit, where our resident mediums demonstrate platform mediumship to an audience. Tickets are $30 and sell fast; the evening runs from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. We also offer mediumship development circles, spiritual healing workshops and various other events throughout the year. We regularly host an open house where you can enjoy oneon-one spiritual and or psychic readings and spiritual healings. Our Sunday service runs from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm where we are available to answer any of your questions. We hope to see you soon! Blessings, from St. Brigid’s St. Brigid’s is located at #101, 10441 178 street, Edmonton, Alberta For more information: Phone: 780-458-3727 Email: Website: To join St. Brigid’s Spiritual Centre’s Facebook Group page, go here: We are also on twitter @EdmontonMediums

Energy Healing of Your Soul’s Etheric Record These readings provide information on your soul profile, primary life lesson, soul gifts and troublesome traits. Negative influences are discovered, understood and removed. 20 body soul + spirit

m phy id

exhibitor profiles

One Great Year books + movies History as we know it is about to be rewritten!

The breakthrough novel One Great Year combines higher consciousness and ancient knowledge to create a brilliant, gritty adventure that spans 13,000 years. One Great Year has been called “Indiana Jones meets Eckhart Tolle,” and brings ancient philosophies alive, propelling the reader through exotic locations, and five dramatic lifetimes. The backdrop of One Great Year is the Great Year Cycle, a nearly 26,000-year cosmic cycle that is referred to in more than 32 different Ancient civilizations across the globe and speaks of a rise and fall in human consciousness. One Great Year’s characters, Marcus and Theron, are Emissaries chosen to protect the ancient secrets as the Golden Age descends, and to help guide humankind through the coming Dark Ages. One Great Year is an example of the magic that happens when two passionate writer-artists fall in love and decide to make an uncommon life together. Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Rene DeFazio is an actor, screenwriter, and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit, as well as countless commercials and print ads. After spending many years backpacking and filming, Rene drew upon an abundance of unusual and exciting experiences to create One Great Year. His tireless research and firsthand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights and smells helped to bring this epic story to life. Tamara Veitch is a writer, artist and mother. She also grew up in the Vancouver area, and attended Simon Fraser University to study English and psychology. Tamara has been a writer all her life and also worked as a mural painter. One Great Year took three years to complete. The authors are currently writing the second and third books in the One Great Year series, filming a documentary, and embarking on an extensive North American book tour. Join Tamara and Rene as they discuss the ancient history, modern science, and inspirations layered throughout One Great Year and discover the incredible journey that inspired One Great Year! One Great Year has been optioned to become a Hollywood blockbuster film trilogy and has also won Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival Awards and the London Book Festival Awards. Rene and Tamara have also partnered with Greenleaf Book Group for their literary debut and U.S. release, in October 2013. Please check out the website for more information: fall 2013 / winter 2014


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Naturally Healthy aromatherapy Have you been struggling with an emotion and don’t know why? Did you experience a traumatic event in your life? Come and meet Stacy Biccum.

Stacy is a Raindrop & Aromatic sciences practitioner specializing in emotional Identification with Young Living Essential Oils and is the proud owner of Naturally Healthy.Stop by the booth and experience Naturally Healthy Alternatives for: • • • • •

Headaches Teething Joint pain Colds/flu Depression

• • • • •

Flavouring water Digestive issues Nightmares Sleeping And more

You can find Naturally Healthy at the Saskatoon, Vancouver, and Calgary Body Soul + Spirit Expos! 1-403-597-0147 Young Living independent distributor #1291596

22 body soul + spirit


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Saskatoon Energy Healing

lifestyle product

healing professional

The Perfect Sitting and Meditation Cushion

Marilyn Faye Parney is a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.

ic m.

The former top ten in the world Quarter Horse competitor in both English and Western disciplines combined her love of horses and her other love of music to become Canada’s Singing Cowgirl representing Canada in Aichi Japan as a singer/songwriter depicting her western Canadian heritage through her music, carrying her love of life to stage.

See us at #303 Vancouuver


We sit on soft materials that cushion into the perineum body parts creating heat and pressure. As a medical donut shaped pillow substitute YogaSeats can be adjusted to suite each persons particular needs.

Ergonomically designed to prevent sitting on your perineum area and tail bone. By not sitting on the perineum and tail bone areas Prana and Chi energies A motor vehicle accident resulted can move more freely throughin the loss of her international reout the Microcosmic Orbit. cord contract and music career, but through Jin Shin Jyutsu she has regained balance and harmony in her life, sharing her new career as a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner with clients of both animal and humans alike. Benefits of this non invasive healing modality include: Combats fatigue; Decreases Pain; Strengthens the Immune System; Accelerates Healing; Combats Mental and Emotional Stress; Releases Deep Tension; Helps with Jet Lag; Improves Athletic Ability and all with no disrobing required.

Marilyn’s Fiancé Stuart Wurtz of Stop by our booth and try our our Cushions during an interactive Stuart Wurtz Reflexology works mediation sessions! along side of her, with yet another effective form of healing. They make a great pair with much to offer clients of all demographic and Contact us at: or call 503-805-8777 cultural backgrounds. YogaSeats LLC PO Box 13391 Portland, Or. 97213-0391

To quote the founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu – Mary Burmeister “The Truth is that within each of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete PEACE and ONENESS- to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony. You have it within you to truly KNOW(and Help) YOURSELF. Feel welcome to contact us at: Email: 1 403 540-8009

fall 2013 / winter 2014


exhibitor profiles

24 body soul + spirit

exhibitor profiles

fall 2013 / winter 2014


exhibitor profiles

26 body soul + spirit

exhibitor profiles

fall 2013 / winter 2014


Celebrate your life with the

Journey to Health

“I see her as a healer and friend to those around her and the Earth itself, and am constantly inspired to strengthen my own commitment to living a life based in Love, and the singular dedication to the much needed healing of this Earth and its people.” – Lana Schramm


SERVICES OFFERED: • Complete Health Assessment • Herbal Medicine • Reflexology • Bach Flower Remedies/ Therapy • Light-/Colour Therapy • Iridology • Sclerology • Biofeedback (Bio-Pulsar Reflexograph)


All workshops held in Grande Prairie, AB and surrounding area


OUR BODY – THE BIGGER PICTURE Movie Night with health related topics: First Tuesday of every month September 6, October 4, November 1 and December 6, 7-9:30 pm

INSTRUCTOR: Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, Sclerologist, Light & Colour Therapist. Gudrun is available for speaking and teaching engagements.

UNFOLD TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL Introduction to Bach Flowers  September 10 & 11, 9 am – 5 pm

Over 25 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher. Author and publisher of “Bach Flowers Unfolding”

TAKING STRESS REDUCTION INTO YOUR OWN HANDS Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) September 12, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

WORKSHOPS/COURSES are offered on a continuous basis in any of the healing modalities listed. All classes are experiential and interactive with a focus on relevancy, practicality and fun.

HEALING FROM THE RAINBOW Introduction to Light & Colour Therapy  October 26, 6:30 – 9:30 pm HANDS ON FEET Reflexology for Beginners and Advanced Students  November 4, 3-9 pm; November 5 & 6, 9 am – 5 pm

For information contact 780.532.2464 • • 28 body soul + spirit

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Edmonton + Area

Vancouver + Area

BEAUTY + PERSONAL CARE G & G Design Redesigned jewelry specializing in bridal jewelry, ceremonial/jeweled beach sandal, unique foot jewelry 780-660-8163

ANTI-AGING Jusuru Collagen Feeling young is the best advantage in business. Juice, chews, pet blend, Stromaderm serum, Ageless. Age Well. Moneca. ca. 604-5063641

BODYTALK Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Debbie Faul, CBP, Explore the benefits of BodyTalk – Welcoming new clients at Absolute Health Inc. clinic 780-4485888

GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES Attract all the clients you want and feel good doing it. Intuitive design & marketing for heart-centered entrepreneurs. 778-551-1982,

ENERGY HEALING Quantum laser, acupuncture, herbs, vitamin supplements, nutrition, meditation, homeopathy, energy work, spiritual counseling & more. divinelighttwingoddesses@gmail. com Sheryl Rist 780-504-0048 Linda Tallas 780-716-7393

INTUITIVE READINGS Private Sessions bringing mind, body, spirit into alignment with your SOUL. Sessions include a blending of reiki, chakra balancing, intuitive insight. Call 778-2271369

NUMEROLOGY Expert Numerologist, healer and REIKI spirit healer and #1 Best-Selling Relax & De-Stress by balancing Author of “Blueprint of your Soul” your mind, body & soul through Joseph Ghabi offers consultations, Reiki. Hazel Tyson risesun@telus. workshops and more. net 780-201-0674, Cold Lake, AB Information or book a reading see or call Red Deer + Area 604-221-2469 ENERGY HEALING

HYPNOSIS QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) therapy is a holistic approach that addresses and heals the physical, mental and spiritual. Come journey with us. 604-440-2860

WORKSHOPS Practical techniques and methods to experience an Out of Body state, Lucid Dreaming, or Astral Projection (The Phase). See us at Vancouver Expo, booth #305 or see

spiritual and inspirational services, products and gift ware. We are located in the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, 3-2228 Avenue C North, Saskatoon 306-222-8148 Divine Goddess Gifts, discover books, crystals, incense, and inspirational gifts or book a session with in store healers and readers, at 103 – 626 Broadway Ave, see or call 306-665-6612

PSYCHIC MEDIUMS Jodie Rollins, International Psychic Medium (Canada, Ireland, Vancouver Island Mexico), offers sessions in person as well as by phone and Skype. For BOOKS more information see JodieRollins. Can I Be Me without Losing You. com or call 306-717-6575 Have you started to awaken but are afraid of the changes that may HEALING CENTERS happen? Then this book was written SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, for you. Buy at Saskatoon newest healing space or 250-930-7655 provides a tranquil space for people to gather, learn, share, experience, SASKATCHEWAN and expand their connection with spirit. Located at 3-2228 Avenue Saskatoon + Area C North. See or call 306-652-5555 BOOKS + GIFTS continued on p. 30 3 Wishes Gift Shops provides



BODY SOUL SPIRIT expo Saskatoon Sept. 27-29, 2013 Prairieland Vancouver Nov. 1-3, 2013 PNE Forum. Edmonton Nov. 15-17 The Hanger Vancouver Apr. 4-6, 2014 Roundhouse Calgary Apr. 11-13, 2014 Stampede Park Regina Apr. 25-27, 2014 Connexus Arts Centre



Healing with Anne. Now at Silver Cove, Lacombe Centre Mall. Over 13-years experience, certified as a Calgary + Area Master Teacher & Practitioner in over 30 modalities of energy ONCOLOGY/ healing. Heal the past in order to CANCER ESTHETICS move into the present & future. Professional skin care services for 403-789-1308 Cell 780-934-2543 Oncology/Cancer & regular skin facebook. for men & women. Tattoos, Skin com/healingwithanne Tags, Spider veins, Hair, Toe Fungal etc. 403.455.1828 REIKI Divine Light Reiki and Health® Love LASER SERVICES again. Live the life of good health & Professional skin care services for joy. Raise your vibration and enter Oncology/Cancer & regular skin the new age of enlightenment. for men & women. Tattoos, Skin Reiki, Reflexology & much more. Tags, Spider veins, Hair, Toe Fungal Visit Divine Light Reiki and etc. 403.455.1828 Health® for “The Absolute Best in 21st Century Holistic Therapy and TATTOO REMOVAL Education” Professional skin care services for BRITISH COLUMBIA Oncology/Cancer & regular skin for men & women. Tattoos, Skin Nelson Tags, Spider veins, Hair, Toe Fungal etc. 403.455.1828 ASTROLOGERS Michael O’Connor, Life Coach · ENERGY WORK Astrologer · Personal Insight Career Alara Payten, Energetic · Timing · Relationships · 20 years Breakthroughs & Sacred Life experience · Author of forthcoming illumination call for a free 5 minute book: “360 Degrees of Power” · phone consultation 403-460-3709 · or see 352-6871


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HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH Stop being bored, burned out and broken down. Joyfully create the healthy, abundant life you deserve. Create a New You. Call Toni Snyder NOW. 719-337-2644 toni@

PET HEALING/ COMMUNICATOR Rev. Peggy Ashman is a Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive and Animal Communicator. Whether in person or via email or Skype, I tap in with your animal companion and share messages from them to you. Human companions share with me how after a session behavior is improved and the harmony is restored. 702-267-8067 or




21 $2 for

James Van Praagh. Planned to be one of the best BB+S events. Bookings start at the end of Nov. 877-560-6830 Body Soul + Spirit Expo, Calgary April 11-13, 2014 Stampede Park; Featuring up to 124 exhibits, 45 lectures and 10 workshops. Bookings start at the end of Nov. 877-560-6830 Body Soul + Spirit Expo, Regina April 25-27, 2014 Connexus Arts Centre: Several new features including a Saturday concert, many new lectures, and up to 70 exhibitors. Bookings start at the end of Nov. 877-560-6830 Listings are organized alphabetically first geographically, then by categotry. New categories added as new listings are placed. Our publication is distributed via Canada Post to subscribers and through highly targeted pick-up locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatoon (see our website for details). In addition, publications are distributed at all of the Body Soul + Spirit Expo. Listings are available for $5/month. Visit for more information.

Care From The Core Regina Inc.

two for the price of one admissions ticket Must present coupon at the door. Cannot be combine with any other promotion.



PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Life Coaching and Energy Work can help you tap your inner wisdom, shift your limiting beliefs, release your emotional baggage, reframe your struggles, set achievable goals and MAKE YOUR DREAMS YOUR REALITY. sdstaples@ 604- Body Soul + Spirit Expo, 789-7171 Vancouver Nov 1-3, 2013: PNE Forum. CRYSTALS, GEMSTONES, Amazing keynotes and speakers. MINERALS + JEWELRY Great things in the works for a Discover Canada’s own hidden gem memorable Expo. 877-560-6830 (pun intended) largest collection online with over 1300 items and Intro to the Phase: growing. Wholesale & retail (in OBE Workshop Ender by BC). Nov 2, 2013: Vancouver Body Soul 1-250-838-7686 + Spirit Expo, 6-8 PM, Discover The Phase in a 2-hour intro workshop on practical techniques & methods to experience an Out of Body state, Lucid Dreaming, or Astral Body Soul + Spirit Projection (The Phase). 6PM-8PM. Expo, Saskatoon $50 Sept 27-29, 2013; Prairieland Park 80 exhibits, 45 lectures, 10 Body Soul + Spirit Expo, workshops. Addition of a workshop Edmonton room at the expos and extended Nov 15-17, 2013: NEW Saturday hours of 7pm to 10pm. LOCATION ‘The Hanger’ at Exhibitor booking starts May 5, Alberta Aviation Museum, Ample 2013. 877-560-6830 free parking & large mobile billboards on Edmonton’s busiest Self-Emergence Retreat, highway. 124 exhibits, 45 lectures, Sedona, AZ 10 workshops. 877-560-6830 Oct 24-27, 2013; Join Sonia Haynes on a journey to self-realization and Spring Body Soul + Spirit Expo, healing. Embrace your personal Vancouver power. contact@ April 4-6, 2014 Roundhouse, 778-786-1301 Downtown Yaletown next to False Creek. Smaller event (51 exhibits) with amazing speakers including


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$2 off the price of one admissions ticket

Must present coupon at the door. Cannot be combine with any other promotion.

Saskatoon Vancouver Sept. 27-29, 2013 Apr. 4-6, 2014 Prairieland Roundhouse Vancouver Calgary Nov. 1-3, 2013 Apr. 11-13, 2014 PNE Forum Stampede Park Edmonton Regina Nov. 15-17 Apr. 25-27, 2014 The Hanger Connexus Arts Centre

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Regina’s Spiritual Connection Yoga – Meditation – Crystals – Massage – Classes Distribution Location of the Body, Soul, Spirit Magazine! www.CareFromTheCore.Com 2054 Broad Street, Upstairs Regina Saskatchewan

Our readers care about their own well being now. For the future. Their children's well being. The well being of their surroundings. Of animals. Of friends. They pick our magazine up each month, free of charge. It stays with them. At their table. In their car. Their kitchen. Their office. Their bathroom. People take it to the beach. Read it on the treadmill. It's in waiting rooms. People keep it. Share it. Pass it on. Go ahead and dwell on living well. Find a copy or read online. Local Content • Fiction • Fitness • Nutrition • Aging • Illness • Prevention • Social Wellness • Sleep • Sexual Health • Mental Health • Alternative Health • Pregnancy • Babies & Children • The Environment • Pet Health fall 2013 / winter 2014


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 10  

Western Canada's premier magazine for discovering new ways of being! Articles, Columns and Directories that bring together the best of Holi...

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 10  

Western Canada's premier magazine for discovering new ways of being! Articles, Columns and Directories that bring together the best of Holi...