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$1 MILLION ENTREPRENEUR FUND Established for the Avalon Innovation Center The business world has been rapidly changing over the past decade, and even more so in the past month. The COVID-19 Pandemic has expedited a new approach to employment and has raised questions as to what the new norm is and what it will look like in the near and distant future. And if the COVID-19 Pandemic has not already affected your employment status, the question is when and how will it? We fortunately live in a world where technology makes working from home or another place away from the office a possibility. But where do we go from here? Earlier this year it was announced that The 5th Floor international pro-work space would open their flagship office in Muttenz, Switzerland, with subsequent locations to open within a year in two Avalon Park Communities, Orlando and Wesley Chapel. Additional international locations are scheduled to come online in locations like Singapore, Sydney, Australia and Central and South America. The pro-working space is customized both in the physical space and the services provided. The concept provides not only a space for businesses to work, they provide local and regional connections that help global connectivity for businesses looking to expand internationally. The flagship 5th Floor location in Muttenz, Switzerland is located next to one of Europe’s leading bio-tech Universities, “FHNW”. As a leading location for bio-technical growth, it is a natural fit for small and spin off bio-tech companies to expand. One of the most powerful resources The 5th Floor has globally is it’s relationships with the local universities. In Muttenz, FHNW provides relationships and opportunity for growth in the bio-tech industry. The same can be said with the Orlando location and its relationship with the University of Central Florida in the technology, medical and defense industries. Other 5th Floor locations will have similar relationships, that create avenues for related connections. The 5th Floor location in Avalon Park Orlando is the next location slated to open

and is the ideal space for the growing entrepreneurial business. With an opening date of late summer 2020, the “Live, Learn, Work and Play” concept becomes even more available to the residents of Avalon Park and the east Orlando Community. Beat Kahli, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group, has a history of supporting entrepreneurs with great ideas. In fact, a similar fund was established in the early 2000’s to kick off the start of Downtown Avalon Park. One of the recipients of that early-on investment went on to grow into a million-dollar business, with locations in more than 7 states. “As an entrepreneur, I understand that sometimes a good idea is just a good idea until somebody else believes in it too,” said Kahli. Aware of a rapid business climate change and the need to support local entrepreneurs, Avalon Park Group has created a fund to support local business and foster growth in this ever-changing time. The initial fund is over $1,000,000 and is intended to be distributed to entrepreneurs who are either looking to start a new business, spin off from another business or grow an existing small business. The fund amounts will start at $10,000 and will be given in 3 different categories: Start-Up, Spin-Off and Expanding Businesses. The award package will include a combination of cash, office space and an entire team of experts from CPA’s, to legal advisors, to MBA’s and marketing experts working around the clock for the success of your business. All industries are encouraged to apply. Along the various stages of the application process a panel of international business leaders will be evaluating and processing submissions. “We have formed a team of experts from 4 continents to review and award the funds.” said Kahli. “The jury is comprised of Dr. Christoph Stutz, International Developer based in Basel, Switzerland, CarolAnn Dykes Logue from the University of Central Florida’s Innovation Districts, Andreas Derzsi from sitEX Singapore, Kirby Parsonage Director and Investment Fund Manager at Sumner

Capital in Sydney, Australia, and Marybel Defillo, CFO at Avalon Park Group, Marta Pierluisi representing The 5th Floor in San Juan Puerto Rico and myself.” said Kahli. If you are interested in submitting your application, please email Info@AvalonParkGroup.com.

The process for being considered for one of the Avalon Innovation Center Fund(s) is as follows: 1. Submit Initial Application

Deadline April 1-17, 2020

2. Jury Review of Applications April 18-30, 2020

3. Invitations for formal package submission May 1, 2020

4. Formal Package Submission Deadline May 15, 2020

5. Jury Review of Formal

Package Submissions May 16- May 31, 2020

6. Invitation for Live Presentation in front of Jury June 1, 2020

7. Live Jury Presentations June 15-30, 2020

8. Award Presentation July 17, 2020

If you are interested in submitting your application, please email Info@AvalonParkGroup.com.




It was October 1987, (a third of a century ago) my eyes were fixed at a bank monitor, in disbelief watching the Dow Jones Index losing more than 20% in one day. To date, it is still the largest percentage loss in one day! At the time I was a young businessman in Zurich, Switzerland and shares in a Swiss real estate company I bought were going down fast. To make things worse I had used leverage and not only I, but my banker, got nervous. With a lack of experience, and maybe in looking back with no fear in the crises, I bought more of the same stock. Fast forward 2 years. The stock market had gotten back to the same level it was before the crash….and today the Dow Jones (even after the correction of late) is more than 10 times higher than after the 1987 crash. In 1995, (a quarter of a century ago) when Avalon Park was called the Altman Ranch, and the home of some 100 cows, now more than 15,000 residents, the bank holding a mortgage on the land (Southeast Bank) was broke. At first, I thought this was not so much my problem, but it quickly turned out that it was indeed a problem for me as well. Why? The bank in receivership called our loan, and wanted to have millions back, more or less, right away. Still in the middle of the savings and loan crisis, the end of hundreds of saving and loan institutes across the county, nobody wanted to refinance that mortgage. Well, a crisis for sure. Today, Avalon Park is a town built on land in the middle of nowhere, it would fill a book (and sometime I will write it) how out of this crises a quarter of a century ago, we were able to develop a small City.

In 2008-2009, our economy went through the most severe financial collapse since the Great Depression. Banks were in need of billions of dollars from the government and millions of American lost their jobs and homes. Out of this crisis companies like Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook built their foundation to dominate the world on a new platform area today. US banks rose to the top of the globe again from being by and large





There are 2 conditions: 1. You need to submit your appliWhy I am you telling all that? cation by April 17, 2020. Well today the world is in a crisis, 2. You need to be able to start/ no question, but I would bet a mil- expand/reinvent your business in lion dollars that America and the Avalon Park. World will find a way out. bankrupt at the time.

$1 MILLION IS AWAITING the next great idea!

perts including members from 4 continents: Beat Kahli, President and CEO of Avalon Park Group, Dr. Christoph Stutz, International Developer based in Basel, Switzerland, CarolAnn Dykes Logue from the University of Central Florida’s Innovation Districts, Marta Pierluisi from San Juan Puerto Rico, Andreas Derzsi from sitEX Singapore, Kirby Parsonage Director and Investment Fund Manager at Sumner Capital in Sydney, Australia, and Marybel Defillo, CFO at Avalon Park Group. AGAIN $1 MILLION IS AWAITING the next great idea!

Submit your application by April 17, 2020 I am betting on this being a great time to start a company and to expand a business. My advice is that while many are waiting until the crises is over, I encourage all of you entrepreneurs not to wait. You may have heard about the rule of thumb in business: buy low, sell high. It is the same in the business world if you if you start when the economy and often the spirit is at a low, like in this COVID-19 crisis, things can only get better. Avalon Park Group would like to help you to get started, that is why we are putting up $1,000,000 for 20+ entrepreneurs/companies who want to start or expand a business. The money will come in cash, but it will also include office space, membership at The 5th Floor in Avalon Park Orlando, being part of a worldwide network, with access to our offices in Muttenz/Basel, Switzerland, Singapore, Sydney, Australia, San Juan, Puerto Rico and more to come. Moreover, as a serial entrepreneur, I will personally help you get started as a successful entrepreneur. Along with a team of experts from CPA’s, to legal advisors, to MBA’s and marketing exerts working around the clock all over the world at your fingertips.

What kind of business are we looking for: anything under the Sun: START UP, EXPANSION, RELOCATING. A panel of ex-

For more details please turn to the front page of this edition of the Avalon Park Sun. I am confident that in 10 years we will look back to the COVID-19 Pandemic and talk about how we started a whole series of great entrepreneurs out of this worldwide crisis.

LIVE (Cont.)

From the Desk of Commissioner To the residents of Avalon Park, I hope that under these hardships, you and your loved ones remain safe. The Orange County Government is tracking very closely the threat of COVID-19 and has made strong decisions to keep our residents safe. Your safety and the well being of you and your family is my number one concern, therefore it is vital to follow the “Stay at Home” order. On Tuesday, March 24, Orange

Maribel Gomez Cordero

County Mayor Jerry Demings signed a Stay at Home Order that went in place this past Thursday, March 26, and goes until Thursday, April 9. But be aware, the Mayor already stated that it is possible that this measure will be tougher and extended. My plead to you is that you please stay home, unless it is absolutely essential that you go out. Practice social distancing and do not go out in large groups. Wash your hands often and do not touch your face. I know this

is uncomfortable, but we all must make sacrifices and work together to help those in the front lines do their job. I want you to know that my office remains operating, and that if there is any concern or question, please feel free to contact my office by phone or mail. Also, follow my updates on my different social media accounts to keep up we will get through this together. to date on how the County tackles *Update: Governor just anthe effects of COVID-19. nounced 30 Day Stay At Home OrI hope you remain safe and calm, der.

Free Download Family Activity Quarantine Door Signs

Ibrahim Sebai Loan Officer NMLS# 1035513

Cell Office eFax

3401 NW 82nd Avenue Suite 230 Doral FL 33122

305-773-4536 786-517-4600 954-541-9154

isebai@prmg.net isebai.prmgapp.com

Rates effective 12/6/17. Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. NMLS# 75243, www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Financing is shown for comparison only, not an offer of credit or commitment to lend. Based on buyer & property qualification. Rates & fees are subject to change without notice. Aprobación del préstamo y tasa de interés depende del crédito del solicitante, colateral, historia financiera y disponibilidad del préstamo en el momento de originación del préstamo. Tarifas y condiciones pueden cambiar sin notificación. Florida Mortgage Lender License #MLD23.

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LIVE (Cont.)

How to Connect with Elderly Loved Ones During the Coronavirus Outbreak In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, visitation is being restricted at assisted living communities nationwide. Such quarantines are being put in place to protect susceptible ill and senior citizens from contracting the potentially deadly virus.

their situation, allowing family members to plan for a warm reunion in future, once these times of separation are behind us.

Lastly, calling your loved one helps to ease their concerns. By talking through a stressful situation, you can share a laugh, sing a song, and However, elderly residents will remind your loved one that peace need, and want, the same level of can be found in times of worry. contact and care that they are accustomed to — especially during these uncertain times. Here are Private Emails some of the ways family and While the jury is still out on the friends can still connect with their safety of letters, packages, and loved ones living in assisted care cards from spreading germs when communities while avoiding their sent through traditional mail, risk of exposure to COVID-19. emails can be a great alternative. In fact, even if snail mail is a viComforting Phone Calls able option, electronic mail offers versations and continue where you many benefits that physical mail left off. Emails can ultimately help Calling your loved one is an ef- and phone calls cannot. For inwith memory care and provide a fective and simple method to stance, email offers more private way to practice retaining informastay in touch. Phone calls help to conversations that won’t be overtion. provide a more deeply personal connection with a family member because it offers comfort and Prioritizing the health and safety of your loved personality not achieved in other one is no doubt your paramount concern means of communication such as text messages. People tend to feel more at ease when communicating heard by others. If you and your over the phone because they can loved one want to share informa- Face-to-Face Video talk through any tough or confus- tion on private documents, for exChats ing decisions. ample, emails are a good method Video chats are powerful tools to use. to both hear and see the face of Phone calls are also a great way to learn about the experiences of Emails also help retain informa- your loved one. By offering interanother without losing context or tion. By having a log of what was active, real-time video and audio, tone of voice. By putting thoughts spoken about, your loved one can apps and smartphone features into words, loved ones can share easily refer back to previous con- like Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime


• •

UCF-20 minutes

vd ran Bl

Alafaya Tr.

Semo .

Waterford Lakes Town Center

Colonial Dr.

Oversight of physical well-being by Florida Hospital physician team

All neighborhood design

Social, educational & cultural activities in our community






In n o v a

p ay Ex


Future Road Expansion


Wellness center with geriatrician on site Memory Care programming


new Gree

Walking access to restaurants, shops & community festivals

East/West Expwy

Medical City

As difficult as they may be, these restricted visitation policies are the best way to protect those most at risk. Fortunately, they are temporary and will subside. Video chats also facilitate conversations because you can see the facial expressions of your loved one and hear them speak their thoughts. This dual communication tool can help in the better sharing of ideas and making of plans amidst any worries or stressful situations.

A Safe Community for Your Loved Ones

We believe that companionship within a community is an essential ingredient for successful aging.

Assisted Living License AL12618

are truly the next best thing to in-person visits. With temporary restrictions placed on meeting face-to-face, video chats are a viable alternative to connecting with a loved one from a safe distance.

• 13798 Cygnus Drive, Orlando, FL 32828

Outreach room

Trying to stay connected with your loved one from a safe distance may be an inconvenience during these uncertain times; however, prioritizing the health and safety of your loved one is no doubt your paramount concern, as it is ours. While you utilize the various methods of contact with your loved one while, the dedicated staff at Encore at Avalon Park will ensure that your loved one is cared for and provided with all they need to sustain healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives while practicing safe social distancing within our community. For any assistance or questions you need answered, call us today at 407-270-7500.


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Avalon Middle School

Greetings from Avalon Middle. Remember that Canvas is the primary program for communication and lessons for our students. We know that this is a challenging time, so please reach out to your teachers if you are having any difficulties. For up-to-date information, please visit our school website (https://avalonms.ocps.net/) and Facebook page. Also, make certain that you are subscribed to our electronic newsbrief. If you have not yet signed up for the newsbrief, you can find a link on our website. We've got this, Huskies! Marsee Perkins. Instructional Coach

We are OPEN for Virtual Classes!

We want to provide a positive, healthy, and sense of normalcy to our community during this time of transition for all. Parents- get your kids kicking and moving, releasing all that pent up energy.

Call Championship Martial Arts today at 407-275-1700.

Music Lessons

VPK Registration is NOW OPEN for our NEW

for all ages!

State of the Art Building !!

FREE GuitaR LEssons FoR GRandpaREnts & paREnts! If a child or grandchild is enrolled in private lessons.

If you live in Florida, and your child turns 4 years old by September 1, 2020 your child is eligible to participate in Florida's FREE Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) education program.

Build a

! n o ti a d n u o F l a ic s u M

itar Lessons in: piano | Gu

Register online at www.floridaearlylearning.com/vpk Fill out application online Print your certificate/voucher of eligibility at home Bring in your voucher to reserve your spot today!

Sign up for our VPK classes at

Avalon Park

Call Today *407-306-9037 *12001-C Avalon Lake Drive Orlando, Fl 32828

FREE 5 days and 3 days programs available

truments lele | Bass | Band ins

| Voice | Violin | uku

n programs for most We offer private lesso based on your age instruments and voice d part of our family an and skill. Come be a e for music! develop a lifelong lov ’ll match enced teachers—we • Learn from experi you fits t tha e on you with the es— itals and performanc • participate in rec trophies and s ard aw e eiv students rec cts— no long-term contra • We make it easy, th on -m -to nth mo our tuition is “Welcome to our school! We are avalon Park’s Neighborhood Music school, proudly serving avalon Park and surrounding areas with outstanding private music lessons since 2003!” —John & philip Kolbrich

Call us today to schedule a lesson! 407-770-0323 or visit us at www.avalonschoolofMusic.com to request info. We are located at 12001 Avalon Lake Dr., Suite E1, Orlando, FL

LEARN (Cont.)

Why You Should Watch Movies at Home

By Aribelle Barre


hich do you enjoy more, watching movies at your house or at movie theaters? According to CBS News, eighty-four percent more people watch movies at their house more than at theaters, and I am one of these people. Your house is the best place to watch a movie because it is comfortable and cost-efficient.

Recently, movie theaters are changing and getting more comfortable. For the past couple of years, movie theaters have been replacing their smaller, uncomfortable chairs with bigger chairs that recline to the point where you are almost laying down, although there are still several movie theaters that have these uncomfortable chairs. They also cost extra money to get these To begin, watching a movie at your chairs, and you have to reserve house is more comfortable than at seats a couple of days in advance. a movie theater because you have a lot more of a selection of what Watching a movie at your house you can watch and you can take is not only more comfortable, but more time to watch that movie. it is also cost-efficient. According For example, movie theaters only to BestTVPnDeals.com, it is nearhave five to ten movies you can ly two times more expensive to go pick from to watch, but you can to a movie theater than to watch a watch many more movies at your movie at your house. A ticket can house. Also, there are more movies be up to twenty dollars per person you can pick from to watch with when a subscription to a streaming younger children. In addition, you service can cost up to ten dollars can take as much time as you need per month. In addition, a streamto finish a movie. You are able to ing service can be for as many peopause the movie any time you ple as you have or invite into your need and for as long as you need. house. You can pause it for just a couple minutes to do your laundry, or you Watching movies at your house could pause it for half an hour can also be cost-efficient because or more to eat dinner, do chores, you do not have to pay extremesleep, or do homework. ly high prices for food and drinks. At theaters, concessions can cost In addition, watching a movie at up to fifty dollars for three or four your house is more comfortable people. For example, a small bag because it is healthier and there is of popcorn can cost seven dollars, more of a selection of food. To be- a box of candy can cost five dolgin, you can cook your own meals lars, and a small drink can cost five and incorporate your diet into it. bucks or more whereas a box of Cooking is usually healthier than unpopped popcorn from Publix or eating in a movie theater because Walmart can cost three dollars and you know exactly what you are feed ten people. Also, a two-liter putting in your food and have bottle of soda, which I believe can more of a selection. For example, satisfy up to four people, can cost you can cook grilled chicken, veg- two dollars at the most. etables, or rice. You can also get healthier drinks, such as juices Watching movies at your home and water at your house; however, is cost-efficient because you do you can only get popcorn, candy, not have to pay for transportasodas, and ice cream at movie the- tion. This can help you save gas, aters. which can cost twenty-five dollars or more for ten gallons. At your Furthermore, watching movies at house, you can just press a button your house is more comfortable on your television remote control because you can wear your paja- to instantly start a movie instead of mas and cuddle in blankets. If you driving for an hour each way to a went to a movie theater or any- movie in a theater. Not only does where in public in your pajamas, staying at your house to watch a you would get weird looks and movie save time and money, but probably be arrested. You can also it also saves fossil fuels and noncuddle in blankets while watching renewable resources and saves the movies. If you are tired, it is really planet. nice to hold a pillow and be covered in blankets. Finally, the chairs Watching movies at movie theaters at movie theaters can be really have some benefits. For examsmall and as hard as a rock, where- ple, you could go to a dollar theas your house has much more ater and save a couple of dollars. comfortable chairs and couches. There is also an app where you can

get rewards if you spend enough money on movies such as a free small popcorn or drink, or a medium-sized popcorn or drink for the price of a small. In addition, you can only watch new movies at movie theaters. You can watch movies in I-max or 3D, which can help enhance your movie experience, especially if it is an action or horror movie.

at your house is the best place to watch a movie. Not only can you save money on gas and help the planet, but it is also much healthier and more comfortable. You can take as long as you want when watching a movie at your house, and you have more of a selection of what you want to watch. The next time you are thinking about watching a movie, watch it at your house!

Aribelle Barre, 8th Grade and goes to Maitland Montessori School

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SUMMER Adventure Club

Dream it. Plan it. Make it happen.

field trip hair... don’t care! At Summer Adventure Club, every day is an experience. Children embrace their inner explorer as they navigate fun and educational weekly themes and venture to exciting destinations in their own community! • LEGOLAND • Kennedy Space Center • Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Primrose School at Avalon Park 407.737.1500 PrimroseAvalonPark.com

To conclude, watching a movie

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a trademark of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved. Ages for Summer Adventure Club program vary by location.

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PLAY BINGO TO SUPPORT BUSINESSES! Commerce has your resources for your Business regarding COVID-19. Visit https://www.eocc.org/ covid-19-information-and-resources/ to find the latest information on relief packages, statistics, information for our schools and local government. Our calendar is filled with webinars and conference calls to assist our businesses through this difficult time.

By Andrew Cole

This an unprecedented time in our history. 2020 kicked off with a promising outlook, businesses booming, historic low unemployment, and a great economic lookout, then COVID-19 virus creeped into our society. The East Orlando Chamber of

Our businesses need your support more now than possibly ever. With many having to close during this Stay at Home order, you can still help businesses by patronizing local restaurants who still have takeout, purchase gift cards, like and comment on their social media pages. The Chamber has created a Bingo Card you can use to have fun patronizing our members. You can also find a listing of Chamber Member restaurants who are offering take-

Download the latest Downtown Avalon Park Business Directory

out here https://business.eocc.org/ list/category/take-out-curbside-delivery-home-delivery-185. We also post our members Hot Deals, discounts and specials. https:// business.eocc.org/hotdeals/

Chamber of Commerce offers your business numerous opportunities to build your base, connect with like-minded professionals who invest in their business to creating a strong, thriving community. Our programs and events offer oppor-

Our calendar is filled with webinars and conference calls to assist our businesses through this difficult time. If you need to know what our businesses are up to you can visit our Press Release page at https:// business.eocc.org/news/. The East Orlando Chamber is your resource for business in East Orange County. Covering over 440 square miles east of I-4 the Chamber is a leader for Business Advocacy, Community Engagement and Regional Connectivity. Connect with the East Orlando Chamber to stay informed visit www.EOCC.org or sign up for our weekly e-newsletter to sty in the loop. Membership with the East Orlando

tunities to feature your business, while building business relationships with members who support and complement one another. As a business, you need to look beyond your four walls to grow, there are wonderful people within this organization who help each other succeed, paying it forward knowing it will come back to them twofold. If you are interested in joining our organization, contact us for an appointment to customize a plan to fit your business. 407-277-5951, EOCC@eocc.org or www.EOCC. org.

We Sell & Install: • Floor Tile • Wood-like Tile • Carpet • Laminate • Hardwood Floors • Baseboards

• Granite • Bathroom Tile • Kitchen Backsplash • Pavers • Custom Cabinets

Plus We Also Offer Professional Painting for Interior and Exterior


PoloFloors@yahoo.com www.PoloFloors.com

AVALON: 407.988.3361 3738 Avalon Park E Blvd Orlando, FL 32828

OVIEDO: 321.203.4697

2871 Clayton Crossing Way, Suite 1081 Oviedo, FL 32765

WORK (Cont.)

Do You Think You Need to Have a High Net Worth to Have an Estate Plan in Place? someone you trust in advance to make some of those crucial decisions, will ultimately give you peace of mind and avoid unnecessary distress.

By Matthew H. Rosenthal, Esq. The answer is no, even the most basic plan protects your family and ensures your financial goals are met after you die. Your attorney will help guide you with the best plan no matter your level of financial wealth. There are multiple elements to an estate plan. Such as a: • will; • power of attorney (someone you trust); • health-care proxy or living will • a trust may also make sense for some people.

Everyone needs a will.

Your passing will already be a stressful time for your loved ones and the events following your death can be an additional source of tension. When you’re clear about your intentions, you will help alleviate some of this strain when it’s time for your assets to be distributed. It is also important to know that federal estate tax exemption changes regularly, which means it’s even more important to seek the help of an experienced estate attorney.

support both before and after you die.

You can set it up so that the money you regularly donate, continues to provide help to a charity that is near and dear to your heart. When you donate to a charitable gift fund or foundation, your investment actually grows tax-free and you can continue to have a voice as to which the charities receive this

and through all stages of life. They take pride in getting involved with the communities they serve and building long-term relationships.

Your will makes it very clear as to how you would like your assets distributed when you die. Do you have children? A will allows you to choose who should be named guardians of your children so that you know they are cared for in the manner you want for them. It’s important you discuss this with the Want to remember your favorite guardians you choose before you charity? proceed.

Rosenthal Meyer, PLLC was founded by attorneys Matthew Rosenthal and Justin Meyer, who share the same commitment to providing client-centric legal services, with a concentration in business law, wills & trusts, probate, and real estate. The multi-state community law firm prides itself on its experience, approachability, caring about the outcome of the situation, and providing legal solutions that work. Their focus is on legally protecting clients through the evolution of their business,

Most do not realize that it can be very costly to your heirs if you die “intestate”, which means dying without a will.

Your attorney will also take into account both federal and state laws when developing your plan. A good start is to take inventory of your assets. You will want to compile items such as investments, retirement savings, insurance policies, and any real estate holdings. Don’t forget to include any business interests.

Trusts are not solely for the wealthy. Trust can be confusing and to drill it down to laymen's terms, they are legal mechanisms that allow you to dictate how, upon your death, your assets will be distributed. Without a trust, your heirs will incur more costs such as estate and gift taxes which are reduced when you take those extra steps. Not to mention the hassle of the probate You should also carefully consider: court and the delay that inevitably • Who should inherit your assets? comes along with it. If done correctly, they also have a higher level • Who is the best person to han- of protection from creditors and dle your financial affairs if you are other potential lawsuits. not able to, even if it’s a temporary An open discussion about your estate plans with your heirs in adsituation? • You may, at some point, have vance will also help alleviate conmedical challenges and choosing fusion later.

For more information, visit https:// rosenthalmeyer.com.


New Extended Drink Menu! MIMOSAS & SANGRIAS

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Red Merlot, glass

Mimosa, sweet Mimosa, dry

10 00

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5 00

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4 00

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WORK (Cont.)


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TrustcoBank.com | 800-670-3110

Home Town Free Checking The way a checking account should be. Ask about our other checking products by visiting your local branch. Please note: we reserve the right to alter or withdraw these products or certain features without prior notification.

Bankwide 6.12.19

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WORK (Cont.)


Broadening Horizons

By Andreas Derzsi

GLOBAL CONNECTION I am very pleased to have been invited to write a column in the Avalon Park Sun. As Secretary of the Board of Directors of sitEX Properties Holding AG, a partner company of the Avalon Park Group, I have already had the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Avalon Park Orlando several times. I grew up in a family where traveling was always a very important part of our lives. Already as a small boy it was my hobby to visit the big travel fair in Zurich, Switzerland, together with my father. We always came back with big bags and a lot of travel brochures. My father then quasi transferred the travel management to me and I was allowed to choose a destination, discuss it with the family and then plan and book the whole trip. As I got older, the trips became more complex and all the more exciting to plan. I am very grateful to my father for this broadening of my horizons.

Fast forward 15 years, I am now allowed to sit at my desk in Singapore and write this column. In between I traveled a lot and was able to broaden my horizon a little bit with every trip. Today I call Singapore, a small city state with a size of 18% of the metropolitan

in the USA, Switzerland and Singapore. Especially in the present time with the coronavirus this is enriching, but also reassuring. Last week I was sitting in a co-working place in the middle of the city. There was a lively atmosphere and the mostly young visitors displayed a positive

Bring a piece of undiscovered culture home. area of Orlando, my home. I live drive, which immediately affected here with my wife, who like my me as well. son were born here. At the same time, I watched from Thanks to my work, I see daily life a distance as the measures against the spread of the virus in Switzerland were steadily tightened. In Singapore, the first measures were taken as early as January and travelers were already measured for fever on arrival and departure. You could only enter any building if you had your fever measured, left your personal details and gave a written assurance that you had not been to China within the last 14 days. At first I thought that this was a bit exaggerated, but looking back I was wrong. The number of cases in Singapore is also increasing every day, but for a country with more than 5.5 million inhabitants in a small area, the numbers are rising at a relatively low rate and are only a fraction of those in Europe or the USA.

With this I would like to show that the situation in some parts of the world may seem hopeless and rather negative at the moment, but at the same time there are all the more places in our world where people are working hard at the exact same time to ensure that we can continue to develop as a society despite the corona crisis and soon return to normality, even if this will probably look different in certain aspects (e.g. in the area of education) in the future. Regardless of how this will look, we should learn from our mistakes and copy and implement the best practices of other countries. To combine the best of cultures. Openness instead of prejudice. The earth is always turning, it is big and full of chances and opportunities. Although we cannot travel and admire the beauty of nature and cultures around the globe at the moment, bring a piece of undiscovered culture home. Home schooling will take on a whole new dynamic. How about a Japanese evening at home, for example? Learn how to cook sushi yourself and immerse yourself and your children in the world of sumo wrestling. This is a sport with a great history and an equally great complexity.

Experience a new world and see these current times as a chance to get to know something new!

Experience a new world and see these current times as a chance to get to know something new! Take care and .

PLAY (Cont.)

StoryWalk StoryWalk April: If You Give a Pig a Pancake By: Laura Numeroff




April 11th, 2020 5-9pm LASER LIGHTS BOUNCE HOUSES FOOD TRUCKS Avalon Park is conveniently located in East Orlando, 5 miles south of the 408 Expressway on Alafaya Trail.

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Coming together to create a healthy community

An East Orlando Health Alliance


3 Ways to Stay Healthy at Home While these challenging times have impacted our routines and traditional ways to stay active and healthy, it’s just as important as ever that we find new ways to stay well. To help, the YMCA of Central Florida launched a Virtual Wellness Center with free online resources and classes to help all in our community grow stronger in spirit, mind, and body. You can use this new, free resource to stay healthy at home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing start to your morning, an energy boost after a long day of work, or a healthy meal to share with your family, the Y has you covered. Often, when it comes to getting fit and starting a new routine, the most common issue is knowing where to start. So, we’ve compiled 3 simple ways you can take small steps toward a stronger you.

who know exactly how to bring out your inner warrior. You’ll leave your mat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and at peace. So when you’re looking for a deep stretch or powerful meditation, simply pick a video that interests you and give it a go. You’ll never know the serenity and sense of accomplishment that awaits you until you do.

2. Keep Your Heart Strong with Cardio Classes

3. Eat Smart with the help of a Virtual Chef

al resources and activities for all ages are being added continuously. Now it’s easier than ever to stay healthy and establish new wellness The YMCA of Central Florida’s Di- routines in the comfort of your rector of Healthy Eating, Chef Gary own home with the Y! Appelsies, is at the ready to provide you with healthy eating tips, tasty and nutritious recipes, and super simple meal prep advice. You can ask your questions through the Virtual Chef feature or visit the Y’s website to discover a new favorite recipe. Eating NEW VIRTUAL YMCA healthy doesn’t haveNOW AVAILABLE WELLNESS CENTER VIRTUAL YMCA WELLNESS CENTER to be a hassle. In fact, Free resources to help you Chef Gary regularly takes easy meals like burritos, pasta with Spirit, Mind, and Body sauce, and even mac n cheese, and transforms Find some of your favorite group exercise classes them into healthy, deExplore enrichment activities licious meals everyone to keep kids active and engaged at your table is sure to Stay up-to-date on youth programs and camps love. So, the next time you’re faced with the Discover a variety of healthy living recipes dinner dilemma, ask Join a community in prayer Chef Gary for help! and online worship Eating healthy can be See how you can help the Y a simple solution waitsupport our community ing on the other side To learn more today, visit of the virtual wellness ymcacf.org/virtualwellness center.

Sometimes you just need to sweat it out. Before, you might have turned to a treadmill or lap pool to get your heart rate up, but now you have the chance to do aerobic exercise right in your living room. You don’t have to count out 20 jumping jacks and 50 pushups, you can follow along to your favorite Les Mills classes from the YMCA! If you have weight 1. Relax with Yoga on equipment at home, jump right Y360 into a BodyPump or BodyCombat class to boost your energy. If not, Whether you’re new to yoga or a a high-intensity cardio training pro, the Y360 platform from the workout is the way to go. With or YMCA has videos for you to get without exercise equipment, you connected in your favorite flow. can surely get in that workout sesFrom beginner instruction to sion you’ve been missing without power yoga to back pain relief, ever stepping out your front door. Be sure to check back these sessions are led by experts regularly as addition-


The YMCA of Central Florida is an nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our community.

WHY SHOULD YOU JUICE? Fresh juice provides us with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and much more. All of these factors are vital to maintaining good health. You will find that when you make fresh juice a daily part of your diet, you will have increased energy, a glowing complexion, strengthened immune system, stronger bones and a reduced risk of disease. It is recommended that you drink at least 16 ounces of freshly squeezed juice each day.

By Alan Kleinberg Owner Nature’s Fuel

There are many bottled juices available on the market today. One of the problems with these is that many of their valuable nutrients are lost during the bottling process. If you drink it fresh, you will have control over the quality of the fruits and vegetables you are consuming. The USDA, National Cancer Institute, Surgeon General, and the secretary of Health and Human Services all agree that Americans need to increase their consumption of fresh produce to include 2 to 4 servings of vegetables every day. One of the easiest ways to add them to your diet is to juice. No matter what your age, it is never too late to start drinking your fruits and vegetables. Juices can flush toxins from your body, are good for your weight, heart, circulation and overall well being. Juices contain no saturated fats or added sodiAlthough eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state does provide um and can be helpful in us with a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals, we only obtain lowering your cholesterol. the maximum benefits from them when they are juiced. Much of their (Always follow your goodness is locked in the fiber which is expelled from the body. When pediatrician's advice when we juice the fruits and vegetables, their goodness is released from the introducing babies to juice.) fiber and we are able to drink their highly concentrated nutrients which are then able to enter our bloodstream very quickly. Fiber is essential to health, so be sure to continue eating raw fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains in conjunction with fresh juices to gain the maximum For more information on juicamount of nutritional value from what you eat. Very few people eat ing and other health tips visit enough raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing provides a quick and easy way Nature’s Fuel at 13001 Foundto increase your consumption of these foods, and is recommended in er’s Square Drive, Suite 150 or addition to a high fiber diet. online.


5 WAYS By Savanna Chrostowski. North Star Senior Advisors

As we all know, Coronavirus has greatly impacted the world and our day to day functions. The government recently suggested social gatherings be limited to 10 or less per room. Due to this, senior living communities are having to curtail social activities such as exercise classes, card game groups, meals in the common area, etc. that were once conducted on a daily basis.

to Keep Occupied in Senior Living During the Coronavirus Epidemic


For those that are crafty, scrapbooking is a great activity to not only stimulate the creative side of the brain but put together something that’ll last a lifetime. Gather photos of your friends and family and arrange any way you like with quotes or stickers. You could also assembly a hobby or shadow box from a craft store that your loved ones can come back to again and again. Put in items that work with their current hobbies like sewing, paint tools pictures, etc.

So, what can you to do stay engaged and not socially isolated? North Star Senior Advisors is hap- FaceTime Book Club py to share ideas to show we are If your grandkids love being read it, set up a Facetime call or any there in spirit and still care. type of video platform session where you can read to them aloud. Old Movies This is honestly the perfect time You can order their books online to put on some comfy PJ’s and but make sure to use all the same hit the sheets or lounge chair for platform so all family members a movie marathon! Old films are can be on the same story time call. the best like Gone with the Wind, Older kids can make the call simWizard of Oz, Casablanca, and ilar to adult book clubs and have Sunset Boulevard to name a few. the grandchild talk about what Most senior living communities they have learned each time. Or, have a popcorn machine, so have a if would like to create a book club staff member make enough for ev- with friends within the assisteryone and pass out to individual ed living community, have a staff rooms. While exercise is import- member set it up so you can pick ant, a couple hours of watching a book and set up a video chat to discuss the plot. TV won’t do any harm.

Coupon Cutting

My father loves to cut coupons and still does it every day. He once used so many coupons, the store owed him money back. It’s honestly a great way to pass the time and SAVE money. Who doesn’t love saving money? Several of these coupon ads can be mailed to you in the senior living communities. Make sure to sign up for Sunday Coupon inserts or email the manufacturer directly. They will send you free coupons and sometimes even send free products. Although we should limit the number of grocery store visits at the moment, you can instead order groceries online via Instacart to be delivered to the assisted living community.

Just add the coupon code to your order to get the discount!

Fresh Air

Due to the limitations on gatherings, all activities with others should be avoided. This does not mean, however, that you cannot leave your home from time to time to get some fresh air. If you are mobile and not around others, a brisk stroll outside will do your body and mind wonders. There may be an area outside the senior living community with a walking path that you can go on if no one is around. If you are unable to leave the home, make sure to open as much windows as possible to get some sunshine.

Virtually Great Care

The Coronavirus has certainly taken things by storm and we have all made adjustments in our lives to accommodate this pandemic. With malls, parks and most pools closed we find ourselves searching for the next best thing. Little to no contact with friends or family and without using technology to connect we would be lost, questioning how people were doing. Social distancing, no matter how important, has disrupted our way of life all the way down to how we get cared for.

Your Trusted Source for Coronavirus Care How to Avoid Spreading the Virus

Wash your hands

Stay at home and

Avoid all

often for at least

avoid personal contact


20 seconds.

with others.


By Scott Workman PTA

That’s why Kassy Health is taking a big leap forward to introduce a virtual platform that will provide care to patients. We decided on moving forward with this so your family, friends, loved ones and patients can stay at home without worrying about readmission to the hospital or coming in close contact with multiple people. This will not only improve outcomes and medication compliance but offer peace of mind that someone is always there to look out for them. Telehealth is not meant to replace live visits but when used in conjunction it can be a very useful and powerful tool.

Our virtual platform can include any of the following based off patient needs: Video calls Telephonic calls 24 hour Remote patient monitoring 24 hour nursing call to triage emergency situations

For the latest information, visit



Contact us at 407-875-1800 to find out how we can assist your family, friends, loved ones, or patients with our virtual program.

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We love Avalon Park and what better way to show it, than with supporting each other during these troubling times. From March 25th-April 9th, you will be able to participate in the Downtown Avalon Park Social Distancing Bingo. Once you complete each activity on the bingo card, you will fill out the form below. Each person that submits a completed form will be eligible to receive a complimentary #ILOVEAVALONPARK mug and will be contacted after the form submission to receive the mug.

DINING (Cont.)

Color this page and bring back to a participating Subway ©Restaurant at www.subwaydipasqua.com to redeem for a FREE KIDS 4” SUB WITH ANY PURCHASE! Expires 4/15/2020


Avalon Park Facemask Group Comes Together Creating 150+ Face Masks A group of local leaders has come together to support the amazing team of doctors, nurses and other essential staff that continues to work out in the community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. A group of over 60 community members have banded together to make face masks to help overcome the shortage of facemasks.

Photos Courtesy of the Avalon Park Face Masks Group page.

“It is my passion to give back to the community. And when I can use my skills, in this case sewing, to meet a need, I am happy to assist,” says Allyson Roth-Kennedy, organizer of the group. “The response from the community help has been outstanding, but there is always room for more.” Allyson explains that anyone can help, even if they cannot sew. “We are in need of people to help wash and iron fabric, cut and also sew.” The group is also accepting donations through a GoFundMe account to purchase supplies. To date the group has raised close to $500 and have been able to complete over 150 face masks. To learn more visit their Facebook Group or to donate click here.

ROTARY CLUB The Rotary Club of Avalon Park continues to move forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Weekly meetings are now conducted virtually via the zoom conferencing platform, where members continue to serve the community weekly from the comfort of their homes. The group has created the #stayconnected movement, a social media campaign to remind the community the importance of staying connected during this scary time where social distancing is imperative for survival. Additionally, the group continues to grow as new member inductions are conducted virtually as well. All in all…it’s business as usual for the Rotarians in Avalon Park, where the motto is: Service above Self!

HEALTH CARE HEROES THANK YOU DRIVE During these unpredictable times, we can’t help but to appreciate everything our health care professionals have and continue to do for us. We would like to invite you to join us in helping to show our appreciation! We encourage people of all ages to open their hearts to write a thoughtful, uplifting note or draw a picture for our health care heroes who are working around the clock to keep our families safe. How can I help?: Write your letter or draw a picture thanking our healthcare heroes and drop it off at any of the following locations in the designated drop off boxes starting Friday, March 27th- Sunday, March 29th. Drop Off Locations: Avalon Elementary School 13500 Tanja King Blvd., Orlando, FL 32828 (Near Bus Loop) Avalon Church 13460 Tanja King Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828 Avalon Park POA 13401 Tanja King Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828 Avalon Park Group 3680 Avalon Park Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828 South Philly Steaks 12001 Avalon Lake Dr. Ste B, Orlando, FL 32828

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