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How to Come to Peace With Any Situation

Shaeri Richards

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It’s All About Me A couple years ago I attended one I could decide, even of James Roswell Quinn’s amazing in the hardest of personal growth classes, and one situations, that of the participants, a sweet, loving, there was a part giving young woman, was wearing of me I would not an “It’s All About Me” t-shirt. We give to bitterness or all had a good laugh because she resentment. is one of the least selfish people So often we see calls for others to we all knew. I had to ask her why change. We tell others we will be she would wear the shirt, and she good to them when responded that from her perspective “It’s Any one can hold the they are good to us. We decide we will be happy all about me” meant helm when the sea if we can only make that if the world was is calm. others treat us the way going to change for we should be treated. the better, even her Publilius Syrus The problem is, there is little space in it, then never any shortage of people who it was all about her, and how she will treat you badly. So if you live responded to the daily realities of life. your life waiting for them to behave Now whenever I see that shirt I am as they “should” you will always be reminded that if I want the world to at their mercy. You can’t control change, “It’s all about me”. how other people behave, but you “It’s all about me” seen from can control how you choose to this perspective means I take respond. “It” really is all about you! responsibility for my own happiness. If bad things happen, when people Gratefully Yours, are unkind, I have a choice in how I will respond. If I wait until others finally come to their best senses and Brandi Jasmine start treating me well, I will never be Editor, The Body Soul & Spirit happy. As a highly sensitive person, Expo Magazine my salvation finally came when I discovered I could not control others, but I could control my own reactions.


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20 ...... What is the Higher Self? by Candice Creelman and Danard Willisko 22 ...... Living a Life of Magic by Lynn Andrews 26 ...... Tools to Melt Away Stress and Anxiety Fast by Jim Tessman BBA 27 ...... Book Review: Coming Full Circle by Devra Jacobs 29 ...... Book Review: The Well-Tempered Life by R. Danielle Gault


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On The Cover “Celtic Crescents” by Kristen Fox “When I was a little kid, I used to draw all over everything. I’d doodle on the newspaper margins, fill coloring books and drawing pads, even drew on the wall once, much to my mother’s consternation! Eventually these creative proclivities were directed towards my growing interests in calligraphy, drawing, photography, and painting. And then I discovered the wonderful world of Celtic Art with all of its intricate knotwork and spiral designs and symbolism. Today my artwork tends to blend these classic artistic elements and approaches into unique, contemporary, and colorful designs that move a step beyond what has gone before. Celtic artists have used intricate spiral symbology for millenia, and I wanted to create a design that reflected this historical element in a new setting - spinning spirals within circles in rainbow colors, representing the infinite possibilities of worlds within worlds within worlds.” Artist’s Website: http://www.artoffoxvox.com/

RENEW YOURSELF Visit the LAZY M LODGES Too many balls to juggle? Feeling pulled by multiple demands? Tired of being tired? Overwhelmed, stressed or out of energy? Feeling disconnected from yourself or your source? Can’t remember the last time you took time just for you?

room where the soft glow from the wood-burning fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere.

delightful desserts are served at the family style dining table that seats up to 18. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your stay and we guarantee you will never leave hungry.

Enjoy the entertainment room with Satellite TV and a DVD player, play games, or stroll around the property. Your time is your own. The amenities provided for guests combine rustic charm with The relentless pace of our lives Outside, the view from the large country comfort. The four today takes a toll on our our veranda is of the country side and premium bedrooms have en-suite relationships, our dreams, and our features the North Raven River and bathrooms while the other four sense of well-being. You owe it to wide open spaces. There are plenty share three public bathrooms. All yourself, and to everyone around of decks chairs to enjoy relax in are comfortable and inviting. Above you, to rejuvenate yourself so that while you enjoy the view. Let your the Gathering Center is our Loft you can be a better parent, partner, cares bubble away in the large hot apartment. This furnished, one or professional. tub or be mesmerized by a bedroom suite has a fully-equipped crackling fire in our outdoor fire kitchen, bathroom, living room, As you stroll toward the Lodge you pit. You have several choices in and a large second story deck – the will be greeted by our friendly collie outdoor activities as well: explore perfect place for someone looking Rusty who will escort you the North Raven River and walking for that special, private space to personally to the door. Your hosts trails, take a meditative walk write, read, or simple rest in privacy. Randy and Marcel will warmly through the Labyrinth, and enjoy welcome you to your home-awayplaying horseshoes, bocce ball, and Up to 125 people can gather and from home—your peaceful, safe volleyball. Fly fishing is available enjoy a great country setting for haven. year round bring your license and events like family reunions, your rod and enjoy one of the best weddings, fund raising events, Entering the lodge, you feel a streams in Central Alberta. seminars, or meetings in our warmth and country charm. Relax Gathering Center. Outside, you will in the comfortable seating areas, Meal times at the Lazy M are an find a large, open, covered veranda. quiet reading and lounging spaces, experience as well. Lovingly home Inside, there is a large stone or bask in the warmth of the sun cooked meals, fresh bread, and fireplace, washrooms with showers,

       



 




        


a games area that comes complete with a shuffle board, air hockey, darts, and a state-of-the-art sound and video system. The other features of the Lazy M Lodge are the carefully selected guest facilitators, who host lifeenhancing programs and/or retreats—many of which are open to the public. All our experienced facilitators share a passion for supporting people in tapping into their authentic selves and exploring their creativity. By participating in our courses you can learn how to achieve balance and harmony while enhancing your overall quality of life. Centrally located only two hours from Calgary or Edmonton, or 45 minutes west of Red Deer, the Lazy M Lodge offers you a retreat location that is ideal for your next event, get-away, or vacation. Or join one of the powerful and profound workshops offered by our faculty of gifted facilitators. Our facilities are ideal for events ranging from corporate planning retreats to weddings or family reunions. Here is a short introduction to the experienced, caring facilitators of the Lazy M Lodge:  Leonard McCallum, of White Thunderbird Healing, is a gifted aboriginal man who helps men and women, singles and couples, to connect with nature and find ways to heal. He has recently been featured on television and radio programs regarding his newlyreleased book, From Brokenness to Giftedness. www.whitethunderbird.net  Carol McKenzie, of Positive Change Coaching, is a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in Life Skills, Recovery, and Personal Life coaching and who facilitates Professional and Personal Development Programs. Her approach is encouraging, sensitive, and positive when helping individuals and teams move from where they are to where they want to be. www.PositiveChangeCoaching.com

 Rae-ann Wood- Schatz, has spent building construction is extensive. the last 25 years being in service to He offers several courses on renovations, wood crafts with barn a world that wants support board, willow furniture-making, emotionally, mentally and and more. spiritually. As a entrepreneur and leader inside of The Creator's Code she can assist you to move through  Marcel Gour, co-owner of the Lazy M Lodge, is an amateur one of the most powerful photographer. He loves to share the experiential self awareness many photographic programs on the planet today. opportunities that the Lazy M has Registered hypnotherapist, to offer: wildlife, sunsets, amazing practitioner of Neuro Linguistic skies, and powerful thunderstorms. Programming. rae-ann@ For those of you with the personalbestseminars.com, or 780“photography bug,” be sure to come 408-5530. and take advantage of Marcel’s photography programs and  Jannette Anderson, President of gatherings. Positive Results. As a coach and speaker Jannette is all about All facilitators offer great supporting women in increasing experiences, and we invite you to their B.Q. or Bodacity Quotient! log onto the Lazy M website to Her fun, profound, and provocative check out the Events Calendar and ‘play-shop’ Sexy IS a State of Mind! links to find out more about the shows women how to have their Lodge itself and these exciting flirty way with the world. people: www.lazymcanada.com www.bodacity.ca - Jannette@ positiveresults.ca If you don’t have access to a  Rosa Medicine Traveller, of Night computer, then please give us a call at 1.866.382.5299. Eagle Consultants, is an aboriginal woman who is a well-known facilitator, leading workshops on topics like holistic healing, feeding your spirit, and selfempowerment. She has a unique Jacquie Stolk way of blending 778–899–1179 traditional teachings with bluelotusrevitalizedhealth.ca contemporary Advanced Microcurrent Treatments life, and her kindness, warmth, and gentleness draw people to her.  Randy McGhee, coowner of the Lazy M Lodge, is an experienced wood worker. As journeyman carpenter, his skills and knowledge in the field of FALL/WINTER 2012 www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com • 3

Self Confidence

Self Esteem

Self Love

Self Worth

Self Respect ♥

‘SELF HEALING’… The New Health Science


Dallas, TX Saskatoon, SK Abbotsford, BC Vancouver, BC Calgary, AB Edmonton, AB

July 16, 2012 October 1, 2012 October 15, 2012 October 16, 2012 October 22, 2012 November 5, 2012

Carole M. Friesen

www.PsychosomaticTherapy.com • 1.877.846.3948


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How to Come to Peace with any Situation By Shaeri Richards Life happens. Sometimes we might enjoy the way life is unfolding, other times it might feel challenging, painful and overwhelming. The truth is that we cannot control what is happening in the world around us, yet we do have the power to find peace with life in our inner world. Paradoxically, when we come to peace inside, our energy shifts and we may find we are attracting different types of situations to our outer world. But even if nothing changes on the outer, peace on the inner will make life more pleasant and fulfilling.

properly tuned piano is designed to generate clear pure sounds, we are designed to generate the pure, clear energy of the Divine. We are built that way. Yet life’s challenges can cause us to get out of warped and out of tune. Tuning ourselves to the frequency of peace can help bring us back in balance. Here are some practices you can use to come to peace around any situation.

1. Accept what’s happening. Breathe into your feelings about the situation and allow them to be as they are. Often we may feel frustration, bitterness, anger or rage about a situation. Judging these In a world where change is the only feelings or expressing them to the constant, coming to peace requires other tends to cause more challenges. Repressing them will a certain ability to go with the create problems as well. Find a way flow, to allow life to be as it is. It to allow them to move through you. requires a certain surrender to the Feel them and acknowledge them notion that try as we like, we don’t for yourself, then let them go. From always get to have things how we want them and when we want them, this state of acceptance, your energy will relax and the next step will which is usually “right now, thank become clearer. you very much.” So what is peace? Peace is a spiritual frequency that we can tune in to at any moment. It’s like a color or a sound. The color “red” or the note “G” are always vibrating on their individual frequencies whether we are currently experiencing them in our outer world or not. If we want to manifest them on the material plane, we can use a medium or an instrument to bring them forth, like paint or a piano. When it comes to spiritual frequencies like peace, we become their instrument of expression on earth.

As human beings we have the capacity to sound the notes of the spiritual worlds, notes like peace, love, and compassion. Much like a 6 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

2. Do what you can. If action is possible take it, yet do your best to stay relaxed about the outcome. Let go of the “need” for success; yet remain open to the “possibility” of it. If action isn’t possible, don’t dwell on the situation. Remain vigilant with your thoughts, if you find yourself running the situation over and over in your mind, stop, breathe into your heart and move into acceptance with the feelings you find there. Sometimes action happens through non-action. It’s like being caught in an ocean current. The best way to come to the surface is to stop fighting and let the current carry you to the top.

3. Forgive yourself if you know what to do, but can’t make yourself do it. Sometimes we are incapable of taking the action that will help us. Beating yourself up for this will only make matters worse. If you know what to do but don’t have the capacity to do it, practice step one. Call in your heart. Find compassion for yourself. Give yourself a hug. With time, this practice of self-forgiveness and self-love may open the door to the energy needed for change. 4. Look for any lessons you are meant to learn. Often life’s most difficult situations can be used as teachers on the road to compassion, love and peace. 5. Remain open to opportunity and change. By practicing relaxation and acceptance, you become more present to the moment, and the moment births both peace and possibilities. Shaeri Richards is an award winning spiritual self-help author, hypnotherapist and healer. For more information visit Shaeri’s website www.dancingwithyourdragon.com

Papa Wango & Djaly Reserve your space for shell reading, rituals,concerts and other events. For more details Call: Chantal 250 575 6184 www.bestbalancedlife.com

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7 Ways We Plan To Bring You More Amazing Events ~ by Chandler Armstrong 1. New improved website with social interaction, affiliate program and more. 2. New “Virtual and Live” presentations in the main lecture theater. 3. New “One Night Only” Events. 4. More affordable exhibiting options. 5. More pocial programs including Saturday Event “AWAKE” Party. 6. Newsletter, Events and Articles. 7. New “licensed” expos allow you to bring the Body Soul & Spirit Expo to your community. These are truly exciting times, where we are all being called upon to explore new ways and possibilities. While many choose to focus on chaos and challenges, we hope you will join us in seeking the emergence of new potentials for our world. We heart-fully invite all who share our vision to join us in the co-creation of something wonderful. A Unique Perspective Over the past decade and a half we have produced over 180 expos and special events for our community in several cities across Canada. In doing so, we’ve had the privilege of working with an incredible group of people whose passion is to provide solutions for creating a better world through sharing their wisdom, products or services. We’ve been honored to be able to talk to the many people who are looking for new ways of living. We listen to their many stories, feedback and insights on a daily basis. Both those who provide and those who come to explore the options offered in our community are equally a part of the same quest on the forefront of creating new ways of living and better choices for our world. We’ve heard from many exhibitors that they are looking for more economical prices for exhibiting at our events. We have solutions that will allow us to continue to provide the best possible promotion for our events (TV, Radio Bill Boards, Major Papers, Poster Distribution, Internet Marketing and more). Likewise, attendees would like to see more value, including more bestselling authors, teachers and experts that continue to inspire them. 8 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

Improvement #1: New and Improved Website

Here are just some of the new features we have planned:

• A completely new look and feel for our entire website. • Better tools to allow members to post directory listings, submit events, articles and classes. • A new News & Articles Section with featured columnists, with the best contributions used in the magazine. • New social media functionality on the community pages and a mini feed on We've been talking about our new website for just over 2 years now. It may main page. • Improved Exhibitor Listings. seem that our first attempt was “bad • Member commenting and interaction timing”, as it was just before a sharp to all news feed posts. turn in the economy that seemingly • A state of the art affiliate system. temporarily derailed the project. In retrospect, this extra two years was exactly what we needed as it caused us We see our new website as the “backbone” of the new direction for our events, magazine and professional network. We have put our 16 years of experience, several years of research, and hundreds of hours of consultation to create a new concept intended to create a community and culture of mutual support. New technologies have emerged that provide us with the opportunity to create the tools in the re-development of a more effective website that will allow us to effectively collaborate and work with all who are part of the Body Soul & Sprit Expo, Magazine and Online Community.

Improvement #2: New “Virtual and Live” Presentations Imagine seeing many of the people you've been asking for at our event ... Dr. Miguel Ruiz “The Four to rethink what was really needed in Agreements”, Byron Katie “The Work”, our community and how we could be James Van Praagh, Gregg Braden, of service in filling this need. Doreen Virtue, James Twyman, Deborah King “Be Your Own We work with an extraordinary group Shaman”, Ram Dass “Be Here Now”, Dr. of people that are passionate about Joe Dispenza and Bob Proctor “The providing better products, services and Secret”, Caroline Myss, “Subtle knowledge to people looking for new Anatomy” ... and many other best ways of being and living. We have selling authors and world spoken with many of you over the renowned experts. years, and while some have enjoyed a great deal of financial reward for doing We are working with a new conference what they love, other are still finding technology provider to create a new it a challenge, especially in the past virtual conference system that will 18 months. Our intention is to create allow us to present both “live” events tools that will support success so all can with speakers physically present at our thrive at doing what they love to do. events and others “almost live” on a 20’ HD Screen with full audience If we are to create a successful event, interaction allowing you to interact, magazine and online community, then ask questions and much more. it must be one that fosters a new level of sharing and mutual support. Well The new system, planned to launch in that’s exactly what we've set out to do 2013, also includes live Internet with our new website. streaming to allow even more people to

attend virtually, as well as the ability to produce high quality video and audio recording for all our speakers and presenters, as well as downloading these presentations after the event. Improvement #3: New “ONE NIGHT ONLY” Events We’ve now joined with a major promotional partner to launch Body Soul & Spirit One Night Only events. These events will not be expos, but much more intimate evening events, although we will offer a small number of sponsor tables in the lobby of the event. Improvement #4: More “affordable” Exhibiting options

booths on all corner booth spaces that will allow your organization (if approved) to acquire exhibit space at our expos at half the price of a regular booth. As all these booths are on a corner, each organization is allowed a full table on separate aisles as well as their own listings and other benefits. AUTHORS COLLECTIVE BOOTH: Over the years we have had 100’s of authors at our events that have told us they would like a more affordable option. In answer to this, we’ve created a cooperative authors booth in all our expos. We allow each author half of a standard table to exhibit their book or books, as well as individual listings online and in the show guide providing the same promotional exposure all for as little as one quarter of the price of a regular booth (four authors per booth).

Over the past fifteen years we’ve seen the costs of producing and promoting our events skyrocket to three and four times what they were just a decade ago. PRACTITIONER BOOTH: If you are While most other events have passed these costs on to their exhibitors, we’ve part of a organization or you just want only raised our prices by 28% since our to organize a exhibit space with others who practice the same healing art, you first events. As a result we have had to be incredibly creative in the production may now get into a booth with other practitioners for as little as $200 per of our events, explore co-branding, practitioner (four practitioners per media sponsorship, and trim some of booth). the costs. As a result exhibit fees no longer cover our costs and we have had Improvement #5: More Social to be incredibly creative in the Programs including Saturday Event production of our events, and explore “AWAKE” the Ultimate New co-branding, media sponsorship, as Consciousness Party well as trim some of the costs. Our solution is to provide more incentives that will encourage more community involvement that will benefit those who participate as well as the event as a whole. We believe that these new options will allow many who may not have been able to add our event to their promotional budget to join the shows, and result in a more diverse array of exhibits for those who attend our events.

We believe that life is meant to be fun, and our event should be fun as well. That why we are planning more social events for our future events. Our first is “AWAKE” the official Saturday Night Party at all our events.

In this event, at 7pm, the lecture theater transforms into a stage, the curtains come down, the buffet and bar is set up, various healthy restaurants, cafes and caterers put out snacks and hors d’oeuvres in a buffet with waiters on We are introducing opportunities for call to serve you. This event promises to you to co-create our events with us, including an “Earn Your Booth” option. be the new consciousness social event of the year. CD Tables will be We believe this will allow many new exhibitors to join the shows, and result provided for performers. Special DJ, and Kundalini Yoga Dancers, a New in a more diverse array of exhibits for Consciousness Comedian Show and those who attend our events. more is planned. More details and tickets will be posted soon. Ticket sales NON-PROFIT BOOTH: If you’re part of a non-profit group, we now offer half will be priced to cover the cost, all

proceeds above cost will go to charity. As this event is both a social and charitable event, we are looking for a volunteer coordinator, so if you love to organize parties be sure to send us a letter letting us know your interest and experience. We also have several other special social events planned, including an exhibitor welcome brunch at the official hotel the Friday morning of the show, and a wrap up dinner at the close of the show. Most of these events are planned for out 2013 events, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter online and we will keep you posted. Improvement #6: Monthly Newsletter: News, Events, and Articles Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one monthly email that would keep you updated on all the events in our community? Share the latest news, events and the hottest and latest new businesses, spas, authors, movies? Timely articles, discussions, and insights on topic you want to learn more about? This was exactly what we set out to create years ago when we first created News for Body Soul & Spirit which was a compilation of content from many of the wonderful people that have exhibited and presented at the Body Soul & Spirit Expos. For years, we formatted, edited and emailed the newsletter to our email list compiled from individuals who subscribed online, and at the front doors of our events. As part our complete renovation of the Body Soul & Spirit Website, the dynamic and interactive electronic publication is designed to bring our community together. Submit or read news and information from members, events, articles and news from our community. We’ve added a new online editor to the Body Soul & Spirit staff, who will be responsible for assuring that each issue is carefully assembled with the information our members are looking for and delivered to email at the first of every month. As part of our new website improvements we will be launching a much more clean, readable and userfriendly “member back web” which will allow all our advertisers, exhibitors and members to post their articles, events and news. If you’re not already subscribed, you will find a “Sign up for FALL/WINTER 2012 www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com • 9

our Newsletter” button on our website.

other benefits, website sponsors receive a high profile linked logo on the footer Improvement #7: More Expos in of over 500 web pages on our new site More Cities with New Licensed Shows for a little as $88 per month. We’ve limited this opportunity to the first 8 We are aware that there are several qualified applicants. If you would like individuals that are now using our to learn more, contact our sponsorship name or similar names, materials coordinator Chandler Armstrong at and concepts that are the intellectual 1-877-560-6830 ext. 4 property of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Magazine and Network. In some cases, individuals have copied without permission the contracts, promotional copy, registration forms and other material that has been carefully created by our organization and is the result of numerous consultations with lawyers, government officials and industry consultants. We feel that in many cases this has been done out of ignorance and not as a deliberate act to unlawfully use our intellectual property. We have sought legal advice, and while in most causes a law suit seeking monetary compensation would be the recommended direction, we’ve sought a more conscious solution, which we believe will bring our community together rather than create more disharmonies.

Virtual Theatre Sponsorship

program set up. As an additional thank you, we will also hang a 4’ x 6’ (tall) banner for each of the 15 sponsors around the perimeter and the entrance to the main stage lecture theatre for the first year. At average cost of $250 per show this would be a $2,000.00 value in itself. If you would like to sponsor this project and reserve a 30 second commercial spot between ALL presentations as well as online streaming, call our program coordinator Chandler Armstrong at 1-877-560-6830 ext. 4 As always, you are an important part of Body Soul & Spirit, and it is your participation and support that is the fuel that propels us forward. We look forward to seeing you whether as exhibitors or visitors at one our events, contributor or advertiser in our magazine, or online at the launch of our new website as a member, directory listing or sponsor.

Imagine your name on all the Body Soul & Spirit Events, from expos to one night only events. A 30 second commercial for as little as $45.00 per ad that will reach our highly targeted In Infinite Love and Gratitude, audience who are looking for what you offer. Aired before each The Body Soul & Spirit Team presentation (depending on the package) these As of the release of our new website, we commercials will will be offering a “license option” where air between each presentation. those who want to use our materials, concepts and name may do so by entering into a license agreement. This In addition, with Elizabeth Danyluk sponsors will also license would also provide additional be included in live resources including a listing on the official Body Soul & Spirit website, and streaming and downloadable inclusion in the considerable publicity presentations and and promotion of our events and YouTube videos much more. from presentations at our events, We believe that there is room for all reaching tens of who wish to provide events for the thousands more community and are confident this will One to one sessions that evaluate: people. provide greater benefit for everyone.

Yoga Therapy using Ayurveda

Sponsorship: A rewarding way to be part of the adventure. We are looking for sponsorship partners to participate in the creation of our new website and conference program. If you’re the right person, organization of company, we’ve put together an incredible offer. Our 888 Sponsorship Plan Help us create our new website Looking for a great way to get an estimated 200,000 logo and website impressions per month or more for your business or organization? Among 10 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

We are offering a full year of commercials to 15 sponsors for the first year for just $2,200 each with 12 screens per event, and over 120 per year, a value of $5,400.00. 100% of your sponsorship contributions will go towards the estimated $30,000 in audio visual and production equipment and

Dosha, specific concerns, medical history, lifestyle (diet, exercise, relaxation, spiritual history), breathing patterns, muscle strengths and weaknesses and joint range of motion.

Why Yoga Therapy? Maintain health, recover from illness or injury, address structural problems, stress reduction and change lifestyle habits. Deals with specific concerns such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, digestion, high blood pressure, headaches, menopause, Diabetes and MS.

“How may I assist you?” For an appointment call the Active Life Centre

780.460.9679 www.achieveresults.ca

~ Silvija

more. Intelligence is, unfortunately subordinate to ego mind and cannot override it, no matter how hard we try.

limiting ideas are a continual affront to our being and may manifest as disease, wrongness, self-punishment, anger, fear or stress. These issues appear as blockages and tangles among the energies within the physical body that weave together all aspects of our makeup (especially mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).


Spiritual Energy Healing

For example, if someone has angered you in some way, the tendency is to hurl anger back at that person. This reaction is a mere projection of emotions - of your own anger inside. This and any other emotion or awareness, is an invitation to journey and move through the anger to the Silvija is a Master Healer Why should anyone ever who works from a space of source within. Heart consider Spiritual Energy pure consciousness and uses acceptance is knowing the Healing as a support structure anger is your own, learning to various modalities of healing. for everyday life? accept it and staying centered This enables her to unblock barriers, untangle channels in the source of all. Lack of Integration of our mental, of energy, and align and understanding of the physical, emotional and integrate the many levels of mechanics of our own spiritual systems is the very human system and mind keep your Being, thereby opening condition that alleviates you to wider and wider fields us trapped. suffering. No one component of empowering energy. is independent of the others. Ego mind interferes with Each is an intrinsic part of our integration to our own source Activate the Harmony within whole self, and they interface you and know the in two ways. First, ego mind on energetic levels which are Abundance of your own is the condition that throws seldom understood. us into judgment and thereby Divine Echo. separates us from full Loving acceptance of the true consciousness. Secondly, ego 403-702-1119 nature of our conditions is www.DivineEcho.com mind continually reinforces vital to our evolution, both silvija@divineecho.com habitual thoughts such as spiritually and as a part See Booth #59 & #60 unworthiness or lack of trust. human society. Ego mind is The constant rehashing of the anchor that manifests itself as the chaos and agony in our lives, preventing this acceptance. This is because ego mind is a center that does not know who you are, but merely a reflection of otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thoughts. Ego has no independent tangible reality but is a creation that is constantly fed by emotions, which are nothing more than reactions to events in our lives that nourish the ego even

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Will I “Make it” through The Shift? ~ Karen M. Black BSc, MBA I’ve put my heart, my soul into my own transformation. I backed it up with action. In this critical year in human evolution, I’m beginning to feel that I’ve forgotten everything I learned just before the ‘big exam’. To heck with the Mayans: What about my heart?

Will I “Make it” through The Shift? That’s what I’ve been wondering… Like you perhaps, I entered 2012 with great excitement and anticipation. Reason’s this. For over 10 years, I’ve immersed myself in intensive personal and spiritual growth work. Spiritual retreats, experiential learning, karmic astrology, energy work of many kinds, homeopathy, past life healing and more. I published my novel Moondance, whose theme explores awakening (kicking and screaming) in a modern world. I also created The Soulmate Site to explore the mysteries of relationship, and heal my own heart. Heck. I figured I was as ready for ascension as I was ever gonna be. Yet – 2012 hasn’t quite turned out the way I planned. It’s 2012: Egad – have I regressed? Here’s how I experienced the first six months of 2012: • After spending thousands of dollars on alternative health and energy work over the past five years, some days, I felt more sluggish than ever • A major friendship ended unexpectedly, releasing waves of grief • Business areas that I committed my heart and many dollars to are no longer on my radar (poof!) • Family pressures have intensified • On the other hand, new ideas came in that I never would have imagined (like writing on this topic). 12 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

I’ve talked with my spirit-minded friends about this. I’ve also received many emails from readers. Old issues are coming to the surface now. Stuff that folks (including me) thought they were done with – dammit.

‘stuckness’ I was feeling has eased up (yay finally!). My own purpose has become clearer. I want to put my corporate ‘plain language’ writing skills to work, to help facilitate the understanding of ascension (and other complex esoteric subjects) to more people. For me as a writer, 2012 has created a new space for creativity, service and inspiration. Timeline for The Shift goes beyond 2012 How are you feeling as we wind up 2012? Would you appreciate a Heart Boost?

The academic research around 2012 doesn’t address our purpose, our lives day to day. So when faced with such Here’s a tidbit I discovered during my unexpected turbulence, I say to heck ‘in the weeds’ research. While The Shift with the Mayans, the Quantum Field (on a vibrational level) is understood and the God Particle. These things to be instant, marking the end of a (while they are fascinating) do not ease 25,000 year cycle, no one – earthbound my heart! or otherwise – knows the exact date it will take place in earth terms. The date I want to know: range is between 2011 and 2015. 1. How am I doing (am I regressing)? 2. Will I “Make it” through The Shift? 3. What exactly does The Shift mean (in plain language please), and 4. Where should I grow next? The unfolding of my 2012 obsession For almost two decades, I was a plain language writer and consultant for technical industries. I still do the odd tech writing gig. So naturally, when I became curious about the personal side of 2012 and ascension, I waded passionately into the weeds with my questions. In the spring of 2012 between other projects, I ramped up my research. As I do for my corporate clients wanting a plain language style for their complex subjects, I began distilling the ‘gems’ from the weeds. The results were surprising and validating, too. Surrendering fully to The Shift I’m in a completely different place today, than I was at the beginning of 2012. These last months are feeling like surrender to me. Gratefully, the

Does my story sound like yours? Are you curious about my “Making it through The Shift” research? Stop by one of my web sites, or contact me directly. Mantra for 2013 and beyond I open to 2013 and beyond, feeling curious. I focus on the step that I can see. I continue to learn from many sources (and I’m not making long-term plans). While enjoying each moment today, I nurture a vision for my life that I hold lightly and with love. I trust my heart. I surrender to the wonder of this unfolding. Karen M. Black BSc, MBA Karen holds an MBA from Rotman School of Management in Toronto, and for over 20 years, was a plain language consultant and writer for technical industries. Today, she writes from her heart, to help others to connect with theirs. Read more at the-soulmate-site.com and karenmblack.com.

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IT’S YOUR CHOICE! VISIT ANY OF THESE PEOPLE AT THE BODY SOUL SPIRIT EXPO NEAR YOU OR CONTACT THEM USING THE INFO BELOW. WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU ON OUR TEAM! Calgary Expo Booth #4 Megan Chernoff megan.chernoff@gmail.com 403-396-2793 Saskatoon Expo Booth # 65 Dani Nichols xox.ray_ray.xox@hotmail.com 306-665-3055 West Coast Expo Booth 14 and 15 Sherri-Lee Pressman s-lp@shaw.ca 604-341-3387 Edmonton Expo Booth #31 Charlene Groening info@getursexyback.ca 250-505-2618



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What Makes a Great Psychic Reading? By Katrina Psychic-Medium Excellent question! What does constitute as a great reading? A ‘Psychic’ is someone sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. A ‘Reading’ is a snap shot in time of the energy in this moment; which can include the past, present and future. This reading can come in many different forms, from an intuitive reader receiving messages or a reader using tools such as tea leaves, rune stones, tarot cards, or crystal balls. With this snap shot of information, along with your free will, gives you the ability to adjust your perception of the past, learn from the present and change your future. From my experience as an intuitive, I receive messages using many different ‘Clair’ senses. The way a spirit comes in, is the way that the person having the reading will understand. One time during a session, I smelled chocolate chip cookies, hot and fresh, just out of the oven. The funny thing was that my oven was not turned on and I had not baked any cookies in years. This was how a loving Grandmother presented herself to me for her granddaughter. The loved one came in this way because this was the way that her granddaughter was greeted when she visited her grandmother’s home. Another time, there was a boyfriend, who crossed over, passed a cuddly white bunny to his grieving girlfriend. It was an odd gift to give a loved one until you learned that it was their first pet picked out together. I am happy to use any of my ‘Clair’ senses to help you to ‘Find Clarity, Peace of Mind or Insight into Your Life’ These are the ‘Clairs’ that I have had the honour to use: hear (clairaudient), see (clairvoyant), feel-sense (clairsentient), taste (clairgustant), smell (clairalient), messages from feelings / pain (clairempathy), touch (clairtangent) There are three things needed for a reading.... a guide, angel or loved one to give a message, a psychic or medium to transmit the message and a person to receive it. How do you choose a psychic or medium that is a good fit for you? It just comes down to you trusting yourself and going where you feel comfortable, drawn to and the energies fit. Every psychic is different, and how they deliver the messages are different. So it is important that you feel comfortable with the reader that you have picked. Some readers will specialize in different areas. It is up to you to take what fits from the reading and leave the rest. It may not all make sense in that moment; however down the road… all the pieces come together. You are in charge of your own life - don't live your life by your reading… use it as a snap shot in time for you to create your own future. A Great Reader Will NOT... ask any personal questions before the reading; will not try to figure out the meanings behind the symbols; will not be upset if the client terminates the reading; will not tell the client what to do; will not tell you that you need a reading; will not try to convince the clients of anything; and will not try to change any one’s belief system. A Great Reader WILL... ask confirmation questions during the session; will allow the client to ask clarification questions; will stop the reading if they do not feel a connection to the client or spirit; will give messages that they get even when they do not make sense to them; will shorten the length of the reading if they have given all that there is to give; will give options; and will give readings that are uplifting and inspiring. There are enough readers for all everyone to get what they are looking for. It's NOT a competition ... It is all about getting the right fit in that moment and that is up to YOU. Katrina Psychic-Medium works in Edmonton, Indigo Healing Arts in Sherwood Park and Unique Perceptions in Spruce Grove. Please contact Katrina at 780-970-0408 or at www.Katrina-Psychic-Medium.com or on Facebook at Katrina Psychic-Medium. Visit Katrina at the Fall Body Soul Spirit Expos.

14 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

The New Agora is a monthly printed newspaper that focuses on real news and real solutions to the very real challenges we’re all being faced with in this ever changing age. We have been leading the print media evolution for almost three years now. As a source of ideas, news, events, stories and opinions that you may not find anywhere else, we are much more than an “alternative newspaper”. Taken as a whole, The New Agora aims to present a map towards the personal ability for each and every one of us to build a happier life by first noticing what`s going on in this one, and then suggesting how you can literally help yourself to a better one. Every month we endeavor to weed out simple fear based stories and plant the imagination with others that can that can be seen as positive; even with the challenges that may be inherent in what we present. Published in print and on-line we reach over 70,000 readers each month. With over five hundred key distribution spots throughout the busy neighborhoods of Vancouver, while concurrently expanding throughout B.C. and soon Alberta, we offer our participators the chance to reach our active, intelligent and abundant readership. Agora: a public open space for assemblies and markets. Participate - Read, Write, Create, Report and Advertise with us. Our readership is in a large part established men and women 30+ who are intelligent enough to understand that health and freedom, along with love, are the most important issues facing any of us in our lives. Thus, they are willing to support those they see are helping to make a better world. As the general manager one of my joys is to make advertising with us straight forward and within affordable reach for any business who wishes to be a part of The New Agora.


H. Lorenzo Malowane. g.m.


You can see Agora Magazine at booth #4 at the West Coast Body Soul & Spirit Expo or see their website at www.newagora.ca

SSUE for



A quarterly publication networking BC & AB spiritual communities. February, March & April May, June & July August, September & October November, Dec. & January

Host of the Spring Festival of Awareness and the Wise Women’s Festival held at Naramata Center, spring and fall.

read www.IssuesMagazine.net online


The New Agora

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Mystic Wanderer Chichén Itzá The sun-baked stones of Chichén Itzá silently mark the passage of time, oblivious to the quiet footsteps and incongruously hushed comments of the loudly dressed tourists who violate the sacred temples with passable reverence. The tourists stand, awestruck, staring up at the few brave souls who dare to climb the steep angles of El Castillo, “The Castle”, the pyramid centerpiece of this ancient Mayan city. The quiet voices of tour guides speak in a halfdozen languages, telling the compelling story of a people largely known for their brilliant architectural skills, astronomical knowledge, and use of human sacrifice. The clicking of cameras competes with the random claps and shouts from tourists and guides who experiment with Chichén Itzá’s strange acoustics. For all the noise and people, Chichén Itzá remains strangely quiet and still and holy. Chichén Itzá is surrounded by jungle on all sides, and there are few of the comforting Caribbean Ocean breezes that bless nearby Cancun. The air hangs hot and muggy, stirred only rarely by the barest breeze. El Castillo exudes an overwhelming sense of sacredness. The place is literally drowning in ancient psychic energy. At this point, however, the ancient energy is unfocused, dormant, lying in wait like the coils of the feathered serpents that decorate so many corners and entranceways. The footsteps of so many tourists have drummed out a lot of the ancient energy of the original inhabitants. The modern emotions of mystery, awe and wonder now permeates the stones, making it hard to sense much from the original inhabitants. Still, their powerful intent can still be sensed on the deepest levels. I sensed at least three major cultural periods, a fact confirmed by our guide, but unlike some other historical sites 16 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

I have visited, there were few spiritual voices strong enough to break through the oppressive psychic cloud. One voice, the spirit of a young priestess and willing sacrifice, managed to bring through a number of stunning images into my mind. What struck me was her willingness, eagerness to die on behalf of her people, her certainty that the mission had been in fact accomplished, and her adamancy that it was a sacred and even profoundly blissful experience. I could not bring myself to be sad for her, so passionate, proud and strong was her mind. El Castillo de Kukulkán The main temple pyramid is perhaps best known for the miracle of the vernal equinox. “El Castillo de Kukulkán” (“The Castle of Kukulkán”, the feathered serpent) was designed so precisely that every year at the equinoxes, the steps of the pyramid cast a snake-like shadow on the steep sides of the staircases. Thousands of people cd ongregate at the site twice each year to witness the spectacle, but the park simulates the event with nightly light shows. The thought of the huge courtyard, packed with so many people of such diverse spiritual beliefs seems

rather ironic in the face of the serious and violent mysteries of Mayan beliefs. While the astronomical precision of El Castillo is its most famous attribute, the mysterious builders of the ancient temples were gifted masters of acoustic manipulation as well. If you stand at the base of the pyramid and clap, you will hear a strange “pinging” sound, something like a cross between a chirp

and the sound of a guitar string being plucked. This sound resembles the call of the quetzal, or messenger of the gods, an exotic local bird whose spectacular feathers were used in the headdresses of Mayan kings. There are similar acoustic effects around the site, including in the ball court where the same clapping sound will echo exactly seven times (a number sacred to the Maya, and to many modern peoples). A whisper at one end of the 545-foot court can be clearly heard at the other side.

of skeletons. Most of the treasure and artifacts that have been found were removed by archeologist Edward Thompson, who donated them to the Peabody Museum at Harvard.

The Cenoté

My feeling was that not all of the victims of the cenoté were killed before they were tossed into the well, nor were they all necessarily sacrifices. I did not get a heavy feeling in my chest that I would associate with that kind of death. Rather, I got a strong impression of drowning or being smothered. I know this runs counter to the traditional beliefs of the way these people met their deaths, but it is possible that there were different methods of sacrifice, depending on the particular god or effect being sought. I also had an impression that a good number of the children found in the well were actually victims of accidental falls. This area does have a heavy, dark psychic “stain” upon it, and if you are sensitive, you may want to avoid it.

Cenotés (si-'nO-tE) are natural wells or sinkholes, formed by weak pockets of limestone in the crust of the earth. There are a number of public cenotés in the Yucatan region where modern swimmers and snorkelers can take a cool break from the heat. I chose not to visit the cenoté at Chichén Itzá, however. The muggy psychic energy I sensed seemed centered on this area. It was not until much later that I learned Chichén Itzá means “mouth of the well” or “Opening of the Wells of the Itza”. I knew in advance that it would likely be a place of heavy energy. The heat had sapped my strength to face such a place. This well was the final resting-place for many of the victims of the human sacrifice cult of the ancient inhabitants of Chichén Itzá. It is believed that much of the treasure they took with them remains at the bottom of the cenoté, though excavations in the early 1900’s unearthed hundreds

You can drive to Chichén Itzá or arrange for a bus tour at your hotel. The ruins are about 2.5 hours West of Cancun. Wear light clothing, bring a strong sunscreen, hats, parasols if you have them, and lots of bottled water. During July and August local temperatures average 35 degrees Celsius, and you may find there is less tourist traffic in mid-summer (most Americans travel domestically with their families at this time). If you take a tour, you will be provided with a parasol. You will be standing in the sun or in light shade for about two hours, and will then have a short period of

El Caracol (The shell) Named for a unique spiraling staircase inside the observatory, the most striking thing about El Caracol from the outside is its unmistakable resemblance to modern astronomical observatories. The tower, built on two platforms, was the location where the ancient Maya meditated and studied the stars. This site does not give off the strong emotions of the other ruins at Chichén Itzá, it is a much more restful place where the primary feeling is one of curiosity. There is a strange complex of emotion that hangs over the place, though, regret for knowledge lost, regret that the sacredness of the place has been lost, resignation to the path of change.

time to explore the grounds on your own, perhaps to have your own encounter with one of the ancient spirits of the Maya. If you travel to Chichén Itzá during the Equinoxes (March 21, September 21), remember, this is a popular destination for spirituallyminded travelers. You will meet many like-minded people, but you may find it crowded. Book reservations well in advance for this period. Bus tours, which originate at local hotels, cost about $75-$100 US dollars. Ours tour bus included a stop at a local tourist art centre and the Ik-Kil cenoté. You can swim at Ik-Kil if you want to, but our stop was short, only 45 minutes. You may wish to rent a car and travel to the many other local attractions, such as the ruins at Tulum. If you enjoy snorkeling, swimming and diving, you will want to visit Cozumel, or eco-parks like Xel-Ha and Xcaret where you can swim with dolphins, snorkel with angel fish and stingrays, and swim an underground river. Brandi Jasmine is a writer, artist, photographer, astrologer, intuitive coach and traveling mystic.


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Astrology.ca Fall/Winter Forecast 2012




You will find that you continue to go through tremendous and dramatic changes. The way you see yourself and how you view the world and will take some unexpected turns. You may find politics, education, or international events play a role in reshaping your world view.

You may find that there is a dramatic change in your romantic fortunes. Your best bet if single could be to meet someone at a debate club or Toastmasters meeting, but be aware this won’t be a time for flowers and sunshine romance. You are very deep and serious right now, and may be a little attached to being right. Let go a bit, and let yourself agree to disagree.

You can be incredibly creative right now, but your creativity may not be completely in step with the world at large. Understand that you are a bit ahead of you time or at least the current fashion and trust that eventually everyone else will catch up to you.

Taurus Your spiritual and intellectual interests will be changing quite dramatically over the next few months. You will find that old status quo ideas lose resonance for you. Be aware that the new ones may be different but they may not be better. Keep an open mind, but double check anything new you want to believe, particularly if you learn it online.


Capricorn Dramatic changes to your home or within your family could hit your pocketbook a little harder than you expect. This is not the best time for a top to bottom home renovation. If you do have home change plans, allow for extra time and money, and expect the unexpected.

You may find that you are swept up in romantic or financial intrigues. Your love life and your finances may intertwine in challenging and interesting ways. If you are an artist, you may be drawn to dramatic, dark Aquarius and exciting themes. Don’t be afraid Travel and communication seems to step out in new directions. out of control in your life right now. Whether you travel long distances Libra Gemini or just across town, you will be saying that there has got to be a Love and romance are front and Your thoughts may be turning to better way. During this time, center right now, but this is deep, romance, but the timing could be someone from your sign is going off. People come and go out of your karmic, emotional love and to invent a better way to get from romance, not the hearts and life lightning fast, especially your here to there. unicorns kind. Your ideas of online friends, all of whom seem attachment and affection are being a little left of crazy. If you are in a Pisces profoundly shaped by changes in relationship, you are finding that society and culture. For some in there are dramatic changes in how You may find you are subject to your sign, this will be a great you treat each other. You need to impulsive spending right now and blessing, for others a blessing in find new ways to be friends. this would not be the best time to disguise. lay down any new debt, or to make Cancer large investments, especially with Scorpio borrowed money. Take time to You will find yourself urged to make think things through as you may be You may be very tempted to pack a choice between the bottom line and what is best for your spirit. You your bags and run away from home, pressured into purchasing things you don’t need. but doing so could take you out of are looking for meaning, a way the proverbial frying pan into the to make a lasting impact in the Check out your fire. You may experience a home world. If you feel stuck, then find daily horoscopes at: something small to start with. Find move or changes in your daily routine that are unsettling at first, a way to reach out to someone www.astrology.ca but they will lead to improvements whose life you can make better. down the road. 18 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

Thrive: What on Earth will It Take? ~ Movie Review by Evita Oche The world is waking up. This is one of the tag lines used in the newly released documentary Thrive and there is no doubt about that. Whether you see it as the ending of a cycle, a shift of the ages, or leap in evolution, something new and different is definitely taking place on the planet. And why? Because as we look around, as this new documentary points out, the human race is far from thriving. In fact for many on our planet to this day, life is a matter of bare surviving.

facing something much bigger. As a planet, we are at a time of great crisis where we are facing it seems all the possible major problems that are putting the health and well-being, not to mention entire survival of this planet and the human race at risk.

until we learn what is really going on, on planet Earth, we may not be in any position to create real change.

So far, this film has created quite the stir as it raises a lot of eyebrows and causes a lot of discomfort with the information it presents. It is not your everyday spirituality or So what on Earth will it take is quantum physics based being asked of us by Thrive. What a documentary about “waking up”. powerful question to ask the human Thrive pushes the envelope and race today. What indeed will it take comfort level of everything many for us to wake up and change our of us hold dear when it comes to ways to reflect a life that is more why the state of our world is as it is harmonious for this planet and all today. It exposes information that With all of our advancements in of her species. How much more most people would find impossible thinking, science, and technology, it pain, suffering and destruction do to imagine, yet alone fathom to is hard to believe that we would be we need to endure, to finally wake be real. facing any one of the serious global up and shift things into a new way problems we have today like of life and being? Well if you think, You can watch this move online and poverty, or famine, or resource like the film’s creator Foster Gamble, get more information at: depletion. But we are not, we are the scales are tipped against us, and www.thrivemovement.com

Hawaiian Spiritual

All Inclusive:

Flight, Dinning, Excursions and more.

Adventure Group Trip

Join Reverend Mel Morishige from Hawaii and Marianne Goetsch, Wholistic Health on a spiritual adventure Trip Cruise aboard the Pride of America from April 11, till April 20, 2013 Destinations: Honolulu, Kahului Maui, Hilo, Kona, Nawiliwili and back to Honolulu Ocean view Stateroom: $ 3,700 CAN Funds Inside Stateroom: $ 3,550 CAN Funds O m g gf &q m , q .


k w f Ex Esther Kluin - C V ti S Ex C S C , 967 O z R , S w P k, B. T8 4L7 Em ekluin@cruiseshipcenters.com P 780-417-8888 C 780-984-6972

FALL/WINTER 2012 www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com • 19

What Is the Higher Self? by Candice Creelman and Danard Willisko Most people are familiar with the term, "Higher Self ", but how many really know what it means and why it’s important to develop a relationship with our Divine Selves. What is the Higher Self? When we talk about our Higher Self, it tends to conjure up images of an angelic, mystical being located in some faraway place. Though there is a small amount of truth to that image, the Higher Self is a lot more physical and local than most people tend to imagine. It is true that there is an aspect of us that does exist beyond our physicality. This is the unseen part that helps to get us to where we need to be – the part that is a manifestation God / Goddess / All That Is. She acts as a guide, counselor, best friend, parent, and many other aspects depending on what we need at any given moment. What most people don’t realize is that there is also a physical component to this higher part of us. Our Higher Self will communicate with us in various ways: through intuition, hunches, sudden unexpected life changes, etc. We may or may not choose to listen or act on those communications. But it is our physical self that is the “receiver” of these messages. If one chooses to receive and follow that guidance, the potential is that one would become the physical manifestation of his or her Divine Self. If not, then the opposite is true to the varying degree at which one chooses to accept and follow the divine guidance brought through from the Higher Self. And because our Divine or Higher Self is an infinite being, our own potential is also infinite.

is waiting for us to call upon her and will never leave us.

from that moment, that this was the place.

We can all learn to have a very real and physical communication with our Higher Selves. The process is not as difficult as one would think, it just takes a little bit of practice and patience. We’ve all experience hunches, or gut feelings that seemingly come from out of the blue, telling us something that doesn’t always appear to be logical. We’ve all experienced moments when we choose to follow that guidance, even if it didn’t make any sense, only to find out, there was a reason why we were guided in that direction. This is our Higher Self talking. These knowings that we receive aren’t coming from nowhere, they are coming directly from the part of ourselves that is in Spirit who can see the full picture even when we cannot. If we could learn to tap into that knowing part, we would be able to bypass many difficult lessons and the flow of our life would be much freer and fluid than otherwise possible.

About an hour later the landlord called us back. We went to check the place out and it was perfect! We knew from the moment we walked in, that this was the place we were looking for. We gave our new landlords a deposit, signed the lease, and went on our merry way. Three weeks later we took possession and started creating our healing space, and have been happy with our new home ever since.

My partner and I were looking for a new place to live. We began the process in the usual way; looking through newspapers, online listings, etc. We spent a lot of time and energy making phone calls, driving to potential new homes, talking to potential landlords, all to no real avail. Nothing that we saw would really suit our needs and wants. After several weeks of frustration, we made a conscious choice to be divinely guided. One day, I suggested that we should just start driving around the area that we wanted to live, and if one of us got an intuitive hit to turn down a particular street then we would follow that.

The main function of our Higher Self is to help us gain access to the information that resides within our Within a few hours or less we had Divine blueprint. Any answer to any found four apartments that would question we could ever have, could be have suited what we were looking for. answered by her. Every problem can Finally, I had a hunch to turn right. be solved and every obstacle can be After driving a block or two, we finally overcome. She is our inner voice, spirit came across two duplexes that had for guide, best friend, mother, father, tour rent signs out in front. We wrote down guide, entertainment director, and so the phone numbers for both, but the much more, all rolled into to one very second one felt like it was “the one”. magnificent Diving Angel. She is not We were looking for a place that had a only part of us; she is us at the core of “healing vibe” to it because we are both our being. We only need to become practitioners of energy work. Even aware of her and ask for assistance. She from the outside, this house had this energy, and we were excited. We knew 20 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

As soon as we consciously decided to follow divine guidance, we found a place in literally a few hours. To top it off, we not only found our new home quickly, but it was a very enjoyable experience in the process as well and completely stress-free. This is what can be accomplished when you partner with your Divine self and trust that it will guide you to where you need to be. Trust, faith and intent are also very important parts of this recipe, which we will cover in a later article. In the next article, we will discuss a process that I have learned, adapted and taught others over my many years of my own study, which you can learn easily and quickly. This technique will give you a means of visualizing your Higher Self and creating a conscious communication with her on a regular basis. About Candice Creelman Candice Creelman has been on her spiritual path for nearly sixteen years and a Reiki Master for over nine years. She is Co-Owner / Operator of Thunderbird Sky which she runs with her partner and Reiki Master, Danard Willisko. Candice has also been teaching Reiki and energy work for three years. In 1999, she was published in Lee Carroll’s book, Indigo Children, and has recently authored her own book, “Energy and Healing 101: Transform Your Life,” which can be purchased at: www.thunderbirdsky.com/energy101. To book a session or a reading, or for further info on workshops, please call the office: (403) 828-7395 or email us at onevoice@telus.net

Thermogram instead of Mammogram? Many people are asking about Alfa Thermodiagnostic testing. Regulation Thermography is the measurement of heat, which is recorded in the form of a diagram. Two measurements are taken at specific points in the head, chest, breast and below the breast to the legs. The first measurement gives skin temperature of the adapted organism to its environment. The second measures the skin temperature after cooling off for 10 minutes. Results provide information about the regulation of the organism.

There are several benefits to this testing. First, no radiation is used. Second, the breasts are not painfully squished into a little box. Third, it gives information regarding the head, teeth, lymph, chest, breast, digestion, kidneys basically most everything above the legs.

prevention of possible further deterioration. Because this does not just measure the breast, men also want to be tested. Give us a call if you are interested in more information or you would like to be tested.

Dr. Donna Rae is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Natural Healing The thermogram gives Clinic. The clinic has been insight into the focal areas of disease, displays the operating in Medicine Hat beginning of disease even if for 18 years. (403) 526-5700. other diagnostic methods do not yet reveal anything. This means it does not just detect disease, but gives you the opportunity to do


The Alfa Thermodiagnostic approach- no radiation, no problem. We test the whole upper body.

NATURAL HEALING CLINIC Operating in Medicine Hat for 18 years

(403) 526-5700 or naturalhealingclinic@hotmail.com FALL/WINTER 2012 www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com â&#x20AC;˘ 21

Living a Life of Magic by Lynn Andrews Magic, what a wonderful part of life! It is what fills our souls with joy, the hope that is found in each new sunrise. Magic is what warms our bones on a cold winter day as the sun glints off the frozen snow creating miniature prisms of beautiful dancing light that capture our imagination and catapult us into a very special place. It is what cools us down when it is 110º in the shade and we feel the caress of a gentle breeze on our cheek. Magic is the love that we experience when we see a newborn child or look into the wisdom that is reflected in the eyes of the oldest person we’ve ever met. Like the power of Stonehenge, magic is part of the unknowable, that which we cannot describe but which exists and makes our lives extraordinary. It is part of the goodness of our spirit, the mysterious and intriguing aspect that makes our spiritual life so relevant no matter what. Magic is part of the fantastic and the fantastical experience of life, and we do need both. This world of ours is filled with so much that is truly wonderful and miraculous. It is also filled with much that is chaotic, stressful and destructive. On any given day, you and I experience more chaos 22 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

and confusion than the world has ever known simply because we chose to be born into this world at this important juncture in human history. My teachers often say that human beings were never meant to live under the kind of stress that we face in today’s world, yet here we are … and somehow, we know intuitively that things are going to work out in spite of all the negativity that surrounds us.

Such is the power of magic, that it can transform even the darkest of times into the promise of a new and better future if only we will focus on the genius of human ingenuity and the brilliance of the natural world, instead of focusing on the distractions. Magic also has its ‘other side,’ the side of magic that we refer to as ‘magic thinking’ where, like Cinderella, you find yourself waiting for some singular person or event to come along and change

everything in your life and you live happily ever after. We all need these flights of fantasy once in a while, but you know you are in trouble when you find yourself waiting … and waiting … and waiting, until you wake up one day and life isn’t magical any more. Magic thinking can become a very dangerous and destructive distraction. It is a distraction that takes you completely out of the magic in life, for magic is power; distractions are what dissipate and destroy power. To have power in life, you must take power; it is never just given to you. When you are engaged in magic thinking, you bleed off your heat and you bleed off your power, no matter how long you wait or how ardently you wish, because magic thinking is not real. Magic, however, is as real as anything you will ever see, touch, feel, taste or hear in the world. Magic is understanding where God is in your life, understanding that there is a way to hold an impeccability in your life that is completely comprehensible and reasonable. It is accepting that there is more to life than what you see. Magic is what happens when something comes out of

the place where you are one with it before. That is why we create God. Inspiration comes from your Cinderella fantasies in our lives, spiritual life force. It is the fuel that to give us a sense of power and is needed in all of your actions in perfection that we are afraid we, life. When you are separated from ourselves, don’t really have. We are conditioned from a very young that spiritual life force, separated from inspiration, your own acts of age to believe that life, or at least Do you remember the Michael power are going to be very weak if success in life, happens only in a Crighton film “Fear,” where there they exist at all. were monsters in the world and the particular, circumscribed way. We people couldn’t figure out where the are taught that we must spend all of monsters were coming from? They our time, our focus and our energy Your spiritual life force is what makes the difference between living trying to conform to this outside thought they were being attacked notion of what life is all about. We a life of magic and living a life by some kind of evil, supernatural of magic thinking. And it is the are not taught to go within and force -- until all of a sudden they one thing in this entire world over find the exquisite vibrancy and realized that the monsters were which you have the most control! brilliance of our own inner selves, coming out of them because of the Find your spiritual life force now, the place within us where we are way they were thinking. It wasn’t and live the glorious life of magic one with Great Spirit, one with all that they wanted the monsters; that exists in the universe, one with that is waiting for you. they just wanted to bleed off the all of life, the place within where energy that was taking them Lynn Andrews is an internationally our own personal truth is found. towards enlightenment because acclaimed shaman healer and enlightenment was something they teacher, author of the New York had never experienced before and it Then what happens is that we Times best selling Medicine grow up cold, cold because we are frightened them. Woman series which chronicle her separated from the passion and 35 years of work with indigenous Why does this happen? It happens intensity of living our own truth shaman women on four different in the world, separated from the because we are conditioned continents. Learn more at: brilliant vibrancy of our inner beings who are afraid of the very life. This inner life is where your perfection that we are simply www.lynnandrews.com spiritual life force comes from, because we’ve never experienced the unknown, an epiphany of understanding, and suddenly you can see the beginning, middle and end of a difficult and perplexing dilemma.

Tools for for Joyful Joyful Living Living Tools Classes & Programs • Spiritual Intuition • Awaken Thyself • Astral Travel • Sanctuary Meditation • Sacred Geometry 1- 2 • • Crystal Magick • Dragon Magick I. & II. • Tantra for Individuals & Couples • Mantra Meditation • • Intender Circles • Jikiden Reiki Training • Empowerment Weekend & Adept Initiation • Healing Services • Life/DNA Activation • Jikiden Reiki Healing • Energy & Chakra Balancing • • Crystal Healing • Emotional Chord Cutting • House Clearing • Devi Parvati and Dietmar Dombkowski are independent teachers and guides, healing practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers who have received special training and 4th level initiations into the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light affiliated with the Modern Mystery School. They are authorized practitioners to give Life Activations, do energy balancing and etheric healings, teach classes and initiate adepts according to the ancient lineage of King Salomon. Devi is also a priestess in the Goddess Tradition of India and Dietmar follows the path of Shamanic Wisdom.

• www.pathwaystospirit.net • 403.226.5442 • spirit@pathwaystospirit.net • Call us and start your amazing journey today!

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24 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

Fast, Easy, Affordable - For ANYbody and AnyBODY! Imagine changing your life in just 90 days. With the Body by Vi Challenge, you can! The 1 weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform in North America it’s simple, rewarding, fun and fits into any lifestyle. Founded in 2005 (Launched in Canada September2011) with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Troy, MI, ViSalus is the company behind the wildly successful Body by Vi Challenge, a 90-day lifestyle transformation platform. ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through a social marketingmodel, premium products, and global community culture. Simple, Rewarding & Fun-the Body by Vi Challenge is the fastest growing health and fitness Challenge in North America today. ViSalus is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc.

Call: Carol - 403-948-4329 Email: changinghealth@shaw.ca Website: www.changinghealth.ca


Organic. Natural. Pure. Holy Lama Naturals have created a complete line of face, body and hair products founded on these principles. Our products are produced and processed in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner - from sourcing the ingredients worldwide on the principles of fair trade, to growing products on an organic farm in Kerala India, a region noted for its exotic spices since the beginning of the spice trade. The company is an ‘All Women Enterprise’ - each soap is carefully crafted by disadvantaged women who design, operate and manage the entire process of creating the Holy Lama Naturals product line. No artificial chemicals or synthetic perfumes are added to our products. Holy Lama Naturals soaps, creams and oils are derived from locally grown plants and minerals absolutely no animals are used for testing the products. Even our soap packaging is hand made from the abundant palm leaves of the area. Spices and ingredients are chosen based on ayurvedic principles, known to naturally nourish your skin and hair, and sooth the senses. These products are exclusively available at www.holylama.ca. Priced affordably for everyday use, a daily regimen of Holy Lama Naturals will leave you refreshed, relaxed, invigorated and energized. For more info, see us at Booth # 72 Holy Lama Naturals Canada www.holylama.ca email info@holylama.ca - phone 403-708-9369


Body by Vi - 90 Day - Challenge

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Tools to melt away stress and anxiety – fast. When was the last time you were stressed? Scratch that. When was the last time you weren’t stressed? What’s your excuse for not relieving your stress? “I’m too busy” is the most popular, although there are infinite others. The challenge is that by remaining stressed, you become more susceptible to illness, less efficient, your drive and creativity are lowered, and every part of your life can suffer.

What are some stress management options that are easy to implement in your lifestyle? • Meditate. 20 minutes of meditation can fit into your lunch break at work, or before walking into the front door at home to face the chaos. Breath counting is the most common for stress relief. It simply involves closing your eyes, sitting up straight and counting each slow, deep breath up to 10, then starting again. One… Two… Three…

It’s not all bad though. Sometimes a little bit of stress can help - such as during a crocodile attack. While the croc is trying to make you into a meal, stress will provide the boost of adrenaline you need to run fast, and the increased blood pressure will provide the fuel your muscles need to climb the tallest tree, all the while ensuring a laser-like focus on the source of the stress – the marauding reptile. Outside of genuine emergencies, those same symptoms can be damaging and the focus that helps you avoid being lunch becomes a burden. The source of the stress could be as simple as a negative comment from a boss that tenses up your shoulders, shoots adrenaline through your veins and removes your ability to accomplish the task at hand. Now, all you can think about is what your boss said, what you said, and what you should have done - when you should be focused on finishing the stack of reports on your desk.

• Holiday. Turn off your cell phone and leave town. It gets away from all of the daily stressors and resets your body. It also allows you to focus on yourself and do what you want – whether it’s reading, hiking or exploring – without any time limits or expectations.

• Technology. Yes, I did say technology. There are technological stress relievers that are fast, easy and efficient - and some can even be used while you’re working. If you haven’t heard of PEMF yet, it is something worth familiarizing yourself with. It’s basically frequency waves that are pulsed through the air to affect your body in a variety of positive ways, based on the settings you choose. If you choose to use technology, I recommend the PERL-M (resonantlight. com). It is a non-contact PEMF device that affects everyone within a 30’ radius. It is perfect for anything from controlling stress and anxiety in an office during busy season, to inducing meditation in a yoga studio during class, or relaxing a massage therapy client before treatment. It’s not cheap, but nothing good ever is. If you’re enterprising, you could even talk the boss into paying to make the entire office happier and more productive! Regardless of which method or methods you choose to use, remember that by decreasing your stress levels you will be healthier, happier, easier to get along with and basically a better person.

Author: Jim Tessman, BBA and Health & Wellness expert. Jim can be reached at • Beach. Go to the beach and just be present. jimtessman@gmail.com. No phone, no computer and no shoes allowed. Consciously focus on what you see, and push all stressful thoughts from your mind.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Improve Energy and Focus

“We are the light for a new dawn”

...be more EFFECTIVE

The PERL-M, a PEMF device. Destress, energize, focus, improve.

ResonantLight.com | Toll Free 1-877-338-4949 | info@resonantlight.com

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BOOK REVIEW New York Times Best-Selling Author Lynn Andrews Reaches A New Generation of Readers By Devra Jacobs New York Times best-selling author Lynn Andrews' twentieth book Coming Full Circle: Ancient Teachings for a Modern World was released in stores May 21, 2012 with the option for purchasers to enter into a drawing for a free Kindle Fire loaded with spiritual e-books and music. Coming Full Circle introduces readers to a variety of new shaman teachers never before introduced in Lynn's books as well as the women you have come to love. These stories are gathered from the most profound teachings Lynn has experienced over the years from women across the planet who are a part of the Sisterhood of the Shields. Each story is unique and allows all age groups to identify with the lessons and messages. One reader, Pat P., explains her emotions while reading Coming Full Circle, "As I read this book it

felt as if Lynn was sitting on the couch next to me, just talking to me, having a conversation and explaining her travels and knowledge." Each chapter is centered on one of the women in the Sisterhood of the Shields and the teachings they bestowed upon Lynn. The narratives that follow the teachings are Lynn's translation of the experience. These stories and translations are meant to aid readers in understanding these life-changing lessons and knowing how to use them for spiritual gain in their own lives.

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents. She is initiated as a The lessons in Coming Full Circle member of the Sisterhood of the range in meaning from accepting Shields, 44 women who are healers your own identity to understanding from cultures as diverse as Panama, that we weave our own lives. Lynn Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, North interweaves over 30 years of America and the Yucatan. To find teachings into aspects of universal out about Lynn's online courses and truth that all generations can annual gatherings go to: relate to. www.lynnandrews.com

Crystal Rose Crystal Rose has the profound ability to tap into her clairvoyant ability with or without the use of tarot cards. She has accurate insight into the problems and the futures of others. She has a compassionate and nonjudgmental way with all of her clients and does her best to help each and every one to find the best path to their future. Crystal Rose has 40 years experience as a reader and spiritual teacher, she has appeared on TV and radio as well wrote a psychic advice column for a major newspaper in the 1990's. For a reading call 1-800-320-9665 (credit card line) or 403-520-3227. FALL/WINTER 2012 www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com â&#x20AC;˘ 27

The Avalon Effect Every Body Needs Light! REDUCE STRESS, RELAX & RE-ENERGIZE!

BENEFITS OF LIGHT Why light? t?????? ? ?? ??????? ? ? ????? ?? ? ???? ?? ?? ? ??? ?????? ? ????? ??????? ??????? ?? ??? ? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ? ??? ?? ?? ???.???? ? ???? ???? ?? ????????? ?????? ?? ??? ???????

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Reduce Stress, Rejuvenate your skin, relax and reenergize with LED light therapy.

Who uses LED light lig therapy? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????

???? ?????

The Avalon Effect

Quantum Series Personal Wellness Pack White By Light Equine Light Therapy System -

Who we are --The Avalon Effect was founded in 2010 on the principle of filling the world with a healing light.............. . ................................................................ ................................................................ .............................................................. . ........... The Avalon Effectttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt t t tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt The Avalon Effectttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Western Canadian Health Products LTD of Abbotsford, BC...... . . ............................................................... .................................................................. .................................................................. ...1- 866-358-04666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 Avalon Effect

28 • www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com FALL/WINTER2012

Ceritified Aromatherapist Training by Correspondence Body Work Training in Person

www.joyessence.on.ca joy@joyessence.on.ca 519-821-7504

BOOK REVIEW The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness

CELESTIAL CRYSTALLINE ENERGIES Now is the time to understand all things in your life

by R. Danielle Gault Morgan James, New York: ISBN 9781614481829, 170 pages, $17.95 Tempered: possessing both the hardiness and the flexibility needed to be resilient Do you ever look at the road your life has taken and wonder if you were given the wrong map? Do you ever feel that your spirituality, personality, and preferences aren’t working together to lead you to make the right choices on where you really want to go? Do you ever struggle with the elements of Air (Mental), Fire-Water (Social), and Earth (Physical) at work within you and others around you that can create stress, conflict, and discord? Do you ever feel that your life is veering off-course? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is a must-read book for you. The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness provides a methodology for maintaining resilience as well as tools for promoting natural integration. Drawing on tried-and-true principles of personality theory, NLP, yoga, and reflexology, Danielle Gault combines her psychological training and her interests in holistic health to provide you with a comprehensive how-to guide for enjoying a well-tempered life. The book contains valuable self-awareness assessments to help you to determine the sources and causes of stress and imbalance in your mind, body, and spirit. Along with practical tips on coaching yourself, the book includes easyto-perform step-by-step yoga and reflexology exercises for you to do to relieve stress and restore balance. www.facebook.com/wellnesstrainingservices wellnesstrainingservices.wordpress.com

International Spiritual Artist, Medium , Author & Celestial Crystalline Healer Lordiel is a talented writer; most gifted vibrational artist and truly skilled spiritual counselor and energy worker. She has been through more trials in her lifetime than most of us will ever see, and therefore fully comprehends how suffering can affect people, whether at the emotional, physical, psychological or financial level. She has 'been there' and is always happy to assist another person in her professional, yet uniquely compassionate manner. Her 'awesome' presence combined with a voice which quite li literally 'soothes the soul'. Lordiel manages to leave one feeling enabled; empowered and uplifted - in short, 'Loved'. She is the turbo-boosted vitamin shot one would get from the doctor, but her shot is Love and it hits the target! The side-effects are positively life-changing....! V.M. St. John-Bayles BA(Hons)C.Q.S.W., M.B.A.S.W, Counselor, Writer and Reiki Master Lordeil is certified in over a dozen Healing Alternatives such as Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, Counselor, Medium, Author, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Lymphologist, R.N., Minister, Paralegal assistant, Volunteer Probation officer, Spiritual Healer and Master of many energy modalities. Also, she has received many gifts from The Divine & Spiritual Kingdom and facilitate pain and stress workshops and seminars on developing, nurturing, and discovering the mind, body, soul and abundance in life.

WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR LIFE !?! Attending my 3 lectures which are: 1. Quieting The Mind 2. Freeing The Mind Body & Soul 3. Massaging The Mind Body & Soul

These 3 lectures will give you a peek into accessing what is inside of you to get what you want out of life. If you want more than a peek and you are ready to take the steps that will open doors for you to be happy, less pain, knowing who and why you are here, learning how to let go of stress and start to move forward easily and effortlessly..... then you want to register for my workshop"

“BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE" on Saturday from 3PM to 5PM You also need to register with me for an individual session to address your most pressing concerns & needs. I am able to channel messages and healing for your highest good and will tell you only the truth!!!

SPECIAL PRICES BEFORE THE EXPO!!! All lectures are free & last 30 min. The Interactive Workshop is $65.00 at the expo, but $45.00 if you register online and my journal workbook is included in the fee which is valued at $18.97 Plus, the first 30 to complete registration will receive a very special Celestial Crystalline Energy gift. CONTACT LORDIEL Ph: 661-584-4149 Email: asklordiel@gmail.com web: www.celestial-energies.com

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Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 8  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 8  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...