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10 years of independence - a small step in time, but a big step in the evolution of my experience in the fascinating sector of the real estate profession. Since 2000 real estate has become my passion. As global president of real estate agencies within FIABCI (World federation of the real estate professions), as a board member of various national and international federations, I had the chance to have a very detailed overview of the problems and opportunities in the various sectors of the real estate market. Drawing on this long experience in the segment of the real estate market and recognized as an expert worldwide, I would like to share this know-how together with my family, my clients and partners locally and around the world. Please find in this brochure the services of Riman Immobilien and its partners.


RIMAN IMMOBILIEN Riman Immobilien is your adequate and competent partner on all questions regarding your real estate object, whether it is marketing (sale or rental), management of investment projects, as well as professional consultancy for all real estate management, co-ownership and property management. Satisfied customers are no coincidence, but the result of realistic market assessment, professional work, excellent customer service, great personal commitment and justified and expert competence.

RIMAN REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS Real estate projects in Luxembourg and abroad, rental management, search for investment opportunities in the real estate sector are the major assets of Riman RE Solutions. You can determine the scope of our involvement, according to your needs, ranging from consultancy work to the completion of your project. Only a partnership focused on customer satisfaction can achieve fruitful cooperation.

SECOND HOME & INVESTMENT The dream can become a reassuring future through the Riman Immobilien network. Houses or apartments feet in the water and under the sun of Provence and the French Riviera in France, by the sea or near lakes and rivers in Spain, Portugal, Florida or California, Mexico , in the Dominican Republic, in Tunisia, or closer to us in Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and even in Belgium and the Netherlands. 3

The advantages of selling by Riman Immobilien

THE BEST PRICE FOR YOUR PROPERTY With its experience of over 20 years and the precise knowledge of the property market in Luxembourg and around the world, Riman Immobilien is your ideal partner for the sale of your property. The valuation of your property by Riman, thanks to its perfect market analysis, gives you the opportunity to find a buyer as soon as possible.

UPDATE ON THE CURRENT REAL ESTATE MARKET Riman Immobilien is in permanent contact with national and international institutions and associations, in order to give you the right and updated advices of the different real estate markets worldwide.

PEACE OF MIND AND SERENITY Entrusting your property to Riman Immobilien, you benefit professionalism at high level. This will simplify all procedures during the sales. A diagnosis of customers before visits, gives you the security that the customer has already passed a selection before the visit. Riman Immobilien will be your trusty contact and will be always available.


The advantages of selling by Riman Immobilien

SERVICE OBLIGATION Riman Immobilien is submitted to several obligations: • ►Compliance with the code of ethics of the Real Estate Federation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (CIGDL) • ►Obligation of data verification received by customers • ►Ensure a transparent and honest transaction • ►Advices guaranteed • ►Skills and professional knowledge and even beyond • ►Service and advice even after transactions • ►Complies with the national and international General Regulation of Data Protection

EFFECTIVE AND TARGETED PROMOTION Riman Immobilien is present on all the necessary real estate medias. It has an efficient and extensive network. Through its interventions as expert of real estate market on radio and Television, Riman Immobilien gives you the guarantee of a perfect service.

EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGES Through its national and international network, Riman Immobilien has entered into privileged partnerships with several suppliers and partners to better serve you during your real estate transactions, either in Luxembourg or in the rest of the world.


Riman Immobilien offers the following services

REAL ESTATE EVALUATION Riman Immobilien will analyze your property with all its professional experience. Riman Immobilien will give you an accurate and detailed report after taking measurements of your property. Fast: Confidential: Free:

Riman Immobilien will contact you as soon as possible and you can benefit from the experience of Riman Immobilien, in order to have a real approach of the real estate market. Riman Immobilien is bound by professional secrecy and will never divulge any information to third parties without the owner‘s agreement The real estate appraisal is in principle free, if the buyer gives the property for sale exclusively to Riman Immobilien. For a real estate appraisal, without an exclusive sales mandate, Riman Immobilien will charge you a fixed price.

VIRTUAL VISIT In order to have a better visibility on the different media of publication, Riman Immobilien offers you a virtual visit of your real estate. Thanks to its technical equipment the sale of your property could be concluded more quickly.


Riman Immobilien offers the following services

REAL ESTATE PROJECTS In collaboration with Riman RE Solutions our team will develop the best solutions for your real estate projects.

INVESTMENT Knowing well the situations on the various national and international markets, Riman Immobilien can guide you in all your steps of investments in the sector of the real estate. His experience of more than 19 years allows you to invest in peace and serenity.

ENERGY PASSPORT The energy passport provides a quick overview of the energy consumption of the property. If you do not yet have an energy passport for your property, Riman Immobilien will be pleased to follow you in your efforts to obtain this energy certificate.

SALE AND RENT With a large national and international network, Riman Immobilien is your right partner for the sale or rental of your property in Luxembourg and abroad. 7

Why investing in Luxembourg? POLITICAL, SOCIAL STABILITY AND SECURITY The stable and social politics is a major strike force for Luxembourg, thanks to social peace, good negotiations, dialogue and respect. In recent decades, the economy in Luxembourg has been increasing, thanks to strong growth in trade and crafts, low unemployment and stable inflation. In September 2019 Fitch confirms stable triple AAA for Luxembourg, giving even greater attractiveness of the country.

HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE According to a study of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Luxembourg is one of the countries with the best quality of life among the industrialized countries. In 2018 Luxembourg took the third place out of a total of 103 countries surveyed, as well as the city of Luxembourg has been named the safest city in the world by consultants Mercer. Luxembourg will become in 2020 the 1st country in the world with free public transport. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world, but one of the richest.

BOOMING RENTAL MARKET Due to the rise in real estate prices, many people are limited to property rental or tenancy. Access to the property is becoming more difficult, with almost 30% of tenancy for all properties in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, demand is ever increasing.

POPULATION GROWTH Luxembourg currently has a population of over 626000 inhabitants with an annual growth of about 12 000 to 14 000, which makes a net growth of 2.0%-2.2% per year. Every morning nearly 220,000 border workers (around 31% of the population) cross the border to access their place of work.



Luxembourg is in the center of Europe. 60% of the European market is reachable in less than a day. (Paris – 2 hours by train; Brussel – 2 hours by car; Frankfurt 2 ½ hours by car; …). This central point is very important because from headquarters based in Luxembourg, hotspots across Europe are available at a glance.

Why investing in Luxembourg? COMPETITIVE TAX ENVIRONMENT Given the territoriality of tax, only companies that have a sufficiently strong connection with Luxembourg have unlimited tax liability. This is valid for resident companies, i.e. a company that has its registered office or centre of effective management in Luxembourg. Non-resident companies, i.e. a company whose registered office is not in Luxembourg but that generates Luxembourg income is subject to limited tax liability. Resident company are taxable on their worldwide income. However, if the foreign income is collected in a country which has concluded a tax agreement to eliminate double taxation with Luxembourg, the foreign income will be exempt from Luxembourg tax if it was generated by a permanent establishment. Non-resident company are only taxable on their local income in Luxembourg. Corporate income tax for resident and non-resident companies has been set at the following rate in 2019: • 15 % where the taxable income does not exceed EUR 175,000; • 17 % where the taxable income exceeds EUR 200,000. An additional charge of 7 % is levied on corporate income tax as a contribution to the employment fund.

FLEXIBILITY Flexibility is becoming an increasingly more important aspect for both businesses and individuals alike. Luxembourg can guarantee this flexibility by way of a transparent communication process and cooperation with the local authorities. Diversification, through astute policy, allows the country to increase its performance. 9

Why investing in Luxembourg?

EXCELLENT INFRASTRUCTURE Investments in infrastructure are growing, thanks to an investment of more than 1.1 billion in 2019 for public infrastructures of the State. Luxembourg is also one of the three european capitals with all its administrations like the european court of justice, the translation center, statistics, the European Investment Bank and more‌ . More than 136 globally reputable banks have established operations in Luxembourg.

SECURITY Property rents are secured through a guaranteed rental income insurance. With these insurance products available, tenants may be well selected. Rental management will be organized by Riman Immobilien a local manager and well-known on the real estate market, as the monitoring of the payment of rent, tenant demands, real estate property management‌

POLITICAL, SOCIAL STABILITY AND SECURITY The stable and social politics is a major strike force for Luxembourg, thanks to social peace, good negotiations, dialogue and respect. In recent decades, the economy in Luxembourg has been increasing, thanks to strong growth in trade and crafts, low unemployment and stable inflation. In January 2019 Fitch confirms stable triple AAA for Luxembourg, giving even greater attractiveness of the country.


Why investing in Luxembourg?

INVESTMENT FUNDS Luxembourg is the largest investment fund domicile in Europe and is the second in the world behind the US. Luxembourg ranks as the world leader for cross-border distribution of investment vehicles. The Luxembourg legal and regulatory framework offers multitudes of structures for real estate investment funds, and expertise and know-how of managing and administering these vehicles is globally recognised. The volume of investment funds has exceeded the sum of 4300 billion and 62% of the management of investment funds comes from more than 70 different countries.Real estate asset allocation in Luxembourg is also becoming increasingly used for portfolio diversification in investment funds.

LUXEMBOURG‘S HOUSING MARKET By annual comparison from 1st trimester 2018 to 1st trimester 2019, the sale of property has increased over 6.9 %. This is the average for the country of Luxembourg as a whole. The real estate market in Luxembourg is predominantly influenced by the prices charged in the center of the country, i.e. Luxembourg City and its surrounding areas and also the south of the country, as these two regions represent two thirds of the population. Property prices per/m2 Luxembourg City are currently priced between €8,000 and €12,000+, and the surrounding areas of the city between €6000 and €9,000. Prices outside the city and central areas are priced between €4000 and €7000, which vary depending on the geographical location within the country. Investors benefit from excellent investment opportunities due to the annual increase in real estate prices.This is due to the following criteria: • Annual increase in population of 12000-14000 inhabitants • The demand for property always outstrips supply • Insufficient building permits for the market demand • Offers are mainly focused towards the center of the country (Luxembourg City and surrounding areas)


Real Estate without borders

The international network is very important for a local agent. The population migrating from one country to another has been increasing for years. This should be seen by the real estate sector as an opportunity to establish cross-border contacts. The agent believes, if he wants to operate internationally, that he needs to offer real estate located in a country other than his own. This is true only for a small part of the agents around the world. For most local agents the customer becomes more and more international. In Luxembourg out of a population of approximately 610000 inhabitants 47.6% are of foreign nationality. For a local agent in Luxembourg contact with his counterparts abroad is of great importance. Often the international buyer buying in a country has a property to sell in his home country. The local agent

could then, thanks to its international network, propose the sale of this property by transmitting it to his partner abroad. The local agent will always be the person of trust for his client. To serve its customers for the best, Riman Immobilien has created an international network with specialists from all over the world. The presence on the various boards of directors in Luxembourg and throughout the world allows it to be always well informed about the evolution of the different international markets. 12

Real Estate without borders

Founded in 1951 in Paris, FIABCI is a worldwide business networking organization for all professionals associated with the real estate industry. FIABCI has provided access and opportunities for real estate professionals interested in gaining knowledge, sharing information and conducting international business with each other. FIABCI is a member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition and signed off on the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.

The Real Estate Chamber of Luxembourg is the largest representant of the real estate sector in Luxembourg with more than 200 companies affiliated. It gathers property managers, developers-builders, real estate agents aims to guarantee quality, ethic and training to support an intense exchange between professionals in the real estate sector and to supervise them in all their efforts.

CEPI was established in Brussels in 1990 as an international non-profit organisation. Its members are national associations based in Europe representing estate agents and property managers. The mission of the association is to support European and cross-border real estate transactions by developing the work and activities of real estate professionals with the interests of the consumer in mind. The association aims to raise standards in the real estate professions, promoting that real estate brokerage and property management be conducted by qualified professionals with high ethical standards. As the European Union and its rules and regulations continue to impact further on the real estate market and the activities of real estate professionals, CEPI also aims to use its combined strength to bring the views of real estate professionals to the attention of policy-makers in the EU, and to address and find solutions for their practical concerns in dealing with the implementation of EU policy and legislation. Therefore its work has an emphasis on European policy, lobbying and having an active presence in Brussels. 13

Riman Property Management

The profession of co-ownership trustee and rental management are a matter for professionals and for this reason RIMAN Property Management provides its customers with all the professional skills necessary to meet their needs. Our goal is to guide you and continuously improve the management of your condominium in a desire for total transparency and security. Our team of experts puts its know-how at your service to relieve you entirely or partially of the management of your building stock or your condominium. She takes care of the management, administration and accounting aspects of the building and monitors its proper functioning. Its role is to represent the co-owners in civil and legal acts, as well as ensuring the valuation of the property for the comfort of life of its occupants: Riman Property Management is the privileged link between the various co-owners and the various external providers, as well than with the administrations.


Riman Property Management

Our team supports you throughout the trustee mandate, among others in the following services: • • • • • • • • •

Holding of meetings and execution of decisions Cash management, fundraising and expenses Establishment of individual accounts for each co-owner Communication with co-owners and providers Control and breakdown of expenses according to the co-ownership regulations Underwriting of insurance policies and monitoring of claims Periodic visit of the building Subscription to maintenance contracts Supervision and control of works


riman.lu hello@riman.lu +352 26 71 48 85 - 1 40-42, Grand-Rue, L 6630 Wasserbillig, Luxembourg


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