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Avalon Park Arts and Culture Center to Open in Downtown Avalon Park

Local Artists, Schools and Cultural Groups will be featured beginning this Spring









Downtown Avalon Park is getting an Avalon Park Arts and Culture Center this Spring. Until a permanent location is secured, the center will operate as a pop-up in various commercial spaces throughout the community. The initial space is located at 13000 Avalon Lake Drive, Ste. 100, Orlando, FL 32828, in the heart of Downtown Avalon Park. This 5,000 SF space, with more than 15 rooms has been identified to serve as the art and cultural center, where schools, rotating artists, and organizations can showcase their diverse works of all mediums. Additionally, there are plans for a gift shop, Instagram wall, and spaces for educational opportunities such as paint nights and other workshops. The center will remain in that space until it is leased, at which time the arts center will relocate to another space in the downtown. “Art is a vital part of building a community,” said Stephanie Lerret, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations for Avalon Park Group. “It helps create a sense of place and belonging through strengthening social relationships and fostering empathy. It just makes sense to utilize available space to provide a platform for the arts and cultural base to grow in our community.”

The center currently has 4 local schools committed to showcasing their students’ work, as well as 5 local artists. Additional opportunities are available for artists to showcase their work. “I was very excited to learn about the new arts and cultural center coming to our great community in Avalon. We already have many restaurants, social events and businesses so this new venue will add another opportunity where families can come together to enjoy the arts,” said Kelly Smith, Avalon Elementary School Art Program. “Avalon Elementary students always participate in county and local art shows but to have their own dedicated space where their artwork can be displayed and seen by family, friends and community members is truly unique and special.” “The new Arts Center is an opportunity to showcase artistic innovations that are happening in the Central Florida area. It’ll be a welcoming place for all ages to hopefully feel a greater connection to the place they live and get empowered to get involved!” said Aaron Vaaler, Central Florida Artist. The grand opening date has been set for April 9, 2022, 7 p.m. during the communities’

spring arts and cultural event, Absolutely Avalon. After the grand opening the hours of operation will be Fridays 5-9 pm, Saturdays 10 am – 10 pm, Sundays 10 am – 9 pm. For more information on submitting artwork, volunteering or getting involved in the program, email Marketing@ AvalonParkGroup.com. Downtown Avalon Park, developed and managed by Avalon Park Group, is east Orlando’s premier community to live, learn, work and play. For an up-to-date listing of the 150+ shops, restaurants, and professional services, full calendar of events and latest news visit www.AvalonParkOrlando.com or on social media @AvalonParkOrlando.


Coffee Hour with BEAT on a Wednesday morning and spent the evening and next morning in New Delhi, India. On Thursday evening I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, took the train to Zurich, Switzerland and spent Friday in the Zurich office. I then returned home to Orlando on Saturday. Wow! Four continents in 4 days. That Sunday, I fell asleep at Church.

I grew up in a small, 800 SF apartment in Zurich, Switzerland. We never had a car, and we did not have a television until I was 12 years old. Travelling was not something my family was able to afford to do. However, once a year we went to the mountains, which were about 30 miles away from home. For months we would make plans for this mountain trip. And the excitement for this annual mountain trip was larger than today, when I “routinely” travel around the globe. When people of various backgrounds and ages list their hobbies, travel is very often one of them. Over the last 30+ years, I have traveled a lot. And while some of that travel has been for pleasure, the primary purpose has been for business. As a global company, Avalon Park Group has business activities all over the world. While I spend a lot of time travelling for business, I like to spend the weekends with my family in Central Florida. I love Central Florida and Avalon Park, hence when I come home from travel for the weekends, and for that reason, I would plan my business travel as quick trips. I remember one particular whirlwind trip from a few years ago. I left Sydney, Australia

I would not recommend traveling as I do sometimes, however I do highly recommend you travel and visit other countries and continents. One of my daily activities is to read US and European media, and by doing so I can see how often both sides of the Atlantic see each other in a way which could not be further from the truth. In a globalized world I truly believe that travel and witnessing the world with your own eyes is the start to more peace and understanding throughout the world. Many years ago, I asked the legendary former principal Pam Sanders, what it would take to make Avalon Elementary School the best elementary school in Central Florida. She told me, “Teachers are often the least traveled people. I have some teachers on my staff, who have not even ever traveled out of the state of Florida. Don’t you think it would make a difference if a teacher, who is teaching about the Great Wall in China would have been there, instead of just from a book? Don’t you think if we could have teachers travel the world, interact with other cultures, learn about their history and their school systems, it would make a difference?” I agreed and we immediately

implemented a travel program where APG sponsored travel for Avalon Elementary school teachers during the summer breaks to Switzerland, China, Australia, South Africa, and South America. Many of those teachers would have never traveled on their own to those continents. Avalon Elementary school became a Blue-Ribbon school (one of the best 300 schools in America), and when I visited a few months ago, I observed a teacher talking about Nelson Mandela and pointing to the sites Mandela had been, where that teacher had also personally visited. Travelling is always an adventure, and at times very, thanks to a competitive market, it can also be quite affordable. When Avalon Park Orlando started construction in the 1990’s I was based in Fort Lauderdale, and Southwest Airlines offered a round trip to Orlando for $19. Those days one could travel to Europe at times for less than $500. Until September 11, 2001, flying places in the US was almost like getting on a bus. Security was “light,” and getting in and out most airports was fast.

Things have changed, but we all understand, safety must be first. During Covid very few people traveled, and it was sad to see the deserted airports, with all the stores closed and very few people. On one of my flights from New York to Zurich, I was on a plane which could seat over 300, but there were only 9 passengers, and it turned out 5 were airline staff. On one of my recent trips, my flight was one of only 4 leaving New York on an international route, instead of 4 flights every 10 minutes. This meant no lines at check in, security or the gates. And of course, no delays in departure or landing because of too much air traffic. Even early departures were happening. So, while I have enjoyed the less crowded airports, I believe that we will start seeing the airports around the globe filling up again. People are beginning to travel again, and that is a good thing for our economy, particularly in Central Florida. Where will you be heading this year? Will you be flying or taking other transportation? Let me know at info@ AvalonParkSun.com and you could be featured in a future publication.

GET IN TOUCH - Have an inclusion for the Avalon Park Sun? Email: info@AvalonParkSun.com - Editorial Staff: Publisher: Beat Kahli Copy Editor: Stephanie Lerret Graphic & Layout Editor: Kenzie Farrish 407.658.6565 3801 Avalon Park East Blvd. #400 Orlando, FL 32828


From the Desk of Commissioner

Maribel Gomez Cordero Happy March! Springtime is almost here bringing a milder and more pleasant climate. This will be a great time to spend outdoors with friends and family. Enjoy the cold while it lasts.

I would like to invite the Avalon Park community to our Town Hall on March the 3rd. The event will be held at the Tanja King Park Pavilion (13001 Tanja King Blvd) at 6pm. This will be a great chance to get involved with local government. I will be hosting the event and will also bring along staff from the County Government who can assist with any questions and concerns you may have, including Safety, Traffic, and other issues. I believe that hosting public forums like this is one of the most important parts of being a public official. I am looking forward to seeing new

and familiar faces!

I would like to remind everyone that the COVID testing/vaccination site at Barnett Park (4801 W Colonial Dr) is still open. In addition, there are three more testing sites open in Orange County. The first is the Econ Soccer complex at 8035 Yates Road, Orlando FL 32807. The second is at South Orange Youth Sports at 11800 South Orange Avenue, Orlando FL 32824 and the last one is at Camping World Stadium at 1 Citrus Bowl Place, Orlando FL 32805. All of these sites are open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to receive my newsletter, you can email me at district4@ocfl.net or call my office at 407-836-5881.

Mayor Demings Transportation Initiative As you may know, Mayor Demings has re-engaged the community on the Transportation Initiative with six in-person Open House meetings. Please find attached Facebook links to the Open House meetings in each County Commission District for your distribution. In addition to the Open House meetings, we are re-engaging the community on the Transportation survey. This is an opportunity for residents to share their current transportation needs. Hope to see you in one of the open houses throughout the Orange County.

Facebook Open House Meeting Links: Monday, February 28, 2022 - District 1 with Commissioner Nicole Wilson: https://fb.me/e/1vEDiD1uM Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - District 2 with Commissioner Christine Moore: https://fb.me/e/1GN7ZUJh3 Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - District 6 with Commissioner Victoria P. Siplin: https://fb.me/e/1uwhMLOWc Monday, March 7, 2022 - District 5 with Commissioner Emily Bonilla: https://fb.me/e/33ZQklfGz Listed below is the Transportation Survey link and the Face- Monday, March 14, 2022 - District 4 with Commissioner Maribook event links to each upcoming open house in the districts bel Gomez Cordero: https://fb.me/e/2SBIkY8u9 for easy sharing. Monday, March 21, 2022 - District 3 with Commissioner Mayra Uribe: https://fb.me/e/1hQkWMtKn Orange County Transportation Survey – www.ocfl.net/transportation For more information, click here.


Summer Camp Guide


Interest Rates & Real Estate, Is it Really a Big Deal? We’ve all been hearing that mortgage rates are on the rise! While this tends to be a stimulant for fearful conversations, let’s check out what an increase of 1% rise in rates does to the monthly payment for the average family home in the 32828 zip area. According to the Mortgage Broker’s Association interest rates are forecast to reach 4% by the end of 2022. The forecast interest rate increase is graphed below.

The Orlando MLS shows the Average Price of homes sold in Feb of 2022 was $454,000.

Let’s compare the monthly principal and interest payment at 3% and at 4% with 10% down. insurance, or PMI.)

(This doesn’t include taxes,

At 3% the monthly principal and interest per month would be $1,725 requiring $45,000 down plus closing costs and at 4% the monthly principal and interest per month would be $1,954. The difference in monthly payments would be $226 per month. Is the difference in payments a Big Deal? This ultimately depends on your budget and/or your debt to income ratio. What is significant is that we’re still seeing real estate prices increasing driven by an acute shortage of homes for sale. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see a return to a “normal” number of listings anytime soon largely because of the back log of prospective home buyers who have been unable to successfully purchase a home.

You’re welcome to call/text 407-312-4928 or email AvalonRealty@Gmail.com to discuss your real estate needs. John Alexandrou. Broker / Owner since 2003 Avalon Realty Group: 3925 Peppervine Dr., Orlando FL 32828 407-312-3928 (cell) AvalonRealty@Gmail.com


Transitioning Parents to Assisted Living and your parent might want to come home. Hearing your parent express these feelings could be extremely discomforting. However, home is more than just a physical place. Be ready to anticipate these moments so you can both come to an understanding and quickly resolve any issues that arise. If your parent says they’re homesick, talk about what they miss. Acknowledging the difficulties of transitioning to assisted living helps your parent feel seen and heard, which, in turn, makes them feel appreciated.

Moving a parent, or parents, into an assisted living community can be an emotional experience for everyone involved; however, it can also be an exciting new chapter in the life of your loved one. In order to properly navigate these feelings during such a transitional time, here are a few strategies to keep in mind when helping your senior parent move into a new living situation. How to Transition Parents to Assisted Living Communities Take Your Time – Experts agree it takes three-to-six months for someone to adjust to assisted living. Once your parent is moved in, decide how frequently you want to visit. Some experts say visiting as often as possible is best as frequent visits help to ease the stress of adjusting to a new home and can lessen feelings of loneliness. However, if your parent is simply waiting around for you to show up and not engaging and interacting in his or her community, then it might be best to take a break. Creating a dependency on you might not be healthy when your parents could be socializing with other residents. Set boundaries and expectations so your parent knows exactly when you’re visiting, and when you’re not. Embrace the Discomfort – Sometimes setbacks will happen,

Build Your Care Team – The staff at your parent’s assisted living community are there to serve both your parent and you. Making the staff aware of your parent’s concerns allows problems to be solved quicker. Let the care team know what your parent needs, because you can’t always assume they know everything that’s going on. Don’t be afraid to also be an advocate on your parent’s behalf. Your parent may want something done for them, but may be afraid to speak up. Discreetly resolving your parent’s wishes could help them feel more at home. Finally, encourage extended family to visit. Since you may be doing a lot of the work on your own, it can be overwhelming at times. Having other family members visit when you can’t will be a welcome surprise to your parent and a relief to you. Introduce Your Parent to Our Welcoming Assisted Living Community For an easy transition into assisted living in the Central Florida area, consider Encore at Avalon Park. Our community provides access to recreational and social activities and comfortable accommodations to remind your senior loved one of home. Contact Encore at Avalon Park to see for yourself why we’re your premier senior living solution. To schedule a tour, give us a call today at 407-270-7500.


How to Make a Kite At Home From Recycled Materials Paper—This material is ideal for crafting small and medium-sized flyers that fly straight up into the air. It’s easy to work with paper, making it a great option for beginners who need something fast and simple.

With the Annual Avalon Park Kite Day just around the corner on March 19th, here is a great tutorial on how to make a kite right from your own home with your friends and family. While kites are generally considered children’s toys, kite building can actually be both fun and fulfilling for adults as well. If you have the right materials and some basic knowledge of how kites work, it’s possible to build your own custom kite that flies high and fast, giving you countless hours of entertainment in the process. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a kite at home from recycled materials. You’ll need just two things - an empty beverage container, and some waxed string or fishing line. Choose your materials Making your own kite is all about experimentation. Your first kite might not be as impressive as you’d like it to be, but, with time and practice, you’ll become a pro in no time. While there are tons of materials you can use to build a great homemade kite, here are five options worth considering:

Plastic Bottles—Plastic bottles come in every size imaginable, making them incredibly useful for creating DIY kites of any size or shape. You can cut plastic bottles down into smaller pieces for smaller crafts, or lengthen their shape for taller ones. Sticks and Twigs—Strong winds won’t faze your stick-and-twig creations; they hold up better than most other kinds of DIY kites. The only downside? These materials will keep your flyer grounded when there isn’t enough wind to lift it off the ground. Cork/Bamboo Skewers—If you aren’t much of a crafter and don’t have access to many crafting supplies, try using recycled food items (like cork or bamboo skewers) to make your kite! All you need is some glue. Balloons—Balloons may seem whimsical, but they actually make surprisingly sturdy flying machines (if done right). Get the measurements right A kite’s flying success depends on accurate measurements. A kite is basically a sail, and like any sail, it must be properly proportioned if it’s going to catch enough

wind to get off the ground. One of your main jobs as a builder is making sure these proportions are correct. When you select your materials—and when you make all of your cuts—keep in mind that tight grain equals less flex. Flex equals loss of tension (the root cause of a failed flight), so try to use wood with straight lines and minimal figure. Test fly it! After you’ve assembled your kite, bring it outside on a windy day. Keep an eye on it as you let it loose and watch how it behaves—if there are any tears or holes, you may need to seal them up with tape or repair them with glue. If your kite still won’t fly well, try changing out some of its materials for different ones. For example, if using fabric isn’t working for you, consider using paper or corrugated cardboard. Now that you know how to make a kite at home from recycled materials , give it another go! Just remember to be patient and stay calm: It can take a little while before your kite takes flight. We hope to see all of your great creations at the Flagpole Lot across from Mejana Mediterranean Grille on March 19th at 10 am for the Avalon Park Kite Day. For more information on leasing at The Flats, contact our leasing office at (407) 273-4337.


Sunshine Ankle & Foot Experts March Health Fact Most people think that there is nothing that they can do to heal an ankle sprain and that it’ll heal on its own. In fact, studies indicate that the condition can be treated much quicker if it receives proper initial care.

While it’s normal to experience pain right after an ankle is sprained, you should consult a podiatrist immediately to help avoid long term problems. Sunshine Ankle & Foot Experts can help you! Dr. Kiana Karbasi and Dr. Timothy Miller are currently seeing patients in Suite 225 of the Keith Ewing Medical Building. Please call 407-863-3655 or visit us at www. sunshineankleandfoot.com to schedule an appointment! We love being a part of the Avalon Park Community and look forward to keeping it’s members SAFE and keeping them going!

Avalon Middle Calendar

March - Women’s History Month

Mar. 1 - Wind Ensemble MPA Rehearsal 4:00pm (Band Room) Mar. 3 - Chorus Music Performance 5:00pm (Cafeteria) Mar. 3 - Symphonic Band MPA Rehearsal 4:00pm (Band Room) Mar. 7-10 - Track Tryouts @4pm Mar. 10 - End of 3rd Marking Period Mar. 11 - Teacher Workday/Student Holiday Mar. 14-18 - SPRING BREAK YMCA Summer Zone at AMS Registration for the YMCA Summer Zone at Avalon Middle School is now open. Incoming sixth graders can register to attend Puppy Camp during the weeks of June 6th through June 10th or June 13th through June 17th. Keep in mind, registration will be capped at 150 participants. If you are registering for Puppy Camp you will need to select either week 2 or week 3. For all other Summer Zone registrations, parents must register for each week they would like their child to attend. Students must attend at least three days during that week to be eligible for future enrollment. If you have any questions, please contact Billy Bass at billy.bass@ocps.net or Amy Brett at amy.brett@ocps.net.

Timber Creek Dance & Majorette Wolves News!

Timber Creek Dance Team won the East Side Dance Competition for the third year in a row! And the Timber Creek Majorettes travelled to Tampa and won first place at the 2022 Florida State Fair Baton Twirling Championships! Great job Wolves!




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Is Hot-Desking for You? With so many employees working remotely these days, many businesses are exploring new ways to better utilize their office space while consolidating overhead expenses. One increasingly popular way to do that is hot desking, but what on Earth is a hot desk and where do you find one in Orlando? What Is a Hot Desk? If you have never heard of hot desking, then don’t worry; a hot desk is not actually hot. Hot desking is basically a system in which multiple people utilize the same desk in a coworking space at different times. This way, there is very little time during the workday in which a paid-for space is not being utilized for productivity. Benefits of a Hot Desk Hot desking is not only a great way to reduce costs by allowing employees to use the same workspace, but it also tends to increase social connectivity. By utilizing a hot desking system, you allow employees from different departments, and often different businesses, the chance to connect, network, and collaborate, facilitating the creation of new, innovative ideas that would not have come about if those employees had not had the opportunity to interact. A hot desk is also really easy to access. It’s as simple as finding an available desk at a coworking space, pulling up a chair, plugging in your personal laptop or device, and getting to work.

Where are Hot Desks? Hot desks are located in local coworking spaces that provide rentable facilities and services that are optimal for affordable and productive business operations. Some of these facilities include bookable meeting rooms, printing facilities, and common areas. If you’re looking for accessible and flexible hot desks and coworking spaces in the Orlando area for you and your team, then don’t look any further than The 5th Floor Orlando. Hot and Ready Hot Desks in Orlando The 5th Floor Orlando offers modern and high-quality workspaces, concierge-level services that are completely customized to our tenants’ specific needs, and a convenient location above Marketplace at Avalon Park. Our lockable cubicles, hot desks, and private offices are perfect for ambitious individuals looking for a workspace perfect for facilitating collaboration and fostering productivity. And our high-tech conference rooms are an excellent space to host your workshops, meetings, and events. For more information on our available hot desks or to reserve one of our accommodating coworking spaces, contact The 5th Floor Orlando online or call us at 407-7303493 today.


Avalon Mail Center March Update Here at Avalon Mail Center, we provide a wide range of products and services, one of them being our notary services. Our Notaries act as official government witnesses and verify the identity of people’s signatures, while placing our official seal on the documents. A public notary stamp is very important and does more than many people realize. The main functions of a notary include verifying and administering oaths, acknowledgments, attested photocopies, and verifying all types of documents while witnessing the signing of documents. These documents can include things like legal dispositions, wills, trusts, affidavits, and power of

attorney. Notarizing documents comes with a variety of benefits such as deterring forgery and fraud, legal protection, elevated credibility, and avoiding the need for witness appearance in court since notarized documents are selfauthenticating. We have 5 Notary Publics at Avalon Mail Center and are proud to be public officers using our notary licenses to provide trust and responsibility to our community. We hope that you come stop by for all your Notary needs! Visit us at Avalon Mail Center, 3564 Avalon Park E. Blvd.




O R L A N D O J O B S . C O M


UPLOAD YOUR RESUME Connect with hundreds of employers ready to hire.

APRIL 1, 2022 | 11 AM-3 PM | AMWAY CENTER FREE TO ATTEND | FREE PARKING | OVER 130 EMPLOYERS READY TO HIRE Hire Day Orlando is the largest job fair that connects job seekers with Central Florida employers. With tons of live jobs open, the Orlando community needs a live meeting place where anyone looking for a new job can meet over 130 employers in one day.






VIDEO INTERVIEWS ARE HERE TO STAY 2022 TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT WILL GET YOU THE JOB! The pandemic has taken the job market and turned it upside down. Many of you may have changed jobs or even careers. One thing for sure, the way you get your next job has changed, and video interviewing is now a massive part of that disruption. Before the pandemic, you applied to jobs, and if you got an interview, they would send you directions to their office, give you a heads up on who was interviewing you, and where to park. To prepare yourself, many people would drive from their homes and make sure they knew where they were going and how long it would take. The interview was very stressful because of all the moving parts. One accident or unexpected road closure could ruin the entire day. In Florida, where we are based, those mid-summer interviews where you have to walk from the parking garage in 95-degree heat to the office building all of a sudden make you appear like you just worked out! Thanks to the pandemic, 75% of “live” first interviews are going away. Zoom and Microsoft Team Meetings are the norm where just two years ago, very few companies used them. Also, companies like Spark Hire and Hire Vue, which have been around for years, are capitalizing on this growing trend. For 2022 and beyond, it is time to take video interviewing seriously since employers will expect minimal hiccups. The honeymoon with video interview technology is over, and employers will be expecting excellence.




Holiday Hazards?!?!

With the end of the year holidays and Valentine’s Day behind us, you may think the toxin dangers are also behind us. Not so fast! Easter brings gorgeous flower arrangements and bountiful baskets full of candy, chocolate, artificial grass, small toys and gadgets. All of these items pose a danger to your pets. I hope that bringing some awareness to these common toxins will keep your pets safe but still allow loads of fun!

So personally I think Easter is a dangerous holiday for our cats! Cats do not generally eat candy and dyed eggs. They are considered the “easy” ones , they use a litter box, they can be left at home alone without too much worry for a day, they don’t tear open garbage bags…so why worry about them?

2-3 days.) Avoid products with this as What can be worrisome for our Dogs much as possible, and if you have it in the house…make sure it is out of at Easter? reach and secure. Chocolate - Who has a dog who eats things that they really shouldn’t? Human Food - What can it hurt? “I Chocolate is toxic to dogs just as it is only gave “Sparky” some ham and to cats, dogs just seem to eat it more potatoes, and Aunt Trish only gave often. Dark chocolate is more toxic ham and beans…Oh and Grandpa per ounce so the reaction to the dark only gave ham with some gravy”. A variety is very concerning with any piece of ham might be fine or even a amount to ingestion. Milk chocolate spoonful of potatoes, but fatty foods has been processed down with milk fed to our dogs in higher quantities so the potency per ounce is much than they are used to can really cause lower so depending on the size of the a serious issue. The pancreas is not dog a piece or two might not have any very forgiving and can not excrete the effect. With the severity of potential proper enzymes quick enough when reactions we recommend to keep the new and fatty foods are introduced chocolate out of reach for all of our especially in large quantities. If there is a desire to feed your dog a meal furry friends. with the family, let them enjoy the vegetables. Carrots, broccoli or green beans are actually very healthy and they will feel like they are getting a treat as well.

Easter Grass - Cats love to play with and eat easter grass. Those tempting baskets that are put out from the Easter Bunny will lure cats in. Ingesting this grass can lead to an intestinal blockage which can be very serious. There are many alternatives to using easter grass, the plastic material is inexpensive but using real paper alternatives are more friendly. Going for non-shredded materials is even better - this will not eliminate the desire for little “Stanley” to bite or play with what is in the basket but the likelihood of a foreign body is much less.

Wrappers - These are appealing for some odd reason…is it the smell of what was in the wrapper? Or the smell of you on the wrapper? Or just because it is something to play with and chew and swallow, we will never know. Eating the foil wrappers, plastic wrappers or even the slick coated cardboard (like in my favorite Reese’s Eggs) are not digestible, and we can not guarantee our puppies or cats will “pass” them as we would want. If these materials get caught in their intestines, surgery is often the best solution but one we would like to avoid if possible!.

Flowers - There are a great many plants and flowers that are toxic to our pets, the Easter Lily being one of the worst. If a dog eats an Easter Lily they are likely to get some GI upset and need gastric support. Cats however can lick pollen off of their coat and can cause a severe enough reaction to send them into kidney failure very rapidly. So as beautiful as these flowers are, we do not recommend them being kept in the house with cats, treatment is hard on them and you.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned here please call us for help - 407-275-3430. The emergency clinics are there to help as well if an issue occurs after hours.

What can be worrisome for our Cats at Easter?

Chocolate - I would not be doing my duty if I did not mention chocolate. I know this seems like it is less of a concern with cats but if you do have a cat who enjoys nibbling things, (Mine are butter stealers) then watch your chocolate. Dark chocolate, while more delicious, is always more concerning than milk chocolate BUT cats are small so it does not take a lot of either type. We also have to be concerned about the foil that much of the chocolate is wrapped in too…this is a hazard as well and can cause issues if eaten.

Sugar - This holiday is filled with sugar, just step into a WalMart or Target and you almost pass out from the smell of sugar. All with Easter or Spring designs on the packaging. Now a dog eating a single Peep or Jellybean may not send up a red flag, but getting into whole bags will make their bellies hurt and may require symptomatic treatment or even hospitalization depending on how sensitive your pup might be. Another more hidden danger is that many of the sweets currently on the market contain Xylitol which is very toxic to dogs. It does not take much at all of this imitation sugar to send a dog down a very bad path. (My in-laws have an Aussie that gets into everything! Ate 5 vitamins with Xylitol and had to be hospitalized for

If for any reason you would like to know if you have an emergency pertaining to a toxicity or ingestion and would like expert, “from the book”, help go online to: https:// www.petpoisonhelpline.com This service is $75 per case, however if your cat or dog has a microchip registered with AKC ReUnite the cost is $15 for a lifetime of calls.





Filled Plates and Belly’s at Feast in the East February 24th the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce held the Feast in the East at The Pavilion in Avalon Park. Over 200 guests enjoyed food and beverages from local East Orlando Restaurants who showcased some of their best culinary items. Avalon Park was well represented by Avalon General Store, Brix & Mortar, Mejana Mediterranean Grille and NOLA all represented.

King for a Day, RigoOther notable restauletto, La Traviata and rants included Bonefish more. Grill, Cap’s Kitchen Creations, Cheba Hut, Goodfella’s Pizzeria, Rock and Brews, PDQ, P1 Vodka and The Keg Social who served savory entrée’s, sweet treats, various wines, and crafty cocktails. The event also included Attendees enjoyed a $10 Wine Pull, Cornall they could eat and hole and congratuladrink throughout the tions to Gloryvel Moevening and winning rales who won the Big prizes from the parGreen Egg. Speaking of ticipating restaurants winners, attendees votfor playing BINGO. A ed for the “Feast Fav” special surprise per(Best Entrée), “Sweet formance by Opera Treat” (Best Dessert) Orlando entertained and “Best Bev” (Best everyone during the Cocktail/Wine). The evening’s festivities 2022 Feast in the East singing songs from Award Winners were Guacamole Mexican Grill for the Feast Fav Award, Nothing Bundt Cakes winning the Sweet Treat Award and Brix & Mortar bringing home the Best Bev Award. Congratulations to all the restaurants for serving up their most delectable bites. We also want to thank our Feast in the East Sponsors, Clear Channel, MIDFlorida Credit Union, NY Life, Avalon Park Group, Premier Home Funding, Signarama, Office Depot, Core Insurance, Edible Orlando Magazine, Tasty Chomps and Trustco Bank. If you missed this event, join us in February 2023 for the next Feast in the East, but keep an eye out for

our Business Expo in August for more opportunities to check out East Orlando Chamber member businesses. For 75 years we have supported our business members and communities in East Orange County providing a voice, opening doors for success, connecting members with opportunities, educational business development and building professional relationships.

Our members support our mission to advocate and help sustain a robust economy, fostering companies with employment opportunities and merchants who provide the goods and services our community needs. Additional information available at EOCC.org or call the office at 407-277-5951.








Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Orlando

STARTING ON THE PATH TO SELF-EMPOWERMENT CAN BE A BIG DEAL! So we’re going to help you get rolling with 10-days of training FREE. No obligations! Which also means No Excuses! When you come in for your free trial, we’ll walk you through some basic techniques before class officially starts so you’ll be able to jump right in with the other students. Our training environment is always fun, friendly, and cooperative so you’ll never feel left behind or put down. Come to as many classes as you’d like during your trial period before you make your decision. It’s that easy! Only for Avalon Park Sun subscribers mentioned you saw this ad and earn a $25 off registration coupon! Call or text 407-990-2907 Visit our website www.gjjorlando.com



CELEBRATE MARDI GRAS AT THE MARKETPLACE! Every year, thousands of people flock to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras and indulge in the city’s world-famous food and culture. At the Marketplace, you can take advantage of these celebrations by staying local and celebrating our own Mardi Grasthemed party, complete with specialty cocktails, mouthwatering NOLA specialties and live music from Brown Bag Brass Band! Let the good times roll with this guide to celebrating Mardi Gras at the Marketplace. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW New Orleans is synonymous with fun and festivals, but for a city of its size, there’s no better place to celebrate a holiday than in The Big Easy, but the second-best place is the Marketplace at Avalon Park. Here’s what you need to know about celebrating Mardi Gras at the Marketplace. NEW ORLEANS SPECIALS Menu items with a New Orleans flair, such as red beans and rice, muffulettas and jambalaya. Local band, Brown Bag Brass will be playing New Orleans-inspired music to help you get into the spirit. Grab your best mask, grab some friends, grab a drink and come celebrate Mardi Gras with us! NEW ORLEANS THEMED COCKTAILS From Hurricanes to flavored bubbly, we’ve got a full bar lined with New Orleans favorites. Head over to the Avalon Bar (in the dining room) and Avalon General and see what delights are in store. And be sure to ask your bartenders about our signature cocktails made just for Mardi Gras!

LIVE MUSIC IN STORE FROM BROWN BAG BRASS BAND Brown Bag Brass Band is one of Central Florida’s hottest live acts. What started as a pickup band covering a last-minute Mardi Gras gig, soon began delivering a horn-driven tour de force, serving the region and beyond. Their music is rooted in their appreciation for New Orleans brass band music, but also includes jazz and other stylings. So come on down to Marketplace and enjoy some great drinks and amazing food while listening to some energetic tunes from one of our favorite live acts!

DINING VENDOR FEATURES: NOLA AVALON PARK - Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy - Voodoo Shrimp & Grits - Chicken & Sausage Gumbo - Crawfish Etouffee - Jambalaya - Toasted Muffuletta - Crawfish Beignets - Boudin Balls - Beignets with Powdered ROSSO COFFEE BAR Sugar Pair your Beignet with a - King Cake Cafe Au Lait

BRAZAS CHICKEN AVALON GENERAL Fish Sandwich Special Mardi Gras-themed bubbly drinks in: Green Apple, Honey Mango and Black Raspberry.

THE AVALON KITCHEN Sazerac and Hurricane Cocktailsw

KBBQ KITCHEN Mardi Gras Popcorn Chicken with Chips or White Rice: $11.00

CHEESE TO SHARE Mardi Gras Board: Customize and ask for your themed cheeseboard while ordering! Available for all sizes and online.

BBQ50 The War Pig Signature Sando

BOWIGENS NOLA Pairings SIP ‘N ROLL Let the good times roll…. Sip ‘N Roll that is! Special Mardi Gras Celebration-themed flavors like Pistachio, Ube and Carmel! LEMONSHARK POKE Creole Seasoned Wings


Coming together to create a healthy community



Orlando will Walk to Cure Arthritis in May Arthritis Foundation’s Orlando Walk to Cure Arthritis Raises Funds for a Cure Over 400 walkers will be on hand at the 2022 Walk to Cure Arthritis on May 14th at Avalon Park in Orlando to help support the Arthritis Foundation and its mission to cure arthritis and make it easier for people living with the disease to achieve everyday victories. Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundation’s nationwide signature event that unites communities across the country to put an end to arthritis. We aren’t just helping millions of people with arthritis to live better; we are charting the course to a cure.

The Walk to Cure Arthritis is nationally presented by Horizon. To register for the Orlando Walk to Cure Arthritis or to learn more about the event, visit www. walktocurearthritis.org/Orlando or contact Mariel Armitage at 407-917-6978. To learn more about the Arthritis Foundation’s quest to cure arthritis, visit arthritis. org/walk.

About the Arthritis Foundation The Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes. Leading the fight for the arthritis community, the Foundation In the United States alone, nearly 60 mil- helps conquer everyday battles through lion adults and 300,000 children live with life-changing information and resources, arthritis. It is a leading cause of work dis- access to optimal care, advancements in ability, with annual costs for medical care science and community connections. The and lost earnings of $303.5 billion. ArArthritis Foundation’s goal is to chart a thritis affects one in four Americans and winning course, guiding families in decauses more activity limitation than heart veloping personalized plans for living disease, cancer or diabetes. The Orlando a full life – and making each day anothWalk to Cure Arthritis will help those er stride towards a cure. The Foundaliving with arthritis by supporting protion also publishes Arthritis Today, the grams, research and advocacy initiatives award-winning magazine that reaches 4 as well as fund crucial research aimed at million readers per issue. finding a cure for the disease. “Arthritis is more than just a few minor aches and pains. It’s a debilitating disease that robs people of their dreams,” says Avalon Park Group President and CEO Mr. Beat Kahli, who is proudly serving as the 2022 Corporate Chair. “When you support Walk to Cure Arthritis, you become a Champion of Yes, helping us build a lifetime of better while accelerating the search for a cure. Whether you are close to the disease or simply looking for an inspiring charity event that truly makes a difference, Walk to Cure Arthritis is a great way to experience the power of standing together and giving back to the community. Together, Orlando can Walk to Cure Arthritis and help us reach our goal of raising $32,000 to help find a cure for this disease.”


Good Nutrition at Any Age being physically active can help them feel good, look good, and do their best in school, work, or sports. It may also prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Children: A healthy heart disease, osteopodiet helps children grow and learn. It also rosis, stroke, and some helps prevent obesity cancers when they are older. and weight-related diseases, such as diAdults: As adults, if abetes. To give your child a nutritious diet: we have eaten healthy up to this point, our • Make half of what is bodies crave nutrients. In adulthood, it on your child’s plate becomes a little tricky. fruits and vegetables Men and women • Choose healthy crave different types sources of protein, of nutrition at differsuch as lean meat, ent stages. The general nuts, fish, and eggs rule of thumb is to lis• Serve whole-grain bread and cereals be- ten to your body and cause they are high in learn what your body needs. Keep up your fiber. Reduce refined grains. • Broil, grill, or steam foods instead of frying them • Limit fast food and junk food • Offer water or milk instead of sugary fruit drinks and sodas • Keep sugar to a minimum • Adolescents/Teens: As a teenager, your body begins to go through many changes. Along with these changes, they are probably becoming more independent and making more of their own choices. Some of the biggest choices they face are about their health and the types of food they put into their body. from all of the food groups. Each day, toddlers need enough nutrients, including iron and calcium.

Can you be healthy at any age? When does good health start? As we grow and age, our bodies change and we need to eat differently. It all comes down to good quality, real food. Our bodies and our cells know how to break that down and use it properly. It helps our bodies to fight disease, heal, and stay healthy. Is there nutrition that is specific to age? That depends. Everyone and their bodies are different. Below are some general tips to help you through: Infants: Food provides the energy and nutrients that babies need to be healthy. For a baby, breastmilk is optimal. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nutrient-rich infant formula is available for babies whose mothers are not able to or choose not to breastfeed.

Toddlers: Food provides the energy and nutrients that young children need to be healthy. Toddlers are learning to feed themselves and to eat new foods. They should Remind them that eateat a variety of foods ing a healthy diet and

physical activity and continue to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Stay hydrated and you will age gracefully. Seniors: As you age, you might need less energy. You still need just as many of the nutrients in food. To get them, choose a variety of healthy foods. Avoid empty calories. These are foods with lots of calories but few nutrients, such as chips, cookies, soda, and alcohol. Remember, food provides the energy and nutrients you need to be healthy. Your body will thank you if take care of it.


Avalon Park Pickleball Team

“Friends of all ages gathered Friday evening for pizza, fellowship, and a pickleball tournament, won by Matt and son Zev Salamon of South Village. Diego and Marisol Barreda, orignially from Peru, shared beautiful pictures from their expeditions to Machu Picchu and the Peruvian rain forest. A barred owl sat on the fence and watched players dink. Play the fastest growing sport in the United States, M-F, 9am-10:30am, South Village pickleball courts, 4033 Cleary Way.”


I Love Avalon Park - From a Resident to venture into business world. I have made good friends with Avalon Park Jewelers as It was nice to read your article in this month’s they have very interesting and sincere ways publication! Your story is heart-throbbing!! Let to build their customer base. I have also been good friends with Flowers Bouquet owners me take this opportunity to share why I love and I am looking forward to participating in Avalon Park. their 2022 activities. Mr. Leo of Avalon Mail Center is UF Alumni just like me and a very I moved from Casselberry into Avalon Park nice person who organizes various classes for because some of our friends stayed here and kids. we were looking for better neighborhood. It was one of the best decisions we made as now I am landlady and get a chance to meet sever- As you envisioned, our family will definitely strive towards building sense of community so al families when we rent out our Casselberry that we do not miss our roots in India as much. property or Avalon Park garage apartment. We know few of our neighbors as we exchange Since last 3 years, I have truly enjoyed our town park and various lively events organized word or two while walking our pets. Thanks at Founder’s Square. I am member of Females a million for such a well-planned strategy for In Action FIA Florida chapter and it gave us a 2022 – 2023. Please include me in any commitchance to meet so many women who truly care tees and such so that we can build dream place to live, learn, grow and play for all of us! about health and fitness. Dear Beat Kahli,

Watching Marketplace being built is a sweet dream as it not only opens doors to so many businesses but also gives chance to innovators

Lovingly, Dhanashree Arole

The Ukraine Russia Crisis: Rotary’s Response Everyone is following the news in Ukraine as the Russian invasion intensifies. Companies and organizations are taking action by sending aid to the people of Ukraine. The U.S. and other western powers have condemned Russia for the invasion, joining together to implement massive sanctions that are only starting to crush the Russian economy. Many of us are watching from afar and wondering when will this end? What can we do? Rotary International responded to the world Feb. 25 and we thought it was worth sharing.

Togetherness. The world seems so large at times, yet very small when something like Russia invading Ukraine. Everyone around the world is watching and wanting to reach out and help.” There are many organizations taking donations for the people of Ukraine and we have listed the following vetted sources: • Donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross • Donate to World Central Kitchen • Donate directly to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund • Donate directly to Vostok SOS via bank transfer (Credit card payments are also accepted through Libereco, a Vostok SOS partner) • Donate to Voices of Children • Donate to the media support GoFundMe

“It is a tragic and sad time for the people of Ukraine and the world. At Rotary, we are deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and the escalating loss of life and humanitarian hardship there. Continued military action against Ukraine will not only devastate the In times of humanitarian crises like this, acts of region, but also risk spreading tragic consequenc- compassion and generosity can make a huge difes across Europe and the world. ference. Thank you for following our club’s news and for allowing us to publish this article in supAs one of the world’s largest humanitarian orga- port of Ukraine. nizations, we have made peace the cornerstone of our global mission. We join the international Jim McQeeney, President community in calling for an immediate cease fire, Rotary Club of Avalon Park withdrawal of Russian forces, and a restoration of diplomatic efforts to resolve this conflict through dialogue.

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