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B A PT I ST H E A LT H C A R E T RA N S FO R M I N G FO R T H E F U T U R E . Guided by our Mission of helping people throughout life’s journey, we are transforming to better care for our community. From our new urgent care/emergency department now open in Navarre to our new main hospital at the southwest corner of the intersection of Brent Lane and I-110 in Pensacola, we continuously explore innovative ways to best serve the people of Northwest Florida and South Alabama now and for many generations to come. Baptist Hospital / Gulf Breeze Hospital / Jay Hospital / Andrews Institute / Lakeview Center Baptist Medical Park – Airport / Baptist Medical Park – Nine Mile / Baptist Medical Park – Navarre Baptist Medical Park – Pace / Baptist Medical Group / Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute


Editor’s Note Editor’s Editor’s Note Note Congratulations. If you’re reading this first 2021 issue of Pensacola Magazine, it means you have survived 2020, which is no small feat considering the barrage of pain, anxiety, divisiveness, uncertainty, loss and loneliness that 2020 brought to bear on the entire planet. Many have lost their lives, their loved ones, their jobs—one after another, the hits just kept morning, Pensacola! What a strange coming. And Good here we are—on the other side, at least placeisweitfind ourselves already? in this spring. The novel How August in terms of thecoronavirus Gregorian calendar.has What willin change COVID-19 arrived our How is it still 2020? These in 2021? A lot? A little? We multiple community and, have although we havevaccines so far been two questions may seem that we hope will eventually in the coronavirus, luckier than many,reign the fight to keep it from contradictory, but I can assure you spreading continues. We allow went tofor print with put the country back to work and some I am feeling them both equally— this issue on MarchWhen 30. At that time,freely Escambia semblance and of social normalcy. we can I don’t think I am alone. County had 42 confirmed cases and Santa visit again, how will our lives be different? What has Rosa had 30. Those numbers rose quickly once This year is just too much. Allus? of it—the 2020 taught us? How it changed I suspect testing washas expanded. Too quickly. The factitis, politics, the pandemic, the pundits. I’m over will take time we to don’t unpack of the physical, knowallwho might have the mental virus or be it. So, this month we chose to focus on a theof virus without That is and emotionalcarrying impacts 2020, but symptoms. I hope time much more relaxing that and we, playful “P” word: stay why it is essential as a community, will heal usPets. andWho that we are go able to grow in positive all gooey inside over home asdoesn’t much as humanly possible--leaving ways from an ouradorable individual and collective experiences. kitten oressentials. a playfulI pup? Only only for absolute like the idea, too, In 2021, I’m the traditional theforegoing most heartless among us, I resolutions suspect. of practicing physical distancing rather than with specific, social measurable outcomes. Instead, distancing. We can remain social via Adoptions are on the rise during the pandemic many in this and modern world—phone I am hoping to turnavenues my energy focus and it’s easy see why. Pets alleviate the stress, texts,tothat video calls—and I encourage to a few of thecalls, themes 2020 brought to boredom andtoloneliness of social distancing everyone stay connected to their tribe. Weand forefront. No expectations. No stress.

uncertain futures. may be don’t know whatThere tomorrow willmany bring things and out we of all ourneed control in connected 2020, buttowesomething can provide to feel Relationships or someone in order to pet get through a loving home to a sweet and get this. more Losing mylove mom early in 2020 brought home than we could havereally imagined in return. On the topic of physical distancing, in our the idea that time is Pensacola a limitedHumane resource.Society We have While the has had COVID-19 resource guide, you will see that great success with adoptions and fostering this moment and the future is always Pensacola neighborhoods anduncertain. community groups this year, those who love animals thatways In 2021, I hope give several more attention toknow my safe havetofound clever, unique and the shelters are never empty. There is always to stayfamily, connected and toand make a difference a relationships with friends community. pet while in need, so if snuggling up to a sweet kitty practicing physical distancing. I must or playing fetch with a playful pup sounds say, I am very impressed with the outpouring Health likeofa good waysupport to passI some time, check my love and have seen amongst While we have always heardpet that goodon health is our Pensacolians—yeah, toilet out fellow our adoptable profilesthe pagepaper 34.

most valuablehoarding asset, 2020 madebut sure weare knew was weird, there moreit.than

We’ve got some stories for our up enough peoplefeel-good giving of pet themselves to make readers well.I get Gina Castro with some for it.asCan a big roundmet of applause for our

Obesity, diabetes and heart disease became death sentences for too many people battling Covid. While genetics predispose some to these illnesses, many can be managed or eradicated by lifestyle changes. I’d like to focus on making healthy choices while still enjoying the bad-for-you good stuff in moderation. first responders and hospital workers? Thank

Passion and Joy you for putting yourselves onand the front incredible special-needs pets their lines owners I todon’t know about you, but 2020 keep us as safe asthat possible. bigoffered shout far too and she discovered whileAlso, thesea precious little of these to me. I the waslove so toconsumed out toof alleither the teachers out there scrambling babies may take a little more care, with my mom’s illness and then with put together online lessons to keep our kids they give in return is worth every second. surviving engaged learning worryingof about the grief and of her loss instead and theof anxiety the

things cannot We you! Ifpandemic exoticthey animals arecontrol. more your thing, head and the sorrow ofappreciate so many national on over to the brand spanking new and news stories I took you littleto time for myself. On that note,that I encourage read our significantly enlarged Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. COVID-19 provides This year, I Resource hope to Guide, explorewhich creative and personal The new location features allcommunity the hands-on, up resources for food, business, endeavors that help me rediscover myself and close as the previous location and interaction more. The ever-changing nature of plus discover new outlets for personal expression. added attractions, amenities and experiences this crisis necessitates that I mention that that will make for a wonderful day out. these resources may or may not family be available Procrastination to you by the time you read this issue. I IfWhile you’reitmany interested ina conservation, check out people made headway on hope will provide place to glorious start, some Dakota Parks story on local Panhandle Rooftop ideas or some inspiration either way. projects in 2020, home improvement and personal Nesting Biologist, Rebekah Snyder. Through I You didmay not.also I did notthat organize I did not notice we haveanything. some nonher work with Audubon Florida, Snyder helps fix anything. I did not learn a language pandemic related stories in this issue. We made to ensure local shorebirds have safe nesting or a new the call already planned articles that skill. Nothing. But that’s ok, too. I’m still here. spaces in to aninclude increasingly overpopulated region. might an stillaccomplishment. be helpful, relevant or enjoyable in for2021, I’d That’s However,

our readers. Weahope you find useful. All ofto this, plus fewload DIY pet them treat like lighten my and empty my house of recipes and some good news from the much clutter and unnecessary junk that fills As for of us,the Pensacola Magazine has been Florida legislature regarding protection one title or another for it.published It’s timeunder to make room for something new. formore petsthan in abusive situations. 40 years. We have no plans on changing that. We will continue to publish

In this of these So, turn issue, off thewe’ve news,covered put downallyour phonetopics and to bring you all the information we can and enjoy these heartwarming talestheir and own focus in and more to help readers shift for as long as we can. Please reach out to us adorable of ideas, photos of local animals and 2021. We hopeinspiration you enjoy. to your health! with story orHere’s just a quick the folksWe who for them. When hello. are care all working from homeyou’re and we done, give your little catnip and are missing our kitty wateracooler conversations. throw your dog a bone. It’s these simple Stay safe,that staywill healthy strong, Pensacola! pleasures keepand us stay all sane.

Kelly Oden Kelly Oden Kelly Oden Executive Editor Executive Editor

Executive Editor



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Subscription Expiration Date is printed on the address label. Renew your subscription now online at One year $14.95 and two years $22.75.

6 Pensacola MagazineSubscription Expiration Date is printed on the address label. Renew your subscription now online at One year $14.95 and two years $22.75.

Contents HERBAL TIPS AND TEAS FOR PLANT-POWERED WELLNESS IN THE NEW YEAR 12 Local herbalist Marni Woodson shares advice for natural wellness options to kickstart New Year’s health goals. DE-CLUTTER FOR THE NEW YEAR 17 Small tasks add up to big accomplishments when it comes to organization. JANUARY FITNESS DEALS AND DISCOUNTS 20 Break out your new fitness styles at local gyms and studios offering discounts and trial classes in January.



REDEFINING SELF CARE 25 There’s no time like the present to take better care of yourself. IT’S ABOUT TIME 29 The founder of Empathic Practice and a relationship trainer discuss how social media affects mental health and relationships. ACTIVE DESIGN 33 Local designers offer homegrown fashion for your workout wardrobe.



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PAGE 10 with DeeDee Davis

My husband and I recently went through the bittersweet experience of selling a home and I have thought so much about the emotion that came with turning off the lights for the last time and driving away. Afterall, it’s just a house. Houses in our culture are so much more than an improvement on a piece of property. Owning a home is a commitment and requires investment on so many levels. You have a significant asset when you own a home, so you are viewed in a different way than a renter. Whether the shoe fits or not, you are viewed as more stable. Most homeowners are not going to dash in the middle of the night and abandon the property. Unfortunately, this has been known to happen to landlords though, thankfully, not too often. Not that renting doesn’t have its own advantages. Broken air conditioner? Call the landlord. Termites? Call the landlord. Hurricane damage? The same. Owning requires a whole different skill set and level of responsibility. No one to blame if something goes wrong, buddy. It’s all on you. Don’t know what to do if a toilet starts leaking badly in the middle of the night? You will figure it out because you have to. But a funny thing happens with the obligations of ownership. You develop a bond and a weird passion for the bricks and mortar that you call home. That structure that costs you a significant chunk of your paycheck every month and eats up hours for yard work and maintenance is where memories are made. Once you set up a room as a nursery for that baby on the way, once you establish holiday traditions there and once you host birthday parties there, you will never look at it the same. It becomes such a part of your life and your identity. It’s where you go at the end of the day when you are tired, and you want to do nothing more than relax with your family. It’s where you are safe and where you can wear sweats and ponytails. It’s your place. People don’t seem to stay in the same home for long periods of time the way 10 Pensacola Magazine

family or friends come to visit, a significant catch is memorialized on that wall. People beg to get on that wall. They fish with a vengeance because they want to bring in the beauty that earns them a spot on the wall amongst the other “anglers.” The concentration and determination on their faces when they bait the hook is impressive.

they used to. For different reasons, they sell and move. Maybe the market is so hot that you have to take advantage of a great opportunity. Maybe you have outgrown the house and require something bigger. Or maybe it’s that time when something smaller and more manageable makes sense. Leaving a home is never easy, even when it is for all the right reasons. My husband has owned a house in the Keys for approximately 40 years. His father bought it and made improvements, but my husband has put his soul into that spot over the years. It’s a fisherman’s paradise. Located on a canal in Cudjoe Key, it is the real deal. Cudjoe is one of the lower keys that has remained authentically “keys” throughout the years. Key West and the upper keys are awesome places, but they have responded to the march of time and have become much more commercial. Not so in the lower keys. You have got to appreciate a laid-back lifestyle to fully understand Cudjoe. I love to visit there but I find the super chill lifestyle only great for short periods of time. It’s all t-shirts and flip flops, and Tommy Bahama is considered formal wear. But for a getaway, you can’t beat it. This house has stood the test of time. Hurricane Irma blew right over Cudjoe and the house got smacked but was still standing. Windows were blown out, trees were uprooted, and the downstairs took about 6 feet of water, but we fixed it all and it’s stronger than ever. One entire wall inside the house, which miraculously was unscathed by Irma, is covered in pictures of fishing in the Keys over the years. When

A month or so ago my husband decided it had become just too much trying to keep up the Cudjoe house. It seems that every year now a big storm blows through the Keys and then turns right up into the Gulf so that we are frequently getting a double dose of the downside to Florida. A contract came in less than 24 hours after he made the painful decision to sell and then reality set in. We had to go there to pack up, and you can imagine what it was like to take down every precious picture from the fish wall. 40+ years packed into cartons was not an easy task. We are at the stage in life where a hotel sounds a whole lot better than a work trip to deal with repairs, but making the change still involved a lot of emotion. I guess there is really no such thing as “just a house.” Someone lived there. Memories were made there. We left some things for the new owners, like the guest book that so many friends signed. It just seemed like such a part of that house that we couldn’t take it. There was such a history in it- real people experiencing the Florida Keys. We left a picture of my husband’s father with a trophy fish he caught there. Lots of big shells. A fly-tying bench and plenty of flies. Things that anyone serious enough to buy a house in Cudjoe Key should appreciate. I left before my husband did. He sniffles uncontrollably over Hallmark movies so I couldn’t bear to be there for the finale in Cudjoe. Just a house? The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Ballinger Publishing.

Herbal Tips and Teas for PlantPowered Wellness in the New Year by Dakota Parks • photos by Guy Stevens

For most people, the start of the New Year is a reminder to slow down and listen to our bodies. Whether that means eating healthier and setting fitness goals or simply focusing on mental clarity, reducing stress, improving the quality of sleep and boosting your immune system, we all have individual needs. For Marni Woodson, a local herbalist and owner of Asher & Bee Apothecary and Teahouse, plants have the power to help and heal the mind, body and soul. Woodson first encountered herbalism from watching her grandmother tend to her garden, making hot toddies and herbal remedies for bodily ailments. From there, Woodson earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology with a minor in Africana studies from UWF and became a certified herbalist. To better understand natural remedies for wellness and some tips, tinctures and teas to support key health areas, Pensacola Magazine spoke with Woodson about common misconceptions and the root of her work as an herbalist. 12 Pensacola Magazine

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to do one or the other—pharmaceuticals or herbalism,” Woodson said. “Herbalism is great for helping subdue side effects of pharma, and some herbs can even make medicine prescribed from your doctor more effective. You should always consult your doctor before you start something new, but we use plants medicinally as a holistic treatment approach. An apothecary is basically a plant pharmacy, and I’m the plant pharmacist.” Everything inside Asher & Bee is handcrafted and plant-based including teas, tinctures, capsules of plants and herbs, skin and beauty products like salves and serums and aromatherapy candles. Patrons to the store can stop by for advice and products to treat specific conditions, or for more in-depth needs, they can schedule a consultation with Woodson, which are free and can last around 30-45 minutes to ask about medical history and help individualize and formulate products. As Woodson explained, she is also serving a serious need in the community for uninsured or underinsured people and bridging healthcare gaps. “I think it’s important to have herbalists to help people that want and need natural healthcare, but it’s especially important in black and POC neighborhoods,” Woodson said. “There is a distrust of the healthcare system and a distrust against Western doctors, so I think that black herbalists can bridge that gap that disproportionately affects the health of minorities. Most of my time is spent listening to people and finding out what is affecting their health, so that I can help them.”

For beginners tiptoeing into natural remedies and herbalism, tea is the starting point. Both Woodson and her assistant direct new patrons to tea before recommending tinctures or capsules. Not only is tea easy to incorporate into your daily life, but it can also be individualized in blends to treat specific ailments. “Tea is so underrated and underappreciated,” Woodson explained. “Tea should be your first line and first entry into herbalism. I can do the same thing with a cup of tea that I can do with capsules and plant medicine. That’s why I knew that I wanted to make my shop a teahouse as well. Plus, you can always add drops of new tinctures down the line to your tea too. Not every herb is going to work for everyone, so we have varieties and blends.” Navigating wellness in the New Year can be difficult and overwhelming with increased marketing and advertising directed at consumers to encourage them to buy new wellness products. Many people are simply looking for natural solutions to help them kickstart their goals and focus on their health. No matter what your body goals or health focus might be, Woodson explained some core herbs that can be incorporated into tea blends as a base to help with five of the most sought-after health focus areas in the New Year.

Improving Sleep

Alkaline foods, Valerian or Blue Dream Tinctures and Sleepy Time Tea

Lowering Stress Levels

Melissa, St. John’s Wort, Scutellaria and Oatmeal Melissa is what some elders call a cure-all. It’s great for stress, anxiety and depression. I also recommend St. John’s Wort in limited amounts for stress, meaning no longer than a 3-month period. The third would be Scutellaria, which I recommend for some of my PTSD patients—it’s an excellent plant for lowering stress. Those are my top three plants for stress, but I can’t stress oatmeal enough. Oat tops are really good for nourishing the brain and enhancing your mood. Eating oatmeal in the morning is great and can act as an antidepressant. People overlook oatmeal, but it’s one of the most natural medicines out there that you can get off the shelf.

Mental Clarity/Focus Passionflower Tea and Lemon Balm Tea

Mental flow and focus are big areas that tea can help with by starting your day off with them. Passionflower tea is a great one for mental flow and focus. Melissa, also called Lemon Balm, is a calming plant that also boosts the immune system. It’s a great tea for kids or adults with attention deficit disorders because of the calming nature of the plant. You can also cook with rosemary and sage or add them to your tea to help with clarity.

Food really impacts your sleep cycle. First, I would recommend incorporating more fruits, veggies and alkaline foods for sleep. I always tell people to really be careful with melatonin usage because it can negatively impact the functionality of your pineal gland later on in life, which is vital for sleeping. So, food first, then we can add in some extra tinctures. I have two tinctures I recommend for sleep: Valerian and Blue Dream, which can be taken right before bed to help the body rest. Sleepy Time Tea is another great calming agent.



Herbal Tips and Teas for PlantPowered Wellness in the New Year

Immune System Boost Melissa, Elderberry and Irish Moss

Melissa, again, is a great one to boost the immune system, and it’s safe for children. I also recommend Elderberry tincture and syrup for immune health. Do not attempt to make them at home though. Elderberry can make you sick if made incorrectly. We sell them very reasonably too at only $12 for either product. Irish Moss is another great immune system booster. Irish Moss is an edible seaweed that grows in Canada, Northern Europe and Ireland and contains 92 of the 102 minerals the human body needs. We know that sickness comes from deficiencies in the body, so it’s a great product for the immune system, and it does a ton of great things for the body in the process.

Weight Loss/ Healthy Eating Irish Moss and Hibiscus Tea

I always tell people, if you take the word ‘diet’ out and just make better choices with your food and learn to recognize what foods do for your body, you’ll feel balanced and won’t feel like you need to deny yourself anything. For example, fruits and sweeter foods are great for electricity and energy in the morning. Following the seasons of harvest is another great tip to get plenty of nutrients. Irish Moss and Hibiscus Tea are a great place to start for filling deficiencies and cravings though. Often when we crave something, it’s actually caused by a deficiency in our body. I’m a sugar person with a sweet tooth, but once I take Irish Moss, I can actually say, ‘Wow, that cake looks delicious, but I’m fine without it.’ It’s about finding a balance for yourself.

Asher & Bee Apothecary and Teahouse is located at 3014 N 9th Ave Suite B and they are open Tuesday 11-4; Wednesday 11-4 and 6-8; Thursday and Friday from 11-4; and Saturday 9-2. To shop online or learn more, visit On January 29-30th, Woodson is having the grand opening for a new health-based grocery store, The Busy Bee Mercantile & General Store. The store will be open M-Sat: 9am-6pm and will serve lunch items and sell healthy, organic foods at affordable prices.

14 Pensacola Magazine

Happy New Year!



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at staring endlessly at all of our stuff and wishing it would disappear. Many of us are still staring.

• write the great novel you’ve always dreamed about; • learn a new language;

Business photo created by freepik

• start an online business; • learn to make sushi; or • (insert any other self-proclaimed shortcoming from 2020 here). Instead, emotional overwhelm left many of us sitting at home doing nothing and beating ourselves up for not doing more. We became adept

Let’s change that. You don’t have to climb the whole Change Mountain in a day, but you do need to start. Looking at the whole project can overwhelm the best of us. I believe in chunking the bigger tasks out into smaller ones. Commit to one task at a time. Don’t look at the whole project. Focus on one shelf, one drawer, one section of the closet and so on. Completion of a task, not the whole project, is key to motivating further work.


Before you organize anything, you must de-clutter and remove all the things that no longer serve you. Our kitchen and bedrooms are being used more than ever before. Let’s focus on ways to make these two rooms function a bit easier.

KITCHEN We are spending more time than ever in the kitchen. Let’s stop fighting with stuff and get rid of what we don’t need. Make sure to have two bags (or boxes) ready for sorting. Clear off a table or counter space to receive items as you work through them. Let’s go! From your pantry/dry goods shelf remove items one at a time. Check the expiration date. Toss what’s out of date and decide, before you put it down, if you are keeping it or donating it. Be brutal. You know you’ve got items that you aren’t going to consume, so give JANUARY '21


DECLUTTER THE NEW YEAR them to someone who will. Bulk items always get downsized in my pantry. If you have one cup of ingredients in a huge, wholesale club sized bag, then downsize and label it. Go through your handheld gadgets and touch every single item. Anything that you have not used in the last six months goes into the box. When you are done sorting, cover the box, label it and store it. Mark your calendar to follow up six months from that day. If you never open it during those six months, donate the whole thing, unopened, to the charity of your choice.

a good inventory of what you have. Toss whatever looks bad or is old. Repack it so that it’s easy to pull food out weekly for defrosting. Put the oldest items in front so they’re consumed first. Now that you know what’s in your food storage areas, start eating your way through both the pantry and freezer so that you can rotate those food items out with newer ones.


Inspired? Do the same with your pots and pans. First match up your lids to pans. Toss any lid that doesn’t fit. Box up items you haven’t used in six months, label and put them in storage—same deal with gadgets. Whatever you don’t use in six months, donate.

Some of us are now working from home, and because of space constraints and/or privacy issues, our bedrooms have suddenly become our offices, too. Sleep deprivation is on the rise. It’s more important than ever before to be sure that your bedroom feels like a restful sanctuary. Sleep is the number one contributor to overall good health. Love yourself enough to get a good night’s rest every night.

Freezer burn is real. Take everything out so you can get

Your bed should be for only two things. Sleep and sex. As your

18 Pensacola Magazine

Go through your handheld gadgets and touch every single item. Anything that you have not used in the last six months goes into the box. When you are done sorting, cover the box, label it and store it. Mark your calendar to follow up six months from that day. If you never open it during those six months, donate the whole thing, unopened, to the charity of your choice.

activities in bed become more varied (TV watching, eating, working), your likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep declines. Stop confusing your brain and designate your bed as a restful sexy spot, nothing more. Make sure you have clearly defined work and sleep spaces. If you have limited space, get a folding screen to block off your workspace at night, before you lay down to sleep. The last thing you see before you go to sleep is your nightstand, and it should be clear of clutter. I highly recommend a nightstand with drawers so that you can hide whatever you feel compelled to have next to you. If you do have a nightstand with drawers, go through one at a time and clear out the items you no longer need. Free up the good energy around your bed. Do not plug your phone into an outlet and leave it next to your bed. Night scrolling is a sleep killer. Organize a charging station at your designated workspace or somewhere else away from your bed.

Your bed should be for only two things. Sleep and sex. As your activities in bed become more varied, your likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep declines. Stop confusing your brain and designate your bed as a restful sexy spot, nothing more.

As for your closets and dresser drawers, that is a highly personalized task and it’s about not as easy to give blanket advice because we all buy clothes differently. Some folks actually “build” wardrobes over periods of time, especially classic looks. All of us can create some space by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, is torn, broken or needs repair. And those items you’ve been holding onto forever hoping they’ll fit again... it’s time... let them go.

small wins that add up to bigger ones. All or nothing is a recipe for disaster.

About the Author Jodi Brown is more than a professional organizer—she helps individuals positively transform their homes, health, businesses and ultimately their lives. Her proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of her clients’ unique needs. For a free 30-minute phone consult send her an email at organizerjodibrown@

Let’s not make feelings of overwhelm part of the 2021 conversation. Chunk out your de-cluttering and organization projects so that you have a bunch of

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Whether you’re looking for a new gym, considering trying out a new fitness style to burn steam or want to let out some stress and relieve tension, the Pensacola fitness scene has you covered. From traditional gyms, to cycling studios, personal fitness trainers, CrossFit, Jiu Jitsu, Pilates, boxing, yoga and pole dancing, there are endless possibilities to work up a sweat and get your heart pumping. With various discounts, trials and free classes, you can try out new programs and clubs to find out what works best for you. Local clubs have been dedicated to implementing COVID safety precautions and social distancing measures like mask usage, limiting occupancy, spacing out equipment and stations and lowering the number of members in group fitness classes. To find out more about safety measures or even virtual fitness classes, visit club websites and social media for more information.

Bear Levin Studer Family YMCA With a state-of-the-art aquatic center, full-sized gym, youth-programming and Zoom fitness classes, the YMCA has a lot to offer new members. The YMCA welcomes new and returning members to “Join in January” and pay no Joiner’s Fee – a $50 savings. Membership includes access to everything in the YMCA branches, including strength and cardio equipment, all group exercise classes, KidZone childcare, pool, steam and sauna. Other programs such as personal training and swim lessons are available for a program fee. Memberships are month-to-month, with no contract. Nationwide membership also grants members access to more than 90% of Ys in the country when traveling.

Pure Pilates With two locations in Gulf Breeze and South Palafox Street, Pure Pilates offers teachings in Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Gyrotonic, Yogalates, Barre,

TRX and Kangoo Jumps. Through the month of January, Pure Pilates is offering discounts on 6-month packages in various classes for the different services offered. Packages can be shared with another person, like a spouse or family member and apply at either location. Patrons can book group classes on the MindBody app and schedule one-on-one through emailing or calling the front desk.

positivity, BEutiful YOU offers classes in Vertical Pole Fitness, Burlesque Cardio, Body Heat Yoga and more! Through the month of January, new students can enroll in the level one 6-week vertical pole course for $50 off. The regular $125 price will be discounted to $75. Each class is limited to 4 students per class and there are eight different levels with six-week courses for each level.

• 20 Pilates Equipment class package for $440 (savings of $60)

Disko Lemonade

• 20 Pilates Mat class package for $195 (savings of $45). This package is applied for mat, TRX and yogalates classes. • 20 Pilates or Gyrotonic private one-onone sessions for $700 (savings of $200)

BEutiful YOU Studio At this studio, you can dance, laugh and have fun while breaking a sweat and getting a good workout. Focused on high energy and body

Disko Lemonade is a mindfulness focused fitness studio and yoga school with a storefront boutique featuring activewear. The studio offers heated power yoga, inferno hot Pilates, yin yoga and barre classes. On January 22-24, Disko Lemonade will be hosting its annual free weekend for prospective members to try out classes. Students can register for classes for free that weekend and if they sign up




during the weekend, they can receive an intro pass for $29, which includes a month of classes and two buddy passes.

URU Yoga and Beyond With three locations and over 60 teachers, URU Yoga is a bustling yoga community that offers many different courses for different levels and ages. Some courses include beginner’s yoga, Vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga, rope wall, yoga acrobatics, aerial silks yoga, circus arts, hot yoga and restorative yoga. In January, new members can sign up for New to URU for 30 days unlimited for $50. Other offers include four private yoga sessions for $100 and one year unlimited for $700.

Regymen Fitness With specially designed group workouts, Regymen aims to prevent burnout from old cardio routines. Each class utilizes advanced technology with a unique gaming approach that fosters engagement and friendly competition. The current workout options are BURN, BOX, and BUILD. These are designed to work together to challenge your body in different areas for muscle gain, calorie burn, flexibility, agility and to make you better at everyday movements. Regymen offers one free trial class to any Pensacola residents.

Move Period At Move, personal trainers utilize strength and conditioning training to exercise the whole body with resistance training and conditioning from a beginning intensity to high intensity. Through intensity progression, workout adjustments and 22 Pensacola Magazine

daily focuses on different areas, Move gives everyone the ability to train like an athlete. Members can essentially experience a personal training session in a group setting. The first week is complimentary as a trial as each day is a different workout.

Anytime Fitness Several franchise groups in Pensacola will be participating in the “Join for $1 Campaign” from Dec. 28, 2020 to Feb. 2, 2021. The normal security activation fee of $49.99 is waved to $1 during the campaign. For the first 30 days of membership, new members are limited to their sign-up club, but afterwards receive access to over 4,000 gym locations. Anytime Fitness clubs hold in person and virtual classes every week and are open 24/7.

Pensacola Fitness At Pensacola Fitness, one free class pass is available to local residents or they can drop in for a trial group-fitness class for $5. Non-residents can also try out the gym for a full day for $10 and if they join, the money can be credited back to their account. New Year’s specials include: buy 12 months of gym membership, get 3 additional months free and onemonth trial memberships for only $35.

Cycle Bar Cycle Bar is a rhythm-based fitness class in a boutique indoor cycling studio. Students can take a classic ride for 45-minutes, high-intensity ride for 60 min and a quick 30 minute ride, as well as endurance classes for 75 minutes. New members get entry into the in-house fitness challenge for the new year called

“Tour De Cycle Bar,” aptly named after Tour de France. For $150 new members get a buy-in to compete in this six-month challenge that leads up to the Olympics.

Revolt Fitness Get focused on fitness in the New Year through Revolt Fitness’s “SlimDown Challenge 2021.” From Jan. 11-Feb. 21, you can sign up for this 6-week challenge for $155. It includes a step-by-step guide on what to eat to encourage weight loss and body fat loss led by a nutrition coach, 6 weeks of unlimited functional fitness group classes at Revolt Fitness led by a certified coach, access to the Revolt Fitness app and eligibility to win cash prizes.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Downtown Learn how to protect yourself through martial arts. Gracie offers classes for men, women and children every day of the week. With military and family discounts and flexible class schedules, training is made simple. For the first month, members can receive 50 percent off tuition. Prices vary depending on consultation.

Ride Society At Ride Society, the first ride is always free! Led by an instructor in a dark indoor cycling studio, rides combine the influence of music, calorie torching cardio and the harnessed energy of the group to create 45 minutes of beat-bumping, sweat-dripping, unapologetic fun.



Real Estate is more than what meets the eye and a home is more than just a house- it is a lifetime of precious memories, forever friends, and a sound investment for you and your family's future. Your home tells the story of who you are. "May your walls know joy, each room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility." -Mary Anne Radmacher


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Redefining By Emily Echevarria

As a new year begins, many are welcoming a fresh start and looking toward positive changes in their lives. But this new year is still unlike any other in recent history. As 2021 begins, the various setbacks and grim realities of the last year have placed a sharp focus on what matters most. Healthboth mental and physical,-small joys, and connections with friends, loved ones, and community, have taken center stage for many whose busy pre-Covid lives prevented them from honing in on these areas of dayto-day life. In the stressful and anxiety-ridden bulk of 2020, people were forced to slow down. In that period, some were faced with realizations that the hustle of pre-Covid life was exhausting, and a shred of a silver lining from the pandemic emerged. When we think of self care, often what comes to mind is luxurious pampering-massages, bath bombs, a decadent dessert. After 2020, we can see that deeper self care is more about gaining self knowledge and making space for what your body and mind need to function best to contribute meaningfully to loved ones and community. Kiley Bolster Manning, owner of Wild Lemon Fitness and co-owner of The Magnolia (with her husband Bill Manning), said that before the shutdowns in March, she was accustomed to days that started at 5 am and were crammed with work

at her businesses and various engagements. Like many, she has welcomed the extra quiet time and embraced the changes 2020 brought. “This year has been about finding a new pace and now that we’re at that pace I’m not going back to pre-Covid life,” Bolster Manning said. As someone who owns a fitness studio and is currently working on a Pilates certification apprenticeship, movement is prominent in her life and self care routine. For her, self care can be a lot of things, and is unique to each person. “I always go back to listening to your body,” she said. “Because self care means something different to everybody.”

Self Care For many people, movement has been a saving grace during stayat-home orders, while for others, mustering the energy to change from pajamas to real pants has been a struggle in itself. Many people come to physical activity with an “all or nothing” attitude, and only want to start an activity if they can commit to an hourlong sweat session. We also tend to think of exercise in terms of weight loss or calorie-burning, and slews of New Years and postquarantine workout and weight loss ad campaigns push this idea. The reality is a little movement can go a long way toward feeling better in general both physically and mentally, and often a five minute commitment will lead to more. Bolster Manning had this in mind when she decided one day to post a video to Instagram showing herself doing just “Five Minutes of Movement” and encouraging others to join in to show people that even just a short bout of dancing, stretching, or any kind of movement that feels good can be beneficial. “I posted one and I got so many emails and DMs from people saying ‘every single time you post a movement video, I stop what I’m doing and I do the whole movement video,’” she said. “People would message me every time I posted one and say ‘thank you so much

for posting that movement video because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have moved today.” For a business owner, learning to slow down and adapt caused Bolster to make changes in both her own routine and in her businesses, much of which she hopes to carry into the post-COVID world and into the lives of members of the communities she serves. Another local business that is serving the community in a time of great need is Empathic Practice, a stress management holistic clinic that offers a range of support services including medical marijuana, massage therapy, Ayurvedic assessments, mental health counseling, meditation and mindfulness coaching. Felipe Munoz, a transformational mindset coach at Empathic Practice, said this year has brought a lot of interest in all areas of the practice as people seek resources for the stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other issues brought on or exacerbated by the pandemic. “I think that people had more time not only to reflect but also understand the importance of self care as they were experiencing stress in different ways,” Munoz said. “In general we’re having great interest from people just looking for solutions to just JANUARY '21


Redefining Self care cope with the collective anxiety that we’re living through.” Munoz said that Empathic Practice is working to make some resources for dealing with stress available to the community like occasional free guided meditations as well as on their YouTube channel, which has video versions of guided meditations, how-to discussions and tips for dealing with stress. Munoz also co-hosts a podcast with Peace Mokoreen called The De-stress Podcast which has conversations, tips and reflections for dealing with stress.

positive outcome after facing the massive changes brought in 2020. Hollingsworth had been working as a performing violinist for over a decade when stay-at-home orders halted her career in March. After the initial stress at the loss of income and uncertainty, she took the opportunity to truly reflect on things she wanted to change in her own life and also something that she could share with others. come because it’s so rare to have a situation where you get to be still and kind of let your mind step aside and give way to the body for an hour,” Hollingsworth said.

Like many, Munoz said he’s learned from this year’s challenges and the importance of taking the time to close his eyes, take a deep breath, and be transported to a place of peace in his own mind. Meditation can seem incredibly daunting to someone who hasn’t tried it, and there are many misconceptions about its practice. “The biggest misconception about meditation is that it is a practice of emptying your mind,” he said. “Meditation is actually about concentration and detachment. It is the constant exercise of letting thoughts come and go, observing them, noticing as they pass by. That itself is also an exercise in mindfulness.” Munoz said his number one tip for anyone looking to deepen their own self care is to bring mindfulness to what you feed yourself, meaning both body and mind--a meal that nourishes you, the time spent with people in your life who motivate you and bring out your best qualities, and what you feed your mind through the content you watch on screens. Molly Hollingsworth is another Pensacola local that found a

26 Pensacola Magazine

She said journaling and meditation helped her realize that in her pre-COVID life, she’d been too busy to take care of herself and was under a lot of physical stress from grueling practice and performance schedules. Meditation became a non-negotiable practice for mental health, and one meditative practice in particular was becoming more than an interest for Hollingsworth. “In August I decided to lean into this passion of meditation, and I had been taking sound baths with other teachers and practitioners over Zoom this year and that was something that had been really profoundly helpful and healing for me,” she said. “And then it just clicked.” Hollingsworth describes a sound bath as “a sonically enveloping

meditation experience.” Participants lie down on a mat and begin with a guided meditation and then are “bathed” in the sound waves from various instruments. While a sound bath isn’t a musical performance, Hollingsworth’s musical sensibility comes into play in sessions that use highly resonant acoustic instruments like quartz singing crystal bowls, tuning forks, a traditional Indian instrument called a , and chimes. Hollingsworth began by offering sound baths to friends, and then to the community under the name Slow Radical in the last few months. She said that the sound baths she facilitates focus on giving the body a chance to be extremely still and comfortable, and giving the mind a chance to be still and soothed. “I encourage participants to allow whatever wants to come up to

With the continuing existential threat of a global pandemic and all the logistical, financial, and familial challenges that have ensued in the past ten months, deepening self care has been top of mind for many. In 2021, we can take self care to new depths by redefining what it means and what we need to truly take care of ourselves. A new year may be arbitrary, especially as the pandemic continues, but after all that 2020 brought, it’s clear that there’s no time like the present to take better care of yourself. “The new year is always a good way to start new actions and promises,” Munoz said. “But every day we have a better opportunity to really create intention for what we want to make time for.”

For More Info or Empathic Practice on YouTube Slow Radical on Instagram or Facebook



Companion | Respite Housekeeping | Personal Care Transportation | Child Care TLC Caregivers is the area’s longest running provider of community based services, with over 32 years of service!

Need a part or full time job, or know someone who does? Whether you’re looking for work, gaining experience for your future in healthcare, something rewarding to fill the time while your kids are in school, laid off from your job due to COVID or just love working with the elderly and disabled, TLC Caregivers has a position for you. Caregivers do not need any caregiving licensure or certifications! A driver’s license and working vehicle are required. Caregivers do need at least six months caregiving experience with adults and/ or children— which may include your own family along with any professional experience. Caregivers identify days of the week and hours available. Some weekend hours are required. Flexible scheduling in Escambia SantaRosa Okaloosa counties. Must have a clear background and pass level II fingerprint background screening and be drug free. Hourly wage and benefits including employer MATCH retirement investing.

Apply TODAY online at or in person at TLC Caregivers located in Cordova Square 4400 Bayou Blvd, Suite 9 Call TLC with any questions at

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Social media has been a major ally throughout the pandemic. It’s been the primary way people have maintained social connections in a time when we all needed to be physically distant. Instead of physically attending a loved one’s wedding, we viewed it over Facebook Live. Instead of gathering at a restaurant to chat with friends, we sent TikTok videos and memes to each other’s DMs. In July 2020, the marketing firm Kepios Analysis found that the number of social media users increased by 10.5 percent, adding 376 million more users. TikTok reached the two billion downloads mark in April 2020. As physical interaction decreased, online interaction increased.

But is social media healthy? That’s a difficult question to answer considering its many benefits, but social media is most certainly time-consuming. In the words of ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus: “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” Statista found that in 2019, global internet users, on average, spent 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media sites every day. In a month, that’s 4,320 minutes or 72 hours spent just scrolling through social media posts. The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma explores society’s ever-increasing

social media usage. The documentary shows how companies like Facebook, Google and Instagram use algorithms to make their platforms addicting. Perhaps one of the most impactful discoveries exposed in this documentary is that these companies harvest users’ data to then sell it to the highest bidder. In short, social media is free to users because the users are the ones being sold. This revelation has caused users, like me, to reevaluate how they use social media. I started November off with an unsettling discovery. I spend about five hours



It's About Time: Grappling With Social Media and Life in the Present a day on social media. So monthly, that’s about 150 hours, or six days, total just spent scrolling through the virtual world. My first thought was “Well, that’s depressing.” I wasted, arguably, the most valuable commodity on Earth: time. While some might suggest it’s time to delete social media and all my accounts from my phone, it’s just not feasible—at least not in the 21st century. We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, so deleting social media could mean severing myself from social interactions outside of my job and significant other. Also, as a journalist, social media is one of the main ways I stay connected to the happenings in the city. Facebook is my go-to route for finding local events and unique stories. As a Gen Z and a journalist, I decided to limit my time spent on social media, rather than removing it altogether. I started with shutting off all of my notifications from my emails and apps, aside from my daily Duolingo reminders. My phone buzzed 20+ times a day from notifications alone, and with each buzz, I felt obligated to check if I received an important email or text message. Instead, it would 30 Pensacola Magazine

be Facebook notifying me that a friend commented on my post. I, of course, would then take the bait by clicking the notification, and then boom, I’m sucked in—scrolling aimlessly for 30 minutes. Without

social media did wonders for my stress level and it helped me stay focused on my tasks. However, each time my phone would notify me that my time on social media was up, I couldn’t help but feel sad like I was going to miss

“When the fear of missing out takes over our mind, we may end up missing out on what matters the most: our presence in the present.” notifications constantly dinging on my phone, I’m not as tempted to waste time on my phone. Next, I went into the Digital Wellbeing section of Settings on my phone and set a time limit on my most used apps: Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. I limited Facebook and Instagram to 15 minutes and TikTok, my most used app, to 30 minutes each day. This change limited my social media use to just one hour a day. Lastly, I made several changes to my privacy on these apps to prevent them from hemorrhaging my data. Putting a limit to the amount of time I spend on

out. Felipe Munoz, founder and owner of Empathic Practice, summed up my feelings perfectly. “In the media in general, we’re always comparing ourselves and creating these expectations of who we should be based on other people, and social media kind of exacerbated that,” Munoz said. “It’s amazing how social media is a platform where everyone can thrive and become a personality, an entrepreneur or an influencer. But it takes a toll on mental health. There’s always something new, there’s always a new trend, there’s always a new hashtag, and there’s always a new person to follow, that you need to

keep up with, to the point that you get exhausted.” Munoz has an interesting background. He started his career in the fast-paced marketing industry. For 18 years, he focused on staying one step ahead of social media trends and adapted ads to fit the ever-shifting audience. “It took a huge toll on me to the point that I was having panic attacks and high anxiety,” Munoz said. Eventually, his anxiety led him to therapy where he learned about mental health. This experience caused Munoz to leave his stressful job behind and pursue a career in mental health, so he received his MBA in positive psychology. Munoz started Empathic Practice where he is a Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach. Munoz has a number of clients who come to him because of their social media use. Some come because they feel anger, anxiety or depression as a result of comparing themselves to people online or they’re feeling overwhelmed by the immense virtual world. Munoz guides clients through these feelings by teaching them to be mindful of these emotions and their triggers.

“When we’re working with mindfulness, the core of the work is awareness, so it’s realizing when you are feeling anxiety, stress or anger. Once you identify those feelings, don’t judge them,” Munoz said. “You just look at where they’re coming from. Let’s say every time you open Instagram or Facebook, you’re feeling anxious. You don’t need to delete your account, but just delete the app from your phone. Make it harder for you to immerse yourself into this universe that is causing a large amount of stress. Deleting those apps actually makes a lot of difference. It might not reduce the amount of time that you use your phone, but you’re gonna end up using other things like deleting emails.” Munoz encourages people to opt for an activity that is more beneficial than social media, such as reading a book. This tip helped me get through reducing my social media usage. Whenever I felt the need to scroll through my phone, I would do a few language lessons on Duolingo. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t only affect mental health. It can also impact face-to-face relationships, especially ones with significant others. Relationship trainer at Bayside Marriage Counseling, Julie M. Nise, LPC, LMFT, CT, has been

helping married couples figure out what skills they need to be successful in the long haul for the past 16 years. Nise explained that rather than focusing on the issues the couple has gone through, which is what relationship counselors do, Nise, as a relationship trainer, concentrates on the future of the relationship.

SOCIAL MEDIA BY THE NUMBERS The average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media

Nise believes that social media negatively affects relationships outside of the virtual world because it takes time away from them. “The reality is, being a spouse, being a husband, or being a wife, is your number one job. You don’t have a job more important than that, if you’re married. Second to that comes being a parent. You also have to be an employee, perhaps, or a son or a daughter, a housekeeper, cook, an errand runner, etc. The amount of time people waste on social media directly impacts all of those far more important things,” Nise said. “In a prioritization list, being on social media should be way down at the bottom. Every minute you’re on social media, you’re not focusing on one of your other priorities. That is a recipe for disconnection, isolation, problems in your marriage and problems with your kids.”

The number of social media users increased by 376 million in 2020 TikTok has around 800 million active users Facebook has more than 2.2 billion active users +1

Instagram has more than one billion active users

relationships is to be aware of it and actively work to change it. “If they think they can still keep the same activity going on social media and somehow magically change the disconnect in their relationship or become more aware of what their children are needing or doing, that’s not going to happen,” Nise explained. “There has to be an acceptance that something needs to change, and then they probably need to seek some guidance on how to change it to get better in line with their priorities.” This is where Nise and Munoz’s advice overlap. It’s crucial for people to be aware of how many hours they are spending on social media. Before I started writing this article, I had no idea how much time I had been taking away from my relationship with my partner, passions and peace of mind. Time is fleeting and sparse, and I don’t want to spend it gazing into how others live it. I just want to live it. As Munoz says: “When the fear of missing out takes over our mind, we may end up missing out on what matters the most: our presence in the present.”

Nise’s solution to social media negatively affecting JANUARY '21


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BY KELLY ODEN + DAKOTA PARKS She Warrior Rumble Camo Legging


So, you’ve put working out on your list of New Year’s resolutions—good for you! Now, what to wear? Those torn old band t-shirts and stretched out yoga pants might be okay for a home workout, but if you plan to get fit in public, why not look fabulous doing it? Lucky for us, Pensacola is home to a few activewear designers who make it their business to combine function with fashion when designing their activewear. Whether you stay fit by running, stretching, boxing or weightlifting, keep it local and add a few of these homegrown pieces to your workout wardrobe.



REBOOT & CO. Reboot & Co. is a lifestyle, entertainment and apparel brand started by former healthcare executive Addie Murdoch and former AppRiver owner Michael Murdoch along with their children Amanda and Bryce. After dating for many years, Addie and Michael married in 2018. To celebrate their union, they bought a boat and christened it Reboot. “We just started thinking about the name,” Addie said. “Not only do we have a boat named Reboot, but every time we go out on it, we feel that we’re rebooting ourselves. At the same time, we are rebooting our lives by starting a new life together and new careers. It just all started to make sense.”

The Reboot Family

R. Bryce Clayton, Addie Murdoch + Amanda Clayton

Enter 2020 and the idea of a reboot or renewal began to resonate even stronger. The family started thinking more seriously about their idea for a lifestyle brand that would be built around, and inspired by, a life spent on the water. The family of avid travelers also wanted to highlight travel, hiking, wellness and epic adventures of all kinds. “We decided to go with a lifestyle platform because we have two children that are in their 20s,” Addie said. “They understand the importance of brand building these days. Everything is done through web design and social media and those types of platforms. They’ve definitely schooled us on that.” As a digital lifestyle brand, Reboot & Co. seeks out brand ambassadors from around the world to help spread the word about their products. Reboot’s website offers blog posts and giveaways in addition to their lifestyle products, which include apparel, accessories, travel items and home décor. In January of 2021, the company will roll out a new clothing line with a particular focus on fitness and athletic wear. Future plans include an editorial lifestyle series, wellness retreats and charitable giving projects. To learn more about Reboot & Co., visit photos by Hatchmark Studio

34 Pensacola Magazine

The BAAM patch is sewn onto our iconic vintage trucker hat in the color black. BAAM, an acronym for “Bold Adventures are Mandatory” a phrase that we live by!

Reboot Logo Hoodie cropped and stylish. xxxisPerfect for cozy nights or xxx coffee with the girls. This hoodie is a retail fit with cut-out elbows for that extra touch of “yasss.”

xxx xxx

From athletics to couches, joggers are a must. These joggers are unisex, comfortable, and made to last. The logo wraps around the left thigh in a unique way to show off your “rebooting.”

Your first staple to rep Reboot Nation. Simple black tee with the Reboot & Co. logo. Grab yours, snap a picture with the Reboot Tag Frame, and share online! #rebootnation



SHE WARRIOR Pensacola native Natlyn Jones is no stranger to the world of fitness and professional sports. While many know her as the wife of boxing champion, Roy Jones, Jr., many don’t realize that Natlyn Jones is also a promoter and entrepreneur—and she’s a boxer as well. In 2019, Jones opened a boxing gym that focused on empowering women in the male-dominated world of boxing. While working with female boxers, she noticed that most high-quality activewear for women seemed to come as an afterthought to already established, male-focused brands. Jones was inspired to design and create She Warrior, a female-focused athletic wear brand that highlights female strength. She Warrior’s mission is to nurture the fighting spirit within all women and lead them toward championing their health, wellness and inner warrior. Jones has always had a fondness for fashion as well as a creative streak, so melding those loves with her passion for boxing and female empowerment was a perfect combination. As for the name, “It just resonated,” she said. “Female strength, the warrior mentality, the fighter—She Warrior.” While Jones designs the line herself, she has the clothing manufactured in New York City. Designed to be inclusive for every shape and size, She Warrior urges women to celebrate their bodies and reminds them that “Strong is the new sexy.” For Jones, her favorite item is the high-waisted compression legging. “It offers great compression,” she said. “It’s so comfortable.” Sustainability is also important to Jones and she chooses environmentally friendly materials for her line. “We’ve neglected the environment for so long,” Jones said. “We are the generation of fast and now, but if we take time to take care of the environment, it will take care of us.” She Warrior’s newest line launches in January of 2020 and will be available on their website. Visit to learn more.

photos by Steven Gray | and Aaron Smalls 36 Pensacola Magazine

Natlyn Jones in She Warrior’s High Performance Bodywork Sports Bra and Leggings

She Warrior High Performance Bodywork Leggings and Showtime Hoodie/ Sweatshirt

She Warrior Round One Leopard Sports Bra in Gold

You VS. You Sports Bra and Journeyman Compression Shorts

She Warrior Journeyman Crop Bra with Mesh and Undisputed All-Over Print Legging She Warrior You VS. You Sports Bra Undisputed Half-leg Print Legging She Warrior Champions Crop Top and Undisputed All-Over Print Legging




or Navarre-based custom clothing designer Brittney Meads, the love for designing clothing was born out of volunteering at Nashville Fashion Week while sprucing up her resume for law school. After watching dresses go down the runway, Meads went home and challenged herself to making her first dress out of one of her father’s t-shirts. “I started with bed sheets and curtains, and now I use fabric from all over the world including Prague, London and Barcelona,” Meads explained. After graduating from Belmont University in Nashville in 2013 with a degree in psychology and sociology, Meads started her custom clothing design business before heading to England in 2015 to expand her brand and study fashion business at the University of Hertfordshire. Over the years, her work has been featured in several magazines, runways and special events. In 2019, Meads was nominated for a Global Beauty Award in the best evening gown/fashion designer category. Dresses, however, aren’t the only clothing she designs. “Everything is custom made by me and tailored to my client’s specifications” she explained. “As a custom designer, my clients have the freedom to choose the style, fabric and budget for their designs. I also offer alterations or reconstruction of items already in their closet that may need a bit of life brought back into them.” As Meads explained, her clothing is designed to fit the bodies of her clients, rather than women or men trying to fit into clothing off a rack, which can help everyone feel comfortable in their bodies. Her custom designs allow her clients to take the stress out of shopping and personalize their wardrobe. Her fitness and exercise designs including swimsuits, leggings and sports bras utilize Performance Quick Dry Fabric, which is stretchable and body-hugging. All of her designs can be customized in any color, shape, style or fabric. To learn more, you can follow and reach her on Instagram @bmeadsdesigns or on Facebook at Brittney Meads Designs. photos by Blu Horizon Photo and Ames Imagery 38 Pensacola Magazine

Brittney Meads Designs’ His and Hers Matching Swim Set

Brittney Meads Designs’ “Don’t Cross Me” Sports Bra and Legging Set

Brittney Meads Designs’ Killian Wolf Workout Set

Brittney Meads in Queen Swimsuit: Boy shorts with Convertible Top that can be worn 3 different ways JANUARY '21


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Community Events January Haiku Challenge January 1-February 1

Sponsored by West Florida Literary Federation, the Haiku Challenge is a prelude to Pensacola’s February Haiku Slam, a new event featuring local poetry lovers and performance artists. The slam is the brainchild of the Poet’s Roundtable, a collaborative group of local poets organized by Poet Laureate Katherine Nelson-Born and local poets Charles McCaskill and Asia Samson. In the January writing event, participants are challenged to write a haiku, a short three-line poem, each day from the prompt or theme posted at WFLF’s Facebook page. The challenge will lead up to a poetry slam in February and celebrate National Haiku Month, designated for the shortest month of the year, February. Participants may share their haikus at the Haiku Slam in February.

Polar Bear Plunge 2021 January 1

Wash off 2020 at the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce’s annual Polar Bear Plunge. Head to Pensacola Beach at 2 p.m. and plunge (safely) into the Santa Rosa Sound. To practice effective social distancing, this year’s event will take place at its signature spot, Paradise Bar & Grill, as well as Red Fish Blue Fish, the familyfriendly area. Registration begins at noon and the fee is $15 cash per person and participants will receive a Polar Bear Plunge t-shirt or a $10 registration donation to participate without the t-shirt. All proceeds go to the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce to fund events on the Island.

Pensacola Ice Flyers VS. Hunstville Havoc January 2

The Pensacola Ice Flyers are hosting the Huntsville Havoc for Small Dog Race Night at the Pensacola Bay Center! Join

the Ice Flyers on Saturday, Jan. 2 at 7:05 p.m. for a night of dog chaos on the ice. Tickets can be purchased online via Ticket Master or in-person at the box office.

Waterboyz Winter Classic Surf Contest 2020 January 2

Come out and watch or sign up to compete in the 2020 Waterboyz Winter Classic. This annual surfing contest will be held at Navarre Beach Pier from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The first division winner will take home the largest cash prize in the history of the Winter Classic: $2,500! Cash prizes are available for second and third place winners as well. Competition slots are limited. Attendants can sign up online at .

YIKES! Open Mic Comedy January 7

Join Emerald Republic Brewing Company for its weekly open mic. YIKES! Open Mic is Pensacola’s best (and only) Open Mic Comedy Show. Hosted by Rampantly, the open mic will make you say YIKES—and welcomes newcomers and pros alike! With a wide-open outdoor beer garden, good brews and loose screws, there’s nothing to lose. Beck’s Jamaican Kitchen will be serving up bites. Sign-Up is at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8:00 p.m.

Military Appreciation Night - Pensacola Ice Flyers Game January 8

The Pensacola Ice Flyers are hosting the Birmingham Bulls for Military Appreciation Night sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union at the Pensacola Bay Center! Join the Ice Flyers on Friday, Jan. 8 at 7:35 p.m. as they celebrate our great service members. Tickets can be purchased online via Ticket Master or in-person at the box office.

Pensacola Mardi Gras Kick-Off Celebration January 8

Join Pensacola Mardi Gras from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at their annual kick-off celebration. The party has undergone COVID safety precautions and modifications: located in an outdoor venue, with contactless transactions, mask guidelines and a smaller attendance capacity. Attendants can enjoy entertainment from The CheeWeez, an 80s and 90s rock and roll party band from New Orleans. Krewes will also dawn the stage in costume to receive their customary certificates. Tickets can be purchased online.

The Illusionist: Comedy Magic Show January 9

Join REX Comedy at the REX Theatre from 7-8:30 p.m. for The Illusionist comedy magic show. The Illusionist has performed for nearly 4 million people LIVE. Grab your tickets for the most hilarious and mind-blowing 75 minutes of your life. Tom Coverly, The Illusionist, will have you on the edge of your seat as he performs the impossible. This show is full of audience participation that will have you laughing for years to come.

Beautiful Beginnings Bridal Expo January 10

Getting married in the near future? Please join The Bridal Loft at the Pensacola Bay Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a day dedicated to helping YOU plan your perfect wedding! Incredibly talented wedding vendors will be on site, with displays, samples and tips to help you with planning your most special day: venues, photographers, florists, decorators, DJs, caterers, salons and more. Engaged JANUARY '21


Community Events couples in attendance are eligible to register for door prizes including a grand prize honeymoon. Tickets are $15 at the door or $10 in advance.

Cast Iron Filet & Shrimp Cooking Class January 11



Pensacola Right Now 4-7pm

Pensacola Morning News 5-9am

Talk & Text at 437-1620 Online at On Alexa & Google Home

Cooking in cast iron can be intimidating, but this class will show you how to make pan-seared filet alongside a fabulous shrimp dish! Surf and turf is an iconic entree, learn how to cook this fan favorite from the comfort of your own kitchen. Leave this class feeling ready to pamper yourself at home with this decadent dish. Join Bodacious Family of Shops from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for this cooking demonstration.

Everything Sushi Class January 16

The Gordon


ordo G e h n Community Art Center

A place to create, inspire and connect. . .

a place for everyone. Rentals:

• Studio for classes & performances • Music Room • Theatre Arts Library

Open to all:

• Outdoor Community Garden • Lobby • Adjacent Parking

Join Pensacola Cooks Kitchen in a sushi-101 class from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Following CDC guidelines and temperature screenings, the kitchen is “rolling" out the red carpet for our customers introducing the latest Handson Sushi Class. This class provides an opportunity to learn traditional sushi making skills, creating variations of the basic rolls, including design tips and techniques. Each student receives a sushi mat and recipes to take home after learning how to make signature dishes.

MLK Parade Pensacola 2021 January 18

The annual parade celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day will occur in Downtown Pensacola from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For announced parade route and details visit “MLK Parade Pensacola 2021” on Facebook.

Pensacola Opera presents “Carmen” January 20, 22 & 24

The Gordon Community Art Center 306 N DeVilliers | 850.857.8961 |

42 Pensacola Magazine

Pensacola Opera favorite Elise Quagliata is Carmen— opera’s ultimate seductress

whose charms cannot be tamed. Under the power of her spell, rival lovers force her to make a deadly decision. Bizet’s grand operatic masterpiece returns to Pensacola in an exciting spectacle, led by stage director Fenlon Lamb (Don Giovanni, 2020).Unable to join in person? New this season, consider joining Pensacola Opera for a special live stream experience!

Sometimes the best running accessory

Grand Opening: The Busy Bee Mercantile & General Store January 29-30

Join Asher & Bee Apothecary and Teahouse for the grand opening of its sister store, The Busy Bee Mercantile & General Store, a brand-new health-focused grocery store. Located next door to Asher & Bee at 3002 N 9th Avenue, the grocery store will feature healthy and affordable lunch items, fresh fruits and produce and local gift baskets and goods. The grand opening of the store will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony with Council Woman Teníadé Broughton of district five.

is a four-legged friend. 850.637.1123

An Evening with Poet and Author Claudia Rankine February 4

Join the University of West Florida in an evening with Claudia Rankine, nationally renowned poet and Frederick Iseman Professor of Poetry at Yale University. Rankine will be sharing from her work “Citizen: An American Lyric.” In “Citizen: An American Lyric,” Rankine boldly recounts mounting racial aggressions in ongoing encounters in twenty-first-century daily life and in the media. As part of the Downtown Lecture Series, attendance is free, and the event is held on Zoom from 6-7 p.m.



HELPING CHILDREN REACH HOME THROUGH HEARTFELT ADVOCACY Thank You for helping us rewrite a child’s future. The NWFL Guardian Ad Litem Foundation Board of Directors would like to extend our heartfelt Thank You to all who have supported our fundraising efforts this year, on behalf of the children of the First Judicial Circuit who are represented by the Guardian Ad Litem Program. Those who partner with us help these children have a brighter tomorrow.


Provide for the needs of abused, neglected, and abandoned children and support the volunteer advocates in the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) program.


Visit to find out how.


Northwest Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation, Inc. Hours: Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm

19 Iowa Dr NE, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548 (850) 595-3728

1800 St Mary Ave #3, Pensacola, FL 32501



January 2021

Building a Remote Cyber Coast p.47


7 Ways to be Healthier in the Office p.50

52 Around the Region Find out what is happening in business, government and cultural news in the greater Pensacola area and Northwest Florida.



A Place for You




700 E. Chase Street

601 E. Chase Street




2187 Airport Boulevard

5049 Corporate Woods Drive



1144 Airport Boulevard

6000 Cobble Creek Road

Business Vacation Extended Stay HIGHPOINTE.COM 46 Pensacola Magazine

BUILDING A REMOTE CYBERCOAST The pandemic has permanently shaped the workforce and set a precedent for employees and companies working remote from home. According to a recent Gallup survey, around 33 percent of Americans are working exclusively from home, which is down from 50 percent of the workforce polled in April. Remarkably, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to do so. Encouraging remote work is at the heart of the “Remote from Here” campaign launched by FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance to attract and retain talented remote cybersecurity workers. FLWest is Escambia County’s economic development organization with the mission of building, growing and sustaining the economic potential and prosperity of Northwest Florida. Through economic development initiatives, programs to recruit new business, workforce training and managing the local small business incubator, Co:Lab, FLWest is focused on generating wealth and opportunities in the community. The “Remote from Here” campaign is part

of the FLWest cybersecurity strategy which unites the hub of military, government, educational and private sector cybersecurity assets in the area as a bustling CyberCoast. As CEO Scott Luth explained, the cybersecurity strategy started around seven years ago when FLWest began researching companies as target industry sectors to encourage growth and facilitate a cluster strategy. “The strategy was created in

partnership with all of our cyber companies in the private sector, government contracting companies, military, especially on Cory Station, and significant input from the University of West Florida (UWF) and Pensacola State College (PSC). The first initiative was developing and supporting the educational infrastructure.”

The educational and training opportunities are abundant on the CyberCoast. In Escambia County K-12, there are career academies dedicated to cybersecurity. George Stone Technical College offers an applied cybersecurity program and is a Cisco Networking Academy and Microsoft IT Academy. PSC offers a Cybersecurity Bachelor of Applied Science Program, and UWF is home to the Center for Cybersecurity, a National Center for Academic Excellence designated by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The US


Navy’s Cyber Training Center in Pensacola also trains around 10,000 to 12,000 people every year for initial cybersecurity training for the Navy. “Part of the strategy is to retain talent from those people coming out of schools here or departing from the military— to remind them that we have opportunities, a great quality of life and good synergy around their career sector,” Luth said. “We also want to recruit people into the local cybersecurity community that has over 2,000 local professionals. Whether they want to come here to train, remote work here, or bring their company here, that’s why we created the website.” To help with recruitment, branding and showcasing the culture and opportunities in Pensacola, FLWest launched the website in November. The website is built on the pillars of “our people, our place and our possibilities” JANUARY '21


BUILDING A REMOTE CYBERCOAST to not only make finding job opportunities easier with direct links to cyber companies with job listings in Pensacola but to also help build and welcome the cyber community to Pensacola. “In 2017, we conducted a study to help with the cyber strategy and one thing that was really prominent to this career field and their employees is the quality of life, because they can live anywhere with their jobs,” Sena Maddison, director of communications explained. “We built the website catered and marketed to what employees in the cyber field are looking for. COVID has changed a lot of this at the moment, but these employees are still looking for places with people like themselves, networking opportunities like ITEN WIRED, fun meetups for craft beers, paddle boarding or baseball games and to be easily connected through the airport.” As Maddison explained, the website creates a hub of Pensacola’s culture and attractions to help cyber employees make the leap to working remote in Pensacola. It features beautiful white sand beaches, bustling Downtown Pensacola, Gallery

48 NWFL’s Business Climate

Night, The Blue Wahoos and The Blue Angels while connecting them to average rent and housing

We want to piggyback off the success of Pensacola. If we can bring more people here with a disposable income and promote the incredible culture here, then certainly those people are going to support the local economy through shopping and going to restaurants.

costs, companies hiring and promoting local cybersecurity educational opportunities. While the campaign is geared toward building the CyberCoast, it

will also serve as an economic boost helping promote the city at the same time.

Maddison explained. “We want cybersecurity employees in Chicago to see commercials for sunny beaches. We want people interested in going back to school or getting recertified to know they can do that here. So, each month will be a different focus. We’ll also be directly reaching out and targeting demographics on LinkedIn and partnering with Visit Pensacola. The biggest thing is that people can find jobs in one click, in one day on the website. If they have a security clearance, their applications can be fast tracked too because there are so many jobs available here.”

“We want to piggyback off the success of Pensacola,” Luth said. “If we can bring more people here with a disposable income and promote the incredible culture here, then certainly those people are going to support the local economy through shopping and going to restaurants. The cyber industry is also a younger demographic that is looking for that strong sense of community. This is also where the partnership with local tourism comes from, because no matter where you move, you’re always a tourist first.”

Through the website cybersecurity professionals can find job listings with local companies such as Booz Allen, General Dynamics, Raytheon Technologies, Northrop Grumman and Navy Federal Credit Union to name a few. As the “Remote from Here” campaign launches in January, Pensacola will continue to welcome and expand its cybersecurity workforce. To learn more about the opportunities and campaign, visit

FLWest is currently working with local tourism officials, hoteliers and real estate companies to offer incentives to try out a remote-work week in the area. Beginning in January, FLWest will launch a series of ads aimed at cybersecurity professionals in other cities who are looking for a change. The ads will drive traffic to the website and promote the overall quality of life in Pensacola. “Marketing is essential to this step in the cybersecurity strategy,”



Ways to Be Healthier in the Office

By Gina Castro

At the start of the new year, people tend to ponder what they can do to be a better version of themselves. Usually that means committing to a new hobby, trying to be healthier or focusing on meaningful relationships. Since the average person spends about 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, Business Climate figured some tips on how to be healthier in the office could be helpful for starting the year off on the right foot, too. Adjust Computer Monitor Did you know the average person’s head weighs around 11 lbs? That weight puts a lot of pressure on your neck and the muscles supporting it. A 2014 study found that tilting the head forward to look at phones or computer screens increases the amount of force on the neck. For instance, tilting your head just 45 degrees forward can increase the force on your neck to 48 lbs. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain after 50 NWFL’s Business Climate

a day at the office, see if your computer monitor needs to be adjusted. Your computer monitor should be at or just below your eyesight level. When viewing the screen, your eyes should look slightly downward. The height of your computer monitor can be adjusted by placing a stand or a few sturdy books beneath it, or you can invest in an adjustable monitor arm.

Discover Your Office Chair Needs If you work a typical 9-to5 job five days a week, that means you spend around 35 hours a week in your office chair. That’s a lot of time to spend in a chair, especially if that chair doesn’t suit your comfort needs. At the bare minimum, the back rest of your chair should be adjustable and follow the shape of your spine; the armrests should match the height of the desk and be close to the body; and the cushion of the chair should be memory foam. It’s important for the chair to give ample back support, provide a space to rest arms, which takes pressure off of the shoulders, and for the seat cushion to provide the most comfort possible. When shopping for a desk chair, keep those aspects in mind. However,

if your current chair fulfills some of your needs but is missing the lumbar support or seat cushion, you can purchase accessories to supplement those needs. Protect Your Eyes Although blue light is the most energy-efficient and low-cost form of light, it’s a major contributor to eye strain and other vision complications. Blue light comes from computers, smartphones, television, tablets, LED lights, fluorescent lights— the list goes on. If you have dry eyes, headaches or blurred vision, you may be experiencing digital eye strain. There are a couple avenues you can

try to alleviate your eyes. For one, there is the 2020-20 rule. This is an easy to remember guideline that many eye doctors tell their patients. The rule is for every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds. This 20 second reset helps your eyes refresh and relax. Another strategy is to wear blue light glasses. These glasses are relatively new, so there are few studies showing that these glasses reduce eye strain. However, it’s helped some people and is affordable, so it could be worth a try.

Disinfect Frequently Touched Items COVID-19 has certainly reminded everyone how important it is to keep frequently touched items clean. Do you remember the last time you wiped your keyboard and mouse with a disinfectant wipe? If your answer is no, perhaps you should consider The National Center for Health Research suggests that office keyboards should be wiped down weekly if not daily. It’s a great idea to take a moment on the same day each week to wipe down your keyboard, mouse, desk, phones, and other frequently used items in the office. The New England Journal of Medicine found that viruses tend to live longer on non-porous surfaces, such as metals and plastics, which is the materials most keyboards and phones are made from. On the subject of office hygiene, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of sanitizer at your desk, too. Lastly, the CDC recommends that fabric face masks are washed every day. Be Sure to Eat If you’re trying to maintain high energy at the workplace, you may want to put down that second cup of coffee and grab a snack instead. There are several foods that have been shown to make people more energized than coffee. A snack like a banana with peanut butter contains sugar, fiber and protein, which is essential for sustained energy. Yogurt is a great source of magnesium, which is essential for energy production.

Grabbing a snack during the workday is an excellent way to get an energy boost. It’s also important to stay hydrated. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that men should drink 15.5 cups of fluids and women should drink 11.5 cups of fluids each day. One way you can make an effort to stay hydrated is by bringing a water bottle with you to work each day and refilling it when you can. Lastly, no matter how tempting it is to eat lunch at your desk, don’t do it. For one, it’s bad for productivity. Research shows that working throughout the day without a break increases the chances of burnout. So if you’re eager to perform your best, be sure to get a bite, drink water and most importantly take a break. Stretch! Sitting at a desk can cause tension in muscles and sore joints. So, take a moment to get the blood pumping again. Every hour or so, stand up and stretch for a few minutes. Touch your toes, shrug your shoulders back and so on. If you can, try to fit in a little exercise in your work routine. You don’t have to do a jog or a pilates class to get exercise. You can do something as simple as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, a quick walk outside during lunch or walk around the office. Michigan State University found that working out at work increases energy, productivity and creativity while reducing stress. Exercise is also great for your overall health.

Empower Yourself with Words of Affirmation This last tip may seem silly at first glance, but words of affirmation can empower you to push through the rest of the workday. Words of affirmation is a strategy to promote selfconfidence. Interestingly, neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to restructure itself when it recognizes the need for adaptation, can help the brain take positive phrases as fact. An article published in the Journal of Psychiatry Neuroscience showed that the negative thought patterns that occur in depression are caused by impaired neuroplasticity processes, and practicing reversing these thought patterns with

positive affirmations may help rewire the brain. In short, repeating affirmations may convince your brain that it’s a fact. Although hanging a cat poster with the phrase “hang in there” can be supportive, it’s more effective for the affirmation to be specific to you and the task at hand. For instance, if you’re nervous about doing a presentation at work, saying the statement “I’m going to knock this presentation out of the park” a few times might give you the confidence boost you need.

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Around the Region

Pensacola Air Flight School By Ryan Barnett

Aviation training runs deep in Pensacola. In addition to being home to the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the Gulf Coast has served as a training ground for tens of thousands of military pilots since 1914. The newly opened Pensacola Air Flight School joins a rich and distinguished local tradition of turning out world class pilots. It all started for founder and Army veteran TJ Zoltak when an eager friend showed off his new private pilot’s license ten years ago. “He took me up and showed me all the stuff that he’d just learned and I was hooked.” Now Zoltak’s team of instructors are bringing a wide range of training to student pilots from all walks and ages, from private pilot to commercial. “We’ve got a great team and we work hard to match students to the right instructor,” says Zoltak. Brody Larson, a sixteen year old Junior at Gulf Breeze High School couldn’t agree more, “I went up for the first time and fell in love. My flight instructor relates to me. He makes learning the material fun.” Larson is interested in a career in commercial aviation, a plan that

52 NWFL’s Business Climate

Zoltak says is well timed, “It’s a great time to look at aviation as a career. There’s a huge shortage coming, and well trained pilots are going to be in high demand for a long time.” After that first flight a decade ago, Zoltak immediately started training at the St. Augustine Airport with a Certified Flight Instructor (known commonly in the aviation industry as a “CFI”). When describing his own student pilot experience, Zoltak says he often found himself thinking about things that could have made becoming a pilot more enjoyable and efficient. “Pilot training can be tough when you don’t have a dedicated full time instructor, backup instructors, and a facility to go to,” Zoltak says. Pensacola Air students consistently point to the structured environment and camaraderie of the flight school as making all the difference in their training. On any given day, the school is abuzz with incoming and outgoing students, direct instruction, and students utilizing the school’s Red Bird simulator. Instructors encourage frequent cockpit time matched with a detailed syllabus and ground instruction. Finding a better way to do things is a consistent theme when you talk with Zoltak about his entrepreneurial background.

With an array of experience ranging from acquiring and selling multiple businesses, to owning and managing numerous pieces of real estate, Zoltak and his wife Darlyne are probably most well known locally as the owners of the popular landmark, East Hill Pizza. “I’m a lucky guy.” he says with a smile when talking about his wife. “She has supported me completely in this new venture, in addition to managing her real estate brokerage and our three young kids.” The singular word you hear Zoltak say over and over is safety. The fleet of training aircraft are serviced by an experienced team and are regularly inspected with incredible attention to detail. When asked why tools used by maintenance personnel in the hangar are individually stored in precise foam cut outs, he replies matter of factly, “that’s to make sure no tools get left on that plane when the mechanic is done. It minimizes hazard and keeps the students and instructors as safe as possible.” What looks like obsessive behavior is standard safety procedure at Pensacola Air. Zoltak acknowledges that it is perfectly normal to be nervous about starting flight training. Of course, there are exceptions, “Well, I did have one very nice lady ask if we could do a dive bomb on her very first flight,” he says with a laugh. When asked what makes a good student pilot, Zoltak pauses for a moment and replies that there is no set profile. “We see all types, what

we want is someone who is teachable and motivated to learn. We can turn that kind of student into a great pilot.” And for the student whose loved one isn’t convinced that flight instruction is reasonably safe, Zoltak says, “Yeah, we’ve definately had families come check out the school and even watch training flights from the balcony. We know training is a family investment in time and resources, and we want spouses or parents to be as confident in the training as possible.” The school’s location at the Innisfree Jet Center is top notch. “I can’t tell you how lucky we are to be based here,” Zoltak says. “Pensacola International Airport is a great training base, we are taking off and landing alongside military flight students, and the airport is busy enough to prepare students for just about anything.” Zoltak describes a receptive network of professionals who helped bring Pensacola Air to reality. “I can’t say enough about Jenny Davis and Katie Hill at Pensacola Aviation, and Bill Hudgins. I couldn’t do any of this without their support and the team at Innisfree. I’m grateful beyond words.”

The culture at Pensacola Air reflects a genuine commitment to the community. The flight school recently accommodated a hospice patient’s request for a scenic flight, and Zoltak is working with local educators to offer stand out students an opportunity for scholarship flight training. Greg Pyle leads the Flight Academy at the Escambia High School, and dusted off his own private pilot’s license at Pensacola Air after nearly a twenty-five year hiatus. “It was a little emotional being back at the controls of a light aircraft,” he says. And Pyle points out that any time he can get one of his high school students in the air they come back with a smile a mile wide. “It’s a huge motivator. It makes all the academic work more than just theory,” Pyle says.

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IHMC and NASA develop the next generation of exercise equipment

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2018 september

m • pensacolam

Artists Working Together PENSACOLA’S CO-OP GALLERIES

Zoltak speaks with an infectious energy about wanting to build a tight knit aviation community beyond training. “We’re going to be there for anything they need, whether it’s a new rating or hopefully buying their own plane.” It’s hard not to absorb Zotak’s enthusiasm for aviation. When we sat down to talk over breakfast last week, he had just added a new FAA approved simulator for supplemental training outside of the cockpit and is clearly looking to the future. And while growth certainly seems to be on the horizon for the flight school, Zoltak is clear that personal attention and safety are more important than growth. “I don’t ever want to lose sight of quality for size.”


Bare Hand Collective Creates A New Space For The Arts Community


EmErgin Artists g LOCAL ARTISTS









Ft. Pickens 3:20 am

explore Pen t in a Different ligh

Small Towns, Big Chay rm. · Culture

Follow Pensacola Air on Instagram @ PensacolaAir, Facebook pensacolaair. Discovery flights are offered at $139.99, and can be booked at www.kpnsair. com, or by phone at 850-316-8825.

Art · histor

+Receive. Rehab. Release. sanctuary

Also in : this issue



the Wildlife a of northwest Florid






MAY/JUN 2018

IT’S HERE! We are excited to announce that our Men Who Cook charitable cookbook, presented by The Law Office of J.J. Talbott and Brown Helicopter, Inc., is now available FOR SALE!

Order Online TODAY at

The perfect gift for friends & family! Order yours today!

One Cookbook: $40.00

Sweet Deal: Buy 2, Get One 1/2 Off! All proceeds of the cookbook will directly benefit Pace Center for Girls Escambia-Santa Rosa. Cookbooks now available for pickup or delivery. Questions about how to get yours? Contact Rachel at

Pace Center for Girls Escambia-Santa Rosa 1028 Underwood Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504

It only takes one person to slash the statistics.

Did you know that 1 in 10 children Escambia County are victims of child abuse? It’s time to change that number. Visit to learn to recognize, report and reduce child abuse.

Scammers make their money by taking from consumers! Don’t be a victim! Check out for information on the latest frauds and scams.


the Team!

Funded by business people who champion their belief that ethics in business matters! Your resource for free, objective, and unbiased information on businesses and charities. Funded by business people who believe that ethics in business matters.

Better Business BureauÂŽ | 850.429.0002

Todd Torgersen, CHC Anna Barbee Causey


Executive Vice President

850.433.9996 Please call us in advance of your benefits renewal for a consultation.

Reid Torgersen

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Account Executive

1403 E Belmont St. Pensacola, FL 32501

Local Real Estate Expert for the Pensacola Bay Area 224 E Government St, Pensacola

$875,000 | 2,400 SF Historic Commercial Property located in Downtown Pensacola at Seville Square in Seville Historic District. Beautiful historic wrought iron fence with gate and matching sign post. Level, large lawn with brick walkways. Large porch and upstairs balcony, surface and 3-car garage parking. Street parking also available.

418 E Wright St, Pensacola $875,000 | 4,000 SF Located in Old East Hill Preservation District in Downtown Pensacola. Architecturally designed by Scott Holland of Heffernan, Holland. Graded with grass-stone and pavers. Visible from I-110. Exterior sign with lights is visible from Palafox and from 9th Avenue. One block from Civic Center.

00 Long St, Milton $21,500 | MLS# 568863 Vacant Residential Lot Conveniently Located Just Off Glover Ln and Hwy 90 E. Nice Building Lot Near Milton Business District, Area Shopping, Hospitals, Colleges and University.

Cheryl Young 850.712.4742 56 Pensacola Magazine

Seville Square Realty, LLC 308 E Government St, Pensacola, FL 32502 850.934.7449

ON THE MARKET A Real Estate Section By the Numbers: A Look at November’s Market Highlights page 58 4 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Interiors page 60 5 Ways to Design with Authentic Materials page 62








SOLD PRICE $290,253

NOVEMBER PENDING sales were up by 29% compared to THE NOVEMBER 2019.



NOVEMBER’S combined days on market averaged 36, which is a NEW all time low.

there were 785 houses sold in the month of NOVEMBER 2020.


(residential + condo)


there were 1,091 houses on the market in NOVEMBER 2020.

785 sold

copyright © 2020 Pensacola Associa�on of REALTORS®, Inc.

17 W. Cedar Street | Suite 2 Pensacola, FL 32502 phone: 850.434.2244 fax: 850.434.8081


Newcastle Place

1470 Sturbridge Pl $239,900 | MLS# 582255

Gulf Breeze

1041 Edgewater Ln $815,000 | MLS# 582442

This is a very well maintained home nestled on a short cul-de-sac street. New Architectural Shingle Roof installed May 2020. Just installed brand new counter tops in the kitchen, appliances have been upgraded. Very popular and newer Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (life proof flooring). Faux wood blinds. Ready to move in. Knock down texture on the ceilings and walls with bull nose corners gives it a very modern feel. Cathedral ceilings in the Living room and the Main bedroom. Double vanities in the master bath and a large walk in closet. A 2 car garage with opener. Fenced back yard for the kids or pups. The French doors lead you out to a covered back porch perfect for our Pensacola Weather, with an additional 26x8 patio to enjoy the sunshine and grilling. Security cameras for extra security. The sprinkler system has been maintained and the front yard was freshly sodded last year. It is a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood with a community swimming pool only 2 blocks away. Not many homes in this price range have a pool option. Peach tree in the back yard provides dozens of peaches annually. Check out the virtual tour for a better look at the home.

Soundfront home on piling with captivating views of the intercoastal waterway and nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. This home has been meticulously maintained and offers an open floor plan, 3 bed, 3 bath, two bonus rooms which can be used for an office, or extra bedrooms. Elevator, 10’ ceilings on the second level, crown molding, hardwood floors throughout the home and tile in the bathrooms. Upon entering, you can take the stairs or elevator to the main living area. Or head directly to the 14 x 27 workshop/garage that opens to a covered patio. Great area for a picnic table and hot tub. On the 2nd floor, you are greeted by a wall of windows and outstanding views. Large family room with a fireplace, wet bar with a mini fridge. Open-flow to the dining area and kitchen. Guest bedroom, bathroom and bonus room. New pier with water and power. Boat lift and jet ski lift. Rip rap sea wall.

Randall Graves • 850.516.6763 •

Nancy Grogan • 850.377.7578 •

Perdido Key

14241 Perdido Key Dr $1,400,000 | MLS# 574957

Gulf Breeze

Sunchase Condominium Unit #I1 $329,000

STUNNING GULF views from this west side condo in La Riva !! Recent custom decor , 3 new TVs, new chandeliers, new concrete outdoor table and 4 dining chairs on deck, HALO water system install and many other recent upgrades within the last 6 mos. 2 master suites with amazing views of the Gulf! One Car Garage Parking Space included in sale of this beautiful professionally decorated West Tower Unit. Furnishings and Decor from DUH of Pensacola. Upgrades throughout the entire unit including Tempur-Pedic Mattress in Master BR. New Marble Counter tops in Kitchen & Baths, upgraded Plumbing fixtures throughout, upgraded Door hardware, new light fixtures and fans, wood shutters, custom draperies, new mirrors in bathrooms, the list goes on. Enjoy the Gulf views that extend from the master suite through the dining living room and wrap around the guest master suite!

Spend a day on the water, secure your boat or jet ski to the privately installed mooring buoy, jump in the pool, and then enjoy the evening looking at the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway! There’s even a marina close by for added convenience. This end unit is one of the best locations in the whole Sunchase complex offering extra parking, additional privacy, lots of light and an expansive balcony with unimpeded views. The kitchen is beautifully remodeled with high end appliances and the major furnishings and 60” flat screen tv convey. In addition, new living room windows and sliding door are to be installed by the homeowner’s association. You will also appreciate the garage and extra storage rooms, brand new hvac and custom hurricane shutters. Living on the waterfront in the heart of Gulf Breeze is a dream come true- make it yours today!

Carrie Lee • 850.450.3931 •

Kathy Dreadin • 850.982.0140 • JANUARY '21


traditional interiors, Arendela is available in polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel and brushed brass finishes. Thoughtfully choosing lighting fixtures to complement your current aesthetic can take your room from ho-hum to amazing. Visit to explore the possibilities for your home.

4 WAYS TO INSTANTLY UPGRADE YOUR INTERIORS There’s a simple reason for the recent boom in home improvement: Everyone’s spending more time at home. Staying at home more makes it clearer what areas are lacking and reveals opportunities for upgrades. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a huge impact on the appearance of those rooms–instantly. Here are four ways you can easily enhance and refresh your existing interiors. 1. Start with the foundation If your room feels uninspired, refreshing the flooring can instantly transform it. Recent design trends favor using consistent flooring throughout the home, or at least on each floor, for a more continuous feel–especially for homes with an open plan. While hardwood flooring is still the top choice, many other quality products mimic the look of hardwood flooring, like vinyl, tile and porcelain flooring, often for a much lower price point. Area rugs are also trending for use on any kind of floor. Rugs can add a pop of color or provide a focal point, while also helping to protect the floor underneath. For a quick and easy fix involving zero


installation, a high-quality area rug instantly upgrades your space. 2. Light up your life Lighting is an often overlooked home improvement. While the light itself brightens the room, the lighting fixture can also add a striking visual accent or focal point. In terms of utility, the impact of improved lighting is most strongly felt in the kitchen and bath. “Decorative lighting has become a way to easily personalize a space,” said Erin Hoover, director of design, Kohler Lighting. “Years ago, matching suites were very popular, but as bathrooms and kitchens reflect more individual personality, more design elements are being added. Lighting can help you update these spaces without

a lot of investment and effort.” Here are two collections from KOHLER Lighting to instantly upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen: The Hauksbee Collection reinterprets rustic lighting from industrial farms and factories of the 1920s and ‘30s. Smooth glass and cool metal combine with mixed metal finish options and vintage details, along with decorative elements like a domed metal shade with a cage detail and ribbed glass shade. The collection is available in a range of singular and mixed metal finish combinations. Bathroom: The Arendela Collection is inspired by 1960s designer Vistosi, and the exquisite glassworks rendered through the art of briolette gemstone cutting and spun glass rondelles. Arendela reflects sophisticated style with jewel-like, multifaceted and spun glass shades and cast metal works ranging from a strikingly singular sconce to show-stopping multi-light designs. The collection’s timeless sophistication complements modern and traditional interiors. Complementing modern and

3. Color your world What is the color palette of the room? Is it an eclectic mix, reflecting years of adding elements that don’t go with the walls? How recently was it painted? Especially if you’re not prepared to invest in new furniture, simply painting a room can make an enormous impact. Is the room on the small side, or doesn’t get much light? Paint a shade or two lighter to brighten the space. Does the room seem cold or impersonal? Choose a warm color, from yellow through red, to make the space feel more welcoming. Prefer neutral colors like whites or grays? Consider one colorful accent wall to make a statement. 4. Adjust your window dressing Updated window treatments can boost the appearance of a room, while also providing more privacy and insulation. Consider not just the color and style as it affects the look of the room, but also the function. How much privacy and light is needed? Options for window treatments today are more numerous than ever. Blinds, shades, curtains or drapes all make distinct visual statements, while also potentially enhancing the room’s livability. Updating a space doesn’t require a complete redesign, a lot of time or a lot of investment. Design elements like lighting, window treatments and color provide the perfect tools to transform any room into the home of your dreams.

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5 Ways to Design with Authentic Materials C

reating a welcoming and relaxing space may be easier than you expect when you give natural materials a leading role in your design. Elements like natural stone, wood, fiber, metals and even plant life can allow you to express a sense of unique personal style that is broadly appealing. Most inviting rooms share one quality: ample natural light, which creates a subtly vibrant and energetic ambiance. Other aspects of an enticing design may be less obvious to the casual observer. Special touches like custom craftsmanship lend a special aesthetic to furnishings and decor, and bring authenticity to your home. Similarly, items that are made in America using an artisanal approach can elevate the character of a room when compared to things that are mass manufactured. For example, choose a single piece of artwork from a talented artist rather than multiple pieces of massproduced art from a retailer. You can incorporate natural and hand-crafted materials into your spaces in countless ways, but these ideas can be achieved regardless of what your budget may be. Natural Stone: When many people think about designing with stone, features like countertops or flooring come to mind. Incorporating stone in more unexpected ways can make an even bigger 62 ON THE MARKET

impression. You might choose a coffee table or end tables that are made of stone or feature stone accents. Accessorizing with stone also introduces an earthy appeal; think agate bookends or decorative items like sculptures. Hardwood Flooring: The floor is often the largest design element of a room, so utilizing authentic materials for your flooring makes a strong statement about the overall tone and feel of the room. An artisan-crafted hardwood flooring option like

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is crafted individually - one board at a time - so the emphasis is on the natural beauty of the wood. You can choose a completely custom look, from wood species and grade to texture and color, or make your selection from a collection of popular tried-and-true finishes. Natural Fiber Textiles: Careful attention to detail is important for a cohesive design, so be sure to keep thinking natural when selecting textiles. Linen

and rough cotton fabrics bring distinctive textures that maintain an organic vibe. Natural textiles can also be quite durable, making them practical selections for often-used spaces. Elements to consider include window treatments, fabric components of any furnishings and accents like pillows or throws. Jute or wool rugs and textile artwork may also work well with this motif. Plant Life: Vegetation is a central element to landscape design, so when your goal is

to create an inviting indoor space with a connection to nature and the outdoors, it makes sense to incorporate plants as part of your design. Options vary greatly, so it may take some work to narrow your selections. If the rest of your space reflects a specific region, choose plants native to that area. You’ll also want to consider lighting and watering requirements as well as the level of care you’re able to dedicate. Metals: Adding metallic components like iron, copper, gold or silver to your space can bring everything from an edgy style to graceful beauty. While furnishings and accessories are common ways to incorporate metallic flair, also think in terms of lighting and hard features like railing spindles and window treatments. Get inspired with more ideas to create an inviting, authentic space at

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Easy Living in the City 1612 E HERNANDEZ ST PENSACOLA | $545,000

3 BD / 2.5 BA | 2,066 SF | MLS #578456 East Hill Home completely updated with many conveniences! New cabinets, new quartz countertops, new flooring and much more. Huge master suite with large closet. Custom barn doors throughout. Cottage house, greenhouse and storage shed on an oversized lot. Grab this one quick!

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LITTLE SABINE BAY DEEP WATER! Enjoy your own piece of Paradise in the coveted Little Sabine Bay. A Rare offer just 200 yards from the Gulf of Mexico. Live the resort lifestyle and bring your yacht. Dock it in your very own back yard. Blue Angels Fly Here! 5 Sabine Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL | $1,499,000 | MLS# 582220

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917 Palafox St MLS # 582287

It is always a good idea to check with a lawyer before you make an important decision—whether you are buying a house, making a business deal, or settling a dispute. A short talk with a lawyer often tells you all you need to know—how serious a problem is, how to handle it swiftly and how to make sure it is settled for good.

4 Bed | 2.5 Bath | 3,892 sq ft


Get Answers to Legal Questions Such As... • • • •

The owners of this Victorian Queen Anne style home in the North Hill district have tastefully remodeled and updated this historic home into a livable and lovable space that meets all modern standards and allows for a living/working combination. Downtown Pensacola, the historic center, restaurants, theaters, public buildings and beach are within reach!

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Credit or Collection Problems Real Estate Purchases, Sales or Disputes Consumer Problems Landlord/Tenant Relations Injuries to Yourself or Family Members Property Damage

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1301 Panferio Drive $1,599,000

5 BD/4BA 2,416 SF MLS #582032 Pensacola Beach



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343 Panferio Drive $769,000

3 BD/2.5BA 2,224 SF MLS #582161 Pensacola Beach

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