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Brian Eiseman .....................................................................Chair Val Weigel ..................................................................Vice Chair Kevin Strege .................................................................Secretary Mike Schmitz ..................................................................Treasurer Molly Herrington ....................................................... Past Chair


Steve Bakken ......................................................City of Bismarck Scott Davis .........................................................City of Mandan Brian Eiseman ...............................................Stoneshire Builders Heather Fried ....................State Farm - Fried Financial Services Molly Herrington .........................................................Individual Chris Jones ...................................ND Dept. of Human Services Karl Lembke ......................................................Vaaler Insurance Allan Miller ............................................................Anyleaks, Inc. Dr. Sara Weigel Ness ..............................Active Life Chiropractic Jim Peluso .........................................................Burleigh County Marnie Piehl ...........................................Bismarck State College Matt Sagaser ......................................................Doosan Bobcat Mike Schmitz ......................................Schmitz-Holmstrom CPAs Cody Schulz ........................................................Morton County Garret Senger ...............................Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Kevin Strege ................................................Capital Credit Union Wendy Van Duyne .....................Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Val Weigel ..............................Basin Electric Power Cooperative Lee Weisbeck ..........................................................Starion Bank


Brian Ritter ...................................................................President Aasta Eggert .......Economic Development Marketing Specialist Ross Frohlich ............................................Membership Director Mary Masters .......................................Office Support Specialist Christine Nelson .........................Program & Marketing Director Ryan Parsons ........................................................Vice President Rebecca Rattei ................................ Communications Specialist Elliot Rust ................................................Chief Financial Officer Jaime Sabot ....................Workforce Development Coordinator Lyndsey Scheurer .................................. Communications & ED Nathan Schneider ................................................Vice President Cathryn Sprynczynatyk ................... Communications Specialist Joan Trygg ...........................Membership Engagement Director 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-223-5660 • www.bismarckmandan.com

CONTACT INFORMATION Content Rebecca Rattei rrattei@bmcedc.com

Advertising Christine Nelson cnelson@bmcedc.com

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s you can tell from the cover, this month’s Connection is all about career opportunities in the trades. Whether that’s transportation, construction or anything else, we’re using this month’s edition of the Connection to spotlight the great career opportunities in what some refer to as the ‘blue collar’ fields. That’s important because for far too long we’ve not promoted career opportunities in those fields. Instead, we’ve predominantly told students that the only path to success is to get a four-year degree and while that may be true for some, it’s not true for everyone. Not all of the more than 2,000 open jobs in our community require a fouryear degree and we need to promote all post-secondary options. There are multiple paths to success and we need to promote them all. One of the ways which we seek to do that is through our Job Shadow Week, which will be held later this month. This is one week out of the year where we encourage high school and college students to participate in two or four-hour job shadow where they can learn more about what it’s like to be a lawyer, plumber or something else entirely. That experience can then help our students determine what’s next for them whether it be another job shadow, internship or something else entirely. That’s not the only event we have coming up either. On March 24 at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center, we’ll be hosting the 2020 Economic Outlook Forum. This is the one time a year we gather our members to hear area professionals offer their insights into what we can expect to see from our economy in the coming year AND hear the results of our Economic Outlook Survey where our members tell us what they’re expecting. And last but not least, I want to thank everyone who was able to attend our Annual Dinner last month. This is our signature event and this year’s keynote speaker, Sam Adams co-founder Rhonda Kallman, delivered an incredible message. I want to extend a very sincere thank you to all our attendees, sponsors and staff for making it happen. As a membership organization, events like this aren’t possible without everyone’s help. This is my first ‘Chairs Corner’ as the new Chair of the Chamber EDC and as you can see, we’ve got a lot happening. Throughout the course of the year, keep reading the Connection to learn more about what your membership goes to support and how it impacts YOU.

Brian Eiseman Chair, Board of Directors

twitter.com/bismancedc facebook.com/bismancedc @bismancedc Cover Photo Credit: Bismarck Public Schools

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CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN SKILLED TRADES: BISMARCK CAREER ACADEMY IS TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Dale Hoerauf knows his students are in-demand. “It’s rare a day goes by when we don’t get contacted from one of our industry partners: ‘Dale, please let the students know about the needs for construction workers. Please let students know about the need for welders,’” said Hoerauf, Director of Career and Technical Education for Bismarck Public Schools. The Bismarck Career Academy offers classes to students 9-12 grade in agriculture, automotive, carpentry, aviation, engineering, electronics, health sciences, IT, and welding. The career academy is partnered with the Bismarck Technical Center, and both buildings are housed on the Bismarck State College campus. Bismarck Career Academy opened in 2010 with 800 students. Nearly 10 years later, the school serves 1,300 students from all of Bismarck’s high schools.

Greg Zenker is Commercial HVAC Manager for Northern Plains Heating and Air. Zenker has been in the industry since 1990, and he has seen the volume of skilled trade workers decrease rapidly over 30 years. “There was a paradigm shift that you have to go to college, you have to do this,” Zenker said. “Mike Rowe says it best on the (Discovery Channel show) ‘Dirty Jobs’ — you can make a really good living working in skilled trades.” As a nation, there has been a push for decades to get students to pursue 4-year degrees. That has resulted in a workforce crunch for the skilled trade industries. “For some reason in this country, we think that if you have a 4-year degree you’re smart,” Hoerauf said. “How can you say that someone who can build (a home) isn’t smart?” Zenker said the work is hard.

Photo Credit: Bismarck Public Schools

The Bismarck Career Academy offers classes to students 9-12 grade in agriculture, automotive, carpentry, aviation, engineering, electronics, health sciences, IT, and welding.

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CONNECTION | FEATURE “It’s not a glamorous job. It’s not a doctor or lawyer that has 8-5 office hours,” Zenker said. “You’re working in conditions that are today 17 degrees and next week will be zero, and in the summer time it’s 100 degrees and 90 percent humidity.” But there is money to be made. “We need more people who are willing to work and do manual labor with their hands,” said Steve Schaefbauer, Service Manager at Eide Chrysler. Bismarck Career Academy gives students a chance to try out skilled trades before they make decisions about higher education.

Bismarck Career Academy gives students a chance to try out skilled trades, including experience in becoming a certified nursing assistant, before they make decisions about higher education.

For students who want to work and do manual labor with their hands, Hoerauf said the career academy gives them “hope for the future.” Hoerauf said he has seen elementary students touring the career academy who are not attracted to a 4-year degree. They tour the career academy, and the school counselors tell Hoerauf the students are “transformed.”

“(Bismarck Career Academy) allows students to explore career pathways,” Hoerauf said. “How will you know what you want to do in college if you don’t try it? It’s exploration and then occupation.” Although the Career Academy is designed for high school, exposure starts much younger. Bismarck Career Academy has partnerships with BPS elementary schools in order to expose students to many career pathways at young ages. Every eighth grader in Bismarck Public Schools tours the Bismarck Career Academy in preparation for high school. In particular, girls are exposed to Bismarck Career Academy through the Girls in STEM program. 80 female eighth-grade students from Bismarck’s three public middle schools go to the career academy five or six times per year to explore electronics, welding, automotive technology, and engineering. When Bismarck students enter high school, they can begin taking classes at the career academy. In ninth-grade, the classes are exploratory. “One of the best things we do is ‘try before you buy,’” Hoerauf said. “If you are a high school student who thought you liked welding, but you try it and you don’t like it, that’s okay. You don’t have to start paying tuition and then go back and tell mom and dad you don’t want to do that.”

Starting in 10th- and 11th-grades, the career academy offers two-year programs. In the carpentry program, students get to build a house in partnership with Triton Homes. This year, students are building a home at Silver Ranch subdivision. The students have been installing walls, flooring, windows, and sheetrock. “Construction isn’t always about accolades,” Zenker said. “You don’t always have a certificate hanging on the wall. At the end of the day, it’s about driving around the city and seeing the completed buildings that you help build, those are your trophies.” By the time career academy students are in their senior year, they can participate in capstone courses specially designed for them. For example, if a senior has taken all of the automotive classes offered at Bismarck Career Academy, he or she could start working on a mechanic certification. For an aviation capstone, the student may spend his or her time at the airport. If a student has already become a Certified Nursing Assistant, he or she could begin working at Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center as part of a capstone course. “If we’re able to give them everything that we have to offer, why spend that time in our building,” Hoerauf said. “Why not go out and start interning and working in that field?”

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Photo Credit: Bismarck Public Schools

Bismarck Career Academy gives students a chance to try out skilled trades before they make decisions about higher education.

Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center has a special relationship with Bismarck Career Academy by participating on the industry advisory board for the health sciences program. Each program at the career academy has an advisory board composed of industry representatives. Hoerauf said the industry representatives advise on curricula, help with equipment needs, and offer insight into industry trends. Reier Thompson is the President and CEO of Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center. Just like many other healthcare facilities in North Dakota, Missouri Slope is dealing with a shortage of skilled workers. “We have been hiring since way before I ever started,” Thompson said. “We’re never really at the point where we are not hiring.” For Thompson, volunteering on the career academy’s health sciences advisory board is a valuable connection to the next generation of workforce. “We need this teaching concept where we’re bringing the nursing students here. We don’t just want them to be here for two weeks doing their rotation. We want them to be on our campus,” Thompson said.

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“If some stay at Missouri Slope, that’s great for us, but if they at least go into long term care, that’s great for our industry locally.” Hoerauf said they have high school students who have already passed their CNA exams and can begin working as a CNA right now. That’s one of the advantages of pursuing a skilled trade according to Hoerauf. After high school, students can pursue a 2-year degree, license, or certificate. “You can go to two years of tech school. You have a lot less student loans, but you make as much in the long run,” said Ryan Else, Service Manager at Eide Ford Lincoln. Students have less student debt than a 4-year degree, and they can start making money in the workforce sooner. “There is all kinds of money to be made,” Hoerauf said. “We have students who are 17-years-old who are out as welders right now. That’s what they want to do. They’re making really good money. In some cases they’re making more than the teachers are making.”


For the

kids Sanford Health Foundation Great American Bike Race

Saturday, April 25 Legacy High School All funds raised support children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other related childhood onset conditions permanently affecting development.

2020 GABR Stars Lily Ford

Seth Emineth Seth Emineth has faced a lot in his short life, including 24 surgical procedures and other challenges that come from life with cerebral palsy. But today, Seth’s just like any other 16-year-old, busy making it through his sophomore year at Legacy High School.

For 8-year-old Lily Ford, nothing beats showing off her dance moves in front of an audience. She loves music and performing and doesn’t let anything stand in her way – least of all her cerebral palsy. “There are things I don’t know if she’ll be able to do, but she just proves me wrong,” said Lily’s mom, Nicole Ford. “I want her to continue to strive for independence and get to do all the normal, typical things other girls her age are doing.” Every day, she’s able to live more fully and independently, thanks in part to supporters of the Great American Bike Race (GABR) who have helped the Ford family purchase vital equipment for Lily.

“He gets along with everyone,” said Seth’s grandma and primary caregiver, Sue Wingerter. “He’s a very friendly kid and wants to please and be friends with everyone.” Through it all, supporters of the Great American Bike Race (GABR) have been by Seth’s side, helping with costs not covered by insurance associated with his many surgeries and an adaptive bike.

Spots are filling up fast. Register your team today! Visit gabr.sanfordhealth.org to get started. Want to be a sponsor? Contact race headquarters at (701) 323-8450. 059028-00791 12/19

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Workforce recruitment and retention is, perhaps, the No. 1 issue facing Chamber EDC members. In the last legislative session, State of North Dakota created a new program to help businesses with workforce gaps. ND Career Builders is a scholarship and loan repayment program that targets occupations in high demand. There are two programs within ND Career Builders: a scholarship program and a loan repayment program. Brenda Zastoupil is Financial Aid Director for North Dakota University System, and she runs the ND Career Builders program. “It’s trying to fill those high need and emerging occupations in the state,” Zastoupil said. “We’re hearing from businesses that they’re having a hard time finding workers. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.”

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ND Career Builders was designed to help businesses with workforce gaps. Both the scholarship and loan repayment programs require a dollar for dollar match between participating businesses and the State of North Dakota. The loan repayment program is a tool that businesses can use to recruit and retain employees. The employee must have completed education from a North Dakota institution. The employee’s job must qualify on the high need and emerging occupations list determined by the State of North Dakota. The business must match each dollar contributed by the state. The list of high need and emerging occupations is lengthy. Qualifying occupations include electricians, information technology, childcare workers, nurses, plumbers, carpenters, pilots, engineers, and many more.


The scholarship program is another tool that businesses can use to recruit and retain employees. The potential employee must enroll in a qualifying degree, license, or certificate program at a North Dakota institution. It is designed for education programs that are two years or less. The student must live and work in a high need occupation in North Dakota for three years following graduation. The business must match each dollar contributed by the state. “This is an opportunity for businesses to tap into dollars and create an attractive recruitment package for employees,” Zastoupil said. ND Career Builders was created in the 2019 legislative session. Zastoupil said the program focuses on skilled workforce needs in the state. It’s an opportunity for businesses to recruit and retain individuals into jobs that are in high demand in this state. “Part of the legislature wanted a scholarship; part wanted loan repayment,” Zastoupil said. “They were both really focused on those skilled workforce needs.” Zastoupil said the driver of the ND Career Builders program is the high need and emerging occupations list. It is evaluated annually by Job Service North Dakota and the Workforce Development Council. ND Career Builders is a two-year program. It will sunset, and it will need to be taken up again in the next legislative session. “We’re hoping to show — going into the next legislative session — how small businesses, businesses across the state have utilized this program to fill their skilled workforce needs,” Zastoupil said. The 2019 legislature set aside $6 million for the program — $3 million for scholarships and $3 million for loan repayment. Those funds must be matched by businesses. “This is an opportunity for businesses to tap into dollars and create an attractive recruitment package for employees,” Zastoupil said.

Loan Repayment Program

• Dollar for dollar match between business and State of North Dakota • Degree, license, or certificate must be from a North Dakota institution • Employee must live and work in North Dakota

Scholarship Program

• Dollar for dollar match between business and State of North Dakota • Must be a qualifying degree program from a North Dakota institution • Degree, license, and certificate programs are two years or less • Student must live and work in a high need occupation in North Dakota for three years following graduation

Website: ndus.edu/career-builders Questions? Contact: Brenda Zastoupil 701-328-2906 brenda.zastoupil@ndus.edu

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CHAMBER EDC LAYS OUT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY The Chamber EDC’s new mission statement reads, “Advocating for business. Fostering economic growth. Shaping the future of our community.” In simpler terms, 1 + 1 = 2. That’s to say, if we advocate for business and foster economic growth then we will have shaped the future of our community. As to how specifically we foster economic growth, the Chamber EDC’s economic development efforts can be broken down into five core competencies: entrepreneurial development, business retention & expansion, new business attraction, talent attraction and workforce development. Within each of those five areas, those five competencies, the Chamber EDC has developed a specific approach: • Entrepreneurial Development: The Chamber EDC strives to act as a feeder and not a leader when it comes to supporting our community’s entrepreneurs. As a feeder, we serve as a sponsor, attendee and/or planning committee member for events such as TEDx, Makewell, the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge and One Million Cups that bring entrepreneurs together. Those events bring entrepreneurs, and should one of them have a specific need or gap to be filled such as real estate or finance, we can help fill that gap with the assistance of our members. • Business Retention & Expansion: Since 2004, the Chamber EDC and its predecessors have facilitated formal business retention & expansion (BRE) programs where we pro-actively visit with existing companies, one-on-one. The goal of the program is two-fold; to identify and address any issues or opportunities specific to a certain business and to identify and address those issues impacting our existing businesses as a whole. • New Business Attraction: The Chamber EDC is only engaged in trying to attract businesses that generate new wealth from outside Bismarck-Mandan, aka primary sector businesses. We have further narrowed that scope to three particular industries: equipment manufacturing, value-added agriculture and value-added energy. We both utilize our existing businesses to identify opportunities for new business targets in their supply chains and attempt to advertise directly to those businesses using business publications, social media and corporate site selectors (more on that later in the Connection).

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• Talent Attraction: In an attempt to address the approximately 2.0% unemployment rate and more than 2,500 open jobs in Bismarck-Mandan, the Chamber EDC has developed a two-pronged approach. In the short-term, we hope to attract new residents to our community by promoting unique quality of life assets that position Bismarck-Mandan as a destination for talent. More narrowly, we use social media platforms such as Facebook and search engines like Google to promote specific career opportunities to areas of the country. • Workforce Development: In the long-term, we seek to develop the talent already present in our community by utilizing a continuum of workforce development that begins in middle school where we aim to match classroom teachers with business professionals to provide real examples of career paths in Bismarck-Mandan. In high school, we look to expand upon that using our Job Shadow Week where students can participate in two or four-hour job shadows where they learn more about those careers. Economic development is an ongoing process that will never truly be done. As such, these core competencies and our approaches within each are always being reviewed for their effectiveness. Whether that’s by the Chamber EDC’s Economic Development Committee, our Board or even feedback from our members, the organization is looking for ways to improve in these areas. As to how this benefits our community and our members, it’s simple. If we are successful in creating new businesses, growing the ones we have or attracting others, we create economic activity and opportunity for our members to take advantage of via the resulting new customers, buildings, etc. For our residents, that economic activity and opportunity comes in the form of new career opportunities, amenities and more. For all those reasons and more, the Chamber EDC will continue to foster economic growth.


SITE SELECTOR MARKETING In May of 2019, the Chamber EDC welcomed Christopher Lloyd from McGuire Woods Consulting as the speaker at the first ever Impact ED event. Prior to speaking at Impact ED, Chris met with the Chamber EDC’s Economic Development Committee. As a national site selector, Chris was able to provide a unique perspective on the state of site selection and its impact on Bismarck-Mandan. During that meeting a committee member asked Chris what he felt was site selector’s perception about Bismarck-Mandan. Chris’ answer was twofold, he said, “there is not one or it revolves around agriculture and energy production.” This generated some conversation from the committee members and the feeling was those perceptions needed to be changed. It was decided that the Chamber EDC would start marketing to national site selectors to create or change their perceptions regarding Bismarck-Mandan. Chamber EDC staff then went to work on a list of site selectors and developing a marketing piece to send to them. The distribution list was partially formed from a larger list obtained through the Mid-America EDC, a midwestern organization of economic development organizations, and then narrowed down based on industry’s the site selectors are involved in and any that have done projects in the Midwest. The staff then went to work on developing a piece to email. The idea behind the piece was to show the site selectors some of the business happenings in Bismarck-Mandan, any articles about workforce development programs that may assist their clients, and quality of life projects/national rankings. Since the first email was sent in Q3, Chamber EDC staff have also sent out a similar piece in Q4. Both marketing emails saw over a 30% open rate which is significantly higher than industry average and staff looks at as a positive. Chamber EDC staff will continue to market to site selectors to ensure we control the perceptions they have of Bismarck-Mandan

Looking to Expand Your Personal and Professional Network? Create

We proactively create environments and programs that allow for connections between one another and within the community.


We actively pursue partnerships with businesses, non-profits, service, professional development, media, cultural and entertainment organizations to help deliver opportunities that are already taking place within the community.

We believe in the Bismarck-Mandan community,

Community and we believe that it can be an attractive place for Young Professionals.

For more information on how to become a member or a partner, email info@ypnetwork.org Career Minded. Community Focused.

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ANNUAL DINNER The 2020 Annual Dinner was an excellent evening celebrated by all – thank you for attending! The evening was emceed by President, Brian Ritter and introduced the evening’s speakers; General Consul of Canada, Ariel Delouya, provided an informational update regarding the Canadian and United States trade status. Rhonda Kallman, keynote speaker from Boston Harbor Distillery, shared her amazing story of the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Governor Doug Burgum provided a warm introduction to Molly Herrington for her outstanding year of service as 2019 Chair of the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Board. Brian Eiseman was pronounced the 2020 chair and together they presented Dr. Larry Skogen, president of Bismarck State College, the first Chamber EDC Challenge Coin for his innovation and dedication to moving the Bismarck-Mandan community forward. A huge thank you to American Bank Center, Eide Ford, Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and all Gold, Silver and Table sponsors for your continued support. Thank you and have a healthy and prosperous 2020!

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SILVER SPONSORS: Consulate General of Canada Dakota Community Bank & Trust Eide Bailly, LLP Environmental Services, Ltd.

Huck Financial Indigo Signworks Jerome Distributing, Inc. Knife River Corporation - North Dakota MDU Resources Group

TABLE SPONSORS: Ameriprise Financial Amy Hullet: Century 21 Morrison Bank of North Dakota Bartlett & West Inc Basin Electric Power Cooperative Baymont Inn & Suites Bismarck Cancer Center Bismarck Event Center Bismarck Sign Co Bismarck State College Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Bremer Bank Capital City Construction, Inc. Capital Credit Union Capital Electric Cooperative CHI St. Alexius Health Choice Bank

Cloverdale Foods Company Consolidated Construction Company CornerStone Bank Crowley Fleck PLLP Dakota Appraisal & Consulting Dakota Home Care EMC Insurance First International Bank & Trust First Western Bank & Trust Gate City Bank KFYR-TV Kirkwood Bank & Trust KLJ Kraus-Anderson Construction Company Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Assoc. Liberty Business Systems - Xerox Partner/Dealer Marathon Petroleum

Midco Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center Moore Engineering Nardini Fire Equipment National Information Solutions Cooperative Northwest Tire Inc. Odney Plains Commerce Bank Railway Credit Union RJR Maintenance and Management Schmitz-Holmstrom CPA’s Starion Bank U.S. Bank United Printing United Tribes Technical College University of Mary Verge Fitness Wells Fargo Bank Connection 3 13


Kids in Motion has been a member of the Chamber EDC since 2019.

Kim Bloms KIDS IN MOTION PEDIATRIC THERAPY & WELLNESS Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within your organization. A: I am originally from Mandan and currently reside here with my husband, Adam and our spoiled 100 lb. lab, Guinness. I grew up on our family owned second-generation dairy farm and I was my dad’s right-hand woman up until we retired in 1999. I attended college at BSC and Minot State where I envisioned my life going in the direction of becoming a police officer. After fracturing my ankle and needing PT I embarked on a drastic career change and went back to school at the University of Mary where I received my doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012. I have worked with the pediatric population in a juvenile justice setting and in early intervention with the birth to three programs for a total of 17 years. In July 2019, I opened Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy and Wellness in Mandan, ND.

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Q: Briefly tell us the history behind Kids in Motion Pediatric. A: In 2016, I battled and won against Leukemia which drastically changed my views on work life balance. I started thinking that I needed a change and what that would look like. I consoled in some mentors about the challenge of wanting to be a business owner to provide a quality of care that I envisioned but I was fearful of my medical history and what was to come. With some real feedback about what it meant to embrace what life had given me and to grab it by the horns, I started planning. I wanted to offer children and families in Mandan a pediatric therapy option. More so, I got excited about the idea of marrying what I had learned about home visiting, family engagement, and community resources through my previous work experiences with a more clinical experience. Although I loved my previous pediatric jobs, I missed the scientific side of being a practicing provider in an outpatient setting. It is all those things that drove me to do what I do every day with my families and employees. I feel that they both need to be a priority to make the business successful.

CONNECTION | MEMBER PROFILE Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Kids in Motion? A: The growth of Bismarck-Mandan has afforded the opportunity for more diversity in health care choices for consumers. We specifically are providing a service in Mandan that has not yet been provided in an outpatient setting. Hopefully we lead the way for more growth in the healthcare industry to allow Mandan residents to stay and do business in Mandan and the surrounding communities. Q: What trends are taking place in your industry? A: A large trend in physical, occupational, and speech therapy now is the push to help consumers understand we are a practitioner of choice for diagnosing and providing treatment for concerns related to movement, function, self-help skills, feeding, social emotional regulation, language and speech delays, and health. Therapists have specialized training, knowledge, and skills in working with children and identifying challenges that affect their day to day lives and the lives of their family. Q: What does the future of Kids in Motion look like, and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: The future of Kids In Motion is looking very lively. We have had excellent community feedback. Our families are sharing with us that their children are excelling since beginning with us and they ask when they can come back each week. They love our setting because it is friendly, upcoming, and easy to access. The favorite part of our day is when we receive messages from families with videos of how their child did something they haven’t done in years. Those celebrations of success are why we all do what we do. The culture here is one where everyone is cheering for the child who pedaled his bike for the first time, took his first steps, or used a fork. Things most of us take for granted. The industry overall is only looking up as we become practitioners of choice and the importance of reduced medical visits to receive the care you need becomes more important to the healthcare industry.

Q: Kids in Motion became a member in 2019, why do you decide to join the Chamber EDC? A: Kids In Motion joined the Chamber EDC to be part of a community network. As a business owner, I believe you are only as good as those you surround yourself with. I have some remarkable mentors in the community, but I will always welcome more. I have already met many prospective mentors, friends, and community partners through the Chamber. I look forward to seeing how it can foster career development and make me a better leader for my business, employees, community, and the families we serve. Q: What should other Chamber EDC members know about Kids in Motion Pediatric that may assist them? A: Kids In Motion offers speech, occupational and physical therapy services to children birth to 21. If you are unsure if your child would benefit from our services, we offer free developmental screens to assess speech and language development, problem-solving skills, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills. We accept all health insurances. You can find out more information by visiting www.mandankids.com.

Follow us on facebook.com/KidsinMotionMandan

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Each year the Chamber EDC connects with members for their feedback on the economic performance of the region through the annual Economic Outlook Survey. Through this detailed survey we are able to provide our members with insight into the economic climate of Bismarck-Mandan and we will share the results and provide an economic outlook for the year ahead at the annual Economic Outlook Forum. The Chamber EDC and Starion Bank are excited to host Associate Professor of Business at the University of Mary, Dr. Karel Sovak, as he shares the results of the recent Economic Outlook Survey. Featuring perspectives from multiple industries and an outstanding keynote, the 2020 Economic Outlook Forum is set for Tuesday, March 24th at the Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center. To reserve a table for $425, please call Christine Nelson at 701-223-5660 or email cnelson@bmcedc.com. Cost to attend the Economic Outlook Forum is $40.00 for Chamber EDC members and $50.00 for general admission. To register for this event, please go to http:// business.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar. Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsor: Table Sponsors: Bank of North Dakota, First International Bank & Trust, Bismarck State College, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, National Information Solutions Cooperative, University of Mary, American Bank Center, First Western Bank & Trust, Capital Credit Union, Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association.

The agenda this year includes: KEYNOTE: Global Economic & Geopolitical Outlook: What are the Opportunities & Risks Ahead? Bernard Baumohl, Chief Global Economist, The Economic Outlook Group The 2020 Economic Outlook Bernard Baumohl Forum keynote is international speaker and 2018’s Most Accurate Economic Forecaster - Mr. Bernard Baumohl, Chief Global Economist at the Economic Outlook Group. Bernard is well known for being ahead of the curve in assessing the direction of the U.S. and world economy and is frequently cited in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Week, Financial Times and National Public Radio. In addition to serving as an economist at European American Bank, monitoring the global economy and developing forecasts, Bernard is an award-winning economics reporter with TIME magazine who has covered the White House, Federal Reserve and Wall Street. He is also the best-selling author of The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities. ECONOMIC SURVEY RESULTS - Dr. Karel Sovak, Associate Professor of Business, University of Mary Join the Chamber EDC for an informative discussion at the 2020 Economic Outlook Forum on Tuesday, March 24th!

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Lemonade Day is back! The Chamber EDC is hosting the 4th annual Bismarck-Mandan Lemonade Day on June 20th, 2020. It’s time to begin thinking sweet thoughts as we look towards this great event.

Lemonade Day will be hosting many Lemonade stands throughout Bismarck-Mandan community. This day allows our area youth to start, own, and operate their very own business through guidance and support of a responsible mentor. Lemonade Day’s mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow….one lemonade stand at a time! This event is free, fun and project based. Children who register will receive a free Lemonade Day backpack and Entrepreneur Workbook that will teach them to: • Set a goal • Create a budget • Advertise their business • Create a business plan • Find an investor • Build a lemonade stand • Provide customer service • Make spending decisions Once youth pay their investor or mentor back, they keep all the money they earn! However they are encouraged to spend some, save some and/or share some of their profits with a local charity, non-profit or someone in need. However, the young entrepreneur ends their day, all participants will walk away from this program with a greater sense of leadership, confidence, creativity and overall financial literacy. Lemonade day is for everyone! Though the program is geared towards 3rd-8th graders, anyone can be involved. Young entrepreneurs can always use support through mentors, investors, business partners, great locations and customers. Sponsors and volunteers are also needed to make Lemonade Day a success.

Lemonade Day Bismarck-Mandan will be June 20, 2020; Registration opens in February with backpacks available in April! Learn more at https://lemonadeday.org/Bismarckmandan; or call the Chamber EDC at 223-5660, or email Christine Nelson at cnelson@bmcedc.com. There is so much fun to be squeezed out of this day so we hope to see you there! Many sweet thanks to the following:

Main Squeeze: Lime-Light: Sponsor: Fresh Squeeze: Lemon Head: Scheels, Grand Junction Grilled Subs, Bartlett & West Inc., American Bank Center, First Western Bank and Trust

If you or your organization is interested in helping Lemonade Day become even a bigger success please consider becoming a sponsor. Reach out to Christine Nelson at the Chamber EDC for more information on how to become a Lemon Head!

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LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN: HEALTH AND EDUCATION HEALTH DAY The Student Leadership Network joined Leadership Bismarck-Mandan for Health Day. Student Leadership Network is a leadership program for juniors and seniors in high school. The students joined Leadership Bismarck-Mandan for panels on “Mental Health and Addiction” and “N.D. Opioid Epidemic and Opioid Stewardship.” Health Day also examined topics such as the future of health care, a new approach to palliative care, and meditation and mindfulness. Thank you to CHI St. Alexius Health for hosting the Leadership class.

Leadership Bismarck-Mandan hosted three college presidents for Education Day. The panel included Dr. Leander McDonald, United Tribes Technical College; Msgr. James Shea, University of Mary; and Dr. Larry Skogen, Bismarck State College.

EDUCATION DAY Leadership Bismarck-Mandan hosted three college presidents to start Education Day. Members of the panel were Dr. Leander McDonald, United Tribes Technical College; Msgr. James Shea, University of Mary; and Dr. Larry Skogen, Bismarck State College. Education Day also examined topics such as mental health in schools, English Language Learner students, public schools’ panel, and The Innovation School. Thank you to United Tribes Technical College for hosting the Leadership class on campus.

OUR MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Presenting Sponsor: Gold Sponsor: Program Sponsors:


Health Day co-chairs: Kilee Harmon – CHI St. Alexius Health Marnie Walth – Sanford Health Education co-chairs: Joyce Hinman – Retired Educator Alicia Uhde – Bismarck State College Lynn Wolf – Retired Educator Lunch Sponsors: Sanford Health (Health Day) United Tribes Technical College (Education Day) Joyce Hinman (Education Day) Alicia Uhde (Education Day) Lynn Wolf (Education Day)

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WELCOME TO THE CHAMBER EDC, CHRISTINE As a Bismarck-Mandan native, I take pride in all that our community has to offer. After graduating Century High School I continued my education at the University of North Dakota. I traveled the United States and lived in many places but knew that North Dakota was home.

My career path lead me to Christine Nelson eight years of senior living sales experience in five different states (Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Missouri and North Dakota). I am truly thankful for all the meaningful relationships that were a part of my life. As the Program and Marketing Director of the Chamber EDC I oversee advertising in the Connection, website and the Chamber EDC Link. Along with advertising, I head six events throughout the year including: Brats with the Brave, Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan, State of the Cities, Economic Outlook Forum, Teacher of the Year and Lemonade Day. Today, I am happily married to my husband Philip and we cherish our dog, Lily, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and our Ragdoll cat-Peony. We love to travel and look forward to our yearly trips to a tropical paradise.

NOMINATE AN EXCEPTIONAL TEACHER TODAY! We are inching towards that time of year again…. OUTSTANDING Award season! Teacher of the Year The Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC is excited to open nominations for this year’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year 2020! From now through February 15th, 2020, please nominate the educators you think have exemplified the Crystal Apple Award. Every year, the Chamber EDC honors a Primary Educator and a Secondary Educator from both Mandan and Bismarck as well as a Higher Ed. Educator. To submit a nomination, follow www.bismarckmandan. com/committees, and either fill out a form electronically and email to Christine Nelson, cnelson@bmcedc.com, or print, fill out and mail to the Chamber EDC’s office: Attn: Christine Nelson Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Dr. Bismarck, ND 58503 Deadline to submit nominations is February 15th, 2020. For any questions about the nominations or the award process, please call the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC at 701-223-5600. Award Sponsor:

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Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Are you interested in learning how to make the most out of your membership? Save the Date and join us at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC to hear from Chamber EDC staff about our programs, benefits, committees, and other opportunities on how to maximize your membership. Whether you are a brand new member, a long-time member or just want to learn more about membership this is the event for you! Please RSVP by either contacting the Chamber EDC at 701223-5660 or by emailing Ross at rfrohlich@bmcedc.com.

PLANTING THE SEED: THE FINANCIAL IMPACT OF AGRICULTURE Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Location: Capital Credit Union 204 W Thayer Ave, Bismarck Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM Admission: Free to Attend Presenting Sponsor: The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber EDC’s Agricultural Committee is proud to collaborate with Capital Credit Union in hosting this informative luncheon. You are encouraged to join other business professionals from Bismarck-Mandan for a free lunch and engaging topic! NDSU Extension Ag Finance Specialist Dr. Bryon Parman will discuss the current state of ND’s Ag. Industry, and its relation and impact on downtown/suburban living in BismarckMandan and answer questions from attendees. Please join us for this informative luncheon. Lunch will be served but seating is limited. To register for this event, please go to, business.bismarckmandan.com/ events/calendar, call the Chamber EDC’s office at 701-2235660 or by emailing Jaime at jsabot@bmcedc.com.

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Join us for our February Membership Mixer hosted by EMC Insurance at their location at 1838 Interstate Ave in Bismarck.

Save the date for our Open House on Thursday, March 5th at the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC.

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020 Location: EMC Insurance 1838 Interstate Ave, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

Mixers are FREE for Chamber EDC members to attend. Please consider attending and bringing your colleagues. RSVPs are appreciated by going online to business.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar.

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020 Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend

It's free for Chamber EDC members to attend. Please consider attending and bringing your colleagues. RSVPs are appreciated by going online to business.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar.

People you can count on. There is a lot to consider when choosing a financial institution - such as convenience, technology and products. Perhaps you want a bank that gives back to the community it serves. More than anything, your bank should have familiar, friendly people you know you can count on any time of the day. At First Western Bank & Trust we are all these things and more. firstwestern.bank Member FDIC

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Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020 Location: University of Mary Campus 7500 University Drive, Bismarck Time: 4:30PM - 6:30PM Admission: Free to Attend Save the date for our March Membership Mixer hosted by the University of Mary at their campus located at 7500 University Drive in Bismarck. Mixers are FREE for Chamber EDC members to attend. Please consider attending and bringing your colleagues. RSVPs are appreciated by going online to business.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar.

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FORUM Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck Time: 7:00AM - 11:30AM Admission: $40.00 for Chamber EDC members $50.00 for General Admission Presenting Sponsor:

Throughout the year, various national issues are tracked by the Chamber EDC to keep our members and Bismarck Mandan community in-the-know. We will look at what drives our local, regional, and national economy. Join us and fellow Chamber EDC members on Tuesday March 24th, from 7:00AM to 11:30AM as we hear firsthand from experts and local professionals from various industries what challenges we have endured in 2019 and what we are looking forward to in 2020. Cost to attend the event is $40.00 for Chamber EDC members and $50.00 for General Admission. You can register online at www.bismarckmandan.com/events/ calendar Please contact Christine Nelson at cnelson@bmcedc. com or call 701-223-5660 to find out more details.

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The largest tax reform legislation in the past 30 years is now reality. Eide Bailly can help you take advantage of the latest developments such as Opportunity Zones, as well as other available credits and deductions. Learn how you can be proactive moving forward.

What inspires you, inspires us. 701.255.1091 | eidebailly.com

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STARION BANK DONATES TO COPS FOR KIDS During the month of November, 20 men at Starion Bank in Bismarck and Mandan ditched their razors for a good cause. As part of No Shave November, a.k.a. “Noshember,” the men competed for bragging rights while raising money for the Cops and Kids program.


A total of $2,657.44 was raised through entry fees, paid votes for favorite beard and a match from the bank. Starion business banker Reed Hendrickson presented the donation to Bismarck Police Department Officer Lynn Wanner. Cops and Kids is coordinated by the Fraternal Order of Police Missouri Valley Lodge #3. Officers in Bismarck and Mandan take low-income or at-risk children out for lunch and shopping, providing them with a positive interaction with law enforcement. The program is funded by donations.

Moritz Sport and Marine announced today they are joining forces with Bismarck Motor Company, the area’s new car leader and fastest growing automotive dealer. The partnership will better serve the needs of Western North Dakota’s marine and recreation industry. Bob Kupper and Chris Schneider of Bismarck Motor Company were approached by the Moritz family in 2019 to join Eric Moritz in purchasing the sport and marine store located on the Missouri River. “We’ve admired Bismarck Motor Company’s customer and employee focused values, philosophy and brand promises,” stated Moritz. “We’re extremely excited about this partnership.” “We are going to bring modern marketing strategies and effective, streamlined processes to the team at Moritz,” says Schneider. “We share a common vision to be the best in the recreational industry, while focusing on customer satisfaction, employee engagement and community involvement.” The sports and recreation store plans to add a full event calendar tailored to family-friendly education and safety.

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BSC IMPLEMENTS $830,000 GRANT FROM U.S. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION An award of $415,256 from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) is helping Bismarck State College (BSC) equip its new Health Sciences facility with high-tech equipment for enhanced workforce training. The grant is a 50 percent cost share for the $830,000 project. This is the first EDA grant made in North Dakota under its Assistance to Coal Communities funding.

Let’s show the world what we can do together. Day by day. Project by project. Together we’re renewing infrastructure and keeping the world in business.

BSC recently moved its Health Sciences program from its 15,000 square foot downtown location to a newly renovated facility next to campus offering double the training space. The award from the EDA will help the college equip its expanded lab and classroom space for Nursing, Surgical Technology, Paramedic Technology, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Lab Technician, and Certified Nursing Assistant. With a critical workforce demand for health professionals in the state, providing more training space to increase enrollment will support the local economy, increasing investment and employment in an important industry. “EDA is proud to partner with Bismarck State College to help diversify the regional economy and prepare tomorrow’s workforce for in-demand jobs,” said Angela Belden Martinez, Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration. “EDA can play a unique role in supporting communities in transition through our nimble and flexible portfolio of programs and funding. We are confident that through this grant, BSC will play a critical role in supporting and growing the healthcare industry in North Dakota.” Funds from the grant will be used for a variety of items, including interactive video systems for distance Health Sciences education, specialized instruments for lab exercises, audio/visual equipment for simulation and observation rooms, and more. “This grant is allowing BSC to expand and enhance these critical programs that support the health industry all across the state,” said Dr. Larry C. Skogen, BSC President. “Our healthcare programs are in high demand, and we appreciate the support of the U.S. Economic Development Administration so we can expand these programs and serve more students.”

Building a Better World for All of Us Engineers | Architects | Planners | Scientists

sehinc.com/subscribe • 701.354.7121

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2603 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222

Q: WHY IS HAND HYGIENE SO IMPORTANT? A: Hand hygiene is essential, especially at

this time of year, because serious infections like MRSA and C. diff, as well as influenza and the common cold, can potentially spread by hand contact. Hand washing is a simple way to prevent the spread of infection, resulting in less absenteeism at work and fewer potentially life-threatening infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the single most important thing that can help prevent the spread of illness is hand washing. It can reduce diarrheal disease-associated deaths by 50% and the risk of respiratory infections by 16%. Becoming more hand aware – knowing where hands have been or what activities they’ve been doing – can help make good hand hygiene a habit. Employers can encourage hand washing or the use of alcohol-based sanitizers with prominently posted signage and readily available supplies.

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304 E Front Ave, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-255-4400


1929 N Washington St, Ste GG, Bismarck, ND 58501


Q: DOES IT COST MONEY TO WORK Q: WHAT IS GIVING HEARTS DAY? A: On Thursday, February 13th, 2020, WITH A TRUST OFFICER? thousands of individuals across the state A: My brother owns a construction company and, luckily for me, has helped with some projects. He's helped with a garage door and shingling. I've even hired (and paid) him for a couple of bigger projects.

When it comes to providing services, we are similar to a family member. We don't charge you anything if you need to call and ask for advice. Unlike my brother, we probably won't answer if you call at midnight. If you want to come in and talk through your options, whether it's to have us manage a Trust or help with investments, we'd be happy to discuss at no charge to you. Like my brother, we do have a business. If you decide to utilize our services, there will likely be a slight cost. That cost, of course, will be dependent on many things, such as the type of account, whether you want to direct investments yourself or have us manage the account.

of North Dakota will be investing in the charity of their choice by participating in Giving Hearts Day. Giving Hearts Day is the largest 24-hour giving event in North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota. This year, almost 500 non-profits will be participating in the event, and the Anne Carlsen Center is privileged to be among these worthy organizations. Since the first event in 2008, donors have raised more than $70 million, 100% of which goes directly to the charities.

So put a note in your calendar on Thursday, February 13th to make an impact on your favorite charities! Just go to www. givingheartsday.org, choose your charities, make your donation online and be a GIVING HEART! You may also mail or drop off a check as long as it is specifically dated February 13th! This year you also have the option of going on the website now until February 11th and scheduling your gift As a fiduciary, we will look out for your ahead of time and it will be processed on best interest, and what you pay for fees is one of those things we will help you with. If Giving Hearts Day. you're interested in finding out more, just Please consider supporting the Anne think of us as that brother who's willing to Carlsen Center by donating what you can. help and give us a call. Every dollar we receive goes a long way in providing the life-changing supports and services needed by the individuals we have the privilege to serve. Your generous gift will help us to continue our mission to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all!





529 Marilyn Drive, Mandan, ND 58554 701-214-1633

500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100

1661 Capitol Way, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400

Q: ARE OPEN HOUSES A GOOD WAY TO MARKET YOUR HOME? A: Yes. As long as it's done the right way.

Q: WHAT ARE SOME WAYS YOU CAN HELP PREVENT CANCER? A: Lifestyle factors can increase the risk of


Open house marketing should begin a full week in advance of the actual event, whenever possible. Sending out invitations and flyers throughout the neighborhood and heavily promoting on social media; including Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor, are all areas of marketing that should be taking place. A common misconception is that you only want buyers, people currently in the market, to come to your open house. However, getting as many people through the door as possible is key. Neighbors often become a member of your sales force and tell their friends and family. They want to make sure your house sells for as much money as possible, because the more your home sells for, the more their home is worth. Leverage open houses. It’s a great way to get a lot of people in your home in a short period of time. This means less interruptions for you, getting the neighborhood to become a part of your sales force to help drive more traffic to your home, and ultimately sell your home faster and for the highest price. This is why we love open houses at White House Realty! Let us know if you want to learn more about the outside the box marketing strategies that we employ to get homes sold faster and for more money.

developing many types of cancer, and up to 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the US can be attributable to preventable causes. In general, you can reduce your risk of developing cancer by developing healthy habits, such as eating a well-balanced diet, performing regular physical activity, quitting smoking, and using sunblock.

most often. Over time your data sizes will continue to grow, and you pay for offsite backup by how much you are storing. The fact is that you own your data. It is up to you to decide what is important to back up and what is not. Your IT provider will never remove things from your backup unless you tell them to. Your IT provider’s job is to The primary risk factors for prostate cancer make sure anything on servers is backed are a strong family history of prostate up whether it is important or not. It is your cancer, male gender, and advancing age. duty as a business owner to tell your IT Since these risk factors cannot be readily provider what needs to be backed up modified, the focus for improving outand what does not. We have seen several comes from prostate cancer is instead on instances where large amounts of data that early detection of prostate cancer with has no useful purpose stored on a server regular PSA screenings. If you are between where the customer was paying to back 55 and 69 years of age, or older with a life up that data. All of this costs money. Your expectancy of at least 10 years, then you employees need to know that only essenshould discuss regular PSA screening with tial data should be stored on the server. your doctor. Early detection of prostate Also, a good house cleaning is something cancer can ultimately lead to better outthat should be done every year to get rid comes for patients. of unnecessary data or move that data Self-exams and screening for various types to another device so you are not paying monthly to store of cancers- such as cancer of the skin, colon, cervix, and breast can increase your chances of discovering cancer early, when treatment is more likely to be successful. Prevention is the first step in fighting the battle

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MEMBER PERKS | CONNECTION SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES HALSEY Colby Halsey, MD, electrophysiology, recently joined the Sanford Heart team in Bismarck. Dr. Halsey Colby Halsey, MD specializes in abnormal heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation and arrhythmias. He offers pacemaker and defibrillation evaluation, implantation and management and performs cardiac ablations to help correct abnormal heart rhythms. His nurse practitioners, Katherine Carvell and Cynthia Folk, also joined him at Sanford Health in Bismarck. Dr. Halsey graduated from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, Vt. and completed his residency from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. He also completed a fellowship in cardiovascular disease and clinical cardiac electrophysiology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and clinical cardiac electrophysiology by the American Board of Internal Medicine. OLSON ELECTED AS VICE CHAIR ON AACUL BOARD Jeff Olson, President/ CEO of Credit Union Association of the Dakotas was recently Jeff Olson elected to his third term on the board of directors for the American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL). The elections took place during the annual winter conference that was held in Marco Island, Florida earlier this month. Throughout 2020, Olson will serve as Vice Chair on this national board, which represents 37 state credit union leagues that are members of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Working together, the AACUL strives to create an environment that cultivates the success of the credit union movement by focusing on advocacy, consumer awareness, innovation and financial inclusion.

KLJ HIRES FOUR IN BISMARCK KLJ, an engineering firm, is proud to welcome Grant Leffler, Nick Baker, Barb Anguiano, and Jamie Finstad to their Grant Leffler Bismarck office. Leffler recently started as a finance and audit analyst. He earned his bachelor’s in accounting from the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business and brings Nick Baker many years of accounting experience to KLJ. Baker joined the team as a human resources specialist. Nick brings a number of years of HR experience with him to the team. Anguiano comes Barb Anguiano to KLJ as a proposal coordinator. Barb has a bachelor’s in journalism from Indiana University. Finstad joins KLJ as a marketing and communications coordinator. She attended the University of Mary Jamie Finstad where she earned her master’s degree in business administration. CAPITAL CREDIT UNION PROMOTES JOHNSON Brooke Johnson was recently promoted to branch manager at Capital Credit Union’s Sunrise Branch. Brooke Johnson In this role, Johnson will oversee branch operations staff; including tellers and financial services representatives and execute sales and service strategies through the offering of all consumer loan and deposit products and services. Johnson earned an associate degree in business administration from Bismarck State College in 2014. She has been with Capital Credit Union since Sept. 2014, most recently as the assistant branch manager at the Sunrise Branch.

STARION BANK PROMOTES IN CREDIT, FINANCE Starion Bank recently promoted members of its credit and finance teams. LaDawn Schmitt has LaDawn Schmitt been promoted to chief credit officer (CCO). As CCO, Schmitt will join the bank’s Executive Committee, which is responsible for initiating key actions within the organization, reviewing Rick Geloff financial data and setting major project priorities. Schmitt began her career with Starion in 2006 as a business banking representative. In the past 13 years, she has served in roles within credit analysis and loan review, Rachael Erickson and as business banking officer. In mid-2018, she was named assistant chief credit officer/ SVP. Schmitt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Rick Geloff has been promoted to controller. Geloff first joined Starion in 2013 as a credit analyst. He has also served in the roles of business banking officer and special assets officer, prior to being promoted to financial reporting manager/ VP in May 2018. Geloff is a certified public accountant and a member of the Bismarck School Board, currently serving as its president. He earned bachelor’s degrees in general studies and business management from Minot State University. Rachael Erickson has been promoted to credit manager/VP. Erickson joined Starion 10 years ago as customer service representative/receptionist in Mandan and moved to Bismarck when she was promoted to personal banking officer. Since 2012, she has been in the Credit Department serving as credit administrative assistant, credit analyst and most recently credit lead. Erickson earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Dickinson State University.

Share your business news with the Chamber EDC. Email press releases to Rebecca at rrattei@bmcedc.com.

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CONNECTION | MEMBER PERKS SANFORD HEALTH WELCOMES PLASTIC SURGEON Theresa Hegge, MD, plastic surgery, recently joined Sanford Clinic in Bismarck. Dr. Theresa Hegge, MD Hegge specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, in addition to conditions and injuries of the hands. Dr. Hegge graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and completed her residency in plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, Ill.

BALLWEBER RETIRES FROM NORTHERN IMPROVEMENT COMPANY Northern Improvement Company announces the retirement Brad Ballweber of Brad Ballweber, after 42 years of service. Ballweber worked in the Fargo office as an Estimator/Project Manager for three, in the Dickinson office as Area Manager for nearly nine years and in the BismarckMandan office as Vice President/Area Manager for over 30 years. In 1997, he was appointed Treasurer and elected to Northern Improvement Company Board of Directors. Ballweber has also served the community as the 1998 BIANCO REALTY SALES AWARDS Chairman of the Board for the Bismarck Bianco Realty has announced their Mandan Chamber of Commerce, Board top six "REALTORS® Of The Month" of Directors for ND Workforce Safety and for December: Shirley Thomas, Amber Sandness, Justin Mundahl, Justin Sackman, Insurance, BSC Foundation Board and Northern Lights Council President for the Kyle Niess and Amy Asche. These six REALTORS® had the highest sales totals at Boy Scouts of America. Bianco Realty in December 2019.

BISMARCK PUBLIC SCHOOLS HIRES FOUNDATION DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Stacey Lang will be the new Development Stacey Lang Director for the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation. Lang joined the school district in 2018 as an instructional aide, though most of her career was with the Bismarck Tribune, formerly as the Marketing and Retail Advertising Director. She also served as an Event Specialist at the Bismarck Event Center. Lang has a Business Administration degree from the University of Mary. Lang’s duties will include fundraising, planning events, managing scholarships and grants, etc.

FEBRUARY LIVE GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD. Broadcast on Radio Access 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at www.freetv.org.

Mon, 3rd

5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board*

Tues, 4th

5:30 pm Mandan City Commission

Thurs, 6th

5:00 pm Bismarck Board of Adjustment

Mon, 10th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board*

Tues, 11th

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission

Wed, 12th 8:00 am Burleigh County Water Resource District 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning Commission Thurs, 13th

5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Tues, 18th 1:30 pm 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board Mandan City Commission Mandan School Board

Wed, 19th 5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm ITG (Political Subdivisions) Committee* Thurs, 20th

5:15 pm Bismarck Park Board

Mon, 24th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Planning Commission*

Tues, 25th

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission*

Wed, 26th

5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at www.freetv.org. * Delayed Playback

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RIBBON CUTTINGS | CONNECTION Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber EDC volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To find out how you can get a free ribbon cutting from the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC, please call Ross at 701-223-5660.

OLD 10 BAR AND GRILL Owners, Curt Miller, Nate Wolf, Cody Stern and Allan Miller celebrate their Grand Opening located at 417 E Main Street in Mandan. Phone: 701-751-7111. Member.

MERAKI HAIR SALON Owners Lotus Fettig and Eddie Lopez celebrate the Grand Opening of their new business located at 1001 W Interstate Ave, Suite 100 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-751-0503. Member.

PRIMROSE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Penny Kaldor, Executive Director, and Renee Welk, Marketing Director, celebrate 25 Years at their location at 1144 College Drive in Bismarck. Phone: 701-222-8183. Member.

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TIRES PLUS Jarid Lundeen, Owner, and Terry Schreiner, Store Manager, celebrate the Grand Opening of their new location located at 5216 Ottawa Street in Bismarck. Phone: 701-224-8881. Member.

HAGA KOMMER LTD Toby Kommer celebrates the grand opening of his new location at 840 43rd Ave NE in Bismarck. Phone:701-222-4100. Member.

BISMARCK CANCER CENTER Amy Gross, Executive Director, and team celebrate 20 year Anniversary at their location at 500 North 8th Street in Bismarck. Phone: 701-222-6100. Member.

CONNECTION | NEW MEMBERS The Chamber EDC encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber EDC. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber EDC members, view the Member Directory online at www.bismarckmandan.com. Abused Adult Resource Center PO Box 5003 Bismarck, ND Michelle Erickson (701) 222-8370 Assist victims of domestic & sexual assult by establishing & maintaining a program which will provide temporary shelter, crisis intervention, etc. Dakota Solar Energy Bismarck, ND Charlie Ricketts (701) 595-3111 We examine your current energy needs and help reduce cost all while doing what’s right for the planet. Dakota Smart Homes Bismarck, ND Charlie Ricketts (701) 595-3111 Solar equipment installation and smart home security experts serving North Dakota with the most advanced suite of products available. New builds or existing homes. We save you money and provide peace of mind.

Lincoln Repair 4140 Hagen Ave, Ste E Lincoln, ND Josh Gendron (701) 426-7863 Full service automotive repair. Brick Oven Bakery 112 N. 4th Street Bismarck, ND Sandy Jacobson (701) 751-0147 Traditional French pastries and breads. Solid Rock Music LLC 1317 Tacoma Ave, Ste #203 Bismarck, ND Matthew Markel (701) 751-3020 Solid Rock Music is a locally owned, full line retail music store located in Bismarck, ND. We pride ourselves on reliable customer service, great inventory selection and internet competitive pricing.

We’re here for you when living alone is no longer an option and a nursing home is not the answer

Call today! 701-221-3018 2500 Valley View Ave, Bismarck, ND www.ValleyViewHeights.com

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Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC Connection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive Bismarck, ND 58503



CHAMBER EDC 101: MAXIMIZING YOUR MEMBERSHIP Date: February 11, 2020 • Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck

The Financial Impact of Agriculture

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2020 Capital Credit Union 204 W Thayer Ave, Bismarck 11:30am - 1:00pm

PLANTING THE SEED: THE FINANCIAL IMPACT OF AGRICULTURE Date: February 18, 2020 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Capital Credit Union – 204 W Thayer Ave, Bismarck FEBRUARY MEMBERSHIP MIXER: EMC INSURANCE CO Date: February 20, 2020 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: EMC Insurance Co – 1838 Interstate Ave, Bismarck


JOB SHADOW WEEK Date: February 24 - February 28, 2020 CHAMBER EDC OPEN HOUSE Date: March 5, 2020 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC – 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck Presented by:

MARCH MEMBERSHIP MIXER: UNIVERSITY OF MARY Date: March 19, 2020 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: University of Mary Campus – 7500 University Drive, Bismarck












ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FORUM Date: March 24, 2020 • Time: 7:00am - 11:30am Location: Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center – 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck


RSVP www.bismarckmandan.com/events/calendar

13 On this day, Thursday, February 13, we encourage you to donate to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. Help us provide hope, help and healing to our area cancer patients. To make a secure online contribution to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, simply go to www.givingheartsday.org on February 13 and click on the Giving Hearts Day “Donate” button.

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