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Independence Day Independence Day

Independence Day, is annually observed on 15 August as a national holiday in India commemorating

the nation’s independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1947. India attained independence fol-

Krishna Janmashtami Krishna Janmashtami, also known simply as Janmashtami, is an annu-

lowing an Independence Movement noted for largely nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian National Congress (INC).

Independence coincided with the partition of India, in which the British Indian Empire was divided along religious lines into the Dominions of India and Pakistan; the partition was accompanied by violent riots and mass casualties, and the displacement of nearly 15 million people due to sectarian violence. (Continued On Page 14)

Independence Day, observed annually on 14 August, following its first observance on that day in 1947 (the day before the partition of India officially took effect), is a national holiday in Pakistan.

al Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. (Continued On Page 16)


of the north-western and northeastern regions of undivided India.

Pakistan came into existence as a

(Continued On Page 16)

Raksha Bandhan

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi (Vināyaka

Raksha Bandhan, or simply Rakhi is a Hindu festival, celebrated in

Chaturthī), is the Hindu festival that reveres god Ganesha.

many parts of the Indian subcontinent, notably India and Nepal. Raksha bandhan means “bond of protection”. It is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Shravana, which typically falls in Gregorian calendar month of August.

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PAINTINGS FROM THE SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART This Selection of Paintings from the Renowned Edwin Binney 3rd Collection will be on display July 9–October 1, 2017 AUSTIN, Texas—One of the most comprehensive collections of South Asian paintings outside of India will be on display at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin from July 9 – October 1, 2017. (Continued On Page 07)


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It commemorates the occasion of Pakistan’s creation and was declared a sovereign nation following the partition of India on 15 August 1947.

Blanton Museum Ganesh Of Art Chaturthi


result of the Pakistan Movement which aimed for the creation of a separate Muslim state by partition

August 2017

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In The Blink Of An Eye Your Kids Will Be In College.

Do you have a plan to fund it? #LifeInsurance








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Great Ways To Let Your Summer Style Shine

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to sample exciting new styles. From more versatile ensemble

choices courtesy of the warmer weather to colorful accessory options – summer fashion is all about trying different things and having some fun with your look. Here are a few trends to keep in mind as you style yourself this summer. Love to Layer Layering is a fun and especially convenient style for summer.

Whether dressing up a camisole with a light sweater for a professional setting, or going with a trendier style for a night out with a denim or fringe vest, layering helps you to stay cool and still look amazing. The trend isn’t just for clothing, either. Layering is popular in jewelry as well, and the trend is embraced at top retailers like Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, where specialists help guests embrace the trend in a way that best fits each individual’s style. There are a few general tips, however. When layering necklaces, it’s often best to start with a more petite style at the top and select a piece with some added presence for the longest option to frame the other necklaces. When pairing different bracelets, ground the selection with a more understated option, and integrate some dimension with a fashionable bolo bracelet.

Embrace the Shades of Summer To really make your style shine this summer, try experimenting with color.

stand out, no matter where the summer takes you.

One easy way to achieve this is to add a bold touch or two with stylish accessories, such as scarves or jewelry.

The warmer summer days and nights are a great time to complement with a fashionable accessory, and nothing stands out quite like gold.

Integrating jewelry with stunning gemstones can add a sophisticated pop of color to any ensemble. Those looking for a summer treat will find just that with collections such as Le Vian, which offers a mix of vibrant gemstones, including the impressive Denim Ombre collection. Another popular collection great for summer styling, found exclusively at Jared, is Earthly Treasures Smithsonian. Featuring one-of-a-kind natural gemstones, such as London Blue Topaz and Rhodolite Garnet, in heirloom quality settings, the collection offers an elegant way to

Go for Gold

When thinking of gold accessories, jewelry is obviously a natural place to start.

A ten-day festival, it starts on the fourth day of Hindu luni-solar calendar month Bhadrapada, which typically falls in Gregorian months of August or September.

Observations include chanting of Vedic hymns and Hindu texts such as Ganapati Upanishad, prayers and vrata (fasting). Offerings and prasada from the daily prayers, that is distributed

The festival ends on the tenth day after start, wherein the idol is carried in a public procession with music and group chanting, then immersed in nearby water body such as a river or ocean, thereafter the clay idol dissolves and Ganesha is believed to return to Mount Kailasha to Parvati and Shiva. The festival remembers Ganesha’s birthday, and celebrates him as the god of good beginnings, prosperity and obstacle remover.

The festival stallation of privately in on elaborate stage).

is marked with inGanesha clay idols homes, or publicly pandals (temporary

from the pandal to the community, include sweets such as modaka believed to be a favorite of the elephant-headed deity.

It is observed throughout India, especially as a public event in the western states of India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh, usually as a private home festival in other states such as Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh where it overlaps

By Megha South Asians’ International Volunteer Association runs on volunteers that promote and support sense of well-being, belonging and fulfillment for older adults of South Asian heritage. The care our volunteers have are a blessing in running the organization and could not do it without them. Dipti Desai, a mother of two and active participant in the community, has been volunteering with

In addition to embracing the different shades of gold, many are gravitating toward mixed metals. When featuring the different shades of gold, white is often a good choice for the foundation, offering flexibility for pairing yellow or rose gold pieces. This summer, don’t just enjoy fun in the sun, let your style shine. (StatePoint)

Ganesh Festival (Continued From Page 01)


with the Teej festival. At public venues, along with the reading of texts and group feasting, athletic and martial arts competitions are held. It is unclear when the festival started, it may have South Indian origins, but historical evidence suggests it became a major social and public event with sponsorship of Shivaji after Muslim-Hindu (Mughal-Maratha) wars, and again in the 19th century after public appeal by Indian freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak, who championed it as a means to circumvent the colonial British government ban on Hindu gatherings through its anti-public assembly legislation in 1892. Ganesha Chaturthi is also observed in Nepal and by the Hindu diaspora elsewhere such as in the Trinidad, Suriname, Fiji, Mauritius, United States and Europe.

SAIVA for the past two years. The compassion she shows to the people we serve is an inspiration for us all. She truly lights up the room when she is around and our members absolutely adore her. Dipti coordinates activities such as, fleece blanket making and doll making hat the seniors get to enjoy. She facilities and dedicates her time to be present at meetings and other events so the seniors can help give back to the community. Just this past month, large donations were done to St. David’s Children Hospital and Dell Children’s Hospital. None of this could have been done without Dipti. She truly touches each of the members hearts and gives them the opportunity to be engaged in the community. Thank you for all you do for SAIVA, Dipti! Without the dedication of volunteers, SAIVA would not be where they are today. If interested in finding out more information, please see and email us at


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Job Hunting? 5 Reasons To Consider Using A Staffing Agency

If you’re an active job seeker or simply looking to expand your career horizons, many experts say that in today’s market, working with a recruiter can give you a substantial leg-up.

tions and values to identify the

temporary positions.

a temporary employee are often hired permanently after proving their value.

Combining new technology and staffing expertise to speed up and simplify your job search, these benefits may account for why the staffing and recruitment industry is growing substantially. Here are five reasons to consider working with a staffing agency, from the experts at Randstad US, a human resources consulting firm. • Access to “hidden” jobs. Recruiters are often tasked by companies to hire for positions not advertised publicly. The only way to find them is through a staffing agency. Often, these positions are the most sought after in the marketplace, and in some of the most desirable workplaces. • A huge number of companies rely on them. As the economy embraces an “on-demand” workforce, more employers are turning to staffing firms who use emerging job search technologies alongside their human instincts to deliver the best-fit talent they seek. In fact, more than eight in 10 employers (82 percent) at least somewhat agree that by 2025, their reliance on staffing/recruiting partners will increase, according to Randstad’s Workplace 2025 study. • Recruiters can be your career agent. Wading through hundreds of online job boards, company ads and social media sites can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. You don’t have to go it alone. A recruiter can help you with your job search, enhance your resume, provide career advice and more. The best recruiters look beyond your resume to understand your career goals, workplace expecta-

best-fit jobs for you within the digital landscape. • Not just for temps. Many people assume staffing agencies only offer

Recruiters are often asked to search for full-time, permanent and temporary-to-hire positions across a wide range of industries. Even those who begin working as


In fact, the Workplace 2025 study says 56 percent of companies say many of the top talent in their company began as temporary work-

• It’s free. There aren’t many things you can get for free these days, but the many benefits of working

with a staffing company are among them. “Be sure to work with a recruiter who is passionate about helping you reach your potential,” says Jim Link, chief human resources officer, Randstad North America. “They should play the role of trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world to ensure you are recognized as an individual, not just another resume.” Given that more than half of employers (51 percent) named staffing/recruiting firms as their most effective method for finding fulltime and contract workers, job seekers should consider taking advantage of this resource to improve their job search chances. (StatePoint)

Tips To Keep Outdoor Summer Fun Going After Dark Your outdoor summer fun doesn’t have to stop after sundown.

cue, illuminate pathways where guests will be moving about.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, enjoying an evening hike, or simply hanging out with friends and family, these lighting tips from the experts at Energizer can keep summer fun going long after dark.

Battery-powered or hardwired options will give guests sure footing throughout your yard. • Incorporate flashlights into the

• Barbecuing? Ensure the grill master has sufficient lighting to do the job safely.

• You may be closely familiar with every rock and stick in your backyard, but guests probably aren’t. Before your next party or barbe-

• Use the right lighting tools for evening hikes and neighborhood dog walks.

A lightweight headlight with pivoting functionality can help you direct light where it’s needed and keep your hands free to clear bramble, get a tighter hold of that leash, or snap a photo of the evening sky. Consider headlights from Energizer, which are water resistant and drop-tested to stand up to tough conditions. For more lighting solutions that will brighten your summer nights, visit

Strategically placed lanterns on patio tables and near the grill will ensure the meat is cooked to perfection and guests enjoy a well-lit al fresco dining experience. Consider lanterns which provide 360-degree uniform lighting, such as those from Energizer, which have dimming capabilities, offering you more control of your outdoor lighting scheme.

head back to the campfire and let your flashlight make your scary story that much spookier.

With the right lighting tools, your summer adventures can last long after the sun has set. (StatePoint)

fun itself. On your next camping trip, stake out a space for a game of flashlight tag. Bring enough lights so everyone can join in on the fun. Afterward,

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Scribblings By Arun


Agriculture is for our survival And prosperity. Army is for our freedom And security.

The soldiers Should be rewarded the highest. The farmers Should have maximum benefits. Soldiers and farmers And their dependants are to be comfortable.

Else the Motherland Will be uncomfortable. Loss of each soldier Weakens the defence. Loss of each farmer Weakens agriculture.

Let us salute to thank All farmers and soldiers. Respecting and honouring them Shall be our culture.

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How To Improve Reading Skills Over The Summer By Ryan Murphy Many students wonder what exactly they should read to improve their literacy and critical thinking skills. Although there is no set curriculum to increase these abilities, there are ways to help speed up the process. Here are a few recommendations on what to read and how to read it: 1) Read the classics. “The classics” is another name for books that you typically read in English class. These works are good to read because they provide you a variety of subjects, styles, and time periods. You may have received a list of college-bound books in your AP or IB English class.

This list is a great place to start when determining what literary classics you should read.

Because they publish well-made content, however, they require subscriptions.

If you want a few recommendations right now, try Moby Dick or Wuthering Heights.

Some provide limited online viewing if you do not subscribe, but why not just make the commitment!?

2) Read high-level news sources.

3) Read different genres.

Since reading is not limited to fiction, you should also become more experienced with high-level news sources.

The first two parts of this list recommend that you read the classics and quality news.

Sadly, not all news is written with the same quality, so some sources, while useful because they provide you with current events, do not stretch your reading habits to new depths. The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Economist all include great writing on a variety of news-worthy topics.

Even while following this advice, you should also strive to diversify your reading as much as possible. Read poetry, travel writing, science fiction, mysteries, memoirs, histories, and anything else. The great part about reading is that you will improve your abilities regardless of genre, and by varying your reading, you will be familiar with many different styles and

content. You will be a “renaissance reader.” 4) Read for quality, not quantity. Do not aim to read as many books as possible as quickly as possible. Speed reading is not the best method when trying to truly understand a piece of writing. You want the books and articles you read to really influence your thinking. To prevent yourself from simply scanning texts, you should ask yourself questions about content before reading, during reading, and after reading. After all, the goal of reading is not simply to move from one word to the next; you want to be in a dialogue with the author.

One of the cornerstones of high school education, college admissions testing, and college studies is reading. Every day you read text, either on the Internet or in messages sent to family members or friends. The complexity of text varies, but the reading you do in academic pursuits will most definitely be more complicated than what you typically see on a day-to-day basis. It is important, therefore, that you have enough practice and experience with reading to increase your successes in class and on standardized tests.


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Blanton Museum Of Art

(Continued From Page 01)

These dynamic images were originally associated with important literary and religious texts and will be organized according to thematic narratives.

saries, and assorted demons must be confronted and subdued.

mustachioed, demon king and his frightful army,” said Williams.

Saturdays and Sundays, 1:00–4:00 p.m.

Battle scenes teeming with combatants give way to quieter moments, such as lovers meeting for a secret tryst.

A series of public programs will complement the exhibition, featuring gallery talks, musical demonstrations, classical Indian dance, and storytelling performances.

(suitable for all ages)

Museum visitors will be introduced to the epic stories that continue to hold great cultural value in India and beyond.

Many of the stories have religious significance and show the intervention of various divinities in maintaining cosmic order.

“The Blanton is honored to partner with The San Diego Museum of Art to bring this remarkable collection to Austin,” said Blanton director Simone Wicha.

Complementing the paintings will be examples of Chola-period processional bronze images, Vishnu

Xanthe Gresham, storyteller Thursday, July 20, 6:30 p.m. Shahnameh Saturday, July 22, 2:00 p.m. Ramayana (performances recommended for

About the Blanton Museum of Art Founded in 1963, the Blanton Museum of Art holds the largest public collection in Central Texas with nearly 18,000 objects. Recognized for its modern and contemporary American and Latin American art, Italian Renaissance

“The epic stories have much to say about courage, loyalty, love and friendship, and the paintings themselves impress with the delicacy of their technique, the boldness of their design, and the humanity of the stories they convey.

This exhibition depicts stories that have been integral to South Asian culture for hundreds of years and provides a compelling introduction to classic Indian and Persian texts, including Bhagavata Purana, a Sanskrit text about the Hindu god Vishnu and his different incarnations; Ramayana, the adventures of Prince Rama of Ayodhya; Ragamala, a text that explores various modes in Indian classical music; and works of Persian literature, including Shahnameh, an epic poem about the legendary kings of Iran. The colorful manuscripts depict dutiful heroes, loyal friends, and strongwilled women, and each character serves as an instructive model in this storytelling tradition. Dangerous beasts, cunning adver-

The San Diego Museum of Art is located at 1450 El Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif., 92101. General Information, (619) 2327931, Group Sales: (619) 6961935, Website: http://www.sdmart. org Twitter: @SDMA, Instagram: @SanDiegoMuseumofArt Facebook: Providing a rich and diverse cultural experience, The San Diego Museum of Art houses some of the world’s finest art. Located in the heart of Balboa Park, the Museum’s nationally renowned collections include Spanish and Italian old masters, South Asian paintings including the Edwin Binney 3rd Collection of Indian paintings, East Asian art, and 19th and 20th century American paintings and sculptures.

This exhibition is sure to delight audiences of all ages.” Epic Tales from Ancient India: Paintings from The San Diego Museum of Art represents the highest achievement of court paintings from several regions of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th–19th centuries and have been selected from the renowned Edwin Binney 3rd Collection of The San Diego Museum of Art.

About The San Diego Museum of Art

The Museum regularly features major exhibitions of art from around the world, as well as an extensive year-round schedule supporting cultural and educational programs for children and adults. and Hanuman, on loan from the Kimbell Art Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art, respectively. These works hint at Hindu ritual practices and highlight the religious significance of the narratives. Ray Williams, who leads the Blanton’s education efforts and serves as the managing curator for this exhibition, has a deep appreciation for India’s cultural expressions through story and image. “The struggle for cosmic order in the face of dark forces and fulfilling one’s duty with courage and integrity, are ongoing human concerns. The paintings invite us to plunge into Rama’s world, for example, and readily join in the quest to rescue Sita from the ten-headed,

ages 10 and above) Arnab Chakrabarty, sarod Pandit Sanju Sahai, tabla Thursday, September 21, 6:30 p.m. Concert Friday, September 22, noon and 3:00 p.m. Demonstration Film Screening Peter Brook’s critically acclaimed Mahabharata (171 mins.) Thursday, September 28, 6:00 p.m. Artist-in-Residence: Aruna Kharod Aruna Kharod is a graduate student in UT’s Ethnomusicology Program and has studied Bharathanatyam classical dance for ten years. She will perform stories and dances related to paintings in the exhibition. Thursdays, 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

and Baroque paintings, and encyclopedic collection of prints and drawings, the Blanton offers thought provoking, visually arresting, and personally moving encounters with art. The museum is located at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Congress Avenue and is open Tuesday through Friday from 10–5, Saturday from 11– 5, and Sunday from 1–5. Thursdays are free admission days and every third Thursday the museum is open until 9. Admission Prices: Adults $9, Kids 12 and under FREE, Seniors (65+) $7, Youth/ College Students (13–21) $5. Admission is free to members, all current UT ID-holders. For additional information call (512) 471–7324 or visit

At The San Diego Museum of Art, exhibition text is always in English and Spanish. Image Caption: Radha Pines for Krishna, folio from a Gita Govinda (The Song of the Herdsman), about 1714 Northwest India, Mewar Opaque watercolor and gold on paper Edwin Binney 3rd Collection, 1990.620 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACTS: Carlotta Stankiewicz, 512.475.6784, Christy Butler, 512.694.6456,


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Kick Off To Disco Deewane: A Bollywood Musical With Haze, A Vegas- Style Soiree, On August 10

Presented by Agni Entertainment and Cosmo City Media, HAZE is a party unlike any other, kicking off the countdown to Disco Deewane, the grand musical production of the year. Art enthusiasts music loves and fans alike from all over Austin will converge upon the Rose Room to catch a sneak peek of Disco Deewane, presented by the cast of the production. Disco Deewane is a one of a kind Broadway style musical show which will premiere on Saturday, September 16th at the Travis County Expo Center. This grand production will bring together 200 talented dancers across different genres, leading viewers through a journey marking the greatest moments in Bol-

lywood and American musical history.

of which Austin has never seen before.

Part of the same cast will offer a Live preview at HAZE on August

A DJ will spin the hottest Bollywood numbers all night, and a va-

Haze promises to be an unforgettable carnival of light, dance, and colors. HAZE will be the party you will

venues in Vegas. If you love dancing to the beats of hottest Bollywood numbers then this is where you should be on 10th of August - The Rose Room in the Domain, at 11500 Rock Rose, Austin, TX 78758. The Rose Room will open exclusively on Thursday to host Haze. Don’t miss this absolutely rocking Bollywood night.

10th. HAZE is an exclusive opportunity to catch a glimpse of Disco Deewane before its debut performance. After the Disco Deewane preview warms up the crowd, attendees will enjoy a Vegas style party, the likes

riety of live performers will dance in Latin, Hip Hop, Disco, and Bollywood styles.

remember, with a grandeur never seen before in Austin, at the newest Vegas-style night club in Austin.

As if that wasn’t enough, fire dancers, go-go dancers, belly dancers and aerial performers will dazzle the audience.

Situated in the heart of Rock Rose at the Domain, The Rose Room offers a posh, exclusive club experience reminiscent of the hottest

Tickets begin at $15. VIP hour is from 8:00- 9.30 PM. The doors will open for all from 9:30 onwards. Tickets for Haze can be purchased from Austin, dust off your party shoes and let your Bollywood moves loose for an evening.

Patients, Doctors And Researchers Embracing New Plan To Deal with COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung disease that afflicts millions of Americans, haunts families, and frustrates doctors and researchers, is now the third leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer, costing Americans more than $32 billion a year.

“It is frightening beyond words and feels very, very lonely.”

and was told COPD is incurable,” said Dorney Koppel.

Yet many with these symptoms

“But that does not mean [it is] un-

What’s more, 56 percent of those diagnosed are women, and they die of COPD more than men. Unlike heart disease and cancer, COPD prevalence and deaths aren’t decreasing. One in five people over age 45 has it.

For those living with or affected by the disease, there is new hope, thanks to a recently unveiled COPD National Action Plan. Developed by patients, agencies and organizations under the stewardship of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the Action Plan shines a spotlight on the devastating physical and emotional toll the disease causes. “Not being able to catch your breath and fearing your next breath may not come is just like drowning,” said Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, president of the COPD Foundation and a longtime COPD patient.

Long-term exposure to substances that irritate the lungs or a genetic predisposition called alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency also present as risk factors.

tend to attribute them to something else: the common cold, old age, being out of shape. This lack of awareness delays diagnosis and treatment, worsening the condition and quality of life. Even mundane tasks -- housework, bathing, dressing, walking -- can feel onerous. That’s why the first goal of the plan is to empower patients and families to recognize COPD and get treated quickly. “I was diagnosed in 2001

treatable. Doctors need to teach patients the difference. I was given three to five years to live…sixteen years ago.” Compounded with this misinformation is the idea that it’s exclusively a smoker’s disease mainly affecting men. While it most often affects people over 40 with a history of smoking, as many as one in four with COPD have never smoked.

health care professionals with tools to diagnose and care for COPD patients. “We need to develop easyto-follow guidelines and get them into the hands of providers on the frontlines.” Developing an educational curriculum and tools for clinical decisionmaking, in sync with detection and management guidelines, will significantly improve diagnosis and care, said Han.

“You know someone who has it. You may even have it and not know it,” said James P. Kiley, director of NHLBI’s Division of Lung Diseases.

So will improving patient access to spirometry, pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation programs and affordable medications -- all of which are called for in the plan.

So how to reverse this trend? One key is improving the level of diagnosis. “Spirometry is a simple and inexpensive breathing test that can identify COPD,” said Dorney Koppel.

To learn more about the Action Plan and find out how to get involved, visit

MeiLan Han, M.D., medical director of the Women’s Respiratory Health Program at the University of Michigan, agreed, noting another goal of the Action Plan: to equip

“This plan represents a new understanding of what it takes to minimize the burden of COPD,” said Gary H. Gibbons, M.D., director of NHLBI. “Now, it’s just a matter of getting to work.” (StatePoint)


Austin South Asian | August 2017

New Ways Classrooms Are Changing

Today’s classroom are in flux. And these changes, rooted in technological innovation, are making it easier for students to become more engaged and collaborative.

teachers at their convenience outside the classroom, class time is becoming more productive and efficient as a result.

them from various angles in order to better understand their shapes, as well as offer picture-plot function, for plotting graphs over real-life scenes.

Here are several areas where technology is changing the way lessons are taught and information is absorbed. • Collaborative Apps. While in the past, group study sessions and group projects could become logistical headaches, today, there are a wealth of free apps that allow students to share, collaborate, edit and provide feedback simultaneously and in real-time, from the comfort of home or while on-thego using mobile devices. Teachers and students are also using these same technologies to share homework and receive feedback.

• Modern Mathematics. The latest graphing calculators are a far cry from the kind you may remember from your own high school days.

With so much communication taking place among students and

Certain models today feature the ability to draw 3D graphs and view

In the past, students may have felt isolated working out problems on their own, however, with the latest models, such as the fx-CG50 from Casio’s PRIZM line, teachers can now easily display and share

lessons with the entire classroom thanks to full-color textbook-style LCD display, and direct projector and USB connectivity. • Modern Music. In many classrooms today, students are learning to read, write and play music on the most up-to-date digital pianos. Many such models offer the performance and playing comfort of acoustic pianos, but with the benefits of modern tech, such as split and layer capabilities, multiple audio outputs and two-track recording. To learn more, visit • Smart Gaming. Many students find traditional lectures a bit dry. But cutting edge educational gaming is more dynamic and exciting than ever before, with some classrooms even using immersive virtual reality experiences to help students understand history in unprecedented ways.

• Connected Projections. The modern lesson plan has nothing to do with chalk and chalkboard. Today, teachers are using the latest projectors to better connect students with the material. For example, Casio’s XJ-UT351WN not only enables projection from data files stored on a USB memory device, but also allows wireless connection to smartphones with a downloadable app. The ability to display and annotate presentations as well as open an Internet browser and display content in real-time, makes for dynamic delivery of lessons. Classrooms that keep up with the pace of technological innovation offer their students more opportunities to connect and collaborate with each other and engage with the material. (StatePoint)

At Work All Day? How To Incororate Exercise Into Your Life Leading a sedentary lifestyle can have a serious impact on one’s health. In fact, too much sitting can in-

vascular disease.

Go Beyond Traditional Exercise

Unfortunately, work environments are not always conducive to physical activity, with tight deadlines

Becoming active doesn’t necessarily mean limiting yourself to elliptical machines and running laps. Find outlets for exercise that excite you, such as hip-hop dance, yoga or even kickboxing. If you want to add a bit of competition to the mix, long distance races or obstacle courses may be just the motivation you need. Such events can be a great excuse to travel, as they take place all over the world. Get Active with Co-Workers

crease your risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association, which cites a study that showed that adults who watch more than four hours of television daily had a 46 percent increased risk of death and an 80 percent increased risk of cardio-

and long to-do lists often gluing people to their work stations for hours on end. If you spend a majority of the day at work, here are some great ways to move more during your free time.

Many experts agree that leaning on friends and co-workers as exercise partners can help boost motivation. In fact, the exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your own routine, according to a study published in “Psychology of Sport and Exercise.”

Luckily, there are new and fun ways you can get active as a group.

Long workdays are just a reality for many.

For example, to help you and your co-workers get moving, Aflac, the official supplemental insurance provider for Tough Mudder, is taking team building to the next level by inviting co-workers to participate in these high-endurance obstacle course challenges as a team.

So, find ways to get your blood flowing while you’re working.

“The Small Business Challenge” encourages employees to enter on behalf of their company by sharing how teamwork has helped them succeed. If the employees and their business win, they will receive complimentary tickets to participate in a Tough Mudder event and put their teamwork skills and athletic ability to the test. You can find the official rules and enter for a chance to win at Squeeze It In

Set an alarm that reminds you on the hour to move around or stretch. Consider a desk that converts to a standing position so you can be on your feet a portion of the day. Use the stairs. There are many ways to squeeze in short bouts of exercise that allow you to continue being productive. Do your heart and health a favor and get moving. With so many great new forms of exercise and athletic competition available today, spending time outside of work engaged in physical activity is easier than ever before. (StatePoint)


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Fuzon Concert At Scottish Rite Theater On August 24

By Sumaiya Malik

Fuzon, a fusion-rock music band from Pakistan, will be in Austin for a live performance at the Scottish Rite Theater on Thursday, August 24. Brought to Austin by Royal Events, the ever-popular band has been in demand in the US ever since their debut performance at the TCF fundraiser gala in Austin in 2014.

“We are preparing hits from our first, second and third albums [for the show],” said Shallum Xavier, the founder and lead guitarist.

“Also on our list are Sufi songs by Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the iconic Abida Parveen, king of

the fourth album,” added Shallum.

Maatr with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The audience is in for a surprise, as the band also plans to perform some songs from their fourth album.

Austin gave the band the big break in the US and they have come back every subsequent year to other cities, stopping every time in Austin for it’s vibrant music scene.

It would be great to see them per-

Well known for songs like Khamaaj, and Ankhon ke Saagar, Fuzon has consistently produced world-class music and delicate musical compositions year after year.

Xavier tried a successful offbeat gig/performance at the Sahara Lounge last year with Zoe Viccaji to a swooning audience of mixed crowd of South Asians and other ethnicities. “We love the people of Austin and have fond memories of the last three visits,” added Shallum, reminiscing about the previous years.

The band consists of three members. Emu and Shallum Xavier formed the band in 2002. Khurram Iqbal is their lead vocalist.

Fuzon was first invited by The Citizens Foundation – Austin Chapter to take part in their annual fundraiser.

Emu and Shallum noticed Iqbal’s talent when he participated in an Indian reality show “Saregamapa Singing Superstar” in 2010 and asked him to join soon after.

The group was so mesmerized by the city that they have come every subsequent year.

Punjabi folk, Late Tufail Niazi, Reshma and some new songs of

form Zindagi ay Zindagi, which they composed for Indian film

The band recently started Paki-

stan’s first music mentorship program in Karachi and is collaborating with artists to train fifteen hand picked talented musicians out of three hundred who applied. Jiaa Jabbar of Royal Events, said that Man Pasand Indian Grocers are the gold sponsors of the performance and other packages for sponsorship are available. She can be reached at 214-394-2381. The historical Scottish Rite Theater a perfect venue for the concert. The theater sits south of UT Austin on 18th. Their free parking lot is immediately to the east of the theater on 18th and Colorado. Tickets are available for sale for $35 (VIP) and $25 (General). Please contact Jiaa Jabbar for tickets. 207 W 18th St., Austin, TX 78701.

Back-To-School Tips For Upgrading Students’ Devices

Back-to-school season is a popular time to replace tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.


Aug 07 Raksha Bandhan Aug 14 Janmashtami Aug 14 Independence Day - Pakistan Aug 15 Independence Day - India Aug 25 Ganesh Chaturthi Aug 29 Radha Ashtami

However, while you’re busy paying for books, student fees and other education-related expenses, tech costs don’t have to be a burden. Today, refurbished devices and accessories can provide a quality, reliable alternative at often less than half of what it costs to buy a new device. Indeed, more consumers are coming to that conclusion. Demand for used smartphones is forecast to grow considerably, according to several industry analyst reports. While there’s a lingering belief among many consumers that refurbished devices are those that were broken or have had problems, the truth is that many refurbished devices come from trade-in and upgrade programs. Through these programs, owners trade in a perfectly good device so that they can get a newer model. Whether traded in or repaired, if

you do consider purchasing a refurbished device, check out reliable sources such as, where all devices undergo an extensive 65-point inspection of cosmetics and performance to ensure full functionality. These tests verify that every possible function -- camera, audio, SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. -- is in excellent working order, and only devices that score 100 percent on these tests are made available to purchase. What’s more, purchasing refurbished devices is an eco-friendly alternative, keeping used devices from ending up in a landfill and reducing the demand for new devices. Whether you are purchasing a device as a gift or for yourself, this back-to-school season, consider upgrading devices in a smart way that’s affordable and sustainable. (StatePoint)


Austin South Asian | August 201

Happy 71st Birthday - From The Pakistani Diaspora

By Sumaiya Malik Pakistan (literally, the land of the pure) is turning 71 years old and the whole country is celebrating in a big way. The excitement has also trickled down to the Pakistani diaspora in the United States who watch the news, fashion, dramas and shows on Pakistani networks. The Pakistani American population in the United States has increased from the 1990s with first and second generation Pakistanis making a huge difference in the economic growth of the US and remaining in touch with loved ones who they left behind in Pakistan. According to the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, in Pakistan, approximately 7.6 million Pakistanis live abroad. Here are some interesting facts about the Pakistani diaspora in the US according to the

Migration Policy Institute (2015), an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the

Additional facts have been sourced from Wikipedia: 1.

In 1980, there were about

US. In 2015, there were 453,000 Pakistani immigrants and their children. 2. Educational attainment levels are, on average, higher in the Pakistani diaspora than in the general US population, as is it’s household income. 3. The largest number of Pakistani immigrants in the US is in the states of New York, Texas and California. 4. The Citizens Foundation, (TCF), the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent in North America (APPNA), and the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North American (OPEN Pakistan), are among the most influential Pakistani American Organizations.

movement of people worldwide.

30,000 Pakistani immigrants in the


fifth most common destination country for Pakistan-born international migrants and the sixth-largest source of remittance to Pakistan. The diaspora in the United States transferred approximately $1.1 billion in remittances to Pakistan during 2012. The Pakistani Americans remain interested in the affairs of Pakistan, be it political, social or educational. Most feel that they should have a voice in Pakistani affairs as they are educated and experienced, with economic stability in the US. On Pakistan’s 70th birthday, most outside Pakistan are happy that the country is celebrating its birthday despite many ups and downs.

The United States is the

KOOP Radio Show Foreign Flow With Jo To Showcase Pakistani Music By Sumaiya Malik AADI - Austin Arts and Drama Initiative - is proud to announce that KOOP Radio Show, Foreign Flow with Jo, will showcase an hour of Pakistani songs on the 71st birthday of Pakistan on Monday, August 14. The songs will include famous and popular numbers from the time of the country’s birth seventy years ago to modern eclectic music of today. Joanne Marcus, the host of the music program will air Pakistani pop, classical, Sufi, ghazal, rock, fusion and famous singers of today and yester years, in honor of the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan. Between songs, she will talk about facts about the country to educate her audience, which consists of all ethnicities of Austin. “So many people are excited about the Pakistan visit – makes me happy!” exclaimed Jo. Imagine driving down Mopac in rush hour listening to Nahid Akhtar’s Tu, turu, turu tara tara of the eighties and Coke Studio’s Sohni Dharti recorded last year in one trip!

Songs like Junaid Jamshed’s Dil, Dil Pakistan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen, Afreen, Musarrat

Rich Boys’ Alice and many more will be part of the hour. Pakistan episode of Foreign Flow

but her South African background and exposure to a large Pakistani and Indian diaspora in South Africa made it easy for her to understand some words and beat. She asked her friend Zareen Jameel to help her. Zareen had a musical inclination and also had the experience of setting up a soldout ghazal evening, but she asked Austin Arts and Drama Initiative, an established platform that brings Pakistani arts and movies to Austin, to help Jo.

community, including the underserved, through creating diverse, quality, educational music and news programming. The host of Foreign Flow takes its listeners to the music of a different country every Monday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. CST. She introduces the culture and educational tidbits about a country in between the songs of that country. The show can be tuned into at 91.7FM or one can stream live at

All three hit it off right from the beginning. One idea led to the next and soon there were more songs and less time. The rest was all in Jo’s hands who is the expert DJ and she put it all on air on Monday, August 14 at 10 a.m. on 91.7FM.

In case you miss the show, you can listen up to two weeks later at Radio Free America. Austin Arts and Drama Initiative can be reached through their Facebook page: theAADI5/ foreign-flow

KOOP Radio’s mission is “to engage, connect and enrich the whole

Nazir’s Lathay di Chadar, Khumariyaan, Strings, Fuzon, Mai Dhai, with Beghairat Brigade, Poor

required some digging and research as all the songs were in Urdu. Jo did not understand Urdu,



Austin South Asian | August 2017

Summer Fun For The Rest Of Summer

By Sumaiya Malik We asked a bunch of kids and moms what were the most enjoyable things they did this summer in order to give others ideas about what to do in the remaining summer holidays. We got interesting replies:

Anam, a 2017 high school graduate visited Texas State and enjoyed her orientation.

We like the idea of visiting a university if you are thinking about college.

She chose the university over UT Austin for the program she wants to major in and is thrilled about her choice.

Saba, a senior in high school was a camp councilor at Camp Camp. She guided 11 year olds through their activities. Being in a leadership position to help others through their activities is a cool idea. Details of Camp Camp are below: Sonia, a physician in Austin, took her kids to visit Chicago and while there they went to the Chicago Millennium Park Summer music series concert. Wow! Go to free activities at your park close by. Zilker Park is having Blues on the Green. http://do512. com/events/2017/8/2/blues-onthe-green Uzma, a mom of two school-going kids, watched movies with the kids at home to beat the summer heat. While they did many other things, this was their best time. Quality time with family is the best time!

Stop Press! Official Flag Hoisting At Consul General Pakistan In Houston

Kirin, a mom of three boys took her kids to Stone Mountain in Atlanta when they visited family. The boys are far apart in ages, but all of them were happy in one spot.

Way to go! Thinking about sugarcane juice…

The trick was to go at sunset. http://

Sameer, a senior at high school, went with his friends to Peter Pan Mini Golf on Barton Springs Road.

Make plans! That is the main thing. One plan leads to the next. You can swim, eat, bike, hike or just hang out.

They played 36 holes and some holes twice when there was no line. They had the time of their life.

Are You Still On Track To Achieve Your 2017 Resolutions? With the year more than half over, you may have forgotten all about last New Year’s resolutions. Today is a great opportunity to do some hard thinking about the aspects of your life that you might want to improve or change. To make the rest of the year count, consider tackling one or more of the following projects. Meet Financial Benchmarks Everyone could use more money. While you may not currently have the option of making more, you do have a choice of how you spend and save what you are earning. Renew your financial goals by clarifying exactly what they are and drawing a road map towards achieving success. You may find more luck if you set one smaller financial goal alongside your larger objectives. So, while you’re paying down debt or saving for retirement, also work on your vacation fund.

Ms. Aisha Farooqui, the new Consul General of Pakistan in Houston since 2016 has invited the Austin community to take part in the official flag hoisting ceremony on Monday, August 14 at 10:30 a.m., at the Consulate General of Pakistan in Houston on 11850 Jones Road.

http://www.stonemountainpark. com

Make More Music

Sahar, a mom of a preschooler and a toddler, had a small family picnic at Gap Creek Ranch in Texas.

Did you resolve to learn a new skill, such as playing a musical instrument? Many people vow to learn how to play a piano in the new year.

If you are interested, please contact AADI through their Facebook page so that they can send you an official invitation: https://www.facebook. com/theAADI5/ index.html

Nothing to beat the real Texan experience!

Ayesha and her family went to enjoy Agha Juice in Houston.

The main thing is to choose the right time as it’s peak summer.

Whether you’re brand-new to the instrument or you’ve been playing for years, keep up with your practice by setting a challenging musical goal. Beginners can set out to perfect a particular piece. Those with a bit

more experience can set a goal of performing publicly or of composing and recording a song. Don’t forget to stay properly motivated with the right gear. The weight and resistance of a grand piano can now be had with a versatile digital piano, such as the Compact Grand Piano CGP-700 from Casio – that features an 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard, and a 5.3” color touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate in the selection of tones, rhythms and split and layer sounds. Go Farther, Faster Many resolve to take up exercise at the beginning of the year, only to let their gym memberships go to waste a short time later. Recommit to your exercise goals by signing up for a specific challenge that will encourage you to train. A simple 5k is a great choice for beginners. For those who want something a bit more advanced that requires more versatile training, consider a triathlon or obstacle race. Be sure to pick a date for the event far enough in advance to give you plenty of time to train. And remember, race day isn’t the end of your journey, but just the beginning. After a sufficient recovery period, you will want to be sure to start working towards your next goal. Don’t let the passage of time leave you complacent about your goals. Keep them within reach by revisiting them all the time. (StatePoint)


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Tomato, Tomato, Tomato, Tomato

By Venkappa Gani

crop grown in China, India, USA and many other countries.

I mostly use Indeterminate type cherry as well as medium to large size tomato.

annual vegetable and flower show in early spring.

I was growing mainly Celebrity, and Juliet few other in limited space.

Lot of research in breeding improving taste, color, size and shelf life.

This year 2017 planted starting small size black cherry tomatoes to large size cross link variety and various size and colored tomatoes.

Tomato was started in south America century ago. Now it has made its roots throughout the globe. Initially it was small fruit or berry native to certain areas. Now it has transformed into different sizes, colors by breeding hybridization. It was questionable to classify tomato as fruit or vegetable. These days it is being known as culinary vegetable. Born and brought up in agriculture family I am familiar with native plants and native berries, tomato was one of them. Everything was natural grown in the dry fields with low annual rainfall. Things have changed drastically with mechanization, industrial revolution then followed by information technology. I got interested in gardening growing edible vegetables, fruits and herbs. Tomato was the thing to grow in the backyard garden. I came to know tomato is tropical

STORAGE: Keep unwashed at room temp out of direct sunlight Do not refrigerate as this can harm flavour. Keep green tomato in paper bag to ripe Do not use for tea

Prepared 3 rows of 50 x 4 feet area to plant tomatoes by tilling by adding compost and soil amendment. One row was for small size tomatoes, other two for medium and large size tomatoes. Picture 1 shows smallest <Âź inch diameter weighing less than an ounce to largest 4 inches in diameter weighing one lb. The rain showers during May helped to get kick start. I used metal cages with pole and 2 gallon plastic cutout to protect plants after planting from rabbits. These plants need heavy feeding used lot of organic fertilizer and applying every two weeks and watering by hand sufficiently. There are two kinds of tomatoes 1) Indeterminate are tender perennial in temperate climate 2) Determinate are annual in any climate The Indeterminate type produce throughout the growing season to get more production. The determinate type produce one time in large quantity in short growing season.

I have received first prize award last three years in a row. It is reflected in picture 4. Tomato growing is big business amounting to $80 billion worldwide. China is on top capturing 30% followed by India and USA.

Got involved to expand gardening area to test large scale growing.

There was time when tomato was introduced nobody was willing to touch and eat as it belongs to deadly nightshade family.


CONSUMPTION: Eat raw in salad, Processed into Ketchup Salsa, Tomato Juice sold as drink This year happened to have four plants of â&#x20AC;&#x153;CROSSLINKâ&#x20AC;? type big size fruits with large size leaves and very tall plant almost 8-9 feet fruits weighing almost 1 lb each. See Pic 1, 2 with big plant and large size green fruits. The birds are attracted to these fruits on top of tall plant looks like a small tree. I protected these fruits by covering by nets as seen picture 2. You can see three big fruits at one end of picture 1. Picture 3 shows all different type tomatoes in big circle. Another variety called Early Girl type was introduced by the Austin Garden Club as Club Cultivar. I have been growing this one for the last three years. This is good for dry farming in Clayey soil. It will send deep root to find moisture in the soil that retain moisture. The Garden Club of Austin have

Tomato growing competition is part of the show to participate all club members.

Tomatoes are acidic makes it to preserve at home canning, Sauce or paste, dry in sun

The rule was to get ripe tomato with red color ripe tomato to the show.

Tomatoes are very popular in home cooking restaurants Fast food chains.

Club rules changed to red/green tomato for competition. They have selected Early Girl variety tomato.

Tomatoes are grown in greenhouses for all season supply.

I have been successfully growing this and participated in the annual

Wish you start growing edibles for your own good health.


Austin South Asian | August 2017

6th Annual School Supply Packing Event

Compiled by: Harish Kotecha Photography: Palak Sadarangani

(HC4A) and Shalom Austin had yet another successful fundraising

The event was attended by more than 350 people and had great performances and food.

than 1,000 children’s with their school supplies.

We are requesting the local community members to “land a hand” by signing up to volunteer for this event. We require 2 types of volunteers: leadership; who will help with setup and coordination starting at 11:00 AM and, general; who will arrive at 12:30 PM and help pack the bags. This year, we have created an online volunteer registration at: hc4a. org.

Sunday Aug 13th, 2017 + Dell Jewish Community Center 7300 Hart Lane, Austin TX - 78731. Live Here Give Here! The Hindu Charities for America

By Kamal

drive with their 5th Annual Bollywood Meets Borscht event in June and raised more than $20,000; through the generous contributions from our sponsors and donor families.

To volunteer at 11:00 am, please contact Pankil Matalia at: pankil@ or 512-689-4811

THANK YOU!!! These funds will help us provide sufficient supplies to help more

This will put a smile on their face; when they arrive to school on first day!


Greater Austin Malayalee Association (GAMA) organized its first ever Summer Soccer Tournament in June 2017. Four neighborhood teams - Cedar

After an exciting round of league matches, West Austin clashed with Cedar Park in the finals on June 18. At the end of a grueling battle under the unforgiving Austin sun in which neither team managed to score any goals, Cedar Park “Aller-

Binoy James of West Austin won the Golden Glove award.

sponsors as well as the enthusiastic spectators.

The Golden Boot award was

The event concluded with a sump-


Day - India

(Continued From Page 01)

On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had become the first Prime Minister of India that day, raised the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi. On each subsequent Independence Day, the prime minister has raised the flag and given a speech. shared by Sijo Jose and Mark Nathan, both of Cedar Park. Park “Allergens”, Round Rock “Non-Austinites”, Avery-Brushy “Confused Desis” and West Austin “Weirdos” - took part in the tournament held at Brushy Creek Sports Park.

gens” were crowned the champions after a penalty shootout (score 4-1). In the third place playoffs, AveryBrushy triumphed over Round Rock with a score of 2-0.

Prize sponsor Sijo Vadakkan (Trinity Texas Property Management) gave away the rolling trophy to the Cedar Park team and medals to the finalists. GAMA president Shankar Chandramohan thanked the players,

tuous dinner for the players, sponsored by Sizzle Indian Kitchen, Round Rock. For more information, please visit

The holiday is observed throughout India with flag-hoisting ceremonies, parades and cultural events. There is a national holiday and schools and government offices distribute sweets but no official work is done.


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Austinites At Community Reception With Indian PM Modi

By Anand Ravindran (HSS) & Harish Kotecha (Hindu Charities)

from the Indian diaspora at a reception at the Ritz Carlton.

Honourable Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Washington D.C from June 24th to June 26th 2017.

Volunteers from Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), a non-profit

nity event. The goal was to reach out to community leaders from all parts of the US and invite them to the reception

Among those invited from Austin, were Mr. Harish Kotecha, founder of Hindu Charities of America and Shveta Sharma of Art of Living who coordinates the National Day of Yoga in Austin.

This was the first bilateral visit between PM Modi and President Trump. The Prime Minister also held a round table conference with top US business leaders and asked CEOs of top US companies to invest in India, insisting that the country has now emerged as a business-friendly destination, which will expand following the implementation of landmark GST beginning next month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi then addressed community leaders

The Austin chapter of HSS was also happy to recommend names of a few community leaders from Austin to the organizing committee.

During his speech, PM Modi said, “I can see that every Indian wants to contribute towards India’s development. India is progressing at a record pace today”.

He urged the Indian diaspora in USA to keep the bridge with India. “Your younger generations must continue your strong bond with India,” he said. On behalf of the Austin chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, we congratulate community leaders from Austin and wish them continued success in their service to our local Austin community. HSS is happy to offer our continued support to these organizations in their efforts.

To Advertise In ASA

social and cultural organization, helped in organizing the commu-

with the PM.


Immigrants For Development And Education Of Austin Youth Aid Inc By Anjali Segu IDEAYA Inc. is the vision of a few

had many experiences with students who were hard working, and staying on task yet were unable to

ductible 501(c)(3) was formed in November 2010. They all wanted to help the students who lacked support from their homes due to family or social circumstances; but through IDEAYA Inc. many of these students were given an opportunity to attain employable skills after High School. With the help of generous donors and volunteers who believed in IDEAYA Inc.’s mission, IDEAYA Inc. has been providing many scholarships to students who have the drive and are in need since 2011.

recent immigrants who gained entry by Civil Rights Act of 1965. IDEAYA Inc. focuses on providing educational opportunities for deserving, low-income, academically, and socially challenged AISD High School graduates to attain employable skills. The Founder, Mrs. Samineni has

attain academic excellence. She was joined by like minded fellow Austinites, Mr. Hem Ramachandran, Mrs. Revati Chakravarthy, Mrs. Dr. Reshma Naidoo, and Mr. Vikrant Ruttala to establish Immigrants for Development and Education of Austin Youth Aid Inc. Scholarship Foundation, a Tax De-

IDEAYA Inc. has helped deserving Austin youth gain the education they deserve. IDEAYA Inc. Scholarship Foundation believes that if at least one parent is gainfully employed, the family life of the children will be better, and they will have a better chance to succeed. IDEAYA Inc.’s mission of helping disadvantaged students gain the

education they deserve has meant something very special to me over the years. I have been volunteering for IDEAYA Inc. for two years and this year I got an opportunity to help with the selection process. The students who applied had such special talents and were so unique, but one thing in common amongst all of them was their drive to attend college and ultimately be successful. This really inspired me and touched my heart. They each had their own stories that were so different but among all of them was this shared goal. The application process has inspired me to help as much as I can with my community to help other students out. My experience with IDEAYA Inc. has taught me so many things I didn’t know previously about my community and areas I can help in.

The least I can do is volunteer and help out fellow students. I hope to learn more and more about ways I can help out and truly make an impact in the betterment of Austin’s disadvantaged youth. IDEAYA Inc. strives hard that these students achieve their dreams through gaining employable skills. It has been truly wonderful to share my perspective and experience as a fellow student in the Selection Process of IDEAYA Inc. Scholarship Awards. IDEAYA Inc.’s motto: “When help is rendered by weighing the receiver’s need and NOT the donor’s reward, its goodness grows greater than the sea.”-Sri “Thiruvallavar”, from Thirukkural. If you would like to learn more about IDEAYA Inc. please visit


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Krishna Janmashtami

(Continued From Page 01)

It is observed according to Hindu luni-solar calendar, on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Bhadrapada, which overlaps with August and September of the Gregorian calendar.

West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Ma-

It is an important festival particularly to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism. Dance-drama enactments of the life of Krishna according to the Bhagavata Purana (such as Rasa lila or Krishna Lila), devotional singing through the midnight when Krishna is believed to have been born, fasting (upavasa), a night vigil (jagarana), and a festival (mahotsava) on the following day are a part of the Janmashtami celebrations. It is celebrated particularly in Mathura and Brindavan, along with major Vaishnava communities found in Manipur, Assam,

The movement was led by the AllIndia Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This was facilitated by the British

harashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other

madan 27, the eve of which, being Laylat al-Qadr, is regarded as sacred by Muslims.

In the Islamic calendar, the day of independence coincided with Ra-

Krishna Janmashtami is followed by the festival Nandotsav, which celebrates the occasion when Nanda Baba distributed gifts to the community in honour of the birth.

Janmashtami is celebrated when Krishna is believed to have been born according to Hindu tradition, which is in Mathura, at midnight on the eighth day of Bhadrapada month (overlaps with August and September in

Usual celebratory events and festivities for the day include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural events, and the playing of patriotic songs. A number of award ceremonies are often held on this day and also a few days after the celebration. Citizens often hoist the national flag atop their homes or display it prominently on their vehicles and attire.

Krishna was born in an era of chaos, persecution was rampant, freedoms were denied, evil was everywhere, and when there was a threat to his life by his uncle King Kansa. Immediately following the birth, his father Vasudeva took Krishna across Yamuna, to foster parents in Gokul, named Nanda and Yashoda. This legend is celebrated on Janmashtami by people keeping fast, singing devotional songs of love for Krishna, and keeping a vigil into the night. After Krishna’s midnight hour birth, statues of baby Krishna are washed and clothed, then placed in a cradle. The devotees then break their fast, by sharing food and sweets. Women draw tiny foot prints outside their house doors and kitchen,

walking towards their house, a symbolism for Krishna’s journey into their homes. Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, singing, praying together, preparing and sharing special food, night vigils and visiting Krishna or Vishnu temples. Major Krishna temples organize recitation of Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad Gita. Many communities organize dance-drama events called Rasa Lila or Krishna Lila. The tradition of Rasa Lila is particularly popular in Mathura region, in northeastern states of India such as Manipur and Assam, and in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is acted out by numerous teams of amateur artists, cheered on by their local communities, and these drama-dance plays begin a few days before each Janmashtami.

Tips To Improve Your Child’s Math Scores

At a time when math is becoming an increasingly important subject for students to master, students are

The main Independence Day ceremony takes place in Islamabad and Karachi, where the national flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings. It is followed by the national anthem and live televised speeches by leaders.

parliament passing the Indian Independence Act 1947, thereby giving recognition to the new Dominion of Pakistan (later the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) which comprised West Pakistan (present-day Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

the Gregorian calendar).

Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vasudeva and his birthday is celebrated by Hindus as Janmashtami, particularly those of the Vaishnavism tradition as he is considered the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

Independence Day Pakistan

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exploring ways to better understand the subject of math and improve their test scores. To help students stand out from the pack and increase their math grades and scores, consider the following. Don’t Skip Ahead One math skill builds on another. The same way that skipping an episode of a plot-driven show will make you feel lost when you return to the program, missing a math lesson can create confusion all semester long.

To keep up, be sure to pay careful attention in class, taking copious notes, doing all your assigned homework, and being sure to talk to the teacher about what you missed on sick days.

Don’t move to the next chapter until you have full comprehension of the current chapter. If the class is moving at a pace that feels too fast, visit your teacher before or after the school day for some extra help, or consider working with a tutor. Better Math Gear Higher level math courses require the right tech tools. Since tests are most often timed, be sure to select a calculator with fast processing speeds, an easy interface that reduces the amount of time it takes to work out an equation, and is permitted on standardized tests. For example, the intuitive iconbased menu of the fx-CG50 PRIZM from Casio, has a natural

textbook display that makes it easy to use. Supporting students from middle school to college, it also offers USB connectivity that helps students take their lessons from calculator to computer. More information can be found at Form a Study Group The benefits of being in a study group are numerous, from accountability to expanded opportunities to explain the material to others. Different students will bring different skills to the table, helping everyone fill in knowledge gaps. Consider forming such a group with classmates, and setting regular meetings to go over the latest material together. Math class doesn’t need to seem so formidable. Improve your grades and test scores with the right tools and study habits. (StatePoint)


Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a term given by the ancient Hellenic culture. The Hanging Gardens were described as a remarkable feat of en-


If it did indeed exist, it was destroyed sometime after the first century AD. According to one legend, Ne-

Many records exist of Nebuchadnezzar’s works, yet his long and complete inscriptions do not mention any garden. Herodotus, who describes Babylon in his Histories, does not mention the Hanging Gardens. To date, no archaeological evidence has been found at Babylon for the Hanging Gardens. It is possible that evidence exists beneath the Euphrates, which cannot be excavated safely at present. The river flowed east of its current position during the time of Nebuchadnezzar II, and little is known about the western portion of Babylon.

gineering with an ascending series of tiered gardens containing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and vines. The gardens were said to have looked like a large green mountain constructed of mud bricks. The Hanging Gardens is the only one of the seven ancient wonders for which the location has not been definitively established.

buchadnezzar II built the Hanging Gardens for his Median wife, Queen Amytis, because she missed the green hills and valleys of her homeland. He also built a grand palace that came to be known as “The Marvel of the Mankind”.

Traditionally they were said to have been built in the ancient city of Babylon, near present-day Hillah, Babil province, in Iraq.

Stephanie Dalley suggests that the original garden may have been a well-documented one that the Assyrian king Sennacherib (704–681 BC) built in his capital city of Nineveh on the River Tigris, near the modern city of Mosul.

The Babylonian priest Berossus, writing in about 290 BC and quoted later by Josephus, attributed the gardens to the Neo-Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, who ruled between 605 and 562 BC.

There is some controversy as to whether the Hanging Gardens were an actual construction or a poetic creation, owing to the lack of documentation in contemporaneous Babylonian sources.

There are no extant Babylonian texts which mention the gardens, and no definitive archaeological evidence has been found in Babylon.

There is also no mention of Nebuchadnezzar’s wife Amyitis (or any other wives), although a political marriage to a Median or Persian would not have been unusual.

Because no physical evidence for the Hanging Gardens has been found at Babylon, it has been suggested that they were purely mythical, and the descriptions found in ancient Greek and Roman writers including Strabo, Diodorus Siculus and Quintus Curtius Rufus represent a romantic ideal of an eastern

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Akbar And Birbal

Akbar was always full of praise for Birbal’s wit and sense of humour and because of this the other courtiers had grown jealous of Birbal. They always looked out for an opportunity to let Birbal down in the eyes of the Emperor.

Once, one of them approached Akbar and said, “Huzoor, you have found all of us worthy to being inducted in your royal court. But, we have observed that you assign most of the tasks to Raja Birbal only. This deeply hurts us. We can also do the same what Birbal can do, just give us a try.”

He was not able to walk anymore. He dragged himself to the court and reported to Emperor, “Jahanpanah, I am sorry to have come empty handed. I tried my best but failed to get the things that you had asked for. Such things do not exist in this world! So, if Birbal can get those things for you, then all of us will accept his superiority over us.” Akbar, then called Birbal and asked him to bring the same things. Birbal said, “Very well, Jahanpanah! I shall bring the things you desire by tomorrow morning.” Next

Rollinger has suggested that Berossus attributed the Gardens to Nebuchadnezzar for political reasons, and that he had adopted the legend from elsewhere. A recent theory proposes that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually constructed by the Assyrian king Sennacherib (reigned 704 – 681 BC) for his palace at Nineveh. Stephanie Dalley posits that during the intervening centuries the two sites became confused, and the extensive gardens at Sennacherib’s palace were attributed to Nebuchadnezzar II’s Babylon. Recently discovered evidence includes excavation of a vast system of aqueducts inscribed to Sennacherib, which Dalley proposes were part of a 80-kilometre (50 mi) series of canals, dams, aqueducts, used to carry water to Nineveh with water-raising screws used to raise it to the upper levels of the gardens.



Sensing the growing resentment in the courtiers, Akbar said, “Very fine! Let me give you some work.” He thought for a while and said, “I will give you three rupees. You have to buy three things from one rupee each. The first thing should be of ‘here’, the second thing should be of ‘there’, and the third thing should be of ‘neither here, nor there.’” The jealous courtier immediately rushed to the market and asked for those things from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper laughed loudly, “Where in the world did you come to hear about such strange things? No such things exist in this world!”The courtier did not give up easily and kept looking for the things required by the Emperor, from one shop to the other. After a day’s long and tiring search, the courtier got completely exhausted.

day as Birbal came in the court, Akbar asked him what he bought with those three rupees. Birbal said, “Yes Jahanpanah, I gave the first rupee to a needy beggar. That reached God, from here to there, in another world. I spent the second rupee to buy some sweets, hence it was used here and I spent the third rupee in playing dice. We can say that this rupee was neither used here nor there (the other world).” All courtiers were astonished to hear Birbal’s logic. Akbar was pleased to hear Birbal’s intelligent reply and rewarded him handsomely. Moral: Even if you are faced with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, you can apply your logic and please people!


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Raksha Bandhan

(Continued From Page 01)

The festival celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. It is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister type of relationship between men and women who may or may not be biologically related. On

Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist with a prayer for his prosperity and happiness. This symbolizes the sister’s love. The brother gives her a token gift and a promise to protect her. Raksha Bandhan is primarily observed on the Indian subcontinent. It is also celebrated by some Jains and Sikhs, and by Hindu communities in other parts of the world. The festival is also observed by Jains as a religious festival, wherein Jain priests give threads to devotees. Raksha Bandhan has been an important tradition in the history of Sikhism as well, sometimes referred to as Rakhardi or Rakhari. In the modern era, rakhabandhan is also a type of brotherhood where people from other communities are tied Rakhi. In a notable culture, it was first started by Rabindranath Tagore to promote love between Hindus and Muslims. Till now, it is practiced in many places and particularly in West Bengal. Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally means “the tie or knot of protection”. The word Raksha means protection, while Bandhan is the verb to tie. It is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrates the love and duty between brothers and their sisters. The sister performs a rakhi ceremony, then prays to express her love and her wish for the well being of her brother; in return, the brother ritually pledges to protect and take care of his sister under all circumstances. It is one of the several occasions in which family ties are affirmed in India. The festival is also an occasion to celebrate brother-sister like family ties between cousins or distant family members, sometimes

between biologically unrelated men and women. To many, the festival transcends biological family, brings together men and women across religions, diverse ethnic groups and ritually emphasizes harmony and love. It is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Śrāvaṇa, and typically falls in August every year.

and rakhi as concepts to inspire love, respect and a vow of mutual protection between Hindus and Muslims during India’s colonial era.

In 1905, the British empire divided Bengal, a province of British India on the basis of religion. Rabindra Nath Tagore arranged a ceremony to celebrate Raksha Bandhan to strengthen the bond of love and togetherness Raksha Bandhan is an ancient festival of between Hindus and Muslims of Bengal, and the Indian subcontinent, and its history urge them to together protest the British emdates back thousands of years. pire. He used the idea of Raksha Bandhan to spread the feeling of brotherhood. Alexander the Great and King Puru In 1911, British colonial empire reversed the According to one legendary narrative, partition and unified Bengal, a unification when Alexander the Great invaded India in that was opposed by Muslims of Bengal. Ul326 BCE, Roxana (or Roshanak, his wife) timately, Tagore’s Raksha Bandhan-based apsent a sacred thread to Porus, asking him peals were unsuccessful. not to harm her husband in battle. Bengal not only was split during the colonial In accordance with tradition, Porus, the king era, one part became modern Bangladesh and of Kaikeya kingdom, gave full respect to the predominantly Muslim country, the other a rakhi. In the Battle of the Hydaspes, when largely Hindu Indian state of West Bengal. Porus saw the rakhi on his own wrist and restrained himself from attacking Alexander Rabindranath Tagore started Rakhi Mahotpersonally. savas as a symbol of Bengal unity, and as a larger community festival of harmony.In Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun parts of West Bengal, his tradition continues as people tie rakhis to their neighbors and Another controversial historical account is that of Rani Karnavati of Chittor and Mughal Emperor Humayun, which dates to 1535 CE. When Rani Karnavati, the widowed queen of the king of Chittor, realised that she could not defend against the invasion by the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, By Vidya Kumar she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun.

close friends. Sikh history

In the 18th century, states Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair, Sikh Khalsa armies introduced the term Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) as a promise of protection to farmers from Muslim armies such as those of the Mughals and Afghans, in exchange for sharing a small cut of their produce. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the founder and ruler of the Sikh Empire, and he observed Raksha Bandhan festival. His wife Maharani Jindan sent a Rakhi to the ruler of Nepal, who accepted her as sister and gave her refuge in the Hindu kingdom of Nepal in 1849 after the collapse of the Sikh Empire and annexation of its territories by the British. Sikhs have observed Raksha Bandhan festival, and has sometimes been referred to as Rakhardi (literally, wristband)or Rakhari in historic Sikh texts.Like the Hindu tradition, the festival has involved the tying of the rakhi and giving of gifts.


The Emperor, according to one version of the story, set off with his troops to defend Chittor. He arrived too late, and Bahadur Shah had already sacked the Rani’s fortress. Alternative accounts from the period, including those by historians in Humayun’s Mughal court, do not mention the rakhi episode and some historians have expressed skepticism whether it ever happened. Humayun’s own memoirs never mention this, and give different reasons for his war with Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1535. Muslim commentators in modern era publications mention this story as evidence of Muslim-Hindu communal ties in the past. Rabindranath Tagore and the Bengal partition of 1905 Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian Nobel Laureate for literature, invoked Raksha Bandhan

medications. One fine day in the morning I deIn order to get organized in the New cided to trash the ‘to do’ list. Then for Year I started writing ‘to do’ list. The a few days there was nothing to look list became so long and nothing was at and get stressed so I started feeling accomplished. Everyday just looknormal. Then I decided that instead ing at the list was stressful and once of having a list to have just one task stress creeps of course you are unable as ‘to do’ and until it is complete I will to do anything. Also due to stress my not think of another task. neck pain started bothering me and So up went the task of just one ‘to do’. my health also went down south. I Every single day I stared at it at least could not sleep and because of my it did not bother me so much. And sleepless ness I put on weight. I had after three weeks I was able to comno clue how to get out of this vicious plete it and strike it off. I felt a load cycle. There I was having day after off my back and really was happy for day getting stressed and the ‘to do’ list the first time. I had learnt the art of ever increasing and I started visiting prioritizing my tasks. Just one task at doctors which resulted in me taking a time. It worked for me finally!!

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Tips To Flip Furniture On A Back-To-College Budget College is an exciting time. Whether your child is starting as a freshman or returning for senior year, new friends, new roommates and new places to call “home” await. Ease the transition and save money in the process by helping decorate their personal spaces using these DIY tricks. Instead of buying new, you can turn used furniture into stunning and sophisticated statement pieces perfect for campus life.

per” scare you. Wood furniture, even with a few nicks or stains, can easily be refinished or repainted for a “furniture flip” that meets your student’s style needs.

chairs, grab a bench, which can offer both storage and seating. Nesting tables or stackable chairs are also a smart, space-saving investment. Be mindful of purchasing

• Drab to Fab Drawers: Beautify drawers by removing dull, old handles or knobs and upgrade to something more contemporary -or simply add a fresh coat of paint. You can also line the inside with decorative shelf liner for an added visual element and to keep things clean and organized.

Finders Keepers You’ve spent enough on books… how will you afford a bookcase or desk to hold them? For a great look without the hefty price tag, seek out items at flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores or simply ask relatives. You have a better chance of finding a one-of-a-kind piece, and you can haggle with the sellers for lower prices. As you shop, don’t let a “fixer up-

There are many ways to upcycle used or slightly damaged furniture pieces, transforming them from one person’s trash to your child’s personal treasure.

Be Space Savvy Chances are your college student is sharing a dorm room, apartment or house with at least one other person. Make the most of limited space by incorporating furniture that can pull double-duty. Instead of bulky

oversized pieces that may crowd living areas or won’t fit through tight hallways and stairwells. Students running out of room can use spaces under beds, couches and other furniture for extra storage. Fix and Flip Furniture

• Exciting Exteriors: Adhesive shelf liner also comes in handy for freshening up the exterior surface of old, worn furniture. Embellish the front of a lackluster bedside table or the back of bookshelf cubbies with Duck brand Deco Adhesive Laminate, which comes in many designer styles, such as Rose Gold, Quatrefoil or Marble and is available at a variety of nationwide retailers, including Walmart.

• Paint Perfection: Create dimension and design when painting by using a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape brand painter’s tape. Treated with patented PaintBlock Technology, FrogTape prevents paint bleed and delivers the sharpest paint lines possible, perfect for adding decorative patterns to boring and bland furniture. Try something bold and geometric on the top of a desk to make studying more enjoyable! • Playful Pillows: Now, for the final touches. Find a funky, colorful fabric and DIY some throw pillows to create comfier living rooms. For more inspiration and ideas, visit Whether students are moving into a dorm for the first time or decorating an offcampus apartment, you can help them create a place they are happy to call “home.” Plus, with all your DIY savings you’ll have a few extra dollars for tuition.(StatePoint)

How To Make Practicing Music Fun For Kids While many children enthusiastically elect to study music, not all of them stick with the program. This is because many kids are sur-

prised by the challenges associated with learning to play an instrument. If you are familiar with the many benefits of music education, you

may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help kids commit to practicing. From learning to read music to getting comfortable with an instrument, the process of becoming a musician is rife with challenges and potential frustrations. But by making it fun, you will give kids more of an incentive to stick with it. Make it Personal While music lessons in the past may have followed a very structured formula, today there is an endless wealth of music available online. This gives students more opportunities to personalize their lessons, even at the earliest stages of music education. As kids make progress, let them pick out increasingly challenging songs they want to learn to play. They will be motivated to hone their skills as they begin to see doing so as an opportunity to play more of their favorite music.

Use New Technologies When selecting instruments for kids, consider newer interactive technologies that can make music more fun and aid the learning process. For example, the LK-265, a lighted 61-key keyboard with a Dance Music Mode, which allows kids to get creative while composing and remixing electronic dance music. Tools like Casio’s Voice Fingering Guide, the Step-up Lesson System and Lesson Lite enable beginners to learn built-in songs at their own individual pace. The keyboard also is compatible with an app that allows you to import any standard MIDI file off the Internet, giving users opportunities to learn what they want. Its LCD display and light up function help students master both music notation and correct hand positioning. Users can also track their progress

in a way that is fun, with the keyboard’s Scoring System. For more information, visit casiomusicgear. com. Get Together One tried and true method for making music fun is camaraderie. Encourage your child to join the school band or orchestra. These programs can introduce students to a wide-range of instruments, musical styles and theory, and help them make lifelong friendships. Many programs will carry them throughout high school. Or, if they prefer, help them form a musical ensemble or band with friends or family at home. To help your children develop a long-lasting appreciation for music, you can provide them with opportunities to learn and play in ways that are fun and engaging. (StatePoint)


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Tips To Bring Your Home From Bland To Bold This Summer

Feeling uninspired in your space? Bring the bright, cheerful feeling of summer into your home with these DIY décor tips that won’t break the bank.

When in doubt, remember that painting your statement wall the same color but two shades darker than the others is always a foolproof look.

Make it Pop with Paint

For best results, tape off trim and adjacent walls with a premium painter’s tape to prevent paint bleed.

Add cheery pops of color with paint. An accent wall is an easy, inexpensive way to brighten home design.

It’s a small investment that will make a big difference.

The first step is to select the right location.

Up the Ante with Accents

Accent walls look best when they don’t have windows or doors, and are highlighting a focal point, such as a fireplace or wall used to anchor furniture.

Embrace summer by restyling tablescapes with natural décor items, like a bouquet of garden roses, fresh fruit or beachy treasures. Position white candles or a large piece of coral inside an indoor fireplace.

Next, select color. Accent walls look more organic when they’re darker than the other walls in the room and harmonize with the adjacent wall color.

Swap out pillows for ones with summery floral designs.

Win The Battle Against Back-To-School Germs

Did you know that, on average, elementary school children get eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu each school year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats; and school desks have been found to hold 400 times more bacteria than toilets.

growth of odor-causing mold and mildew on the liner. Plus, it can be tossed in the wash for easy cleaning. Place it in areas of your home or classroom where school items are stored like floors, counters, desks and shelves. For more information, visit Help stave off colds and flu all school year with great germ-fighting habits.

By adding a few accents, your home will feel fresh and rejuvenated. Let in More Light Invite more light into a room by painting dark wood accents and trim white. It may seem like a large undertaking, but with the right tools and some patience, this project can completely transform your home to make it look brighter and feel larger. One of the most important tools you’ll need is a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape brand painter’s tape, to protect walls and floors.


This school year, follow some healthy habits to avoid the backto-school plague. First, wash hands and other items that you touch, like cell phones or desks, frequently.

Next, pick up school supplies that help fight germs, such as Easy Liner brand shelf liner with Clorox antimicrobial protection. The shelf liner features an antimicrobial additive to prevent the

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Treated with PaintBlock Technology, FrogTape Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface painting tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces to deliver the sharpest paint lines possible for professional-looking results. Look for a New View While a fireplace is a great focal point in winter, consider rearranging furniture in summer to focus on a window or French doors instead, so you can enjoy the sunlit mornings or sunsets. This will give you a good reason to clean underneath everything, and offer you an opportunity to add a colorful rug. Greet Guests A bold front door will give guests a warm greeting. Just as a sunny day can boost your mood, a burst of yellow or vibrant blue will make guests feel happy as they enter your home. A fresh paint job on a front door can also increase your home’s curb appeal and provide a protective barrier from the elements. The paint finish selection is important for the front door, no matter the color. While you can choose any finish, glossy paints are typically preferred for doors and trim, as they stand out, highlight architectural features, and hold up to nicks and scrapes better than other sheens. Make this pop by adding a color contrasting wreath. With a pinch of creativity and a dash of design inspiration, you can easily freshen up your home for summer. (StatePoint)


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August 2017 Community Calendar We have compiled this event listing based on the information available on the web site (where ever possible) of the community/organization as of third Friday. Please check with the organizers to confirm its accuracy. We request all South Asian organizations to email us ( their community calendar on or before 20th of every month, for the events happening next month. We will carry listing of all South Asian non-profit organizations in Austin. If the Name, Contact info is not correct or has changed email us (info@ the changes you want to see. E&OE. SCHEDULE: August 10, Thursday, 08:00 PM, Dhoom productions presents Haze - A vegas style soiree at The Rose Room, 11500 Rock Rose, Austin, TX 78758.

For more information, contact 512-751-9567. Tickets: Non-Profit: $10.00 General: $15.00 VIP: $30.00 August 12, Saturday,

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM, Independence Day Celebration 2017 is at Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701. For more information, contact 512765-6676.

August 19 - 20, Saturday - Sunday, 11:00 AM, Dhoom productions presents Wrong Side RAJU Film is at Southwest Theatres, 13729 Research Blvd,Suite 1500, Austin, TX 78750.

Tickets: General Admission - $15 August 26, Saturday, 06:00 PM, Austin Bollywood Day 2017 is at Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701.

Soothing Tips For Fussy Babies Parents dealing with a fussy baby -- especially one that has been recently fed, changed and loved -- are eager to find ways to soothe them. Fortunately, child sleep expert, Kim West, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, better known as The Sleep Lady, has helped thousands of families gently soothe their fussy little ones and find sleep for more than 20 years.

Recognize Baby’s Sleep Patterns

Use Motion to Calm

When your baby is about three or four months old, you may start to see a glimmer of a schedule forming where sleeping and waking are

Motion is a favorite of babies for soothing because it likely reminds them of the sensations and security of their mother’s womb.

These signs may include yawning, staring, fussiness, quieting down, losing interest in playtime, eye rubbing, and hand sucking. An alert or spirited child may move very quickly from happy to tired to overtired, so keeping one eye on the clock is also important. Be prepared to move straight to naptime or bedtime as soon as you see your child’s sleepy cues.

This swing is now exclusively available at Babies “R” Us.

You can also try dimming the lights, turning on white noise, placing your baby in a swing or offering them a pacifier.

Babies cry when they’re uncomfortable, bored, overstimulated and sleepy. There are a few things you can do to try and figure out why your baby

Learn Baby’s Sleepy Cues

Part of the learning curve is being able to recognize a child’s typical sleepy cues, so that you can move them to a safe sleep space as soon as possible.

is crying.

Understand Crankiness

To help keep your baby happy and calm, Graco hired West to offer the following soothing tips:

Most babies up to six months old can only be awake for about one to two hours before becoming overtired.

As an added benefit, the swing’s seat conveniently doubles as a removable rocker to keep baby happy and close by anywhere in the house.

concerned. This is because your baby’s internal clock -- the circadian rhythm -- is starting to develop. Look for this pattern, along with your baby’s sleep cues, and create a soothing naptime and bedtime routine, which can include white noise, feeding and rocking. Nap timing and length are often the last components of a baby’s schedule to develop, so you might need to use more effort and additional soothing techniques in the afternoon when getting a little one to sleep can be particularly challenging.

Movement will often do what no other kind of soothing can do, so it’s a good technique to try. Rock your baby in your arms when you can, but if you need a break to get things done around the house or during times of extended fussiness, consider using a swing. Since every baby is unique, try a swing that has multiple motion options, such as the Graco EveryWay Soother with Removable Rocker. With 16 soothing motions, six different speeds, two vibration settings and 15 songs and sounds, parents can create a personalized soothing environment to calm their little one.

Beyond the obvious diaper and mealtime reasons, try a change of scenery.

Being prepared to tailor your soothing strategies to your child’s individual needs can help provide both you and your baby more relaxing days and nights. (StatePoint)

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Austin South Asian | August 2017 THEME: CHILDREN’S BOOKS

ACROSS 1. West African religious practice 6. J. Edgar Hoover’s org. 9. Decked out 13. *Mickey Mouse’s pet in books and cartoons 14. Young newt 15. Certain rib quality 16. Asian goat antelope 17. American Gas Association 18. Metrical units in poetry 19. *Story of Auggie Pullman, boy with a rare disease 21. Captain’s record 23. Thanksgiving serving 24. Actor MacLachlan 25. Aardvark’s morsel 28. Shape with an ax 30. Battlefield ID 35. Displeasure on one’s face 37. High part of day 39. Nigerian money 40. ____ of Man 41. Wooden pin 43. Swarm like bees 44. Paparazzi’s target 46. *Children’s author ____ Pennypacker 47. Dial in on a radio 48. Attractive to look at 50. High in decibels 52. “Swan Lake” step 53. Virginia folk dance 55. Future fish 57. *”The ____ Tollbooth” 61. *Mary Lennox’s secret spot 64. *Young Montague 65. O in IOU 67. Writers’ inspirations 69. Gibson garnish 70. ____ Aviv 71. PayPal money 72. *”Where the Red ____ Grows” 73. *Final word of a children’s story? 74. Buy second-hand.

DOWN 1. Goddess Rhea, to Romans 2. *”he ____ the house down.” 3. Never replaced the UK’s pound sterling 4. Lack of muscle tension 5. Carriage on top of elephant 6. Robert De Niro’s “Cape ____” 7. *Roald Dahl’s acronym 8. Europe’s “boot” 9. Dungeness, e.g. 10. Car with a bar 11. Pulpit 12. Writing spot? 15. *Don’t let it drive the bus! 20. Correct 22. Antiquated 24. ____-it-____ 25. *Rabbit hole traveler 26. Offensively curious 27. Ballerina’s skirt fabric 29. Courts 31. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 32. Secure with ropes 33. Rome’s Colosseum 34. *Quarter Quell 36. Snorkeling site 38. Infamous Roman Emperor 42. *”Little House on the Prairie” protagonist 45. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005) movie director 49. “War and Peace” author 51. Type of roof window 54. Portray emotion 56. Draw out a conclusion 57. Faculty member, for short 58. Sharpen 59. Arabian chieftain 60. Ne 61. Fix a horse 62. Biblical twin 63. Monster’s loch 66. Skin cyst 68. Anything female



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Purpose Beats Perks In Workplace Satisfaction New research shows that happiness abounds for those working at

cent of small-business employees are either very or extremely satis-

according to the study conducted by Aflac.

piness is not necessarily based on salary, but on finding true value and meaning in day-to-day work. Other perks that keep employees happy at their small business jobs include respect and gratitude from employers and seeing the fruits of their labor firsthand. But a great work environment only goes so far. Seventy-two percent of survey respondents said that an improvement in benefits offerings would make them a happier employee, suggesting that there are real, concrete ways that small businesses can improve employee satisfaction. To learn more, visit happy.

small businesses. Indeed, 75 per-

fied working for a small business,

Perhaps surprising to some, hap-

Happy employees do better work, and companies seeking to boost morale should understand that job

satisfaction is multi-faceted. (StatePoint)

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Pratyush Aduri

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Natural Ways To Support Infant Health During Pregnancy

In the last 10 years, scientists have learned that having enough beneficial gut bacteria is a critical component of overall health. Now, research shows that ensuring newborns have sufficient exposure to probiotic bacteria

tive by ensuring their gut health is in tip-top condition, since the microbes they pass on to their infant can help establish a solid foundation for lifelong health.

tive supplement can repopulate a mother’s system and help ensure she is passing on the best and most beneficial bacteria to her children.

In addition to directly replenishing their good

To learn more about how to support optimal gut health for moms and babies, visit or join the conversation on social media at #followyourgut.

Because gut and microbial health have an overwhelming impact on lifelong wellness, tending to it while expecting is one of the most important things to consider for mothers-to-be in order to properly pave the path of health for little ones. (StatePoint)

Bombay Express during infancy and early childhood can give them a head start on lifelong wellness. What makes bacteria so important? Well, with nearly 80 percent of the immune system residing in the gut, a healthy microbial makeup from birth is essential for proper immune system development and optimal digestive, metabolic, and brain function. When looking to encourage a healthy infant microbiome (AKA the array of bacteria and microorganisms in the body), science tells us that the mother’s gut health is key. Here’s how it works: during pregnancy, babies are exposed to their mother’s bacteria in the placenta, which harbors a variety of microbes. A baby’s immune system begins to develop just after birth, during which a mother passes on her beneficial bacteria to her child (often termed “seeding the microbiome”) as he or she passes through the vaginal canal and partakes in breast milk and skin-to-skin contact. Then, through an interactive connection between host cells and the baby’s brand new gut microbiome (inherited directly from the mother), helpful microorganisms selectively colonize the gut and participate in the maintenance and promotion of the child’s immune system. Expecting and nursing mothers can be proac-

bacteria, moms should do their best to stay well-rested and properly hydrated while paying close attention to their diet. Focusing on getting proper prenatal nutrition in the form of whole and plant-based foods, especially those rich in prebiotic fiber is important. It’s also helpful to be mindful of factors that deplete good bacteria, like antimicrobials, stress, environmental toxins and exposure to unnecessary antibiotics. Many doctors, midwives and other experts are touting the health benefits of one supplement for expecting and new mothers believed to increase a child’s chances for a healthy start at life: probiotics. “As a mom, the best gift you can give your baby is a healthy microbiome,” says Jamie Morea, co-founder of Hyperbiotics, a company that specializes in probiotic supplements and has developed the first probiotic formula designed specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Hyperbiotics PRO-Moms includes time-release delivery for enhanced effectiveness, ensuring the living organisms survive stomach acids to colonize within the gut. Not only can probiotics help with digestive discomfort during pregnancy, but an effec-

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Austin South Asian | August 2017


Akki Rotti (Rice Roti:Karnataka Special)

Ingredients: Rice flour - 1 cup Onion - finely chopped - 1 cup

1 Carrot grated Cabbage grated - 1 cup Green bell pepper grated 2 tablespoons Coriander leaves - finely chopped Dill leaves, fenugreek leaves or drumstick leaves (optional) Cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon Coconut grated - 2 tablespoon (optional) Salt to taste Oil - 3 to 4 tablespoons Water to mix

keep it aside. Heat a griddle on a medium flame,

After 2 minutes flip the rotti and cook it on the other side. You can make 4 to 5 rotti out of these ingredients. If you want softer rotti, you can add little yogurt while mixing the dough.

Method: In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients except rice flour and water. Mix nicely, then add rice flour little by little to bind all the ingredients. Add water if needed to make a soft dough. By Bharathi Bande

Green chilies 5 - finely chopped

Make tennis ball sized balls and

pat the dough on the banana leaf or parchment paper and transfer to greased pan(tava), smear some oil, cover and cook.

peanut chutney.

Enjoy delicious rotti with ghee or coconut/

Satsang America celebrates Sree Thakur Anukulchandra’s Birth Annivasary A beautiful celebration was organized by Satsang America to commemorate the auspicious 129th birth anniversary of Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra with befitting grandeur on Sunday, July 9th, 2017 at Wells Branch Community

verted into a serene temple. With blowing of conch, the satsang event started with special odissi dance performed by Sriradha Paul from Kolkata along with Naidhruva Deb.

After this melodious prayers were offered, followed by meditation and then holy messages from Sree Sree Thakur’s ‘Satyanusaran’ (Pursuit of Truth) and ‘Nareer Neeti’ (Principles of Women) in many languages were read.

of the how‘s and why‘s by which matter extends and grows to the ac-

devotees from different countries, different origins, different sects,

celeration or our being and becoming.” There are millions and millions of

different religions embracing the principles of life and growth given by Sree Sree Thakur.

Another flight of bliss took place when Satsang’s beloved and Bollywood playback singer Pranab Biswas from Mumbai took to the stage to sing kirtans. There were few guests known as Saha-Prati-Ritwiks, that flew from different parts of the country. They also took to the stage to sing the glory of the Lord while few others spoke about the importance of ‘Satguru’ for being and becoming of every individual. Center in Austin, TX. From the crack of dawn, devotees dedicatedly started working on decorating the Altar (stage) of the Lord, cooking lunch prasad, setting up hall. By noon, the hall had been con-

Thereafter women, youth and children sang bajans to express their love for the Lord. Guest speaker, Devraj Neupane, President, GANS also spoke about how Sree Sree Thakur did not differentiate between religions but believed that there is only one ‘Dharma’.

This event was enjoyed by about 200 devotees from Nepalese and Indian communities. Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra taught the importance of spiritual life in conjunction with practical life. Sree Sree Thakur said “Spiritualism is investigation and invention

Austin South Asian Invites Contributions From Readers And Community


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Anil Kapoor: Raj Kapoor Greatest Influence In My Life

Actor-producer Anil Kapoor said late legendary actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor has had the greatest influence on his life. During the promotion of his upcoming film ‘Mubarakan’, when

entertainment industry, Anil said, “Without any discussion it has to be Raj Kapoor.

“All his films have such recall value that they are still so much relevant in today’s times as well.

He is the greatest showman, fantastic entertainer, great director and his films used to be really en-

Be it films like ‘Shri 420’, ‘Awaara’, ‘Mera Naam Joker’, ‘Bobby’ and many more.” Anil said no one presented heroines better than Raj Kapoor. “His films’ music and background score was also so unbelievable. He was absolutely extraordinary. A true Indian filmmaker who believed in presenting heroines so beautifully. I don’t think there is anybody who has presented their heroines so well than Raj Kapoor.

actor Arjun Kapoor asked Anil about his greatest influence in the


So for me, he is the greatest influence on my life from the Indian film industry,” Anil said. Meanwhile, Anil said he and his

brother, producer Boney Kapoor, are more than brothers. “We are more than brothers, we are like friends. It’s a bond which is difficult to describe. We both started our career at the same time. We made some good films together. We together gave all our blood, sweat, money and property to make films what we wanted to make, and that’s what me and Boney are and always will be till our dying day.” Anil and Boney also have a brother named Sanjay Kapoor.

Asked about the naughtiest one among all the three brothers during their childhood, Anil said, “I was the naughtiest kid among all my brothers. Boney and Sanjay used to get caught by our parents, but I never used to get caught after doing mischief.” “Sanjay was the most decent one among us and Boney and I used to fight a lot and he used to hit me very often but his contribution in my career has been tremendous.” Directed by Anees Bazmee, ‘Mubarakan’ is slated for a release on July 28.

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After ‘Baahubali’, This Veteran To Be A Part Of ‘Sangamithra’ Too Director Sundar.C.’s ambitious historical fantasy flick ‘Sangamithra’ is in its pre-production stage and the film is expected to go on floors soon. The film stars Jayam Ravi and Arya in lead roles Shruti Haasan who was initially cast to play the titular character but suddenly she was out of the project. The makers have confirmed that they have found a replacement for Shruti but they are yet to announce the actress’s name. Now we learn that veteran actor Sathyaraj who played a very important role of Kattappa in India’s biggest blockbuster ‘Baahubali 2’ and also its first part ‘Baahubali’ has been roped in for an important role in ‘Sangamithra’ too. We will have to wait for an official confirmation about this development. But there is no doubt that Sathyaraj will be a fantastic addition to the star cast of this ambitious historical film that too straight after the ‘Baahubali’. Produced by Sri Thenandal Studios banner. ‘Sangamithra’ is touted to be the costliest film in India. Oscar winner A.R. Rahman will be providing music score for this flick.


Austin South Asian | August 2017


Austin South Asian | August 2017

Austin South Asian. August 2017  

Austin South Asian. August 2017

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