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hope we have communicated openly and clearly that the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber and the BMDA have been investigating the opportunities to restructure the two organizations into a single entity. We have communicated over the past few months that we have had a governance committee looking at the structure of a combined organization and a finance committee reviewing how the financial side of a restructure would be achieved. The committees have done a tremendous amount of work and continue to meet to assure that we have done our due diligence. As we continue these activities, we are committed to seeking input from you our members and provide you with open and clear communication on where we are in the process. With the above background, I would like to just throw out something for us to consider and that is “over the past three and a half months, look at the impact the Bismarck Mandan Chamber and the BMDA teams have had in the Bismarck Mandan community.” This team has put processes in place to build a stronger organization for the future, they have engaged with our city and county elected officials and have continued to deliver creative, fun, and informative events for the business community. I would challenge that this team of professionals we have at the Chamber and those of the BMDA have achieved remarkable results over the past few months and have shown us the potential of what a combined organization could achieve. Their collaborative work is moving the organizations forward and all of it without a sign on the door or a signed piece of paper saying they are a combined organization. Sometimes we just have to get out of the way of a great team and let them do what comes naturally. There has been a significant amount of work to-date and several activities yet to be completed over the next few months before a decision on the restructure is made. Regardless of where we end up in the restructure, the past few months have been educational, have highlighted opportunities for the Chamber to improve its work processes and how the two organizations working in concert can have a positive impact in the regions business community. I am amazed at what has been accomplished to-date and I know there is even greater opportunities in the organization’s future.

- Ron Day Chair @bismanchamber

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ISAAC AFOAKWA Bismarck Mayor

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am a businessman and a pastor for 26 years who successfully established churches both in the United States and abroad. Our rapid growth has to be matched with a sustainable developmental plan that will create job opportunities and grow small businesses. I would not have entered this race if I did not think I was the best candidate to give our city the best chance to match our growing population with the infrastructure it needs to compete in today’s global market. At this time in our city’s history, Bismarck needs someone to steer the city into massive development. I want to work to make it better and I have the knowledge, skill, and experience to achieve this. I want to continue to grow our jobs, enhance our quality of life and education, and create racial unity. I love Bismarck and it’s time to bring pride and optimism back to Bismarck. It’s a great city with wonderful people. Bismarck should be the pride of our state but instead, we have fallen behind because of lack of good leadership. It is time for Bismarck to move in the right direction with collaboration and that change must begin in the Mayor’s office and make Bismarck the best place to live, work, play for our children, our future leaders and visitors. WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE ISSUES THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS?

1. Economic sustainability: Bismarck is currently experiencing an economic rise and population increase, which means that we should be able to build and finance new infrastructure and create jobs. But, if this growth were to falter, we need to make sure that we can afford to maintain the infrastructure we have already built. With the possibility of an economic low tide, we should have refunding sources as our reserve. We need to look at our city’s finances and prepare in a way that will lead to a sustainable future. In order to prepare for the future, we need to have an increased focus on expanding our current tax base and creating an infrastructure which in the long-term can compete in the global economy. For example, our schools are becoming over-populated because of the welcoming nature of our city and our good school system. We need to look into policies that will help our educators and students to succeed. We should look at class sizes and build new infrastructure to admit students on the waiting list and better our teacher-student interaction ratio. 2. There is a big issue of not having well thought out plans/programs for New Americans that can help them with their English and writing. There are lots of New Americans and minorities living in our city that have only worked in low-income jobs and can barely read. This is definitely an issue because these people do not get the opportunity that others who have gone through an extensive education get to move into the middle-income class. 3. Public safety is a growing concern due to the opiate epidemic and the heightened violence our officers are experiencing. Our compensation packages are not competitive in the regional market. I will advocate for a competitive compensation/ benefits for our law enforcement and fire departments to motivate our public safety employees to have a long-term career with our city. I would also advocate for new equipment, training to deal with mental health problems they encounter and increase community relations.

IDENTIFY ONE AREA WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPROVEMENT FROM CITY GOVERNMENT? Common sense budgeting and prioritized spending — continued efforts need to be made to prioritize spending. We need to ensure essential city services are met first to provide for strong infrastructure. Additional projects will need to be met with further scrutiny to ensure responsible allocation of taxpayer resources. WHAT KIND OF COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD THE CITY COMMISSION ENGAGE IN TO ACCOMPLISH ITS GOALS? I would encourage the city commission to partner and collaborate with our educational institutions through promoting career awareness and support for public/private partnerships to prepare young people for career pathways. Secondly, I will also recommend that it support the Chamber of Commerce initiatives to implement programs that address and support small business growth which in turn provide employment. Last but not the least, the commission should look into partnering with Amtrak for the extension of its rail transportation to help close the rail transportation gap as this provides alternative means of transportation for citizens and visitors. Finally, the City needs to seek, attract and explore international business partners to help the growth of our economy and infrastructure which will in turn create more jobs.

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Bismarck Mayor

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? We need to realign the culture of city government with the culture and values of Bismarck city residents and taxpayers. City leaders should be accountable to the voters and reflect a commitment to fiscal responsibility, sound infrastructure, and family values. Over my 34 year broadcasting career, I’ve honed my ability to listen to issues, work through solutions by constructing better visions and build many relationships with political, business and community leaders across our region. As the owner of my own consulting firm, I work to grow business opportunities within our community. WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE ISSUES THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? We need to establish accountability and transparency within city government, nurture a fair and equitable business climate across the entire city and rebuild relationships with business, education, county and legislative communities. IDENTIFY ONE AREA WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPROVEMENT FROM CITY GOVERNMENT? Accountability to the taxpayers. The city has a long track record of not listening to and following the will of the voters. WHAT KIND OF COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD THE CITY COMMISSION ENGAGE IN TO ACCOMPLISH ITS GOALS? City and County Commissions, the School Board, and Bismarck’s Legislative Representation need a shared vision and open communication channels in order to manage city growth responsibilities. Partnerships with the business community is absolutely vital to our prosperity. If everyone is not on the same page, our community (Bismarck, extra-territorial area, and proximal county residents) cannot be successful. This takes leadership to get everyone working together.

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MIKE SEMINARY Bismarck Mayor

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I love this city and the people I serve. All of them. Recently someone told me Bismarck is 90-95 percent perfect. Bismarck continues to receive national recognition for being a well-run, safe, affordable and happy city, attractive for millennials and female entrepreneurs. Moody’s, one of the worlds most recognized and credible financial ratings services, gives Bismarck an AA (double A 1) rating, indicating our city is financially sound, with no debt issues and can manage its financial matters very effectively. The Mayor’s Livability Summit indicated the overwhelming majority of the 1,240 survey respondents love Bismarck because of its affordability, parks, schools, downtown, housing, bike lanes and more. As good as Bismarck is doing, we can make improvements. I, along with our partners, played a very active role in Bismarck’s current strong position. I’m running for re-election because I have the vision, necessary experience and proven track record to help us accomplish that next 5-10 percent. WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE ISSUES THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS?

1. Work collaboratively to form good public-private partnerships that will solve, if not eradicate, chronic homelessness.

2. Continue the collaboration of the Mayors Gold Star Community Task Force to effectively address behavioral health and addiction issues. These issues steal precious lives, destroy families and expend valuable resources that could be used in other ways. 3. Again, working with our partners, find the most efficient way to develop and maintain city infrastructure that is financially sustainable, fair and equitable for our growing city and its citizens. IDENTIFY ONE AREA WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPROVEMENT FROM CITY GOVERNMENT? Bismarck city staff is working on a communication delivery system that reflects the times in which we live. Our customers get their information from so many different sources today. We must make improvements in this area.

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Dr. Rudolph D.C. 701-369-3938 1839 East Capital Ave, Suite B, Bismarck 6 | Chamber Connection

WHAT KIND OF COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD THE CITY COMMISSION ENGAGE IN TO ACCOMPLISH ITS GOALS? As addressed earlier, partnerships are critically important to the success of a community. Bismarck must continue its collaboration with the multiple political subdivisions, private sector groups, local legislators, statewide and federal elected policy makers and departments to ensure our city’s goals will be met. If we all work together in a positive way, we will produce the best possible results for the entire community.



Mandan City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for the Mandan City Commission because Mandan is my home – it’s the place where I’ll someday raise my family. I believe that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. I will always strive to better serve my community and help to create a safe, dynamic space where I want to live. I believe that I could better serve my community as a Mandan City Commissioner. My professional experience in communications has prepared me well to be a Mandan City Commissioner. I possess the ability to listen, learn, deliberate and communicate my decisions with precision and confidence. I also believe that the relationships I’ve established during my time working at the State Capitol will help me to better serve my community. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? I am passionate about encouraging attitudes, programs and activities that lend to the vibrancy of the community and foster a welcoming environment for all. This means working to ensure that City leadership focuses on and supports the safety, health and education of our citizens. Emphasis should be placed on providing the best of basic services to community members such as safe roads, clean water, and well-supported police and fire departments. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MANDAN AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? In the past, the most significant challenge facing Mandan’s business community was a lack of incentive to start and operate a business in Mandan rather than in Bismarck. However, opportunities like the Restaurant Rewards Program and Property Tax Incentives have helped to bring new businesses to the community. These incentives have worked and should be reevaluated by the Mandan City Commission regularly, to address the current issue of Mandan not being a destination for shopping and dining. Continuing to grow and support a healthy and diverse business community in Mandan will draw individuals, families and their patronage to our great city.


Mandan City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for a second term due to a sincere desire to be a responsible public servant. I will continue to see Mandan flourish with the good work that has been accomplished while being reasonable and prudent on behalf of our citizens. I have also been an active member of the City Planning and Zoning Commission since 2011 and utilize this background with my professional experience in land use to make reasoned and appropriate decisions. I have a degree in Economics, and thereby understand accounting, budgets and various economic challenges and opportunities within our community. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? My top priority for the Mandan City Commission will be infrastructure improvements and funding. As the current Public Works portfolio holder, I am acutely aware of our aging infrastructure needs, the costs associated and understanding of how to prioritize these needs. Funding will always be a challenge, particularly with the decline in Federal and State cost share, so these projects may have greater fiscal impact on each citizen. My understanding of the political process to secure funding, particularly with water projects, will be key to our fiscal success for the needed water main projects and Missouri River water intake system. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MANDAN AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? I believe the most significant challenge to the business community is attracting and retaining a properly trained and educated workforce to enable our business community to succeed and flourish. With more than 2,200 open positions in our metro area, this will continue to be a struggle for both large and small businesses alike. I would continue to be an advocate and proponent of job shadowing, internships, leadership development and educational programs that are designed to address this challenge.

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Mandan City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? As a Mandan business owner, I’m running to improve both the quality of life and the economic possibilities for our city. My husband and I have built a successful business from the ground up, including purchasing and restoring a historic building right in downtown Mandan, Larson’s Tattooing. We’re also strong supporters of Mandan businesses, many owned by our friends and neighbors. After a decade of volunteerism, I’ve learned I get the most satisfaction from helping in my own city. That is what brought me to the Mandan Architectural Review Commission and to help start the Touch-A-Truck event in Mandan. Plus, thanks to my marketing career, I have professional experience in engineering, public health, utilities and media, which will make me a well-rounded City Commissioner. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Mandan needs a stronger sales tax base to help fund necessities like our police, fire and roads without further adding to our property tax expenses. I believe we can do this through creative business attraction and retention strategies. This includes a strategic, cautious approach to investment in the former Central Market and Thrifty White properties. I am already strongly advocating for a cost analysis of whether moving the library across the street to the former Central Market location is a strong investment for residents and the surrounding business community. Thus far, I believe moving the library is not a good use of public funds. Mandan should also look at how we can cost-effectively enhance our business corridors through road and sidewalk enhancements. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MANDAN AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? While I have found Mandan to be an excellent community for business, I also have seen and heard how established or expanding businesses are sometimes subjected to the whims and miscommunications of existing city commissioners, staff and committees. I think Mandan has some great, business-minded leadership in place, but when elected I will advocate for more to be done to open lines of communication and feedback with our business community before business-impacting decisions are made.

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Mandan City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I’m raising children in Mandan and believe that I should do my part to make it the best community possible for them and all of our neighbors. I have years of experience working advocating for others, through both legal settings and the nonprofit sector. As a City Commissioner I will bring that background with me to help others get their voices heard, and problems addressed. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Emergency services. Our police and fire departments are understaffed and lack adequate resources to provide our community with protection. In Mandan property crime is 61.09 percent higher than the North Dakota average. Motor vehicle theft is 89.87 percent higher than the national average. The Mandan Police Department is understaffed and lacks the equipment it needs for the officers we do have. In North West Mandan, our fastest growing community, fire emergency response time can be 2 1/2 times the national standard. How can we expect our emergency services to continue to do more with less? We can’t. If we’re serious in securing our community we must make safety our first priority. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MANDAN AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? Over regulation and high property taxes. I would work to reduce current regulations as well as fight any new regulations that do not offer a net positive for our community. Programs such as Renaissance Zones have shown that a reduction in property taxes spurs growth in both the private and business sector. I will work to explore options to expand our tax base, through a competitive tax plan that draws business, homeowners and tourism to Mandan. The net result would be to increase tourism dollars, helping to alleviate the tax burden on Mandan citizens and business owners rather than simply shifting it from property tax to sales taxes paid by the people of Mandan.



Mandan City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? It has been an remarkable experience serving as a city commissioner for the City of Mandan for the last eight years. I served as the Chief of Police in Mandan for 22 years and worked in municipal government for 42 years enabling me to merge past history with future decisions. I know that there are many opposing views and citizen interests. The task is for the commission to balance these views and interests with the need to insure the overall well-being of our community. I have strong desire and determination to continue to serve the citizens of Mandan. But this is only one part of the task in fulfilling the role of being city commissioner. I have the time and interest to expand my knowledge of city business while striving to make informed decisions. I am willing to take the time to prepare for city business, planning, and decision-making. There are pending projects and issues that will require experience and knowledge, of which I have obtained over the years. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS?

• How to determine funding sources needed for our services and infrastructure while minimizing future expenditures through the use of good planning strategies. • How to reduce city debt, keep taxes at an affordable level, and provide the needed services necessary to the citizens while addressing issues pertaining to growth. • Have the Park Board, School Board, County, and City work together to establish priorities concerning major projects that take into considerations the needs of the community with the affordability of the taxpayer.

WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MANDAN AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses. Local businesses must often compete to have customers for products and services. In Mandan, this competition is made even greater due to our proximity to Bismarck. This competition can make it more difficult for businesses of all sizes to retain customers. Mandan must continue to provide support to the business community by helping incentivize businesses in establishing new businesses and improving existing businesses while not becoming investors in private business with tax money. We need to improve transparency, communications, and responsiveness between government and business. City procurement processes must not be cumbersome.

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What inspires you, inspires us. 701.255.1091 | Chamber Connection | 9



Bismarck City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? First and foremost, I love Bismarck and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Over the last four years, I’ve worked with citizens, business leaders, and social services providers on a wide range of issues, resulting in a positive impact on our community. My background as a small business owner, software development business consultant, consumer advocate, and non-profit operations director provides a unique and valuable perspective on the Commission. Whether it’s streamlining city government for efficient delivery of services, budgeting responsibly to hold down taxes, promoting a diverse economy, ensuring a responsive transparent local government, or caring for our most vulnerable citizens, I’ve applied common sense and collaboration in solving problems. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Infrastructure financing is the most pressing issue in our community. As co-chair of the Special Assessment and Infrastructure Task Force, I’ve worked with citizens and business leaders to craft a solution for funding arterial roads and street maintenance. Lack of outside funding requires innovative solutions to support current and future city growth. The City Commission must work with our legislators to pass legislation which allows all cities the flexibility to address these needs. The Utility Rate Study currently underway will provide options for restructuring the finance of our water and sewer systems. It is critical that we design those fees in the most equitable way possible with continued input from the business community. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BISMARCK AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? In order for our community to maintain a business climate insulated from the commodity based volatility of agriculture and oil industries, we must attract business from all sectors, support our entrepreneurial community, and attract skilled workers. Bismarck must develop its own unique personality that attracts families and businesses to locate and stay here. We must address affordable housing issues, promote and support thriving arts programs, capitalize on recreational opportunities and maximize the potential of our three colleges and universities.

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Bismarck City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I own three businesses in Bismarck, including an archaeological consulting firm, a coworking space, and a real estate company that is renovating a downtown building for commercial tenants. There should be a business owner on the City Commission, someone who understands what it means to put your own assets on the line, make payroll, invest in commercial development, and who is personally committed to creating good jobs in Bismarck. I root for all of Bismarck and its citizens: I worked hard to save Bismarck’s neighborhood schools, and my family launched an endowment for Bismarck’s new inclusive sports program. With more than 25 years of business experience, I bring the ability to see the big picture, and being Bismarck-born and raised, a deep commitment to this city. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Years of community-based planning has set a smart road map for Bismarck that supports growth in all areas of town. I would manage for city-wide success — this isn’t a zero sum game, it’s not either/or — we will all do better, when we all do better. As a commissioner I would prioritize addressing our infrastructure needs, finding solutions for funding roadway improvements and repairs, and resolving the challenge of “specials”. At the same time, we’ve got public safety issues that come with growth, such as homelessness and addiction problems, increases in police calls and patrol activities — these would be my top priorities. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BISMARCK AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? More than half of Bismarck’s employers expect to add staff in 2018, and all are concerned about attracting and retaining high quality employees. We must build a livable community that welcomes new workers and their families, and that finds ways to build connections to keep people here, once we get them here. We need housing diversity for this workforce, including affordable choices for people of all salary levels, as well as for the elderly and people with special needs. We should encourage infill and redevelopment, as well as mixed use planning. I enthusiastically promote “growing our own” workforce for jobs in the sciences and humanities, so that Bismarck’s kids, who are so inclined, don’t feel compelled to leave to pursue careers in those and other fields.


MARK SPLONSKOWSKI Bismarck City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for Bismarck City Commission because I believe we need new minds and voices on the commission, who will represent the needs and desires of the people in the city. For the last several years, I have watched the City spend money frivolously on projects that do not have the interest of the entire city in mind, while not ensuring that the basic needs of the City and citizens of Bismarck are met. These past several years, the communication between the City and the people has become very limited. The Commission has not been listening to the desires of the people. I intend to change that. I have been an appraiser for Burleigh County for over four years, and I have talked to taxpayers almost every day since I started. I hear their concerns, and know that the people have a great desire for change. This is why I am running and why I am a qualified candidate for the commission. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? My top priorities to address in the upcoming years will be to balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, rebuild a relationship with developers and business owners in the community, and eliminate special assessments. We as a city need to always look to the future. We need to have a way to ensure affordable housing, and be a place that businesses want to move and start in. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BISMARCK AND HOW SHOULD The biggest challenge to business in Bismarck is regulations and lack of vision on the part of the commission. The commission needs to work with businesses of the community to help eliminate obstacles of progress. We need to realize that local businesses are the major driving force of our community, and we must work with them to make Bismarck a business friendly place.


Bismarck City Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? Bismarck is an awesome city to live in, and I am proud to say I was born and raised here. I will make sure that Bismarck remains a safe and viable city for my children to raise their families. At a young age, my mother and father taught me that we must give back to our community, whether that was our city or our church, and it is now time for me to give back to my community. Working in the construction industry my entire life has given me the opportunity — with my own hands — to help build Bismarck to what it is today. My experience in helping run multi-million dollar companies and the relationships I have gained over the years with the businesses and citizens of Bismarck are priceless. I served as the 2016 President of the Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association, and I continue to enjoy my work as a current board member. In addition to my professional experience, I have coached young people for over 25 years, so I understand what it takes to keep a team moving in the right direction with trust and communication being the heart of the team. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE CITY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? A vibrant Bismarck. Now, how do we do this? Collaboration is the key. City leaders must collaborate with other government entities like the park board, the school board, the county commission, and our state legislature. It takes a lot of team work to keep Bismarck vibrant. We need to work hard together to keep taxes low and still meet the needs of the citizens of Bismarck. Progressive conversations with developers will help provide vibrant growth for Bismarck, and collaboration between government entities can create efficiencies to keep taxes low. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BISMARCK AND HOW SHOULD What the business community needs most is a qualified labor force. When unemployment hovers around 2 percent, the lack of labor impacts all sectors of business. We need to work with our local high schools and colleges to get those workers out to our businesses and ensure they have the training they need to fill the jobs Bismarck has to offer. We need to keep working with the Chamber/BMDA on local job shadowing programs and continue to form partnerships with the education community. With a focus on our young people and their education, we can continue to build the workforce we need to keep Bismarck strong! Chamber Connection | 11



Mandan School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for another term on the Mandan School Board because I am committed to our children and this community. I have had the honor and pleasure of serving on the Mandan School Board for nearly four years. I have also been involved with the Finance and Facility Committee of the School District for over 10 years. My financial background is beneficial as the district faces the challenge of delivering quality educational opportunities with increasingly limited resources. Our two daughters have received a quality education and graduated from Mandan. Our son is currently in the school system. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? My top priority for the School Board to address is the growth in our district. The growth is both a challenge and a blessing. The board needs to monitor the enrollment projections and anticipate the district needs. Our community continues to grow which will directly impact the Mandan School District. As we attempt to keep our classrooms small and create environment that will allow for better learning, we need to have adequate space and well-staffed facilities. We need to continue to monitor the impact of the lack of increases in the state per pupil aid funding. The District needs to ensure fiscal responsibilities and a balanced budget.

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CAROLINE KOZOJED Mandan School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m running for re-election after serving my first three years as a board member. Being involved in my community and more specifically our school is very important to me. I served as a community representative to the school board’s policy and personnel committee for a year and then was asked to run for the board the next year. I’ve been working in higher education for 16 years and appreciate the value and impact that education has on the individual and societal level. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? Mandan is continuing to experience growth and development. During my present term as a member of the board, we’ve added classroom and physical education/fitness facility space to our middle school. We’ll add teachers to expand the middle school faculty in the next academic year to serve that growing population. Students deserve the best that we can offer them, and we should expect the best from them as well. I hope that our board can continue to work collaboratively with all of our stakeholders including teachers, staff, administration, our students and our larger community to achieve our strategic goals. I embrace our school district’s vision, to have students who are choice ready for college, career, and life.



Mandan School Board

Let’s show the world what we can do together. WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for another term on the school board because I enjoy seeing students grow and succeed, starting out on the first day of school to graduating with a high school diploma. Being on the school board allows the members to work with stakeholders to develop policies and procedures and provide fiscal/human resources needed to ensure this growth continues from day one to graduation resulting in graduates who are choice ready for college, career and life. I work for the State of North Dakota as the N.D. Health IT Director, my wife is a teacher in Bismarck, our son is a sophomore at Mandan High School and our daughter is a Mandan graduate attending North Dakota State University.

Day by day. Project by project. Together we’re bridging what’s possible and moving the world forward.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? The top priority to is provide a safe, innovate and creative learning environment for students, teachers, administrators, support staff and visitors. To do this, school board members must provide the necessary space for learning, retain and hire well-qualified teachers, administrators and support staff. With a student population projected to grow each year, it is very important that the board provide the leadership and necessary resources to meet those need all while being fiscally responsible.

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DUSTIN GAWRYLOW Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for Bismarck School Board in order to bring a “big picture” view of the way the school board, the state of North Dakota, and the local city of Bismarck interact with each other; and how the decisions of each entity affect the others. While I have explored the possibility of seeking a city commission seat, it has become abundantly clear that in order to address many of the issues at the city level, a more strategic approach must be taken at the school board level to get local government planning on the same page. The City of Bismarck cannot get a handle on its financial future for taxpayers without a school board that understands its role in local growth. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? The top priority of the school board should be to create a long term strategy to retain neighborhood schools close to the residents that they serve while doing it in a fiscally responsible way. There is a perception by many that the school district has a “close and build” strategy in which it will close schools only to find itself short on space and need to build more physical schools. We should be looking to find ways to maximize the use and life of existing buildings. Small towns all over North Dakota have no choice but to do this, and Bismarck can also find cost effective ways to maintain existing buildings. The biggest challenges are in the area of funding. The state has injected many millions into the school system. While we cannot expect those dollars to continue to increase, they will however flatten out in the coming years. The school board must find ways to minimize the impact of its actions on the public and live within the increased taxes from the growth of property valuations to avoid mill levy increases.

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TRAVIS JENSEN Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am a determined and hard-working individual. My unwavering drive and determination has allowed me to achieve a lot in life — the biggest achievement being my children. My goal is to do everything possible to help our schools meet the needs of every child in the district. Our children are our future. We need to do everything possible to ensure they reach their fullest potential. I’ll be straightforward. I don’t have experience in such a position; however, I believe I would bring a diverse viewpoint that would be beneficial to the board. I want to ensure families from all walks of life are equally represented and their issues addressed by promoting more teamwork between the board and community members. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? Some of the biggest issues our school system is currently facing are: overcrowding, bullying, and the need for additional teachers, particularly for those students with special needs. There is a need to find solutions to those problems, but it needs to be done in a fiscally-responsible manner. It’s not going to be easy to find resolutions to every problem we have without making decisions that may not be popular with everyone. However, if we can get the community more involved and get their input, it could be possible to find a solution that everyone can be happy with.



Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I have enjoyed my time on the Bismarck School Board and look forward to continuing the work I have started this past year. I have listened to many parents and teachers in the community and am committed to a “bottom-up” approach to governing. This is the only approach that keeps the best interest of our kids and teachers at the forefront when making decisions. I built my small business, Bread Poets, from the ground up. Most small business owners have to juggle a variety of responsibilities, find creative solutions to problems and be accountable to the public. That’s exactly what I do at Bread Poets and that experience has proven valuable to me as a member of the Bismarck School Board. I feel my experience of growing Bread Poets these past 20 years along with the insight I’ve gained having been on the School Board has prepared me to handle the number of challenges that face our school district. I also serve on the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation and have three children that attend high school, middle school and elementary school in the BPS system. The decisions we make on the School Board affect my family directly. I am fully vested in Bismarck Public Schools. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? I’m committed to a safe learning environment for our kids and improving employee morale. Research shows and I truly believe the best way to maximize student achievement is through smaller class sizes taught by teachers who are energized by coming to work each day. We have some incredible opportunities in front of us, namely filling the Superintendent position. It’s critical to find the right person for the job as it will go a long way in setting the tone for our district. I am extremely excited about being a part of that process and the future that is in store for Bismarck Public Schools.


Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am honored and proud to serve our community on the Bismarck School Board for the past four years. Currently I serve as the Board President. I want to continue representing our entire community as a school board member to ensure our kids have the best education possible. There has been much success but I feel there is more work to be done. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? Hiring a new Superintendent, safety, continued work to address the elementary facility needs and school funding will be some of the important issues for the Bismarck School Board. Communication with parents, educators, students and the entire community has been key to successful work on the school board. It will be important as the board makes decisions regarding these issues. I grew up in Bismarck and my kids are growing up in Bismarck. I get to see how they learn and what they learn at all levels of our school system. Through involvement in community committees, advisory groups and civic issues, I see how school board issues and decisions affect the community. These experiences and effective communication along with common sense give me valuable skills to make necessary and responsible decisions as a school board member. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and excited for the potential to continue serving this great community to provide the best education for the future of our Bismarck kids.

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LAWRENCE KING Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am a father of three kids who were in the Bismarck Public School District. My youngest son is a sophomore at Century High School. I am also a small business owner of a law firm employing approximately ten individuals. Both of my parents and one of my sisters are educators. I want to be a voice for all of our stakeholders. During the eight years I served on the Bismarck Public School Board, we had a long term strategic facility planning process. This included building three elementary schools, building a new high school, and laying the ground work for the expansion of our three middle schools. During my tenure on the Board we also conducted two full superintendent searches. As the district is in the process of beginning a search for a new superintendent this experience will prove beneficial to the district. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? I believe there are three top priorities. First, is safety. During my time while serving on the Board we increased the utilization of SRO (student resource officers) in our high schools and middle schools. I believe we need to continue to make safety our number one priority. Second, the district is in the process of hiring a new superintendent. We need to involve students, teachers, administrators, business leaders, community members and taxpayers in that process, including the interview process. Third, we need a forward thinking long term facility plan. When I was on the Board, we held numerous community forums in order to develop a community strategic facility plan.

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HEATHER KITZAN Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Running for school board, wasn’t a want of mine, I felt it was a need for the community where I live. There are a lot of issues going on right now including school safety, neighborhood school closings, restructuring, expanding, and the list goes on. My experience includes over 15 years of purchasing, procurement, and contracting for large projects for State Government. I am knowledgeable in Federal and State grants, North Dakota Administrative Code, Century Code, State and Federal policies. I feel my expertise in these areas would make me a very practical candidate for Bismarck School Board. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? Communication and collaboration is an important for the Board to work towards. Another, is the safety our schools in the community. I have already started working with members in the community, Legislators, Bismarck Police Department, and the Bismarck School Board to make changes towards ramping up our security in schools. Many of these are low or no cost changaes that we can do immediately! Our greatest asset is our children, being on the Board will certainly allow opportunity for me to help our schools to improve, but I will keep working towards my goals regardless of the outcome of the election. I appreciate your time and your vote!



Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? It is a different time in our society right now than it has been in the past. Our School Board members have typically been made up of business minded individuals, investors, accountants etc. Although I do believe that this has its place, I also believe that the board should be made up of members who have a background in law enforcement and or some other social career. In today’s world, our schools are not as safe as they were when my generation has grown up. There is more drug use, bullying has been out of control due to social media and the threat of major school incidents continues to be an issue. These are all problems that need to be addressed with people who have a strong background and expertise in handling these types of issues. I graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and obtained a Masters Degree in Homeland Security with my emphasis being in school shootings and how they can be prevented. I have done a lot of research into school security and believe our current School Resource Officers to be overworked. I have worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years and feel that I can bring a different perspective to the board and would like to work with them to ensure that our schools become safer and a better learning environment for our students. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? My top priority is school safety and security. I would like to see more school resource officers in our school system. Our enrollment has increased dramatically over the last few years but we have still maintained the current number of officers. Their workload has increased exorbitantly and they have not been able to work as efficiently as they need to be.

MATTHEW SAGSVEEN Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I have a strong interest in public service to our community. I also have a vested interest in the success of the Bismarck School District. I am a product of the Bismarck school system and our three children attend school in Bismarck. The District’s success, and the success of our students, are very important to me. I believe my experience on the Board and work for the Attorney General’s office have provided me with the appropriate background to continue my work on the Board. I have served on the Board for nearly eight years, and I was elected Board president for two of those years. I am an attorney in the North Dakota Attorney General’s office where I have worked for about eighteen years. In my current position as Solicitor General, I advise and represent the State, and manage all staff within my division. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? My top priority for the Board is always student achievement, but I would like to see more data provided to the Board so that we can do a better job of incorporating data into our decision-making process. Another top priority will be increasing the number of mental health professionals in the District. State and local funding, aging buildings, security, changes to technology, and shifting enrollment will always be a challenge for the Board and the District. Changes to our economy will also be a challenge in terms of how we prepare our students for their future jobs. Although new technology is costly, it can also provide opportunities for innovation. We can have a positive impact on our students’ future if the district and students keep pace with changes to technology and use change and innovation to their advantage.

I would also like to see more of a presence of SROs in our elementary school. I believe a lot of the issues our children have are started in the elementary. We currently have a very small presence of SRO in the elementary schools because they are inundated with issues in the High Schools and Middle Schools. The challenge of this is, of course, the cost. We have local businesses that spend millions of dollars in sponsorships for athletic fields, stadiums etc. I would like to see a program implemented where a local business could “Adopt a Cop” and help sponsor a SRO for a year. If this could occur, we could add additional officers to our schools at no cost to the taxpayer.

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Bismarck School Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I have a passion for education and want to help shape the future for students, teachers and our community served by the Bismarck School District. My wife, Melissa, and I have lived in the Bismarck-Mandan area since 2005 and are raising our three daughters here in Bismarck. I am a Mandan native and previously served on the Mandan School Board, resigning my position when we moved to Bismarck three years ago. I hold a PhD from North Dakota State University and serve as the Environmental, Safety and Training Manager for BNI Coal, where I work with various stakeholders on a daily basis to find common sense solutions on a range of issues. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? WHAT CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE? This is a defining moment to pave a path forward in reshaping the culture of our school district. The school board will make a pivotal decision in the selection of a new superintendent and we can chart a course for the future that focuses on collaboration, integrity, accountability, teacher and student engagement and fiscal responsibility. We need to redouble our efforts to gather input from teachers, students and citizens that identifies opportunities to improve the school environment and educational outcomes. As our district changes and grows, we must work together to ensure high educational standards, competitive teacher compensation, administrative accountability and a safe learning environment for our children. As a school board member, I will put students, teachers and community first.

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Bismarck School Board


1. Student safety, both from external threats and internal threats. Internal threats such as bullying. External threats such as the recent spate of bomb threats at Legacy High. While it is a shame that we need to consider metal detectors at our schools - safety of the students and staff is of paramount importance. 2. Technology and education. Children will see an increase in technology in their lives as they grow and graduate from our schools. Outside of key schools such as Legacy, how are we preparing our students to handle technology in their lives? Recently, I was at Bismarck High to pick up my son. I was astounded at the number of students who were wearing backpacks that obviously had heavy loads in them. The physical harm that can be caused by carrying the weight of all of those books with them all of the time has to be tremendous. How can we reduce some of their load through technology?


1. Superintendent search. I was a member of the school board in Garrison, N.D., during their most recent superintendent search. I am very familiar with the process of finding and interviewing candidates for the role of Chief Executive Officer of our schools. 2. Building population. We need to ensure that those buildings which are over populated have their population reduced in part by bussing students to other schools in the district. It’s an expense, however, students have a right to learn, and over-populating a class isn’t the right way. It’s not fair to the students and it’s not fair to the staff. Building a new school should be at the bottom of the list of possibilities.


JASON ARENZ Mandan Park Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I will be seeking my fourth term and I would like to be part of finalizing some of the current projects that the Park District has going on (Starion Sports Complex, All Seasons Arena, Veterans Memorial BallPark, and Faris Field). HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? Over the past 12 years I believe that the Park District has been one governmental entity that has put Mandan on the map and given the Citizens of Mandan facilities that they can be proud of. All of this while being able to maintain and increase the Park Districts financial balance sheet.

JAN FASCHING Mandan Park Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m running for Mandan Park Board, to serve the community and be more involved with the upcoming projects of the Park Board. I have been a resident of Mandan my whole life. I was the Assistant Transmission Line Superintendent for Basin Electric Cooperative until I retired in 2013. I was responsible for coordinating, managing and completing many projects. I have family and friends who participate in several of the Mandan Parks & Recreation Programs. I would like to see these programs continue for the Mandan community. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? As our community grows, we need to be open minded to bringing in new activities to the Mandan community. It is important to make sure that all the facilities are maintained and cost efficient for our community. I will be open minded to improvements, needs and the concerns of the community. I would work towards following through on the south side master plan and the renovation of Farris Field to Pee Wee ball diamonds.

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I am rerunning for Mandan Park Board to ensure Mandan remains one of the premier cities in North Dakota. During my first term, I was involved in the development of the Starion Sports Complex, the Southside Park Master Plan and the Memorial Ballpark renovation slated for 2018. I also introduced FootGolf to the Mandan Municipal Golf Course and founded the Mandan Zombie Run 5K to raise funds for youth recreational groups in the community. I have number of goals I still intend to accomplish for Mandan. I want to explore the possibility of an additional community park, connecting existing and new walking trails, beginning work on the Southside Master Plan, promoting Mandan’s recreation opportunities to surrounding areas, and increasing communication among the Mandan Park Board, Mandan City Commission, Mandan School Board and community members. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? In the last four years, Mandan Park District has developed several facilities. It is time for us to focus on maintaining facilities long established in the community. A great example is the Memorial Ballpark renovation planned for 2018. The Memorial Ball Park renovation has been on list of updates for a few years. The Mandan Baseball Club initiated the fundraising process and the park board is working with the group to achieve a solution that meets everyone’s needs. We need to look at what is most important – what will benefit the entire community and budget. It is also our responsibility to determine the best timeframes for any projects and make adjustments based on available funds. By working with other entities, all projects will benefit Mandan by keeping the community’s best interest from a dollar amount and quality of life standpoint in mind. At least once a week, I visit our facilities and drive around the community, I am so proud of what Mandan offers. I want to continue to improve our city.

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MILES MEHLHOFF Mandan Park Board


I am running for the Mandan Park Board because I feel that I can make a positive impact on the future of our great city. I have a deep understanding of our current and future recreational needs and I look forward to contributing on future Mandan Park District initiatives. I have gained the skills needed to be a strong Park Commissioner through a mix of professional and personal endeavors. I am the N.D. Office Manager of an engineering firm with an office located in Mandan. Additionally, I am the current President of the Mandan Soccer Club as well as an active volunteer parent with two skaters in the Mandan Hockey Club. Lastly, I have served as both a Mandan Planning & Zoning commissioner and on the Mandan Architectural Review Commission. It brings me great joy to work, play and serve the community of my hometown of Mandan. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? In my professional role, acting with Fiscal Responsibility is one of my key duties. Spending the extra time to make an informed and confident decision is important. Additionally, I feel that those serving in a public role need to hold themselves to a very high standard of accountability and transparency.



Bismarck Park Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the park board because I miss public service. I served one term on the Park Board from 2006-2010. My wife and I have two young children and are frequent users of park district programs and facilities. I believe my prior service qualifies me as I have prior understanding of how the district functions and what it provides the city of Bismarck. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? The partnerships the park district has developed over the years are the key to developing and maintaining facilities. Both the sports and arts communities within Bismarck have done some amazing things with the park district. I also believe the park district has done a nice job reaching a balance between building new facilities and maintaining existing ones.


Bismarck Park Board

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? At a very young age, I developed an appreciation for park districts as they are the fabric of a community. Districts enhance quality of life by promoting health and wellness, connecting people to nature, and providing spaces where families and friends can gather. Additionally, park districts have an economic impact on a community as they attract recreational enthusiasts. As an advocate for building healthier communities, I’ll use the knowledge and connections I’ve made during my tenure as a park commission, plus my personal experiences, to keep the district moving in the right direction. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? In today’s environment, it’s important to be creative and look at alternative funding sources. As a commissioner, I’ve supported partnering with community members and groups to build and expand several district facilities, parks, and outdoor areas. The Capital Ice Complex is the district’s most recent example of how such a partnership met a community need while remaining financially within our means as approximately half of the project was financed through private donations. Additionally, I’ve voted in favor of applying for grants to assist with the expansion and maintenance of our trail system so every member of our community has the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

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MARK ZIMMERMAN Bismarck Park Board


I have always had a strong personal commitment to be of service to the community. Coupled with my passion for many outdoor activities and overall recreational interests I wish to be a part of an organization that provides first class recreational opportunities for citizens and visitors to Bismarck. I believe my previous service on the park board (2004-2008) as well as my tenure as Director of North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department provides me with the experience and skill sets to be an effective member of a board with budget and policy making responsibilities.

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HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE ENSURING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? I will seek to engage citizens, community organizations and recreational support groups, as well as local government agencies, in more collaborative discussions, decisions and initiatives on what facilities and programs best align with the strategic plans of the Park District. The Park Board’s emphasis must be on what is best for the majority of parks and recreation enthusiasts, as well as fiscally responsible for the tax paying citizens, both now and in the future.



Morton County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I just want to give the voters of Morton County a choice and help continue the great work the commissioners and staff have been doing. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The top priority is to help continue the growth in business, residential and to increase the opportunities for our residents. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MORTON COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? Is to determine and prioritize infrastructure needs in the county. With the help of local citizens and to fund the projects fairly to all citizens involved. And within our community we can find solutions to address the needs of our county.


Morton County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? We moved to Mandan and Morton County in the fall of 1990 when I was hired as the Morton County Extension Agent. We have made our home here and we really appreciate what the Morton County community provides us with its goods and services. I believe that I can be an asset to the Morton County Commission because of my knowledge of urban and agricultural issues. I have worked with and have been a member of many boards and committees. I have served as a chairman, secretary of many of these boards. I am very familiar with conducting a meeting. In addition, I have had a lot of experience in working with media including television, radio and newspaper. Transparency in working with the media would be an important part of me being a member of the county commission. I have a good working relationship with the local television and radio stations. I feel I have established a trusting relationship with the media. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? As a new member of the commission it will take at least a year to “learn the ropes” as a new board member. I would like to work hard to be the county employee’s voice on the commission. I will try to balance a county budget that meets the needs and services of the citizens of Morton County. I consider myself to be a people person so I plan to be a commissioner that is open to the needs of my constituents and willing to listen to their concerns. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MORTON COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? We should be continuing our efforts for more businesses in Mandan and in our rural communities. More businesses equate to more sales taxes so our home property taxes can remain more stable. These businesses could also increase our property tax base.

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Morton County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am seeking another term as County Commissioner because I thoroughly enjoy the work. I want to see Morton County continue to grow. The County right now is turning the page to a higher level of public service. The citizens have demanded a more accountable county government that will provide professional and timely service. I enjoy being involved in these new changes and demands. It is rewarding to see the county move forward. I have served 12 years as a Morton County Commissioner. During that time, I have worked with Social Services, Elderly Services, County Planning and Zoning, Metropolitan Planning, Mandan City Planning and Zoning, Bismarck-Mandan Development Association, and County Parks. I have also had the opportunity to work with the various communities within Morton County. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The top priority will be working on the Heart River dike system. This will be a $25-$30 million-dollar project. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is requiring the Heart River dikes to have more holding space. Morton County will have to work with the Lower Heart Water Board, City of Mandan, and State Legislature to fund this project. This dike system is critical to flood control in areas of downtown Mandan and the business districts on Memorial Highway. Child Protection has sadly seen an increase in case load. The numbers have leveled off some but the potential for continued case load increase will be there as the population grows. Funding the necessary staff to handle this increased case load will be an issue. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF MORTON COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? The most significant challenge to the Morton County Business Community is the lack of labor and dedicated laborers. I have heard several business owners state that it is very hard to find workers to help them. Morton County works with the Bismarck-Mandan Development Association for business support and recruitment. The BMDA is the County’s job development authority. The County also works with Lewis and Clark Development for affordable housing opportunities and some business opportunities. Morton County will continue to work with the communities within the County as well as these organizations to generate the best business opportunity possible. 24 | Chamber Connection



Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m interested in government as it relates to local people. My Grandfather was a Burleigh County Commissioner and I am still inspired by his conversation skills and common sense logic while serving in that role. Although our County has grown since his time, I believe local government should have a strategic short and long range plan. County plans should be based on input from the citizens, goals for change, and ways to ensure funding. I have leadership experience in business and in my Township. My qualifications include owning a small business, working for an innovative industry-leading business, and being grounded in the needs of the rural population. These qualifications drive me to be involved, be part of the solution, and offer different ideas to achieve a better outcome for all. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? I plan to address current and future population growth, transportation systems, and collaborate with other governing bodies. Growth is inevitable in housing, business, and agriculture. Growth in these areas should be complementary, whether it be in large communities, such as Bismarck, or the smallest rural communities. I hope to address these three facets of growth to increase the revenue base and expand new and existing county services. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? The low unemployment rate is a significant challenge in Burleigh County. Although this is a better problem than its alternative, it takes a toll on businesses that need to increase their workforce. We need to foster a community that is attractive for individuals and families. Examples of attracting a good workforce include availability of affordable housing, solid infrastructure, and recreational opportunities. County planning needs to be dynamic as technology evolves to promote our local businesses to become more efficient and successful. I look forward to working with other community leaders to formulate options that achieve these goals for our growing population.


Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I served two terms as Burleigh County Commissioner from 2006-2014. I decided to run again after being encouraged by many citizens to seek office again. These people are unhappy, as I am, with the continued increases in local property taxes, the lack of an ethics policy and an inability to find ways to consolidate functions of local government as a method to save taxpayers’ money and to streamline and improve the delivery of government services. I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals if I am elected again to the Burleigh County Commission. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The myriad of taxes from property taxes, to special taxes, to park district taxes and sales taxes has to be leveled in all parts of Bismarck, Mandan, and Burleigh and Morton counties. We need to find ways to streamline and consolidate government functions on both sides of the river. Having served two terms as county commissioner from 2006-2014 there was some traction to do this early in my tenure, but then special interests and others who did not want change made it impossible to work together. Lots of government functions in North Dakota have consolidated over the years from the court systems, to schools, even our Metropolitan Planning organizations have done this and with the proper leadership in place we can do it in our community as well. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? Taking money from taxpayers to favor one business over another is not a level playing field for business. It doesn’t create jobs, it just shifts who pays the incentives for those jobs. In addition businesses are burdened by numerous rules and regulations that do not create a single job and in fact contribute to fewer opportunities for real job growth. These rules and regulations drive up the cost from everything to new homes or remodeling, food, fuel and the basics families pay to live here. I will work to look at new innovative ways to consolidate government functions, reduce costs to the taxpayers and get rid of unnecessary rules and regulations.

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Burleigh County Commission


Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m running for Burleigh County Commissioner because I believe that all Burleigh County residents deserve to have their voices heard. Equally. And I intend to keep an open line of communication with those very residents, so their questions, concerns, and hopefully a few compliments, can all be heard.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the Burleigh County Commission to give back to my community and to make Burleigh County a better and more affordable place to live. Burleigh County is the second largest county in the state and it is time to become more forward thin in doing business for the future.

I feel anybody with an open ear, and an open mind, is qualified for this position. I have always believed any elected official should be in office to be the voice for the concerns of their constituents, and not to be in office to push their own agenda. I feel that everybody’s voice carries just as much importance, as the next. I believe fair is fair, at the end of the day.

My qualifications are a diversified business background of Marketing, Agriculture, Financing, owning an Implement business, and Farming. My best asset is living, getting involved, and listing to the people of Burleigh County. I always approach every issue by as one questions: How will this benefit the people of Burleigh County?

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? My main priority, if elected, would to keep open lines of communication between all aspects of Burleigh County. There is far more to Burleigh County than just Bismarck. However, that being said, Bismarck does need to chip in their fair share to the rest of the County, instead of the city and what they deem important, taking priority over the rest of the County’s needs.


WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? Bismarck’s extra-territorial area needs to be completely overhauled, if not disappear, all together. I understand the theory behind it; however, I certainly haven’t heard much of any support for the idea of the city’s over-reach and complete authority over something that should be an asset to the county. Inspections, building codes, and the planning and zoning of properties outside of the city limits, need to be handed back to Burleigh County. From here, the City of Bismarck and Burleigh County can negotiate each of their own needs and concerns, on an “as needed” basis. I also think that the Missouri Valley Complex has the potential to be a great asset to Burleigh County. To figure out the funding, management and operating costs, along with the other aspects of such a project, would be great accomplishment for the Burleigh County Commission. There are many factors that need to be accounted for, but what a great outcome it would be, if we could accomplish such an awesome thing for our county. Simply put, open lines of communication between all of our residents, current businesses, and prospective businesses, coupled with a forward thinking Commission, will ensure a successful future for our county and all of its residents and businesses, moving forward. We need to let it be known that Burleigh is open for business, and that our people are our priority. 26 | Chamber Connection

• Modernizing County Government to improve efficiencies and save taxpayer dollars and to improve communication with all County Officials. • Improve upon Forward thinking of the County Commission for the future of the county and generations to come. We need to be smart in our approach to planning and development within the county. • Continue to build Relationship with State and Local Governments to give the county greater flexibility to funding and continue to seek ways to improve both Road and Water Infrastructure. • Improve Public Safety especially in the areas of Behavioral Health issues and re-evaluate the current community practices to ensure safety to all the citizens of Burleigh County.

WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? The first issue is the amount of regulations imposed by government on businesses. There is always a need to protect the community but the community members need to become more involved in the public processes and voice their opinions openly. Regardless of the meetings, there are few private citizens or business people to express their concerns openly until after the fact of new regulation. Property Taxes are always a concern to businesses but so are the services that are available in a community. As the community grows so do the needs of the community for additional services. Developing Public-Private Partnerships may be one answers. Get involved with local, state, and federal governments is the best way to eliminate problems of the future.



Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? As a longtime resident of Burleigh County I have the desire to give back to the community that has been very good to my family. Being retired from 39 years with the Bismarck Parks and Recreation district I do have time and look at the county commission as a full time job. This is my 12 th year on the commission and feel I have had property rights at the forefront of all the decisions we make. I also feel the next few years are going to be crucial as we are losing many good people to retirement. I have held the law enforcement portfolio for all of my years and would like to help make a seamless transition with a new sheriff. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Priorities of mine are to continue to be fiscally responsible to the tax payers. I think we have done a good job of providing necessary services and keeping the county tax in check. It is challenging with the changes that have been made with state aid, social services and highway funding along with the leveling of property values. We try to balance the needs with the wants and that is the challenge every budget session. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? The business community is always a big part of our decision making process. Again it’s a balance of wants and needs. We totally understand the impact we can have on business in Burleigh County and do our best to help when we can. The biggest challenge we face in business and as county commissioners is balancing the budget and hiring quality people and I think we have done a pretty good job at both!


Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for county commissioner because I believe that all residents of the county should be treated fairly and equally. As a former Bismarck city commissioner I have governmental experience that will well serve the county residents. My company, Bismarck Excavating, has worked extensively both in the city and throughout the county, so I know the territory, have worked with many residents and know their concerns, and am prepared to address these issues. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? First and foremost is safety. We must maintain a strong Sheriff Department, safe roads and infrastructure, and essential services, and at the same time keep a lid on taxes. Only then can we move forward on other projects. One project that seems to have hit a bottleneck is the fairgrounds. I personally feel that it has a huge potential to be a great location for people to gather for events that would benefit the entire county. It will take leadership, accountability, and foresight to develop this area, and I am ready to tackle the challenge. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? Rising tax rates. We hear a lot about raising taxes, but no ideas about streamlining spending. Because county taxes are paid by both city and county residents, we have a moral obligation to keep tax burdens in check for all. For example the extraterritorial zone between the city limits and the county is so confusing that there are times when neither the county nor the city knows who has inspection authority on a project. Sometimes inspectors from one entity arrive only to be called back because the other entity should have been called. This problem has been brought up many times and still is not resolved. Now is the time to get it done ... enough of the excuses. Cooperation between governmental entities is a must and will result in tremendous saving of tax dollars.

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Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m a lifelong Bismarck resident who at an early age started working in the family drywall business, worked at the State Auditor’s Office after college, and in the ‘80s founded Vetter Homes Inc. with my wife, Diane — which we still operate today. I’ve worked with our Congressional Delegation as part of the team that helped get legislation passed in 2017 to allow trailer cabin owners to remain on Lake Tschida. I’m running for Burleigh County Commission because my experience can translate well to help improve the speed of decision making, while still making smart decisions on complex issues, and to help save money for tax payers. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The work that the Commission has done over recent years has been pretty good. Look at Bismarck and the surrounding area — things are going well. But there is room to improve, become more efficient, and to find ways to cut spending. My top priority is to use my decades of experience to help the commission go to the next level — to improve in many ways for all of Burleigh County. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? The significant challenge may not be a specific issue—– the county is far too complex to dial in to just one thing. There’s law enforcement; there’s roads; there’s property tax work that needs to get done. With my experience and knowledge, I can help advance the county to the next level on issues that are important to tax payers. And I can help streamline Commission operations — streamlining government is good for business. For more information go to

28 | Chamber Connection

ANGIL WANNER-KOPER Burleigh County Commission

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I bring to the table a new positive energy as well as 18 years of leadership and management experience along with a common-sense approach when faced with challenges. I am focused on efficiencies and smart solutions that will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Burleigh County. By approaching all situations with energy and vigor, I see challenges as opportunities. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY FOR THE COUNTY COMMISSION TO ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Behavioral health is at the top of all of our minds and is something we need to embrace and address as a community. The more we can create awareness and understand the impact, the more we can implement techniques for prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery of those affected. The strength of our local economy depends on creating supportive and safe environments for those struggling to become healthy and productive citizens. WHAT IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGE TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY OF BURLEIGH COUNTY AND HOW SHOULD IT BE ADDRESSED? I have heard from visiting with the business community that there is some frustration with the lack of vision and participation from the county commission to work on solutions collaboratively, especially when it comes to the future growth of the area. It is imperative that the commission build stronger relationships with these community leaders in order to initiate open conversations and achieve optimal cost-effective solutions that benefit the citizens whether that be for infrastructure needs or business development opportunities.





Left to Right: Co-founder Carson Nordgaard, production assistant Emme Hulm and co-founder David Diebel.

MEMBER PROFILE Featuring David Diebel


Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within the organization. A: My name is David Diebel and I am the Co-Founder of D&N Cinematics LLC. D&N Cinematics is a full service production company. Day to day, I generally find myself in a producer role, meaning I’m handling a lot of the coordination and logistics that go into the various projects and productions on our plate at any given time. Q: Briefly tell us the history of D&N Cinematics LLC. A: D&N Cinematics LLC started in 2012. My business partner, Carson Nordgaard, and I were working in marketing, and decided it was time to venture out on our own. We started (very) small, working out of a spare room in my house. We’re still a small, and lean, team of four full-time employees. Most recently we call our newly renovated office and studio on 208 E Broadway Avenue in Bismarck our home. 30 | Chamber Connection

Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted D&N Cinematics LLC? A: Our entire team is originally from the area so we feel a real connection to the community. It has been exciting to witness the progress not only in Bismarck-Mandan, but also in the state. As a result of the continued growth and development, there are new businesses and organizations that are seeking the type of services we offer. We feel fortunate to be here because we’ve been able to grow with the community. Q: What industry trends are taking place? A: One thing about our industry is it always keeps us on our toes. It is a rapidly changing field so you have stay ahead of the curve. That can mean being on the cutting edge from a technical or equipment standpoint or just having insight into the next trends in marketing. What platforms are most effective? How can we best achieve a certain look? How can we tell a certain story to make an emotional connection with our audience? That kind of thing.

Q: Have there been any monumental changes in the industry that you’ve had to deal with? A: As I mentioned, it’s always challenging keeping up with the latest technology. When we started, DSLR cameras had just changed the game by making the ability to capture high-end looking footage an affordable and obtainable option for creators. Now people can, and do, shoot feature length films on iPhone.

Q: What should Chamber members know about D&N Cinematics LLC that may assist them? A: Chamber members should know video is a very efficient way to reach an audience, to inform and educate, to promote and to entertain. They should know that there is no project too large or small. Since 2012 we’ve worked with hundreds of clients from regional businesses and corporations, mom and pop shops, national and international brands, non-profits and startups. We’re always up for a challenge and most importantly we get to work with you to create something from just an idea. How cool is that?

A lot has changed in aerial filmmaking as well. Six years ago, we were trying to make custom mounts for GoPro’s on hobbyist style RC helicopters with results that were less than ideal (think Wright brothers-esque crash montage). Now a consumer level drone will capture beautifully stable, GPS guided 4k footage right out of the box. So a lot of what we do is on the creative end; making sure we are providing clients with unique look and effective content they’ve come to expect. Q: D&N Cinematics LLC became a member in 2013, why do you continue to renew each year? A: D&N Cinematics is proud to be a Chamber member and a part of the Bismarck-Mandan community. We feel the membership helps connect us to a network of resources including other businesses. What we do is largely business-to-business in nature so being part of the Chamber is a no-brainer for us. Chamber Connection | 31






Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan is June 16th and now’s the time to register for one of the biggest business events of the year from some of the smallest entrepreneurs!

Once registered, each participant will get a confirmation email with instructions on next steps - one of them being to head to one of the following Backpack Pickup locations, beginning April 26th:


Lemonade Day is a free entrepreneurial experience that teaches kids how to start, own, and operate their own business in the form of a lemonade stand. Parents, Mentors, Teachers and Youth Leaders are encouraged to register their youth online at http:// If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, please contact David Leingang at dleingang@, call the Chamber at 701-223-5660, or check out @bismanlemonadeday

Morton Mandan Public Library 609 West Main St., Mandan Monday - Thursday, 9:30am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday, 9:30am – 5:00pm Sunday, 1:00pm – 5:00pm Bismarck Public Library 515 N 5th St., Bismarck Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday, 9:00am – 6:00pm Sunday, 1:00pm – 6:00pm Missouri Valley Family YMCA 1608 North Washington St., Bismarck Monday – Friday, 6:00am - 11:00pm Saturday, 6:00am - 7:00pm Sunday, 9:00am – 7:00pm Family Wellness Center 2700 46th Ave. SE, Mandan Monday – Friday, 5:00am - 11:00pm Saturday, 6:00am - 7:00pm Sunday, 9:00am – 7:00pm Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

THANK YOU LEMONADE DAY SPONSORS Main Squeeze Sponsors: Lime-Light Sponsors: Fresh Squeeze Sponsors: Fresh Squeeze Sponsors:

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American Bank Center, Bartlett & West, Dakota Eye Institute, Doosan/Bobcat, Edgewood, Exploring Leadership Soulutions, First Western Bank & Trust, Grand Junction Grilled Subs, Mr. Squeegee Window Cleaning, Northern Improvement Co., University of Mary


On Tuesday April 3rd, we got to swing into spring celebrating another event with all our members at the 2018 Spring Mixer! Over 40 of our Chamber Members displayed their businesses, products, services and creative booth talents at last month’s event.

Our guests wandered through the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center ballroom enjoying refreshments, hors d’oeuvres, door More than 300 people attended the prize giveaways, Chamber Spring Mixer on April 3. and interactive exhibits, it was tough competition for the “Best Decorated Booth” contest, but we are excited to announce the winner of this year’s booth display – Prairie Sinus Ear and Allergy! Congratulations on winning a complimentary booth at the 2018 Holiday Mixer on Tuesday, December 11th. Also, congratulations to our door prize winner Karen Hahn who won two 2019 Annual Dinner tickets. In addition to all of our wonderful attendees, thank you to our Gold Sponsor Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center for their continual involvement and for providing us with an awesome venue space. Also, thank you to all our booth sponsors who make this event a huge success year after year.

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The Chamber’s Annual Golf Scramble is just around the corner, scheduled for Monday, June 11th, at Apple Creek Country Club. Registration starts at 10:30am with an 11:30am shotgun start. Players will compete in teams of four. You may sign up individually ($175/person), and we will assign you with three other players, or as a full team of four ($700/team). Whether your team wins or not, stick around for dinner, awards and door prize opportunities at 4:30pm.


The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee is accepting nominations for this year’s Golden Eagle Award. The Military Affairs Committee works to increase community awareness and support of service members, veterans and their families in the area. One of the ways the committee is able to accomplish that mission is by awarding the Golden Eagle.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities contact Shay at for more information.

Between now and June 1st, nominations will be accepted for consideration by the Military Affairs Committee. After the deadline, the committee will narrow down the list of nominees to three candidates who are interviewed by the committee to gauge levels of commitment each organization has to the military and its personnel. The winner will be announced at the annual Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan award ceremony, September 6th, 2018.

Presenting Sponsor:

Past Winners: Cloverdale, Kupper, Basin Electric, BSC, UMary, Comfort Inn, Burleigh Co. Senior Program

Hole Sponsor: Amy Hullet Century 21 Morrison Realty Baymont Inn & Suites and Ramada Bismarck Hotel Bismarck Cancer Center BNC National Bank Consolidated Construction CornerStone Bank Crowley Fleck Dakota Carrier Network Dakota Community Bank & Trust Eide Bailly Eide Ford-Lincoln MetroPlains Management Radisson Hotel The Network Center

So, if you have the right Chamber member in mind, please submit a small paragraph to on why they should be awarded the Golden Eagle.

Putting Green Sponsor: Liberty Business Systems

Submit any nominations by filling out a form that is available at our website, pages/MilitaryAffairs or by emailing David Leingang at

Spots go quickly so register today! You can sign up for this event online at or by calling the Chamber at 701-223-5660.

Lunch Sponsor: Ulteig Engineers Golf Cart Sponsor: EAPC Architects Engineers

34 | Chamber Connection

What should be considered when submitting nominations? • Why is the military important to this organization? • How does this organization currently support their efforts or how they’ve supported the military in the past? • Why do you feel it’s important for businesses to support the military, and how does this organization fulfill that? Nominations must be received at The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce office by Friday, June 1st, 2018.

For any further questions, please contact the Chamber – 701-223-5660

LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN FIELD PROJECTS Each year the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class breaks into several groups to work on field projects addressing community needs. The class will be presenting their projects Wednesday, May 16 at the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce.

9:00am - 9:45am — Little Free Library in Mandan

To further the benefits of regular reading and help make reading more attainable to citizens of all ages, Little Free Library created a national movement to bring book exchange stations to communities. The purpose of this team is to partner with various organizations and entities in Mandan to enhance and inspire a love of reading, build community and spark creativity through neighborhood book exchange stations, known nationally through the nonprofit organization Little Free Library. The team feels that leveraging natural gather places, such as the local elementary schools, will provide the most children and adults with opportunities to share the love of reading. Steve Allard Jason Byram Landon Feil Lynette Horn Amber Larson Curtis Reule

10:00am - 10:45am — Collaborative Calendar

This team aims to partner with the Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to elevate their existing community calendar so it reaches a broader audience. Though many event calendars currently exist in BismarckMandan, the community lacks a central resource to find information on local activities and feel inspired to participate in local events. Competing community calendars also make it difficult for event planners to promote their events, causing confusion over which online or printed platforms will have the greatest reach of their audience. By directing both community members and event planners to a single resource to promote their events, they hope to achieve greater involvement in local events, increase interest from out-of-town guests, and ultimately promote local businesses and organizations and enrich the culture and sense of community felt throughout Bismarck-Mandan. Andrea Birst Tracy DeForest Daniel Nairn Hope Sisk Alison Zarr

11:00am - 11:45am — Little Free Pantry

Little Free Pantry Bismarck-Mandan offers a place for neighbors to help neighbors. The concept is to give freely, meaning donors give what they can without strings attached. The pantries are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by donors or by people who may need an item. Little Free Pantry Bismarck-Mandan was launched in spring 2017 in Bismarck by a group of individuals who wanted to create this in our community. The Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class is partnering to expand the concept. The group would like to double the number of pantries available and expand to Mandan where there are currently no Little Free Pantries. Olivia Emmel Alicia Koenig Kayla Kraus Tim Sass Tony Spilde Andrea Sutheimer Jessica Wetsch If you would like to attend any of these presentations, please RSVP to Cathryn Sprynczynatyk at 701-223-5660 or

Business Checking Accounts

Ask about

1,000 Free Monthly Transa ctions

Call for more details (701) 250-3000 Member FDIC

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CHAMBER SET TO HONOR OUTSTANDING TEACHERS The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Business and Education Committee has officially wrapped up evaluations for this year’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award!

For 31 years, educators in Bismarck and Mandan have been receiving the Crystal Apple, which is a symbol for outstanding passion and accomplishment in the teaching field. Five winners of the Crystal Apple are selected by the Excellence in Business and Education Committee, and are awarded at special surprise events. Those five awards go to a primary educator in both Bismarck and Mandan, a secondary educator in both BismarckMandan, and an individual from higher education institutions from around our area.

36 | Chamber Connection

Please stay tuned to Chamber news channels to see who will be awarded this year as we begin our surprise presentations in the first week of May! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out. For any questions about the Outstanding Teacher of the Year, please call, 701-223-5660, or email David Leingang at, Presenting Sponsor:


On September 6th 2018, the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce will honor local businesses and their accomplishments for the annual Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan Award Ceremony.

From now until June 1st, we will be accepting nominations for the following awards: NEW ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR Any individual who serves as a majority owner and operates or bears principal responsibility for operating a small business with a 3-year record of accomplishment and not more than 10 years. SMALL BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR Any individual who owns and operates or who bears principal responsibility for operating a small business. Partners who jointly own and operate a small business can be nominated as a “team,” so long as the number of individuals in the team nomination does not exceed four. MIKE FINK AWARD FOR STEADY GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY This award honors small businesses that have been in business for at least 5 years, have shown revenue growth over the last three years by at least 20 percent, and are currently members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber. GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD The Golden Eagle is awarded to a Chamber member that has displayed a great deal of support for our Armed Forces. Whether it is through employee support, or directly showing appreciation to the military, organizations who feel it’s important to support the military are eligible. Past winners include – Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Burleigh County Senior Adults Program, and Kupper Chevrolet to name a few. Deadline for nominations is end of day, Friday June 1st. You may nominate a qualifying business by going to the Chamber website at EBEC, or by contacting David Leingang at 701-223-5660 or

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Join members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce during May’s Membership Mixer hosted by American Bank Center on Thursday, May 10th at their Mandan location; 101 E Main Street in Mandan. Enjoy refreshments, hors d’oeurves, and some business after hours.

Each year the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class breaks into several groups to work on field projects addressing community needs. The class will be presenting their projects Wednesday, May 16 at the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce.

Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018 Location: American Bank Center 101 E Main Street, Mandan Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Mixers are free for Chamber members to attend. RSVPs by contacting the Chamber at 701-223-5660.

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Location: Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 8:30AM - 12:00PM Admission: Free to Attend

Presentations will include projects on Little Free Libraries in Mandan, Collaborative Calendar, and Little Free Pantries. If you would like to attend any of these presentations, please RSVP to Cathryn Sprynczynatyk at 701-223-5660 or

38 | Chamber Connection



Join us Wednesday, May 23 at Baymont Inn & Suites with the 29th class of leaders as they graduate from the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan program. You are invited to attend and celebrate the Class of 2018. Registration and networking begin at 11:30am., lunch and program at noon. A table sponsorship is $275.

This class is geared towards any new members, existing members looking to get more active, members in new roles or any member looking to maximize your membership. We will have a brief presentation discussing Chamber programs, events, benefits and committees. Then we will be diving into a Q&A session.

Leadership Bismarck-Mandan, Class of 2018: Steven Allard, Kirkwood Bank & Trust Andrea Birst, Glance Spa & Salon Jason Byram, Basin Electric Power Cooperative Tracy DeForest, Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Assoc. Olivia Emmel, North Dakota Process Serving, LLC Landon Feil, Starion Bank Lynnette Horn, Anne Carlson Center Alicia Koenig, Ameriprise Financial Kayla Kraus, BlackRidge Bank Amber Larson, Bartlett & West Daniel Nairn, City of Bismarck Curtis Reule, Montana-Dakota Utilities Tim Sass, Bismarck Police Department Hope Sisk, Odney Tony Spilde, MDU Resources Group Andrea Sutheimer, Sanford Health Jessica Wetsch, Aetna Alison Zarr, Bismarck State College

Space is limited. Please register above or by contacting Dave at

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Location: Baymont Inn & Suites 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: $25.00 Presenting Sponsor:

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Location: Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Presenting Sponsor:

Gold Sponsor: Program Sponsors: BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE A Touchstone Energy Cooperative ÂŽ

Table Sponsor: Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Assoc and Sanford Health

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events AT THE

LBMAA NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 Location: Bismarck Municipal Ballpark 303 W. Front Ave, Bismarck Time: 6:05PM - Gates Open 7:05PM - First Pitch Admission: $27.00 (Tickets will be available at Will-Call)

Enjoy an all-inclusive ballpark buffet with grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, potato salad, chips, water, and soda. Tailgate Ticket seating is first come, first serve. Bring your family to the game – any child under age 2 that doesn’t occupy a seat (lap-child) gets in for free. Let’s help make this event successful and be a part of selling out this game! Only 50 tickets available. Purchase tickets online at


Date: Friday, June 8, 2018 Location: Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Presenting Sponsor: It is almost summer and we cannot wait to set-up our patio and celebrate our members! Next month, lunch is on us! Stop by the Chamber on Friday, June 8th, between 11:30am – 1:00pm and enjoy a delicious assortment of brats, side dishes, and some cool refreshments. There is no cost to attend, so grab a quick bite to eat with co-workers and friends, and enjoy some beautiful fresh air. Although this is a small token of appreciation, thank you for all your continual support throughout the year; it does not go unnoticed! Please RSVP online at events or email Shay at so we can have enough food for everyone.

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UNIVERSITY OF MARY RECEIVES $500,000 GRANT FROM ANDEAVOR FOR THE NEW SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The University of Mary in Bismarck received a $500,000 grant from Andeavor, a premiere marketing, logistics and refining company, to support the development of a new laboratory within the New School of Engineering. The grant will support the development of an oncampus Control Systems Laboratory that will allow students to learn, apply and test underlying Andeavor has donated $500,000 to University of Mary’s new School of Engineering. fundamental knowledge and state-of-the-art field applications used in engineering. “Students want to be part of something new, something dynamic, something challenging, something hands“We are extremely blessed and grateful to Andeavor on, something fun, something big and bold — and this for its generous gift that will help foster the numerous program has all those elements,” commented Dr. Terry skills needed in today’s engineering environment,” Pilling, Director of Engineering and Associate Professor said University President Monsignor James P. Shea. of Engineering. “We’re excited about what the future “This grant will help our passionate and innovative holds for our students and the opportunities they’ll engineering students achieve their bachelor’s degrees encounter with engineering firms locally, regionally and entirely at the University of Mary by increasing access nationally, during their time on campus and after they to technology, facilities and curricula as we continue to graduate. So, thank you, Andeavor, for your gift and develop our robust program.” your commitment to their continued development.” The Control Systems Laboratory will provide engineering students access to state-of-the-art equipment to be able to complete the fully-accredited program entirely on University of Mary’s campus. Currently, engineering students must travel to Grand Forks to complete their engineering coursework through a partnership with the University of North Dakota. “We are proud to support the New School of Engineering and its mission to further develop a strong occupational workforce in North Dakota and beyond,” said Ron Day, Director of Government and Public Affairs for Andeavor. “By investing in the University of Mary, we further our commitment to creating well-educated communities and strong local economies.”

Pilling added that it’s very critical that the University of Mary, with its liberal arts and Christian, Catholic and Benedictine values-based components, be a talented and well-trained resource for engineering firms and companies not only in western North Dakota, but also regionally and nationally. The popularity of the new engineering program at the University of Mary has taken off since it was announced three years ago and has only accelerated since then. There are currently 60 freshmen and sophomores enrolled in the program with another 40 engineering majors expected with this fall’s incoming freshman class.

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The Bismarck Public Schools’ teachers, administrators, and support staff work diligently to protect the integrity and agency of all BPS children under our care during the school day and school activities. BPS staff assist our students with the multitude of issues brought in the door every day. Recent trainings for our staff include trauma informed teaching, Conscious Discipline, Horacio Sanchez’s training on emotional disorders & resiliency, Nurtured Heart, Child Abuse & Neglect, Creating a School Family, S’cool Moves, MANDT verbal de-escalation, Colors Training, bullying presentations, QPR suicide prevention, Why Try, and Resiliency Training, to name but a few. Teachers, administrators, and staff apply the new learning with young people. Students are taught to resist and respond to bullying in their preK-12 classes. Teachers use just in time teachable moments to deal with bullying. In addition: elementary counselors are in classrooms, teaching the ABCD method (Aggressive, Balance of Power, Consistent, Deliberate), the difference between a “mean moment” and pervasive “bullying”, how to go from a bystander to an upstander, how to report to adult, peer conflict, and develop coping skills, and assertiveness skills., and perhaps most importantly how to refuse to join a powerful bully. Elementary schools use an evidence-based socio-emotional curriculum called Second Steps designed to reduce behavior problems through a positive, preventative approach. Middle Schools teach about not bullying in 7th grade health class and use Restorative Justice, Pause Before You Post, Signs of Suicide, Circles, Friends of Rachel, student council projects like Anti-Bullying Week, Boys to Men program, Healthy Relationships, sexting presentations by Police Youth Bureau, Hurting or Flirting, Texting & Sexting, Preventing Bullying as a Bystander, e-Communication Skills, Dangerous Decisions, and counselor lessons based on behavior data at the school. High schools use Restorative Justice, Resiliency/ Breakthrough lessons, Why Try program, lessons in the 11th grade Phy. Ed. class, Healthy Relationships & Dating Safety, Sexting information, Freshman Advisory discussions, Sources of Strength, Students Against Destructive Decisions, one-on-one conversations on bullying, conflict resolution, cyberbullying/social media, etc.

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The anti-bully policy is summarized in student handbooks. As needed, Police Youth Bureau and School Resource Officers do presentations and classroom lessons on anti-bullying. Library Media Specialists teach students about cyberbullying specifically and teach in grades 3, 6 and 9 topics like online safety, digital citizenship, acceptable use of technology, digital disrespect, emotional/psychological abuse, and more. School staff must know about bullying to act on it, so BPS has multiple ways to report bullying: just tell an adult at the school, report via the web-based bullying form, use the Police Department Text a Tip explained in posters in all middle and high schools, and through staff supervision. BPS thanks the anti-bullying Task Force who recognized bullying as a community-wide issue and worked to engage parents in three anti-bullying presentations and made recommendations that include BPS “cross walking” the Second Step program in grades K-8 for a seamless transition to high school. BPS staff will align Second Step to Why Try and Resiliency curriculums. BPS teachers, administrators, and support staff work with integrity and diligence to protect and teach the students in our care during the school day. Staff work with law enforcement to address bullying outside school, including on cyberspace. To quote the JOM Indian Education parent committee, “it takes the entire community working together to care for our human family”. As a community member, please help us help our community’s children by respecting the work of teachers and staff and informing BPS about any known issues of conflict or bullying. Together we can be the difference.

FAMILY THEME ON STAGE AT THIS YEAR’S MEDORA MUSICAL The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF), in conjunction with StageWest Entertainment, is excited to announce the cast of the 2018 Medora Musical and that the Show’s theme will be about “family.” Back for his third year as Host of the Medora Musical, Chet Wollan grew up on the Badlands stage – first watching his father, Curt Wollan, produce the show (1987-2018) before joining the production for the first time as a four-year old doing rope tricks with Montie Montana. Chet has grown into his role as host and again leads a very talented, professional cast in this year’s Medora Musical. “I love this show. It is so fun coming back to it year after year to tell timeless tales about Teddy Roosevelt, the Badlands and family values in compelling new ways.”


The EMC Insurance Companies Bismarck Branch has received the Best in Show Professional Division award from Missouri Slope Areawide (MSA) United Way. The branch was named one of the top 20 business contributors in the Bismarck-Mandan area for its contribution of nearly $25,000.

The EMC Bismarck Branch was also named a runner-up in the statewide North Dakota Young Professional’s Best Place to Work competition for 2018. The Best Place to Work award, created in 2008, reflects the creativity and innovation that businesses offer young professionals. EMC employees further supported North Dakota communities by recently contributing $400 to Make-AWish® North Dakota in participation with Giving Hearts Day.

Former Bismarck Mayor, Bill Sorensen, will join Chet Wollan as co-host after a successful, four-state tour of A Magical Medora Christmas. This will be Bill’s second season back as a kind of grandfatherly figure, helping his co-host tell the story of the Badlands and Medora. This year, three North Dakotans made the cast and are returning: Misti Koop, of Grand Forks; Taylor Leet, of Bismarck; and Alyssa Scott of Fargo. Koop and Leet pursued passion projects during the winter, while Scott and her boyfriend, Medora Musical lead guitarist, Adam Vogel, have been performing and recording in Nashville, TN. While over one thousand performers auditioned for the show at locations in North Dakota, Minnesota, Florida and Tennessee this year, for TRMF communications director, Justin Fisk, a cast full of returners is fitting with this year’s “Family” theme. “Really, the theme can be traced directly to the people who come to the show – the Medora Musical has been a family tradition, for visitors and staff, since Harold and Sheila Schafer started the show in 1965. Today, you see families all summer long with two, three, even four generations coming together.”

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YOUNG PROFESSIONALS RAISE OVER $3,000 FOR BISMARCK NON-PROFIT The Bismarck Mandan Young Professionals Network (YPN) recently presented a $3,075 donation to its 2017-18 Non-Profit Partner Tracy’s Sanctuary House. The donation represents the amount raised by YPN for Tracy’s Sanctuary House since October 2017 when it was selected as Non-Profit Partner.

“It’s an honor for YPN to present this check to Tracy’s Sanctuary House, an organization that has afforded so many families the opportunity to stay close to their loved ones in times of tremendous need,” said Amber Ruzicka, YPN president. “I also want to acknowledge and thank our YPN members whose incredible generosity made this possible.” Tracy’s Sanctuary House serves as a refuge for out-oftown families whose loved ones are being treated for a life-threatening condition in a Bismarck hospital. The organization has served more than 3,000 families since opening its doors in 2005. Further information can be found at

Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network donated $3,075 to Tracy’s Sanctuary House.

In addition to receiving funds raised at a trio of annual YPN events – holiday party, Chill N’ Bowl, and Cinco – Non-Profit Partners also gain valuable exposure to more than 1,000 YPN members through features and mentions in the YPN’s weekly newsletter, website, and social media. YPN’s Service Team also arranges Non-Profit Partner volunteer events, giving members the opportunity to further experience a Non-Profit Partner’s mission. “From coordinating volunteers for events to helping with yardwork in the spring, our members have performed all sorts of tasks for Non-Profit Partners we’ve had over the years,” said Ruzicka. “YPN exists to help young professionals develop valuable workplace skills so they can confidently pursue their career goals. An integral piece in this development is understanding the importance of giving back to their community.” Since the inception of its Non-Profit Partnership program in 2014, YPN has donated over $10,000 to five nonprofit organizations in the Bismarck-Mandan community. Additionally, from May 2016-April 2017, YPN members logged 478 volunteer hours with area non-profits, a number Ruzicka said they will likely surpass in the upcoming year. “Volunteering is a big component of the YPN’s Strategic Plan and is a great opportunity to connect our members with the non-profit community,” she said. New Non-Profit Partners are announced in October each year following an open call for nominations in early fall. During this time, nomination forms are available on www. Eligible organizations must be nominated by a current YPN member, be a registered 401(c)3 nonprofit, and be based in Bismarck or Mandan.

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FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK & TRUST ACQUIRES INTERCEPTEFT In April, North Dakota based, First International Bank & Trust closed on the acquisition of leading electronic payments processor, InterceptEFT.

“Today begins a new era for our company,” said Stephen L. Stenehjem, CEO and Chairman of First International Bank & Trust. “Today, we become a critical behind-the-scenes partner for over 74,000 companies nationwide as we ensure payments reach their intended destinations. I’m looking forward to the synergies that will be formed to create a wider array of offerings for customers of InterceptEFT and First International Bank & Trust.” InterceptEFT, founded in 1993 and based in Fargo, ND, has been a leading electronic payments processor serving companies throughout the United States. All employees, including local owners, Craig Dresser and Bryan Smith plan to continue with the merged company and are committed to helping this partnership succeed. “I am excited for what this partnership will do for our customers,” said Craig Dresser, CEO of InterceptEFT. “Being a part of First International Bank & Trust means that we are backed by the security and soundness of a regulated high-performing bank giving our customers more peace of mind. It allows us to expand our product and service offerings, increase our fraud detection and prevention measures and create a more streamlined and efficient operation.” Bryan Smith, President of InterceptEFT further explains, “It was important for us to find a partner that would also be a good match culturally for our employees and our customers. We have built a strong reputation for high service levels, expertise and reliability for handling over 50 million electronic transactions annually. I’m confident that the value to our customers will increase due to this partnership.” First International Bank & Trust understands the powerful engine of electronic payment processing and the important role it plays in the business economy. Recently, they received certification from the Third Party Payment Processor’s Association (TPPPA) for their Compliance Management System, making them the first TPPPA member bank in the nation to hold this designation.


Subaru of America, Inc. (“SOA”) and Kupper Subaru presented a check for $18,002 to MSA’s United Way Backpack Program. MSA United Way Backpack Program was a local beneficiary in the 2017 Subaru Share the Love event.

From November 16, 2017 to January 2, 2018, customers who purchased or leased a new Subaru vehicle could select from a list of charities to receive a donation of $250 from SOA. For the second year in a row, there will be no cap on the total donation from Subaru of America to its Share the Love charitable partners. At the culmination of this year, SOA and its retailers hope to exceed a grand total of $115 million donated since the creation of Share the Love to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the event. For 2017, SOA selected the four national charities: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish®, Meals On Wheels America and National Park Foundation. Subaru retailers could also elect to add a local charity and Kupper Subaru selected MSA United Way Backpack Program as its hometown charity. The check for $18,002 was presented to MSA United Way Backpack Program by Kupper Subaru.

Kupper Subaru donated $18,002 to MSA United Way’s Backpack Program.

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500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100

Q: HOW CAN YOU MAKE FAMILY Q: I AM A 22-YEAR OLD MALE COLLEGE STUDENT AND I TRAVEL MORE ENJOYABLE HAVE A NODULE ON MY AND LESS STRESSFUL? TESTICLE. COULD THIS BE A: Every now and then parents need CANCER? to get away and enjoy some time alone, however, you will never regret A: There are three major types of skin sharing the world with your children. My husband and I try to take an adult trip and a family vacation each year and have found the time with our girls to be the most memorable! When planning a family vacation find a hotel that caters to the little ones. A place that makes them feel special the minute they walk through the door is key.

Pre-plan activities and excursions that cater to little minds, but do not over schedule. Don’t forget to give yourselves time to relax on the beach or casually explore your new city without feeling rushed. Most importantlycapture the trip! We do have contracts with photographers in most tourist destinations that we would be happy to share.

CS Travel Planners has helped so many families discover their dream vacations and would like to help you as well. We offer everything from all inclusive beach vacations to multi-country detailed itineraries to concierge day planning within the US and beyond for those who have already taken care of hotel and airfare. There is a huge world out there. Let’s get out and explore! 46 | Chamber Connection

cancers: basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. The first two skin cancers are grouped together as non-melanoma skin cancers and are tend to be less invasive and require less aggressive treatment compared to melanoma.

Melanoma often looks like a brown or black mole or birthmark. But melanoma has features that make it different from normal moles and birthmarks. Remember the abnormal features of melanoma by thinking of the letters A, B, C, D, and E: • Asymmetry – One half can look different than the other half.

• Border – It can have a jagged or uneven edge.


120 W Thayer, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-799-7559

Q: HOW DO I GET MY HOUSE READY FOR SHOWINGS? A: You have picked your perfect

Realtor®️, decided upon an asking price, and planned your list date. Your home is looking wonderful: carpets cleaned, and the whole house spring-cleaned. All that remains is some finishing touches. 1. New Pillows - a really easy way to instantly update fading and add color, texture and interest at the same time.

2. New Rugs – a large rug can transform a room, adding warmth and style. You don’t have to spend a fortune on them; decide on a budget and stick to it.

3. Fruit and flowers – try big glass bowls or wide vases of fruit in the kitchen to add color; fill full of just one type of fruit (oranges, green apples or lemons look wonderful) for instant contemporary style. A little bouquet is just right for a kitchen.

4. New bedding – especially for the master bedroom, where it matters most • Color – It can have different colors. to your buyers. Choose a subtle style for the other bedrooms, adding new plain • Diameter – It is larger than the eraser bedding with some tasteful pillows and on the end of a pencil. • Evolution – Its size, color, or shape can throws can update them inexpensively. 5. Towels – Treat your kitchen and change over time. Research shows that 90% of melanoma is bathrooms to some new towels, and make sure that no one uses them – caused by natural or artificial ultraviolet they’re just for show! light. Easy ways to do this are stay out of the sun from 10:00am-5:00pm, and wear sunscreen and reapply often; wear appropriate clothing (wide brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts and pants); and avoid tanning beds.

6. Atmosphere – soft music and gentle fragrances. Choose soothing background music to encourage buyers to linger, and a scent warmer to provide the finishing touch.

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more commonly known as bladder infections, affect many women. There are approximately 3 million cases per year. How can we prevent these? The answer differs with each person, but these simple steps can help: • Do not use overly scented bath products with potentially irritating substances. • Always wipe front to back after urinating.

• Drink plenty of water and keep well hydrated.

• Completely empty your bladder when you can. Avoid holding in your urine for too long.

• Make sure to empty your bladder after sex • Avoid spermicides: they have been shown to increase UTIs.

• You can take a cranberry pill to prevent infections.

• You can take a probiotic as well to help maintain good bacteria.

If you still have frequent UTIs, your doctor may give you preventative antibiotics to help with these infections. If other symptoms are present, they may do tests to make sure you are not having conditions, such as anatomy problems or kidney stones. If you have questions, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor.


PO Box 49, Bismarck, ND 58502 701-471-0760


2603 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222

Q: WHY IS A REGULAR WINDOW Q: ARE YOU REALLY FIT FOR CLEANING SCHEDULE DUTY? IMPORTANT? A: To be fit for duty an employee must be able to perform the tasks of a A: Clean windows make a good impression. Clean windows present a positive image and convey that your company is organized, professional, and hard-working. They show that you care about your business, your building, and your employees. Clean windows improve the working environment for employees. Working in a bright, well-lit space will encourage your employees to be more active and organized. Clean windows also provide a better view of the outdoors, which can improve employees’ moods, especially on bright and beautiful days.

Glass can be ruined without regular cleaning. Because glass is porous, it accumulates dirt over time that can cause fragility, spottiness, opacity, and the growth of microorganisms. You should have your windows cleaned at least two times a year to prevent degradation and maintain the glass’s luster.

job safely, securely, productively and effectively. The Fit for Duty Program objectively evaluates the physical and functional demands of a job in order to objectively assess the abilities of the worker. This evaluation is for new hires, job transfers, injured workers or those returning to duty.

Once in place, the Fit for Duty Program is a resource for training and education. It helps determine ergonomic safety and it’s an excellent tool to help physicians navigate physical therapy and return to work restrictions. The program has been shown to decrease injury-related medical expenses and reduce the number of injuries overall. Is the Fit for Duty Program right for your company? Call Sanford OccMed at (888) 600-2378 to learn more.

Regularly cleaning your windows can save you money. If you let dirt and grime build up on your windows, they will be very difficult to clean when the time comes, requiring more work and more money.

The cleanliness of windows affects a space’s heat efficiency. Dirty windows reflect more UV light and prevent the sun from warming up the space on cold days.

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CHAMBER Perks Fay Inducted into North Dakota Music Educators Association Hall of Fame

Central Dakota Children’s Choir is pleased to announce that Teri Fay, founding director Teri Fay and current artistic director, has been inducted into the North Dakota Music Educators Association Hall of Fame. Fay has spent her life as a teacher and musician in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Now retired from the Bismarck Public Schools, Fay served the education community for 35 years as an Elementary Music and Band teacher at Dorothy Moses. Inspired by the Orff Philosophy, she brought about changes in how music was taught in the area and is a co-founder of the Prairie Winds Orff Chapter. Fay plays horn in the Bismarck-Mandan Symphony, Missouri River Community Band, West River Winds, and the Bismarck-Mandan Wind Ensemble. Fay is the composer of “That’s What North Dakota is to Me,” sung at the state Centennial Celebration in 1989.

Turner Joins Excel Realty

Ramie Tuner

Excel Realty is excited to announce Ramie Turner, who has recently joined their team. As your REALTOR®, she will communicate openly and frequently to help make the process easier and to keep you informed from beginning to end.

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DFC Consultants Welcomes Wagner

Robert Wagner has joined DFC Consultants as a Principal Developer, responsible for developing software and custom solutions for customers that need more than an out-ofthe-box solution. With 25 years Robert Wagner of experience with Dynamics GP, Wagner has developed customizations for HR and Payroll, General Ledger, Distribution, Manufacturing, KEY2ACT, and more. Before joining the team at DFC, he worked at other Microsoft Partners in the region and at Microsoft. Wagner holds a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from South Dakota State University.

Halverson Attends Invitation-Only Supplier Show

Jane Halverson, owner of Dakota Promotions & Printing, recently attended a supplier show in Minneapolis presenting new and popular trends in promotional products. Only a select number of promotional suppliers and distributors are invited to this event.

BNC National Promotes Arenz

BNC National Bank’s North Dakota President, Dave Hoekstra, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jason Arenz to President of Jason Arenz BNC’s Bismarck – Mandan market. Arenz joined BNC in 2012 and has worked in the financial services industry for over 24 years. A Mandan native, Arenz graduated from the University of Mary and received his MBA degree from Regis University. He has served on numerous community boards and is currently the president of the Mandan Park Board.

VanderLinden Joins Local Office of Ameriprise Financial

John VanderLinden has joined the joined Legacy Financial Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise John VanderLinden Financial Services, Inc., as a Business Development Director. In this role, VanderLinden will be responsible for developing new qualified plan business, which includes leading Legacy Financial Partners’ workplace solutions program and training new advisors around the 401k business. VanderLinden has 30 years in the financial services industry. He has spent the last 20 years as a qualified plans wholesaler. He brings years of experience in developing relationships with advisors and helping them create custom 401k solutions.

Olson Appointed as Board Liaison to AACUL Committees Jeff Olson, President/CEO of Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) was just appointed to serve on several committees on the board of directors of the American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL). Executive Jeff Olson Board Chair Scott Simpson of Utah appointed Olson to one year terms on the AACUL Membership Dues Task Force, the AACUL Political Involvement & Grassroots Committee as Board Liaison, and the AACUL Regulatory Advocacy/ Compliance Advisory Committee as Board Liaison. Olson was elected by his fellow league presidents to serve on the AACUL board last November. The objective of AACUL is to assist in the development of its member leagues and to advise and recommend management and implementation of policy within the credit union movement. EMC Insurance Companies Announces Promotions, New Hires in Bismarck

EMC Insurance Companies announces promotions and new hires at the Bismarck Branch in North Dakota. Ben Agnes has been promoted to commercial lines underwriter III. Agnes has worked in the EMC commercial lines Ben Agnes underwriting department for almost four years. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mayville State University in Mayville, N.D. Leslie Watson has been promoted to commercial lines underwriter III. Watson has Leslie Watson worked in the EMC commercial lines underwriting department for almost nine years. She has the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Associate in General Insurance and Associate in Underwriting designations. Blaine Bergstedt has accepted the position of commercial Blaine Bergstedt lines underwriting associate. Bergstedt has three years of experience as a commercial underwriter with another insurance carrier and additional experience as an insurance agent. He received an associate’s degree in finance from the North Dakota State College of Science. Sara Jiras has accepted the position of commercial lines rating associate VI. Jiras has more than 10 years of customer service and administrative experience. She has more than five of those years working in the health insurance field handling claims and providing administrative support. Chris Clark has accepted the position of commercial lines rating associate VI. Prior to joining EMC, Clark was as a customer service representative at a local bank. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from North Dakota State University. Amy Isas has accepted the position of administrative support associate IV. Isas has more than seven years of customer service and administrative experience within a variety of industries.

CPA Designations Announced in Bismarck Eide Bailly Office

Two Eide Bailly LLP staff members, Jared Mack and Shelley Gramling, have earned Jared Mack their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. Mack, a senior audit associate, has been with the firm two years. Gramling, a tax associate, has been with the firm one year. A CPA designation is a certification of expertise in the field of accounting granted Shelley Gramling by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in order to maintain industry-wide, professional standards. Only a CPA can provide an opinion to the public regarding publicly distributed financial statements.

Eye Clinic of North Dakota Staff Earn Certifications

The Eye Clinic of North Dakota is proud to announce the following team members that have recently completed certifications: Bernie Doll has completed the Ophthalmic Coding Specialist (OCS) designation along with completing recent coding training provided by Corcoran Consulting to assist with our compliance in the MACRA/MIPS program. Bernie has held many roles while employed with the Eye Clinic for 33 years; her most current role is patient accounts manager. Melissa Hoheisel has completed the Ophthalmic Coding Specialist (OCS) designation along with completing recent coding training provided by Corcoran Consulting to assist with our compliance in the MACRA/MIPS program. Melissa has been employed with the Eye Clinic for four years; her current role is a patient accounts specialist. Raedell Reinhardt has completed the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC) designation. Raedell has held many roles while employed with the Eye Clinic for 25 years; her most current role is a medical records specialist and ophthalmic technician. Linda Bohrer has completed the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC) designation. Linda has been employed with the Eye Clinic for 19 years; her current role is a medical records and credentialing specialist. Fireside Office Solutions Achieves Cameron Boechler has completed recertification of Authorization the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) designation. Fireside Office Solutions has achieved “Service Cameron has been employed with the Eye Clinic for Solution Provider” authorization by Kyocera Mita 16 years; his current role is an ophthalmic technician America. Kyocera is a leader in the manufacturing of ophthalmic and surgical scrub technician. color and monochrome copiers, printers, wide format Casey Kottenbrock has completed recertification of and MFP products. The SSP Certification is achieved the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) designation. through stringent testing in areas of troubleshooting; Casey has been employed with the Eye Clinic for four service management; training; network certifications; years; her current role is an ophthalmic surgical scrub and connectivity. This the 14th consecutive year technician and ophthalmic technician. Fireside has received this award. Fireside Office Solutions has been a Kyocera dealer for over 27 years; providing copying, printing, scanning, faxing and managed print solutions to area businesses.

Starion Promotes, Hires in Mandan

Starion Bank has promoted one individual and hired four at the Mandan branch. Lauri Stokka has been promoted to mortgage operations specialist II. Lauri started her career with Starion Lauri Stokka in 2001 as a personal banker. Over the years, she has also worked at Starion in mortgage processing, loan center and customer service center. As a mortgage operations specialist, Stokka is responsible for reviewing, processing, closing and post-closing of mortgage Richard Bigelow loans as well as assisting with team regulatory requirements and training. Richard Bigelow joined Starion as a systems administrator, providing support and maintenance for a variety of operating systems and servers. He earned a master’s Casey Carson degree in information security from Denver University and a bachelor’s degree from Minot State University. Previously, Bigelow was system administrator at an engineering firm and computer network specialist at the State of North Dakota. Brittney Roth Casey Carson and Brittney Roth are loan operations specialists at Starion. Their responsibilities include processing loan information, producing closing documentation and performing quality control checks on files for any potential risk. Carson graduated from McKayla Nielsen Dickinson State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and has more than a decade of customer service and transaction processing experience. Roth, who is also earning certification as a personal trainer, has previous banking and customer service experience. McKayla Nielsen joined Starion as a loan servicing assistant, providing administrative support to the loan servicing team, and assisting with daily operations and processing work within the loan center. Nielsen earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Mary and has customer service experience in various industries.

Chamber Connection | 49


Braun Intertec Promotes Staff




Choice Financial Promotes Mitchell

The Bismarck office of Braun Intertec has promoted Wes Dickhut, PE, to Principal along with Stuart Sipma and James Braley to Associate Principal. Wes Dickhut Dickhut has a Bachelor of Science degree in geological engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Idaho. He has over 20 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering. Stuart Sipma Sipma has Sheet Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) certifications from Bismarck State College, as well as a Sheet Metal, Welding, and Plumbing degree from North Dakota State College of Science. As an American Petroleum Institute (API) Lead James Braley Inspector, he has over 30 years of mechanical integrity experience. Braley has an Associate of Applied Science degree in natural resources technology from the State University of New York. He has over 40 years’ experience overseeing testing and inspection of various types of projects.

Courtney Mitchell was recently promoted to Credit Tech for Choice Financial. Mitchell was hired in August as a Frontline Specialist. She attended Bismarck State College and is currently attending Courtney Mitchell Dickinson State University with a double major in Business Administration and Finance. Outside of work and school, Mitchell enjoys sports and the outdoors. She especially enjoys softball, basketball, hunting and fishing. She also loves spending time with her family and playing with her three nephews.

Wald Achieves Top of the Table MDRT Qualification

David Wald of Securian Financial Advisors of ND in Mandan, ND has qualified for Top of the Table, a coveted David Wald milestone achievement for membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Top of the Table is the highest level of MDRT membership and places the individual among other professionals of measurable production success in the global life insurance and financial services industry.

First International Bank & Trust Bianco Realty Sales Awards Launches Fourth Annual Live First Bianco Realty has named Shirley Thomas and Amber Community Giving Campaign Sandness “REALTORS® of the Month”! Thomas and Sandness had the most closed sales at Bianco Realty for the month of March 2018. Thomas has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2001 and Sandness has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2010.

First International Bank & Trust (FIB&T) is proud to announce their Fourth Annual Live First Community Giving Campaign. Members within our communities are encouraged to apply for a Live First Community Grant that awards $5,000 to a project or cause that makes a difference within our community. Three fan favorites will also receive $1,000 each based on votes by social media followers. Applications are due by 11:59 AM CST on April 25, 2018. Winners will be announced on May 23, 2018.

MAY LIVE GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD.

Broadcast on KDAK 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at

Tues, 1st

5:30 pm Mandan City Commission

Thurs, 17th

5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board

Thurs, 3rd

5:00 pm Bismarck Board of Adjustment

Mon, 7th

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board*

Mon, 21st

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board*

Tues, 8th

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission

Tues, 22nd

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Wed, 23rd

5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission

Thurs, 24th

5:30 pm ITG (Political Subdivisions)

Wed, 30th

5:30 pm Mandan Planning Commission

Thurs, 31st

3:30 pm Burleigh County Social Services 5:15 pm Bismarck School Board

Wed, 9th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning Commission Thurs, 10th

5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Mon, 14th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board*

Tues, 15th 1:00 pm Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wed, 16th 5:30 pm Bismarck City Engineering (Presentation on Proposed Roadway Improvements) 50 | Chamber Connection

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at * Delayed Playback King Announces Candidacy for Bismarck Public School Board

Lawrence King announced his candidacy for a seat on the Bismarck Public School Board. King is the Managing Partner of Zuger Kirmis & Smith law firm. King served on the Bismarck Public School Board from 2008Lawrence King 2016. After receiving significant encouragement to run again for a seat on the Board, King decided to put his name in the hat. King has three children, all of whom are products of the Bismarck School System. His two oldest children were 2009 and 2011 graduates of Century High School and attended Northridge Elementary as well as Horizon Middle School. His youngest son is a sophomore at Century and has attended Highland Acres as well as Horizon Middle School.

Hatzenbuhler Announces Plan to Run for Reelection to the Mandan Park Board

Ten to Run for Three School Board Spots

Ten people have announced their intentions to run for one of three open seats on the Bismarck School Board during the election on Tuesday, June 12. The three incumbents will all run for another four-year term. They are Jon Lee, small business owner, Karl Lembke, insurance producer; and Matt Sagsveen, attorney for the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office. Seven others have joined the race prior to the deadline. They are Dustin Gawrylow, managing director of the North Dakota Watchdog Network; Travis Jensen, Northwest Tire; Lawrence King, former School Board member and managing partner at a local law firm; Heather Kitzan, procurement officer with the North Dakota National Guard; Steve Mayer, North Dakota Highway Patrol; Jay Volk, BNI Cole; and Carl Young, founder of the North Dakota Childhood Trauma Network.

Chad Hatzenbuhler announces plans to run for reelection to the Mandan Park Board. Hatzenbuhler looks to continue a track record of success with four more years of growth and development for the parks and recreation facilities in Mandan. During Hatzenbuhler’s first term on the board, he was involved in the development of the Starion Sports Complex, the Southside Park Master Plan and the Memorial Ballpark renovation slated for 2018. He also introduced FootGolf to the Mandan Municipal Golf Course and founded the Mandan Zombie Run 5K to raise funds for youth recreational groups in the community. Hatzenbuhler laid out a number of goals for 2018-2022, including the creation of an additional community park, connecting existing and new walking trails, beginning work on the Southside Master Plan, promoting Mandan’s recreation opportunities to surrounding areas, and increasing communication between the board and community members. Chad Hatzenbuhler


Jed Fluhrer Commercial Lender Jed Fluhrer, a leader in commercial and ag lending, has joined First International Bank & Trust as our new Commercial Lender in Bismarck. Jed’s 10 years of experience and expert approach will help you achieve your Live First goals. Give Jed a call at (701) 751-8580 to discuss your financial future.

NOW OPEN AT THE CORNER OF STATE AND DIVIDE New state-of-the-art building to open early 2018 1533 North 12th Street | Bismarck, ND 0041_03-18

Chamber Connection | 51

Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call 701-223-5660.

DIRECT AG SUPPLY Spence Koenig, Owner, at their new addition on 2120 40th Avenue SE Suite 4 Mandan. 701-751-5077. Member.


GATE CITY BANK Norman Clark, SW Regional Leader, at their newly remodeled location on 405 E. Main Street Mandan. 701-355-7680. Member.


Dr. Blackwood, Owner, at his new location on 521 East Main Avenue Suite 400. 701-751-4485.

Jackie, Deanna, And Robert Fackler, Owners at their new location on 1106 32nd Avenue SE Mandan. 701-663-1736. Member.



Curt Pearson at their new addition on 1717 East Interstate Avenue, Bismarck. Member.

Joel Malingen and team at their remodel and relocation at 2205 E. Broadway Ave, Bismarck.

52 | Chamber Connection

Schedule Your Ribbon Cutting Today!

SILICON PLAINS Dan Polk at their new location on 1930 Burnt Boat Dr., Bismarck. Member.

CARTERS OSHKOSH B’GOSH Jessiaca Stoddard and regional team at their location at 706 Kirkwood Mall Unit 165, Bismarck. 701-223-4001.

THE WAREHOUSE @ PROXIMAL 50 Tana Trotter and team at their new location at 201 W Broadway Ave, Bismarck. 701-751-7797. Member.

PRAIRIE SINUS EAR ALLERGY Dr. Jay Raisen and team at their grand opening at 3000 N 14th St; 3rd floor, Bismarck. Member.

SINFUL DELIGHTS DESERT BAR Faith Wilkinson and team at their new business located at 706 Kirkwood Mall Unit 165, Bismarck. 701-751-1483. Member.

BISMARCK ALE WORKS Tim and Robin Bopp, Owners, at their new business located at 1100 Canada Ave, Bismarck. 701-751-8800. Chamber Connection | 53

Welcome new members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at

Sinful Delights Dessert Bar Inc. 706 Kirkwood Mall Bismarck, ND Faith Wilkinson (701) 751-1483 Variety of different desserts and extreme shakes.

Kharma Vida 2525 E. Rosser Ave Suite #1 Bismarck, ND Andi Thon Emerson (701) 751-0870 Wellness spa.

The Village Family Service Center 107 West Main Ave. Suite 350 Bismarck, ND Sharon Wetstein (701) 255-1165 For over 120 years, The Village Family Service Center has helped children and families improve their lives. Every year, The Village reaches out to more than 75,000 people, and we are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of modern life. In Bismarck, The Village provides outpatient and in-home counseling, financial counseling, employee assistance, adoption and unplanned pregnancy counseling.

Great Clips 1223 W Century Ave Bismarck, ND Emily Wilcox (701) 751-4404 Value-priced, high-quality haircare for men, women and children. No appointments needed. Open nights and weekends. Nodak Insurance Company - Mandy Fisher 2718 Memorial Highway Mandan, ND Mandy Fisher (701) 202-8865 Property and Casualty Insurance + Life + Annuities, MPCI, Livestock Risk Protection Insurance and Crop-Hail Insurance Schilling Properties LLC Bismarck, ND Harvey Schilling (701) 226-2860 North Dakota Women’s Network 1120 College Dr. Suite 100 Bismarck, ND Kristie Wolff (701) 712-9600 The North Dakota Women’s Network (NDWN) serves as a catalyst for improving the lives of women through communication, legislation and increased public activism.

54 | Chamber Connection


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Bismarck-Mandan ChamberConnection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503

Upcoming Chamber Events MAY MEMBERSHIP MIXER: BISMARCK-MANDAN ELKS LODGE Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: American Bank Center – 101 E Main Street, Mandan LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN PROJECT PRESENTATIONS Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 • Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm Location: Chamber of Commerce –1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN GRADUATION LUNCHEON Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Baymont Inn & Suites – 2611 Old Red Trail NW, Mandan LBMAA NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 • Time: 6:05pm Location: Bismarck Municpal Ballpark – 303 W. Front Ave, Bismarck


FRIDAYS AT THE CHAMBER Date: Friday, June 8, 2018 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Chamber of Commerce Patio – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck CHAMBER GOLF SCRAMBLE Date: Monday, June 11, 2018 • Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Location: Apple Creek Country Club – 8921 County Rd 10, Bismarck

For more information visit 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100



June 16, 2018

Lemonade Day is a fun, experimental program that teachers kids how to start, own and operate their very own business, a lemonade stand!

CHAMBER 101: MAXIMIZING YOUR MEMBERSHIP Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 • Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Location: Chamber of Commerce –1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck



Success is sweet! REGISTER TODAY

June 1-3 June 2 June 2 June 9 June 10 June 16 June 20 June 25 July 4

Rug Rat Softball Tournament Tractor Trek Carz-n-Cures Volkowitsch Golf Open Bismarck Bloody Mary Fest Harleywood Night Motorcyle Run BCC Night at the Bismarck Larks Survivor Picnic Mandan Road Race

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