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Browns Meadow, Edburton Henfield, BN5 9LN


Welcome to the 2019 Henfield Summer Fair and let me start by thanking the new team of volunteers who stepped forward to organise this year’s event. They are from local organisations and have worked hard to bring you a Fair and Show with a twist for the Year of Culture and its objectives to provide some different events and experiences across the District.

and Dog Show forming a central part of the entertainment. This years event includes a number of new activities, including for the first time inflatable table football, so why not give it a try !

There will be local craft stalls and street food providers, with the bar and barbecue provided by our fantastic BP Guild. The Tea Tent will provide delicious home made cakes. There are new look Bake Off, Grow Off and Craft Off categories in the A Fair is first mentioned in the survey of Show Tent, so make sure you have a go Stretham Manor in 1647 when two were recorded. The one on our beautiful Henfield at the competitions in this programme. Finally, with music from Stixx Drummers Common was originally on St George’s Day but the date changed through the years and Patcham Silver Band we hope there is something everyone. and eventually settled in July. Some 372 years later and we continue to uphold this Please come along and join in the fun come tradition to create a day when all villagers rain or shine, I have asked our Vicar for come together and have a good time. some sunshine this year! The original Fair ‘main event’ was the sale of animals, so it is appropriate the Malcolm Eastwood animals still feature with the Sheep Show CHAIRMAN, HENFIELD PARISH COUNCIL


Fantastic No Plastic Fantastic Plastic

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as a “scoop retail outlet” over the years we Remember Henfield’s successful Fantastic gradually reduced our loose range of scoop No Plastic carrier bag elimination effort products as the demand just wasn’t there. aWe fewareyears ago?toWhat about wasteful delighted say that Cornerweighs packagingareover Could the we no dopackaging better? customers nowall? embracing idea and as a result are introducing new Cornerweighs was we started over 20 years products to the scoop ownoutlet”. range allOver the ago as a “scoop retailyour food time. Gathering food from bins is not a new the years we reduced our loose food concept, however, we have applied it to health offerings as people appeared not to have foods, which I believe are ideally suited. the time, until 2018. Gathering food from Best news yet, we have teamed up with The bins is not a new however, Ladybirds (former W.I.concept, members), who are we craft have applied to will health foods,assorted which I orientated and itthey be making believe ideally sized bags for are you to gathersuited. your food in. We love theyet, idead this partnership Best news weofhave teamed upwhich with celebrates community, the need for us all to be The Ladybirds (former W.I. members), involved and a step closer to zero waste.

who are craft orientated and they will be making assorted sized bags for you r ou yWe g in. to gather your food love the idea in Br ill f e r of this which celebrates wn opartnership ls we se community, need for us all to be vesthe l fill wail involved and step closer to zero waste. m e . th



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July 19


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Henfield Summer Fair 2019


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Henfield BP Guild Beer Tent and Barbeque Ginger Rookes Street Food Southern Counties Ice Cream Van Caphe Republic ‘Wrap and Roll’ filled wraps Rushfields Pie Van and Stall Copper Pan Fudge Tea and Cake Tent organised by Henfield Wild Violets, Woodmancote and Henfield WI and Henfield Ladybirds. Kindly sponsored by Grommets The Food Area is kindly sponsored by Rushfields

Human Table Football organised by Henfield Football Club and kindly sponsored by A&B Matters Dog Show organised by Henfield Lions and sponsored by HJ Burt Shayler’s Funfair Patcham Silver Band Henfield Fire Brigade display Look out for the roving Magician around the Showground!


Worthing Bee Keepers | Lilguy Designs stationery | JJ’s Beachcombing Art | Bernadette Stevenson Stained Glass | JJ Funky Friends garden ornaments | Original Stitch Craft | Arian Silver Designs Jewellery | Helenjo Craft Crochet | Hand Forged Metalwork | Paul Thompson Plants | Henfield Free Church | Henfield Lions Coconut Shy & Bookstall | Friends of Medical Centre smoothie bike | Henfield Bird Watch | Henfield Commons Henfield Shed | HART CPR demonstrations | Henfield Joggers | Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men taster sessions | BN5 Magazine Fizz Raffle for Henfield Youth Club


All event times are approximate and subject to change. Main Arena kindly sponsored by Marcus Grimes Estate Agents.


Running throughout the afternoon in the second arena

~ 2.30pm THE SHEEP SHOW ~ 3.30pm STIXX DRUMMERS ~ 4.00pm THE SHEEP SHOW ~ 4.30pm PRESENTATION OF CUPS IN SHOW TENT Please Note: There is NO PUBLIC PARKING ON SITE. Please use the village car parks which are within walking distance. Henfield Community Minibus (adapted) will be running a FREE half-hourly service from the Henfield Hall Car Park to the Showground between 12.30-3.30pm with return journeys until 5.30pm.


01903 879338 01273 430073 01273 584800


Henfield Summer Show aims to offer plenty of opportunities for everyone to show off their skills in cooking, gardening and arts and crafts in the Show Tent, which is kindly sponsored by Coles Automotive. This year we are doing things a little differently, as you’ll see from the new categories. We hope that a less formal approach encourages even more of you to enter, so please give it a go and most of all, have lots of fun!

You can fill in the entry form on page 19 of this programme and download extra copies from Then: Bake-Off, Grow-Off, Craft-Off and more!!! Inspired by ‘The Great British Bake-Off’, the committee picked new categories for adults, children, young people and families. They offer plenty of challenge to all without being too daunting for first time competitors. We hope there will be lots of entries in every class both from ‘newbies’ as well as seasoned show competitors to really showcase the many talents in our local Henfield community. You can enter as many different categories and classes as you like, and for the really keen, up to two entries will be accepted per class in the Bake Off and Grow Off, as long as they are significantly different, such as containing different items. Entries for all classes are completely free and we will award small cash prizes to the winners of the children’s classes.



1. Decorated Sponge Cake (any flavour or type, max 20cm / 8-9” tin) 2. Plate of 6 Sweet or Savoury Scones

3. Plate of 6 Sausage Rolls (meat, vegetarian or vegan) Notes for Baking Classes: Please bring your own plate and label your entry on the base. With all Bake Off categories, please clearly label your entry. We also ask you to alert us to any potential unseen allergens such as peanuts. The judges will consider the overall quality of the baked produce but, especially in the decorated sponge cake class, they will consider how appealing the baked items look on the plate as well. As a guide, consider: External appearance – colour, shape and uniformity. Internal appearance – texture and the even distribution of ingredients. Flavour – flavour and aroma as entries must be enjoyable to eat. Flavour is paramount. If entries are neck-and-neck, flavour will dictate a winner.


4. Jar of Fruit Jam or Jelly (min. 340g) any flavour 5. Jar of Marmalade (min. 340g) any flavour 6. Jar of Chutney (min. 340g) any flavour


Judges will concentrate on the flavour, colour and texture of your preserves entries. As a guide: The colour should be bright and characteristic. No scum, pips, mould or sugar crystals. Fruit should be evenly distributed, with not too many stones. Skins tender. Consistency ‘jellified’ not runny or sticky, no loose liquid or syrup. Flavour full, fresh and characteristic of the fruit.


7. Vase of Home Grown Garden Flowers (maximum 12 stems) Flowers can be annuals, perennials, or shrubs. Varieties can be mixed in the vase or all the same.

8. Basket of Home-Grown Vegetables / Salads (Maximum 6 types)

These can include ‘salad’ crops, e.g tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as vegetables of your choice.

9. Bowl of Home-Grown Fruit (Maximum 6 types) Can include soft fruits, rhubarb, figs and more.

10. Best ‘Wonky Vegetable’*

Choose the most weird or unusual shaped vegetable from your crop! All items must have been grown by the competitor in their own garden/allotment. Please bring your own vases, baskets or bowls and water for display. Entries will be judged on the overall quality. Fruit and vegetables (*except in class 10!) should be well shaped, uniform in size and evenly coloured throughout. Fresh, firm, ideally with no signs of pests or disease. If you are including small fruit or vegetables in your basket, such as peas or raspberries, please add a reasonable number. While we do not expect formal ‘arrangements’, the overall presentation of the entry will be considered by the judges in making final decisions.

SJ 


1 9 4 9

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11. A Painting or Photograph – theme ‘Hidden Henfield’ 12. A Hat Decorated by Hand

(This can be made from scratch or ‘up-cycled’ from other items as long as it is hand-decorated)

13. A Mosaic made with New or Used Ceramic Items (Any theme or abstract pattern)

There are no definite size restrictions on the painting, photograph, mosaic or hat. Nor do they need to be in frame. However, the hat should be capable of being worn. A title label for your art/craft work, which gives an indication of your theme or inspiration, will assist the judges in making their decision (e.g.’ Henfield Sunrise’, ‘An Easter Bonnet’ or ‘Mosaic of Flowers’). Judges will be considering the overall presentation, so we advise giving some thought to how the pieces you enter are displayed. As a guide, the Craft-Off judges will be looking at the following: Painting and Mosaic entries: Pleasant to view? Well executed? Using an appropriate medium for the subject? Photography entries: Is the picture well-constructed? In focus? Reflecting the subject matter effectively?


Decorated Hat entries: Materials used – are they appropriate for the item? Construction/stitching – is it neatly finished off? Textures – use of interesting textures will catch the eye of the judge. Colour – is it pleasant to look at? Do the colours, stitches and any embellishments go together? Originality – is it a pleasing and original design?


Four Decorated home-made Cup Cakes (please bring your own plate)

14. Under 7 (which includes everyone up to their 7th birthday) 15. 7-12 years old (for everyone over 7 years and up to their 12th birthday) 16. 12-16 years old (for young people of 12 and over, up to their 16th birthday)

A Picture of Henfield in any medium

17. Under 7 (which includes everyone up to their 7th birthday) 18. 7-12 years old (for everyone over 7 years and up to their 12th birthday) 19. 12-16 years old (for young people of 12 and over, up to their 16th birthday) Under 16s are welcome to enter the other classes and categories in the show if they wish to.

20. Make a Scarecrow. Theme: Any character from Toy Story films

There have been several Toy Story films loved by young and old, so there should be plenty for the whole family to think about in creating a scarecrow of a favourite character. Be creative! The Scarecrow needs to have been created by one or more adult and one or more child (under 16) from the family. Team work will be key. Please label your scarecrow with its character’s name. The scarecrow will be displayed outside in the afternoon for the public to see, so make sure it is able to stay balanced and upright in or on the ground.


Everyone’s contributions will be welcome, from all ages, if you’re experienced or a beginner. The judges want to see your best efforts whether they are perfect specimens or your first attempt. All entries will be on display to the public between 1pm and 4.30pm in the Show Tent and awards will be presented at 4.30pm. Good Luck to everyone and have fun preparing your entries for the show. Competitors can enter as many classes as they like, and a maximum of two entries for each class. There is no need to enter beforehand - just turn up on the day, it’s as simple as that! Please bring your Bake Off, Grow Off, Craft Off and Family Category entries between 8.30am -10.30am, Saturday July 13th, to the Show Tent on Henfield Common. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any entries that arrive after 10.30am. Competitors will be issued with colour-coded entry cards to complete. Volunteers will be there to help. Then competitors will be directed where to place their entries and cards on the tables within the tent. There will be a warning given soon before 10.30am, when all competitors need to leave the tent for the judging to begin. Judging will be done by teams of experienced and knowledgeable specialists in Crafts, Cookery and Gardening. The Show Tent will be closed for judging between 10.30am and 1pm. Judges will make the decisions in teams and they will not know whose entry they are judging. They will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category. In some cases, there will also be one or more Highly Commended awards made, particularly where the competition is close or there is a very high standard that needs to be recognised. Cups in each category will be awarded at 4.30pm, based on what is considered by the judges to be the outstanding exhibit of that category. All judges’ decisions are final.

The Show Tent will be open to the public to look around in the afternoon, and competitors will be able to collect their entries to take them home after prize-giving at 4.30pm. Please do NOT take your entries home before the public display ends. Entries not taken home by 5.30pm will be sold and any funds raised will go towards the Summer Show. We have tried a new way of doing the Summer Show this year and we know that as with all new things, there could be ‘teething problems’ or things that you miss and would like us to include in future. Please let us know, at or after the event, how we can make the Show Tent as good as possible in 2021!


Gill Perry and Ann Ellson (Show Tent Organisers)


HOW TO ENTER: Please complete this form and bring it, along with your entries, to the Show Tent between 8.30-10.30am on Saturday 13 July. Alternatively, forms will be available for you to fill in on the day. You can download extra forms at








Please circle the classes you are entering:


11 16











NAME .................................................................................................................................... ADDRESS .............................................................................................................................. ................................................................................................................................................. TELEPHONE ......................................................................................................................... EMAIL ................................................................................................................................... This contact information will not be retained after 14th July 2019. Enquiries:




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All varieties of dogs, small are large, are very welcome, but please make sure they are well behaved and kept on a lead at all times! Classes cost ÂŁ3, except for Class 6 which is 50p and Class 10 which is free to 1st Prize winners of Classes 1-9. Proceeds will be shared between Henfield & District Lions and the Henfield Summer Fair. Start time 2pm, please assemble at the second arena.

Owners are responsible for their dogs at all times. All dogs must be 3 months and over.

Only puppies aged 3 to 12 months may enter Class 1.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in and out of the arena (except in Class 8).

If a dog is behaving aggressively to other dogs (or the judges or stewards), the owner will be asked to remove it from the arena and showground. Children under the age of 5 years are not allowed in the ring. Owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs.

Best child handler must be aged 5 to 12 years on the day of the Show. Rosettes will be awarded to 3rd place.

This is a charity event so no refunds will be given. The Judge’s decision is final.


Class 1: Best Puppy (3-12 months)

Class 2: Best Working Dog / Gun Dog Breed Class 3: Best Terrier

Class 4: Best Pedigree (not in class 2 or 3) Class 5: Best Cross-Breed

Class 6: Best Child Handler

Class 7: Waggiest Tailed Dog Class 8: Obedience

Class 9: Any dog not having won a rosette today

Class 10: Best in Show (open to 1st place winners from each class) The winner will receive the HJ Burt Cup.

Henfield and District Lions Club would like to thank Dani and Fabian Kaelin from Hawthorn Veterinary Surgeries for their hard work judging the Dog Show. Grateful thanks to HJ Burt for sponsoring the Dog Show and to R&H Pet Supplies for providing rosettes.

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DEAL OR NO DEAL? I’m sure most people were like me in feeling a high level of Brexit fatigue in the lead up to the 29th March when we were supposed to leave the EU in a dignified and graceful manner. It’s been jolly nice to have had a respite from all the speculations over different outcomes pending different votes. For that reason, I’m sorry to bring the subject up again in June, when we should be thinking about French Open tennis or preparing for the Henfield Summer Fair next month! To be honest, when it came to Brexit, I had rather naively thought that whatever the outcome, it wouldn’t actually affect little old me much in terms of my day to day life. The dog is still going poo on the lawn after coming back from a walk, treading on Lego in bare feet is still going to be just as painful and co-op users in Partridge Green are still going to use the practice car park (sorry for the little gripe there!). Hard, soft, well done or rare, I didn’t think the details of Brexit would filter down to affect the minutiae of life. However, what I hadn’t really considered was a no-deal Brexit and it wasn’t until this became a distinct possibility that the ramifications of this came to light in the form of a barrage of updates from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) which while it might sound like something out of Harry Potter is a real organisation with many functions, one of which is to deal with all things relating to Pet Travel. It turns out that a no-deal Brexit could have serious implications for pet travel. One would hope that come the 31st of October, some sort of deal will have been reached. However, politically unaware as I am, given the lack of progress over the past three years, it is probably worth giving these implications a thought! If you are considering travelling with your pet after 31st October, you should be aware of the following: Please feel free to contact Jonathan and Annelise Underwood MRCVS and associates to discuss any aspect of your pets’ care at the practice.

Under the current Pet travel scheme, any dog or cat can travel to another country within the pet travel scheme three weeks after a rabies vaccination has been given. (They will also need to have a microchip and have been issued with a pet passport). In the event of a no deal Brexit, the UK could be unceremoniously kicked out of the Pet Travel scheme and end up as an unlisted third country for the purposes of Pet travel. If this happens, the rules change quite dramatically. A rabies vaccine, microchip and passport are still mandatory, but in addition, a rabies blood test is required 30 days or more after the rabies vaccine, and the dog or cat must demonstrate sufficient antibody levels to rabies. For best results the blood test is ideally performed as close to 30 days after the vaccine as possible. Furthermore, travel is not permitted until three months after the rabies blood test was performed. Confused? Don’t be embarrassed! The upshot is that if you know you definitely want to be able to travel with your pet regardless of the outcome of Brexit (especially if your trip is on the four months after 31st October) - (1st November – 29th February), then you should prepare for the worst and have a rabies vaccine around four and a half months before you wish to travel and a blood test 30 days later. You’ll then be able to travel with your pet 3 months after the blood test regardless of the outcome of Brexit. If you do wish to / need to travel in the affected months, then the best bet is to give us a call and we can give you specific advice on your plans. My advice? Try not to book any pet related trips outside the UK in the four months after the 31st October and wait and see what happens! I’ve heard that the Isle of Wight is especially nice in January – you can guarantee the best spot on the beach!

Wantley Cottages London Road Henfield BN5 9JP 01273 495227

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A huge Summer Fair THANK YOU to the organisers and volunteers: Carol Eastwood, Elaine Goodyear and the Henfield Community Partnership volunteers | Dick Kent, David Pryor and Henfield Lions for the Dog Show and programme delivery | Denis Muirden and Malcolm Eastwood for logistics | Gill Perry, Ann Ellson and all the volunteer stewards and judges in the Show Tent | Mahni Pannett, Sue Middleton and all volunteers from Wild Violets, Woodmancote & Henfield WI and Ladybirds for baking and organising the Tea Tent | Annabel Eastwood for programme and poster illustrations | BN5 magazine for programme production and photography | Henfield Parish Council for their support and for Henfield Common management. Finally, thank you to Mike Morgan, who organised countless Henfield Village Fairs and has kindly given his invaluable advice to the 2019 team.



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