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Ask Pride 2021

Happy Pride to all of you! If you know anything about me by now, its how much I enjoy a good acronym. As we celebrate, I’d like us to ponder these few thoughts on ways that may help strengthen the community and bring us even closer to true equality and togetherness.

P- Protection in Numbers

The countless lives lost sensibly to violence to this day infuriates me. It paralyzes you momentarily and then almost immediately launches you to action. Demanding justice, equality and adequate healthcare among many other basic humane & civil rights will forever be the larger focus but imagine- what if we could defend the community with safety and protection in numbers as well? Back when I used to attend religious events, the expectation was that we’d all spend a lot of our free time together. I was clearly out of place and continued to attend becausewell, it was my prerogative. I quickly became the target of a lot of aggressive, abusive and overall negative behavior. Being that I enjoyed attending these events, I continued to endure this hate and it ate me alive until one day, I realized why I was always being targeted. It was because I was always alone. An army of one and an extremely easy target. I can only imagine how many times we find ourselves viewed as “easy targets” simply because we’re walking, commuting or innocently traveling alone. I will not excuse the bad behavior of others but if I can encourage us all to find solace in groups where possible, I certainly will.

R- Restoration of The Mind

While I’m down for a drink and a dance

party like anyone else, let’s also spend time this

month reflecting on our “why”. Why are you motivated to push for change? Why do you feel pain/loss or even excitement during this time? Why are you striving to be your best self? Anytime we celebrate forward movement and having life in our bodies, I think its only right to honor where we’ve been. Restore your mind this month by releasing any toxic motivation you may not have realized you had and move to the next level of your journey with a clear understanding of what your desired outcome is. If everyone practices this regularly as an individual, imagine how powerful we would be as a whole?

I- Investments

What are your financial goals? Are you writing them down? Great! I say that to say this: be sure to begin investing in yourself if you haven’t already. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during this pandemic, its how to manage & save money even better than I was previously. If its possible for you to generate multiple streams of income, I’d definitely encourage you to and here’s why. How many times have we experienced a friend or member of the community in need who has been refused support from their own relatives? If we strengthen ourselves financially as individuals first, then it solidifies that no one else will be left behind. Do what you can for others when you can but remember, we are all indebted to each other.

D- Dare To Stand Out

When I think of the word “proud”, I think chest out and head high. I think boisterous and bold but of course, I mostly think fearless. We’ve touched on a few heavy topics and even though we’ve briefly discussed them; they’re very realistic, longstanding concerns for any one

Marshay person to have to deal with. Do not weigh yourself down with focusing on all the change we’re seeking for too long. It can actually damage you in the long run to be so immensely stressed for such a long period of time. Scientifically speaking, we could get into the permanent damage caused to our body by the stress hormone cortisol, but I literally don’t want to stress you out with even that. Take my word for it¦ breathe, relax and release every once in a while. Pat yourself on the break for a job well done so far and step into your light shining boldly in spite of!

E- Embrace Each Other

Last but not least, let’s make a strong effort to embrace each other and acknowledge each others efforts with love and kindness. Too often do we see shade being thrown in the name of fun and though it can make for great comedic relief in these times, it can also be very toxic. How many times have you laughed at someone using you for the butt of their joke but got home later and realized how bad it actually hurt you while you were already down? I can guarantee you the fun people in your circle are masking their true pain and may not ever tell you that to your face. Let’s normalize checking in on each other and using the fun shade more responsibly. Enjoy this time

Meet Todd Cray “Peachez” of POSE fx

BO: The world got to see you on several episodes of Pose’s final season recently. How did that happen? Peachez: Moving to NYC three years ago I had a host of goals . One of them was to get on pose and work that show even if I’m doing background. I stalked the socials of the show and waited until they released audition instructions. Once I got the info I needed I went to a casting agency, signed up, got accepted and took all the necessary steps (Head shots, COVID tests, Orientations) to start working . Two weeks later I got a call back to work every ball scene.

BO: Pose obviously has painted a picture of Black Queer culture that most of the world knew nothing about. Do you have roots in and what is your personal experience with Ballroom? Peachez: Yes. Ballroom is a huge part of my life . I have been a Ballroom parent, walker, and leader since I was 13. Ballroom is apart of me .

BO: What do you think is one thing people don’t really understand or know about ballroom? Peachez: People don’t understand the roots of Ballroom. They don’t understand that ballroom isn’t a big party it’s a place that saves people from our community . It’s home for us.


What was your experience like shooting the episodes?

Exhausting and very fun . I filmed for over a month and that month was long and hard. We had 5am call times and 12 release times DAILY! We had to be tested for COVID everyday. We also had to stand in heels for hrs at a time . It was not easy and very tough . Even through all of the hard work and pain. The best thing about filming these episodes was watching Janet Mock and all of the other black LGBTQIA community (Twiggy Garcion , Leiomi) running shit on set and making this show possible.

BO: Was it intimidating stepping into such a legendary show? Peachez: Not intimidating , more like in awe . It was beautiful to film with So many Talented Black Queer people.

BO: Ok so outside of Pose, tell us about yourself... who is Todd Cray? Todd “Peachez” Cray is an Artist and All around entertainer. I am passionate about people who look, act, and sound like me and my art reflects that.

Instagram: Peachezwithaz

TikTok: Peachezwithaz

Twitter: Peachezwithaz

More music! My albums “For My People” and “The Rent is Due” Available everywhere!!¸

I not only worked on Pose but I also worked a bunch of other shows as well: (Power, Law and Order, New Amsterdam)

You might catch me playing a pedestrian or a patient on one of those!!

Hello Readers! I missed giving you a recommenda5on last month. I have no idea what was going on with me as the deadline passed me right on by, but it seems that 2021 has kicked off with a bang. Did you see me in 585 Magazine talking about how all reading counts and that people should be encouraged to read whatever they want? Well, here I am too5ng that same horn with two offthe-beaten-path recommenda5ons for you. Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen (Graphic Novel)

I read this graphic novel as a part of a challenge I gave myself to read one book by every other present at the Greater Rochester Teen Book Fes5val (TBF). Magic Fish is Le Nguyen’s debut novel about a boy name Tien who wants to come out as gay to his parents. However, they are first genera5on Vietnamese immigrants and he is not sure that he knows how to convey everything to them effec5vely because his first language is English. The family shares a love of fairy tales and storytelling. The book weaves together Tien’s present experiences, his mothers move to the United States, and the stories they read together about princesses and their princes. The illustra5ons are beau5ful and the story is touching and relatable. A benefit of a virtual TBF this year is that Le Nguyen’s TBF panel appearances are s5ll available with registra5on to the fes5val. His panel topics included Wri5ng Graphic Novels and Wri5ng Authen5c LGBTQ+

Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead (Realis@c Fic@on)

Johnnu is a young two-spirit/indigiqueer (also how the author iden5fied) who, a`er moving off the reserva5on, becomes a cybersex worker. He has learned to give the men who pay him what they want. He hasn’t been home in years and now his stepfather is dying. He knows his mother needs him and he has to raise money to get back to the “rez” Over the course of a week, Jonny takes us on several trips down memory lane as he recalls his life as a young queer na5ve, personal and collec5ve trauma, his beloved grandmother, and the rela5onship he has with a friend he’s known all his life. This books is a 5ny thing but it packs an emo5onal roller coaster.

Love your body. Get tested.


Discovering Guianna By: Amanda Moulton-Proctor Guianna is an emerging artist known for her diverse style and soulful voice. From the church floor to the stage at St. Pete, Florida’s Pride Festival, her messages of Courage, Sobriety, and Love are truly an inspiration for all. I had the opportunity to meet with Guianna via Zoom and get a glimpse into the world of this amazing soul.

AMP: Who is Guianna? Guianna: I am a child of God, an empathic person. I’m determined, stubborn, creative, passionate. A deep-thinker, an over-thinker (that’s who I am).

AMP: What motivated you to get into music? Guianna: I remember singing at 6, preparing a song for church. I think because I saw my family sing, music was always just a part of my upbringing. In high school and middle school, I was always in choirs; I was in theater for all four years of high school. I started writing when I was 9 and started performing out in talent shows and events when I was in my early 20s. I didn’t start doing it professionally, like where I really made money until 2016.

AMP: Are there any musicians that have inspired you or influenced your style? Guianna: Yes! Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote is my favorite person in the world. She’s the reason why I play guitar. I heard her, found out she taught herself how to play guitar and I was like “oh, that means its possible, I have to do this”.


What goals do you have for 2021?

Guianna: I do have a meditation coming out on the 21st. Meditation saved my life, so I am making a whole album of meditation. I’m going to put it out there and people can make of it what they will. I started rapping in 2020. I did a Bi Pride song and a Black Pride song that have some rapping in them. So, I would like to do more rapping as well. I would say

more meditation and rapping¦ for now.


What do you hope people take away from your music?

Guianna: I hope they take away healing and courage. I hope that I can shine a light in any way in areas of people’s lives where they don’t feel liberated and they can feel safe to come out of whatever prisons they find themselves in. I also hope to open the minds and eyes of people who might have their eyes closed to certain things like sexuality, even about God, and shine a light on the vastness of God and the existence of queer Black and Brown people who are also deeply steeped in their faith.

AMP: What would you say to people who are struggling between their faith and their sexual orientation/gender identity? Guianna: That God loves you. God’s love is huge. There is room for you and you were created to shake things up and make people uncomfortable and let them know that you exist and you are valid. There are some people who choose to stay in their church communities and shake things up there- you can totally do that! I had to stop going to the church I was going to because I couldn’t go to a church that was telling me that who I am is a sin. I wasn’t able to live with that. I came out to

my pastor as bi about 2 years ago and stayed for a few months. They were like “we love you but we still think it’s a sin”. I was out of church for about 5 months and then I was asked to be apart of the church I’m at now and they’re fullon like “LGBTQIA+ people we love you, we grieve with you for all you’ve been through, you’re valid, you-re awesome, we’re not going to change you. You’re welcome here, bring your partner.” That’s how I knew God was real because I was like “God, if you don’t make a way, then I’m just not going to be in church ever again.” So to those people I say: find a community where you are accepted and not tolerated, but celebrated.


What has your journey been like?

Guianna: Interesting. I came out as bi when I was 17. I continued to date women for a while, I still had, and have, some internalized homophobia, so around 21 or so I started dating guys. I kept dating guys until, well recently, but I came out at 29 again. So, I went back in the closet at 21, came back out at 29. Now I am out and proud and I have a Bi Pride song that I’m going to be singing at Pride.

AMP: Obviously you’re excited about performing at the St. Pete Pride, but how else are you feeling? Guianna: I am, but I am also terrified. Let that be known! I was told there will be thousands of people and I don’t think ever in my life have I performed for thousands of people. I don’t even think it has been hundreds, so it will be very interesting to see how that goes. I have my God and my angels with me so I’m not super worried about it,

but the human part of me is like ‘ahhh, that’s a lot of people!’ I am excited to share and it is such a dream come true to play at Pride when just a few years ago I was struggling to come out of the closet. I was struggling so much with either I have to come out and forget about God or I have to cling to God and forget about my sexuality. It’s just so cool that I get to do both. I get to celebrate with all of my family on such a large scale.

AMP: What is your message to the Black and Brown Queer community?

Guianna: I am you. I love you. I grieve with you; I celebrate you with. I fight with you and for you. You can have it all. You can have your faith and your sexuality and follow your dreams. You can go to therapy and its not a weak thing. You’re worthy of love. You’re seen, you’re loved. You are valuable. Anytime someone tries to put you in a box, just be reminded that no group of people are a monolith. You my beautiful Black and Brown Queer people are not a monolith either. Don’t let anybody put you in a box because you’re Black, Brown, or Queer.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Guianna: If anybody who sees this, come find me, come holla at your girl! Let’s be friends. Let’s go for coffee, or tea, or Kava- whatever your jam is. I am also a sober person. I used to smoke and drink and I don’t anymore because it was not working for my life. Anybody who is struggling with that or who is sober-curious: come find me, lets be friends. I’m always looking for more community and more beautiful people to add to my life.

Guianna’s music can be found on all major platforms. If you wish to contribute to her directly, you can do so at https:// Also, she will be among the many

Transman Realness: Carter Prodigy NAME:












Celebrating the legend of Johnny Cash with over two dozen iconic songs Directed by Mark Cuddy Created by Richard Maltby, Jr. Conceived by William Meade 585-232-4382

Happy Birthday and happy New Year to you Cancer. This year has been pregy difficult for you. The pandemic and social distancing have caused you to be more introverted than normal. It’s okay to go “within your shell.” The s5ll waters within you run deep. So even though you may feel obligated to spend 5me with your partner, family members and other social groups, its important to be aware of your actual capacity. Its okay to say “no” and to accept that “no” can be a complete sentence. Some5mes people are aware of your good nature and you struggle with not geing taken advantage of- remember it's okay to keep a healthy boundary. This birthday will be a significant one. You will have a lot of change this month. A birthday ritual is suggested. For example, ligh5ng a Birthday candle and dressing it in a favorite perfume or oil and wri5ng down your inten5ons for your new year. Write down your inten5ons, what you would like to do with your life, your goals, your partner. While the candle burns imagine all of your inten5ons, goals, and visions coming to pass. Its going to be a new year and a new you. On your birthday remember to get into that habit of self-care and embracing and expressing yourself in ways that will help you con5nue beau5fully throughout the future. Single Cancers this is the 5me to really work on yourself and your passions and allow yourself to be the focus. If you are single, have no fear- a love interest of your choice is just right around the corner. You have been through a lot of change, shedding the old and incorpora5ng the new. Its important to bring all parts of yourself healed to the rela5onship so you don’t have to repeat past rela5onship trauma. Cancers in a rela5onship: This a great 5me for you and your partner to embark on a new adventure. Perhaps further embracing some of your altruis5c passions, such as volunteering together, or spending 5me at your local puppy pound. It will bring you both closer and help you to bring forth a vibra5on of peace into your rela5onship and the world around you. Let passion lead your heart so that you and your partner can embrace all the newness that is coming your way. Monthly Affirma5on: All my rela5onships are harmonious. I create Love and harmony all around myself.

Happy Birthday and Grand rising to you too Gemini. You have been going through a 5me of reflec5on. You have been feeling very reflec5ve in regards to looking back into the past and recalling some of the posi5ve memories that you have been having. You are all about change this month. You want something and someone new- you are ready for the change. So for you your mogo is, “I am ready for who and what is ready for me.” Now is a good 5me to get into journaling and other types of interpersonal reflec5on such as medita5ng, and yoga. These types of healing modali5es are going to help you remain grounded and admit all the new change that is coming for you this month. A journal is a good safe place to process all these emo5ons that will come up for you. Gemini in love: You and your partner are in a very passionate space so you will be experiencing a lot of in5macy. It’s a great 5me to try new things, new posi5ons, and bring other things into the bedroom. Embrace freedom. It’s going to be a hot month for you Gemini. Single Gemini: It’s 5me to finally break away from that toxic person once and for all. Some people like to take advantage of your kindness and flexibility. It’s okay to walk away. Some people come into your lives for a 5me and not a life5me. It’s 5me to let go of the one you thought you would always know. Monthly affirma5on: Those I love, love me too.

June is a great month of introspec5on for you Leo. You have been contempla5ng the changes that need to be made so that you can truly live in your heart space, expansively. For you that looks like not returning to the nega5ve energy that some people are giving you. Whether it’s your workplace, a failed rela5onship, or some troll on social media- you are more clearly and ac5vely crea5ng a healthy boundary. You are being mindful of the people you allow in your inner circle. Some people who have been there for “years” and seemingly had your back are the same people that you have to lovingly open the door to invite them to exit out of your life. Good for you Leo! You have embraced a painful lesson and now know some people are just in our lives for a reason and a season and that you cannot take everyone with you. Your spirit guides, Guardian angels and other beings of the light encourage you to energe5cally shield yourself from people who would take advantage of your exuberant personality. It’s perfectly okay to cut 5es with people for the rest of your life 5me. It’s also perfectly okay to cut 5es with someone for a reason and a season. Meditate and trust your guides to help lead you to weed out and invite the right people into your life. Although it is uncomfortable, and change o`en is- you are seing a new founda5on for yourself that is going to create a peaceful and prosperous life. Single Leos: If you are single this is a great 5me to respond and weed through some of those, crushes, or love interests that were sliding into to your DMs. It’s okay to be selec5ve, or to embrace all this new found adora5on that you will be receding this month. You are taking a stance and embracing your authen5c self- don’t be surprised if many people are agracted to you because of this. Leos in love: If you are in a rela5onship be ready to take things to the next level. Whatever that means to you Leo. You and this person have been

going pregy strong for a while, this might mean moving in together, taking that trip, or mee5ng your partner’s parents. Have no fears, you and your person put the effort in and you’re ready for the next step whatever you both decide that is. Monthly affirma5on: I create space for all of life’s newness.

Happy June Virgo you are embracing all this new spring 5me energy and plan5ng and watering posi5ve seeds of joy in your life. Let’s face it- you have a lot to be grateful for and you know it. When you go places people can see, feel and know that you are a person of great abundance and choose to pour your gi`s out to the world, and those who you are called to influence. The energy around the newness that you want to bring into your life is so good right now. Things are really working out for you even things that you didn’t think would ever become possible are coming to pass right now in this month. Because of this, your energy is contagious. People whom you haven’t seen or heard from will be seeking to reach out. Be careful they might see how well you are doing. This is also a month of great introspec5on for you Virgo. It’s okay to embrace being alone and your introverted tendencies may not be understood by all. But it is important for you to recharge so that you can do more of what you need and want to do to create las5ng happiness for your life. Remember you are the author of your life and life is happening for you, no to you. So ponder this month, what do I want to create? Single Virgos: There is someone from your past, a rela5onship, boo, booty call that is deceiving you. Don’t be too quick to give a second chance. Remember everything isn’t always as it seems- keep this in mind while on da5ng apps. It’s important to exercise some cau5on right now in regard to da5ng. Virgos in love: Wow Virgo, if you are in a rela5onship right now, you have found someone who is completely compa5ble with you. All of that hard work, personal self-work and introspec5on has paid off. Look at his person as a blessing from the Universe. They are here to help you complete your life’s mission and oh they are your soulmate. So they are there to provide a life5me of fun and companionship. Now is a great 5me to celebrate this new found love by spending 5me, and engaging in each other’s hobbies. Monthly Affirma5on: I give myself the apprecia5on that I deserve.

This is a very expansive month for you Libra. There have been many ups and downs and many seasons of change throughout the 2020-2021 5meline. Your higher self has been working with you to help decipher what it is that you really and truly want for your life. Don’t be surprised if you are propelled to a new person, spiritual group, hobby that you have always wanted to do. This is also a great 5me for you to switch careers, ask for that promo5on, apply for a higher paying, and ranking posi5on within the organiza5on that you're currently working for. The balance that you have been imposing on yourself is helping you to move forward in crea5ng balance in the community, and the places that you are called to influence. You have done the work now you are ready to help others and embrace the world around you.

Libra in love: You have been experiencing a lot of changes within your rela5onship. In some ways you and your person have seemingly grown apart. It’s okay to separate from your partner. Even if it is just for a 5me. There is something that you both need to work out independently before you can begin a new. Single Libra: You have someone coming in for you. If you severed 5es with that past person, make sure that you did your healing work of self-care. Because, Honey this new person is the one who you have been looking for! They match your personality, wit and intelligence. However it’s important to recognize that if you pour too much of yourself too quickly into the rela5onship/ situa5onship you could become consumed and lose a lot of yourself. Remember to keep your iden5ty. Monthly affirma5on: I am worthy, lovely, and loved.

There has been a lot of change and shi`ing of the familiar people, places and things that you are used to engaging with. You have done some really good work. You have been working on yourself, working out and changing you and people have been taking no5ce. In some of your new social seings people are really no5cing the new and improved you. Your physical appearance is really reflec5ng your inward beauty. But, remember to remain humble when receiving compliments. You are also now becoming more financially secure and being able to make the moves that you have been longing to make in regard to crea5ng the life that you want. You are working on the many op5ons that the Universe has provided to you. You have been working on yourself for a long 5me and all the posi5ve seeds that you have planted are ready to come to frui5on. Remember to choose wisely, you don’t have to make all your choices at once. Single Scorpios: Keep up the great work in regard to working on yourself. The more you love and value yourself, you will call in the love that you desire. That perfect partner who you have been praying for, manifes5ng, and seeking is seeking you too. Be ready to cross paths with this person in June. It’s going to be a fiery month for you. Scorpios in love: Wow you and your person have been embracing bringing passion into your life. You love each other dearly. You are co-crea5ng the des5ny that you truly wanted. Love is flowing through and to the both you. Keep embracing the change and enjoy the journey your two are becoming more solid day a`er day, moment to moment. Monthly affirma5on: Everything I seek has been seeking me. What I desire, desires me. .

This is a month of reflec5on and change for you. You have been trying to organize and keep things in order in regards to your social life and work balance. You are not currently sa5sfied with what you are doing in your life and that’s okay. The one thing about being the author of your life is you can change the page, alter the characters and re-work the story as you see fit. You are also experiencing some confusion. You may have also been stuck in the past looking back to see where things went wrong. It’s important to remain in the present moment. The past has already happened, and there is a lot of power in seeking to create and promote change in your life and the lives around you. Even though this has been a place of uncomfortability- that can be a place of expansiveness for your life as well. A word of encouragement for you this month, focus on what you need and what you want and stay open to possibility.

Sagigarius in love: You are in an expansive place in regard to love. When manifes5ng it’s important to focus on what and who you want. You and your partner have been struggling in regards to rela5ng to one another. Remember to embrace each other, and seek to spend more 5me together. Plan a date night, a road trip, mani- pedis if you want to. It’s all about spending 5me which will create a deeper connec5on between the both of you. Single Sagigarius: The new moon and the full moon will be a very powerful 5me for you this month. Embrace the posi5ve and nega5ve forms of yourself. There has been a familiar love interest that you have been dealing with. Give yourself a generosity of spirit to focus on who and what you want. Remember there isn’t really a right or wrong about these things. Just be mindful to treat people as you would like to be treated. Do you really want to be in an open rela5onship OR a booty call. Just get clear on what you want and seek that. Monthly affirma5on: I create a space to welcome in newness

This is going to be a month of change, and balance. It’s 5me to stop being so cri5cal of yourself and others. You have been pregy exhausted in regards to rela5onships and work and home balance. You have been pregy overwhelmed with all the responsibili5es that you have assumed. There has been someone in your life whom you have lost contact with that wants to reconcile with you. It’s important to ques5on why this person might want to come back into your life at this 5me. It’s also important in regards to this new month that you have a balance between things you want to do and things that you have to do. Capricorn in love: You and your partner are really beginning to know each other beger. Your partner is a very family oriented person. They may want to show you off, take you to the family BBQ. It’s cool if that’s cool with you. You may feel that things are happening too fast. Be sure to communicate your needs to your partner and embrace the process of deepening your connec5on with your person. Single Capricorn: Take the plunge with this new love interest. You have been wondering, wai5ng and wishing for this person to make the first move. Guess what- they did.. OR they are going to and all you have to do is sit back and embrace the process and allow and welcome this new connec5on into your life. It seems like you are going to embrace a “go with the flow type” of process. Monthly affirma5on: I choose to embrace love in spite of it all.

Let’s be honest- this is going to be a difficult month for you. There has been a lot of chaos and confusion that you may have invited into your inner circle. It’s been a struggle for you to find peace within your social and roman5c rela5onships. Have you been engaging in more gossip? It’s important to take responsibility for the people, places and things that you invite into your life. You are conflicted about leing people go and seeking to embrace peace. It’s important to not play the vic5m to embrace change as you’re provoked to release things. Spirit, the Universe, the higher power are asking you to create boundaries within yourself and others.

Aquarius in love: It’s 5me to talk about whatever the elephant in the room is between you and your partner. Maybe even seek professional help through a therapist or life coach. Not talking about it, and pushing your emo5ons down.. or projec5ng them onto one another are truly hurqul and unhealthy ways to deal. Seek a more proac5ve approach if this resonates with you. Single Aquarius- This is a good 5me to be single. To focus on you. Your wants and desires and whatever types of people, places and things that you would like to have in your life. The more solid you get within yourself, the more you will be able to agract the type of partner that will resonate for your greatest and highest good. Monthly affirma5on: I choose myself.

The month of June is going to involve a lot of self-reflec5on in regard to change. You might be dealing with some situa5onal depression. It’s important to reach out to those loved ones and people who would like to support you. The more 5me you take to heal from past wounds, or family trauma you will reach back and heal the ancestors and move forward and heal your descendants. This month try consul5ng a life coach, healer, holis5c prac55oner, or tarot reader about the newness and change that you are seeking to invite within your life. Remember to pause, take breaks, go on walks, meditate and pray. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself grounded. Pisces in love: Your partner is coming in with a love offer of commitment. Your partner is ready to embrace some type of change with you. You two are ready to take that new trip or that new big purchase that you have been wai5ng to make. Great! Good for you- you made it. Keep up the great momentum in your rela5onship. Single Pisces: You are wai5ng, wan5ng, and wishing for that new person to come and talk to you. Give you their number, and seek them out. It’s okay to be the one to be the first to text, call, or meet up. Seek out what you want. The more you plant posi5ve seeds within this new connec5on, the more you will be able to expand on where you both want to go together. Monthly affirma5on: I forgive myself, I choose to forgive others.

This month those decisions and choices that you have been struggling to make will become clearer, especially about what you should do next. Before you make a choice about any type, take a couple of deep breaths, and be careful to not make a choice out of fear. You will have 5me to seek out those important people in your life that you call to speak into your life, and give you some good advice about these changes that you are seeking to make. There was something that you have to leave out of your life and let go of in the month of May. It appears that you have been struggling with someone in your life, a love interest or family member. Have you been having trouble sleeping? What are you figh5ng through? If you follow the guidance of spirit you will be able to work through this difficult 5me. Time in reflec5on could be very helpful. Another ques5on that might be important for you to ponder is, “What is my offering, to whom am I offering?” Do you need to spend more 5me being poured into instead of pouring your energy out? Aries in love: This new love that you have stepped into is just what the doctor ordered. The guides, spirit and your Guardian Angels, have been guiding you to this person. Ask yourself, how you and this new person can move into the future together. What types of plans do you both have for each other? These are helpful things to talk about together. Single Aries: It’s 5me to turn away from this love interest that is trea5ng you like an op5on. A person who treats you as a second thought really shouldn’t be a first priority of ours. You are so much beger than that. So get back out there, go to that coffee shop, get back on the da5ng app. But, don’t be someone else's side piece or second thought. Monthly affirma5on: I prepare myself for the life that I want. June is going to be a great month of self-improvement for you. You have been expressing yourself, journaling, medita5ng, and finding other ways to keep yourself grounded. Your emo5onal intelligence is really growing. People have been turning to you for advice as they see the change and all the emo5onal and social emo5onal development and want some of the good stuff that you got going on. It’s okay to give to others as you give to yourself if you have capacity and a healthy boundary to do so. People are seeing the change in you and all the inward work that you have been doing and that is paying off. This is a victory lap for you and your ancestors, your spirit guides, and everyone is cheering for you to con5nue your process. Keep looking forward and set your goals, your future is looking very promising. It’s important to manifest your goals, and visions you know, all that stuff that you have been keeping to yourself in your mind. Work on that. Taurus in love: The rela5onship that you are currently in is going through some major changes. Roles, and preferences may be changing. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Remember anything is okay as long as you and your person agree to it. Single Taurus: You are being more selec5ve with what you are invi5ng in your life. That’s a good thing. Yes there are plenty of fish out there. That doesn't mean that they all have to be on your hook. Everyone shouldn’t have access to you, remember to keep up a healthy boundary when you are out there seeking some love, comfort and companionship. Monthly affirma5on: I choose to dwell on what I love. Shannen is a therapist, certified licensed life coach LLC, Spiritualist, Tarot reader, Reiki master teacher, Spiritual consultant and interfaith minister. Please reach out for consolation, reading, or spiritual advice at Clear light of the Heart Services. , 315-877-4107 and follow at Clear light of the heart- Facebook page.

We encounter numbers everywhere. You are given one when you are born that will identify you for the rest of your life. The numbers we are focusing on here are the numbers that comprise your date of birth. 00/00/0000. Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning. Everything can be broken down into a single digit number between 1-9. Within that spread of 9 numbers is held a world of information. The single digit total of your birthdate defines your LifePath. Each month I will do a tarot reading based on your Lifepath number. To find your Life path number follow this method: Say your birthday is 02/14/2014 . Take each of the individual numbers and add them together. Then add the digits in the total together until you get a single digit. That is your Life Path Number.  0+2+1+4+2+0+1+4= 14 1+4=5 Your Life Path Number is 5. You will use that number to find your Tarot Reading specifically for you each month. June 2021 1- The month starts out with you trying to get your thoughts in order. You may have recognized recently that they seem more conflicting than usual. It is time to do some grounding. Take some time to connect with nature or mediate. Quiet your thoughts so you can sift through them one by one to make sure they still apply in your life. It may be time to let some of them go and replace them with ones that are more suited to you. Then from that point you can move forward. Even though Mother’s Day was last month , you may want to reconnect with her again this month to show her you don’t just think of her on that one day. If your Mom is not available to you , find a Mother figure to connect with. The need for shared compassion will also help you move into the next phase of your life and you will be better for it. 2- Time to check in with your emotional self. There may be some confusion there that needs some tweaking. In order to connect emotionally with another or others you need to connect with yourself. What you are looking for are the imbalances that make you too vulnerable. There needs to be a healthy nourishment of your emotional needs. I would start by nourishing them yourself rather than relying on someone else to do it. Then from that place you can share with others. If you aren’t filling your own cup before you share with others yours will run dry. This is also going to require you to pay attention to your emotional scale and not let it go to 0. Taking time to pray, meditate or at least center is essential. WE never know how people will react to us so we need to keep that scale on the plus side ourselves because way too often they will disappoint. 3- It is time to do something you have been putting off. You are at a point in your life when you might want to take some time to re-evaluate your current beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. Take inventory of your thoughts and see if they still apply. Seek help from a spiritual advisor to help you sort out the paths that lie ahead. Once you have decided on a direction ...go for it. There are new awarenesses that are just waiting for you to take notice. This is definitely the time to start trusting and working with your intuition. There are signs that are being shown to you. You just need to slow down enough to be able to see them then know how to apply them. Seek guidance from a teacher if necessary at

first but eventually your guidance will come from a higher Source. 4- This month you may have to wear more armor than usual. There are times the Warrior in you will need to step forward. This does not mean you have shut yourself down emotionally though. You are supposed to be enjoying the lifestyle you have created for yourself. You may also have a special person to share it with. If you are willing to open yourself up to this person you may be surprised at how willing they are to put on their armor as well and fight alongside you. When all is done you may want to re-evaluate what that relationship really is. It did not start out this way but finding someone who is there to hold the line and support you can be a great foundation to build upon. 5- Sharing and communication are important this month . You can pick who you share with but keeping all your thoughts to yourself is not the right move this month . Find at least one person that you trust to honestly bounce your thoughts off. This will be particularly helpful in the areas of your finances. Explore the possibilities with them . You may be surprised how wise that friend really is. Then have faith that you can go from that place to taking action. Keep in mind that you want to focus on things that have meaning to you whether in your current career or finding something to do that speaks to your soul. You may find that if you do that you will be the recipient of someone’s generosity. With them putting faith in you it puts a great deal of responsibility on you to follow through. You are about to embark on a very significant project., 6- June is a time of choices for you. There are opportunities before you that you get to choose from. The way you should make your decision is to focus on what aligns you with your authentic self. People will be watching and it is very important that you put your best foot forward, Lead by example and be a good role model. You are also going to be called upon to work hard. Don’t be afraid to jump in and get your hands dirty. A skill that you have will get stronger and more precise. Don’t be afraid to push yourself a little to see how good you really are at it. Your creativity is going to be in overdrive so use it to your advantage. Towards the end of the month you will be able to relax a little bit but only long enough to make the next plan. Trust that you will know what your next direction is. Have faith that the Universe is on your side and guiding you. 7- This could be a very discouraging month for you. Early on you are very positive and excited but you find that thoughts you have lead you down the wrong path. This is happening not to keep you down but to push you to do more. It is almost like your resolve is being tested. If you really want something you won’t be turned away at the first sign of adversity. There is going to be someone that is going to be there to guide you. Don’t be afraid to ask this person for their advice. You don’t have to do it exactly as they asked but definitely take their expert advice into consideration. You may find that things are still stacked against you. Instead of looking at them all as one big obstacle, deal with them one at a time. Then congratulate yourself as you overcome each one. This is a sign of courage and strength. 8- This stands to be a great month for you. 8 is the number of happiness. This shows up for you especially strongly this month. It is important for you to be able to go for what you want this month. You are driven by your passions and they need a form of expression. Whether you are in a good place or not this is the time to ask yourself “What else is out there for me?” Don’t settle for being content when you can be happy. Too often we are told that content is good enough. You need to reach higher than that. Be grateful for all the good things in your life and the Universe will bring you more things to be grateful for but if you find yourself complaining the same concept is true . You will get more things to complain about. That is the Law of Attraction. Celebrate life. Celebrate those around you that are achieving their goals. Build one another up and they will do the same for you. 9- You are being given choices to make. Rise above the usual logical decision making that you tend to use and dig deeper to your inner Knowing. This calls for wisdom not just logic. Wisdom allows you to make the best possible decision not only for you but everyone involved. You are being given the opportunity to change the way you usually do things. Look at similar situations that you have been in , in the past . Remember what worked and what didn’t. Then approach the current choices with the intention of doing just the things that worked. You may initially feel like you have taken on more than you can handle which will lead you to more choices. Start prioritizing what needs to be done first and get it done then move on to the next thing. You are starting on your Spiritual path that requires you to come from a higher place even when you are dealing with mundane tasks.

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