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Welcome to the Chamber Scott Meet the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce's new President.


Recognizing the Outstanding The Chamber awards five Outstanding Teachers in Bismarck-Mandan.

CHAMBER CONNECTION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Perrie Schafer..................................................................................................................... Chair Brenda Nagel ........................................................................................................... Chair-Elect Ron Day....................................................................................................................... Secretary Craig Larson.................................................................................................................Treasurer Annette Behm-Caldwell ............................................................................................ Past Chair


Welcome to the Chamber Scott Ambassador of the Quarter Recognizing the Outstanding

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June Membership Mixer: Cloverdale Foods Chamber Golf Scramble Fridays at the Chamber Chamber Sporting Clays Shootout

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Annette Behm-Caldwell.....Open Road Honda Jeff Herman ������������������������������������Petro Hunt Brenda Nagel ������������������������������������������Aetna Craig Larson ���������������������������Starion Financial Sandi Tabor �������������������������������������������������KLJ Kevin Magstadt ������������������ Wenck Associates Molly Barnes............... Northern Improvement Paul Brucker ������������������� Railway Credit Union Jeff Albers ��������� Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac Stacey Breuer ��������������������������Bobcat/Doosan Chris Jones ����������������� CHI St. Alexius Health Mike Nathe................ Bismarck Funeral Home Chris Brown �������������������������������������������� Motix Tracy Kindem...........H.A. Thompson and Sons Marc Taylor...........Northern Plains Equipment Joe Duperre ������������������������������Kirkwood Mall Dan Pearson �����������������������������Northwest Tire Jasper Schneider ������������������������������������ NISC Wayne Munson �������������������� Indigo Signworks Dr. Blake Feil ����������������������� Feil Orthodontics Greg Vetter �������������������������University of Mary Nick Hacker................. ND Guaranty and Title Ron Day......................Tesoro Mandan Refinery Heather Fried ..... Fried Financial Services Inc. Perrie Schafer ���������������� Schafer Financial Inc.

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CHAMBER STAFF Scott Meske................................................................................................................ President Annie Bergrud.........................................................................................Chief Financial Officer David Leingang............................................................................ Community Growth Director Mary Masters................................................................................. Office Support Professional Ryan Parsons..............................................................................Vice President of Membership Rebecca Rattei................................................................................ Communications Specialist Amanda Schwieters......................................................................... Member Services Director Chelse Simon..................................................................................Membership Sales Director Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Anderson ........................ Communications Specialist/ LBM Director Karly Palczewski...............................................................................Marketing & Events Intern

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MISSION STATEMENT: Leaders for prosperity. Advocates for business.

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ometimes our careers take very predictable and calculated paths. Sometimes they don’t. And sometimes it’s all a matter of timing.

When I first visited Kelvin in the summer of 2014, I saw what he had helped build here in Bismarck and Mandan. I also knew how crucial The Chamber was to the overall economic and social vitality of the area; and to the political interests of the business community. I am grateful to Kelvin and the Board and also to The Chamber staff for building such a stalwart organization; diverse enough to tackle large issues and projects, yet focused enough to make a difference when needed. On April 5, 1768 a new organization was founded, The New York Chamber of Commerce which carried the motto: “Non nobis nati solum” – Not born for ourselves alone. To this day, our Chamber profession carries this mantra that a collective group of merchants can and should have influence in our communities and the governmental process; not just for their own individual benefit but for the benefit of all business interests. The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce is strong in this vein, using the combined strength of its membership, the expertise of the staff, and the vision of the Board to influence policy, improve the quality of life in our area and be a leader in the communities it serves. I’m grateful and excited to be a part of this incredible organization. I look forward to meeting you, learn about your business, and help influence the process for the betterment of our economy. Please feel free to introduce yourself to me at our events around town, or at the Chamber. Thank you.

Facebook: Scott J. Meske Twitter: @BMCC_Pres LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottmeske



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By Kylie Blanchard, Clearwater Communications

What started with a small group of like-minded individuals with a goal to bring a community food coop to Bismarck-Mandan has now become a reality. The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op opened in May with the mission to provide a grocery shopping experience reflective of the community’s commitment to health and wellness.

The Community Food Co-op board and employees then set out to continue to grow its membership and create a “locally grown grocery store” in Bismarck-Mandan. “We had other members and community leaders also coming together to ask what we needed to make this happen,” said Brenda Stone, a Co-op board member since 2014.

“The folks that organized the Co-op came from places that had community co-ops, and they recognized the need for one in Bismarck-Mandan,” said Randy Joersz, general manager of the Bis-Man Community Food Coop, adding the concept for the Co-op began to take shape in 2012.

“This started with nine people saying, ‘We need to do this,’” said Stone. “They just kept moving it forward, knowing this was going to help the community and be an asset to Bismarck-Mandan.”

Photo Credit: David Leingang

In 2013, the Co-op began accepting memberships and, in 2014, a feasibility study was completed. In mid-2015 a location was solidified on Sweet Avenue in Bismarck. “Once we signed the lease, construction started in the fall of 2015. We totally gutted the building and started from scratch.”

Bis-Man Community Food Co-op opened for business in May 2016. 4The | Chamber Connection

Locally Grown

“We will carry as much locally grown and locally produced products as possible,” said Joersz. “As a local shopper myself, I had to go to three different places to find everything I wanted. We will be a one-stop shop.”

www.bismarckmandan.com The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op is a full-service grocery store with fresh produce and a full-service meat counter.

Photo Credit: David Leingang

The first member to signup for the Co-op was Gabe Brown of Brown’s Ranch, a local producer and provider to the Co-op. Since that time, the membership of the Bis-Man Community Food Co-op grew to nearly 1,750 founding members by its opening day. “Our goal is to have 5,000 members when we are completely up and running,” said Joersz. Co-op members receive a number of benefits including value added items in every department. “The store is open to the public, but there are certain member perks,” said Stone, adding on a designated day each month, members receive 10 percent off all Co-op purchases.

The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op is a full-service grocery store with fresh produce and a full-service meat counter. “All our meat is locally sourced and we have a full-service deli, complete with a grill. In addition, fresh seafood will be available in the meat department.” He said the Co-op is also home to a huge bulk foods department, with grains, nuts and locally roasted coffee. In addition, the store will have full dairy and frozen foods departments. “Fifty percent of the Co-op’s products will be organic, and the rest will be natural,” said Joersz. “I think this is going to be a place that has diversity and food variety,” said Stone, who is originally from the East Coast and says she has missed the availability of fresh, local foods. “It is great having a grocery store you can go into and know you have healthy foods.” She said the atmosphere of the store will also be enjoyable to its patrons. “The colors are phenomenal. It’s going to be one of those fun places to go and shop.” Local producers will play a key role in the success of the Co-op, Stone notes. “It also helps the farmers and ranchers in our area because they have an avenue for selling their food,” she said. “It isn’t just a store, it’s a community joining together to help one another.”

Member Owned

“It takes a lot of courage to join a Co-op you can’t yet see,” said Joersz of the Co-op’s founding membership. “To actually be a part of owning a grocery store is a unique thing.”

Chamber Connection | 5

FEATURE The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op will employ a total of 15 full-time and 10 part-time employees and provide above scale pay for these positions.

In addition, the membership has voting rights when it comes to selecting board members and other Co-op decisions, said Stone. “The members definitely have a say because they own the store.” “As a member you will also hear about specials on items or special shipments before anyone else,” Stone added. Members will also be kept up-to-date on Co-op hosted classes on cooking, yoga, meditation and other wellness topics, which will take place in the store’s community room. Joersz says there is also a way for local businesses to get involved in building the Co-op’s membership through corporate sponsorships of their employees. “We have quite a few corporate sponsors who pay $50 for each employee towards their membership.”

6 | Chamber Connection

Photo Credit: David Leingang

In a profitable year, members will also receive patron dividends. “We believe it will take approximately two to five years for the Co-op to become profitable,” she noted.

Bis-Man Community Food Co-op memberships can be purchased online at http://bismanfoodcoop. com/become-a-member or at the store. The lifetime household membership is available for a $200, onetime fee. “I feel it is terribly important to be a member of something like this because it shows your support of where we live and grow,” said Stone. “If our membership grows, our store will grow.” Joersz said the Co-op will employ a total of 15 full-time and 10 part-time employees and provide above scale pay for these positions. “We aren’t going to have the turnover you see in other stores, that was important to the board,” he noted. “The Community Food Co-op is an exciting thing for Bismarck-Mandan.”

Photo Credit: David Leingang


Members of The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op will also hear about sales or special shipments before anyone else.

Stone said the community has been amazing in its support of the Co-op. “The community was just amazing, supportive and helpful. People were just coming out of all corners of Bismarck-Mandan to help us,” she said. “The Bis-Man Community Food Co-op will offer foods that are healthy and nutritious, support the local economy and producers, and give people another place to find healthy food in our community.”

For additional information on the Bismarck-Mandan Community Food Co-op visit http://bismanfoodcoop. com, email info@bismanfoodcoop.com or call 701-751-3119.

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When upper Midwest chambers get together, workforce development is sure to be a topic of discussion. At the Mid-America Chamber Executives conference -held in Sioux Falls, S.D., in May -- workforce development was the common thread tying the weekend together. “Attract, train, retain” was the theme of the 2016 MACE conference.

Build Dakota Scholarship Fund

Like North Dakota, our sister state to the south works hard to retain young people who grow up in the state of South Dakota and consider leaving. The Build Dakota Scholarship Fund was designed to support those who pursue higher education and stay in South Dakota. Scholarship applicants must commit to living in South Dakota for three years following graduation. If a scholarship recipient moves out of state during that time, the scholarship converts to a loan that must be repaid. The students must be enrolled full-time in a South Dakota institution of higher education and maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

The scholarship is designed for 2-year technical education and careers. Speaker Dana Dykhouse, CEO of First Premier Bank in Sioux Falls, described it as an area of critical need for South Dakota. Dykhouse said these young people “will be the backbone of our economy.” Rather than graduating with a 2-year technical degree and becoming an entry level plumber or welder, Dykhouse said the program positions the graduates to become business owners and open a business like an HVAC shop. Dykhouse also described challenges the scholarship program had encountered. A percentage of students -larger than anticipated -- only completes one year in the scholarship program and drops out before completing the 2-year degree. Dykhouse also said the scholarship program is only marketed in-state as it is difficult to get students to move from out-of-state for the scholarship program.

Immigrant and Refugee Workforce

Over decades, a consistently new workforce available in North Dakota has been the immigrant and refugee population. Jessica Thomasson from Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota presented information on the immigrant and refugee populations in the upper Midwest states. From 2012-2015, 2,090 refugees were resettled in North Dakota. Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks are communities approved by the U.S. State Department as refugee resettlement sites. Thomasson said the nationalities of refugee populations has followed world conflict and changed over decades. Currently, the top five countries for refugee resettlement in North Dakota are Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. For the past six-seven years, Thomasson said North Dakota has had an established preference for family reunification.

8 | Chamber Connection

When Lutheran Social Services tracks client families who are part of their refugee resettlement program, they gauge success using certain metrics. They classify success by earnings -- goal is at least $50,000 per year -- using at least some of their higher education in their current job, and professional success being employed in that industry.

www.bismarckmandan.com Thomasson said there is a powerful correlation between the size of an immigrant’s self-reported network and their likelihood of achieving success. Thomasson said 44 percent of immigrants who report having “many” friends in the United States have corresponding earnings success. Social capital is powerful. Another key to success for immigrants is investing in additional U.S. education including internships, training and higher education. Time, plus cultural integration, helps drive success. Thomasson said civic integration of refugee families drives economic integration. Self-sufficiency is the goal of almost every immigrant family. Thomasson said immigrant families are ready to work, excited to work and typically employed within 80-90 days of immigration. However, once immigrant families are busy with employment, it becomes harder to focus on selfimprovement, English language skills and education. Lutheran Social Services follows-up with orientation, employer support and cultural translation.

The business case for workers 50+

Maximizing the value of older workers in our marketplace was the focus of a presentation by AARP representative Sarah Jennings. Right now, there are four generations working in the American marketplace with a small percentage of the Silent Generation, retiring Baby Boomers, mid-career Generation X and young professional Millennials. Jennings said experienced workers help maintain a professional edge. They are less likely to leave a job unexpectedly, and they maintain institutional knowledge. Jennings encouraged business owners to consider hiring retirees for temporary workforce to fill gaps such as sabbaticals, summer vacations and maternity leaves.

Bismarck-Mandan Retention

On behalf of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce, Kelvin Hullet gave a case study on day care solutions and the attraction of Millennials through downtown development. Hullet said community leaders identified three major challenges in Bismarck-Mandan: 1.) affordable housing, 2.) child care, and 3.) people. With three percent unemployment and 4,000 open jobs in Bismarck-Mandan, the need for people was evident. Hullet said the Fifth Street corridor with its synergy between the Bismarck Event Center and Kirkwood Mall was a prime location for downtown urban housing. The project is partly designed to be attractive to Millennials with its opportunity to live, work and play downtown.

FiveSouth as a private sector-led project has kept politics largely out of the equation. Private-sector investment in a full-service hotel and the apartment complexes must be secured before Tax Increment Financing bonds will be available. Hullet also spoke on how Bismarck-Mandan has worked to meet a gaping child-care need. According to Hullet, in 2008 approximately 40 percent of the child-care demand was met. At that time, more grandparents were providing day care for their grandchildren and more stay-at-home parents were in Bismarck-Mandan. In 2015, only 3 percent of the supply was being met. Hullet said various businesses explored providing child care onsite but balked at the liability and the need to provide separate entrances and separate bathrooms. Following the North Dakota rural cooperative model, three major employers -- Basin Electric Power Cooperative, CHI St. Alexius Health and Sanford Health -partnered with YMCA to create a new day care center. The resulting YMCA Youth Development Center has created 240 new child care slots in Bismarck-Mandan. Hullet encouraged Mid-America chambers to consider how to engage the business community when trying to attract Millennials to their communities.

Building a Better World for All of Us


Our North Dakota team is located in Bismarck and our employee-owners understand how the decisions we make in the field will impact your community. We will continue to provide feasible, right-sized, technical solutions for all of your planning and engineering needs including: Transportation/Traffic/Rail Civil/Municipal Water/Wastewater Flood Control/Stormwater Industrial Development Residential/Commercial Development Solid Waste/Transfer Stations Environmental Architecture/Buildings Community Planning Economic Development FundStart™ Surveying Aviation Construction Services Energy 701.354.7121 • sehinc.com

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Bill (far right) with his sons Dick and Bob and his wife Alva.

MEMBER PROFILE Featuring Bill Townsend Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within the organization. A: My wife Alva and I are the owners of Dakota Awards, Inc. We formed Dakota Awards in 1982 and it started as a hobby business, but we found the growth of this company to almost be overwhelming in our early years of operation. Alva retired this month, and I hope to do the same over the next year or so. We have a great team that handles the various areas of sales, customer service, art and design, and the various production processes of engraving, etching, printing, rubber stamp manufacturing, MetalPhoto®, and the assembly of all of our awards and recognition products. Q: Briefly tell us the history of Dakota Awards. A: Dakota Awards began in the late 1970’s when our family’s three sons and one daughter participated in BMX racing. My wife Alva and I drove our family around North Dakota to let them participate in bicycle motocross racing. A group of Bismarck parents banded together as volunteers to start BMX racing to Bismarck-Mandan. The area’s first track was built on the “Strip” in east Mandan, and a few years later a new track was built on Bismarck Park Board land just west of Century High School. Expansion of Century High’s parking eventually made it necessary for the BMX complex to move south to the Cottonwood Park facility where it remains today. Dakota Awards began in our garage and kitchen when we built awards for our local racing program. As we traveled around the region we started supplying racing trophies to other regional BMX tracks, and that marked the beginning of Dakota Awards. 10 | Chamber Connection


Q: What differentiates Dakota Awards from its competitors? A: Dakota Awards is a full service awards company. We sell the traditional sports awards such as trophies, ribbons, plaques, but we also handle a wide array of corporate awards and etched crystal. We also create custom donor recognition walls. We market decorated apparel, with screen printing and embroidery. We offer promotional products and advertising specialties.

We also have a line of signage products including ADA compliant room signage with tactile letters and grade II Braille, readable for those with visual impairments. We design and manufacture custom flags and banners and we sell, install and service a complete line of commercial flags and flagpoles for homes and businesses.

Dakota Awards is a member of the Award Associates of America, a buyer’s group of nearly 70 of the leading awards dealers In the United States, Canada and Mexico. We have a spacious retail showroom as well as production facilities here in Downtown Bismarck. We also have a website that allows customers from around the country to order products from us seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

www.bismarckmandan.com Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Dakota Awards? A: Since our beginnings in the ‘80s, we’ve managed to sustain continued growth in sales through two recessions and the recent downturn in the energy sector. BismarckMandan has had a strong economy compared to much of the nation, and we have been fortunate to be a part of the Bismarck-Mandan retail community for almost 35 years. Our experienced team of sales and production specialists make it possible to see opportunities for growth in the future. Q: What industry trends are taking place? A: Beginning around the year 2000 we started seeing a lot of consolidation in our industry. Many of the manufacturers merged to form larger companies that could compete in a global economy. At the same time, smaller retailers found technology too expensive for many mom and pop businesses, and larger award companies saw the most growth in sales. Q: Have there been any monumental changes in the industry that you’ve had to deal with? A: During our years in the awards and recognition business, we have seen many technology advances. In our early years we engraved metal plates with a pantograph, tracing individual letter patterns with a stylus to engrave letters on metal plates. In the mid '80s computer controlled engraving machines were developed followed by printing techniques that allowed us to create full color designs on metal plates, namebadges, and even on crystal and acrylic awards. We now have three laser engraving machines, three computer engravers, and two color printing technologies as well as abrasive etching equipment, rubber stamp and seal making processes that give us many award making processes to create wonderful awards and recognition products.

Q: What does the future of Dakota Awards look like and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: Dakota Awards has moved four times into larger accommodations since 1982 and now maintains enough business to keep 15 employees busy serving clients throughout the United States. We now occupy about 9000 square feet, the complete lower level of the Dakota Building at Third and Front in Bismarck. We are well equipped to handle the awards and recognition needs of our area for many years to come. Q: Dakota Awards has been a member since 1987, why do you continue to renew each year? A: Being a part of the business community in Bismarck and Mandan, Dakota Awards wants to be connected to other businesses who make up a large part of our sales volume. The Chamber provides many opportunities to get together with our largest block of clients. As a past Chamber board member and past Chairman of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber, I realize how important the Chamber of Commerce is to our business and the community. Q: What should Chamber members know about Dakota Awards that may assist them? A: Whenever you need awards or recognition items visit our showroom or website www.dakawards.com. We have thousands of items to choose from and you are certain to find an ideal way to recognize your staff for their accomplishments. Dakota Awards motto is: “We help make the moment of recognition last a lifetime”. We have catalogs available for Corporate Awards, Sports Awards, and for Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products.

Dakota Awards has a wide variety of products to fit your needs.

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Scott Meske was named the President of the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce in February 2014 after spending more than 30 years in Wisconsin as a nonprofit executive, lobbyist, media relations professional and communications expert. With an undergraduate degree in political science and public administration from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Scott served 15 years as an officer in the National Guard, the last eight as a photo journalist and media relations officer. He holds credentials as a Certified Association Executive, and also from the US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Organizational Management. He has extensive training as a youth hockey and lacrosse coach, and spends much of his time away from the office knee deep with a fly rod in one hand, and a Nikon camera in the other.

Scott Meske

AMBASSADOR OF THE QUARTER Congratulations to LaRae Nelson, Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce’s, first Ambassador of the Quarter for 2016! LaRae is always active at ribbon cutting celebrations, open house ceremonies, and volunteering her time at Chamber membership events.

LaRae Nelson is currently the Destination Sales Specialist for the Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau and has been five and a half years assisting meeting planners with finding the best facilities to meet their needs in Bismarck–Mandan.


Prior to LaRae’s current position, she was the Major Account Manager at Cellular One/Alltel for over nine years and also, a Sales Manager for Estee Lauder. LaRae is married to Tim Nelson and has two children, Andrew and Chelsy. “I like being an ambassador, because it keeps me connected with the community to see firsthand what is happening. There is always a remodel or something new being built and seeing that growth is so exciting,” said Nelson. “This committee is like a family and you really become great friends with your fellow ambassadors.” Congratulations again LaRae, from the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber staff and thank you for your dedication to this very active committee! Ambassador Chair, Rick Keller, presents the Ambassador of the Quarter.

701.250.9696 3521 Memorial Hwy Mandan, ND bismarck@indigosignworks.com

Lighted Signage | Pole & Monument Signs | Awnings | Vinyl Graphics Neon | LEDs | Interior & Exterior Digital Displays | Interior Signs | ADA Digital Printing | Express Graphics

12 | Chamber Connection


RECOGNIZING THE OUTSTANDING For over ten years, the Chamber and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year task force has been honoring educators in the Bismarck-Mandan area who have taught and positively influenced hundreds of young minds. These educators have established legacies with their students and have set the bar for others in education field.

Shane Hafner, Dr. Jill Nustad and David Leingang.

Every year hundreds of nominations and letters of support for certain teachers are received and utilized in deciding on the top elementary, secondary and post-secondary education teachers in both Bismarck–Mandan. In the end an elementary and secondary teacher from both Bismarck and Mandan were chosen, along with a teacher from our local university. First up, the Outstanding Teacher of the Year in the postsecondary/higher education level was Dr. Jill Nustad with the University of Mary. Mrs. Nustad was surprised while attending a workshop with her peers. Family, friends and more were secretly invited to attend the presentation to show support.

Nellie Keller, Travis Coyle and David Leingang.

Then we crashed the Mandan High School Scholarship Ceremony, to catch our Mandan secondary teacher, Travis Coyle, off guard. After honoring his own outstanding students in the science department, Mr. Coyle provided a few words of bewilderment as he proudly accepted his crystal apple. Next we slipped into Red Trail Elementary to honor our Mandan elementary teacher, Tiffany Moos! Believing she was attending a normal school assembly, Mrs. Moos was shocked to be called out and honored as Mandan’s elementary Outstanding Teacher of the year.

Shane Hafner, Tanny Moos and David Leingang

Across the river we managed to get the best of our Bismarck secondary teacher, Jeramie Schafer, in front of Wachter Middle School. Thinking he was taking part in a School evacuation drill, Mr. Schafer quickly became confused as he spotted certain friends and family that normally don’t attend evacuations. Finally, we found ourselves at Highland Acres Elementary to present Larissa Schwab for being an Outstanding Teacher for Bismarck’s elementary level. An impromptu assembly was held in her honor as he received the award with tears of happiness and pride for her school.

Rachael Brash, Shane Hafner, Jeramie Schafer and David Leingang.

Shane Hafner, Larissa Schwab and David Leingang.

With more than 20 nominations, it was difficult to narrow down this year’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year awardee. However, it is the cheers and tears provided by family, students and peers that really make this honor worth presenting every year! Thank you to Shane Hafner of Securian Financial for presenting the awards. Also thank you to Bismarck State College for their support, and to our many gift sponsors, Bruno’s Pizza, Longhorn Steak House, Jimmy Johns, CrossCountry Freight Solutions, Choice Financial, Grand Theaters and Trapped in Bismarck for their contribution. Chamber Connection | 13






Date: Location: Time: Fees:

Thursday, June 9, 2016 Cloverdale Foods 3015 34th Street NW, Mandan 4:30PM - 6:30PM Free to Attend

Cloverdale Foods will be hosting this month’s Membership Mixer on Thursday, June 9th at their location on 3015 34th St. NW in Mandan. Members of the Bismarck–Mandan Chamber will enjoy a relaxing evening with cool refreshments and sampling some of the new products that Cloverdale has recently come out with. Some samples they’ll be featuring is the chipotle garlic bacon and brown sugar cured carved ham! This is a wonderful opportunity to invite your staff to join fellow Chamber members at a casual networking event. Don’t miss this popular and long awaited for social! We encourage RSVPs and they can be made online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar or by contacting Amanda at aschwieters@bismancc.com or 701-223-5660.




Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsor:

Monday, June 13, 2016 Prairie West Golf Course 2709 Longspur Trail, Mandan 10:30AM - 5:30PM $170 per golfer

*Includes 18 holes, golf cart, lunch, dinner & driver range

It’s almost here! The Annual Chamber Golf Scramble is scheduled for Monday, June 3th at Prairie West Golf Course in Mandan. Join us for an exciting 18hole scramble. Registration will start at 10:30am. The scramble will begin at 11:30am with a shotgun start. Players will compete in teams of four. You may either sign up individually ($170/person), and we will assign you with three players, or as a full team of four ($680/ team). You’ll receive a boxed lunch when you check in and instructions for where to go. While on the course you will be provided with beverages, snacks, and other fun activities provided by hole sponsors. Spots are filling up quickly, but we still have some room so don’t wait to register! Sign up online at www.bismarckmandan.com or by contacting Amanda at 701-223-5660 to receive a registration form.

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Marc & Dee Taylor Northern Plains Equipment

14 | Chamber Connection

www.bismarckmandan.com AT THE


Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsor:

Friday, June 17, 2016 Chamber of Commerce 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck 11:30AM - 1:00PM Free to Chamber Members

“Summertime, summertime, a warm breeze and a new state of mind!” Can you tell we are excited here at the Chamber about the change in season?! Another thing to sing about is this month marks our first member appreciation luncheon and we cannot wait to serve you! We appreciate your membership and all your support throughout the year, so please stop in and accept our small token of appreciation. Thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Daniel Companies, we are able to bring this event to you for FREE!


Date: Location: Time: Fees:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 Citidel Apartments 119 Irvine Loop, Bismarck 4:30PM - 6:30PM Free to Attend

Mark your calendars for next month’s membership mixer at Belcastle Management! You don’t want to miss this fun time on Tuesday, July 19th at 119 Irvine Loop in Bismarck. You’ll have a great time networking with chilled refreshments’, enjoy some light hors d’oeuvres and get your tan on at their pool party! Don’t miss this event that’ll surely make a splash! RSVP online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar or contact Amanda at aschwieters@bismancc.com.

Join us and other fellow members for a fun and informal way to network on Friday, June 17th from 11:30am – 1:00pm on our beautiful Chamber patio! We will be serving brats, pulled pork and a choice of sides along with cool refreshments.

Please Join Us!

Please RSVP online at www.bismarckmandan.com/ events or by calling Amanda at 701-223-5660.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2016 | 4-6pm 116 W Main Avenue, Suite A, Bismarck

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Sporting Clays



Friday, August 19, 2016 Capital City Sporting Clays 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck 8:00AM - 2:30PM $100 for Chamber Members $125 for Non-Members

Mark your calendar for a day of fun at Capital City Sporting Clays! This outdoor event is fun for all members from the casual shooter to those with serious shooting skills, it’s an event that everyone can enjoy themselves at. You can register individually ($100/ person), and we’ll assign you to a team or you may sign up for an entire team of four ($400/team). If you are not a member of the Chamber, registration is ($125/ person). Admission includes shotgun shells, ear plugs, course fees, lunch, beverages, and great door prize opportunities! You will have to purchase eyewear if you do not have your own.

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DINNER ON THE PLAZA We are sad to announce that this month’s, Dinner on the Plaza, has been postponed. After a very tough call, due to this month’s busy activities around the community and the difficulty it’s put on our caterers we’ve decided to make the decision to post-pone this event until a later date. Continue to check out our website at www.bismarckmandan.com and stay tuned for more details to come. Wine Beer Sponsor: Sponsor:

For more information visit bismarckcancercenter.com 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100 16 | Chamber Connection


Visit www.bismarckmandan.com/events to register or contact Amanda at aschwieters@bismancc.com. If you are interested in learning more about the available sponsorship opportunities, contact the Chamber at 701-223-5660, and Amanda would love to visit with you about the different options.

June 3-5 Rug Rat Softball Tournament June 4 Tractor Trek June 11 Volkowitsch Golf Open July 4 Mandan 4th of July Road Race July 9 Demon Football Fun Run July 16 Harleywood Nights July 30 Blue Grass Goes Pink August 9 Dancer for Cancer Zumbathon August 13 Saddle Up Against Cancer August 19 Drive to Survive Sept. 24-25 Applefest




Community experts create issue day sessions on topics relevant to the Bismarck-Mandan area, including: economic development, energy, natural resources, agriculture, human services, law enforcement, military, emergency services, arts, leisure, education, legislation, political involvement, faith, ethics and values.

The overall theme for the art is “Reflections of North Dakota.” Submissions must be original and can include paintings, graffiti-style artwork or other one-dimensional art. Artwork must be able to be reproduced by painting on the exterior wall of the alleyway between Fifth and Sixth Streets in Bismarck. Preference, but not exclusivity, will be given to North Dakota artists who submit artwork that reflects North Dakota.

Leadership Bismarck-Mandan is now accepting applications for the class of 2017. Up to 18 applicants will be accepted into the program. Participants delve into today’s most compelling issues.

Most issue days are 1/2 day. Highlights of the program include a full day at the 2017 North Dakota Legislative Assembly, a full day tour of Coal Country, a full day retreat and a graduation ceremony. Following the issue days, the class will divide into groups, select a community project about which they are passionate and work to make that field project into reality. Applications are available online at bismarckmandan. com/pages/LeadershipBismarck-Mandan. Any questions, contact Cathryn at 701-223-5660. Applications are due Aug. 1, 2016. Program begins Sept. 21, 2016. Scholarships Available Thanks to the generosity of Gate City Bank, Exploring Leadership Soulutions-Dave Leingang and Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association, who will be sponsoring scholarships to qualifying candidates. Please contact Cathryn at the Chamber to find out more about a Leadership Bismarck-Mandan scholarship.

The Dakota West Arts Council, along with the 2016 Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Project Team, is looking for local and regional artists to submit artwork for an alley in downtown Bismarck.

Each artist may submit up to three designs. Artwork will be judged by the Bismarck Art Alley Committee and selected based on composition, originality and creativity. To download an application visit www.artscapital.org or visit the Facebook page “Bismarck Alley Art” for more information. The deadline to submit an application/ design for consideration is June 15, 2016. Entries must be received on or before this date to be considered.


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Internet-enabled Apple or Android smartphone is required. Message and data rates from your carrier may apply.


www.firstintlbank.com/BusinessMobile Chamber Connection | 17





UNIVERSITY OF MARY NAMES AND BREAKS GROUND ON NEW CAMPUS CENTER Banners, bands, balloons, and one giant backhoe were some of the exciting sights and sounds that greeted hundreds of people on hand to celebrate and commemorate the start of construction on the newly named Lumen Vitae University Center worth $21.75 million. University of Mary President, Monsignor James Shea made the announcement at a April 21st press conference celebrating the efforts of many donors, students, faculty and friends who have donated time, money and resources into what will become the new state-of-the-art campus center. “This special place — at the heart of campus — will be a hub for activity where our students, faculty, staff and friends come for fellowship, food, fun and study,” said Monsignor Shea. “This space will be bursting with a rich and vibrant lumen vitae, or ‘light of life,’ as our students on campus, and also the Bismarck-Mandan community, gather here for generations to come.” The two-story Lumen Vitae University Center repurposes the current Fieldhouse and connects it to the McDowell Activity Center (MAC) that will also be renovated.

Dan Butler in a backhoe as he breaks ground.

This 80,000-square-foot structure features a new “Founders Hall” with one of the grandest views in all of North Dakota overlooking the Missouri River Valley and accommodating over 600 dinner guests for banquet or up to 1,100 for conferences or corporate and private meetings. Students cross “Main Street” from Founders Hall into one of the country’s only 24/7 dining centers. Other amenities include an American Bank Center branch, book and retail store, individual conference rooms, student lounges, coffee shop, clinic, Hall of Fame concourse and much more. “This support is a community effort that spans far and wide — from Bismarck and The Bakken, to the Red River Valley and across the country,” stated Jerome Richter, vice president for the Office of Public Affairs and the person spearheading fundraising for the $272 million Vision 2030 Capital Campaign. “To date, over $44 million of the $96 million Phase One goal has been raised.” Shea; Sister Nancy Miller, prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery; Liv Stromme, University of Mary student body president; and Dan Butler, chairman of the Board of Trustees, all took part in the groundbreaking. Miller, representing Mary’s founders, made the initial ceremonial dig with a Monastery shovel that has been part of every groundbreaking event in their history as sponsors. Butler then proceeded to man the backhoe from Butler Machinery and dig an even bigger hole. With the earth moving on the Lumen Vitae University Center, there will be three construction projects going simultaneously on campus. That includes a new female residence hall that is nearly completed and will open this August, the new fieldhouse that is also currently under construction and will be finished by November 2016, and the Lumen Vitae University Center that is scheduled to open in August of 2017.

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On April 20, 2016 Mandan Park District, joined together with many Mandan community members, to officially break ground on Starion Sports Complex. The new complex, opening fall of 2017, will be located at 111 Old Red Trail NE in Mandan. Planned for approximately 84,000 square feet, the Starion Sports Complex will be home to a two-rink hockey arena, gymnastics facility and a football and track field. “Today is a big day for the future of Mandan” said Jason Arenz, Mandan Park Board President. “This complex will expand Mandan’s recreation opportunities and provide more for Mandan’s youth.” The sponsorship naming rights for the Starion Sports Complex began in February 2016. Thank you to the sponsors, Starion Financial, Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac, Dakota Community Bank and Trust, Scheels, BNC National Bank, Lillis Electric, State Farm, Lynn & Lyle Kinnischtzke, Mandan Chiropractic Clinic and Rick and Lynn Horn. There are still sponsorship opportunities available on the interior of the complex. The second bid package will close on May 10. Bid package two consists of footings, structural steel, roofing and football and track surface. The third bid package consists of all interior finishing work. Bid package three will open after Bid Package Two closes.



Mark and Claudia Thompson are announcing a $500,000 gift to the Sanford Health Foundation. The generous donation will benefit Sanford Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Bismarck. The Thompsons are the owners of Bismarck based H.A. Thompson & Sons, a plumbing, heating, air conditioning and mechanical contractor servicing North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana.

The Thompson’s gift supports the Sanford Health Foundation’s Builders of Excellence campaign. Through this campaign, Sanford matches each donation dollar-for-dollar, which means a total of $1 million will be given to support the NICU. The $1 million gift will help the NICU purchase technology and equipment to ensure Sanford’s tiniest patients receive excellent care close to home. Since the Builders of Excellence campaign began in 2012, more than $4 million has been donated, creating more than $8 million in endowment funds to benefit health care in central and western North Dakota. In recognition of this generous gift, Sanford has designated an area in the Children’s lobby as the Mark & Claudia Thompson Family Children’s Center for Healing.

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The Bismarck School Board unanimously approved closing Saxvik Elementary School when classes end this spring. About a dozen Saxvik parents and staff attended the meeting and one person addressed the board. Matt Sperry asked that the school be closed due to increased crime in the neighborhood.

ZEST{FULL} “One word to describe it is ‘fun’. We’re laughing all the time!” — Kathy & Bob Ramsay, Touchmark residents in Bend, Oregon

At Touchmark, residents say living well means:

Being more social. What does living well mean to you?

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Independent Living Cottages & Apartments Assisted Living Memory Care Health & Fitness Club

Learn more: 701-557-9289 TouchmarkBismarck.com/info TOUCHMARK ON WEST CENTURY Full-service Retirement Community 1000 West Century Avenue • Bismarck, ND 58503 1612713 © Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved

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School administrators had recommended closing Saxvik after applying criteria recently developed by the Facility Planning Committee. While some parts of Bismarck are growing in enrollment and need additional school space, some buildings are aging and losing enrollment. Board president Lawrence King said the idea to close the 64-year-old school came out of equity discussions in the community, and a compilation of factors including cost to renovate, handicap accessibility, parking, playground and storage space, and infrastructure for today’s technology. Board member Matt Sagsveen said the district isn’t targeting neighborhood schools and he hopes the Board in the future can look at the possibility of tearing down an older school and building a new one on the same site, for example. Board member Karl Lembke said this is an opportunity to offer better educational facilities to Saxvik families. Board member Heide Delorme said that while there is a cost savings to closing Saxvik, she feels the district made this decision because it’s the right thing to do for kids. Scott Halvorson echoed that, stating that the best decisions are often the hardest to make. He and other board members directed the Superintendent to continue talks with local representatives to create a type of “community center” in the Saxvik building. Saxvik parents have received a boundary map showing which of the four schools—Murphy, Myhre, Pioneer or Will-Moore, their children will go to in the fall. Parents will soon receive information regarding the location of summer school, summer afternoon activity sessions, and fall before and after school programs run by MREC and Bismarck Parks and Recreation. Open houses and school tours for students and parents were in May.


A documented shortage of pharmacy technicians has inspired a partnership between the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) and Bismarck State College (BSC) to deliver the NDSCS Pharmacy Technician program to the central and western portion of the state beginning Fall 2016. Students will enroll through NDSCS but may attend classes in Bismarck. General education classes will be provided by BSC, while the technical components of the program will be taught by Wahpeton-based NDSCS Pharmacy Technician faculty through interactive video and
online classes. Students will be able to earn either a 2-year A.A.S. degree or 1-year Certificate from NDSCS. "The partnership between Bismarck State College and North Dakota State College of Science is an example of how shared services and campus collaboration can meet changing demands in North Dakota," NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott said. "Our students now have even greater opportunities for success, right here at home." “By working together, BSC and NDSCS will help fill the critical shortage of Pharmacy Technicians in central and western North Dakota,” said NDSCS President John Richman. “Students will benefit from face-to-face and synchronous virtual classroom instruction.” The Pharmacy Technician program prepares students for careers performing and managing the technical functions in pharmacies and pharmacy-related industries. Pharmacy Technician graduates can register with the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy and are eligible for national certification. Pharmacy technicians are found in community, hospital and home health care pharmacies, as well as research institutions and manufacturers. Graduates benefit from 100 percent placement in this high-demand career field. “As part of the North Dakota University System we are delighted to partner with NDSCS,” BSC President Larry C. Skogen said. “It’s exciting to be able to work together and offer a program that will meet such a need in central and western North Dakota.”



CHI St. Alexius Health in Bismarck was awarded an “A” grade for safety in The Leapfrog Group’s latest Hospital Safety Scores. CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck was the only hospital in central and western North Dakota to receive an “A.” “We are proud to receive an ‘A’ grade in safety from The Leapfrog Group,” said Kurt Schley, president of CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck. “This is a tribute to our physicians, nurses and entire clinical and nonclinical associates for their hard work and dedication to position our hospital as a leading, trusted provider of care for the patients we have the privilege to serve.”

For its latest scores, the Leapfrog Group assigned "A" to "F" letter grades to hospitals based on 28 performance measures using data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American Hospital Association's annual survey, CDC, CMS, and the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Taken together, they produce a single score representing a hospital’s overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors.

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KUPPER SUBARU MARCO NAMED WINNER OF THE 2016 EARNS 2016 SUBARU STELLAR CARE AWARD BOLD AWARDS Marco is excited to announce that it is the recipient of the 2016 BOLD Award in the Middle Market Category, presented by the Minnesota Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth® (ACG). The program celebrates the corporate leaders and teams that are behind successful mergers and acquisitions, financing and extraordinary strategies that led to sustainability, remarkable performance and/or accelerated growth in 2015. All nominations were reviewed, ranked and awarded by a peer panel of judges representing the middle market community. Judges included corporate executives, service professionals and entrepreneurs. Marco’s BOLD Move: In October 2015, Marco was sold to Norwest Equity Partners (NEP), a leading Minnesota equity investment firm. Marco was an employee-owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for almost 30 years. This transaction created a significant realization of retirement assets for its ESOP participants. Following the transaction, the company remains as Marco, a privately-held company and all employees retained their jobs.

Kupper Subaru of Mandan, N.D. joins an elite group to receive the prestigious 2016 Subaru Stellar Care Award from Subaru of America. David Hebert, Subaru of America, Inc. District Parts & Service Manager, presented the award to the dealership. Only the most dedicated Subaru retailers earn the Subaru Stellar Care Award. It is one of the greatest honors in the eyes of Subaru of American, Inc. and only an elite group of Subaru retailers achieve this recognition each year. Those who earn the coveted Stellar Care Award demonstrate excellence in all areas of customer-focused performance. It is an annual achievement and under continuous review.

To earn the Subaru Stellar Care Award, Kupper Subaru achieved and maintained Stellar Care performance standards and objectives. The list is long and the expectations are high. The dealership passed continual reviews by our customers and met annual objectives established by Subaru of America, Inc. in many areas, including: Facility, Sales Operations, Service Operations, Training and the Finance Department.

 “We are honored to once again have achieved the criteria needed to receive the highest award from Subaru of America,” stated Bob Kupper, Dealer of Kupper Subaru. “It wouldn’t be possible without the continued business of our loyal Subaru guests and our incredible staff that we’re able to be among the most elite Subaru dealerships in the country.”

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DFC Consultants were honored as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the year at Altec’s doc-link Evolution conference in Newport Beach, CA. The award honors a Microsoft Partner that has an outstanding relationship with Altec and a commitment to providing customers with doc-link document management. DFC Consultants were one of only two recipients. Altec is a leading provider of integrated document management and workflow solutions. Their products enable companies to reduce their overall environmental footprint by allowing them to go paperless. Their solutions integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, a software system that DFC Consultants provides to customers throughout the country.



Solheim Elementary School in Bismarck was one of two schools in the state to receive a CenturyLink Clark M. Williams’ Foundation Teachers and Technology grant. Spearheaded by teacher Jill Vallejo, Solheim will receive nearly $5,000 to purchase classroom audio enhancement systems to assist students with spoken instruction. The other Solheim staff who worked on the grant were teachers Michelle Kuhn and Serena Mahoney, and speech pathologist Candice Heck. Julie Darrington, CenturyLink’s vice president of operations for North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska says, “The winning teachers’ grant applications were inspirational. They demonstrated creative techniques that would be used to assist students in fully understanding subject matter, often times using hands-on learning.”

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The City of Bismarck, ND and AE2S (Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.) have been awarded an “Engineering Excellence” award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of North Dakota (ACEC/ND) in the Waste and Storm Water category.


BISMARCK EDGEWOOD Web/app Development REGIONAL STORM AND Mobility Solutions SANITARY IMPROVEMENTS EARNS Creative Design PROJECT ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE Reach out to us for more Business Continuity information on our AWARD

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The award recognizes the Edgewood Regional Storm and Sanitary Improvements Project, which was launched by the City of Bismarck in order to serve the Edgewood Village 7th Addition subdivision. The subdivision also includes the new Legacy High School, and other areas. New infrastructure was needed to connect this rapidly expanding area to the City’s existing infrastructure. As a result of the significant growth and short timeline, AE2S quickly began preliminary analysis and design for a portion of the sanitary sewer system, as it needed to be constructed within five months. In less than three and a half months, AE2S, in conjunction with City Engineering and Public Works staff, had planned, designed, permitted, and bid approximately 7,450 feet of 15-18 inch sanitary sewer main, along with a grassed maintenance path. Construction was completed ahead of schedule. The sanitary sewer routing design also provides the City with flexibility for future service extensions as the City continues to grow to the northeast. At the same time as the sanitary sewer improvements, AE2S and City staff completed preliminary design for five new regional stormwater facilities totaling 86 acre-feet, three major stream crossings, storm sewer routing along newly constructed Minnesota Drive, and a combined trunkline drainage ditch/storm sewer to route regional flows. Final design, bidding, and construction was completed for all but two of the regional facilities and two of the stream crossings, with some facilities to be completed as development continues to progress to the northeast. Construction of the remainder of the sanitary trunkline, access path, and stormwater features was completed in 2014. “Our approach to addressing the unique combination of schedule, design, and permitting challenges resulted in a successfully-completed regional improvements project that was delivered on-time and under budget,” said Jeff Hruby, PE, Leader of the AE2S Water Resources Practice. “In addition, a deliberate approach to stakeholder coordination resulted in minimal field changes and change orders and expedited construction of a complicated project with no significant delays in delivery.”


The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, in conjunction with StageWest Entertainment, is excited to announce the cast and band of the 2016 Medora Musical. Following the conclusion of thousands of auditions in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Tennessee, a new host, veteran co-host, and 12 all-star Burning Hills Singers have been selected for this year’s performance. Long time Burning Hills Singer, Chet Wollan, will take on a brand-new role as the host of this year's Medora Musical. His charming, musical approach will be balanced, of course, by his lovable antagonist, Bill Sorensen, who returns as co-host for his fourth straight year. For Wollan -- who hails from St. Anthony, MN, and will be performing for his 10th season -- the opportunity to host the Medora Musical has been a long time coming. "I've been a Burning Hills Singer for a long time -- and been involved in the show longer than that with my family -- so to be the host for the first time this year, it's exciting. It's a new challenge to see how we can tell a great story even better -- and as a performer, this is something I've been working toward for years."



The Abused Adult Resource Center (AARC) announced it has received a grant of $12,500 from the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community of Minnesota. The grant will be used to help operate Pam’s House, AARC’s emergency shelter in Bismarck that serves victims from seven counties including Native American victims from Sioux County on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The grant is important because it helps to maintain a shelter that is the only such facility operated by a nonprofit serving the counties of Sioux, Burleigh, Morton, Grant, Emmons, Kidder and Sheridan. “We are grateful to the Mdewakanton Sioux Community for its show of support for a shelter that serves the Native American community in this region,” said Diane Zainhofsky, AARC Executive Director. She noted that typically more than half of the women and children in Pam’s House are Native American. She also thanked Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II for supporting AARC’s request.

Wollan continued, "I'm excited to open on June 3rd -- maybe a little nervous, I guess, but I feel fortunate to have a seasoned co-host in Bill [Sorensen] alongside me. With the two of us hosting together -- not to mention the really talented Burning Hills Singers and Coal Diggers Band that are cast this year -- I think this season will continue the trend of really, really great productions. I think it's going to be yet another great year to see the Medora Musical." This year’s cast and band features great talent all around, but the mix of returning stars and great new talent is most exciting for producers. Damon Fichter, Dickinson, and Misti Koop, Grand Forks, are our two North Dakotans. Veteran professional performers, like the animated Ken Quircone, Candice Lively-Wollan (who also happens to be our new host’s better half), and the infamous pedal steel player, Roger Rettig, also return to the show – bringing with them Broadway-level talent and experience that is sure to create an amazing Medora Musical performance this season.

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The Downtowners Association held their first State of the Downtown event at Dakota Stage Theater May 3. The program included updates from the Downtowners, Five South, Depot, and an economic snapshot of Downtown Bismarck. Two Downtown awards were presented to members, the Downtown Volunteer of the Year and the June & Jim Thompson Downtown Leadership Award. This year’s Downtown Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Brooke Walter of BNC National Bank. Walter has contributed hundreds of person volunteer hours over the past five years, as well as being the volunteer coordinator for Downtowners Association events for a number of years. Walter currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Downtowners Association. This year’s June & Jim Thompson Downtown Leadership Award was presented to Charles (Chuck) Hale, with Electronic Communications Inc. Hale served on the Downtowners Association board and events in the 1980s and 1990s. He was instrumental with the Block Party event, advocated for the Downtown during the Washington overpass construction and still contributes to the Downtown and events through his business. The Thompsons owned Sioux’s Sporting Goods in Downtown Bismarck and were instrumental in founding the Downtowners Association, while also receiving many community recognitions for their leadership throughout the Bismarck area.

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The Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network is proud to announce the 2016 Top 10 Young Professional Workplaces. The Top 10 Young Professional Workplaces award recognizes local businesses committed to recruiting and retaining talented young professionals. This year’s recipients are: • Aetna • Starion Financial • KLJ • Capital Credit Union • HDR Engineering • National Information Solutions Cooperative • Ulteig • Braun Intertec • First International Bank • SEH, Inc. Businesses employing young professionals under the age of 40 were measured on criteria related to the active development and execution of strategies advancing employment of young professionals in the community, quality and type of benefits offered to employees and active development and execution of strategies resulting in the inclusion of young professionals in the workplace. The Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network congratulates all award recipients. Each recipient will receive a plaque for their place of business.



Starion Financial broke ground on a new bank branch in Sun Prairie, Wis., a suburb of Madison. Starion opened its first Wisconsin branch in the Madison suburb of Middleton in 2006. In 2013, the Sun Prairie branch opened in rented space near the new location.

“In many ways, Madison is very similar to Bismarck, being the capital city with similar major industries,” said Craig Larson, president/CEO of Starion. “When we chose Sun Prairie for our second branch in Madison, we saw a community with lots of growth potential. Sun Prairie was also a good choice geographically because it allowed us to serve customers on the east and west sides of Madison. Our 2014 acquisition in Monona added a bank between the other two, further improving convenience to customers.”

The ground floor of the new Sun Prairie bank will be 3,500 square feet with an additional 2,000 square feet on the lower level. The building will have a variety of energy conserving features including LED lighting, light sensors, reflective windows, and high efficiency heating and air systems. Native plants will be used in the landscaping. Construction is expected to be completed in late fall and will not affect the bank operations and services at the current Sun Prairie location.

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Overall health is a result of dozens of seemingly unrelated choices and actions you take every day. To help you pursue all dimensions of your health and well-being, we bring you BlueElements.

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with autism. Prevalence of autism is higher in boys, who are diagnosed 4 1/2 times more often than girls.

People with autism often have problems with social, emotional and communication skills. They might repeat certain behaviors and might not want change in their daily activities. Signs of autism begin during early childhood and typically last throughout a person’s life.



2603 E. Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222

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1661 Capitol Way, Suite 102, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400


heat-related illness, is an important occupational health hazard for workers in manual occupations who are engaged in strenuous work outdoors. The symptoms reported from exposure to heat include: sudden muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, hot dry skin, confusion and dizziness. If left untreated, this can lead to seizures, coma and death.

Who is at high risk of heat related illness? • Those who work in an environment with the temperature above 90 Children with autism might: degrees • Avoid eye contact and want to be • Those working in wet clothes and alone shoes, using personal protective • Prefer not to be held or cuddled equipment, and taking certain • Have trouble understanding other prescription medications needed to people’s feelings or talking about their treat mental health problems own feelings • Those working more than three • Have trouble expressing their needs days in a row in very hot working using typical words or motions conditions • Lose skills they once had (for example, a young child no longer saying words What can be done to lower the risk of they used to say) heat related illness? Interventions such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and focused social skills training can help address challenges faced by people with autism. If you have any concerns, please contact the Anne Carlsen Center Autism services.


• Drink more water • Take breaks in cooler areas • Change/ rotate work hours or work activities so the worker is not exposed to the extreme heat conditions for more than two or three days consecutively

attended any type of national convention over the past few years, you will notice that nearly all of them have sessions on Cyber Security. It is a very hot topic right now, and rightfully so. There have always been cyber security threats out there, but what has changed is the number and sophistication of the attacks. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, in 2015 there were 781 major data breaches that exposed nearly 170 million records. That is over two major breaches every day! Aside from following best practices for network security, there is little that you can do to fully prevent an attack. If someone targets you, and are persistent, they will likely be able to access your data at some point. In fact, most security experts are encouraging organizations to plan steps to take once their data has been breached so they are prepared when (not if) your data is breached. There are a few things you can do that will protect yourself. For example, if you have ever gotten an email saying your account has been locked for something like PayPal or ITunes, etc., that means someone has been trying to get into your account. If your vendor has it, always opt for what is called multifactor authentication. That means you not only have a password, but also need a special code or biometric test to pass in order to get in to the account. This is probably the best way to protect yourself from hackers at present.


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workmanship is more time and cost effective than correcting them. With that in mind, Quality Assurance identifies weaknesses and threats, and mitigates issues before they arise. Quality Assurance is setting standards, programs and processes.


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Q: JUNE IS NATIONAL CANCER Q: WHAT DAMAGE CAN THE SURVIVORSHIP MONTH. SUN DO AND HOW CAN I WHAT ROLE DOES NUTRITION PREVENT IT? PLAY IN SURVIVORSHIP? A: Skin cancer is the most common type A: Survival after cancer treatment is at an of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet

all-time high, so patients are living longer. Nutrition plays a key role in survivorship. Following these nutrition guidelines can help survivors stay healthy and improve their quality of life: • Reach and maintain a healthy weight. • Eat a plant based diet by filling at least 2/3 of your plate with vegetables, On the other hand, but equally important, fruits, and whole grains. Fill the other Quality Control is the activity which 1/3 of your plate with poultry, fish, monitors and verifies adherence to prelean meats and low fat dairy, and plant defined standards and corrects defects. based proteins. Quality Control is the inspection, the • Limit red and processed meats like report, and the corrective action. beef, pork, bacon, sausage, and ham. In construction, continuous Quality • Choose foods that are fresh and whole Control measures are critical in over foods that are processed and identifying a sub-standard final product. pre-packaged to limit sodium. The interconnectedness of structure, mechanicals and finishes means that poor • Make physically activity a part of your daily routine. Stay active for at least 30 quality in one area will likely affect the minutes or more every day. quality and outcome of all subsequent • And, of course, do not use tobacco trades. Quality Control should be products, and limit alcoholic performed daily through site audits, beverages to no more than one per inspections and punch lists for a truly day for women and two per day for accurate picture of a project’s quality. men. Quality Control is only as good as the For those survivors who need more Quality Assurance program that defines recommendations, oncologist and it. A commitment to quality at the dietitians who specialize in oncology organizational level, project design and nutrition can help determine specific estimate level, and work site level must all be in place, with expectations set and weight goals and suggest healthy changes to their lifestyles. resources available to implement the program.

(UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation can come from tanning booths or sunlamps. UV damage is also the major cause of wrinkles and blotches or spots on your skin. The most dangerous kind of skin cancer is called melanoma. Melanoma may be cured if it’s found and treated in its early stages when it affects only the skin. If melanoma spreads, it is much harder to treat. It’s important to take simple steps to protect your skin. Stay out of the sun between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and reapply sunscreen every two hours or after you swim or sweat. Cover up with long sleeves and a hat and check your skin regularly for changes. Consult your healthcare professional if questions on sunscreens or an affected area on your skin.

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Kalbus Joins DCN's Team


Hawkinson Named Advisor of the Month

Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that Don Hawkinson has been named Advisor of the Month for March based upon his production and service to his clients. Don has been a representative with Securian Don Hawkinson since November 2014 and is located at 204 West Thayer Ave, Bismarck, within Capital Credit Union.

Anna Kalbus recently joined Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) as an Accountant I in the Fargo, ND office. Kalbus previously worked as an office manager Anna Kalbus and has more than seven years of accounting experience. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from North Dakota Chris Brown State University (NDSU).

Bismarck Aero Center Welcomes Brown

Chris Brown joins Bismarck Aero Center’s Flight Department with over thirty years of flight experience. He received his bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota with Mevlie Honored As Top Financial an emphasis in Aviation Administration Management. Brown has accumulated commercial flying Advisor by Barron's Magazine experience at a local Bismarck-Mandan business Loren Melvie, a private wealth advisor with Ameriprise where he served as the Pilot and CFO. Along with his aviation experience, Brown has vast experiences Financial in Bismarck, ND in the business world as he owns his own business has been named to the list of “America’s Top 1,200 Advisors: that focused on providing financial and operation consulting for IT businesses around the United States. State-by-State” published Brown's previous commercial flying experience by Barron’s® Magazine, a Loren Melvie publication covering business has prepared him well for the decision making and finance. The annual Barron’s requirements of flying several different missions. list recognizes the most outstanding financial advisors Along with his solid business acumen, Brown is a who represent the highest levels of ethical standards, perfect match for the Professional Pilot and client management duties at Bismarck Aero Center. professionalism and success in the business. The rankings are based on data provided by over 4,000 of the nation’s most productive advisors. Melvie was chosen based on assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record and quality of practice.

30 | Chamber Connection

Tyler Colby

Colby and Reopelle Join Bianco Realty Bianco Realty is excited to

announce two REALTORS® to join their company: Tyler Colby and Nathan Reopelle. Colby and Reopelle look forward to helping you with all your Real Estate needs, achieving your dream of home ownership, and providing a Tradition of Excellence.

Nathan Reopelle

Kershaw Receives Master's Degree Teresa Kershaw, respiratory care manager at

Sanford Health in Bismarck, recently completed her master’s degree in business administration healthcare management from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City. As the respiratory care manager, Kershaw provides leadership and direction for the clinical and business operation of respiratory care services, which ensures staff management and delivery of quality patient care.

Cornerstone Bank Announces Promotion for Eric Carlson Cornerstone Bank has

announced that Eric Carlson, SVP/Finance Director, will now oversee the Audit, Finance and Compliance Teams. Additionally, he will be joining the Bank Management Board. Eric Carlson Carlson joined Cornerstone Bank in September 2015 and has over 21 years of experience in the financial services industry. He earned his B.S. in Business Administration and MBA from North Dakota State University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

www.bismarckmandan.com Dr. Janice Bury Receives Benedictine Spirit Award CHI St. Alexius Health

awarded Janice Bury, MD, the 2015 Benedictine Spirit Award during the annual Doctors’ Day celebration. The Benedictine Spirit Award is presented annually to a physician who Janice Bury, MD provides distinguished service to patients and upholds the mission and values outlined by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Annunciation Monastery. For more than 21 years, Dr. Bury has contributed to the growth and well-being of CHI St. Alexius Health and has been a leader in bringing new procedures and technology to women’s health. Dr. Bury practices obstetrics and gynecology at Mid Dakota Clinic’s Center for Women. She is a faculty member at University of North Dakota School of Medicine in Grand Forks, N.D. and adjunct faculty at University of Mary, Bismarck, N.D., University of South Dakota, Vermillion, S.D. and Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mont. Dr. Bury started her career as a labor and delivery nurse at CHI St. Alexius Health. She has delivered more than 8,000 babies during the span of her profession. Dr. Bury earned her medical degree from University of North Dakota School of Medicine, Grand Forks, ND. She went on to complete a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO. She is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology and is a professional member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Fellow (FACOG) and American Medical Association. She currently serves on the medical executive committee and credentials committee at Mid Dakota Clinic.

Local Financial Services Professional Recognized Nationally John Dwyer, President / CEO of Solid Rock Financial

Group was recently recognized by Ohio National Financial Services for superior performance at two distinct company levels and also received recognition for achieving high standards of industry excellence via the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Dwyer needed to meet high production requirements to qualify for Ohio National’s Inner Circle and Executive Council sales convention meetings. Dwyer will be among the company’s top financial professionals to attend the meetings which will feature nationally recognized speakers and sales programs. Inner Circle will take place April 20 to 24 in Nevis, and Executive Council will be held July 18 to 20 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Marco Announces Recent Hire of Technology Advisor Marco recently hired

Choice Financial Expands Home Loan Team in Bismarck Choice Financial recently

expanded their home loan team in Bismarck by adding four team members. Lindsey Matter was recently hired as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Lindsey has worked Lindsey Matter in banking for 13 years and in the mortgage industry for the past six years. Lindsey has been named to Mortgage Executive’s Top 1% Originators in the United States for the last four years. Lindsey is an active member in the Bismarck New Staff at Dakota CDC Mandan Home Builders Dakota CDC welcomes Jenece Terri Mollman Association. Matter holds Erfle to their team as Loan a Bachelor’s Degree from Assistant. Dickinson State University. Jenece recently graduated Terri Mollman was recently from North Dakota State hired as a Real Estate University with a bachelor's Operations Specialist. She has degree in Business six years of banking experience, Jenece Erfle Administration. At Dakota five of which have been in the CDC, she is responsible for mortgage industry. Terri holds Shawna Eckroth administrative tasks, loan servicing, and marketing. a Bachelor’s Degree from Black She grew up on a farm and ranch near Bowdon, Hills State University. North Dakota and knows the value of hard work and Shawna Eckroth was dedication. Her prior experience includes billing and recently hired as a Real Estate accounting Operations Specialist. Shawna Jenece is based out of our Fargo office. If you have has worked in the banking any questions, contact her anytime! industry for the past 10 years with eight years specifically in Kupper Chevrolet Mortgage Banking. Announces New Roles Tosha Steinwand Tosha Steinwand was recently hired as a Real Estate for Employees Kupper Chevrolet has recently Operations Specialist. Tosha has over 8 years of experience in the real estate and banking industry. announced new roles for two Her background includes law firm, title, and mortgage employees. experience. Bill Hilfer Bill Hilfer, who has been with the dealership as a Detail Anderson Joins the Technician since 2013, was Arvig Team promoted and has taken the role of Recon Manager. Hilfer Jerrod Anderson became is married with three children a part of the Arvig team as a and enjoys working in his shop Business Solutions Consultant and spending time with his out of Bismarck. He specializes family. in phone system, security Jerrod Anderson Bill Stepp joined the sales system and network cabling Bill Stepp staff at Kupper in 2015 and has design. Anderson grew up just switched departments to in Fargo, ND and moved to Connecticut in 2001. In act as an Advisor in the Service Department. Stepp 2005 he graduated from Goodwin Technical College is married with two children and three stepchildren. with a degree in Electronics Design. He began his Stepp enjoys shooting sports as well as spending time career as a low voltage systems technician and moved cruising the streets in his Corvette. back to North Dakota in 2011. Jerrod also has an electrical journeyman’s license and is a BICSI certified technician

Randy Renner as a Sales Technology Advisor based out of the Bismarck, ND office. Randy Renner Randy will support Marco’s copier and printer solutions for the Bismarck/Mandan area and the rural areas surrounding. Randy is excited about his new career with Marco, and brings over 20 years of sales experience with him to the Bismarck/Mandan area. Prior to Marco, Randy worked for Synthes Spine and Forest Pharmaceuticals.

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Haag Promoted at Cornerstone Bank Don Haag has been promoted

Don Haag

to Systems Administrator at Cornerstone Bank. Haag joined Cornerstone Bank as an IT Help Desk Team Member in November 2014 and was promoted within the Help Desk in June 2015.

Bismarck Public Schools Hires Assistant Principals Bismarck Public Schools is adding assistant

principals to its middle schools due to increased student enrollment. This year, Simle had two part time assistant principals who were also half time teachers. They are Gretchen Masset and Meagan Sharp. Masset will go to Horizon next year as a fulltime assistant principal. Sharp will remain at Simle as a fulltime AP, along with a new hire, Jessica Nichols, who currently teaches math at Simle. Bill Wietman (wheat-muhn) has been hired at Wachter. He is a math teacher at Albert Lee High School in Minnesota.


PERKS Sanford Health Welcomes Dermatologist William Cornatzer, MD,

Choice Financial Hires Lensegrav Hailee Lensegrav recently

joined Choice Financial as a Frontline Customer Service Representative. dermatologist, recently joined This is Lensegrav’s first job Sanford Health in Bismarck. He in banking and she has been is a North Dakota native and has William Cornatzer a great asset to the Choice worked as a dermatologist in Financial frontline. the Bismarck region for the past Hailee Lensegrav Lensegrav was raised on 31 years. a farm in South Dakota. Her family had cattle and Dr. Cornatzer graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in Grand Forks and horses and she still enjoys riding her horse Dusty. She is very artistic and has sung and played guitar since completed his residency in dermatology from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is board she was little. She even sang with Johnny Holmes. certified in dermatology by the American Academy of Dermatology. Ellison Named

Bianco Realty Sales Awards

Bianco Realty has named Shirley Thomas and Jim Jeromchek "REALTORS® of the Month"! Thomas and Jeromchek had the most closed sales at Bianco Realty for the month of April 2016. Thomas has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2001 and Jeromchek has been a licensed REALTOR® since 1993.

Advisor of the Month

Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that Bruce Ellison has been named Advisor of the Month for April based upon Bruce Ellison his production and service to his clients. Ellison has been a representative with Securian since December 2013 and is located at 4431 Memorial Highway in Mandan.


Monday, 6th 5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission Monday, 6th 5:30 pm Mandan School Board (recorded) Tuesday, 7th 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wednesday, 8th 5:15 pm Burleigh Planning Commission Thursday, 9th 5:30 pm Morton County Commission (recorded) Monday, 13th 5:15 pm Bismarck School Board Monday, 13th 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board Tuesday, 14th 5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission Wednesday, 15th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District Thursday, 16th 5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board Commission Monday, 20th 5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission Monday, 20th 5:30 pm Mandan School Board Tuesday, 21st 1:00 pm Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Brd 32 | Chamber Connection

Tuesday, 21st 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wednesday, 22nd 5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission Monday, 27th 5:15 pm Bismarck School Board Monday, 27th 5:15 pm Mandan Planning Commission (recorded) Tuesday, 28th 5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission Tuesday, 28th 5:30 pm Morton County Commission (recorded) Thursday, 30th 3:30 pm Burleigh County Social Services Meetings can be viewed LIVE (unless otherwise indicated) and are replayed several times on Government Access, cable channel 2 and HD602. Government meetings are also available for online viewing (LIVE and Video on Demand) at www.freetv.org.


Welcome new members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at www.bismarckmandan.com.

Alpha Chiropractic 125 Slate Dr. Suite 1 Bismarck, ND Matt Franck (701) 751-8300 Alpha Chiropractic is a new chiropractic office located in north Bismarck. We offer a fun and friendly environment where we strive to help you become the best version of yourself!

Diamond Bend Apartments 4430 21st Street SE Mandan, ND Chantal Mack (701) 551-2410 A 55+ Independent Living Community has all the latest amenities! Spacious apartments, community room, pool table, fitness center, heated underground parking, elevator, and washer and dryers.

Moore Engineering Inc. 2911 North 14th Street Suite 301 Bismarck, ND Mike Foertsch (701) 751-8360 Moore is committed to this region and our treasured way of life. Partnering with clients, we help sustain communities by building and revitalizing the infrastructure that creates economic opportunity.

Silver Lake Apartments 4301 21st Street SE Mandan, ND Chantal Mack (701) 551-2410 Silver Lake is located near the water park, and Marina Bay off 21st SE in South Mandan. Amenities include washer, dryer, fitness room, and heated underground parking.

G & J Awning and Canvas, Inc. 1260 10th Street North Sauk Rapids, MN Angie Gaffke (800) 467-1744 G & J Awning & Canvas is a modern manufacturer of canvas products including award-winning awnings for a variety of outdoor/indoor applications.


AAction Record Center 3403 East Rosser Ave. Bismarck, ND John Hoffman (701) 255-6464 AAction Record Center has been locally owner and operated since 1975 and provides professional, lowcost storage of business records, storage management and shredding services. Go Mini's 3403 East Rosser Ave. Bismarck, ND John Hoffman (701) 255-6464 Go Mini's has been locally owned/operated since 2005 and provides 12', 16' and 20' storage containers that provide solutions for local moves, storage at your place or at Go Mini's, home or business.

Keep your workforce and bottom line healthy Sanford OccMed No matter the size of your business, Sanford OccMed will partner with you to design a plan that benefits you and your employees. Our team maintains a strong return-to-work philosophy to keep your workforce and your business healthy and productive, saving you time and money. With the largest network of occupational medicine clinics in the region, Sanford OccMed gives your employees convenient, easy access to our expertise no matter where they live. Call (888) 600-2378 for your free consultation. sanfordoccmed.com

059048-00109 5/16

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Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660 or email aschwieters@bismancc.com.

J&R VACUUM & SEWING Jim and Cindy Barnhardt, Owners at their newly remodeled business on 223 E Main Ave. in Bismarck. Phone: 258-5619. Member.

STELLA'S D’Arcie Malsam, Owner, and Barbara Weeks at their grand opening on 216 East Main Ave in Bismarck. Phone: 595-1025. Member.

KARMIN'S KITCHEN TABLE Karmin Billadeau, Owner, and Tina Frisinger at their new business on 4401 Coleman St. Ste. 106 in Bismarck. Phone: 202-8666. Member. 34 | Chamber Connection

LILLIANS Susan Schwieters, Owner and Meike Engelhardt at their newly remodeled boutique on 108 N. 5th St. in Bismarck. Phone: 258-5303. Member.

ACE HARDWARE Jeff Hinz and Vicki Hinz at their second location on 4321 Ottawa St. in Bismarck. Phone: 751-0529. Member.

H&R BLOCK Bianca De La Cruz, Tax Representative at their new branch location on 4401 Coleman St. in Bismarck. Phone: 221-0960.


Schedule Your Ribbon Cutting Today!

STROH AND ASSOCIATES Sheyna Stroh, Owner, and Amy Privratsky, at their new location on 1000 Tacoma Ave. Ste. 200 in Bismarck. Phone: 751-0141. Member.

UNDER WRAPS GRAPHICS Sam Koehler, Owner, at her new business on 970 Industrial Dr. Ste. B in Bismarck. Phone: 751-2751. Member.

MOORE ENGINEERING Mike Foertsch, Office Manager, and Nick Gludt, ND Regional Manager, at their business branch on 2911 North 14th St. Ste. 301 in Bismarck. Phone: 751-8360. Member.

STARION SPORTS COMPLEX Mandan Park District, Mandan Community members and BIsmarck-Mandan Chamber Ambassadors broke ground at 111 Old Red Trail NE in Mandan.

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Bismarck-Mandan ChamberConnection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive P.O. Box 1675 Bismarck, ND 58502

Upcoming Chamber Events JUNE MEMBERSHIP MIXER: CLOVERDALE FOODS Date: 6/9/2016 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Cloverdale Foods – 3015 34th Street NW, Mandan



Date: 6/13/2016 • Time: 10:30am - 5:30pm Location: Prairie West Golf Course – 2709 Longspur Trail, Mandan

Scramble AT THE


Date: 6/17/2016 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: The Chamber Patio – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck



JULY MEMBERSHIP MIXER: BELCASTLE MANAGEMENT Date: 7/19/2016 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Belcastle Apartments – 119 Irvine Loop, Bismarck



Monday, June 13, 2016 Prairie West Golf Course Registration - 10:30am Shotgun Start - 11:30am

Date: 8/5/2016 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: The Chamber Patio – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck



Sporting Clays


Date: 8/19/2016 • Time: 9:00am - 2:30pm Location: Capital City Sporting Clays – 12951 71st Ave NE, Bismarck

Please contact Amanda at 701-223-5660 or email aschwieters@bismancc.com to register, donate a prize or if you’d like additional information.

Jeff Gau CEO Marco

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