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Molly Herrington ..................................................................Chair Brian Eiseman ...............................................................Vice Chair Val Weigel ......................................................................Secretary Kevin Strege ...................................................................Treasurer Ron Day ........................................................................Past Chair


Steve Bakken ......................................................City of Bismarck Scott Davis .........................................................City of Mandan Ron Day ............................................Marathon Petroleum Corp. Brian Eiseman ...............................................Stoneshire Builders Heather Fried ....................State Farm - Fried Financial Services Molly Herrington ...................................................................KLJ Chris Jones ...................................ND Dept. of Human Services Jim Peluso .........................................................Burleigh County Karl Lembke ......................................................Vaaler Insurance Wayne Munson ..............................................Bismarck Sign Co. Matt Sagaser ......................................................Doosan Bobcat Mike Schmitz ..Schmitz-Holmstrom Certified Public Accountants Cody Schulz ........................................................Morton County Scott Staudinger .............................................Cloverdale Foods Kevin Strege ................................................Capital Credit Union Tom Todd ................................................Northwest Contracting Wendy Van Duyne .....................Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Val Weigel ..............................Basin Electric Power Cooperative Lee Weisbeck ..........................................................Starion Bank


Brian Ritter ...................................................................President Ross Frohlich ............................................Membership Director David Leingang .............................Community Growth Director Mary Masters .......................................Office Support Specialist Ryan Parsons ........................................................Vice President Shay Peterson ......................Membership Engagement Director Rebecca Rattei ................................ Communications Specialist Elliot Rust ................................................Chief Financial Officer Jaime Sabot ....................Workforce Development Coordinator Nathan Schneider ................................................Vice President Cathryn Sprynczynatyk .................. Communications Specialist Lyndsey Scheurer ......................... Communications & ED Intern 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-223-5660 • www.bismarckmandan.com

CONTACT INFORMATION Content Rebecca Rattei rrattei@bmcedc.com

Advertising David Leingang dleingang@bmcedc.com

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hile summer is a great time to head outside, enjoy some time out of the office and recharge, it is also a great time to focus on growing your business. A mid-year assessment of your performance and fine tuning your approach for the remainder of 2019 can help you keep focused on your long-term success. The Chamber EDC has kicked off strategic planning efforts to help the organization focus in on its value proposition and provide the resources that are most meaningful to our members. As we work through this process, we will be looking to you, our members, to participate and provide input that will shape the organization’s roadmap for the next several years. The Chamber EDC has hired JM Strategies to facilitate the strategic planning process. Focus groups and surveys will be conducted in June with a facilitated planning session taking place in July. We anticipate having the draft strategic plan by the end of August, with a finalized plan in place as we head into the final quarter of 2019. This process is a time for us to honor our roots and envision our future. We hope that you will dream boldly with us as we embark on this process! On June 15, the Chamber EDC will be hosting Bismarck-Mandan’s 3rd Lemonade Day. This free program teaches area youth how to start, own, and operate their own business - a lemonade stand! With leadership from David Leingang and Shay Peterson along the entire Chamber EDC team, the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC won the 2018 Event of the Year at the Mid America Chamber Executives (MACE) Conference in Sioux Falls, SD! Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan wowed the judges which allowed the team to take home their first Event of the Year trophy! Since starting this program, area participation has grown dramatically, and we are looking forward to another successful event this year. Thank you to all our members who participated in our spring events. Whether you attended a membership mixer, Impact ED, the Golf Tournament, or one of our other events, we thank you for actively engaging with our business community and our organization. In this issue, we’re focused on providing you the tools to better define and build your brand. Whether you’re celebrating your 100th year in business or pushing to make it through your first month, the Chamber EDC is here to help you grow and strengthen your business.

Molly Herrington, Chair, Board of Directors

twitter.com/bismancedc facebook.com/bismancedc @bismancedc

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ASK THE PROS: BRANDING AND REBRANDING By Jennifer Greuel, Clearwater Communications Good business branding goes beyond a swoosh, a halfeaten apple or the golden arches. A brand serves as a snapshot of an organization’s qualities and services and creates an important link to current and future customers. “A brand is like an individual’s personality, but for an organization,” says Mike Mabin, owner of Agency MABU. “Much like people, organizations have unique characteristics and attributes. A brand is how a company projects themselves to those they serve.”


Ben Brick, a local illustrator, says authenticity is what builds a great brand. “What your brand looks like should match what is important to you. When you are putting your heart into what you are telling people and say what you truly believe, people start to latch on to that.”

John Bollinger, general manager of the Bismarck Larks, agrees. The Bismarck Larks have become a household name in the area quickly, despite having only existed for two years. Bollinger says the secret to the Larks’ success has been authentic branding. “When you hear the name of a brand, consider what thoughts and feelings are stirred up. Our brand is not baseball, it starts with our mission statement, ‘how fun makes a difference.’ When you ask us about building our brand, every decision we make, everything we do is about fun making a difference.” Bollinger says he also chooses staff who represent the Larks’ mission and brand. “Because we have built such a fun brand, our fans trust us,” he notes. “They know what to expect and they know we put our money where our mouth is. Every single day and every year we want to get better.”


“A great brand is more than just a great product, it echoes throughout the entire organization or company,” says KK Bold President LaRoy Kingsley. “A great brand is more than just a name, a logo, a product or service, it is where the company takes it from there. Being a good business, taking care of staff and customers, being a good corporate citizen, looking to grow and improve, and giving back to the community are all the foundations of a great brand.” John Bollinger, general manager of the Bismarck Larks, said their brand is not baseball. Their brand is “how fun makes a difference.”

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Let’s show the world what we can do together. Day by day. Project by project. Together we’re renewing infrastructure and keeping the world in business.

Ben Brick, a local illustrator, says authenticity is what builds a great brand.

Determining what makes your organization unique is a good way to establish a strong brand, adds Mabin. “Branding is important because people are drawn to other people who are authentic, real and unique,” he says. “Organizations need to have that same uniqueness and authenticity to draw people to them.”


“One of the key things companies need to look for is if the company’s intent or primary business model is no longer what it was,” says Kingsley. “KK Bold is doing things now that didn’t exist when we started. Thirty years ago, there was no internet or cell phones. Now a lot of what we are doing is online and through social media. About 10 years ago, we realized our brand didn’t reflect who we really were.” Planning a change in the direction of the business or looking to reposition the business to appeal to a new audience is another reason a business may want to look at rebranding.

Building a Better World for All of Us Engineers | Architects | Planners | Scientists

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Even if a business stopped thinking about branding when it last designed its logo, a business has continued to build a brand, or reputation, in the community. The starting point for discovering what that brand is, and whether it needs to change, is to ask. “I would recommend a business start the branding process by asking their customers how they would describe the business and what they find compelling about it,” says Mabin. “Your Ed Sargeant, Creative Director at Agency MABU, works on a branding photo shoot for a client. customers are the ones who know you. It has been said a brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room, so I would find out what other people think about you and build your brand around that experience.”

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CONNECTION | CHAMBER EDC FEATURE Kingsley says when KK Bold works with a business on a rebranding project, the first thing it does is facilitate a series of discussion groups to gather input from stakeholders, board members, staff, and customers. Next, he says, the business should define its strategic intent. “When you build a brand, you have to do it based on the business’ primary objective,” says Kingsley. “What is the company there for? Is the goal to show a profit for the owners or to provide a service to a specific group? When you define your purpose, you can ensure the business is doing the best job possible.” Armed with input and direction, a company is then ready to move forward with the design and messaging surrounding a brand and to prepare staff to move forward with the changes. When the decision was made for the Bismarck Mandan Chamber and the Bismarck Mandan Development Association to merge, KK Bold began with a survey to the memberships of the two organizations, followed by a series of focus groups to dig deeper into the responses. Using this information, KK Bold came back with name, logo and color suggestions.

Between fall 2018 and January 2019, the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC prepared by ensuring each member of the team understood the process and what the new name meant in order to present a unified message to the Bismarck-Mandan community. “We’ve been pleased with how the membership and community as a whole has embraced the new brand,” says Brian Ritter, Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC president. “When we restructured, the two organizations had two very distinct personalities. I was optimistic but wasn’t sure how the community would embrace the change in terminology and the change in how we do business.” “It is important to have a consistent brand as it is the face of your company or organization,” says Kyle Niess, vice president of Odney. “No matter where you are showing up or who is telling your story, you want your company to represent the same thing.”


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WINNING THE WAR ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk When Amazon announced it was planning to build a second headquarters, communities across the country jumped at the chance to receive the economic boom of Amazon HQ2. After it was announced that Amazon HQ2 would be split between Crystal City, Va., and New York City, backlash began in New York. Chris Lloyd, Senior Vice President for McGuire Woods Consulting, said things went very right for Virginia and very wrong for New York City. Amazon HQ2 has since been cancelled in New York City. Lloyd said the opposition unfairly characterized the economic impact Amazon would have in New York. There was a failure of the proponents to tell the right story. This points to what Lloyd calls the “War on Economic Development.” Lloyd gave the keynote address on “Winning the war on Economic Development” at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC’s “Impact ED” event on May 7. What is the “War on Economic Development”? “In the past economic development had always been non-partisan,” Lloyd said. “I think you’re starting to see a change in attitude in the country from both the left and right. Questions on whether or not we should be investing in economic development for our economy.” How do we win that war? “Education, transparency, accountability, and wining hearts and minds of the people,” Lloyd said. “(Helping people) understand what economic development is what it is, what it’s not, and what it means for their daily lives ... “At the end of the day, economic development is what provides the money for education, public safety, parks and recreation, for all the publics services people want. A community that relies on homeowners (and property taxes) is going to find that is an unsustainable model. You need to have a diverse economy to provide that money ... “You have a transparent process for how incentives are made. You insist on a rigid ROI model. Don’t be afraid to enforce claw-backs. You set up standards for job creation, and if businesses don’t live up to it, you get money back. “It’s okay to be conservative, because you don’t want to lose money.”

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Chris Lloyd, Senior Vice President for McGuire Woods Consulting, speaks at the 2019 Impact ED event on May 7.

What are some of the trends in economic development that you have seen change in the last 5-10 years? “Incentives are becoming increasingly performance based,” Lloyd said. “You’re paying them after the fact instead of up front, and that’s a good thing.” What are the top criteria impacting business’ selection or elimination of communities from the site selection process? “Workforce availably, future pipeline talent, stable and predictable regulatory climate, reasonable taxes,” Lloyd said, “and a community that has a can-do attitude.” How important are incentives in the site selection process? “They are important in the final decision making, but they’re not the driver,” Lloyd said. “I would say (incentives) are fifth on the list: workforce, logistics, quality of life, site issues, (then) incentives.

CONNECTION | CHAMBER EDC FEATURE “It’s an important factor, but if incentives were all that mattered, California would be a basket case. California doesn’t give economic incentives. You’ve got 40 million people right there. You’ve got to serve the market. “Incentives shouldn’t be given just for the sake of a big check.” What would you say is the most important thing a community must do to ensure they are a viable option in the site selection process? “They have to have a pro-business attitude,” Lloyd said. “That doesn’t mean you cave to the businesses. You show that you’re willing to be a partner. You are willing to get inside the head of the company and show how you are going to be a partner and help solve their challenges.” If you could leave Bismarck-Mandan with one piece of advice on economic development, what would that be? “You need to define who you are, what you want to be, and how you’re going to tell that story to the world,” Lloyd said. Following Lloyd’s keynote address at Impact ED, Connection magazine spoke with Chamber EDC members including Kevin Magstadt, Business Development Director for KrausAnderson, and Wendy Van Duyne, Project Manager and Associate for Stantec. What do you think our communities do well, and what do you think we need to do better? “I think our communities do well in working on both sides of the river to continue dialogue and form partnerships and try to support our existing businesses,” Van Duyne said, “I think we do a good job of communicating with one another within the business community. But I think there are some challenges to get more attune to making sure that we’re regularly working with our elected and our public sector representatives to come together and advance the conversation.” What changes have you seen in economic development? “After being involved in economic development for the last 30 years, it’s good to hear that there’s a recognition of change,” Magstadt said. “It’s not the same economic development that it was in the past. With the changes in people and the changes in communities and everything else, it’s great to understand where the changes are coming from and how to move forward to be successful.” Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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TERRY'S HEALTH PRODUCTS Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within the organization.

A: This is the eighth year that I have owned Terry’s Health Products. I am a wife to Ray who is retired from the Air Force, but now is a pilot at Bismarck Aero Center, and mom to Skye who is four years old. I’m a Bismarck native who went to college at Moorhead State University and then worked in corporate retail management in South Dakota and Minnesota. I moved back to Bismarck ten years ago to buy the store and start my family. I’m the sole owner of Terry’s and wear many hats as most business owners do. In addition to Terry’s, I also started a hemp company last year called Peace Garden Hemp. We produce North Dakota grown and processed hemp seed food products, such as cold pressed hemp seed oil and hemp seed hearts. Peace Garden Hemp is a trade name of Terry’s and we sell all of our hemp seed products in the store, online and on Amazon.

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MEMBER SINCE 2016 Q: Briefly tell us the history of Terry’s Health Products.

A: Terry’s Health Products has been in operation under its current name since 1984, started by Terry Hagen. In the 70s, Swanson’s Health Products had small vitamin stores all over ND, including in Bismarck, which Terry managed. When Swanson’s decided to get out of the retail space and focus on their catalog sales, Terry bought a couple of the locations and changed the names to Terry’s Health Products. He eventually closed the other stores and just kept the one in Bismarck. It has had several locations in downtown Bismarck over the last 35 years, but we have been in our current location since 2013. After buying the business, I wanted to grow and expand, and we were able to do that by moving into our current space at 717 E Main Ave, Bismarck.

CONNECTION | MEMBER PROFILE Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Terry’s Health Products?

Q: What does the future of Terry’s Health Products and the industry as a whole look like to you?

Q: What industry trends are taking place?

Q: Terry’s Health Products became a member in 2016, why do you continue to renew each year?

A: The growth of Bismarck-Mandan has brought in many new people from all over the country. This influx has been great for us. Many of our current citizens come from communities where natural health and supplement options are much more common and available, so with the increased customer base, we’ve had new customers who are looking for local healthy food stores and natural product options. We have many of the brands we carry now because customers from all over the country were asking us to bring them in and get their favorite products that they had been buying in their home city.

A: Trend is a tricky word in our industry. Everything old is new again in natural health because it centers around plants and natural alternatives that have been used for centuries. Every single day, products are being re-recognized as something that will help people with their overall health and wellness because it’s resurfacing from decades or centuries ago. The trends in the natural industry revolve around how modern technology is influencing and changing the delivery of plant and natural products that have already been successfully used for years. Technology like nanoparticle technology is able to break a molecule down to the smallest particle possible so the body can better absorb and use those nutrients. One major example that is old but new again is Hemp/ Cannabis/CBD and cannabinoids. Hemp was completely legalized on December 20th 2018 so my industry is learning all over after 80 years of prohibition how to use this plant in everything from food, to textiles, to nutritional wellness products and green building supplies. Q: Have there been any monumental changes in the industry that you’ve had to deal with?

The biggest change, which is also a blessing, is how mainstream my industry now is. 15 years ago, many people considered natural products and organic foods as “alternatives”. You were a “hippie” if you used chemicalfree, natural products. Now it’s mainstream and almost everyone realizes the benefits of limiting our chemical exposure in typical conventional products and the benefits of eating more organic foods. Every big box retailer and grocery store now has a natural or organic section. It’s been a challenge trying to compete with these big box retailers who buy in huge quantities, get better margins, and can under cut the industry’s suggested retail price. To combat this, companies actually had to implement MAP pricing (minimum advertised pricing) which regulates how low a store can sell a product in order to make the industry more fair across the board, as well as help small, independent retailers like Terry’s stay competitive.

We are excited for our future at Terry’s! The natural product industry has had exponential growth every year, and we have definitely felt that at Terry’s. Our customer base has jumped in the last eight years since I bought the business and I’ve continued to have positive growth every year since. Both the natural products and the hemp industry are projected to have some of their best years ever, and we are happy to be part of that journey. It’s an exciting time in both of my industries! We plan on being here for many more years to come and my hope would be to pass the baton to the next generation when I am finally ready to slow down.

We feel that it is very important to be a part of professional business organizations. The Chamber does so many amazing things for our cities, and when you’re a part of it, you feel more connected to the Bismarck-Mandan community and other business leaders. You are also supporting each other and helping to build other local businesses by being a member. Q: What should Chamber EDC members know about Terry’s Health Products that may assist them?

Terry’s Health Products is a natural product and health food store. I run my businesses based on five main principles: Integrity, Humility, Respect, Honesty and Empathy. These principles roll over to not only my customers, but also my team that helps make the real work happen everyday. I hope that when you work with me or shop in my store, you feel these principles in action. We strive to have incredible customer service and assist you with everything we can to get you on a path to better health and wellness. I also love supporting other local businesses and organizations, as well as partnering with small businesses to support each other. I truly believe in #CommunityOverCompetition!

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BUSINESS RETENTION EXPANSION A CHAMBER EDC PRIORITY One of the Chamber EDC’s five core functions of economic development is the retention and expansion of Bismarck-Mandan’s existing businesses. To accomplish that initiative, the Chamber EDC facilitates a formal Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program with two primary goals: 1. To pro-actively identify & assist individual, existing businesses through a series of one-on-one visits with staff. 2. To use the insight gathered from those discussions to identify and address the issues affecting our existing business community. This is accomplished by reviewing the results of those one-on-one visits, analyzing trends and establishing opportunities to incorporate into Chamber EDC initiatives. The results of the one-on-one visits are entered into our customer relationship software and consolidated at the end of the year. The BRE Program has been active for 15 years and in that time we have gathered baseline data which can

be used to compare this year’s results with that of the past to determine what areas are improving, changing, etc. That information, combined with what we gain from the survey we conduct prior to the annual Economic Outlook Forum provide us with quantifiable data as to the condition of our existing business community which we then share with our membership. It’s critical that communities like Bismarck-Mandan engage in efforts to retain and expand their existing businesses to ensure balance in their economic development efforts. While new business attraction that results in new storefronts, new jobs, etc. will always generate more attention than an existing company who continues operations and expands gradually, that doesn’t mean that new business is more important. Practically speaking, if a community like Bismarck-Mandan were to focus all of their economic development resources into attracting one new company who created 100 new jobs while neglecting their existing businesses who collectively shed 200 jobs, the result is negative.

Join us at Edgewood Village for

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Thursday, June 27 at 11:30 am

Edgewood Village | RSVP by 6.25 to 751.5300

Independent Living & Assisted Living | 3124 Colorado Lane Bismarck | edgewoodhealthcare.com

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EOP COMMITTEE ENCOURAGING MANDAN DEVELOPMENT In 2009, the then Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce launched a strategic planning process for Mandan that included not only the business community, but the City of Mandan, Mandan School District and Mandan Parks & Recreation. A steering committee appointed to guide the process conducted market research, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and more in an effort to develop the plan that became known as Mandan Tomorrow. The steering committee then created and assigned five different work groups to implement the plan: Leadership, Pride & Image, Economic Opportunity & Prosperity, Quality Places & Destinations and Education & Workforce.

The 2019 Business Pitch Challenge is scheduled for Tuesday, November 12.

Since its inception, the Chamber EDC and its forerunners have been involved specifically with the Economic Opportunity & Prosperity (EOP) Committee. Alongside staff from the City of Mandan, the Chamber EDC serves as one of the EOP Committee’s liaisons helping plan, organize and execute events such as: • Business Start-Up 101: a one-night educational session dedicated to providing entrepreneur resources to both current Mandan entrepreneurs and those residents that would like to start their own business. The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10. • Downtown on Tap: a tour of downtown Mandan followed a social, Downtown on Tap is designed to generate new ideas for vacant storefronts and buildings in downtown Mandan by bringing the community together to brainstorm the possibilities.

The EOP Committee consistently meets to review the results of these events and, if necessary, alter or add new programming to meet the changing needs of the community. Going forward, the Chamber EDC will continue to partner with the City of Mandan to ensure that the community’s vision of “an environment for business innovation and success” is met. For more information on the next EOP Committee event, contact Nathan Schneider at (701) 223-5660 or the City of Mandan’s Business Development Office at (701) 667-3478 to learn more.

• Business Pitch Challenge: a competition for Mandan residents to ‘pitch’ their business ideas to a panel of professionals who then judge and ultimately award the winner a package of various resources to help successfully launch their own business in Mandan. Participants will have their next opportunity at the Business Pitch Challenge on Tuesday, November 12.

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The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Lemonade Day has been named Event of the Year by the Mid-America Chamber Executives (MACE). The honor occurred at the group’s annual conference, held in Sioux Falls in May. The organization represents chamber executives in the six-state region of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Awards were presented for Digital Campaign of the Year, Event of the Year, Executive of the Year, Public Policy of the Year, and Publication of the Year. The award honored The Chamber’s Lemonade Day. Lemonade day is a free, fun, entrepreneurial experience that pairs area youth with responsible mentors and area business professionals to teach kids how to start, own and operate their very own business – a lemonade stand. The skills instilled from the Lemonade Day lessons are then put to the test on a single day.

Each child that registers for Lemonade Day Bismarck Mandan receives a free business pack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that teaches them the valuable lessons of Lemonade Day - including how to Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Work the Plan and Achieve their Dreams. Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan’s second year found an increase in youth participation by 54%, a whopping 556 registered participants who successfully established their small business on Saturday, June 16th, 2018.

David Leingang accepted the award for Event of the Year at MACE in May.

The annual MACE awards are given by the MACE committee as an example of the highest examples of hard work, passion and effort displayed by chambers across a six-state region. The Event of the Year award demonstrates an excellent chamber and is judged on criteria such as value to the community and chamber, resonance within their community, ongoing effects and popularity, measurable results and innovation. The awards committee was impressed with the innovation and benefits provided by the Lemonade Day event as well as with how well it was organized and run. The committee found the Bismarck Mandan Chamber highly deserving of the award.

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On Tuesday, May 7th, the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC hosted the first Impact ED event. This event is the Chamber EDC’s annual economic development event and was hosted during the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Economic Development Week. Impact ED was an opportunity to educate and celebrate economic development throughout Bismarck-Mandan and included an industry panel, an update from Chamber EDC staff, and a keynote from national site selector Christopher Lloyd from McGuire Woods consulting firm.

The event started with the industry panel that included: Scott Staudinger, The Economic Development Panel, moderated by Wendy Van Duyne, shared insight into the economic development challenges and opportunities they encounter in their respective. Vice President of Human Resources for Cloverdale Foods, Kathleen Lawler, Vice President for Activities for Learning, and Matt Sagaser, Director of Innovation Accelerated for The closing keynote, Christopher Lloyd, Senior Vice Doosan Bobcat North America. The panel, moderated by President & Director of Infrastructure and Economic Wendy Van Duyne with Stantec, discussed the growth of Development, McGuire Woods Consulting focused on their respective businesses as well as challenges they face “Winning the War Against Economic Development”. doing business in Bismarck-Mandan. Chris discussed how economic developers and supporters With the conclusion of the panel, Nathan Schneider, Vice President with the Chamber EDC gave an update on some of the efforts in economic development the Chamber EDC is working on. Updates were given in the five core areas of economic development: business attraction, business retention and expansion, entrepreneurial development, workforce development, and talent attraction.

of economic development need to continue to educate community leaders and members about the importance of economic development. He stressed providing community leaders and members proof through data that precious tax dollars are generating some type of return to the community. Gold Sponsors: Event Sponsors Table Sponsors: Capital Electric Cooperative & First International Bank & Trust, KLJ, Security First Bank

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WIN A FREE CAR AT THE 2019 GOLF SCRAMBLE The 2019 Golf Scramble is quickly approaching! The Golf Scramble presented by Eide Ford – Lincoln is scheduled for June 10, 2019 at Prairie West Golf Course from 10:30am – 4:30pm. There are limited number of spots available so don’t miss your chance to get you and your team registered! It is $175 for individual and $700 for a team of four. Lunch for the day is provided by Grand Junction Grilled Subs and Dinner to be provided by Lady J’s Catering.

Chamber edC


Also, don’t miss your chance at winning a free car on Hole 4 The Chamber EDC Golf Scramble will be held at Mandan’s Prairie West Golf Course on June 10. from our presenting sponsor, Eide Ford – Lincoln. All you have to do is sink a hole-in-one on Hole 4 and your prize is a 2019 Ford Eco Sport (color may vary.) Please contact Shay by emailing speterson@bmcedc.com or call 701-223-5660 to register yourself or your team. Presenting Gold Drink Cart Sponsor: Sponsors: Sponsor: Hole Sponsors: Amy Hullet: Century 21 Morrison Realty, Baymont Inn & Suites, BEK Communications, Bismarck Cancer Center, BNC National Bank, The Bone & Joint Center, Consolidated Construction Co, CornerStone Bank, Crowley Fleck, Dakota Carrier Network, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, Eide Bailly, First Western Bank & Trust, Lewis & Clark Development Group, Radisson Hotel Putting Green Sponsor: Liberty Business System Drive Range/Chipping Sponsor: Feil Orthodontics Golf Cart Sponsor: Northwest Tire Lunch/Dinner Sponsor: Ulteig Engineers, Quality Title Tee Prize Sponsor: Amy Hullet: Century 21 Morrison Realty and Probitas Promotions

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WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS… Lemonade Day is almost here! On June 15th, Bismarck and Mandan will have more lemonade than they know what to do with. We are encouraging everyone in the community to get out and support our young entrepreneurs as they open up their own little businesses in the form of lemonade stands. Young Entrepreneurs will have their lemonade stands scattered all across Bismarck-Mandan, however a map of registered locations can be found at, https://lemonadeday.org/bismarck-mandan/stands-map. Though you might find some stands in front of homes or on residential street corners, we are encouraging them to make partnerships with other businesses in the area to set up shop outside their front doors.


Of course it’s not too late to register! Young entrepreneurs will be able to register and participate in Lemonade Day up to the day of June 15th. Registration can be done online at, https://lemonadeday.org/bismarck-mandan, or in person at any of the following locations PICKUP LOCATIONS: BlackRidge Bank 3703 Lockport Street, Bismarck Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm Register here to pick up your own ‘Lemonade Like A Pro’ shirt! Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library 515 N 5th Street, Bismarck Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm Sunday, 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Family Wellness Center 2700 46th Avenue SE, Mandan Monday – Friday, 5:00am - 11:00pm Saturday, 6:00am - 7:00pm Sunday, 9:00am – 7:00pm Morton Mandan Public Library 609 West Main Street, Mandan Monday - Thursday, 9:30am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday, 9:30am – 5:00pm Sunday, 1:00pm – 5:00pm Missouri Valley Family YMCA 1608 North Washington St, Bismarck Monday – Friday, 6:00am - 11:00pm Saturday, 6:00am - 7:00pm Sunday, 9:00am – 7:00pm

Let’s show these young entrepreneurs how proud we are of them starting their own business, and please join us on June 15th as we all discover what happens when life gives us lemons! To learn more, please contact Shay Peterson at speterson@bmcedc.com, David Leingang at dleingang@bmcedcc.com or call the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660. Find us on Facebook, and Instagram using hashtag, #bismanlemonday19! OUR MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Main Squeeze: Lime-Light Sponsor: Fresh Squeeze: Lemon head Sponsors: American Bank Center, Bartlett & West, Doosan/Bobcat, First Western Bank & Trust, Grand Junction Grilled Subs, Mr. Squeegee Window Cleaning, Terry’s Health Products. facebook.com/lemonadedaybismarckmandan



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The Chamber EDC’s Excellence in Business and Education Committee have finished presenting this year’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year (OTY) Awards.

Kristin Ehrmantraut, Highland Areas Elementary

This completes 32 years of honoring educators in both Bismarck and Mandan on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education levels. With the help of Dan’s Supermarket, and Capital Credit Union, the Chamber EDC and its committee are proud to continue this tradition of celebrating teachers in our area. After receiving 46 nominations, 32 educators accepted the nomination and qualified for the Crystal Apple, a symbol of excellence in education and outstanding achievement within their profession. Out of those 32, the committee selects five recipients of the Crystal Apple on three levels; Primary Educator in Bismarck and Mandan, Secondary Educator in Bismarck and Mandan, and one Post-Secondary Educator.

Jake Kincaid, Red Trail Elementary

The following teachers were honored this year: • Bismarck Primary Outstanding Teacher of the Year – Kristin Ehrmantraut • Mandan Primary Outstanding Teacher of the Year – Jake Kincaid • Bismarck Secondary Outstanding Teacher of the Year – Sara Bohrer • Mandan Secondary Outstanding Teacher of the Year – Nicole Hafner • Higher Education Outstanding Teacher of the Year – Amy Hollar Though we are only able to select five educators to receive the Crystal Apple, we would like to honor all the outstanding nominees:

Sara Bohrer, Century High School

Nicole Hafner, Mandan Middle School

Amy Hollar, University of Mary

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Jacqueline Wandy – Custer Elementary Kelsy Achtenberg – The Innovation School Robin Berg – Liberty Elementary Markelle Dockter – Liberty Elementary Becky Riedinger – Liberty Elementary Lisa Miller – Lincoln Elementary Kathryn Roth – Miller Elementary Deanna Krueger – Rita Murphy Elementary Kayla Grande – Shiloh Christian School Tracy Lipp – Solheim Elementary Valerie Miller – St. Joseph Catholic School Joyce Ohlhauser – Sunrise Elementary Stacy Carufel – Bismarck High School Melissa Davis – Bismarck High School Paul Noot – Bismarck High School Jody Olheiser – Bismarck High School Valerie Smallbeck – Bismarck High School Tiffany Fitzgerald – Horizon Middle School Scott Gefroh – Horizon Middle School Tamara Tufte – Horizon Middle School Sara Kincaid – Legacy High School Stacy Fitterer – Mandan High School

Ryne Jungling – Mandan High School Randy Wilson – Mandan High School Gene Anderson – Mandan Middle School Van Bardell – Mandan Middle School Kara Blaskowski – Mandan Middle School Ashley Brown – Mandan Middle School Ashley Gaschk – Mandan Middle School Jean Gefroh – Mandan Middle School Chelsey Gravseth – Mandan Middle School Taylor Hellman – Mandan Middle School Kevin Kerr – Mandan Middle School Henry Lau – Mandan Middle School Brittne Liepitz – Mandan Middle School Jackson Long – Mandan Middle School Marilyn Miller – St. Mary’s Central High School Brad Anderson – Bismarck State College Candice Moench – Dickinson State University Rodney Hair – University of Mary DeeAnn Huss – University of Mary Sawhney Manisha – University of Mary Jessica Smith – University of Mary

The Outstanding Teacher of the Year award is an annual award. Each year, community members nominate a teacher who has positively affected their life, or the lives of others to receive the top honor in three categories elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. This is the 32nd year of celebrating outstanding teachers. Program Award Sponsor: Sponsor:

I’D LIKE TO FEEL CONFIDENT IN MY ORGANIZATION’S SECURITY Cybersecurity is an increasingly important part of business. You lock the door every night, but are you confident that your data is secure as well? Eide Bailly’s Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) is a collection of cybersecurity services that provide the guidance and activities typically conducted by an internal information technology security leader. Our professionals can help you strengthen your defenses and take care of your cybersecurity, so you can focus on your business.

What inspires you, inspires us. 701.255.1091 | eidebailly.com


SAVE THE DATE FOR CHAMBER EDC SPORTING CLAYS It’s never too early to start planning for a day of fun at Capital City Sporting Clays presented by Knife River on Friday, August 23rd! It’s an event that everyone can enjoy and there is always friendly competition. Registration starts at 8:00am with a light Breakfast before a shotgun start promptly at 9:30am. Participants are encouraged to stay for a delicious lunch and ice cold refreshments to follow. Stick around afterwards for door prizes. You can register individually ($100/Person members $125/ person Non-members) and we will assign you to a team or you can sign up in teams of four. Admission Includes shotgun shells (12 and 20 gauge), ear plugs, course fees, Lunch, Beverages, and a great opportunity to win some awesome door prizes. Please register you and your team today by going online at www.bismarckmandan.com or by emailing Ross at rfrohlich@bmcedc.com.

ACCEPTING LEADERSHIP APPLICATIONS FOR 2019-2020 Leadership Bismarck-Mandan is now accepting BISMARCK - MANDAN applications for the Class of 2020. Up to 18 applicants will be accepted into the program. Participants delve into today’s most compelling issues. Community experts create issue day sessions on topics relevant to the Bismarck-Mandan area, including: economic development, energy, agriculture, legislation, political involvement, human services, law enforcement, military, emergency services, arts, leisure, healthcare, and education. Most issue days are 1/2 day. Highlights of the program include a full day at the Capitol during the legislative session, a full day retreat, and a graduation ceremony. Following the issue days, the class will divide into groups, select a community project about which they are passionate and work to make that field project into reality. Applications are available online at bismarckmandan.com/Leadership-Bismarck-Mandan. Any questions, contact Cathryn at 223-5660. Applications are due Aug. 1, 2019. Program begins Sept. 25, 2019. Tuition is $595. Scholarships Available Thanks to the generosity of Gate City Bank and Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association, for sponsoring limited scholarships to non-profits and small businesses. Please contact Cathryn at the Chamber EDC to inquire about a Leadership Bismarck-Mandan scholarship.

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Join us for Fridays at the Chamber EDC in 2019! Come join fellow members for a fun and AT THE informal way to network on one Friday for each month this summer from 11:30am – 1:00pm. Chamber EDC staff will be serving burgers and brats along with refreshments! Upcoming Fridays at the Chamber EDC: Friday, June 21 Friday, August 16 Friday, September 20 We appreciate our member support, so come enjoy a meal on us! There is no cost to attend this event, but please RSVP. So come enjoy an afternoon and some warm summer weather. Please RSVP by calling Shay Peterson at 701-223-5660, or by emailing speterson@bmcedc.com. Presenting Sponsor: Lunch Sponsors: Event Sponsor:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERIES RETURNS THIS SUMMER The first of three educational and informational events returns as part of our popular Professional Development Series presented by High Point Network.

Join us Tuesday, June 18th, for an insightful panel discussion on technology in the workplace. You will learn the important roles cybersecurity and information technology play in your day to day business actions, and how to better implement them to elevate your business. Topics for this event will cover the importance of cybersecurity for small and large businesses, I.T. infrastructure, and the pros and cons of using personal devices in the workplace. The day will feature a panel session, where we will get to hear from a diverse group of I.T. and Cybersecurity experts. Panelists include: Tony Aukland – Information Systems Security Analyst, State of North Dakota Matt Frohlich – Associate Professor of CIS, Bismarck State College Admission for this educational event is $20.00 for Chamber EDC Members and $30.00 for General Admission. Participants can register online or by calling 701-223-5660. Presenting Sponsor:

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Chamber edC



LEMONADE DAY CHAMBER EDC GOLF BEST TASTING CONTEST SCRAMBLE Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019 Location: Family Wellness Bisman 2700 46th Ave SE, Mandan Time: 10:00AM - 11:30AM Admission: Free - Must RSVP Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan is hosting it’s Third Annual Best Tasting Contest on Saturday, June 8th, at the Family Wellness Center, in Mandan.

From 10:00am – 11:30am, come test your best batch of ice-cold lemonade as a panel judges evaluates your brew and awards a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Those winners will in turn be promoted by the Chamber EDC leading up to the big day, Lemonade Day! All Contestants must register/rsvp by emailing David Leingang, dleingang@bmcedc.com, by calling the Chamber’s office, 701-223-5660. If you haven’t yet, register today at, http:// bismarckmandan.lemonadeday.org and get started!

Date: Monday, June 10, 2019 Location: Prairie West Golf Course 2709 Longspur Trail, Mandan Time: 10:30AM - 4:30PM Admission: $175.00 (Includes golf fee, golf cart, driving range, lunch & dinner) Presenting Sponsor: Don’t fore-get to sign up for Golf Scramble on June 10th at Prairie West presented by Eide Ford – Lincoln. Join us and several Chamber EDC members for an exciting, interactive 18-hole scramble! Registration starts at 10:30am with an 11:30am shotgun start. Players will compete in teams of four. You may either sign up individually ($175/person), and we will assign you to a team, or as a full team of four ($700/team). You’ll receive a boxed lunch when you check-in and instructions for where to go. While on the course there will be beverages, snacks, and other fun activities provided by our hole sponsors. Spots are limited, so act quickly! Call 701-223-5660 or email speterson@bmcedc.com for a registration form.



Call to learn more or schedule a tour. TOUCHMARK ON WEST CENTURY

FULL-SERVICE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY BISMARCK, ND • 701-557-9289 • TOUCHMARKBISMARCK.COM 1919674 © Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved

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Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 Location: Across Bismarck-Mandan Time: All Day Admission: Free for All Presenting Sponsors: Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan will be June 15th. This program is empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by teaching them how to create, own and operate their own business in the form of a lemonade stand. These young entrepreneurs will be setting their own hours and establishing partnerships with area businesses to set up shop all around town while they sell their product. With the help of a responsible mentor, they will set goals, make a plan, work the plan, and achieve their dreams. Please join area youth in Bismarck-Mandan as we discover what happens when life gives us lemons! Register today at, https://lemonadeday.org/bismarck-mandan, and get started!

MEMBERSHIP MIXER: FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK & TRUST Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019 Location: First International Bank & Trust 1601 N 12th Street, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

First International Bank & Trust will be hosting this month’s Membership Mixer on Thursday, June 20th, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm at their location on 1601 N. 12th Street in Bismarck. Members of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC will enjoy a relaxing evening and a laid back networking atmosphere on their rooftop deck (weather permitting.) Lite bites and beverages will be provided by Stonehome Brewing Co. Don’t miss out on this month’s event. RSVPs are appreciated and can be made by calling the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660 or emailing Ross at rfrohlich@ bmcedc.com.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, please contact David Leingang, dleingang@bmcedc.com, or Shay Peterson, speterson@bmcedc.com. Or call the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660.

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Oh Summer, Summer we have missed you! We are super excited for June as it marks our first member appreciation luncheon and we cannot wait to serve you! We appreciate your membership and all your support throughout the year, so please stop in and accept our small token of appreciation. Thanks to our presenting sponsor, Daniel Companies, we are able to bring this event to you for FREE!

Learn the important roles cybersecurity and information technology play in your day to day business actions, and how to better implement them to elevate your business. Topics for this event will cover the importance of cybersecurity for small and large businesses, I.T. infrastructure, and the pros and cons of using personal devices in the workplace.

Date: Location: Time: Admission: Presenting Sponsor:

Friday, June 21, 2019 Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Patio 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck 11:30AM - 1:00PM Free to Attend

Join us and other fellow members for a fun and informal way to network on Friday, June 21st from 11:30am-1:00pm on our beautiful patio! We will be serving brats, burgers and a choice of sides along with cool refreshments.

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Date: Location: Time: Admission: Presenting Sponsor:

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck 10:00am - 12:00pm $20.00 for Chamber ED Members $30.00 for General Admission

Panelists include: Tony Aukland – Information Systems Security Analyst Matt Frohlich – Associate Professor of CIS at Bismarck State College Admission for this educational event is $20.00 for Chamber EDC Members and $30.00 for General Admission. Participants can register online or by calling 701-223-5660.




Save the date for the July Membership Mixer hosted by First Western Bank & Trust on July 18th, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm at their location on 304 E Front Ave in Bismarck.

It's never too early to start planning for a day of fun at Capital City Sporting Clays!

Date: Thursday, July 18, 2019 Location: First Western Bank & Trust 304 E Front Ave, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

RSVPs are appreciated and can be made by calling the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660 or emailing Ross at rfrohlich@bmcedc.com.

Date: Friday, August 23, 2019 Location: 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck Time: 8:00AM - 2:00PM Admission: $100 for Chamber EDC Members $125 for General Admission Presenting Sponsor:

Register individually or sign up as a team. Admission includes shotgun shells (12 or 20 gauge), ear plugs, course fees, lunch, refreshments and door prizes. Register online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events.

CONVENIENT CARE · Accepts most insurance plans · Family medicine for all ages · Same or next day appointments often available

· On-site pharmacy · Easy parking · Convenient location

Call 701.751.9500 or walk in today. 701 E. Rosser Ave., Bismarck

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SANFORD HEALTH ANNOUNCES PLANS TO EXPAND BIRTH CENTER AND NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (NICU) Sanford Health in Bismarck is announcing the expansion of its Birth Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The NICU is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2020 and the Birth Center is slated to open in the spring of 2021.

The new birth center will feature updated amenities and rooms equipped with whirlpool tubs to help laboring mothers with post-partum pain. The new unit will The expansion of Sanford Health Bismarck’s Birth Center is scheduled for a spring 2021 opening. also feature a new operating room with a camera system, allowing parents to be more involved with the birth of their baby. When completed, “We are switching our model of care to better meet the the new unit will be called “Family Birth Center.” needs of our patients,” said Megan Miller, MD, OB/GYN. “The concept for the Family Birth Center design is to provide a modern, but cozy, environment for families to welcome their newest addition.” In addition to the Family Birth Center, the NICU will undergo a significant remodel. Three years ago, Mark and Claudia Thompson of Bismarck made a $500,000 gift to the Sanford Health Foundation. Their generous donation will benefit the NICU. The new unit will be twice as big as the current NICU and will feature 24 beds, including 18 private rooms and a six-bed bay. The private rooms give parents the opportunity to stay in a room with their babies during their time in the NICU. “Sanford is thrilled to be the first hospital in central and western North Dakota to offer private rooms in its NICU,” said Randi Schaeffer, executive director of Sanford Women’s and Children’s. “The NICU will also feature a cutting-edge lighting system which will significantly help our tiny babies who are born dependent to drugs or alcohol.” Construction on both projects is expected to begin later this month.

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Bismarck State College (BSC), a community college in Bismarck, N.D., has been named one of the top associate degree-granting institutions in the nation in the “Best Instructional Bang for the GI Bill Buck” rankings released this month by advocacy group Veterans Education Success. According to the report, spending on instruction often correlates with the likelihood of students earning a degree and finding meaningful employment. Veterans Education Success identified 378 colleges and universities that spend at least 50% of tuition dollars on instruction and graduate at least half of their students. The group examined more than 4,600 schools. The institutions on the list were required to show that a majority of their students succeeded in obtaining a college credential and, after attending, they earned more than the average high school graduate. Veterans who graduate from BSC overwhelmingly earn more than the average high school graduate. Additionally, the college spends 156.6% of gross tuition and fees on instruction – the best in the nation. “This study shows that BSC invests in the instruction, curriculum and support our veteran and military students need. And this not only helps them succeed while they are attending college, it helps them succeed after they graduate,” says Lane Huber, Chief Distance Learning and Military Affairs Officer. BSC’s peers in the study include SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Yale University and Stanford University. Hundreds of active and veteran service members choose BSC for higher education, taking classes on campus and online from locations all over the world.

MANDAN TO HOST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE IN JUNE The Economic Development Association of North Dakota is holding its summer conference in Mandan on June 1719. Programming beginning the afternoon of June 17 and continuing through noon on June 19 includes training sessions, tours featuring community and economic development successes, and evening networking events. The conference theme, “Cowboy Up: The Ride to Community Betterment,” plays on Mandan’s resiliency, self-reliance and determination in cleaning up a downtown underground fuel spill and revitalizing Main Street. Mandan offers many examples of leading with public investment to harness significantly greater private investment in community improvements. Doug Griffiths will present the keynote “13 Ways to Kill Your Community” during a June 18 lunch, sharing witty anecdotes of pitfalls to avoid and insights on boosting community growth. He is a co-author of a book by the same name and a former Canadian legislator. Other program topics include economic development finance, meeting community needs, innovative ideas in workforce attraction and development, and community marketing. State, county and community leaders and others involved in bettering their own communities are welcome to attend. Registration options include the full conference, a June 18 half-day option including the keynote lunch presentation, or a lunch-only alternative. Find the full program and registration details at www.ednd.org. EDND promotes the creation of new wealth throughout North Dakota to develop more vibrant communities and improve quality of life. The last EDND conference in Mandan was 2011 and in Bismarck was 2015.

“We are incredibly proud of our relationships with all the branches of the military and our engagement with those who have and do serve our nation. The skills developed in service help veterans succeed in college, and make them outstanding employees. It’s an honor to do our part and to be so recognized in this study,” says Larry C. Skogen, BSC president.

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Feil Orthodontics was recognized today for donating the new, natural grass baseball field at the Sanford Sports Complex in northeast Bismarck. The field is on the southwest side of the complex off Nebraska Drive.

Nursing’s national benchmarking service, Mountain Measurements, ranks University of Mary’s program No. 1 in America. The yearly rankings report is based on the 2018 Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduates who took the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam. All 66 University of Mary graduates who took the licensure exam for the first time passed.

Bismarck Public Schools Activities Director Dave Zittleman says, “Feil Orthodontics is a big sponsor in our community. Projects like the Feil Orthodontics baseball field provide many opportunities for youth in Bismarck. This spring, the field will be used for more than 30 games and many practices!” Dr. Blake Feil with Feil Orthodontics says, "We are thrilled to be a part of this project. One of our core values at Feil Orthodontics is go to beyond individual smiles to positively impact our community as a whole. We are excited to watch our local kids and families enjoy this new field for years to come." Bismarck School Board Vice President Rick Geloff says, “Feil Orthodontics donation speaks to their dedication to create great spaces and opportunities, for not only BPS but for the community.”

Dr. Glenda Reemts, professor and chair of the Division of Nursing at the University of Mary, says several factors account for the great scores: nursing faculty work heavily with students to prepare; a curriculum that follows industry quality and safety standards; and the CHI senior-year-free scholarship incentive that is available to nursing students who maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their undergraduate years all help set a high academic standard. “The CHI senior-year-free-scholarship is a huge incentive to attracting some of the best and brightest nursing candidates to the University of Mary and also a peace of mind for our students that allows them to take full advantage of all our wonderful offerings and ultimately help our university become No. 1 in the nation,” stated Reemts. “The exceptional outcome of our NCLEX results speaks highly of our dedicated students as well as the excellent nursing faculty who invest deeply into the preparation of the students. Furthermore, students are well prepared to enter the nursing program through the sound foundation in the liberal arts education they receive here at the University of Mary. We are extremely proud of our nursing graduates who are prepared to be servant leaders of moral courage in meeting the healthcare needs of people in this region and beyond.” Those needs are extremely high. University of Mary graduates are helping to fill a national nursing shortage. Unfortunately, graduates who don’t pass the NCLEX exam on the first attempt have to wait a minimum of 45 days to retake—prohibiting the graduate from entering the nursing workforce. The University of Mary’s program has always ranked very high over the years, but it’s the first time the university has made it to the top in all three areas: scoring the best among similar programs, tops within its jurisdiction, and of course, No. 1 at the national level—which is among the 2,061 nursing programs at colleges and universities across the United States.

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OTTO BREMER TRUST AWARDS $50.5 MILLION IN GRANTS The Otto Bremer Trust awarded $50.5 million in grants and program-related investments in 2018 to 591 organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin. “We continue to integrate our work at the intersection of finance and philanthropy,” said Daniel C. Reardon, Co-CEO and Trustee, OBT. “Our unique structure as charitable trust and bank holding company allows us the opportunity to support communities across the region in a multitude of ways.” OBT invests in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. Through its 92 percent ownership of Bremer Bank and a carefully managed investment portfolio, OBT has grown its assets from $2 million in 1944 to more than $1.1 billion in 2018. During that time, OBT has made grants and program-related investments of more than $700 million to organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin. OBT’s impact can be seen in important social benefits as well as financial returns that can then be reinvested in organizations that address identified needs. In 2018, OBT continued its commitment to providing innovative financial solutions, combining grants, program-related investments, and mission-driven investments, to help organizations further invest in critical infrastructure and long-term vision.


$20! Purcha se yo before ur ticket July 31


Kraus-Anderson Construction Company (KA) has completed construction on the Burleigh County Courthouse, located at 514 E. Thayer Ave. in Bismarck, N.D. The 30,000-square-foot project renovated the Burleigh County Detention Center into new office space to accommodate the Burleigh County Sheriff’s office and Burleigh County State Attorney’s office.

Designed by Bismarck-based Übl Design Group, the $6.9 million project included the 27,000-square-foot renovation of the former jail on floors 2-4 and the addition of new offices, conference rooms, workrooms, IT, restrooms and break rooms. Crews also installed new HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection, as well as a new roof and windows. The renovation also added new reception area and meeting rooms on the first floor, and new locker rooms and meeting rooms in the basement.

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

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BSC National Energy Center of Excellence

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304 E. Front Ave, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-255-4400

1929 N Washington St, Ste GG, Bismarck, ND 58501



once you reach age 70 ½ you are required to take an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) each year. If you don’t need the RMD funds for living expenses, the RMD is simply increasing your taxable income, which is increasing your taxes. A strategy that would help you reduce your taxable income is to designate your RMD to a charity. This is an excellent strategy for those that are already donating to a charity, but also have to take a required minimum distribution from an IRA. The IRS has some requirements that, if followed, allow you to count the charitable donation as your RMD and the amount will be excluded from your taxable income. They call this a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) and the main requirement is that the RMD go directly to the charity and does not come to you first, so you will want to talk to your IRA custodian before receiving your RMD. Just don’t try to also claim the QCD as a charitable tax deduction. The IRS will frown on that. Talk to your Tax Advisor to see if this strategy is right for you.

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Bismarck • Mandan, ND 58554 701-751-7060

Q: DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR THE SOLO TRAVELER? A: Did you know that the average solo

traveler is women age 54? Traveling alone is a beautiful way to experience the world on your timeline and taste. Whether you are a novice traveler who has the urge to sometimes feel left out during the summer. travel or love to explore and have more Our mission is to make the world a more free time than your travel companions, the inclusive place, which is why we offer fun opportunity is never better than now. Here summer activities for all ability levels. The are a few things that we have learned from Anne Carlsen Center offers year-round traveling alone ourselves and also from recreation program for individuals with our clients. disabilities at Annie’s House, Bottineau • Do your research. Check out the Winter Park in Bottineau, ND. proximity to areas that you want to see from your hotel, train stations, and Summer programming includes archery, airports. Traveling alone will force you hiking, fishing and learning about the to depend on yourself for decision environment. Adaptive equipment is making. Knowledge is power! available onsite for the various programs. • Safeguard your important items For hiking, we can set you up with an including wallet, cell phone, and passall-terrain, electric wheelchair. For archery, port. Always let someone back home we have all strengths of bows – child to know when you leave, and arrive at adult – and can set the targets to meet your destination. your level of expertise. Have a group of • Enlist the help of a travel advisor to kids that struggle with taking turns? Try help determine what areas will best out our bouncy house obstacle course. All suit your needs. Travel advisors can activities are available by appointment and help you make the most of your travel can be modified to fit your specific group time, and be your advocate for exactly size and needs. what you are looking for. Thanks to generous donations and • Enjoy! You are brave enough to travel secured grants, there is no cost for alone and find the beauty of being participants with disabilities. wanderlust. Enjoy those quiet lunches, sipping a latte and enjoying a baguette. Make sure to document your trip with a litter of photos and journals.



500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100






1661 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400

2603 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222


Q: WHAT IS RESPIRATORY FIT TESTING? A: Occupational Safety and Health Admin-

what you are using it for. In certain cases, it is a fine solution. In other cases, it is a very bad idea. The first premise to remember for the balance of life, an individual is that if something is free, there is little to diagnosed with cancer is a considered a no value to it. Free also means “Use at your survivor. Family members and caregivers own risk”. In certain cases where you just affected by a person’s diagnosis are also need a spot to briefly store something that considered cancer survivors. Cancer suryou don’t care if it gets published in the vivorship is the experience of living with, newspaper, it is a fine solution. If you need though, and beyond cancer. any type of security or encryption on the file because you don’t want that informaToday, more people than ever are surviving cancer because of early detection and tion to go to anyone but the destination, you need to use a more substantial cloud advances in treatment. As a result, much storage solution. And just because you pay more attention is being placed on the for something doesn’t mean it is always long-term physical, emotional, and pracgood. Read the fine print about what the tical needs of patients and their families solution does and does not do. Also refollowing a cancer diagnosis. Being diagmember that most cloud storage solutions nosed or caring for someone with cancer are meant to get files from location A to may be one of life’s most stressful experiences. In response to these needs, modern B. They are not designed to be long-term cancer centers (including Bismarck Cancer backup solutions which store and restore files reliably. Center) offer “survivorship programs” to attend to the needs of patients and caregivers during and after cancer treatment. These programs include individual and group experiences to ensure that individuals thrive, rather than merely survive, throughout their cancer journey. For more information go to www.bismarckcancercenter.com or call (701)-222-6100.

istration (OSHA) regulations require workers who are exposed to respiratory hazards to participate in a respiratory protection program that ensures proper functioning of their respirator with a fit test. A worker must be cleared to wear a respirator by an OSHA questionnaire review or a respirator medical clearance examination prior to fit testing. A fit test assesses comfort and determines if a respirator properly seals around the face to prevent leaks of contaminated air. Fit of the respirator is evaluated by a number of criteria, including size, chin placement, strap tension, fit across the nose bridge and tendency to slip. Workers should have a mirror to observe fit and respirator positioning. Fit testing is required annually and may need to be repeated if a worker has significant weight change, facial change or whenever the employee reports a problem with their face piece.

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MEMBER PERKS | CONNECTION SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGIST Carmen Ilie, MD, interventional cardiology, has joined the Sanford Carmen Ilie, MD Heart team in Bismarck. The board certified physician specializes in interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease and has been providing care in the BismarckMandan community for the past six years. Dr. Ilie graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacology in Timisoara, Romania and completed her residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.

Christine Rivinius

Cory McLindsay

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THEODORE ROOSEVELT MEDORA FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES PROMOTIONS The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is pleased to Sarah Slauter announce a handful of employee promotions. Sarah Slauter has accepted a new role as the Lodging and Reservations Director. She started working in Medora as a summer job while attending Minot State Grace Ward University. Sarah joined the Full-time team after graduation and has worked GOLDSTONE REALTY in HR and Reservations 2018 AWARD before assuming this newly WINNERS created Leadership Team Goldstone Realty has position with TRMF. announced their 2018 Grace Ward has been Award winners. Christine Daniel Gannarelli promoted to the Group Rivinius (Broker/Owner/ Sales Director. Grace Realtor®) received the Top worked in Medora as a Overall Agent Award as summer job during her well as the Platinum Sales time at Minnesota State Award. University Moorhead. Cory McLindsay She graduated this past received the Top Producing December and made a Agent By Volume Award natural transition into the as well as the Gold Sales Kaelee Knoell position as Group Sales Award in his first year with Director. Goldstone Realty. Daniel Gannarelli accepted a promotion Yvette Kraft received to the newly created Annual Giving Director the Top Listing Agent position. He previously worked in the Award as well as the Gold marketing department with TRMF. Daniel's Sales Award. Finally, Brad & relationships made in his marketing position Heidi Henke received the made for a very easy transition to the Top Buyers Agent Award Development Team. and the Silver Sales Award. Kaelee Knoell has been promoted to These realtors had Marketing Specialist. She worked as a design an incredible year of and marketing intern for TRMF during production and we’d like to her senior year at the University of Mary. thank them for their hard Following her graduation, she joined the work and client dedication. full-time team as a marketing assistant and recently was promoted to her new role as a specialist. BIANCO REALTY SALES AWARDS Bianco Realty has announced their top seven "REALTORS® Of The Month" for April: Judy Maslowski, Darcy Fettig, Phyllis Rittenbach, Missy Moritz, Tori Mathern, Shirley Thomas and Amber Sandness. These seven REALTORS® had the highest sales totals at Bianco Realty in April 2019.

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NEW HIRE & PROMOTION TO THE SPHERION STAFFING BISMARCK TEAM Spherion Staffing, a recruiting, staffing, and workforce solutions Lora Sagaser provider, has hired Lora Sagaser as a Recruiting Assistant in the Bismarck office. Sagaser will support the Bismarck branch by eliciting candidate interest in available job opportunities and providing a positive candidate experience. Sagaser will support the recruitment team with a variety of tasks as it relates to candidate qualification and placement. This includes processing skills assessments, scheduling of interviews, completing reference checks, and the on-boarding and orientation of employees upon hire. PETERSON RECEIVES ONE OF U-MARY’S HIGHEST AWARDS Mark Peterson who founded Westcon Inc. in Bismarck, ND, nearly 40 years ago, became the Mark Peterson fourth person to ever receive University of Mary’s prestigious Virtuous Leadership Award, given to people who it wants its students to emulate. Peterson has always made a commitment to the environment, health and safety. Not only has it won numerous safety awards, but it’s at the heart of each of Bilfinger Westcon’s projects and has now become the gold standard among all U.S. construction industry peers. WALD NAMED ADVISOR OF THE MONTH Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that David Wald has been named Advisor of the David Wald Month for April based upon his production and service to his clients. Wald has been a representative with Securian since August 2008. Wald is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC.

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Share your business news with the Chamber EDC. Email press releases to Rebecca at rrattei@bmcedc.com.

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CONNECTION | MEMBER PERKS BIRD AND SCHLAFMAN HONORED ON THE FINANCIAL TIMES’ LIST OF “400 TOP FINANCIAL ADVISERS” Joel Bird, CFP®, CRPC®, APMA®, BFA™, Joel Bird CLTC® and Dave Schlafman, CFP®, CLTC®, APMA®, Private Wealth Advisors with Ameriprise Financial in Bismarck, were named to the list of “400 Top Financial Advisers” published by the Financial Times. The Dave Schlafman annual list recognizes the most outstanding financial advisors who represent the highest levels of ethical standards, professionalism and success in the business.

ARCHULETA, MD, RECEIVES BENEDICTINE SPIRIT AWARD CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck awarded Laura Archuleta, MD, the 2018 Benedictine Spirit Award Laura Archuleta, MD during the annual Doctors’ Day celebration. The Benedictine Spirit Award is presented annually to a physician who provides distinguished service to patients and upholds the mission and values outlined by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery. ALLARD EARNS AMBASSADOR OF LIGNITE AWARD Chere Allard, a 16-year-veteran instructor at Bismarck State College, received the Ambassador of Lignite award from the Lignite Energy Council at a ceremony on Wednesday. Each year, the council honors those who are retiring from careers in the lignite energy industry.

BISMARCK AERO CENTER WELCOMES PFALTZGRAFF George Pfaltzgraff started his aviation passion in the summer of 2011 when he received his George Pfaltzgraff FAA Private Pilot’s license. He also has experience programming, building and operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). This UAV operational experience required him to work directly with the FAA for approvals. In his spare time, Pfaltzgraff applies his inquisitive nature by experimenting with old cars, ag equipment, livestock and even has his own CNC machine. As a Maintenance Technician Apprentice, Pfaltzgraff will receive “on the job training” that will go toward the required hours for receiving his FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) license.

JUNE LIVE GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD. Broadcast on Radio Access 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at www.freetv.org.

Mon, 3rd

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission

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Mon, 10th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board* 5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Tues, 11th

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Wed, 12th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning Commission Thurs, 13th

5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board

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5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board*

Tues, 18th 1:30 pm Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Mon, 24th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Planning Commission*

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5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Wed, 26th

5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission

Thurs, 27th

5:00 pm Bismarck Board of Adjustment

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at www.freetv.org. * Delayed Playback

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RIBBON CUTTINGS | CONNECTION Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber EDC volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To find out how you can get a free ribbon cutting from the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC, please call Ross at 701-223-5660.



Mike Motschenbacher, Manager, celebrate the renovation of the hotel located at location 200 E. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck. Phone: 701-222-2900. Member.

UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE UTTC team celebrates the opening of the Intertribal Research & Resource Center located on campus at 3315 University Dr, Bismarck. Phone: 701-221-1458. Member.

Melanie & Shannon Lennie, Owners, at their new business located at 111 4th Ave, Mandan. Phone: 701-255-3312. Member.

HERITAGE EXTERIORS BY BRANDON LEINGANG Brandon Leingang, Owner, at his new business located at 140 Riverwood Ave SE, Mandan. Phone: 701-751-3331. Member.

We’re here for you when living alone is no longer an option and a nursing home is not the answer

Call today! 701-221-3018 2500 Valley View Ave, Bismarck, ND www.ValleyViewHeights.com

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CONNECTION | NEW MEMBERS The Chamber EDC encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber EDC. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber EDC members, view the Member Directory online at www.bismarckmandan.com. Trapped In Bismarck 3333 East Broadway Ave, Suite 1219 Bismarck, ND Travis Walterson (701) 595-0119 Perfect for parties, corporate events, team building and even date nights, Trapped in Bismarck is the perfect party puzzle destination, making for a unique night out! Edward Jones/Chad Richter, Financial Advisor 4207 Boulder Ridge Road Suite 150 Bismarck, ND Chad Richter (701) 258-2459 When it comes to your financial future, it's important to work with someone who takes time to understand your situation. Contact me to see how personal service can make a difference. Native American Development Center 205 N. 24th St., Suite A Bismarck, ND Lorraine Davis (701) 595-5181 Our mission is to strengthen and advance Native American individuals and families by providing supportive services and resources designed to preserve culture and promote economic security. SRF Consulting Group 2037 Vermont Ave. Bismarck, ND Scott Harmstead (701) 354-2405 As a 100 percent employee-owned company, SRF’s engineers, planners, and designers collaborate with our clients and their stakeholders to develop creative solutions for the most challenging projects. Together, we create vibrant communities and dynamic experiences.

Contractors Supply 1600 Industrial Dr. Bismarck, ND Ken Salwey (701) 214-5799 Contractors Supply carries residential roofing, siding, windows, and related products. We take great pride in supplying, servicing and supporting the Midwest and fellow local companies. Graybar Electric Co., Inc. 3909 Apple Creek Rd. Suite A Bismarck, ND Shawn Koch (701) 250-2300 Graybar Electric specializes in bringing energy-efficient solutions and logistical support to commercial, construction and government industries. The Bone & Joint Center 310 N 9th Bismarck, ND Timothy Bopp, M.D. (701) 530-8800 The Bone & Joint Center is a medical and surgical orthopedic practice that is dedicated to providing progressive and specialty orthopedic care. Paradise Screen Printing, LLC 208 E Main Street Suite 1 Bismarck, ND Shane Neibauer (701) 751-7180 We are a full service manual screen printing shop we offer a huge variety of services including in-house embroidery as well as custom graphic digitizing, in-house custom graphics department and more.

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Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Connection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503



CHAMBER EDC GOLF SCRAMBLE Date: June 10, 2019 • Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Location: Prairie West Golf Course – 2709 Longspur Trail, Mandan LEMONADE DAY Date: June 15, 2019 • Time: All Day Location: Throughout Bismarck-Mandan

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CHAMBER EDC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERIES: CYBERSECURITY & I.T. Date: June 18, 2019 • Time: 10:00Am - 12:00pm Location: Chamber EDC – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck JUNE MEMBERSHIP MIXER: FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK & TRUST Date: June 20, 2019 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: First International Bank & Trust – 1601 N 12th Street, Bismarck FRIDAYS AT THE CHAMBER EDC Date: June 21, 2019 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Chamber EDC Patio – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck

For more information visit bismarckcancercenter.com 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100




June 1 June 1 June 2 June 8 June 24 July 4 July 22 July 27

Monday, June 10, 2019 Prairie West Golf Course Registration: 10:30AM Shotgun Start: 11:30AM

Register online at bismarckmandan.com, by calling 701-223-5660, or by emailing speterson@bmcedc.com.

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