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Valerie Weigel ................................................................... Chair Kevin Strege ...............................................................Vice-Chair Wendy Van Duyne ........................................................Secretary Mike Schmitz ................................................................Treasurer Brian Eiseman ............................................................ Past Chair


Evan Anderson ...........................................................Gizmonics Steve Bakken ......................................................City of Bismarck Andrea Birst ...............................................Glance Spa & Salon Nathan Boehm ....................................................Morton County Brian Eiseman ...............................................Stoneshire Builders Amber Larson.....................................................City of Mandan Karl Lembke ......................................................Vaaler Insurance Becky Matthews ................................................Burleigh County Allan Miller ............................................................Anyleaks, Inc. Dr. Sara Weigel Ness ..............................Active Life Chiropractic Marnie Piehl ................................North Dakota Safety Council Mike Remboldt ................................................................HIT Inc. Matt Sagaser ......................................................Doosan Bobcat Mike Schmitz ......................................Schmitz-Holmstrom CPAs Garret Senger ...............................Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Kevin Strege ................................................Credit Foundations Wendy Van Duyne .....................Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Valerie Weigel .......................Basin Electric Power Cooperative Lee Weisbeck ..........................................................Starion Bank


Brian Ritter ...................................................................President Aasta Eggert .......Economic Development Marketing Specialist Ross Frohlich ............................................Membership Director Christine Nelson ....................................Event & Sales Manager Rebecca Pelkey .................................Communications Specialist Elliot Rust ................................................Chief Financial Officer Lyndsey Scheurer .........................Creative Marketing Specialist Nathan Schneider ................................................Vice President Josie Smyle ..................................................Events Coordinator Cathryn Sprynczynatyk .....................Communications Specialist

1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-223-5660 •

CONTACT INFORMATION Content Rebecca Pelkey

Advertising Christine Nelson

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he Chamber EDC Team works very hard to come up with content for every edition of the Connection that our members will find relevant and interesting. In recent months, we’ve touched on everything from the community’s housing market to what we’ve termed the “recreation economy.” What’s more is that we’re planning this content months in advance so that we can bring you unique insights on these topics and more. However, one topic that we keep coming back to year after year is our community’s entrepreneurs. Lots of the products that we use every day started off as the idea of an aspiring entrepreneur who had the determination to take that idea and turn into reality. Here in Bismarck-Mandan, we’re blessed to have a number of people like that, and you’re going to read about just a few of them in this month’s Connection.

That group includes:

• A pair of brothers who turned one restaurant into many more. • An orthodontist with a passion for real estate.

• An events expert who keeps finding more and more niches to fill in the venue and events industry. • And a physical therapist who got her start at an entrepreneurial event in downtown Mandan.

The diversity of this small group alone just proves how vast and deep our community’s pool of entrepreneurs actually is. As part of our economic development efforts, the Chamber EDC is committed to helping those entrepreneurs grow their businesses right here in Bismarck-Mandan. At a high level, we do that by supporting our community’s entrepreneurial events such as One Million Cups, TEDx and Mandan’s Business StartUp 101. On a smaller scale, our team works with individual entrepreneurs if they have a financing gap they need help filling or if their growth will require a new building. The bottom line is that we believe in those members of our community who have a dream and we’re going to help them make it happen. So make sure to check out the rest of this month’s Connection and as always, thank you for your continued support of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC!

Valerie Weigel Chamber EDC Board Chair @bismancedc

Cover Photo Credit: Mabelle Photography

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THE ENTREPRENEURS’ ROUNDTABLE By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Entrepreneurship is thriving on the prairie. From events like 1 Million Cups to Mandan’s Business Pitch Challenge, everything points to fertile entrepreneurial soil in Bismarck-Mandan. Connection magazine posed the same set of questions to five entrepreneurs to create an entrepreneurs’ roundtable. The entrepreneurs interviewed include brothers Colton and Jared Shoults, Co-Owners of four restaurants across Bismarck-Mandan; Michelle Kaufman, Owner of Sixteen03 Main Events and four other events and hospitality businesses; Blake Feil, Owner of Feil Orthodontics; and Kimberly Bloms, Owner of Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy & Wellness.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESSES? MICHELLE KAUFMAN: “As early as I can remember, I was trying to find something to sell to somebody and to find someone to buy it. I would try to sell the pictures I drew to my grandma for $0.25 … When I went to graduate school to get my MBA, everyone told me not to start my own business in restaurant and retail. A lot of people discouraged me from doing that, but that was where my heart was — in small business. I have classmates who partnered on huge tech ventures. I never wanted to go big. I always wanted to be a small business owner here in Bismarck-Mandan.” COLTON SHOULTS: “I have no restaurant experience, but I walked in with all the confidence in the world. I made a deal with (founder Vu Truong). If I could do $1 million of sales within the first year, he would sell me the entire Grand Junction brand name. We did $1.1 million in the first year ... We own 100 percent of the naming rights. We structured it now as a franchise. The others were grandfathered in.”

SIXTEEN03 MAIN EVENTS Proprietor: Michelle Kaufman, Hospitality and Event Entrepreneur Founded: 2013 Employees: 90 between six businesses How would you describe your business in 30 words or less? “I want to be the local expert on everything weddings, events, hospitality — and have something to offer for any party situation or event you are planning.”

4 4 Connection

BLAKE FEIL: “The business world was a big part of my life growing up. I watched my grandfather own and operate his own pharmacy in downtown Mandan and was able to shadow my dad in the banking world as he worked with businesses throughout the community. From a young age, I started a lot of my own little side businesses and developed a passion for creativity and learning. Entrepreneurship has been the perfect vehicle for me to continue to be a creator and lifelong learner.” KIMBERLY BLOMS: “In 2016 I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. At that time, I had really enjoyed my job. I took a year off to recover. After that, your mentality changes about purpose in life and where you want to be 30 years from now. I went through a period of feeling really high on life like nothing was going to stop me after I survived that — and then a downspout when I really didn’t know what I was going to do … I told a friend I wish I hadn’t been sick, because I would have done something different with my career. It really set the wheels in motion. I wrote a business plan to participate in Mandan Business Pitch Challenge. I took Second Place. I put a bid on a building in Mandan, and didn’t get it. Those things made me even more determined to be successful.” Photo Credit: Mabelle Photography



Photo Credit: Mabelle Photography

Proprietor: Colton and Jared Shoults, Co-Owners Founded: 2016 Employees: 75 between four businesses How would you describe your business in 30 words or less? “We focus on the customer’s experience. We focus on our team and others. Everything else is supplemental — the food the menu, the games, the decor, the arcade.”

WHAT ARE KEY MILESTONES SINCE THE FOUNDING OF YOUR BUSINESS? KAUFMAN: “Sixteen03 Main Events has come a long way since I got here. I’m proud of that … None of the founders of Sixteen03 Main Events lived here in Bismarck. I walked in (in 2014) with an opportunity to do whatever I felt was necessary to make it work. I felt like I owned the business from the day I walked in here because, I had complete autonomy to get it done and make it successful … In 2020, I purchased Sixteen03 Main Events.”

JARED SHOULTS: “(Our dad’s) values are the values of our business. Positivity, teamwork, problem solving, dealing with adversity — those were his core values. It’s like he’s teaching it (to the employees) through us.” BLOMS: “The biggest milestone for me is becoming a leader — realizing my faults, but also my strengths — Remaining successful and constant for our families. Going through COVID-19, I was able to lead and keep everybody calm in my first year in business.”

FEIL: “Post-COVID, I’m really proud of the resilience our team has displayed during an unprecedented year of uncertainty, change, and stress. It's taken 12 years to assemble this team, and I can’t imagine working with a better group of professionals. The pandemic challenged our staff and business in a multitude of big ways, and I'm grateful and proud to be able to say one-year past the start of this pandemic that our clinical and administrative teams are stronger than they've ever been. I sleep well at night knowing we have a professional, capable team in place dedicated to caring for our patients.” COLTON SHOULTS: “Working with Jared and family, I never want to let our team down. Our dad, Paul Shoults, passed away in 2018. I won (the Chamber EDC’s) New Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019 — exactly one year after he passed away ... Dad always wanted to open a business. When we started to open these businesses, he was so proud — especially that Jared and I were working together. I see that especially now that I’m a father.”

Connection 3 5

FEATURE | CONNECTION WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED SINCE YOU FOUNDED YOUR BUSINESS? BLOMS: “Transitioning from a full-time physical therapist and full-time CEO to more of a CEO this past month was a bit of a shock. I never went to school to do what I am doing now, but I discovered that I love business and I am good at it. It was a huge milestone for me.” COLTON SHOULTS: “I come from a National Guard background. One thing we do is AAR – After Action Review. Every single brand, every single night, multiple times a day, we do an After Action Review. We share those numbers, labor, sales — we share that with everyone.” KAUFMAN: “Never plan too far ahead or be too set in your expectations or plans for the future. New opportunities can come up at any time. Doors close and open unexpectedly all the time. The climate changes constantly. Don’t look too far into the future, because you’re probably looking at the wrong picture.” FEIL: “The most important lesson I've learned is how critical it is to remain eager to learn and continue to foster interest in the business and your team. I’m still learning every day. That’s part of why I enjoy coming to work. If you stop learning, you stop growing. Never stop listening to your team. They will be some of your greatest teachers. No matter what important issues or distractions arise, sitting down with my team, having one-on-one meetings with employees, and working on employee development never falls off the priority list.”

WHAT TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING IN YOUR INDUSTRY? FEIL: “So many (dental) sole proprietorships are rolling up into much bigger conglomerates. We’re seeing that shift in dentistry much like we saw in funeral homes and healthcare. We’re seeing a consolidation, especially during COVID times. The market and community here has not pushed businesses like myself into having to do something like that in order to be sustainable. Margins have come down tremendously in the last 10 years. (Businesses) need to combine marketing, HR into one headquarters ... I think we’re in the last generation of sole proprietorship orthodontist offices.” KAUFMAN: “Most people aren’t experts on putting a wedding together. They need help and guidance. We have made it our priority to be the experts in planning a large event — absolute professionalism and knowledge.” BLOMS: “The big trend is on functional movement and focusing on participation with kids. What is the end goal for that family? Do you want them to be able to climb at the park? Do you want them to be able to take a bath? Do you want them to be able to dress themselves? Do you want them to be able to stand at the counter and stir a cup of hot cocoa? Our job is to look at the impairments, and help adjust those to achieve their goals.” JARED SHOULTS: “Third-party (food) delivery is huge. We used to do our own delivery. In 2018 we stopped doing our own delivery and switched to third party delivery ... Margins in restaurant industry are tough. It’s about getting your food in front of as many people as possible. Eventually, it exposes people to your product.”

KIDS IN MOTION PEDIATRIC THERAPY & WELLNESS Proprietor: Kimberly Bloms, CEO and Physical Therapist Founded: 2019 Employees: 8 How would you describe your business in 30 words or less? “We provide pediatric therapy services to children birth to 21 who have complex diseases, disabilities, and impairments.” Photo Credit: Mabelle Photography

6 4 Connection



Photo Credit: Mabelle Photography

Proprietor: Blake Feil, President and Orthodontist Founded: 2009 Employees: 10 How would you describe your business in 30 words or less? “We make people smile for a living.”

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO OTHER ENTREPRENEURS? KAUFMAN: “Don’t take no for an answer. I’ve been told ‘No’ by many banks and loan officers around town. I always found someone who was willing to say ‘Yes.’”

JARED SHOULTS: “Be creative. Continue to innovate. Find a new angle on things. Bring something new to the table ... Always looking for the best people. Continue to invest in them. When you have a bunch of go-getters, we’re all hungry.”

FEIL: “Develop and invest in your team — both internally with your employees and in the community. I've found Bismarck and Mandan business leaders to be generous in sharing their experiences and business acumen with aspiring entrepreneurs. Reach out for mentorship in the community and learn from the experts we are fortunate to have here in our community. Don't forget to harness the power of your extended support team in your banker, your accountant, and your attorney. Their support can do way more for you than just your books and banking. They can become an extension of your business. If they know your business and they know you, they become invaluable beyond what you hired them for.”

COLTON SHOULTS: “Invest in your people.”

BLOMS: “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. I immediately started finding networks of people I could learn from. Any time you join a group, try to offer more than you get.”

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WHEN LIFE GIVES THEM LEMONS… THEY BECOME YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS! By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk When Christine Nelson and Josie Smyle took over the Lemonade Day program last year, they had a trial by fire. Not only were they experiencing for the first-time an event that engages 500 youth in Bismarck-Mandan. They experienced their first Lemonade Day during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s all in the past. Happily, Lemonade Day returned to normal in 2021. Nelson and Smyle are the City Directors of Lemonade Day. They are also Event & Sales Manager and Events Coordinator, respectively, at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC. On June 19, Bismarck-Mandan hosted its fifth annual Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day is a curriculum based out of Lemonade Day national headquarters in Houston. The free curriculum teaches young entrepreneurs how to start a business through the model of setting up a lemonade stand. “Having kids learn about entrepreneurship at a young age may interest them in being an entrepreneur when they get older,” Smyle said. This year, 475 kids registered for Lemonade Day. This was a big improvement after COVID-19 impacted numbers and only 188 kids registered in 2020.

The Lemonade Day curriculum is designed for grades 3-8, but it can be adapted to any age level.

Youth learn business and entrepreneurship lessons such as the cost of goods, return on investment, creating their product, expenses, profit margins, and collaborating with business partners. The curriculum is designed for grades 3-8, but it can be adapted to any age level. Simle Middle School Teacher Kerry Oberlander brought Lemonade Day to his students. In May, his students created lemonade stands, sold lemonade and baked goods to their classmates, and donated the profits to the Simle Middle School pantry. On average, each group made $85 in 20-minutes of sales. Jared Shoults served as a Lemonade Day City Champion this year. Shoults is Co-Owner of multiple restaurants including Grand Junction Grilled Subs, Laughing Sun Brewery, and The Craftcade. “It’s very important to inspire young people and show them it’s possible,” Shoults said. “It’s not a crazy, out-there dream to run your own business.” Since the Chamber EDC has been running Lemonade Day for five years, the staff have seen some young entrepreneurs grow up before their eyes. Abby Daniels has participated in Lemonade Day for multiple years, and she is a past winner of the Best Tasting Contest. This year, Daniels graduated to being a judge for the Best Tasting Contest.

Lemonade Day 2021 has 475 participants across Bismarck-Mandan.

8 4 Connection

“We’re excited to see the growth next year,” Nelson said. “We know it’s going to be bigger, better and more entrepreneurial.”



Niahla Moore, 8, is an old pro when it comes to Lemonade Day. Niahla has been a Lemonade Day entrepreneur for three years, and she will be a fourth-grader this fall. Niahla’s business was Niahla’s Sweet N Sassy Lemonade. Her investors were parents Damion and Adrianna Moore. Her employee was 4-year-old brother, Nolan… well, kind of. Nolan tried to work for his big sister, but he got tired. “The important part is budgeting and managing her money,” said mom Adrianna Moore.

Niahla Moore made $270 net profit on Lemonade Day.

This year, Niahla made $320 gross. After subtracting the cost of supplies and paying back her investors, Niahla made $270 net profit. The Lemonade Day curriculum encourages kids to be intentional about how much they save, spend, and donate. Niahla donates 50 percent of her profits to Heaven’s Helpers Soup Café, where she volunteers. She invested 25 percent in her college fund, and she gets to spend the remaining 25 percent. “We wanted to teach her don’t spend it all at once,” Adrianna Moore said, “have it spread out all through the summer. If you see something you want in the store, budget for it. We wanted to teach her the value of a dollar.” Niahla spent some of her money treating her dad to Mo’s Snow Shack shave ice. Normally, dad is the one who buys. The other exciting part about Lemonade Day was when Niahla took First Place in this year’s Best Tasting Contest. Young entrepreneurs are encouraged to bring their best tasting lemonade and some decorations for their stand. Niahla got nervous when she saw the neighboring stand decked out with pink decorations, pink flamingos, and pink lemonade.

Even though Lemonade Day has passed, Niahla hasn’t retired from running her business. Her family lives on a busy street, so Niahla plans to run her lemonade stand throughout the summer. She will even have a new employee — 14-year-old cousin Melania Ortega is visiting from Chicago. The young entrepreneurs have big plans and big business dreams for the summer.

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Hansen's Mens Wear has been a member since 1978.

Barry Hansen HANSEN'S MENS WEAR Tell us about yourself and your role within your business. A: ​My name is Barry Hansen and I’ve been the owner of Hansen’s Mens Wear since 1977. We are located in North Bismarck and specialize in Men’s formal and casual wear.

10 4 Connection

MEMBER SINCE 1978 Briefly tell us the history behind Hansen's Mens Wear. A: Hansen’s Mens Wear is a locally-owned family business that was established by my brother David and I back in 1977 in the Gateway Fashion Mall. We relocated within the mall before again, relocating to our current location on Interstate Avenue in October of 2009. At Hansen’s, we understand the frustration of not being able to find clothes that fit, which is why we offer a wide array of Big & Tall clothing, including: suits, sportcoats casual slacks, jeans, shirts, ties, socks, belts, and suspenders. You’ll find everything you need on our racks, from polo shirts to Hawaiian shirts, Stacy Adams shoes, Grand River jeans, as well as underwear from Munsingwear and Players. Our on-staff tailors also specialize in alterations to make sure your tuxedo has you looking your best for any important event, including banquets, weddings, and proms.

CONNECTION | MEMBER PROFILE How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Hansen's Mens Wear? A: The growth in the Bismarck-Mandan area has played a huge role in our growth as a Men’s Wear business. We are appreciative of our long-time customers and continue to see a steady stream of new customers as the community expands. What trends are taking place in your industry? A: We are seeing a lot more color, florals, and vertical striped patterns in men’s casual wear, especially for the warmer summer months. As for tuxedos and sport jackets, textured and relaxed tailoring has been very a popular style for proms and weddings. Have there been any monumental changes within your industry that you’ve had to deal with? A: Besides the regular trends that are constantly changing season to season, over the last year, the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce has expanded. This increases the importance of shopping local, and we are appreciative for our long-time customers who still choose shop in-store.

What should other Chamber EDC members know about Hansen's Mens Wear that may assist them? A: Hansen's offers on-site alterations and one-day tailoring services to make sure your clothing fits you perfectly. We also embroider shirts, pocket squares and other items, in addition to mending and patching fabrics. We carry a wide range of styles to make sure you can always find what you're looking for, plus you can also order items that aren't available in the store for regular sizes and big & tall size customers. Our knowledgeable tailors will make sure your new clothing fits correctly and will provide you with outstanding, personalized service you can rely on while offering a selection of clothing you'll feel great about. Update your wardrobe by coming to Hansen's Mens Wear today!

What does the future of Hansen's Mens Wear look like, and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: For more than 40 years, Hansen's Mens Wear has been providing the Bismarck-Mandan area with an outstanding selection of men's clothing and accessories, and we hope to do the same for 40 more. We are thankful for the community’s support and hope to continue expanding our inventory and customer base in the years to come. Hansen's Mens Wear became members in 1978, why do you continue to renew each year? A: Hansen’s Men’s Wear became a Chamber EDC member shortly after we opened our first location in the Gateway Mall. I believe it is important to invest and be active in the community that we serve. It is also important to be a part of the business community, working together, to make our community the best it can be.


GET INVOLVED TODAY! Professional Development Service Social For more information on how to become a member or a partner, email



BISMARCK VISION FUND ASSISTS IN EXPANSION Innovative Solutions is a design engineering, machining and fabrication/manufacturing company in Bismarck. The company is currently in the process of expanding to a 11,200 square foot facility in south Bismarck that will nearly double their square footage and allow them to expand their capacity. Simply due to square footage, further growth is limited due to the inability to house raw materials, purchase/add machines, room for fabrication and workers. Part of the financing package for the expanded facility came from the Bismarck Vision Fund in the way of the local match for the Bank of North Dakota’s PACE interest buydown program. The program is a business assistance program that utilizes funds from the Bank of North Dakota leveraged with local community dollars to lower interest expenses on traditional bank notes. Chris Loraas, President of Innovative Solutions, said “The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC has been instrumental in regard to assisting with the offerings of the State and local resources as to business expansion. Their knowledge of navigating the waters of the state’s Pace program in conjunction with working with local leaders to complete the application process was a huge help. The local match loan of the Vision Fund is a great addition to the state’s contribution resulting in a reduced burden incentivizing expansion. Without these hard-working folks who have always been advocates for our business, the expansion would have been much less attractive to move forward with.”


Chamber EDC Staff and other State & Community Leaders met with representatives from 50 South Capital. 50 South has been engaged by the State of North Dakota to manage / invest the Legacy Fund dollars authorized by HB 1425 in companies, projects, etc. here in North Dakota. More specifically, 50 South can invest those dollars (via equity positions) in early stage companies.


The North Dakota Development Fund is a financing tool available through the ND Department of Commerce. The fund provides "flexible financing" through loans and equity investments not available from most conventional lenders and is available to any primary sector business. The fund is a source of financing whose funds can be subordinated to a company's lead lender. If a business can't handle added debt, the Development Fund can take an equity financing position. To learn more about the ND Development Fund contact Nathan at the Chamber EDC office.

12 4 Connection


ND Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) is pleased to announce the addition of Payton Tivis to the network as the Bismarck Center Director, offering assistance to the 10 counties within state planning region seven. ND SBDC Center Directors provide business advising, technical assistance, and training to entrepreneurs and small business owners or managers in all facets of starting, managing, and growing a small business. Payton can be reached at 701-328-5865 or

MANDAN EOP COMMITTEE HOSTS EDUCATION SESSION The Mandan Economic Opportunity & Prosperity (EOP) Committee is hosting a Business over Breakfast Education & Outreach Session: Understanding Financial Statements on Tuesday, August 10th from 7:30am – 9:00am at the Baymont Inn in Mandan. The panel will feature an accountant, commercial lender, and the ND SBDC Bismarck Center Director. The Mandan EOP Committee focuses on providing programming to assist small business growth in Mandan. The event is free. To register visit or call 701-667-3478.


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BISMARCK-MANDAN CELEBRATES ITS FINEST The Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan award ceremony is right around the corner, so mark your calendar and join the Chamber EDC as we honor some of the community’s finest! On Wednesday, September 22nd the Celebrate BismarckMandan Committee will recognize local business leaders for their great accomplishments within the community. At this year’s event, we will not only honor those who win such awards but also those who have been nominated in the following categories: • • • • • •

Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan is September 22.

Granite Award Golden Eagle Award New Entrepreneur of the Year Young Entrepreneur of the Year Outstanding Teachers of the Year Ambassador of the Year

Every year, the committee along with the help of the community, recognizes and honors the organizations who have excelled in Bismarck-Mandan over the years! If your business would like a table to attend the event, please contact Josie Smyle at, or call the Chamber EDC office, 701-223-5660. Cost for a table is $450. Tickets are $40 for Chamber EDC members and $50 for General Admission. THANK YOU SPONSORS! Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsors: Award Sponsors:

BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE A Touchstone Energy Cooperative ®

Table Sponsors: Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck Cancer Center, Bismarck State College, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Brady, Martz & Associates, Capital Credit Union, CornerStone Bank, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, Eide Bailly, First International Bank & Trust, First Western Bank & Trust, Gate City Bank, Liberty Business Systems, Northwest Contracting, Sanford Health, Schmitz-Holmstrom CPA, Starion Bank, University of Mary Event Sponsor: Advanced Business Methods

14 4 Connection


TOTAL RESOURCE CAMPAIGN SAVE THE DATES! Did you know the CEDC has over 1,200 members and one of the best ways to reach them is by participating in our events and programs? Whether it is Annual Dinner, Golf, Lemonade Day, Sporting Clays, or any of the other new events-there are many options! During the next 16 weeks, the CEDC will take the time to introduce our membership family to the value of their membership and how to MAXIMIZE the benefits! Renewing sponsors have the right of first refusal for their sponsorships from the previous year this is what we call the “renewal period”. The 2021 renewal period will begin on August 2nd and end on September 3rd. Starting on September 7th, all sponsorships that have not been renewed will be available for all members. Don’t miss out and return all renewal contracts by Friday, September 3rd to secure your sponsorships! Keep an eye out for your renewal contacts and let us know if you do not receive them. SAVE THE DATES!

August 2nd – September 3rd — Right of First Refusal

September 7th — Open Enrollment November 19th — TRC Conclusion

As a commercial account executive in Bismarck, Craig Walz is dedicated to matching each customer’s unique needs with the right tools and services for their business. Call Craig today at 701-323-3009 to schedule a free consultation. With more than 42,000 miles of fiber across the state, DCN and its 14 owner companies operate North Dakota’s most robust fiber optic network.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an eventtake this opportunity to get involved! Questions? Contact Christine Nelson at or 701-223-5660.

*No first right of refusal for monthly Membership Mixers

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LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN GRADUATION Leadership Bismarck-Mandan graduated 10 students during a commencement program on May 26 in Mandan. The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of 10 community members that charted a course to leadership through an exclusive, nine-month program. Congratulations to the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan, Class of 2021: Melissa Barth – Aetna, a CVS Health Company Sean Cleary – NISC Weston Dressler – Sanford Health Rich Garman – Great River Energy Jillian Lagasse – Capital Credit Union Annique Lockard – Office of N.D. Attorney General Amy Mazigian – Gate City Bank Kari Schmidt – City of Mandan Katie Schulz – North Dakota Women’s Business Center Tina Stanger – University of Mary

Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Class of 2021.

MARY VAN SICKLE WINS LBMAA DISTINGUISHED ALUMNA AWARD Mary Van Sickle was awarded the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association Distinguished Alumna Award for 2021 at the Leadership BismarckMandan graduation on May 26. Each year an award is presented to a past graduate of the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan program who has used leadership knowledge and skills to benefit BismarckMandan. Van Sickle graduated from Leadership Bismarck-Mandan in 1992.

William Arthur Ward wrote, “Blessed is the person who sees the need, recognizes the responsibility and actively becomes the answer.” Van Sickle has always been committed to the idea of civic engagement. For the past two decades, she has Mary Van Sickle of Dakota Media Access was awarded the Leadership Bismarckturned that idea into reality for our community. Mandan Alumni Association Distinguished Alumna Award for 2021 at the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Graduation. Left to right: Alumni of the Class of Through her vision and leadership as executive 1992 include Pam Hopkins, Mary Van Sickle, and Todd Steinwand. director of Dakota Media Access, Van Sickle has facilitated the sharing of information and democratic involvement, enhanced community dialogue and freedom of speech, encouraged community involvement and civic pride, created an awareness of local interests, views and cultures, as well as promoted artistry and creative expression.

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SPORTING CLAYS SHOOTOUT IS AROUND THE CORNER It's never too early to start planning for a day of fun at Capital City Sporting Clays presented by Knife River on Friday, August 20th! It's an event that everyone can enjoy and there is always friendly competition. Registration starts at 8:00am with a light breakfast before a shotgun start promptly at 9:30am. Participants are encouraged to stay for a delicious lunch, ice cold refreshments and amazing door prizes. You can register individually and we will assign you to a team or you can sign up in teams of four. Admission includes shotgun shells (12 and 20 gauge), ear plugs, course fees, lunch, beverages and an opportunity to take home some great door prizes. Please register you and your team today by going online to or by emailing Ross at

Accessible Business Expertise | 701-751-4030 Connection 3 17


MEMBERSHIP MIXER: UNIVERSITY OF MARY Date: Thursday, August 19, 2021 Location: University of Mary 7500 University Drive, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Join us for the August Membership Mixer! On Thursday, August 19th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, University of Mary will be hosting the August Membership Mixer at the Gary Tharaldson School of Business on the University of Mary campus. Join fellow Chamber EDC member for this Membership Mixer will we enjoy catering by University of Mary Dining Services along with an open bar, for limited time only! This event is a great way to get out and about for some fun networking and to have the chance to win some great prizes, such as University of Mary merch, a sporting package, and a 1-4 hour workforce development training for up to 20 employees! Mixers are FREE for Chamber EDC members to attend. Please consider attending and brining colleagues from your workplace! RSVP’s are appreciated and can be made by registering online at https://business.bismarckmandan. com/events or by contacting Josie Smyle at jsmyle@

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Date: Friday, August 20, 2021 Location: Capital City Sporting Clays 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck Time: 9:00AM - 2:30PM Admission: $100 for Chamber EDC members $125 for General Admission Presenting Sponsor: It is never too early to start planning for a fun day at the Chamber EDC Sporting Clays Shootout! You can register individually and we will assign you to a team or you can sign-up in teams of four. Admission includes a light breakfast, shotgun shells (12 and 20 guage), ear plugs, course fees, lunch, refreshments and a great opportunity to win some amazing door prizes. Please register you and your team today online at or by calling Ross at 701-223-5660.




Date: Thursday, August 26, 2021 Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Patio 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Presented By: It’s time for the third and FINAL Thursday’s at the Chamber EDC appreciation lunch for the summer of 2021! We greatly appreciate our members and all the support you give throughout the year, so please, stop by and accept our small token of appreciation. Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Daniel Companies, we are able to bring this event to you for FREE! Join Chamber EDC staff for a fun way to network on Thursday, August 26th, from 11:30am – 1:00pm on our beautiful patio while we serve burgers, brats, a choice of sides, along with ice cold refreshments. Contact Josie Smyle at, or call 701-223-5660 to RSVP for this fun afternoon in the sun!


Date: Friday, September 10, 2021 Location: Raymond J. Bohn Armory parking lot 4200 Miriam Ave, Bismarck Time: 11:30AM - 1:30PM Admission: Free to Attend Presented By: The Chamber EDC and its Military Affairs Committee invites the community to the annual Brats with the Brave appreciation picnic for the military and first responders! Join us to show your support and to have lunch with not only the military men and women who bravely serve or have served our country, but also our community’s first responders and healthcare workers. Come for brats and all the fixin’s, Friday, September 10th, at RJ Bohn Armory from 11:30am – 1:30pm, or until we run out! Local veteran, active duty, and reserve military personnel, as well as first responders and healthcare workers, will join us as we show our gratitude to their service for our community and our nation. If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, please contact Josie Smyle at, or call the Chamber EDC’s office at 701-223-5660.

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CELEBRATE BISMARCK- MEMBERSHIP MIXER: MANDAN CENTURY 21 Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 MORRISON REALTY Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center

800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM Admission: $40 for Chamber EDC members $50 for General Admission Presented By:

Date: Thursday, September 30, 2021 Location: Century 21 Morrison Realty 1142 W. Turnpike Ave, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Join the Chamber EDC and its Celebrate BismarckMandan Committee on Wednesday, September 22nd as we recognize local businesses and their leaders for their accomplishments within the community. At this annual award ceremony, we will honor those who have been nominated in the following categories:

On Thursday, September 30th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, Century 21 Morrison Realty will be hosting the September Membership Mixer at their location at 1142 W. Turnpike Ave in Bismarck.

• • • • • •

Outstanding Teachers of the Year New Entrepreneur of the Year Young Entrepreneur of the Year Golden Eagle Award Ambassador of the Year Granite Award

Come along as we recognize our outstanding businesspeople throughout Bismarck-Mandan on Wednesday, September 22nd from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center. Cost to attend is $40 for Chamber EDC members (Virtual & In-Person) and $50 for General Admission. If you are interested in reserving a table, please contact Josie Smyle at, or call 701-2236550, for more information!

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Mark your calendar for the September Membership Mixer!

Join fellow Chamber EDC members for this Membership Mixer while we enjoy catering by Lady J’s with refreshments and some business after hours. This fun event will also be giving away a wide variety of door prizes to attendees in the form of gift baskets! Mixers are FREE for Chamber EDC members to attend. Please consider attending and bringing colleagues from your workplace! RSVPs are appreciated and can be made by registering online at https://business.bismarckmandan. com/events or by contacting Josie Smyle at jsmyle@



Reduce overhead costs and free your staff for more important matters. Choose from a cost-effective suite of cash management solutions such as these …

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888.258.6050 | Member FDIC

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For the third year in a row, Capital Credit Union has been named North Dakota’s best credit union in a nationwide survey conducted by Forbes and market research firm Statista.

Forbes and Statista identified America’s Best-In-State Credit Unions 2021 based on an independent survey of approximately 25,000 US consumers who were asked to rate credit unions at which they have or previously have had checking accounts. Participants made recommendations regarding overall satisfaction; they also assessed credit unions in the following areas: trust, terms and conditions, branch services, digital services, customer service and financial advice. As a not-for-profit institution, Capital Credit Union returns all the extra money we earn to our members in the form of lower rates on loans and higher returns on deposits. We also take pride in educating our members and making them wiser consumers of financial services.

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high quality plumbing, heating, air conditioning and mechanical contractor services not only in Bismarck, but across the region in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana.

On Friday, June 25th, this legendary leader in our community showed their dedication to supporting recovery from dependency issues and improving healthy living, as they make a major donation to North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge. For the past 18 years, North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge has been helping individuals reclaim their lives and learn to live a successful life of sobriety. This nationally accredited program has helped hundreds of individuals learn how their core beliefs affect their behavior and what their real identity is. These and other vital tools, individualized counseling and a faith-based environment have made North Dakota Adult &Teen Challenge so successful. North Dakota Adult & Teen Challenge’s most unique feature is that no one is turned away due to the inability to pay. All of our donations go to the operations and programming purposes so that those who desire help and a transformed life can get the services they need. “In addition to remaining a free program, we have future plans to expand services within the state,” Pastor Phil Wolverton, Executive Director commented


LEWIS & CLARK DEVELOPMENT GROUP AWARDED $1.8 MILLION THROUGH SPECIAL FEDERAL FUND The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that 863 certified community development financial institutions (CDFI) will receive funds from the $1.25 billion CDFI Rapid Response Fund. The fund, created through the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, is designed to aid economic recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis & Clark Development Group (LCD Group) is among the CDFIs receiving funding. CommunityWorks North Dakota, which is part of LCD Group and a CDFI, has been awarded $1.8 million to assist in the organization’s work at boosting North Dakota’s economic recovery. LCD Group is classified as one of 245 organizations serving rural populations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, LCD Group has been coordinating an economic response at regional and statewide levels. LCD Group, through the Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council (RDC), has been providing recovery services and financing for a ten-county region in south central North Dakota. Through both CommunityWorks North Dakota and various programs such as the North Dakota Opportunity Fund, among others, LCD Group has been assisting businesses across the state.

“We have always been positioned to bring businesses, lenders, economic development groups, and local leaders together to address local economic and community development issues. The pandemic really highlighted how important these capabilities are,” says Ekstrom. “Lewis and Clark Development Group has been able to respond quickly and strategically in offering critical assistance to small businesses and communities.” CDFI Rapid Response funds may be used to support activities such as financial products, financial services, development services, certain operational activities, and build capital and loan-loss reserves. For LCD Group, the $1.8 million infusion will be applied to the state’s growing affordable housing challenge. “The pandemic made North Dakota’s affordable housing challenge even worse. We are going to use these critical funds to expand our single-family and multi-family lending programs. Many communities, especially rural towns, are seeing their multi-family properties at risk of losing their affordability. We are going to also use some of the dollars to acquire these properties to the benefit of residents and the peace of mind of community leaders,” says Ekstrom.

APOLOGIES with Becker

Weekdays @ 9:00pm Only on: KNDB CH.26 Bismarck | Mandan | Dickinson



KNDM CH.24 Minot | Williston

KRDK CH.4 Fargo | Grand Forks

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Legacy Financial Partners, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC in Bismarck, was named to the list of “Barron’s Top 100 Private Wealth Management Teams” published by Barron’s Magazine, a publication covering business and finance. The list recognizes wealth advisory teams that specialize in serving individuals and families, and have demonstrated high levels of ethical standards, professionalism, and success in the business. Legacy Financial Partners was chosen based on assets under management, industry experience, credentials of their team members, the resources at their disposal to serve clients well, regulatory and compliance record, and revenue produced for their firm. Legacy Financial Partners is a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. The team provides financial advice that is anchored in a solid understanding of client needs and expectations and provided in one-on-one relationships with their clients.

ANNUAL FILL THE BUS EVENT TO HELP STUDENTS IN NEED For 25 consecutive years, iHeart Media, along with community businesses and individual donors, have partnered with Bismarck Public Schools to assist students in need with an event called Fill the Bus. On August 19th from 6:00am 6:00pm, iHeart Media will be broadcasting from both the North and South Red Carpet Carwash locations. Community members are encouraged to come and “Fill the Bus” with supplies that students need to be prepared for the 2021/22 school year. The supplies requested are as follows (in order of need): • Kleenix/Face Tissue Boxes

• Backpacks (youth and adult with computer liner) • Markers

• Colored Pencils

• Earbuds or headphones • Yellow Highlighters • Black Sharpies

• Pencil Boxes or Pencil Bag • Dry Erase Markers

• Calculators (both basic and scientific) • Flash Drives

• 3x5 Notecards

• 1-2 inch ring binders

• Scissors (Fiskars preferred, various sizes needed) • Folders and Binder Dividers (both with pockets)

• Notebooks (Composition, Wide-ruled & College ruled) • Rulers

• Crayons (24 pack) • Glue Sticks Ross Frohlich - Membership Director

CONTACT ROSS TODAY to find out details about membership and if it’s the right choice for your business!

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Donations can also be made online for the purchase of needed supplies at: fill-the-bus Supplies collected will go to students in need within Bismarck, Mandan and surrounding areas. Parents in need of school supplies for their children should contact their children’s schools in mid-August with the grade levels of each child to learn about when they can pick up materials. Pick-up days will typically be on the first day of school.



McGough, an ENR Top 200 builder, is pleased to announce that it is continuing to expand its Midwestern presence with the launch of a new regional office in Bismarck, North Dakota. McGough is headquartered in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, with offices throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. McGough also operates an office in Dallas, Texas. Founded in the 1950s, McGough made a name for itself as a pioneer in the development of collaborative delivery methods and the execution of complex projects. For more than six decades, the family-owned company has continued to build on that legacy, amassing an extensive portfolio of experience, including many highly innovative and complex healthcare, corporate office, higher education, performing arts, hospitality, research/laboratory, and industrial projects around the country. The new Bismarck office builds on McGough’s strong history of successfully managing a wide variety of projects throughout the Dakotas. The Block 9 project has transformed the skyline of downtown Fargo. The Terex Manufacturing project located in Watertown, South Dakota, won a 2020 ENR Best Project Award. McGough also has successfully completed projects for many of the most well-established organizations in the Dakotas, including Sanford Health, the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University and Prairie Lakes Healthcare. Ryan Goodsen will lead the office as Vice President Regional Operations. Goodsen joined McGough 13 years ago and has managed project-based operations teams throughout the Dakotas and Minnesota. He leads a talented and experienced team of construction professionals born and raised in the region. “Our strong portfolio of successful projects throughout the region and our optimism about continued growth throughout the Dakotas were key factors in our decision to solidify our presence in Bismarck,” Goodsen said. “McGough is well-positioned to provide support to our hometown Bismarck team through our additional regional offices in Fargo and Sioux Falls as well as our central Minnesota headquarters. We are looking forward to expanding our client relationships in the community and strengthening our existing relationships with owners, architects, local subcontractors and consultants.” McGough’s Bismarck office is located at the Grand Pacific Center- 400 E Broadway Ave Suite 101. A ribbon-cutting and open house will be held Thursday, September 23rd from 3:00pm - 6:00pm.


SOLVING YOUR MOST COMPLEX CHALLENGES. With SEH, you are a true partner and collaborator.

Engineers | Architects | Planners | Scientists 701.354.7121 |

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1661 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400

Q: WHAT IS A ZERO DAY ATTACK? A: A zero-day attack comes from the

number of days a software developer has to patch a vulnerability the developer was unaware of. These vulnerabilities are weakness in programming that allow bad actors to exploit operating systems or applications. The solution to fixing a zero-day attack is known as a software patch. Zero-day attacks can sometimes, but not always be prevented by antivirus or regular system and software patching. There are different markets for zero-day attacks that can be legal or illegal. Zero -day attacks can have malware, adware, spyware, or unauthorized access to usernames and passwords. To prevent these attacks, it is a best practice to setup your operating systems and applications to auto update if possible. Think of a zero-day attack this way. You think you locked your house when you left, but to find out an intruder checked the door and it was left open.

500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100




A: Blood in the urine can be a sign of

A: Assure Home Mortgage is unique in

bladder cancer, but it doesn't always mean you have cancer. More often it's caused by other things like an infection, benign tumors, stones in the kidney or bladder, or other kidney diseases. In some cases, blood in the urine could be the first sign of bladder cancer. There may be enough blood to change the color of the urine to orange, pink, or, less often, dark red. Sometimes, the color of the urine is normal but small amounts of blood are found when a urine test is done as part of a general medical check-up. Here some additional symptoms of bladder cancer: •

Feeling as if you need to urinate, even when your bladder isn't full

Having trouble urinating or having a weak urine stream

Having to get up to urinate more often than normal

Pain or burning during urination

Bladder cancer may be diagnosed with cystoscopy- (possibly with biopsy), urine cytology, x-rays, or a CT scan and it’s important to check with your healthcare provider if you have concerns.

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1110 College Dr, Ste 207, Bismarck, ND 58501

that we offer a free service to clients to help assess their credit report numbers and develop plans on how to increase their score over a period of 3-6 months to qualify for a home purchase. Through many years helping various clients, we have gained a few top tips in increasing credit scores: • Make sure you have at least 3 lines of credit reporting • Keep your credit card utilization under 25% • Have a friend or relative with great credit add you to their account as an authorized user • Don’t close any cards or lines of credit—this can decrease your score • You get one free credit report a year-make sure you are checking it for any errors at annualcreditreport. com • Set up payment plans for any collections Brokers have the most options to assist with a credit rapid rescore to help raise your score as well. A home should never be out of reach to someone who is willing to work hard and has a plan towards ownership. There are many other tips that can help you build your credit fast, please visit us at or call Tanya to set up an appointment!



4204 Boulder Ridge Rd, #100, Bismarck, ND 58503



2603 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222

Q: WHAT CAN I DO BEFORE MY Q: WHAT IS HEAT-RELATED FALL SPORT SEASON THAT WILL ILLNESS AND HOW CAN HELP PREVENT AN INJURY? WORKERS AVOID IT? A: Prior to starting your fall sport you’ll A: Heat-related illness, also known want to have started some level of activity before you go all out the first week of practice. Generally, coaches prepare a summer work-out, but if you haven’t been following a work-out plan there is still time to prepare with the following recommendations: 1. Stretching, cardio, endurance, along with strength and conditioning exercises (If you need help getting started give us a call). 2. Follow good nutrition and hydration practices. 3. Break in new shoes or cleats prior to preseason practices. 4. Ice and stretch between or after practices. Following these recommendations will allow your body to adapt and keep your chance of injury lower. Muscle soreness is normal during pre-season practice, but if you have a sudden pain that gets worse, you may have an injury. If you are injured during a practice or game, consult with a physical therapist. A physical therapist can help determine the level of injury and provide the best solution for you to return to your sport with optimal potential. To learn more about Optimum Therapies visit

as hyperthermia, is caused by high temperatures and humidity. There are three types: 1. Heat cramps. The body loses fluids and electrolytes, which causes muscle pain and spasms. It’s an early sign of heat issues. 2. Heat exhaustion. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, weakness, excessive sweating, vomiting and mood changes. 3. Heatstroke. This is when a body’s temperature control system shuts down. A person’s skin is hot and dry and they’re no longer sweating. Other symptoms include confusion, unconsciousness, seizures and convulsions. Call 911 immediately. To help your workers avoid heat-related illness, schedule work as early in the day as possible. Give your workers easy access to water and give them opportunities to take breaks in air-conditioned or cool spaces. If there’s no wind, provide ventilation if possible.


201 W Front Ave, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-557-7600


er last week about how can they make promoting health and wellness for their employees FUN. One idea that immediately came to mind is sponsoring a Marathon Relay team in the 2021 Bismarck Marathon. Marathon Relay teams consist of 5 people and each employee runs a leg of a marathon. These teams training often becomes the talk of the workplace, they wear organization t-shirts as they run, and co-workers often come out come and cheer them on. For $250, you not only encourage health and wellness but get your employees involved in the community, your business some great exposure, and help support a charity based event that is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. For more information or to sign up your business, check out thebismarckmarathon. com.

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MEMBER PERKS | CONNECTION ALLIANCE REAL ESTATE WELCOMES HOGAN Alliance Real Estate would like to welcome Kori Hogan. Kori was born and raised in rural North Dakota before Kori Hogan moving to the Bismarck/ Mandan area in 2010. Kori has worked in the customer service and human service industries for the past 14 years. She is excited to start her career as a REALTOR® and looks forward to helping you with all of your future real estate needs.

JOEL BIRD AND DAVE SCHLAFMAN HONORED AS TOP 1,200 FINANCIAL ADVISOR BY BARRON’S MAGAZINE Joel Bird, CFP®, BFA™, CRPC®, APMA®, Joel Bird CLTC® and Dave Schlafman, CFP®, CLTC®, APMA®, private wealth advisors with Ameriprise Financial in Bismarck have been named to the list of “Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Dave Schlafman Advisors” published by Barron’s Magazine, a APEX HIRES publication covering business and finance. ADMINISTRATIVE The annual Barron’s list recognizes the COORDINATOR most outstanding financial advisors who Brandy Goetz joins represent the highest levels of ethical the Apex Engineering standards, professionalism, and success in Group office in Bismarck the business. as an Administrative The rankings are based on data Brandy Goetz Coordinator. Before provided by thousands of the nation’s joining Apex, she worked most productive advisors. Bird and for the City of Dickinson's building and Schlafman were chosen based on assets planning departments as an Administrative under management, revenue produced Assistant. Brandy has eight years of for the firm, regulatory record, and quality experience in her field. of practice. Bird and Schlafman are part of Legacy Financial Partners a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial CEDRIC THEEL TOYOTA Services, LLC. WELCOME CHELSEY KRALICEK BREINER JOINS THE Cedric Theel Toyota BISMARCK-MANDAN is proud to welcome CVB Chelsey Kralicek as the The Bismarck-Mandan new marketing manager. Chelsey Kralicek Convention & Visitors Chelsey joins the Bureau has hired Karen dealership with nearly 10 Breiner as their new years of marketing experience. Karen Breiner Gaming Manager. Karen As the marketing manager, Chelsey joined the CVB June plans and oversees Cedric Theel Toyota’s 2021. Karen has worked in the gaming advertising and promotional activities industry as a Gaming Manager for the including digital, video, print, and more. past 25 years. She holds degrees in She develops and executes marketing plans to ensure the growth and expansion Human Resources, Medical Administration and Psychology and has an Accounting of products and/or services. Chelsey graduated from Montana State education, as well. As an adept Gaming Manger, she uses her experience to University Billings where she earned her proficiently manage their five gaming Bachelor of Science degree in business sites. She has extensive knowledge in marketing. She continued her education North Dakota gaming laws and rules and when she moved back to the Bismarck area and completed her Master of Science maintains an excellent training program. Karen is also the current Vice President in Business degree. Chelsey is currently of the Charitable Gaming Association of a board member for the International North Dakota and an Advisory Member of Association of Business Communicators the North Dakota Gaming Advisory Board. (IABC).

ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES IN BPS The following administrative changes will be enacted by Bismarck Public Schools for the 2021-22 school Matthew Guenther year. Matthew Guenther has been named principal of Miller Elementary. A vacancy for the 2021-22 school year was created at Miller when it was announced that current Dr. Tabby Rabenberg principal, John Alstad, would be leaving BPS to take a principalship in Minot. Mr. Guenther, a Bismarck native and Century High School graduate, gained over 15 years of experience in the classroom as a teacher in various districts around the country prior to returning to Bismarck as a 4th grade teacher at Grimsrud in 2016. From there, Mr. Guenther served as assistant principal at Rita Murphy for one year and has been principal of Prairie Rose since 2018. Dr. Tabby Rabenberg, current principal at Horizon Middle School, has been appointed principal of Prairie Rose Elementary. It was announced earlier in the year that Dr. Rabenberg would be leaving Horizon Middle School to help assist in the BPS objective of enhancing curricular alignment between elementary and secondary divisions. Dr. Rabenberg holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and worked as a dean of students and school principal in Iowa for several years before coming to Bismarck Public Schools. She has served as principal of Horizon Middle School since 2015. Dr. Kimberly Herman has been selected as the new principal of Myhre Elementary. It was previously announced that current Myhre principal, Dr. Shawn Oban, would taking over as principal at Horizon Middle School. Dr. Herman comes to Myhre highly qualified. She taught elementary school in Arizona from 2006 through 2013, then moved to Bismarck in 2014 where she was hired by Bismarck Public Schools as an instructional coach at Grimsrud and Prairie Rose. Since 2015 she has served as assistant principal at Liberty Elementary.

Share your business news with the Chamber EDC. Email press releases to Rebecca at

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CONNECTION | MEMBER PERKS BAKER PROMOTED TO KLJ BENEFITS COORDINATOR KLJ Engineering is proud to announce that Nick Baker has been promoted to Nick Baker the company’s Benefit Coordinator. In this role, he will manage the daily operations of all company benefits while maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements. Baker, who works from KLJ’s Bismarck office, joined KLJ in 2019 and most recently served as a human resource specialist. BIANCO REALTY SALES AWARDS Bianco Realty has announced their top 10 "REALTORS® OF THE MONTH" for June: Judy Maslowski, Shirley Thomas, Amber Sandness, Tori Mathern, Amy Asche, Phyllis Rittenbach, Jim Jeromchek, James Jeromchek, Duane Bentz and Justin Sackman. These 10 REALTORS® had the highest sales totals at Bianco Realty in June 2021.

NDIRF HIRES JACOBSON DALBEC AS ADMINISTRATIVE/ FINANCE SUPPORT SPECIALIST The North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund Kim Jacobson Dalbec (NDIRF) recently hired Kim Jacobson Dalbec as an Administrative/Finance Support Specialist. In this role, Jacobson Dalbec performs various accounting responsibilities and supports the organization’s records management and coverage renewal processes. Jacobson Dalbec is an experienced small business owner who brings a wealth of professional skills to the NDIRF, including project management, customer and vendor management, marketing, public relations, and graphic design. She holds a bachelor’s degree is mass communications and a minor in graphic design from Moorhead State University (Moorhead, MN).

CAPITAL CREDIT UNION PROMOTES KAIGLER William Kaigler was recently promoted to assistant branch manager at Capital Credit Union’s Northwest Branch in William Kaigler Bismarck. In this role, Kaigler will oversee branch financial and member services staff and be responsible for consumer lending including auto, recreational vehicle and home equity loans, delivery of deposit products such as money market accounts and certificates of deposit, and actively soliciting, promoting, and servicing credit union products and services. Kaigler has been with Capital Credit Union for nearly five years, most recently as a financial services representative at the Northwest Branch.


Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD. Broadcast on Radio Access 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at

Mon, 2nd

5:00 pm 5:30 pm

Burleigh County Commission Mandan School Board

Tues, 3rd

5:30 pm

Mandan City Commission

Thurs, 5th Mon, 9th

5:00 pm

Bismarck Board of Adjustment

5:15 pm 5:30 pm

Bismarck School Board Mandan Park Board*

Tues, 10th

5:15 pm

Bismarck City Commission

Wed, 11th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning & Zoning Thurs, 12th

9:00 am 4:00 pm 5:30 pm

Bismarck Parking Authority Bismarck Renaissance Zone Authority Morton County Commission*

Mon, 16th 10:00 am 5:00 pm 5:30 pm

Metropolitan Planning Org. Technical Advisory Committee Burleigh County Commission Mandan School Board

Tues, 17th 1:30 pm Metropolitan Planning Org. Policy Board 4:00 pm Burleigh County Human Service Zone Board 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wed, 18th 3:30 pm Historic Preservation Commission Thurs, 19th 5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board Mon, 23rd Tues, 24th Wed, 25th

5:30 pm

Mandan Planning Commission

5:15 pm 5:30 pm

Bismarck City Commission Morton County Commission*

5:00 pm

Bismarck Planning & Zoning

Thurs, 26th 5:30 pm ITG (Political Subdivisions) Committee

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at * Delayed Playback

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RIBBON CUTTINGS | CONNECTION Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber EDC volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To find out how you can get a free ribbon cutting from the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC, please call Ross at 701-223-5660.



Celebrating the Ground Breaking at the new Bismarck location on S 3rd Street in the West Kirkwood Mall parking lot.


Tanya Decker and Amanda Rust celebrate their new business and new location at 1110 College Dr., Ste 207 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-220-3954. Member.


Celebrating being a brand new Chamber EDC member at their park located at 1502 E. Bismarck Expressway. Member.

Kelly Dollinger along with family and friends celebrate new aerial videography & photography business. Phone: 701-426-6891. Member.

INKNETIC STUDIO Daniel and Heather Sydlo celebrate grand opening of their tattoo studio located at 714 E Bowen Ave in Bismarck. Phone: 701-721-1042. Member.

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CONNECTION | NEW MEMBERS The Chamber EDC encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber EDC. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber EDC members, view the Member Directory online at David Lemmon Staffing 9120 Rachel Shores SW Farwell, MN 56327 David Lemmon (320) 219-0270 Management recruitment Farmers Union Insurance – Dave Berger Agency 420 W Main St. Mandan, ND 58554 Dave Berger (701) 667-2828 Insurance agency that provides insurance for auto, home, business, recreational vehicles, life and health Capital Exteriors 603 52nd St. NE Bismarck, ND 58503 Jon Roise (701) 400-4366 Exterior Contractors. Roofing, Siding, and gutters Thrivent – Ryan Engle 4007 State Street STE# 11 Bismarck, ND 58503 Ryan Engle (701) 712-3184 I primarily work with small business's to establish Simple's, SEP's, and can assist in getting 401K's set up. I also work with clients to set them up with Life Insurance, IRA's, & a financial plan. Rivercity Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC 5704 E Main Ave #2 Bismarck, ND 58504 Corey Vincent (701) 391-0289 Full service lawn & landscaping company. Specialize in turf maintenance, liquid fertilizing, hardscape/softscape (new yard & remodel) The Skin Boutique & Hair Lounge 1710 East Main St. Mandan, ND 58554 Taya Felch (701) 751-093 Full service treatment based spa & beauty retail boutique

Balancing Goat Coffee Co., 2705 Sunset Dr. Mandan, ND 58554 Karen Schmidt (701) 751-0419 Coffee shop & wellness studio where the coffee is roasted on-site with breakfast, lunch and pastries served all day. Elite Eye Care 4401 Coleman Street #102 Bismarck, ND 58503 Jessica Keller (701) 390-1315 Elite Eye Care is driven to improve your vision and eye health so you can See Life Better It shows in everything that we do. 12 Stones Coffee LLC 1320 Tacoma Ave Bismarck, ND 58504 Dina Maas (701) 450-1216 The vision of 12 Stones Coffee Company is to foster faith, inspire hope and create community over coffee and conversations. But our focus goes beyond serving excellent coffee and food. Fitteam Global – Tiffany Zablotney 318 Marietta Dr Bismarck, ND 58504 Tiffany Zablotney (701) 426-2093 FITTEAM provides a path to take charge and transform your life physically, emotionally and financially through our health & wellness products and business opportunity. Let's journey together! Aero-Tech Media Solutions, LLC 1002 N. 11th Street Bismarck, ND 58501 Kelly Dollinger (701) 426-6891 Aerial Videography & Photography

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Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Connection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

UPCOMING CHAMBER EDC EVENTS AUGUST MEMBERSHIP MIXER: UNIVERSITY OF MARY Date: August 19, 2021 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: University of Mary – 7500 University Drive, Bismarck CHAMBER EDC SPORTING CLAYS SHOOTOUT Date: August 20, 2021 • Time: 9:00am - 2:30pm Location: Capital City Sporting Clays – 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck


THURSDAYS AT THE CHAMBER EDC Date: August 26, 2021 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Patio – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck

September 22, 2021 Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center 11:00am - 1:00pm This year’s annual award ceremony will honor those who have been nominated in the following categories:

BRATS WITH THE BRAVE Date: September 10, 2021 • Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm Location: Raymond James Bohn Armory – 4200 Miriam Ave, Bismarck

• New Entrepreneur of the Year

CELEBRATE BISMARCK-MANDAN Date: September 22, 2021 • Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center – 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck

• Golden Eagle Award

For more information on these events visit 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100


SEPTEMBER MEMBERSHIP MIXER: CENTURY 21 MORRISON REALTY Date: September 30, 2021 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Century 21 Morrison Realty – 1142 W Turnpike Ave, Bismarck

• Granite Award • Outstanding Teachers of the Year • Ambassador of the Year


August 5

Beer and Boutiques

August 20

Drive to Survive

August 21

Saddle Up Against Cancer

August 21

Courage Against Cancer

Sept. 25-26 Applefest