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Issue 9

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• Where Do You Want to Be? by Esther and Jerry Hicks

• The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau

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From the Editor: From Awakening to Emergence! There has been a lot of talks about shifts and awakenings of the past several years! With this being our first issue after the ending of the Mayan Calendar, it seems only appropriate to talk about what happened, and what 2013 has in store! For the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, we can truly see an entirely new way of producing our events, publication and online network emerging! New partners are appearing, new teams are coming together, and just beyond the horizon, and where the public can yet see there is a new sun about to rise, bring with it all the possibilities of a new meteoric day! The World is coming to a Beginning The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was the basis for a popular belief that a cataclysm would take place on December 21, 2012. In actuality, December 21, 2012 (or maybe it was October 28, 2011) simply the day that the calendar went to the next b’ak’tun, at Long Count (394 years) The date on which the calendar will go to the next Piktun (a complete series of 20 b’ak’tuns), will be on October 13, 4772.So if we are looking at this new b’ak’tun as the end of an old age (assuming it was the end of the 20 b’ak’tun and the beginning of another Piktun of 1 Piktun 20 B’ak’tun 2,880,000 7,885, we would looking at a cycle that would not come to full fruition for about 49.25 years! Or in other words, we really wouldn’t see the “fruit” or “Outward Expression” of the cycle until 2062.. when we reach a level of awareness (of this evolutionary shift) and are able to say “Oh, that’s what that was all about”! In the “between time” it’s really not about some sort of new consciousness emerging as the New Savior of the World as it is about all of us discovering new ways of living and being.. discovering what does and does not work! If someone tells you they have “The Answer” be skeptical, as our

Publisher: Brad Simpson

collective consciousness has not reached the point of being able to cognizes what is emerging!

Editor in Chief: Chandler Armstrong

So what can we expect? Obviously not the end of the world! In my option we are still in the twilight zone for about 50 years where subtle changes will bring about a new age. If we get it right, it will build on an awareness that could have only been achieved by learning the lessons of this past age. For those who are riding the wave of change, this period will be more of a time of adventure in experience the newly emerging consciousness that will bring about new awareness that will build new economies, governments and social structures and ways of being to the benefit of all! Those holding on to the old systems that we’ve outgrown may find this time difficult - but those who choose to be a part of the adventure, and are able to embrace the uncertainty that any new cycle brings, will find a time of acceleration as they play their part in cocreating something wonderful! I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in Mayan Timekeeping, which might be a good thing! I’ve really only given it enough time to summarize it to its simplest messages (one that i can accept as reasonable), that we need to look at this as a time of discovering new and exciting ways of being (as people, governments, and as humanity) rather than seeing it as a time of chaos!

Advertising: Chandler Armstrong Printed at CentralWeb SuBSCrIPTIOnS: See Body Soul Spirit Magazine is produced twice a year and is available through subscription and distribution at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo throughout Canada. Some articles may be paid placements on behalf of our exhibitors and advertisers. For information about advertising, submitting articles or exhibiting at one of the upcoming expos, please visit or call 1-877-560-6830. BSS Magazine is printed on recyclable material. © 2013 by Body Soul Spirit Magazine. No material should be reprinted without the expressed written permission of the owners of BSSM.

On The Cover “Goddess of Heaven and Earth” by Aaron Pyne

Welcome to the adventure!

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Where do you want to be


Art of Pilgrimage


by Phil Cousineau

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Gifts of Forgiveness


by Dr. Katie Garnett

Energy Shifts and YOu


Katrina Psychic-Medium

Eat to Live


Kale Caesar

Herbal Apothecary


by Marilyn Zink

Book review Past Lives For Beginners


Exhibitors Profiles


Zodiac Oracle Astrology


with Joseph-Mark Cohen

Ego is What You Think You Are


by roy Dopson

reView It! Movie Thoughts!


by Sheryl Guillaume

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e’ve begun to make some major shifts in the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, which is has been changed simply to Body Soul & Spirit: Expo, Magazine and Network! In 2013 our goal is to focus on providing a full spectrum opportunity for our many clients by upgrading our website! Our soon to be launched site will provide those who visit a much more interactive experience, a rich social media functionality as well as better represent the three facets of our organization, our Expo, Magazine and Online Community and Network! Our new logo, while representing how we are bringing our expo, publications and new website together, is also much more stylistic then past one, with lots of subtle symbolism! The Lotus Flower represents the One Consciousness, with the holistic human figures uplifted arms in the middle making the top peddle of the flower! The BODY is represented by human figure; the SOUL by the “white flame” in the heart region (Atman, or the SOUL is often seen as a white flame), and the subtle aura around the image representing the SPIRIT! The entire image, therefore, represents bringing body soul & spirit together to return to oneness, and embraces all the various ways we can explore in our journey towards wholeness and well-being on all levels!


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

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Where Do You Want to Be? From Abraham channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks


ave you seen the Global Positioning navigational systems that are available in vehicles today? An antenna on the roof of your vehicle sends a signal to satellites in the sky that identify your current location. Once you enter your desired destination into the keypad, the computer calculates the route between where you are and where you want to go. The monitor informs you of the distance you have to travel and recommends the best route to get there, and once you begin, the system will give you specific directions to lead you to your new destination. The navigational system never asks: “Where have you been?” It does not ask: “Why have you been there so long?” Its only mission is to assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be. Your emotions provide a similar guidance system for you, for their primary function is also to help you travel the distance from where you are to wherever you want to be. It is extremely important that you know where you are in relationship to where you want to be in order to effectively move closer to where you want to be. An understanding of both where you are and where you want to be is essential if you are to make any deliberate decisions about your journey. You are surrounded by many influences in your physical environment, and often, others ask or insist that you behave differently in order to positively affect their experience. You are deluged with laws, rules, and expectations that are imposed by others, and almost everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should behave. But it is not possible for you to stay on track between where you are and where

you want to be if you are using those kinds of outside influences to guide you. Often you are pulled this way and that in an attempt to please another, only to discover that no matter how hard you try, you cannot consistently move in any pleasing direction, and so, you not only do not please them, but you also do not please yourself. And because you are being pulled in so many different directions, your path to where you want to be usually gets lost in the process. Just as it is easy for you to contemplate a successful trip from Phoenix to San Diego, it will be easy for you to contemplate a successful trip from financial insecurity to financial security, from sickness to wellness, from confusion to clarity…. On your trip from Phoenix to San Diego, there will be no major unknowns, for you understand the distance between the two cities, you know where you are along the way, and you understand what moving in the wrong direction means to your success. Once you understand your own Emotional Guidance System, you will never again be confused about where you are in relationship to where you want to be. Also, you will feel, with each thought that you offer, whether you are moving closer to, or further from, your desired outcome. If you are using any other influence as your source of guidance, you will get lost and go off track, for no others understand, as you do, the distance between where you are and where you want to be. But even though they cannot understand your desires purely, they will still continually add their desires to the mix. And so, only when you pay attention to way you feel can you guide yourself steadily toward your own goals. Esther and Jerry Hicks, the New York Times bestselling authors of Ask and It Is Given; Money, and the Law of Attraction; The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent and The Astonishing Power of Emotions, among other works, produce the Leading Edge Abraham-Hicks teachings on the art of allowing our natural Well-being to come forth. ©1997-2011 Abraham-Hicks Publications. More info

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013


The Gifts of Forgiveness by Dr. Katie Garnett


ife is a Journey –and when it is most successful, your journey is your destination. It is on the journey that your life is expanded and your dreams are fulfilled. What you will find is that one path on your journey truly needs to be the path of forgiveness. The Dalai Lama says, If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Therefore it is also true, that if you want to have peace, then be peace. If you want to have forgiveness, be forgiveness. Because we are all totally and completely connected with everyone and all that is - there is no separation possible. That means that everything we think, say or do, becomes part of the Unified Field, including our resentments, anger and refusal to let go and forgive. This understanding of our connection to each other and to all things is critical to our full understanding of the human experience. Are you familiar with the story of the two wolves within: One evening a Cherokee grandfather told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.’ The grandson thought about it for a minute and then


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

asked his grandfather: ‘Which wolf wins?’ The old Cherokee simply replied, ‘The one you feed.’ What if instead of feeding the wrong wolf inside you feed the wolf of generosity and compassion and empathy by actually giving yourself the gift of forgiveness to start with. Gifts of Forgiveness – forgiveness is freedom from – the person you don’t forgive does not carry the pain – you carry the burden of unforgiveness, both unforgiveness of yourself and your unforgiveness of others. When you forgive – you receive many gifts. Gift #1 - So one gift to yourself might be the gift to allow yourself to be free of pain. You’ve most likely heard the saying, not forgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Not the best plan. Gift yourself with the freedom from pain instead. Gift #2 - Give yourself the gift of freedom to make mistakes. Did you learn that making mistakes was bad, wrong or stupid? What if instead, you used the origin of the word mistake, which is to misunderstand or misperceive. Aren’t those words more benign? We make errors, we miss the mark, we make mistakes. We are not the mistakes, although some of the things we do or say may be mistaken. We can get over it and let them go. Gift #3 - The gift of inner peace. What if instead of holding another person in an energy field of negativity, resentment, or anger – you choose inner peace instead? Allow the past to stay in the past. Give yourself the corollary gift of the present – the place of new beginnings. All month Bonnie Strehlow and I have talked about changing your life by the fulfillment of forgiveness – what choices are you making today? We hope you are filling your life with the gifts of forgiveness and all else that comes to you when you live in that space. Celebrating your journey! About the Author Dr. Katie Garnett, PhD, MPH, is the Co-Director of The One Command Life Developed The Global One Command Circle® Leaders Program and Co-host of the radio show with Asara Lovejoy, Living in The Quantum Field for more information see

Eat To Live Kale Caesar To sprinkle on top and complete it all: nutritional yeast! To sprout nuts and seeds, soak for 6 to 8 hours (or overnight) in alkaline or filtered water, rinse until the water runs clear, then use promptly, refrigerate, or dehydrated for extended storage life or using dry in recipes. If you don’t have a dehydrator, lay nuts on a cookie sheet in your oven on the lowest setting (usually around 150C) until dry. Oven temperature is above the raw maximum temperature (45C when nutrients and beneficial enzymes begin to degrade), but leaves you with a tasty, long lasting food.

This recipe is for a vegan, gluten free delicious and nutritious Kale Caesar, one of the most popular dishes at Eternal Abundance. Many of the nut and seed ingredients are soaked, which initiates germination and removes anti-digestive components, makes nutrients more bioavailable, and improves flavour. This super delicious salad is packed with calcium-rich kale and nutrient-dense romaine lettuce and dulse, healthy fats and protein from macadamians, almonds, and sunflower seeds, and vitamin B12-rich tasty nutritional yeast! Dressing: 1 cup macadamia nuts 1/4 cup alkaline or filtered water 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 freshly squeezed lemon juice 3 TBSP tahini 6-8 cloves garlic 1 tsp gluten-free tamari 1/2 tsp sage 1 TBSP dulse 1/4 tsp sea or Himalayan rock salt 3/4 cup cold-pressed olive oil Greens: 12 - 16 kale leaves 4 big romaine lettuce leaves

To make the dressing, start by blending 1/2 cup of the macadamia nuts with all dressing ingredients except olive oil. Gradually add remaining macadamia nuts. Slowly add in the olive oil last. For greens, remove kale stems and save for juicing or munching on later. Tear kale and lettuce into bit sized pieces. Combine all rawmesan ingredients in food processor or blender. Combine dry rawton ingredients in food processor until a small crumbly consistency is reached. Add in wet ingredients until a thick dough. On a non-stick dehydrator sheet (or baking tray for over) spread the dough to 1/2� thick and dehydrate 6 hrs at 113F. Carefully flip the sheet and dough so as to peel off nonstick sheet, then dry exposed side for another 4-6 hrs, or until crunchy. Toss greens with dressing and rawtons, and then sprinkle with rawmesan. Best Caesar ever!! About This Recipe: Provided by Eternal Abundance is an all-organic grocery store and vegan cafe in East Van. We offer delicious, top quality, vegan, organic whole foods, and a space to explore healthy living with food prep classes, films, workshops, music, and conscious community events. Below is our most popular dish, the Kale Caesar. Bon appetit! You can find them at 1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. 604-707-0088.

Rawtons: 1 cup sunflower seeds, sprouted and dried 1 cup almond pulp or ground sprouted almonds, sprouted 1 TBSP italian herbs 1 tsp gluten-free tamari 1 TBSP nutritional yeast alkaline or filtered water to make a thick batter


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

Herbal Apothecary by Marilyn Zink


ature brings us a treasure trove of plants we can use to keep healthy and be active. My favourite plants are herbs and I think of them as nature’s magical plants because they offer so much to us. The way herbs work might be a magical mystery to some but there is often good science behind it.The most potent and effective herbs in use today often have a long healing history behind them.These are herbs like ginseng, maca, dandelion, milk thistle, chaste tree, evening primrose, bilberry, St.John’s Wort, peppermint and ginger.Those who are familiar with herbs will know that the first two herbs are adaptogens which are good for adapting the body to the stresses of life, the next two herbs are good for the liver, the following two are good for balancing women’s hormones, the next is good for eyes, the one after for depression and the last two for the digestive system. To use herbs effectively, one should familiarize themselves with herbs and how they work. Some are stimulants, others are sedatives. Some herbs are excellent antioxidants and build the immune system while others are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and help kill viruses and parasites. Many people misunderstand how to use herbs. Most herbs should be taken for a specific purpose for a certain period of time.People may think it’s ok to use a stimulating herb every single day. This is not true. One needs to first

determine what they are taking the herb for.Herbs that are taken to get well, such as stimulating herbs like oil of Oregano, should be taken for a set period of time until the condition clears up. This can vary from 3-10 days. Others herbs, such as adaptogens or herbs to balance hormones, can be taken for longer periods of time. This is true of chaste tree and maca. These can be taken for an ongoing period but one should take them in cycles to give the body a rest and prevent it from getting too used to the herb. So one could take these types of herbs for three weeks and then take 3 days off before starting the cycle again. When taking herbs, it is important to take the correct dosage. Dosage may sometimes vary according to what the body needs. Generally commercial preparations provide a dosage. Herbal teas have different dosages depending on the type of herb used in the tea, though dosages can be anywhere from 2-5 cups a day. Herbal teas are an excellent way to take herbs and introduce them to the body. Other ways to take herbs are in powder form, in capsules, tablets and tinctures. Most people like the convenience of capsules. Tinctures are useful for herbal extracts and get into the bloodstream quickly and effectively. If you have specific health issues, make sure you get good advice before taking herbs. Marilyn Zink is a chartered herbalist and publisher of the Herbal Collective magazine. Learn more about herbs from the Herbal Collective magazine and website,

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013


Book Review Past Lives for Beginners: A Guide to Reincarnation and Techniques to Improve Your Present Life


xplore your previous lifetimes, embrace your wondrous past, and recognize that you, as a human soul, are eternal. Past Lives for Beginners is a detailed and approachable introduction to understanding reincarnation and how it impacts your present life. Using fascinating case studies, De Long describes different types of past-life recall experiences and shares favored techniques of meditation and visualization used to gain access to those memories. With guidance on how to connect with spirit guides and religious figures, the book also discusses future lives and how to work toward smooth life transitions. Past Lives for Beginners also includes resources for finding past-life therapists to help you understand your history and forgive past transgressions. Ancient Initiation and Angel Meeting Meditation Slip away to a peaceful and relaxing place where you feel connected, find purpose, feel empowered, and ultimately fulfilled. In the Ancient Initiation and Angel Meeting Meditation, Douglas De Long takes you on a guided visit to meet your Guardian Angel. Beginning with exercises to open your third eye and crown chakras, De Long prepares you to receive healing energy and love from your Guardian Angel. The result is a sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. A great exercise at any time, and a wonderful way to wash away a day in preparation for a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Douglas Delong is the Besting Selling Author of Several Books with Llewellyn Worldwide Books and as offer workshops and courses though DeLong Ancient Mystery School! He will be presenting several workshops at the Fall 2013 Body Soul & Spirit Expos in Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver! For more information see


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

Wisdom Within: Questions and Answers from our community of Advisers! Q: Jodie, What is the difference between a Psychic reading and a Mediumship reading? A: Jennifer, Great question! A Psychic attunes to your energetic field to receive information. This will be information regarding your life, relationships, finances, love, career etc. A Medium attunes directly to the Spirit world to connect with your deceased loved ones.

at themselves to discover the pattern that are operating to create their experience of a relationship first! In most cases, when we look at the relationship from this perspective, and truly understand themselves, they also shift their conscious attraction point, an either the relationship they are in changes, or they attract a more appropriate “other”. Either way, universal intelligence always brings exactly what they need for their journey of awakening!

Mediumship is strictly about providing a connection, giving evidence, and then delivering a personal message from a loved one who has passed on to Spirit to you.

Q: Katrina, I was wondering if you can connect with animals on the other side. I lost the most amazing furry family member and so badly want to hear that she is okay.

A Medium is also a psychic and will be able to give you both types of readings if they are comfortable switching from one energy to the next.

A: Gen, Thank you for your question. There have been debates over the years if an animal has a soul. For me the answer is YES. As a Psychic-Medium, I have communicated with animals that have crossed over in the same way that I do with a person. A soul is a soul and when a soul leaves their

Q: Dear Lauren: Why are there so many healing modalities out there and which one do you recommend? A: They are all good. All healing modalities teach the healer how to look at the universe differently, how to access this universal energy, and how to help facilitate a positive change of the body, mind and soul. In fact, it is not so much the modality that matters, but the frame of mind of the healer. A successful healer must first BELIEVE in the power within themselves and the universe to create a positive change. And more importantly, they must channel that energy with LOVE. Pure, unconditional, straight from the heart, love. This dynamic duo is the classic healing modality that continues to stand the test of time. And regardless of what other names it may be given along the way, a strong belief system and a lot of love is what true miracles are made of. Q: Chandler, Can Astrology help me find my perfect relationship? A: Debbie, Astrologers are divided on the subject of using astrology to find a relationship! As an esoteric astrologer I see those who are drawn into your life as a reflection of you, and whoever it is part of your unfoldment and realization! Astrology in these instances can shed light on the deeper purpose of a relationship! At best, it might help you make a decision about a relationship, but to deliberately use astrology to “find” someone, in my option, is to believe that you know more than the universal intelligence that is operating in your life! I always encourage my clients to look inwardly and

physical form, they are back ’Home’ at source. In a session, I had this strong, athletic, loyal, handsome, loving spirit come through that was a horse. I have seen a bunny rabbit, dogs, cats, birds, and even a snake. Trust me, I was not too fond of the snake showing up, however it was worth my un-comfortableness to be able to give comfort to the person who had loved it. So Gen, yes your furry family member is back ‘Home’ and is at peace. She comes to check in on you to make sure that you are the one that is okay. She also sends unconditional love to you and that is why you still feel her. Your Advisers: KatrinaPsychic-Medium - 780-970-0408 Jodie Rollins PsychicMedium - 306-717-6575 Lauren Heistad, SOULworks - 306-280-8902 Chandler Armstrong, Astrovolution

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013


excerpt from

The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau


s the Sufi mystic Mevlana Rumi wrote seven centuries ago, “Don’t be satisfied with the stories that come before you; unfold your own myth.” His poetic brother here in the West, Walt Whitman, put it this way: “Not I—not anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it yourself.” Together, these musings aspire to the idea echoed in the work of seekers everywhere, that travelers cannot find deep meaning in their journey until they encounter what is truly sacred. What is sacred is what is worthy of our reverence. what evokes awe and wonder in the human heart, and what when contemplated transforms us utterly. Surely, a voice whispered to me one night in the ruins of an old castle in Donegal. Ireland, surely there is a secret way. The moon was rising like a celestial mirror over the heathered hills. The sea slapped at the peculiar basalt rock formations along the coast. The wind howled like Gaelic pipes. From a distant farmhouse came the sweet smell of burning peat. I stood shivering in the stone archway of an ancient chapel. Turning my head, I saw the weathered carving of a centuries-old Knot of Eternity. Each thread wandered far from the center, then whorled back in again. The ancient Celts believed this to be a potent symbol of life’s journey, and the desire to return to the source that replenishes the soul. Slowly, I followed the old stone path with my finger. Around and around went my hand, feeling the ancient chisel marks, the abrasions of wind, rain, and sun, and the tender burnishing of time. I thought of all the travelers who had come there, step by step, prayer by prayer, and wondered if thev had discovered what they had been seeking, if their faith had been restored. Slowly, the moon lit the ancient stone. The night air stung my eyes. My hand kept moving across the eternal knot, seeking out the hidden pattern beneath the whirling stone. In the sublime moment I felt an ancient presence rise in my heart, and in my fingertips the unwinding spiral of joy. This is the path that The Art of Pilgrimage follows, one carved out by the simple beauty of a handful of practices, tasks and exercises that pilgrims, sojourners, and explorers of all kinds have used for millennia. In each of us dwells a


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

wanderer, a gypsy, a pilgrim. The purpose here is to call forth that spirit. What matters most on your journey is how deeply you see, how attentively you hear, how richly the encounters are felt in your heart and soul. Kabir wrote, “If you have not experienced something, then for you it is not real.” So it is with pilgrimage, which is the art of movement, the poetry of motion, the music of personal experience of the sacred in those places where it has been known to shine forth. If we are not astounded by these possibilities, we can never plumb the depths of our own souls or the soul of the world. Hearing this, let the voyage begin, recalling the words of the Spanish poet Antonio Machado: Traveler, there is no path Paths are made by walking. *** All our journeys are rhapsodies on the theme of discovery. We travel as seekers after answers we cannot find at home, and soon find that a change of climate is easier than a change of heart. The bittersweet truth about travel is embedded in the word, which derives from the older word travail, itself rooted in the Latin tripalium, a medieval torture rack. As many a far-ranging roamer has suspected, there are moments in travel that are like being “on the rack.” For the wandering Bedouins, “Travel is travail.” The ancient Greeks taught that obstacles were the tests of the gods, and the medieval Japanese believed that the sorrows of travel were challenges to overcome, and transform into poetry and song. Whether we are on vacation, a business trip, or a far-flung adventure tour, we can look at the trying times along the road as either torment or chances to “stretch” ourselves. But what do we do if we feel a need for something more out of our journeys than the perennial challenges and pleasure of travel? What happens if the search for the new is no longer enough? What if our heart aches for a kind of journey that defies explanation? Centuries of travel lore suggest that when we no longer know where to turn, our real journey has just begun. At that crossroads moment, a voice calls to our pilgrim soul. The time has come to set out for the sacred ground—the mountain, the temple, the ancestral home—that will stir our heart and restore our sense of wonder. It is down the path to the deeply

real where time stops and we are seized by the mysteries. This is the journey we cannot not take. *** Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? Imagine your first memorable journey. What images rise up in your soul? They may be of a childhood visit to the family gravesite, the lecture your uncle gave at a famous battlefield, or the hand-in-hand trip with your mother to a religious site. What feelings are evoked by your enshrined travel memories? Do they have any connection with your life today? Have you ever made a vow to go someplace that is sacred to you, your family, your group? Have you ever imagined yourself in a place that stirred your soul like the song of doves at dawn? If not you, then who? If not now, when? If not here, where? Paris? Benares? Memphis? Uncover what you long for and you will discover who you are. THE TRAVELER WHO IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY According to the dictionary, the word pilgrimage derives from the Latin peligrinus, meaning foreigner or wayfarer. It refers to the journey of a person who travels to a shrine or holy place. Another older derivation, more poetic, reveals that pilgrim has its roots in the Latin per agrum: through the field. This ancient image suggests a curious soul who walks beyond known boundaries, crosses fields, touches the earth with a destination in mind and a purpose in heart. The pilgrim is a wayfarer who longs to endure a difficult journey to reach the sacre center of his or her world, a place made holy by a saint, hero, or god. Once there, the desire is to touch a relic, have a vision, hear an oracle, and to experience what psychologist Stephen Larsen calls the “irruption of the divine in a three-dimensional place.” In Richard R. Niebuhr’s elegant description, Pilgrims are persons in motion—passing through territories not their own seeking completion or clarity; a goal to which only the spirit’s compass points the way Traditional pilgrims such as Abraham, Basho, Saint Jerome, Saint Egeria, Chacer, and Dante—and their modern counterparts William Least Heat Moon, Freya Stark, Isabelle Eberhardt, Sir Richard Burton, Thomas Merton, Paulo Coelho’s young pilgrim on the Old Path to Santiago de Compostela, Ray Kinsella in the baseball movie Field of Dreams, or isak Dinesen in Out of Africa—all have left chronicles of their journes. From them we can discern a few telltale patterns.

The pilgrim’s motives have always been manifold: to pay homage, to fulfill a vow or obligation, to do penance, to be rejuvenated spiritually, or feel the release of catharsis. The journeysall begin in a nervous state, in deep disturbance. Something vital was missing in life: Vitality itself may be lurking on the road or at the heart of a distant sanctuary. The ritual act of pilgrimage attempts to fill that emptiness. It can happen halfway around the world, as it did with a very kind priest I know—Father Theodore Walters of Toledo, Ohio, who began leading grops to the Marian Shrine at Medjugorjje, Yugoslavia, because he believed that modern people desperately needed “a healing vision from the Mother of God.” He also confessed that he believed a war-battered country might need the kindness people on pilgrimage convey from the sheer gratitude brimming in their hearts. Pilgrimage can also occur just down the road, as it did to a married couple I met briefly, who had reached an imase in their creative endeavors. They said they had lost their voice and needed “to hear the voice of commitment to words again.” In response, they decided to reinvigorate their love of literature by traveling to the poet Robinson Jeffers’ stone house in Carmel, California. My old friend Michael Jajuga was under so much stress in medical school that once a month he would rejuvenate himself in what he called his “nature pilgrimages.” He would drive all night in his 1970 Challenger into the woods of northern Michigan so he could go trout fishing for a few hours before returning home. That brief contact was his “golden time,” he used to say—his sacred time. Participation can be communal, as was China Galland’s march with a million other pilgrims to the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jasna Gora Monastery, Poland. Or it may be solitary, as with the World War II pilot I met in Tokyo in the mid-1980s, who had just returned from a sorrowful visit to ground zero in Hiroshima. What unites the different forms of pilgrimage is intensity of intention, the soul’s desire to respond to return to the center, whether it portends ecstasy or agony. What makes a pilgrimage sacred is the longing behind the journey, reminiscent of the famous sixteenth-century woodcut of the Pilgrim Astronomer, who pikes his head through a slit in the dome of the sky so that he might gaze at the machinery behind the sun, stars and moon and so unveil the mysteries of creation. Sacred Earth Journeys (B.C. Reg 28465) Tel: (604) 874-7922, Fax: (604) 909-1717, Toll Free 1-877-874-7922 Email: Website: An Award-Winning Travel Company Specializing in Sacred Journeys, Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats, and Wisdom Teachings Join us on Facebook Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013


Exhibitor Profile Try Something Different for Yourself at The Haven


Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. -Albert Einstein



or 30 years The Haven has offered programs for personal and professional development and growth on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC. Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck. Your life is in a rut, there’s only one way ahead, your only choice is to carry on down the same path. With each responsibility we take on, it can seem like our life path narrows. Jobs, houses, partners, children and aging parents begin to dictate the pace of our lives. Success doesn’t make much difference. The rut is more comfortable with greater wealth, but it’s no roomier. Contrast this to the sense of freedom you may have experienced in your teens. The world is full of possibilities, where to live, what work to do, who to be with. So what happened? And how can it be different? As the quote from Albert Einstein makes clear, doing the same thing over and over again is not the answer. So, why not try something different? Programs such as those offered at The Haven on Gabriola Island for the last 30 years give an opportunity to move out of the rut and discover that there is always more than one choice. People leave Haven programs with the skills to be fully alive, have healthy relationships and communicate effectively. Come Alive, one of the Haven’s most popular programs, offers an opportunity to rediscover joy and meaning in life, move beyond self-imposed limits and enhance your health and well-being. Each of us has everything that we need to reach our full potential. All the resources are within us if we only give ourselves the space to experiment with new ways of doing and being. By expanding the range of our lives, we can experience greater health in mind and body and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. Nothing stands in our way except ourselves. Someone once said: “I came to The Haven to get my answers questioned.” If you are willing to put certainties to one side for a moment, and try something different, the world may suddenly become a much bigger place, alive with possibilities.

Take charge of your health with Q96

o you remember the story of the “pig pills” discovered here in Alberta? The discovery of the EMPowerplus micronutrient formulation has been a source of drama, political controversy and now, triumph for nearly two decades. The back story... 1993 Autumn Stringam had been using 13 drugs in different combinations with multiple hospitalizations and therapy to no avail. Her bipolar symptoms were out of control. 1994 Autumn’s mother takes her own life as a result of bipolar affective disorder, even though she was medicated. 1996 Anthony Stephan, Autumn’s father, discovered the combination of micronutrients that changed Autumn’s chemistry, ultimately giving her the calm, mental clarity and coping ability that she needed to end bipolar. 2003 Autumn and her family, along with “The Women with the Red Umbrellas” battle with Health Canada to legalize the use of the natural formulation for persons with mental illness -instead of standard drug therapy. 2007 HarperCollins published Autumn Stringam’s memoir, “A Promise of Hope” which went on to become a Canadian best-seller, launching Autumn on a 13 city cross-Canada book tour. 2013 Q Sciences backs the tiny Canadian company and the discovery of EMPowerplus and brings the new “Q96 EMPowerplus” formula to the general public in low dose, non-prescription form that allows people to choose their moods and take charge of their mental and emotional health. The 3 C’s of Recovery It’s time for a revolution in mental health. Independent university research on the Q96 EMPowerplus formulation launches this discovery beyond diagnoses, embracing the common threads of recovery that have been identified in studies with persons who suffer with serious disorders including Autism, ADHD, Bipolar, and OCD. What do these recoveries have in common? Q96 provides CALM (reductions in rage, impulsivity and self-injurious behaviors), mental CLARITY, and a proven increase in the ability to COPE with circumstantial stress. It is our belief that these 3 C’s of recovery are a benefit to every person who consumes Q96, regardless of diagnosis. This discovery is no longer for bipolar patients, it is for everyone. Take charge of your health with Q96.

For more information, phone 1-800-222-9211 or visit


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Come Visit us at our Booth at the Calgary Mind, Body, Spirit Expo 2013.

Exhibitor Profile Alma C. Lightbody Pens Inspirational Nonfiction:

Dancing Divine—Energy Healing and Soul Work

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self

Come as you are


uthor, Alma C. Lightbody shows readers that learning to communicate with their inner selves will give them the freedom to succeed in all areas of life in this nonfiction lifestyle guide, “You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self” “Many people have no idea how controlled they are by ‘bosses’ of the world,” Lightbody explains. “The book creates an awareness about where these bosses come from and how limiting and unhealthy their control can be. Awareness of this false identity offers us an opportunity for change and growth as we search for who we are truly meant to be.” Using personal examples from her own life, Lightbody shows readers how to take responsibility for their choices, find their own truth about what really matters to them and stand up for what they believe. Her manual presents definitions and information about how influences from various stages in life imprint and mould the developing personality. She also discusses how the body speaks to and communicates with people, physically, energetically and symbolically in it’s attempt to keep them healthy and happy. With all this information, Lightbody guides her audience through charts of possibilities as they begin to realize there is more to life than they ever imagined. These are defining moments as they learn ‘who they are’ and ‘who they are not.’ “In this world of change and chaos people are looking for answers to the meaning of life,” Lightbody asserts. “This book offers insights of why people feel so blocked and confused about who they truly are. It is time to move through the maze of contradiction and they live in and shed what does not serve them.” About the Author Alma C. Lightbody is a light worker with 20 years of experience in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing. She holds degrees in medical technology, years of sales and management experience and an MBA in Business. Lightbody coauthored “My Wonderful Nightmare.” She and her husband, Mack, live on Pender Island, British Columbia.

Let it revitalize you Let it energize you Let it stimulate your nerve impulses


nergy is a vital force that is all around us; it runs through us keeping our energies, the chakras and etheric bodies, functioning at optimal speed during times of stress and duress. It clears blockages of disease, encompassing a natural flow of energy through the systems, to cleanse and restore the body to optimization and in the process it heals deep rooted emotional issues, which leads to tension and disease, thereby lending a hand so the body can rid itself of waste and the mind can regain alignment over the body. Overtime, this energy brings the self-inward as an attempt for self-healing and the mind learns where the body needs the most healing. The mind follows the body, in an attempt to repair lost or damaged ‘goods’, so to speak. When this practice is done with modalities like reflexology, acupressure, hot and cold stone massages; crystal therapy, oils and incense, the problem becomes self-corrective and our mind gains insight into ourselves, our needs and what our bodies crave for spiritual nutrients. We are a complex machine that needs oiling, repair, food and light for survival and these elements come in the form of an essence for life and living, as a whole of who we are. Dancing Divine Energy Healing and Soul Work 403-460-9279

Alma is a consultant, therapist, author and teacher. Visit

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Zodiac Oracle Astrology with Joseph-Mark Cohen The Spring Equinox this year began with planetary fireworks as the planet Venus transited into Aries& Mars conjuncted Uranus on the 22nd at the 8th degree of Aries. This conjunction offers us free energy of the solar flare variety & NASA forecasts a “big one� soon that could play havoc with our electromagnetic field. This offers sensitive humans coyote medicine that encourages us to make the shift from mind to heart. So here is an Oracle for the spring, just try it out when things seen paradoxical, crazy-making or emotionally challenging: Whatever it is, it is a blessing in disguise! The key transits In April feature a retrograde Saturn (look for more financial chaos like the recent Euro intervention in Cyprus), Pluto turning retrograde at the 12th degree of Capricorn,& Mars moving into slow-motion Taurus on April 15th .May features our next exact Pluto Uranus square whereby the impulse for change & creative solutions to longstanding logjammed situations is emphasized. June is a great month for cultural events & festivals... The Sun opposes Pluto & squares Uranus on the July 4th USA birthday.... Looks like the bill for that birthday bash is going to be sent to the Great Galactic Collection Bureau! Maybe, just maybe, the USA & Mr O. will finally make their UFO files public. We shall see. OK, here are your Oracles... They should work for both Sun & Moon signs. Aries: Venus, Mars & Uranus will introduce you to new people, projects, ideas & venues. You will be presented with unique opportunities for adventure. Just keep your wits about you & see if you can speak your truth without using the words: I, want or mine...... Taurus: That longstanding transit of Saturn in Scorpio is suggesting that you are ready to tackle big projects & are willing to handle criticism from friends & foes with a smile. Your mantra: time for a time out. Listen to your inner music & tune out the static... Gemini: You know that Jupiter only drops by your sign every 12th year so this year is your year to shine. Your way with social media, words, wit & your magnetic gift for reading the coffee grinds allow you to become a well-loved pundit... You should have your own You Tube channel, radio show, podcast, & personal assistant these days! Cancer: That Pluto in Capricorn has had you dealing like an oyster making secretions around all that is getting under your skin... So this summer it is time for you to cough up a big Pearl, a CD, a new recipe for success for shy sensitive souls that need to loved & heard.....


Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

Leo: The urge to live big & bold & leap from the cliff to the valley below is heightened for you by that trine from Uranus. However the quincunx from Pluto in Capricorn & the Square from Saturn in Scorpio suggests that the cost for your grand adventures may be a tad too high... Lay low for awhile & economize! Virgo: Ah Neptune in Pisces has you moving from the pragmatic habit patterns you cherish to the hidden mystical side of your nature. Make a list of all the ideas, projects, people & places to visit that you have postponed for years. Visit those ghosts before they begin to haunt you, habibi! Libra: Metamorphosis is your meditation this spring. You have been in a cocoon for far too long. You may need a few new dance partners & a thawing out of your frozen assets but your good humor & charisma will get you back in the flow, pronto. I promise! Scorpio: You, of all people, should know that death is but a doorway & there is peace, bliss & freedom on the other side. Here is your best strategy. Declare bankruptcy, gift your assets to your allies, surrender to you enemies & be a Buddhist in disguise... Sagittarius: Your wisdom & humour is well-loved but there are a few beings out there who have had it with your know-it all ways. Uranus will bring you to new countries, projects, & relationships. You are a counsellor but the truth is your strong suit is satire! Find a fresh costume! Capricorn: Yes, it is your job to put the world back on track. You know that there are a 1000 cabals at work, each with their own agenda. Yes, Big Pharma & Big Oil & those Annunaki are coming by soon to heist our planets stash of gold! So you could become a brave Whistle-blower today! Aquarius: Just know that you are here on assignment as a galactic anthropologist. Take good field notes of all cultures & tribes that you visit & the assorted human habit patterns that evoke your infinite sense of humour. You are a master of synchronicities this spring. Pisces: With Neptune & Chiron in your sign, your opportunity to heal all that has been hiding in the closet of your heart & mind is in view. So are you going to follow in the footsteps of Houdini or do one great feat of Shapeshifting & reinvent yourself right now! For more in-depth soul-centred astrology, visit the kabbalistic astrology portal at

We Build & Design Homes as per Vastureva Vaastu principles Contact: 403 605 5019 e-mail:

Chopra Vaastu Vaastu Homes Inc. Happy Home - Happy Life

Vaastu Homes

Yoga For Homes Article by Manish Chopra


his knowledge comes from the lineage of Brahma Rishi Mayan, the prime source of Vastu/Vaastu Shashtra, the author of Pranava Veda. Vaastu science has been revived in its purist form by Late Dr.V. Ganapati Shtapati. Dr. Ganapati, along with Dr. Jessie Mercay, set up an American Mayaonic University of Science and Technology in North America. Vaastu: Vaastu is Ancient Indian science of architecture that originated thousands of years back and is mentioned in the Vedas. Vaastu guides us to design and build houses in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. Vaastu Shashtra aims to bring balance and harmony between humankind and its surrounding environment. Living spaces (homes/office/buildings) have vibrational or energy qualities, creating positive or negative effects on people living in them. Vaastu science helps create structures that resonate with the Earth and Cosmic matrices. Whoever comes into proximity of these structures comes under the influence of resonance: harmony with all the laws of Nature. This adds up to the support of Nature: prosperity, peace, joy, being vibrant and blissfully satisfied. The Manifestation Process- Called Vastureva Vaastu2 The crux of Vaastu Science and Technology is the manifestation process called Vastureva Vaastu and the application of specific related principles to architecture. Vastureva Vaastu simply means un-manifest pure potential Energy (Vastu), turning itself into material form (Vaastu). This can be called the “Vaastu effect.” With the understanding of this process and the simultaneous, yet successive manner in which it occurs, one comes to fully realize that Vastu is Vaastu. Pure Consciousness is the same as the material world and the material world is the same as Pure Consciousness.

Vaastu Principles For Building Homes - The principles involve: • Sacred dimensions (Ayyadi Calculation) and timing • Orientation to cardinal points of the compass (True North, South, East or West) • Selecting right lot, based on properties of the land, slope, water flow, vegetation etc. • Creation of a mathematically precise main wall called the Mother wall for the house • Creation of a sacred center in a structure (Brahmasthan) • Door and window placement on a 9x9 Grid of the Mother Wall • Room placement and activity positioning, for example entry Ayyadi calculation is the secret of Vaastu, which has now been revealed by Dr. V.Ganapati Shtapati. Ayyadi is a mathematical calculation that helps determine an individual’s vibration and that of a living structure to create a resonance between the two. In addition it determines the positive qualities of the main wall of the house. Room placement and activity positioning is based on scientific knowledge on how the energy manifests inside a house. This energy manifests from the Brahmasthan( center) of the house, and moves in a clockwise manner supporting certain activity in various quadrants of a house. A true Vaastu consultant/builder needs to consider fine details and has to work with precision and dedication to the science. Sources: 1 Fabric of The Universe by Dr. Jessie J. Mercay 2 Dr. Jessie J. Mercay

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Ego Is What You Think You Are by Roy Dopson


he thought OF is exactly what IT IS NOT. That includes all thoughts you have about yourself. You may think you know what and who you are, but what and who you think you are is only ego, and therefore exactly what you are not. Thinking and knowing are two different things. Thinking is understanding relative to thinking. Knowing is understanding gained from experience. Without knowing what you are you have no base, no foundation. Without experience you will not know. This is why thinking is not knowing, but confusion. We only think when we are trying to figure something out. The confusion does not begin in experience, or being, or silence, or doing. Confusion begins only when thinking. Confusion is the thinking. Knowing transcends belief. If you believe something you truly do not know it. If you truly knew something you would either reject it as false or accept it as true. Belief is weak. It cannot stand as a foundation. Knowing ones self provides a foundation that cannot be shaken. Anything can be said or done to a person who truly knows herself and nothing will affect her. Ego is that which tries to hurt and also that which is hurt. When you are hurt, be happy, for this is showing you your delusion. Seeing your ego clearly allows you to choose how to respond to the one who tired to hurt you. You will not be reacting, but acting. You will be in charge, not the delusion. Realizing others delusion and resulting suffering you will act with compassion. And when you know yourself, you will know everyone. Because we are all the same. We operate on the same principles. Not only will you know everyone, you will know everything. And when you experience yourself, you will experience everyone. Not only will you experience everyone, you will experience everything.

When I said that you will know everything, I meant that you will know exactly what you need to know at every moment, no more, no less. Thinking knowledge is not wisdom, it is only intelligence. Omniscience refers to wisdom, not intelligence. And wisdom is quality, not quantity. Wisdom is no separation between knowing what to do and the doing of it. It is simply done. There is no thought process involved. Life lived in this state is always new, peaceful, and full of wonder. There is nothing else but what is in present awareness. And what is complete, lacking nothing, perfect. Stop reading and simply be for a while. Be aware to the deepest extent. Be aware down to your cells. Be aware so that even your molecules are aware of themselves. Be awareness itself. Come back when you come back. Realization of the whole self is the experience of the perfection of what is, of being. And what is not being? Is the computer not being? Is the wall not being? Even the emptiness of awareness is being. So we are all the same being. The quality of being is the same. There is no less or more being. No better or worse being. No good or evil being. So when you are (aware of) your being, you are complete, lacking nothing, perfect. And this is peace, contentment, bliss. For there is no want in being. To be is what to be. Your calling is being, fulfilled. Being is fulfilled by the pure, direct experience of your life. Your life takes care of itself. There is no need to do anything with your life. Let go of trying; your life is unfolding in perfect unity and harmony with everything. The All lacks nothing. How could it? It´s All there is. Just experience, observe, take it all in.�

Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary & Clinic is dedicated to your holistic health care needs since 1993. Gaia Garden offers some of the best possible botanical health care products in the world. We provide an exclusive range of: Over 280 organic or wild crafted herbs, over 200 single tinctures along with a wide array of combination tinctures, medicinal teas, healing creams and salves, practitioner grade essential oils and infused oils. Our dispensary is fully equipped to meet all of your holistic health care needs. We are able to prepare exceptional customized natural remedies for you and your family, in most cases while you wait. In our Herbal Clinic & Healing room we have 2 experienced medical Herbalists on staff that will formulate remedies that are specific to your needs, creating a personalized path to health and vitality. 2672 West Broadway, Vancouver- phone 604 734 4372-


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Magical 5 day Whale & Dolphin watching trips in Panama. Spiritual, transformational trips immersed in the energies of Humpback whales and dolphins. Panama is a land of Natural beauty, tropical, pristine, clear waters and very few people know about it. From July-October we have over 2,000 Humpback whales who come to breed and give birth. We spend our week in the tranquil Pearl islands where you can see the whales from the beach. We go out each day on a catamaran sailboat for a quiet, respectful encounter with the whales and dolphins, who often come very close to check us out. When appropriate, we can also swim with the dolphins and whales. Check out our website for the schedule of Spiritually themed trips, such as Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic Journeys, Animal Communication, Whale & Dolphin Wisdom, Journaling, etc. click on 5 Day Trips

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ReView it! Movie Thoughts! by Sheryl Guillaume


ver the years I have screened many inspirational / spiritual movies by renting a venue and buying screening rights from the producers of these movies. Movies such as Celestine Prophecy, Peaceful Warrior and many more brought insight to all that attended. This alternative way of bringing “Thinking Movies”™ to the general public was because standard theatres were not interested in screening them. “What the Bleep do we know” started shifting that thought as Hollywood began recognizing that demand was growing but it was not until Aviator came to the big screen that the studios and theatres realized a new wave of thinking people would pay to see inspirational/spiritual movies at theatres. This opened a bunch of new spiritual/thinking movies to be produced that continues today – although many still don’t make it to the big screen because of the huge advertising budgets needed. Managing Casablanca Video in Marda Loop Calgary, the oldest standalone video rental store left in Canada, has given me the opportunity to see many of these movies personally and to search them out and purchase them for in-store rental . The big screenings that I used to do on a regular basis has gone to the way side because now people can find these hidden gems much easier than before, for eg. rental at Casablanca and other places. However, I still like to draw people’s attention to them, and regularly write about these types of DVD on Casablanca Video’s facebook page, where people can access the trailers as well.

place. She inspires them to take a stand against the governing system as well as the unions in order to make a difference to the children. This is a movie about impowering people to do what they know is right and to follow their purpose even though they are told No, it can’t be done.

Evolving Doors Productions (EDP), is a management and Promotions Company dedicated to furthering public awareness of inspirational authors, artists, filmmakers and their media, founded by Sheryl Guillaume of Calgary. “There are many outstanding writers and filmmakers who have important messages and highly relevant perspectives, but whose voices are seldom heard above the din of mainstream media,” said Guillaume. “Evolving Doors Productions will endeavor to cut through the clutter on behalf of these talented individuals in order to bring their important work to the attention of a broader audience.” Sheryl also locates hard to find movies to add to your collection, and if you want to rent “Movies that Make You Think “and you live in Calgary you can drop by Casablanca Video Marda Loop store. To contact Sheryl: or www.

Some of my favorites that are a little harder to find but still are out there this year are: Seven Days in Utopia starring Robert Duvall. This is about an aging retired professional golfer that has had many knocks in life and has now come to this place of peace. He meets an up and coming angry professional golfer that has no idea what life is about other than anger and competition. This is about the game of Golf and life and how you can find your soul’s purpose through it. We Bought A Zoo starring Matt Damon. True Story… .I love true stories because they are so inspiring, to show us a different way in which to live or at least give us the ideas in which to move ourselves s in a different way. This is all about life as a journey not a destination , and of how do we want to spend our time here. Matt Damon decides to live more of the adventure and follow his heart. He has Faith to look at things in a different prespective, while following this new path, all by leaving everything he knew behind. Won’t Back Down true story of a Mothers’ stand to get her child the best education she can. Why should anyone try to change a system that is broken? When a system has the teachers overworked because of all the paperwork they have to do rather than teach, people should act. The movie is set in the United States in an impoverished inner-city ghetto school. One Mother asks the teachers why we can’t do better - and helps them rediscover why they became teachers in the first


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RESOURCE Directory

Join us in our intention of creating Canada’s first national directory for our community! Listings are organized alphabetically first geographically, then by category, with NEW categories added as new listings are placed! Our publication is distributed via first class mail to subscribers, as well as through much targeted pick up locations! See our website for our growing list 300 plus locations in both small towns to major cities across Western Canada! Share adventure in creating something wonderful! Call 1-877-560-6830 or on our website today!

ALBERTA: CALGARY & AREA ● CALGARY BIRTH & POST PARTUM DOULA Pregnant! Experienced in Coaching birthing couples during a pinnacle life event, and providing Post-Partum support for families with their newborn(s). Carla Volpi @ Earth Angel Doula Services (403) 818-2345 ● BRAIN GYM® How does moving your body with intention provide the opportunity to change your thoughts, emotions and physical well-being? or 403-686-4787 Reiki and Reconnective Healing possibilities on the site. ● MIND/BODY COUNSELLING Anxious, depressed, stressed, struggling with addictions? Contact Sharon Stopforth, MSW, RSW who is an Integrative Body Psychotherapist. Heal what talk therapy cannot do alone. Call Sharon at Serenity Now Wellness Centre at 403-454-7600 ● MOVIES Casablanca Video – Canada’s oldest video rental store. Home of the Hard to Find movies- rentals and sales 403-240-3472 ● PETCARE D.H.Pet Care and Services – Pet sitting, visits and live-ins. Pet massage, Reiki, and Healing touch. Administer Medications. Cat grooming and Shaving. 403-807-3702 ● REFLEXOLOGY Master Reflexologist – Powerful Modern Stress relief from pain, hormonal imbalance, sleep disorders, and much more. Cloud 9 Reflexology 403-966-8375 ● RELATIONSHIP Does your partner Trigger you? – Find out strategies to build a fulfilling relationship. “Empowered Choice Based Life’s” ● SHAMANIC HEALING Shamanic Healing – Spiritual leader and teacher Sher offers: Healing Ceremonies (July) HotStone Shiatsu ( K-Days) Sacred Experiences in Peru (4 times a year). 905-635-6555 ● SPIRITUAL HEALING The Christian Science reading Room – specializing in resources on spiritual healing and Bible study. Open 6 days a week. 403-209-0012 ● SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE ENERGY ALCHEMIST Inner Journey Specialist – B.Sc. Physical Therapy, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Community Drum Portal Journey Facilitator. Gifts of Ministries, Inc. 403-880-0398

alberta: EDMONTON & area ● ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY Canadian Paranormal Mediums by Appointment Only – over 20 years Experience. Dawn 780-902-6689 Please leave name and phone number only, call will be returned within 24 hours to schedule apt. Now scheduling into summer.

● PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Nourish Flourish Thrive – Carol J. Brown, Certified Life Coach – Are you longing for something? Do you want help managing stress? Are you overwhelmed with too many changes? Carol can help you regain balance, feel empowered, find a deeper sense of well-being, and feel more confident. 780-965-0367 ● PSYCHIC Mavis A Light Within (Display ad see page 8) ● SHAMANIC HEALING Shamanic Healing – Spiritual leader and teacher Sher offers: Healing Ceremonies (July) HotStone Shiatsu ( K-Days) Sacred Experiences in Peru (4 times a year). 905-635-6555

BRITISH COLUMBIA ● HEALTH Our Health - Our Treasure: Free talks on health & Vitality related issues based on the knowledge stemming from the book : IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH for more info call Viasty 604-990-0524 ● RETREATS Quantum leaps Lodge/Retreats – Golden, B.C. Riverside, labyrinth, rafting, Massage and much more. Opportunities for Inner and Outer Explorations 1-800-716-2494 ● RECONNECTIVE HEALING ALIGN WITH JOY, GREATNESS & PEACE. Transcend Limiting patterns and beliefs, matrix Energetics reconnection. Tools for Empowerment and transformation. 604-730-8029 ● TOLTEC Toltec Classes, Workshops, and Power Journeys to Teotihuacan, Mexico. The KIVA ON SALTSPRING ISLAND, BC. 250-653-2046

ONTARIO: TORONTO & Area ● AROMATHERAPY Joyessence Aromatherapy Training Centre Inc. – Aromatherapy certification by correspondence 519-821-7504 ● CHURCHES – NEW THOUGHT, SPIRITUAL FELLOWSHIPS, NON-DENOMINATIONAL Customized Wedding Ceremonies and Handfasting – Rev. Paula da Nova has officiated over 3800 ceremonies throughout Ontario. Located in the GTA, she has been on Four Weddings and offers ceremonies in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You can choose from something Quick and Simple to an Elaborate Celebration. Ceremonies are customized and may include your spiritual, cultural and handfasting rituals. 416-268-8965

All CITIES ● HEALING TOUCH THERAPY Tesla Distant Healing – Where Science and Spirit Meet for Healing, with TESLA WAVES The only modality that gets stronger with distance. 250-878-5994 ● MASSAGE SCHOOLS Canadian Bowenwork School -Learn bowen therapy, a natural treatment for pain relief and other ailments. Classes available across Canada. ● OZONE THERAPY Gnosis Wellness Centre Inc. – is a Friendly Online Marketplace for Organic Ozonated Oils, Ozone Therapy Products and Valuable Alternative Health Information 250-368-5490 ● PSYCHIC Psychic/Clairvoyant – Accurate readings by Crystal Rose, over 40 years’ experience including a successful psychic column in a popular newspaper as well as appearances on TV and radio Crystal Rose has a deeply compassionate and non-judgmental way with all of her clients and does her best to find each and every one the best path to their future. For a personal live reading call 1-800-320-9665 or 403-520-3227 for other arrangements. ● SAUNA AND SAUNA SUPPLIES Euro Sauna Company – All types of saunas, custom built just for you. Affordable saunas made from BC wood, highest quality N. American and European components. www. 1-888-999-3876 ● WEB DESIGN SPECIALIZING IN WEBSITE DESIGN for the health and Wellness Industry. Reflect your professionalism. We can work within your budget. or 403.688.1137

Event Calendar ● April 5-6: Calgary Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Join us at Stampede Park this Spring for our annual event featuring up to 124 exhibits, 45 lectures and 10 workshops! For details see or call 1-877-560-6830 ● April 19-21: Regina Body Soul & Spirit Expo, at the Connexus Arts Centre the event plans to feature several new features including a Saturday Concert, many new lectures, and up to 70 exhibitors! For details see or call 1-877-560-6830 ● April 19-21: Regina Body Soul & Spirit Expo, NOPALEA by TriVita. Breakthrough wellness drink that contains ingredients to help the body: Reduce inflammation, Detoxify, Promote optimal cellular health. 306-692-3176

at the beautiful Vancouver Island Conference Centre and will feature up to 77 Exhibitors, 45 lectures and 10 Workshop, including Lynn Andrews, New York Bestselling author of “The Medicine Woman Series” and many more! For details see or call 1-877-560-6830 ● July 23: Mystical Britain with Joseph-Mark Cohen, kabbalistic astrologer. Retreats in Glastonbury, Devizes, Tintagel, Avebury. Visit for upcoming journeys to Monitoulin Island, Sedona, Ireland & Brazil or call 1-888-633-2214 ● July 30: OpenMind Festival: Celebration and Well-being. In an enchanted forest near Montreal, Qc. Concept: Transformational eco-gathering that celebrates life by creatively and collectively breathing spirit and connection through ecstatic celebration and intentional well-being. It’s an invitation and reunification to harmonious communities from all corners of the globe, to share these inspiring celebrations of life in a wondrous natural paradise! Activities: 2 stages of transcendental, organic music; workshops, yoga, and conferences; well-being / healing area; visionary arts; children’s village; enchanted forest; giant labyrinth; higher consciousness, cinema and relaxation lounge; positive ceremonies; harmonious community circle; traditional sweat lodge; animations and vibrant performance art; interactive installations; spaces for meditation, contemplation, and communing with nature; artisans village ● Sept. 27-29: Saskatoon Body Soul & Spirit Expo. The annual Body Soul & Spirit Expo will be taking place at Prairieland Park, featuring up to 80 exhibits, 45 Lectures and 10 Workshops! This year will see the addition of workshop room at the expos, as well as a Saturday 7pm to 10pm! Exhibitor booking starts May 5, 2013. For details see or call 1-877-560-6830 ● November 1-3, 2013: Vancouver Body Soul & Spirit Expo. The Body Soul & Spirit Expo returns to the PNE Forum in Vancouver! We’ve invited some amazing keynotes and speakers and have a lot of plans to make the re-launch of the Vancouver Expo a memorable ones! For details see or call 1-877-560-6830 ● November 15-17: Edmonton Body Soul & Spirit Expo. Join us in our NEW Locations ‘the hanger’ at the Alberta Aviation Museum at 11410 Kingsway NW. Our new location features AMPLE FREE PARKING as well as huge mobile billboards on Edmonton busiest highway. The event will also feature up to 124 exhibits, 45 lectures and 10 workshops! For details see or call 1-877-560-6830

● April 26-29: Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) Body Soul & Spirit Expo. The First Annual Body Soul & Spirit Expo for Vancouver Island will be held

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013


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Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

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Available from the Christian Science Reading Room - 315-17 Ave SW, Calgary 403 209-0012 - Come see us at booth #107 at the 2013 Spring - Body Soul Spirit Expo and get $2.00 off these books.

Regina, April 6 - 7 Vancouver, May 10 - 12 Toronto, June 1 - 2 Ottawa, June 7 - 9

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 9  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...

Body Soul & Spirit Magazine - Issue 9  

From trying yoga or meditation, embracing a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint, or discovering natural alternatives – the B...