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MARCH 2021


Changing the Game in 2021 By: Beat Kahli

mes oon!

Changes are hard to implement, how many times have all of us seen the need for change in many things, whether, small or large, and not acted on it?

time to inspire new growth and positive change.

While we are still just in the first quarter of 2021, many have high expectations that this year to be better than PAGE 2 last. We expect CHANGES 50’ Homesites for the better, however, we 6 Plans to choose from 3 - 5 Bedrooms To be a “Game Changer” cannot just hope for the bet2 - 3.5 Bathrooms ter, we must act. After a and to truly make a differ2 -Car Garages 1,672 - 2,807 Sq. Ft.^ ence you do not have to be year that provided a health smart, rich, good-looking crisis and economic unceror perfect, you just have TO tainty we have not yet seen in our lifetime, we are now CARE! oad, Tavares FL 32778 at ground zero and should Game T A C A D E M Y & A V A L O N P A R K To A R EbeE a XC I T E D Changer, T O A N N O U N C E use the opportunities we have. whether it is personally, in your family, your job or for the community at large, I see 3 global world stratPAGE 3 egies that we can use as a you must identify what starting point for accessing needs changed and act on the need for changing and F E A T U R I N G it. acting on it. The CatThere in are game changers 1. 2021 could be the year across central Florida and the Hat the Avalon Park Sun wants to bring Covid-19 under control and stop the panto recognize them! Maybe demic with the accessibility you a Tgame or FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 2021 | MOV I E Sare TAR S A T changer 7PM of several vaccines. We you a game I N T H E C A R L I N E L O O P F I E L D |maybe FREE A D Mknow ISSION 2 5 5 0 H U F F S T E T L E R D R , T A Vchanger. A R E S , F L I3believe 2 7 7 8 that learned several things from this crisis, including that we positivity is contagious e activities from 5-7pm. There will be a DJ, Pizza/Soda, Snack Shack & Pinecrest merchandise available for purchase! need to change our health and if we tell the stories of PAGE 4 the movie, while practicing social distancing. nket or a lawn chair & enjoy those who are changing the care system and make it game, it will inspire more to more robust for future generations. And that we need do the same! For instance, to change how we build our have you ever been in a drive thru and the person in communities so that people can live, learn, work and front of you paid for your meal and then you proceed- play, with a strong sense of ed to pay for the person belonging and safety. We behind you, and the chain need to increase our humbleness. As C.S. Lewis said, goes on and on? Well, we “Humility is not thinking want to know about these game changers in your S E E W H A T I S N E X Tless ! of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.” Covid communities across central Saturday, April 10th : reminded us that we cannot Florida and help tell their Dumbo just strive for prosperity stories, so that they can PAGE 7 May 21st: and profits, but to think of continueFriday, inspiring change! High School Musical each other. While we know that there are several already in our COMMUNITY KTAVARES.COM | 352-204-1020 2. 2021 will be the year in community, now is a great UPDATES AMENITIES • Pool • Cabana

LEARN AREA HIGHLIGHTS • Pedestrian Friendly Streets • Nearby Marina, Sea Plane Base, & Water Splash Park

• Proximity to Lake Dora, Eustis & Harris • Short Commute to Bustling Downtown Mount Dora

• Easy Access to 441 FEATURES

• Granite Countertops • Home Is Connected®* Smart Home Technology • Ceramic Tile Flooring • All Concrete Block Construction • Stainless Steel Appliances • Ceramic Tile Flooring

nd community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities, are or obligation. Pictures, photographs, features, colors and sizes are approximate for illustration purposes ge dimensions are approximate. *Home Is Connected, A smart home is a convenient home setup where motely from any internet-connected place in the world using a mobile or other networked device. Florida

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which leading governments around the globe and large parts in the private sector are agreeing to net-zero targets for greenhouse gas emissions. 3. 2021 will be the year in which business enterprises need to change short-term profit strategies and focus to more long-term goals of all stakeholders, employees, clients, shareholders, and the community at large. Avalon Park Group is excited to be a leader in central Florida and beyond by acting on our vision to change how people live, learn, work and play every day. At the beginning of this year the Orlando Business Journal presented 5 men and women who they thought would be 2021 Game Changers. While I was honored to be recognized as one of them, I also took this as a challenge to elevate my impact in the areas that I am able. It is in our Avalon Park Group DNA to think big and act, so this year we have already added some big tasks to our game changing list. One of those is that while I believe for the foreseeable future, all safe existing forms of energy need to co-exist. However, we need to start acting on the need for more renewable energy sources. Our action in this area is that we are contracted to purchase 6,250 acres in Volusia County where we are planning one of America’s largest

solar farms, hence helping to utilize one of the most abundant renewable energy sources in the sunshine state, the Sun. Additionally, all of our large-scale developments focus on building complete towns, where people can live, learn, work and play and build a sense of belonging and safety. One more game changing action that we have committed to this year is we are committing to clean water for all in Bithlo. This commitment goes beyond words and are truly putting our money where our mouth is. In addition to the long list of goals I have for our group of companies worldwide, I would consider my personal goal of spending more time with my family the most important! But today it is not about us, we are looking for as many game changers in our very own backyard, as many as we can find. Again, you do not need to be smart, rich, good-looking, or perfect, to be a game-changer you just have to care. Help us tell the game changing stories, by letting us know who in your community is changing the game and making the world a better place to live, learn work and play by emailing me at Info@AvalonParkSun.com. Together we can affect change!


Avalon Park

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5 Plans to choose from

6 Plans to choose from

3 - 5 Bedrooms

3 - 5 Bedrooms

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2 -Car Garages

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1,672 - 2,807 Sq. Ft.^


• Pedestrian Friendly Streets • Nearby Marina, Sea Plane Base, & Water Splash Park • Proximity to Lake Dora, Eustis & Harris • Short Commute to Bustling Downtown Mount Dora • Easy Access to 441


• Granite Countertops • Home Is Connected®* Smart Home Technology • Ceramic Tile Flooring • All Concrete Block Construction • Stainless Steel Appliances • Ceramic Tile Flooring

Avalon Park • Mt. Homer Road, Tavares FL 32778 D.R. Horton is equal housing opportunity builder. Home and community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities, are subject to change and prior sale at any time without notice or obligation. Pictures, photographs, features, colors and sizes are approximate for illustration purposes only and will vary from the homes as built. ^Square footage dimensions are approximate. *Home Is Connected, A smart home is a convenient home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from any internet-connected place in the world using a mobile or other networked device. Florida Registered Building Contractor License #CBC1252212

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Stay Up-to-Date: March 10th - Teacher Planning - No School March 15-19th - Spring Break - No School


Tavares Chamber Update Hello and Happy March from the Tavares Chamber! We are ready for Spring, are you? It’s right around the corner! Stop by www. tavareschamber.com/events to see where we’ll be and to register for our events. You can also visit our website (www.tavareschamber. com) to join the Chamber, and visit our Facebook page (@ TavaresChamberOfCommerce) for the latest news!

Photo Credit: Bryon Faudie

Coming Events:

• March 16th – Networking Lunch – 12:00pm, Bru/BTW • March 24th – Monthly Chamber Business Luncheon – 11:30am-1:00pm, Sponsored by Spot On, catered by Pisces Rising • Every Thursday – Take the Lead: An Industry Exclusive Weekly Leads Group – 7:30am-9:00am, at the Tavares Chamber of Commerce

Join the Chamber Today! The Tavares Chamber of Commerce is an active and varied collection of businesses in the community who all want to grow and succeed together. We welcome all professionals and individuals who are interested in growing their business, circle of influence and helping our community. We have many member benefits including three monthly net-working events, interactive website and member to member referrals/promotions. We also do many special events throughout the year that provide quality of life, entertainment and opportunity to promote your own business.


WORK (Cont.)

INTERNATIONAL UPDATE Meet the Member Interview with TOLREMO How does it adapt to therapy? How do the single cancer cells in the tumor differ from each other? How does the tumor interact with the surrounding tissue? This is exactly where our therapies come into play. By changing specific behavioural features of cancers, we will be part of a second, much more holistic wave of personalized cancer therapies that will hopefully bring about longer lasting therapeutic effects and better lives for cancer patients.

1. How did TOLREMO start? TOLREMO was the natural continuation and clinical implementation of research that we performed during my PhD and Postdoc at ETH Zurich. At ETH we studied how cancer cells changed their molecular behaviour when they were exposed to cancer drugs. We discovered that certain of these behavioural changes were actually the first steps towards the cancer cells becoming resistant to therapies. Given that drug-resistant cancers are a major cause of death in the clinic, we decided to use our discoveries to develop a solution that would improve current cancer therapies and improve patient survival. This is when TOLREMO was born. I founded the company in 2017 together with my PhD supervisor Prof. Wilhelm Krek, Prof. Karl-Heinz Altmann (ETH professor of chemistry and former Global Head of Chemistry at Novartis), Emmanuel Savioz (a finance expert) and Dr. Isaac Kobrin (the former Chief Medical Officer at Actelion). It has been my baby ever since. 2. Could you give us a short overview of TOLREMO? We are pre-clinical stage biotechnology company that pursues a novel approach to preventing cancer drug resistance and treating aggressive tumors. We have our biology laboratories here in Muttenz where we employ 12 won-

derful people. When it comes to chemistry development, all the magic happens in the Netherlands where we employ an additional 3 – 10 contract chemists depending on our needs. Together, use a proprietary technology platform to develop small molecule inhibitors that target the faulty behaviour in cancer cells that drives tumor growth and leads to therapy resistance. The advantage of this approach is that our therapies are believed to work in a variety of cancers even if they don’t have a targetable mutated protein that drives the cancer. Our therapies act much more broadly (on the transcriptome) and simply shut off the aggressive behaviour of cancer cells. We plan to bring our first drug candidate into the clinic by 2022. 3. What makes TOLREMO future-oriented?

Tumors are as diverse as the patients who suffer from them. In the clinic we have learned that for the most efficient therapies we need to take this diversity into account. The first wave of personalized cancer therapies focused on very specific mutated proteins that were known to cause cancer. By identifying the mutation in a tumor and treating a patient with a cancer drug that specifically inhibits the mutated protein, major advances have been made. However, most patients only profit from these therapies for a limited time until their tumors grow back. Also, many cancers are not caused by such a singular mutated protein. Or they are but we do not have drugs to inhibit them. In the future, we will look beyond single mutated proteins and approach cancers much more holistically. How does this cancer look on a broader molecular level?

4. TOLREMO is a company based in Basel. What do you particularly appreciate about this region? Coming from Zurich, I am probably not supposed to say this, but Basel is great! The people, the city, the Rhine, the proximity to Germany and France make it a wonderful, culturally very diverse region. Real mountains are relatively far away and I wouldn’t say no to a lake, but apart from that I really love living in Basel. Also, the Basel region is one of the most important pharmaceutical hubs in the world. The region is home to many national and international pharma and biotech companies. There is therefore a lot of talent TOLREMO can profit from. It’s really one of the best places for us to be!

The 5th Floor is an international collaborative pro-work space where members are able to enjoy international collaboration benefits in our 5th Floor locations and connections throughout the world. We would like to introduce you to Switzerland member, TOLREMO.




The Cat in the Hat FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 2021 | MOVIE STARTS AT 7PM IN THE CARLINE LOOP FIELD | FREE ADMISSION 2550 HUFFSTETLER DR, TAVARES, FL 32778 Pre-movie activities from 5-7pm. There will be a DJ, Pizza/Soda, Snack Shack & Pinecrest merchandise available for purchase! Bring a blanket or a lawn chair & enjoy the movie, while practicing social distancing.

SEE WHAT IS NEXT! Saturday, April 10th : Dumbo

Friday, May 21st: High School Musical


Coming together to create a healthy community

An East Orlando Health Alliance


New Recommendation: Start Colorectal Cancer Screening at Age 45 Recommended cancer screenings, like colonoscopy, help save lives by catching cancer early. We use these preventive screenings to help keep your health and your life on track, so you can continue to feel strong for years to come. It’s important to receive the screenings you need, when you need them. Recently, the American Cancer Society changed its recommendations for colorectal cancer screenings and encouraged millions of Americans to get their screening at a younger age. Why Did the Screening Recommendation Change? The American Cancer Society reviewed records of more than 500,000 people with colorectal cancer. In their research, they discovered that more young people are developing colorectal cancer than ever before. To help detect these cancers as early as possible, they recommended moving the screening to age 45, instead of age 50, even among people with an average risk of cancer. Types of Colorectal Cancer Screenings Depending on your

health history and your doctor’s recommendation, you may be able to choose one of two different screenings for colorectal cancer. You can have a stoolbased test that looks for signs of cancer in your stool. For this test, you will put a stool sample in a special container and mail it to a lab for examination. If there are signs of cancer, you’ll need a colonoscopy. This test should be repeated every 1 – 3 years.

Many colorectal cancers don’t cause symptoms until they have already grown large or spread to other parts of your body, becoming stage III or stage IV cancers. These cancers require more invasive, aggressive treatment and have lower survival rates than stage I cancers.

A colonoscopy can detect colon cancer in stage I or even in pre-cancerous stages. At these early stages, you may only need a simple surgery to remove polyps instead Or, your doctor might recommend a colonosco- of surgery and chemopy, which is considered therapy — and will have to be the gold standard the best possible chance in cancer screening. at remission and survival. These screenings allow your doctor to examine Schedule Your Screening your colon and rectum Today as well as remove any polyps for biopsy. Colonoscopies are simple and Early detection is key to painless and can provide protecting your life and you with peace of mind helping you stay healthy about your health. for years to come. If If your colonoscopy you’re concerned about shows no signs of canseeking care in person, know that we are docer, you likely won’t ing everything we can need to have one again to keep you safe while for 10 years. you’re here. Including: Why Colorectal Cancer • Social Distancing: Screenings are ImportWith limited visitation, ant waiting room protocols and more, you can safely Colorectal cancer rates are on the rise, and while practice social distancing in our facilities. treatments are improving, there’s no substitute for early detection.

• Temperature Checks: Have peace of mind that everyone you come in contact with has their temperature checked upon arrival. • Separate Waiting and Treatment Areas: COVID-19-positive and symptomatic patients are carefully quarantined away from patients and visitors. • Extra Sanitation Measures: Cleanliness has always been one of our top priorities, but now we’re taking extraordinary new steps to ensure thorough, frequent and ongoing sanitation happens around the clock. • Universal Mask Use: We’re stocked with safety supplies, have no shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks are required for all at our facilities. It’s safe — and essential — to continue getting the preventive care you need. We’re ready when you’re ready. Learn more about our gastrointestinal cancer care services at GetScreenedToday.com.


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Wellness with Jen: Healthy People: Lucky or Smart? strengthening my immune system over the years of being around a variety of different germs, I also am consistent with my preventative measures.

In honor of St Patty’s Day being upon us, let’s chat about our luck. Is a person who seems to rarely get sick lucky, or are they just consistent with prevention? Well, it is true that some people have really great immune systems, which can lead to getting sick less often. I, for one, have built up a very strong immune system as a result of working with children. However, in addition to

Over the past year, we have been reminded of the importance of taking precautions when working to avoid contracting germs that lead to sickness. What are some of these precautions? • Wash your hands regularly: before you eat, after filling up with gas, when you walk in the house from anywhere,... • Remember that hand sanitizer is a great option for when good ‘ol fashioned soap and water washing isn’t an option, but it is not meant to replace washing your hands.

• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: drink water... If you don’t love plain water, add a couple drops of flavor with some citrus fruits, cucumber, or some flavored drops derived from a natural sources. Hydrating does not include sugary, caffeinated, and/or alcoholic beverages. • Gut Health: Ditch the processed foods, ditch as much sugar as possible, take your probiotics (Some people feel conflicted when it comes to probiotics. Do your own research and determine what works best for you.) • Take your supplements: I didn’t think I needed supplements because I eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. I was wrong. Foods do not hold the same nutrition that they used to. Take your

supplements! • Sleep and don’t stress: easier said than done, I know. Regeneration happens while you sleep. Stress wrecks havoc on your system. • Boost your immune system with other natural products that fit into your lifestyle. So, to answer our question from above... Yes, some people seem to have a bit of luck when it comes to staying healthy, but prevention is key!! Whether or not you consider yourself lucky when it comes to your health, provide your body with what it needs and take proper precautions. Treat your body right!





Standing Crunches


10 Side crunches

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. place hands on hips and engage and tighten your abs. Crunch forward and down.


Side Crunches

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Place hands behind head and engage your core. Crunch to the left and down, then return to standing. Repeat on the right side. That whole sequence counts as one.

Mindfulness Activities


M1-Every Sunday in this month, take at least five minutes to step outdoors, appreciate your surroundings and reflect on all that's good in your lfie




25 Standing crunches and M1



45 Standing crunches and M1


60 Standing crunches and M1


75 Standing crunches and M1


25 Side crunches 16

45 Side crunches

60 Side crunches

75 Side crunches

15 Standing crunches 30 Standing crunches 50 Standing crunches


65 Standing crunches


80 Standing crunches




15 Side crunches

Rest 10



35 Side crunches

Rest 17





50 Side crunches 25



65 Side crunches

20 standing crunches 40 Standing crunches 55 Standing crunches


70 Standing crunches



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20 Side crunches 13

40 Side crunches 20

55 Side crunches 27

70 Side crunches

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