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Factsheet Version 1st September 2011

Bison Schweiz AG Bison is a leading Swiss IT company, specialising in the development and implementation of business IT solutions. Under the guidance of CEO Rudolf Fehlmann, the group currently employs about 340 people and in 2010 achieved sales to the tune of CHF 69 m. The Bison headquarter is in Sursee, central Switzerland, subsidiaries are located in Sempach, Puidoux and Kaarst, Germany. With over 25 years of experience on the market, Bison is able to make a reliable and secure contribution to its customers’ success. Every customer receives comprehensive and long-term service and assistance. Here, the main aspects are a technologically advanced product range, mutual trust, and the fact that the customer’s investment in IT is protected. Together with Bison IT Services AG in Büron, which specialises in IT infrastructure consulting, engineering and operations, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of IT services.


Rudolf Fehlmann, CEO Martin Zellweger, COO Urs Hirt, CFO Christof Oberholzer, CTO Martin Talamona, Executive VP Production Daniel Steiner, Executive VP Sales and Marketing Michel Ruf, Executive VP Services Michel Schmid, Executive VP Internal Services

Company structure

Together with Bison Holding AG at Sempach Station, Bison Schweiz AG, with its headquarters in Sursee and Sempach Station forms the Bison umbrella.

Bison Holding AG

Bison Schweiz AG

Sales & Marketing




Internal Services


Bison Holding AG: Novanet Solutions AG Darum Beratungs AG itCampus Schweiz AG

50% 49% 20%

Bison Schweiz AG: Bison Solutions AG Bison Deutschland GmbH Bison FLG AG europa3000 AG Nexeco AG

100% 100% 100% 32% 32%

Bison IT Services AG

Legal form

Public limited company

Share capital

Bison Holding AG has share capital of CHF 1,961,800. 51% of the share capital is held by management, employees and by partner companies. Its major customer, fenaco, holds 49% of the share capital.


Board of directors Bison Holding AG / Bison Schweiz AG President: Vice President: Delegate: Members:



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Lassmann, Leipzig Werner Beyer, Frauenfeld Rudolf Fehlmann, Schenkon Dr. Willy Gehriger, Pully Georges Theiler, Luzern Daniel Zurlinden, Oberbipp

Financial figures - Total turnover for 2010: - CH: - Abroad (D, AT)

69 million Swiss francs 90% 10%

Social figures - Employees: - Apprentices: - Average age:

340 22 35 years

Bison Schweiz AG Surentalstrasse 10 6210 Sursee Switzerland Phone +41 41 926 02 60 Fax +41 41 926 04 30