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Top 5 Tips to Update Your “Not so New Home� By Sheeja Nair, Interior designer, Raashi Design, LLC


ou’ve been staring at the same drab living room for many years. You’re tired of its look, but a complete re-do is too expensive. Well, look no further for some budget-friendly tips. 1. Painting – Painting the walls and cabinetry is an inexpensive way to update the look and feel of your spaces - just ensure the overall color scheme works. A fresh new color for your front door can increase curb appeal. 2. Replace dated fixtures – Replacing outdated light fixtures, faucets, cabinet hardware, switches and outlet plates can add function and style. 3. Architectural details – If not a big statement ceiling, adding crown molding, wall paneling or wainscoting in the common spaces can make the space look upscale. Adding a backsplash can transform your kitchen. 4. Details – Details really matter when it comes to design. Something as simple as changing the throw pillows on your sofa or floor rugs can refresh the space.

5. Artwork & Accessories – Adding or replacing artwork and accessories can help creating a cohesive look and change the feel of the room.



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