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2014 Summer Supplement

Blue Q

Made in



•  Order in 9’s •  Each soap: 2”h x 3”w x .75"d

Curious little soaps boasting 20 just-gotta-share messages, from fresh to clean.

Made in USA with 100% pure vegetable base, essential oils and delightful scent combinations: Jasmine & Lemon Peel, Lavender & Vanilla, Gardenia & Orange, Violet & White Tea. Soaps are individually wrapped and packaged “matchbox” style in slide-action cardboard sleeves. Each style is shipped to sell in 9-piece, counter-ready inner-packs. Pick 12 to fill a handsome countertop display and the hardware’s on us.

actual size

Another Blue Q product assembled by our team of individuals with and without disabilities working together.

You're Beautiful QS207 Gardenia Orange

I Love You. Can I Pet You? QS203 Gardenia Orange

U|xaJCGFHy024 9mzV U|xaJCGFHy024 5ozX

Hey Flawless QS200 Lavender Vanilla

Stop Demonizing Men QS211 Jasmine Lemon Peel

U|xaJCGFHy024 2nzW U|xaJCGFHy02453tz]

Love Ya Mean It QS208 Lavender Vanilla

I'm Here QS214 Lavender Vanilla

Keep Your Big Mouth Shut QS213 Lavender Vanilla

A.D.D. QS212 White Tea Violet

U|xaJCGFHy02450sz\ U|xaJCGFHy02456kzU U|xaJCGFHy0245 nzW U|xaJCGFHy02454qzZ

I Don't Like You QS215 Jasmine Lemon Peel

You Can Do It QS204 Gardenia Orange

When In Rome QS216 Jasmine Lemon Peel

You Disgust Me QS218 Gardenia Orange

U|xaJCGFHy02457rzu U|xaJCGFHy024 6lz[ U|xaJCGFHy02458ozX U|xaJCGFHy02460rzu


Stay Away From Assholes QS201 White Tea Violet

It's A Beautiful Day QS206 Gardenia Orange

Nice Legs QS217 White Tea Violet

Grace, Dignity & Sweet Ass QS205 White Tea Violet 2

U|xaJCGFHy024 3kzU U|xaJCGFHy024 8pzY U|xaJCGFHy02459lz[ U|xaJCGFHy024 7sz\

Vibrator QS210 Jasmine Lemon Peel

Fuck You, Gym QS209 White Tea Violet

Women Are From Vaginas QS202 Jasmine Lemon Peel

Here's Your Gift QS219 Lavender Vanilla

U|xaJCGFHy02452mzV U|xaJCGFHy02451pzY U|xaJCGFHy024 4rzu U|xaJCGFHy02461ozX

Show & Sell Tips KILLER DISPLAY! Free When Filled!

These gifty soaps are so fun and so cute, people will inevitably buy them in bunches!

Take a look at this glossy, embossed, tin-sign header. Classic Blue Q one-of-a-kind innovation with a dash of old-school charm.

Luxury soap COUNTER DISPLAY BS490 •  Holds 9 each of 12 designs •  Header ships attached •  20”h x 13.5”w x 9”d •  Free when filled

U|xaJCGFHy024 1qzZ

Gather Luxury Soap alongside Lip and Hand Shit for a magnificent, rule-breaking, money-making Blue Q bath assortment... don't forget Wet Wipes, Hand sanitizers, lavatory mists and liquid hand soap! 3

•  Order in 6’s •  Fits women’s shoe size 5-10 •  12.75”h x 3.25”w


These may be as gifty as it gets! Sassy, pretty, and a little bit twisted, Blue Q socks are woven with luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength, and a touch of spandex for longlasting fun. We use ‛‛200 needle” stitch patterns, meaning there are 25% more loops and weave around the foot than most socks. They’re cute, and they’re also really comfy.

of the sale of socks supports 1the% humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters and exclusion from healthcare in nearly 70 countries.



Shoot For The Moon SW427



I Hate Math SW425

I Have Vague Feelings SW428

It's just grapes... what's the big deal?


Getting Freaky-Deaky SW426



La-Di-Da SW437

U|xaJCGFHy02462lz[ Hubba Hubba SW434

Oh sure, now we're friends.

U|xaJCGFHy02463sz\ Ahoy SW435


Fox?! Thank You! Oh, the socks? ...Yeah, that's a fox.

U|xaJCGFHy02464pzY Cha Cha Cha SW436

U|xaJCGFHy0246 tz]

Psst... SW438


U|xaJCGFHy02412qzZ Just Watch Me SW433

Easy as pie! I love pie.

U|xaJCGFHy02410mzV Wait, What? SW431


U|xaJCGFHy02409qzZ Well, This Sucks SW430


Cats! SW429

I choose "Play Hard."

U|xaJCGFHy0241 tz]

Work Hard, Play Hard SW432


Show & Sell Tips

three killer display options!

- all free when filled!

I spin! Weeee!

Put 'em on your counter... Sock Counter Display BS487 •  Holds 6 each of 12 designs •  Dimensions: 34.5”h x 12”w x 12”d



...Put 'em on your wall... Top it off. New Sock Floor Display Header!

SOCK SLATWALL SIGN BD174 •  Hooks on slatwall (2 hooks not included) •  11”h x 11.5”w •  Free with 18 pieces


...or Put 'em on your Floor! Go for the gold and put together a full floor display! Or, add a wing or two to your Happy Center.

U|xaJCGFHy0 701nzW U|xaJCGFHy02472kzU

Sock/Blister Card Wing BS133 •  Holds 6 each of 10 designs

Sock floor display header BD175


Tin boxes

A delightful mix of vintage tin box construction and classic, wacky Blue Q fun. Perfect for stash, cash, sundries and more. Pocket Box •  Order in 6’s •  .75”h x 4.25”w x 3”d


U|xaJCGFHy02436mzV Smoke 'Em Got 'Em Pocket Box GG616

Amsterdam Pocket Box GG617


Lure ‘em over with a FREE Sassy-Lady POP! Showin’ off the merch as only Blue Q can do.



Sassy-Lady Tin Box POP BD167


•  Diecut, easel-back POP •  FREE with 18 boxes •  15.5”h x 7.75”w

Petite Cigar Box •  Order in 6’s •  2”h x 4.5”w x 4.75”d



Party Supplies Petite Cigar Box GG417

Cigar Box •  Order in 3’s •  5.5”h x 7.25”w x 3.5”d


Crafty Crap Cigar Box GG511

Another Blue Q product assembled by our team of individuals with and without disabilities working together.



hand sanitizers

A textbook example of what happens when utility and novelty put their heads together and make a groovy little gift. Blue Q hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs on contact, just like the big boys, but since laughter’s the best medicine, we’re way better. •  Order in 6’s •  Size: 2 oz/59 ml

Made in



Pee A Little QQ622

U|xaJCGFHy02467qzZ Shit In The Woods QQ624


Fucked That Guy QQ623


HAND SANITIZER COUNTER DISPLAY BS484 •  Free with 36 pieces •  19”h x 11.75”w x 6.75”d

U|xaJCGFHy02 19lz[ U|xaJCGFHy02 53pzY

Hand Sanitizer Display Header BD164


Cheap and chewy! The sassiest gum ever sold... and it does great in literally every type of store there is! Your guffawing customers will buy them in bunches for all their chums, and sales add up FAST. Be sure to look inside the box for the surprise message!

Another Blue Q product assembled by our team of individuals with and without disabilities working together.

actual size

•  Made in Canada. We love Canada! •  Sold in handy inner-packs of twenty boxes


Assholes Everywhere FS1026 Fruit


U|xaJCGFHy02419pzY reverse

I'm Thankful For Your Mom FS1028 Cinnamon

Side Effects FS1027 Peppermint

Eye Rolling Counts As Cardio FS1029 Fruit

U|xaJCGFHy0242 pzY

U|xaJCGFHy02421sz\ reverse

Never Work With Friends FS1025 Mint



U|xaJCGFHy01549kzU •  Holds 9 styles! •  14”h x 9”w x 9”d! •  FREE WHEN FILLED!


Blue Q Bags The system for carrying your stuff.

Coin Purses

95% recycled material. Smooth, strong, woven polyproylene for long-lasting service. 1% of every bag sale supports the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy.* *Blue Q guarantees a minimum contribution of $150,000 by June 30, 2015

•  Order in 6’s •  Size: 3”h x 4”w

The genius junior member of Blue Q's Bag System.


Let's Make A Deal QA561 Art: Neighborhood Studio

U|xaJCGFHy02396tz] Chicken Feed QA560 Art: Migy


Need More Shiny Things QA562 Art: Souther Salazar


Pencils Cases

The organizational workhorse! •  Order in 6’s •  Size: 4.25”h x 8.625”w

U|xaJCGFHy02430kzU U|xaJCGFHy024 0tz]

Cats! QA741 Art: Souther Salazar

I Have Mood Swings QA742


Zipper Pouches

Hot cakes with a zipper! They sell and sell. •  Order in 6’s •  Size: 7.25”h x 9.5”w


Mister Cat QA241 Art: Inaluxe


Junk Drawer QA244



Dick & Jane Cookies QA243

Dick & Jane © and

®Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 17

messenger bags

•  Order in 3’s •  Size: 12”h x 11”w x 3”d •  Reinforced floor for books, laptops and more

•  53” super-comfy, adjustable strap •  Strong magnetic closures •  Interior iPad pocket

No unnecessary parts, just a perfectly proportioned pouch with a magnetic catch closure, built from our tough woven polypropylene. It handles wear & tear like a dream, wipes clean and is made from 95% recycled material, too!

Honesty, loyalty... DONUTS!

U|xaJCGFHy02434sz\ Scout QA914 Art: Ross MacDonald

U|xaJCGFHy02413nzW Art Supplies QA913 Art: Haley Johnson


Shoulder Totes

•  Order in 6’s •  Size: 11”h x 15”w x 6.25”d •  Reinforced floor

•  Outside pocket great for cell phone •  Heavy duty, color coordinated zipper

The perfectly tailored bag that looks as great as it works. Shoulder Totes are a perfect travel size to slip under the airplane seat, sling over your shoulder en route to work, or take to the grocery store to buy dinner supplies.

What the hell?! I followed the map!

U|xaJCGFHy0243 lz[ Subway QA640 Art: Alex Isley Inc.

A subway system only Blue Q could create!

U|xaJCGFHy02431rzu Cats! QA639 Art: Souther Salazar



•  Order in 6’s •  Size: 15”h x 16”w x 6”d

Still the world’s greatest recycled shopping bag! With amazing design and illustration from artists around the globe, beautifully cut and sewn with high-strength thread to easily handle up to 40 pounds. Now with both hand and shoulder straps. Interior pocket for cell phone or keys.

U|xaJCGFHy02435pzY Airmail QA811 Art: ArtBird


I love a man who brings his own shopper.

t both r o p s s e l y all st

r e d l u o h S & d ha n straps!


U|xaJCGFHy02394pzY Hoo's Next QA393 Art: Inaluxe

U|xaJCGFHy02414kzU Cameras QA810 Art: Christine Berrie


U|xaJCGFHy02395mzV Shoes Galore QA394 Art: Christine Berrie


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Blue Q's 2014 Summer Supplement