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Since the launch of the $1 million entrepreneurial fund a month ago, over 150 applications were submitted to open or expand into The 5th Floor at the Avalon Innovation Center in Avalon Park Orlando.

and more to come. Additionally, they will be connected with a team of experts from CPA’s, to legal advisors, to MBA’s and marketing experts working around the clock all over the world.

“The initial applications have covered “When we first launched this idea, a variety of industries,” said Kahli. “It I anticipated that we would receive is interesting to see the amazing talent many applications,” said Beat Kah- that we have right under our noses li, President and CEO of here in Central Florida Avalon Park Group. “The and we are very excited jury has reviewed the to be able to help bring 150+ applications and has some of these ideas to realization for these entrenarrowed down the next preneurs.” round to 45 semi-finalists.” Those applicants invitThe initial fund of ed to move to the next $1,000,000 is to be disround will be notified totributed this summer to day, May 1, 2020 and are 20+ entrepreneurs/companies who also listed below. Those selections will want to start a new business, spin then have 2 weeks to submit their foroff from another business or grow an mal packages. The final stage will be a existing small business. The award live or virtual presentation to the jury amounts will start at $10,000 and will in the middle of June. come in the form of cash, but it will also include office space, membership “While only 45 finalists will move on at The 5th Floor in Avalon Park Orlan- to the next round, we will be reachdo, being part of a worldwide network, ing out to all candidates to meet and with access to our offices in Muttenz/ learn more about their businesses to Basel, Switzerland, Singapore, Syd- see how we might be able to support ney, Australia, San Juan, Puerto Rico them in other ways,” said Kahli.

Amazing Talent in Central Florida

Congratulations to the 45 finalists that will be moving on to the next round American Technologika AMLY Sustainability Amson Consulting Artimist Avalon Language School [Proposed] Central Technological Corporation CINQ RECRUITMENT LLC Complex Seven Industries LLC CompWise Services Connective Human Creative Fluxx, Corp. Epigene Channel L.L.C. E-Ride Rentals Evolution Medical Technologies Fastask Fit Me In Now, Inc. Glenn R Cook Jr LLC DBA EVTransports Happ For Hotels, LLC. Harry Physical Therapy and Wellness Intern Pursuit, LLC Iván graphic design studio JK Creative LLC JRB ENTERPRISE GROUP INC Kaboone Life Support Training LLC Lenny Limitless Learning Marsico Creative Consulting Pioneer Renewables, LLC PLH3 Healthcare Solutions Que ROCHA FINANCIAL GROUP LLC. Scrap Trap Compost SharkBait - Feed Your Innovation Signature H Property Group SMART8 LLC Spincast TV (Spincast, Inc.) Spotted Cow Estate Sales Starlet X Inc. Swing and Smash The Dirt Master LLC Venture Out Walk on Clinic Wolf Media WOMANtrepreneur Yomey Young Innovators Technologies INC Watch Your Language



BEAT In 2004 Florida was hit by a series of Hurricanes, and parts of Central Florida were without power for weeks. Fortunately, Avalon Park Orlando retained power the entire time and as well had people who were deciding to start a new business during this crisis.

Starting A Business in a Non-Bureaucratic Way

We were scheduled to sign the partnership agreement in September 2004. Then believe it or not, lightning struck our office building in Avalon Park, we lost power. After going through 4 Hurricanes without losing any power, we were not sure if this was a to not go An Avalon Park Resident, sign ahead with this business. With A Good Idea, However, we “manually” In A Crisis, In Need Of signed the p a rt n e r s h i p greement Some Seed Money, Office aand DATA TRANSFER Space, Infrastructure SOLUTIONS, LLC was And Business Advice born.

Back in those days, the summer of 2004, I received a letter from a lady by the name of Vicky Ibaugh. The letter explained that her husband’s company (Space Imaging, a Lockheed Martin company) was being sold and he would like to start on his own company if he could find the right partner. The letter ended with the phone number of Allen Ibaugh. When I called him, he had no idea that his wife had sent me the note, and was a bit nervous, because I apparently had information which was not yet public knowledge. However, a week later I got a well written business plan from Allen and his partner Jason Amadori. I learned from that communication that Allen and his family moved to Avalon Park in 1999 when they purchased house number 9 (and still lives here).

The investment rules were clear, as they are today; if we like the business, if it is good for all in Avalon Park, and the applicant is committed, to live, learn, and play in Avalon Park, we fund it. In the case of Allen, it was easy, not only did we like the business and it was a good fit for Avalon, he and his family had already lived in Avalon Park for 5 years. As a matter of fact, I showed the business plan to my wife Jill, a CPA, and she truly liked it. So, it was even easier…. Avalon Park resident, good business plan, and my wife liked it as well, done deal.

tions’ founder Allen Ibaugh, he became a great partner of Avalon Park Group, a good friend and a true Avalon Park stakeholder. His family has lived in Avalon Park For over 20 years, and just the other day, as I got a head start into the office, I saw him jobbing before 6:00 a.m. through the community. Was Allen looking for start-up capital at the time more than 15 years ago? Yes, he was, and yes, he got it. However, money was not the most important for Allen, it was the ability to start a business in a non- bureaucratic way, have likeminded entrepreneurs giving advice, and being able to strategize. More important to have a business in a community where his wife Vicky could work from home, his Son Erik could go to school from Elementary to Middle and to High So here we School. Allen travelled a lot for go, an Avalon Park resident, with DTS, but he always came home to a good idea, in a crisis, in need of Avalon Park. some seed money, office space, infrastructure and business advice. Data Transfer Solutions became a giant in the world of Geographical Information Systems. Allen even became the Chairman of the international not-for-profit GIS world organization. Additionally, DTS grew to become a 2-digit million dollar company, 100 employees (most of them working in the heart of Avalon Park Orlando), great high paying technology jobs and they opened offices in 8 different states across the country, and had footholds in Switzerland and Canada. In 2017, the company was sold to one of the largest engineering firms in the world England’s Aktins group. Today a 2-digit billion dollar powerhouse, with headquarter in Montreal, and one of the largest Canadian companies, SNC Lavelin. Data Transfer Solutions Florida is still headquartered in Avalon Park and Allen is still the CEO and still lives in Avalon Park. Data Transfer Solutions is the startup model every economic development council is chasing. This is why we again reached out in a crisis to find people brave enough to start a business. Talking about Data Transfer Solu-

WOW! How many business plans do you think we received? 20? 50? 100? NO OVER 150 entrepreneurs submitted their applications! Can you believe this? 150+ brave entrepreneurs who want to start (most of them), expand or diversify a business, and all willing to make the heart of their entrepreneurial undertaking in Avalon Park Orlando. We will be busy in the next few weeks analyzing plans, dialoging with the applicants, making decisions and getting the ball rolling on getting these businesses moving. This is exciting, and I would bet another million dollars, that in 5 years from now, this initiative will have created many successful companies and many high paying jobs and we will be telling their success story.

LIVE (Cont.)

From the Desk of Commissioner

Maribel Gomez Cordero DISTRICT 4

is tackling COVID-19. For Orange County, testing is vital. There are As we continue to fight this virus, numerous sites around the CounI want to assure you that your govty for testing, aiming to be as close ernment is working for you. I want as possible to our residents. Before to take this you go, it is important to know o p p o rt u n i t y that tests are by appointment only, to update you and on specific days depending on on how the the site. To make an appointment, County please call (407)-7235004. If you need information in Spanish or Creole, call 311, their availability is from Monday to Friday from 8AM -5PM. To the residents of Avalon Park,

I urge all residents to continue to monitor their personal health, and the health of their families. Remember, Orange County and all its municipalities are under curfew from 11PM until 5AM. Having said that, there are comforting news thank to our efforts to tackle this pandemic. Roughly, 70% of COVID-19 patients in Orange County have fully recovered. This does not mean that we can stop taking this seriously; on the contrary, this is the time to be as vigilant and as careful as possible! Continue wearing your mask, washing your hands and practicing social distancing. For more information and updates go to ocfl.net/coronavirusupdates or follow me on my social media. At the same time that we are dealing with this pandemic, please don’t forget the importance of filling out the 2020 Census, as this is vital to make sure we have adequate funding and proper representation in Congress. As always, I am at your service. If you have any question or concern, please send me an email or give my office a call. Stay safe!

Continue wearing your mask, washing your hands and practicing social distancing. Don’t forget the importance of filling out the 2020 Census.

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LIVE (Cont.)

The Effects of Music on Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Having a family member with Alzheimer’s is a mix of emotions. From hospital visits to hands-on needs, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. When you become stressed, your family member is sure to feel stressed too. Between taking kids to school and picking up medications, you should consider activities that ease the overwhelmed. An easy and effective activity you can engage in with your loved one is listening to music. We recommend this simple activity because of the benefits it can bring to a daily routine.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety Someone with Alzheimer’s views the world as unfamiliar which can arouse anxiety. Studies from the University of Utah Health show that music can be the anchor, that grounds a senior back to reality. Because music requires little-to-no mental processing, it helps seniors relax rather than create panic.

Improves Memory Séverine Samson, a clinical neuropsychologist, says that music stimulates different parts of the brain. This is why patients with Alzheimer’s might have the ability to recall song lyrics. There is a connection between the neural networks of verbal and musical memory, but the processing is different. This means that music might trigger parts of the brain that can stimulate better memory. Studies from the Journal of Alzheimers Disease & Parkinsonism have also shown that those with Alzheimer’s disease tend to remember more in sound environments as opposed to silence.

Encourages Physical Activity and Emotions

Orlando IV Therapy Natural Health & Wellness is now REOPENED, effective Thursday April 30th, 2019 (by appointment only). We offer COVID-19 total Antibody IgG/IgM Combo Rapid testing in combination with our Immunity IV at our facility in Avalon Park! • Immunity IV + Covid-19 combo test for $199 • Covid-19 Combo Rapid Test for $59 Please call or text to make an appointment 407-360-6501. Masks should be worn for any in person contact to ensure everyone’s safety! This rapid test can detect an active SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection & the presence of antibodies to help identify those who have overcome an infection and developed an immune response. Please note: This test is FDA allowed under the Emergency Use Authorization Program (EUA) and is currently not FDA-approved. Orlando IV Therapy is located at 3855 Avalon Park East Blvd., Orlando, FL 32828.

Sometimes when music is so good, it makes your loved one want to move—especially if they enjoy the song! Whether it’s clapping along or doing a full-on dance routine, any kind of movement will put your senior in a good mood. Sometimes after a dance, it can even lead to a hug or a kiss which evokes emotions and makes him or her feel secure.

Music Isn’t for Everyone Although music has shown many positive effects, that doesn’t mean it will work well with every loved one. Start with their needs first. What kind of music does your specific loved one enjoy? What kind of music reminds them of happy times in his or her life? Above everything, pay attention to the reaction. You will know whether he or she is benefiting from music by their response.

Is Your Loved One Ready for a New Song? Music doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s, but it does make symptoms more manageable and improves your senior’s quality of life. With certified dementia practitioners, Encore at Avalon offers special memory care-focused living communities for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s. Through community partnerships, we have access to services and activities, including music, that enrich our residents’ experiences. To schedule a tour, call today at 407-270-7500.

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WE MISS YOU HUSKIES! As you know, distance learning will continue through the end of the school year. While we are disappointed that we will not be seeing our Huskies in person

again, we are doing everything possible to continue supporting our students. Please have your child contact their teachers if they are having any difficulties. We understand that you have a lot of questions about various end-ofthe-year issues so please read our weekly electronic newsbrief and check our Facebook site regularly for the most up-to-date informa-

tion. You can sign up for the newsbrief through a link on our school website: AvalonMS.ocps.net. There is also a link to our Facebook page.

Remember, we are in this together, Huskies! Marsee Perkins

How to Choose a Good Massage School Before I discuss how to choose a good massage school one must know the qualities of a good massage therapist. Massage can be an emotional, spiritual, and physical experience. Because of this, a good massage therapist must possess many skills. Some skills can be taught in massage school such as therapeutic massage techniques, deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy, quality touch, anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, etc. Many skills needed are related to personal, social and business skills. Some examples of characteristic traits that make a good massage therapist are reliability, cleanliness, empathy, listening skills, professionalism and a desire to positively contribute to the mental and physical health of others. If you possess these skills, then you would make a wonderful massage therapist. A good massage school will help develop these characteristics that can unfortunately, by many massage schools, be overlooked. Some other things to consider when choosing a massage school are….. 1. Educational Requirements- Educational requirements vary from state to state. In Florida, massage therapy is governed by the Florida Department of Health, Massage Therapy Board. Does the school I am considering meet the minimal requirements or does it exceed the requirements? 2. Cost- How much will my education cost? Will I be able to pay my student loans? 3. Class Size- What is the teacher/student ratio? Will I get a high quality education? 4. Instructional Experience- What kind of experience do your teachers possess? Do they have industry experience? 5. Success Rate- Are graduates of the massage school successfully entering the work force?

6. Accredited School- Is the mas- NCBTMB upon completion. This College allows program comsage school you are interested in National Certification will allow pleters to apply credit towards accredited by a governing body? our students the option to be fua Valencia Supervision & Manture educators. agement for Industry AS degree Our massage program is a 750followed by the Bachelor of Aphour program that prepares stu- • We offer a 750 hour program. plied Science in Business Organidents for employment as a licensed The Dept. of Health in the state zational and Leadership Degree. massage therapist. The program of FL requires a minimum of 500 • High quality education at offers training using current indushours. This makes it much easa fraction of the cost of other try standards, software, equipment ier to achieve licensure in other massage schools. Because our and assimilates the academic comstates without having to do more program is subsidized by Orange petencies and occupational skills educational hours. County Public Schools, the cost is much less than many other schools. Just check out all the options in Central Florida for yourself and discover the savings. • Personalized education. Our teachers limit the class size so that each student receives individualized education. We limit our class size so that the ratio does not exceed 10 students to every instructor.

essential for success. We also have • Our students also complete ongoing contact with industry a course in Basic Life Support advisors. This relationship helps and receive a certificate from the instructor ensure that the acthe American Heart Association. ademic competencies are congruThis certification is above and ent with the needs of the industry. beyond the requirements from Instruction in job knowledge, job the Department of Health and skills, work habits and core valthe Department of Education in ues is incorporated throughout the State of Florida. the program. The combination of • We have incorporated indusinstruction in academic competry professionals to come speak tencies and work habits provides a to our students on a monthly bafirm foundation of success for the sis. Many of our guest speakers students. are internationally known in the Here are a few reasons why you massage industry. should consider enrolling in the • Articulation with Valencia State Massage Therapy program at Orange Technical College, Avalon campus. • We are an approved school through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. This allows our graduates the ability to achieve National Certification through the

The massage therapy program has the following specific admission requirements: • Completion of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) • Meet with a counselor • 18 years of age • High school diploma or its equivalent Jonah Salomon, Massage Therapy Instructor, MA31547 Orange Technical College, Avalon Campus 2201 S. Crown Hill Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828 Jonah.Salomon@ocps.net Phone 407-281-5155 Ext: 7002220

LEARN (Cont.)

Avalon Middle School students participate in OUC's Water Color Project While daily life has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, Avalon Middle School students are still hoping to spread their message of saving the environment through their artwork. But that has proven to be a challenge in the time of coronavirus. Since 2006, OUC’s Water Color Project has set out to teach future generations about the importance of water conservation and to appreciate the value of this natural resource. The program works in partnership with Orange County Public Schools. Students have a lesson on conservation, then share what they’ve learned by creating artwork on rain barrels. While the rain barrels are on

display at CityArts, which is currently closed due to the Safer at Home order, there’s still a way for the public to experience the students’ art and message. As part of its commitment to conservation education and sustainability, OUC wants to ensure the artwork doesn’t go unseen and that students’ efforts are still shared. You can view the video here. Eighty-nine students across 16 teams at Orange County schools, including students from Avalon Middle School, were selected to paint a rain barrel for the 2020 Water Color Project. The rain barrels will be auctioned off to OUC and OCPS employees. The money from the sales goes to the school’s art program.

Enroll your child online! Beat the Lines! KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION is still ongoing

for Stone Lakes Elementary

Please complete, print and sign the 2020 - 2021 OCPS Registration Pack

Hey, Avalon Park! for a limited time we're giving away FREE ONLINE LESSONS!

OCPS.net / Newcomers / How to Enroll / Kindergarten Registration. Learn a new instrument from the comfort of your home! We have passionate teachers that make learning music online easy and FUN! There are only 50 Vouchers for your child's first lesson & registration completely FREE! KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION is still ongoing Get one NOW by calling 407-770-0323. To enter Kindergarten your beOCPS 5 years oldPacket on or Please complete, printstudent and sign themust 2020 - 2021 Registration at:-before Sept. Here at Avalon School of Music, we love teaching music lessons as cool as your kids! OCPS.net / Newcomers / How to Enroll / Kindergarten Registration. Students of all ages and skill levels are experiencing the magic of music through personalized lessons,

Enroll your child online! Beat the Lines!

Then email the Registration Packet and all the documents listed b The Registrar: - diane.hanna@ocps.net for Stone Lakes Elementary

performances, and lasting friendships.

Mark your ENTATION

Call 407-770-0323 to sign up and claim your VOUCHER NOW!

Then following email the Registration Packet and all the below to 9:3We require ALL the documentation todocuments acceptlisted your application: The Registrar: - diane.hanna@ocps.net

● ● ● ●

To enter Kindergarten your student must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2020. Birth Certificate MarkDH your ENTATION Verification of Immunization (Form 680) School Entry Physical Exam 1 Year 9:3We require ALL the within following documentation to accept your application: Verification of Domicile in Orange County ● Birth Certificate (One of the following in Parent’s Name ● Verification of Immunization (Form DH 680) ● School Entry Physical Exam within 1 Year - Current Homestead Exemption Card ● Verification of Domicile in Orange County - Property Tax Statement (One of the following in Parent’s Name - Current Homestead Exemption Card - Signed Closing Contract - Property Tax Statement - Current Signed Lease - Signed Closing Contract - Current Signed Lease Copy of the Parent’s Identification ● Copy of the Parent’s Identification

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Loan Forgiveness Of The Paycheck Protection Program Loans By Bruce Meyer When a loan is received from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), obviously a key benefit is the loan forgiveness component. It is important to remember that for the loan to be forgiven, the funds must be properly used. It is useful to look at the name of the program “the Paycheck Protection Program” and understand that the government wants you to hire and pay your employees EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE WORK FOR THEM at this time. The first point is that at least 75% of the loan proceeds MUST be used for payroll costs to obtain full forgiveness. Payroll costs include wages/salary, but only up to $100,000 per year ($1,923.07 per week). Wages paid in excess of this amount do not count towards the 75%. It also includes the cost of medical insurance paid by the employer. It does not include any Qualified Sick Pay paid under FFCRA, where you are getting a 100% credit against your payroll taxes. The other 25% can be used for rent and mortgage interest (not principal) where the obligation existed prior to the act and for utilities. These funds must be spent (cash basis) in the eight week period starting with the funding of the loan. You cannot prepay expenses.

The amount of the loan forgiveness can be reduced if the number of the number of Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTE’s) decreases from the average number of FTE’s employed for either the period of Feb. 15, 2019 to June 30, 2019 or the period Jan 1, 2020 to Feb. 29, 2020. (Special rules apply for seasonal employers). The key here is “head count”. You need to figure out how many “full time” employees you had before the pandemic and how many you have after the loan. If you have your full time employees working 40 hours a week and part time employees working 20 hours a week, then each part timer counts as .5 FTE. The amount of the loan forgiveness will also be reduced if any employee’s wages or salary (under $100,000 per annum) is reduced by more than 25% from the most recent full quarter during which the employee was employed before the covered period. However, there is an exemption to these two reductions if reductions to the employee’s salary/wages and the FTE’s that occurred from Feb 15, 2020 to April 26, 2020 are restored in full by June 30, 2020.   Don’t forget that you will need to provide documentation (and certify as to their truthfulness) to your lender to prove that you have met all of the requirements. They documents must prove your calculation of FTE and pay rate/

salary in addition to documentation of payment for rent/mortgage and utilities. Obviously keeping current records and computations will be better and easier than trying to put everything together at the end, when it would be too late to correct any miscalculations. Changes to the rules are constantly happening and may modify some of what is stated above. Please listen and read for new developments.

Disclaimer this memo is general Disclaimer: information and not to be considered legal or accounting advice. The computation of the actual loan forgiveness should be done with proper accounting and legal advice.

Rosenthal Meyer, PLLC was founded by attorneys Matthew Rosenthal and Justin Meyer, who share the same commitment to providing client-centric legal services, with a concentration in business law, wills & trusts, probate, and real estate. The multi-state community law firm prides itself on its experience, approachability, caring about the outcome of the situation, and providing legal solutions that work. Their focus is on legally protecting clients through the evolution of their business, and through all stages of life. They take pride in getting involved with the communities they serve and building long-term relationships. For more information, visit https://rosenthalmeyer.com.

We Sell & Install: • Floor Tile • Wood-like Tile • Carpet • Laminate • Hardwood Floors • Baseboards

• Granite • Bathroom Tile • Kitchen Backsplash • Pavers • Custom Cabinets

Plus We Also Offer Professional Painting for Interior and Exterior

Avalon Mail Center has their new store sign up, if you have not noticed! Avalon Mail Center continues to support the community and local businesses during these difficult times as an essential business. Current business hours are M-F 8.30 am - 6 pm. Sat 10 am - 4 pm


PoloFloors@yahoo.com www.PoloFloors.com

AVALON: 407.988.3361 3738 Avalon Park E Blvd Orlando, FL 32828

OVIEDO: 321.203.4697

2871 Clayton Crossing Way, Suite 1081 Oviedo, FL 32765

WORK (Cont.)

Shared & Custom Workspaces by


SUMMER Adventure Club


Traning Center

Shared Desks

Craft Center

Virtual Offices

Coplay Spaces

Dream it. Plan it. Make it happen.

field trip hair... don’t care! At Summer Adventure Club, every day is an experience. Children embrace their inner explorer as they navigate fun and educational weekly themes and venture to exciting destinations in their own community! • LEGOLAND • Kennedy Space Center • Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports

3680 Avalon Park Blvd. East, Ste. 300 407-770-8611 info@5-floor.com

Primrose School at Avalon Park 407.737.1500 PrimroseAvalonPark.com

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a trademark of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved. Ages for Summer Adventure Club program vary by location.

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Capturing Newborn Photos Virtually During a Pandemic As a newborn photographer, I pride myself in capturing special memories for families as they welcome their new bundle of joy. When coronavirus became a local threat, I temporarily closed my brand new Downtown Avalon Park photo studio for the safety of all of my clients. However, babies were still being born and so I had to figure out a way to still be able to capture these early days for my clients’ babies since they grow and change so fast.


To aid the process, I created a howto PDF that assists parents on how to take lifestyle newborn photos at home. Along with that I created a few tutorial videos on swaddling, soothing, and taking their photos. I also drop off a few props or wraps to the parents contact-free for use during their session. After parents have reviewed my guides and received the props, we set up a time to video chat where I would instruct the parent while they took I had to think outside of the box the photo. Then, I would edit and on ways to help clients from a dis- deliver the polished image that is tance, and so I decided to go vir- integrated into a digital backdrop. tual. A virtual newborn session This image is one of the edited is where I coach parents via vid- photos from a virtual session. eo chat on how to take their own newborn photos at home, and During this difficult time of then I would edit a few images for COVID-19, I have had to pivot my

business as a newborn photographer. Virtual newborn sessions are a great way to still be able to photograph the precious newborn phase until it is safe to re-open my studio for my newborn clients. If you, or anyone you know would like to schedule a virtual newborn session, visit my website at kossinacreative.com or email amanda@ kossinacreative.com.

I also am now booking in-studio newborn sessions for August - December 2020 with limited spots available. Amanda Kossina Kossina Creative Photography


$99 Session Fee* Available for recent VPK, Kindergarten, High School and College Graduates

*The session fee does not include any digital or printed products. Images and prints are purchased separately.


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On the Front Line for our Businesses The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce has been on the front lines for our businesses and community. Everyone has been affected by this pandemic whether your business has closed, you have to work from home, or you’ve been furloughed. The Chamber started immediately providing resources and informational webinars, for our businesses and community, all have been recorded. If you are in need of keeping you business top of mind, in need of information for relief funding, or need to transition your business online, the Chamber has you covered. If you are looking for a new job, we have informative resources to help your resume get found to secure an interview. All these resources can be found at https://www.eocc.org/covid-19-information-and-resources/ while our recorded webinars are available at https://www.eocc.org/recorded-webinars/.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Enabling Remote Work Efficiency & Productivity Panel Featuring Scot Gustafson (Darden); Sean Greenbaum (Microsoft); Steve Hardee (AdventHealth Corporate) May 1, 2020 |2:00 – 3:00 PM Go To Meeting Online

Crema de Nona Networking Online May 5, 2020 | 9:00 AM | Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM May 8, 2020 | 3:00 PM | Every Friday at 3:00 PM

Optimization 2.0 Featuring Roger Lear May 15, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Go To Meeting Online

Our world has changed! COVID-19 has kept us cooped up in our homes, closed our businesses, furloughed employees and changed how we shop and socialize. As we prepare to reopen the economy, we need to remember that this virus is still present. The reopening will not be a lightswitch approach, but methodical. We need to follow the guidelines setforth by our governments and adhere to the best practices to keep ourselves and the rest of us safe. Life will be different for quite a while. We need to understand that this inconvenience may become a norm. We MUST do this right to keep us from having a resurgence; one way aisles, sanitizer readily available, social distancing, elbow bumping instead of handshakes, and more. We need to adhere to the guidelines, keeping us safe until this virus is controlled or eradicated. We are implementing a number of committees to help with our area businesses; a restart and recovery committee, re-imagine next committee, small business committee and more. If you wish to get involved and be a part of the solution, contact the Chamber. We also have implemented SB511 to start driving traffic back to our area businesses. Visit our FB Page and help support them on May 11th. We are also promoting weekly Deals and Steals from our businesses. Check out their special offers at www.eocc.org. If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization, contact us for an appointment to customize a plan to fit your business. 407-2775951, EOCC@eocc.org or www.EOCC.org.

Rapid Deployable Shelters: Possible Solutions to Affordable Housing Featuring Ron Ben-Zeev May 20, 2020 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM Go To Meeting Online

Career Coaching & Power Interviewing Featuring Roger Lear May 22, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Go To Meeting Online

Cooking with Cap After Hours Featuring Chef Tom (Caps Kitchen Creations) May 6, 2020 | 5:00 PM Go To Meeting Online

Look Your Best in Your Pajama Pants – While Video Conferencing Featuring Joey Genovesi May 8, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Check the EOCC Calendar often for MORE events


Tiffany Bayley as she hosts

SHOP WITH TIFFANY LIVE! The Show airs every Friday at 1,2 & 3pm. It can be viewed on Facebook page/Avalon Park Jewelers or on YouTube Channel: SHOP with TIFFANY Live

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Download the latest Downtown Avalon Park Business Directory


Contact Nery Thorimbert 407-658-6565 or Nery@AvalonParkGroup.com Developed, Managed and Leased by Avalon Park Group Management, Inc. AvalonParkGroup.com | 407-658-6565

TrustcoBank.com | 800-670-3110

Home Town Free Checking The way a checking account should be. Ask about our other checking products by visiting your local branch. Please note: we reserve the right to alter or withdraw these products or certain features without prior notification.

Bankwide 6.12.19

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NOLA on Avalon Park Joins Marketplace at Avalon Park Casual, Cajun Comfort cuisine adds to the ever-expanding gastronomic line-up of the Food Hall

Marketplace at Avalon Park is pleased to announce that NOLA on Avalon Park will join east Orlando’s premier food hall, scheduled to open late summer/early fall 2020. Marketplace at Avalon Park has just executed an agreement with NOLA on Avalon Park to bring traditional, authentic Louisiana cuisine to the first floor of the Avalon Innovation Center in the Marketplace food hall. NOLA on Avalon Park is the latest offering from the chef owner of Voodoo Kitchen food truck. Since opening in 2013, Voodoo Kitchen has cast its culinary spell over 1,500+ public events and private bookings throughout Central Florida, garnering several local and national “Best of” nominations along the way. It has been the long-term vision of Kevin Brune, Owner, Operator

and Culinary Director to expand into a brick and mortar location. “I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana into a family with New Orleans roots spanning three generations. Cajun is not a marketing term to me - it is a way of life. Cooking, eating, music and storytelling were called ‘passing a good time’”, says Kevin. “I miss those family gatherings and I’m excited to bring a taste of NOLA to Avalon Park.” “After having first tried Voodoo Kitchen at an Avalon Park Food Truck event, I knew we needed to have them in a permanent location.” says Mara Hunt, Market-

place at Avalon Park. “Kevin has passion for creating exceptional cuisine that really makes you feel like you are right in the heart of New Orleans.” The Marketplace at Avalon Park is located at 3801 Avalon Park East Boulevard. The Marketplace encompasses over 8,000 square feet with 10 eatery bays that will comprise the food hall, a commissary kitchen, live entertainment and event space, a general store, brewery taproom and a gathering kitchen. For more information visit www. MarketplaceAtAvalonPark.com

or contact Mara Hunt at Info@ MarketplaceAtAvalonPark.com or 321-278-7040. About Avalon Park Group Avalon Park Group is a uniquely diversified family of companies engaged in businesses ranging from master-planned community development, to home building, mining and property management, in Florida, Texas and Switzerland. With more than $1 billion in total assets, Avalon Park Group combines its exceptional reputation, sound business experience and significant financial resources to invest in extraordinary opportunities. At Avalon Park Group, our mission is to change the way the world lives, learns, works and plays through creating healthy sustainable communities and every aspect thereof. For more information on Avalon Park Group, visit www.AvalonParkGroup.com or call 407-658-6565.

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Advisor

During these times of uncertainty and world turbulence, it is so important to have someone by your side to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re a cruise lover, an on-the-go solo traveler, a parent with little ones to entertain or a sun seeker, one of our travel advisors is here to listen to your needs and wishes, answer all of your questions, ensure your hardearned money takes you exactly where you want to go – and help bring you back home if anything goes wrong. Here are 5 reasons why you need a travel advisor by your side when you book your next vacation.


First and foremost, when you are ready to travel, we are here to make YOUR travel dream come true

A travel advisor will listen to your wishes to plan the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. No matter how big or small your budget is, or how long or short you want your itinerary to be, they’ll make your once-in-a-lifetime getaway come true. Plus, they’ll take into consideration any special needs – dietary, mobility, accessibility – so you stay safe and can enjoy your time away. And if you want to incorporate your passions, interests and lifestyles into your travels – whether it’s food, art, biking, yoga

Weekly National Anthem Live Performance Join us every Friday at Noon on Facebook Live as a member of the community sings the National Anthem Live From Founder's Square.

or more – they can do that too!


Contrary to many beliefs, the best deals are often not accessible on the Internet! Because they have relationships with many top travel suppliers and a strong network of trusted on location contacts, travel advisors have access to exclusive offers and deals you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, they’ll often be able to include free perks to elevate your experience.


Our only job is to plan travel… literally

Think about what you know about your job that no one else does. Then, think about how you’d like to have similar, insider knowledge when it comes to planning your next trip! A travel advisor can not only save you money, but also a lot of time and effort. If you’ve ever booked travel by yourself, you know how many hours, and often days, you can spend digging through the avalanche of options and (mis) information available on the Internet. Our travel advisors are master planners who can efficiently coordinate everything from flights and hotels to tours and transfers to create a seamless and worry-free journey. They can also advise on questions you might not have considered, like visa requirements, vaccinations, current travel advisories and others to help prevent any troubles while you’re in destination.


We are here to save you money

We can take you to places where you couldn’t get to by yourself

By asking the right questions, your travel advisor can suggest

countries, cities, tours, excursions and such that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. Because they have contacts all around the world, they’re the first to know about up-and-coming and exciting destinations, so you can experience them before everyone else flocks there. And they can make sure someone of trust waits for you and guides you to the best places to see from a local’s perspective. This is the type of unique, personalized experience you can’t find on the Internet. Plus, they might have been there themselves and be able to offer insider tips and suggestions on what to pack before your departure.


And most importantly, we offer you peace of mind

From the very beginning of the planning process to the moment you come back home head full of memories, our travel advisor is with you to ensure you can focus on one thing: having the time of your life. But despite perfect planning, some misfortune can still occur. And if anything goes wrong while you’re traveling, know that you have someone by your side who’s just an email or a phone call away; one person to go to rather than having to call the travel supplier and be one in a thousand others. Lissette Soldado Victor Lozada 407-203-5000 13013 Founders Square Dr. Orlando, FL 32828 www.solymartravels.com

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Ten Must-Visit Attractions In Orlando

Orlando enjoys the status of being a traveler’s paradise. Numerically speaking, more than 70 million tourists visited Orlando last year from all over the world. What is particularly encouraging about this is the fact that the number of visitors records a sharp rise with every passing year. You may still readily come across a lot of vacationers who had been to Orlando but did not have the best of time there. Well, it happens when people fall short of research and go to every tourist destination that comes along their way. You simply cannot make the most of your time and money by subscribing to such a flawed approach. Keeping this issue in mind, we have singled-out Orlando’s best tourist attractions. The selection is based on various factors. So you are going to have an absolute ball at these places regardless of your age or taste.

successfully living a normal life in other planets. Kennedy Space Center also offers you an opportunity to participate in launch ceremonies and figure out what astronauts are up to shortly. This is hands down the best spot for someone having an appetite for science. If you want to prolong your stay to visit this site, you can easily do it because there is no shortage of Hotels in Orlando, Florida.

3Discovery Cove

Have you ever dreamt of sharing the swimming pool with a dolphin? If yes, then discovery cove is surely your cup of tea. Among other things, Discovery Cove gives you access to a variety of birds. The melodious sounds of


Gatorland is the home of thousands of reptiles chiefly dominated by crocodiles and alligators. You may have come to terms with their quite strength through a discovery channel. But there is nothing like watching them from the distance of an arm’s length. Make no mistake; the 110-acre park is not all about reptiles. You can also come across more than 20 types of birds. Since many of these birds fall into the category of endangered species, this is the first and last time you might be seeing them. If you happen to be photography-enthusiast, the management will reward you with an early entrance. That way, you will have ample time to explore Gatorland.


Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Vacations are not always about fun. Sometimes they also carry underlying purpose to educate you informally. Kennedy Space Center is exactly that kind of a place. Owing to the issue of global warming, scientists have been exploring the possibilities of living in space. This tourist destination will unfold what lead NASA to look beyond the earthly realm and what are the odds that we will be

8 Boggy Creek Airboat Tour

Florida is gifted with rich wildlife. And there is no better way to dive into it than taking a Boggy Creek Airboat ride. As you navigate on the water’s surface, you will witness every single element that is the hallmark of diverse wildlife. If you have a taste for poetry, the environmental beauty will ignite your inner poet. A Boggy Creek Airboat Tour lasts for 30 minutes. Talking about summer, avoid taking a ride during the afternoon hours because the scorching heat might take a toll on you.

9 Orlando science center


SeaWorld is a place where dolphins, sharks, penguins, and whales are all set to captivate you. The professionals will entertain you by playing various tricks to these water creatures. Though authorities have banned public-feeding, the holidaymakers are still allowed to touch the dolphins. Depending on the package, you can even capture photos with dolphins and whales. SeaWorld is the epitome of the underwater-life that ensures the closed and safest encounter with the water species. As opening hours vary from day to day, make sure you are on top of your schedule to fully capitalize on the experience.

fun. From eye-catching car shows to shopping malls, you can pretty much find everything that is necessary to make an outing memorable. The Old Town stays open from 10 AM to 11 PM, seven days of the week.

image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/acrobats-cirque-du-soleil-1934555

these exotic birds will be imprinted in your memory for a long time. What makes this park unique is that no more than 1300 people are allowed in a single day. The threshold keeps the place from getting crowded. As a result, you will not feel like your space is being invaded. Presently, the park is at the helm of its popularity. Therefore it would be wise to book your tickets at the earliest.


Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is easily the unproclaimed king of all the celebrated tourist attractions in Orlando. The destination is based on four parks. Namely, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. Though each park specializes in different genres, all of them are nothing short of a gem.


Orlando Eye

Albeit new, Orlando Eye has managed to impact people even in a relatively short time. The visitors sit in a 400-feet high wheelride, which contains 30 capsules. Each capsule can carry 15 people at a time. Before you assume that it could be a suffocating experience, let us disclose that the capsules are air-conditioned. Apart from the soul-string ride, you will also get to observe the city through the "observing wheel." The sunset is the best time to pull up your socks for this adventure.


Old Town

Let us face it, not all the parents are well-equipped with resources to plan a picnic for their children. That is where Old Town can win the day for you. It does not cost a dime to step into the Old Town. But that does not mean you will have to compromise on

As the name suggests, this attraction has an educational angle associated with it. Here, you can witness a broad range of exhibition galleries and get into the thick of the scientific stuff. The destination is also responsible for hosting several scientific events. In addition to that, the center has two breathtaking cinema halls where science-centric laser shows and films are played.


Exotic Animal Experience

The list cannot come to a close without mentioning the name of Exotic Animal Experience. This attraction is jam-packed with unending species of owl monkeys, kangaroos, and deer. Another distinguishing feature of this place is its packages. Also, you are free to visit animals in a group as well as alone. On top of that, you may also buy extra time for your convenience.

THE FINAL VERDICT There is no denying the fact that Orlando is crowded with so many appealing places. But sightseers have only limited time and capital to spend. In that case, sticking to the attractions mentioned above will let you get the best return of investment.

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Pictures submitted as part of the Social Distancing Bingo activity.

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Coming together to create a healthy community

An East Orlando Health Alliance


Virtual Fitness Classes Blog

Stay Healthy at Home with the YMCA

By Craig D. James While many of us have had our traditional fitness routines disrupted during this time as we take precautions to stay safe at home, it’s still just as important as ever to find ways to stay active and healthy. Exercise not only builds muscle, strength, endurance, and stamina, but it can help you feel better and stay healthy. The key is to find new ways you can stay healthy at home that you enjoy, and the Y is here to help.

high-intensity cardio sessions, relaxing yoga flows, or fun dance workouts. They even have a special program just for kids, ages 2–16, called Born to Move to keep them active and healthy at home. Follow along with expert instructors as you work out whenever or wherever is best for you.

ness center and give it a try. Then, aim to try it again the next day or try something else new. Little by little, as you work these healthy activities back into your day, you’ll start to notice a positive difference and get back on track to meet your wellness goals. To get started today, simply join in for free on your own virtual wellness journey and

let’s all get stronger together! You can also follow the Y on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all the ways the Y is helping our community stay strong. The YMCA of Central Florida is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our community. For more information, please visit ymcacf.org.

Whether you’re lacking exercise equipment, workout know-how, or just time during the day all for yourself, you can also enjoy the YMCA’s new on demand classes called Y360. With fitness videos Free to all in our community, the Y ranging from under ten minutes NOW AVAILABLE has launched a new Virtual YMCA up to half an hour, you can find VIRTUAL YMCA WELLNESS CENTER Wellness Center filled with many new favorites to enjoy created by Y ways to keep you healthy in spir- staff from around the US that work Free resources to help you it, mind, and body while at home. with your schedule. From healthy recipes and virtual chef Q&A to Your local Y wellonline workouts ness staff miss and activities for seeing you in our kids, the Y has family centers as Find some of your favorite you covered. You well. Until they group exercise classes can even take adcan be with you vantage of free again in person to Explore enrichment activities chaplain services work out togethto keep kids active and engaged and find ways to er, you can follow Stay up-to-date on youth volunteer to help many of them programs and camps our community. on the YMCA of It’s a simple, free, Central Florida Discover a variety of and easy way to Facebook page. healthy living recipes discover how It’s easy to join in to stay active, on exercise sesJoin a community in prayer and online worship engaged, and sions streaming healthy during these times. live on a regular basis.


Free to all in our community, the Y has launched a new Virtual YMCA Wellness Center

For those of you who enjoy group exercise classes, the Y’s virtual wellness center offers on demand classes from their partner LES MILLS™ free for a limited time. If you’re not familiar with LES MILLS, this is the perfect time to become acquainted with their world-famous

Getting started sometimes is the hardest part of setting up an exercise routine, especially when it’s new. Plus, being away from your traditional routines can be challenging, but don’t be discouraged. Just look for something you think you’ll enjoy from the virtual well-

STAY HEALTHY Spirit, Mind, and Body

See how you can help the Y support our community

To learn more today, visit ymcacf.org/virtualwellness

The YMCA of Central Florida is an nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our community.


6 Tips to Make Working from Home Easier During Coronavirus Quarantine With coronavirus forcing the closure of many workplaces, more people are now working from home — some for the first time. This arrangement can be challenging, with multiple distractions and different priorities vying for your attention during business hours. But you can take steps to set yourself up for success as you adjust to this new normal, starting with these tips.

your concentration, and even regular headphones playing music (instrumental, if needed) can block a lot of external clamor. White noise machines can also create a steady aural atmosphere that drowns out other sounds.


Set Boundaries Working Time


one. So, cut yourself some slack remember to take care of yourself and be ready for unpredictability. too. It may no longer be possible to have neat and tidy work hours like you had before. You may need to split up your workday into morning, midday and nighttime sessions, especially if you have kids at home, and if you have a parenting partner who also works. Strong communication with your partner is critical. Daily or weekly schedules may need to be aligned and then reworked on the fly, given homeschooling, naptimes, work priorities and all sorts of surprises. And remember, be patient. It may take a bit of time before you settle on a schedule that works for you and your family.

Prioritize Self-Care Time Self-care is always important, but during this time of increased stress, it should jump toward the top of your priorities. Schedule some time in your day to do something you enjoy. Look for ways to stay grounded. You may even consider treating yourself to a homemade spa experience.

This applies to both your work colleagues and your housemates, if you have them. Set clear expec1 Write a To-Do List for Your tations about when you’re working Self-care can help you lower your Day, With Priority Levels and when you’re not, and then enstress level and stay healthy. And Even in your typical workplace force those boundaries. when you’re at work, taking a setting, it can be tough to figure short break and moving your body out which tasks demand the most When you say you’re not available can help your brain refocus. attention. Now that laundry, lunch to work, make sure you’re actually Keeping Kids Engaged, Not Just and, for some, family members are unavailable. With no clear physical separation between work and Occupied also competing for your considerhome, this can be difficult, but it’ s If you have children at home, you ation, prioritizing can feel impos6 Clean and Disinfect Your know that it’s easier to concentrate important to create as much of a sible. Workspace Often mental separation as possible. on work when their attention is foLuckily, there are several organizacused elsewhere. One way to keep tional methods that can help you kids occupied for longer is to enstay focused on things that matgage their intellectual curiosity inter. One simple trick, according to stead of just assigning them tasks the U.S. Small Business Administo pass the time. tration, is creating a to-do list for Encourage independent play in your day or your week. You’ll give addition to structured learning the old-fashioned to-do list a new time so they can choose things twist and give yourself a visual aid they want to do. This helps keep as you determine how you’ll spend their brains sharp during quaranyour time. tine. Additionally, the CDC recSet Priority Levels for Your To-Do’s ommends creating a structure for Tasks will have a range of imporkids’ days so they know what to tance and urgency, of course, so expect. you may want to create a system Of course, it’s OK to take a break to establish a hierarchy. Specify from schoolwork with some family what absolutely needs to get done versus what would be nice to get The same principle applies to Even if you’re the only one there, downtime, as well. done. housemates, too — whether it’s still important to vigilantly Remember: We’re All in the Same clean your workspace. Contami- Boat The American Management Asso- they’re partners, children or roomnated surfaces are one of the main Your co-worker’s baby may cry ciation recommends treating your mates. Make clear your intention ways COVID-19 spreads, accord- through a conference call. Your to work for a specific duration and to-do list as the guiding document ing to the World Health Organiza- housemate may be loudly video for how you spend your time. If a try not to let home tasks seep into tion. that designated time. chatting with a friend. Your kids new task or project comes up, add may be clamoring for their next it to the list and assign it a prioriThe Centers for Disease Control 4 Make and Stick to a Daily activity. These things are distractty level. And never devote time to and Prevention (CDC) also recomanything that’s not on your list: If Routine, as Much as Possible mends cleaning and disinfecting ing, but they won’t last forever. Take a moment to pause, breathe you are reacting to nonstop exter- Establishing and adhering to a high-touch surfaces, including: and let go of feelings of annoyance nal demands, you may lose control daily routine can help you set and Desks Light switches reinforce boundaries — and it can as much as you can. of your time and lose sight of your Doorknobs Phones help you feel more settled as you This pandemic is an adjustment priorities. Handles Tables know what to expect each day. for everyone, and nothing is how 2 Quiet External Noise With Keyboards it used to be. So be patient with If possible, build a schedule for Headphones Clean dirty surfaces using soap your co-workers, your housemates While a to-do list can help you your day that includes work time, and water, and then use your dis- and yourself. It’s the only way to drown out the figurative noise, it’s time for tasks around the house, infectant of choice to wipe down get through this — together. also important to drown out the family time and personal time. these areas and surfaces. You may Helping You Stay Informed literal noise that might accompany Stick to that routine as much as also consider putting wipeable In every stage of the coronavirus working from home. If you’re ac- possible but recognize that you covers on your electronics. pandemic, we’re here to help keep customed to silence or just a low may have to make exceptions. your community safe and you and office din, the sounds of dishes, Taking Care of Yourself and Your your loved ones healthy. Visit our housemates, televisions and more 5 Prepare to Be Flexible, Es- Family While Working From Coronavirus Resource Hub for may be tough to deal with. pecially With Kids in the Home important news about COVID-19 If possible, try creating a sound House Give the above six tips a try to find and tips that can help you stay barrier for yourself. Noise-cancel- Your new work arrangement may your focus while working from safe, informed and well. ing headphones can help you keep be radically different from your old home. And, at the end of the day,

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Planning for Long Term Care During COVID19 • Independent Living Facility (ILF) Avg Cost $2900/month Apartment sized communities for senior who do not need specialized care. They offer housekeeping, dining, events, transportation, activities, and typically pay an all inclusive monthly rate. If I’m independent, why would I move to an Independent Living Facility? Sometimes seniors don’t want to live alone and prefer socialization and oversight. Others prefer to downsize from their large homes to allow others to tend to the housekeeping, assistance throughout their day What is Long Term Care? meal preparations and transporLong-term care provides assistance with ADL’s or other personal needs tation. Health care services are with resident’s personal care and may begin to decline quicker if often provided by outside protasks of everyday life, sometimes they prolong receiving help. That viders who either rent an office called Activities of Daily Living is why planning ahead is vital to in the building or visit the build(ADLs). This includes, bathing, see what options are available to ing periodically. dressing, toileting, transferring (to you even now during COVID19. or from bed or chair) and eating. • Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

Which Long Term Care setting is Best for me or my Mostly, long-term care (Independent living, Assisted Living, and Loved One? Do you have a plan in place?

Memory Care) is not covered by health insurance plans or Medicare. It is privately paid with a just a few programs that will help cover the cost if you qualify. North Star Senior Advisors urge families to explore Long Term Care options and plan out their loves one’s health and financial goals ahead of time.

The process of searching for a Long Term Care of Senior Living community can be an overwhelming experience especially when you first get started. With 5 types of Long term care/senior living facilities to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you or your loved one? It can be overwhelming to navigate on your own, especially with all of the COVID19 changes. North Star Senior advisors can help guide you during this time.

However, due to the Coronavirus, many individuals have put long term planning on the back burner which makes sense for those that are still independent and in good Here is breakdown of the different health. For those that need some types and their average cost in the state of Florida:

Stay Safe In & Around Water With These 3 Tips From The YMCA

all Central Floridians to follow these three life-saving tips to ensure you and your loved ones have fun and stay safe in and around water.

Water is all around us in Central Florida, and while it’s one of the things we enjoy most, unfortunately it contributes to Florida leading the nation in childhood drownings. In fact, while most consider pools to be the primary source of accidental drownings, any water source where a child is unsupervised can pose a risk to their safety. So, we all need to remain vigilant and take precautions to make sure our children stay safe.

Supervision is the first protection, but as simple as it sounds, it can be difficult with the distraction of our smart phones, other people, and activities taking place. When children are in the water there should always be a designated Water Watcher whose sole responsibility is to be aware of the swimmer(s). In the majority of childhood drownings, there was another person present nearby at the time. So, the Water Watcher should be free of distractions like socializing or technology, with the exception of a phone nearby in case of an emer-

There is no better time than now because May is Drowning Prevention Month. So we’re encouraging

Always supervise swimming children.

Avg Cost $3500/month plus level of care

By Savanna Chrostowski, CDP

oversight. • Residential Care Homes Avg Cost $2500-$3200/month

Traditional private home that has been converted and adapted to provide care for residents less than 15 but typically around 6 residents with a caregiver to provide assistance with ADL’s. These homes are licensed as assisted living facilities or adult family care homes. • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Avg Cost $6000-$8000

An institution or part of an institution that meets criteria for accreditation established by the sections of the Social Security Act that determine the basis for Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement for skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing care includes rehabilitation and various medical and nursing procedures.

With the same amenities offered • Respite Stays are Available in Independent Living, along Avg Cost $150-$200/day with daily personal care for acTemporary care of a dependent tivities of daily living (ADL’s); elderly, ill, or handicapped perbathing, dressing, grooming, toison, providing relief for their leting and medication oversight. usual caregivers. Senior living Care staff is available 24/7 to communities such as assisted livhelp with care needs. ing often offer respite stays. This can also be a great option now, • Memory Care (MC) Avg Cost more than ever if your loved one $4000-$5500/month plus level of care is alone and does not have anyCommunities that provide speone to care for them during this cialized care for those living with time. They can assist with meals, Alzheimer’s or other forms of provide a clean environment and dementia in a secured environensure they are receiving the ment. They still have a quality care they need. of life and enjoy activities, personalized care, and medication For more information about one of these facilities, contact North Star Senior Advisors today at 407-796-1582 or visit www.northstarsa.com.

gency. To learn more and take the Water Watcher pledge, visit ymcacf. org/…

Have a barrier around the water.

Once the swimming fun is over, it’s important to clean up and lock up the area. You can even turn it into a game with the kids to have them see who can pick up the most pool toys and equipment as they exit. While the little ones can help with removing potential safety hazards from near the water, it’s the adult’s job to ensure that the gate and/or door leading to the pool is secured and locked. Having a barrier around the water serves as a deterrent to accidental, or unsupervised, dips into the water.

Teach children how to swim.

Even though traditional drown-

ing prevention courses and swim lessons have been postponed, we encourage all parents to make the commitment to sign up your children for these classes once classes are reopened. In the meantime, have a conversation with your kids about water safety. From infant to adult, life-saving swim techniques like floating, resting and breathing, and reaching safety are critical skills to prevent drowning. For more information, and tips on how to educate your child on safe swimming techniques, please visit ymcacf.org/aquatics/ drowning-prevention. When we all work together, we can ensure that swimming remains a fun and safe experience for all this summer in Central Florida. The YMCA of Central Florida is a nonprofit committed to strengthening our community. For more information on the Y’s aquatic safety initiatives, please visit ymcacf.org/aquatics.

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DINING (Cont.)

Family Style Dinner

Different Family Style Dinner Every Day! Feeds 4-5 people and includes Caesar or House salad and a starch (depending on the item)

Recent choices:

Chicken Marsala over Pasta Braised Short Ribs over Bow Tie Pasta Shrimp Scampi over Pasta Beer, wine or alcohol are available to go (21 & up). • • •

Pick Up Orders At 407.381.0096 www.EastSideBistro.com OR For Delivery: Grub Hub or UBER Eats Sunday - Saturday 11am -9:00pm 407.381.0096 | EastSideBistro.com

Join us on Monday and Thursday for Lotto Bingo on Zoom. Check us out on Facebook or call us for more details.



A huge thank you to the Avalon Park Publix team for working hard to keep our community supplied!

A huge thank you to Allyson Roth-Kennedy and the Avalon Park Facebook Group for making 130 masks for our Avalon Park Publix workers! #iloveavalonpark

KIWANIS of Avalon Park The Kiwanis of Avalon Park is still working to make a difference during this pandemic. We are still delivering food to those in need every Thursday through the Meals on Wheels program, we are still working with our SLP programs with the schools and several have hosted club meetings online and we have participated, we are still awarding our Student of the Year Awards as well as scholarships to deserving high school students, just mailing them instead of having our normal ceremony, and we are still recognizing Kiwanis Terrific Kids through different formats than we are used to. We are having our May meeting online next Thursday, May7th at 8 a.m. and anyone is welcome to attend. We hope to resume regular meetings hopefully in June.

The Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park is also partnering with an awesome group of Timber Creek parents who are working to give the Seniors some sort of prom in the summer. Kiwanis is providing insurance which was a large hurdle as well as business contacts for venues etc. to help make this event happen! We are in the end stages of choosing a date and our members will also be adopting seniors through the new Facebook page created for this purpose. We had our very successful golf tournament last month and raised over $15,000 for our scholarships and service leadership program sponsorships and programs. For more information, please contact Dave Schmitt, PE (club membership chair) at dave.schmitt@dseorl.com / (407) 247-8131.


Welcome to a Brave New World!

Jetsetters, our local organization for seniors designed to encourage socializing and group events. We certainly plan on rescheduling all of our activities and getting back to a “normal” life with “social distance” gatherings for the safety of everyone. We are planning on one of our now famous celebratory parties when we once again join together for fun. No one knows for sure how much longer this will last or where we will be able to gather in safety but we’re looking forward to that day and party! In the meantime we are trying drive by Wellness checks on members or phone calls or simply a text with a “how are you doing? or need anything.” Don’t forget to support our local merchants! Avalon Park Jewelers has been hosting a virtual jewel sale on their Facebook page on Friday afternoons. They will deliver your purchase to your home! Also keep in mind Tims Wine Market which has a virtual wine tasting on Wednesday evenings. Wine is curbside delivered. Food establishments are providing takeout services and pizza is available from Casa Luna, Pesaro’s , Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s. Remember these sage words from Mal, “We will be up and running when it is safe to do so!” In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy! Call any one of us if you need help or just a human to talk to. ( The dog is great but honestly, he doesn’t talk!)

To SUBMIT your Community News... email: Info@AvalonParkSun.com

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.