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Weekly National Anthem Live Performance Join us every Friday at Noon on Facebook Live as a member of the community sings the National Anthem Live From Founder's Square.




to participate in Avalon Park’s first community art installation project. To be included all you need to do is snap a high resolution picture (300 DPI or larger) that captures what makes you feel whole and why you love Avalon Park and send it to Info@AvalonParkGroup.com by July 31st. All entries will be included in the mural located on the South Wall of the Marketplace at Avalon Park. Additionally, if you would like to be included in the contest, please follow the instructions below:

#ILoveAvalonPark Social Media Contest

• Post your picture to the Avalon Park Facebook Page (@ AvalonParkOrlando) between July 13th and July 31st • Tag @AdventHealth • Include the #ILoveAvalonPark hashtag • Include 2-3 sentences about what your picture means to you


The 3 pictures with the most likes will receive: • $100 Gift Certificate to and Avalon Park Shop or Restaurant • Tickets for you and your immediate family to the VIP Grand Opening Event at Marketplace at Avalon Park Contest winners will be announced in the August Edition of the Avalon Park Sun. For questions, please email Info@AvalonParkGroup.com

An East Orlando Health Alliance







More than 25 years ago, I moved from Switzerland to the United States of America.

Well, to be honest after about 6 months in Florida I got homesick for Switzerland, I did not miss the mountains that much, because I knew that Florida was flat and hot, what I really missed was being able to live in a town where one can live, learn, work and play and I was irritated by the fact that everything one wanted to do, like going to a coffee shop, a grocery store, a movie theater required you to drive, sometimes even for miles. In my hometown Zurich back in Switzerland, you do not need a car, you can truly live, learn, work, and play within a square mile. Today while spending time on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean many times I am asked which do you like better Switzerland or Orlando.

Well truly being home in both worlds I love both. There are clearly differences.

Every morning our school children stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, the national anthem is While the United States and Swit- played proudly at many sport and zerland are the only western coun- other events and in Avalon Park tries that have never had a king every Friday, the US Flag is part and incorporate both the concept of every community and many of direct dehomes. This mocracy, i.e. is somehave states thing I truly with a great admire in degree of the United indepenStates. dence (in Switzerland I travel the called Canworld, and tons) and it is normal both counfor me to be tries have a a few days Senate and a every month House of Representatives in Europe, at times Asia or Aus(in CH Staenderat and Nation- tralia as well. You may have seen alrat). However, there is one im- negative comments about the US portant difference. Compared to in foreign, and domestic as well, Switzerland, the United States of media outlets. Don’t believe the America celebrates its pride of pa- media, talk to the people directly triotism far more openly and visi- and you will easily find that people bly than Switzerland. all over the world by and large admire the United States. As a matter of fact, in many countries which have been considered our political “opponents,” have many people that would love to live in the United States of America.

Wherever I am I tell them all things are possible in America if your dream is strong enough and if you are willing to work for your goals. No matter what your starting point is, you have every chance to make your dreams come true in America.

Sometimes people in the US and abroad wonder if the AMERICAN DREAM is still alive. The concept of all things are possible in America if you are willing to work hard, be determined, law obeying, and really want to achieve your goals.

I am proud to be able to live, learn, work, and play in America. We look forward to a time in the near future where we can gather together as a community.

All things are possible in America if your dream is strong enough and if you are willing to work for your goals.

I am grateful that more than a quarter-century ago I was welcomed in the United States of America as an Immigrant, I was accepted as I am, able to pursue BIG dreams. I am very thankful to America and its people, and any time I have a chance to promote the US abroad, I do. This year has undoubtedly been a difficult year all over the world. When asked if, despite COVID 19, should we have fireworks in Avalon Park on July 4th….my initial answer was immediately: ABSOLUTELY. After discussing with many community members and leaders, we have determined to forgo the fireworks this Fourth of July. While we will not be celebrating together as we have for the past 20 years, we will be together in spirit, celebrating our great country!

Happy 4th of July to all of you. God Bless You.

LIVE (Cont.)

From the Desk of Commissioner

Maribel Gomez Cordero Residents of Avalon Park,

We are experiencing very difficult times as the positive COVID-19 cases in Orange County have drastically gone up in the last weeks. With the number of positive cases increasing in our community, facemasks, social distancing and proper hand hygiene are of paramount importance. It is essential to understand that this is a highly contagious virus and that anyone can be infected, regardless of age. While the case numbers are increasing in our county, the age demographic is dropping. Therefore, I urge all residents to take this very seriously, stay at home as much as possible, and if you need

to go out, practicing CDC guidelines is vital to keep you and our Small Business owners and Orcommunity safe. In response to ange County residents should take this upward trend in COVID cases, advantage of the Orange County the County may explore the possi- CARES Act assistance. The Counbility of mandating ty has streamlined masks for all peoPlease stay safe, the application prople at certain types cess to require fewof businesses. We practice social dis- er documents. In do not want to go tancing, and always addition, residents back to previous who have approved wear your mask restrictions, which applications will means that we receive direct paywhen you go out. will need full coment. For Orange operation from the community to CARES Act application dates, help slow the spread of this virus. please go to the Orange County Testing locations for COVID-19 website, or follow me on social changes continuously, I urge resi- media, as these are continuously dents to check the Orange County changing. website for updates. After 10 days of triple digit increases of COVID-19 cases, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings signed an Executive Order requiring every person working, living, visiting or doing business in Orange County to wear a facial covering consistent with CDC guidelines while in any public

place. Mayor Demings consulted with other local municipal leaders as well as health care experts before making this decision. Orange County is requesting voluntary compliance to help keep all of the community safe. The Executive Order took effect on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at midnight and will stay in effect indefinitely. Please stay safe, practice social distancing, and always wear your mask when you go out. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call my office, and follow me on social media for updates.

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LIVE (Cont.)

At-Home Activities Seniors Can Do to Stay Active During Quarantine The coronavirus outbreak has caused major life changes in the past few months, especially in the lives of seniors. Since seniors are at higher risk for complications it is important for them to stay home and practice safe social distancing. This is a big change and can be difficult on one’s overall mental and physical wellbeing. Finding ways to stay active and motivated while on lockdown can be challenging, but there are a few activities that can be implemented into a routine to make it easier to stay healthy during quarantine.


• •

Alafaya Tr.

UCF-20 minutes

Assisted Living License AL12618 vd ran Bl .

Whether it’s taking an online dance class or putting on some music and moving freely, dancing is a diverse form of exercise that improves balance, reaction times, posture, and flexibility. A great way to stay active during quarantine, putting on music and dancing can ease the symptoms of anxiety, boost mood and energy levels, and provide many increased health benefits.

residents to stay active and motivated during this time and why we are the leading senior living community in Central Florida. If you have any questions or want to schedule a socially-distanced virtual tour, call us at 407-270-7500.

We believe that companionship within a community is an essential ingredient for successful aging.


Seniors who enjoy participating in exercise classes are encouraged to check out online options if their physical classes have been cancelled. Many places are offering free online classes during quarantine. A great option for seniors who want to explore different types of exercise, online classes include everything from yoga to strength training along with an instructor to guide you through it.

Indoor Dancing

Finding an assisted living community that provides safety and a range of activities for your loved ones is important, especially during a time like this. You can visit Encore at Avalon Park to better understand what we are doing to encourage our senior

Waterford Lakes Town Center

Colonial Dr.

Oversight of physical well-being by Florida Hospital physician team

All neighborhood design

Social, educational & cultural activities in our community

Outreach room


Medical City

In n o v a



Future Road Expansion


Wellness center with geriatrician on site Memory Care programming


y Exp newa Gree

Walking access to restaurants, shops & community festivals

East/West Expwy


Online Exercise Classes

to get outside and remain active during quarantine. Walking is a low-impact activity that is easy on joints and improves balance. Walking also provides great health benefits such as weight control and lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes. Besides the health benefits, going outdoors for a walk will allow seniors to see neighbors, nature, and animals from a safe distance.


Snacking on junk food can be tempting during a time like this, but the high levels of sugar in those foods can cause seniors to feel even more tired and grumpy during quarantine. Maintaining a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains will keep energy levels high and make staying active during this difficult time that much easier.

Why Choose Encore at Avalon Park


Start with Healthy Outdoor Walks Eating Going for walks is a great way

13798 Cygnus Drive, Orlando, FL 32828


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A Focus on the First Five Years Four Key Connections to Foster Your Child’s Development By Seema Naik

The brain develops faster in the first five years of life than at any other point, and studies show that the human brain is never more receptive than during this time period. Understanding a couple of key facts behind children’s brain development can help parents and caregivers better support a child’s learning during this critical time. Dr. Laura Jana, a pediatrician, award-winning author and member of the Primrose Schools Early Learning Council, employs four key connections to help explain why the first five years are critical for children’s development:


Connecting the Neurons. Babies are born with more than 100 billion nerve cells in their brains. These neurons must connect and communicate with each other in order to form the circuits needed to think, learn and succeed – something neurons do at the remarkable rate of 700 connections per second in the first five years of life. In fact, peak development of sensory pathways, such as hearing, vision and language, occurs during the first six months of life. Parents can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by nurturing their child’s natural desire to explore, asking meaningful questions, and creating as many learning experiences as possible!


Making Connections with Caring, Responsive Adults. The everyday back-and-forth interactions adults have with babies – from babbling to singing, cooing and other responsive gestures – shape brain development

far more than parents and caregivers may realize. Research from The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University reveals that a strong relationship between a caring responsive adult and a child is so powerful, it can literally serve as a protective buffer against the potentially negative effects of stress and adversity on the developing brain. Start building this relationship with your infant by responding to his babbles, gestures or cries with the appropriate eye contact, words, or a hug. This supports the development of your little one’s communication and social skills.

ents, caregivers and early educators are also focusing on instilling essential traits and skills like grit, perseverance, compassion and problem-solving. Early childhood is when the foundation for these attributes is built and nurtured. Modeling these skills and traits is one of the best ways parents can help their child develop them. The first five years of a child’s life

are special for many reasons. Recognizing the rapid development that takes place during this critical stage and fostering the above connections will help ensure your little one gets the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity! To learn about Primrose School at Avalon Park, visit www.primroseavalonpark.com or call 407-7371500.


Connecting Language and Literacy Skills with Future Life Success. Reading and talking to young children is fundamentally important to their development. Betty Hart and Todd Risley, child psychologists at the University of Kansas, found in their landmark 1995 study that the frequency and quality of words spoken to children has significant implications on their vocabularies, IQ, literacy skills and future academic success. Parents don’t need to wait until their child can sit up, hold a book or even focus on the words to start reading together – the earlier, the better!


Recognizing the Connection between Early Skills and Workforce Development. All parents strive to raise happy, successful children, but over time certain skills have become more relevant for success in today’s workforce. Instead of focusing solely on academic success, par-

Are you looking for a fun, safe learning environment for your child? Come discover why our nationally accredited program has maintained an excellent reputation for preparing children for lifetime long love for learning. The event is the perfect opportunity to tour our school and meet our staff in a safe controlled environment. When: Wednesday July 22, 2020 from 5:30 pm- 7:00pm • • • •

Nutritional Menu Low Ratios STEAM Curriculum Full time and Part Time Options Available Call or visit our website for more information about our programs.

Primrose School at Avalon Park 13461 Tanja King Blvd | Orlando, FL 32828 407-737-1500 | Primroseavalonpark.com

LEARN (Cont.)

EDUCATION DISRUPTION CO-VID 19 Allows for an Education Paradigm Shift Brookings preliminary estimates suggest the following:

Students across the globe have encountered a new academic setting for the last 4 months. It certainly has changed the way parents look at academic settings. When I started in education almost 20 years ago, I remember rows of desks and students entering through the front door to a ringing bell. Education has certainly changed, but are we advanced enough to engage the 21st-century learner. What if COVID was a reset button for you and the learning environment that your student encounters each day. What if CoVid was about us needing an education paradigm shift? Educators across the world have been saying for some time that there is a need for change in education environments. Learners push this statement forward on a daily basis because of the changing world around us. The development of students in the 21st century requires forward-thinking and individual engagement to prepare students for their future, which will ultimately look different from the one we currently live in. But the question remains, are we listening or moving along with the status quo? Education reforms and necessary shifts are normally based on a change in perspectives based on timely or untimely engagement within the process. CO-VID 19 has caused a shift where we can no longer go about our children's learning conquests, hoping and praying that it all works out. Many parents have come across the stark realization that their students are frustrated, they need more support, seeing firsthand that their student is often in a maze hoping that they will find their way to the exit unscarred. Imagine if you, the learned parent, are confused about

teachers, and stakeholders within the context of learning environments and the workforce.

These preliminary COVID Slide As we embark on making estimates suggest students could decisions concerning the begin fall 2020 with roughly 70% next school year, keep of the learning gains in reading from the prior year relative to a these 5 points in the typical school year. In mathemat- forefront of your decision ics, students may show even small- making. er learning gains from the previ- • Will my student thrive in the ous year, returning with less than learning environment? 50% of the gains. In lower grades, • Does my child need additionthe materials, assignments, constudents may be nearly a full year al support based on the gaps cepts for learning within the probehind in math compared to what caused by the pandemic? cess, then how do you think your we would observe in normal con- • Are there programs that would student feels within the learning ditions. better suit my student? spectrum. • What challenges could my stuThough not shown in the figures, dent have this year that I could Take a few minutes and think of we produced similar estimates of potentially navigate through your student as a jewel that needs a learning loss based on research before it causes a greater gap in ring setting. Would you place that showing the effect of being absent learning? precious stone in a setting that is on achievement. That is, we simply • Is my student's potential being not prepared for the weight of the assumed students’ learning during exhausted as a 21st Century diamond, ruby, or pearl that you COVID-19 school closures would Learner? possess? Would you place it where be akin to what occurs when stuthere is little to no support to enFor more support and to view our procapsulate that rare diamond? No, dents miss school, a large assumpgrams, visit creativeglobalschools.org tion given the online learning and you would place the diamond in or call our offices at 407.203.6283. Kim an environment that would ensure homeschooling now occurring. Lundy has been an educator for 19 years Results for absenteeism-based prothat the diamond can be protected in university, college, public-private and jections were often more dire. and well maintained. An education paradigm shift is charter settings across the United States. necessary for parents, leaders,

Students learning during the pandemic and beyond

Shouldn’t education be individualized? When looking at a learner, you must realize that they have insurmountable potential. The teacher should be viewed in the same way. However, if either is stifled, they never reach their full potential. Each child is different in the learning landscape. Learners should automatically receive information based on learning style and ability. To ultimately create scripted instruction and scripted lessons for students whose learning style and learning abilities are needing a different form of learning engagement, only places the learner in a form of learning isolation. Now imagine the student you engaged with over the last few months in a class with 21-25 students. The same student you supported with math concepts like, Understanding Operations and Algebraic Thinking has now been tasked with completing similar concepts without the proper support.

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LEARN (Cont.)

Open Enrollment for New Building 2020 Avalon Park

All Ages (Infants to School Age)- VPK Open Enrollment Bus Service for : Avalon Elementary, Pinecrest Avalon, Stone Lakes and Timber Lake Elementary Schedule you tour today! 407-306-9035 License#C09OR0857

12001 Avalon Lake Drive Suite C, Orlando Florida 32828 * www.KidsRKidsAvalonPark.com

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Keeping Staff & Customers Safe By Andrew Cole

Over the last few weeks as companies have started to reopen, I have ventured back out patronizing businesses, dining out and even traveling to the Beach. On these excursions, I watched what each of these businesses were doing to keep their patrons and staff safe. Some were doing a great job, understanding what is needed to be done, and others who were trying to do the right things. I found it amazing how their protocols vastly differed between these establishments.

rant I patronized did not use paper menus, had condiments on the table, looked as if they could seat at 100% of their capacity. Many patrons gathered at the bar, they did sit 2 seats apart, servers would take your glass back to the beverage station for refills, yes, I did ask for a new one, while another server kept her face covering around her neck. They needed some guidance.

I patronized another establishment, for a kid’s birthday party, where the staff took their masks off once you walked away. Two hand One restaurant I frequented is us- washing sinks were not working paper menus, reconfigured ing, they only had one hand sanseating, even constructed new par- itizer station, which wasn’t event titions between booths. The serv- stocked, and nobody was wiper took the order, a food runner ing down any of the high contact brought it from the kitchen and touch points. We stayed for a bit, beverage refills were delivered in a but when the place got packed, to fresh glass. They even had a staff the disappointment of my daughmember sanitizing the restaurant ter, we left. throughout our dining experience. They get it. Another restau- At the Chamber office we have

laid out social distancing markers, only accept visitors by appointment, take temperatures, require wearing face masks, sanitize touch points regularly, wash hands and have hand sanitizer readily available all around the office. While I am not trying to be a germaphobe, I’m want to ensure everyone understand our businesses need to be informed, understand the protocols and best practices and procedures and police themselves. The CDC has a cleaning and sanitation guidelines for every type of business which are available at this link: https://www.cdc. gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/pdf/Reopening_America_ Guidance.pdf. When we leave our homes, we expect our businesses to be clean sanitized and safe. I know this whole process is new, but it is up to the business owners, operators, and staff to understand, and teach and implement the best practices. As citizens, we need to do our part by frequently washing hands and wearing facemasks. We need to be considerate of each other. The person near you may be at high risk or a caregiver of someone who is and follow these mandates. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings unveiled the “Safer, Stronger, Together” Campaign and video https://youtu.be/OmTtSaof0u0 at the State of the County Address to encourage our businesses and citizens to work together to help stop the spread of this virus. If each of us promise to do our part, #DoYourPartORL, we can drastically reduce the spread of COVID-19 cases.

As a business, we promise to: • Have hand sanitizer available • Wear face coverings • Practice good hygiene • Follow social distancing and capacity guidelines • Follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting • Train employees on COVID-19 safety procedures As a guest, I promise to: • Wash or sanitize hands before entering a business • Wear face coverings • Follow social distancing guidelines • Not enter a business if I am sick, have a fever or other symptoms • Avoid physical contact with staff and other guests • Use a credit or debit card whenever possible You can support this initiative by downloading flyers, posters banner ads, and tools at www.DoYourPartORL.com to show your commitment to reducing the spread of the coronavirus. The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce is a resource for your business and has a COVID-19 Resource page with links for businesses and the community. We also have recorded Webinars with information to help our businesses through this pandemic, https:// www.eocc.org/recorded-webinars. We want a thriving healthy community and by working together we can accomplish this feat.

For more information about the Chamber visit www.EOCC.org or call the office at 407-277-5951.

WORK (Cont.)

In Style Hair, Nails, & Spa is Open & Ready for Business In Style Hair, Nails, and Spa is Downtown Avalon Park’s only full service salon and spa open seven days a week. What exactly makes us a full service salon and spa? From head to toe, we are your one stop shop for all of your beauty and relaxation needs. We are most recognized for our incredible stylists, but we also offer phenomenal threading and nail services. Regardless of the appointment, all of our service providers are committed to making your experience at In Style truly memorable. We are one of the oldest businesses located in Downtown Avalon Park and we absolutely love our community. We have been operating for more than ten years, you may have walked past our shop while strolling the neighborhood or seen us participating in the local events and festivals - we especially enjoy being part of the local wine walk. As a small family-owned and operated business, we have been deeply affected by COVID-19, but the outpour of support from our community and the positive attitudes of our team members have made

all the difference. Our guests are our reason for being. Now more than ever we are here to provide you with an exceptional salon experience. We have been excited to see our regular clients and we are always eager to build relationships with future guests.

providers and the guests wear face masks throughout the duration of the service. And to make the start and finish of your service safe, we have added shields to the front desk.

In addition to our Avalon Park location, we are also located in Waterford Lakes Town Center and When we opened our doors in May, Downtown Baldwin Park. To see a we knew there would be new chal- full list of services we offer, prodlenges and new opportunities, we ucts we use and sell, or to book are all using COVID-19 as a time an appointment, you can visit our to reflect, learn and grow. During website or give us a call at (407) this time we have gone above and 736-1278. beyond to increase safety measures to keep our guests, team members To keep up with our latest promoand community safe. We have add- tions and salon updates, you can ed safe social distancing at each follow @instylehairorlando on salon station. In addition, we are Instagram or visit our Facebook only booking services by appoint- page, In Style Hair Avalon Park. ment, which can be done with ease by visiting our website, www. We look forward to meeting you, instylehairorlando.com. When you serving you, and making you part arrive at the salon for check-in, of our In Style family. you will be asked to get a contactless temperature reading, answer four quick questions, and sign a waiver to help ensure the safety of those in our establishment. We also require that both the service



3564 Avalon Park East Blvd. (Shopping plaza in front of Publix)


Hairc uts fo r Men

Men’s Cuts for all hair types Fades, blowout, flattop, scissor cuts and more

Friday Saturda 10-7 y 9-6 Sunday 12-5

& Boys

Razor Shaves For Men

Get the All Star Ultimate Treatment (Hot towel, razor shave, moisturizing face massage, cool towel finish)

Grey Out Color Service for Men

Grey blending system for men’s unique needs. It gives you the ability to create the natural color in just five minutes.

Daily Special Discounts available for Seniors, Military/Police/Firemen



Expires 7/31/2020

Home of the WACKY WEDNESDAY $10 BOY’S CUTS Every Wednesday!



Coupon may not be combined with any other offer or discount.

WE ACCEPT WALK-INS or BOOK ONLINE. Easy, Convenient Online Appointments. FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/avalonallstarcuts WEBSITE: www.AvalonAllStarCuts.com



Expires 7/31/2020


Coupon may not be combined with any other offer or discount.

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WORK (Cont.)


Opening Date: July 20th, 2020

12946 Tanja King Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828

To Schedule Your First Lesson, Contact Us At:

407-536-9462 or director@avalonschoolofmusic.com To SUBMIT your local LIVE news.... to ADVERTISE, to REGISTER or to RECEIVE the Avalon Park Sun email: Info@AvalonParkSun.com

WORK (Cont.)

Download the latest Downtown Avalon Park Business Directory

We Sell & Install: • Floor Tile • Wood-like Tile • Carpet • Laminate • Hardwood Floors • Baseboards

• Granite • Bathroom Tile • Kitchen Backsplash • Pavers • Custom Cabinets

Plus We Also Offer Professional Painting for Interior and Exterior


PoloFloors@yahoo.com www.PoloFloors.com

AVALON: 407.988.3361 3738 Avalon Park E Blvd Orlando, FL 32828

OVIEDO: 321.203.4697

2871 Clayton Crossing Way, Suite 1081 Oviedo, FL 32765

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WORK (Cont.)



The 5th Floor, co- and pro-working space of our partner sitEX is now open and billed as the best Coworking Basel professional space in Switzerland. Visit the website and see the beautiful space which is the largest private innovation and flexible workspace in the Basel region, Switzerland. The second outlet is now under construction and is scheduled to open late 2020 in Avalon Park Orlando. The third outlet is anticipated to be under construction in Avalon Park Wesley Chapel in 2021. The 5th Floor offers a motivating and progressive environment that encourages young talent, supports them in the development of their visions and goals and helps them to succeed. This is where you get in touch with companies that are working on the solutions of the future.

A New Work Environment

The 5th Floor offers a modern, high-quality space, that fosters individual, as well as collaborative, productive working. Users are offered lockable cubicles and private offices, dedicated desks, and a flexible Coworking Space. Additionally, you have access to rooms for meetings, conference calls, and individual calls and can make use of offers for workshops and events. The 5th Floor offers a motivating and progressive environment that encourages young talent, supports them in the development of their visions and goals and helps them to succeed. This is where you get in touch with companies that are working on the solutions of the future.

Comprehensive Services

The 5th Floor is aimed at industry-specific innovation potential and growth opportunities for users. You can take advantage of mentoring offers and services that cover the entire life cycle of a business.

An excellent connection to transport-networks and various additional services guarantee a flexible leisure time on site and an individual and agile work environment.

Network and Capital

The proximity of The 5th Floor locations to local universities, opens up interesting recruiting and networking opportunities. Being one of the major life science hubs in the world, The 5th Floor in Basel is home to a wide array of life science companies. It is our Vision to create and establish a chain of pro-working spaces with a focus on life sciences as well as directly connected industries. The focused network of industry partners allows talents and entrepreneurs to grow and elevate their business in a productive environment. For more information on The 5th Floor in Basel or Orlando, please email Info@AvalonParkGroup.com. www.avalonparkgroup.com/coworkingbaselnowopen

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WORK (Cont.)

WORK (Cont.)


Some of the coolest museums to visit on your next trip!

Credit: travelview/Shutterstock Looking to find the pulse of a community? Need another activity for your itinerary? Want to expand your knowledge? Visit a museum. Good museums are able to evoke emotions and shift perspectives. They transport you to a different time and place, be it through interactive galleries or 3D movie theaters. Gain a deeper understanding of a community’s history and culture, and have fun while learning something new. From art to space, historical and archeological sites, read on to discover the coolest museum in some of the states.


The Dalí Museum

Fans of Salvador Dalí need not travel all the way to Spain for a glimpse of the surrealist painter's work. The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida contains an impressive collection of paintings, illustrations and sculptures created by the eccentric painter over the course of his life.


The National WWII Museum

The scope of this museum is simply breathtaking. Located in New Orleans, the National WWII Museum features a massive collection of artifacts and interactive exhibits Don't miss: Available until December 31, 2022, Dreams of Dalí in Virtual from the turbulent conflict. Wander through nearly 250,000 artifacts Reality allows visitors to explore a Dalí painting through the lens of VR. and listen to more than 9,000 personal accounts. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the war that changed the world.


The World of Coca-Cola

Whether you call it soda or pop, you’ll definitely want to visit Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola. This interactive museum contains a pop culture gallery, a 4D theatre and a vault holding Coke’s secret formula. Regardless of which exhibits you visit, the colorful and exciting space is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Don’t miss: You can’t miss the B-17 Bomber suspended in air, but you can get even closer by walking the catwalks near the ceiling.


American Visionary Art Museum

Don’t miss: The tasting room allows you to taste over 100 samples of Fans of contemporary art will love Coca-Cola from around the world. Just beware of the accompanying Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum. A museum dedicated ensugar rush. tirely to self-taught artists, don’t expect to see traditional paintings and sculptures here. The unusual art pieces and installations are accompanied by the artist’s story, which adds a sense of depth and meaning to the work at hand.



Don’t miss: At 55 feet high, the Giant Whirligig by Vollis Simpson is an and feature everything from dinosaurs to meteorites and beyond. amazing wind-powered sculpture outside the museum’s walls. Don’t miss: The Nature Research Center, which dives into North Carolina’s unique ecosystem and natural history


Jamestown Settlement This living history museum is set in America’s first permanent English colony. The Jamestown Settlement is reenactment at its finest, featuring restored buildings, ships and traditions from the early days of America. From gallery exhibits to storytelling, and live displays of traditional life from historical interpreters, this museum proves that history can be a ton of fun. Don’t miss: Visit three recreations of the ships that brought colonists to the New World. Visitors can tour the Susan Constant.


Museum of Pop Culture Nicknamed MoPop, Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture is home to all things mainstream — music, television, film and literature. From exhibitions dedicated to Pearl Jam and Nirvana to exploring the world of horror films and science fiction, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest at MoPop.

South Carolina

The Charleston Museum

The gem of Charleston’s Museum Mile, the Charleston Museum asserts itself as the “oldest museum in the United States.” Founded in 1773, it makes a good case for this title. The museum features hundreds of artifacts from Charleston’s colonial past, and examines the city’s role in the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

Don’t miss: The museum also owns two historic homes that you can tour. The Heyward-Washington House displays a collection of local antique furniture, and the Joseph Manigault House offers a look at the lives of a wealthy Charleston family.


Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Pronounced “winter-tour,” the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library is the previous home of Henry Francis du Pont, an art collector and horticulturist born in 1889. The estate sits on 1,000 acres of land in Don’t miss: The Sound Lab is a hands-on experience, allowing visitors the rolling hills of Delaware. Guests to the museum can tour both the to experiment with turntables, drums and audio technology. Sound- grounds and the 175-room home, which houses permanent and rotating proof rooms are also available for jamming, singing and mixing sounds. art collections.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

One of North Carolina’s top attractions, the Natural Sciences Museum in Raleigh definitely lives up to the hype. The largest of its kind in the Southeastern U.S., this museum is a center of research and exploration. Its seven floors of interactive exhibit spaces span two city blocks

Don’t miss: Yuletide at Winterthur is a special holiday event showcasing period and artistic Christmas displays, one of which is a Christmas tree constructed entirely of flowers.

Lissette Soldado & Victor Lozada 407-203-5000 13013 Founders Square Dr. Orlando, FL 32828 www.solymartravels.com

Weekly National Anthem Live Performance Join us every Friday at Noon on Facebook Live as a member of the community sings the National Anthem Live From Founder's Square.


Coming together to create a healthy community

An East Orlando Health Alliance


Making the Move to Senior Living Home Away From Home

By Savanna Chrostowski

A common, but strenuous scenario: An aging loved one begins to show signs they need help but refuse any type of support. They insist they are fine but it’s evident that is not true. Perhaps it’s your mom or dad or both. Or perhaps after months or even years, you’re experiencing caregiver burnout. The decision to move parents is rarely an easy one to be made. Having the conversation and ultimately making the decision to move your elderly parents or loved ones to assisted living or a type of senior living community is one of the hardest decisions a child will have to make. Like most of us, we believe we will be able to take care of ourselves for the rest of our lives. Close family members can be instrumental in identifying new needs that mom or dad never had to experience before.

Why We Feel Guilty It’s completely normal and understandable to feel guilty for even thinking about placing their loved one in a “home” or “facility” due to their decline in mental or physical health. No one wants to move parents or family members from their beloved home into a strange new environment, let alone into a much smaller room or apartment.


We feel our caregiving efforts, or even our role as a son/daughter, have failed. The roles have reversed where the child is taking care of the parent and this can be hard to accept. Often times, this is a job we simply cannot handle. However, we want nothing more than to simply help our parents and that may mean you have to sacrifice their comfort temporarily to improve their overall quality of life as well as your health and sanity. And most of the time, it’s just a matter of adjusting to their new surroundings which they grow to thrive in and even make new friends!


Our parents may have made us promise to never move them to a “home”. While you also want[MOU2] nothing more than to uphold your word and respect their wishes, what is best for them at the given time may be different than the past. To their surprise, parents will often flourish in an environment where the quality of life has improved from medical, physical, and social standpoints.

Tips to Manage Guilt 1. Have the conversation early and often so your parents or loved one does not feel blindsided by your decision to move them. Include all decision-makers to make sure you are all on the same page.

2. Express your concerns when you see changes. Say things like “Mom, I’m worried about Emotional and your health and do not like to see you like this. Most of Physical Toll the time, parents do not want Like many of us, change is hard, to burden their child which and moving to a senior living commakes it easier for them to acmunity is extremely hard. Suddencept change. ly, you’re downsizing from an entire house into a 1 or 2-bedroom or studio apartment and now 3. Focus on any victories in the assisted living. Did your parent must navigate uncharted territoenjoy a meal or activity or sleep ry while trusting caregivers and really well in their new home? those around you. The best thing When guilt starts to crawl in, you can do is to be there with remind yourself of all the benethem through this process so they fits that come from care, meando not feel alone and visit often to ingful activities, and nutritious make sure they are happy with the meals throughout the day. new change. 4. Accept there will be uncertain-

ty and give time to adjust. As with change, there will be an adjustment period when you move parents or a loved one, just like with children starting a new school for the first time or going to college. But with time and communication, things will get easier. Remember why the choices were made but also remember there may some uncertainty with how things turn out. Working with a senior placement like North Star Senior Advisors can take away some of this doubt as we provide a guided path to senior living and can provide options that can accommodate your loved ones’ level of care and budget. With over 20 years of combined experience and compassion, North Star Senior Advisors is here for you even now through COVID-19! Call 407-796-1582 with any questions regarding COVID, senior living options, or protocols in assisted living.


For Cardiac Emergencies We’re Here for You 24/7 Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But when that person with heart attack symptoms is you or a loved one, the situation can seem unreal. A heart attack is a medical emergency that you need to get care for quickly. When you experience a heart attack or other cardiac symptoms, your first thought might be to lie down and see if you feel better. But waiting can waste precious time. The sooner you seek emergency cardiac care by calling 911, the sooner you can get treatment to reduce the amount of damage to the heart muscle, if you need it, for optimal recovery.

It’s Safe, and Necessary, to Go to the ER Care for Cardiac Emergencies As scary as a cardiac emergency is, rest assured that we’re here for you. Whether you need emergency cardiac care for a heart attack or another heart condition, our emergency room teams are available to provide skilled emergency cardiac care for you 24/7. We’ll address your emergency quickly while taking extra measures to protect and keep you safe in our facilities.

Potential Heart Attack Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

A heart attack occurs when a part of the heart doesn’t get enough blood, which may be caused by a blocked artery. This could be a result of coronary artery disease or a sudden contraction of the heart muscle that prevents blood from flowing to the heart as it should. Call 911 if you experience symptoms of a heart attack, including: • Chest pain or discomfort • Feeling weak, light-headed or faint • Pain or discomfort in one or both arms or shoulders • Pain or discomfort in your jaw, neck or back • Shortness of breath

name. During a telemedicine visit, your cardiologist can offer guidance on concerns you may have about your heart condition and advise you on what to do to help keep your heart healthy. In addition to telemedicine, video visits and in-office appointments, many of our physicians offer online appointment scheduling, extended hours and same-day appointments to meet your busy schedule.

Take These Steps to Protect Against Heart Disease

You’re in good hands should you need emergency cardiology care at AdventHealth. But prevention Other symptoms of a heart attack health care providers. As a cardiac is even better medicine. To reduce could include tiredness, nausea or patient, you will be given a mask your risk of heart attack and heart vomiting. Women are more likely to wear when you enter the facility. disease, take these steps to keep your heart healthy. than men to have these symptoms. Seek help immediately by calling Social Distancing in Our Get Regular Check-ups Facilities 911. At the hospital, our emergency We have redesigned our emergen- Annual well-patient check-ups room providers and your cardiol- cy department waiting rooms to with your primary care doctor and ogist can run tests to find out if a help visitors and walk-in patients cardiologist can help spot treatheart attack is happening and de- better practice social distancing. able risk factors that you can’t feel, cide which treatment is best for You may notice covers on seats which can lead to heart attack and that say, “Thank you for leaving cardiac arrest, such as high blood you. this seat empty. We’re social dis- pressure, high blood sugar (diabeand high cholesterol. If your What Our Emergency tancing to keep you safe.” You’ll tes) physician or cardiologist recomsee stickers on the floor that Room Teams Are Doing also say: “Here’s your spot. Thank you mends medication as part of your to Protect You for social distancing,” to help you prevention plan, take it as preTo protect and keep you safe if stand 6 feet away from other pa- scribed. you or a loved one needs emergent tients when you’re waiting in line. cardiac care, we’ve made some im- When you come inside for fol- Get Moving portant changes. Here’s what you low-up and other appointments, Exercise, such as brisk walking, can expect when you enter the you may notice barriers like helps reduce blood pressure and hospital emergency room, should screens at registration desks. We makes you feel better too. Do your you need emergent cardiac care. are also limiting the number of best to maintain a healthy weight people in each facility at all times. and stick to a heart-healthy, plantbased diet as well, to keep your Temperature Checks at Entry Points Frequent Disinfecting and heart happy. We’re checking everyone’s tem- Cleaning perature upon arrival — patients, We’re also frequently cleaning the Get Help to Stop Smoking visitors, team members and all emergency department lobbies, Smoking increases the likelihood our health care providers. That’s patient rooms and high-touch ar- of plaque buildup in your arteries. because most people who have eas throughout the hospital with It’s the leading cause of preventsymptoms of COVID-19 develop a an approved cleaning solution that able death, the CDC says. If you fever, according to the CDC. eradicates viruses. Our clinical currently smoke, help is available, staff practice frequent hand-wash- and quitting is possible. Need more ideas? For more tips Separate Care Areas for People ing too. on how to show your heart some Who Are Sick Anyone who has concerning symp- Stay in Touch With Your love, check out this post. toms, like a fever, will be cared for Cardiologist, Even From in separate spaces. If you need We Take Your Safety emergent cardiology care, you can Home Seriously take comfort that everyone you To help better manage your heart From emergent care to preventive come into contact with will have health between office and hospi- care screenings, we’re taking meatal visits, stay in touch with your had their temperature checked. physician. You can easily talk with sures to protect and safeguard you your primary care doctor or cardi- and your loved ones. In a cardiac Masks for Everyone emergency, don’t delay ER care, To help slow the spread of ill- ologist virtually about the care you and know that we’re taking steps ness, the CDC urges everyone to need. for your safety in our ERs. Learn wear cloth face coverings when in You may even be able to schedule more about our emergency care, public. To support this important a video visit with an AdventHealth see what sets cardiology at Advensafety step, all AdventHealth team cardiologist if you don’t currently tHealth apart or find a cardiologist members and visitors must wear a have one. Just look for the purple near you, today. surgical loop mask when in an Ad- icon that says “Offers Video Visits” underneath the cardiologist’s ventHealth facility. Rest assured that all health care providers and staff will also be wearing safety equipment, including masks. We have supplies of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, for our


Nutrition Tips to Get Fit for Summer Sports By Gary Appelsies, MS Director of Healthy Eating YMCA of Central Florida

child to develop good eating habits.

best replacement for soft drinks is water. Most children or young athletes will struggle to drink natural The second change to make is to water, so try adding some lemon Making sure your kids have the limit or eliminate the consump- for additional flavor. There are no proper nutrition to fuel their bod- tion of soft drinks. Soft drinks calories in water and, simply put, ies is key any time of year. But it’s contain high amounts of sugar and it’s the best hydrating resource especially important in the sum- offer no nutritional value to your there is. mertime for sports, sun, and fun! child. Some soft drinks contain caffeine, which can cause dehy- What about snacks? When we Fueling your body is just like fuel- dration to happen even faster. The think of snacking, it often refers ing your vehicle. If you don’t keep your gas tank full, you’ll eventually run out of fuel. The fuel your body needs to keep going is food and water. You should eat and drink at regular times throughout YMCA of Central Florida the day. Without proper nutrition, the human body can’t function at its best potential.


Just as important, and many times overlooked, is the value of hydration. There are two main components to a young athletes’ diets, the first is a healthy eating pattern based on foods that have a high nutritional value. Second, emphasize the importance of drinking water on a daily basis. Just like healthy adults, these two components should be the foundation for all young athletes’ diets. Making healthy decisions daily about nutrition and hydration can be challenging for many parents. A great way to approach this problem is to limit takeout food and eliminate soft drinks. Fast food is loaded with excessive amounts of calories that stem from a high percentage of fat, giving kids very little in terms of nutritional value. When you can’t be around your child, make sure to pack them a healthy lunch coupled with a bottle of water. Eating healthily when you’re not around will teach your

Learn ∙ Play ∙ Grow Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball* For locations, program details, online registration, and more information about how we’re keeping kids safe visit ymcacf.org! *Sport availability varies by location.

The YMCA of Central Florida is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our community.

to foods lacking nutritional value, such as chips or candy. Providing or packing a healthy snack is simple. Pack an extra piece of fruit, yogurt, and some whole grain crackers for your child to munch on. With a little forethought, and a few minor adjustments to your family’s habits, you can easily boost energy and stamina levels through nutrition. A good daily nutrition and hydration plan should include the following: • 2-3 servings of lean protein: poultry, fish, lean meat, beans, and eggs. • 3-4 servings of dairy: milk, yogurt, and cheese. • 3-4 servings of whole grains, which can include bread, pasta, rice, and cereals. • 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables: dried, canned or whole fruit, and raw or cooked vegetables. (When purchasing canned fruit, ensure it’s not packed in syrup and dried fruit don’t have any added sugars.) • 8-10 tall glasses of water. And don't forget that good nutrition not only helps your child to be healthier and have more energy, but it can also help prevent sports-related injuries. As summer kicks into gear, now is the perfect time to start your child’s healthy eating and drinking habits so they feel stronger, healthier, and more energized, both on and off the playing field!

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3831 Avalon Park Blvd East, Orlando, FL 32828 (407) 380-3300 | www.papagios.com

DINING (Cont.)


Kiwanis Scholarships By Dave Schmitt

Kiwanis awarded 4 high school seniors scholarships this past month

Yazmin De La Rosa Timber Creek

Nahlah Elhady Timber Creek

Isabel Shier

Timber Creek

Cierra King MISSING PHOTO East River

Congratulations Kiwanis Student of the Year Awards Kiwanis awarded students from all the local schools this year as always just in different way than in normal years. Here is a list of those Student of the Year recipients. These awards are awarded annually based on Academics, Service and Citizenship. Congratulations to all the recipients Avalon Elementary Camelot Elementary Castle Creek Elementary Stone Lake Elementary Eagle Creek Elementary Moss Park Elementary Timber Lakes Elementary Avalon Middle Timber Springs Middle East River High School Lake Nona High School Timber Creek High School

Bella Wright Hayden Davenport Jerico Do Ema Vega Zoey Chavana Anaivette Rivera Vasquez Rory Foranoce Dia Patel Isabella Edwards Cierra King Madison Ross Wagner Yazmin De La Rosa

to all of these wonderful students and school leaders.

to all these recipients, all are outstanding students and leaders at their high schools.

Kiwanis Blood Drive

Kiwanis hosted a blood drive at Waterford Park for the businesses at Waterford Park and friends. Several members and associates donated blood to the Central Florida Blood bank.


m e b M e r y t S i p n o u tlight m m o C

Kristen Wright has been amazing during these tough times. While the schools and sports were closed she continued training kids for months so they wouldn’t miss a beat. She promotes a healthy lifestyle and never giving up on your goals. She is an outstanding community member. Submitted by Billy Bass

RECORD BREAKING YEAR For Rotary Club Of Avalon Park Ask anyone who has been touched by the Rotary Club of Avalon Park just how important our community is, and every answer will be identical: Driven with passion by hearts of servants. 2019-2020 was a record-breaking year for the Rotary Club of Avalon Park. Under president Bill Umansky's leadership, the club's focus #ServiceMatters was ubiquitous, leaving an ever-lasting impact on our community. Membership increased by 30% with 30 active members. Members who organized and executed over 50 service projects and three major fundraisers. Which is quite notable for a group of this size. "Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for both community service and friendship," Umansky stated. "It has been a great honor to lead these Rotarians and to serve our local businesses and individuals, particularly during a pandemic and tough economic times." A few examples from the past year driven by the Rotary Club of Avalon Park: • Delivering meals to essential workers during the COVID-19 lock down • Replacing 220 drain labels reminding citizens not to dump pollutants down the drains • Decorating Avalon Park with American flags for every patriotic holiday • Collaborating with other organizations to make a larger impact: Yellow Brick Road Foundation, UCF Rotaract and elected officials Mr. Umansky hands over his role as president to Greg Meunier on July1, Rotary International's start date of the fiscal year. Mr. Meunier has been an active Rotarian for ___ years and provides a stellar portfolio to the club. "I am honored to step into a role where the bar has been raised significantly," Meunier stated. "The success of our club hinges on people, our commitment to excellence and undying support

of the principles of Rotary International. I look forward to leading this great group of people." Interested in joining Rotary? Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group of professionals who share your drive to give back. The Rotary Club of Avalon Park meetings will take place outside the Community Center / POA Office on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am with masks and social distancing rules in effect - we also offer an option to join remotely using Zoom - contact us via email or Facebook to learn more. Their mission: • Network with other established professionals, problem-solvers, and community leaders • Build goodwill and better friendships with neighbors and friends • Get involved in a committee, or project Contact us: http://www.rotaryclubofavalonpark.org/


GUEST SUBMISSION Really Mayor Demings – Do I Really Need To Wear A COVID-19 Face Mask? Hiya Avalon Parkers,

should not be worn by “anyone I am the newest neighborhood who has trouble breathing, is uncurmudgeon and am looking for- conscious or incapacitated.” You ward to getting to know y’all in the just can’t make this stuff up. For the record, the Covid gives you coming months. breathing problems – so no mask? With my inaugural column, I wish to boldly state that there is at least one better remedy for curbing the Covid-19 spread than wearing a mask. I am not trying to start a revolution my first day on the job, but I am a guy with an opinion and a keyboard – so hang onto your chapeau. I’m definitely not Zorro so no mask needed.

What about Fish, my imaginary pet cat? Must Fish wear a mask in public? Animals can contract C-19 and spread the dreaded disease, yet no mask requirement. If you see me out on the Boulevard walking Fish, you’d better steer clear; he has pollen allergies and has the cutest little cat cough.

I read the CDC Guidelines and Demings’ ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 2020-23. It takes three pages of caveats and exceptions to tell me I must wear a mask - sometimes. I say go for broke and really get into the details – punch this Executive Order up to several chapters.

Here is another thing…what if I dare to go unmasked? Nowhere in EEO 2020-23 are there penalties outlined for non-compliance. These United States were founded in non-compliance; “Heck no King George – we ain’t paying no tea taxes!” Maybe a Lake Eola Mask Party! I bet we can quickly find out the fine amount for dumping cases of PPE into public waterways.

CDC Guidelines recommend that all people “wear cloth face coverings.” There should be pages defining what constitutes “cloth?” In the Snickers candy bar commercial, when Pete Zagarine is knocking over the armored car, would his fish-net stockings count as cloth? EEO 2020-23 could do a deep dive into “cloth!” Maybe include some thread counts like when shopping for new sheets! For mask comfort, buy Egyptian cotton – 400 thread count! Breathable and stylish. Speaking of buying masks, who wants to wear the plain $.99 blue things people are littering all over America’s parking lots. If I must don a mask, I want it to make a statement, like an American flag mask. Maybe something touting my alma mater FSU!!! I checked Amazon – no delivery until mid-August. I want something hip like they wear at the Eastside Bistro! Something with multiple elastic straps that fit my fat head. I try to always shop local, but these treasures are nowhere to be found locally. The CDC also states that masks

down the Publix aisle. Please don’t rip down your mask and launch into a profane laced verbal assault expelling your cooties everywhere ready to penetrate the next passing shopper’s exposed membranes. Just leave me alone. If no one is So why a mask requirement? A talking, we won’t need directional proper mask prevents me from signs in the grocery store, or prospewing my contaminated spittle, tective face coverings. pardon me – my respiratory droplets, to 12-foot radius. According Want to have some fun? The next to the CDC, wearing a mask is time you are in the checkout line, source control. The spewing oc- fake a sneeze and watch people curs when I am speaking, howling climb over themselves to get to a at the moon, sneezing, or cough- different line. And don’t tell me ing. When I am unconscious that your sneezes are always real though, no mask required! Thank and that you never faked a sneeze. you, CDC for the exception. “Oh honey, I have a headache tonight…achoo…I might be coming A proper mask does not prevent down with Covid.” me from getting C-19 should I encounter your microscopic vi- If only life were that easy. The rus molecules left wafting in your truth is nothing is simple in the wake. Your nasty little germs pen- year 2020. You cannot visit loved etrate right through my nasal and ones as frequently; if at all. We are optic membranes. Such a pleasant supposed to stop shaking hands, thought. or hugging friends on our frequent visits to AP Liquors – masked or Ready? Here’s my simple solution: unmasked. Forget the riots, elecQUIT TALKING! Shut your pie tions, and hurricanes; this once-evhole. Put a sock in it. Your words ery-century-pandemic is forcing are indecipherable through that us to reevaluate many aspects of mask anyway. everyday life. Self-reflection can be good, or so says my therapist As a bachelor, I like my undis- (a.k.a., favorite bartender). turbed quiet time. When I am multitasking – meditation shop- One more thing. This whole mask ping – I often go the wrong way wearing thing has created product

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needs we never knew existed. If the pharmaceutical companies had never invented E.D., we wouldn’t need little blue pills. Now, in addition to my pocket-sized hand sanitizer, I must carry a pack of Mentos. Heaven only knows I cannot be caught in public with “mask breath!” The shame of it all. Ok Mayor Jerry, I concede. No way are we going to get people to quit talking, even when I don’t care what they are saying. Masks are lifesavers (another cure for mask breath). Heck, the life you save may be mine! By masking up I am manning up and stopping the spread of my infected droplets potentially poisoning my fellow man – even at the grave risk of mask breath. Until we find a vaccine, we all must do our part to stop the spread of this killer virus. So, mask up and give me a big hug when you see me in the checkout lane at the liquor store – I promise no fake sneezes! The Village Idiot

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.