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Adam Dreamweaver Healing with Intention

 Alan Cohen

Directions to Happy Lane  Hannelore

Your intuition can save your loved ones!  Dr. Susan Janssen

Living in the Heart

Your Holistic New Thought & New Consciousness Lifestyle Magazine

Why We Believe In Supporting EVERYONE! ONENESS: THE STATE OF COMPASSIONATE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT ARISES FROM THE REALIZATION THAT WE ARE ALL TRAVELING DIFFERENT PATHS THAT LEAD TO THE SAmE DESTINATION... In the past few months it has been brought to our attention that there have been a few individuals and organizations have inferred that our event is not “legitimate” using phrases like “out there” or “full of flakes”, followed by the suggest that if they wanted (their business, spa, clinic, practice) to be taken seriously, they should do their event. In addition to this, there is much reason to believe that they have been calling from a list that they generated by harvesting emails and phone number from the archived exhibitor lists on our site. The past few years we’ve seen a rise in the number of shows that are becoming even more focused on one particular aspect of holistic living... Health Shows, fitness expos, green expos, women’s health, new consciousness expos, success expos, the law of attraction expo, and the list goes on! We first saw this possibility early in the development of our events over 10 years ago! While our intention was to create an event that provide an environment where people can learn of all the wonderful options that exist in their quest for a more rich and fulfilling life, we also have also seen how the quest for growth and wellbeing has become “big business”! We don’t believe that there is anything wrong this sudden increase in public interest – we actually think it’s wonderful – and are in the front of the cheering squad of those who find success in doing what they love, but with the rise in public interest comes those who would exploit this “emerging market” for no other reason but profit, or getting their piece of the pie! Our vision has always been to create an event would provide a more inclusive look at everything that celebrates life, and encourages a happier, healthier, more conscious and successful life, and bring everyone together for an event that embraced all that this entails - not break it down into smaller and smaller segments! We are a proponent of oneness, and believe that our events and the community it serves are as well. When we started the Body Soul & Spirit Expo 15 years ago, we started with a carefully researched comprehensive list of EVERYTHING people want to see in a show of this type, from healing arts, alternative therapy providers, new and cutting edge products, life coaches, moOver

contents 4 ��������Intuition Heals The Power Of Intuitive Healing By Adam Dreamhealer

5 ��������Intuition In Action It Can Save The One You Love! By Hannelore

6 ��������The Edmonton Body Soul & Spirit Welcomes Dr. Brian Clement 8 ��������Leading the Way to Elite Health Healthy Foods Keep To The Body Young By Kai Hicks


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9 ��������Your Child’s Imaginary Friends Teaching Children to Grow Up Naturally By Michelle Eskdale

12 ������Living in the Heart Balancing Your Heart With Yourself By Dr. Susan Janssens

16 ������Body Management Asking The Body What It Needs For Optimal Health By Delphine Saxinger

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Erial Ali is a visionary artist from Malibu, California, He describes himself as an artist in search of the Wonder of Wonders. “It appears sometimes as an exceptional piece art, or an idea,. A moment of revelation can attract it into being.” You can find his work on the web at: or

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tivational speakers, intuitive consultants, spiritual advisers, spiritual groups, schools, organizations, resources and more. Nothing makes us feel better, or provide more joy and fuel to continue in this work then when we hear from people whose lives have been profoundly and positively affected through their interaction with something or someone that they discovered at our event! I can also attest that equal shares of these stories come from so called “qualified”, legitimate:” or “certified” products, organizations or individuals, as much as from those who may be considered “flakes” such as psychics, clairvoyants, numerologists, astrologers, energetic healers, shamanic healers, and many more of the long list of those that make up the diversity our event represents. We choose to stand firm by our decision to provide an open and non-judgmental environment of freedom and dignity for all. We believe strongly that those who come to their show have both the intelligence as well as enough of a connection with their inner guidance to find what is right for their life. To our detractors: we extend our compassion, and forgive any ill will intentional or otherwise, and honor your right to your option as well! We honor and respect you ALL! In Infinite Love, Compassion, and Gratitude, Brad Simpson & Chandler Stephon Armstrong Body Soul & Spirit Magazine

April 29 - May 1, 2011

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May. 6-8, 2011

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This Fall: Edmonton, AB Sept. 23-25, 2011

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Changes in the Body Soul & Spirit Magazine

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Who would have thought that a whole year has gone by since the inception of the Body Soul & Spirit Magazine – it seems more like a few months ago! We feel we’ve made great strides in fulfilling our mandate to create a publication that will provide the best possible promotional value possible to you, our community as well as the many clients we have worked with over the past 15 years. It’s amazing our desires and intentions have resulted in situations and circumstances that have caused us to refocus and refine our concept to improve upon what we’ve already created. Here is a quick summary of the improvements we will begin implementing in the magazine! A more details overview follow this summary list: • Our New Format will offer twice the value or the same promotion for half the price. w

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A Dramatic increase in circulations and launch of our Eastern Canada Addition to become the most widely circulating holistic, new thought, green living and natural health publication in Canada.

The Integration of the Magazine with our Online Directory, Events and Article Listings

Our New Format – A More Affordable & Effective Promotional Solution The New Format will be a Magazine Resource Directory and Expo Guide Our 4th Issue, was the last “between expos” edition, as we transition to a Bi-Annual Spring/Summer

and Fall/Winter Format. Publication Dates will be March 1 and September 1 of each year to correspond with the start of the expo seasons! New Toronto Expo will signal the Launch of the Eastern Canada Edition of our Magazine. Many of you know that the Body Soul & Spirit Expo has had a long history in Ontario! We took a break about 5 years ago when we decide that there simply too many events, fairs and expos vying for the same market! Since then the entire landscape has changed! In the past 6 months we’ve been receiving calls, emails and messages from people urging us to come back. As a result, we will be launching the First Annual Body Soul & Spirit Magazine – Eastern Edition at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo which will be a regular part of our tour Toronto. Those who want to advertising in the Eastern and Western Editions may do so at the same annual price as the just one edition. • Less deadlines to worry about. • Features for some of the most notable authors in our genre, • Local News from the communities we distribute in, • Articles and editorial from our exhibitors and presenters, • Profiles and information about the many exhibitors, workshops and individuals that will be a part of the Body Soul & Spirit Expos during the upcoming show seasons. • We also will be turning the expo section into an insert to accommodate all the last minute lectures, workshops and exhibits so those attending the show will receive the most up to date information about the event they are attending.

We will continue to distribute in all our locations and thereby provide continued exposure for all our advertisers throughout the year. The Integration of the Magazine with our Online Directory, Events, Article Listings, and Social Network. We’ve been working with our web development team for several months to create the most effective and beneficial online solution that will support or expos and magazine as well as provide an effective added value promotion for those who advertise in our magazine. Addition Social Networking Features The Body Soul & Spirit Expo currently has over 87,000 individuals that have subscribed to our expo anointments, news and updates over the 15 years we have been hosting events. In addition our own social network - which will soon be integrated with our new site which at last count has almost 1000 active members and is growing every day. So What does this all mean to you–our readers? It means that we will be giving you more relevant and timely information not only our expos, but in culling articles from those who are presenting themselves at our shows–the many professionals who are working hard at giving you the information and services you go looking for–you will be able to read information about those people in the booths that you passed by, but perhaps had some interest in. You also will be able to glean some information from the presenters that may have been too busy during your visit. We are working hard to bring you, the reader, information that you want. We welcome your comments and even your criticisms, so that we can make this the kind of magazine that you want to read with the type of information you want to read about. Perhaps even the surprise of finding that hidden nugget of information that you didn’t know about. Ultimately, this magazine is about you, and we want you to be involved in it’s creation and evolution.

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18 • WINTER 2010

Your Natural Wellness Shoppe For Body, Mind & Spirit

spring/SUMMER 2010 • 3



by Adam DreamHealer


an you influence your own healing through your intentions? This is something that we have all reflected on at one time or other in our lives. You will be comforted knowing that the answer is a resounding “Yes!” 
Science is only beginning to understand some of the most basic issues about health and healing.

create with your intentions will influence your cells the same way that these physical stimuli do. The mental environment is often over looked when it comes to healing but it is one of the most significant factors in the healing process.

We all know that everyone has different ways of coping with stress, and some people are more effective at this than others. Stress hormones are released from our bodies when we feel threatened. Your cells are designed Adrenaline gets us to respond in the apready for fight-orpropriate manner to flight response by any given environment. increasing heart rate This makes intuitive Adam DreamHealer and boosting energy sense, if your cells are for quicker response put in a hot environtimes. If this stress ment the internal bioreaction becomes chronic and persists chemistry adjusts so that the cell can for long periods of time then we may survive in this new environment. The cells in your body obviously respond to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep and digestive problems both physical and mental stimuli. The and a list of other issues. internal mental environment that you

4 • spring/SUMMER 2010

Why is it that some people suffer from stress disorders when all of us are surrounded by similar stressors in our lives? This is because people react to their perception of stressful situations, rather than the stressful situation itself. The same event can lead to very different reactions in different people. You are the one who dictates not only how you perceive your environment but also how your body reacts to the situation. There is no such thing as an idle or neutral thought, which should act as a huge motivation to practice positive thoughts. You are 100 percent in control of your perception of your environment. This consequently influences your internal biochemistry and your health. You can directly control how your cells react to any given environment. The future in medicine is harnessing self-empowerment through your own focused thoughts and intentions. Often when discussing energy healing with intentions, the question of belief is mentioned. The pivotal question is not Continued on page 7

Intuition In Action

It can save the one you love!


counter confirmed it would cost the additional amount, but just then the computer went down.Her shift came to an end and a new person took over.After another 10 minutes with the computers still down, he finally booked me on the next available flight… at no charge. day of ‘The Mastery’ and Module three of When I arrived in ‘The Power of Intuition’ Vancouver I went to the training.As I was packcarousel to pick up my luggage.Traditionally, once ing for my trip home, my bags arrive, I call my my intuition nudged mother to let her know I me to call and see if I By Hannelore have returned home safe could re-book my and sound.Only, the comflight.It was late puters malfunctioned once again Saturday morning and my flight was and no one knew which carousel booked for early Sunday morning. our luggage would be on. Another When I called the airline I found 15 minutes passed, the computthat it was going to cost an exers were up and the luggage came tra $300 to re-book so I decided through.At that moment, I phoned against it.But, I kept getting this my mother and she cheerfully said voice inside my head that in“Oh how wonderful, you are home sisted I go to the airport anyway early”.“Yes, it is good to be home.” and see about getting on that day. I replied.She then asked “ howwI argued with the voice stating wrrrr warrrsshh yurrrrr ffffligggg”. that one more day is not going to “Sorry Mom, what did you say?” make a difference and besides the “Howwww waashhhyuuuuuuur”“Are $300 could be spent elsewhere. you Okay Mom”“noooooooooo” But the voice became more urgent so I decided to trust my intuiI realized that right at that moment tion and stopped by the airport to my Mother was having a stroke! check into an earlier flight – which “Mom, hang up, I am going to call I would only consider if I did not for help.”I phoned my brother who have to pay the extra $300. said he had just spoken with her When I arrived, the person at the and she was fine.“Well she is not

t was a remarkable week. The joy and transformations experienced by all were a huge confirmation that we were on the right path. It was our last

fine right now, please get over there right away.Take her to the hospital and I will meet you there!” By the time he arrived at her place she seemed okay.She knew to take two aspirins which the doctor confirmed may just have also saved her life.She did not want to go to the hospital, but at my insistence we got her there. Her blood pressure was extremely high. It was a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) which is an early warning. If not treated it often reoccurs and becomes deadly within a week or month. Synchronicities and my voice of intuition guided us to the precise moment necessary to help save my own mothers life.I am deeply grateful to God and the Universe.May you also trust your voice of intuition as it gently guides you on your path. Blessings to you and your family, Hannelore b Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H. is an International speaker, author, teacher, counselor and Spiritual Life coach offering public and corporate workshops worldwide. She teaches ‘The Power of Intuition’ training program and facilitates exclusive residential ‘Communing with Dolphins’ retreats in Hawaii and Wilderness retreats in magical places. Hannelore embodies wisdom, compassion, loving light, humour and JOY. Her Websites: Hannelore@ Phone: 604.926.4988 and/or 1.888.768.5711

spring/SUMMER 2010 • 5

The Edmonton Body Soul & Spirit Welcomes Dr. Brian Clement Dr. Brian Clement is renowned in the field of alternative health care and disease recovery.

premature aging, overcome catastrophic disease and prevent disorder.

HHI, an organization that Dr. Clement has directed for more than Over four decades, he 30 years, brought has conducted clinical wheatgrass, the raw research, counseled food diet, and a wide array of cutting edge more than 175,000 body-mind therapies to people, written 20 the forefront of human books on a variety of consciousness. At this subjects regarding foremost healing clinic, health and lectured Dr. Clement and his nationally and interteam conduct ongoing nationally several research with universiDr. Brian Clement months each year. ties and doctors from As director of around the globe. Dr. Hippocrates Health Clement is currently involved in a proInstitute (HHI), he has had the ject with the University of California opportunity to see noninvasive and that demonstrates human genetics natural lifestyle methods conquer can be changed within a six month

period by adopting the Hippocrates high-nutrition, low-calorie diet. Over the last several years, Dr. Clement has been targeting a multitude of diseasecausing substances. His well-received and controversial book, “Supplements Exposed,” uncovers the fact that most supplements are deadly chemicals and harmful to human health. “Killer Clothes,” Dr. Clement’s latest contribution, reveals that one can develop cancer, neurological disorders and even mental problems by wearing synthetic clothing. He is now penning “Killer Fish,” which will dispel health myths surrounding fish oil and seafood.

While in Edmonton, Dr. Clement will discuss the half-century of work conducted at HHI and the tens of thousands of healing stories that have Continued on page 10

Learn more about

Hippocrates Health Institute by visiting BootH 47

Free Lecture by Dr. Brian Clement See guide for details.

Earth’s epicenter of Health. It is time Edmonton learns what the international community has known for decades.

For over half a century, Hippocrates Health Institute has helped people prevent and reverse disease as well as the premature aging process.

Learn how you can prevent and reverse disease and fight premature aging today.

1-800-842-2125 6 • spring/SUMMER 2010

the receiver knows when this will be workshops, from China, Tibet and and is focused on the same visualizaJapan in Asia to Turkey, Germany whether you believe in intentional healtion for their wellness. and the Netherlands in Europe. ing, but whether you believe that YOU Attendees are always an exciting mix of Thousands of others join the healing can influence your health. sessions remotely from all around the This has been the focus of DreamHealer enlightened people from all walks of globe. You can participate remotely in life, with 40% being healers thembooks and DVD, as well as the transthe workshops. To get instructions, go selves: M.D.s, N.D.s, D.C., RN, RMT, formational workshop events. to Reiki, Qigong and Yoga masters to Participants experience the unique name a few. It is encouraging to know This is more effective if you have pregroup energy sessions held at workshops, that so many practitioners are interviously experienced a workshop. and learn techniques to focus intenested in incorporating healing with inBecome self-empowered. Trust in tions, embracing your healing power. tentions into their practices. yourself to do the work and make the The workshop events often create an As healing with intentions is most difference in your own health. b energy shift for a person, as a jumpbeneficial when incorporated into a start to their healing. That is why daily routine, workshops are always sold out in ad- about 30% are vance. The next scheduled workshops repeat attendees,  are May 7 in Toronto and June 5 in brushing up on Calgary and they will sell out. their techniques  As a full-time medical student, it and focusing their  was only possible to schedule four healing within the events during this calendar year. The group energy ses books are translated into over 20 lansions. Many  guages and sold in over 35 countries, people send their  so requests for international workhealing energy to shops are constant, yet due to time others who are  constraints there are only workphysically unable   shops scheduled in Canada. Many to attend. This is   people travel overseas to attend more effective if Intuition Heals | Continued from page 4


Reiki for Your Soul

It i peac wa


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spring/SUMMER 2010 • 7

Leading the Way to Elite Health Kai Hicks, Intuitive Path SuperFoods


have always wanted the work I did to reflect the life I led. I chose to create the company “Intuitive Path SuperFoods” after much contemplation and risk. Knowing that “anything is

possible” is not creating anything at all: only action creates. And therefore I chose to move away from the career I was pursuing to do something I loved. I have become my own health expert and my passion is to help others do the same. Intuitive Path SuperFoods’ mission is to create a healthier way of life, not through expensive supplementation or harmful dieting, but through whole foods that behave more like medicines, nourishing our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and unique properties. In the process of creating this company I have found a synergistic connection between three products: Hemp Seed, Cacao Powder and Yerba Mate. Individually these foods improve clarity, vitality and physical energy. Although each of these foods has significant properties of their own, when combined clients report reduced addictive behaviours.

HEMP SEED Hemp seed helps curb appetite. They are packed with at least 35% of the easiest to digest protein. Hemp seed contains all 10 of 10 essential amino acids (EAAs). It is rich in a multitude of minerals including, potassium, magnesium,

calcium, silicone, platinum, boron, lithium and many others. It is the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. They help us burn excess fat by delivering readily available energy that helps remove and carry toxins from our organs. Because hemp seeds are a fast digesting protein, not only do we gain more energy, but we gain energy for longer periods of time. They also improve the immune system, physical strength, flexibility, agility, complexion, hair luster, speed of healing, and the functionality of the liver and pancreas. “Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life.” David Wolfe: Superfoods – Medicine of the Future

CACAO More than appetite suppressing, cacao is the highest antioxidant food in the world – the next 4 antioxidant-rich foods in the world combined do not equal cacao. Cacao contains the highest levels of iron, magnesium and serotonin of any food source in the world. Not only does it contain serotonin it also helps your body produce its own. (Magnesium is reported to be the most deficient mineral in North Americans.) Cacao is also rich in calcium, zinc, copper, manganese and potassium and a good source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and

8 • spring/SUMMER 2010

E. Cacao stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation similar to the “runner’s high” a jogger feels after running several miles. Cacao acts as an anti-depressant, promoting a sense of well-being. Roasting and cooking cacao reduces antioxidant levels, destroys serotonin and magnesium so eating it raw is best. Intuitive Path SuperFoods offers classes in raw chocolate making and superfood integration into your every day diet.

YERBA MATE T he highly recognized Pasteur Institute states, “Yerba Mate has most all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.” Although Yerba Mate is similar to Green Tea, it is much higher in nutritional value and does not contain caffeine. It has a terrific array of minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins as well as the stimulant mateine. It curbs the appetite by providing what the body needs, increases energy, helps regulate sleep cycles, detoxifies the blood, relieves fatigue, and boosts the immune system. These are three of the many Superfoods that Intuitive Path provides to optimize your health. With sugar and carbohydrate reliance at an all-time high, diabetes affecting more people many of us are searching for another way. The truth is the answer is right in front of us. And it’s simple. Eat raw whole Superfoods for at least one meal a day.b

Your Child’s Imaginary Friends By Michelle L. Gruendel AEP (in training)


s you may remember as a young child, you had imaginary friends. Sadly, society discourages children from talking to imaginary friends, we tell our children to grow up, stop playing these games, and get into the reality that we know. We think this is going to help with their day to day lives, make it easier on them to copy with society and the rules. What we don’t realize is, staying connected with those imaginary “friends” actually can help your child trust their intuition about people, situations, and to know right from wrong.

‘crystals’ I knew he was seeing something beyond what we’d talked about in day to day conversations.

in tune with his past lives, his angels and his true life’s purpose, but when we force them to stop daydreaming, stop believing in things they cannot ‘see’ we can take away that delightful connection, or suppress it. You may recall time, yourself, when you had an imaginary friend; chances are that you even remember the name of this guide, but something or someone along the way, created fear in you to pursue the relationship. You want to prevent this from happening to your lovely children, and keep them open to using the gifts they brought with them from God.

When children cannot sleep, walk them through a guided meditation, and encourage them to take themselves thru that meditation to ease the day’s burdens. Help them to create a special place in their mind’s eye that they can go to, a place that brings them peace, and you will find that they are better at soothing themselves to sleep.

I have found that spending quiet time with my young children before bed, we’ve done some work with meditation, understanding chakras, and discussing Your child’s Imaginary friends are acWhen I started to do Reiki on my chilpossible past lives. It has helped them to tually their spirit guides, their angels, dren before they fell asleep at night, my sleep more easily, be brave in their day and their loving family members from the other side. The games they play with younger son used to see “crystals” in his to day challenges, and feel a sense of mind’s eye. This would be his very open, calm about things beyond their control. these friends as children, help them to very aware, third eye. We used to talk a have knowledge of things they would Encouraging your children to trust lot about rocks, but never used the term otherwise not know. Your child is very Continued on page 17 crystals, and when my 3 year old said

See us in booth 9 at the Calgary Expo

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spring/SUMMER 2010 • 9

Dr. Brian Clement | Continued from page 6

resulted for those who adopted the institute’s extraordinary methods. He will afford time in all of his presentations to answer questions from attendees. Many people from Western Canada have attended HHI and brought about their own recoveries from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and an endless list of other maladies. Dr. Clement’s lectures emphasize that it is time for people to awaken and take total responsibility for their lives. Humanity has been lulled and seduced into believing that society is protected by government and corporate interests. On the contrary, these organizations are more focused on profit than on people and their health. Recent fraudulent activity by the pharmaceutical establishment and elected officials is highlighted by the swine epidemic. Collusive schemes like these underline the lengths the powers that be are willing to go to for greater profits. After hearing Dr. Clement, there are reports from around the world stating that attendees will never be the same and, more importantly, that they are willing and ready to become part of the ever-growing shift in consciousness being brought about by health-minded people. This shift will reclaim humanity—and our planet. It is time to stop worrying and act in an affirmative way. There are no insurmountable problems, only self-doubt. By living with integrity, and acknowledging one’s positive potential, one can regain the spirit that is required to heal and become a true contributor. Dr. Clement’s lectures are not to be missed. For many guests, they will be the most important dates on their calendars. Dr. Clement’s straight-forward, down to earth and articulate presentations are a challenge to attendees and their loved ones to, once and for all, become whole, happy and well. b

Become an SVH® Practitioner Learn the mechanisms of Master expansion.

See the Lecture schedule on the Body Soul & Spirit Expo for times and details! Hippocrates Health Institute:

Use this to effect the changes you are choosing.



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Trips to the Amazon

Apr. 8-23, $1,600.00 Aug. 1-16, $1,860.00 Oct. 2011

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Shiatsu by Sher 10 • spring/SUMMER 2010

Priscilla is a certified teacher and practitioner offering a variety of complementary non-invasive modalities, including: Serenity Vibration Healing®, Enlightenment Technique, BodyTalk, German New Medicine, The Reconnection® and others. These techniques work at transcendent levels to synchronize energies within the bodies of people and living things. Courses and Sessions in person or by phone: Priscilla Petersen, Healing Energies 403-362-4475

Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique (SVH) THE PREMIER TOOL FOR MASTERING THE MIND. SVH is the safest, most effective means of reformatting genetic and current life imbalances, as well as restoring harmony to the physical body and quieting the mind. It is a personal empowerment tool that works at transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal. SVH empowers your highest source  (Creator, Universe, God, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, or the host of Angels) to energetically release your limiting beliefs and perceptions, while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns. SVH assists in understanding universal laws so that you can tap into your infinite potential. Use it for your own healing and evolution, or assist your fellow man, animals, and Mother Earth. You have found what you need to gracefully assist you in achieving a joyful, abundant and harmonious life!

HOW IS SVH DIFFERENT? The founder, Jill Marie, is gifted to work with the Creator and great Masters of Light to develop the SVH mastery tools. These have been organized in such a way that a simple thought activates the mechanisms learned in the courses to utilize the tools, literally in seconds under any circumstance.  Open up a thought or concept and SVH focuses a huge data base of information directed toward your intent.  Your conscious free-will choice to deal with an issue activates shifting in an instant. Utilizing the SVH tools brings you back to peace and tranquility, raising your vibration and the vibration around you. 

QUANTUM LEVEL REPROGRamMING (QLR) – THE FOUNDATION OF SVH. We are born with programs which came from our ancestors. We receive further programming from our parents, teachers, friends, spouse, employers, doctors, clergy and information held in

collective consciousness. Further to this, life events such as birth, divorce, accidents, failures, and death can reinforce fear and feelings of low vibration. All human experience, as well as the history of the cosmos, is recorded somewhere in various levels of consciousness. If we are not discerning information for ourselves, limiting aspects will hitch onto the ego; either we think for ourselves or we allow external forces to determine our reality. QLR works to quiet the limiting voice of ego that is triggered by current stimulus. Quieting the ego allows us to create with focused clarity to support rapid and sometimes instant manifestation. Imagine being able to focus your mind, utilizing many levels of consciousness, to create the reality you desire. Anything is possible when mind chatter is quieted.

SOVEREIGNTY AND AUTOMOMY. With the use of SVH tools, you will experience the freedom of living your life without attracting or allowing drama, trauma and limiting experiences. You will have the ability to release and remove blocks to a smooth, graceful, expedient evolution to higher consciousness. How do you know if something is truly meant to be, or if events have manifested into your reality as a result of random sequences that you inadvertently fueled into formation? SVH assists you in formulating choices with confidence and provides the tools to fix problems. If the creation energy that fueled those realities was not in sync with your ideal, you experience disharmony.  When you design and define an outcome, creation energy automatically fuels it.  To be sovereign and autonomous is to step into your mastery and choose your ideal reality.




quantum physics has shown that we have the ability to commune with the forces of the cosmos to choose our reality (Prayer). Prayer is a measureable thought-form, directing our intentions to the forces of creation. It is an act of redefining limitations in our reality. This ability may be one of the most sophisticated and empowering forces to grace our time. SVH is an active form of prayer. It can be utilized with all belief systems. Every mechanism is implemented by the Creator and every element of the modality is aligned with the highest principles of divine truth. It is perfected and calibrated ideally to suit you and implemented in divine timing and divine alignment with the ideal reality you are meant to achieve.

LEARN THE MECHANISMS OF MASTER EXPANSION. Heal yourself or enhance your practice by becoming an SVH Practitioner. Assist loved ones and others in ways you have never imagined.  Learn how to have the Natural Laws of the Universe work for you. Courses and Sessions are offered in person or over the phone. SVH is a system that can be blended with your existing tools, or called upon as a stand-alone modality to effect the changes you are choosing. To book a course or a session, or for more information feel free to call: Jackie Sereda

Central Alberta 403-703-3926

Dianna Visser

Central Alberta 403-934-3392

Priscilla Petersen

Southern Alberta 403-362-4475

Louise Allchurch

Northern Alberta 780-542-4361

Leslie Jamieson


Ontario 905-580-5796

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e can accurately determine the state of your vascular health ht for you.

Nutrition acid, plays a role in a number of physiological functions in the r its cardiovascular beneÞts. L-arginine is converted to nitric blood vessels and regulates blood vessel tone and ßexibility. he heart, improves circulation, and lowers BP. These ere validated by the 1998 Noble Prize in Medicine.

The Heart of the Matter! Can High Blood Pressure Really Be Fatal?

nine dietary supplement Pulse-8 was designed for premium Pulse-8 provides optimum cardiovascular health andDementia function and cognitive impairment can Seeserving us at the Calgary Expo in result eneÞts. One of Pulse-8 contains 5,000 mg (5also grams) offrom blocked blood flow to the Booth 36along with 8 speciÞc heart-healthybrain. al grade l-arginine, nutrients.


ore and more doctors are treating e and supports cardiovascular their patient’s various symptoms rather o all organs than getting to the heart of cts of premature cardiovascular the matter! Heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and and may decrease body fat women claiming more lives than the next nine causes of death combined, including em function all forms of cancer. al performance “Canadians know what to olism do to live healthier, longer lives. But there’s a huge disconnect between what we think we are doing to address our risk factors and reality,” says Dr. Beth Abramson, Cardiologist and spokesperson for Heart and Stroke Foundation. “We’re not managing some of the most common and deadly cardiovascular risk factors as well as we think we are. We Canadians are living with a false sense of security that could be fatal.”

Eyes: Small blood vessels in the eye can burst or bleed. Vision may become blurred or otherwise impaired and can result in blindness. Kidneys: High BP can narrow and thicken blood vessels of the kidneys. The kidneys filter less fluid and waste builds up Heart Attack: High BP is a major risk factor for a heart attack. The arteries bring oxygencarrying blood to the heart muscle. Without enough oxygen, eventually chest pain results and “angina” can occur. Blocked blood flow = heart attack!

2 Secrets for a Healthy Heart

1. Screen : Vital Numbers Commonly known measurements (i.e. blood pressure, waist size, weight, cholesterol and fasting blood sugar) can help manage overall health. To prevent high #1 Reason People Visit Their Doctor? BP, a new advanced screening device High Blood Pressure (BP) Most people called BPro® Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA), are not aware high BP is a disease state. patented and FDA approved, accurately So, what causes high BP? In most cases, measures the Central Aortic Systolic endothelial dysfunction quietly begins Pressure (CASP) at the heart. This in2-3 decades prior. The inability of the novative, highly accurate screening vessel’s inner lining no longer produces method determines cardiovascular adequate amounts of nitric oxide to dihealth and detects asymptomatic hyperlate and maintain flexibility resulting in tension prior to the onset of high BP. high BP. This process causes narrowing Standard BP measures the pulse in the and hardening of the arteries, elevated brachial artery, while PWA measures pressure of the heart, and damage to vital pulse pressure at the aorta. We can acorgans. curately determine the state of your vasLeft uncontrolled, you may wind up with cular health and which solution is right for you. a disability, poor quality of life or even a fatal heart attack. 2. Solution : Vascular Nutrition Effects of High BP on the Body L-arginine, a vital amino acid, plays a role Arteries: As you age, arteries throughout in a number of physiological functions in the body “harden” and become inflamed the body and best known for its cardiovascular benefits. L-arginine is conespecially in the heart, brain, and verted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the kidneys. blood vessels and regulates blood vessel Brain: A break in a weakened blood vestone and flexibility. This reduces stress sel, which then bleeds in the brain, causon the heart, improves circulation, and ing a stroke. If a blood clot blocks one of the narrowed arteries, a stroke will occur. lowers BP. These remarkable properties

12 • spring/SUMMER 2010

were validated by the 1998 Noble Prize in Medicine. Doctor formulated l-arginine dietary supplement Pulse-8 was designed for premium cardiovascular support. Pulse-8 provides optimum cardiovascular health and function with overall antiaging benefits. One serving of Pulse-8 contains 5,000 mg (5 grams) of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine, along with 8 specific heart-healthy nutrients. Benefits of Pulse-8: • Lowers blood pressure and supports cardiovascular health • Enhances blood flow to all organs • Combats negative effects of premature cardiovascular aging • Supports lean muscle and may decrease body fat • Anti-aging benefits • Boost energy levels • Improves immune system function • Supports healthy sexual performance • Helps increase metabolism • Improves overall healing (especially bone and tissue) • Protects/heals from radiation • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels The ForeverGreen product line is “Restoration Biology”, offering restoration support in the areas of Cardiovascular, Immune, Weight Management, Beauty and Skin Care, Natural Energy, Physical Fitness, and overall General Health, anchored by our worldclass clean and organic whole food line and of course Marine Phytoplankton, the First food, the Best food, the Final say in health and wellness. ForeverGreen celebrates health as a pleasurable habit.

Don’t Miss A Beat! Purchase products or inquire about Pulse Wave Screening in your area:

Contact: Center For Hearts (Powered By ForeverGreen) 877.554.2956

Body By ViSalus Institute

Are You Up for a Challenge? Anybody, Any Body

(Excerpt from Challenge Journal)

Thousands of people across the nation have experienced inspiring health transformations. Why not be next? You can save money, win prizes, and get in the best shape of your life with the Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge. If you were to set a health goal for yourself over the next 90 days, what would it be? For millions of people across North America, elusive goals like “I want to lose weight,” or “I want to get in shape” seem to remain just out of their grasp for years on end. Just think about how many fad diets, extreme fasts, or insane workout videos have come and gone in your lifetime; or how many of them you have tried without lasting success. ViSalus Sciences® is a company that understands the importance of setting and reaching goals. Built on years as a Health and Wellness Industry leader, offering products developed by some of the world’s brightest minds and finest natural sources, their Body by Vi™ Challenge is a movement that helps people achieve their goals and experience lasting health transformations. This 90-Day program gives you everything you need. With great products that produce results, meal plans, and exercise trackers, you can customize your personal challenge to fit your life. Want to lose 20 pounds? Train for a marathon? Build lean muscle? Imagine the power of an entire community ready to support you.

What is the Body by Vi Challenge? Real Results for

The Body by Vi™ Challenge rewards people who take advantage of ViSalus health products and support tools to transform their bodies. It’s for anyone who wants to lose weight, be active, or get fit. Combining their unique and life-transforming products along with their online and offline support tools, no other program is as comprehensive, or as easy. “No one else is providing the powerful combination of nutrition, support, education and community like ViSalus Sciences,” says Blake Mallen, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. Mallen’s Co-Founder and ViSalus CEO Ryan Blair, who recently lost nearly 20 pounds and dropped to 7% body fat on his own Challenge, knows that it’s all about results. “I wouldn’t let a single person join this challenge if I didn’t know for a fact that it truly works,” said Blair. “The stories I see across the country every day are an inspiration, and the prizes are out of this world life experiences.” Simple, Fun, Affordable… and it Works! Saving You Time and Money You don’t need to change your life to change your body It’s no secret that people are busier these days than they have ever been. Fighting through a struggling economy where layoffs are commonplace, we’re often forced to do more work with fewer resources just to keep afloat. With all that, who

has the money to shop for fresh ingredients to create complete, healthy meals for their families? Or the time to sweat out a 90-minute boot camp style workout every day? Monthly budgets are tight, and the first things to go are often those nice dinners out, that gym membership, or that overpriced diet plan that just isn’t working. It’s time to find better value while still improving your health. The Body by Vi™ Challenge is the answer. With healthy meals for just dollars a day, save money on many of the groceries or take-out meals you might be spending money on now. With nutritious shakes that can be made in seconds, save time and get your life back. And with simple exercises you can do from home, save time AND money.

When Do We Begin Creating Your Story? To find out how you can get started on YOUR challenge contact Dillan Slobodian through facebook, his website- www.trii. email- or by phone at 1-780-905-6404.


Living in the Heart Dr. Susan Janssens


e are living in a very exciting and powerful time, a moment in history that reflects a radical spiritual transformation at the deepest levels of our consciousness. All of us, whether we recognize it or not, are being challenged to let go of our present form of life and create an entirely new one. This rebirthing that is occurring is allowing us to open to an expanded level of spiritual awareness. As a consequence, we are manifesting a greater amount of creative energy. As we come to recognize that our reality is ours to create, and we are committed to take on the responsibility of this gift, the planet and our existence will evolve.

control for no concrete reason, are just a sample of some of the symptoms that are arising. As we take on more light it is important to remember that we are always being confronted with the opposite amount of darkness and we must not shy away from integrating or transmuting this as well. Love and gratitude for yourself and life in all its expression is essential to move with grace through our transformation.

My clinical practice and the personal growth classes that I offer primarily focus on supporting individuals through the rapid evolutionary changes that are happening in our bodies and our consciousness. My goal is to assist the earth and its people manifest a united body-mind, heartsoul multi-dimensional light body. Some of the therapies and practices I recommend and utilize in my practice are; soul retrieval, shadow work, cellular memory therapy, energy medicine, sound therapy, cleansing, bodywork, body chemistry and hormone balancing, and most importantly one’s own spiritual practice.

Dr. Susan Janssens, a licensed naturopathic doctor for over ten years, completed her doctorate in medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. Through her career, Dr. Janssens has traveled to many countries broadening her understanding of healthcare by engaging in other cultures healing and spiritual practices. She helped found the Integrative Medicine Institute in Calgary, whereby she received a significant grant to research chronic disease, specifically cancer.

Dr. Janssens’ journey led her to medical clinics in Russia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and the USA, where she observed some of the world’s leading doctors pioneer cutting edge methods and technologies. She now has established the Maya Health Centre and most recently Integrative Health care online. Here, she addresses patient’s health in its entirety, looking for the root cause of illness and administering the most beneficial treatment plan.

Living from the heart, deepening with one’s self and remembering one’s “Soul” purpose are important steps to becoming an integrated and whole multidimensional being. As you take on more light, and increase your vibrational frequency, often you’ll experience some sort of imbalance or Neurological/mood disorders, “dis-ease”. To accommodate the One of the services I’ve recently chronic disease, and hormone imincrease of divine light, the body’s introduced will help individuals take balances are her main areas of exchakras spin faster, and it usually pertise, which are integral to her takes time to adjust. The earth and a leading role in discovering imbalances in the body. At this website, Program. its’ inhabitants are feeling these “asare very territorial as most animalsNatural are. But Mood are doingCare at all times and communicate By Richard Sykes an ofindividual cension symptoms” as we continue,some the squirrels arehas more aggressive everyday. There is need to be territorial Besides her personalnogrowth go to the store to move on the path to being who the opportunity tothan also regularly others like the black and redclasses, squirrels, she orcontrolling for any reasonschedfor we need to hose funny and Squirrelly Squirrels purchase from a selection of we truly are. ules speaking engagements . joy bas well as the grey squirrel is more of a passive animal spread harmony, balance and jumping around and their tails up to sixty medical tests. The focus Depression, anxiety, irritability, flittering in short circles, searching and will back away when confronted. sharing and caring. ◆ of testing ranges from hormones, physical pain, weight changes, lessonchemthe squirrel brings to us is put for where they left there nuts in the ground to The thyroid, adrenals, brain For more information contact the Maya tremors, headaches, poor digesenough away for atoxins. rainy day yet you don’t istry, allergies, digestion, and and sometimes if you watch them closely Health Centre at (403) 288-4880 or at tion, memory lapse, obsessive Now is where the time that we all work have to be a miser either. Hiy Hiy all my relations, Richard Sykes, Native name Buffalo Heart, there are unable to remember they thinking, unusual sleeping patterns together to realize our evolution. Metis nation Pipe Carrier Do not forget to play and love what you put them. and dreams, or just feeling out of Have you ever noticed that when they do manage to find a nut or two to eat they Integrative Health Online scamper up a treeCare so nobody watches them eat? Do you also notice, that we are just Shadowdivination & Bonnie Milner Drthe Susan Janssens like squirrels when we areBSc, livingND in the Clairvoyante, psychic,  crystal  reader,  crystal  healer  and    Psychic  therapist   Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine woods we dig in an area of the ground and Clairvoyante,   psychic,  cprystal   reader,   crystal  healer   and    Psychic  therapist   Clairvoyante,   sychic,   crystal   reader,   ealer   and  therapist    Psychic  therapis put the food Phone: in the ground cover it up (403)then 288-4880 Clairvoyante,   psychic,   cand rystal   reader,   crystal  chrystal   ealer   ahnd    Ppsychic sychic   Readings, party’s lessons…always a new exeperience Fax:(403) with some grass, moss and288-4886 twigs to keep Readings, party’s and lessons…always a new psychic exeperience it cool, or a bottle in the cool water lake or Readings, party’s and lessons…always a new psychic exeperien 403-470-6342, river which acts like a refrigerator. Maya Health Centre 403-470-6342, 2, 1922-9th Ave S.E. That was the old way of doing it and is Calgary, AB, T2G 0V2 403-470-6342, done today as well when needed for survival Combining the best of Modern &in the wilderness. Natural Medicine You might be also be interested in the black and grey and red squirrels for they

How an animals behaviour reflects yourself and the people around you


Shadowdivination & Bonnie Milner

Shadowdivination & Bonnie Milner

Shadowdivination & Bonnie Milner

Readings, party’s and lessons…always a new psychic 403-470-6342,

14 • spring/SUMMER 2010


Volunteers that posses H e at h Ca n a d a M M A R exemptions to legally consume and posses medical grade cannabis (marijuana) will be on hand with free legal medical cannabis (marijuana) information. Find out if you or your loved ones could benefit consuming legal medical c a n n a b i s (m a r i j u a n a ). Medical cannabis can improve the quality of life of those that are suffering from a wide range of illnesses. Free alternative medicine magazine Treating Yourself will be available while supplies last. Need help to find a doctor that is properly educated about the medical properties on cannabis? We have doctors who are ready to sign Health Canada MAR forms for those that can benefit from medical cannabis come and see us for help.

• We promote the four pillars of reasonable drug policy: • PREVENTION, TREATMENT, HARM REDUCTION & ENFORCEMENT

We promote hemp use & production and safe, legal cannabis consumption for responsible adults, as well as lobby for the strong need for clean, quality, medicinalgrade cannabis to be much more widely available to the over one million Canadians who need it. We provide truthful, credible, science-based education in regards to cannabis, licit/illicit substances and prohibition itself, with the intention of reducing the harms caused by prohibition.

Calgary 420 will be providing free documented information.

Calgary 420 Cannabis Community

Is proud to announce we have booked booth 110 at the Stampede Park Big Four Building Hall B for the Calgary Spring 2011 Body Soul & Spirit Expo April 15 - 17 / 2011.

Activism, advocacy, social justice volunteers will also be on hand to answer questions and provide real life experience as activists for social justice reforms. The Ca lg a r y420.c a Cannabis Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to the: • PROMOTION OF LEGAL, RESPONSIBLE, ADULT CONSUMPTION OF CANNABIS • EDUCATION & ADVOCACY REGARDING MEDICAL CANNABIS • PROMOTION OF CANNABIS AS A SAFER RECREATIONAL DRUG THAN ALCOHOL • PROMOTION & EDUCATION OF THE PUBLIC ON THE BENEFITS OF HEMP • ENCOURAGEMENT OF ANTI-PROHIBITION ACTIVISM • PROMOTION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM

We organize and participate in peaceful, respectful, nondestructive protest and social events, encouraging respectful working relationships with law enforcement, all levels of government, media, business and the general public. The Calgary 420 Cannabis Community provides support for new & seasonedyoung & mature-activists in other Alberta urban & rural communities through and throughout the countr y through Please support us in supporting your right to benefit from-and help others Benefit from-nature’s most awesome & versatile gift: the cannabis plant.


for more information

spring/SUMMER 2010 • 15

Body Management Asking the Body What It Needs for Optimal Health


have been working in alternative medicine since 1995.

I learned to talk to the body from Al Berry, a renowned healer who lived in B.C. He perfected a way of healing called ‘Body Management’ wherein one could ask the body questions and receive answers. Over the years I have expanded what Mr. Berry taught, asking many more in depth questions that cover all possible illnesses, diseases, and imbalances. I came to realize that the amount of questions and how they are asked is unlimited and totally safe. Your body would never let me hurt it. With an increased number of questions, I am able to fine tune the body and discover any point of distress or imbalance and measure it. I use a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Your body wants to be at its healthiest, to have its organs in the proper position and avoid exposure to anything that would harm it by ingestion or application. Testimonies tell the journey of my healing career and why you would want to make an appointment to see me. Headaches: One of my favorite miracles is a lady who woke every morning with a headache. The MD’s prescribed pain killers,

but it didn’t stop the headaches. I quickly discovered by asking the body what caused the headaches: it was her clock radio sitting beside her on the night table. Immediately after removing the clock her headaches disappeared. Kidney Failure: A lady came to me with only 15% kidney function. By talking to her body I quickly found the cause. Every night she craved a favorite lemon drink she thought was good for her. Although the drink tasted good, it was actually poisoning her. She called back three days later and said she no longer had back pain and felt so much better. The MDs confirmed that the kidneys were functioning 100% normally again. Lungs: A cattle farmer was seeing lung specialists because he couldn’t breathe properly. After asking the body, I quickly discovered he had a problem with his tractor. He admitted he needed to fix the muffler. A doctor couldn’t have found the cause but would treat the symptoms only, leading to potentially even more damage (such as lung cancer) further down the road. When I am finished the first session with you, you will know exactly where your weak areas are, how weak they are, and what you need to bring them back into balance. My testing is very gentle and non-invasive, and will not

hurt you in any way. After my testing you will understand your body better than you ever did before, and this knowledge gives you a sense of control and confidence in your body’s ability to heal. People have faith in me because I don’t sell products. I simply ask the body what is needs. Often it is food, a tea or drink, or supplements that are readily available at your local health food store. Thank you for reading this article. If you come to me, you will discover things out about your body that may surprise you. You will certainly learn where your weakness and strengths are, and what your body wants you to do to bring yourself back to optimum health. Until we meet, give your body exercise, drink good water, eat good food, talk to God, and strive to be happy. b Certified Practitioner Delphine Saxinger is a medical intuitive and credits her abilities as a gift from God. “I can talk to your body, get information on health issues, and determine what is needed to support the body to heal itself.” She has helped people with many illness and diseases- everything from cancer to arthritis to chronic stomach condition and countless other ailments. For more information call 1-877-326-3113 or see:


• Tension • Stress • Insomnia • Headaches This course will teach you all you need to know to be able to provide a wonderfully relaxing Indian Head Massage treatment for your clients, friends and family. No prior experience is required. BENEFITS OF IHM Improved blood circulation increasing oxygen supply to the brain Relaxes taut and uncomfortable muscles, eases stiffness General relaxation, calms, revitalizes and uplifts the spirit. Can create a more balanced state of being. For course dates and locations please contact Heather or visit our website: Email: Tel: 403-456-3046

16 • spring/SUMMER 2010

Courses are ongoing throughout Canada

The Intuitive WoMan

Your Child’s Imaginary Friends | Continued from page 9

their intuition, will make them more safe in today’s world, as are able to sense potential ill will in aofsituation, balance, know you may be inspired with Bythey Hannalore numerous creative ideas…’receptive’, but right from wrong, and will be able to call upon their angels in for some reason you he Intuitive WoMan exemplifies times of discouragement, woe, or fear. Your children came procrastinate and just don’t get them done…’non active’. the balance and union of qualities equipped to this world with gifts that make them much more Or you are so busy ‘doing’ but find it of the Inner Divine Feminine aware than you may give them credit for. Nurturing challengingthese to be inspired or come up (intuition, compassion, emotion, gifts willsensuality, give them the additional support they need to be-with new ideas. creativity, We live in a world comeinspiration healthy, happy, grace, and spiritual adults. of duality. The movie receptive…the Heart) with Working with Masculine the tools taught to me by Cindy Smith, AEP, ‘the secret’ was an the Inner Divine opening for many on and Dr. Doreen Virtue has made it possible for me to (inner strength, courage, decisive, logic, reason, with my children, and create a hap-their spiritual journey, share my knowledge assertive, practical and pier environment for them. Through an amazing 4 hour but it lacked action – the masculine. We can action…the Mind). S/He course with MoonLightWorkers Divination & Energy Work, imagine and set our is in true alignment with we would love to teach yourself and your child to tap into intentions with joy and nature and the Universe. these abilities, and make their lives more content. Visit our gusto, but if we don’t The Divine feminine website at for upcoming take action it often does energy is not confined to not occur. I witness dates only and times.b females just as the people dear to me who Divine masculine energy create their ‘vision is Michelle not confined to only Eskdale Gruendel is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui tradand/or clearly males. As souls we areof Takata-Twan-Hay. She is also certifying as board’ ition under the lineage an Together we fly – both. Angel Enlightenment Practioner and works with past life clearing, set their intentions of As a teacher and and on my personal mediumship, chakra auraown cleansing as well asmanifestation Angel Readings.through She is visualization. As there is often no action (and/or journey, I discovered how important it a happy mother of two amazing boys and calls Calgary home. For Angel attachments the outcome) they get is Readings, to have these within and upcoming Reiki aspects Healing balanced and Certification, Classesto please extremely discouraged and angry at God myself. An example, when either is out visit


and the Universe because it does not happen. It requires that you place your conscious awareness on these qualities and recognize where the imbalance is. Intuition is your greatest power! Allow for the awakening and integration of the receptive inner feminine quality of intuition to ask for and receive the guidance and balance of the active qualities of the inner masculine. You then harmonize with the soul and return to conscious oneness. This is the union of your soul’s God/dess-self and your human self. In this balanced state, you have the power to heal and create miracles of the highest kind. ◆ May the journey of awakening guide you home. — Hannelore • HANNELORE, M.S.C., M.S.H. is an International speaker, author, teacher and Spiritual Life coach offering public and corporate workshops worldwide


Indulge your senses with our natural, eco-friendly line of products. From Stress Less, to Pure Bliss, to Headache-B Gone, our blends target your needs. Merge your mind, body, and soul with our new Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy. Made with 100% pure essential oil blends in an organic aloe vera base. SweetScense Aromatherapy Calgary AB T2Z 2P5 T.



403.279.4499 • 14 • FALL 2010

spring/SUMMER 2010 • 17


Dedicated To Positive Thought &

Action! s


A Unique Blend of ‘Old Time Integrity’ & ‘Ideas That Positively Transcend’


With the Andes and the Amazon …Learn from authentic Shamans

Trips to the Amazon

Apr. 8-23, $1,600.00 Aug. 1-16, $1,860.00 Oct. 2011

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5 Day Event: Nov. 10-14, 2010 $555 ~ space limited ~ register today

Copper & Crystal Events FALL 2010 • 33 18 • spring/SUMMER 2010

Shiatsu by Sher

Psychic or Medium, What is the Difference? encouragement from spirit or a loved It’s much simpler than most people realize. A psychic one had, I could no connects and brings longer ignore this ability. messages from Spirit. How does that help A medium can comyou? If you have a quesmunicate, hears tion, a dilemma, or just (clairaudient) or feels want some clarity in (clairsentient) or sees your life, seeking out (clairvoyant) those that the services of a Psychic have crossed over. All Medium may give you mediums are psychic your answer. Guaranteed but not all psychby the Universe, you ics are mediums. A will receive exactly medium may have Katrina Todd what you need to one or any combinahear in your session tion of these gifts. which is for your highest good. So the next question is: Who has The question that I get most often is this gift? Everyone is born with it, when did I know that I could do this? but many turn it off consciously or It was a progression. As I became subconsciously, for whatever reamore open, and I connected more son. Others, like me, may have had with the universal energy, I started a love-hate relationship with their seeing, feeling and hearing people gift over their lifetime. Once I saw the positive impact that a message of that had passed away. I also started

saying very wise things that came to me from out of nowhere. These messages are never from me (I know I am not that wise). I am blessed to share my gifts with anyone who has the interest, curiosity and courage to receive messages from the other side. Why would you want to have a session with me? For a number of reasons: to receive messages from Spirit, to find out what is happening in your energy, so you can find peace now and be able to change your tomorrows. It is also about taking back your power to free your soul. b Katrina Todd, Psychic-Medium, sessions are available in person at 10005-103 St. Fort Saskatchewan, Ab.or at the Edmonton Body, Soul and Spirit Expo. Or just as effectively over the phone. Please contact me at 780-9700408 or or at

End Confusion, Reveal Truth, Empower Yourself End Confusion

only responsible for 2-4% of what we see happen in our lives. The unconAlbert Einstein said, scious mind is 83% of our “You cannot solve a brain mass and accounts problem with the same for 96-98% of what hapmind that created it.” pens in our lives. It is You’ve probably heard where our core belief systhis before but do you tems and habits are understand how literal stored. It is the place that and true this statement must be accessed should is? To change our minds we want lasting changes and create happier, in our lives. The problem healthier lives we need is we are mostly unaware to do more than simply of the programs and belief read a book, attend a Becky Sillito systems that are running workshop or learn a new in our unconscious mind philosophy. Those apand that are controlling our lives. proaches may work for a time but we Literally “you cannot solve a problem” soon end up back where we started. until you change We vow to be different; to create our the “mind that lives with power and passion. But we created it” in the fall short of these creative, emfirst place. powering ideas. We seem unable to have the will power necessary to move Empower ourselves forward. Why?

Reveal Truth

The reason is simple. Will power is a function of the conscious mind. The conscious mind makes up 17% of our brain mass. It is where our awareness is, where we gather information and make decisions. But it is our unconscious mind that influences what we actually do. The conscious mind is

place. Identifying these is the first big step to starting on your path to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. And as an Intuitive Counselor I can help you, through simple energy healing techniques, go through the next steps of releasing and replacing these defeating beliefs with ones that empower you to have a happier, healthier life. b Becky Sillito, Intuitive – Card Reader, counselor. Sessions available in person if you’re in the area (10005-103 St. Fort Saskatchewan, Ab.) or just as effectively over the phone if you’re not. Contact me at 780604-0508 or or at


As an Intuitive Reader I help you identify these core issues and underlying belief systems that are keeping you stuck in the exact same problems and spring/SUMMER 2010 • 19

What is Shamanism? Shamanism is the study of energy and its use. In a shamanic world-view, everything is energy. Illness, disease, mental and emotional disorders are seen as manifestations of imbalances in energy. Change and healing occurs in our lives when we learn to align ourselves with the world of Grandmother Earth (mineral, plants, animals) and with the energies that make up the Universe. The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS), is committed to providing the Shamanic teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine

stories. Walk away from them. Leave them behind on the trail. The Silence will come. Watch how your body is walking: where is the tension, the ache, the soreness? Leave them behind on the trail and find your natural way of walking. This is you with nature, different from how you are with people, Pay attention to the shift. Where is the energy coming from now?

As the body shifts, so does your awareness. Your natural connection with our world begins to make itself known. Sundance Path. ICSS is a center for the You feel, see, and know the minerals, study of human spirit. Founded in 1995 plants, animals and - yes - spirit as a it continues to offer ceremony, teachgentle, pervasive sense of well being ings, healings and holds a space for called the Silence. Walk wherever you seekers, apprentices, families and stuare attracted to, and notice what you dents of all ages to discover their conare attracted to. nection to a life with spirit. Once you observe these shifts, you will

A shamanic approach to walking Stress out of your life

We know that stress, for example, can be a killer. It can kill our physical body, but also our hope, our creativity and our resilience in life. Stress makes us lose the ability to hear our inner Silence and to communicate with ourselves, spirit and the world around us. When we experience inner Silence, we know we are part of something greater and that we belong. Letting go of stress lets you discover your inner self, unpolluted by inner dialogue, and allows you to become natural in your world. Even in a city, we can find a park, a garden or a path along a river to connect to the world. But how often do we allow our agendas and expectations to cramp our naturalness and easiness in life? Make sure you walk with no destination or purpose other than to ‘be’. Silence the inner dialogue that tells you small, unhappy, negative, fearful

begin to become aware of your natural self. You may find you are walking with more power. You feel natural and relaxed.

Now walk this back into your life and repeat it as often as you can. Be hungry to know your place in the natural world. Soon you will be able to connect to the Silence anytime, by stepping outside the door and taking a breath, gazing at a tree through the window, for you belong to this world. Grandmother Earth feeds every one of her children’s physical body for all the days of their lives. We are her children, we belong, and we can find her in the Silence. Join us for a workshop on how to address and eliminate stress in your life (see the ad on this page for workshop details and our information). Presented by Janneke Laughing Willow who has worked in personal growth counseling for 28 years and is a respected teacher of the medicine in Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.

20 • spring/SUMMER 2010

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Stress is Not an Option Sat. May 14th, 10am - 10pm Mount Royal Station 2317 10St SW, Calgary

Introduction to Shamanism Weds. April 27th, 7:30 - 9:30pm Mount Royal Station 2317 10St SW, Calgary Thurs. June 9th & Thurs. Sept 8th 7:30 - 9:30pm Glamorgan Community Hall 4207 41 AVE SW, Calgary

Vision Quest Sun. Aug.14th - Sat. Aug. 20th Week of Ceremony in Nature

Sex, Love + Intimacy Thurs. November 24th, 7:30-9:30pm Glamorgan Community Hall 4207 41 AVE SW , Calgary

Red Lodge Long House Program A comprehensive 2-4 year program 6 weekends and a week of ceremony in nature

For more information and to register contact 403 277 7383 WWW.ICSS.ORG INFO@ICSSLEAPCALGARY.ORG

Local community events: Shamanism-Calgary Facebook: shamanic spirals

TAO CENTER & RIVIERA MAYA RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY Premier development will feature the Mexican Caribbean’s first residential community,

Maya Residential Community is to creprogramming will focus on four foundaate an ideal environment for a personal tional areas of health and well-being: journey of introspection and realized physical fitness; nutrition and cooking; potential; to capture the spirit of the arinner-peace; and life-long learning. ea’s peaceful energy and offer residents “The Tao Center and community is really ample room, yet easy access to the not like anything else is out there,” says Tao Center & Riviera Maya Residential facilities and the area’s countless recTao Center CEO Jonathan Ellerby. “The Community in Riviera Maya, Mexico is reational opportunities” said developer incredible blend of the magical ecola truly innovative and inspired way of Benjamin Beja. “Buyers will ogy, the first class facilities, the simple realizing one’s potenundoubtedly be drawn to yet essential holistic offerings, and a tial physically, mentally the luxurious infrastrucliving ongoing community of staff and and creatively. The goal ture, yet relaxed and acresidents committed to mind-body of the development is cessibly priced offering.” wellbeing creates a dynamic that canto encourage homeThe Tao Center’s holistic not be measured or matched. Tao is owners and guests to be wellness program will be growing a vital spirit that many people conscious of the posiled by Jonathan Ellerby are looking for; it’s not just about tive affect of placing Ph.D., the internationally physical health it’s about harmony in ourselves – the mind, recognized best-selling au- our lives and with the world. That is body, and spirit - in thor of “Inspiration Deficit the true secret to lasting wellness and overall alignment. Tao Disorder,” “Return to the happiness, it’s what we are all about.” Center & Riviera Maya Sacred,” “Your Spiritual Residential Community The Tao Center has also been created as Personality” and former can be one’s catalyst for an ideal location for international semSpiritual Program Director integrating continued inar and workshop leaders to bring their for Canyon Ranch Health education, exercise, groups to experience “The Retreat” hoResorts. With more than healthy eating, and retel and all the amenities of the property. Dr. Johnathon Ellerby 20 years of experience in laxation/mediation into the fields of holistic heala daily routine while ing, spiritual counselling, integrative making a dedicated commitment to Tao Center & Riviera Maya Residential medicine, and corporate consulting; a transformative lifestyle. For most, Community invites you to experience our vision for Ellerby in the role of Tao Center CEO, the experience at Tao will be entirely luxurious living in the Mexican Caribbean. Join us will collaborate with our team to intelife-changing and life re-affirming. for a dynamic opportunity to familiarize yourself grate inspired living concepts into the with the exclusive Tao Center & Riviera Maya Nestled in the private 717-acre Bahia total design and culture of our property Residential Community concept and gain invaluPrincipe Residential Complex and surincluding the residential community. able insights into investing in one of the most atrounded by the world class Robert tractive international resort destinations. For The Tao Center will allow a space for Trent Jones II 36-hole championship additional information regarding the forthcoming guests and residents to transform timegolf course, Tao Center & Riviera Maya Tao Center & Riviera Maya Residential less spiritual practices into daily pathResidential Community will be an exCommunity all-inclusive three night Discovery ways to peace and inspiration. It will clusive resort development offering Weekend, please visit or also offer both residents and guests of 400 spacious Residences, Townhomes, Condominiums, a 24-room boutique ho- the Retreat boutique hotel, state-of-the- call us within Canada at 226-444-8727. tel, “The Retreat,” and a Wellness Center. art classrooms, fitness facilities, workshop and movement spaces; while “Our vision for Tao Center & Riviera

Wellness Center and boutique hotel “The Retreat” dedicated to health and wellness

2 • spring/SUMMER 2010

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 5  

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine is produced by Body Soul & Spirit Expo and is Canada's Holistic Wellness, New Thought, New Consciousness, Ancien...

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 5  

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine is produced by Body Soul & Spirit Expo and is Canada's Holistic Wellness, New Thought, New Consciousness, Ancien...