Since January 1990, ArtFutura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity based in Spain, has explored the most interesting projects and ideas on the panorama of new media, interactive design, virtual reality and digital animation. Its activities include conferences, workshops, interactive installations, exhibitions and live performances. Among the festival's participants in previous editions: William Gibson, Theo Jansen, Toshio Iwai, Laurie Anderson, Hiroshi Ishii, Paul Friedlander, Moebius, David Byrne, Howard Rheingold, Timothy Leary, Tomato, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Rebecca Allen, Orlan, Stelarc, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Brian Eno, Karl Sims, Xeni Jardin and many others. The GaleríaFutura division promotes the more exhibitable aspects of the new digital creativity. Among its projects, there's the exhibition "SoulsandMachines" at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid with more than 450.000 visitors and "Digital Creatures" shown recently in Rome.