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QuebecRiding Like A Local Day 4

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Riding like a local

Meeting New Friends in Minnesota This introduction I’ve met many amazing people through riding leads me and social media, in which I continue to maintain all into the story my friendships with. These riders are from various of finally cities throughout Canada and the United States. meeting When I look at these friends, acquaintances and Paula after contacts, I’m amazed at how many of them are a returning part of my riding network. Without riding, I wouldn’t from a trip have met such astounding, diverse and fun people. with some Thanks to social media, when the weather sucks buddies. It or when you just can’t make it out for a ride, you can began when still connect with other riders around the globe and Bill, Glen talk about your passion. There is an infinite online and I were community of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts heading back that are fun to relate with. When I created the Lone after visiting Wolf Clubhouse website approximately 6 years ago, Sturgis last summer. After a long hard day of riding I connected with Paula Hokkanen of Minneapolis, with 40 to 50 mph cross winds along I-94E, we MN through our Facebook page—and later featured agreed to take a couple of days off in Minneapolis, Paula regarding her online business, Behind the Continued Next Page... Throttle in the Lone Wolf newsletter. by Mike Bechard - Lone Wolf Clubhouse News

Articles submitted to the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and the Attitude Zone are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily that of the publisher of this publication. All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information for events and schedules but it is recommended that you check with the event coordinators before heading out to an event. All information and articles in the paper are copyright protected and reproduction of this publication in part or entirely is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles & Belt Drive Betty Media® will not be held liable for any article or ad that is forgotten in error or is not submitted in time for publishing deadlines. For more information on these or any other policies of this publication please contact the editorial office.

Meeting New Friends In Minnesota

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doesn’t seem to hold the same dangers (or at least, the dangers my mother thought it did). So, after we got settled in our hotel, I decided to message Paula to let her know that we were in Minnesota for the next two days. You can imagine her surprise! MN to relax and chill out—as my lower back was about to give out. In spite of all this, we decided to find a reasonably priced Comfort Inn hotel to kick back, do some laundry and down a few beers before heading back out to Milwaukee for the 110th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Party. It was then we elected to meet up with our internet friend Paula from the North Star State. Let me stop you right there, mmmm-kay? I can tell by that little gasp of breath in what you think is coming next. Yes, internet “friending” can be eerie, but motorcycle riders really are nice people. In the early days of the internet, it was common advice to never meet someone in person that you’d only met online. These days, it’s much more common—especially for bikers; meeting people from the online realm

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Paula was born and raised in Minnesota, and currently owns a 2006 Harley-Davidson 883 (converted to a 1200) Sporty Low she calls, Lil Thumper. She started riding with her Dad as a teenager, and this is when her love for motorcycling began. She is a single mom with a teenage boy and for the past 15+ years, she has worked as a Customer Service Manager for a large Minnesota business called Murals Your Way that specializes in custom wall mural décor. The next thing you know, we were messaging back and forth about our trip and our plans for the next couple of days. I’m sure Paula must’ve had some reservations herself—I mean three dudes from Canada stopping over in the farmlands of

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014

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Meeting New Friends in Minnesota After spending the afternoon together, it was decided that later that night we would all go out for dinner and drinks. Paula suggested the Station in Monticello, Minnesota as a destination for the four us to go. We were told it was a frequent stop for bikers. The service was good—and we were not disappointed at all. Our server was back and forth with our drinks fairly quickly (beer, beer, and more beer). There was music playing and a small number of people inside. My friends and I all went for the burger and fries and they seemed to be very satisfied with their choices. The atmosphere was great as we talked it up for a good part of our meal—then the real entertainment began. Two busloads of bachelorettes entered the building! Oh yeah, I can’t even make this stuff up.

girls took full advantage of this opportunity. Plenty of drunken eye candy here!—If you’re a single guy looking to pick up ladies, this is the place to go—if you’re into this sort of thing. Paula enjoyed our Canadian responsiveness

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As soon as they got in the door, some drunken girl staggers over to our table and she steps on my foot with her heel, as she’s placing beads around my neck. Great first impression. There were at least I’m the first to admit it, meeting someone you 10 brides-to-be hanging with us, passing out beads know platonically online can be a far more awkward and dancing around. The entire bar was filled with endeavor than some random date. You may know bachelorettes. I think there were maybe ten guys her, but you don’t know her. Do you shake hands? in the whole place, including us three. Ahhh...yes, Do you hug? Do you do that open-palmed halfa bunch of drunken brides-to-be and us married wave? God forbid she goes for the hug and you minions. Needless to say, the party busloads of go for the handshake like you’re in some jerking, uncoordinated, chest-poking dance. Worries aside, when Paula arrived on her Sporty, we greeted her with open arms. It was like meeting an old high school friend. Proper introductions were made and we continued our conversations as if we know each other from 20 years ago. Everything came together perfectly. The beauty of the whole thing is we never would’ve met if it weren’t for the internet. Not every situation is ideal, but there’s no reason your internet friends can’t be real world friends too. For us, it started with a few people who knew each other from Facebook—and all that awkwardness was avoided thanks to the group setting (and some drinks). Minnesota? But, I’m pleased to say that she agreed to meet us in the lobby of our hotel. 

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Meeting New Friends in Minnesota among the bachelorettes, but we soon decided it was time to leave after having a long day ourselves. We said our good-nights and Paula agreed to return back the following day with a male friend, to take us riding around the many lakes that Minnesota has to offer.

as we had hoped as we waited for Paula and her friend, Scott Sherwood who is a retired U.S. Army serviceman to drop by our hotel. When they arrived, Scott introduced himself to us and after getting to know him; I truly believe we should chronicle our journey through life, no matter how boring we think it might be, after all, military personnel live in For Bill, Glen and I we returned back to the an entirely different world than the one we live in. hotel safe and sound after having a venturesome Our day-to-day lives may sound courageous, but ride home. It’s a good thing we can’t look into the nothing compares us to their missions. There is a future as I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Now bona fide reason as to why they ride motorcycles looking back I have to laugh. The slogan, “what and live life hard. Many a times, I have stumble happens on the road stays on the road” applies. But, upon ignorant people that ask the questions most thank goodness I’ve become skilled at improvising of us are too polite to ask. Unfortunately, they as it would save my bacon many times later in life. wrap their question inside uneducated, slanderous The next day, we boys weren’t feeling as fresh judgments. The phrase most used is “I just don’t get it!” One would think if you don’t ‘get it’, you might withhold your criticism until you DO get it. Scott is a great guy and I thank him for his service and my freedom!

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That afternoon, we decided it was time to cut loose and do some riding around Big Lake and up to Bailey Ray’s in Santiago, Minnesota for dinner. Glen, was a little under the weather and decided to sit this one out, and told us to go and have fun. Wishing that Glen would’ve joined us, we headed out to the parking lot of the hotel, fired up our Harley’s and took off. Scott with his Fat Boy led Bill and

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Meeting New Friends in Minnesota me, with Paula riding next to Scott. We blasted along SR10 towards Big Lake—Man, Minnesota’s elected byways meander through a wide variety of landscapes, along with beautiful scenery like tumbling waterfalls, grand bluffs towering above winding rivers, ribbons of prairie, city parks, pastures and rolling hills. Several of these roads are also designated as National Scenic Byways. It’s a biker’s paradise! When we arrived at Bailey Ray’s, we decided to take a group picture outside the bar, as I set the timer on my digital camera. Its memories like these that last a lifetime. Inside Bailey Ray’s it offered a warm, comfortable country atmosphere served with a spirit of excellence. Paula and Scott told us that Bailey Ray’s owners strive to offer top notch entertainers who are typically only seen in larger cities. They offer real good food and it’s worth the

drive. Trust me.

but we spoke of how we would meet up again the following summer in Canada to attend the Friday After dinner, we rode over to Scott’s place to the 13th event in Port Dover, Ontario. Outside in the leave behind Paula’s Sporty. Scott decided to be parking lot, Scott fired up his Fat Boy as Paula rode the responsible one, as Paula rode two up with me “bitch”—we watched as Scott tore away leaving at back to the hotel, where we met up with Glen for least 30 feet of rubber on the pavement. Gotta love more partying. Glen appeared to have come around it! and was ready for another evening of drinks and laughs. Scott had us in tears with some of his broad This ended our time in Minnesota, as the next humour. The beers were flowing and it’s times like day we were scheduled to leave and head out to these that make it all worthwhile, simply hanging Milwaukee for the upcoming Anniversary Party for out with friends and reminiscing—and believe me, Harley-Davidson. Remember earlier, I said I needed both Scott and Paula have a lot of ‘back-in-the-day’ a break to rest my back. Yeah, stay tune for my next stories.  story on our trip to Wisconsin and all the fun times at the Motor Company’s 110th Birthday Bash! Like all things, they must come to an end. It was getting late and it was time to bid farewell to Scott Mike “Chopper” Bechard and Paula. We walked them downstairs to the lobby Lone Wolf Clubhouse and hugged them goodbye. Some tears were shed,

The WILD Atlantic Way is calling... Come discover 2,500KM of wild, rugged beauty filled with twists and turns that are made for motorcycling!

Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental & Tours, is a 100% Irish owned company, and a national multi-award winning Tour company

Officially approved by Tourism Ireland! We are riders too! The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


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bc events

The Blue Knights are are aa not-for-profit, not-for-profit,fraternal fraternalorganization,, organization, consisting of active and retired police men and women who enjoy riding motorcycles. With over 600 chapters worldwide and 20,000 members, the Blue Knights promote camaraderie with the police community, while actively assisting local charitable organizations. If you are an active or retired member of the police, consider joining Vancouver Island’s newest Blue Knights Chapter; BC VIII, based out of Victoria.

8859-201 St. Langley, BC V2Y 0C8


20591 Fraser Hwy., Langley, BC V3A 4G4 604-510-2646 3511 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V5K 2A8 604-293-1107

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


bc news / events

Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club News I am contacting you to get the word out for the GVMC’s 22nd Annual “Ride For The Kids” formerly the Gord Heppler Memorial Ride for B.C. Children’s Hospital. It is the same ride that it has been for the last 21 years with all the same aspects (breakfast, ride, silent auction, prizes, draws, barbecue etc.) just with a new name and still to help Kids With Cancer. 

This year it is earlier than usual. The committee has decided on May 4th, 2014 so as not to conflict with Mother’s Day, the long weekend or the Ride To Live.  The Salvation Army’s “Ride Into History” and fund raiser for the Gateway of Hope and the Homeless.  The GVMC is promoting this Ride and have attended it for the last two years.  It is definitely for a good cause and you get your money’s worth when you sign up.  In the past, we have had breakfast, lunch, a ride, prizes, t-shirt and a marvelous dinner put on by Milestones who are again doing the dinner this year. Best Regards, Jackie Heppler GVMC Webmaster

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


BC Events

G e t y o u r e v e n t i n f o r m at i o n t o u s w e c a n n o t p r o m o t e w h at w e d o n ’ t h av e an informed community is a strong community! e v e n t s @ b e lt d r i v e b e t t y. c o m The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


BC Events

Ride as if your life depended on it! The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


BC events

Show and Shine Cash Prizes! $100 ( x 2 ) $50 ( x 1 )

When: Friday, August 16 Where: Chase Beach Vendors Wanted—For more informa�on please contact:

Time: 5pm—9pm

Julie John, 250-572-6215 or email

The Mall at Piccadilly May 2 - 4, 2014 Salmon Arm, BC $10 Entry per Bike

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Get 50% off your first 6 months of advertising! Contact Belt Drive Betty to find out about the:

Veteran’s Business Starter Program.

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014

R 12

1st place winners - show and shine

1st peoples choice  princeofdarkness

1st Antiqe danske

1st Best Paint princeofdarkness

1st British Danske

1st Classic moose sk777

1st Comedy Glassdude

1st Cruiser American kenman

1st Cruiser Metric MissyLeanne

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


1st place winners - show and shine

1st Custom American  princeofdarkness

1st Custom Metric metriccustom

1st Garage ron5888

1st Rat BrentmanII

1st Sport Bike k.ham

1st Sportster Janey

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

1st Pro-built outlooker7

1st Stock American JoeyCarothers

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


1st place winners - show and shine / BC EVents

1st Touring American Trash

1st Touring Metric altacountrygirl

1st Touring Metric pookie

1st Trike Class TrinityTriker

We want to thank all of the participants and all of the voters for the great turnout. 1st Veterans Tribute Diablo

1st Vintage tophat71

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


international / national news

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


national events 2014 WITW Canadian National Rally

ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations!

August 14—17, 2014

Directory Enquiries

Gold Rush Come join the Saddlebags Chapter of Women in the Wind for the first Canadian National WITW Rally! Thursday to Friday—Barkerville, B.C.

Caller: ‘I’d like the number of the Argo Fish Bar, please’ Operator: ‘I’m sorry, there’s no listing. Are you sure that the spelling is correct?’ Caller: ‘Well, it used to be called the Bargo Fish Bar but the ‘B’ fell off.’

Friday to Sunday—Prince George, B.C. For more information go to our Website: Or chat with us on Facebook: Women in the Wind Saddlebags Chapter

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


From the Depths of File 13 Atlantic Motorcycle Coalition to stop the spread of this discriminatory practice brought down on the community by the manufacturers.

(AKA my two bits worth by Belt Drive Betty) The Discrimination Begins Power of the People Pt. 2

Something YOU NEED to know about the J2825 and your motorcycle’s insurance:

The 2014 riding season has not gotten underway If the officer/s conducting the test damages your in many regions on Canada yet, but our lifestyle and bike, your insurance WILL NOT cover the damage machines are already under attack. and your only recourse is to sue the officer/s, not Saskatoon is moving for a motorcycle noise bylaw the police service but the officer/s. with a 92 decibel level and they will be using the DOCUMENT YOUR STOP with video and get controversial J2825 SAE Test to measure the noise the officers names and badge numbers on from your motorcycle. paper. The 92 decibel J2825 Motorcycle Only Noise Test In Atlantic Canada, we have the City of Bathurst created by the Society of Automotive Engineers for that does not want motorcycles or our ilk in their the MIC and MMIC is slowly spreading across the community. They passed the discriminatory country. motorcycle only noise bylaw in 2011, the same bylaw has been passed in Edmonton and many Watch the video to see how its conducted: other communities across the country.

In Edmonton there is MODEL to help you fight your noise tickets, but they can also provide information to you or a rights group you belong to that can help you no matter which province or territory you live in. For you riders in Saskatchewan, you can contact RAGE if you need help. Canadian Riders are not alone in being singled out for special attention either.

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Riders in Atlantic Canada have formed the

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


From the Depths of File 13 In the state of Illinois motorcycle poker runs are I will say it again, as the discrimination begins now required to pay a $400.00 fee to hold a poker - The Power of the People can affect change, but run and each stop must buy a special license worth not unless you join an association or group and $150.00 provide them with documentation on the situation you face.  (Read my blog post from yesterday to get We all know about the bikie crack down in the links and information on the various riders rights Australia and how innocent riders are being organizations in Canada.) detained and harassed all in the name of getting rid of the 1 percenters.

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G e t y o u r e v e n t i n f o r m at i o n t o u s w e c a n n o t p r o m o t e w h at w e d o n ’ t h av e an informed community is a strong community! e v e n t s @ b e lt d r i v e b e t t y. c o m The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


From the Depths of File 13 Unless you make your voice heard by people who can actually do something it’s just whining & sniveling. And we know that whining and sniveling is NOT going to get us anywhere, Here are a few ideas on what you can do this riding season to protect our way of life: #1 - Self Policing - not always a popular option, but turning your back on the show offs who ruin it for the rest of us is one thing we as a community can do easily. Don’t give the attention seeker the attention they are looking for. IGNORE THEM, SHAKE YOUR HEAD and TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM.  Laughing, encouraging or cheering for them only feeds their ego and eggs them on and that is ALL bad for the rest of us. #2 - Respect - remember we have to share our cities and communities, we need to be good neighbors and that means being respectful in hospital zones, residential areas and in business sectors where people are eating on patios and conducting business in their offices. Because other drivers often make more noise than we do, we need to lead by example by being respectful.  While we all know that in urban riding situations cracking the throttle can and often will wake the driver up who is drifting into your lane, cracking your throttle to show off only causes us to loose a tool in our self defense tool kit. Use your pipes only when needed in urban riding situations.

emergency stopping and maneuver’s, being highly aware of your surroundings and decent riding gear for physical protection are still the best protection you can have out there. #3 - Be a Part of the Solution - Join a riders rights association in your region and for Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories where there is no association other than MODEL Edmonton (Motorcyclists Opposed to Discriminatory Exhaust Legislation), document your stop and make sure you have a good lawyer. #4 - Film & Photograph - Using a helmet cam or a bike mounted camera can often times provide the evidence you need regarding stops and crashes, so consider making that investment. Historical information is hugely valuable for lobbying groups. We are collecting information to have at the ready just incase we ever get a national riders rights association off the ground in this country. If you wish to share your information on a stop you think was uncalled for or you experienced any

kind of profiling, discrimination or harassment, you can fill out the Police Harassment Report on our site. We have two choices, either work to protect our lifestyle OR be prepared to be harassed and discriminated against and learn to like it. That’s the way I see things - what are your thoughts? -BDB 

      

 

Being well trained in

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


2nd place winners - show and shine

2nd antique BrentmanII

2nd best paint pookie

2nd british buffy

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2nd cruiser american players5

2nd cruiser metric DaveClayton

2nd custom american players5

2nd custom metric 68johnny5

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


2nd place winners - show and shine

2nd garage Elgordo

2nd peoples choice  princeofdarkness

2nd pro-built eyecandy customs

2nd sport bike tank13420

A BIG THANK YOU TO OUR ADVERTISERS Bagot Leather Goods Luggage Plus 34 Princess Street Kingston, Ontario (613) 544-4612

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Naitve Arts Tattoo 8, 4919 - 49th Street Red Deer, Alberta (403) 309-3089

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


2nd place winners - show and shine

2nd sportster WildChild

2nd stock american dynoman99

2nd touring american sandspec

2nd touring metric Poppy

“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.” -Mother Teresa 2nd trike Tricky Triker

2nd veterans tribute

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

2nd vintage dynoman99

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Ab events

Reserve Your Spot Today at

Our next Garage Party™ will be at the dealership on March 29th, 2014.Party starts at 7pm. RSVP at 780-882-8883.

MIGHTY PEACE HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 12401-99 Street Grande Prairie, AB.T8V 6Y5

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


AB news - david pocock Touring / travelling / camping season is coming!! Are you ready? What do you take with you to eat, how do you cook it? How much and what to pack, has always got to be weighed against concerns of how much space we have and the kinds of facilities we will be using. If you’re going to be using motels, then by David Pocock packing food might be limited to snack foods for the occasional rest stop. If you are going to be camping, then decide how much and what you carry, based on where you will camp and if there are known facilities for buying food or other supplies.

• Mess kit, these are inexpensive and the good ones are VERY rugged. • At least one “Sharp” knife • A good cast iron or stainless steel frying pan, useful for a huge variety of meals, heavy gives a more even heat and will survive more abuse. • I have a Peak I single burner stove uses white

gas (Coleman (R) stove fuel) this is a rugged little stove and it comes with it’s own storage container that is also a convenient pot for boiling about anything you want to boil. • a small toiletry kit. • Bar soap, basic soap bars are available and can be used for everything from shampoo to dish washing ...there are good liquid soaps out there

This is my basic list, yours may vary, depending on how much room you have and if you are riding two up, or single. • Tent, 2 person, this leaves room to bring your gear in out of the weather if you’re travelling single. • Tarp, large enough to provide extra shelter for gear and, maybe even the bike. • A good mummy bag sleeping bag, this can be substituted with blankets and such if you are in warmer climates, just remember that at altitudes above 900M (2900 ft) MSL, and in dry climates like high desert, nights are cooler even in the middle of summer. • Foamy or air mattress, makes life a whole lot more comfortable. • A small cooler, to keep some of the basics .. I use one of the small “lunch box” size coolers.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


AB news - david pocock too but with a bar you do not have to worry about spillage, just a thought. • First Aid kit, a DO NOT FORGET item, not necessarily for you but it is always good idea. • Water, don’t leave camp without it. You do NOT need to go to MEC or (in the US, REI) to get camping equipment that is compact, check out your local Army-Navy department store or the Surplus store there are good deals to be had also do not forget to look on-line, Kijiji is a great resource as is E-Bay, but there are a host of places limited by your imagination. Some ideas for food: • When making up chicken/tuna/egg salad for sandwiches, try using cream-cheese instead of mayonnaise or Miracle whip, cream-cheese is not as temperature sensitive. • Hard boiled eggs for eating at a rest break or for picnic lunches, leave them in their shell, they will travel better and again are not as temperature sensitive. Here is a recipe for Bannock that I’ve found works for me and stores very well. 2 cup (500 ml) all purpose flour 1 tbsp (15 ml) baking powder ½ tsp (2 ml) salt ½ - 3/4 cup (125 -200 ml) WHOLE powdered milk

out, or use vacuum bags) I have stored this for up to 2 years and had it come out well (as long as no moisture gets into the bag). To make, add about 1 cup (250 ml) of water into the ziplock bag, seal and mix by squishing the bag back and forth till ALL of the mix is wetted, keep going till it forms a ball of dough. Heat up fry pan and put in enough cooking oil to cover the bottom of the pan, tilt the pan so the sides of the pan get covered. Pour in the dough from the bag and spread it out in the pan keep the heat even and avoid burning the dough. It’s done when you can stick a fork in the middle and not have material stick to the fork when you pull it out. Hints: • Cook up some bacon in the fry pan first, you will not need cooking oil. • Crumble the bacon into the dough mix. • Alternately add dried fruit (raisins, currents, etc.) to the mix before you add the water, and remember to add a little extra water to hydrate the fruit a bit too. • Some cinnamon or nutmeg or “savoury” spices (Sage, marjoram etc.) make a different flavour, add sparingly. • When cooked, Bannock does not need refrigeration to keep. • Bannock reheats well usually, and goes well with just about anything. I wish you all a great summer of wonderful adventures and GREAT rides.

The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin’.

Store in 1 litre “ziplock” bags (squeeze the air

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AB news - m.o.d.e.l. edmonton By Liane Langlois A new report was requested by Councillor Anderson and Councillor Caterina to show the current breakdown of tickets issued as well as the costs behind those tickets. The numbers are still in favor of showing the noise bylaw to be an inefficient piece of legislation. We have updated the table on the Stats page.  What we will state is that the conviction rate has gone down by 2% and out of the total number of tickets issue, it stands at 19%.  The rate tickets are quashed is 25%.  What is a great improvement is the number of tickets waiting to go to court which has risen 10% to account for 23% of the tickets issued to date. Regarding the costs, the EPS listed known costs such as the equipment, free testing clinics, annual

Facing noise bylaws that single out motorcycles? Contact M.O.D.E.L. for assistance no matter what province in Canada you live in!

calibration fees as well as training. Just a note on the training, the report states 20 officers where EPS submitted a report in May of 2012 that stated 36.  Therefore the amount listed in the current report is not accurate.  Regardless, what isn’t listed is where the actual true costs of this program balloons; enforcement, administration of issuing a ticket and court costs.  With more and more tickets going to court, the costs become higher and higher, win or lose. An interesting note at the end of the report from EPS states that motorcycle noise is not a traffic issue.  That begs the question as to why 36 traffic officers are dealing with a non-traffic issue?  This is an inefficient use of resources, especially when the EPS are continuously asking for more in their budget.

To view the full report submitted by EPS, please click here.

Home • Auto • Motorcycle • Commercial • 1.888.385.8466 Calgary • Ancaster • Burlington • Midland

The main issue of inequity still remains. The application of this law is not in line with the current provincial legislation.  Detention can last up to an hour and the fine is nearly double.  All of this for 8 complaints in 2009.  Yes, 8 complaints specific to motorcycles in a city of 1,000,000 people resulted in enacting a bylaw that targets one group.   We agree with the premise behind the bylaw.  All we have ever asked for was equity.  It shouldn’t be this hard.  

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Motorcycle Musings It makes you ache, way down deep where no hand can touch, no thought can move... Your breath is shallow, your heartrate increases, your palms itch & grow moist as do other secret places... You lightly caress the cool metal, the rough leather, feeling the sensual smoothness under your fingertips & resist the urge to grasp somewhere tightly & feel her strength run up your arms... Yet she still sits... Waiting for you... Patiently biding her time... Lonely in the dark, cool room... Alone in the night... This is not yet the right time.. but it’s close. It’s coming. You feel it. This is not your moment to seize, to fondle, to touch, to hold... The lingering glances speak volumes, eyes partly closed, a ghost of a smile upon the lips that your tongue lightly tastes...the memories of many kinds, stirring your pulse... And the doors close. You walk away... Til later...

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8882 170 St NW West Edmonton Mall 1st Floor by the Bay Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7

Phone: 780.474.2501

Visit our Brand New Online Store at: Security & Surveillance Cameras in Stock!

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Motorcycle Musings ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations! Samsung Electronics Caller: ‘Can you give me the telephone number for Jack?’ Operator: ‘I’m sorry, sir, I don’t understand who you are talking about.’ Caller: ‘On page 1, section 5, of the user guide it clearly states that I need to unplug the fax machine from the AC wall socket and telephone Jack before cleaning. Now, can you give me the number for Jack?’ Operator: ‘I think it means the telephone plug on the wall.’

WHAT WE DO  Transportation of your motorcycle from Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary. and surrounding areas to Las Vegas and back.  Please contact us if your area is not included.  Enclosed air ride haulers for safe secure transportation.  Secure storage location in Las Vegas  Group pricing packages for transport to all major bike events in Canada and the USA.  Reliable and experienced drivers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION  Call us at 1-780-906-6968  Visit us online at  Or email us at

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• • • •

Multiple Sclerosis in the world. MS is the most common neurological disease affecting young adults in Canada. Every day, three more people in Canada are diagnosed with MS Women are more than three times as likely to develop MS as men. MS can cause loss of balance, impaired speech, extreme fatigue. double vision and paralysis. MS was first identified and described by a French neurologist, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, in 1868. We don't know what causes MS but researchers are closer to finding the answer.

AB Events

accomplish this is through research. I want to raise money for the MS Society of Canada and also raise awareness about this debilitating disease. Please Donate at We are also looking for sponsors for this worthwhile cause please contact.

From MS Society of Canada web site


9th Annual Canadian Rockies 2014



1.888.810.2103 or

Featured Headliners

“Then I discovered that being related is no guarantee of love!” ― Stieg Larsson

Mary Kaye

Allen Christie

Ed Peekeekoot

The Wardens Sunday Dinner Show


3 MustySteers

IT’S THE ONLY LAW WE DO Calgary 1-877-230-0091 Braithwaite Boyle Centre 1701 Centre Street N Red Deer 1-877-314-0123 Braithwaite Boyle Annex 3401 Gaetz Avenue

Danny & Susan Gibson Featuring Dwain Sands

Daryl Makk

1/2 price camping or motel for Sunday Only.

Edmonton 1-800-661-4902 Braithwaite Boyle Building 11816 - 124 Street


Free Consultation Call any local toll-free number 24 hours Proud sponsors of:

The Canadian Paraplegic Association

INJURY CONTROL RESEARCH GROUP Faculty of Medicine University of Alberta

Serving Riders in Alberta, BC, Yukon and NWT

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AB Events

Busted Knuckle Chronicles



Canada’s Rider Powered News The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

“There’s y e t, f o r who’ve -Jim

not a word old friends j u s t m e t. ” Henson

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3rd place winners - show and shine

3rd British buffy

3rd Custom American scarylarry

3rd Peoples choice Diablo

3rd antique dynoman99

3rd  best  paint  Phenx

3rd classic class bikerbob

3rd cruiser american-elmontr

3rd  cruiser  metric  WolfieHearns

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3rd place winners - show and shine

3rd sportster higsn

3rd stock american Dand

3rd touring american Digger71

3rd touring metric Da51d

3rd touring metric kFuzzy

3rd trike gmac

3rd veterans tribute pookie

3rd vintage moose sk77

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AB Events - Thoughts to Ponder Finders Keepers A poor Jew finds a wallet with $700 in it. At his synagogue, he reads a notice saying that a wealthy congregant lost his wallet and is offering a $100 reward for it. He spots the owner and gives him the wallet. The rich man counts the money and says, “I see

saying, “Rabbi, I trust you believe ME.”

you already took your reward.” The poor man answers, “What?” “This wallet had $800 in it when I lost it.” They begin arguing, and eventually come before the rabbi.

The rabbi says, “Of course,” and the rich man smiles. The poor man is crushed. Then the rabbi hands the wallet to the poor man. “What are you doing?!” yells the rich man.

Both state their case. The rich man concludes by

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Thoughts to Ponder The rabbi answers, “You are, of course, an honest man, and you say the wallet you lost had $800 in it. Therefore I’m sure it did. But if the man who found this wallet is a liar and a thief, he wouldn’t have returned it at all. Which means that this wallet must belong to somebody else. If that man steps forward, he’ll get the money. Until then, it belongs to the man who found it.” “What about my money?” the rich man asks. “Well, we’ll just have to wait until somebody finds a wallet with $800 in it...” Submitted by Christine Wright What is Politics? A little boy goes to his dad and asks, ‘What is Politics?’ Dad says, ‘Well son, let me try to explain it this way:

I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister.

So the little boy goes to his parent’s room and finds his mother asleep.

Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government.

Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room.

Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole We are here to take care of your needs, so we will and sees his father in bed with the nanny. call you the People. The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class.

He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy say’s to his father, And your baby brother, we will call him the Future. ‘Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.’ Now think about that and see if it makes sense.’ The father says, ‘Good, son, tell me in your own So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about words what you think politics is all about.’ what Dad has said. The little boy replies, ‘The Prime Minister is Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, screwing the Working Class while the Government so he gets up to check on him. is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.’ He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. Submitted by Rich



AIRPORT PARKING “The Original International Airport Hotel”

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

Phone: (780) 955-2581

2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

2110 Sparrow Drive, Nisku

Phone: (780) 955-2336

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2120 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2 Phone (780) 955-2581 • Fax (780) 955-9466 Phone:(780) 955-2581 Reservations Toll Free 1-800-420-1596

Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-420-1596

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R.A.G.E. - nuts and bolts / SK Events INDIVIDUAL VOICES into a UNITED MESSAGE. R.A.G.E. Purpose: To lobby SGI and the Government of Saskatchewan on behalf of all who license/plate motorcycles in Saskatchewan. This is done by educating members and supporters around Strategic Plans which promote fair motorcycle legislation for OUR RIGHTS when it comes to rates, safety and traffic laws. You will see “Nuts and Bolts” every six weeks or so. These are articles that explain R.A.G.E. what we are, what we do, how we do it. The “nuts and bolts” of us.

So we are UNITED in each of our voices towards solutions that are for OUR Rights.

Dare to Know What your body needs to heal itself! The BodyTalk System with Practitioner: Bev Groot To book an appointment or find out more about the BodyTalk System call: 306.981.5686


R.A.G.E. (Riders Against Government Exploitation) was formed in 2013 by concerned motorcycle enthusiasts to combat the steep R.A.G.E. is a non-profit organization comprised of Motorcycle insurance rate increase proposed by motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to protecting the SGI. individual rights of motorcyclists in Saskatchewan. Within a very short period of time the group hit Mission every corner of Saskatchewan and decided it was critical to incorporate as a non-profit organization. R.A.G.E. cannot replace each of your own individual VOICES. Instead what we UNITING

So here goes…the 5,000 foot overview of R.A.G.E.

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


R.A.G.E. - ORGANIZATION This is the part of R.A.G.E. that you see out and about at swap meets, runs, rallies, posting online, and working on the back-end getting the word out to everyone about what needs to be done. This side of R.A.G.E. is what now keeps the ball rolling through memberships, building the “war chest”, communications, so the riding community of Saskatchewan will always have a UNITED voice…so we stay strong. This is the Board, Area Rep, and Committee side of R.A.G.E. This is how we serve our members. We do this through political change, charitable events, and public education. Area Reps are the “go-to” person in your area for help with things that are happening in your own backyard. They help YOU organize YOUR voice. They don’t do it for you…they help YOU in your own backyard. They also help answer any question you may have regarding R.A.G.E. and are there for any feedback you may have. It is our goal to have Area Reps in every MLA riding in the province of Saskatchewan. This way they will get to know “their” MLA and be able to work closely for the needs of the

R.A.G.E. riding community in their own backyard. Thanks to this group there are a lot of R.A.G.E. members and supporters sporting R.A.G.E. t-shirts and hoodies. This side of R.A.G.E. also organizes the annual Awareness Run (May 18) and Show and Shine (August 24).

R.A.G.E. – strategy This side worked night and day in 2013 pulling all the data available from around the world and creating a solid Counter Proposal for YOU based on real facts and figures. This is the team that is currently working on the 2014 Rate Review Proposal.

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Caen Unit – Fund Raiser Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 Press Box Sports Bar 909 Albert St. – Regina, SK 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Rack of ribs, rice & Caesar salad + draft beverage Tickets $20.00 Major door prize give-away from Prairie HD! 50/50 – two draws, 7:30 & 9:00 PM Additional door prize give-aways… For tickets contact any Regina Caen Unit member Or pick-up from Prairie Harley Davidson.

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


R.A.G.E. To Action developed by the Strategic Team actively taking part in R.A.G.E. surveys and polls developed by the Strategic Team for the purpose of developing a Strategic Plan for This is the side of R.A.G.E. that continues to this R.A.G.E. day to work tirelessly with SGI, watching what is happening, making sure the motorcycle community • actively contacting those who are identified (YOU) gets information, which keeps us ready to in the Strategic Plans and Calls to Action by lobby at a moment’s notice email, phone, letter writing, signing petitions • demonstrating on behalf of R.A.G.E. When there is no Rate Review, or if they are not needed by Area Reps, this is the quiet side of • fundraising on behalf of R.A.G.E. attending R.A.G.E. R.A.G.E. • events whenever possible. These events At times you may not hear from them, but they will be around fundraising for R.A.G.E., are always watching, researching, working with SGI. demonstrating, and information meetings for This is the team that will, as we grow, begin the purpose of keeping members informed on polling members and supporters for feedback the activities of R.A.G.E. in areas where information is needed to provide • letting everyone you know who owns a solutions that are long-term. motorcycle about R.A.G.E. and what is For the 2014 Rate Review Proposal this team happening. Letting them know when they is continuing the work started in 2013. There need to take action were solutions in the 2013 R.A.G.E. Rate Review • being an active voice for your rights Rebuttal (our presentation in Saskatoon) that SGI • promoting R.A.G.E. and supporting other has chosen to be hard of hearing with. These members, supporters and sponsors of solutions involve implementing long-term changes R.A.G.E. in a positive manner that shape driver behavior and put an end to the Like any non-profit organization members are cycle of continuous rate increases year after year. needed to make light the large workload. A lobby The Motorcycle Review Committee group like R.A.G.E. has an extra component for recommendations were formed with a large part members which is actively using their own voices to from the initial R.A.G.E. Rate Review Rebuttal stand-up and be heard and counted in the various which the many voices of the riding community political processes here in Saskatchewan. This can used when getting their own voices heard and be anything from the SGI Rate Review, to Noise counted in the Rate Review process. Bylaws, to extremely hazardous road conditions that are being ignored by the municipality. Really, R.A.G.E. – Paid members anything concerning issues affecting the motorcycle Membership is open to anyone who has an community in Saskatchewan. interest actively lobbying for the rights of those who Being that we are a lobby group we also plate / license motorcycles in Saskatchewan. This recognize that many will not want to be actual “paid may involve, but is not limited to: members”. These people make up are vast and • following R.A.G.E. Strategic Plans and Calls strong supporters all across Saskatchewan. YOU This is the team that creates the R.A.G.E. Action Plans for all the members, supporters and riding community to follow.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

DO NOT have to be a member or R.A.G.E. to use our message and get YOUR voice counted. However, only paid members have access to specific discounts, special offers and going forward in 2014 merchandise specifically for R.A.G.E. Members. Rhonda Cwynar President, R.A.G.E. Riders Against Government Exploitation

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Canadian Legion of Riders Johnny Pag Motorcycle Raffle NAME:


Canadian Legion of Riders Charity Raffle Draw: July 13 2014 at, Rockin’ the Rink, Meota, SK at Midnight

1st Prize:Custom Painted Johnny Pag Motorcycle valued at $8500 supplied by: Johnny Pag Motorcycles of Canada & Belt Drive Betty W.C. Distributing, 1-780-881-5678

2nd Prize:Autographed Andrew Albers Minnesota Twins Jersey 3rd Prize:Autographed Bobby Hull Chicago Black Hawks Jersey PHONE:

Proceeds to Veteran related charities

Lottery Licence # RR13-0504

Tickets: $5


Special thanks to Sven Bernard of Johnny Pag Motorcycles of Canada for donating the bike that the

Canadian Legion of Riders in North Battleford Saskatchewan won! They are raffling it off to raise funds for their projects!

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Captain Ron’s Southern Saskatchewan Events List Pondarosa MH & RV Park

2014 Events

Located on Trans Canada Highway east side of Swift Current, SK

Keeping Southern Saskatchewan Motorcycle Riders Informed Volume 13 - Issue 4 1 March 2014 Date


Motorcycle Boot Camp

*New male riders… 6:30 – 9:00 PM Prairie Harley Davidson 1355 McIntyre St., Regina, SK

1 May


17 May

Wal-Mart Parking Lot Parking: 11:00am – Food: 11:00am Estevan, SK

Motorcycle Awareness Run

18 May

Leave home destinations: 10:00am Regina & Saskatoon meet at Davidson Regina, SK



Robb (306)522-1747

20-22 Jun

Keith (306)421-9644

29 Jun

R.A.G.E. Rhonda (306)545-9413

10-13 Jul

30th Annual Cystic Fibrosis

Ride For The Breath Of Life Emerald Park – Boston Pizza Register:9:30 - Noon, Leave Noon Emerald Park, Hwy #1

24 May

CMA Biker Blessing

25 May

Start time: 3:30 PM ROC Church, Hwy #6 S (S of RMP) Regina, SK

Gordo (306)543-8936

12 Jul

CMA Wally (306)757-0936

19 Jul

Chad or Kelly (306)783-1999

26 Jul

Richard (306)934-2750

27 Jul

Keith (306)421-9644

4-10 Aug

HOG Spring Poker Run Start at Yorkton dealership Yorkton HD – 86 7th Ave. S Yorkton, SK

25 May

2nd Annual Redline Poker Run

7 Jun

Redline HD 102 23rd St. E., Saskatoon SK

Proceeds to Children’s Wish Foundation

B.A.D. Bike Rodeo

7 Jun

Gates open 11am – Games,etc, 1pm

Stanley Park (between Bienfait & Lampman)

Beinfait, SK

12-15 Jun 12-15 Jun

35th Annual St. Victor Boogie Sylvan Valley Park St. Victor, SK

9th Annual Patriot Guard Ride

Minnesota Patriot Guard Lions Park - 1220 157th Ave. NE, Ham Lake, MN Created by: Captain Ron

SIR Larry (306)355-2248

24 Aug


30 Aug


Saskatchewan Ride For Sight Elbow Fairgrounds, Elbow, SK

Email Rod at:

Test Our Metal – Demo Day Prairie Harley Davidson 10:00am – 4:00pm 1355 McIntyre St., Regina, SK

Prairie Regional HOG Rally

Start Edge HD, Lloydminster, AB. Stops in Saskatoon & Yorkton SK End at Prairie HD, Regina, SK

Ride For A Vet

Canadian Legion of Riders 1157 100th St. North Battleford, SK

Caen Unit Poker Run

Start at: Press Box Sports Bar 909 Albert St. – Noon start. Regina, SK

3rd Annual Fallen Brothers & Sisters Memorial Run Details to follow… Regina, SK

3rd Annual Show & Shine Riders Gear Shop Noon to 4:00 PM 1455 Rose St., Regina SK

Contact CMC Rod (306)529-3265 Robb (306)522-1747 Robb Prairie HD (306)522-1714 Kevin saskgunhunter Caen Unit CAVMU

Ph: (306) 773-5000 Open all year!

RV and Tenting sites creekside ~Full or Partial Hook-ups Bathrooms/Showers ~ Laundry Facilities ~ Internet CAA Approved

Saskatchewan Ride for Sight Elbow Arena and Fairgrounds Save the Date! June 20 - 22, 2014

D & T Customs Dave (306)536-3460 Keith (306)545-4327

74th Annual Sturgis Rally Sturgis, SD

2nd Annual R.A.G.E. Motorcycle Show Scarth Street Mall Regina, SK

Iron Workers Annual Poker Run Iron Workers Hall – 12pm Start 1138 Dewdney Ave. E Regina, SK

R.A.G.E. Rhonda (306)545-9413 Colin (306)522-7932

Donison © 2014

CAV – Canadian Army Veterans MU, CMA – Christian Motorcycle Assoc., HOG – Harley Owners Group, CMC – Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, LOH – Ladies of Harley, MJCA – Moose Jaw Cycle Assoc., RMAI – Regina Motorcycle Assoc. Inc., SIR – Southern Independent Riders, R.A.G.E. – Riders Against Government Exploitation

Not on the mailing list to receive these Events ? Send your email address to Captain Ron as listed above, please include your name.

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


R Ah the convenience of modern life. Everything is automatic, everything is instantaneous. We live is a fast pace society, so fast that we don’t even realize how much life is passing us by. For you young kids out there stop and ask some of us old timers about a time before cell phones, before this glorious internet, a time when mailing a letter would take three to seven days to arrive. A simpler time when you would sit down at the bar and talk to your friends, make wagers on who was right on some obscure trivial fact, a fact that could only be verified by asking a grey beard or driving down to the local library and checking out a book, reading that book, and bringing it along the next time to collect on your bet.

bad Uncle Monkey isle. But we get by. We accept that the world is not perfect and that thin thread that we all dangle from is broken... but it can be fixed. I have many friends who don’t have cell phones, who haven’t bought into this crazy rat race. They and I are part of a dying breed of people who fix things with our hands, who roll up their sleeves


when the tough get going and get things done. We try to keep life simple and manageable because we see how fragile our modern society is - how we can wake up one day without our heat, wake up without our water, wake up without our freedom. -bad Uncle Monkey

But beyond the convenience of smart phones and even smarter apps we take even the basics of life for granted. I know we live life dangling by a thin thread especially here in Canada were the lack of furnace or ways of generating heat can mean life or death. Last week it my water. Sustained weeks of -40-50 degree weather has driven the frost line so deep into the ground it is freezing the main water supply lines that carry the water through our modern civilized world. The line in front of my house finally had enough and ruptured like many in our city. Its been a week and the promise is that the water to our block will soon be on. How long can you live without fresh water? Think about how panic stricken you were last time you left your cell phone behind. Mrs. Monkey and I manage to get by rationing what little water reserves we have. Many neighbors simply packed up and left hoping that they would find the water on at a hotel or family and friends. I think our “missing” neighbors from Ireland have finally snapped and moved back to the green

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


attitude zone - sk event Re your article: “Lawsuit Saga Continues” Your Lawyer should have an amendment to them dropping the case ...... penalty for all fees incurred from the suit. John Welker If you wrote/reported from GP, then is that not the jurisdiction in which the proposed ‘offence’ occurred? If it is; then your lawyer should be applying for change of jurisdiction to GP. Anonymous So many shenanigans involved with Sturgis North (sic). I sympathize with your situation. Of course you know that this is a frivolous lawsuit designed to shut you up from reporting the “truth”. If anything they should be made/agree to absorb all court costs from launching this frivolous lawsuit in the first place. They want to smother you in paperwork to intimidate you, so I imagine you have been effective in educating the riding community as to the fraudulent actions this group has undertaken from day one. They simply are greedy promoters who want to profit off a legitimate motorcycle legacy such taking place in Sturgis SD. IMHO, they remind me of Chinese knock-offs posing as legitimate products, shoddy and inferior. Except twice as expensive. Whether you counter-sue is up to you, but frankly, a class action lawsuit would likely be the way to go. If the people left owing could organize enough resources to go forward, it would be in the best interest to help future organizations from being hood-winked as Salmon Arm, Sicamous and Vernon have been. Hope you make your quotas. Anonymous

Re your article: “The Power of the People” The obstacles put up to make our lives difficult need a cohesive voice to make a difference. We can get great numbers out to support all sorts of charities; I say its time to get great numbers out to protect ourselves. Our rights. Writing letters while useful, will only get you so far. We need to put boots on the ground in great numbers or suffer the consequences. Mark Wongstedt Completely agree Mark. Power in numbers. Putting boots to the ground (or rubber on the road) is effective...very effective. But it only works in large, very large numbers, and you only get to put them on once to make your point. If you can’t guarantee huge numbers (say at least 3000) then all you do is make the general public angry. Most of the large numbers you see and read about “grew” to that number doing something else...working in the background...getting stuff done...starting and growing change...all the time knowing the numbers were growing and they’d use boots someday. Then when it mattered, really mattered, they took to their boots. Rhonda Cwynar

Re your article: “The Power of the People” After reading your blogs of to-day and yesterday regarding “Power of the People” especially in regard to the motorcycle noise issue, I thought that it might be of interest to you as to what the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) has been doing - on a National basis (since we are a cross-Canada organization of about 2,400 members with 32 local sections) - in regard to the motorcycle noise issue.

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Belt Drive Betty’s Wordsearch O O Z M X F Y A U N O N I N A I I S I X D






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attitude zone - sk event I have attached 3 documents which I hope you find interesting and relevant to your blogs.

Click to go to Documents...

The first is a technical report investigating whether our old, and very old, motorcycles - mostly designed and built long before the 1983 Federal requirements for 80 decibel sound limits under specific test methods became law. This involved testing of over 50 classic and antique motorcycles at our National Rally at Paris, Ont., in 2010. The second is a status report on the situation with motorcycle noise testing and enforcement by Canadian municipalities as of October, 2012 and presented at the CVMG’s Annual General meeting at Wetaskiwin, AB, that month.

“A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it.” ― Mary Karr

Join us for the

The third is a further status report on the same situation as of October, 2013 and presented at the CVMG’s AGM at Gravenhurst, ON in that month. I think that these reports might clarify the Canadian situation somewhat and explain what actions a Canadian motorcyclist’s organization has been doing to respond to the issue of noise testing by means of the poorly designed and rather flawed SAE J2825 proposed protocol being promoted by the MMIC. I make this comment in regard to the widely circulated video in your blog which, although performed by one of the designers of the J2825 protocol, does not show an accurate or correct way to do the “test”. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the enclosed information. Yours sincerely, Allan Johnson 51 Market St., Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3C4 Tel. (905)877-1565 Email :

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Saskatchewan Lions Ride for Dog Guides

Friday, July 25, 2014

From: Saskatoon (along Highway 16) To: Lloydminster Lions - Border Bike Rally “BBR” Starting at: 229 Marquis Dr. (Timmies) Saskatoon, SK Depart at 10 a.m. Riders are asked to register on the Saskatchewan Lions Ride for Dog Guides Web Site

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


attitude zone - sk events Re your article: Lobbying for Change Good article but I have some questions, important ones: 1. If RAGE is an organization that is the voice of all motorcyclists in Sk. why do they not listen to their paid members, why do they ban paid members from their facebook page when tough

once were and why do they not follow the rules of a lobbying non-profit group. Why is a nonWhen RAGE started they had a huge paying member, non executive the spokesmen following, almost 5000, now they have less than for RAGE, someone who has blatantly stated 300. I was one of the many supporters and a that he does not care about paid members only paid member of RAGE and believed in what supporters. I believe we need a unified voice they were doing, but why now the disrespect for all the people that made them what they questions are asked?

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The BADCRU Welcomes Back BeltDriveBetty and

This is an outdoor event, please bring cash.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


attitude zone - sk events in SK. but we need one that respects riders and listens to what the members want, give us that and the supporters will be back, being condescending, thinking you are better than your members is not the way to gain confidence, until that happens RAGE is on it’s own and will never get anything done. They should also quit saying they are the voice of all of SK, motorcyclists....


As far as your comments regarding RAGE, I am not privy to all of the dealings here but I do know that they are working as hard as they know how to. I know that some of the comments that I had seen that were taken down were rather unproductive and in some cases downright abusive. These people are all volunteers, shouldering a heavy load. It’s not easy dealing with government, trying to get your I am almost positive you will not let this get organizational stuff going and lobbying at the posted, honest opinions don’t seem to be same time. There is going to be an AGM sooner wanted. that the allotted 18 month provision for a first Mohammed Ali time group from what I understand, and while Response to Mohammed Ali by BDB: not perfect - they are doing their best.

I allow most posts on my page, even when I don’t agree with them as is the case here. I generally don’t publish anonymous posts

As I said, I know they are working at it, is it perfect? No, could it be better, it will with time - and support, and patience. But not everyone is willing to give a new group the chance to truly get on their feet... BDB

Re your article: “The Discrimination Begins - Power of the People Pt...” HI ...this is hilarious...before they set a decibel level...go to a bike shop and look at some specs and tell the manufacturers to make quieter stock exhaust and then tell aftermarket exhaust manufacturers that they cant sell their pipes in Canada... and then last but not least....the RCMP will not be allowed to have Harley Davidsons with a Stage 2 or 3 because their bikes will not be legal either!!!!! Mike Bagu

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


SK - mb events G e t y o u r e v e n t i n f o r m at i o n t o u s w e c a n n o t p r o m o t e w h at w e d o n ’ t h av e an informed community is a strong community! e v e n t s @ b e lt d r i v e b e t t y. c o m The Sapsford Family’s 3rd Annual

Show & Shine


For prostate cancer research

Sunday June 1st, 2014 / 11 am to 4pm Sponsored by



Farms Don and Mary Lee Sapsford’s farm. 20 km east of Biggar, 10 km west of

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mb events

ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations! The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Caller: ‘I deleted a file from my PC last week and I just realized that I need it. So, if I turn my system clock back two weeks will I get my file back again?’

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Quebec - Riding Like a Local

R 48-54  55   56 57  58-59  59  60  61-62  63  64  65-67  68  69  70-72  73-74  75  76  77  78  79  80  81  82 



Quebec - Riding Like a Local ON Events Book Review - Ken Aiken ON News / Events ON News ON Events Sports - on events Sports ON Events - National Events Faith & Motorcycles - Winds Of Change Are Blowing ON Events ON Events - Classified of the Week Important Community News / Website Tip of the Week Support Our Troops QC EVENTS QC / NB Events NB News / Events NB Events WyzWmn’s Words to the WIse - NB Events PIE News / Events Nova Scotia News / Events Nova Scotia Events NS / NLl Events

Lone wolf

It felt strange. Waking up and realizing my motorcycle was not outside of my motel room. I could hear the rushing of the Chute des Pere, so I made myself a coffee and went out for a walk to see the falls up close. It was an overcast morning, kind of like my mood, I was worried about my bike and the bill that was going to be attached to getting it out of the shop. I wandered up to the restaurant and had myself a really great breakfast. The service was really good and the waitress did not let my coffee cup become empty. I think she could sense I needed an intravenous of coffee!

Pages 1 - 5

Rejean came to collect me at 9 am. Rejean is a good rider, and riding on the back with him was no hardship. It gave me the chance to rubberneck and really see the area. There are times where being a passenger has its advantages! Rejean’s wife had collected the parts that Carl Tremblay had ordered and Rejean had already been to the shop and dropped the parts off, then he came to collect me and ride me over to see how the repairs were going. When we got to the shop there was both good and bad news. The Harley shop had sent the wrong stator. Carl had looked the situation over and realized it was only the rubber gasket that was leaking, the stator itself was charging fine so he used a special sealant, painted it black, put the compensating sprocket in and after a test run, I was good to go. I can’t thank these wonderful people enough.

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quebec - riding like a local running the way it’s supposed to! From the Motel Chute des Pere, we headed of to the Peres Trappistes Monastery to meet with Father Clement Charbonneau (No relation to my husband).

Breakfast Room


Rejean wouldn’t take a penny for all of his and his wife’s efforts on my behalf and Carl kept the bill down and even gave me a bit of a break. Denis – AKA Sweet Pie – thank you for brining us to this great motorcycle repair shop and for helping pack my gear to the motel!

Here I was handed off to members of the Alma Motorcycle Association (AMLE), Robin & Pierre. Pretty soon we were back on the road, the first order of business was to go back to the motel and load my bike up. It was wonderful having the bike

Brother Charbonneau

Here we got to tour the Chocolate Factory. The Benedictine Monks who live here have made

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


quebec - riding like a local their living selling chocolates for a long time. Their company is called La Chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes and as we got to find out, their chocolates are magnificent. There are now only 10 monks living at the monastery and we were allowed to take a tour through a good portion of it. They have a business manager who takes care of their rented out farmland and the factory.

bit of a sabbatical from life or want to come and study. They have a well-equipped breakfast room and the rooms for rent are spacious. Much like the Benedictine nuns I met in Ireland, hospitality is a huge part of their culture. After our tour of the chocolate factory and the monastery, we headed of for the Parc Nationale de

In the monastery, hey rent rooms, much like a bed and breakfast for those who are looking for a

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014

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quebec - riding like a local RRRIDE!   Let’s Ride!


An annual charity motorcycle ride in support of the SickKids Foundation at the Hospital for Sick Children being diagnosed with and/or who are living with lupus. *All proceeds go directly to the head of the Pediatric Lupus Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children.


57 Watson Pkwy. S, Guelph

General store

Registration fee: $25 Passenger fee: $15 Receive a custom patch and more! Don’t ride?

Silent Auction !!

There are plenty of other ways to participate!

Eating area in the visitors centre

la Pointe-Taillon. Our guide for the day, Pierre, met us in the visitor information centre where we had our lunch. After a satisfying sandwich and bowl of soup, we were trundled off in a mini van to go explore the park. Lac Saint Jean is a warm lake and people who love the water, love coming here.

Please visit to register, or email

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 @ 8:30 a.m Rain date, June 1st rain or shine

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quebec - riding like a local

Rental area at the visitor information centre

Magnetite Sand

It’s peaceful, there are no vehicles allowed except park vehicles. The sandy beaches here are odd, they are blacking reddish brown with gold shot through them. I asked about the bizarre coloration and Pierre explained that the sand was filled with magnetite. The park is immaculate and offers canoe, kayaks and bike rentals along with cabin and Huttopia tent rentals. People from all over come to the Pointe –Taillon to commune with nature and the reserve is filled with beaver, moose and deer.

Rental area

ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations!

Magnatite in the sand

Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while traveling in Europe) ‘If I register my car in France, and then take it to England, do I have to change the steering wheel to the other side of the car?’

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

We were taken to visit the amazing camping that is offered here. These tents are far from roughing it! Called Huttopia tents, they have 2 rooms divided by a canvas wall, a kitchen area, and seating for 8! We were driven to another area to see the cabins and their amazing views. The park is an absolute jewel and so was our host. The guys rode with me to the L’Eternel Spa in StDavid-de-Falardeau. Before we got to the spa, the guys ensured that I knew how to get to my room for the evening, as they would have to hit the road before I was done at

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


quebec - riding like a local the spa to make it home before dark. The spa is in a gorgeous forested valley with a beautiful river and so that means game and lots of it apparently.



main lounge for some appetizers and a glass of whatever beverage we wanted. There are times when the word magnificent is the only word that can accurately describe something; this is one of those times. The road in is still gravel, but the development that As we looked out over the spa from the lounge, I the spa is in, is slated to be finished in 2015. The thought how perfect this place is. road in will be paved during that time. All I can say It’s warm and intimate and yet there is is I was sure glad it hadn’t rained or I might have friendliness about it and it draws that out of the missed out on what turned out to be an amazing customers. experience. We were chatting with people from around the When we entered the spa a smiling young lady region and as far away as Germany! who gave us keys and towels and pointed us in the direction of the lockers downstairs. After our appetizers, we were taken for a tour of Our stuff put in the lockers, we met back up in the the spa and shown the massage and treatment

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

SATURDAY,  JUNE  21,  2014    

Registration begins  at  9:30  am  at  the    Lions  Hall   61  Ross  Street,  Tiverton,  Ontario  

Wheels up  at  11:00  am    

Check out  our  web  page  at:  

Like us  on  Facebook:  Tiverton  Lions  Club  

For a  pledge  sheet  or  more  information  call:    

Gord: 519-­‐368-­‐2678  or  Ron:  519-­‐368-­‐5386  

PRIZES FOR  THE  TOP  PLEDGES   (Proceeds  to  the  local  CNIB)  

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


quebec - riding like a local rooms, the meeting rooms and then we were taken outside. I was in awe as to how well this spa uses Mother Nature to its advantage. After the tour, the guys headed off. I was sad to see them go, but I was looking forward to some time in the Norwegian spa. I went and change and showered and hit the steam room first, then I went to the cold pool. My word that was a shock to the system! After that I went and spent some time in one of the hot tubs, one with jets! I took a stroll down to the waterfall and if I thought the cold pool was cold, but strangely, it felt good. Then I took in the sauna and another cold pool and followed that up with a nice long relax in one of the relaxing tents. I felt positively wonderful as I headed to the locker room to shower and change. By the time I was done it was well and truly dark. I had about 20 KM’s to ride to get to my Auberge for the evening. The guys had been kind enough to call ahead and let them know I would be late for dinner, so I was able to doddle along and take my time to get there…. Next week, I’ll share with you the adventures of my time at the Auberge Caracajou and Whale watching in Tadoussac! In the mean time I want to once again thank my newfound friends for all their help and assistance during my time in the Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean region. The brother and sisterhood of motorcycling is very much alive and well in Quebec! BDB

“Friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family.” - Wayne W. Dyer

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


ON Events

ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations!

RAC Motoring Services Caller: ‘Does your European Breakdown Policy cover me when I am traveling in Australia ?’ Operator: ‘Does the policy name give you a clue?’

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Flattened Fauna

book review - ken aiken

Reviewed by Ken Aiken

“This is a book about animals that, like the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz, are not just merely dead but really most sincerely dead. These are animals in which even flies have lost interest.” So begins the introduction to one of the most unusual wildlife guides ever written. The many Rorschach-like, black ink illustrations in this book provide key clues to identifying creatures that, unlike the fabled chicken, failed to make it to the other side of the road. “The toad’s tendency to flatten itself against the ground when threatened or afraid produces a uniform road pattern. The illustration is drawn from an actual specimen (male). Females are somewhat larger.” “This illustration was drawn from a dead road runner, and is included to show something of the serenity achieved by a few road animals. The frantic pace of constant food seeking has slowed considerable here. Regardless of traffic speed, the bird is clearly at rest.” Flattened Fauna is not politically incorrect nor is it a frivolous book. This is a legitimate guidebook based upon years of research by the

author who teaches biology at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. It has statistics: “Various historical estimates place the density of flattened animals at from 0.429 to 4.10 animals per mile of prime highway habitat.” History: “A reliable 1897 report from North Dakota gives evidence of at least one large snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) flattened under the steel-rimmed wheels of several loaded wagons.” And, of course environmental: “Road carrion is among the major reasons why flesh-eating animals become part of the flattened fauna. Ground squirrels nibble on bats, opossums on ground squirrels, and skunks on opossums, providing a fine two-dimensional example of the balance of nature.” The various chapters identify numerous species and habits of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and small mammals. Unlike other guidebooks that focus on habitats where animals live, Roger Knutson takes a different perspective: the habitat where they died. He’s not the first to do so, but his humor—and he is very, very funny-- raises this study out of the dusty bins of academia to make this little book (5 x 8 inches and 80 pages) one that

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

you’ll read from cover to cover. Loud pipes may claim to save lives, but they definitely limit the amount of healthy wildlife a rider will see even in the most remote wilderness areas. Flattened Fauna therefore becomes the only valid wildlife guide that should be tucked into your saddlebags. FLATTENED FAUNA: A Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highways by Roger M. Knutson, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA, 1987 ISBN 0-89815-186-4 The revised edition is copyrighted 2006 and has 96 pages. Prices on Amazon. com for new books range from $2.89 to $11.66

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


on news /events

Autism Rodeo & Family Day - August 2nd 2014 2930 Haldimand Road 20, Cayuga 1st Annual Autism Rodeo & Family Day Charity Event to raise funds for Autism 11am-5pm Family Time

Overnight Camping (Adults Only) Sponsors »» Motorcycle Enhancements


May 31st, 2014 March 5, 2014 Dear Friend,

»» Tattz AndCompany »» Black widow paintball & Airsoftl »» Mainway Sports

The Durham Harley Owners Group and The Grandview Children’s Foundation are pleased to present our 6th Annual Hearts of Gold Motorcycle Ride. This event is taking place on Saturday, May 31st, 2014., starting in Whitby, and finishing at Purple Woods Conservation in Oshawa. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to consider participating as a sponsor for this special event.

Live bands ~ TBA

»» Action Auto

With the support of sponsors and donors such as you, this event has raised over $147,000 in the past 7 years. Proceeds from this year’s event will benefit the Grandview Children’s Centre.

Kids Games

Face Painting

»» Paula Manto Swick Registered Disability Savings Plan Rep.

It is our hope that you will consider donating an item or a nominal donation, to make this a successful event, as well as to encourage a great turnout on the day of the ride. This is an important component of our fundraising during the Event.

Free BBQ & Drink with admission

»» CrazeePaint Airbrushing

I thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to speaking with you shortly regarding this opportunity and to discuss how you can get involved in this important event. In the meantime, if you have questions or require further information, please feel free to contact me at

5pm-2am Adults ONLY~Rodeo Time!! •

Motorcycle Games

Show N Shine

Pig Roast

Live Bands ~ TBA

Beer Kegs



Tattz AndCompany Black widow Paintball & Airsoft Paula Manto Swick: Registered Disability Savings Plan Rep. All proceeds go to Autism Awarenes

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

600 Townline Road South, Oshawa, ON., L1H 7K6 Phone: (905) 728-1673 x.2312 Brigitte Tschinkel Fax: (905)728-2961 charitable registration number: 89105 8547 RR0001

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


on news


Lake Superior contains ten percent of all the fresh water on the planet Earth.

It covers 82,000 square kilometers or 31,700 square miles.

The average depth is 147 meters or 483 feet.

There have been about 350 shipwrecks recorded in Lake Superior

Lake Superior is, by surface area, the largest lake in the world.

A Jesuit priest in 1668 named it Lac Tracy , but that name was never officially

adopted. • •

It contains as much water as all the other Great Lakes combined, plus three extra Lake Eries. There is a small outflow from the lake at St. Mary ‘s River (Sault Ste Marie) into Lake Huron , but it takes almost two centuries for the water to be completely replaced.

There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and South America with water one foot deep.

Lake Superior was formed during the last glacial retreat, making it one of the earth’s youngest major features at only about 10,000 years old.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

The deepest point in the lake is 405 meters or 1,333 feet.

There are 78 different species of fish that call the big lake home.

The maximum wave ever recorded on Lake Superior was 9.45 meters or 31 feet high.

If you stretched the shoreline of Lake Superior out to a straight line, it would be long enough to reach from Duluth to the Bahamas .

Over 300 streams and rivers empty into Lake Superior with the largest source being the Nipigon River

The average underwater visibility of Lake Superior is about 8 meters or 27 feet, making it the cleanest and clearest of the Great Lakes . Underwater visibility in some spots reaches 30 meters.

In the summer, the sun sets more than 35 minutes later on the western shore of Lake Superior than at its southeastern edge.

Some of the world’s oldest rocks, formed about 2.7 billion years ago, can be found on the Ontario shore of Lake Superior

It very rarely freezes over completely, and then usually just for a few hours. Complete freezing occurred in 1962, 1979, 2003 and 2009. -Submitted by Violet Alderdyce

Don ‘t judge folks by their relatives.

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


on events

RIDE OF THE DECADE Saturday, May 24, 2014


PRE-REGISTRATION Friday, May 23, 2014 4:00–8:00 p.m. CFB Kingston, Thompson Drill Hall 7 D’Artisan Road

First 500 riders get a FREE meal ticket and a gift! Lots of great prizes to be won! Register online at

Ride for MS When:

Sun, September 21, 2014, 9am – 6pm






Where: Knights of Columbus - 2401 Columbus Dr., S. Windsor, ON (map) Details: Registration 9;00AM - 10:30AM. Breakfast Buffet available $5. Registration Rider $30 (FREE with $100 in Pledges), Passenger $20 (FREE with $100 in Pledges), Country Style Dinner to follow the ride. Best & Worst Hand, Door Prizes, Chinese Auction and 50/50. Poster will be posted as it becomes available. Any questions contact Shar at (519) 798-3858


Pleasure Island, Napa Auto Parts, Arby’s, Upper Level Doors, Celebrity Sign Rentals, EMC, ABC Storage, Hill Top Coffee Stop, Holly Henderson - REMAX, Tony’s Cycle, CFRC 101.9 FM, Brookland Fine Homes, Performance Shed, National Grocer, Unique Cycle, Sysco Kingston

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Ride as if your life depended on it! Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


sports - on events

MANAGEMENT TEAM ANNOUNCED FOR ISDE from November 3rd through 8th. There is strong interest from Canadian riders The 2014 edition and a good possibility that this may be the of the FIM World biggest team Canada has ever sent to the ISDE. Championship for National Enduro The CMA Board of Directors has approved Teams travels to the the reappointment of Michael Kelly to the Team Southern Hemisphere Manager’s job. He will be assisted by Lee and will take place in Fryberger and Derek Rockel. San Juan, Argentina









The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



CHEF D’EQUIPE POUR LE ISDE L’édition 2014 du Championnat Mondial FIM pour les équipes de Enduro National aura lieu dans l’hémisphère Sud dans la ville de San Juan, en Argentine du 3 au 8 novembre. Il y a un très grand intérêt de la part des coureurs canadiens et une forte possibilité que ce soit la plus grosse

équipe que le Canada n’ait envoyée au ISDE. Le Conseil des directeurs de la CMA a approuvé à nouveau la nomination de Michael Kelly pour la position de chef d’équipe. Il sera assisté de Lee Fryberger et Derek Rockel.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


ON Events - National Events

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” ― Leo Tolstoy The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


Faith & Motorcycles - winds of change are blowing

Pastor Chuck welcome at one job after the other.

Change is something we all experience in life, and for some of us there can be a great many more changes than others. I remember as a kid, attending eleven different schools over twelve years, as I had a nomadic father who moved all over the province, wearing out his

I remember the many life changing events that have taken place in my life, some of which were unexpected and many more that I had made due to circumstances or realities affecting me personally. I am thinking the decision to have kids (all three of

them) brought about a significant life style change as did the decision to start my own business some thirty years ago, that charted the course of my life. When I met Jesus, that was another huge change in my life that affected my very heart and soul and motivation for living. That choice re-booted my priorities, ethics and principles which led to huge change. Back in 2010 when I decided to leave the business world and become a biker church pastor, that was a monumental change in my life and that of my family. Nobody goes into ministry to make money, in fact there are significant financial challenges that face most people in ministry and the reality is that a person goes into ministry to serve God, and spread the good news about the salvation message.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

So that being said, our BIKER CHURCH is about to undergo a significant change... and change that will once again have a big impact on my life. So tune in next week to find out what God has in store for us, and the biker community that we are blessed to be a part of, here on the West Coast. Ride safe, ride true. Pastor Chuck

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014














c k R IZ



on events


OVERLANDADVENTURERALLY.COM Follow & like us for the latest OAR info

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



on Events

need you Each child in Durham Region deserves help... Help Grandview Kids get the opportunity they deserve, to access the supports and services they need, when they need it.

Community support matters! Close to 2,000 children with special needs and disabilities are on a wait list, simply because resources are limited. Every year, demand for critical therapy services rise, waiting lists grow and the children waiting fall further behind.

Grandview helps children and youth and their families – some to walk, some to talk and all to achieve their personal best. We’ve heard from parents that Grandview changes lives” and that “Grandview has guardian angels”.

PAPA JOE LEFEBVRE RIDE 2014 20th Anniversary: e Final Journey His Legend Rides On • • • •

Show & Shine North Bay Bikers’ BBQ, hog roast & buffet Auction proceeds toward: NBRHC Foundation

Featuring: (North Bay) Jake omas & the Fundamentals, Trout Lake Monsters (Mattawa) SAB

Join Don & Diana Lefebvre, family and friends on our Final Motorcycle Ride, Saturday, May 24, 2014. All bikes welcome! Registration: 9:00 a.m. Metro Supermarket Parking Lot 390 Lakeshore Dr., North Bay Ontario

Grandview Children’s Centre is the only children’s treatment centre in Durham Region and the only outpatient paediatric rehabilitation centre serving this region.

Ride to Mattawa: 11:00 a.m. Return: 2:00 p.m. - Grannittis Ristorante 540 Lakeshore Dr. $30/ rider - Registration, memorial patch, meal, entertainment Pledges over $60 –free registration

Built to service 400 children in 1983, Grandview now serves 5,000 children and youth and their families who have a variety of physical, developmental and communicative special needs per year.

Proudly Sponsored By:

Points to consider:

The children and youth on caseload are from all over Durham Region – right here in our own backyard. They are our friends’ children, our neighbours’ children and our children.

Visit to read more Grandview Kids’ inspirational stories. For More Information Contact: Brigitte Tschinkel, Senior Development Officer P: 905.728.1673 x2312 1.800.304.6180

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

For info call Don at 705 497-9654 or e-mail

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


on Events

G e t y o u r e v e n t i n f o r m at i o n t o u s w e c a n n o t p r o m o t e w h at w e d o n ’ t h av e an informed community is a strong community! e v e n t s @ b e lt d r i v e b e t t y. c o m The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


ontario events - Classified of the week Classified Ad of the Week:

2013 Lees-ure Lite Excel Tent Trailer Color: Tan, Burgundy, Blue and Green Perfect for two or three wheels, 255 lbs, 17 lbs tongue weight, 54” wide model, 52” x 80” bed size, comes with wide tire upgrade and spare tire with carrier. Many other options available, including an awning, Adda-room, a mattress, storage pod, and more. Check out our website for a video of this tent trailer. Financing available OAC.

PRICE: $5,299 + gst Contact:

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Trike Zone (780) 389-3344 T0C 2C0 Mulhurst Bay, AB Email:

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


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Raffle tickets to win the Canadian Tribute Military Bobber motorcycle

Simply login to the website and go to “CLASSIFIEDS” on the main menu. Here is a direct link:

are for sale now and available to buy on line (paypal) at: 2nd prize is a custom mini chopper and 3rd prize is a case of Amsoil 20w50 motorcycle oil. All proceeds are going to help relieve Mental Illness, a very worthy charity, in Memory of Steve Mesic. $20 per ticket and only 7000 printed. Draw is Apr. 5/14 Cheers, Norm 519-861-0571 The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

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Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Remembering Canada’s Fallen in Afghanistan So proudly I rise, a Canadian To stand for those who’ve stood Who’ve given so much on our behalf As every Canadian should So proud to welcome Our final soldiers back To a homeland strong and free To the nation they stood proudly for Canada they stood on guard for thee They say the mission’s over They say it’s at an end Canadian eyes should focus forth On their homeland once again 12 years serving in the sandbox Stepping forth to a better world So many paid the price to say We’ve helped our world again But is the mission truly over Or is that just what’s on the news Lord when can our nation proudly stand Say we’ve truly brought them home Is it when the brass band joyously plays A national anthem in the ears Of those who want to hear the sound Will it wash away the tears So many sons and daughters stood And still struggle to come home To the pride of friends and families Who dearly wish they weren’t alone Wandering streets, chasing beasts That haunt their every dream Or cloud the vision of a life that was Before they encountered all they’ve seen

Canada I say to you Restore the pride that stood In a brethren who stepped for us And put forth our nation’s good Leave wounded not in poverty Leave them not homeless on our streets Provide the care That truly brings them home Brings them home to us On that day I promise Oh my Lord I will proudly kneel and pray A prayer of thanks For they’re truly home And be so truly proud of us By Roger Borchert The Borchert Family Slave Lake/Morinville, Alberta

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


SUPPORT OUR TROOPS SD&G Highlanders Hwy43 Memorial Ride All Riders Welcome!

5 July 2014, Saturday

RV @ 0900 hrs

Location: Perth Legion 26 Beckwith St E. (Parking Lot) Registration Fee: $20.00 per person includes lunch Poker Run, 50/50, Breakfast available Ride ending at Morrisburg Legion with BBQ, Door Prizes and Live Band

CAV & Legion Working Together

All funds raised go to the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund

MALE OR FEMALE? You might not have known this but a lot of nonliving objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples: FREEZER BAGS: They are male because they hold everything in but you can see right through them.


PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again. They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong Buttons. TIRES: Tires are male because they go bald easily and are often over inflated

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Also a male object because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their butt. SPONGES: These are female because they are soft, squeezable and retain water.

Submitted by Gord Johnson

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Betty needs your support BUY “ I s u p p o r t B e lt D r i v e B e t t y T- S h i r t ” The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Canada’s Online Stop for Bikers & Bikeuses The Lapel Pins Boutique Lise Charron 581 307 7433

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings -- they did it by killing all those who opposed them.

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


QC / NB EVENTS May 18,2014 Atlantic Motorcycle Coalition “Unity Rally”, Fredericton, N.B. (band booked, more Details Soon).... subject to change CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Just changed my Facebook name to ‘No one’ so when I see stupid posts I can click like and it will say ‘No one likes this’. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Fredericton Toy Run to the Children’s Ward. We all volunteer our Our ride will be held Saturday June time and 100 % of the toys and moneys 14th rain or shine. This will be our 30th collected go to the children. Anniversary ride. We leave Fredericton and take a scenic county tour to Stanley for lunch, at this point we will have a barbecue, Thanks for your consideration. host a show and shine, 50/50 draw, silent auction etc. Following lunch we travel to the Victor Griffiths D.E.C.H. in Fredericton for our presentation FMC President

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



“All parents damage their children. It cannot be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.” ― Mitch Albom The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014






TwistedSister Wisdom

Presidential Wisdom World peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his neighbor, –it requires only that they live with mutual tolerance, submitting their disputes to a just and peaceful settlement – John F. Kennedy, Jr

Surviving the World Wisdom One of life’s great ironies, is that very often the If your first thoughts when somebody mentions “stuff” you’re trying to avoid right now is the same discrimination are all the ways that you personally “stuff” you’re going to miss most once you move on. are and have been treated unfairly, you might be – Ruth E “TwistedSister” missing the bigger picture. – Surviving the World Pooh Wisdom If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together.. 
there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think, but the most important thing is, 
even if we’re apart.. I’ll always be with you. -Winnie the Pooh WyzWmn’s Wisdom Guilt is non-productive (to quote my aunt Norma Scarborough) ya can’t guilt people into happily doing the work for you, you can’t guilt them into showing up – just cos you are invested, you can’t guilt them into caring and you can’t guilt them into sharing your vision, you can’t guilt them into volunteering or being committed to a cause…guilt is non-productive and that’s why so many good ideas fall by the wayside ~ I’m just sayin -Wyzwmn

A zest for living must include a willingness to die. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


PEI NEWS / EVENTS your Atlanticade VIP registration (value of $60) free”. Hicks said they have already sold about 30 tickets from the Motorcycle Show held last month in Moncton. Any of the remaining 70 tickets still available after this weekend will be offered to VIP participants.

Harley Draw To Be Held During ATLANTICADE (Summerside, P.E.) – The Summerside Boys & Girls Club annual Harley Draw and the Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival have something in common. The idea for both was borne back in 2007 and therefore 2014 will mark the 8th edition for each. So it is no surprise the two will be teaming up to support one another at this year’s motorcycle festival set for June 27th to July 1st in Summerside, PEI. On Monday, June 30th the draw will take place at festival headquarters and organizers are planning to make the evening event one of the highlights of the entire five day festival.

The Summerside Boys & Girls Club is the main charity supported by Atlanticade and last year received $7,500 in revenue generated from ticket purchases made through the motorcycle festival. “This year we wanted to bump that amount up to $10,000 and work with the Boys & Girls Club to make the 8th annual draw the best one yet” added Hicks. For more information on the festival go to www.

“We will be having live entertainment, additional prizes, food and some other goodies which will all add up to a great evening of fun inside the Budweiser big tent” says Atlanticade chairman Dale Hicks. “Even if you don’t win the new 2014 Street Glide you’re still in for a great time”! In fact Atlanticade has committed to selling 100 tickets and this weekend will be offering a free VIP registration to anyone who buys a ticket at either of two trade shows they will be attending. “We will have booths at both the Motorcycle Show in Halifax and the PEI Motorcycle Show in Charlottetown” explains Hicks. “If you drop by the booth and purchase a ticket on the draw you will get

The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


NOVA SCOTIA NEWS / EVENTS The 7th annual Defenders poker run will take place Sat, Aug 9th. Registration will be at 10 - 11:30 AM at the Cat Shack on Juniper Street, Truro, NS. All proceeds go to CHAMPS ( CHild AMPuteeS). There will be prizes for best hand, worst hand, door prizes and silent auction items. All types of bikes are welcome, cost is $10 per hand. Any questions: If you need any more info, please contact me John C Boutilier President Defenders Chapter 15

ANOTHER CHAPTER OF “THEY WALK AMONG US AND REPRODUCE!! Actual call center conversations! Customer: ‘I’ve been calling 7001000 for two days and can’t get through; can you help?’ Operator: ‘Where did you get that number, sir?’ Customer: ‘It’s on the door of your business.’ Operator: ‘Sir, those are the hours that we are open.’ The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



Everyone has a “best friend” during each stage of life-only a precious few have the same one. – Unknown The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014



People are like Motorcycles: each is customized a bit differently. The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - Canada’s Rider Powered News

Volume 12 11th Edition March 20, 2014


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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles 11th Edition 2014  

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