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Missing Middle Housing and the Need for Diversity By: Raven Halle









Last month, we talked about the idea of placemaking, or the multi-faceted concept involving the ways in which traditional neighborhood developments inspire their residents to reimagine public spaces as little hearts of a community. In this thorough examination of traditional neighborhoods, their characteristics, and how their characteristics intersect and define communities, we arrive at yet another idea: the idea of “Missing Middle Housing.” Similar to the notion of mixed-use facilities, the term “Missing Middle Housing” refers to a way through which more housing and housing choices are developed in walkable, sustainable places like traditional neighborhood developments. Traditional neighborhoods diverge from conventional suburbia in many ways—as we have previously discussed— and perhaps the most notable of which is the idea that people of all social and economic strata are

able to live, work, and thrive comfortably in traditional neighborhoods due to their multiple types of living options. Essentially, “Missing Middle Housing” serves to support local business as well as diversifying housing choices, thus diversifying the people within a community.

closing the gap between small amounts of available housing and the high demand for walkability.

When looking at the characteristics of Missing Middle Housing compared to the characteristics of traditional neighborhood developments, many trends The words “Missing can be observed: both Middle” refer to their aim to aid and increase status as being between, walkability and feelings or in the middle of, typof community and interical housing: the bridge connectedness, decrease between apartment com- the need for automobiles, plexes and single-family and produce a more homes. From duplexes sustainable ecological to fourplexes, Missing footprint. This is why Middle Housing, then, they work well in concan be best described as junction. The similarities clustered housing similar in scale between single in scale to single-family Missing Middle Housing homes which aid to meet units and single-family the continuously growing homes allow for them to demand of living options be easily blended, again in walkable, urban spacencouraging diversity both amongst living es. Above all, Missing spaces and residents. Middle Housing allows for demographics such Missing Middle Housing as senior citizens, young is an example of compatible infill—a developcouples, single parents, ment that does not take teachers, and doctors to live comfortably amongst away from the privacy or character of neighboring one another in order to houses—which is a direct foster a deeper sense of community while also result of its perceived

low density, or the ability of these buildings to not appear dense or crowded. See photo below for a diagram that exemplifies these different types of Missing Middle Housing and how they can be implemented within a community. Overall, Missing Middle Housing creates more living usage and units on less land than do single-family homes. The idea that the Missing Middle is a spectrum, also indicated by the graphic below, means an increase in housing supply and a decrease in total cost for residents as compared to the supply and cost of single-family units. Most importantly, Missing Middle Housing directly impacts the need for affordable housing, and does so in a way that not only improves the lives of those seeking to live there, but also other members of the community who can watch their neighborhoods grow and diversify.


Coffee Hour with BEAT his past is condemned to repeat it and paying a high price.”

2021 . . . ..Is History Repeating Itself? I personally think that if one believes that the world is turning differently in these times and that we can’t learn from history, they are making a mistake. Is it still relevant today, what caused the downfall of the Roman empire, or can we identify something for today’s society when we analyze what factors led to the French revolution? Winston Churchill warned the house of commons not to think in the short term and to not just pay attention to headlines when he said, “Those who are not able to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” While that was over 70 years ago, I think it fits the current social media age well. This philosophy goes back even further, as Churchill borrowed his quote from the Spanish philosopher George Santayana who wrote in his book, “The Life of Reason” that “Somebody who is not remembering

For myself, I believe post-COVID-19, we will experience a new iteration of the “Roaring This analysis is often Twenties.” One hundred used to analyze war acyears ago, just ahead tivities. An example is of the roaring twenties, the various wars of the was World War 1. Addifferent armies against ditionally, 1918 to 2020, Russia. Sweden learned the Spanish Flu was inin the 17th century how fecting about 1/3 of the difficult it is to win world’s population. Afagainst Russia, how hard ter those horrific years, people around the globe the winter is. A century later Napoleon made the were hungry to live. same mistake, and in the The spirit of the Roaring second World War, hisTwenties was marked by tory repeated itself when a general feeling of novGermany lost almost 1 elty associated with momillion troops by trying dernity and a break with to take Moscow during tradition. Everything the winter. seemed possible through

2020 HAS NOT ONLY BEEN A TURNING POINT FOR AVALON PARK GROUP, IT HAS BEEN ONE OF OUR MOST ACTIVE YEARS EVER! modern technology such Often, we are told that as cars, movies, and rahistory is not anymore so dio. By the middle of the important, because the decade, prosperity was world is different than it widespread, with the was 100 years ago. But second half of the decade even while new trends known, as “the Golden are developing, they can Twenties.” often be found rooted in the past, because human I think 2020 will be nature has not changed. that game-changer and COVID-19 will be reWe often think that this membered as a turning time things will be difpoint. ferent, and while events from the past will not be COVID-19 has served as an engine of innovarepeated exactly, similarities between the past tion. Under lockdown, and present will always e-commerce as a share of exist. American retail sales increased as much in eight

weeks as it had in the previous five years. As people stayed in Avalon Park, almost overnight, businesses began to run from spare rooms and kitchen tables, an experiment that would otherwise have taken years to unfold, if ever. While this disruption is in its infancy, COVID-19 is proof that change is possible even in conservative industries like energy, education, or health care. 2020 has not only been a turning point for Avalon Park Group, it has been one of our most active years ever. Ask any of my 7 Senior Vice Presidents (we are working a combined 80! years together), and they all will tell you 2020 has been our busiest year ever! And it is just the beginning. While we should always proceed with caution, remember, the Roaring Twenties was also followed by the great depression, I encourage us to take the turn into health and prosperity this year. I am hopeful the vaccine will succeed; I am optimistic for a great 2021 and beyond. Wishing You a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Ormond Beach Sandcrab Cheerleaders Update

Ormond Beach Sandcrab Cheerleaders competed in the Pop Warner Southern Regionals held at Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee.

Junior Pee Wee, Show Cheer, Level 1, 6th Place in Southeast Region

tiny mite, Show Cheer, Level 1, exhibition

Junior varsity, Show Cheer, Level 2, 2nd Place in Southeast Region

We are so proud of these girls for all of their hard work and dedication!


Meet New County Council Chair Jeff Brower at Zoom into Eggs & Issues The Daytona Regional Chamber will host newly elected Volusia County Council Chair Jeff Brower during the first Zoom into Eggs & Issues in the new year, scheduled for Thursday, January 14 at 8 a.m. Cheryl Coxwell, NASCAR, chair of the Daytona Regional Chamber’s Center for Advocacy and Economic Prosperity, stated, “We look forward to presenting our 2021 City and County recommendations to our new County Chair and to the opportunity to get his thoughts on infrastructure, business permitting, workforce housing and competitive bid process and other important issues.” Mr. Brower will officially be sworn into office on January 7 along with re-elected Council members Billie Wheeler (District 2) and Heather Post (District 4) as well as new District 3 Council member Danny Robins. Price is $17 for Chamber members and $35 for non-members. You will need your member portal username and password to access the member rate. Eggs & Issues is sponsored by Halifax Health and Daytona Beach News-Journal. know, like, and trust, making 2021 the year you discover or reignite your passion is a solid idea to creating a more loyal customer base. Sharing what makes you tick and gets you excited can help people connect with you. It also can help safeguard you against burnout. Take some time to explore your passions, even if you have to schedule it on your calendar. The new year is a great time to start those things you’ve been putting off because it’s a natural reset/fresh start moment. However, you can work toward these goals at any time. And when you do, you’ll feel a whole lot better about your path to recovery or success.

This year has been a little more difficult to figure out new year’s resolutions. Part of that is because we’re all still reeling from the “lessons” we learned in 2020. Even the best prepared businesses lacked preparation for a global pandemic. Still, the new year is a great time to reexamine what you’ve been doing and how it can get better. Here are a few ideas: The following ideas are a good start and in case you are one of the “words” people when it comes to year themes, we’ve worked those in as well.

Christina R. Metcalf (formerly Green) is a marketer who enjoys using the power of story and refuses to believe meaningful copy can be written by bots. She helps chamber and small business professionals find the right words when they don’t have the time or interest to do so. Christina hates exclamation points and loves road trips. Say hi on Twitter or reach out on Facebook.

COVID Testing

Automation: Get ready to retake your day. There are so many ways you can use automation to simplify tasks. From drip marketing campaigns to nurture leads into sales to daily briefings your AI can play to help you start your day (or “if, then” sequences) with the necessary information, you can spend less time on the administrative tasks and more time generating revenue. Analysis: You know all that hard work you’ve been putting in to engage your audience on those social channels? If you’re not monitoring and analyzing the data behind your efforts, you’re not getting any value out of it. Take a little time to understand your most popular posts and the time of day that garners the most reactions. Look to see which sites are performing and which aren’t. While you’re at it, check Google Analytics to see how your site is performing. If you send out a newsletter, get to know the tools your sender offers. Some allow you to see where people are spending the most time on your newsletter content. All of them will show you open rate and clicks. Take a look at the correlation between subject line and open rate. Security: In the past six months alone my debit card has been reissued 3 times because of fraud. We haven’t been able to track down where that compromise has occurred, but this is a common problem. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you have a 2-person operation, no one is interested in your data. If there’s the potential for money and fraud, how many employees you have won’t matter to them. They’re looking for easy ways to get data. If you’re unprotected, you’re an easy mark. Passion: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Sound familiar? But there is some truth to that. And since people buy from those they

DaVita Labs COVID-19 PCR Testing Process

ABOUT DAVITA LABS DaVita Labs is a state of the art laboratory located in DeLand, Florida. We process over 60 million specimens per year for patients receiving dialysis treatment from DaVita Kidney Care clinics all across the country. At DaVita, we are a community first and a company second. Standing true to this philosophy, we have been able to expand our testing capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now have the ability to provide PCR COVID testing to our local community.

DaVita Labs has been processing COVID-19 PCR tests since April, and is now able to offer PCR testing to our local community. DaVita’s PCR testing process offers: Results reported within 24 hours of specimens arriving at DaVita Labs An easy to use online portal for ordering tests and receiving results Testing kits provided, if desired Local customer support representatives available to answer questions and provide assistance

For more information, please contact labs@davita.com.

©2020 DaVita Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and confidential. For internal use only. 0820 v1

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ORLANDO UPDATE Meet the Member

Isabella Johnston founder of Intern Pursuit

The 5th Floor, an international co-working space at the Avalon Innovation Center is scheduled for Spring 2021. With it, an influx of entrepreneurs is coming on the scene in Downtown Avalon Park. The Intern Pursuit Software Platform, one of the finalists in the Avalon Innovation Awards 2020 competition, is among the 28+ companies that will occupy this state-of-the-art pro-working office space. Isabella Johnston, CEO and founder of Intern Pursuit’s software platform, identified an opportunity in the market to make intern recruitment and management fast, affordable, and a positive experience for employers and students alike. Intern Pursuit’s proprietary algorithm matches employers and students based on job preferences, top 6 trending PowerSkills and culture fit. Additional platform features include 2 types of assessments, individual development plans and an employer learning academy. The software is designed to provide interns and

employers with the best resources necessary for a productive and measurable internship. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need to innovate and improve intern management that included remote opportunities for employers both nationally and internationally. President and CEO of the Avalon Park Group, Beat Kahli, shares the same vision to expand internship opportunities globally. Kahli stated, “As an international entrepreneur, I appreciate Intern Pursuit’s efforts to provide more international internships in the United States, while supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs as they grow.” Kahli and a group of international judges selected 28 finalists from over 150 applicants to fund through

cash, space and services. Intern Pursuit Software Platform was one of the 28 companies chosen as the ground-breaking leaders in this APG cohort. One of the key standouts to the international jury was Johnston’s innovative marketing approach to take the product to market. In order to provide a well-packaged educational experience for employers and students alike, Johnston also created The Intern Whisperer Podcast. Affiliated with the Intern Pursuit platform, The Intern Whisperer Podcast allows employers to share their company’s origin story, predictions for both industry and job opportunities five years from now, and share mentoring advice to the student listening audience.

Intern Pursuit gamified their marketing approach to reach the game industry by launching the Intern Pursuit Game on Steam. The game is a third-person tower defense game where players must use critical thinking, problem solving, and other key trending PowerSkills to save the world and while earning talent. For more information on Intern Pursuit, visit https://www.internpursuit.tech/ or reach out to Isabella Johnston at email: info@internpursuit.tech or office number: 321-4222166.

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15 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do to Start Every Day—and Year!—On the Right Foot As a new year approaches, hope is high, and expectations are even higher. It is easy to buy into the promise of New Year’s resolutions and then quickly become disappointed in yourself for not sticking to them. If you, like I, find yourself in this position year after year, let’s try something new: creating and engaging in small practices and habits to improve our quality of life, all without the feelings of failure that come from not sticking to huge resolutions. Here is a list of 15 things successful entrepreneurs do every day to start on the right foot—and you don’t even have to be an entrepreneur to do them! 1. Reading: Reading daily is proven to benefit all people, regardless of who you are and what you do. Reading has positive effects on memory and other cognitive functions, among which include teaching empathy and life experience, improving vocabulary and communication skills, keeping your mind active and fostering creativity. Setting aside 30 minutes a day to read—whether it be a novel, biography, or newspaper—is a peaceful act that relaxes you while also benefiting your brain’s many functions and abilities. 2. Sleeping Well: It is not uncommon to hear that a trait shared by many strong and lucrative people is that they wake up early, because it is for good reason: sleeping well and on a good schedule is thought to be one of the most underestimated yet important aspects of being successful. Creating and sticking to a sleep schedule can affect every aspect of one’s life, from appearances to decision making. Sleep is a pause button, allowing you to recharge while your subconscious examines and analyzes current situations and challenges, which is helpful especially to a successful entrepreneur. 3. Exercise: We live in a society that places the most value on looks resulting from exercise, which is why it is necessary that we, ourselves, autonomously choose to place greater value on the mental and physical health benefits that come from exercising. If you’re unsure where to start, you can refer to my article “10 Exercises To Do At Home—No Equipment Necessary!” for some ideas. Just one hour of exercise and time outdoors per day is a habit that produces lifelong results. 4. Setting Goals: When I say “setting goals,” I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions or expecting to amass a million dollars within the next ten years (although these are great goals to have!). Rather, I mean setting small, attainable, short-term goals, such as not procrastinating on a work project or exercising 5 times a week. When you begin by placing huge expectations, you will more often than not feel disappointed

in yourself; creating shorter-term, easier goals, however, will fill you with a deep sense of pride and accomplishment upon reaching them. Start small and you will surprise yourself, which, in turn, builds the self-confidence that will eventually allow you to create and achieve larger, long-term goals. 5. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail: The truth is, nothing grows inside of your comfort zone—so how can you unless you take risks? Few people become successful by playing it safe; if you’re sinking all your shots, you’re probably not aiming high enough. Sure, you’ll start out by hearing one “yes” for every ten “no’s,” but that’s more than growth—it’s vulnerability. If being vulnerable doesn’t come easily to you, watch Brené Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk. She says it best: “vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” And courage is key to success. 6. Building Connections: Tying into the notion of vulnerability is the idea of building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Above all else is the human need for connection—the longing to belong—and this is achieved through vulnerability and emotional intelligence. Rather than investing only money, invest in relationships, too: creating a network of people you understand and who understand you pays off big time in the world of business. 7. Journaling: Journaling daily is a habit that incorporates and improves multiple facets of your life. Writing down your goals is journaling; filling out a calendar with deadlines and meetings is journaling; writing down dreams, things about your day, and feelings is journaling. It all boils down to the mindful acts of reflecting, thinking, and planning for the future, which can help to increase motivation as well as staying in touch with your mental and emotional well-being. 8. Do the Hardest Thing First: Like Mark Twain once said, “Eat that frog:” get the most-feared thing out

of the way first. Whether the task is the hardest, scariest, or longest task of the day, doing it first to get it over with is the route which ultimately causes the least amount of stress. As soon as you get the hard thing out of the way, you free up a large amount of time and energy to complete your other easier or less stressful tasks. 9. Be Mindful: In the same vein of exercising and journaling is the concept of mindfulness, or the state of being conscious and aware of the present moment. This is something that takes practice, and exercising, journaling, and meditating are a few of the easiest ways to do so. Successful people are intensely focused on whatever it is they are doing, whether it’s giving a work project acute attention, producing the most effective results from a meeting, or absorbing information from a book. The key to mindfulness is noticing when your attention shifts from the task at hand to something else, recognizing that shift, and refocusing on the task. This brings a sense of peace while also ensuring that the best work is being achieved. 10. Fostering a Creative Hobby: Although entrepreneurship is not widely thought of as a creative venture, creativity is necessary for a successful entrepreneur. In order to keep up with the speed and demands of business in the twenty-first century, many successful business people dabble in a creative hobby. Just as reading gets the creative wheels turning, so too do things such as playing music, drawing, painting, and writing. Not only will a creative hobby maximize your output of creative ideas, but it also serves as a great way to unwind and practice the previously-mentioned idea of mindfulness. 11. Practicing Gratitude: Yet another tie into the notion of mindfulness is the idea that many successful entrepreneurs claim to practice gratitude daily. This can be done in a journal, through an app, or even in your head—all it takes is acknowledging a few things you are grateful for

and meditating on them for a short period of time. Not only can practicing gratitude help your business flourish, but it helps to set you and your business apart from a sea of others and can also serve as the key to creating or solidifying important relationships. 12. Eating Well: As this list continues to grow, a few common threads can be found throughout all sections—one of them being teaching and stimulating your brain. You can follow all of the tips this article offers and not see results if you do not engage with this tip, as well: eating well and healthy. Maintaining good nutrition and fueling yourself with healthy foods is the most direct way to impact energy levels and brain output. Loading up on carbs, sugar, and processed foods can seriously decrease your energy and productivity levels, which can detriment both your body and your quality of work. 13. Staying Organized: While the concept of being organized differs from person to person, the main goal of organization is to make the most out of your time and keep your brain and body in order. Whether it be creating daily to-do lists, keeping a clean workspace, or making sure your inbox is decluttered, committing to your personal organization routine is what’s most important in order for you to be your best and most productive self. 14. Unplug Yourself: In a world that’s both physically and digitally demanding, it is important and necessary to take breaks from social media and technological devices when you need to. Keeping up with your social status and digital presence is extremely exhausting, so unless you’re a social media influencer or have another job that is centered around social media, time away from technology gives your mind and body a chance to slow down and recharge when your battery is drained. 15. Learn to Say No: One of the most demanding aspects of working and/or running a business is the amount of decision making that takes place. At all times, there are so many variables and things to consider that make saying “yes” even easier than it already is. However, learning to set boundaries and say no is crucial to maintaining focus and productivity. If you are unsure whether saying yes to a new project will affect your ability to manage and complete your current projects, say no—be mindful of what you are already juggling and how to complete your tasks to their fullest potential, instead. For more information how your business can connect and collaborate with The 5th Floor Co-Working team, please call 407-658-6565 or email Info@The5thFloor.us.


Keeping Up With West Volusia’s January Events

January 14 -16, 2021 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM Volusia Speedway Park The season opens up at Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville with a Dirt Car Late Model Palooza! 604 Pro-late models, 602 Late Models, Florida Late Models, and the most powerful Late Models on the planet – the WORLD OF OUTLAWS MORTON BUILDINGS LATE MODEL series – all happening the same weekend. Three nights and three complete shows giving out over $240,000 in prize money.

PLAY (Cont.)

For more information, call 352-236-5806

Coming together to create a healthy community ORLANDO

Why Your Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions Should Be Part of Your Own This new year is the perfect time to reflect back on the ups and downs of the last 12 months. This has been a challenging year for everyone, and it’s valuable to think about a fresh start in the coming months. As you set your personal goals for the new year, consider looping in your children during these times of reflection. Even little resolutions can make a big impact on your child’s — and your entire family’s — life.

manageable. Schedule routine check-in periods. This could be during a family meal once a week or biweekly to review progress, reinforce accountability, and work through challenges or adjustments that need to be made. Regular check-ins give parents the opportunity to spread positivity, be role models and help motivate kids as they are working on their goals. Make sure to recognize accomplishments, no matter how small.

Here are some of the benefits of making new year’s resolutions with your kids. 1. Boosting Family Togetherness Resolutions can be good for children and families, as it encourages them to work together to form or improve habits. You can start as early as pre-school age, as long as the resolution is age-appropriate, something of which the child is capable, and gains the support of the family. Resolutions that involve the entire family foster teamwork and support; families come together and encourage one another, which also inspires healthier habits for the whole family. 2. Understanding Time and Resource Management Creating and following through with resolutions helps children learn how to plan. When you’re making resolutions, it requires thinking about how to accomplish certain things by breaking a goal into smaller steps. A child must think how these steps fit into their day. They have to be proactive and tell a parent if they need a resource to help them meet their goal or alter their schedules to get their tasks completed. And if there’s a bump in the road (which there inevitably will be), going through this process helps kids learn to problem solve, pivot and get back on track. 3. Learning Accountability Setting a goal naturally encourages a level of accountability and responsibility. When you make a firm commitment with your child to help them get more active, you want to help them follow through with it.

Helping your child with their goal makes you reflect on your goals, too. You might think: Maybe I could do a little bit more in that area and be more accountable as well? Your child is also watching you work on your personal goals and you want to model positive behavior for them. 4. Boosting Mastery and Self-Confidence Increased self-confidence can be a wonderful result of achieving goals attached to new year’s resolutions for kids. Make sure their goals are small, realistic and accomplishable at first. When they’re successful, it bolsters their confidence and creates momentum. And when they experience success, they feel like they can do more and set bigger goals. Success is a contagious motivator to keep moving forward. How to Guide Children in Their New Year’s Resolutions Come together and decide goals for the new year as a family. Resist the urge to make a lot of suggestions on what your child could improve upon. Try to let them originate their own ideas from self-reflection. If it comes from them and it’s on their mind, they’re more likely to commit to it and see it through. Then, your parental role is to guide each child’s ideas and offer support to fine-tune them so that they are reasonable and realistic. For example, if a very young child wants to exercise every day, a parent might help the child shape that goal into something more achievable. Perhaps it’s suggesting that the child starts with exercising three times per week and increase

from there. You can start the resolution process by setting a family meeting. Sit down with your kids and have a conversation about what resolutions are, field their interest in having a family resolution plan, and then work together to set some family goals and each child’s personal goals. If ideas come up and you need further assistance in a particular area, seek help from the appropriate expert, such as your child’s pediatrician, or get a referral to a more specialized program or a dietician, if necessary. It’s always a good idea to discuss your child’s health goals with his or her pediatrician or family medicine physician because this person knows your child and can offer guidance and support on a clinical and personal level. Sometimes discussing these health goals with other family members and caregivers is also very important to support you and your child in a positive manner. Goal-Setting Tips Start with short-term, attainable goals. Some short-term goals can be tied to a long-term goal but keep the focus short-term and stick to two to four goals at one time. For example, if your goal is to eliminate soda from your diet, banning all soda at once would likely set you up for failure. Instead, set your short-term goal to reduce soda intake from three cans to one per day for the first week, and graduate up from there. In addition, goals should also be reasonable, concrete, specific and

To Reward or Not Reward Sometimes, motivating children is tricky business. And parents can fall victim to the reward cycle for positive behavior. In the case of New Year’s resolutions or health goals, success alone should be the primary reward or motivating factor to foster in kids. Self-accomplishment and verbal praise should be enough. It’s an important lesson to learn that not everything comes with monetary or tangible rewards. That said, if there is a certain area with which the child is struggling, or the experience has been a tough process, thinking about a reward could be appropriate. However, it should not be monetary or food-related. If your child is doing really well and they meet their goal, maybe it’s scheduling a family movie night or an experience together to acknowledge and support your child for a job well done. Partnering to Help Families Achieve Health Goals While the holidays are a perfect time for self-reflection and goal setting, it’s important for families to realize that healthy goals can be set at any point in the year, as long as the entire family is on board, ready and willing to make the commitment together. As always, the experts at AdventHealth are here to support your family in whole health, year after year.


Live Well in 2021 er it is volunteering, joining a club or attending an event there is plenty of community fun to get in on!

forward with it!

you feel better, give you more energy to 6. Reset your finan- take on the day and cial goals for the help you achieve new year. Make a any body goals you spreadsheet, orgaset for yourself. Evnize your spenderyone wants to feel 4. Find a hobby you ing, do what you good in their own enjoy – indulge in personally need to skin! that instead of be- do to become more ing on your phone. financially stable 8. Get the correct It is easy to get this year. Saving amount of sleep bogged down by $100/week for all of your body needs. life and work, make 2021 will add up to If this means going it a point this year $5,200 – make your to bed earlier, make to find something own goal and stick it a point to do that you are interwith it! that. With the right 2. Read at least ested in and enjoy amount of sleep, one book a month. doing. You do not 7. Make a time for your body will be Reading not only have to be the best exercise and mon- more willing to perclears your mind at it, you just have itor what you eat. form all the tasks of all the everyday to enjoy doing it! This can be easy to throughout your tasks, but it helps Try leaving your lose track of when day without feeling you learn. By read- phone in the other you are so busy, but lethargic. ing at least one room. it is one of the most book a month, you important things to 9. Go for a walk or will become more 5. Take a class. No make time for. Exbike ride outside. focused and knowl- matter the type of ercising can clear Living in Florida, edgeable on a vari- class you choose, your mind and this is the easiety of topics. make sure it has make your body est way to grab a relation to what you feel so much better. breath of fresh air. 3. Get more inwant to learn. This You do not have to Soak up the sunvolved with your class could be an ex- do it every single shine and head outcommunity. Now ercise class, a yoga day but make it an side! is the time to do class, a nutrition effort to be consisthat thing you have class, a design class, tent. Eating better is By: Kenzie Farrish always wanted to a financial class, the another thing that that is right in your options are endless. will change your community. Wheth- Choose one and go life. It will make 1. Take a little more time for yourself - Wake up an hour earlier than you normally do. Everyone has that one thing that helps them reset and see a little clearer. Take this new time in the morning to do that thing each day. Life can get overwhelming, so make sure to check in with yourself!

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Heffalumps and Woozles AS a hopeless romantic, it is too easy to be philosophical this time of year. I have made my soon to be broken New Year’s Resolutions list and created a 2021 Bucket List of things to do. At this very moment, one year ago as I started of my last trip around the sun, perched on my favorite beach approach spot, with the dawn’s first light permeating my senses; the sound of the waves splashing ashore, the salt air tingling my olfactory receptors, and the palette of colors painting the sky. Wanting something different for 2021, supersiticiously, I have opted for a different launch to this year’s 365-day voyage. My last formal 2020 workday was the 23rd and am not scheduled to return until the 4th. These past days have been spent embracing my alternative reality, reflecting on 2020’s social awakening, political strife and worldwide pandemic, and catching up with some lifelong friends. Through this pedestrian paced and reflective lens, I have been able to ground my true realities, put a fanciful spin on life’s crucibles, and regain my recently faded optimism. During this down time, Christmas Eve was spent with my three incredible daughters and my future son-in-law; which was undoubtedly my best day of 2020. I believe in Santa and he never fails to overwhelm me with childlike giddiness! On Boxing Day, FISH, my imaginary Sphynx cat, and I took off to the glades to see our old pal Skink – Trooper Tile gave us the updated GPS coordinates. His first worlds were Squeeze Me! With the magical help of Tink’s pixie dust, we were next off for a marvelous adventure with Peter in Neverland chasing that tictocking croc around the Sea of Serenity. Then, to celebrate the new year, my bestie Pooh had us round for tea. It had been much too long since I strolled the 100 Acre Woods’ idyllic paths. Quarantine be damned, no one should hesitate to make your virtual trek back to visit your lifelong friends, especially those unfailing childhood companions who are always there when you need them. Just throw life’s emergency break and jump out reality’s window for an hour or two. As we pass through the Einsteinian bridge between 2020 and 2021, it is important that we make sure our hunny jar is filled with hopes and dreams. We can’t allow any Heffalumps and Woozles to steal our hunny! As we gathered round picnic table, it was just as I remembered! The gang was all there; Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga, Rabbit and Roo gathered to celebrate. Pooh immediately set the conversation’s tone with a toast to the wonderful things which lie ahead in 2021. I have always envied his blissful naiveté and unwavering optimism. I wish I could compartmentalize the past year’s life altering events as if they never occurred. At these reunions, Tigger, Fish, and I are always separated. We are too rambunctious and always wind up in an innocently mischievous predicament. There was this one time when… Well, I’ll save that for another day… Always the teacher, Owl queried each attendees wanting to know if we had committed our resolutions to writing; reminding us that it’s

just a dream – it must be on paper to be a goal. When he asked about my primary 2021 goals’, he scoffed at my superficial answers of “lose weight, eat healthier and earn more money” and dismissed them as trite. He pressed me further reminding me not to become apologia. Owl wanted to be certain that in the coming months, happiness will be my true pursuit, not the monotony of daily survival. The kind-hearted Kanga encourages us all think about Owl’s admonition of pursuing happiness. Knowing that I have not dealt with sheltering in place very well, she lovingly reminded me that the much-awaited pandemic vaccine would be here soon. Reassuringly, she let me know that I’ll soon be released to venture about once again. She counseled patience which can be quite challenging for me. Those comforting words struck true to Tigger and Roo as well. Eeyore added that he had signed up to get inoculated and in the same breath added that it probably wouldn’t work anyway. He went on mumbling that he didn’t believe anything was going to change anytime soon. This downcast predilection drew a scornful look from Owl and Kanga, and a comforting hug from Pooh. The usually timid Piglet surprised me when he asked if I had found my mermaid. He said the group felt it was time that I overcome my fears and that they would be my support group. This really caught me off guard as Piglet usually doesn’t speak for the group, but I am sure he was emboldened by the belief that everything will be better in 2021. I was pleased to share with him that I may have met an angel in person – someone with a caring heart, who is kind and puts others first; and the I convinced she’d like the 100 Acres Woods! Rabbit asked about my daughter’s April wedding and wanted to know about the Father-Daughter dance. Everyone thought Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” was a perfect song for these evolving times. I regaled them with tales of when Ells and I would take magic carpet rides through the endless diamond sky! Playful Roo wanted to know what adventures were on my bucket list. I told him that my application as a Space-X payload specialist was denied, so was going to try air-boating. If my hunny jar allows a new sailboat, I’ll probably return to the sea. Nothing transatlantic, but fleet enough to defend the Dry Tortugas from Black Beard and his band of buccaneers. They were excited that Huck would be along when we rescue Jim Hawkins from Ft. Jefferson and retake Cayo Hueso. Tigger insisted that we catch some square grouper when at sea. As cat, Tigger loves smoked fish and growing impatient with just using fish oil! Thanks for participating in my jaunts around Florida. May your 2021 be filled with family and friends, a warm and caring soul, perfect health and much success. Allow 2020’s challenges quickly become a dimmed memories. I’ll be in touch as I skid the Florida Straits and interstates – one if by land and two if by sea! This pirate king will buy a round Down at the Lah De Dah! - The Village Idiot https://villageidiot.co/ https://avalonparksun.com/heffalumps-and-woozles-friday-january-1-2021

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