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Brian Eiseman .....................................................................Chair Val Weigel ..................................................................Vice Chair Kevin Strege .................................................................Secretary Mike Schmitz ................................................................Treasurer Molly Herrington ....................................................... Past Chair


Steve Bakken ......................................................City of Bismarck Scott Davis .........................................................City of Mandan Brian Eiseman ...............................................Stoneshire Builders Heather Fried ....................State Farm - Fried Financial Services Molly Herrington .........................................................Individual Chris Jones ...................................ND Dept. of Human Services Karl Lembke ......................................................Vaaler Insurance Allan Miller ............................................................Anyleaks, Inc. Dr. Sara Weigel Ness ..............................Active Life Chiropractic Jim Peluso .........................................................Burleigh County Marnie Piehl ...........................................Bismarck State College Matt Sagaser ......................................................Doosan Bobcat Mike Schmitz ......................................Schmitz-Holmstrom CPAs Cody Schulz ........................................................Morton County Garret Senger ...............................Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Kevin Strege ................................................Capital Credit Union Wendy Van Duyne .....................Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Val Weigel ..............................Basin Electric Power Cooperative Lee Weisbeck ..........................................................Starion Bank


Brian Ritter ...................................................................President Aasta Eggert .......Economic Development Marketing Specialist Ross Frohlich ............................................Membership Director Mary Masters .......................................Office Support Specialist Christine Nelson .........................Program & Marketing Director Ryan Parsons ........................................................Vice President Rebecca Rattei ................................ Communications Specialist Elliot Rust ................................................Chief Financial Officer Jaime Sabot ....................Workforce Development Coordinator Lyndsey Scheurer .................................. Communications & ED Nathan Schneider ................................................Vice President Cathryn Sprynczynatyk ................... Communications Specialist Joan Trygg ...........................Membership Engagement Director 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-223-5660 • www.bismarckmandan.com

CONTACT INFORMATION Content Rebecca Rattei rrattei@bmcedc.com

Advertising Christine Nelson cnelson@bmcedc.com

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CONNECTION | CHAIR'S CORNER uffice it to say, the last month has been a difficult time for our country, our state and our community. Included in that group of course are our businesses as well who have been impacted in so many different ways, most of them bad.

During this period, the Chamber EDC has and will continue to do three things: 1. Project stability in an otherwise unstable time. As the community’s leading business organization, the Chamber EDC take its role seriously and during times like this seeks to provide information, be a resource and do anything else that our members need. And we seek to do so responsibly as guidance from our elected leaders changes as rapidly as the situation. 2. Provide resources to our members who have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether they’re resources, information, etc. that we can provide directly or those provided by agencies such as the Small Business Administration, we are here for our members. 3. Promote our members at a time when some of them may be experiencing difficulties as people socially distance themselves, self-quarantine or take other measures that would prevent them from patronizing local business. Again, we do so responsibly, but there are ways to support Bismarck-Mandan businesses during this time. And as much as we try to operate business as usual, we know there are things that we simply cannot control such as the postponing of events such as the 2020 Economic Outlook Forum. We are looking forward to events later this spring such as ImpactED, the Workforce Summit and more which we’ll make decisions on using guidance from the CDC, ND Department of Health and others. Finally, for some good news, our recently completed Job Shadow Week was the biggest one yet. What I mean is that we had more students sign up and more job shadows (basically, more occupations) than last year. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our Members, so a big thank you to everyone who was able to participate. Yes, we’re facing some challenges, but we’re going to get through them with your help. Thank you for all you do and thank you for your continued support of the Chamber EDC!

Brian Eiseman Chair, Board of Directors

twitter.com/bismancedc facebook.com/bismancedc @bismancedc

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LEADERSHIP PROJECTS: STREETSCAPES, AGRICULTURE AND PUBLIC ART By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk After more than 30 years in existence, the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan program has resulted in numerous field projects that have benefited Mandan and Bismarck. The field projects from the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Class of 2019 are already making an impact in our community.


Pedestrians may have noticed Mandan’s Main Street looking even nicer last summer. In midsummer 2019, sustainable hanging flower baskets were installed along Main Street from Sixth Avenue Northwest to Collins Avenue. A group from the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Class of 2019 worked to bring beauty, increase economic vitality, and raise interest in coming to Mandan by beautifying Main Street. The members of the field project team were Amy Bickleman, Kelly Churchill, Tyler Sander, Alison Ternes, and Maria Walen. In 2019, the group raised $16,000 to purchase, install and fill flower baskets. The baskets are self-watering and hold one to two weeks of water depending on how dry it is outside. With dirt, flowers, and water, the baskets weigh 75 pounds each. “Each light pole holds 150 lbs. of live beauty,” said Amy Bickleman, a member of the field project team. Since the light poles belong to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the group had to do a survey study with DOT to confirm the poles could hold that weight. “The first year is all of the hoop jumping,” Bickleman said. “Once you get it settled, then you’re good to go.” The group worked with Cashman Nursery for procurement, planting, and fertilizing of flowers. Cashman Nursery donated some of the labor to plant the baskets. One of the group’s partners is BOS Solutions. Bickleman said the company has committed to watering the summer flower baskets for the next few years. Another partner is City of Mandan. “We really secured our relationship with the City of Mandan so it wasn’t just a one-time deal,” Bickleman said.

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Field project team member Maria Walen poses for a photo while BOS Solutions waters the hanging flower baskets on Mandan’s Main Street in summer 2019.

The group has plans for additional community projects to make sure it isn’t “just a one-time deal.” The group has founded a non-profit, Growing BisMan. Their mission is to do community enhancement projects. With Growing BisMan the group has ideas for urban beautification in both Mandan and Bismarck. An artistic bench competition is in the planning stages. The group plans to put out a call to artists across the state. Proposed bench designs would be judged before selection. Winning benches would be installed around Bismarck and Mandan. In the meantime, Growing BisMan is raising money to replant the hanging flower baskets this summer. The DOT light poles are scheduled to be replaced, which means the non-profit doesn’t have plans for expansion this year. The new light poles are planned to have brackets which will accommodate additional flower baskets. “Because the city is putting in new light posts, we’re both committed to it in the long run,” Bickleman said. The long-term goal is to install sustainable flower baskets along the entire length of Mandan’s Main Street. For more information, go to http://growingbisman.com or http://mandanflowers.com.

CONNECTION | FEATURE Farmland to Fine Dining was held in August 2019 at the Kenny Miller ranch, south of Huff Hills.


Even though agriculture ranks among North Dakota’s top industries, fewer and fewer people grow up on farms with each passing generation. Farmland to Fine Dining was a created by a field project group with varying ties to agriculture: two of the team members grew up on farms, one lives in a rural setting, and two had grandparents that farmed. Farmland to Fine Dining was a banquet-in-a-field event. The event to educate the urban public on where our food comes from as well as what it takes to grow and raise it until it’s ready for harvest and plate. The members of the field project team were Dennis Agnew, Angie Friez, Dave Lehman, Angil Wanner-Koper, and Jona Ziemann. The event was hosted on Aug. 4, 2019, at the Kenny Miller ranch, south of Huff Hills. 120 tickets sold out at $85 each. Using local ingredients, Terra Nomad served grilled tenderloin, beet tartine, zucchini rollups, rainbow carrots, and strawberry basil balsamic panna cotta. The purpose of the dinner was to create an opportunity for agriculture education.

The ringing of a triangle called everyone to dinner. In addition to local beef, the produce came from locally-owned Forager Farms. Laughing Sun Brewing displayed the North Dakota grains they use in brewing. Duff’s Honey, a Burleigh County apiary, displayed live bees and gave samples of honey. Menoken Farm demonstrated soil conservation. Wanner-Koper said that among their 120 attendees, some said they had never been on a farm before. “We brought a fresh attitude toward buying local from producers, farmer markets, and the food co-op,” WannerKoper said. The field project group partnered with Common Ground North Dakota, a group of women in agriculture. Common Ground North Dakota is part of the North Dakota Soybean Council. Through the event, the team raised $3,000 for North Dakota Soybean Council and $1,500 for Farm Rescue. For more information, go to http://commongroundnd.com/ event/farmland-to-fine-dining.

“To enhance the educational piece of the event, ag producers were an integral part of initiating conversations with attendees,” said Angil Wanner-Koper, a member of the field project team. “Local ag producers were strategically placed at the dinner tables to continue the conversations and share their personal stories of the challenges, technological advances, and history of their farm or ranch with attendees.”

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Sometimes, the best ideas are born out of failure. The final group from the Class of 2019 started working on a completely different field project before it failed within the first 24 hours.

Above: The theme of artwork on the north side of the tunnel will be energy, from prehistoric times to today. Below: The tunnel is located within the NDDOT right-of-way under State Street/U.S. Highway 83, between the Capitol grounds and the Myron Atkinson Park.

“If you’re going to fail, fail quickly and move on,” said project member Jenny Wollmuth. “We took it to heart. We failed quickly on our first project. When we moved onto this project, we knew it wouldn’t be completed by graduation. We talked about it early on and we agreed we were all committed.” The team quickly regrouped to begin work on Heritage Art Tunnel in Bismarck. This field project will add art to the tunnel located within the NDDOT right-of-way under State Street/U.S. Highway 83, between the Capitol grounds and the Myron Atkinson Park. Members of the field project team were Kim Ekart, Becky Haider, Tracey Miller, Heather Pitsiladis, and Jenny Wollmuth. The tunnel, near the North Dakota Heritage Center, connects the Capitol grounds to Myron Atkinson Park. Wollmuth used to live in the neighborhood. “Ten years ago when I lived there with my newborn baby, you couldn’t pay me to walk thru that tunnel on a nice afternoon walk. It wasn’t going to happen,” Wollmuth said. "I almost feel that’s a forgotten gem that we can polish up.” Wollmuth wasn’t the only person who found the tunnel “creepy.” When the group was documenting the tunnel with photographs, they found a mattress and evidence that someone had been living in the tunnel. The tunnel is located under State Street, which is within the NDDOT right-of-way under U.S. Highway 83. The property is managed by the North Dakota Capitol Grounds Planning Commission.

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“We found early on if we were working with the (North Dakota) Historical Society, specifically Director Claudia Berg, they were very collaborative,” Wollmuth said. “We had a champion.” The group also worked with Danielle Stuckle, who is the North Dakota Studies Outreach Coordinator. North Dakota Studies is a program for fourth-, eighth-, and 10th-grade curricula in the state. The imagery the in proposed mural correlates to the North Dakota Studies curricula. “I have a fourth-grader now, so we’re in the thick of it right now,” Wollmuth said. “We use that curriculum at home.” The proposed murals have been designed by Bismarck artist Melissa Gordon. The artwork for the north side of the tunnel has been approved by the Capitol Grounds Planning Commission. The theme is energy. It starts with very early geologic periods in forming North Dakota. Lake Agassiz and dinosaurs are depicted.


The dinosaurs become North Dakota’s fossil fuels — coal, oil, and natural gas. Native American-farmed corn is depicted, which become ethanol. The windmills of early pioneers become the wind farms of today. Connecting all of the images is the motif of a computer motherboard. The colors of the motherboard correspond to different chapters in the North Dakota Studies curricula. The south side of the tunnel is not yet approved, but it should be voted on at the planning commission’s April meeting. The south side will depict agriculture starting with prehistoric agriculture. It will incorporate North Dakota’s major commodities, including wheat, sunflowers, honey, and pulse crops. Once the south mural receives approval, the team will kick start fundraising.

Although a mural on the ceiling wasn’t initially planned, the team started consideration at the prompting of the Historical Society. The theme of the ceiling will be aviation, from pterodactyls to drones. Wollmuth said one of the biggest challenges they have encountered is having to obtain approval from a committee that only meets twice per year. On the other hand, Wollmuth said one of their biggest advantages was having a champion such as Berg and her team at the Heritage Center. “The big lesson learned is collaboration, understanding your partners, and knowing what they can help you with,” Wollmuth said. For more information, search “Heritage Art Tunnel” on Facebook.

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Sue Buchholz has been Shelter Director of Central Dakota Humane Society since its Mandan property was purchased in 1994.

Sue Buchholz CENTRAL DAKOTA HUMANE SOCIETY Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within your organization. A: I have held my position as Shelter Director since the current shelter property was purchased in 1994. I was hired as the sole full-time employee and we soon added one part-time employee. Since our area had no other animal sheltering services at that time besides the police impound, we became quite busy rather quickly as word spread that we were opening a shelter and adoption center for homeless cats and dogs.

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Q: Briefly tell us the history behind Central Dakota Humane Society. A: We truly started “from the ground up� and in the beginning, had more good intentions and determination than shelter/adoption experience or proper funding. We established immediate working relationships with several local veterinary clinics and they provided invaluable guidance and support, a blessing that stands true to this day. Our organization was founded in 1960 as the League for Animal Welfare and saw a couple name changes before we purchased our current land in 1994 and changed our name again to Central Dakota Humane Society to better reflect the area we most serve.

CONNECTION | MEMBER PROFILE Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Central Dakota Humane Society? A: As Bismarck-Mandan populations have grown, both adoptions and requests for all the services we provide have increased as well. Sadly, the number of animals being adopted still does not clear enough kennels to allow us to take in all the animals we are contacted about on a daily basis. It is a revolving door and we do our best to protect and serve the most vulnerable members in our community. Q: What trends are taking place in your industry? A: All animal welfare organizations, either national or local, are putting the focus on education, be it researching the right pet for your household, the importance of spaying and neutering, and committing to the life-long care of the animals we bring into our homes. These efforts are surely the key to ending the staggering numbers of cats and dogs that end up homeless in every community. Humans have caused this sad tragedy of pet overpopulation, and it really is the human population’s moral obligation to fix the problem. The good news is that more and more people and organizations share these beliefs, and right now the more resources to care for, house, transport, and rehome companion animals is good news for our animal friends. No rescue I know of is lacking residents. The opposite is true, we are all still fighting the battle of overwhelming numbers of animals in need and the need for more people and funds to help us. Q: Have there been any monumental changes within your industry that you’ve had to deal with? A: We do see more people choosing adoption over purchasing from a breeder, in particular, disreputable breeders – what are often called “puppy mills.” These are unscrupulous people who house dogs in unsanitary and inhumane conditions and continue to force out litter after litter with no concern for the mom or dad dog’s health or well-being. We also see many people valuing their pets more and considering them to be a part of their family. Of course, we love that idea as we do believe pets contribute greatly to our physical and mental wellbeing, and their presence can turn a bad day good from the moment you walk in the door. We’re proud to be a place with a great reputation, a longtime presence in our community, and be a wonderful location to visit and choose a lifelong pet.

Q: What does the future of Central Dakota Humane Society look like, and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: We are very excited to be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2020 and we are looking forward to another 60 years in our community. Of course, we wish that the demand for our services would diminish as there would no longer be stray, abandoned, abused, or injured pets. It’s doubtful that will happen, so we are looking forward with hopes of being able to do more. We would like to continue and expand our efforts with helping the community to understand the importance of spaying and neutering and be able to provide assistance so more pet owners would schedule those surgeries. We would also love to be able to improve the quality of life for our shelter pets during their time with us, and come up with ways to shorten the length of stay for some of our residents. Q: Central Dakota Humane Society became a member in 2013, why do you continue to renew each year? A: As a nonprofit, we understand the value of working together with community connections to help spread the word about our good work and how we can help in our community. It’s important that we get help from as many partners as possible so we can save more animals in need. Q: What should other Chamber EDC members know about Central Dakota Humane Society that may assist them? A: The support of our shelter has been overwhelming and heartwarming. We started on a prayer that we could pay our monthly expenses and mortgage payments, and for many years we barely scraped by. But as our visitors and supporters have learned, we are committed 100 percent to the animals in our care – and to helping the pets and people of our community. We are honest in our assessment and feedback about each individual animal and do our best to place them in their forever homes. We provide all medical care needed, even if it means bake sales and begging to provide the funds for specialized care. If an animal can be saved and rehabilitated, we do all we can to make that happen. We’re proud of our long-time presence in the community and encourage people to visit us at the shelter and support the animals in need through donating, volunteering, or just helping to spread the word about CDHS.

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COVID-19 RESOURCES FOR YOUR BUSINESS Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen COVID-19 spread to all parts of the country, including North Dakota. The Chamber EDC has monitored the development of COVID-19 in our region and want to ensure our business members have access to relevant resources and information in the weeks ahead.

Included below is a collection of resources for your business or organization. We will provide additional information and communication in the weeks to come. Thank you for your support of the Chamber EDC.


COVID-19 PREVENTION The Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) Guidance for Businesses & Employers: The CDC has created information sources that provides interim guidance which “may help prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, in the workplace https://bit.ly/2Qco0AW The Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) Risk & Assessment Guidance: Determine the risk level for your business https://bit.ly/2vuDHMO OSHA: COVID-19 Safety and Health Standards, Control & Prevention: An overview of information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus outbreak. Includes links to OSHA standards, control and prevention, by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19 BUSINESS SUPPORT North Dakota Department of Commerce COVID-19 Resources https://bit.ly/3ddblYe The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Guidance for Businesses & Employers: The SBA has consolidated information regarding the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, Guidance for Businesses & Employers, SBA Products & Resources, Government Contracting and Local Assistance in one place. https://bit.ly/3aT3DAA The SBA Disaster Assistance Loan: The SBA will also provide small businesses impacted by COVID-19 up to $2 million in Disaster Assistance Loans. https://bit.ly/3937Wbd Small Business Development Center Resources: Your ND Small Business Development Centers, ND Procurement Technical Assistance Center and VBOC of the Dakotas programs are focused on assisting with the continuity of operations of our small business clients across the state. https://ndsbdc.org/business_continuity.html HUMAN RESOURCES + OPERATIONS The US Chamber’s Guidance for Employers: The US Chamber has developed a two-page document which outlines steps for businesses to plan and respond to COVID-19. https://uscham.com/2w73Z7U The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Information on COVID-19: SHRM has posted an article about how businesses can utilize their health, wellness and leave benefits in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. https://bit.ly/2IK17Rg Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions & Answers As provided under the legislation, the U.S. Department of Labor will be issuing implementing regulations. Additionally, as warranted, the Department will continue to provide compliance assistance to employers and employees on their responsibilities and rights under the FFCRA. https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-questions

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During the last week in February the Chamber EDC hosted its premier workforce development program with the annual Job Shadow Week. Job Shadow Week provides students from around the area to participate in 2 or 4-hour job shadows in a variety of occupations. This year approximately 280 students participated with 58 different employers that provided 110 positions to shadow. This year’s job shadow week saw student participation increase for the fourth consecutive year and also saw participation from outside the Bismarck-Mandan area increase. The 50 students from outside Bismarck-Mandan included students from other Burleigh and Morton county schools and came from as far away as Velva High School.


Occupations available for students included optometry, photography, engineering, aviation, skilled trades, nursing, accounting, marketing, and many more. Last year the students asked for occupations in photography and physical therapy, and those were able to be added to the shadow opportunities for 2020.

This year’s Job Shadow Week marked the fifth year in a row this program has been providing these opportunities to students and businesses. The program allows students the opportunity to truly experience a career they may be interested in. The goal of the program is to get or keep students interested in a career that may lead into an internship or further training and eventual employment in the field. The Chamber EDC staff would like to thank all of the businesses that participated in Job Shadow Week! Staff received good feedback about the variety of occupations, and without the business community’s participation we would not be able to continue a successful and growing program.

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Every 10 years, the United States Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency, conducts the Constitutionally-mandated count of every man, woman and child in the United States and five U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands). In short, each home received an invitation to respond to a short questionnaire—online, by phone, or by mail—in midMarch so that we can get an accurate count of the country’s population. Those questionnaires start a year-long process that will unfold like this:

Let’s show the world what we can do together. Day by day. Project by project. Together we’re engineering clean water and preserving the world’s most valuable resource.

• March 30 - April 1, 2020: The Census Bureau will count people who are experiencing homelessness over these three days. As part of this process, the Census Bureau counts people in shelters, at soup kitchens and mobile food vans, on the streets, and at non-sheltered, outdoor locations such as tent encampments. • April 2020: Census takers will begin visiting college students who live on campus, people living in senior centers, and others who live among large groups of people. Census takers will also begin following up with households that have not yet responded in areas that include off-campus housing, where residents are not counted in groups. • May – July 2020: Census takers will begin visiting homes that haven't responded to the 2020 Census to help make sure everyone is counted. • March 31, 2021: By this date, the Census Bureau will send redistricting counts to states. This information is used to redraw legislative districts based on population changes. While the census is useful to government officials, it's critical to business owners as well. That’s because the census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners and many more use to provide daily services, products and support for you and your community. Moreover, every year billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads and other resources based on this census data. There is a local Census Office here in Bismarck-Mandan and should you have any questions, make sure to visit their website at https://2020census.gov/en.html.

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LEMONADE DAY 2020 REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Lemonade Day BismarckMandan is around the corner on June 20th, and it’s time to register area youth for this entrepreneurial experience.

Once registered, each participant will get a confirmation email that they are registered and with next steps and tips to ensure the success of each young entrepreneur!

With the help of responsible Parents, Mentors, or teachers, area kiddos are encouraged to register online at https://lemonadeday. org/bismarck-mandan. Or, register in person at one of our cool pickup locations, and grab the youth business kit to begin learning how to create, own, and operate their own business!

Many sweet thanks to the following:

If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, please contact Christine Nelson at cnelson@bmcedc.com or call the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660.

Pickup Locations: • Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library • Family Wellness in Mandan • Gateway to Science • Morton Mandan Public Library • Missouri Valley Family YMCA

Lime-Light Sponsor: Fresh Squeeze Sponsors: Lemon Head: American Bank Center, Bartlett & West, Bismarck Title Co., Carden Custom Framing, Doosan/ Bobcat, First Western Bank & Trust, Gary Tharaldson School of Business-University of Mary, Grand Junction Grilled Subs, Mr. Squeegee Window Cleaning, Scheels, Terry’s Health Products

facebook.com/lemonadedaybismarckmandan @bismanlemonadeday

Main Squeeze:



Confidence PROUD TO SERVE NORTH DAKOTA’S CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR OVER 20 YEARS, including government, schools, health care, finance, business, agriculture, and manufacturing.



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The 2020 Chamber EDC Workforce Summit presented by Health Partners, will provide our region the opportunity to access resources and be included in a discussion of workforce issues and solutions with industry leaders.

The economic strength of Bob Randall, CEO of Bismarck-Mandan, and North Transcend Engagement Dakota, is unquestionably connected to the education and skills of our community. A diversely skilled and educated workforce further enables our region’s ability to be economically competitive on a local, national and global level. Employers, educators and professionals are encouraged to attend the 2020 Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Workforce Summit on Tuesday, April 28 at the Radisson Hotel. In addition to learning from the event keynotes, the 2020 Workforce Summit will feature an expanded selection of workshops to provide attendees with insight into various workforce opportunities and best practices. Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsors:

Table Sponsors: Capital Credit Union, EMC Insurance, MDU Resource Group

REGISTER ONLINE AT BISMARCKMANDAN.COM OPENING KEYNOTE: “Meeting the Needs of Gen Z in the Workplace” • Bob Randall — CEO, Transcend Engagement Randall has a passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations thrive and will provide his insight on engaging and recruiting the next generation of talent. With one foot in research as a Doctorate in Organization Development and one foot in practice as a leader with experience in diverse corporate settings, Randall brings a thoughtful and practical approach to recruiting and employee engagement. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS * From the Annual Review to a Culture of Coaching • Raquel Nachatilo — PHR, SHHRM-CP, Human Resources Director, Missouri Valley Family YMCA Internship 101 - From Implementation to Connecting with Candidates • Dr. Karel Sovak — Associate Professor of Business, University of Mary Using Technology to Encourage Engagement – Employee Engagement Software • Bob Randall — CEO, Transcend Engagement Learning from Tomorrow’s Workforce – Career Readiness & Perspective Panel Discussion • An interactive panel discussion with area high school students * Additional workshops to be announced

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CHAMBER EDC TO HONOR LOCAL TEACHERS Chamber EDC’s Excellence in Business and Education Committee has officially closed its window for nominations and letters of support for the 2020 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award! Five winners of the Crystal Apple will be selected by the Excellence in Business and Education Committee and are awarded at the special surprise events. Those five awards go to a primary educator in both Bismarck and Mandan, a secondary educator in both Bismarck and Mandan, and an individual from Award a higher education institution. Sponsor: This year we would like to recognize the following nominees: HIGHER EDUCATION Carmel Miller - Bismarck State College Dawn Hagerott - Bismarck State College William Fleck - United Tribes Technical College PRIMARY EDUCATION Amy Steiner - Centennial Elementary Lyndsey Hoffer - Centennial Elementary Jaydin Underwood - Fort Lincoln Elementary Renae Laframboise - Fort Lincoln Elementary Amanda Bettger - Rita Murphy Elementary Christopher Klemisch - Roosevelt Elementary-Bismarck Jennifer Rueter - Roosevelt Elementary-Mandan Heather Sanderson - Solheim Elementary Kaara Kleinjan - Solheim Elementary Amanda Williams - Solheim Elementary Emily Lee - Shiloh Christian School Marnie Speidel - Shiloh Christian School Ian Grande - Shiloh Christian School Siri Coleman - Shiloh Christian School Kim Garrison - Shiloh Christian School

OUTSTANDING Teacher of the Year

SECONDARY EDUCATION Karri Landeis - Century High School Donna Knutson - Century High School Robb Graff - Legacy High School Amy Dahl - Legacy High School Tasha Martin - Legacy High School Courtney Kessler - Huck-Legacy High School Alicia Marsh - Legacy High School Ryne Jungling - Mandan High School Stephanie Bouche - Mandan High School John Gieser - Mandan High School Travis Coyle - Mandan High School Lucia Shelley - Maluy-Mandan High School Dewitt Mack - Mandan High School Ruth Sotherland - Mandan High School Keri Hess - Mandan High School Tanya Walther - Mandan Middle School Sarah Fox - Mandan Middle School Ashley Brown - Mandan Middle School Vanessa Eback - Mandan Middle School Jennifer Barnhart - Mandan Middle School Karlee Laframboise - Mandan Middle School Rebecca Warren - Mandan Middle School Sheila Quick - Mandan Middle School Kylie Cline - Mandan Middle School Van Bardell - Mandan Middle School Charlene Nemec - Shiloh Christian School Mark Kunze - Shiloh Christian School

The Bismarck Cancer Center provides world-class radiation therapy services to individuals with cancer. Exceptional cancer treatment and caring support for your body, mind and spirit.


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bismarckcancercenter.com 701-222-6100|500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501


REGISTER "FORE" THE CHAMBER EDC GOLF SCRAMBLE The Chamber EDC Golf Scramble presented by Eide Ford Lincoln is scheduled for Monday, June 15th at Hawktree Golf Club. There is a limited number of spots available, so don't wait to get you and your team registered for a fun day on the green! Individual player fee is $175 and includes: golf fee, golf cart, driving range, lunch and dinner and an opportunity to win great door prizes from our sponsors! Registration starts at 10:30am and a shotgun start at 11:30am. There will be plenty of prizes, contests, food and refreshments. So mark your calendars and start putting your team of FORE together! Please contact Joan at 701-223-5660 or email jtrygg@bmcedc.com to register you or your team. Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsors: Drink Cart Sponsor: RJR Maintenance & Management Hole Sponsors: Baymont Inn & Suites, BEK Communications, Bismarck Cancer Center, BNC National Bank, Consolidated Construction Company, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, Eide Bailly, Eide Ford Lincoln, First Western Bank & Trust, Knife River Corporation, Lewis and Clark Development Group, Petro-Hunt, Probitas Promotions, Radission Hotel, Scheels, Silver Ranch Development, an Investcore Company Tee Prize Sponsor: Amy Hullet - Century 21 Morrison Golf Cart Sponsor: Silver Ranch Development, an Investcore Company


Without YOU, wishes aren’t possible. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we recognize our more than 150 volunteers for the time, care and dedication that has allowed us to grant more than 950 wishes since 1985. northdakota.wish.org

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LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN: MEDIA DAY AND FAITH, VALUES, & ETHICS MEDIA DAY The Leadership class met downtown in order to experience multiple media sites on Media Day. The class went on tours of KFYR, Dakota Media Access, and Mojo Radio all within a twoblock radius. A news director panel brought together TV, radio, and print including Tia Streeter, KX News, and Dave Thompson, Prairie Public Radio. Donnell Presky and Maxine Herr presented on crisis communications and media relations. Presky is from North Dakota Association of Counties and Herr is from Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

The Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class toured KFYR studios on Feb. 19 as part of a downtown media tour.

FAITH, VALUES, & ETHICS Faith, Values, & Ethics has been dubbed FaVE Day, and it is a favorite day for some among the class. FaVE Day was hosted at the Salvation Army in Bismarck. Dr. Karel Sovak, University of Mary, kicked off the day with a talk on the concept of “Virtuous Business Capitalism.” The class participated in an exercise to examine their core values that guide them as emerging leaders. The Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class spoke with an ethics panel of business and community leaders during Faith, Values, & Ethics Day. The panel examined ethical decisions faced by various professions including law enforcement, non-profits, and education. Thank you to the panelists Maj. Jim Hulm, Burleigh County Sheriff's Department; Raquel Nachatilo, Missouri Valley Family YMCA; and Mark Andresen, High School Principal at Mandan Public School District.

OUR MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsor: Program Sponsors: Meida Day co-chairs: Trish Helgeson – Agency MABU Tammy Langerud – MDU Resources Group Faith, Values & Ethics co-chairs: Teresa Grothe – Aetna, a CVS Company Rev. Gary Heaton – Sanford Health Robin Thorstenson – Starion Bank Jessica Wetsch – Aetna, a CVS Company Lunch Sponsors: Agency MABU (Media Day) Starion Bank (Faith, Values & Ethics Day)

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BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE A Touchstone Energy Cooperative ®


CELEBRATE A BISMARCK-MANDAN BUSINESS This September, the Chamber EDC and it’s Excellence in Business and Education will honor local celebrities and business at the 16th annual Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan Award Ceremony. From now until May 29th, we will be accepting nominations for the following awards: GRANITE AWARD This award is presented annually to a company that has been in business for at least 50 years, has been a Chamber EDC member for the last five years, and has shown a commitment to the community. NEW ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR Any individual who serves as a majority owner and operates or bears principal responsibility for operating a small business with a 3-year record of accomplishment and not more than 10 years.

SMALL BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR Any individual who owns and operates or who bears principal responsibility for operating a small business. Partners who jointly own and operate a small business can be nominated as a “team,” so long as the number of individuals in the team nomination does not exceed four. MIKE FINK AWARD FOR STEADY GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY This award honors small businesses that have been in business for at least 5 years, have shown revenue growth over the last three years by at least 20 percent, and are currently members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber. Deadline for nominations is end of day, Friday May 29th. You may nominate a qualifying business by going to the Chamber website at https://www.bismarckmandan.com/ committees, or by contacting Christine Nelson at 701-2235660 or cnelson@bmcedc.com. The 2020 Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan will be held on Tuesday, September 22.

The bank we count on. There is a lot to consider when choosing a financial institution - such as convenience, technology, products and community involvement. We chose our bank for all these reasons. But more than anything, we wanted a bank with familiar, friendly people that we knew we could count on any time of the day. First Western Bank & Trust is all these things and so much more. firstwestern.bank Member FDIC

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Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Location: Radisson Hotel 605 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM Admission: $30.00 for Chamber EDC Members $45.00 for General Admission Presenting Sponsor: The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC presents the 2020 Workforce Summit. This event will provide our region the opportunity to access resources regarding workforce trends, current issues in the workplace and methods to integrate workforce programs.

Workforce development, recruitment and retention are undoubtedly some of the biggest obstacles businesses in our community tackle each day. Employers, educators and professionals are encouraged to attend the 2020 Workforce Summit on Tuesday, April 28th at the Radisson Hotel. In addition to relevant keynote speakers and panel discussions, the 2020 Workforce Summit will feature workshops to provide attendees with insight into the various opportunities and challenges of workforce development. To learn more or to register, please contact Joan at jtrygg@ bmcedc.com or by calling 701-223-5660. Register online at www.bismarckmandan.com.

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Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 Location: Baymont Inn & Suites 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM Admission: $35.00 for Chamber EDC Members $45.00 for General Admission The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Economic Development Event will be held on May 5th from 11:00am - 1:00pm at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Mandan. This event is the premier economic development event for the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC and will feature an industry panel with local businesses that have recently experienced expansions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the importance and impact of economic development on our community. Register online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/ calendar or by calling 701-223-5660.



Date: Thursday May 14, 2020 Location: Baymont Inn & Suites 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan Time: 9:00AM - 2:30PM Admission: Free to Attend Join us for the first two-part session on Leadership, facilitated by Dale Carnegie.

SESSION ONE: Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Leading 9:00am – 10:30am Learn what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s workplace. Understand how you will need to evolve from a top performer to an emerging leader. Apply proven human relations techniques that will motivate and empower your team. SESSION TWO: Leadership Training for Results: Unleash Talent in Others 1:00pm – 2:30pm Stop managing and start leading. Move your career forward by adopting the right attitudes and actions that make for great leaders. Get the foundational knowledge of how you can lead a team of engaged employees who are ready to succeed at every turn. Register at www.bismarckmandan.com. Contact Joan with questions at jtrygg@bmcedc.com or at 701-223-5660.


Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 9:00AM - 12:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Presenting Sponsor: Each year the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan class breaks into multiple groups to work on field projects addressing community needs. The class will be presenting their projects Wednesday, May 13 at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC. 9:00am - 9:45am — Bismarck Event Center South Entrance Revitalization Alongside partners in the Bismarck community, this field project team will work to revitalize the currently outdated monument sign at the A1 entrance of the Bismarck Event Center with a piece of public art and potentially bring sculptural or other aesthetic elements to the space around the sign. Team members are Spencer Henke, Will Hutchings, Brent Kleinjan, Natalie Pierce, Nathan Schultz, and Amanda Woidyla. 10:00am - 10:45am — Glow in the Dark Trails “Glowing Up” seeks to create a beautiful glow-in-the-dark neighborhood trail that enhances the active lifestyles of our community. This will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy activities with an illuminated path. Team members are Jill Castleberry, Nikki Ferderer, Sara Haugen, Brandi Jude, and Dustin Leingang. 11:00am - 11:45 am — Shift Bike Share System This team is developing a sustainable bike share system — branded as “Shift” — to provide residents, college students, and visitors with a healthy, affordable, and environmentally-friendly option for exploring Bismarck-Mandan. Team members are Jennifer Anderson, Dallon Bitz, Taylor Daniel, Ashley Kittleson, Julie Jeske, Sarah Rooney, and Benjamin Smith.

If you would like to attend any of these presentations, please RSVP to Cathryn Sprynczynatyk at 701-223-5660 or cathryn@bmcedc.com.

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Chamber edC



Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Location: Baymont Inn & Suites 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: $25.00 Presenting Sponsor:


Date: Monday, June 15, 2020 Location: Hawktree Golf Club 3400 Burnt Creek Loop, Bismarck Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Admission: $175 for Chamber EDC members Presenting Sponsor:

Join us Wednesday, May 20 at the Baymont Inn & Suites for the 31st class of leaders as they graduate from the Leadership Bismarck-Mandan program. You are invited to attend and celebrate the class of 2020. Registration and networking begin at 11:30am with lunch and program to follow.

Register you and your team FORE our Chamber EDC Golf Scramble on Monday, June 15th at Hawktree Golf Club. There is a limited number of spots available so don't wait to sign up. Individual player entry is $175 and includes: golf fee, golf cart, driving range, lunch and dinner, and an opportunity to win great door prizes from our sponsors!

Leadership Bismarck-Mandan, Class of 2020: Jennifer Anderson – KLJ Dallon Bitz – Security First Bank of North Dakota Jill Castleberry – Job Service North Dakota Taylor Daniel – Daniel Companies Nikki Ferderer – MDU Resources Group, Inc. Sara Haugen – Sanford Health Spencer Henke – NISC Will Hutchings – City of Bismarck Julie Jeske – American Bank Center Brandi Jude – Invisible Innocence Council Ashley Kittleson – Starion Bank Brent Kleinjan – United Tribes Technical College Dustin Leingang – High Point Networks Natalie Pierce – Morton County Sarah Rooney – Ameriprise Financial Nathan Schultz – HIT Inc. Benjamin Smith – Dakota Media Access Amanda Woidyla – Bank of North Dakota

Registration starts at 10:30am and shotgun start is promptly at 11:30am. There will be plenty o prizes, contests, food and refreshments. So mark your calendars and start putting your team of four together. Or sign up individually and we will assign you to a team.

The cost for attending is $25.00 per person and includes lunch. Table sponsorship is $275. Register online at www. bismarckmandan.com/events or by calling the Chamber EDC at 701-223-5660.

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Please contact Joan at 701-223-5660 or email jtrygg@ bmcedc.com to register yourself or your team.



Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck Time: 7:00AM - 11:30AM Admission: $40.00 for Chamber EDC members $50.00 for General Admission Presenting Sponsor:

Rescheduled from previous late March date, join us Tuesday, June 23rd at the Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center, join the Chamber EDC and Starion Bank for this informative morning. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear firsthand from experts and local professionals from various industries regarding challenges endured in 2019 and what we are looking forward to in 2020. The Economic Outlook Forum will feature an entrepreneur, technology, retail, and industry panel as well as a keynote speaker: Bernard Baumohl - Wall Street Journal ranked most accurate economic forecaster for 2018. To reserve a table for $425, please call Christine Nelson at the Chamber EDC, 701-223-5660 or email cnelson@ bmcedc.com. The cost to attend the event is $40.00 for Chamber EDC members and $50.00 for General Admission. Tickets for day of the event are $45 for Chamber EDC members and $55 for General Admission. You can register online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar

Looking to Expand Your Personal and Professional Network? Create

We proactively create environments and programs that allow for connections between one another and within the community.


We actively pursue partnerships with businesses, non-profits, service, professional development, media, cultural and entertainment organizations to help deliver opportunities that are already taking place within the community.

We believe in the Bismarck-Mandan community,

Community and we believe that it can be an attractive place for Young Professionals.

For more information on how to become a member or a partner, email info@ypnetwork.org Career Minded. Community Focused.

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AMERICAN BANK CENTER GIVES $1.75 MILLION TO LIGHT OF CHRIST CATHOLIC SCHOOLS One way American Bank Center supports local education is through its long-term partnership with Light of Christ Catholic Schools, which includes St. Mary’s Central High School. American Bank Center recently gave this school system $1.75 million. A portion of the funding was used to construct the American Business Education Center on St. Mary’s new campus in north Bismarck.

American Bank Center recently gave Light of Christ Catholic Schools $1.75 million.

“At American, we generously give of our resources to strengthen the communities we serve,” said Kevin Dykema, American Bank Center regional president. “We value young people and their future contributions to our communities and economies, and know this new facility will positively grow and shape the minds of students in the Bismarck-Mandan area for decades to come.” The American Business Education Center is a place where students are prepared for their future careers. A wide variety of business classes, such as Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Accounting, are offered there. The center serves many purposes as it features a traditional classroom-style lecture area, a mobile computer lab and a collaborative workspace. “Light of Christ Catholic Schools is grateful to American Bank Center for their commitment to our students, teachers and community,” said Gerald Vetter, Light of Christ Catholic Schools president. “This new center is educating our community’s future business leaders.” American Bank Center, its owners and board members have partnered with St. Mary’s Central High School for more than 30 years and are proud to have expanded that relationship with Light of Christ Catholic Schools.

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JLG ARCHITECTS’ YOUNG PROFESSIONALS PROGRAM FEATURED IN FORBES JLG Architects, one of Building Design+Construction’s 2019 U.S. Architecture Giants, developed a proprietary in-house mentorship and training program in 2009 specifically for the firm’s new graduates. Called JLGdna, or Developing New Architects, the program originally started out as a way to support the firm’s intern architects as they prepared for their licensure exams. Through monthly presentations, group study sessions, and financial reimbursement for passed tests, JLG employees became licensed after an average of 3.7 years, as compared to the national average of 6.5 years.

Over time, JLGdna grew beyond its initial purpose and is now as much for socialization and leadership training as it is for career growth. It is also important for the firm’s growth, as it has a 80% retention rate for employees who go through the program, and is used to recruit top college graduates. The program has several elements in addition to the monthly training and testing support, including a travel benefit for staff to work in-person across the firm’s 12 offices, monthly design pin-ups, peer mentorship, events, and volunteerism.

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UMARY LAUNCHES NEW MASTER’S IN ATHLETIC TRAINING DEGREE With jobs expected to grow 19 percent from now until 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) — much faster than the average for all occupations — the University of Mary is launching a new on-site master’s in Athletic Training program this coming fall 2020. This program, that takes only 20 months to complete, allows anyone with a prior bachelor’s degree in another discipline, and the science prerequisites, to enroll in this five-semester program to obtain the required 60 credits. “This new master’s offering in athletic training is perfect for someone who wants a career change and wants to do it in a relatively fast amount of time,” said Dr. Rachel Johnson Krug, chair of the Athletic Training and Kinesiology Department at the University of Mary and recipient of the 2015 Guardian Angel Award, given to citizens who assist the Sheriff’s Department in dangerous situations without regard for their safety. “If you have any bachelor’s degree and prior learning experience, we’ll assess it all and get that person on track to start in the fall.” UMary will be one of only a select few universities in the region to offer the master’s in Athletic Training. After the first year, during the summer students have an opportunity to travel internationally to Lima, Peru, for service learning and hands-on experiences. Students can also travel anywhere in the U.S. for their clinical experiences. This new program announcement comes as the profession officially enters into national Athletic Training Month during March. “There could be students who didn’t get into med school somewhere wanting to stay in the healthcare profession decide to try athletic training instead — their academic credentials would be perfect for that scenario,” added Johnson Krug. “If an applicant is missing prerequisites, those courses can be taken this summer through the University of Mary prior to our fall start-up. Just think, in less than two years anyone can have an exciting new career with good pay. There are just so many jobs available right now, and in a wide spectrum of athletic training job settings.” Students who’ve gone through University of Mary’s undergraduate AT program have had a pass rate on their boards of over 90 percent.

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KLJ PROJECTS WIN AWARDS KLJ is proud to announce that three projects have recently been recognized with award recognition. The Bismarck Municipal Airport Runway 13-31 Reconstruction was awarded “2020 Project of the Year” by the North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers (NDSPE) Chapter 3. The Bismarck-Mandan area serves as the regional hub for many industries including government, manufacturing, healthcare, retail trade, and oil and gas. With a 54 percent increase in enplanements over the last decade, Bismarck Airport also plays a vital economic role within the region. The recently completed primary Runway 13-31, was constructed in three separate phases over a three-year period to minimize impacts to airport users. The recent reconstruction of Sheyenne Street and the Interstate 94 Interchange has received the award for “Outstanding Engineering Design” by the Fargo-Moorhead Engineers Club and North Dakota Chapter 4 NDSPE. Sheyenne Street is one of West Fargo’s main arterial roadways that begins in downtown West Fargo, crosses I-94, and extends through the heart of West Fargo’s residential neighborhoods. KLJ’s design staff, right-ofway staff, and surveyors worked with existing landowners, proposed developers, the City of West Fargo, and North Dakota Department of Transportation to develop proposed acquisition lines, access management plans, and acquisition costs to help all parties visualize how the corridor would function adjacent to their property. Recently completed South Ellis Road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been recognized with a “2019 Concrete Paving Award of Excellence” from the South Dakota Chapter of the American Concrete Paving Association. Ellis Road facilitates transportation that impacts the communities of Tea, Ellis, and Hartford. According to a traffic count performed in 2018, Ellis Road had an average daily traffic rate of 8,000 vehicles prior to construction. Traffic modeling conducted upon project initiation projected forecasts of approximately 27,000 vehicles per day by 2045. KLJ performed all contracted services on an aggressive schedule despite the weather-associated challenges that impacted the project. Services included acquiring right-of-way and easements for more than 100 parcels, performing topographic survey, developing a design, and providing construction administration for road reconstruction – which included the installation of a new water main. KLJ would like to congratulate Bismarck Municipal Airport, the City of West Fargo, and T&R Contracting, on the success of each of their projects.


OSHA, NDSC SIGN ALLIANCE TO FURTHER WORKER SAFETY IN NORTH DAKOTA The North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) - Bismarck Area Office signed an alliance to enhance safety throughout various industry sectors in North Dakota, including the construction, general industry, grain, and oil and gas industries. This is an extension of the alliance recently signed between OSHA and the National Safety Council. The North Dakota alliance was signed Wednesday, Feb. 26 during the NDSC's Annual Safety and Health Conference. "The NDSC has had a strong working relationship with OSHA for several years," says Chuck Clairmont, NDSC executive director. "We share the same passion for worker safety, so it only makes sense to formalize a relationship that benefits both employers and employees across the state." In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 35 workplace fatalities in North Dakota. The NDSC is a private non-profit organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Because of the shared missions of the two agencies, Clairmont says this partnership allows them to complement each other's efforts to ensure the greatest impact in reducing workplace injuries and deaths.

Priorities will be placed on OSHA's emphasis programs, with special attention to falls in construction; grain handling facilities; oil and gas hazards; amputations in manufacturing; silica; automotive services; combustible dust; trenching and excavating; and workplace violence.

Chuck Clairmon and Scott Overson sign alliance to further worker safety in North Dakota.

In partnership, they will develop information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards, hazard identification techniques, and employee safety training for English and non-English speaking workers.

"Our ultimate goal is to keep people safe and families whole," says Clairmont. Through this alliance, OSHA and the NDSC will work together to promote the awareness of enforcement initiatives and safety campaigns, including an understanding of workers' rights and employer responsibilities.


Granite Award Golden Eagle Award New Entrepreneur Of The Year Small Business Person Of The Year Mike Fink Award For Steady Growth & Profitability

DEADLINE: MAY 29 • QUESTIONS: 701-223-5660

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2603 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222

304 E Front Ave, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-255-4400


Q: DO EMPLOYERS BENEFIT FROM A 401(K)? A: If you’re a business owner, it may be

several deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19, a disease caused by a novel member of the coronavirus family. While this situation unfolds, safety is the highest priority. Sanford OccMed is taking a proactive approach. Working with our emergency management team and local, state and federal health officials, our response plan includes: 1. Screening every patient for travel overseas. 2. Providing education for providers and leaders on clinical procedures, lab testing and masking guidelines. 3. Enforcing existing return-to-work policies. All employees should be encouraged to keep themselves and others safe by staying home if they are sick. Ill employees should not return to work until they are well. It’s also important for employees to practice good respiratory and hand hygiene. Everyone at work should be careful to cover their coughs and wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use alcohol rub sanitizer.

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hard to justify the expense of offering a 401(k) to your employees. There are expenses to set up and manage the Plan. Employees may expect you to offer a match. You already offer other benefits like insurance, vacation time and free goodies in the breakroom. Oh, and you happen to pay your employees too. All these things cost money, so why would you offer another benefit? Here are a few reasons: 1. Retaining Employees Many businesses are offering retirement plans. If you do not, you risk losing your employees to someone else. Also, it will likely cost you much more to lose an employee than have a 401(k) plan with hiring and training time and costs. 2. Tax Deductions Did you know that those matching dollars are tax deductible to the employer? 3. Better Retirement Planning Option for You Maybe your plan for retirement is to sell your business. Like investing, it is best to diversify. When you offer a 401(k) plan to your employees you also created another retirement option for yourself.


1661 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400

Q: THINGS TO DO IF YOUR PHONE IS LOST! A: In today’s world a lost phone feels like

the end of the world, but it can also be a huge security risk if you have private or company data on it. Good news! There steps that can be taken to help protect yourself. First, ensure it’s really lost and not just misplaced. If you have a modern smart phone, log into the find my iPhone or Android device manager and check the GPS to see if its near you. If it is, you can set it to send a constant tone which is easier than calling it a bunch of times. If it is not near you or is off the next step would be to lock the phone from that same find my iPhone or Android device manager site. Once the phone is locked you can place a lock-screen message to let whoever has the phone know that you are looking for it and some contact information which may lead to you getting your phone back. Just to be safe, change your passwords on any accounts that may have been logged into on that device. You can also contact your IT provider to have them assist in wiping work email from the phone or do a full phone wipe from the device management website mentioned earlier. Once you reach that stage you will want to contact your phone provider and let them know the phone is missing. They can disable the sim card or send a new one and help prevent your phone number from being used by someone else. As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here at NRG!




Bismarck • Mandan, ND 58504 701-595-3111

500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100


Q: HOW MUCH DOES SOLAR COST? A: The price of solar energy is based on

ones individual need for power and variables that can include where and how the system will be installed. As the prices of solar technology has come down drastically over the past few years, we have been able to achieve the goal of being less expensive than fossil fuel energy. Installing a solar system results in lower costs and most importantly a hedge against rising utility rates. Dakota Solar Energy provides a 25 year performance guarantee and a warranty to match. Loan products are also a laudable to those who qualify resulting in the purchase of solar equipment with zero out of pocket. Countless examples could be provided and here is one for your review: a client reached out to us in October. He had built a home west of Bismarck and received a quote of $52,000 to bring in the power line from the road. At which point he would have been subject to a minimum electric charge each month and the unpredictable cost of electricity. Dakota Solar Energy installed a solar and battery system for our client at a cost of less than $30,000. Our client has been using the solar system to power his life successfully and most importantly, he received a receipt for his power needs and will never pay a power bill. Dakota Solar Energy provides North Dakota with the cleanest, most reliable and most cost effective source of power available. Reach us anytime for a free energy evaluation. 701-595-3111



1929 N Washington St, Ste GG, Bismarck, ND 58501


Q: WHAT IS THE ICAN BIKE Q: I RECENTLY HAD A COLONOSPROGRAM AND WHO CAN COPY AND WAS TOLD I HAVE PARTICIPATE? POLYPS. DOES THIS MEAN THAT A: The Anne Carlsen Center will be I’M GOING TO GET COLORECTAL hosting iCan Shine iCan Bike program CANCER? June 22-26, 2020 in Dickinson, ND. The A: The vast majority of polyps are NOT camp teaches individuals with disabilities cancerous or even pre-cancerous. The precancerous polyp which can turn into a cancer is called an adenoma and usually the larger the size of a polyp, the greater the chance that there may be cancer or pre-cancerous cells. Since it’s hard to determine the exact nature of a polyp, polyps found during colonoscopies are removed and sent to the lab for analysis. Very large adenomas and cancers are removed with surgery. If the cancer is found in the early stages, surgery can cure the disease. Advanced colorectal cancers may be treated in a variety of ways, depending on their location. Treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. In the early stages of colorectal cancer, symptoms may be minimal, or not present at all. Some changes that may be considered colon cancer signs include: change in frequency of bowel movements, constipation, loose stools, blood in stools, or abdominal pain. People with an average risk of colon cancer should consider screening at age 45, but people with an increased risk should consider early screening.

to ride a bike and become independent riders. iCan Bike uses a fleet of adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to teach individuals with disabilities how to ride a bike. Riders attend the same 75 minute session each day for five days whereby they are physically assisted and encouraged by two volunteer spotters. In 2019, by end of camp, over 85% of the riders learned to ride a bike. Riders need to be eight years of age or older and be able to walk without assistive devices and sidestep from side to side. Camp opportunities are also available in Fargo, ND July 13 – 17, 2020. For sponsorship opportunities, to learn more about how to participate or to volunteer, contact Sandra Sanford, Anne Carlsen Associate Development Director - Western North Dakota at sandra.sanford@annecenter.org or call 701-641-6913.

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MEMBER PERKS | CONNECTION SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES NURSE PRACTITIONER Amy Keller, FNP-C, orthopedics, has joined the Sanford Seventh & Thayer Clinic in Bismarck. Amy Keller, FNP-C As an orthopedics nurse practitioner, she specializes in orthopedic injuries, fractures and arthritis. She also specializes in multiple orthopedic conditions. Keller graduated from the University of Jamestown and received her Master’s degree from South Dakota State University in Brookings, S.D. MISSOURI VALLEY FAMILY ANNOUNCES NEW BOARD MEMBERS The Missouri Valley Family YMCA announces the appointment of four new members on its Board of Directors, and three new members on its Board of Trustees, effective January, 2020. Joining the Board of Directors are Tyler Halm, Zac Smith, Stacey Thomas and Wendy Van Duyne. Joining the Board of Trustees are Wally Goulet, Dr. Michael LeBeau and Amber Smith-Heinert. CAPITAL CREDIT UNION PROMOTES UNRUH Jenny Unruh was recently promoted to financial services representative at Capital Credit Union’s South Jenny Unruh Branch. In this role, she will be responsible for consumer lending including auto, RV and home equity loans, delivery of deposit products such as money market accounts and certificates of deposit, and actively soliciting, promoting, and servicing credit union products and services. Unruh graduated from the University of Mary in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. She also earned a Master of Science in Nutrition & Human Performance from Logan University in 2019. Unruh has been with Capital Credit Union since May 2015, most recently as a teller at the South Branch.

GATEWAY TO SCIENCE STAFF ATTEND TRAINING Engineering Engagement Kits (EEK!) consist of eight handson activities meant to Courtney Stolz educate current and future engineering students about skills and careers through many community outreach efforts. Education Director Courtney Stoltz traveled to Ann Arbor MI for training on the EEK! activities and to learn Janet Rosario about the research that inspired the kit. The activities will be a part of the Spring STEM Spectacular. STEM Outreach Director Janet Rosario attended the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net) Sustainability Fellowship in Tempe AZ. The NISE Net Sustainability program provides professional development and support for staff who are interested in developing sustainability-related projects at their organizations. PETERSON JOINS HOUSTON ENGINEERING, INC. Jay Peterson has joined HEI’s Bismarck team as a full-time Senior Technician. Jay is a veteran of the water supply industry and will provide construction phase services for major water supply and infrastructure projects throughout western North Dakota. BISMARCK AERO CENTER WELCOMES MONTIETH Koltan Montieth joins BAC after spending the past few years working in oil field support Koltan Montieth positions. He brings a strong customer service foundation from his time as a Sales and Leasing Consultant at local car dealership in Mandan. Montieth took great pride in ensuring customers had a great experience and measured his success by repeat business and continued referrals. Along with his work at the FBO, Montieth serves our country in the North Dakota National Guard as a Blackhawk Helicopter Mechanic.

OPEN ROAD HONDA TECHNICIANS ATTEND TRAINING Open Road Honda Technicians Josh Orth and Trent Mattern recently completed a week long Josh Orth training course at the American Honda Motor Company training facility in Irving Texas. Josh Orth was awarded certification in “ATV Maintenance & Service”, “Advanced SxS Service”, and “Advanced Trent Mattern ATV Diagnosis”. Trent Mattern was awarded certification in “Advanced PGM-FI”, Advanced SxS Service”, and Advanced Carburation”. To achieve certification, the Technicians were challenged to demonstrate both their knowledge and their tactile skills. “Hands on” combined with an Individualized Skills Assessment insures that Honda technicians are able to keep abreast of technological changes and service procedures. EMC INSURANCE PROMOTES STECKLER AND KRUMM EMC Insurance Companies announced several promotions in its Bismarck branch. Tina Steckler has been promoted to commercial lines underwriter III. Steckler joined EMC in 1997, and after some time away, returned to the branch in 2007. She has more than 21 years of insurance experience, including 10 years working in agencies and 12 years in underwriting. Steckler has a property and casualty license in the state of North Dakota. Lydia Krumm has been promoted to accounting associate VII. Krumm joined EMC in 1998, and has almost 22 years of experience in insurance, serving in a variety of roles throughout her tenure in the branch. BERRY JOINS BIANCO REALTY Bianco Realty is excited to announce the newest REALTOR® to join their professional Real Estate Team: Cory Berry. Cory Berry Cory looks forward to helping clients with their Real Estate needs, achieving their dream of home ownership and providing a Tradition of Excellence!

Share your business news with the Chamber EDC. Email press releases to Rebecca at rrattei@bmcedc.com.

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CONNECTION | MEMBER PERKS STARION BANK HIRES IN BISMARCK AND MANDAN Starion Bank has added three to its team in Bismarck and Mandan. Micaela Higlin Micaela Higlin joined Starion as a cash management officer at the downtown Bismarck branch. In this position, Higlin works with commercial business clients to manage cash flow and find the right electronic banking Crista McCandless products and services to fit their needs. She earned a bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis in banking and financial economics from the University of North Dakota and has prior customer service and Jay Schepp banking experience. Crista McCandless is digital marketing specialist at Starion’s Bismarck South Washington location. Her duties include managing the bank’s website and marketing content on the mobile apps and online banking. She also works with digital advertising. McCandless earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mindanao State University and a Master in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos, and has more than eight years of digital marketing experience. Jay Schepp is the newest retail/ mortgage operations specialist in Mandan. He responsible for bank-wide processing, closing and post-closing of loans; producing compliance documentation; and analyzing credit documentation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance/management from Minot State University. Schepp comes to Starion with more than 25 years of insurance underwriting and customer service experience.

UMARY PROFESSOR RECEIVES NORTH DAKOTA’S HIGHEST NURSING HONOR The Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health and Billie Madler the Center for Rural Health located in Grand Forks, announced University of Mary’s Graduate Nursing Department Chair, Dr. Billie Madler, as the 2020 recipient of the Outstanding Rural Educator and Mentor Award. This award is presented to a professional who has made outstanding contributions to the education, development and placement of new health care professionals in rural North Dakota communities. Madler’s peers, leaders within North Dakota’s health care profession, and former students who’ve gone on to care for people in rural communities, nominated her for this distinguished award. Many of Madler’s students graduate from the University of Mary and continue their careers as nurse practitioners in underserved areas of North Dakota and other parts of America. DAKOTA WEST ARTS COUNCIL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR STEPS DOWN AFTER 10 YEARS The Dakota West Arts Council (DWAC) Board of Directors announces the resignation of Executive Director Eileen Walsh and the search to fill the position. Walsh’s resignation, effective March 12, 2020, is met with gratitude from the Board for her service in taking the nonprofit arts organization to new horizons in its mission to advance art and culture in Bismarck, Mandan, and beyond. In Walsh’s 10 years of service to the Dakota West Arts Council, she has made a lasting impact on the arts in the Capital City. Her work has contributed to the installations of public art pieces, including Art Alley 5.5 and BoxArt utility boxes. She has worked to elevate the importance of arts and humanities as an economic driving factor by collaborating with the national study Americans for the Arts, showing they contribute more than $43 million dollars in economic activity to Bismarck-Mandan. In the last year, Walsh worked to highlight arts and cultural events during the holiday season with the inaugural Capital City Christmas Celebration. The Board of Directors is happy to report Capital City Christmas will continue its efforts to financially support the arts moving forward. The Board thanks Walsh for her tireless work, vision and relationshipbuilding as she looks ahead to spending more time with her family.

EIDE BAILLY WELCOMES NEW MARKETING COORDINATOR Eide Bailly LLP is proud to welcome Cassidy Kraft, as their new Marketing Coordinator at Cassidy Kraft the Bismarck office. Kraft was formally a marketing coordinator at the Bismarck Tribune. She has a mass communication and marketing degree from the University of Mary. With her new role at Eide Bailly Kraft will serve as the primary support for the Firm’s marketing and business development efforts for the Bismarck office. She will also assists with marketing plan research, creation and execution, along with scheduling and coordinating meetings and events for their multiple industry and service offerings. SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES PSYCHIATRIST Annah Preszler, MD, psychiatry, has joined Sanford Health in Bismarck. Dr. Preszler Annah Preszler specializes in adult psychiatric services, such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders and psychosis. Dr. Preszler graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and completed her residency from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. FRANK JOINS MPO Dot Frank, former executive officer of the Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association, has joined the Mandan Progress Organization (MPO). Frank will succeed Del Wetsch as the executive director, a position he has maintained since the organization’s origination in 1993. The MPO is most notably known for the community events it hosts including Buggies-n-Blues, Mandan Rodeo Days and the Mandan Independence Day Parade, amongst others. In addition to community events, the MPO was created to serve as a forum for businesses and citizens to unite to help Mandan thrive. Frank will work alongside Wetsch this year to observe and assist with MPO’s existing events, while developing new benefits for business members to take advantage of. Also, on staff is Kristin Haug, who has been managing the MPO office since 2013.

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MEMBER PERKS | CONNECTION NAGEL PROMOTED TO VP FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS AT UMARY The University of Mary is pleased to announce that after a rigorous and thorough search process, Brenda Nagel Brenda Nagel has been chosen as the University of Mary Vice President for Public Affairs. Nagel has been serving as the university’s Director of Public Affairs for the past two and a half years, since August 2017. Before coming to the University of Mary, Nagel was the Senior Director of Operations at Aetna, and in her role of executive leadership, she reduced operating costs, raised service levels and was chosen as a Top 100 leader in an organization with nearly 50,000 employees. University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea praised Nagel’s experience in leadership, team-building and expertise in customer service. Jerome Richter, Executive Vice President, said Nagel’s professional networking will be a great asset in furthering and driving the university’s mission.

PETERSON AWARDED ND AVIATION MECHANIC OF THE YEAR Erik Peterson, Lead Maintenance Technician for Bismarck Aero Erik Peterson Center, has recently been awarded the ND Aviation Mechanic of the Year. The award was voted on by the ND Professional Aviation Mechanics Association (NDPAMA) and awarded to Peterson during the Hall of Fame Banquet at the annual Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium in Minot, ND. He is the 5th aviation maintenance technician for Bismarck Aero Center to win the award. Peterson is a former graduate of the University of North Dakota and has been a licensed A&P (airframe and powerplant) mechanic for 16 years. He has been with Bismarck Aero Center for the nine years where he earned his Inspector Authorization (IA) rating. In 2014, he was promoted to Lead Maintenance Technician and oversees maintenance technicians at the Bismarck Airport as well as the Mandan Airport. Along with this recognition, he has been named one of AMT Magazine’s top 40 under 40 in the United States.

SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES HOSPITALIST Renae Welhouse, NP, hospitalist, recently joined Sanford Health in Bismarck. As a hospitalist, Renae Welhouse she specializes in caring for hospitalized patients and does not see patients in the clinic setting. Welhouse graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and received her Master’s degree from Maryville University in St. Louis. BIANCO REALTY SALES AWARDS Bianco Realty has announced their top six "REALTORS® Of The Month" for February: Shirley Thomas, Amber Sandness, Nate Seifert, Judy Maslowski, Darcy Fettig and Phyllis Rittenbach. These six REALTORS® had the highest sales totals at Bianco Realty in February 2020.

APRIL LIVE GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD. Broadcast on Radio Access 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at www.freetv.org.

Thurs, 2nd

5:00 pm Bismarck Board of Adjustment

Mon, 6th

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission

Tues, 7th

5:30 pm Mandan City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission* 7:00 pm Mandan Board of Equalization

Wed, 8th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning Commission Mon, 13th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board*

Tues, 14th

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission

Thurs, 16th

5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board

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Mon, 20th

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board*

Tues, 21st 1:30 pm 5:30 pm Wed, 22nd 5:00 pm

Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board Mandan City Commission Bismarck Planning Commission

Mon, 27th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Planning Commission*

Tues, 28th

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at www.freetv.org. * Delayed Playback

CONNECTION | MEMBER PERKS Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber EDC volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To find out how you can get a free ribbon cutting from the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC, please call Ross at 701-223-5660.

WOMEN’S CARE CENTER Donna Miller, Becky Marion and Maria Grahl at their new location on 614 N. 4th Street in Bismarck. Phone: 701-751-4575.

PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT Paul Huettl and team celebrate becoming Chamber EDC members at their location 6031 E Main Ave. Suite 1 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-751-7515. Member.

EYES ON BISMARCK Dr. Brian Beattie, Dr. Mike Houle and staff at their new location on 1929 N Washington Street, Suite AA in Bismarck. Phone: 701-989-6098. Member.

CYSTIC FIBROSIS ASSOCIATION OF NORTH DAKOTA Gwen Beckler, executive director, Jeff Gross, board president, at their new office space located at 107 W Main Ave #150 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-222-3998. Member.

ITC BUSINESS CONSULTING Kevin Miiller, owner, of his new business in Bismarck-Mandan. Phone: 701-527-1315. Member.

WIDE EYED COFFEE Dr. Brian Beattie, Dr. Mike Houle and staff at their new business located at 1929 N Washington Street Suite AA in Bismarck. Phone: 701-989-6098. Member.

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RIBBON CUTTINGS | CONNECTION The Chamber EDC encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber EDC. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber EDC members, view the Member Directory online at www.bismarckmandan.com. Farmers Insurance - Christopher Fenster Agency 931 S Washington St. Bismarck, ND Christopher Fenster (701) 204-6334 As your local FarmersÂŽ agent on the corner of Expressway Ave and South Washington St in Bismarck, ND, I help customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs and budget.

Oxifresh Carpet Cleaning 3225 Montana drive Bismarck, ND Jordan Engel (701) 226-6969 Oxi Fresh is a revolutionary carpet cleaning company that is committed to being green. Our green carpet cleaning is safe for children and pets, leaves no sticky residue, and has a one-hour dry time!

Liberty Tax Service 931 S Washington Street Bismarck, ND Christopher Fenster (701) 222-1824 Fast, friendly and accurate tax preparation for all your tax filing needs.

2 Vets Moving Co. 811 South 18th Street Suite C Bismarck, ND Brady Wolf (701) 989-4577 Residential & commercial moving, Commercial delivery services. Pizza Ranch – Bismarck 1431 E LaSalle Dr. Bismarck, ND Keaton Sedivec (701) 751-2636 Pizza Ranch in Bismarck! Get ready for a legendary experience full of pizza, family and fun. We're serving up savory pizza, crispy chicken and crowd pleasing Cactus Bread every day. Great Plains Benefits Group - Employer Advisers 2021 E Main Ave. Bismarck, ND John Krueger (701) 226-0941 We provide solutions to your business and employee issues. Our areas of expertise are business & employee management, human resources, business planning and process management.

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When it comes to hiring full-time financial staff, the biggest hurdle is often your budget. By outsourcing your accounting instead, you can gain access to top-notch financial advisors for bookkeeping, high-level financial knowledge, payroll and more—without the burden of hiring. Let us handle the numbers, so you can focus on your passion.

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Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Connection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503




WORKFORCE SUMMIT Date: April 28, 2020 • Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm Location: Radisson Hotel – 605 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck IMPACT ED Date: May 5, 2020 • Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm Location: Baymont Inn & Suites – 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERIES Date: May 14, 2020 • Time: 9:00am - 2:30pm Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN FIELD PROJECT PRESENTATIONS Date: May 13, 2020 • Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN GRADUATION Date: May 20, 2020 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Baymont Inn & Suites – 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan

Chamber edC


Presented by:

The 2020 Workforce Summit will provide our region the opportunity to access resources and to be included in a discussion of workforce issues and solutions with industry leaders

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 Radisson Hotel • 8:00am - 12:00pm

CHAMBER EDC GOLF SCRAMBLE Date: June 15, 2020 • Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm Location: Hawktree Golf Club – 3400 Burnt Creek Loop, Bismarck

TICKETS: Chamber Discount - $30.00 General Admission - $45.00

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FORUM Date: June 23, 2020 • Time: 7:00am - 11:30am Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center – 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck



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