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GETTING A GOOD RECEPTION This is a time to be prudent with your marketing and advertising spend. If you are investing in expensive advertising, then make sure that every enquiry generated is converted to a booking. KNOW YOUR BROCHURE Everyone who works on reception must have a very good understanding of all salon services, what is involved in each treatment and what products are used. Being able to answer my enquiry immediately and accurately instills confidence and creates the image of well- trained, experienced professionals. WALK IN All the same rules apply for the walk-in enquiries. In many ways, this scenario is easier, as you can take advantage of all printed materials such as posters, flyers and price lists. Demonstrate the products used in the salon and offer a tour of facility. POINTS OF DIFFERENCE • What makes you different to your competitors? • What is your salon or spa’s unique selling point? Is it convenient free parking? • Maybe it is the exclusive skincare brand used, or it could be that you start every facial with a complimentary skin analysis. • Are your services available seven days a week? • Do you have a monthly special offer?

Autumn Issue No.19

Whatever is your salon’s unique selling point, make sure that it is mentioned so that the person enquiring will choose your salon rather than selecting the cheapest alternative. BE ENTHUSIASTIC Be eager to help and keen to explain more than simply answering basic questions immediately gives the person enquiring a positive first impression of customer service, professionalism and friendliness. It allows the receptionist the opportunity to add more information into the conversation because the caller is more inclined to be interested. For example, a good receptionist will be able to explain all about your pricing structures, special offers, how experienced your staffs are, the awards your salon and staff have won and what the most popular treatments are.

PROBE FOR NEEDS Clients come to the salon for lots of different reasons. Some just want time out, other wants to treat their specific skin concern, yet others just want to look and feel great. By asking why they are requesting a specific service and listening carefully to their answer, an experienced receptionist or therapist can respond to the client’s specific needs. RECEPTION TRAINING FOR THERAPISTS Don’t assume or take it for granted that everyone who answers your phone will know how to convert enquiries into sales – they won’t know unless they are trained. Count the number of incoming calls to your salon, then compare this figure with the number of bookings you took in the same week. It might just be the difference that will make you decide to undertake some reception training!


Email: Telephone: +353 1 892 8007 Skype: Mobile: liz.mckeon1 +353 86 386 1243

IRISH SPA ASSOCIATION info@irishspaassociation 0035312166693

the irish spa association launches its inaugural business forum to a full house of ireland’s leading spa operators and industry stakeholders. For the first time Irelands Beauty, Spa and Wellness sector gathered in one room under the newly established Irish Spa Association, this not-for-profit association was launched in June of this year and the inaugural business forum hosted Irelands most distinguished industry directors, managers and spa operator’s. The historic and idyllic spa hotel Cliff At Lyons set the scene for an inspirational gathering. Guests travelled from Irelands leading spa destinations and as far afield as Hawaii with Karuna Hub for the Heart joining the pivotal gathering. ‘’Our potential to fuel regional development and economic growth at all levels locally and internationally and the opportunities that creates can no longer be neglected. The support has been overwhelming and judging by the passion and the enthusiasm in this room, we are going to positively impact great changes across the Spa and Wellness landscape in Ireland’’ Says Co-founder Peigin Crowley

Autumn Issue No.19

The Irish Spa Association will endeavour to advance the spa industry to sustain health and well-being by providing invaluable educational resources, networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth Thought provoking discussion among industry leaders provided an exciting platform to guide the future of the industry in Ireland. ‘’The wellness economy is a $4.2 trillion global industry. Spa and wellness has become a major force in Ireland and around the world, yet growth has been largely a private sector phenomenon and off the radar of most government leaders, public representatives and economic developers’’ Says Co-Founder Anita Murray The association has had very successful engagement with government representatives and looks forward to a November meeting with the department for business, enterprise and innovation. ‘’Much progress has been made and much more is needed’’ says Maria Morgan panellist and Director at BeautifulJobs Ireland ‘’The industry is in crisis and businesses are going to fail if the critical issues are not addressed, I am looking forward to joining ISA in the department next month’’


Introducing Waxperts New Bare Face Facial Wax WAXPERTS ARE ON A MISSION TO ABOLISH STRIP WAXING ON THE FACE! A stripless strip wax made specifically for the face that has Waxperts exclusive flexible formula making it super versatile for facial waxing. This is not a traditional or even ‘hybrid’ hot wax. It is something completely new. It is a stripless strip wax. For many therapists that now specialise in ‘brows the wax offering has mostly been strip wax which is way too harsh for the delicate skin on the face. Strip wax on the face increases the chances of lifting skin on the client and can leave a ‘raw’ appearance. Bare Face Facial Wax applies just like a strip wax but it can be peeled off immediately without the need for strips. There is no setting time. Once applied it can be removed immediately. Because of its unique formula the application is thin and fluid resulting in precise removal every time. It has greater adhesion* than other hot waxes so it grips every hair. Using Waxperts hot wax and pre wax oil you can tailor your facial waxing to ensure all the client requests are catered to, without leaving the skin bald with any obvious patches. *Waxperts pre wax oil must be used prior to each wax application. For the first time ever we have finished the wax in pellet formula. This was specifically chosen to help those therapists that do a lot of facial waxing from a separate ‘barber’ chair or ‘brow bar’ setting. The quantity of 500grams also suits the smaller compact wax pots. There are 200 eyebrow waxes per 500g bag. Bare Face - The Facial Wax has a fruity floral fragrance with notes of peony and red apple, followed by notes of rose, jasmine and carnation. The fragrance is completed with soft notes of violet and plum and rich notes of musks and dry amber. This soft yet elegant fragrance was chosen specifically to mimic the scent of a luxurious facial or spa aroma. Allowing your client to fully relax and enjoy their treatment. For further press information, please contact Waxperts

Autumn Issue No.19


What do the Kardashians, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jordyn Woods, DJ Khalid, Ronaldinho, Floyd Mayweather, Shaquille O’Neal and Post Malone all have in common? Yes, they are all Hollywood royalty. Yes, two of the list may have publicly been at odds with the other. But the key thing that they all share is a hint of sass, courtesy of Sarah Lucey, from down the road in Cork. If you haven’t already been acquainted, meet the butcher’s daughter, Sarah Lucey, from Mallow who is now hailed as the Queen of Nightclubs in Florida. Racking up close to 200k followers, give a scroll through her Instagram feed @irishsarah and it will be hard not to chuckle, with her vibrant personality beaming alongside a myriad of A-list celebs you see in the movies or TMZ. And her job; Director of Talent LIV and STORY nightclubs in the sun-drenched tropics of Miami. So, what is a typical day like for our American treasure? “During busy weeks I could be juggling 10, 15 or 20 DJs, artists, celebs’ travel (weather problems and delays) cars, hotels etc., plus all their crew. Some have a huge entourage. I’m on my phone 24/7. The excuse of ‘I was asleep at 5 am on a Monday, doesn’t fly’. I have to respond fast and handle any PR problems. Press is always following the A-List guys which ultimately falls into my lap when they are with me. The night of a show, I could be anywhere from their hotel rooms, to taking them for dinner. Basically running around like a mad person putting out fires.”

“I knew how to sell a product or person. I then went off to Dublin to complete a Marketing Masters in Smurfit. There a motivational speaker sat me down and had me write on a piece of paper my passions and my strengths. I realised now that they are two very different things. That list probably was when the penny dropped. I wanted to sell something a product or service that brought people joy (and was an easy sell) not health insurance or TV licenses.” Sarah’s first job was as a Marketing Manager of Karma nightclub and Skeffington Arms Hotel in Galway. While she enjoyed her time there, Sarah felt she outgrew the position after 12 months. Recognising that the nightclub scene was not a huge thing in Ireland, Lucey decided to cast her net wider at the global market and realised it was Las Vegas, Miami or Ibiza to fuel her nightlife working desire. The key decision-maker for Irish Sarah was that Ibiza is seasonal working demand which she previously worked at Ushuaïa for a summer, and Las Vegas was a little too far from home being on the West Coast. Miami topped her list, as it was on the East Coast, meaning it was much closer than Los Angeles or Las Vegas. The decision was made, she packed her bags and off she went. “I literally went over blind with my suitcase in hand and hounded the big boys until they finally gave me a job.”

Let’s rewind to the start... Sarah grew up in Mallow and helped out with her family’s butchers. Lucey Butcher’s has been in the family since 1860 in Cork when a Lucey moved home from America. She grew up in the country, 3 miles from the shop on her grandfather’s farm. Attended her local school in town, allowing her to have lunch at her grandmother’s house every day, who lived above the shop until the day she died. Sarah’s brother, his wife and her nephews now occupy above the shop now – which still makes for a convenient catch up when she returns home twice a year. Onto greener pastures, Lucey completed a degree in UCC in Commerce after secretly realising her love for business, she was not ready to commit at age 18 to a specific career. Four years, here Sarah knew she was destined for a career in marketing.

Autumn Issue No.19


Irish Sarah

by Linda Pototzki

Lucey admits that the glitz and the glamour of the American Dream tends to fade at times, leading her to miss her home in Ireland. She finds comfort in watching Irish television and eating plenty of Irish food. “Every day I miss home and my family. Miami isn’t very ‘American’ as we would say at home. It is so close to South America, we get a huge umbrella of cultures. My husband is French so that’s also a taste of Europe. I listen to the Wolfe Tones getting ready for work. [It] revs me up!” Will the Irish charm force the Butcher’s Daughter back to the Emerald Isle? Sarah makes her regular trips home and at the end of every summer and every Christmas to help out with the busy Christmas rush in the butchers. Sarah confides that she has bought a farmhouse/ old shop outside of my home town Mallow within 2 acres. “If I won the lotto (actually regardless of money) I plan on moving home there and living the village, low key simple country life. Ducks, goats. The good life.” What is the secret ingredient to Sarah’s success, I hear you ask, dear reader? The answer is: “Hard work. So many people ask me how they can get my job. There’s no secret sauce. Just go after it - end of. With mad passion anything is possible.” And, there is your dose of inspiration for the day.


Miami heat Feeling inspired to take the plunge and move Stateside? The nature of obtaining the coveted US Visas can be tricky. Sarah advises: “Do it properly. Don’t mess around with visas. No-one ever gets away with it here!”

Autumn Issue No.19

Sarah’s Gallery



R E V I LO I N T R O D U C E S T H E I R RANGE OF SKINTHINGS SKINCARE PRODUCTS FOR PROFESSIONAL AND HOME USE INSTANT RESULTS WITH NO DOWNTIME FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE THE SKIN REFINER FACIAL Revolutionise your FACIAL TREATMENTS with the Award Winning non-invasive Skin Refiner Nano stimulating collagen for the best anti-aging effect. Delivering different sized Hyaluronic Acid molecules combined with powerful active ingredients into the Skin through invisible Nano Channels created with its silicone tip. The smaller ones go deeper into your skin while the larger ones work nearer the surface leaving skin Firmer, Smoother, Plumper and Beautifully Radiant. • • • • • •

Gentle, Safe and Hygienic Disposable Silicone Nano Tip Pleasant and Pain Free Stimulates Collagen nstantly, Radiant Hydrated Skin Easy to Use

The Absorption of Active Ingredients Increases from approx. 30% up to 70% SILICONE NANO TIPS In comparison to classic micro needling, tiny silicone Nano tips, each one a third the size of a strand of hair, vibrate to penetrate the top layer of the skin, forming invisible channels to allow the powerful active ingredients to pass into the skin, resulting in a fabulous glowing complexion without any downtime SKINthings premium range of skincare products harnesses the power of nature. Developed in Germany by specialists with over 30 years’ experience in making exceptional results driven skincare.

Autumn Issue No.19

All products are vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals, free of mineral oils, free from chemical fragrances, microplastics, harmful emulsifiers, dyes and artificial preservatives, with just the minimum of packaging.



Autumn Issue No.19


BEAUTIFULJOBS Aveda Style Director Kevin Bodenham, the South African born owner of Moyo Hair and Beauty, relocated to Dublin after spending a weekend here whilst on a trip to visit his family in London. Kevin had enjoyed a successful 16 year career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management before retraining in hairdressing in Cape Town, London and Dublin. The philosophy and mission of this beautifully appointed salon is to ensure that you both look and feel fabulous about your new style without damaging your hair or the environment. Winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious Irish Hair and Beauty Award for both 2018 (Best 5 Star Salon in Ireland) and 2019 (Best in Dublin), Moyo certainly seems to be succeeding in providing not only first class service but an all round happy experience too. Moyo provides bespoke haircare at its finest, using products from the Aveda range. There are no generic styles here, what suits you might not suit another, so a full and unhurried consultation is carried out before each cut. This is blissful restorative hair pampering at its best. Owner Kevin Bodenham is passionate about hair and guest service and ensures that his team of incredibly talented stylists and colourists are all imbued with the same passion and attention to detail, hence the numerous awards and 5 star online rating for this salon. The Moyo team understand their guest’s needs and ensure that Moyo delivers every time. This includes opening on Sundays to provide an oasis of calm before the working week commences. Sunday guests are also treated to a complimentary glass of excellent wine as part of their treatment. Moyo has received the seal of approval from Aveda International and enjoys the imprimatur of the founders of the global brand. The Aveda philosophy is based on the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. Aveda’s high performance botanically based products, nuture the hair and allow its vitality to shine through.

Left to Right: Aleem Mukhchi, Donato Stano, Anthony Mahon, Kevin Bodenham, Philip Akerlind (back), Phelippe Lutterbeck, Thiago Bueno

Autumn Issue No.19

Moyo was officially opened in 2008 by Eamon Ryan, Green Party leader and former Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. The Minister welcomed the influx of new business to the area ands commended the Aveda ethos of pro-actively caring for the environment. The guest list for the launch included many well known health and beauty professionals including renowned fashion editor of the Irish Times, Deirdre McQuillan. Since then Moyo has extended its commitment to nurture and protect the environment by the addition of a magnificent Living Wall. This vertical wall of plants, which covers the entire left hand side of the salon from top to bottom, is not only a beautiful work of art but serves also to bring nature into urban spaces. This vertical garden is 3m wide x 3.5m high and was designed to ensure that it complemented the Aveda philosophy of Beauty is as Beauty Does and it is simultaneously natural and awe-inspiring. Since its installation in 2015 The living wall has achieved an iconic status and is a popular tourist spot for that all important holiday selfie. Moyo is open six (6) days a week from 8am with a late night opening on Thursdays. MOYO is located at 6 Charlotte Way, St Kevins. Dublin2 Tel: 01-4763808 e-mail: Insta: @moyohair FB: Moyo Hairdressing Aveda Exclusive Salon



Boost Beauty Solutions was set up by Marsha Abrahams in March 2015 to offer the best in beauty products. She started with the Juliette Armand Cosmeceutical Skincare range, which uses the latest technology – Cosmetic Drones – in its award-winning SkinBoosters range that takes your treatments to the next level without the need for expensive machines. Within the Juliette Armand range you will find all seven of the key ingredients for healthy skin: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinoid, chemical peels, collagen, SPF and peptides. For salon owners, the company offers a range that has not seen a price increase since it arrived in the country four years ago and there will not be an increase in its prices until at least 2021! Business partner Clare O’Hanlon is available to all their therapists to answer any skincare questions in a private forum that is only for active salons. Boost Beauty Solutions are praised for there exceptional customer service and here are just some of the comments from salon owners:

Autumn Issue No.19

“As a stockist of Juliette Armand products I have been blown away by the results that these products give both in the treatment room and with homecare. There is a diverse range and there is something to suit everyone” “Amazing training and amazing products and results...couldn’t recommend this brand enough! Clients are loving the facials and products! Thanks Clare and Marsha! The quality of the product is superb with a fantastic affordable price tag. In love love love!” “Amazing results-driven products, both Clare and Marsha are so helpful and the training is fantastic.” “Amazing products and treatments, Marsha and the team are so helpful.”

Boost Beauty Solutions has won six awards already and has also introduced a microneedling range – Ameson – and the No 1 lash growth serum in America, Grande Lash MD to its portfolio.

If you are interested in stocking either of these ranges, please get in touch with Marsha on tel: 01 490 5525





ISLES WELLNESS FROM THE GROUND UP Inspired by the raw, therapeutic ingredients of Britain & Ireland, MOSS of the ISLES is a wellness brand with integrity and belief. While being 100% natural & native to the land & sea, sustainability for our inner & outer world lies at the heart of this fiercely proud treatment & retail offering. Handcrafted in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients like moss, peat, rosemary, horse chestnut, poppy seed and heather, these potent, nourishing elements are blended with the highest-grade aromatherapy oils to create powerhouse formulas that transform, heal and rejuvenate. Founded by four industry-leading spa experts Fiona Byrne, Peigin Crowley, Maria Herrera & Nigel Franklyn who have worked on some of Europe’s most exclusive spas, MOSS of the ISLES was created to deliver unique & memorable experiences’ that reflect the best of the natural landscape. Together, they believe the wellness journey is about going forward to basics, aligning the body and mind through traditional treatment & ritual - proving that natural remedies are every bit as effective. Partnering exclusively with unique properties across Ireland, the UK and Europe - MOSS of the ISLES encapsulates full-service support and customised spa treatments designed to reflect each property’s original surroundings. Launched in May at the beautifully restored Monkey Island Estate, a luxury YTL property situated outside London, MOSS of the ISLES treatment signatures and capsule retail line will be featured on the most original ‘Floating Spa’. June saw the opening of the MOSS Spa Suites at the legendary ‘bucket list’ golf course Old Head of Kinsale in Co. Cork, followed in September by the iconic Douro41 hotel in north Portugal where MOSS Wellness lives and breathes through the most idyllic landscape nestled at the feet of The Douro River.

Autumn Issue No.19

Products and additional information are available at


Aesthetic & Skin Jobs Doctor 1.618

Skin Therapist/ Clinic Receptionist Dublin City Centre

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Aesthetic Nurse & Skincare Co. Kildare

Wexford Skin Clinic

Skin Therapist Ferrybank South, Wexford

Manara Skin Clinics Aesthetician Carlow based with Travel to Dublin

Med Aesthetics

Laser Therapist/ Aesthetic Practitioner Renmore, Galway

Touch and Glow Skin and Laser

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Senior Therapist Carrickmacross & Ardee

Sensius Laser Clinic Laser Therapist Dublin 2, Dublin

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So Belle

Elegance Beauty Clinic

Cerise Beauty


EbANO Hair & Beauty

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Beauty Therapist Castleknock, Dublin

Eyelash Technician Newport, Tipperary

Senior Beauty Therapist Glasnevin, Dublin

Senior Beauty Therapist Cabinteely, Dublin

Beauty Therapist Ranelagh, Dublin

Beauty Therapist Dublin City Centre

Daughters of Charity Community Services

Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Omra Beauty

Fifth Avenue Face & Body Clinic

Killashee Hotel Spa

TLC Beauty Salon

NAILS Dublin Penneys

Beauty/Hair Teacher Dublin 1

Head Therapist Co. Kildare

Beauty Therapist Mullingar, Westmeath

Beauty Therapist Galway City

Beauty Therapist/ Laser Therapist Dublin 2, Dublin

Beauty Specialist Dublin 4, Dublin

Spa Therapist Killashee, Naas, Co. Kildare

Threading and Brow Stylist Dublin City Centre

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Spa & Beauty Jobs

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Skinfull Affairs

Head Therapist Kildare

Beauty, Nails & Massage Specialist Dublin City Centre

Blush Beauty Clinic

Dunleer Beauty Clinic

Business Opportunity (Beauty, Nails, Make Up or Massage)

Allure Beauty and Nail Spa

Amia beauty

Living Beauty Day Spa & Salon

Beauty Therapist Strokestown, Roscommon


Beauty Therapist Dalkey, Dublin

Beauty Therapist Drumcondra, Dublin

Beauty Therapist Mallow, Cork

Beautify Salon

Business Opportunity

Shearwater Hotel & Spa

The Dublin Make Up Academy

Beauty Therapist Stillorgan, Dublin

Spa Therapist Ballinasloe, Galway

Azul Laser and Beauty Clinic

Autumn Issue No.19

Beauty Therapist Dunleer , Louth

Beauty/Lash Therapist Clontarf, Dublin

Threading Specialist Dublin City Centre

Brow Artist Dublin CIty & Surrounding Area

SeaBreeze Beauty & Skin Clinic Beauty/Advanced Skincare Therapist Oranmore, Galway

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Beauty Therapist Monasterevin, Kildare

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Beauty Therapist Dublin City

Butterfly Beauty Plaza Beauty Therapist Askea, Carlow

Butterfly Beauty Plaza Business Opportunity Carlow, Carlow

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La Bella Donna Hair and Beauty Salon

Nail Technician & Hair Jobs NAILS Dublin Penneys Nail Technician Dublin City Centre

Business Opportunity Nail Technician Dublin City Centre

Skinfull Affairs

Nail Technician Dublin City Centre

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Creative Nail Technician Dublin City


Autumn Issue No.19

Hair Stylist Dublin 2, Dublin

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Chleo Enterprises


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Digital Marketing Executive Ballymount, Dublin 12

Pharmaceutical/Medical Sales Representative, Various Locations, Ireland

Beauty Advisor Brown Thomas, Limerick

Beauty Advisor Boots, Half Moon, Cork

Beauty Advisor Brown Thomas, Limerick

Beauty Advisor Debenhams Henry Street, Dublin City Centre

Educator Dundrum, Dublin

Beauty Advisor (Christmas Staff) Dublin City Centre

Beauty Advisor (Christmas Staff) Limerick City Centre

Beauty Advisor (Christmas Staff) Galway City Centre

Beauty Advisor (Christmas Staff) Cork City Centre

Beauty Advisor Boots, Portlaoise Laois


Beauty Advisor Brown Thomas, Dublin City Centre

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Admin,FOH, & Management Jobs Alumier MD

Shearwater Hotel & Spa

Vanilla Beauty Salon

Waxperts Wax

Business Development Manager East, West and South Ireland Locations.

Receptionist Castlebar, Mayo

Spa Manager Ballinasloe, Galway

Offce Co Ordinator Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Business Development Manager Kildare

Lycon Distribution

Job Order Fulfilment & Customer Service Administrator Sandyford Dublin


HR Administrator Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

The Salon & Spa Co.

Business Development Manager Dublin City

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Meet Instagram Sensation, Personal Trainer & Fashion Model

x n e d d a Maeve M

WHAT SPARKED YOUR INITIAL INTEREST WITH FITNESS? HOW DID IT LEAD TO DANCING? I started dancing when I was 4. As I was a super shy and quiet child, my mum thought it would help me become more confident. At my first dance competition I stood and cried on the stage but when I saw other girls win medals, the competitive streak came out. I continued to dance until I was 17 before joining the shows. I suppose it was the next & final step for irish dance and I had to do it.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU ON A DAILY BASIS? No single person. I guess even myself looking at my past and seeing how far I have come through good times and bad always inspires me to know that I can always achieve more.

HOW DID YOU GO FROM A SIMPLE FITNESS FANATIC TO A WIDELY SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL TRAINER AND HOW DID THIS LEAD INTO OTHER AVENUES SUCH AS ACTING AND MODELLING? My modelling actually came first, I modelled a bit as a child and then when I finished university I decided to do it during my gap year as it was a good way of earning money but being flexible, little did I know my career would take off and I would continue to do it.

From self portrait, Maje, Balmain, Retrofete, Holland Cooper, Zara, Rotate, Lucy Nagle and I wear a lot of sports wear mainly from Nike, Gym Shark and Lulu Lemon.

I dabbled in some acting, and although I’m more passionate about it I think I’ve always been afraid to follow that dream which is so unlike me.

WHERE DO YOU SHOP FOR CLOTHES? Mainly Zara for day to day bits and this seasons aw collection is fab. I also find their clothes really last, In London I’ll shop mainly in Zara, Harrods and Harvey Nichols or on Kings Road where you find London’s best Zara and a lot of boutiques; quick tip Zara stores are ranked in Tiers so the Tier 1 (best) is In Knightsbridge and Kings Road. in Ireland I’ll always pop into Brown Thomas, I find the buyers for Brown Thomas really understand Irish women’s style and I’ll always find something glam compared to London where the stores cater for a much larger audience.

Instagram was becoming super popular and I was posting about modeling etc on the gram, my followers asked for videos and ideas and so I just responded by posting that type of content. LOOKING AT YOUR INSTAGRAM YOU SEEM TO DO A LOT OF TRAVELLING ON TOP OF YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO BALANCE BOTH? I wing it. I think instagram is a 24/7 job, it never stops and I find when you take a break it takes a while to build it back up again. I just take my job with me everywhere I go and I enjoy that. I’m lucky to do this job full time and have an amazing management company who really support me. My social media career is a team effort not solo.

Autumn Issue No.19

WHERE HAS BEEN OR IS YOUR MOST FAVOURITE PLACE TO VISIT AND WHY? Los Angeles without a doubt. I would love to take the leap and live there for 6 months but I would be afraid I wouldn’t come home. I really enjoyed the lifestyle there. I have a lot of great friends based there, from university days and work. WHAT IS THE DAILY ROUTINE OF A BUSY PERSON LIKE YOURSELF? I do try and keep a good routine, I wake up, go for a ten minute walk, I like to get fresh air in the morning to start my day, grab a coffee answer some dms and hit the gym. I’ll then focus on content that has to be made, I’m currently writing a new online book, I research trends in fashion fitness and nutrition, edit and post. it’s pretty much the same every day. WHAT TOP BEAUTY PRODUCT CAN YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? Hylauronic serum, La Mer Moisturiser and a good SPF and hair oil oh and a Tangle Teezer. I don’t wear makeup every day, the goal is to have amazing skin, so I don’t need makeup and delay those fine lines.

SEEING AS YOU ARE A MODEL, YOU ARE SUPER FASHIONABLE, WHAT DESIGNERS DO YOU LOVE? I wear a real mix of high street and high end brands. quality clothing over quantity is definitely my motto.

AND WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING? At the moment it’s probably a red and white Balmain dress. I bought it for myself for my birthday and it’s so fabulous I feel a million bucks wearing it. I am also not a fan of fast fashion so I do wear my outfits over and over again.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU? Personally; love, a family and maybe a move back to Ireland. I definitely would love to come home and a have career change too. ANY NEW PROJECTS IN THE WORKS? Yes we are working on a few exciting new products to be released in 2020. But I can’t spill the beans just yet. for now all I can say is that I will be releasing a new online book on how to balance hormones and live with PCOS. WILL YOU TRY YOUR HAND AT SOMETHING NEW IN TERMS OF CAREER PERHAPS? I hope so, I’m heading to Dubai now for ten days and I think over the holidays I’m going to look at some new career options. I do enjoy what I do of course, but I still feel something is missing and I do crave a little more excitement. AND FINALLY, WHAT ONE PIECE OF ADVICE COULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE, IN TERMS OF CAREER AND LIFESTYLE? Be humble, stay true to who you are, and do what you want to do, if you think you can do something chance are you most probably can.




Four ways to wear cream, white and neutrals this autumn. Picking out Autumn’s neutrals is an artform. Getting them right will mean that you can do a minimalist style or colour pops as easily in Autumn as you would in any of the other seasons. TAKE IT TO WORK AND AFTER WORK Workwear doesn’t have to be black, grey or navy. Cream can easily transition into your work wardrobe regardless of season. Try a pleated mini skirt with a semi-sheer blouse or a pair of white jeans mixed with a beige knitwear - you will love it! They key to this look is in its relaxed look. Keep the shirt tucked out and make sure it’s in an opposing fabrication to the skirt. Cream bags can look very luxurious when paired with these looks, so give it a try! TIPS: When you choose a neutral colour for the basis of a capsule wardrobe you need to make sure it’s one you can live with and will be happy to wear a lot. Cream is a wonderful option in business-wear because it projects authority and commands respect. If you want to wear black but feel that it doesn’t really do you any favours, try a soft or warm colouring or opt for charcoal. It’s that little bit kinder and still gravitates towards black.


Autumn Issue No.19

WHITES AND OFF-WHITE MIXES Cream whites or ivory but make it off duty. Invest in a loose-fitting pair of cream trousers and it will be the wardrobe staple that you never knew you needed. Style it with a crisp white t-shirt and slides or even cream or a walnut colour boots. Then, add on a chunky knit and you will be ready for October vibes. Just because you have light colouring doesn’t mean you can’t wear colour. Neutrals looks fabulous with turquoise, blush, mint and especially red if you want to make an entrance. Also, charcoal grey looks expensive on soft colouring especially when mixed with soft reds, pinks and teals.











HEAVIER ACCESSORIES Autumn doesn’t offer much in the way of neutral accessories. However, if you are really craving a gentler look, try the option of creams or stone and pair it with ice blue or ice pink. You can also break neutrals up with a light neutral or bright pop. Go big or go home! For those who, when opting for head-to-toe colour, choose black, this is the one for you. Adding some stomp and chunk accessories will enrich your outfit. Also, choose bigger bags such as totes and big zip shoulder ones – this is a way of keeping on trend and looking incredible. TIP: Don’t go too dark, or too dull and sludgy. Your browns and stone colours should have a golden undertone and be lighter tints than dark chocolate. Your browns and stone colours can range from bright golden tan through to very-nearly-dark chocolate.


THE CREAM COAT If you only update one item this season, make it a coat. In lighter fabrics and shades, it’s the sensible yet stylish investment for any Irish weather! Cream coat lovers rejoice - update your trusty beige, dark brown or camel to a lighter cream and you’re set for the cold season. A cream coat always gives a luxury feel to any outfit. For a full tonal look, take on cream denim or beige trousers to keep it autumn ready, or for an easier way to wear a cream coat pair it with a blue denim and a cream roll neck. TIPS: When you choose a neutral colour for the basis of a capsule wardrobe you need to make sure it’s one you can live with and will be happy to wear a lot. Cream is a great option in business because it projects authority and commands respect. If you want to wear black but know it doesn’t really do you any favours, try soft or warm colouring or opt for charcoal. It’s that little bit kinder and still gravitates towards black.











Article By Eider Leite

THE COAT A fitted coat will probably be the most versatile item in your closet. It pairs well with everything from a suit to a simple white-T and jeans. Try to choose a coat that suits your height - not too long and not too short. Look for one that is slightly tapered on the sides and most importantly, make sure the shoulders fit. If you’re looking to add this as a style staple, go with navy, black, camel or grey.

Autumn Issue No.19

GREAT BOOTS A classic boot brings just as much style as it does comfort. Chelsea boots are perfect for the colder seasons and rise above the ankle to protect from autumn’s gusts of winds and rain. These boots traditionally come in a variation of brown and blacks and give a more casual air to an outfit that’s great for everyday wear, but you can also dress it up by wearing it with a suit.

Article By Eider Leite

THE WARM CARDIGAN A classically cool cardigan gives a traditional spin on the ordinary, with the likes of Daniel Craig and Ryan Gosling as fans, this autumn staple adds another level of elevated style. The magic of this piece lies in its ability to look very fashionable while looking completely effortless. The shawl neck cardigan also makes a great layering piece for autumn. Wear it under a wool blazer or peacoat for an expertly layered look or simply with a T-shirt for the mild days.

5 Fall Menswe These pieces should








ear Essentials d be a staple in your








THE BLAZER This is not your suit blazer; it is something casual and it doesn’t have to match your pants. You can throw it on over cargo pants and a t-shirt, or jeans. To achieve a relaxed yet refined appearance, a blazer is the perfect choice. To nail a casual blazer there are several factors to consider, including colour, material, fit, and styling. Make sure you pick one made of a great fabric like tweed or plaid, but not wild looking plaid. Choose something in muted tones or anything that looks cosy but casual. Pairing a blazer with a jean is an excellent option for men who enjoy a smart casual style. The look is especially ideal for dinners, parties, dates, and more. To wear it, try opting for a black or navy casual blazer. Then, either pair it with black jeans for a contemporary appearance or blue jeans for a classic style.


THE SCARF Scarfs are a highly underrated accessory for men, but its merits don’t only lie in its practicality. This versatile and elevating accessory really shows your worth when it comes to autumn style, showing you are no rookie when it comes to curation. With a myriad of patterns, materials, and styles, you’re bound to find one that fits your personal style. When pairing a scarf, think of a scarf like your outerwear’s tie, complimenting your outfit not distracting from it.

Autumn Issue No.19


Autumn Issue No.19



Vetiver & Cedarwood it is a relatively light and fresh scent but it is the cedarwood and black pepper that make it spicy, warming and rich; perfect for an everyday autumn fragrance.


Once sprayed, the immediate first hit is of pure 20-year old single malted whisky, which then matures into wafts of oak barrels and hints of sweet vanilla and tolu balm. This definitely suited for someone who enjoys a punchy fragrance.


This Russian Leather is a more pure and more intense version of its previous Eau de Toilette. Siberian pine meets black amber, vetiver and geranium to evoke a rich, woody mood.


Beau De Jour is truly an artisanal and luxurious fougere fragrance, designed for those perfectly groomed gentlemen out there.


Bvlgari Man Wood Essence is an Eau de Parfum that epitomises the strong yet vulnerable ties between the city and nature. A unique neo-woody signature for a natural and sophisticated man.

We hope you’ve been getting on well with some of the apps we’ve been recommending and that they have helped you get even more organised or bought some joy to your life. This month we have three stellar apps to share with you. So take a deep breath and singalong, “Come on, get up, get ‘appy. Put on a smiling face…”

EVERNOTE Ok so this isn’t the first organisational tool we’ve talked about in Get Appy, but it definitely deserves a mention; a very special mention. It’s so much more than a clever ‘To Do’ list, it’s an interactive project app too. As they Evernote company says on their Youtube Channel (yes, they even have a channel with loads of tutorials) the app helps “…you remember everything, turn ideas into actions, and work better together.” We love that you can type notes or that if you’ve written them on a note pad you can take pictures and upload them. You can add “…photos, images, web pages, or audio.”. You can also sync Evernote across your devices. So what’s the catch?! There is none.

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You can use the app for free (limits the amount you can upload) or pay a monthly fee (£3.88). It depends on how many projects or balls you want to get rolling. Try out the free version and start planning your next big project or event.


Still fairly new to the app world, we think that The Beauty Buddy is a clever little tool that fits nicely in your pocket (well your phone really!). Hailed as the ‘Trip Adviser for beauty products’, The Beauty Buddy app was designed when Tracy and Wendy went shopping for make up brushes and were overwhelmed for choice. While stood in the aisle of the shop they searched the internet for further advice. Finally after wading through mountains of information and surfing through a sea of adverts the two sisters had a brainwave. The idea was to design an app where you could scan a barcode, or search on the products name, and find all the details you could possibly want including ingredients, how to use the product and actual reviews from people that have used them. And thus, The Beauty Buddy was born. This app has many products on it but still has more to be added. You can add the products you use and review them and support other beauty buyers as well as becoming part of this ever-growing online community. Together we can support this app to become the UK and Ireland’s one stop shop for advise on beauty brands and products.

TED TALKS So what are TED Talks all about. Simply put, they are an organisation that, through powerful talks (18 minutes or less), help spread good and great ideas. Experts from many different fields offer insight and ideas on almost everything and anything imaginable. TED has been around since 1984 and through TEDx events, and now their app, they give a platform for some of the worlds most passionate and inspiring speakers to share their knowledge and ideas. When you sign up to the app you are offered a choice of topics, such as personal growth or business, and with this information the app recommends talks for you. You can watch any number of talks that are short and sweet, all for free, and for this reason we think this is an app worth having. Why not watch “Top 10 Tips to Motive your Team”, or “The Career Advise You Probably Didn’t Get”, or why not watch “How Beauty Feels”, while sipping on a nice cuppa during your morning or afternoon break. Their motto; TED - Ideas worth sharing. Our thoughts?! An app worth sharing. If you have an app that you love, or one you’re launching, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get it featured in our ‘Get Appy’ section.



Autumn Issue No.19

COMO Metropolitan London


OMO Metropolitan London is a contemporary hotel located on Old Park Lane. Numerous suites overlook Hyde Park, the green heart of London. Interiors are pared-back yet cosseting, and complimentary Wi-Fi is offered throughout. Featuring the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Nobu, as well as the Met Bar which continues to be a cult classic featuring a unique cocktail menu and classic British cuisine served all day. Guests can also retreat to the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, offering a full range of holistic Asian therapies in addition to yoga and a fully-equipped gym. For more information on the COMO Metropolitan London or other COMO Hotels & Resorts contact Tel:+442074471000


A Man’s Wealth is his


With it been Movember awareness month it’s a great way to get all men to start to take more action in relation to their overall health & wellness. But first let us look at what Movember is all about... Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November  to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as  prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. By encouraging men to get involved, Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths. Besides annual check-ups, the Movember Foundation encourages men to be aware of family history of cancer and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This month I will share with everyone how to boost your immunity and take care of yourself to prevent getting a cold or flu. When the temperature drops, the chance of you coming down with a cold or the flu increases significantly. It’s widely accepted you’ll get sick more often in the winter. That’s because you’re likely to be inside more and the common cold thrives better in dry air than where there’s humidity. And, when you spend more time indoors, you’re exposed to more germs. Here’s something interesting about the common cold: when your core internal temperature falls after exposure to cold, the immune system’s ability to battle the rhinovirus (the virus that causes it) is also reduced. The immune system literally slows down. Cold feet may also play a part. In a recent study, researchers made students sit with their feet in cold water for 20 minutes.

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These students were found to be statistically much more likely to catch a cold in the next five days than the control group (those who didn’t have to sit with their feet in cold water). The flu virus is also transmitted much faster when it’s cold out because the lipid (fatty) coating of the virus becomes more resilient the colder it gets. Your immune system is the most powerful weapon you have against disease. Strong immunity means that the body is better able to fight off viruses and germs. Fewer colds and sick days this winter would be good, right? There are many diet and lifestyle tweaks you can make to reduce your risk of catching a cold and flu this season (and ensuring it’s shorter and less serious if you do get the lurgi). Here are my top ten tips to keep you fighting fit this month – and beyond. EAT REAL FOOD Your body needs real, unprocessed food to stay healthy and not the processed foods we kid ourselves are OK for us to eat. Focus on eating natural, unprocessed food as often as possible. Follow the 80/20 rule (for the avoidance of doubt, this means eating healthily 80 of the time – think fresh apples rather than apple juice, or wholegrain bread instead of a white bread butty). Meat and fish, fruit, vegetables and wholegrains all contribute to a stronger immune system and offset the occasional indulgence.

Article By Nichola Flood ENJOY ‘HAPPY TUMMY’ FOODS Did you know that up to 80% of our immunity to germs and disease is in the gut? The mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) in the gut is part of the first line of immune defense, so getting the right balance between beneficial, or ‘good’ gut bacteria, and the ‘bad’, or potentially pathogenic bacteria, is key. How to do this: The gut environment takes a beating year after year, owing to poor diets, too much sugar, stress, antibiotics and other factors. Even if you have no obvious tummy troubles, digestive health is vital, so it’s worth the extra effort to take care of it. Add probiotic and prebiotic foods to your diet, as these re-populate the gut with good bacteria and feed them well enough to crowd out bad bacteria. • • • • • • • • • •

Here are some gut-friendly choices to get you started: Organic, probiotic, natural yoghurt (such as Yeo Valley or Rachel’s) Always buy full-fat, as the 0% or no-fat options have increased levels of milk sugars – and fat isn’t the enemy, either in life or in weight loss Miso soup or miso bouillon paste (add these to soups and stews) Oats (soak first, as you would to make overnight oats, in order to release the goodness) Onions, garlic and Jerusalem artichokes Bananas Beans Cooked, then cooled potatoes

SERVE CHICKEN SOUP Did you hear that chicken soup is great when you’re unwell? If you thought it was just an old wives’ tale, you’d be wrong. Research suggests that a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup can slow the speed at which neutrophils move around your body. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell and part of the immune system, protecting your body from infection. When the neutrophils move slowly, there’s a greater chance of them becoming more concentrated in the areas of your body that need the most healing. Studies have shown chicken soup to be particularly helpful in reducing symptoms in upper respiratory system infections like the common cold. TAKE SOME SUPPLEMENTS Top of the list for immunity are a good probiotic, a multivitamin and extra vitamin C and zinc. A multivitamin bridges the gap between what you are eating and what you should be eating, and takes care of any major deficiencies. Go large when it comes to vitamin C, both in food and supplement form. Broccoli and red peppers contain more C than oranges (contrary to popular belief) and there are loads of other foodie options, too: kale, cauliflower, parsley, spinach, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, blackcurrants, kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and citrus fruits. Top up zinc levels by eating more palm-sized pieces of lean meat (especially lamb, beef, venison and turkey), pumpkin seeds, ginger root, green veggies, oats, nuts, sesame seeds, yoghurt and scallops.


As we de-ice our cars, or as we shiver at bus stops, or as we grab that extra jumper, we close our eyes and dream of warmer climates. “Do you want to build a snowman?”, No! You want to drink cocktails on a warm sunny beach!! Well, this is where BelleVIVE can help. We have selected three hot and affordable locations for some winter sun. Its time to ditch those Uggs and grab your flip-flops…

Gran Canaria - Canary Islands As this beautiful island is just 100 miles from the African coast, a warm breeze will sweep across you, as you lay back on one of the wonderful white beaches and sip on a margarita. But don’t be fooled, Gran Canaria has more to offer than just beaches and warmth. It’s home to some awesome activities, like scuba diving amongst the impressive marine life, where if you’re lucky you’ll swim with manta rays and sea turtles. You can also take a camelback ride across the sand dunes of Maspalomas.

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Or, if you want to curl up under the nights sky with a loved one, you can go star gazing, as Gran Canaria is perfectly positioned on the equator, and with its low-level cloud phenomena which filters out light pollution and with strict air traffc regulations, its a perfect place to catch a falling star. You can do this and so much more, Gran Canaria offers the perfect place to escape the cold and enjoy some winter sun.

Roam ForActivity


Morocco If you’re more of an exotic city slicker then look no further than the hustle and bustle of majestic Morocco. It is a perfect winter haven as it remains warm throughout the colder season being on the edge of the Sahara desert. You can relax on the warm sunny beaches with the stunning snow capped mountains as your backdrop.

Autumn Issue No.19

And when you’re ready, if you’re ready, you can visit the winding streets of one of the markets, or treat yourself to a Hammam spa for a little TLC. The main towns or cities to stay and really submerse yourself into the culture are Marrakech, or Agadir, or you can visit the famous Casablanca; “Here’s looking at you kid!”

BelleVIVE Madeira Island, Portugal If you are looking for something a little more relaxing and laid-back, then we think the island of Madeira is the place for you. As their tourist information says, “… you’ll find a small piece of paradise in the Atlantic Ocean”. Quiet and secluded beaches around this island make it an excellent winter sun location; They also offer hotel complexes with pools if that is more your style. This area of Portugal is known for its wine and food, there is even more of an excuse to indulge in the local cuisine. With its unique flora and fauna, and with its landscapes being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it truly is a stunning place to visit. But if you fancy some shopping then we recommend investing is some of the artisan embroidery which the locals are known for. They definitely have it right with Madeira Island when they say: “Sea, sky and everything in between”.

If you decide to embark on some winter sun during this wintry weather, then tag us in a snap on Instagram @beautifuljobsirl_uk

Over the last few months we have offered you a smorgasbord of podcast, from practical tips, to fashion history, to funny and informative; We have tried to bring something a little different each month. This month we bring you two polar opposite podcasts, which we have again handpicked for you and it’s easy (or at least we think so) to see why. But you decide. Welcome to The Pod Complex.

PODCAST ONE THE SECRET HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD EPISODES AVAILABLE: 11 Details: An ongoing series of specially produced histories, bringing to life the stories and secrets that shaped cinema. @moviehistories WHY THIS PODCAST? This is by far one of the most entertaining dramatisations we’ve ever come across! This podcast is the perfect balance of information wrapped in beautiful storytelling, which showcases the history of Hollywood you may not know This self-funded (with a little help from folks at Patreon) podcast is the brain child of Adam Roche. It’s obvious within the first few minutes that he has created something very special as these podcasts are dark, sinister, and highly entertaining. But you don’t have to believe us, this podcast is so good that it has a 4.9 out 5 rating! If you’re into thrillers and dramas then this is for you. Let this podcast take you on a journey and discover some of the dark histories, including how one of Hollywood’s biggest studios was built on the back of a gold watch.

Autumn Issue No.19 Available on your usual podcast platform.

EPISODES AVAILABLE: 175 Details: Which night creams will make you look well-rested, is quitting coffee really worth the headache, can emptying your closet actually bring you joy, and is the Hanacure mask really just intended to get you to post an unflattering photo of your face mid-mask on Instagram? These are the kinds of self-care questions that wellness addicts and writers Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir discuss each week, along with a special guest. WHY THIS PODCAST? Aside from all the interesting topics and guests, what we like most about this podcast is the pure honesty you get from hosts Kate and Doree. Each podcast covers something new and insightfuland offers ways in which we can take better care of ourselves. They say they’re not experts but we disagree, as they share wonderful ideas based on research and personal experience. They launch a new podcast every few days which is either Mini Eps, which are about 30 minutes, or full episodes with a guest. We really love that they give out the podcasts email address and phone number in case you have any questions you want to ask or any comments. This is a first we’ve heard on a podcast and its beautifully refreshing. It’s clear to see why they have such a loyal fan base. Available on your usual podcast platform.



Stress in the Workplace World Mental Health Awareness Day 10th October 2019


Autumn Issue No.19

he Law Society of Ireland recently commissioned a nationwide survey to learn more about solicitor’s mental health and well-being. It was not surprising to read that the current level of demand and workplace stress is making ordinary well-being and mental health unsustainable. The fact that the majority of solicitors are reporting high or extreme levels of stress is concerning not least because it is a trend consistent with our counterparts in both the UK and US. Although these surveys focused on the legal profession many of the key triggers to stress such as long hours, deadlines, client expectations and a lack of support are found in every walk of life. As Mental Health Awareness Day passes never before has there been such positive action to address an obvious unspoken underlying issue within our society. From Mental Health First Aid courses to Employee Well Being Days there is a genuine effort to raise awareness and support for those suffering in silence. Despite such a refreshing wave of social acceptance many will continue to suffer to some degree in silence, for to admit the reality may draw stigma from employers, peers and clients. In a competitive workplace or market it takes very little to concede an advantage to others so we dare not shine the light on anything that may cause doubt on our ability to perform at the highest level if we wish to succeed. To leave ourselves open to adverse comment or judgement for many is far worse than to slowly slide into decline in every sense.

Better still what if we were to ask ourselves these same questions about our own career and happiness. Would we be truthful in our answers? Would those closest to us answer any differently? I believe that for many of us if we were honest we would find that being busy is not always better, that the additional hours worked take their toll on our work to life balance. In a desire to do more our standards may drop and that the additional money does not compensate us for the loss of time and connection with others.

Time is all we have. We need it to live, to be with our family and friends, to travel and to be happy. Yet it is ironically the very thing we are sacrificing in the service of others. The famous Einstein quote “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them� comes to mind in how we believe things will get better if we keep our heads down, our mouths shut and We still live in an era where being busy is deemed a badge work harder. Yet more and more people are suffering the effect of honour by many or at the very least as an outward sign of of stress and anxiety long before the more serious symptoms of competence or authority in your chosen field of expertise. burn out arrive. We all agree that if you want a job done well you should In an effort to fight back against the trendask a busy man. What we do not ask is whether that busy man is any better off. How he is coping with the extra work load? Is he able to maintain his usual standards? Does the 10 Tips to Reduce Stress Be proactive going forward and control your time before someone additional income make him any happier? else controls it for you.

1. Organise your day Take scheduled meetings only, if possible have your phone calls screened and return only those necessary, book time out during your day for deep uninterrupted work and switch your emails off and only reply at certain times of the day where absolutely necessary. 2. Exercise Book time to exercise regularly, make it the first entry in your diary for the week and don’t change it. Nothing will energise you more than exercise. This is a tip from some of the most successful CEO’s in the world.

7. Manage client and customer expectations Give yourself a reasonable period of time to complete tasks and projects. Work in order of priority each day and don’t let the person shouting the loudest to dictate your work flow. 8. Learn to say NO To others so that you can yes to yourself. Don’t take on more than you can manage comfortably otherwise you will sacrifice time that you have set aside for yourself personally.

3. Delegate As often as possible, train and trust your staff to complete the work.

9. Reward yourself Eat well, sleep well, drink less, keep fit and take holidays. We often spend more on our cars than we do on ourselves. Take care of yourself first.

4. Share A problem shared is a problem halved. Speak to your peers about issues as they arise and you will find you will spend less time worrying about them and more time being productive.

10. Switch off Whether it’s Yoga, Meditation or a long walk or run, take yourself away from everyone and everything so that you can be alone with your thoughts.

5. Go home early After 50 hours your productivity for the week reduces dramatically and you would be better off recharging the batteries in your method of choice.

Your health is your wealth, invest in it to protect it. We must maintain our well-being if we are to maintain our productivity. That is the reality so never fear the stigma of telling others so.

6. Get up early Starting your day before others gives you an opportunity to complete deep work uninterrupted freeing up valuable time throughout the day. Go to bed early rather than watching the latest fictional box set into the late hours ensuring you are getting enough sleep.

If you have any queries on this subject feel free to call Luke Curran & Co. Solicitors on 00442830267134 or email at


Article By Damian McCrink

BEAUTIFULJOBS W H AT D O E S YO U R B U S I N E S S D O T O S U PP O RT M E N TA L H E A LT H? Approximately 74.2% of professionals claim that work is damaging their Mental Health. It is no surprise that past studies have shown that in Ireland one in five people have a Mental Health problem with such issues varying from anxiety to depression to stress.

W H A T I S M E N T A L H E A LT H ?

The World Health Organisation defines Mental Health as a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make contribution to her or his community. Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Ultimately, Mental Health affects how we think, feel, and act. It can also determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental Health can have a detrimental effect on our employees and organisation if it is not proactively managed. Further research has shown that one in five employees felt that they could not go to their manager about feeling overly stressed with their work load. Less than half of employees, diagnosed with a Mental Health problem opted to avoid informing their manager. This highlights an enormous cause for concern and breakdown in communication among employees within the workplace.


Autumn Issue No.19

1. START THE CONVERSATION Organisations should send a clear message to their employees emphasising that Mental Health matters to the business! There is still a stigma attached to an individual’s openness with their Mental Health. This stigma needs to be changed, ensuring employees feel that they can reach out for support if they are experiencing issues with their Mental Health. A simple way to communicate this would be to explain that everyone’s Mental Health will be treated in the same way as physical health. 2. PROVIDE ADJUSTMENTS Similarly, to physical health issues, there are adjustments which can be made to support those employees with Mental Health issues. Employers should explore this with the individual and their specific needs! 3. HAVE A CLEAR POLICY ON WELLBEING Employers can support this commitment with a clear Mental Health strategy and specific policies to ensure employees experiencing Mental Health problems are providing with the support and assistance needed straight away. If employers do nothing, problems can spiral, which can have an adverse impact for employees and employers. MENTAL HEALTH IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS PHYSICAL HEALTH


Autumn Issue No.18




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